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Found 6 results

  1. Vidyut Jammwal, who is known for pulling off crazy action stunts, will soon be seen in his upcoming release 'Junglee' which has the audience impressed. An action adventure, which deals with the issue of human-animal relationship, as well as animal poaching, will see Vidyut in the role of a protector who will go to any lengths to save the animals. © Junglee Pictures Here is everything else you need to know about 'Junglee' ahead of its release. The Maker 'Junglee' has been directed by 'The Mask' and 'The Scorpion King' maker Chuck Russell. He has numerous other well known films to his credit such as Johnny Depp's 'A Nightmare on Elm's Street' and 'Eraser' besides others. What To Expect 'Junglee' will see some high octane action as it stars the handsome and extremely talented Vidyut Jammwal in the lead. 'Junglee' will feature a lot of heart pumping action sequences from the martial art pro. View this post on Instagram It's #Junglee week!!! 4 days until Bhola and the Junglee gang meet you a theatre near you on 29th March @jungleepictures @jungleemovie #ChuckRussell @iampoojasawant @asha.bhat A post shared by Vidyut Jammwal (@mevidyutjammwal) on Mar 24, 2019 at 10:04pm PDT The new poster shows Vidyut as an elephant protector with packed abs and chiselled body, and we are sure the action adventure has a lot more to offer in terms of a story that shows the bond between humans and animals, especially elephants. Story Overview 'Junglee' is an action adventure wherein Vidyut plays a vet who grows up with elephants in his father's reserve. He befriends one particular elephant named Bhola, and the two grow up together. View this post on Instagram Happy being #JUNGLEE...TRAILER ON 28th feb 19 A post shared by Vidyut Jammwal (@mevidyutjammwal) on Feb 16, 2019 at 6:28am PST Vidyut's character soon leaves the reserve to become a vet, and upon his return he realises that poachers were trying to harm the elephants. Thus begins his quest to keep Bhola and the others away from harm's way. What Makes 'Junglee' Special Vidyut underwent major physical transformation for the film and befriended an elephant for real. What's more, he also learnt the art of Kalaripayattu for the film. Vidyut's insane stunts in the film have been directed by action director Parvez Shaikh and Vidyut himself. © Junglee Pictures Marathi actresses Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhat will also be seen in the film, and have solid screen presence in 'Junglee'. Their camaraderie with Vidyut as well as their character is pivotal to the story. © Instagram Sameer Uddin has created the background score for the film, and it is adrenaline infusing and captivating, to say the least. 'Junglee' will hit the screens this weekend on Friday, 29th March.
  2. If you were to pick just one muscle group to grow the best which would result in you looking muscular, what would it be? Pretty sure a lot of you would pick the biceps. But if I were to pick one, it would be the shoulders any given day. Why is that? Shoulders are the muscles that give your upper body the illusion of being big and the much desired V-taper. The V-taper is what the golden era glorified. People found the taper aesthetic and beautiful, all for a reason. © YouTube A lot of you may be doing front raises and dumbbell overhead presses but do not see any good changes in your shoulder. The main reason for this is that you are not training your shoulder for all its functions. Let's understand the functions and look at the exercises you should start incorporating if you want to build those 3D shoulders. Your shoulder muscle is made up of three different muscle fibres 1. Anterior deltoid or front delt 2. Lateral deltoid or side delt 3. Posterior deltoid or rear delt These muscle fibres have distinctive functions or movement patterns. For example: 1. The anterior deltoid enables you to perform shoulder flexion, i.e. raising your shoulders in the front of your body. 2. The lateral deltoid allows you to perform shoulder abduction, i.e. taking the shoulder away from the body at the side. 3. The posterior deltoid enables you to perform horizontal shoulder abduction, i.e. moving your shoulder away in a horizontal position. To build those 3D delts, you need to create a mechanical tension and overload it with time for all the muscle fibres that make up the shoulder. Do you get it why doing a hundred sets of front raises have not yet built your shoulders? Here are the exercises you should do to build 3D shoulders: 1. A Vertical Press © YouTube The vertical pressing has to be the bread and butter of your shoulder workout. You could pick an overhead barbell press or overhead shoulder press to activate the front delts. Data has shown that any vertical press in an incline from 30 degrees to 90 degrees activates the front delts. If you find overhead pressing difficult, you could use a high-incline dumbbell or barbell press as well. Front raises is not a good option to include in my opinion, as a lot of people simply ego lift here. Due to internal rotation during the movement, there are chances of shoulder impingement. 2. A Lateral Raise © YouTube The function of your side delt is to lift your shoulder to the side. Lateral raises are your best bet when it comes to building the side delts. You can pick any method that suits you better and that you enjoy. For example, you could pick any of the following: a. Lateral dumbbell raises b. Lateral cable raises c. Lateral kettlebell raises 3. A Rear Pull © Scott Herman Fitness Isolation exercises beat compounds when it comes to your rear delts. The exercises that help you engage your rear delts the most are: a. Rear flyes on a machine b. Face Pulls Coming to the volume and frequency to build 3D shoulders, here's what the data says: a. A minimum frequency of 2x per week b. 8 to 20 sets per muscle or 80 to 210 reps per muscle group. I would suggest including shoulders in a push-pull-legs or an upper-lower fashion and incorporating exercises for all the three muscle fibres to build 3D shoulders. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  3. Actor Vidyut Jammwal needs no introduction. When he forayed into Bollywood with his stellar performance in 'Force', the world took notice of this man, who is probably made of steel. Vidyut is currently on an all time high after he became the only Indian who made it to coveted list of the top martial artists in the world. Vidyut told us that he never really planned on joining movies, but was always sure that he wanted to do something with action ever since he was a kid. He has been training in Kalaripayattu (a martial art of Kerala) since the age of three, so that explains his benign connection with martial arts. Vidyut is playing the role of an elephant whisperer in his next movie 'Junglee' and his preparation for this movie is way more extensive than you can imagine. © Haider Khan © Haider Khan Talking about his role and what he did to prepare for the same, Vidyut explained what went behind the scenes. “I was born in a small place and have always been surrounded by animals all my life. Elephants are majestic. They feel what you feel, you need to have a soul connection with them.” © Haider Khan He explained that he stayed around them, built a connection. “They are very forgiving and understand humans very well”. He exclaimed that theory is very different from practicality. He thought he was prepared to shoot and stay around them but when it finally happened, he was awestruck. This #WorldElephantDay, let's go #Junglee by spreading awareness about the humble giants, our oldest companions need our help from being extinct..STOP BUYING IVORY@JungleeMovie @JungleePictures Filmed by @HaiderKhanMe pic.twitter.com/TxptJ2rXhS — Vidyut Jammwal (@VidyutJammwal) August 12, 2018 The project is being helmed by Hollywood's big shot Chuck Russel. On being asked about how it was working with him, Vidyut explained that he respects animals and is very aware of how to get work done. Vidyut is actively supporting the cause of saving elephants and on the occasion of 'World Elephant Day', he urges everyone to do whatever they can to ban poaching. He is a vegan now and was even voted as PETA's 'Hottest Vegetarian' few years ago.
  4. Vidyut Jamwal is best known for his fearless stunts in his movies and his godly physique. He is one of the rare actors in today's generation who prefers to do all their stunts by themselves. Though Vidyut's Bollywood journey hasn't been very exhaustive, yet he has managed to build an action star image for himself. With a sculpted physique in every movie and real life stunts, his fan following has been gradually increasing with each movie. Since he has a class apart physique, we thought about him as a competing bodybuilder and here are our thoughts on how he would fare on the stage. More About Vidyut Jamwal © YouTube Born in Jammu in 1980, Vidyut stayed in many places in his childhood as his father was an Army officer. He started training in Kalaripayattu, which is a form of martial arts that's practiced in Kerela. He started practicing this art at the age of 3 in an ashram which was run by his mother. After earning a degree in martial arts, Vidyut travelled around the world where he trained with various martial artists. He also performed live actions shows on his trips abroad, which gave him good stage exposure. Along with martial arts, he started his modeling career from Delhi and moved out to Mumbai in the year 2000 when he participated in Gladrags. Though he didn't taste much success in his modeling career, he managed to get his debut in a Telegu movie 'Shakti' in 2011. The same year, his movie 'Force' was also released, which earned him his intitial north Indian fan following. Vidyut As A Bodybuilder © YouTube Vidyut's physique has always been a talking point. When he was first seen against John Abraham in the poster of 'Force', people were surprised to see someone who was as big as John, but was conditioned to the core at the same time. With every muscle group complementing each other, his physique seems to be flawless to say the least. The icing on the cake is the vascularity that he brings along with the muscle mass that he has. He looks big, muscular and vascular at the same time, which is a rarity. No doubt he can definitely be compared to so many Fitness Models out there. Would He Win If He Contested? © YouTube Yes, we are sure that he will definitely score a place if he stood in a bodybuilding competition. No, we are not talking about a Classic Physique competition but 'Fitness Model' or 'Physique Model' category. A tapered body with absolute symmetry is best suited for the physique category and if Vidyut comes on stage, he is definitely going to look more than just a model. At his peak conditioning, he manages to have a very detailed vascularity over his arms and delts. The way he has developed each muscle group from pectorals to arms, it is evident that Vidyut has been continuously training for more than a decade now. If he includes some of the martial arts move along with the standard 'physique' contest poses, he is surely going to make an impact over the others. Let us know what you think! Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  5. Do you have a question for Vidyut Jammwal? We asked him 20.
  6. Vidyut Jammwal is known for his daredevil attitude and a killer body. For years, Vidyut has relentlessly worked on his physique and has been a practitioner of the 3000 year-old form of martial arts called Kalaripayattu. Ever since his debut in Bollywood, his physique has only gotten better and he now has the best-looking sculpted body to ever grace the Indian silver screen. After ‘Commando's' initial box office success, Jammwal has cemented himself as a full blown action hero. And why not, he looks exactly like one. © YouTube Surprising his fans, Jammawal recently released a dangerous stunt video of his, leaving people in awe of his incredible physical abilities. What did he do in the video? Well, he performed push-ups on 4 wine bottles! Check it out below. If you don't already know, Jammwal is an ambassador for Junglee Pictures and Hollywood writer-filmmaker Chuck Russell has joined hands with Junglee Pictures to direct Vidyut Jammwal for a unique action-adventure film titled ‘Junglee'.
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