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Found 37 results

  1. 'Game of Thrones' may be over, but the craze around it will not get over anytime soon, for reasons that we all are aware of. If you ever wondered whether the show has any Indian connection (apart from the well-known Indira Verma who plays Ellaria Sand), here is one more. The Dothraki 'Qhono' has a solid Indian connection. Before we get on with it, here's Qhono, in case you don't remember who he exactly is. View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Sep 4, 2017 at 9:32am PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Sep 17, 2017 at 10:02am PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Nov 20, 2018 at 4:59am PST View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Apr 12, 2016 at 1:06am PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on May 20, 2019 at 5:52am PDT The role of 'Qhono' is played by Staz Nair, who is a Russian-Indian actor and singer-songwriter, actually hails from Kerala. As a tribute to the show once it got over, he posted on Instagram: "GOT also allowed me to reconnect with my Indian heritage, it's such an honour to be a part of so much pride, the hometown (Kerala) support has been so humbling so Thank you to all of my malayali/Indian people." View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Apr 14, 2019 at 11:19am PDT Staz started grabbing eyeballs because of his fierce, yet measured portrayal of the character of 'Qhono' season 6 onwards, and he rose through the ranks as one of Dany's right hand men, till he died in the war against the Night King's army. View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Apr 30, 2019 at 4:00am PDT Apart from being an actor, he is also a singer-songwriter who is super fashionable. Take a look at his pictures. View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Jan 30, 2019 at 10:47am PST View this post on Instagram when bae asks if you want a Red Stripe A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Jun 8, 2018 at 1:16pm PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Jun 21, 2016 at 5:36am PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by STAZ NAIR. â (@staz.nair) on Dec 29, 2015 at 11:13am PST All the best for all your upcoming projects, Staz!
  2. We've often heard stories of ambulance vans getting stuck in traffic or finding it difficult to pass through a busy road. Imagine, what will happen when an ambulance has to pass through a narrow street where hundreds of people are dancing in a festival. Amid the loud beats of music on a street which is overcrowded with people, the shortest time an ambulance can take is probably an hour or two, right? Turns out it only takes seconds if there is right coordination, and the people of Kerala are here to teach us how. In a minute-long video, people who were dancing on the streets can be seen parting quickly in order to make way for the ambulance. This video was taken during the Mannarkkad Pooram festival, which is said to be one of the oldest temple festivals in Kerala. This process looked so seamless that it is now winning people's hearts and going viral for all the right reasons. People on social media can't stop praising the locals and their efforts which probably helped save a life. Imagine a huge crowd making way for an Ambulance in a perfect manner!!! This video of a massive festival crowd in Palakkad (Kerala) making way for an Ambulance is viral in Whatsapp The ease at which the people make way for that Ambulance. pic.twitter.com/Fm38KpEaX3 — Advaid (@Advaidism) March 23, 2019 That gives smiles and hopes..That made my mng, Good way to start a day.. — à´à´¯àµ¼à´¨àµà´¨ à´à´¿à´¨àµà´¤à´¾à´à´¤à´¿à´¯àµà´ à´®àµà´àµà´à´¿à´¯ à´àµà´µà´¿à´¤à´µàµà´.. (@mt_shaf) March 23, 2019 This is the best thing i have seen in internet today. ðð https://t.co/0BmNeKRHZs — Kumar Padmanabhan (@kp0999) March 23, 2019 That's how civilized society act like, Silver lining.ðð It matters! — Wasil Anwar (@wasilanwar77) March 23, 2019 Very, very appreciable gesture of the people! — Dr Jitendra Sharma (@Jitendr18995686) March 23, 2019 Splendid . This is why Kerala is referred to as God's own country. — Amit Ghosh (@amitghoshspeaks) March 23, 2019
  3. The Kerala floods last year were one of the most tragic natural calamities experienced in the world. People died, families were dislocated and homes were buried down the water. Even though civilisation has begun its course in the distraught state, normalcy is a far cry for people who endured all that loss. © Twitter Numerous safety missions were launched and thousands of people extended their help in every way they could. However, there were a few unsung heroes who forgot about themselves in order to serve the people of their state. The fishermen and folks of Kerala gave their all in rescuing people and ensuring lives were saved, even if their own life was in danger. For their selfless service and as a token of gratitude, Thiruvanthapurum MP Dr. Shashi Tharoor has written to the Nobel Prize committee and nominated the Kerala fishermen for the same. My letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee nominating the fishermen of Kerala for this year's Peace Prize in recognition of their courageous service & sacrifice during the #KeralaFloods of 2018: pic.twitter.com/xtPLrTnQBT — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) February 6, 2019 “I would like to nominate the fishermen of Kerala for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. They represent an outstanding and wholly deserving candidacy, one that would be a worthy addition to the champions of humanity that the award has recognised over the years,” his letter reads. © Twitter The entire nation is in chorus with his thought and we all believe that this is a well deserved nomination. This is such a heartwarming gesture and deserves a huge appreciation. Thank you on behalf of World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers, India chapter ð — Jaini /à¦à¦à§à¦à§à¦¿à¦¨à§/ اجÛÙÛ (@IchbinUjjaini) February 7, 2019 That's highly commendable of you to write for such a deserving set of people who without any kind of expectations undauntingly swung into the perilous rescue act and saved hundreds of precious lives. These fishermen highly deserve it and I am sure they would win this time. — Binu (@Binuiv) February 6, 2019 The gesture is heart warming in itself, and leaving any political agendas aside, the brave men do deserve this. Whether the fishermen will receive the Nobel or not the thought and cause is Noble and laudable. Thank you — dominic savio (@dominickerala) February 6, 2019 An award has no effect or does no justice to the heroic deeds but recognition and acknowledgement for the same might go a long way.
  4. If you're spending a shit ton of money on an expensive car, you probably won't shell anything more for that car, right? Wrong. KS Balagopal, a businessman from Kerala first spent a lot of money - more than one crore - to buy an imported blue Porsche 718 Boxter. Then, on top of that, he spent almost one-third of that amount to just win a fancy registration number. He bid on the number he wanted in an open auction held at the transport office in Thiruvananthapuram and then managed to win the number KL-01CK-1 after spending Rs 31 lakh for it. Am I the only one who can't figure out what's so special about the number? Twitter Reportedly, the last round of auction only had three contenders and started with a bid of just Rs 500. Wait, what? How did it end up in lakhs, let alone 31 lakh? One of the contenders, a Dubai-based NRI, decided to quit after the bid crossed Rs 10 lakh and the second one was willing to shell out Rs 25.50 lakh but when Balagopal brought up the bid to Rs 30 lakh, he also quit. On top of that, it also cost him about Rs 1 lakh to register the number as well. Well, he spent a lot of money but at least he also made a record in the process. According to the regional transport authority, this is now the highest bid for a fancy number in the country. Twitter Turns out, this is not even the first time he's spent way too much for a number. Back in 2017, he paid Rs 19 lakh for his Toyota Land Cruiser to get the number KL-01CB-01. Okay, there may be an explanation, after all, for all of this. According to Balagopal, “number addiction” was his childhood obsession and he never regrets spending big on his favourite numbers. Well, if someone can afford it, why the hell won't they do it?
  5. The title of this article might have stumped you and got you thinking like 'who does that?' but trust us, it did actually happen! Now, how far are you willing to go to ensure that when your team calls you, your presence is ensured? Turns out Ridvan a player of FIFA Manjeri, which is a team in Kerala's Malappuram 7s league, was ready to give it all and probably thought he could get Hermione Granger's time turner when he decided to get married and play football for his team on the same day! © talksport So, when duty called and Ridvan had to choose between getting married and playing for FIFA Manjeri, he decided to take a short 5-minute break, excused himself from the ceremony and went ahead to play for his team and even won the match. Well, not much is known about the consequences that he had to endure once he returned to his fuming bride and in-laws but his action has won him some love on social media at least. Ridvan asked 5 minutes from his bride on his wedding day to play football! What passion! I want to meet him! #5MinuteAur #KheloIndiahttps://t.co/BLLvpPr715 — Rajyavardhan Rathore (@Ra_THORe) January 25, 2019 Proud of himð. Keep the spirit and let the passion growð»ð¤ — Amer Akbar Antony (@araf06) January 25, 2019 A true sportsperson... — Umesh (@Umesh89053246) January 26, 2019 Let's just hope his call of duty was answered with love and his wedding went on smoothly! That is some insane dedication there.
  6. In the most endearing news segment today, 96-year-old Karthyayani Amma from Kerala has shown the nation the kind of will that literacy can conjure, by being selected as the Commonwealth of Learning Goodwill Ambassador, for India. © Twitter Amma became a household name in Kerala, when in November 2018 she achieved her first educational degree at the age of 96! This just goes to show that age no bar, really and that anything is possible, at any time, without the age factor being a big detriment! After her hard work and struggle to get herself an educational qualification, the grandmother from Neyyattinkara, Alappuzha district has been chosen to represent India as the Commonwealth of Learning Ambassador. © Twitter But this isn't all from Amma's book of life. Amma started off as a domestic worker before she turned her life completely around. She was the oldest woman to have appeared in the Kerala Literacy Mission's Akshara Laksham (million letters) literacy examination and she scored a total of 98 marks out of a 100. Her hard work and struggle to reach this pinnacle is an inspirational story in itself. The one and only Commonwealth Learning Goodwill Ambassadorð. More Power to you dear Karthyayani Amma @NishaPurushoth2 @dhanyarajendran@SnehaMKoshy @MathewLiz @PadmajaJoshi @anusha @Nidhi @NSMlive pic.twitter.com/CwIN4ypmvE — Jvin Tootu (@jvin_tootu) 20 January 2019 The Vice-President of Commonwealth of Learning, Balasubramanian visited Karthayayani Amma after she topped her Kerala Literacy Mission examination, as well and assured her that he story will inspire many, globally. © Twitter Karthyayani Amma, the unstoppable student at her 90s, is now Commonwealth of Learning's @COL4D Goodwill Ambassador. The aim of the initiative is to spread awareness about distance education and open learning among its 53 member nations. pic.twitter.com/xynt3CpM5C — Patron of the natural world (@BejoyKx) 20 January 2019 https://t.co/LYaYzcSZdt This is the kind of India we want to promote. Do we care for her caste, religion, region or any discriminating features? We love her and respect her unconditionally, for the person she is, the Indian she is. #Proudindian — Sym (@sshelby01) 21 January 2019 Amma has definitely made us globally proud and we can't believe someone her age is sill unbelievably active and incredibly cognizant. While Amma prepares for her grade 4 examinations under the Akshara Laksham, we wish her all the luck the universe can conjure and wishes she passes her exams with flying colours. While the Canada-based organisation does what it can to further the education in Commonwealth countries, we wish more people such as Amma come forward and willingly give literacy a fair chance. © Twitter Inspiring! Age is just a number.......! Amazing will power, perseverance and quest to learn......! 96-year-old Karthyayani Amma becomes Commonwealth Goodwill Learning Ambassador https://t.co/W4mDl4BrnY — Dr. S. Raghavachari (@DrSRaghavachari) 20 January 2019 Karthyayani Amma, 96, who topped the 4th standard equivalent exams for adults recently to be the @commonwealthsec #GoodWill ambassador! ð @commonwealthfnd https://t.co/YYqh6Sdjmf — K Tony Jose (@KtonyjoseMM) 21 January 2019
  7. The fact that Shah Rukh Khan continues to be the Baadshah of Bollywood to this day, even though it has been a few years since we last saw the best of him on-screen, comes as no surprise to most of us. Over the years, SRK has created a name for himself and a space in our hearts, which is rather difficult to do away with, all courtesy to his great performances. While we have often heard and witnessed crazy fan stories and a gazillion tales of SRK's admirers pulling out fun antics to get the actor's attention, nothing quite beats what Senior Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor witnessed during his recent visit to the hill station of Munnar in Kerala. © Red Chillies Entertainment It so happened that when the politician checked into his hotel room, he was surprised to find out that it looked much more like a “shrine” devoted to SRK and 'Chennai Express' than an upscale hotel room. By his own admission, the room came covered with Shah Rukh's posters and cut-outs all over. Apparently, when SRK was shooting for 'Chennai Express', he stayed in the said room, which was later converted into a shrine. Being surrounded by many reminders of the actor, Tharoor took to Twitter to talk about his experience. He even tagged SRK on the post and shared some pictures of the room, which definitely works as too good of a reminder of Shah Rukh and his hit film 'Chennai Express'. Check out the post and images here: Dear @iamsrk, when on a brief visit to Munnar yesterday I took rest in the room you occupied in 2013, which has been converted into a shrine for you & #ChennaiExpress! Every wall is decorated w/posters of the film &the suite is dominated by this cut-out of you. No place for rest! pic.twitter.com/hFUYCgXLEc — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) January 21, 2019 Frankly, we aren't very shocked to see the staff of the hotel turning this room into a shrine, given the kind of devoted fan-following SRK enjoys to this day. Though SRK's latest film 'Zero' didn't perform too well at the box office, he has decided to move on and focus on other projects. As per recent reports, King Khan is all set to start shooting for the last instalment of Farhan Akhtar's Don series with 'Don: The Final Chapter', which will hit the floors in mid-2019.
  8. No one's talking about the devastating floods in Kerala anymore, but that doesn't mean everything there has been fixed and restored, it just means that people have seemingly stopped taking an interest since it has become 'old news' now. But, the Khalsa Aid is always there to help, no matter what. We have already heard so many great things about this organization, that tirelessly and selflessly helps anyone in need, but they always surprise us even more. Tweeting about how the Khalsa Aid workers are still in Kerala helping in rehabilitation, they made sure to remind people that they would never simply walk away just a few days after a disaster. We are STILL in Kerala after the floods last year ! We don't walk away few days after the disaster... We remain committed. #Kerala #KeralaFloods pic.twitter.com/Ly5f45SNAV — Khalsa Aid (@Khalsa_Aid) January 3, 2019 Now that really is commitment! Talking to IndiaTimes, Amarjeet Singh from Khalsa Aid said, “Currently, we are helping people resurrect their broken lives and for that, we are rebuilding houses and other amenities in Alleppey district. Currently, a team of five members is looking after the rebuilding work and we want to ensure that people's lives get back to normal as soon as possible.” He added, “Currently, we have adopted two local schools completely devastated in the floods and we are on revamping the schools so that the children can get back to their studies as soon as possible.” Everyone is praising and applauding them, and rightly so. Thank you bros for staying and inspiring !! â¤ï¸ — AJ (@ann_08__) January 5, 2019 Good job, indeed. Good job khalsa aid â¬ð — ਦà©à¨¦à¨¾à¨° ਸਿੰਠ(@agwsftdzpLndZA3) January 3, 2019 Good job as always. As requested multiple times, can you start accepting donations in INR and possibly also get the donations tax-exempt ? — Jaspreet Singh (@jaspreet20) January 3, 2019 It really is. True commitment ðhttps://t.co/AY7wW9ojwv — Chitra Narayanan (@ndcnn) January 5, 2019 It's proving Humanityðð¹ð https://t.co/DFJcLGCwW8 — mohari pj adidela (@mohariecopal) January 4, 2019 Exactly. भà¤à¤µà¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤¸à¤¾ साहस सबà¤à¥ दॠ। https://t.co/ZlxWhByJSP — Singh Parminder Singh (@just_Param) January 4, 2019 Yep. That's what Khalsa does. #KhalsaAid @Khalsa_Aid https://t.co/LpTTbD4nO5 — Manvir Singha (@RoyalSinghh) January 4, 2019
  9. On 29th December 2017, Malappuram's Inzamam Ul-Haq and Fidha Sanam named their newborn after former German midfielder and Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil. The club made a video with the child's father and uploaded it on their social media handles titled 'A story of a special young fan from Kerala', which got around 1.8 million views and caught the superstar's attention himself. “I have always been an Arsenal fan, the mighty team which included French legend Thierry Henry attracted me towards the club since my school days,” Inzamam told News18. One year later, the die-hard fan of the Gunners was surprised with a gift from Ozil himself. The German had sent a personally autographed Arsenal jersey for his namesake to celebrate his first birthday. Arsenal FC also uploaded a video montage on their Facebook page, in which the midfielder wisheD the boy a happy birthday and thanked the family for being true fans of the club. Overwhelmed with excitement, Inzamam says that the jersey was a gift for all the Arsenal fans in India. “This means a lot to us. You will always be in our prayers and we wish to see you soon,” he said in the video. Arsenal FC, which is currently ranked fifth in the Premier League with 19 points, has a subsidiary organisation in Thrissur, Kerala by the name of Arsenal Kerala Football Club (AKFC) to which the jersey was sent directly from the football star. We are really happy now as our little Ozil is going to celebrate his birthday on Sunday. I don't know how to express my happiness now,” Inzamam told Times of India.
  10. People say you're never too old or too young to follow your dreams and passion. And the 96-year-old grandma Karthyayani Amma is the proud torchbearer of this saying. We first came to know about Karthyayani Amma in August, when she enrolled in the 4th standard in order to complete her education. Now, Alappuzha's famous granny has recreated history once again by clearing the exam with flying colours. If pursuing studies at 96 wasn't impressive enough, she even topped the exam by scoring 98% marks. © BCCL She was the oldest student to take the 'Aksharalaksham' test conducted by Kerala's Literacy Mission Authority. She will receive a merit certificate from Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today at the Chief Minister's Conference hall. Reportedly, Amma had never gone to school and used to work as a cleaning staff in temples. Amma told India Today, "I'm happy that I got good marks. Now I know how to read, write and calculate." She also said that her great grandchildren, 12-year-old Aparna and 9-year-old Anjana, helped her in learning the lessons. Kerala:96 year old, Karthiyani Amma of Alappuzha who scored 98/100 marks in 'Aksharalaksham' literacy program of Kerala State Literacy Mission, felicitated by CM Pinarayi Vijayan pic.twitter.com/UXRgd4xyob — ANI (@ANI) November 1, 2018 Amma's younger daughter Amminiamma is her inspiration behind taking up education once again, "In our days, women never went to school. When my younger daughter Amminiamma qualified in the tenth equivalent examination in 2016, I took it as a challenge." Kerala already has the highest literacy rate in the country and this programme was launched this year to eliminate illiteracy completely from the state. Nearly, 43,330 students appeared for the exam in the classes 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Out of them, 42,933 cleared the exam. © Twitter After successfully passing ths exam, Amma now wants to learn English in the next term and said, "My great grandchildren are studying in an English medium school. I also want to learn English." We salute Karthyayani Amma for her dedication and strong will to study even at the age of 96, and we hope that more people take inspiration from her.
  11. For a state that has for long been considered as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India, Kerala witnessed a catastrophic turn of events lately and endured massive losses in terms of life and property owing to devastating floods - the worst in nearly a century. © BCCL But, despite being brought to a standstill, the 'God's own country' has not let it affect itself and showcasing a great spirit, the southern state is slowly and gradually coming back on its feet. The picturesque state is now ready to welcome visitors again with the same warmth that, over the years, made their hospitality legendary. The state's capital Thiruvananthapuram is now ready to host Team India and West Indies for the fifth and final One-Day International (ODI) on 1st November. And, even before the final ODI of the five-match series, the cricket enthusiasts in Kerala have found another reason to cheer for. © Twitter/@kadakampalli In a heartfelt note, Indian captain Virat Kohli penned down his admiration for the state and its people ahead of the 5th ODI. "Being in Kerala is nothing short of bliss. I love coming here and love the energy of the whole place. The beauty of Kerala is something to we experienced and I would recommend to everyone that they come here and experience the energy of God's own country. Kerala is surely back on its feet and absolutely safe to come to. Thanks to this amazing place for making me feel happy every time I am here," Kohli's handwritten note read. Thank you Virat, @imVkohli for the nice words you have shared. We are delighted to know that #Kerala makes you happy every time you are here. Enjoy your stay here & have a great game tomorrow. Wishes!#KeralaTourism #IndiaVsWestIndies pic.twitter.com/MBgpxZXK0u — Kadakampally (@kadakampalli) October 31, 2018 While Kohli's words of encouragement boosted the morale of the people, it further evoked a response from Kerala's Minister for Co-operation, Tourism & Devaswoms Kadakampally Surendran. "Thank you Virat, @imVkohli for the nice words you have shared. We are delighted to know that #Kerala makes you happy every time you are here. Enjoy your stay here & have a great game tomorrow. Wishes!," he responded. The Indian cricket team arrived in Kerala to a rousing welcome. With an unassailable 2-1 lead in the five-match series, Kohli and his team will now be eager to wrap things up on a winning note when they take on West Indies in the final ODI at the Greenfield International Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram on 1st November.
  12. When Kerala was battling with one of the worst floods in the state's history, the world saw some real heroes in action, who were neither wearing any cape nor any metallic suit or powerful weapons. All they carried with them was courage, bravery and a strong will to rescue each and every person who was stuck in the deluge. One such brave hero was this fisherman Jaisal, who knelt down on all fours in knee-deep water, and offered his back to the women to climb onto the rescue boat. This man commands our respect for this heartwarming gesture. Twitter Although, no amount of words or actions are enough to salute the efforts of the volunteers, NDRF members, Indian Navy, Army, fishermen and the local police during the rescue operations; people are doing their bit to thank these unsung heroes. Social media was already filled with praise and good wishes for Jaisal, now Mahindra and its dealer in Kerala called Eram Motors have rewarded him with a brand new Mahindra Marazzo for his heroic efforts. Twitter The car's key was officially handed over to Jaisal by Kerala Excise and Labour minister TP Ramachandran. Jaisal said that the situation, where he saw women facing a difficulty in climbing onto the boat, prompted him to do it. He didn't do it for any fame or reward. Anand Mahindra too tweeted about this kind gesture. ððð https://t.co/kWNgIbCW59 — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) September 9, 2018 Jaisal was overjoyed after he recieved the gift and said that he will use it for social good in the future too. The world needs more selfless and brave people like Jaisal who don't think twice before risking their lives to save others.
  13. The deadly floods endured by the state of Kerala have been the worst seen by our country in over a century. Families were dislocated, homes were lost and scores lost their lives. But our brothers and sisters are stronger than ever in this moment of weakness and are rebuilding their lives from the scratch, aided by the tremendous amount of help that has been pouring in from all over the country and even outside. © Twitter Amongst the celebs, many did their part by contributing towards the relief work. Some did their bit by raising awareness on social media and then there were celebs like Sushant Singh Rajput who went ahead and did more than expected. He donated Rs. 1 crore on behalf of his fans towards the Kerala relief fund and urged people to do their bit. As promised my friend, @subhamranjan66 , what you wanted to do has been done. You made me do this, so be extremely proud of yourself. You delivered exactly when it was needed. Lots and lots of love. FLYð¦ Cheers ð¦ðªðâðð»â¤ï¸ #MyKerala ð³âï¸ðªðð»â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Aug 21, 2018 at 12:55am PDT Indian maestro AR Rahman has now come ahead to help the people of Kerala and has pledged Rs. 1 crore towards the flood relief fund. From my artistes and me touring the USA... To our brothers and sisters of Kerala! May this small offering help in providing you some relief! pic.twitter.com/9tyxtns3gr — A.R.Rahman (@arrahman) September 2, 2018 The music maestro is currently on tour in the USA and announced this donation after his show in Washington. Kerala is currently in the process of restoring life back to normal after the floods took a massive toll on life and property, and people of the state are showing immense bravery in rebuilding their lives.
  14. After getting hit and left devastated by one of the worst floods in history, Kerala is now slowly picking up the scattered pieces and trying to stand back on its foot. Reuters In these tough times, when some people across the world are uniting to help rebuild Kerala, there are some who are busy stressing their minds to come up with reasons that might have caused the deluge. In case you're wondering if people think it's a natural calamity or a man-made disaster or heavy rainfall, you're wrong. Because the trick is to not use logic here. Am I right? Twitter From eating beef, cowslaughter, to women moving court to enter Sabarimala temple; people have umpteen reasons to blame Keralites for these floods. And actress Payal Rohatgi too believes that one of these reasons, cowslaughter, caused Kerala floods. In a recent tweet, the former Bigg Boss contestant blamed cowslaughter and told Kerala people that it's not good to hurt sentiments of Hindus and gods. #cowslaughter is NOT banned in #kerala. Dear Kerala people and politicians of Kerala, not good to hurt the sentiments of #Hindus. If u openly do that, sorry to sound but God also openly does it.. God is one âï¸ but u can't hurt religious faith like thisð pic.twitter.com/eqBwM7F15G — PAAYAL ROHATGI & TEAM (@Payal_Rohatgi) August 27, 2018 Being the merciless platform that Twitter is, it couldn't let her tweet slide like that and brutally (and in some cases hilariously) trolled her logic. While some questioned whether Goa will meet a similar fate for eating beef, someone wrote that "reason for Uttarakhand floods is soya chunks. God thought people are eating beef." Someone even questioned how will god deal with whole of India, given it is the largest exporter of beef. Madam beef is also not banned in Goa, to next flood Goa main aayega kya? God se puch ke batana. — Jet Lee(Vasooli Bhai) (@Vishj05) August 27, 2018 Hey stupid girl do you want to say that people of Rajasthan should start eating beef to get enough rain ? — AB De Villager #RYP (@amolbachhav_) August 27, 2018 I understand you're not getting any work... So this is the last resort to spread hate and get recruited by BJP n RSS and become a certified bhakt. — Iamatif (@foxstar1989) August 27, 2018 Actually ..you need a break seriously..itna dimag par zor daloge is umr me to kya hoga.. — Arif (@Arif75352062) August 27, 2018 Isey kehte hai pade likhe angutha chaap... — one_in_million (@AnsariSanaf) August 27, 2018 What logic Madam! Pl explain then why natural calamities happened in J&K,Mumbai, Uttrakhand,Gujarat ? Beef is banned in these states right.. — Md Imran (@MdImran38845186) August 27, 2018 Just curious here. Is the picture used to depict cows in anyway? 𤠗 JK #RebuildKerala (@ImKarlose) August 27, 2018 What about other states and countries. What about the people exporting Beef. Don't lynch people let the flood come to those who eat beef — SHAFI (@IndnCommonMan) August 27, 2018 Hey stupid girl do you want to say that people of Rajasthan should start eating beef to get enough rain ? — AB De Villager #RYP (@amolbachhav_) August 27, 2018 SIde effect of drugs.. those who claims Natural calamity is because of Beef. WHat next, Goa, Manipur, Assam ? How long this stupidity will be appreciated by BJP — Kumauni (@tterIndia) August 27, 2018 https://t.co/e7ypJejLvE@Payal_Rohatgi à¤à¤¾à¥à¤µà¤¾ à¤à¥à¤° मणिपà¥à¤° मà¥à¤ à¤à¤ªà¤à¤¾ सà¥à¤à¤à¥à¤®à¥à¤à¤ हरà¥à¤ नहॠहाà¥à¤¤à¤¾ à¤à¥à¤µà¤² à¤à¥à¤°à¤²à¤¾ मà¥à¤ à¤à¤ª à¤à¤¾ सà¥à¤à¤à¥à¤®à¥à¤à¤ हरà¥à¤ हाà¥à¤¤à¤¾ हà¥?? à¤à¤¬ भारत बà¥à¤« à¤à¤à¥à¤¸à¤ªà¥à¤°à¥à¤ à¤à¤°à¤¨à¥ मà¥à¤ विशà¥à¤µ मà¥à¤ नमà¥à¤¬à¤° à¤à¤ हॠताॠसभॠभारतà¥à¤¯ à¤à¤¬ डà¥à¤¬ रहॠहà¥à¤ ??? — Kim Jong Un (@jalladbadshah) August 28, 2018
  15. Google has announced it will donate US$ 1 million (Rs 7 crores) to the relief and restoration efforts in Kerala. The state is battling one of the worst natural calamities it has ever faced. Nearly 500 people have been killed, over 800,000 people have been displaced, and nearly 8,000 houses have been washed away in the floods in the state so far. Help is pouring in the state from all parts of the globe, people have open-heartedly contributed to the CM's Distress Relief Fund and everyone is trying to help in the best way possible. © Reuters "Google.org and Googlers will contribute $1 million to the relief work in Kerala," Rajan Anandan, Vice President, Southeast Asia, and India, said at the Google for India event. The search giant had launched a special 'Person Finder' page specifically for Kerala. It's a tool that tracks all missing persons in a tragedy and helps reunite them with loved ones. The tool was first launched during Japan's massive earthquake in 2011. According to Anandan, the tool has helped fetch 22,000 records. © Twitter/NidhiSingal Google reached out and asked users to generate and share the plus code of their exact location, which can pinpoint their location and make it easier for rescue workers to reach them. A plus code includes 6 or 7 letters and numbers, and a town or city. Users can share their plus codes over a voice call or an SMS. Plus codes work just like street addresses. Google's Geo platform also used a mix of news and crowdsourced data, and Google Developers Experts issued warnings of closed roads across the most affected districts. © Twitter/Tech2eets Last week even Apple announced it till we contributing US$ 1 million via Mercy Corps India and the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. Apple has also added a banner on the App Store and iTunes Store, urging users to donate as much as they can. Tech companies, whether local or global, have come together in the time of crisis and reaching out to their users and employees to contribute towards the relief efforts. Amazon is supporting non-profits Habitat for Humanity India, World Vision India, and Goonj, and encouraging customers to donate relief goods to them through its platform.
  16. Kerala is currently trying to build up itself after the worst calamity hit it and life changed overnight for everyone in the state. Many people lost their lives, homes were disrupted and families were dislocated. Help poured in from every corner of the country but only the people enduring the loss know exactly how to cope with it. © Twitter Recently NASA shared the images of the state of Kerala from space and the severity of the floods shock us. There are two images with one being dated around 6th August, which was before the floods hit the state. © NASA The second image is from last week which shows the level of devastation is higher than we imagined. © NASA The rescue missions and donations continue to flow in for the state and while prayers for our brothers and sisters will help, please do your bit and contribute in whatever way you can. Source: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/92669/before-and-after-the-kerala-floods
  17. Just like the rest of the world, Apple donated Rs 7 crore towards the relief work in Kerala. Apple fulfilled its duty of humanitarian efforts by adding support banners to its homepage and by adding a donation button on the iTunes Store and App Store. The new donation button enabled Apple and its users to donate a total sum of Rs 7 crore to the Mercy Corps. © Twitter "We're heartbroken by the catastrophic flooding in Kerala. Apple is donating Rs 7 crore to support the life-saving work Mercy Corps India and the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund are undertaking to support survivors, help those who have been displaced and rebuild homes and schools," the Cupertino-based iPhone maker said in a statement. © BCCL "We have also activated a donation button on iTunes and the App Store so customers who wish to donate to Mercy Corps' efforts can do so easily," Apple said. The donation button lets Apple users donate different amounts of money. Customers are able to donate $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or $200 to the Mercy Corps using credit and debit cards. Indian tech companies such as Zomato, Paytm and many others followed a similar method to enable people to help with the relief efforts. The Kerala floods resulted in costing 417 lives and the floods have left at least 8.7 lakh people homeless. This is not the first time Apple has made a donation towards natural disaster relief efforts and we can expect more to pour in with further contributions. © Reuters If you would like to donate to the Mercy Corps easily via Apple, you can do so by clicking here
  18. Our men in uniform spend sleepless nights so that we can sleep in peace. While we go home for Rakhi or maybe Diwali, our brave men work 365 days a year, sacrifice their family lives, so our families can celebrate with joy. Major Hemant Raj is no different. He was scheduled to fly to Kochi to celebrate Onam with his family but when he landed in Delhi, he got to know that most flights to Kochi were cancelled due to the flood situation. He immediately knew what he had to do. After requesting the officials to put him on the next flight that was available, Major Hemant went back home and immediately became a part of the relief work. A Soldier is never off duty. Maj Hemant Raj 28 MADRAS Sapth Shakti Comd #IndianArmy flew to Kerela on leave. Imdtly threw himself into #KeralaFloodRelief work. Organised team of Defence persons on leave,veterans & local fishermen boats to help marooned people. Working tirelessly. pic.twitter.com/v1kzbRYHEP — PRO Defence Rajasthan (@PRODefRjsthn) August 22, 2018 He set up a rural team, joined hands with the fishermen in doing whatever he could do to rescue the flood victims over there. After pictures of him were shared on social media, his wife contacted him informing about where his parents were stuck during the floods. I salute you Major Hemant of 28 Madras Regiment. — Jagjit Chand Katoch (@katochJagjit) August 24, 2018 A soldier is never off duty Major Hemant Raj of 28 MADRAS Sapth Shakti Command flew to Kerela despite being on Leave He organised a team of defence personnel &local fishermen boats& shifted hundreds of marooned people to safety,In 3days aranged to drop 10Tonnes of food each day pic.twitter.com/XBJWZBGhSj — Dr. Vedika (@vishkanyaaaa) August 24, 2018 A soldier is never off duty and Major Hemant is a shining example of the same.
  19. Everyone knows that the state of Kerala is going through the worst crisis right now and it's unfortunate that this is what brought the people of India together, but at least everyone's here and ready to help in any way they can. This was the kind of calamity that couldn't be prayed away, after all hundreds of people have lost their lives and even more have been displaced. It's honestly really horrible and everyone is realising that people need help for real. We've seen all the ads for donation and all the people who have some influence online are urging everyone to donate as much as they can. This also includes celebrities who are themselves doing all they can and asking fans to do the same. If you're donating for a good cause, you don't really have to advertise it and prove to everyone how good a person you are, but still some people are using that as an excuse to troll celebrities. Recently, Big B shared a picture of himself at a recording studio and well, someone in the comments decided to ask him a totally unrelated question. .. the best place to be at midnight .. after finishing shoot for the day at KBC - a recording studio in front of a mike .. “मà¥à¤à¥à¤ ॠमà¥à¤ à¤à¥à¤ सपनॠलà¥à¤à¤° , भरà¤à¤° à¤à¥à¤¬à¥à¤ मà¥à¤ à¤à¤¶à¤à¤ .. दिल मà¥à¤ हॠà¤à¤°à¤®à¤¾à¤¨ यहॠ, à¤à¥à¤ à¤à¤° à¤à¤¾à¤à¤ , à¤à¥à¤ à¤à¤° à¤à¤¾à¤à¤ ...” A post shared by Amitabh Bachchan (@amitabhbachchan) on Aug 22, 2018 at 12:02pm PDT As you can see, there's no mention of Kerala or anything in the picture and caption but people want to use that tragedy to try and defame some celebrities. Well, the guy in question asked him 'Kerala ko donation diya?' which sounds rather disrespectful. I mean, he's one of the most respected people in the country and that tone just seems rude. But, Big B is not one to back down from unnecessary questions and got sassy while answering this troll. I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Oops. Big B – 1, random troll – 0. Also, reportedly, Amitabh Bachchan has donated over â¹50 lakh for Kerala relief fund and yes, he didn't need to brag about it. If you do a nice thing to just show off, it kind of defeats the purpose. Other people also came to his defence, highlighting the stupidity of some people.
  20. From Shah Rukh Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput to Amitabh Bachchan, actors are donating huge amounts of money to help Kerala battle one of the worst floods in history. In fact, they are continuously urging their fans to contribute to relief funds as well. © Reuters While, most celebrities are helping Kerala financially and raising awareness on social media, what actor Randeep Hooda is doing for the flood victims is truly commendable and a noble gesture. Instead of just posting messages and prayers on social media, actor Randeep Hooda has actually travelled to Kerala to provide help to the flood victims and actively participate in the relief work. #EidMubarak ð and thank you for all the wonderful blessings and wishes for my birthday.. feeling blessed to be a part of @Khalsa_Aid team of volunteers helping in #KeralaFloodRelief .. every little step counts.. to help https://t.co/xQXd7ikrus ð pic.twitter.com/eUWEWGfbz2 — Randeep Hooda (@RandeepHooda) August 22, 2018 Hooda has joined as a volunteer with the Khalsa Aid group, a non-profit organisation that has time and again rescued and provided help to people across the world. Recently, Khalsa Aid group posted a picture on Insatgram where the actor is seen serving food to people at the langar. Bollywood actor @randeephooda joins the Khalsa Aid team in #Kerala ! It's great to see celebrities on the ground and not just simply commenting on social media. #KeralaFloods #Seva #Langar #Kerala #KhalsaAid #Humanity #RandeepHooda #OneLove #SarbatDaBhalla A post shared by Khalsa Aid (UK) (@khalsa_aid) on Aug 22, 2018 at 7:48am PDT A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with freedom! #KeralaFloods2018 #KeralaFloodRelief #Kerala #JammuAndKashmir #Mumbai #humanity #RealHeroes #KhalsaAid #motivation #RandeepHooda @Khalsa_Aid pic.twitter.com/qtw8OknZjj — Randeep Hooda FC (@Randeep_HoodaFC) August 23, 2018 They even wrote, "It's great to see celebrities on the ground and not just simply commenting on social media." Through organising langars, the group has served food to thousands of people. Randeep Hooda at Kerala serving food, providing relief and helping the flood victims with the volunteers of @Khalsa_Aid#KeralaFloodRelief #RandeepHooda pic.twitter.com/ZiEQ8eYAFL — Randeep Hooda FC (@Randeep_HoodaFC) August 22, 2018 What Randeep is doing for Kerala flood survivors has left his fans beaming with pride and joy. In all honesty, he truly deserves all our respect for his noble and brave gesture. This isn't the first time that Randeep has volunteered with Khalsa Aid. Last year, after Ganpati visarjan he helped clean the grabage from Mumbai's Versova beach.
  21. On one hand where people in some parts of the country are fighting each other in the name of religion, Kerala on the other hand is setting a great example for the whole world to see. Sending a strong message of communal harmony, a mosque in Malappuram district provided shelter and food to various Hindu families displaced by floods. The Juma Masjid in Malappuram doubled up as a relief camp for nearly 17 families including women, children and elderly people, who were left homeless and devastated by floods. They were provided food and shelter inside the mosque and were given rice, pulses and other important materials when they returned home. Reuters PT Usman, Chaliyar village panchayat chief told PTI, "There were 26 families who had sought refuge in the mosque, a majority of them Hindus. Though we opened the relief camp at the mosque on August 8, the activities started in full swing only after August 14, following a series of landslides that rocked the district." He further said that two days ago the Hindu families returned home as the water level receded, while "the rest returned home after taking part in the observance of Bakrid." While the mosque gave shelter to Hindu families, two groups of Muslim men also assisted in cleaning Hindu temples that were badly affected by the floods. Reportedly, a Vishnu temple in Wayanad and a shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in Malappuram were cleaned by them. ðEid prayers at Purappullikkavu Temple, Eravathur, #Thrissur ðSisters get mehndi by Muslim inmates to celebrate Eid-al-Adha. #Kodungallur Snehalaya Relief Camp ð#KeralaFloods victims belonging to Christian community holding holy mass inside a Mosque in Kakkanad.#Kerala pic.twitter.com/F5awVdbc8G — Sunil Ananthapuri (@sunilupdate) August 22, 2018 Hindus too have transcended all boundaries to help the Muslim offers prayers on Eid-ul-Adha. According to the Times Of India, a temple at Eravathur gave their hall to Muslims to offer Eid prayers. P A Khalid, president of the Masjid Mahallu committee, said, "We were hoping that the water will recede by Wednesday and we will be able to offer Eid prayers at the Masjid itself. However, two days back itself we realised that this may not be possible. When we discussed the issue with the temple office-bearers, they immediately offered their hall for the prayers." Muslims cleaning a Hindu temple in Kerala after floods. Eid Mubarak! #Eid #KeralaFloods #ItHappensOnlyInKerala pic.twitter.com/y1LdnF33wo — Salil Ravindran (@salilravindran) August 22, 2018 P K Sabu, president of SNDP Union Mala said, "We thought offering the temple hall for Eid prayers will be an expression of the secular lineage of this land. We had also arranged all other facilities like water for cleaning for the devotees who had come for offering prayers." Honestly, no amount of words are enough to salute Kerala's strength and unity in the times of distress as it continues its fight against one of the worst floods in history. While the rescue operations are in full swing, the locals too are taking every possible step to save as many lives as they can.
  22. Battered, bruised and eventually left to pick up the pieces after their Lord's debacle, the Indian cricket team fought against all odds to restore the faith of their fans with a resounding comeback in the five-match Test series against England. Trailing 0-2 in the much-anticipated series, Team India showed everyone why they are ranked No. 1 in the longest format following their massive 203-run triumph at Trent Bridge. Taking the field with their back against the wall, the Indian team was adequately aided by a crucial 60-run opening partnership between Shikhar Dhawan (35) and KL Rahul (23). And, if the openers got India off to a solid start, the 159-run stand between Virat Kohli (97) and Ajinkya Rahane (81) for the fourth wicket allowed the visitors to amass 329 runs in the first innings. © Reuters A much-improved showing with the bat was followed by an equally impressive bowling performance where the likes of Hardik Pandya (5-28), Ishant Sharma (2-32) and Jasprit Bumrah (2-37) all combined together to ensure England bundled out for a paltry 161 runs in the first innings. The second innings saw another brilliant batting performance from India's top 4, with skipper Kohli standing tall for his pivotal 103. Posting a mammoth target of 521 runs, India already had an upperhand over the opposition psychologically and the bowlers did the rest. It took just one-and-a-half days for Kohli & co to stun England with Bumrah repeating the heroics of Pandya with his five-for in the second innings. © Reuters For a team that was believed to be buried and dead, Kohli-led India made the critics and naysayers eat their words through a spirited performance in the third Test. Their win also meant that the Indian fans can still hope for their side to go on and win the series. And, even if it seems far-fetched, the 2-1 scoreline in the series surely makes for an exciting contest in the remaining games. On the other hand, for someone like Kohli, who was fighting his own demons to come good in the English conditions, the emphatic win achieved on the back of 200 individual runs (both innings combined) was not only worthy of the 'Man of the Match' award, but also established his stature as one of the best in the business. © Reuters If India's triumph elated the fans, Kohli's heartfelt gesture after the game for Kerala flood victims earned him more respect. After accepting the MoM award, Kohli acknowledged the state of great emergency in Kerala back home and, likewise, dedicated India's win to those affected by the natural calamity. "We would like to dedicate this victory to Kerala flood victims, it's a tough time there and this is the minimum we can do on our part. The victory was much needed to keep the series alive, the credit goes to the entire dressing room. We didn't panic, we were outplayed in only one game out of the last 5, and that was Lord's," Kohli said. © Reuters Talking about his team's massive improvement, he said: "We dominated in this game because we put runs on the board and then the bowlers did well, even Ashwin did well with his injury. The batsmen did well to give them a cushion to go hard. Even the slips did well, and this mix of all skills couldn't have come at a better time. Ajinkya was clear in his mindset in the first innings, and when he goes out and plays like that, he can change the game. They're a quality attack and you need grit and determination, and Ajinkya did that in the first innings and Pujara in the 2nd". "I haven't thought about the 2014 failures, but I'd like to thank my wife who is here and keeps motivating me. The four fastest bowlers in the series have been Indians and we're proud of our fitness levels. We want the opposition to bat well and get runs and we don't want to gift them any. We definitely believe we can come back from 0-2 to 3-2 if we keep performing the way we have done in this Test, we just need to keep moving forward, keep winning," he concluded.
  23. In the tough times if Kerala has managed to stay strong against one of the worst floods in the state's history, it's because of the rescue operations carried out by NDRF, Indian Navy, volunteers, local police and fishermen. © Reuters Be it celebrities, businessmen or common people, everyone has come forward to lend a helping hand to the Kerala flood victims. In fact, not just India, help is pouring in from all parts of the world, and in great amounts. While we've already heard about the celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Sanju Samson, Sushant Singh Rajput and Hardik Pandya pledging support to Kerala, there's a wild rumour doing the rounds on social media about a sportsperson who has donated Rs 77 crore to Kerala. © Reuters We're talking about the Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, whose fans believe that he has donated approximately Rs 77 crore to the flood victims. Here is the reason why people Love #Ronaldo He donated 77 crores for the #KeralaFloodRelief victim's What a Love showed to his Kerala fans We Selute you Ronaldo â½ï¸â½ï¸ pic.twitter.com/qqFAdRosSj — Krishna Kohli (@KrishnaPanumati) August 20, 2018 We don't know if there is any truth in these tweets, but it all started when some fans requested him to help Kerala through charitable organisation. Ever since that appeal was made, tweets started circulating suggesting Ronaldo's huge contribution. While some called it an anonymous donation or hinted that he gave money but did not want to announce it to the world, others called it a false piece of news. #Kerala Football player 'Cristiano Ronaldo' gave 77 crores for Kerala, Dhoni, Tendulkar, Kohli and Sehwag are not visible anywhere .. — RAju Karmakar (@11karmakar) August 21, 2018 Cristiano Ronaldo donated Kerala floods for Rs 78 cr he is super hero no other indian stars are not given a Rs1 not even cricket stars like kohli,Dhoni,etc#KeralaFloods #AllForKerala #SaveKerala #HelpKerala #Cristiano #Ronaldo #Kohli #ViratKohli #Dhoni #Cricket #foodball pic.twitter.com/RTzddHW6pS — shakthisaravana (@saravanas673) August 21, 2018 While it is possible for a player like Cristiano Ronaldo to donate such a huge amount to Kerala, there's no confirmation from the footballer or his charitable organisation, so we can't say anything yet. However, Ronaldo isn't the only sportsperson, who is trending on social media for his hefty donation. Twitter further claims that Sachin Tendulkar had anonymously donated Rs. 10 lakh to the flood victims on August 14 but never spoke about it. Hats Of @sachin_rt ð We #Sachinist Are Always Enjoy Ur Attitude Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar Donated 10 Lakh To Kerala Chief Ministers Relief Fund On 14th August But He Never Promoted That@sachin_rt @100MasterBlastr pic.twitter.com/oO2x3MEuak — TAPAS MAKUR (@SRT_for_ever) August 20, 2018 Actions Speak Louder Than Words Sachin Tendulkar Has Donated 10 Lakhs To Kerala CM Distress Relief Fund On 14 August Sachin Will Let His Actions First Late Talking About It Hats Of @sachin_rt Ji ððð Proud To Be An #Sachinist@100MasterBlastr #KeralaDonationChallenge pic.twitter.com/9OalhFqXMx — TAPAS MAKUR (@SRT_for_ever) August 20, 2018 Sachin has been constantly posting updates about Kerala floods on his Twitter account, but there's no official confirmation from his end on how much he has donated.
  24. The entire world is coming together to help the flood situation in Kerala which is a dark period for the state after many people were dislocated, lost their lives and even their homes in the floods. © Twitter The donations from various areas, countries, agencies and aids have been pouring in from all ends. While our B-town celebs have donated money and tried raising awareness from their end, Sushant Singh Rajput is probably the only actor who is a legit real life hero with a heart of gold. Sushant donated Rs 1 crore towards the Kerala relief fund on behalf of a fan. As promised my friend, @subhamranjan66 , what you wanted to do has been done. You made me do this, so be extremely proud of yourself. You delivered exactly when it was needed. Lots and lots of love. FLYð¦ Cheers ð¦ðªðâðð»â¤ï¸ #MyKerala ð³âï¸ðªðð»â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Aug 21, 2018 at 12:55am PDT Shubham Rajan, a big fan of Sushant, apparently tagged the 'Kai Po Che' actor in an Instagram post stating he wished to contribute towards the relief fund but didn't have enough money to donate. Sushant not only happily agreed to do it, he openly claimed that it was for Shubham only. All time is affecting all time all the time..!! â #EndlessFeedbackloop #QuantumGravity #selfmusing #Loving/LivingMyDreams A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Aug 9, 2018 at 5:45pm PDT How many actors or influencers do we actually know who have the heart to do such a thing? On the work front, Sushant is busy with three major projects which include 'Kedarnath', 'Son Chiraiya' and 'Kizie Aur Manny'. We have massive respect for the actor and let's hope more people, who are capable and have the capacity to contribute, do their bit with all that they can.
  25. These are hard times for Kerala. In God's own country, the current mantra is to move past the struggles, hustle hard and rise from its ashes in order to put the state back to its former glory at the earliest. The past week has been a tremendous challenge for the community where people not only had to leave behind their homes for the sake of their lives, but have also been displaced to far off areas in search of a safer place. © Facebook While the government and the military personnel carried out their responsibilities round-the-clock and took every possible measure to bring maximum people to safety, it also needs to be admitted that a calamity of this scale couldn't have been brought under control without the active participation of the locals who have come through like superheroes in disguise. The people of Kerala have come together to put on a fight, do their bit and keep up the city's spirit. While trained and equipped people did their bit, many superheroes in disguise stepped in to lend a hand and together, they have managed to inspire the nation and restored its faith in humanity. © Reuters We have curated a list of 11 real-life superheroes who have become the face of courage, selflessness and the spirit of brotherhood in Kerala's moment of crisis. 1. The Fishermen Community The fishermen community have become the saving grace of Kerala and its people. Not only have they lent their boats and services, they have also gone out of their way to ensure they reach as many people and help the stranded reach shelters and camps. A special mention also needs to be given to fisherman Jaisal KP who hunched on a flooded road to help the elderly and women board a rescue raft. His act is being applauded by the public. 2. Blanket Merchant Vishnu Kacchawa #Viral Meet Vishnu Kachhawa, the MP native who donated all his blankets to #KeralaFloods victims. It was his 'payback' to the land which has been offering him a livelihood for more than twelve years. This migrant laborer offers us a warm reason to smile. https://t.co/hx5BaqdCNw pic.twitter.com/1BqE5tk4sz — Jikku Varghese Jacob (@Jikkuvarghese) August 12, 2018 A door-to-door blanket seller in Kerala and originally hailing from the state of Madhya Pradesh, Vishnu donated all 50 of the blankets he had in stock to those who have been sheltered in Iritty and Kannur rescue camps, upon hearing about the needs of the people when natural calamity struck Kerala. Kudos to the man for this selfless act. 3. Kerala Water Resources Minister Mathew T Thomas © Twitter While people always claim that ministers take the easy way out and look out for their personal interests first, Water Resource Minister of state, Mathew Thomas has silenced the gossip mongers by getting on the ground and helping rescue workers with their efforts. 4. Engineering Students Who Developed Emergency Power Banks When everybody in the state was busy arranging other items of need for the flood victims such as food and clothes, a group of engineering students from Trivandrum's Government Engineering College came out with an ingenious measure to tackle the issue of power cuts that prevented people from charging their phones. The students developed emergency, short-term power banks and distributed around 880 power banks amongst the masses. What a thoughtful move! 5. Indian Navy Officer & Flight Diver Who Airlifted A Stranded Kid #OpMadad #KeralaFloodRelief #keralafloods Flight Diver Amit rescues a small child from Aluva. Pilot in Command Cdr Vijay Verma @SpokespersonMoD @DefenceMinIndia @DG_PIB pic.twitter.com/UQmf5rYu27 — SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) August 16, 2018 This video went viral the moment it surfaced on social media and we totally understand the sentiment. No person with skills and means has held back from helping out the ones in need, and this is just one such incident caught on camera wherein we can see flight diver Amit rescuing a stranded child to safety with pilot-in-command Cdr. Vijay Verma manning the helicopter and airlifting the duo. 6. Leader of Opposition Shedding Political Differences - Ramesh Chennithala © Twitter Ramesh Chennithala of Indian National Congress set an example by placing humanity and fraternity above politics in such times of crisis. Like minister of state Mathew Thomas, he can be seen helping out the public and guiding them to safety. We're sure his efforts didn't go unnoticed. 7. Volunteers At The Khalsa Aid Organisation © Facebook The Khalsa Aid Organisation has come forward as a team of true heroes who have constantly stoked the hearth to keep the food supply going even in the face of lesser resources. They have relentlessly been cooking for the stranded people and the volunteers have so far distributed food to at least ten thousand people. They are the real heroes of Kerala. 8. NDRF Team Member Kanhaiya Kumar Who Risked His Life To Save A Kid NDRF constable Kanhaiya is being hailed as a hero ever since this video reached the public. Here, he is seen rescuing a child by running across a bridge with the child in his arms minutes before the water level touched the dangerous mark and gave way under the streams pressure. His valiant gesture has made the nation proud. 9. Fire Force Personnel Rushing A Child To The Ambulance © YouTube A local photographer Bibin Xavier caught on camera this Fire Force personnel from Kerala who is knee-deep in mud and seems determined to save the child in his arms by rushing him to the nearby ambulance, after he was rescued from the rubble of a house that collapsed due to landslide. We salute his efforts. 10. IAS Officers Delivering Food Supplies To Victims Netizens have constantly been praising the two young IAS officers, MG Rajamanikyam and NSK Umesh who decided to join volunteers and rescue workers instead of delegating the task to them, by carrying loaded sacks of rice on their shoulders to a flood relief camp. Such a novel thing to do. 11. Student & Part-time Fisherseller Hanan Hamid Who Donated 1.5 Lakhs © YouTube A B.Sc third-year student from Kerala, Hanan Hamid who caught media attention a few months back when she was trolled by netizens and the public for selling fish in her uniform to help meet ends at home, has donated 1.5 lakhs that she had received from well-wishers from across the state to the flood relief fund, as a way of paying it forward. What an example she has us for all of us. These are the real-life superheroes who have saved the state in their own special ways and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts and restoring our faith in humanity.