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Found 4 results

  1. Kunal Kamra, over the years, has gathered a good amount of fan following, with his edgy political stand-ups and his famous podcast 'Shut up ya Kunal'. The comedian has an authentic style that delivers content in the best satirical way possible, leaving the audience in splits of laughter. Recently, the comedian has gone on a spree of criticising PM Modi and how he shouldn't come back in to power and it's hilarious to say the least. We all eventually become who we hate the most... Art by @maseeh_ur_rahmaan A post shared by Kunal Kamra (@kuna_kamra) on Mar 26, 2019 at 1:05pm PDT Kunal has trolled the PM earlier too with various hilarious posts on his Twitter account. Main fakeer hoon Main chaiwala hoon Main Maa Ganga ka beta hoon Main majdoor hoon Main Swayam Sevak hoon Main chowkidar hoon... Haan par aap Pradhan Mantri bhi ho kabhi uska kaam bhi kar liya karo — Kunal Kamra (@kunalkamra88) 18 March 2019 Yeh chowkidar wala idea dekh ke toh BJP ki marketing se bhi bharosa uth gaya hai... — Kunal Kamra (@kunalkamra88) 19 March 2019 A month ago, Mumbai-based Kamra dropped a video suggesting that industrialists like Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata replace political figures like Narendra Modi. While the video got hysterical laughs, there was an important point he made- that people in UP still don't use toilets. The video did really well, getting about 7 million views. © Instagram Recently, a day before the first phase of polling Kamra posted a Tweet, holding a placard which said 'Don't vote for Modi'. He got hate-filled responses out of it, but surely enough the hilarity of it got enough attention, especially when he morphed an image of himself in one of the scenes in 'Game of Thrones', where Bran is supposedly staring at Kamra holding the placard which says 'don't vote for Modi'. Well, winter is certainly coming for the country too, or so Kamra believes and he took his opinion on Modi's campaign beyond the wall this time. Take a look! Don't vote for modi — Kunal Kamra (@kunalkamra88) 11 April 2019 *Haters will say these are Photoshopped* pic.twitter.com/VtAg0i8hH1 — Kunal Kamra (@kunalkamra88) 15 April 2019 Obviously, his Twitter handle was bombarded with both Modi lovers and haters alike. Well, we love you ð Kunal Kamra immensely & promise never to Cast our Vote for MODI! I have already made my choice & have one of my own personal favourite to share with you. Hope, you enjoy watching as much watching as we love ur pics. pic.twitter.com/38w1aT73EI — Chowkidar CHOR Hai - PARI (@paree7861) 15 April 2019 After seeing Kunal's post Sodumb Patra: mujhe kya main toh bhukha hoon. ð pic.twitter.com/dYaTOi4bGw — KARAN THAPAR DESI (@DesiStupides) 15 April 2019 No never it's real and rare.. pic.twitter.com/G5Q4iYyJQW — KARAN THAPAR DESI (@DesiStupides) 15 April 2019 Dekho ye chand pe pauh gya ðððð pic.twitter.com/HBgSCZ4hgQ — Shikho Ahmed. Ø´Ûک٠احÙد (@ShikhoAhmed1) 15 April 2019 already voted for him and also taken my 50 neighbours to vote for Modi ji.ð®ð³ð¸ — Chowkidar Manish Soni ð®ð³ (@mksoni281) 11 April 2019 Most people were seen cheering for his campaign, while some took serious offence to it but the lad doesn't seem to care one bit. "I thought why are we hiding behind words like inclusivity and secularism, why leave anything to people's imagination" he said in an interview with ToI. Well, whether or not people vote for Modi is besides the point. What's absolutely funny and on-point is that Kamra's 'Don't vote for Modi' has finally reached 'Game Of Thrones' as well.
  2. Bollywood's favourite menswear designer, Kunal Rawal's summer resort show at Lakme Fashion Week was a huge hit. With classic colour combinations and layered silhouettes, Kunal proved that he is the master of layering. The designer is popular for giving a spin to Indianwear in the most unique way possible. Kunal Rawal's SS'19 show in collaboration with Boat featured models sashaying down the runway sporting Boat earphones and headphones, giving the collection an edgy twist. Aditya Roy Kapur turned into Kunal Rawal's muse as he graced the runway as the showstopper with his enigmatic persona. The show particularly featured a major fashion trend: Layering. Here are 10 outfits from Kunal Rawal's LFW SS'19 show that prove he is the master of layering. This ivory number looks classy and well put together. Bandhgala being the top layer with a vest of a contrasting print paired perfectly with a plain ivory kurta underneath it is the way to work with basics. Put plain skinny trousers and juttis and you have yourself a perfectly deconstructed bandhgala. © Viral Bhayani When a basic kurta pajama won't cut it, all you need is an open longline jacket on top and you have yourself a look. Boat headphones go well with the aesthetic portrayed here and the detailing on the kurta with black roman lettering is a statement maker. © Viral Bhayani Nothing like a silk kurta-pyjama for an Indian event. Kunal gives a modern twist by using printed silk material and layered it with a vest of the same print. This gives the silhouette definition and makes it a winner! © Viral Bhayani Playing around with an all ivory outfit can be a fashion hazard. It risks the outfit to be too monotonous. Adding a pop of color like a mint Nehru jacket with a textured jacket on top makes it a must-have. © Viral Bhayani Being a pro at layering different textures and patterns, this ensemble by the designer is the perfect combination of simplicity and class. Peach satin shirt with polka dot print and a textured Nehru jacket on top. This is the right way to bring retro back! © Viral Bhayani This is a ramp-worthy take on the classic matching trousers and jacket combination. The peach bottom and outerwear perfectly contrasts with the beige under shirt and the tan vest. Layering 101 right here, folks! © Viral Bhayani The choice of Kunal's model is giving us hints that salt and pepper is being served hot. The choice of colour is everything as the marriage between the maroon and rosewood is a definite eye-catcher. Kunal's metallic roman numeric print on the pants looks super glam and the textured maroon Nehru jacket adds the right amount of 'desiness'. © Viral Bhayani No one does textures quite like Kunal Rawal. This blue and purple number is a great spin on the classic kurta pyjama. The embossed velvet sleeves of the kurta and the pajama itself adds a great touch of class to the outfit. The purple printed jacket with embroidered motifs adds the right amount of colour and sass needed. © Viral Bhayani Would you imagine yourself wearing 4 layers of clothing and still looking dope? Kunal here shows you just the way to do it. A textured ivory bandhgala is a staple across this entire collection. In this outfit it has been paired with a striped vest in a textured fabric with a plain black kurta and black pants underneath. This would be ideal for those winter weddings to cozy up in multiple layers and rock them like a pro! © Viral Bhayani Here comes the showstopper. Aditya Roy Kapur is seen here donning an all black number which is layered with textures and details all over. Aditya is wearing Kunal's signature textured bandhgala with a Nehru jacket that has contrasting texture. The neck has an inside-out cravat like detail. This is the perfect example of how to look dapper in an all black outfit! © Viral Bhayani Leave it onto Kunal Rawal to show you how to master the art of layering Indianwear like a boss.
  3. In 'MXP Body Love', we ask people with amazing bodies the key questions about how to achieve, maintain, and basically take care of our bodies in the best way possible, while seeking their guidance on the same. While we want to know hacks on seemingly superficial topics such as how to look good without clothes, we also want to delve deep and discuss bigger issues such as body positivity, acceptance, how to deal with insecurities, and also how to move past difficulties and strive to reach the best version of oneself. Our 'Body Love' expert here is actor Kunal Kapoor. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 1. One food item you should never, ever eat? I believe one should consciously avoid eating fried food. I grew up eating fried food, and the college I went to had the best Pav-Vada. I, however, have given it up completely, and haven't indulged in it since the past two years or so. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 2. The one body part you should never ignore when it comes to workout? Legs. Unfortunately, in our country, it's always somehow about 'looking fit' than actually being fit. It's always about looking muscular and filling up the T-shirts. So people don't really work on their legs - which is absolutely unhealthy, not to mention unaesthetic. Apart from legs, glutes are also important when it comes to overall fitness, not only to look hot in a pair of jeans, but to maintain a healthy core as well. Also, we should also train the smaller muscles in our body regularly, that often gets ignored, thereby causing muscular imbalances and injuries. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 3. Natural fuzz vs. waxed/trimmed body hair? I'm absolutely comfortable with the natural fuzz, but I'm open to trimming or waxing if a role demands it. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 4. Grooming essentials - what are the products you can't do without? A good face wash, a good perfume (I have a huge collection of perfumes), and a nail-cutter. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 5. Shaving Vs. trimming? Shaving seems to be a lot of work. Trimming is far easier. Anyway I like my stubble, so trimming it is. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 6. Best lighting for clicking shirtless pictures? Till this point, honestly, I never thought about it. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 7. Did you ever face any insecurity about your own body? What did you do to deal with it? I did, of course. Even though the popular belief runs that only overweight people get body shamed, it's not true. I was skinny as a kid, was always conscious of it. I tried to deal with it by taking up physically demanding stuff, in order to prove myself in front of other kids. I discovered the magic of exercising and workouts when I was about 16, and have never looked back since. I started doing martial arts, push-ups, pull-ups, and also started going to the gym. Even though I did it mainly to just look good at that point in time, it proved to be life-changing. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 8. What is the toughest challenge according to you, when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a body in its peak shape? I have a terrible sweet tooth. I can finish off mithhai boxes or bars of chocolates in minutes. Even though I control it well now-a-days, it's still challenging for me. Also, I'm an overall foodie who comes from a family where everything is cooked in desi ghee and food is rich and delicious overall. Ghee is good for you, btw, provided you limit the consumption in case you're trying to build an aesthetically appealing physique. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 9. Not everyone is content with the way their body looks. How do you suggest one should deal with it? I think the only way to deal with that is to look at it with a different approach. One should of course try to look good, but that should never be the aim with which they should plan their workouts. The goal should be to always be stronger than what you were yesterday. That way, you remain consistent, and automatically gain a better physique. I have seen really strong looking, muscular people who can't even touch their toes. What's the point of such shallow satisfaction in terms of how your body looks if it's not strong and flexible enough? Also, you should have fun while working out. Remember how we used to do somersaults and cartwheels effortlessly as children, and can't seem to do it any more when we are adults? Perhaps that's just because we forget to have fun once we grow up. © Instagram/kunalkkapoor 10. The lines are constantly thinning, when it comes to what is beautiful and what is not. Body positivity is slowly catching up, and the 'accepted standards' of beauty and fitness are getting questioned. What are your views about it? One should stop following trends, because they are just that - trends, and they will keep changing. What a body should look like will keep changing, and you can't keep up with that. What one needs to look at is their overall well-being. By that, I don't mean only physical well-being, but their mental and emotional well-being as well, and there can be multiple ways to achieve that. For example, I do an hour of meditation every morning, and that seems to help me out a lot in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So all one needs to focus on is what they feel about their own physique, and their own health, rather than focusing on what the world thinks about it.
  4. The festive season is here, and you should probably start arranging your outfits accordingly if you haven't already started it yet. The tricky thing about the festive season in India is that, most men are clueless about what to wear. Ethnic Indian wear is pretty much your best bet, but most men don't go beyond the regular, tried and tested white kurta pyjamas or black Pathanis. This needs to change, and this is where Kunal Kapoor's recent appearance in a delightful Tuscany yellow comes in. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Kunal Kapoor was recently spotted wearing a Tuscany sherwani, paired with a black churidar and a classy black and gold stole. The subtle golden zari work on the sherwani is giving it that subtle, sophisticated element of festive glamour, without making it garish in the slightest. © Viral Bhayani We love the fact that Kunal has worn a smart pair of black leather Oxfords with the outfit, which gives it a royal, yet cosmopolitan edge. © Viral Bhayani In fact, what Kunal is wearing inside is a well-fitted black kurta, that is acting as the base for the sherwani. We recommend, this should be the standard way of wearing a sherwani or even a bandhgala. The black and gold pocket square is the only accessory - a wise move, as this outfit doesn't need any. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we are in love with the bold but contained aesthetic here, and that colour, of course, as it is one of those rare colours that are extremely demure, yet bright, and will perfectly complement the Indian skin tone. Well done, Kunal!