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  1. Second instance in two weeks where an Indian airline was forced to make an emergency landing at Karachi airport
  2. No non-American has ever touched down on lunar surface; Japan hopes to achieve Moon landing by the end of this decade
  3. Kate Middleton reportedly needed ?a lot of help? navigating ?den of snakes? before securing Prince William engagement
  4. In the game between the Rajasthan Royals and the Mumbai Indians, Navdeep Saini was seen crumpled up in pain after taking a fine catch in the field to eliminate Ishan Kishan, who looked threatening for a huge score. The speedster was given a chance in the starting XI after the Royals elected to go into the game with only three foreign players, and he did not get off to a great start, allowing a lot in his first over of the season. View this post on Instagram He did, however, take the wicket of Anmolpreet Singh and was ecstatic after returning off the final ball of his first over. At 149 kmph, Saini produced the fastest ball of the match as he's also recognised for clocking some extremely quick deliveries. When Tilak Varma top-edged one of Prasidh Krishna's balls, he had a 50-50 chance at a challenging catch while standing at mid-off, but he couldn't get hold of it. As far as the catch is concerned, Kishan and Varma were up and racing on the chase, robbing the Royals of the game. Sanju Samson's side needed a wicket badly, so the skipper brought in Trent Boult, the most likely pacer to get one. View this post on Instagram Kishan drew a short delivery from Boult into the deep square leg region, where Saini was a touch wider. The Delhi seamer made a fantastic catch, but in the process, he injured his head while sliding down. Despite a head injury, Saini came out to deliver the final over of the innings with 28 runs to defend, and he bowled brilliantly. With the field crowded in the offside, the 29-year-old started with two wides and allowed a four, but managed to bowl straight into the blockhole when it mattered. Navdeep Saini Injured. pic.twitter.com/i56oSR49WW — Jalaluddin Sarkar (Thackeray) (@JalaluddinSark8) April 2, 2022 Kieron Pollard was unable to hit a big ball and died off the final delivery, handing the Rajasthan Royals a 23-run victory. Saini's spell ended with 2 for 36 in three overs, and he was also impressive on the field. After winning their second consecutive match of the tournament while also maintaining a strong Net Run Rate, Rajasthan Royals have found themselves to be at the very top of the IPL 2022 points table. Meanwhile, Mumbai Indians lost both their matches so far and are at seated at 9th place in the points table. View the full article
  5. Sources say Airbus 150 from New Delhi to Doha was at an altitude of 40,000ft near Karachi when a fault triggered fire alarm
  6. A plane carrying former U.S. President Donald Trump made an emergency landing on Saturday
  7. I have a tough job. Or so I thought up until a few moments ago when I realized that sitting in the comfort of your house and reporting on events across the world isn’t half as challenging or difficult as opposed to actually being part of those incidents that people like me write about. View this post on Instagram For context, I must add that this is coming from a certain incident that took place in the UK where a pilot had to land an airplane in the middle of a storm that is currently wreaking havoc in the country. Captain Khalifa Al-Thani was travelling from Doha, Qatar, to London, England when he was caught in the middle of the chaos that storm Eunice was spreading in the UK. Landing Boeing 777 during Storm Eunice wasn’t going to be an easy feat, but even the odds didn’t deter captain Khalifa Al-Thani who maintained his calm until he had landed the aircraft and everyone in it safely to the ground. Amazing - here’s my friend Captain Khalifa Al Thani landing his Boeing 777 in #StormEunice at a windy London Heathrow Airport today…a side-by-side video with BigJet TV’s now famous commentary pic.twitter.com/lVGJzsBo8m — Alex Macheras (@AlexInAir) February 18, 2022 Several videos were being shared of the chaos in the air where airplanes were struggling to land, and Big Jet TV managed to release one such video that has now gone viral owing to the overwhelming landing of the Boeing 777. In fact, Al-Thani went ahead to post footage of himself during the landing, where he could be seen proceeding with both- calm and caution. Sharing the video on Instagram, Al-Thani wrote, “Storm Eunice Landing - Huge thanks to ‘Big Jet TV’ for the awesome coverage today and the exterior footage.” And what came next were lauding comments from people who called the pilot one with ‘nerves of steel’. One handed . Respect to all those pilots today, they were amazing — Debbie Try (@debbie_try) February 18, 2022He’s a strong man. So cool to watch. Must have nerves of steel. — Mary Harris (@maryharristw) February 18, 2022Having grown up with a Dad and two brothers as pilots and being endlessly tired of their flying chat... now have a new found appreciation! https://t.co/COBHHPcWFH — Amy Voce (@amyvoce) February 19, 2022One user wrote, “Scary to watch but excellent handling,” while another one went ahead and commented, “Star quality landing in this storm which is the worst we have had for quite a while. Nerves of steel you have.” I’ve never seen that before and it’s absolutely amazing. I never imagined all the movement, I expected the steering to be really steady and actually it’s all over the place — Becca M - ADHD (@SparklyB) February 19, 2022Few things more satisfying than to watch a skilled craftsman at work! https://t.co/ZRDj5kjDdk — Neil Garratt AM (@NeilGarratt) February 19, 2022The video was also shared by an aviation analyst who wrote, “Amazing - here’s my friend Captain Khalifa Al Thani landing his Boeing 777 in #StormEunice at a windy London Heathrow Airport today… a side-by-side video with BigJet TV’s now famous commentary.” View the full article
  8. Plane carrying 150 travellers narrowly escapes an accident after bird hits landing gear
  9. The breakout star said she did not visit the show's set for the first time in season 4, but in season 3
  10. What’s the most bizarre thing you have seen on a football pitch? No, we are not asking about the crazy skills on display but things that have nothing to do with football. During the Euro 2020 game between Germany and France, a climate activist crash-landed on a football pitch leaving at least two people injured. The incident happened last night ahead of the kick-off of Group F clash between the two European giants. Moments before the kick-off, a Greenpeace activist flew over the pitch with “kick out oil” written on his parachute. Multiple videos of the unfortunate incident, which have since gone viral, show the pilot flying over the pitch and losing his balance after hitting the spidercam cables. A Greenpeace activist lands at Arena Munich with a parachute prior to the UEFA EURO 2020 group F preliminary round soccer match between France and Germany in Munich pic.twitter.com/UBlvQgIvuo — EURO 2020 (@UEFA_Euro_2021) June 15, 2021 After hitting the cables, the pilot sailed towards one of the stands where fans were present in large numbers and caused injuries to several of them. The protester somehow managed to crash-land the parachute on the pitch, which thankfully avoided any catastrophic damage. He was taken off the field by the stewards and was handed over to the Munich Police, who later said that they are considering various criminal charges against the activist for putting several lives at risk. Infuriated by his act, the fans took to social media and demanded strong action be taken against the culprit who put several innocent lives in danger. What a Muppet. This guy should be made to protest from a jail cell. He could have killed himself but more importantly could have seriously hurt someone else. — Sean P S Q (@SeanPSQ1) June 15, 2021I hope this Idiot gets punished — DerBaer42 (@DBaer42) June 15, 2021Right , so let me get this straight; he says “kick out oil” . So how did he get up in the air??? Then he endangers others ….Stupid Fool! — DifferentView (@DifferentView58) June 15, 2021He could have killed someone. — Rumbo Cibeles (@RumboCibeles) June 15, 2021Should have got the same treatment as the US boxing match “fan man”. — Kim Rennie (@KimRennie9) June 16, 2021"This inconsiderate act -- which could have had very serious consequences for a huge number of people attending -- caused injuries to several people attending the game who are now in hospital and law authorities will take the necessary action," the UEFA said in a statement. "The staging of the match was fortunately not impacted by such a reckless and dangerous action, but several people were injured nonetheless." The stunt was a protest against German car manufacturer Volkswagen, one of the sponsors of the European Championship, Greenpeace explained in a Twitter post. Parachute Landing #FRAGER pic.twitter.com/GzonDdOh4a — timmy (@timmysdrei90) June 15, 2021 Greenpeace said their intention was not to hurt anyone and that they regretted any harm caused. "This protest was never intended to disrupt the game or hurt people," the organisation wrote on their official German handle. "We hope that everyone is OK and that no one was seriously injured. © Reuters "Greenpeace actions are always peaceful and non-violent. Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan." As for the match, the incident didn’t impact the start and France won the game 1-0, thanks to a first-half own goal by German defender Mats Hummels. View the full article
  11. SpaceX's flub involving a Starship rocket prototype becomes yet another hurdle in reaching Mars
  12. Captain of IndiGo airlines had requested Karachi's air traffic control for an emergency landing on humanitarian grounds
  13. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday became the third PM to visit Kolkata’s Netaji Bhawan on freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose’s birthday. Before this former PMs Lal Bahadur Shastri ad PV, Narsimha Rao visited Kolkata’s Netaji Bhawan on Subhas Chandra Bose’s birthday. The mansion on Elgin road where the freedom fighter’s family lives is now a museum on Bose. Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture on Facebook of landing in Kolkata breaks records by clocking 1 million likes in less than 24 hours. PM Narendra Modi reached Kolkata on Saturday to participate in the ‘Parakram Diwas’ celebrations commemorating the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Checkout the post here- Superhit photograph: PM’s picture on Facebook of landing in Kolkata breaks records by clocking 1 million likes in less than 24 hours! pic.twitter.com/lQqHXVWc1X — Aman Sharma (@AmanKayamHai_ET) January 24, 2021 Here’s what people have to say about PM Modi’s viral picture- Salman 2.0 bhai! — Akshay Shah (@agilewiz) January 24, 2021 Power of computers and bots — Jitu Mehta (@jitu70069205) January 24, 2021 This is nothing on insta he got 2.6M like in less than 24 Hour — Himanshu sahu (@HimanshuNit) January 24, 2021 Wahh you put so much effort in this investigative journalism — bhakhtt (@basher24) January 24, 2021 pic.twitter.com/KquaBt80Nr — Vipul Sehgal (@VipulSehgal36) January 24, 2021 Bose’s grandnephew and BJP leader Chandra Kumar Bose who was present during Modi’s visit said, “Lal Bahadur Shastri was the first Prime Minister who visited this historic building on January 23 while being in office.” Some glimpses from the programme at Victoria Memorial. #ParakramDivas pic.twitter.com/rBmhawJAwA — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) January 23, 2021 He also said, “The prime minister saw the Wanderer car that Netaji used. He visited Netaji’s study and his elder brother Sisir Kumar Bose’s room and also saw Netaji’s uniforms, swords, and old photographs. The prime minister was inquisitive about Netaji’s visit to Haripura in Gujarat and we showed him some photographs.” The National Library is one of Kolkata’s iconic landmarks. At the National Library, I interacted with artists, researchers and other delegates as a part of #ParakramDivas. The 125th Jayanti celebrations of Netaji Bose have captured the imagination of our entire nation. pic.twitter.com/r3xVdTKFXf — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) January 23, 2021 Modi also visited Netaji Bhawan, Modi went to the National Library. After spending around thirty minutes at the library campus, the PM’s motorcade left for the Victoria memorial grounds where he attended the cultural programmes. What do you think about Prime Minister Modi’s viral picture? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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