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Found 16 results

  1. Russia's forward Artem Dzyuba (C) celebrates with teammates after scoring during the Russia 2018 World Cup Group A football match between Russia and Egypt at the Saint Petersburg Stadium in Saint Petersburg on June 19, 2018. ? AFPSAINT...
  2. England´s Harry Kane celebrates victory with Jordan Henderson after the match. Photo: Reuter VOLGOGRAD: Captain Harry Kane came to the rescue with two goals, the second a dramatic injury-time winner, as England began their World Cup Group G...
  3. It was the Cristiano Ronaldo show on display in Sochi last night. He scored a hat-trick vs Spain, a team he had never scored against. With a penalty, a shot from just outside the box and a free kick, the 33-year-old announced himself as an early contender for the Golden Boot in 2018. Here are 5 records set when the Iberian rivals played their opening fixture in Group B: Spain's abysmal opening match record continues Source: Reuters Spain has either lost or drawn their last three opening games at a World Cup including 2018. 2014 saw them lose an incredible 5-1 to a Netherlands side which had that special Van Persie goal and Robben marauding down the wings. Four years earlier, they lost to Switzerland by a goal and went on to become the only World Champions to lose their opening fixture. Portugal's fastest goal since 1966 Source: Reuters Ronaldo's 4th minute penalty conversion was Portugal's fastest ever goal in a World Cup since 1966. 52 years ago, Jose Augusto scored in the very first minute in a 3-1 win against Hungary, a tournament where they finished third under the legendary Eusebio. The first 3-3 draw since 2002 Source: Reuters The game in Sochi ended a 3-3 draw between Spain and Portugal and this has happened for the first time since 2002. Back then, Uruguay and Senegal played out a 3-3 tie in the group stage, with the African side going on to reach the quarterfinals. Ronaldo is the oldest player to score a hat-trick Source: Reuters At 33 years and 130 days, the Portuguese star overtook Netherlands forward Rob Rensenbrink, who was 31 when he scored a hat-trick against Iran in 1978. Ronaldo now has 51 career hat-tricks and also scored the 51st hat-trick at World Cup's.
  4. Pakistan Peoples' Party leader Asif Ali Zardari/ Photo: FileNAWABSHAH: Pakistan Peoples' Party leader Asif Ali Zardari admitted that in the last two years, the party?s former Sindh government failed to deliver to the masses in last two years."I...
  5. Football fans, the World Cup that you have been waiting for is finally here! FIFA 2018 hosted by Russia is all set to begin today. While you may have read each and every article regarding team statistics, match predictions and what to expect from the World Cup, we bring you the gear that you need. Nope we aren't talking about fancy new boots or the official match ball, but we bring you the fan merchandise that you absolutely need by your side as you cheer for your team! 1. T-shirts by Ektarfa © Ektarfa The first thing you need is a T-shirt. While you may have the “official looking” country jerseys, trust me it is time to get over them and buy graphic style T-shirts to wear for match screenings. With a wide variety from Russia 2018 Cup to country special T-shirt. Ektarfa has all you need! Buy it here 2. Mugs by Poster Gully © Postergully A great way to show off team support, mugs are an item that will stay with you forever. Pour your drink of choice and watch your favourite players kick some ass. Poster Gully offers a range of stylish mugs. Buy it Here 3. Socks by Balenzia © Balenzia Wanna show your team support even at the office? These FIFA inspired exclusive socks collection by Balenzia is your perfect answer. Available in multiple options, it is a great way to show team support even at an office presentation! Buy it Here 4. Sunglasses by Big Small © Bigsmall These funky sunglasses are worth a buy if you are a crazy FIFA Fan! Wear one of these and stand out in the crowd on a screening night. Big-Small offers a range of options to chose from. Buy it Here 5. Phone Covers by Cover It Up © coveritup Finally the last item on the list is a phone cover. Everytime you attend a call or send a message, show off your team support. Buy all kinds of covers at Cover it Up! Buy it Here Takeaway: So what are you waiting for? Go grab them now!
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: AFPSOCHI, RUSSIA: Cristiano Ronaldo will launch his latest and probably last attempt to crown his career with a World Cup winners medal when European champions Portugal face neighbours Spain in their opening World Cup game...
  7. Sony opened with one of the most powerful and beautiful trailers anyone has seen for a video game in history. 'The Last of Us 2' trailer and gameplay was revealed last night, which started and ended with a kiss, that is probably the most beautiful thing we've seen till date. The game was revealed in a replica of the brightly lit marquee which was shown in the game. Ellie, the protagonist of the game was led to the dance floor by her girlfriend/love interest and they kissed. It's the first time a gay kiss has been featured in a video game and in our opinion, it was probably the most beautiful thing we've ever seen. © Sony As soon as they kiss, the trailer takes into a violent and gritty scene, where we see Ellie kill her enemies and stab people in the neck. The trailer showed how she struggled to survive against other humans in the post-apocalyptic world. The trailer was full of surprises and new gaming mechanics that were unexpected for everyone. However, the trailer didn't show any clickers which was a disappointment, but we feel Sony is saving that for a special reveal later in the year. In the trailer, we see Ellie hide under vehicles where she was later discovered by enemies. The game has darker and grittier undertones which were expected from the sequel. The trailer showed new facial animations, lighting effects and new mechanics that have been overhauled from the first game. There's a dodge mechanic which can be used to avoid projectiles and now Ellie can hide in foliage for cover and stealth takedowns. Ellie also grabs a bottle while running to throw it at an enemy and stun him. The fighting mechanics of the game seem to be more fluid and reactive than ever before. © Sony We still don't know when the game is set to release and we also don't have an idea about the plot. We also don't know where Joel is during this entire battle. Naughty Dog is known for deceiving fans with misdirection and we can't wait to see what the game has in store for us in terms of surprises and shock. If you want to see the gameplay trailer for yourself, you can watch the official reveal trailer below:
  8. The deadline to submit nomination papers General Election 2018 expires today (Monday).As per a revised election schedule issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on June 8, the last day to submit nomination papers was extended from June...
  9. Jack Ma runs one of the most successful companies in the world and is considered by many as the sharpest guy in business today. With Alibaba's revenues touching almost $40 billion, there's no doubt that Jack Ma has actually built an empire that'll last his lifetime. For him though, it's not enough. © Twitter Time and again Jack Ma has focused on building a company which is built to last. He doesn't believe in making a quick buck and that is why his mission is to see Alibaba last 102 years. “Alibaba's vision is to last for 102 years,” said Ma, in one of the Stanford addresses. 102, therefore, is not a random number being thrown around by one of the most successful guys on the planet. The logic behind Alibaba lasting for 102 years is this: Alibaba was founded in 1999. If the company does well in the 21st century and still survives in the year 2101 it would have been operational in three different centuries. That is something of an achievement, especially today, when companies are looking for different outs once they cross the threshold of being operational for five years. Alibaba, Ma says, is not built to sell but to last. © Twitter While nobody can predict if Alibaba will indeed last for 102 years, you can almost certainly expect it to survive till the time Jack Ma is at the helm of affairs.
  10. Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri, both are renowned names in the world of Indian sports. While one leads the national Cricket team, other spearheads the national Football team. While one gets insane attention and love from cricket lovers, other one sadly has to urge his fans to come and watch him play. I can count as many as 10 people from my friend list right now, who left no stone unturned in their quest to get entry tickets to the stadiums, where IPL matches were being held. And Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni didn't ask them to flock the stadiums. © Twitter However, when it was the Indian football team playing against Kenya in the ongoing Hero Intercontinental Cup, Captain Sunil Chhetri made an emotional appeal requesting fans to go and watch them. And Chhetri put his best foot forward to ensure that his request doesn't go in vain and the fans, who flooded the stadium, enjoy a great match. © Twitter It was Chhetri's 100th International match yesterday and he scored 2 goals and led India to a remarkable and impressive victory of 3-0 against Kenya. Post the match, Chhetri was internet and Football's new-found hero, for all the right reasons. On one hand where social media was flooded with congratulatory messages for Chhetri, it was this particular moment from the stadium that touched a million hearts. © Twitter After Chhetri showcased his exceptional skills on the football field, a fan broke the security and ran towards Chhetri to touch his feet. The fan wanted to take a selfie too but since the security people reached the spot, Chhetri hinted that he will click the picture later. The simplicity of this man @chetrisunil11 can be seen while thanking to the fans who turned up in large numbers and a fan touched his feet that was the beautiful moment! #GodOfIndianFootball #SunilChhetri #SunilChhetri100 pic.twitter.com/SZ9xL8YQyB — Deepesh Lad (@Deepesh_Cool) 4 June 2018 Post the match, Chhetri posted a heartfelt message on social media thanking all his fans for all the love and support. He wrote, “We promise you that if that's the kind of support we get every time we play for the country, we will give our lives on the pitch. India, this night was special because we were in this together. Those in the stands shouting, and the ones at home cheering – thank you!” We promise you that if that's the kind of support we get every time we play for the country, we will give our lives on the pitch. India, this night was special because we were in this together. Those in the stands shouting, and the ones at home cheering - thank you! — Sunil Chhetri (@chetrisunil11) 4 June 2018 Take a bow Sunil Chhetri, your performance and Indian football team's victory against Kenya has proved that Cricket is not the only sport the country excels in. You deserve all the love and respect being showered on you.
  11. US President Donald Trump. Photo: AFPUS President Donald Trump will host his first presidential dinner this week to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramazan.The Iftar is scheduled for Wednesday (June 6) at the White House, according to Politico,...
  12. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Thursday stressed that Pakistan's issues can only be resolved by a democratically-elected government.Addressing the last National Assembly session, PM Abbasi said, "Pakistan's issues can only be...
  13. The recorded final conversations between the MH370 pilot and air traffic control have finally been put out in public domain. The deceased pilot of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines aircraft MH370 has long been accused by experts and public alike for being mentally unstable and killing all 239 people on board. It was recently revealed by a panel of experts, that it was almost a certainty that the pilot committed murder by drowning the aircraft somewhere in the Indian Ocean before hovering above his home country after takeoff. Although, what really transpired during the flight will always remain a mystery as the search for debris has been halted. © Twitter These are the final conversations between the pilot and air traffic control, which lasted over a span of almost an hour before the aircraft went missing. 12:25:53 (MAS 370) Delivery MAS 370, good morning. 12:26:02 (ATC) MAS 370 standby and Malaysia Six is cleared to Frankfurt via AGOSA Alpha Departure six thousand feet squawk two one zero six. 12:26:19 (ATC) ... MAS 370 request level. 12:26:21 (MAS 370) MAS 370, we are ready. Requesting flight level three five zero to Beijing. 12:26:39 (ATC) MAS 370 is cleared to Beijing via PIBOS A departure six thousand feet squawk two one five seven. 12:26:45 (MAS 370) Beijing PIBOS A six thousand squawk two one five seven, MAS 370. Thank you. 12:26:53 (ATC) MAS 370, welcome over to ground. 12:26:55 (MAS 370) Good day. 12:27:27 (MAS 370) Ground MAS 370 good morning, Charlie one requesting push and start. 12:27:34 (ATC) MAS 370 Lumpur Ground, morning, push back and start approved runway 32 right exit via Sierra four. 12:27:40 (MAS 370) Push back and start approved 32 right exit via Sierra four POB 239 Mike Romeo Oscar. 12:27:45 (ATC) Copied. 12:32:13 (MAS 370) MAS 377 request taxi. 12:32:26 (ATC) MAS 37..... (garbled) ... standard route. Hold short Bravo. 12:32:30 (MAS 370) Ground, MAS 370. You are unreadable. Say again. 12:32:38 (ATC) MAS 370 taxi to holding point Alfa 11 Runway 32 right via standard route. Hold short of Bravo. 12:32:42 (MAS 370) Alfa 11 standard route, hold short Bravo MAS 370. 12:35:53 (ATC) MAS 370 Tower. 12:36:19 (ATC) (garbled) ... Tower ... (garbled) (MAS 370) 1188 MAS 370, thank you. 12:36:30 (MAS 370) Tower MAS 370, morning. 12:36:38 (ATC) MAS 370, good morning. Lumpur Tower. Holding point... (garbled)... 10 32 Right. 12:36:50 (MAS 370) Alfa 10 MAS 370. 12:38:43 (ATC) 370 line up 32 Right Alfa 10. (MAS 370) Line up 32 Right Alfa 10 MAS370. 12:40:38 (ATC) 370 32 Right, cleared for take-off. Good night. (MAS 370) 32 Right, cleared for take-off MAS 370. Thank you. Bye. After this, the plane took off at 12:41 am, and shifted from ground ATC to outbound radar control by 12:46 am. 12:42:05 (MAS 370) Departure Malaysian three seven zero. 12:42:10 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero selamat pagi [good morning] identified. Climb flight level one eight zero cancel SID turn right direct to IGARI. 12:42:48 (MAS 370) OK level one eight zero direct IGARI Malaysian one err three seven zero 12:42:52 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero contact Lumpur Radar one three two six. Good night. (MAS 370) Night one three two six. Malaysian three seven zero. 12:46:51 (MAS 370) Lumpur Control, Malaysian three seven zero. 12:46:51 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero, Lumpur Radar, good morning. Climb flight level two five zero. 12:46:54 (MAS 370) Morning, level two five zero, Malaysian three seven zero. 12:50:06 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero, climb flight level three five zero. 12:50:09 (MAS 370) Flight level three five zero, Malaysian three seven zero. 01:01:14 (MAS 370) Malaysian three seven zero, maintaining level three five zero. 01:01:19 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero. 01:07:55 (MAS 370) Malaysian... three seven zero maintaining level three five zero. 01:08:00 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero. 01:19:24 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal nine. Good night. 01:19:29 (MAS 370) Good night, Malaysian three seven zero. © Twitter While these conversations hide the true mental state of the pilot, what it shows is that he expertly hid whatever his motives were before disappearing altogether. Although Malaysia's new Prime Minister Mahathir has promised to reopen the search for the aircraft if any new evidence comes to light, this case will go down as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our times.
  14. Daniel Craig is gearing up for his last Bond outing on the big screen and fans across the globe are obviously excited, albeit a little heart broken as well. We've been expecting you… #Bond25, Daniel Craig's 5th outing as 007, will be directed by Academy Award-winning Danny Boyle from an original screenplay by John Hodge. Production is set to begin on 3 Dec 2018. MGM will partner with Universal Pictures to release the film worldwide pic.twitter.com/h8fVhyYhyY — James Bond (@007) May 25, 2018 However, even though it might be his last Bond flick, there won't be any regrets for the movie star, as he is taking home a big fat pay check of around 50 million pounds, which is Rs. 450 crores! © Instagram The new feather of being an Executive Producer, in his already heavy cap, will catapult him into becoming one of the highest paid actors in the history of cinema. Frankly, there is no comparison of his earnings with his predecessors who have played the iconic role of James Bond. George Lazenby made around £72,000 per movie, whereas Roger Moore got around £17 million for all the spy movies he did. Pierce Brosnan also made around £13 million from four films. © Instagram Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning filmmaker is donning the Director's hat for this one. The makers are justifying the amount Craig is getting as 'Spectre' made over $800 million and 'Skyfall' raked in over $1 billion before they even sold DVD, streaming and the TV rights. © Instagram The 25th Bond movie is slated to release in November 2019. Let's see how it fares at the box-office, since Rs. 450 crores is an insane amount of money to pay someone to catch fake criminals on screen.
  15. Last night was possibly one of the best ways to end the intense battle between the teams that went on for nearly 2 months. Shane Watson's unbeaten 117 turned out to be his victory innings that led the Chennai Super Kings to lift their third IPL trophy, as SunRisers Hyderabad lost to CSK by eight wickets. © BCCI As the celebrations began, the Wankhede Stadium turned into a sea of 'yellow' and was drowned by the loud cheers for CSK, for their victory against SRH and for their youngest team member, Ziva Dhoni. © BCCI Ziva is a star in her own right. And while everyone was busy celebrating CSK's victory, Ziva was doing what she does best – steal the limelight with her adorable antics. And this time around she was joined by her father, MS Dhoni. © BCCI On one hand where Dhoni's team was lifting the trophy after a significant victory, Dhoni was seen lifting the biggest prize of his life, Ziva. In fact, soon after CSK was announced as the winner, Ziva ran to the ground where her dad MS Dhoni was standing. When Dhoni saw her running towards the ground, he forgot everything else, ran towards her and lifted her in his arms. Cuteness at its Next Level ðð . . #Csk #Mahi #Dhoni #Ziva A post shared by Indian Cinema Lover â¤ï¸ (@tamilcinemaofficial) on May 27, 2018 at 8:38pm PDT Together, this father-daughter duo once again floored the internet with their adorable antics. So much so, that the people seem to have already forgotten the victory and only remember Ziva playing with Dhoni on the ground. Love this pics.. When the whole team celebrate the winning moment.. This man happiness is lies somewhere ððð #Dhoni #Ziva #CSKTheKingOfIPL #CSK @iam_K_A @SharmilaJS @ThalaMohan_Raj @vettaiann #WhistlePodu pic.twitter.com/9LW4avi9JE — MaÄ£esh Str MaÄ£esh (@mageshstr3) May 27, 2018 In fact, Dhoni even jokingly wrote while posting his photo that “Ziva doesn't care about the trophy. She just wants to run on the lawn according to her wordings.” Thanks everyone for the support and Mumbai for turning yellow.Shane 'shocking' Watson played a shocking innings to get us through.end of a good season.Ziva doesn't care about the trophy, wants to run on the lawn according to her wordings. A post shared by M S Dhoni (@mahi7781) on May 27, 2018 at 1:03pm PDT Since then, people have flooded the internet with pictures and videos of the duo chilling out together like it's nobody's business. I think more than Winning IPL ð , #Dhoni is more happy because his Daughter Ziva is enjoying very much at the Moment. Such a Family person he is ðððð You were the BEST You are the BEST You will the BEST FOREVER#CSKvSRH #CSKvsSRH #CSKTheKingOfIPL #IPL2018Final pic.twitter.com/x75CSQxWlF — MS Dhoni MS Dhoni #Dhoni (@Dhoni7_FC) May 27, 2018 #IPL2018Final #dhoni #jiva #daughter Dhoni is happiest not while lifting IPL trophy, but when he lifts his daughter Ziva. Smile he has says everything u need to know abt him!!! pic.twitter.com/XeEJomECbK — Azaz (@azazdr) May 27, 2018 Sorry @Vivo_India , this time the most effective marketing was done by #ziva holding a @Frooti and #Dhoni sipping it. #CSKvSRH #SRHvCSK #IPL2018 #IPL2018Final #CSKvsSRH #WhistlePodu pic.twitter.com/GZXluTNh28 — Saurabh Dayal (@dayal_saurabh) May 27, 2018 Cutest pic in internet todayðð #CSKvSRH #IPL2018Final #CSKTheKingOfIPL #ziva #Dhoni #CSK @ChennaiIPL pic.twitter.com/HqcmhjvpZP — çhãmpÄ«õñs (@welldone1venkat) May 27, 2018 Left The Boys To Enjoy With Trophy After Doing Captains Duty, Back To Daddy's Duty. MS Dhoni & Ziva. ððð #IPL2018Final #IPLFinal #CSKvsSRH #CSKvSRH #Dhoni #ChennaiSuperKings pic.twitter.com/5fw5b28GDt — Sachin Kumar (@SachinKrIndia) May 27, 2018 That moment when whole team celebrating the Trophy ð and there's #Dhoni playing with Ziva ð#ZIVADHONI ðâï¸ pic.twitter.com/c9xLqjtg2A — GokulPg (@gokulmec) May 27, 2018 From Ziva offering Frooti to Dhoni as he speaks with Michael Clarke, to getting surprised by looking at her own self on the big screen, Ziva's charm is highly infectious and it's difficult for anyone to not fall in love with her. © Twitter Honestly, if there was a 'Kid of the Match' award, I would like to nominate Ziva.
  16. PTI chairman Imran Khan arriving for the National Assembly session. Photo: Geo News screengrab ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan arrived at the National Assembly to attend Thursday?s session during which the FATA-KP merger...