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Found 441 results

  1. Ayeza Khan also posted a dazzling snap with Danish Taimoor and captioned it, ?Coming soon?
  2. Making feature-length documentaries is certainly not an easy task, given just how well researched and accurate they have to be. However, as far as filmmaking goes, it is the most rewarding of forms. Just ask Anthony Wonke. © Anthony Wonke The BAFTA & Emmy winning director is a legend among documentary filmmakers. Although he has made some seminal films, in India, he is most known for his 2015 documentary, Ronaldo, which chronicled how the Juventus star and Real Madrid legend came to be the man that he is. © IMDb For his latest project, The Man Who Walked Around The World, he turned his attention to Johnnie Walker and their master blenders, and how, a simple local grocer became a global icon, whose concoctions are in great demand all over the world. © Anthony Wonke We had a chat with him about the film, and his style of filmmaking and the research that goes into making a documentary. Following are the edited excerpts: The film rightly points out that the world doesn't know much about master blenders, and the fact that there have been so few master blenders. Why do you think that is? That’s a hard question, but I assume it’s about how specialised a job it is and the need for continuity that it requires. As an outsider, looking in you really get the impression that the team at Johnnie Walker feels like a family and that they are really attached to the brand and what it represents. I imagine the same sense of loyalty goes both ways. © Anthony Wonke These men and women in the blending team are essentially the alchemists who create these amazing flavours from thousands of different flavours and ingredients, something that takes years of experience and support; so one can assume they are looked after and appreciated. They are if you like almost like the rock stars of the whisky world. What do you think is the reason, that in spite of the popularity of Johnnie Walker the label, Johnnie Walker the man has remained somewhat anonymous? Well although Johnnie Walker was the first of the walkers to start the business, it was his son Alexander Walker who really transformed the brand into the global enterprise that we today know to be so popular. © Wiki Commons It was his commercial and marketing skills that catapulted the drink into people’s lives around the world. He capitalised on the brand’s name and called it Johnnie Walker, he also commissioned the Striding Man logo and his distribution skills moved it around the world. Stylistically and thematically, how is The Man Who Walked Around different from the other documentaries that you have made? Were there any challenges and difficulties that you had not expected with this one? Without a doubt, the pandemic threw up lots of challenges. When we started the film the plan was to travel around the world and tell the stories. However, with the travel restrictions in place, we had to film remotely and work around different COVID restrictions and safety measures in different countries. © IMDb While it did add in extra time and pressure to everything that we were planning, it eventually made the journey truly inspiring as everyone had a similar shared experience. How is the industry responding to the COVID situation? It was amazing to see how the industry managed to adapt and harness new technology quickly and efficiently to make things work. I would sometimes be filming across 3 continents in one day to work around different time zones. It was exhausting but exhilarating at the same time. No matter in what part of the world you are in, Johnnie Walker is an aspirational as well as inspirational brand, including places where alcohol is prohibited. How much of it, do you think, can be attributed to John Walker, the founder? I think the Walkers themselves had a very expansionist and internationalist view of the world from very early on. They wanted to take the drink out of Scotland, and the first thing they did was move to London. And then from London, at the turn of the 20th century, the Walkers managed to take advantage of the Industrial Revolution and spread their whisky and their brand all over the world. © Anthony Wonke It was an incredibly forward-thinking and open way of looking at the world, and it made them realise that this is the way it should be distributed - so that it was on shelves everywhere. And that was very much a part of John Walker. Even though he started as a humble grocer, he was always looking to the future and looking how to expand globally. View the full article
  3. Ranveer Singh is plausibly the only actor who has never left a chance to stand out with his outlandish fashion choices. No matter what time of the day or occasion it is, his outfits speak for themselves and they are always at their flamboyant best. We also know for a fact that Ranveer, usually, banks on high-end fashion brands, that come with an outrageous price tag. From wearing a coat worth Rs 3 lakh to making a statement in sneakers worth Rs 1 lakh, almost everything in his wardrobe is fashionable and yet, not affordable for most of us common folks. © Viral Bhayani But, this time, we came across something very unusual. Ranveer was spotted with Deepika Padukone for an early breakfast on her birthday, wearing a casual laid-back outfit. The intriguing element here, though, was the heeled boots that he was wearing, not because of the silhouette or the construction but the price which is actually affordable, compared to the rest of his collection. © Adidas Ranveer is wearing Adidas Yeezy Desert Salt Boots. These shoes have an aggressive construction and offer high-end comfort along with cutting-edge style. Moreover, the salt-coloured upper comes with a stylish suede overlay and adds an aesthetic to the rugged style. Add to that, the monochromatic look of the silhouette unifies the appearance. View the full article
  4. Esra Bilgic receives praise from her fans for her adorable Instagram post
  5. Mehwish Hayat leaves fans floored with a picture of her in the gorgeous red dress
  6. Katrina Kaif shared the pictures on Instagram as she sent New Year wishes to her fans
  7. Eugenie has maintained close ties with Harry and Meghan even after they called it quits with the royals
  8. Mirza posted a picture of herself on Instagram donning a white long traditional dress paired with yellow chunri
  9. In the YouTube video titled 'Amber Heard's 2020 Takeaway: 'Adapt & Survive', the actress speaks about new TV series 'The Stand'
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