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Found 822 results

  1. Indiaâs Vande Bharat Mission is being touted as one of the biggest rescue missions in the worldâs recent history. As problematic and unfortunate as the situation may be - remember that the pilots who are flying the stranded passengers home, have not been paid properly for months - it still is a moment that leaves Indians like us feeling proud. © PTI With that being said, the passenger themselves are certainly not having it easy. There is no doubt that the pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of billions of people. One would imagine that now that the stranded passengers are finally home, things would be a little easy for them. Well, that is not the case. © AFP In a video that was taken at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, an officer from the CISF was seen addressing the repatriated people and informing them of the rules and regulations that they had to abide by. The passengers being addressed were the 230 odd people who were brought home from Singapore. Have a look. View this post on InstagramAuthorities informing protocols to repatriation passengers at the Delhi Airport. #DforDelhi #delhi #india #coronavirus #covid19 #pandemic #delhi #gurgaon #coronawarriors #lockdown #airport #airportsecurity #travel #traveling #travelgram #igi #Wanderlust #explore #exploreindia #instago #quarantined #coronavirüs #Corona #gocorona #lockdown #SelfQuarantine #workfromhome #stayhome #staysafe #delhimetro #indiafightscoronaA post shared by (@dfordelhi)People from Delhi and its neighbouring areas who landed at the New Delhi Airport will have to stay in quarantine for 15 days, at a hotel which they will have to choose from a preapproved list presented to them by the health and security personnel. This, for obvious reasons, is for passengers who are showing no symptoms of the virus at all. People with even a fraction of the symptoms for the novel coronavirus would be put straight into a quarantine centre. © AFP In the video, the CISF officer informs the passengers that they have to foot the bill for their stay at the hotel of their choice, which includes properties like Taj Palace Hotel, Shangri-Laâs Eros Hotel and Le Meridien, according to Economic Times. Apart from them, about 1,200 rooms are available in hotels across Karol Bagh. © Reuters They also reported that Le Meridien is charging Rs 4000 plus taxes on single occupancy rooms, and Rs 4800 plus taxes for double occupancy rooms. The charges include all meals. The main reason why this is being done is to keep a track fo the passengers and to keep a check on their health, as it would be nearly impossible for doctors to visit the repatriated passengers if they were allowed to leave for their homes. © Reuters As for the people from other states, they too will be put in a similar quarantine of sorts, once they are collected by the representatives of their state. © PTI As practical, and well-meaning as all this is, it is a scary situation for a lot of the people involved, be it the passengers themselves, the hotel staff, the pilots and the flight crew involved in these operations. No to mention the CISF personnel & healthcare professionals as well. Truly, this entire situation is becoming more like a scene straight out of World War Z with each passing day. View the full article
  2. With international and domestic flights being cancelled since March, a bunch of people were left stranded everywhere as they failed to fly back home. While almost everyone was able to actually figure out the situation and reach a safe place, a man from Germany cannot go anywhere and is stuck at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. Basically, after getting stranded due to coronavirus, his country has even refused to claim him and he's currently living at the freaking airport. It's just like that Tom Hanks movie The Terminal come to life. © Amblin Entertainment 40-year-old Edgard Ziebat was on his way to Istanbul from Hanoi on March 18 when his flight got cancelled. And, since he has a criminal record, the German government is not willing to take custody of him since he is in a foreign land and he's not getting an Indian visa for the same reason. An officer from the airport said, "After spending around a week in the transit area, with four other stranded passengers who arrived in Delhi on different dates â two from Sri Lanka and one each from the Maldives and the Philippines â airport authorities alerted their respective embassies." © Twitter He went on, "While others were facilitated by their embassies concerned and were taken for quarantine, officials from the German embassy informed the Indian bureau of immigration that Ziebat is a wanted criminal in their country with several cases of assault and other crimes registered against him. Since he was on foreign land, they did not take his custody. The Delhi Police and airport operator DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) were also apprised of the situation." So now, he's just living in the transit area of the airport because he obviously cannot leave without having a visa. For the last 54 days, he's reportedly been hanging out around the airport reading magazines and newspapers and talking to the staff. The airport authorities have also helped him by providing him with a recliner, mosquito net, food and other basic essential items. © Amblin Entertainment The officer added, "He told officials that he can manage his expenses. He sleeps on the beds, benches, on the floors, wherever he feels like. He is alone in the transit area as it is not being used because the airport is closed for passengers." Now, he's just waiting for the flights to resume flying but it really looks like it's going to be a while. Well, whatever the case, this would be one hell of a pandemic story to tell people in the future. View the full article
  3. They say âlove thy neighbourâ. But when your neighbour tries to act smart, you canât help but try and set them straight, right? Now while India has its own quirky neighbours, Nepal too isnât far behind when it comes to having âencroachingâ neighbours being a pain in the a*s. I mean, no offence but letâs admit that nobody appreciates snooping neighbours, do they? But perhaps living right across from each other often makes people forget all about their âboundariesâ. Just like how the Chinese media recently claimed that Mt Everest is in China, matlab yeh Geography toh sirf books mein hoti hai na? Post showing Everest in China, CGTN deleted old tweet. In new tweet CGTN said, Everest located on China-Nepal border. pic.twitter.com/c1bx8hJmbB â Sidhant Sibal (@sidhant) May 10, 2020 To give you a better understanding, Beijingâs state-run media house, China Global Television Network (CGTN) recently posted a tweet featuring Mt Everest and said, âlocated in Chinaâs Tibet Autonomous Regionâ which infuriated Indian and Nepalese users on Twitter who began calling out China for spreading fake news with #BackOffChina trending on the microblogging site. Even though CGTN has since made appropriate changes to the caption, it didnât do much good because thousands of users had already seen the original post and the damage was done. Both Indian and Nepalese users are trolling China right, left and centre for trying to make incorrect claims. Mt. Everest is in Nepal, Not in china.@PRCAmbNepal#backoffchina pic.twitter.com/dBHCcvzNyS â सवà¥à¤¨à¤¾ð³ðµ (@SlowmoQueen9) May 10, 2020 Well, thatâs not happening. Maybe they think Nepal is part of China's Tibet region. And that's not cool at all. â Bourne Reacherï¸â¡ (@4aBr1ghtFuture) May 10, 2020 Fake will always be fake. World knows where Mt. Everest lies. Why Chinese media reporting false news. Mt. Everest lies on Nepal territory. #backoffchina â बाबॠà¤à¤¨à¤¾à¤² (@shivakhanal4all) May 10, 2020 Nepalese people have taken personal offence over the matter. This is our mount everest 8848 we don't want this to used and marked as yours.nepal government should act upon this. This is unprecedented words that has beem used here. this is unacceptable .#backoffchina pic.twitter.com/0KBtEvTBP8 â डा.पà¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤°à¥ (@shivarajkoiral) May 10, 2020 Ouch. #backoffchina Suddenly all parts of the world becoming part of China...come on China...at least be sensible after Corona disaster which you donated to world â Umasankar Thiyagaraj (@umasurgeon) May 10, 2020 A word of caution? #backoffchina gentle reminder #nepal if you side with #china they will take not only Mount Everest but everything. â rbajaj (@rbay_9) May 10, 2020 Well, no matter what they were trying to imply with that misleading caption, but if history is to be believed, China does have a tendency to call what belongs to others their own, or worse, try to take it by force...*coughs* Arunachal Pradesh *coughs*. View the full article
  4. Kim Jong-Un is alive, guys! After weeks of speculation about his health and even rumours about his death, it turns out the dictator of North Korea is happy and healthy and back to work. People were already convinced that he's gone after news of him being hospitalized broke but apparently, it's not that easy to kill evil. He made his first public appearance after weeks yesterday as he attended the opening of a fertilizer factory. NEW: Kim Jong Un attended the opening of a fertilizer factory on May 1, in his first public appearance in weeks. - KCNA pic.twitter.com/k2c6t6nB40 â Norbert Elekes (@NorbertElekes) May 2, 2020 Look at this picture once - © Twitter It's basically him saying 'abhi hum zinda hai', in full Feroz Khan from Welcome style. © Base Industries Group His reappearance seems like something straight out of a Hindi daily soap and it's like he basically pulled a Mihir Virani and just came back from the dead. Or actually, it's also comparable to Jon Snow as well and I wouldn't be surprised if he has his own Melisandre who brought him back. © HBO There were so many jokes about how Kim Jong Un seems like the person to fake his own death to see how people would react and then take revenge on everyone who were even slightly happy about it. I hope we all stay safe. After this, I completely believe this. Only kim jong un can decide when will kim jong un die! â Krunal Jain (@krunaljain2801) May 2, 2020 What photoshop! pic.twitter.com/owi5r47GVt â Sumit (@sumitsaurabh) May 2, 2020 Oh no. Homeboy was probably just going through a tough breakup. https://t.co/StOJKWOWbZ â Mr Gallivanter (@jose_themba) May 2, 2020 Fair enough. He just went to eat panipuri in lockdown and now he is back. pic.twitter.com/gupus2SXwH â à¤à¥à¤§à¤°à¥ साहब (@Bikaner_wala) May 2, 2020 The perfect reaction. pic.twitter.com/9aoFgVfaOQ â Kishanlaal (@kishanlal111) May 2, 2020 Stay safe, everyone. Sir, these r the complete details of people who trolled you...#NorthKorea #KimJongUn pic.twitter.com/TrEan3wMEu â Ashish Dobariya (@Ashishpatel500) May 2, 2020 Definitely. Everyone thought Kim Jong Un is dead, but he is not. He is the North Korean version of Mihir Virani. â Sagar (@sagarcasm) May 2, 2020 Oops. #KimJongUn A very short story pic.twitter.com/0KQZPYQvZ6 â BROKE SINZU/NOT SPENDING (@DRealIlorinBoy) May 2, 2020 Umm. News: #KimJong is alive.#KimJongUn to world : pic.twitter.com/blKtUBAp2h â Ankit Karwasra (@_ankitkarwasra) May 2, 2020 There are just so many parallels. #KimJongUn reappearing like pic.twitter.com/HxUusodTEi â Rushanth R. (@rushanth__r) May 1, 2020 What is this edit? Return of the Kim, yes it is...#KimJongUn pic.twitter.com/vPwJzwip36 â Dr Nas (@DrNas2020) May 1, 2020 Oh no! Kim Jong Un memes return... pic.twitter.com/XWhX2NEXfe â Parth (@parthkopi) May 1, 2020 View the full article
  5. It hasn't been that long since the last game in the MotoGP series had come out. It was an exciting title that offered a host of reasons to play it. Now, we have the new MotoGP 20, which, much like any other update, promises to offer a better experience. The MotoGP 20 comes at a time when there's no a lot to look forward to for the MotoGP fans out there due to the coronavirus lockdown. So is this new title in the series worth picking up? Let's find out. Gameplay © MotoGP If there's one thing that you need to about these simulation titles, then it's the fact that these games often mimic the experience of being a part of the real thing. I particularly enjoyed playing MotoGP 19 because it's one of the most realistic simulations I've ever experienced when it comes to two-wheeled racing. And after the new title, I can confirm that the experience is just as enjoyable and realistic, if not more. Everything from the bikes, to the tracks that you ride around the world, they'll are crafted to perfection. If you've ever visited any of the circuits in real life, then you'd know that it's a remarkably good representation of the actual circuit. © MotoGP One of the most important things that I'd like to point out here is the ability to customize your character. When I say customize, I mean it's incredibly detailed. MotoGP 20 offers a powerful visual suite of tools in-game with which you can go all in and come up with some really unique designs for your character. Difficult To Master, Like Riding A Real BikeJust like the MotoGP 19, this new title is also equally challenging to master. If shouldn't be that big of an issue if you are a professional rider who knows his/ her way around bikes, but for a novice like me, it's quite challenging. It's like learning to ride a bike in real life, which is quite a task, at least for me. But that goes to show how good the game is. The devs have done a spectacular job of getting the physics right. Thankfully, with the little experience, I gained by playing the last year's title, I was able to get some decent positioning this time. That being said, I am far from being perfect and that's what makes me want to keep playing it. © MotoGP There are different classes of bikes to choose from too. If anything, that just makes things a lot more exciting. I would recommend you turn off all the riding assists and see if you can handle the bike without them. It's always a good practice to start from scratch and learn everything for an enjoyable experience overall. VisualsI wasn't a huge fan of MotoGP 19's visuals, and I think not much has changed this time around. It's definitely not a stunning game when it comes to the visuals. The character models can definitely use some work and the textures are just as jarring as the last year's title. I particularly hate the intro scene that's shown before each race. I can't help but skip that part because of just how bad it really is. Even after playing the game in high-graphics settings, I often end up seeing some low-res textures and weird animations. That being said, you thankfully won't find it to be all that bad while you're riding. I suggest you set the game to output a high frame rate instead of high graphics quality if you don't have a decent rig to avoid choppy performance. That's the last thing you want to while being in a simulation. Career Mode Is Not That Great © MotoGP MotoGP 20 also has a career mode which basically involves riding in a bunch of events throughout the calendar. But for the most part, there's nothing to look forward to. I wish the events and the progression itself was more rewarding, however, it wasn't the case and I found myself quickly moving on other modes. The Final SayOverall, I think the MotoGP 20 was exactly what I expected it to be - a phenomenal simulation that offers an experience like no other game when it comes to bike racing. It's definitely a challenging game to play but it's equally rewarding when you actually start finding your way around the circuits. Just like the real participants, the only thing you can do to get better at the game is to play as much as you can. Practising the circuits over and over again will help you get better. It won't be an easy ride, but it'll definitely be worth it. View the full article
  6. Cricket is an odd game, really. It somehow manages to unite people from two very different parts of the world and form the kind of relationship many fail to have with those who live around them all the time. Something similar happened between the current captain of the Indian cricket team and former South African skipper AB de Villiers, who have been sharing the Royal Challengers Bangalore locker room since 2011. In an Instagram Live conversation between the two legends of the sport, they went down memory lane to discuss the very first time theyâd met after learning that they were going to be teammates in the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League. AB de Villiers Reveals Favourite Memory with Virat Kohli pic.twitter.com/2QVQ4Y8fr8 â Himanshu (@himanshux_) April 24, 2020 "I remember the first time we met after you were picked up by RCB. It was in Johannesburg and we came down the tunnel. You guys were finishing practice and we were just starting ours. I came and said âhelloâ and said âwe are going to be teammatesâ and you were like 'I am excited for that'. Such a brief chat. Nine years we have been such good friends and such a great journey. Yeah, it's been wonderful," Kohli said. This is when Mr 360 revealed that he didnât actually trust the youngblood back then. âIt's an interesting story because it is a very human thing to do when you hear about someone for quite a few years and Boucher had told me a lot about you,â de Villiers said. © Twitter/IPL âI certainly remember walking up the tunnel and even though I said âhiâ but I didn't trust the guy yet. I have seen the hair and seen the style but it didn't take me long to get to know you better,â he added. That was back in 2011. Since then, the kind of relationship the two have developed simply by playing alongside each other for a month and a half every year is simply special. The 126-run partnership they shared during the 2016 season in which both batsmen scored a ton, is still considered to be one of the best batting displays in the history of the tournament. Kohliâs heartfelt farewell message to the Protea when he decided to retire from international cricket in 2018 in which he actually called de Villiers his âbrotherâ also adds to how deep their relationship is. Wish you all the best in everything that you do my brother. Youâve changed the way batting was seen in the time youâve played international cricket. My best wishes to you and your family for this amazing journey ahead @ABdeVilliers17 pic.twitter.com/uxtRAPl3zA â Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) May 26, 2018 And finally, de Villiers complimenting Kohliâs âgood wifeâ as the reason behind his success on the international forum, shows how personal their bond is. AB's kids knock Anushka and Virat's door at the hotel every morning to wake them up and wish them good morning. "The best thing that has happened to me is me getting married", Virat got me gushing over them again. âStability, balance & good wivesâ https://t.co/T03I8FnjT6 â m (@Manasa2922x) April 14, 2019The conversation came a full circle when the two described their relationship in the best ways they could. While AB de Villiers called it âtimelessâ it was Virat Kohli who said that it was âbased on trust.â View the full article
  7. The new OnePlus 8 Pro is probably the best OnePlus phone we've seen till date. It's got a really smooth display, a great design, and a powerful set of internals along with support for 5G. There's hardly anything to complain about, at least by looking at the specs sheet. And now that we know exactly how much it costs here in India, we think it's a good time to compare it with last year's OnePlus 7T Pro and see if it's worth upgrading. Let's take a look. Note: This comparison is purely based on the specs of both devices. We'll dive deep into a detailed comparison once we get our hands on the new OnePlus 8 series phones. Design © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee The OnePlus 8 Pro looks more or less the same as the OnePlus 7T Pro, however, there are some key differences. First off, it's worth pointing out that OnePlus has ditched the pop-up camera module for a punch-hole cutout on the front for the selfie camera. And now that there are fewer moving parts on the phone, it comes with IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. Great move. At the back, you'll also notice that the phone now comes with an additional camera sensor. Overall, the OnePlus 8 Pro is noticeably larger in size than the OnePlus 7T Pro, but it's both thinner and lighter, so we'll see how it feels in the hand. DisplayOnePlus had a lot to say about the new display on the OnePlus 8 Pro. It's apparently the best display they've ever put on an OnePlus phone. Experts say that it's currently among the best displays on the market too. It's a 6.78-inch panel with a resolution of 3168 x 1440 pixels on the 8 Pro as compared to the 6.67-inch panel on the 7T Pro. © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee Both panels are AMOLED, so you should be able to see rich colors and deep blacks. The OnePlus 8 Pro's panel, however, is a bit more advanced, so you might see a noticeable difference when compared side-by-side. It's also worth noting that the 8 Pro's display supports a 120Hz refresh rate compared to the 7T Pro's 90Hz refresh rate. Both panels also have an in-display fingerprint scanner. Overall, the OnePlus 8 Pro seems to have a better panel here, but we'll reserve our judgments for now. CameraCameras have been a huge talking point when it comes to OnePlus phones as they haven't had the best optics in the game. The 8 Pro, however, aims to change that with its quad-camera setup which includes two 48MP sensors, an 8MP telephoto lens, and a 5MP color filter camera. It certainly sounds like an upgrade from last year's OnePlus 7T Pro, but we'll do a detailed comparison later when we have both the devices. As for the selfie shooter, we're looking at the same 16MP sensor with fixed focus and 1.0µm pixels. Internal HardwareAs is the case with every other new OnePlus phone, the OnePlus 8 Pro also comes with the latest and the greatest set of hardware. It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 SoC and comes with up to 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. The OnePlus 7T Pro, in comparison, is powered by the Snapdragon 855+ SoC. © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee On top of that, the OnePlus 8 Pro is 5G enabled, which the OnePlus 7T Pro isn't. The OnePlus 8 Pro also has a bigger battery coming at 4,510mAh compared to OnePlus 7T Pro's 4,085mAh unit. Both phones support the 30W Warp charge, but the OnePlus 8 Pro also supports wireless charging, which is great. The Final SayAs you would've already guessed, the OnePlus 8 Pro offers a lot of upgrades over last year's OnePlus 7T Pro. We're looking at a better display, upgraded internals as well as a new camera setup. Other things like 5G support and a larger battery with wireless charging make its case even stronger. The OnePlus 8 Pro is clearly a superior device, at least on paper. That being said, the OnePlus 7T Pro is still an exceptional phone and we think it's worth holding on to if you already have one. But if you're planning on upgrading from an older device, then clearly the new OnePlus 8 Pro is the way to go. View the full article
  8. There is one word which goes hand-in-hand with Bollywood today - nepotism. Like it or not, it's one of the reasons why the Hindi film industry is still thriving since its conception almost a century ago. Any Bollywood movie-buff can identify how this 'legacy' is passed on from one 'filmy' generation to another. (c) Viral Bhayani The Kapoors come to mind instantly, and so do the Khans, Chopras and scores of other key players who have been dealing the (nepotism) cards for generations now. Now, there is no denying its presence in Bollywood or how it plays out for insiders within the industry. But while there is no justification to make it seem acceptable, we must also admit that despite the favouritism some stars still don't make the cut, and end up being forgotten. Which only goes on to show that nepotism, though definitely unfair, cannot guarantee true skills and therefore success. At the end of the day it does take talent to get you through. (c) Instagram/Ravi K Chandran We recently saw the next generation of Bollywood-stars-in-the-making try their hands at acting and dancing, and truth be told, some of them might actually have potential. Check out these 5 Bollywood star kids showing off their dancing and acting potential as they give us a glimpse into the future of Bollywood. 1. Khushi Kapoor (c) Twitter Once aspiring to be a model, Sridevi's younger daughter Khushi, seems to be taking baby steps towards the world of acting just like her sister Jahnvi Kapoor. Khushi, who is currently undertaking an acting course from the New York Film Academy, gives us a glimpse of her late mother's on-screen goofiness and zest we'd all come to love in these videos. @khushi05k Quarantine mood ##sleepyday ##alwaystired ##sorrynotsorry ⬠I love it I mean im so passionate about it KIM K - ahmexium Or this one. @khushi05k Jokesð ##LoveYouSis ⬠Psycho stemomster - peachikim 2. Ibrahim Ali Khan (c) Instagram Another star contender on the block, Ibrahim's love for acting has been often talked about by his sister Sara Ali Khan. However, recently dad Saif Ali Khan also hinted at Ibrahim's Bollywood debut in the near future. So it wasn't really a shocker when Ibrahim became the talk of the town overnight after he posted his first ever acting video online. And we admit, we can see why. The dude's got potential. @iakpataudi ⬠original sound - Shamshad Pasha 3. Alaviaa Jaffery (c) Instagram Javed Jaffery's daughter, Alaviaa has surely taken after her father when it comes to her dance moves. But apart from being the social media star that she is, Alaviaa also seems to have a strong acting ka keeda in her. So we guess it won't be long before we see this fashionista on the silver-screen, right? @alaviaaj outta here ##foryou ##fyp ##krisjenner ⬠Kris Will Not Be Treated Like This from KUWTK - e_entertainment Now for the dancing part. @alaviaaj ##foryou ##fyp ##tiktokindia ⬠original sound - gogogabriella 4. Ahaan Panday (c) Instagram Chunkey Panday's nephew and Ananya Panday's cousin, Ahaan, who is reportedly going to make his Bollywood debut soon, is yet another star kid in Bollywood young brigade. With his boy-next-door looks and charming smile, we are expecting him to do well both as a comic and the lover-boy on-screen. Here's why. @ahaanpanday Hey ⬠DilliWaliGirlfriend - the_indianmuserking He does pull it off well, no? @ahaanpanday ⬠Hamari Adhuri Kahani - Arijit Singh 5. Samara Tijori (c) Instagram/Kunj Gutka Deepak Tijori's daughter Samara, who is currently in her twenties is undertaking acting classes after completing her graduation. However, going by her online presence it is safe to say that Samara is pretty multi-talented. Not only is she an actor in the making, Samara can also sing and dance really well. Just about the perfect Bollywood combo, right? After all, isn't that the latest trend? View this post on Instagram So today I tried a Bollywood - Kathak fusion! Felt so NEWWWWW !! Dancing with the gorgeous @shanayamakani â¤ï¸ Choreography by - @charvi.b â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Nov 17, 2019 at 7:58am PST Listen to her sing, View this post on Instagram A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Apr 19, 2020 at 5:47am PDT View the full article
  9. Chris Hemsworthâs Netflix original Extraction is ready to release soon and so the actor has been giving his fans a sneak peak into the behind the scenes of the film. Now, Chris Hemsworth is known for essaying the role of âThorâ, the god of thunder in the Marvel Universe but in real life, he never takes unwanted risks. Recently, he shared another behind the scene video of his upcoming Netflix original and itâs entertaining to another level. © AGBO Hemsworth took to his Twitter and shared a video along with a caption saying, âQuite happy to let the completely insane experts handle this particular shot! Our stunt team risked their lives and pushed their bodies to get some of these shots, and itâs truly incredible to see. The movie wouldnât have been possible without these guys Folded handsFlexed bicepsThumbs up.â Checkout the video here- Quite happy to let the completely insane experts handle this particular shot! Our stunt team risked their lives and pushed their bodies to get some of these shots, and itâs truly incredible to see. The movie wouldnât have been possible without these guys �� pic.twitter.com/E79rnkXm1T â Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) April 18, 2020 In the video, you can see multiple men falling of the roof for a sequence that was shot in India. Earlier, Hemsworth told the Sunday Telegraph, âI think if I added up every action film that Iâd ever done or every piece of action Iâve ever done in a movie, it wouldnât even come close to what weâve done in the last nine weeks on this movie.â He also expressed how he went home limping everyday due to the action scenes in the film. © AGBO Now, the fans are excited as this project is also directed by the makers of the Avengers Endgame and hereâs what people have to say about the video- Oh, Blessed Thor.... Yep, leave them to the pros, MiLord~! pic.twitter.com/Uoo9QQ8uYb â [ Moppi ] Serran Beefcake Taskmage (@vor_inquisition) April 18, 2020Oufff that one guy hitting the truck with his head first... â Sandra (@llsand) April 18, 2020Wow ! Looks like some heavy shit , hope everyone was ok !!! â KEVIN E M CLARK (@KevinClark57) April 18, 2020Ouch that hada hurt â tammy braddock (@tammybraddock1) April 19, 2020Did your family not get a horse recently? You'll soon be (involuntarily) doing these sorts of stunts 𤣠â HeatherBell (@Heather87352596) April 18, 2020Extraction is the movie, it premiers on Netflix this Friday! â College Distraction Account #2 (@TheBetterOfMe1) April 18, 2020The video has already garnered over 559.6K views and around 43K likes on Twitter. The movie will release this Friday on Netflix and all his fans are excited to get some action amid quarantine. View the full article
  10. Social distancing has changed the fabric of our lives in ways more than one â people are working from home, fending for basic necessities, and even the highly pampered have succumbed to unending household chores. While adjusting to this new normal, we should ensure we give ourselves some TLC â things that rejuvenate us and activate our happy hormones. On top of our lockdown leisure list is 'giving a facelift to your wardrobe', and boy are people loving it! When you look good, you feel good â and that's exactly why keeping the style bug in you alive is crucial. In fact, online shopping apps like 'Myntra' are transforming into 'habit apps' with consumer-focused features like 'Myntra Studio'. Let me explain â just this morning, I was surfing through the application when I stumbled upon 'Myntra Studio', an exciting new feature to the Myntra loyalist in me. The studio is a one-stop destination for celeb-style, fashion trends, DIY tips and tricks, upcycling outdated clothes â and basically every fashion-related update under the sun. Myntra Myntra Studio delivers personalised content, based on customers' browsing history and shopping preferences. With a fashion directory of over 2500+ entries, the studio aims to give the customers a sneak peek (or more!) into the lifestyle of the fashion elite. The brand has partnered with over 350 influencers who can be seen creating fabulous looks which you can shop or at least wish-list for now. Additionally, the studio also has exclusive celebrity content - bringing style hacks from the industry's most stylish men. Myntra The studio makes fashion approachable, offering relevant content that people will actually recreate. Right from transforming formal trousers into joggers to sharpening an old razor (one less worry this lockdown), the Myntra Studio spills insider secrets to staying comfortably stylish always. Myntra According to sources, Myntra Studio will add 50 new pieces of fashion inspo on a regular basis â and we're overjoyed! Personally, I feel this is a great chance to revamp our work from home wardrobe, or flaunt a new trend over a virtual date with bae. What's more? Everything is shoppable on the feed â the coming together of style inspiration and commerce. With features expanding across the realms of fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and healthy hair hacks, Myntra Studio is on the high road to being the next buzzword in fashion, and we're on board! View the full article
  11. What was once believed to be a different kind of flu has turned into a full-fledged pandemic. The coronavirus crisis has shaken the world up, with most countries in lockdown in an attempt to contain and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. But, this pandemic has had a major impact on the global economy. People have already started losing jobs and it's becoming hard for people to make ends meet, especially when there is no accessible source of income. Amidst all this, people are counting down days till they can resume their regular lives. But despite all the optimism, it looks like this quarantine life is not going away anytime soon. © Shutterstock According to a conversation with Wiredâs Editor in Chief Nicholas Thompson and Senior Correspondent Adam Rogers, a study warns of an oscillating effect if the lockdown is lifted entirely, the curve that we're aiming to flatten with social distancing amongst the lockdown will spike again if normal routine life is resumed. This shall, then, result in another inevitable lockdown. © Shutterstock This makes sense after seeing the second wave of cases in countries like South Korea, Singapore, and Iran. Even countries like China are at high risk for a second wave of COVID-19 cases. According to the study they quote, "this oscillating effect of lockdown followed by COVID-19 spike followed by lockdown again will be a constant cycle till 2022", which definitely isnât good news. © Shutterstock An approach Adam suggests is slowly lifting barriers amid COVID-19 to let the world in phases instead of all at once. In fact, in India, the second phase of the lockdown will be following something similar by allowing a few more essential services on the condition of a COVID-19 free district post 20 April 2019. © Shutterstock But, the conditions required to stop a second wave resurgence also include stringent public hygiene and regulations that include wearing face masks at all times, regular hand sanitisation, social distancing which has already become mandatory in some Indian states. Alternatively, another exit strategy to the lockdown is an approach to deal with life after COVID-19. The study, published in Medrxiv was conducted by researchers from Israel who propose an âexit strategyâ to eliminate COVID-19 efficiently without impacting work-life and businesses from shutting down permanently. © Shutterstock In this model, they recommend a cyclic schedule of 4-day work and 10-day lockdown or similar combinations that can be adapted while keeping pandemic health rules intact like practising social distancing, maintaining hygiene, constant monitoring of body temperature at the entrance of every building, contact tracing, etc. Researchers stated in their study, âThe cycle reduces the reproduction number R by a combination of reduced exposure time and a resonance effect where those infected during workdays reach peak infectiousness during lockdown days.â © Shutterstock Regardless, most researches predict that lockdown across the world cannot be lifted entirely unless an effective vaccine is discovered and made accessible to the world population This seems like a mammoth of a task, to begin with. However, the good news is that three vaccines are already in the testing stage. Usually, vaccines take a couple of years to develop, while countries are rushing production, we don't know for sure how soon can they produce the number of vaccines needed for the entire world population. View the full article
  12. Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown in India, we are all practising social-distancing by staying at home. Even celebrities on Instagram, with each post, remind us to stay at home and stay safe. But amid the lockdown, celebrities are also finding new and creative ways to engage with their audience. Sometimes, this means sharing more of their lives on social media than ever before, not that we're complaining. View this post on Instagram#WorkoutFromHome #Part2 Since we are all practicing #SocialDistancing @yasminkarachiwala and I worked out at our homes and put the workouts together for you to do at yours. Stay home stay safe ð ⣠â£â£ â¦ï¸ #Warmupâ£â£ 1.Squat with feet hip width apart - 2 sets x 25 repsâ£â£ 2.Squat with feet wide parallel- 2 sets x 25 reps â£â£ 3.Squat with feet wide turnout- 2 sets x 25 reps â£â£ 4.Squat with feet together- 2 sets x 25 reps⣠â£â£ â¦ï¸ #Workout:â£â£ â£â£ 1.Forward and Backward Lunge - 2 sets x 15 reps â£â£ 2.In Hover, Hip Dips - 3 sets x 20 reps 3.Curtsy Lunge to Side Kick - 3 sets x 15 reps â£â£ 4.Suicide Push- 3 sets x 15 reps â£â£ 5.Landis or Single Leg Squat - 3 sets x 15 reps â£â£ 6.Squat Jacks - 3 sets x 25 reps â£â£ â£â£ @reebokindia #CommittedToFitness â£â£ ð¥ by @isakaif ðA post shared by (@katrinakaif) Being a part of Bollywood often means that taking care of your body comes above anything else. Even in the lockdown, celebrities are not letting go of their healthy habits of working out every day, in fact, they're not shying away from posting their work-out routines or post-workout glow-up images to inspire their fan base. For instance, Anil Kapoor took to Instagram to inspire his audience to start working out despite the challenges that people can face in home-quarantine. In fact, we feel that these persistent workouts are the reason why he looks like a 27-year-old in real life. Here, take a look at his post. View this post on InstagramYou are your own motivation! #StayHomeStayFit #MondayMotivaton #LockdownSpiritsUpA post shared by (@anilskapoor) If you swipe right, you'll find a series of Anil Kapoor's post-workout images with motivational quotes that he believes him. And as you'll read them, it'll almost feel like he's saying it himself. © Anil Kapoor/ Instagram It all starts with a quote that encourages you to be authentic with yourself. © Anil Kapoor/ Instagram Then, he goes on to tell you that it is these hurdles in life that make it interesting. © Anil Kapoor/ Instagram He concludes by telling you that one should never give up. We think that this is the perfect quarantine fitness motivation on the internet right now. View the full article
  13. Owing to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the country, which has crossed the 9000 mark so far, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to make an official announcement on extension of the lockdown till April 30 tomorrow at 10 am. After requests from states to extend the current nationwide lock down, PM Modi is widely expected to announce about the lockdown extension in his address to the nation tomorrow, while also mentioning about the measures to restart the economy. Prime Minister @narendramodi will address the nation at 10 AM on 14th April 2020. â PMO India (@PMOIndia) April 13, 2020 According to a report in NDTV, during his meeting with 13 Chief Ministers on Saturday, Modi had agreed that a longer lockdown was necessary to fight the highly contagious virus but had talked about saving livelihoods as well as lives. In the meeting, he indicated that while saving lives is a priority, the economy also needs to restart. "Jaan bhi, jahaan bhi (both life and economy are important).â Although, it looks like people on social media are excited for different reasons altogether. On a lighter note, some of them shared memes on Bigg Bossâs next task this week. Check it out: new task milne wala hai... â $ushil pandey Journalist..100%FB (@sushilpandey088) April 13, 2020kya pata yeh Modi ji ke govt itne bade bade decision kaise le leti main 10 baje utha tha ab tak decide nahi kar pa raha nahau ya rehne du pic.twitter.com/zkVQ08XCI9 â Jitð®ð³ð®ð³ (@jit__panda) April 13, 2020Kal fir jaldi uthna padega â Vinay Kumar Dokaniað®ð³ | विनय à¤à¥à¤®à¤¾à¤° डà¥à¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤¿à¤¯à¤¾ (@VinayDokania) April 13, 2020मà¥à¤¦à¥ à¤à¥ à¤à¥à¤ªà¤¯à¤¾ à¤à¤¸ बार साà¤à¤¸ रà¥à¤à¤¨à¥ à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤¾à¤¸à¥à¤ दà¥à¤¨à¤¾ â BJP KA VIRODHI #VSGT ð®ð³ (@sujitsingh__) April 13, 2020𥺠mere to dhak dhak hoerla hai re baba pic.twitter.com/jmSojBOtD1 â the jadoo guy (@thejadooguy) April 13, 2020सà¥à¤¨à¤¾ हॠà¤à¤à¤²à¤¾ à¤à¤¾à¤¸à¥à¤ बालà¤à¥à¤¨à¥ मà¥à¤ à¤à¤¡à¤¼à¥ हà¥à¤à¤° #dalgonacoffee बनानॠà¤à¤¾ मिलनॠवाला हॠमासà¥à¤® भà¤à¥à¤¤à¥à¤ à¤à¥ â Vinay Kumar Dokaniað®ð³ | विनय à¤à¥à¤®à¤¾à¤° डà¥à¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤¿à¤¯à¤¾ (@VinayDokania) April 13, 2020maine aaj hi tv balcony mein laga diya hai â Pranav Sapra (@pranavsapra) April 13, 2020Galti se Masakali 2.0 mat bajaiyega Varna thaaliyan sidhi TV pe aayengi. â Jainil Parmar (@justaslimkid) April 13, 2020 pic.twitter.com/GNrAScPG07 â the jadoo guy (@thejadooguy) April 13, 2020Shiver me timbers pic.twitter.com/XXR4j8Ucdi â Amrita Bhinder (@amritabhinder) April 13, 2020Even though the lockdown might get extended, there are still concerns that India's economy will take a severe hit amid the lockdown, with unemployment rising to record levels. Meanwhile industries, construction work and agriculture activities are likely to be allowed in a graded manner. India has 9,152 coronavirus cases, including 308 deaths. Telangana, Maharashtra, Punjab and Odisha, have already extended the coronavirus lockdown till April 30. View the full article
  14. Excuse my language but 2020 really has been a sh*t show and we're just in the fourth month. Starting the year off with Australian bushfires and then the possibility of a third world war, and now we're all locked in our houses because there's a freaking pandemic happening. A lot of people were asking what worse could happen at this point? Well, we have an answer now. I mean, kinda. Wildfires have been spreading in Chernobyl since April 5th and have already engulfed 8,600 acres of land. Tens of thousands of firefighters are on the job trying to control the fire. There's another new concern now - the fire is reportedly getting dangerously close to the nuclear reactor, which exploded back in 1986. Apparently, Ukrainian officials have also discovered a huge radiation spike in the area where the first fires began. The levels of radiation are of course not nearly as high as they were during the explosion, but it's still a cause of concern and can pose a great risk to the residents of the country. Imagine dealing with a fire on top of coronavirus, especially in a place like Chernobyl. Looks like everything that can go wrong is actually going wrong. Not to be dramatic, but this honestly feels so apocalyptic and the end is near. Bingo! January: Australia bush fire February: Potentially WW3 March: C0r0na Pandemic April: Chernobyl radioactive forest fire pic.twitter.com/59seO8ABRe â ããããlly @ ACNH hell (@finowlly) April 9, 2020 It's so eerie. Thereâs a forest fire in Chernobyl and Krakatoa just erupted. If this year was a film about the end of the world, i would turn it off for being too unrealistic. #2020 pic.twitter.com/iWAn914CBD â Rob Forsythe (@RobForsytheNo3) April 11, 2020 I hope it's aliens. Jan - US Iran on the verge of World War 3 Feb - Australia bushfires killing 500 mil animals Mar - World killer Coronavirus Pandemic Apr - Fire in Chernobyl catchment area & explosion of Krakatoa. Year 2020 - Up Next? Tsunami, Aliens, Apocalypse or Netflix documentary?#Krakatoa pic.twitter.com/R6FqZXuIQb â Vishal Verma (@VishalVerma_9) April 11, 2020 It was a typo. The Mayans did not refer to 2012 but to 2020 â Salvador Abad (@Salvatorresof) April 12, 2020 Great meme. pic.twitter.com/QUBeG0XxQi â Thunder â (@Dam100k) April 12, 2020 We're all in a bad place. Jan: WWIII? Feb: Australiaâs on fire March: Corona April: Corona, KRAKATOA, Chernobyl is on fire, Locusts in Africa May: Hurricane and fire season start pic.twitter.com/nXGYL6z5lw â william (@williammemery) April 11, 2020 *insert 'Surprise, bitch. You thought you'd seen the last of me' gif* humans in april: nothing can phase me anymore, life can't surprise me, I have reached peak stoicism the planet setting chernobyl on fire: pic.twitter.com/Uo88FIteha â nera (@em_nera) April 5, 2020 It was great knowing you all. To wrap it up, within the last 24 hours: Chernobyl is on fire, volcano chain in Iceland wakes up for the first time in 800 years, tornados are devastating Mississippi, and Krakatoa erupted. Oh and thereâs a new bird flu that mutated and can infect humans. 2020 is fucked â EDM HR Division (@edmHRdivision) April 12, 2020 View the full article
  15. Actor Urvashi Rautela rose to fame in 2015 by representing India at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Since then, she's acted in a few Bollywood films but in recent times, she has become more popular for notorious internet crimes like stealing captions or even tweets from other celebrities and politicians. Although, there have been reports that suggest that it is, in fact, her social media team behind this and not her. Recently, she came under fire for copying Siddharth Malhotra's tweet among the long list of celebrities whose captions/ tweets she's plagiarised in the past. 1. It all started when Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra took to Twitter to share a video and thank Mumbai Police. Here, take a look: This is the time to heartily thank our Mumbai police, who are leaving their families at home & working with their high spirit and untiring efforts for our security and safety.. You guys are the real heroes #ThankYouMumbaiPolice#LoveYouMumbaiPolice@MumbaiPolice https://t.co/j1R9Rxv3ul â Sidharth Malhotra (@SidMalhotra) April 9, 2020 This was followed by Urvashi Rautela's post which was eerily similar. Take a look here: This is the time to heartily thank our @MumbaiPolice & Maharastra police, who leaving their families at homes are working with their high spirit and untiring efforts for our security and safety..#ThankYouMumbaiPolice#ThankYouMaharasthraPolice pic.twitter.com/FnXD9UGOZJ â URVASHI RAUTELAð®ð³ (@UrvashiRautela) April 9, 2020 But clearly, this is not the first instance. 2. Urvashi has copied PM Narendra Modi's tweet as well. After Shabana Azmi met with an accident, Urvashi took to Twitter to wish her a speedy recovery. Except Twitter was quick to point out that it was, in fact, PM Modi's tweet that she had lifted. The news of @AzmiShabana Jiâs injury in an accident is distressing. I pray for her quick recovery. â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) January 18, 2020 And here's Urvashi's tweet. The news of @AzmiShabana Jiâs injury in an accident is distressing. I pray for her quick recovery. â URVASHI RAUTELAð®ð³ (@UrvashiRautela) January 18, 20203. In another instance, Urvashi stole a Tweet on the film Parasite from a New York-based author, JP Brammer. He had tweeted a critique that was blatantly copied and posted on Urvashi account. He reposted the tweet and wondered why she did not correct the grammar of the text, âIâm rooting for her. why didnât she at least correct the grammar um my bad grammar?? is part of the vibe??? wow.â he added. © Twitter 4. This is probably the most popular of the list. Amid rumours of Urvashi dating Chunky Pandey's nephew, she took to Instagram to shut down the speculation with a post and a long caption. However, as it turned out, the caption was an exact replica of Gigi Hadid's caption that she had posted in response to speculations of her dating Zayn Malik. Diet Sabya was one of the first accounts to point this fallacy. View this post on InstagramGuts on...? . . . . . @urvashirautela copied @gigihadidâs statement, word for word ð³ð¤¯ð° (First reported by @spotboye_) 𤣠. . #gandi #statement #guts #dietsabya #ð¤¢A post shared by (@dietsabya) 5. Here's another instance of Urvashi stealing Kylie Jenner's captions. While she's changed a word or two, you can tell that her caption is clearly 'inspired'. View this post on Instagramcouldnât really sit in this but it was worth it ðA post shared by (@kyliejenner) And here's Urvashi's Instagram post. View this post on Instagramcouldnât really move however it was indeed special ð¤ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #love #UrvashiRautelaA post shared by (@urvashirautela) If this is Urvashi Rautela's social media team that's copy-pasting tweet after tweet, she clearly needs a new team. View the full article
  16. The world is going through something right now that we have never seen in our lifetime. When Coronavirus first made an appearance in Wuhan, China, no one could predict that it would end up impacting every single person's life. While we owe our health and well-being to all the doctors and health professionals, and look up to every single one of them, from a more superficial and fun perspective, there are a few who are extra special. We have 7 doctors here who are frontlining the battle against Coronavirus, while looking like real-life superheroes. No, really, after the first glance, one would actually mistake them for insanely good looking (borderline hot, according to popular opinion) actors who are playing the role of doctors. But they are real life doctors. Don't believe us? Take a look. 1. Dr. Marco CA View this post on Instagram A post shared by Marco ð¨ð¦ (@runandlift) on Mar 25, 2020 at 6:38pm PDT He's an MD by qualification, and is fighting the battle against Corona with heart and soul. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Marco ð¨ð¦ (@runandlift) on Feb 11, 2020 at 8:17pm PST 2. Dr. Yazan A. Ismail View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dr. Yazan A. Ismail (د. ÙزÙ) (@doctor.yazan) on Jun 21, 2019 at 11:54am PDT Dr. Yazan is a Hematology and Oncology expert who often takes to Instagram to spread awareness about COVID-19. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dr. Yazan A. Ismail (د. ÙزÙ) (@doctor.yazan) on May 14, 2019 at 1:58pm PDT 3.Dr. Miguel Ribe View this post on Instagram A post shared by Miguel Ribe (@doctor.ribeye) on Nov 20, 2019 at 5:23pm PST Dr. Ribe is an ER specialist, who hails from Miami. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Miguel Ribe (@doctor.ribeye) on Mar 4, 2020 at 2:10pm PST 4. Dr. Bruno Fonseca View this post on Instagram A post shared by Doutor Bruno Fonseca (@dr_brunofonseca) on Sep 23, 2019 at 12:56pm PDT Dr Fonseca has posted multiple videos and hosted multiple Coronavirus awareness sessions on Instagram. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Doutor Bruno Fonseca (@dr_brunofonseca) on Aug 20, 2019 at 9:30am PDT 5. Dr. Alberto Centurion View this post on Instagram A post shared by ALBERTO CENTURION ð§ð·ðµð¹ (@albertocenturion) on Jan 21, 2020 at 10:46am PST Dr Alberto Centurion has quite a fanbase, and he hails from São Paulo. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ALBERTO CENTURION ð§ð·ðµð¹ (@albertocenturion) on Sep 20, 2019 at 8:42am PDT 6. Dr. Nik View this post on Instagram A post shared by ð«ð. ðµðð, ð´ð« (@doctor.fitnik) on Sep 23, 2019 at 8:34am PDT Dr. Nik is based out of Canada, and has been actively involved in combating COVID-19. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ð«ð. ðµðð, ð´ð« (@doctor.fitnik) on Mar 15, 2020 at 11:28am PDT 7. Dr. Gabriel Prado View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðððð«ð¢ðð¥ ðð«ððð¨ (@gabrielndsprado) on Mar 26, 2020 at 2:43pm PDT Dr. Prado is a Neurology Specialist from Sao Paolo, Brazil. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðððð«ð¢ðð¥ ðð«ððð¨ (@gabrielndsprado) on Mar 14, 2020 at 8:39am PDT Well, all we can say is that when the doctors are this goodlooking, Corona might just decide to overstay its welcome for a bit! View the full article
  17. A new leak which shows off a new design of the Galaxy Buds that resembles an actual bean, is more bizarre than any truly wireless earphones weâve seen so far. The recently launched Galaxy Buds+ already comes with upgrades that improved upon the first iteration, however, this new design that has surfaced on the internet looks quite... abnormal. © winFuture Leaked renders of the new Galaxy Buds show a smaller and perhaps an improved design as the Galaxy Buds+ largely used the same design with incremental upgrades. The leak of the new Galaxy Buds come from WinFuture who have an incredible track record of Samsung leaks. It shows a compact design that will apparently have a better fit and will be easier to use. The new buds seem to be designed for people who have small ears and ear canals, however, we can only be sure once we use it for ourselves. The bean-shaped earbuds apparently go by the model number SM-R180 and will have two smaller speaker units each. The earbuds will also have numerous microphones for better call quality but there is no information as to whether it will have any noise cancellation features. © winFuture Other specifications are also not known i.e. the battery size and the shape of the charging case. We also donât know whether it will sweat/water-resistant. Having said that, rumours suggest the wireless earphones will be compatible with a preferred digital voice assistant. Since these Galaxy Buds are not official yet and are still in its early development stage, we recommend taking these rumours with a pinch of salt. Samsung could change the design by the time it officially launches or scrap this design entirely if it doesnât work as intended. It is quite encouraging to see Samsung experiment with the design of wireless earphones and if these earbuds turn into reality, it sure would be interesting to see how it works. Source: WinFuture View the full article
  18. Basically, the entire world is under lockdown right now because of coronavirus and people are allowed to leave their homes for only essentials in most of the countries. While we all are probably risking our lives even when we go for a grocery run to our local store, a guy decided to actually go to a different country to buy his most essential supplies for the lockdown. Apparently a guy walked from France to Spain just to buy cigarettes, and I get it, a smoker would consider cigarettes an essential item, but going all the way to a different country for them? Now that seems excessive. © Pexels He not only risked coronavirus but also the safety regulations put in place due to the virus just to buy 'cheap cigarettes'. Too bad he had to be rescued from the Pyrenees and then got a fine of 135 euros, or about â¹11,000. I'm guessing that amount is much higher than whatever he was saving on Spanish cigarettes. Reportedly, he first set out on the journey in his car but since there was a checkpoint, he decided to continue on foot but he fell into a stream and brambles and got lost before contacting rescuers. Yes, it's pretty stupid but a lot of smokers on Twitter actually can understand. Anything for a smoke, right? More addictive than heroin? Also not good for fighting Corona. pic.twitter.com/RORWEikdnC â Aine (@amobeirne) April 5, 2020 Good one. All his plans went up in smoke â Pan (@Pan20745680) April 5, 2020 Hmm. I used to smoke. This seems reasonable. â Brendan I (@truthiness2010) April 5, 2020 I would watch it. A Netflix original series. https://t.co/u4nk5UTZje â Diego Parra (@DiegoJParra) April 5, 2020 Someone translate this please. Ah here. We're all mad for a rake of pints and a box of fags but this is taking the piss https://t.co/VaYL6bD2Xm â Eoin Madigan | Treaty City Translations (@TCLtranslations) April 5, 2020 It's hilarious. Thread By far the best new story of the day https://t.co/B7vo0SoKsm â LOUISE (@Swift__Girl) April 5, 2020 Worth it! A must read on how some people will do anything to get a cheap smoke!! https://t.co/DhFOTdKAF1 â Brigid Laffan (@BrigidLaffan) April 5, 2020 We definitely aren't. Sâweird to think sometimes that humans are supposed to be the most evolved. https://t.co/sPVWG1aZI9 â Mazzy K (@MazzyK) April 5, 2020 While some of you would probably think he is stupid, the smokers understand his plight. View the full article
  19. After so many years, the NASA picture of India on Diwali finally has gotten a glow up! The best part is that the picture is not even from Diwali; although yesterday, it really seemed like a lot of people thought it was. But, even on fake Diwali, we cannot escape those stupid Whatsapp forwards about what India looked like during PM Modi's 9pm-9 minutes drill. Even Amitabh Bachchan fell for it and shared a picture of India completely lit up from yesterday. The World sees us .. we are ONE .. https://t.co/68k9NagfkI â Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) April 5, 2020 The internet collectively after this tweet: I honestly love this new picture, it's so clearly fake that it's hilarious. And of course, Twitter is brutal when it comes to trolling and even someone like Big B is not immune to it. Well, it doesn't help that this isn't the first time he's shared this Whatsapp forward-esque stuff online and a repeat offender gets trolled even more. I seriously wonder whether he was always this stupid? https://t.co/p7NaHPU9LV â Dwai (@BujMit) April 6, 2020Oh no. Ye kheer kha lijye sir pic.twitter.com/92hWHnYtsR â Nehr_who (@Nehr_who) April 5, 2020 Fake news is dangerous. And the #KingOfFakeNews is back appreciating a Whatsapp forward. Request @TwitterIndia to suspend him and save us the daily embarrassment. â Rofl Republic (@i_theindian) April 5, 2020 Great edit. Saar, NASA has Recorded Sound of #Corona begging for Mercy after UNESCO certified Master Stroke by Modi Ji. https://t.co/swohAQuHJJ pic.twitter.com/rldxHv6ch8 â Vin Kerosene ⢠(@DesiVinDiesel) April 6, 2020 Ouch. Amitabh Bachchan in 1970s Angry Young Man Amitabh Bachchan in 2020 Stupid Old Manhttps://t.co/98SRPkabxP â Vinay Kumar Dokaniað®ð³ | विनय à¤à¥à¤®à¤¾à¤° डà¥à¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤¿à¤¯à¤¾ (@VinayDokania) April 5, 2020 #FakeNews And this is FAKE, sojao sir â Salman Nizami (@SalmanNizami_) April 5, 2020 Deadly combination. Boomers with smart phones and dumb brains are the worst. https://t.co/Zn7YwbWTSh â AB (@a_bsays) April 6, 2020 Good meme. Whatsapp university be like pic.twitter.com/qlW6PhIOdq â डà¥.à¤à¥. (@itsdhruvism) April 5, 2020 For sure. Amitabh Bachchan has fully taken to the role of 'family unkle' spouting nonsense at every gathering https://t.co/U069GCdLU0 â Raghav Chopra (@RaghavChopra_) April 6, 2020 People are not holding back. Some grow wiser with age and some end up like the Big B... https://t.co/Kn93A6FgSh â Noah (@indyraprap) April 6, 2020 So proud. UNESCO announces @SrBachchan as the Most Vulnerable person for Fake news. Proud Moment! https://t.co/B8vbCs910u â திர௠(@thirumarant) April 6, 2020 Maybe both? Is he seriously this dumb or is he doing it for Modi? https://t.co/lcilM3xDp7 â Abhijeet Dipke (@abhijeet_dipke) April 5, 2020 Yes please. Your parody accounts all fall short. U r the legend. Next time release mars image also. https://t.co/DJEuOBo2Z1 â Hari Prasad Srinivasan (@HariTVT) April 6, 2020 View the full article
  20. Many of us have been intrigued by the stars and galaxies that lay beyond the reach of human eyes. We are fascinated by the mention of the presence of life on other planets on our solar system and cannot seem to get over the mysteries that surround our beloved natural satellite, Moon. © Facebook But while most of us interested in astronomy donât end up going beyond star-gazing or owning a professional telescope at home, others turn it into their vocation and continue to fuel their curiosity for years. Astronauts happen to be one such group of individuals who are willing to devote their lives for path breaking research and experiments. © Twitter/NASA So recently, as many as 12,000 aspiring astronauts sent in their applications to become future NASA astronauts for its Artemis generation that will undertake its upcoming Moon and Mars missions. Recently NASA revealed that it received applications from every US state in a span of a month from March 1st to 31st. Now the agency plans to interview the most qualified applicants to make the final decision post medical clearance. This development has left people on Twitter intrigued. Astronaut applications were due today... I'm not going lie, I kind of want to know what the requirements are 𥺠@NASA â aaayyyyy.sami (@AnginiSami) April 3, 2020 Others think itâs to run away from coronavirus. Just read #NASA got 12,000 applications for a space mission. Motherfuckas trying to leave the GD PLANET to escape the #coronavirus. 𤯠â Mike Fly (@mfly1971) April 2, 2020 Second largest number of applications ever? https://t.co/j4nUraUSkV More than 12,000 astronaut applications in to #NASA, the 2nd-largest ever; for missions such as returning to & helping lay groundwork for trip to Mars" GOOD LUCK, Y'ALL ð§âââ<< May the next group change what the default #AstronautEmoji looks like â Kay Savage (@Kay_the_Savage) April 2, 2020 Many are still hoping to make the cut. I made it under the wire yesterday. My application is in for the next NASA Astronaut Class selection. My odds are up! 1 in over 12,000. Last time it was 1 in 18,300! Under half selected are civilians. So the odds are even less. Space, here I come! â Ginny Mauldin (@GinnyMauldin) April 1, 2020This is the highest number of applications received by NASA and this selected generation of astronauts who make the cut will lead an extensive expedition on digging more information about the Moon. The selected list is expected to be out by next year around October. In a world where people today are trying to make some quick bucks via social media, it is interesting to see the spike in applications for a profile which requires a lifetime of hard work. View the full article
  21. While POCO, as a brand, made a comeback with the POCO X2, it wasn't the flagship that we all had been waiting for. However, now it looks like the POCO F2 is happening after all. If the report by the folks at XDA Developers is something to go by, then Xiaomi's new Redmi K30 Pro may debut as the POCO F2 in India. Obviously, there's no official confirmation from POCO themselves, but XDA has uncovered some codes from the MIUI camera app which suggests that the Redmi K30 Pro may launch in India under the POCO brand. © Xiaomi One of the XDA members dug deep inside the camera code and found that Redmi K30 Pro also displays the watermark âSHOT ON POCO PHONEâ. Yes, it looks like the phones contain the string "SHOT ON POCO Phone". This makes us believe that the Redmi K30 Pro may have POCO branding in India. Honestly, this isn't all that surprising because the Redmi K30 4G was launched as the POCO X2 in India. And the fact that the Redmi K30 Pro has "Pro" flagship specs, it may land as the true successor to the legendary POCO F1. © Xiaomi In case you're wondering, the Redmi K30 Pro sports a Snapdragon 865 SoC and it's coupled with up to 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. In terms of the camera, it has a triple-camera setup which includes a 64MP primary sensor. In addition to all this, the Redmi K30 Pro has a lot going for it, so it'll be interesting to see if it makes its way to India as the POCO F2. Source: XDA Developers View the full article
  22. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak and the dismally increasing patients in the country, the Railways Ministry has suspended all railway operations across the country till March 31. Also, all the passenger trains finishing their journeys will be terminated at the point and further all scheduled trips will be cancelled. © BCCL Minister of Railways of India, Piyush Goyal, took to Twitter saying, âStrengthening precautions against COVID-19, Railways has decided that no passenger train will run up to 31st March. Let us work together as #IndiaFightsCoronaâ Check out the post here- Strengthening precautions against COVID-19, Railways has decided that no passenger train will run up to 31st March. Let us work together as #IndiaFightsCorona pic.twitter.com/374b0V5sD3 â Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) March 22, 2020The Coronavirus cases in India are rapidly growing and have crossed 370 patients, so far, within the last few days. The brainchild behind this move is to promote social distancing and fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. The government is encouraging people to stay at home along with taking all preventive measures suggested by the worldâs scientists. © BCCL The post has garnered over 8.6K likes and over 3K re-tweets on the internet. Hereâs what people have to say about this. Read carefully! This decision must be respected. It will be difficult but do it! I am from Paris area, I am at home since last monday..today Sunday 21st....nothing outside good pic.twitter.com/LZ2D982zsU â Amadeus (@amadeus941) March 22, 2020True⦠If done 3 days back would have prevented spread. Still very good decision â S.Ranganathan (@rangats) March 22, 2020 We agree. Good decision sir !! â Prashant Rastogi (@prastogi1980) March 22, 2020 Indeed. Good step against corona war â atul1971 (@atul19712) March 22, 2020 On point. Most desired steps.Only leaders like you and our PM can take such bold https://t.co/3ZbXfDxzfG will go a long way in protecting our country and whole mankind.Long live our leaders like you and Modiji â S C Singhal (@SCSinghal3) March 22, 2020 Yes! good â mohammedwaseem (@inspiring_95) March 22, 2020 As per the Railway Ministry, a few suburban services including Kolkata Metro will run till March 22 midnight and will further be discontinued till March 31. However, trains that are already on their journey will run up to their destinations. "Adequate arrangements shall be made for the passengers, who have commenced their journey during the travel and at their destinations," the statement issued by the Railways Ministry said. © BCCL It also said, "Adequate arrangements shall be made to facilitate hassle-free refund to passengers affected by train cancellations.â We hope all citizens will abide by the government initiatives and stay indoors to join the fight against COVID-19. View the full article
  23. The coronavirus pandemic has shaken all of us up. The reason why everyone's laying emphasis on flattening the curve is that we don't want to choke hospitals with patients and leave them in a situation wherein they don't have enough medical supplies. With hospitals around the world facing shortages of essential medical supplies like masks, major corporations around the world have started doing their bit. From LVMH making sanitizers in their factories to Zara producing masks. Even medical sitcoms like Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy have decided to donate supplies to hospitals and fire stations in need. © ABC network Other shows that have made donations, or are planning to, include Fox's The Resident and ABC's The Good Doctor. For a lot of these shows, medical essentials like the N95 masks, gowns, and gloves are stocked to be used as props on the sets of these shoes. But considering, the world is dealing with a pandemic that is depleting all medical resources, the showrunners have decided to donate all the medical stocks. © Sony Liv ABC shared the statement from Grey's and Station 19's executive producer Krista Vernoff with a leading publication. © ABC network "At Station 19, we were lucky enough to have about 300 of the coveted N95 masks which we donated to our local fire station. They were tremendously grateful. At Grey's Anatomy, we have a backstock of gowns and gloves which we are donating as well. We are all overwhelmed with gratitude for our healthcare workers during this incredibly difficult time, and in addition to these donations, we are doing our part to help them by staying home." Most show productions have come to a halt as the coronavirus threat continues to increase by the day. Among TV-series and films, Grey's Anatomy and The Resident both halted productions before the current season was completed. Considering all the medical supplies would've anyway been unused and would lie in the stocks, this proves to be an excellent move on their part. View the full article
  24. The dust doesnât seem to be settling around the storm brewed by Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor ever since she tested positive for COVID-19. The Baby Doll singer has since, been receiving a ton of backlash for being ânegligentâ and threatening the safety of people. However, in a new turn of events, Kanika Kapoor has decided to speak out against all the hate that is coming her way since her diagnosis yesterday. Speaking to TOI Kanika said, "I want to tell people that I'm not the irresponsible person I'm being made to look like." © Instagram Kanikais currently being kept in isolation at the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) in Lucknow, and she spoke at length about how none of this is her fault, to begin with. Instead, she believes the casual behaviour of the state health authorities should be questioned for her delayed diagnosis and quarantine. During the interview, Kanika shared that she was fully screened at the Mumbai airport upon her arrival in India on 9th March, and when no red flags were put out, she decided to come and stay with her parents in Lucknow. She even says that no government advisory for foreign-returned individuals had been issued at the time, and since she hadnât developed any symptoms and didnât know she had contracted the virus, she did attend a few parties. © Instagram Talking about the same, Kanika said that she never hosted a party but went to a small birthday bash which was attended by several politicians including Dushyant Singh. However, peopleâs nasty comments and weird allegations have been upsetting her thoroughly even when she claims she isnât the one to be blamed. © Instagram In her defence, Kanika said, âWhen I called the helpline numbers, after hearing out my symptoms, they said it doesn't seem like the Coronavirus, and it might just be the seasonal flu. But I kept insisting, and it was only after I pestered them that the CMO sent people to take my samples. I was the one who pestered the authorities, who I felt were taking things lightly. It took them three days to send someone to collect my sample and test it. From Monday till then, I had confined myself to my room. The moment I felt sick, I called up the authorities. So, tell me, whoâs been lax?" © Instagram She has even spoken out against the medical staff at SGPGIMS, claiming that not only is she being mistreated and threatened by the doctors for allegedly âwithholding informationâ, she is also being kept in a dirty room with flies-ridden food being served to her. She said, âI am being ill-treated here and it feels like Iâm in jail. They are behaving as if I am a criminal for no fault of mine.â Now we didnât see that coming. What are your thoughts on this? View the full article
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