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Found 1,279 results

  1. After the shocking arrest of Raj Kundra, we get to hear something new every day. Now, it has been revealed that the whole pornography film gang had everything planned and managed. After Raj Kundra’s arrest, the police found that the two accused Arvind Kumar Srivastav and Yash Thakur were actually the same person. This was only found out after the police had issued a missing notice against both the names. View this post on Instagram A man identified himself over call to the police as Arvindkumar Srivastava, alias Yash Thakur, and he also said that he is only a middleman for Nuefliks.com that uploads X-rated content online. He is the same guy who also said that Raj Kundra paid a bribe of Rs 25 lakhs to the cops to delay his arrest and gain some time. According to a charge sheet that was filed in April, Nuefliks.com is owned by Thakur and his job is to get porn videos from production houses and upload them on his website. It was also found that there was a financial transaction between Thakur and the actress Gehna Vasisth, Tanvir Hashmi, alias Tan, Rowa Khan, and Kundra’s former PA Umesh Kamat. He also said that now he is only being framed as he is refusing to pay up. View this post on Instagram A report also said that Srivastava used the identity of a deceased man, Yash Thakur, who lived in Indore and died in August 2020 due to a brain tumor. Now the crime branch has also figured that he was just using the dead man’s identity to get off the hook and mislead the law enforcement agencies. In an interview with Mid-day, Srivastava said, "like Akshay Kumar uses two identities and various people in the film industry do.” View this post on Instagram A lot of people have come out in support of Raj Kundra and Srivastava too saying that the movies weren’t porn but erotica. Also, it was said that Srivastava ran portals on behalf of a Bhopal-based intelligence agency officer. So far, 11 people have been arrested, including Kundra, in the case. View the full article
  2. Casual flirting on texts, late-night calls, cute meets, movie dates, first kisses and whatnot. Dating before the pandemic was a world full of endless possibilities. The only thing one had to worry about meeting someone new was that they weren’t some psychopaths luring in to kill you. And while that worry is still valid, there are about 50 more that have been added to the list. Never did I imagine being stuck in the confines of my home in what are supposed to be my ‘prime years’. This time was supposed to be about me putting myself out there, finding love, experiencing heartbreak and painting the town red with my escapades. But instead, what it has become is a never-ending slumber party of one with most of us turning into recycled virgins. © iStock Dating had never been easy, but now, it was certainly more difficult because a person could no longer be only judged on how many typos they made, where they studied, how they looked or whether or not they were Marvel fans. Now it was about finding what precautions they were taking to avoid getting contracted and most importantly - if they were vaccinated. And believe it or not, it’s been a pleasant change. © iStock The sudden paradigm shift in the expectations of online dating has somewhat made people more aware, responsible and empathetic to the entire dating scene. Not only is the youth mindful of the risks and precautions, they are also more upfront about what they seek in a relationship now. © iStock The latest survey by Bumble in India revealed that almost 38% of the single people who were interviewed shared that getting vaccinated was now a prerequisite for them. 35% claim to have become more conscious of their safety and others after the second wave. Safe to say, getting vaccinated is now equivalent to wearing a condom because lack of either will give you something you don’t want... The survey by the women-first dating app also shares how nearly 74% of single Indians experienced a decline in awful dating encounters where they are catfished, ghosted or stood up much less often than before. This has been supported by the fact that 48% of people would rather focus on a person’s personality now, than their looks. Guess the book that was always judged by the cover is finally being opened up in this pandemic. © iStock And as people trade in-person meetings with getting on zoom dates and hanging out on FaceTime, safety (especially in the case of women) is no longer a cause of concern. 48% single people have admitted to enjoying dating more since they feel safer going on that first date, without worrying about their safety. Of course, women still run the risk of receiving dick pics or being flashed. Bumble also shared how vanity might have taken a hit, shifting focus on other important things as people get comfortable with only getting ‘partially ready’ for their dates. © iStock While dating is not what it used to be, it’s somehow a lot more. The wait, the caution and the restrictions may just have forced people to actually talk and care more about getting to know each other than getting each other to bed. View the full article
  3. Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra has been in the headlines of late for all the wrong reasons. He has been arrested for his major involvement in a case related to the alleged creation of pornographic films and publishing them through mobile apps. Kundra and 10 others have been taken into custody for the same. Raj Kundra has been booked under sections 420 (cheating), 34 (common intention), 292, and 293 (related to obscene and indecent advertisements and displays) of IPC besides relevant sections of the IT Act and the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act. View this post on Instagram Now, his lawyer Abad Ponda, while defending his client Raj Kundra has made an argument in court that the content that was published on the app can be tagged as vulgar and not porn. He said, “The IT Act sections can't be read with IPC sections, but here the police have done this. Section 67A of the IT Act talks about sexually explicit acts. Only the actual... intercourse can be considered porn. Rest all is just vulgar content.” © Filmfare He further added, “Police is following what web series are doing these days - vulgar content. But that's not really classified as porn. Nothing in this remand shows that two people actually indulged in [an] act of intercourse. If it's not actual intercourse, it's not classified as porn.” He also questioned the arrest of Raj Kundra and said, “Police custody should be an exception and not a norm. Arrest should be made only when the investigation cannot move further without the arrest. In this case, the accused was made to join the investigation once he was arrested. The arrest wasn't made as per law.” The nine people arrested before Raj Kundra’s name popped up in the case include TV actress Gehna Vashisht, Yasmin R. Khan, Monu Joshi, Pratibha Nalavade, M. Atif Ahmed, Dipankar P. Khasnavis, Bhanusurya Thakur, Tanvir Hashmi, and Umesh Kamath who is the producer looking after the operations of ‘Hotshots’ in India. People have bashed the lawyer on social media and called his statements ‘utter nonsense.’ © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter Do you agree with people’s reaction to the matter? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  4. WhatsApp has started to roll out joinable group calls so that users can join group audio or video calls after it has been started. It essentially works similar to Zoom and Google Meet calls where users can join an ongoing call in case they missed it. © WhatsApp The update will also let users easily drop off and rejoin a group WhatsApp call as long it is still ongoing. Up until now, WhatsApp users were unable to join a group call if they missed it by mistake. The only way to join the call would be possible if participants in an active call would add members. The new feature is said to reduce the burden of answering a group call as it starts and bring the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to group calling on WhatsApp, the instant messaging app said in a blog post. How To Join Ongoing Group Calls on WhatsApp © WhatsApp Once a group call has been initiated, you will get the option to ‘Tap to Join’ in the call log on WhatsApp. You will also be able to see the prompt in the group chat. You will just need to hit the option to join the call to get talking to your friends. WhatsApp will also show an information screen that will show which users have not joined the call yet. You can also ignore other calls as the information screen now comes with an Ignore button. You can always join the call later from the ‘Calls’ tab if the call is still ongoing. WhatsApp has been testing joinable calls for beta testers on iOS and Android with the beta version. The company also reworked the UI to look similar to Apple’s FaceTime interface. WhatsApp has not said when exactly the joinable call feature will be available to everyone, however the update has started to roll out. You should soon see the feature on both iOS and Android as the update has now started rolling out. © Unsplash/dimitri-karastelev The instant messaging app released the group calling feature on WhatsApp in 2018 and has now reworked the feature to be at par with other digital calling platforms. Group calls have been on the rise ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started worldwide and it seems like WhatsApp has finally caught up with the likes of Zoom and Google Meet. View the full article
  5. Low wind pressure could mean there will be moderate rain in Karachi from July 24 to 25, says Met Karachi director
  6. Hospitalisation has increased four times from 390 patients in April to around 1,000 in mid-July, says official
  7. Patti LaBelle recently sat down for a chat and got candid about her desire to live life as if ?it was platinum?
  8. Former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Razzaq recently became a part of a talk show in which he left no stones unturned to depict his hate and problems with female cricketers for… being themselves. In an Pakistani TV show hosted by presenter Nouman Ijaz, Razzaq shared a couch with all-rounder Nida Dar and made some nasty, sexist comments about every aspect of her being an athlete. From the way she looks, to the way she shakes hands with people, while also conjecturing that women cricketers want to show themselves “as superiors” to their male counterparts. Shameful ridicule of a young cricket player by Abdul Razzaq. When you have played for the national team & have some level of respect, you should use that to encourage young cricketers, especially women, instead of shaming them based on gender stereotypes.pic.twitter.com/CtemldIcNb — Usama Khilji (@UsamaKhilji) July 14, 2021 While talking about women choosing between sports and marriage, Dar was trying to explain how cricket has helped a lot of women from villages to have a career. "If some colleges and schools have space, then they do try and incorporate cricket in their extra curriculum activities. Girls from rural areas and villages move to the city to play cricket, in hopes to pursue this as a profession." View this post on Instagram This is when Razzaq starts the slander by saying: "Oh, they don't get married. Their field is as such. When they become cricketers, they strive to be as equal as their male counterparts, if not better than them. They want to prove that not only men, but they can also do it as well. The feeling [to get married] is gone [by the time they excel]." He further added by saying, "If you shake her [Dar] hand, she is anything but feminine." The all-rounder then decides to respond to Razzaq by suggesting the need for them to have muscular bodies but he simply cuts her off with another sexist remark: "You can tell by the haircut she has." View this post on Instagram "I had this query for a while. Can you not play cricket with longer hair?" asks Wafa Butt, another host of the show, to which Dar responds: "You absolutely can play with long hair, but for someone who has kept her hair long, it would affect her game." It is rather commendable to see how Dar continues to keep her calm despite being cornered by everyone present on the show and being exposed to such level of misogyny on live television. The video of this incident has since gone viral on social media with fans completely by the women cricketer’s side in bashing Razzaq for what he said: So disgusting all these people literally jumped on her. Can't even imagine how much sexism our women cricketers go through @CoolNidadar is a star!! https://t.co/iraupnQCsn — a (@rays_alpha) July 14, 2021 It's a shame that Abdul Razzak himself a former cricketer is trying to embarrass a member of Pakistan women's cricket team publicly. The show host are doing the same. Lost even a tiny bit of respect I had for him. — Dipu Shaw (@DipuShaw) July 15, 2021 Such a shame that we made people like A.Razzaq heroes of this country but never gave them any training, education on ethics and moral. This is a mindset which we have breed for years. — نوید (@Zindadil0) July 15, 2021 This was so painful to watch. Is he so threatened by women who play cricket? — madeeha ansari (@madeeha_ansari) July 15, 2021 First Afridi and now Abdul Razzak. This is exactly the mentality Pakistani women have to face every single day and then we ask why are we so left behind. Disgusting! — Ed sane (@sane_ed) July 15, 2021 View the full article
  9. In another episode of this happens only in India, a groom in a viral video is seen falling asleep on his wedding day, while sitting right next to his wife. Yes , you read that right! Indian weddings are long but full of fun and excitement. Everyone’s focus is on the bride and groom and with all the wedding rituals and pre-wedding rituals, one can definitely feel tired on their wedding day. However, one such hilarious video shows a groom sleeping on the wedding stage as the bride sits next to him. In the video, the bride can be seen sitting next to the groom but the groom is in deep sleep. We see that a lot of people try to wake him up but he doesn’t budge at all. Also, many people are saying that the groom might have been drunk and hence, must have passed out. However, the real reason remains unknown. Check out the video here- View this post on Instagram Instagram user Niranjan Mohapatra took to social media and shared a funny video of the wedding on Instagram. Now, the bizarre video has gone viral on the internet and people want to know if he was sloshed or just slept due to exhaustion. While people are finding the video hilarious, a user commented saying, “Jag ja..koi aur shadi kr le jayega,” another one wrote, “He is going to miss his wedding night.” Also, we feel sorry for him as he’ll have to listen to lifelong taunts from his wife as he slept on his own wedding night. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  10. Our body is a wonderful machine, capable of great things if we dedicate the time, effort and discipline into it. When it comes to exercise routines, it’s essential to have an end goal clearly in mind, otherwise you run the risk of running around like headless chickens without much progress to show. You may have seen Cristiano Ronaldo leap higher than his rivals to score a header, or even Tiger Shroff performing stunts that seem superhuman. If that’s a skill you’d want to master through your workout regimen, then developing explosive strength is one such goal that you can look at. But what is explosive strength? It refers to body movements that demand your body to use strength and speed in tandem. While going to the gym and working on individual body parts is always helpful, explosive strength enables you to concentrate on delivering high energy outputs in short bursts. Extremely useful for football, martial arts and several other sports. Vertical JumpsObviously, the first movement you’d want to be working on is your ability to jump vertically. At the beginning, your aim shouldn’t be to jump as high as possible, but rather increasing the number of jumps you’re comfortably executing in a single session. By doing this you’re getting your body used to the motion. Then once you’re comfortable with it, up the ante by progressively increasing the height of your jumps. © iStock Uphill RunsMost athletes and runners often ignore the immense benefits of running uphill. Find a spot that offers you slight elevation to run on, and run in short bursts of speed. Not more than 15-20 seconds each sprint. Rest for a couple of minutes and repeat it for a circuit of 5 rounds. This attunes your glutes, hips, quads and hamstrings to fire in unison which in turn, results in better explosive strength over time. © iStock Lateral HopThis movement allows your body to develop stability while also honing that explosive strength. The trick is to start off with a strong focus on stability over frequency. Stand on a single leg. Maintain your balance and jump to the side, then return to the starting position. Repeat it with the other leg. Once you’re comfortable balancing the movement, then you may increase the frequency. After sometime you’ll find yourself easily hopping left to right on a single leg. That’s when you want to consider amping up the intensity of each jump. Pistol SquatsA step above the regular squat, pistol squats are crucial for developing balanced strength in individual legs. This exercise can help build a stronger neuromuscular connection, especially if you do it slowly. The reason why it’s great for explosive strength is because it forces you to train your ankle and foot mobility. Take it easy in the beginning, use support while you teach your body to handle your weight on a single leg. Within a few weeks to a month of consistent practice you’ll find yourself doing pistol squats with minimal effort. © iStock Explosive strength in an individual is the sign of a well tuned body. However, do keep in mind that if you’re a beginner, you might want to take things slowly in order to avoid risk of injuries. Start with slower and focused movements and then slowly build up from there. View the full article
  11. Britney Spears won the right to choose her own lawyer to help her end a 13-year-long conservatorship
  12. Halsey gets candid about ?feeling like such a failure? after having to give up prenatal vitamins
  13. Afghan Taliban reacts to Turkey's decision to deploy security personnel at the Kabul airport
  14. Even if you’re not a big fan of romantic fiction, this series is based on Robyn Carr’s multi-book Virgin River Series. The story revolves around the life of a widowed nurse-practitioner and midwife Mel Monroe who heads north to escape heartache and lands up in the mountain town of Virgin River. Mel falls in love with a guy who owns the bar in Virgin River and both end up dating each other even after the odds are against them. Mel and Jack have incredible on-screen chemistry and even if you don’t like the initial few episodes, you’ll end up watching the whole season for their incredible chemistry. The chemistry is engaging enough that you start rooting for the couple from the very start. Whereas Jack is an equally good boyfriend, Mel is the kind of girlfriend one needs when they are looking for a long-lasting relationship. So, here are 5 reasons why all men need a girlfriend like ‘Mel’. She Has Always Got Jack’s Back © Netflix No matter what, she always has Jack’s back. In the new season, you’ll see how they make every day easier for each other. She Is Extremely Loyal © Netflix This is a fundamental requirement for anyone who wants to be in a monogamous relationship. Unless people have decided upon being in an open relationship. However, Mel is the kind of girlfriend who you can rely upon. Gives Jack The Time To Process Things © Netflix In season 3, Jack has undergone a lot of changes including getting shot and losing his house. She is the perfect girlfriend who gives Jack the time to process things and doesn’t force him to express his feelings if he doesn’t want to. She Lets Jack Be Vulnerable © Netflix Mel always lets Jack be himself, she never forces him to become something that he isn’t. Also, their way of resolving conflicts is something that we need to learn from. She Is Kind To People © Netflix Everyone obviously wants a girlfriend who is kind to you but you also need a GF who isn’t aloof and rude to your family and friends. Mel is kind and empathetic towards everyone and she even gets along with Jack's sister ‘Brie’ and helps her overcome her issues. View the full article
  15. Taapsee Pannu recently said that she originally doesn’t have the ‘sensuality’ of her Haseen Dillruba character, Rani Kashyap. She expressed that a lot of the emotions of the characters didn’t come naturally to her. According to Bollywood Hungama, Taapsee Pannu said, "People who've known me... They'll know that I am far, far away from Rani, in my real life, the kind of person that I am. I don't have that sexual, sensuous vibe with me. I don't carry that, I don't use that to my advantage. So for me to pull off a character like that... I'm not so smitten with the idea of love." View this post on Instagram She further added, "There were a lot of these emotions that weren't coming organically to me, as Taapsee, and I had to literally psych myself out into believing that she is this person who is just smitten with the idea of love and can go to any dramatic extent to get that love in her life, and she's using sexuality and sensuality as her weapon for that. These were the things not coming naturally to me." She also said that if the audiences like her films, that means that her risky decision-making is working for her. View this post on Instagram Haseen Dillruba directed by Vinil Mathew and written by Kanika Dhillon starring Harshvardhan Rane and Vikrant Massey alongside Taapsee Pannu released on Netflix on July 2. The film received a mixed review from the audience and this film is not a cup of tea for everyone. However, the crime thriller created a lot of buzz. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  16. "We want them to do politics like lions, not cats; we want them to play their due role as an Opposition party," he says
  17. Tahir Ashrafi says PM Imran Khan's stance "is clear"; "relations with Israel cannot be considered till Palestine is independent"
  18. If you have seen Siddhant Chaturvedi's fashion game, one thing is for sure is that he is all about keeping things simple. Apart from his spectacular dressing sense, Siddhant has often managed to catch our attention with his zany sneakers. Some of his best pairs include 'stamina' sneakers and then when he wore those rad monster shoes. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that Siddhant singlehandedly curated the talk around wearing comfortable yet uber-cool sneakers. His go-to outfits always have a surprising element (mostly sneakers), and therefore, there are myriads of style notes one can take from him. © Viral Bhayani © Myntra Siddhant is seen wearing Skechers Men Grey & Blue Colourblocked D'LITES Sneakers. Now, if you observe these shoes, they don't look ordinary. The pair has a comfortable insole, lightweight shock absorbing supportive midsole. As for more details, the colour block palette makes it stand out. There's also a stitch design all over. However, the outstanding element is the outsole. If you notice, it looks like it's made of massive tyres, but that's just how the pair's construction is. © Viral Bhayani Practical and versatile, the sneakers are indeed a fantastic pair to own this season. All we can say is Siddhant is legit a style icon, and we all have a thing or two to learn from the newbie in B-town. View the full article
  19. It's Ranveer Singh's 36th birthday today, and it warrants a celebration. In addition to being an immaculate actor, Ranveer is also a sartorialist who has time and again reigned supreme in the fashion department with his flamboyant clothes, accessories and sneakers. © Instagram/Ranveer Singh He is not just the king of fashion, but also a style chameleon because he can legit wear anything and make it cool, and we are still trying to figure out how. So, on the occasion of his birthday, we decided to look at all the eccentric outfits and items Ranveer has worn and managed to turn heads: 1. Adidas Originals Indian Wings © Instagram/Ranveer Singh Ranveer is not a newbie when it comes to sneakers. Hence you will often find some strange pairs on his feet. From the longest sneakers to dirty shoes, there's hardly any trend he hasn't touched. Take the Adidas Originals Indian Wings shoes, for example. Created by the iconic Jeremy Scott, these sneakers are a whole new level of maximalism. Of course, they are too extra, but since it's Ranveer, nothing is over the top for him! 2. JBL BoomBox © Viral Bhayani We would probably wear neck chains or carry a bag when we choose accessories, but Ranveer doesn't stick to wonted things. There was a time when he replaced his messenger bag for speakers. Ranveer was seen using his JBL BoomBox as an accessory. The actor would carry the powerful portable speakers and curate an out of the ordinary look with this accessory. Talk about bizarre trends! 3. Women's Sling Bag © Instagram/Ranveer Singh Ranveer's sartorial abilities have never failed to impress us. Very recently, he was decked in an all-Gucci outfit and stole everyone's thunder with his look, garnering many views and comments. As unconventional as the look was, one thing that stood out was the sling bag. The Hobo Bag by Gucci became the talk of the internet, and Singh made it look like child's play as he broke the gender stereotype once again. 4. Sneakers Made Of Harvested Algae © Viral Bhayani Social media hate and ridicule rolled in after Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner sneakers were launched. But thanks to Ranveer, who knew how to make such an odd pair look cool, the tide turned in favour of the shoes. In addition, the fact that these sneakers are made using algae harvesting technology that helps keep the environment clean is an added bonus. So, Ranveer isn't just about fashion but knows how to work with sustainability as well. 5. Heeled Boots © Viral Bhayani Ranveer has always had his own personal definition of masculinity, and he never pays heed to those who believe in 'men should not wear this'. He would, in fact, stand out in the things people often say no to. One such example is when he wore high heeled boots and graced the red carpet with his unconventional fashion game. 6. Motor Cross Embroidered Trousers © Instagram/Ranveer Singh Women's pants also never looked awkward on this man. During the promotions of Gully Boy, Ranveer was seen wearing Adidas Originals Women's Embroidered Pants by Jeremy Scott. These have edgy calligraphy and detailing, and we guess only Ranveer could pull these off. 7. Jeans With Curtains © Viral Bhayani Speaking of pants again, Ranveer knocked it out of the park for one of his airport looks as well. While most of us would stick to the usual straight leg jeans, he made a statement wearing jeans with legit curtains. He has made strange trends acceptable, and that's a significant achievement, if you ask us! View the full article
  20. Megastar Shah Rukh Khan is 55-years-old and we have to agree that he doesn’t look his age at all. Recently, his fans were extremely excited to see their beloved star in a new advertisement that dropped online. The music video is an endorsement for a hair color brand and Shah Rukh Khan can be seen sporting a long mane. His hair is tied up in a ponytail and he looks stunning. In the video, he can be seen wearing a white striped shirt with a black waistcoat and trousers and is seen saying, “So, what do we have here? It’s so se... Yeh nahi keh sakte. Hmmm, I know! Instead kehte hai, ‘it’s so Streaxy’ (I can’t say this. Instead, let me say, ‘it’s so Streaxy’).” And then he starts crooning a song. Checkout the video here- View this post on Instagram His fans can’t stop praising him in the video. One user commented on the post saying, “This man never aged.” Another fan wrote, “Omg Damn! He looks so hot so cool so good.. Why @iamsrk you always killing me.” Here’s what people have to say about his never-ageing looks – © Instagram/Streax © Instagram/Streax Recently, Shah Rukh Khan completed 29 years in Bollywood. In an interview, when asked about the release of his next film, he said, “Right now with the situation I think it’s prudent to make film release schedules with a bit of patience.” On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan will be next seen in Siddharth Anand’s next movie titled Pathan. He has already started shooting for the film and was last seen in Zero, which didn’t do well at box office. View the full article
  21. In an ‘everything is fast’ world, electric trimmers and cartridge razors may make the most sense to young men as grooming essentials to get rid of facial hair. But nothing beats the idea of shaving to get that sharp look, especially when you are in the phase of graduating from a young man to a gentleman. Shaving not only is a more effective way to get rid of facial hair but also helps exfoliate your pores and slough away the dead skin. All you need is some technique and some practice, for shaving is an art. That said, there will still be times when you shave day in and out and may still get a few cuts and nicks. This is because an old shaving razor and a plain foam cream can only get you so close to your close shave. So, while you practice to master the technique to shave to shine, don’t forget to couple it with the right tools and products as well. Here's your ultimate guide on how to shave like a true gentleman and the right products to enhance your shaving experience. Prep-Up Your Face With A Warm Wash It’s best to start by soaking your face in warm water to make the skin and hair soft. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face as it helps tame your brittle hair and make it more manageable to be tackled with a razor. You can also use a face scrub to smoothen the skin and solve the problem of ingrown hair right at its cause. Don’t pat dry, let your face be moist all the while. __ECOMPRODUCT__1969__ Lather Up With A Shaving FoamShaving foam creates a layer of cushion between the skin and the blades that helps provide a smooth razor glide. It also helps avoid nicks and cuts and leaves you with smooth skin. Consider a shaving foam with activated charcoal as it helps deeply cleanse your skin and remove debris from pores. It’s supple texture leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated. The shaving foam hydrates and prepares the skin for the most comfortable shave while reducing the chance of irritation. __ECOMPRODUCT__1611__ Pick The Right Razor & Be GentleA perfectly engineered razor is the key to a close shave. Pick up a razor and gently start shaving in the direction of hair growth, followed by shaving against the grain at stubborn areas. Be nice to your skin and use short strokes for a no-bumps shave. Rinse the blades after each stroke to minimize friction and achieve an effortless and smooth shaving experience. __ECOMPRODUCT__1970__ Finish With An Aftershave LotionMoisturizing post shaving is a must. Bombay Shaving Company’s Fitkari After Shave Gel is a perfect way to finish your shave. Dab a copious amount of gel on your fresh face to soothe the skin, calm irritation and any aftershave burn. Enriched with superfoods like Aloe Vera and Fitkari (Alum), the gel has antibacterial properties that ensures that it not only stops bleeding in case of small nicks and razor cuts but also prevents any infection. __ECOMPRODUCT__1971__ Lock In Extra Hydration With A Sheet MaskFrequent shaving can strip the skin of its natural moisture. Following your shaving ritual with a sheet mask or using a sheet mask once a week can help bring the lost moisture back in your skin. Try one with Charcoal as a key ingredient to detoxify, restore and rejuvenate your skin from within. __ECOMPRODUCT__1545__ Dos & Don’ts Keep your face wet throughout the routine Always moisturize post shaving Avoid using soap as it can strip your skin of moisture Never use an expired or blunt razor Final Thoughts With the monsoons arriving, your skin can go through multiple issues. Monsoons can dehydrate dry skin and excessively hydrate oily skin. It can also make your beard hair brittle and itch, making you reach out for your trimmer to get rid of facial hair. But, we hope with our guide on how to shave like a gentleman, you will act like one and consider shaving as the best solution. Explore More View the full article
  22. It's been forever since anyone of us got the chance to drive to a theatre with our family or on a date, overspend on some popcorn and enjoy a movie on a recliner seat. Well that is now a distant dream courtesy the ongoing pandemic but thanks to the magical land of OTT and with most production houses bridging the gap between their viewers and their movies by releasing them , life is a bit sorted for a cinema lover. One of the most awaited comedy movies awaiting its release is finally here. Starring Paresh Rawal and Shilpa Shetty in the lead role, Priyadarshan is back for his fans with Hungama 2. The trailer for the movie dropped a while ago and before we dissect it further, let’s have a dekko first: The movie is the next in line after its first part released back in 2003 and was a super hit. This one has Paresh who returns as Radheyshyam Tiwari who is married to Shilpa, his beautiful wife. Just like the first part, this will also be a comedy of errors with the main premise revolving around Radheyshyam doubting his wife’s fidelity and believing that she is having an affair with a much-younger man. Meezaan Jaaferi, Pranitha Subhash, Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav and Ashutosh Rana also play pivotal roles in this comic caper. One of the main highlights of the trailer is watching Shilpa dance to Chura Ke Dil Mera , the iconic track from her movie Main Khiladi Tu Anari. This movie will also mark an end to her 14 year sabbatical from featuring in a movie. After the trailer’s release, there has been a mixed set of reactions from fans on social media. The Summary Of #Hungama2 Expectations. Sad Reality pic.twitter.com/zRIQFyzxfx — ᴍᴀᴇꜱᴛʀᴏ ᴋʜɪʟᴀᴅɪ (@MaeStro_Khiladi) July 1, 2021#hungama cast after watching #Hungama2 trailer be like.. pic.twitter.com/MRiaBqdKEl — Prince (@TheLolnayak) July 1, 2021#HUNGAMA2 Trailer is DISAPPOINTING. Didn't like it. Hope the film is much better & funnier. All the best to team. #HUNGAMA2Trailer — Aavishkar Gawande (@aavishhkar) July 1, 2021Watched Hungama 2 Trailer Its good, expecting This movie will work done Perfectly Waiting for Jhonny Lever and Manoj Joshi But Missing the Flavor of 1st Part that Welcome Lodge And Popat Marvaadi hope you Guys Know Tiku Sir #Hungama2 pic.twitter.com/4g1ATITzx9 — Harsh The Strongest Avenger (@HarshMCU) July 1, 2021Now if this will be a double ‘hungama’ for fans or a disappointment, we’ll find out when the movie releases on Disney+Hotstar on 23rd July. View the full article
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