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Found 14 results

  1. If you still haven't watched the teaser of 'The Lion King', what are you even doing with your life? It's the only thing that matters today, that and dealing with a whole new wave of nostalgia that one minute and thirty two second video has hit us with. People are emotional, people are crying, people are excited, it's just everything mixed together, and people obviously took to Twitter to share this excitement with everyone. From comparing scenes from the new teaser to the original movie, to just losing it over the adorable baby Simba, to already preparing themselves for the tragic death of Mufasa, people really can't stop talking about 'The Lion King' and no one can blame them. So here are all the funny, emotional reactions to the teaser. Pun game too strong. If you're not excited for the new Lion King movie.. you're lion — Kelsey Impicciche (@kelseydangerous) November 23, 2018 Already dreading that. Damn, Disney really bout to make me pay them money to watch Mufasa die in Ultra HD 4K pic.twitter.com/NDG9tLDpIL — X (@XLNB) November 22, 2018 Oh no. Wow, the new LION KING looks dark. pic.twitter.com/kHsNmleKbl — Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) November 23, 2018 Literal chills, tbh. WHEW I GOT CHILLS, IM READY TO GET MY LION KING TICKETS! pic.twitter.com/nInGRi5LDZ — brandon (@imnotsharpie) November 22, 2018 This one scene will wreck everyone. Honestly I'm finally just getting over the trauma of Mufasa now I have to go and re-live it all over again only this time it's even MORE REAL — Autumn Chiklis (@AutumnChiklis) November 22, 2018 Someone's got jokes. Live-action Lion King looks great pic.twitter.com/qVmPV4hIxG — Christopher Rosen (@chrisjrosen) November 22, 2018 More jokes. THE LION KING (2019) pic.twitter.com/O2gd7T07L6 — John Cullen (@nellucnhoj) November 23, 2018 That was honestly enough. When I was 5, it was Mufasa's death that made me cry. At 26, apparently it only takes his voice in the trailer. — Angelique Fiske (@angeliquefiske) November 22, 2018 It's going to be so great! just hit me that donald Glover and Beyoncé have a duet in the lion king pic.twitter.com/ync66AMORC — hag (@leoyolk) November 23, 2018 I need some context for this picture. "The Lion King" (2019) pic.twitter.com/2ejLMgQZta — Torre de Vigilância (@TorreVigilancia) November 23, 2018 Everyone's just concerned about one thing. When you see the new Lion King trailer but realize you gotta watch Mufasa die again in high definition pic.twitter.com/2h0nrjeDqR — Soccer Memes (@SoccerMemes) November 23, 2018 Can we all do that? New Lion King trailer is amazing. I'm billing @Disney for the therapy I'm going to need. As if watching a cartoon Musfasa dying wasn't traumatic enough, now I can see the light drain from his eyes in IMAX 3D. #TheLionKing — Jack Whitehall (@jackwhitehall) November 23, 2018 The cutest! Ok but baby Simba in The Lion King (2019) trailer is SO damn cute pic.twitter.com/7kfpXkoWq4 — femme fatale (@eliesaaab) November 23, 2018 A side by side. And....here it is! The new #TheLionKing trailer side by side with the original The Lion King movie scenes. Your thoughts? ð¦ðpic.twitter.com/mYcai7gnST — Ulrich Janse van Vuuren (@UlrichJvV) November 23, 2018 So extra! This live action Lion King is doing the most ðpic.twitter.com/gCBPKPsNsf — Pascal (@michstizzy) November 23, 2018 Beyoncé?!? how it would feel watching lion king live action ðððpic.twitter.com/NfCywd8JTd — ððð (@jiorakaza) November 23, 2018 Aren't we all? watching the new lion king trailer pic.twitter.com/HflSyB3Gjw — czar™ (@bilalBBK) November 23, 2018 Good use of the word crisp. All excited for Lion King then you realize you gotta rewatch Mufasa's death in crisp, glorious HD. ðpic.twitter.com/qiDF6Rv8oj — Lorenzo Limbaga (@gabriellimbaga) November 23, 2018 We're all in this together. Me as an Adult trying to hold it in watching the #LionKing next year! ð¦pic.twitter.com/TM75uWPQW5 — Robert Pineda (@Rpinedadpp) November 23, 2018
  2. Before we delve into this, first, I need to get something out of the way. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAINSGONYAMABAGITHIBABA. Okay. I had to do that. Anyone who has watched the nineties classic 'The Lion King' knows that this powerful opening Zulu chant, with the rising sun in the backdrop, calling out to all the animals in Pride Lands, is nothing short of perfection. I still get goosebumps. At one point, it even was my alarm back in college! I still remember the first time I saw the movie. I was 6 and I had gone to spend the holidays at my aunt's place in Bangalore. I was particularly out of control that day and my aunt, who was on the verge on losing her mind, plonked me down in front of the TV and popped a videotape into the VCR, asking me to quietly watch the 'cartoon'. The 'word' cartoon was enough for me to shut up and fix my complete attention on the giant Onida TV. I will never forget how my heart started beating faster when the Zulu chant began and I saw all the animals wake from their slumber and make their way to Pride Rock to meet their future king. I was only 6 and this was my first Disney movie, so obviously I was not ready for the avalanche of emotions that this movie engulfed me in. I still remember how Mufasa's death destroyed me and how the tears wouldn't stop, as I watched little Simba desperately try to wake his dad up by tugging his ear… okay, I need a moment…sorry…I can't…. If you are with me so far, you know how much this movie means to us nineties kids. It opened us up to the world of Disney and introduced us to the magic of animation. “When I was a child, I wouldn't eat unless my parents played Lion King. Seeing the new trailer filled me with childhood nostalgia,” said my 25-year-old junior from college, Jacinth Miriyam. Which is why it goes without saying that the people most excited for the live-action remake of the classic movies, even more so than kids, are adults, and here's why: 1. A Throwback To Our Golden Childhood So, when the trailer dropped today and I heard James Earl Jones' magnificent, sonorous Mufasa voice saying “Everything the light touches, is our kingdom”…it was like someone had pressed a button in my brain and I was 6 all over again. This movie signifies a time gone by, a time of innocence, a time when childhood meant watching animated movies with our mouths hanging open, marvelling at a whole another world. “For me, The Lion King instantly represents my childhood. It was my favourite movie ever at that time. It made me laugh, cry and feel anger at the same time. I think this movie teaches resilience in all of its purity, and that's what makes it immortal and so loved”, my friend Chiara Lana from Italy told me when I asked her what she felt about watching it again. 2. Watching It On The Big Screen After Almost 20 Years I am not among the lucky ones who got to see this movie on the big screen (my first movie in a theatre was 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun'!). So, watching it in a live-action format on a giant screen will not only make this special, but in a way, I will be able to make up to my little self who missed this marvel on a big screen. “Watching movies in halls was still a novel concept back in the day, at least for my family. So now that I get to see it again, even though in a different format, somehow I feel like I have honoured my childhood by catching up on what I missed out all those years ago.”- James Matthew, my 28-year-old buddy from school. 3. A Need To Remember All The Emotions We Felt When We Saw It The First Time I was only 6, so obviously I was not prepared for so many things. The hurt I felt at Scar's betrayal, the devastation at Mufasa's death, the joy at Simba re-uniting with Nala and his mother, the horror at watching Simba and Scar fight, and the exhilaration at Simba finally climbing up Pride Rock to take his place…it was a roller-coaster that a tiny little me did not see coming. I will never forget how I ran up to my aunt after the movie ended and demanded some serious answers from her, especially as to how could a lion kill his own brother? I will never forget her face when I asked her “Will you do this to me too, auntie?” My 29-year-old friend from college, Shruti Menon, echoed the same sentiments, “Mufasa's death was so unpredictable and heartbreaking especially when you're watching as a kid. It really shook me as a child and still does, to be honest. But when you grow older, you do realise there's so much strength and beauty to the story, to remember who you are and where you come from. After all, it's the circle of life.” 4. The Beautiful Soundtrack I am pretty sure this is going to be a sing-a-long movie, as 90 per cent of the people in the hall will be comprised of adults, who already know all the songs from the movie by-heart! I'll be lying if I tell you that I'm not going to brush up on my lyrics before I catch the movie. “Oh, I just can't wait to be kiiiiiiiiiiiiing”. 5. Timon And Pumba They were, still are, and always will be my favourite set of friends/sidekicks in a Disney movie (Mushu from 'Mulan' coming in second). I mean, come on! They are basically the life of the movie and I have never seen anything like them till date in a film. From finding a half-dead Simba as a cub, to raising him and teaching him to find the joys of life, to ultimately watching him transform from their goofy friend to the mighty King of the Jungle, Timon and Pumba are the epitome of true friendship and by God, I wanted a pet pig after watching the movie back then. The new trailer that was dropped today has left nineties kid across the planet screaming. Baby Simba looks so freaking cute! It is so satisfying in every way and each and every CGI animal looks like perfection. Honestly, even if this movie had dropped when I was like 50 or something, my excitement levels would still have been the same. This movie is a representation of my glorious childhood, which I am proud to say that kids these days will never, ever get to experience, no matter how much they try. It goes without saying that 'The Lion King' is going to be a success as there is no chance of failure anywhere. The cast itself is nothing short of iconic and has my Goddess BEYONCE in it as Nala! So, all I can do now is mentally prepare myself for next year, so that I still have my sanity intact by the end of the movie, and am not left a crying, quivering, destroyed mess of a woman!
  3. Millennials have had the best experience by far when it comes to kids' entertainment. We had the chance to watch the best cartoons on TV that weren't just entertaining but also taught us a great deal about life. From 'Tom & Jerry' to 'Duck Tales', 'Jungle Book' and 'Pokemon', every cartoon promised a lot more than just senseless fun. Another such memorable creation was 'The Lion King' which totally enthralled the young minds, wanting us to catch on the next episode ASAP. If you grew up loving Simba, Mufasa, Nala and Timon, as earnestly as we did, then you're up for the greatest news of your life time. Millennials shall get to relive those fine moments from their childhood with Disney's remake of this classic! © Walt Disney Pictures What's more, the very first teaser trailer for the remake just dropped a few hours ago and we are dizzy with excitement! A minute and a half in length, the film is being produced by Walt Disney pictures and shall be helmed by Iron Man and The Jungle Book director, Jon Favreau. The photorealistic, computer animated movie promises to be hell lot of fun with prominent actors lending their voice to our favourite characters. The film will have Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, and James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa. © Walt Disney Pictures Here's the trailer: In the trailer, we can see Rafiki presenting a young Simba to the animals of the Pride Lands, with the classic shot of Simba being hoisted up in the air. The film is scheduled to release on July 19th, 2019 and we simply can't keep calm!
  4. Anand Ahuja is Bollywood's favourite son-in-law, and not only because he's Sonam Kapoor's better half. One would of course expect Sonam Kapoor's partner to be fashionable, yes, and he fills those shoes perfectly, but he's so much more. A seasoned sneakerhead and owner of 'Bhane' - a brand that's all about 'new age fashion', this man is so strong with his style statement, that he definitely can give all the Bollywood stars a run for their money. His latest appearance at the airport is proof. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Anand has kept it extremely simple in terms of his outfit, which is his signature style anyway. However, he played the style card with his luggage. The blue duffle bag he's carrying is legit goals for anyone with an accessory fixation. © Twitter He's carrying the Louis Vuitton Duffle Keepall Bandouliere Savane Monogram Lion Motif 55 Midnight bag. A statement piece in its own right, this bag in midnight blue is a vision. The quirky lion overlay on top of Louis Vuitton's signature logo background makes for a piece which is only fit for ramps. © Viral Bhayani The aesthetic bit isn't the only thing which sets the bag apart. Its price does that too. It costs a whopping $1,900, which when converted to Indian currency amounts to more than INR 1.3 lakhs. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the rest of his luggage, we are in love with the sharp silver boxes. The fact that he has chosen to go for a pair of black and white shoes with that outfit proves that he's nonchalant, but attentive nonetheless. Sonam would be proud!
  5. PML-N supporter walking a lion in Maryam's NA-127 constituency. Photo: Geo News screengrabLAHORE: As the general election inches closer, campaigning is in full swing.While former prime minister Nawaz? Sharif?s daughter Maryam Nawaz is currently...
  6. A lion in chains at the residence of Shahid Afridi. Photo: Twitter KARACHI: The Sindh Wildlife Department on Friday launched a probe into alleged presence of a chained lion at Shahid Afridi?s residence, days after the star cricketer posted...
  7. File CAIRO: An Egyptian-European mission has discovered 27 fragmented statues of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet across the Nile from Egypt?s southern city of Luxor, the antiquities ministry said on Sunday. The statues of the goddess, known as The Lady of War, were found in the ground at the Colossi of Memnon area on the city?s west bank, which used to be a capital for ancient Egypt, the ministry said in a statement. Sekhmet had the body of a woman and the head of a fierce lioness, with a headpiece featuring the sun disk and was one of the goddesses known as Eyes of Ra, the sun god. The newly found statues were about two meters (six and a half feet) high and carved in black granite, the ministry said citing Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. The statues had the goddess?s head ?crowned by a sundisk? while a cobra ?adorns her forehead,? Waziri was cited as saying. Some were of Sekhmet ?sitting on the throne, holding the symbol of life in her left hand? while others were of her ?standing and holding the papyrus scepter,? he added. The excavation began on November 7 and lasted till the end of the month, said Hourig Sourouzian, who led the mission. The mission found additional statues at the end of November, bringing the total number to 39, Sourouzian told AFP. The statues that were found closer to the earth?s surface were in good condition, unlike the others found deeper in the ground, Sourouzian was cited as saying. The mission was preparing the discovered statues for display, she said. The mission has discovered 287 statues of Sekhmet since it began its excavation work in 1998, the ministry said, citing Fathi Yassin, director-general of the West Bank Antiquities in Luxor. Luxor, a city of half a million people on the banks of the Nile, a former Egyptian capital known as Thebes during ancient times, abounds with temples and tombs built by Egypt?s pharaohs.
  8. The 36-year-old pop megastar confirmed the long-rumoured role in a Facebook post Beyonce is set to voice Simba's childhood friend turned love interest Nala in the live-action remake of Disney's "The Lion King," the singer and studio announced Wednesday. The 36-year-old pop megastar confirmed the long-rumoured role in a Facebook post that showed headshots of the voice cast, also revealing that Keegan-Michael Key ("Why Him?", "Storks") will be playing a hyena named Kamari. Facebook post shared by Beyonce Alongside Beyonce ? and mostly previously announced ? will be Donald Glover as Simba, James Earl Jones reprising his role in the 1994 animated movie as Mufasa, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as his nemesis Scar. Comedian John Oliver was confirmed as Zazu, while other big names in the production ? set for release in July 2019 ? include Seth Rogan and Billy Eichner. "It is a director's dream to assemble a talented team like this to bring this classic story to life," said director Jon Favreau, who helmed Disney's hit live-action remake of "The Jungle Book" (2016), in a statement confirming the cast. The production will build on Disney's hugely lucrative reimagining of that movie and several other classics from its vaults ? including "Beauty and the Beast," "Maleficent" and "Cinderella" ? for contemporary audiences. "The Lion King" is one of the biggest animated films of all time, with a lifetime global box-office gross of just under $1 billion. It won Oscars for the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" by Elton John and Tim Rice, and for its score by Hans Zimmer, plus two Grammy Awards, with the soundtrack selling more than 14 million copies. A scene from The Lion King cartoon The stage production made its Broadway debut in 1997 and went on to win six Tony Awards. Translated into eight languages, the film's 23 global stage productions have been seen by more than 85 million people. The worldwide gross for the brand exceeds that of any film, Broadway show or other entertainment titles in history. Stunning early footage of the live-action version shown at Disney's D23 fan convention in Southern California in July climaxed in the iconic moment when Rafiki introduces newborn Simba to the animals of the savannah. "This is a story that belongs to everyone who grew up with the original film," said Favreau. "I wanted to demonstrate that we could be respectful of the source material while bringing it to life using new techniques and technologies."
  9. Robert Guillaume Two-time Emmy Award-winning actor Robert Guillaume, best known for voicing Rafiki in ?The Lion King? and for his role in sitcom ?Benson?, died of complications from prostate cancer on Tuesday, his wife said. He was 89. The gravelly voiced Guillaume, who thrived in Broadway musicals before starring on the TV series ?Soap? and its spinoff ?Benson,? died at his Los Angeles home, his wife Donna Brown Guillaume said in a statement. It is not known how long he had been battling cancer. Robert Guillaume first played sarcastic and irascible butler Benson DuBois on the over-the-top soap opera parody series ?Soap,? which debuted in 1977 and also starred Katherine Helmond, Richard Mulligan and Billy Crystal. His work on that show won Guillaume won the Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series in 1979. His character became so popular that the ABC network created ?Benson? for him and that series ran for seven seasons from 1979 to 1986. Guillaume?s character had been a butler on ?Soap? but on ?Benson? he served as a state governor?s director of household affairs, then state budget director, lieutenant governor and candidate for governor. Guillaume won the Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series in 1985 for ?Benson,? the last of six times that he was nominated for an Emmy playing the character. He became the first black actor to win that award. In accepting the Emmy, he joked, ?I?d like to thank Bill Cosby for not being here,? referring to the fact that the star of ?The Cosby Show? and the leading contender for the award had earlier taken himself out of the running for it. Guillaume said he was sensitive about not playing his character as a racial stereotype and was pleased that Benson evolved from being a butler to a political power player - albeit one that retained the same crotchety attitude. ?Upward mobility? ?In all honesty and candor and modesty, I always wanted the character to have that kind of upward mobility because it mirrored the American dream,? Guillaume told the Washington Post in 1985. ?When I took a role like Benson, which was in that time-honored sense ?another black person in a servant?s role,? I only took the part because it was a good part, it was a part in which I thought, with my own set of ideas about things, I could say something. And indeed that has been the case. We saw Benson was in no way anyone?s inferior.? After the end of ?Benson,? he starred in the short-lived sitcom ?The Robert Guillaume Show? in 1989, as well as the series ?Pacific Station? (1991-1992) and ?Sports Night? (1998-2000). He suffered a stroke in 1999 on the set of ?Sports Night? but was able to return to his role within weeks. On film, Guillaume provided the voice for the mandrill Rafiki in Disney?s animated 1994 hit ?The Lion King? and appeared with Morgan Freeman in the 1989 drama ?Lean on Me.? In 1977, he earned a Tony Award nomination for his role in the Broadway musical ?Guys and Dolls.? He also had leading roles on stage in ?Purlie? and ?Golden Boy.? Born Robert Peter Williams on Nov. 30, 1927, he changed his name to Robert Guillaume to make it more distinctive (Guillaume is French for William). He was raised by his strong-willed grandmother in a St. Louis slum after his alcoholic mother gave up her children and his father abandoned the family. After a brief military stint, he worked a series of jobs including as a trolley driver to save money for college. He studied music at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was noticed by a Hungarian opera singer who helped him get a scholarship to the 1957 Aspen Music Festival and School in Colorado. That was followed by an apprenticeship at a theater in Cleveland where he made his professional debut.
  10. Two baby lion cubs were presented to the public at a zoo in Chile on Thursday, born after a pioneering veterinary procedure that involved a reversed vasectomy of their father. The cubs' mother "Masai" became pregnant after the father "Maucho" underwent the procedure, which vets at Buin Zoo in the suburbs of Santiago said took months of planning and a five-hour operation. Both parents had been rescued from circuses. "This is the first successful reversal of a lion vasectomy reported in the world," said Marcelo Marconi, a urology specialist who joined the zoo vet team to lead the procedure. "It gives a way of preserving and maintaining a species in a zoo." The procedure could be copied by other places around the world that have lions in captivity, the zoo said. One of the cubs, which were born around three months ago, is named Niara and the other is yet to be named. Both are female.
  11. Over the past few days, something interesting has occurred on the internet. Ever since the country has been enchanted by the enigma of 'Baahubali', we’ve been gripped by the characters, the actors, the story and the iconic charming effect it has had over its audiences. It’s not easy for a movie to have such a magnified impact that breaks boundaries! Arka Media Works And it’s probably because there are very few such films that make the list, it becomes easy to remember their plot lines, their most intriguing and thought-provoking scenes and the most memorable moments. Which is probably the case with Baahubali as well, just like it was with the Disney classic, 'The Lion King'. And over the past few days, people across the internet are observing something rather curious… That, maybe, just maybe, Baahubali is a film that was hugely inspired by 'The Lion King'. In fact, Twitterati even pointed it out more than once. So, once everyone is done watching Baahubali this weekend. Do let me know if anyone else felt that the story is inspired by Lion King! — Bhavik Kashyap (@bhavikvk) April 28, 2017 Was it just me or did anyone else find an uncanny resemblance between The Lion King and Baahubali 2 ?#Baahubali2 — Vandhana Visaka (@OCDGoddess) May 6, 2017 Baahubali = Simba (The Lion King) on steroids — Sagar (@sloksagar) April 30, 2017 Baahubali & The Lion King story are very similar, if you agree then retweet this post. #BaahubaliOnMAX — Nikhil Bohra (@nkhlbhr) October 25, 2015 It was the most awesome experience to watch #Baahubali last night. It's the Lion King come to life! #baahubaliishere — Garick Chan (@ilovegarick) July 13, 2015 So, we decided to make a case for the point, and here’s what we came up with… Indiatimes Remember when Simba was introduced to the world? Indiatimes And how could you forget the evil and scheming Scar? Indiatimes And wise old, white-haired Rafiki? Indiatimes And the fact that Simba was raised by his foster family… just like in 'Baahubali'… Indiatimes Not to forget how Simba comes to meet Nala—his love interest… The force is strong with this one, no doubt. But, just to be sure, maybe go watch 'The Lion King', once again.
  12. ایک عورت پیر صاحب کے پاس گئی اور کہا کہ پیر صاحب مجھے کوئی ایسا تعویذ دیں کہ میرا شوہر میری ہر بات مانے جو بھی میں کہوں وہ میرے تابع ہو جائے۔پیر صاحب بھی دور اندیش انسان تھے انھوں نے اس عورت کی بات غور سے سنی، اور کہا کہ یہ عمل تو شیر کی گردن کے بال پرہوگا۔ اور وہ بال بھی آپ خود شیر کی گردن سے اکھاڑ کر لائیں گی۔ تب اثر ہوگا ورنہ کوئی فائدہ نہ ہوگا۔ وہ عورت بہت پریشان ہوگئی اور مایوس ہو کر واپس آگئی اور اپنی سہیلیوں کو بتایا۔ایک سہیلی نے مشورہ دیا کہ کام تو مشکل ہے مگر ناممکن نہیں، تم ایسا کرو کہ روزانہ پانچ کلو گوشت لیکر جنگل جایا کرو اور جہاں شیر آتا ہے وہاں ڈال کر چھپ جاؤ۔ کچھ عرصہ بعد شیر کے سامنے جا کر ڈالو وہ گوشت کا عادی ہو جائیگا۔تم اس کے قریب جاکر گوشت ڈالنا شروع کر دینا اور اس کی گردن پر پیار سے ہاتھ پھیرنا شروع کر دینا اور جب شیر تم سے مانوس ہو جائے تو گردن سے بال اکھیڑ لینا۔اس عورت کو بات پسند آئی، دوسرے دن ہی اس نے گوشت لیا اور جنگل گئی اور گوشت ڈال کے چھپ گئی، شیر آیا گوشت کھایا اور چلا گیا۔اس عورت نے ایک ماہ تک ایسا کیا، ایک ماہ بعد اس نے شیر کے سامنے جا کر گوشت ڈالنا شروع کر دیا تاکہ شیر کو پتہ چل سکے کہ اس کی خدمت کون کرتا ہے۔کچھ عرصہ بعد شیر بھی عورت سے مانوس ہو گیا تھا، عورت نے شیر کی گردن پر آہستہ آہستہ پیار سے ہاتھ پھیرنا شروع کر دیا. ایک دن عورت نے موقع دیکھ شیر کی گردن سے بال اکھیڑا اور خوشی خوشی پیر صاحب کے پاس پہنچ گئی اور بال پیر صاحب کو دیا اور کہا کہ میں شیر کی گردن سے بال اکھیڑ کر لے آئی ہوں اب آپ عمل شروع کریں۔پیر صاحب نے پوچھا: کیسے لائی ہو؟تو عورت نے پوری تفصیل بتا دی۔پیر صاحب مسکرایا اور کہا کہ کیا تمہارا شوہر اس جنگلی درندے سے بھی زیادہ خطرناک ہے؟ جوکہ خونخوار ہوتاہے، جس کی تم نے چند دن خدمت کی اور وہ تم سے اتنا مانوس ہو گیا کہ تم نے اس کی گردن سے بال اکھیڑ لیا اور اس نے تمہیں کچھ بھی نہیں کہا تمہارے شوہر کے ساتھ بھی پیٹ لگا ہوا ہے تم اس کی خدمت کرو جب جنگلی درندہ خدمت سے اتنا مانوس ہو سکتا ہے تو ایک باشعور انسان بھی آپ کے تابع ہو سکتا ہے۔
  13. We’ve seen grand entries to weddings. Some have entered their weddings on hoverboards, some have taken to bikes. Most recently, a groom made his entry in the epic Triple H style. After all, a marriage is no less than a wrestling match in the ring. The only difference is you get no referee in marriage. © YouTube Taking the ‘grand’ to another level altogether, a groom in Multan chose to enter his wedding on a lion. Yes, an effing lion. King of the jungle. The animal that roars and devours deer. In what draws a collective facepalm from the internet, the groom chose a lion instead of the standard horse. He was welcomed like a ‘king’, of course. Reported by ARY News, the wedding was king-size, with the bride’s side offering a huge-figure meher. Bro, since you are so brave, why not ride the lion without a cage? After all, YOLO!
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