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Found 10 results

  1. The second edition of the Riders Music Festival has created waves ahead of its opening day on December 22 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. As much as it is a celebration of the biking community in the country, it is also a carnival that brings in other elements, like music “With the ever-evolving biking community and the increasing fad of motorcycles every year in our country, we believe there should be something for everybody,” believes Nisha Narayanan, COO RED FM. “What's better than to bring together an amalgamation of biking, music, grub and more for that perfect concoction to make your weekend a memorable one. Riders Music Festival was a huge success in its inception year in 2017. This year we look forward to the IP becoming bigger, better, and louder. Let the bikes roar & the music play,” she adds. Here are a few of the big Indian performers that you can catch live at this extravaganza. 1. Mame Khan The manganiyar singer is known for his expertise in traditional Folk and Sufi music. He is a former India's Got Talent contestant and found instant success with his rendition of the song Chaudhary for MTV India's music show Coke Studio. 2. Lucky Ali A cult star of the 90s, Lucky Ali barely needs any introduction to the generation that grew up listening to his songs and idolising him in those uber cool music videos. For the ones who are not well acquainted with him, check out a few of his tracks and prepare yourself to fall in love with his soulful brand of music. 3. Nucleya One of the biggest Indian DJs and mixers of this decade, Udyan Sagar became a countrywide phenomenon with his kitsch, bass-heavy sound that was immediately lapped up by the masses. His USP is a very distinct and unique usage of Indian street sounds that has earned him a reputation of someone who is bridging the gap between indie and mainstream in a way that few others have. 4. Divine Born with the name Vivian Fernandes, Divine's rise from the streets of Mumbai to India's coolest rap sensation has been nothing short of a dream. But behind the realisation of this dream have been many years of hard work that yielded superhit numbers like Yeh Mera Bombay and Mere Gully Mei. 5. Bhuvan Bam One of our cover stars for the month of December, Bhuvan Bam started his stage career as a musician in small-time Delhi restaurants. It took a back seat when he started making videos for his Youtube channel BB Ki Vines, but his first love has resurfaced with tracks like Safar and Sang Hoon Tere. And he's surely as good at singing as he is at other things.
  2. Seems like Virat Kohli cannot stop being in the news . Whether its his airport look, a fabulous inning, his selfie with Anushka or his birthday, the cricketer always finds his way in the trending zone of social media. Currently he is facing the ire of many people on social media after certain remarks he made while reading comments on his recently launched app. Virat Kohli's video of asking fans to not live in India if they like foreign batsmen is going viral and many do not like it at all. Is #Kohli asking his non-Indian fans to leave their country and come to Indiað¤ð¤.. Or to sort their priorities? #WTF pic.twitter.com/tRAX4QbuZI — H (@Hramblings) November 6, 2018 Leave India if you like foreign batsmen more than Indians - Virat Kohli to a fan. You made truckloads of money by playing not an Indian game, Kohli, but an Englishman's game. And that's ok?#ViratKohli — à®à®¾à®©à¯ (@Janu_Bhaskar_) November 7, 2018 People are questioning his own words now and wonder if he is anti-national. U anti-national, if Roger Federer is ur idol then u better leave India and stay in his country... shame on you #ViratKohli #Kohli — kzc (@kzc940) November 7, 2018 His Favourite cricketer is South Africa's Gibs. ðð and he did his marriage out of India . #ViratKohli pic.twitter.com/tqMU1nbyE8 — ðð®ð¤ðð¬ð¡ ðð¨ð­ð¥ð ð (@OfficialSukesh) November 7, 2018 Someone digged out an old clip of Kohli claiming his favourite cricketer is Gibbs. I'm @imVkohli and my favourite cricketer is Harsal Gibs! [2008] Did anyone asked you to leave your country ? #ViratKohli pic.twitter.com/Mpn2jrWVg9 — Abdul (@GuruJiPolitical) November 7, 2018 Also people aren't cool about the fact that his own choice of wedding venue was in fact not his own country. His remarks might be light and jocular in nature but cricket fans have found it to be absolutely unsavoury in nature. I'm @imVkohli and my favourite cricketer is Harsal Gibs! [2008] Did anyone asked you to leave your country ? #ViratKohli pic.twitter.com/Mpn2jrWVg9 — Abdul (@GuruJiPolitical) November 7, 2018 If you don't like India Cars, “I think you should leave the country” ð#ViratKohli https://t.co/6cdJxZ6XnB — Tuglaq (@anonymousindia4) November 7, 2018 Well, never underestimate the power of a true patriotic Indian.
  3. Will Smith - for every millennial who has been into Hollywood movies (or not), the name evokes the face of this ever-smiling personality who is known for his flamboyant gestures and witty remarks, as much as for his acting skills. However, there's something more that stands out about this goofball of a man, and that is his wisdom, and his way with words. Will Smith is known to have delivered some of Hollywood's most remarkable dialogues, but even off the screen, his pearls of wisdom have continued to inspire and motivate people to be a better version of themselves. The following quotes by Will Smith will not only inspire a man in his 20s, but shall also lend a life-changing perspective to things and situations you're living through. Read on to behold the gems: © MensXP Dream, dream, and dream. That's the basic gist of what he is trying to say here. We must not give in to the temptation of abandoning our dreams to keep up with reality, and thereby leading a mediocre life. © MensXP Life is the best teacher, and Smith totally agrees. All the big, life-altering lessons are learnt outside the four walls of the classroom. Experiences and interactions continue to add value to our lives till the very end. © MensXP 20s can often be pretty challenging in a lot of ways. From college to jobs and relationships, we end up undertaking and welcoming a lot of new things into our lives. But Smith reminds us of the importance of valuing ourselves before we begin to chase after people in the hopes of a “shared dream”. © MensXP Our twenties also turn out to be the time when the most number of interactions and associations take place in our lives. However, Smith believes that we must save ourselves from the impending disappointment when we place excessive confidence and faith in the wrong people. © MensXP One's 20s are kind of always brimming with uncertainties and doubts, because of the ever-changing and evolving state of our life during the time. However, we mustn't betray ourselves and instead be our own cheerleaders. We must come to believe we have it in us to do it. © MensXP The concept of love remains to be pretty twisted throughout this time, due to heartbreaks and adulting. But Smith makes sense when he says women aren't the only ones who deserve our love. We have to love our dreams and aspirations, our achievements as well as our failures to be able to shine. © MensXP Having a facade in your 20s is apparently a thing these days, but obviously, it's an absolute waste of time. In trying to keep up with it, we're losing ourselves to the hypocrites. © MensXP Focus and perseverance are the two qualities Smith swears by. He is a firm believer that hard work and grit are the biggest tools of success, which only comes to pass if we believe in our dreams and desires. © MensXP Another one where we can surely learn from the man himself. His antics and confidence are a total hit with women, who simply drool over the confidence and oomph the man exudes. We must chant this mantra whenever in doubt. © MensXP Smith has been known for his struggles and how he rose from the ashes after. Smith has inspired millions of people, yet what they hold most dear is his determination to carve his own destiny and live his life on his own terms. That's exactly how our thought-process in the 20s should be like. Don't you agree already that the man deserves an Oscar for his contributions that go beyond the realm of his marvellous acting on-screen?
  4. Even though the couple continues to remain tight-lipped about it, the entire nation has already begun the pre-celebrations for the upcoming wedding of Bollywood's most beloved duo, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. © Twitter While they haven't really said it in words, Ranveer's reaction is confirmation enough for the most of us. How so, you ask? Well, we have a certain Tanmay Bhat to thank. © Twitter Tanmay called up Ranveer during an Instagram live on Sunday. The two men laughed and joked and it was then, when Tanmay asked him the question the whole nation has been waiting to know. Updates | P1: Ranveer Singh and Tanmay Bhat joined Instagram Live Chat - “for y'all wondering why I am being this way I am pulling his leg this is just our equation whenever he does respond he is always warm and great “- Tanmay talk about the comments he leaves under RS's posts pic.twitter.com/Xf0eNlvnqz — Ranveer Singh TB (@RanveerSinghtbt) September 9, 2018 While Ranveer didn't really answer the question and opted for a safe reply, his reaction gave us a clue that the rumours might not be canard after all. After a few minutes into the conversation, Tanmay asked, “I have one question, shaadi kab hai (when is the wedding)? To which Ranveer replied, “Ae chalna! What are you? F*cking Pinkvilla?.” Ranveer's reply reduced both of them to a laughing mess. Updates | P3: Ranveer Singh and Tanmay Bhat joined instagram Live Chat - ( Tanmay Asking Ranveer about the wedding + how he feels about the comments he leaves under his posts + telling the story of how they met ð) pic.twitter.com/u4rKK7APYm — Ranveer Singh TB (@RanveerSinghtbt) September 10, 2018 Recently, even Deepika was asked about her wedding during an event organised by the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO). However, the actress didn't quite appreciate the question being asked and said, “I am certainly not answering this question...it's an extremely insensitive question to ask at an event like this.” The rumours of the two getting hitched began in full-blown proportion after Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding. Reports now suggest that the two will say their vows on November 20 in an intimate ceremony at Italy's Lake Como. © Twitter It is also being said that a grand pooja will be organised before the marriage in Bangalore, and the couple will later throw a splendid reception in Mumbai for their B-town buddies.
  5. Last week I laid out the first 5 golden rules to live by if you are trying to bulk. This week, with this piece, I dive further into 5 more things that you must befriend during the process of l bulking. 1. Accept Little Bit Of Fat Gain You will gain a bit of fat, feel soft and maybe even look a little chubby. That comes in with natural bulking. A caloric surplus will do it for you over a long bulking course. Better make peace with it or you will find yourself doing a lot of unnecessary cardio and eventually, ruin your bulk. You 'might just' avoid fat gain only if- a. You are new to training. b. Taking steroids. c. Already have a very skinny frame. The amount of fat you gain on a bulking phase will also depend on your genetics, your way of bulking (Clean/Dirty), choice of food and macro ratio. 2. Don't Completely Cut Fat From Diet © Thinkstock To avoid fat gain during a bulk, another stupid thing people do is cut all the fat sources from diet. Butter, high fat milk and egg yolks are thrown away! Don't forget that fats are needed to maintain optimal hormonal function. Long term low fat diets result in low testosterone which will affect your muscle gaining goals negatively. As a rule of thumb, make sure to eat at least 0.8gm of fat/kg of your bodyweight. For a 60 kg dude, it means at least 48gm of fat per day. 3) Follow The Plan Consistently Thanks to social media, it's really easy nowadays to get side-tracked from a diet. Stick to a plan for at least 4-6 weeks before trying anything new. It`s not a special diet, supplement or technique that gets you closer to your goal. It`s the discipline and consistency which does the job. 4) Add More Meals, If Your Appetite Is Small © Thinkstock It's completely fine if you can't eat big in every sitting. Just distribute your food in more number of meals and eat at convenience. The point is to take in more calories by any means possible. 5) Use Digestive Enzymes When Needed Eating a lot of food doesn't necessarily mean that your digestion will ramp up as well. In fact, in most cases, a lot of food intake over the course of the day slows down digestion. If you face indigestion, bloating, gas or irregular stools, start using good quality digestive enzymes. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  6. I am sure you are familiar with the concept of 'bulking'. So, before I lay down the 5 golden rules for putting on mass, here are a few things that you must always consider first: 1) Bulking requires you to eat plenty of food, which you may not be used to. 2) A little bit of fat gain in the bulking phase is completely fine. Don`t fret over it. 3) Consistency is a must for a successful bulk. 4) Utilizing gym time doing more compound exercises is better than isolation work when bulking. Almost everyone in the gym culture, at some point in time, feels unhappy at their current size and wants to take their physique to the next level by adding more mass. This doesn`t come easy especially when you are an ectomorph aka a skinny dude. 1. Stop Doing Any Form Of Steady State Cardio. Stick To Walking Most people have this fear of getting fat when on a bulking phase. So in order to counter that, they will try adding more and more sessions of aerobic workouts in their training, which doesn`t really makes sense. You see them running like mad cows or marrying the stationary bike. Cutting and bulking strategies are two very different things and should be treated like that- differently, not simultaneously. If you fail at gaining weight, then cardio is not for you! © YouTube 2) Keep The Rep Range From 6-8 By this, I mean training certain compound lifts like rows, squats, presses, deadlifts etc in the 6-8 rep range. Muscle grows by various mechanisms and mechanical tension is one of them. If you are always lifting in bodybuilding rep range (considered 6-15 usually), you are missing out on a lot of potential to gain a considerable amount of strength, which the 6-8 rep range can provide. 3) Prioritize Rest. Take More Off Days You don`t need to hit the gym every day to gain muscle mass. Training 3-4 days with good intensity can get you there. Resting properly before hitting the gym will allow your body to recover quickly, restore glycogen levels and not let the stress hormone 'cortisol' kill your gains. © Thinkstock Images 4) Use Creatine Creatine is one of the most studied supplements in the field of sports nutrition and is completely safe (unless you have kidney issues or high BP). I`ve been personally using it for the last 6 years without any issues. Just make sure you drink enough water along with it to maximize results. Supplementing with creatine helps you produce more ATP, or in other words, it increases body ATP reserves which in turn gives you more energy to lift more and grow more (provided you are eating enough). Read more about creatine here. 5) Learn To Eat, A LOT! Failure to eat is the failure to get big. Set your surplus calories and get chewing. Track your weight. If it goes up, stick to the set surplus. If it doesn't, add more calories slowly and steadily. If you can eat anymore, add shakes. But the point is to be very consistent with eating. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  7. There's something magical about a kullad of steaming chai made on a roadside stall on a rainy day. Nothing is better than having a cup of chai in good weather. Tea is undoubtedly the favourite drink of India. It is, in fact, more than just a drink. It's a cult. Drinking chai in our country is more of a social act, an excuse to sit back and relax. Coffee might be its fashionable cousin that plays cupid for youngsters, but there's no beating the good old charm of a warm cup of tea. No matter how hot it might get, we will still drink that cup of chai after switching on the AC. If it rains by any chance during the summer, chai and pakodas it is! We Indians just need an excuse to have our favourite beverage. Here are ten signs that prove tea has, by default, become our national drink and we can't live without it. 1. A slight drizzle outside, and the first thing you want is chai. 2. Sutta with tea on a bad day at work is the perfect recipe to wash the blues away. 3. In office, “Chal yar chai peene chalte hain” makes you go like this. 4. No work gets done on the day the tea machine at office breaks down or the pantry guy is absent. 5. Whenever guests come over, tea is the logical choice after Namaste. 6. Many of us can't wake up without a cup of tea right in the morning. 7. Making tea is the first thing everyone learns to make. 8. Having a bad day? Got a headache? Tea is the solution for everything. 9. This is orgasmic for many of us. 10. You need tea even if you are not a tea lover. Photo: © insightwalk (dot) com (Main Image)
  8. In 2008, a family comedy show made its way into our lives and changed the TV viewership pattern for a lot of people, including mine. I am talking about the show 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma', which has been going strong for 10 years now and ruling the Indian entertainment world, as one of the most watched light comedy shows. Neela Telefilms In fact, I am sure I am not the only one who emulates Daya Ben's funny accent and her kickass Garba skills, whenever I get time. Her quirky style and that of the other characters were loved by celebrities so much over the years, that stars often wished to come on the show to promote their movies. However, Monday brought one of the saddest news for all the 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma' fans. Actor Kavi Kumar Azaad, who played the beloved character Dr. Hansraj Haathi and entertained us with his funny antics, passed away this afternoon after suffering a cardiac arrest. The news was confirmed by the show's producer, Asit Kumarr Modi who said “We are very sad to inform the loss of our senior actor Kavi Kumar Azaad. He was playing the character of Dr. Hathi in 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma'. We lost him to a massive cardiac arrest today morning. He was an amazing actor and a very positive person.” He further said, “He truly loved the show and always came for the shoot even if he was not feeling well. He called today morning that he is not well and will not be able to come for the shoot. And later we got the news that he passed away. We are all too numb to say anything.” Kavi played the role of Dr. Hathi for almost eight years. Apart from this serial, Dr. Hathi was also a part of movies like 'Mela' and 'Funtoosh'. Although Dr. Hathi is not with us anymore, his best moments from the show will forever stay in our hearts.
  9. So if you’ve ever thought, I wonder why or how Jarrod Kimber writes like that, here’s a glimpse inside my head. You can sign up for the course here. View the full article
  10. This week, the team have been discussing the one thing they can not live without. Some found this a hard question to answer. What is the one thing you cannot live without? A tricky question for some. Could you pick just one thing? Brandon (Senior tech support and development) My family is my saving grace and escape, and even though they're (collectively) the ones typically causing me the most work I wouldn't trade them for anything. Mark H (Tech support) I believe my choice would have to be "good coffee". I can deal with no phone, even deal with no credit card. But no coffee? The horror.... the horror. (2 points for naming the reference). Marc S (Tech Support) For me, no matter how much I like my computer, and look around for my phone before I do so much as make a coffee, it would have to be speakers. Not because I have a decent set of speakers, and don't even have to be my own speakers, but something that can play music. Whether I'm doing tickets, developing, cleaning, driving, sat in my office or sat in a bar, its the one thing I cant do without. Rhett (Cloud Support) The question really has two answers, On the tech side, it would be my iPhone, I can do anything from it you can think of really and my go to device for communication of all sorts. In life in general, that's an easy one, "My children, they are the center of my life, and really all that matters is I have them by my side!" Matt (Senior Developer) The one "thing" means I don't have to say family or kids! So I definitely think it has to be my MacBook Pro. I switched from a traditional desktop set-up earlier in the year and haven't looked back. I like being able to pick up my MacBook and carry on working while out and about. When I'm home, I plug it up to my two external monitors and it performs as well as any desktop. Jennifer (Designer) My iPhone. There is no worse thing than leaving my house without being able to check my chat programs or to be able to play Pokemon Go. Daniel (Senior tech support and development) The nerd in me can't live without alfredapp to automate all the things! ( check out their great forum https://www.alfredforum.com ) And the two hours a day of free time I get, I couldn't be without my son and bike. Stuart (Senior tech support and development) I pretty much couldn't be without my laptop, I use it for everything from Gaming, Films to Work. Is there one thing that you can't be without? Let us know below!