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  1. If I gave you 10 seconds to think of all the times your parents went out of their way to make your day better, how many such incidents do you reckon will come to your mind? Five, thirteen, twenty-eight odd times or would it be seventy times too many to count? Take 10 seconds and just think about it. © Dharma Productions Chances are many of you could think of a hundred different occasions when your parents found the most innovative ways to make your day better, or your life significantly easier. You see, thatâs how most parents are wired, they wonât think twice before fulfilling our most earnest desires, even if it might put them in a spot. © Junglee Pictures So, when young football lover Sebastian went to the stadium to support his favourite team, his father ensured that visually-challenged Sebastianâs excitement and love for the game doesnât see a single dull moment. And hereâs what Sebastianâs father did to make sure his son doesnât miss a thing. He relayed every move that happened on-ground to his son by way of a personal commentary only meant for Sebastian! View this post on InstagramAyer tuve la oportunidad de vivir un lindo acto que me conmovió mucho, quiero compartirlo con todos ustedes, estando en el estadio metropolitano pude apreciar la pasión y el amor que siente un padre hacia su hijo, el mismo amor que sienten por el equipo de sus amores Junior. Sebastian es un hermoso niño con deficiencia visual, pero esto no le impide sentir la pasión por su equipo, su padre con dedicación y empeño le transmite cada una de las jugadas y toque a toque del balón que corre en la cancha. Que la discapacidad o la enfermedad no se convierta en un límite para tu vida ðð» Pdt - Pedi permiso al señor para grabarlo y hacer pública su acción â¤ï¸ #JuniorEsMiPasionA post shared by (@junioresmipasion) In a video that was recorded during the match at Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez in Barranquilla, we can see the father-son duo sporting Junior FC jerseys, as Sebastian gets live minute-by-minute details of the on-going game. © Instagram The video which was shared on the teamâs fan page âJunior Es Mi Pasionâ has since gone viral and came with a caption which read, âSebastian is a beautiful child with visual impairment, but this does not prevent him from feeling passion for his team, his father with dedication and commitment transmits each of the plays.â Itâs amazing isnât it, how parents would do anything to put a smile on our faces, and ensure that we donât miss out on the good things in life? View the full article
  2. Arguably one of the greatest footballers of all time, Diego Maradona's story is as frustrating as it is enthralling. As much praise and success he achieved through his footballing talent, Maradona's contrasting sides, equally, garnered criticism and brought disrepute to his legacy. His success and controversy always walked hand-in-hand. Maradona's unprecedented glory has always found the controversial elements lurking just around the corner. Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, the darker and more controversial side of Maradona ensures it gets worse. © Reuters Maradona's is the rarest of the rare stories where a footballer is not only the hero, but also the villain of his own script. And, the billions who followed Maradona would agree that the football legend became many men over the years: hero, villain, rape accused, drug addict and many other things. His cocaine addiction traces back to 1982 and Maradona became a regular user of the substance during his stint with Napoli. In 1991, he was even handed a 15-month ban for testing positive for cocaine after a Serie A match with Napoli. It was also the same year when he was charged with cocaine use and possession in Argentina and held in jail for a day. the technical staff covering Maradona from the cameras while he gets a small bag of coke. Dfkm pic.twitter.com/Oh33zzufr6 â Kevin (@BraziIianTr3nt) February 18, 2020It's been over 18 years since Maradona played his final testimonial match in Buenos Aires, but rather than being hailed as a legend like others, he continues to garner limelight for his substance abuse. In a recent case, a video of Maradona is doing the rounds on social media which shows the former Argentina footballer being handed what is speculated to be a bag of cocaine in the dugout. While the authenticity of the video remains questionable, it continues to garner all sorts of reactions on Twitter. After snorting pic.twitter.com/emHDJcyc81 â SB. (@Lionexionel) February 18, 2020 pic.twitter.com/j4iG1AtxNq â Brandol (@BGonzalez588) February 18, 2020Why would he do it in a live match, guy is at the highest level of addiction it seems, can't even control it for hour and half, wrong idol. â Circle (@Circle0123210) February 18, 2020@cameronharris12 the man is crazy a hahahahah â Lewisclose99 (@lewisclose99) February 18, 2020All of his boys are in on it and know the drill ?? â Cameron Harris (@cameronharris12) February 18, 2020@_SeanAspinall @WhatJoeSaid28 Only 4 mins into the game too â Lee Hitch (@leehitchh) February 18, 2020Wtf ?????? â Oshri Moualem (@MoualemOshri) February 18, 2020 pic.twitter.com/noXzMNferj â Shockwave Rider (@rlees101) February 18, 2020Check when the player on the bench points to the cameras - they all try and block the view ???? â Bill nelson (@Billywhizz12345) February 18, 2020The man needs putting down he's a disgrace â Michael Winter (@mickywint) February 18, 2020 View the full article
  3. A reporterâs job might seem easy but believe us, it isnât. From dealing with hostile weather conditions to being spontaneous on live television and tackling unruly public, the challenges never cease to end. A video has recently surfaced on the internet, in which an Iraqi weatherman is reporting in hostile weather conditions undeterred by the unruly passersby. © Twitter Safan Al Madany Despite the continuous snowball attacks on him by the passersby, the viral video showcases him continuing with his live reporting completely undisturbed. This reaction of the weatherman has now won hearts online. Check out the video here- BOMBARDED: TV weatherman falls victim to a snowball attack while reporting on wintry weather in Iraq. https://t.co/OGfKf8igd0 pic.twitter.com/bkKqNjU1V6 â ABC News (@ABC) February 15, 2020The video was recorded near Sulaymaniyah and was shared by ABC News on Twitter along with a caption that read, âBOMBARDED: TV weatherman falls victim to a snowball attack while reporting on wintry weather in Iraq.â Everyone from kids to grown ups kept on throwing snowballs at the reporter as he was reporting live and only stopped once he completed the segment. The people on the internet are loving the video and hereâs what they have to say- Indeed. Itâs good to see Iraqis having fun again. â â Jim Dandie â ï¸ (@realjimdandie) February 15, 2020True. Considering what we were seeing 15 years ago, throwing snowballs is a sign of major improvement. â Jeff Schmitt (@jefflschmitt) February 15, 2020We agree. This is the best thing Iâve seen all day! â John Alexander (@JAlexander0002) February 15, 2020Hahahhaha.. I never heard of snow in Iraq. He is handling it well, given being hit with snow lol. â RayneDropsFallingOnMyHead (@Raynedrops999) February 15, 2020Hainah? People can be so disrespectful. â Kindness rocks (@Kindnessrocks5) February 15, 2020This one is really funny. Dude, you gotta fight back! Multi task! â Lee Wojeczonak (@wojeczonak) February 15, 2020Oh..ho! Poor guy𤣠â messier31 (@messier31) February 15, 2020Thatâs very difficult. Not losing his cool â KTT (@kinzangKTT24) February 15, 2020In over a hundred years, Baghdad has witnessed snowfall only twice, once this year and earlier in 2008. View the full article
  4. Letâs get one thing clear - mothers are amazing! I am pretty sure they created superheroes after real-life mothers and the sense of loyalty, selflessness and dedication that comes with them. I mean itâs almost unbelievable the amount of unconditional love and a bottomless pool of forgiveness that our mothers are capable of bestowing. View this post on InstagramSundayâs ð¤ð³ - Today, I got to spend the day catching up with my Mum. Iâm glad that we have so much in common. We appreciate simple things - quality food, spending time outdoors & getting engrossed in a good book ð - Like Iâve mentioned before, by the time youâve turned 18, the average person has spent over 90% of the time theyâll ever spend with their parents ð³ Iâm determined to be an outlier with regard to that statistic ðð¾ - Iâll do that by avoiding routine tasks which arenât intrinsically valuable. Since Mum brought me several weeks worth of RNS meals, I wonât have to worry about going to the shops, chopping, peeling, cooking, etc. Not only do I not have to do those tasks, I donât even need to think about what Iâll be eating. Itâs one less decision to make every 3/4 hours ð - Having become acclimatised to our incredible commercial kitchen at RNS HQ, Iâm also not sure I could face the prospect of a student kitchen anyway 𤣠- Want to spend more time with your parents? How about more time with your friends? More time relaxing, focusing on yourself?ðð½ââðð»ââ - For An Extra 7 Hours Of Free Time Every Week, Visit RNSMEALS.COM ð¤ðð¾ð±A post shared by (@rice_n_spice_) They give up their life, interests, hobbies and even careers to ensure we, their kids, have a smooth transition through life. From taking care of our most basic needs to helping us with studies, building relationships, becoming a decent human being and every other thing under the sun, mothers tend to do it all with a smile, expecting almost nothing in return. View this post on InstagramThis time last year, I remember questioning Jhai & Mumâs commitment. I told them we need to eat, breathe & sleep the business, or this time next year, there would be no business ð¢ - Things are different now. I watch Jhai negotiating or managing & I watch Mum communicating or making decisions. Iâm a nit picker & love throwing in my 2 pence but Iâm struggling to add much ð𤭠- Itâs incredible to think that theyâre now more integral to the business than I am. I couldnât be prouder of them ðð - There were lots of points during the past year when I thought I couldâve just gone into a job where the salary wouldâve eclipsed my household income, or I could be at uni with my friends. But I look back on the impact the last 12 months has had on my family, and I wouldnât change it for the world ð¤ - Iâm so passionate about RNS because thereâs nothing more precious than family. Not only does RNS enable me to spend more time with my family, but because we improve the health of our clients, they are less stressed, more energetic & have more time to spend with their families â¤ð¨âð©âð¦âð¦ - What an incredible business ð¤ð - Care about your family? ð¤ - Visit RNSMEALS.COM, letâs Free Up Your Time, Reduce Your Stress & Increase Your Energy ðð¾ð±A post shared by (@rice_n_spice_) A warm smile, a simple kiss or maybe a quick hug is all it takes for mothers to forget about all of their discomforts. A bit of that, and they happily go on being the dutiful mothers that they are. Thatâs pretty much how brothers Jhai and Simmy Dhillon remember their mother Kal. As teenagers Jhai and Simmy, now 24 and 23-years-old respectively, realised that their mother had given up a lot and especially a chance at a great career in order to bring them up. View this post on InstagramâWho took the last Protein Waffle? ð¤â - Mum loves her RNS meals. Sheâs not a fan of sweet potato but she enjoys rice & burrito meals. She doesnât eat beef but she loves peri chicken ðð¯ð - Initially, it was difficult to get Mum to use the meals for herself. Like many, she believed meal prep was just for âgym headsâ, that she couldnât eat protein waffles because they had âproteinâ in the name ð¤¦ð½ââï¸ - Whilst we serve a number of âgym is lifeâ & âprofessional athletesâ clients, what we seek to achieve for ALL clients is for them to become Happy, Healthy people ð - So yes, it was Mum who pinched the last pot of protein waffles 𤣠But look at her - more energetic, healthier & happier even as she grows older ðµð½ð - If you donât like the sound of âmeal prepâ or âhigh proteinâ, donât call it that. Just call it âlunchâ, âdinnerâ or âgood foodâ ð¤·ð½ââï¸ . - Donât like the sounds of meal prep? Fair enough. How about âquality food prepared for you, enabling you time save time, improve your health and become happy & healthierâ?ð­ - Sound good? Just Visit RNSMEALS.COM to get started ðð¾ð¤ð±A post shared by (@rice_n_spice_) Thatâs when they decided to do something that would help their mother Kal retire from her job as a general staff member at Tesco, where she had been working for the last 20 years! Thatâs how the two brothers opened their own meal preparation business âRice n Spice Mealsâ and slowly helped their mother transition into a new role within her own company. Read about the familyâs terrific journey here: View this post on InstagramMumâs worked in the same job since before I was born. Itâs unglamorous yet it provided her with the flexibility to spend time with us growing up ððð¾ð¦ð½ð¦ð½ - When I turned 18, I became aware that weâd prevented Mum from having a career. I felt guilty so I promised Mum that Iâd find her a new career. I quickly realised that the world doesnât make it easy for a woman to spend 20 years prioritising her kids, and then start a âcareerâ ð - There were options available, yet I knew none would improve Mumâs quality of life. Jobs would pay more, yet theyâd be unfulfilling. Courses promised development, yet werenât designed for someone who hadnât seen a classroom in 2 decades ð - Failing to accept defeat, I had one last idea - I told mum that the best way for her to learn & develop would be to work in a business which I created, so that I could teach her ð¤ - Fast forward 5 years and this week, Mum turns 49. Sheâs been helping us with RNS for 3 years whilst reducing hours in her current job. We challenge her to solve problems. We give her responsibility to lead. We encourage her to innovate ð­ - Today, Mum visited Bristol & I was able to give her the green light: âHand in your notice Mum, youâll never work for anyone else again.â ðð¤ - Itâs incredible what impact you can have on people when you invest time into their development. Itâs what we seek to do with all of our clients & staff, not just with Mum, and that will never change ð¤ - Visit RNSMEALS.COM and weâll treat you the way we treat our Mum ðð¾ð¤ðA post shared by (@rice_n_spice_) Today, Jhai and Simmy have helped their mother retire at 49 and given her the freedom to do whatever she wants to, with enough security for the rest of her life. Kal has now taken the responsibility to utilise her time helping her sons with the family business, as she tries her hands at different aspects of running and growing the business. View this post on InstagramLike Clockwork ð¤©ð° - Now that weâve got an incredible kitchen team, Jhaiâs playing football again & Iâm back at Uni, we spend far less time at RNS HQð - In fact, itâs rare that both Jhai & I are able to spend Saturday at RNS HQ. However, this week we did ð¤ð­ - It was the first time Iâve been at HQ and not touched anything. I stood & observed, notebook & pen in hand. I watched with pride - our kitchen; professional, efficient & composed ð - Weâre helping more clients than ever before, weâre running smoothly and yet I donât believe weâre out of first gear ðð¢ - The food is better than ever, our new website makes clients lives even easier & results are flowing 𥳠- Weâve increased capacity and weâre ready to help even more people live Happier Healthier lives ð¤ - If you think we could help you, Visit RNSMEALS.COM to get startedð±ðð¾ð¦ð½ð¦ð½A post shared by (@rice_n_spice_) Talking about his motherâs latest move, Jhai said, "She helps out with the business a couple of times a week by managing the shifts and sits in on meetings and calls on strategy or marketing. But she now does this as she enjoys it and it's her 'new baby' rather than because she has to for work. She spends the rest of her week reading, going to the gym or doing yoga now." View this post on InstagramThere were times when I thought about stopping RNS, itâs a huge time commitment, I donât take a salary & there are lots of other more lucrative ways I could spend my time ð¤ - I havenât considered stopping for the past year since weâve had staff but the reason I didnât stop before was Mum.. - Growing up Mum made her life fit around us but only more recently have I come to realise how much she must have sacrificed for us over the past 20 years ð¤ - Sheâs extremely content with life and never asks us for anything, but I thought it would be great to give mum a job she enjoys, itâs the least we could do ð¦ð½ð¦ð½ð¤ - We want Mum around for as long as possible, so weâre trying to build a happy, healthy lifestyle for her. We want her to consume food that will promote longevity & which she enjoys eating. We also want to give her meaningful work which will provide her with a sense of purpose and which is challenging enough to keep her sharp ð§ - Mumâs the reason we are who we are. So sheâs the reason weâll ensure RNS is a success â¤ï¸ðµð½ðA post shared by (@rice_n_spice_) âRice n Spiceâ provides healthy meals which are delivered chilled on Sunday for people to use throughout the week, and this family is an inspiration for having done a lot of good through this single initiative. Way to go! View the full article
  5. 2020 should be the year of firsts. I mean, it's the actual end of a decade and the beginning of a brand new one, so if you add things you've never accomplished before, to the 2020 list, there is a possibility of absolute success. Well TBH, I am not sure about that but there's no harm in being thoroughly optimistic, is there? © Thinkstock In the same vein, if you've been searching for love and haven't found it yet, there's a good chance that you can find it in the new year. Letting go of old dating patterns and finding new ones is the best thing to do, to shed some negativity where love is concerned and you can only do that, if you truly believe you will find it. We can help you a little more in recognising and knowing what you need to do to find brand new live in 2020, or fall in love for the first time in an absolutely new decade. Here are 3 ways you can find love in 2020! (1) Make Sure You're Ready To Date While heartbreaks are synonymous with bringing in the new year, you have to know for certain if you're ready and willing to date someone new. If you're not, that's alright too, take your time. Sometimes a bad break up or the fact that you're still stuck in the single's haze can make you realise you're not ready to move on with anyone at all. So, weigh your feelings and if you're ready to date, put yourself out in the market. © MENSXP (2) Get Off The Apps Sure you can still use apps to find that significant other. That's the only way to find someone these days, TBH. But if you want to explore this a little further, maybe finding someone organically can be better. Be more social in your endeavours, head out more and meet people. Not just at bars, but at social gatherings, festivals, events and things that happen around the city. Chances are you might meet someone with similar interests. © Youtube (3) Declutter Your Surroundings Since it's the new year and possibly the new you, start by decluttering everything around you. Things you don't need, things that are lying around gathering dust. This is an important exercise to make space not just in your immediate surrounding but also your mind and the emotional space, inside. If you have to welcome someone new into your life, it's best to declutter the past or any other emotional baggage you've been holding onto. Cleaning your immediate surrounding and decluttering your space can help a great deal with this. © Thinkstock While 2020 comes with a lot of promises, it's also a challenging decade. Finding love should be one such challenge because honestly, it's time we go back to finding love organically, in a more old-school way, only because it lasts longer. So, here's conjuring a boatload of luck for you to find the love you need in the year 2020. View the full article
  6. Mobile apps have shaped the way we live our lives today. I've used that phrase far too many times in the last couple of years. People tell me I say that a lot because I am a tech geek and happen to use a lot more apps than others in my social circles. But that's not really the case. I say that because apps have truly changed the way we live our lives. And it's not an exaggeration. Just think about the speed at which we can get things done today. The reach of these apps extends far beyond just basic communication. When was the last time you called up a number to order food? The same goes for commutes and countless other aspects of our lives. Whether it's changed our lives for better or worse is beyond the scope of this piece, but I am going to try my best and list out the apps that have truly changed the way we live today - Note: The below list represents apps in no particular order. Facebook - An Eye-Opening Scandal © Reuters Facebook's image has been on the decline of late, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. That is, however, one of the main reasons why it's here on this list. That incident, as unfortunate as it was, truly changed the way people started looking at privacy. How many of you even bothered looking at the apps and services using your Facebook login details prior to the Cambridge Analytica scandal? So, as weird as it may sound, I am glad that the incident ended up being an eye-opener for people, making them take control of their data beyond just Facebook. © Reuters By the way, Facebook also has over 2.45 billion monthly active users, which is a number that seems to remain unaffected come what may. And that's how Facebook changed the way we live our lives. Controversial? Yes. But the events that happened in the last couple of years have been nothing short of eye-opening. Google - "Just Google It!" © Reuters The immediate need for information is essential to keep up with our fast-paced life. Be it news, finding areas of interest around you, etc., everything is just a simple Google search away! "Just Google it" is a phrase that we all hear or use at least once every day, don't we? The constant sense of urgency to find information truly blew up Google and its other services in a way we wouldn't have imagined as we entered this decade. WhatsApp - Instant Communication Thanks to the power of the internet, it's easier to communicate with someone now than ever before. It's comforting to know that your loved ones are just a WhatsApp text away from you. Having instant communication at our fingertips has opened up so many avenues that we're not just limited to a text message now on WhatsApp. You can call someone, both video and audio calls, share your life moments as stories or broadcast an SOS message in an instant or even call an entire WhatsApp group. © Reuters If someone would have told me that I won't be topping up SMS packs on my number for texting someone, a decade ago, I would've laughed. And it's not just WhatsApp that's changing the game here. Other IM (Instant Messaging) apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. have also made a mark. Uber - Marking the end of Taxis On Call since 2010 Uber is one of those apps, which I am sure a lot of you reading this piece use on a daily basis. It's either Uber or some other app of your choice, but let's face it, it was Uber that truly changed the game. Uber is such a simple app that it's almost easy to forget how useful it really is. © Reuters The fact that it's so easy to use is what makes it so great. Dial in the fact that it calculates the distance to your destination, charges you according to the trip, and even offers safety features while on a ride and you have a great app. Don't get me wrong, it's far from being perfect, but I truly believe that it's one of the well put-together apps out there. If you're not using it, then you must get on it right now! Zomato, Swiggy & Other Food Delivery Apps Different people use different apps to get their food delivered, which truly picked up within the last couple of years and how. Being able to rely on an app for our meals shows how technology has improved over the years. That's it, there's no other possible way to put it. Paytm - Indian Demonetization Debacle © Reuters In India, financial apps picked up in a big way after demonetization and Paytm stepped in to save the day. Using an app to pay for even basic things like a cup of tea, made more sense than standing in queue to withdraw money from an ATM. Paytm cashed in big time on demonetization, doubling the number of users. Tinder - Swipe, Swipe, Swipe! Tinder might not have been so popular back in 2012 when it came out, but it's probably one of those apps which people download first on a new smartphone. The way youngsters look at relationships and dating has truly changed in the last decade and Tinder has played a vital role in that. Millions of people are probably swiping right now as you read this and it goes on to show how Tinder has digitized dating. We're probably not far away from a How I Met Your Mother story that involves Tinder. There, I said it! Pokemon Go! © Reuters Yes, a lot of people hate playing video games on their phones, but I had to mention Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go is different. Back in 2016, Pokemon Go was a force to be reckoned with. It was the first time I saw hoards of people gathering at random spots to catch 'em all! Pokemon Go was the first to foray into many things, and not just augmented reality. After becoming the most downloaded app in 2016, it's still topping the charts as one of the most popular mobile games of all times. I am sure there are a lot of other apps that I may not have included. For instance, music streaming saw a significant surge this decade, and so did productivity apps that helped us organise our work better. But at the end of the day, looking back at all the apps that were released in the last 10 years isn't an easy task, so we'd like to hear from you. Make sure you comment with your favorite apps and tell us how it changed your life in a meaningful way this decade. View the full article
  7. [embed_video1 url=//stream1.jeem.tv/geo/geosuper/playlist.m3u8 style=center] The day...
  8. On one side, we have a critically acclaimed, seasoned and beloved cricket commentator and sports journalist Harsha Bhogle, who's been an integral part of the Indian cricket fraternity for just a little under three decades now. On the other, we have this man named Sanjay Manjrekar, a so called 'cricket analyst' who not only (mind my words here) sucks at analysing the game and its players on a regular basis but can be seen insulting some of the biggest legends of the sport from time to time as well. © Twitter And while the fans of Indian cricket usually take his comments as that of an angry, misguided teenager, who's lost his way, Manjrekar crossed the line when he openly insulted Bhogle's expertise during the second Test match between India and Bangladesh at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. During the game, Bhogle asked for an analysis of the first ever pink-ball Test that both India and Bangladesh played for the first time in their entire cricketing history. He opined that the players must be asked for a review on the visibility of the pink-ball and if they struggled in sighting it. Was that an invalid opinion? No. Was it irrelevant to the game? No. Did it, in any form or shape, insult Manjrekar and his mountain-sized ego? Not really. But still, the former Indian middle-order batsman felt the need to insult the esteemed commentator for doing his job, which by the way, Manjrekar is now getting paid to do as well. "Only you need to ask Harsha, not us, who have played a fair bit of the game," Manjrekar said in his usual arrogant yet ignorant tone. Clearly the fans took notice of the cricket analyst's condescending tone and let the man get an earful: Today you misbehaved with Harshað — Mohit Sharma (@mohitsharma13__) November 24, 2019 the Indian fans wish you were out too to never return to the comm box. — Cricweet (@BeingCricketMad) November 24, 2019 It is this incredible smugness that makes #SanjayManjrekar the worst possible broadcaster in the history of the game. Unreal arrogance combined with a total ignorance about his own pathetic quality as a commentator. A public apology to #Harshabhogle is the least he can do. https://t.co/m5hAnceFAa — Arunabha Sengupta (@senantix) November 24, 2019 U were right @bhogleharsha. Nothing wrong in asking the batsmen from both teams. Good to know the opinion.@sanjaymanjrekar u were rude.U dont know how to talk to ur fellow commentator even if he didnt play the game. How many matches did u won for IND? Watch ur language!#INDvBAN — Madhur Stark ð®ð³ (@MadhurShrotri) November 24, 2019 Really didn't expect that from you @sanjaymanjrekar A player turned broadcaster who knows the difference between the two professions. You were almost questioning Bhogle's credentials to voice his opinion. It didn't sound good. — Narayanan S (@narayanantweaks) November 24, 2019 Based on his previous endeavours, to ask Manjrekar to make a public apology is like hitting your head on a brick wall. He will admit that he was wrong, but will make a cheesy, non-hilarious joke about the whole scenario, listen to some more criticism for that joke and just move on. But he won't apologise. At least that's what he did with Ravindra Jadeja when he called him a “bits and pieces” player at the time of the ICC World Cup 2019 and Jadeja went on to smash a thunderous half-ton against New Zealand in the semi-finals. "By bits 'n' pieces of sheer brilliance, he's ripped me apart on all fronts."@sanjaymanjrekar has something to say to @imjadeja after the all-rounder's fantastic performance against New Zealand.#INDvNZ | #CWC19 pic.twitter.com/i96h5bJWpE — ICC (@ICC) July 10, 2019 Well played Jadeja! ð — Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) July 10, 2019 But if he has learned anything from his past mistakes, it is his responsibility to apologise to Harsha Bhogle, one of the finest cricket commentators in the history of the game, in public. Even an apology tweet would do but if you've got the audacity to wrongfully challenge someone's opinion, you've got to have the stomach to apologise for it as well. View the full article
  9. Apple has revolutionised wireless audio ever since the company removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and instead started offering AirPods. The most common issue with wireless Bluetooth earphones is that they are unreliable and pairing can be a tedious process. Apple made it easier for iPhone, iPad and MacBook users as we can connect AirPods seamlessly with Apple products. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla However, it was launched in December 2016 and needed a much-required redesign for users who wanted more from their wireless audio devices. Apple recently launched the AirPods Pro that comes with active noise cancellation (ANC); a feature that has been a staple on headphones but only a handful offer them on earbuds. Even though Apple introduced a newer version of the classic AirPods, the new AirPods Pro is the real upgrade everyone has been wanting. I've been using the AirPods Pro in various scenarios to test its sound quality and noise cancellation abilities. Here's what we think about the new AirPods Pro and why I can't go anywhere without them for a single day. Design The biggest difference one will notice is the major difference in design when compared to the AirPods. It now comes with a silicon tip that makes the fit in the ear canal much more tighter and gives a better seal than the regular AirPods. The overall shape of the earbud is now more oval than before and the stem is now shorter as well. The stem of the earbuds now also comes with a sensor that is also flat and can be used to control playback, switch between ANC, transparency and ANC off modes. The new AirPods Pro's design is a bit more subtle than the regular AirPods but is still quite distinctive. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla For people who didn't know, the regular AirPods aren't meant for use while working out, will love the fact that the AirPods Pro is sweat and water-resistant and make a great gym accessory. It comes with an IPX4 rating which means you can use them without worrying about damaging them in the gym. The AirPods Pro are also perfect for runners who want the better sound quality and want a tighter seal so that it doesn't fall off while running. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Pro also come with a different charging case; i.e. larger, wider and shorter than the AirPods' charging case. Like the newer version of the AirPods, the Pro variant also supports wireless charging. The case itself may be bigger than the original AirPods, it is still small enough to fit in your pocket. I personally own the new Sony WF-1000XM3 and in comparison, it is much smaller in size. When comparing the two earbuds sizes, the AirPods Pro are less bulkier than its Sony counterpart. How It Works Like the AirPods, the Pro variant also connects and pairs with your phone as soon as you open the lid of the charging case. As soon as you are paired and connected, you can find additional features in the Bluetooth settings of the iPhone. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Pro comes with three different silicone tip sizes and in order to find the right size for your ear canal, you need to do an ear tip test. The AirPods Pro has two microphones to adjust the ANC level for the earbuds. It uses the one microphone on the outside to detect ambient noise and the other microphone detects any other remaining noise to calibrate the optimum noise cancellation level using the on-board software. This way, the AirPods Pro can always monitor your environment and adapt the noise-cancellation level. Apple says that the AirPods pro scans and adapts the ANC level 200 times per second. The AirPods Pro also comes with the H1 Chip that uses 10 audio cores to make the adjustment in real time. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Using these techniques, the ear tip test scans and tells you if your seal is good enough to use ANC on the AirPods Pro. If the seal isn't good enough, the test will ask you to adjust the earbuds or change the tip altogether. The test is carried out by playing a small portion of Tycho's “Awake" track. However, what we would have liked to see is a prompt of this test as soon as you connect the AirPods Pro to your iPhone for the first time. If you don't know what you are doing, you may completely miss the ear-fit test if you don't go digging into the Bluetooth settings. Performance and Sound Quality © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla I used the AirPods Pro in various scenarios to test the noise-cancellation ability. I tested them in our office where it can get very loud especially during heated debates. I tested the AirPods Pro in one of the busiest markets in Delhi, India surrounded by traffic, street vendors and loud music blasting from speakers in stores. I even tested the AirPods Pro at a busy Delhi Metro station to test out the noise cancellation features. In all scenarios, we can confidently say that the AirPods Pro can block out most of the sound in each of these scenarios. The AirPods Pro cannot block everything and I think that is by design so that you have at least some sense of your surroundings. Having the ANC work like advertised and also helped us in keeping the volume lower. This is, in turn, reduces the risk of ear damage in the long run and you can still enjoy your music by blocking out nearby noise. What we found impressive about the ANC feature was that it was also effective for Podcasts. While music can generally block out a lot of sounds, when listening to the spoken word, the AirPods Pro did a really good job in blocking out the ambient noise as well. You can still hear some ambient noise, but we were quite surprised to see them perform well even when hearing radio shows. I mentioned earlier, one of the modes that can be controlled by the Force sensor on the AirPods Pro is the Transparency Mode. This mode basically lets you switch off the ANC mode and let the ambient noise come through the earbuds. It is a very handy feature to have if you want to talk to someone face-to-face or just want to get a sense of your surroundings. I would recommend people to use this feature when running on the street so that you are aware of oncoming traffic. This mode can be activated by simply holding the force sensor on the stem to switch between the different modes. When it comes to sound quality, you will instantly notice the difference from the regular AirPods the moment you hear the first track. The vocals sound punchier while the sound stage makes you feel closer to the music than ever before. The AirPods Pro mid-range frequency is probably the star here as the lower frequencies (bass) also sound a lot clearer and more impactful. This is partly because Apple employs Adaptive EQ which tunes these frequencies according to your ear. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While sound quality preference can be subjective, the AirPod Pro probably offer the most balanced sound you can get from wireless earbuds. The kick drums on any Hip-Hop track sound much more defined and you can even visualise it if you've ever seen a music producer's arrangement window or a mastering mixer. For electronica, the synths, panning automation and different filter effects feel very much lively. To test the AirPods Pro, I listened to Synkro's “Images” and “Realize” tracks that have all the elements an electronica track needs. The soundscape is way more layered when listening to a proper mastered track. Most new-age Hip-Hop tracks are shabbily mastered due to which the sound experience can differ on differ headphones. However, Synkro is known for making tracks that are generally better mastered and have enough room in the layers for you to notice every instrument and effects. After listening to the two Synkro tracks, I can confidently say that the AirPods Pro is the current king of mid- and low-range frequencies in the wireless earbud segment. The last thing we need to mention is the average battery life on the AirPods Pro. With ANC turned on, you can expect it to last around 4 to 4.5 hours, however, when turned off it can last up to 5 hours. When using the AirPods Pro for making calls, you can expect the battery to dip down to 3.5 hours. With a fully charged case, you can use the AirPods Pro for up to 24 hours in total listening time. The Final Say If you are looking for wireless earbuds that can block out outside noise, deliver great sound quality and aren't very bulky, the AirPods Pro is the best ANC device you can get right now. It may not be perfect but it sure comes close. If you are an iPhone user, this is a must-have accessory that will probably come in handy more than you can imagine. After using the AirPods Pro, I can confidently say I cannot go a day without using these wireless earbuds no matter where I am. View the full article
  10. The streaming wars are officially underway with Disney entering the fray in India. And Disney, mind you, isn't entering as a newcomer. It has invested some $3 billion and is banking on a lot of nostalgia. Disney+ has the entire Star Wars collection in 4K, every Marvel movie released to date, a ton of original content including the highly anticipated Star Wars spinoff show The Mandalorian, and a whole lot more. So, how can you watch everything? Well, the service is officially available only in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands for now, so you can't exactly download Disney Plus and get started anywhere outside. © Disney But don't worry! We've got you covered. I spent almost the entire night trying to figure out how to get it working in India, and it was all worth the effort in the end because I managed to get it working. And guess what, I finished watching the first episode of The Mandalorian with a huge smile on my face too. It's so good! Anyway, if you're wondering how to use Disney+ here in India, then here's a comprehensive guide to help you get started and try Disney+ free for a week - Note: You must follow each and every step carefully without skipping or making any mistakes. Failing to do so will take you to a page with an error message, and it won't work. Disney+ On Android © Disney Step 1: Download the Disney+ app APK from APKPure. Install the 'ApkPure' app first and then install Disney+ from there. Step 2: Once you have the Disney+ app, it's time to get it working. Download Cloudflare's "" app to get past Disney+'s geo-block. Click here to download it on your Android device. Step 3: After that, simply open the Disney+ app and it should take you to the welcome screen which looks something like this - © MensXP If not, then just search for "Disney Plus" on Google and tap the official website link (mostly the first link), click on "Log In" and hit "Disney+" when prompted. It'll take you to the app and show you the welcome page. This will only work if you're connected to 'WARP' inside the app. Step 4: Now, simply hit the "Start Free Trial" button, following which you'll be given an option to select the subscription plan. Choose the desired plan and make the card verification payment of Re 1 (refunded immediately) to get started. © MensXP That's it. You have now subscribed to Disney+ and have access to all the Disney+ content free for seven days. Disney+ on iOS Step 1: Start by downloading the Disney+ app. You can download the app by changing the location of the App Store to the US by going to settings from inside the App Store. This may not work if you have an on-going subscription on the App Store because Apple won't let you change the location in that case. Step 2: Once you have the Disney+ app, download Cloudflare's app from here. Once done, open it and connect to the "WARP" mode. This is an important step or else it won't work. © MENSXP Step 3: Now simply open the Disney+ app which should take you to the welcome page with a button to "Start Free Trial". If not, then search for Disney Plus on google and hit the official link to open the app from there. Step 4: Click on the "Start Free Trial" button, select your desired plan and finish your verification payment of Re 1 (refunded immediately) to get started. And that's it! You've now subscribed to Disney+. Now, you can continue enjoying Disney+ on your phone itself by connecting to or by installing a VPN extension for Google Chrome on your web browser on the computer to log in and use Disney+ there. I suggest you use "Windscribe" extension on Google Chrome because it's easy to get free data on it. You can also choose to use the VPN service of your choice, but you'll need a lot of VPN data to stream the content. © MENSXP I must point out that it's a little tricky to get the Disney+ app for your Android TV, Mac, etc. right now in India, so it's best if you use it on a phone or play it on your computer via the web browser and use HDMI to watch it on the TV. That's how I watched The Mandalorian and it was a kickass experience. If you have any queries about the procedure, then be sure to drop a comment and we'll try to get it resolved. We're not sure when Disney is planning to launch the service separately in India or integrating it within Hotstar as notified earlier, but this is the only way to use Disney+ in India right now. Good luck and enjoy the content. "May the force be with you!" View the full article
  11. Thousands of protesters under the rallying banner of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F?s Maulana Fazlur Rehman and other opposition parties have converged on the federal capital, seeking to send packing Prime Minister Imran Khan-led govt, which they term...
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  13. Maulana Fazlur Rehman and his political party, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F), reached Islamabad on Thursday to challenge the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.Dubbed the ?Azadi? March, the caravan, which set off from the Sindh...
  14. Come Live With Me Come live with me and be my love And we will all the pleasures prove That hills and valleys, dale and field And all the craggy mountains yield There will we sit upon the rocks And see the shepherds feed their flocks By shallow rivers to whose falls Melodious birds sing madrigals There I will make thee beds of roses And a thousand fragrant posies A cap of flowers, and a kirtle Embroider’d all with leaves of myrtle A gown made of the finest wool Which from our pretty lambs we pull Fair linèd slippers for the cold With buckles of the purest gold A belt of straw and ivy buds With coral clasps and amber studs And if these pleasures may thee move Come live with me, and be my love Thy silver dishes for thy meat As precious as the gods do eat Shall on an ivory table be Prepared each day for thee and me The shepherd swains shall dance and sing For thy delight each May-morning If these delights thy mind may move Then live with me and be my love
  15. The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl?s (JUI-F) Azadi March caravan reached Gujar Khan on Thursday morning, from where it will make its way to Islamabad.A day earlier, the caravan reached Gujranwala. On Saturday, the Rahbar Committee and the...
  16. The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl?s (JUI-F) Azadi March caravan is en route on Tuesday from Lahore towards Gujranwala, from where it will make its way to Islamabad.On Saturday, the Rahbar Committee and the government reached an agreement according to...
  17. Bollywood's one of the most loved couples Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are only a few months away from celebrating their first wedding anniversary, as they tied the knot in December 2018. Recently, in an interview to Harper's Bazaar US, Deepika got candid about her life after marriage, battling depression and her Bollywood journey so far among others. The 33-year-old actor, on being asked about why she did not want to live with Ranveer before marriage, said, “There was a lot of temptation to move away from the traditional, especially for the two of us, who are constantly travelling, but it was important to me." She added, "Ranveer has always been okay with whatever. He's always said, 'Whatever makes you happy makes me happy.' But for me, it's about wanting to do everything at the right time. It's how I saw my parents do it, so I didn't know any other way.” View this post on Instagram â¤ï¸ A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on Feb 22, 2019 at 3:51am PST “If we had started living together earlier, then what would we be discovering later on? That's what this year has been—living together and discovering each other. I like to say we made the best decision of our lives. I know people are cynical about marriage, but that hasn't been our experience. We believe in the institution, and we're enjoying every bit of it,” she further added. Should we call it a wise decision? It surely seems to have worked for the 'power couple' and they are still madly in love. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on Nov 20, 2018 at 3:32am PST Soon after the wedding, Deepika started shooting for Meghna Gulzar's Chhapaak, in which she will be seen playing the role of an acid attack survivor. Besides, she will also be seen in the much awaited film 83, a biopic of veteran cricketer Kapil Dev, alongside her husband Ranveer. Deepika plays cricketer Kapil Dev's wife Romi.
  18. Alright, if you think you've seen all the crazy PUBG Mobile addiction stories, then just wait till you hear this one. Ready for it? So, a 19-year-old woman from Ahmedabad wants to leave her husband to go live with, wait for it, her new-found PUBG gaming partner. She started playing PUBG a few months ago and got hooked to the game. There's nothing wrong with gaming, but this woman is seriously addicted. She called up 181 Abhayam women helpline seeking help to get a divorce. Falguni Patel, a coordinator at Abhayam said, “The girl called 181 and told us that she wants to be at a women's observation home as it is not working out with her husband nor she wanted to go to her parents' home as they had taken away her cell phone”. But when she was told that she won't be allowed to use her mobile phone inside the home, she dropped the idea. Later, during a counselling session, she revealed that she wanted to move in with her gaming buddy who she met in-game while playing PUBG. Apparently, Counsellor Sonal Sagathiya advised the woman to reconsider her decision. She was told that this 'man', who she met online, wasn't predictable and she was also advised to give her extreme step a thought as she had a baby to take care of. © PUBG Obviously, as a helpline, the Abhayam counselors didn't force a decision on the woman. They just advised her and gave her alternate options to consider. Well, we just hope she did the right thing and decided to stay back with her husband and take care of the kid. This kind of addiction isn't anything new, as people have literally gotten arrested and even lost their lives while playing this game. While the game developer Tencent is taking active measures to save kids from addiction, we think even adults need to keep their usage in check. Source - Indian Express
  19. When Activision announced the Call of Duty Mobile, I was kind of sceptical. As excited as I was, it mostly sounded as if Activision was trying to jump the bandwagon of PUBG Mobile. The last thing I wanted was Activision and Tencent fleshing out a half-baked title. Well, the battle royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile went live yesterday for beta users on Android, so I decided to check it out. Honestly, it only took me just a few rounds of the game to realise that it's very different from PUBG Mobile. In a good way. In fact, I'd say it's exceptional. Here's why I think so: © Call of Duty Mobile A 'Scout' Or A 'Clown'? Pick Your Poison! As soon as you start the battle royale mode, you won't be dropped in a server for matchmaking. Instead, you'll get an option to select and customise your loadout, which I found to be very similar to the Team Deathmatch mode of the game. Within the loadout screen, you can also choose to select your 'Class'. © Call of Duty Mobile Yes, there are a total of six classes to choose from. You can either play as a Scout, Clown, Medic, Ninja, Defender or Mechanic. Depending on the class you choose, you'll get special perks. Playing as a 'Scout', for instance, you'll get a 'Sensor Dart', with which you can see the hostile position in the radar map. As a 'Medic' you'll be able to set up a medical station that heals you and allies continuously. Yes, it's very similar to the 'Lifeline' Legend in Respawn's 'Apex Legends'. I am not going to get into details and spoil the fun, so I suggest you check out other classes and their perks once you get your hands on the title when it arrives. It's awesome! © Call of Duty Mobile The ability to select the class of your player by itself is a huge differentiator which makes this game very different, and in fact, much better than PUBG. Don't get me wrong, PUBG's simple BR approach isn't bad. But I was kind of getting bored with it. If you're too, then you'll love the Call of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale mode. Where We Droppin' Once you select your loadout and you're good to go, you'll find yourself in the lobby waiting for other players to join in. You'll then be joining 100 other players before getting dropped into the map. If you're playing in a squad or duos, one of the players will be a designated 'Jump Leader', who'll get the players to a select spot in the map. Again, very similar to Apex Legends' 'Jump Master' feature. © Call of Duty Mobile Instead of taking a parachute, as you would in PUBG Mobile, here you'll be gliding down with the help of a wingsuit. Is it better? Hell yes! I was able to fly across the map and land exactly where I wanted to every single time. It's quick and incredibly smooth. From there on, it's pretty much the same gameplay experience. You'll have to collect weapons and other loot and jump right into the action. Your character will automatically pick up all the necessary items from the ground, so you don't really have to worry about it. Just make sure you improvise and look for better loot as you progress through the game. I want to say the experience is very similar to PUBG, but that's not really the case. A Tactical Shootout Call of Duty Mobile offers a military-style tactical experience. Unlike PUBG Mobile's fancy skins, all players are well-camouflaged from the start, so it's incredibly hard to find out where they are. You really have to rely on the sound of the footsteps or their weapons. © Call of Duty Mobile Depending on the 'Class' you chose earlier in the game, you'll be able to use the perks and get some tactical advantage too. I spent most of the time playing as a 'Scout' player, so I was constantly using it to scan the area and find enemies. It was a lot of fun. The game also has vehicles, and trust me, there are a lot of them. From a two-person ATV to a squad Helicopter, there's literally a lot to choose from. Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. © Call of Duty Mobile Before wrapping it up, I'd also like to point out that you can revive your teammates even once they've died. Yes, this isn't something you can do in PUBG Mobile. In Call of Duty Mobile, you can pick up your dead teammate's 'Dogtag' and revive them to bring them back into the action. It's very similar to how you can revive your teammates in some modern battle royale titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite, etc. The Final Say Call of Duty Mobile is a kickass battle royale title that lets you explore to your fullest abilities. It's unlike any other tactical game I've played on mobile, so I'll give full marks for that. If you've played Call Of Duty 4's 'Blackout' mode on PC, Xbox One or PS4, then you'll find yourself right at home. It's very similar to that, which is just awesome. As I mentioned earlier, I was getting bored with PUBG Mobile, to be honest, so I had an amazing time with all the new features like the ability to select classes, customise loadout, etc. If you're bored of PUBG Mobile or Fortnite too, then you'll have a great time slaying enemies in Call of Duty Mobile. Well, at least until there's a new battle royale game in town.
  20. Continuing his fine run this season, Lewis Hamilton clinched the first-place finish at the Circuit de Catalunya in the Spanish Grand Prix on 12th May. The Brit finished ahead of his Mercedes teammate Valterri Bottas and Max Verstappen who finished second and third respectively. While the top spots at the podium once again eluded Ferrari, Mercedes extended their record-breaking run to five-successive one-two finishes this season. Attempting to take a sixth world championship and third in a row, Hamilton's form is ominously strong and his 76th career victory was a befitting testimony to that. If his brilliant showing on the race track had everyone singing his praise, Hamilton's touching gesture for his special fan further won over fans. © Reuters Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton received a special video from Harry Shaw who has been diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. According to reports, the five-year-old boy was recently given just one week to live. The video shows Harry, wearing a Mercedes cap and lying next to a signed Hamilton picture in his London hospital bed, giving a message to the Brit driver: "Hello Lewis Hamilton. Good luck winning the race in Spain and thank you for all of the gifts. Lots of love from Harry and goodbye". View this post on Instagram Harry, you don't know how much this message means to me buddy. Thank you so much, you are my inspiration today Harry. I will try to make you proud. You are such a strong boy, I wish I was as strong as you, I wanted the world to see how strong you are and ask everyone to send their best wishes and prayers to you during this hard time. Sending you love Harry. God bless you. Your friend, Lewis #keepfighting #nevergiveup #wewinandwelosetogether A post shared by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on May 12, 2019 at 2:59am PDT Sharing the kid's video on his Instagram handle, Hamilton said: "Harry, you don't know how much this message means to me buddy. Thank you so much, you are my inspiration today Harry. I will try to make you proud. You are such a strong boy, I wish I was as strong as you, I wanted the world to see how strong you are and ask everyone to send their best wishes and prayers to you during this hard time. Sending you love Harry. God bless you. Your friend, Lewis". And, Hamilton did make Shaw proud by winning the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday. Following his triumph, Hamilton also dedicated his victory to the youngster who inspired him to secure a podium finish. "I got a great message from this young kid called Harry and he just became my spirit angel," the Mercedes driver said after the race. © Reuters "When I woke up this morning, I was a bit lost and wondering how today was going to go. Then I saw that message and I was like, 'I see you, Harry, I've got you'. I was looking for inspiration and something to grab to, so I dedicate today's race to him. You try to go out there and do something for someone. It doesn't always turn out as well as it has but I hope he is watching. I will be sending him a message shortly after this, and we are going to try and do something special for him," he added. Well, Hamilton did reveal that he will try to do something special for Shaw, but no one would have possibly anticipated what was in store for the youngster. In a heartfelt gesture, Hamilton and Mercedes sent one of their Formula One (F1) cars to Shaw's home in Redhill. The lucky kid, cradled in his father James' arm, was then shown around Hamilton's F1 car by a Mercedes employee. .@LewisHamilton has brought the smile back to a boy fighting the final days of his young life. Hamilton dedicated his Grand Prix victory to Harry Shaw from Surrey. The Mercedes team hastily arranged for one of their cars to park outside Harry's home as @samholdertv reports pic.twitter.com/qdphRn3MP8 — ITV London (@itvlondon) May 13, 2019 Owing to his rare medical condition, Shaw was outdoors for the first time in three weeks. The youngster was also presented with Hamilton's winning trophy from the race in Barcelona and a pair of the world champion's racing gloves. Apart from that, there was also a personal video message of support recorded by Hamilton which was shown to Shaw. "I cannot describe how much it means to us all that Lewis won the race for Harry, and then dedicated it to Harry, too," his father James Shaw said. "At a tremendously difficult time in our lives, this has provided us with a big boost, and a big smile. Harry couldn't believe that Lewis Hamilton was talking about him, and had dedicated the race to him. He now thinks that Lewis is his absolute best friend, which, for a five-year-old boy, is amazing. Harry loves cars, and although he is frail, he was asking about the exhaust pipe," he added. © Twitter/@HarrysPledge5 Over the years, we've seen numerous sportspersons dominating their respective fields and earning laurels. But, far away from their titles, trophies and accolades, it's their conduct and demeanour away from sports - like the touching gesture of Hamilton for a young cancer-stricken boy - that truly makes a sportsperson great.
  21. Everyone knows that Robert Downey Jr has made Marvel and MCU what it is today with his exceptional portrayal of Tony Stark. For years, we've all been saying that this man has literally been carrying MCU and even he knows it for sure. Just look at his profile picture on Instagram right now! I honestly can't imagine MCU without him, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But, today is not the time to get sad, it's the first 'Iron Man' movie's 11th anniversary and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate Tony Stark. The most memorable thing about him though is his quips and one-liners, and we all know he loves his pop culture references. So, here's a list of some of the best dialogues that were delivered by RDJ so flawlessly as Tony Stark. 1. I am Iron Man The line that started it all. (And, ended it all as well, but more on that later) 2. Cheeseburger first What do you want after being in captivity for three months? A cheeseburger, of course! A great line from 'Iron Man' that is now a little too emotional after 'Endgame'. 3. I told you I don't want to join your super secret boyband Just imagine if the Avengers actually moonlighted as a boyband? I would go for every show, tbh. 4. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Stupid question, Cap. He's way more than just a suit. 5. Doth mother know you weareth her drapes? A perfect burn, Tony doesn't care that Thor is a God, he will roast everyone. 6. We have a Hulk Loki's army vs the Hulk, we know how that worked out. Also, Loki saying that again at the beginning of 'Infinity War' was a great callback to this moment in the first 'Avengers'. 7. I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster I think we all are, except for Bruce Banner, of course. 8. If you're nothing without this suit then you shouldn't have it As we established before, Tony is obviously much more than his suit and that's the lesson he wants his 'ward' to have in 'Homecoming'. 9. I'm sorry, Earth is closed today Sarcastic remarks, the perfect way to get some aliens to leave you alone, a lesson by Tony Stark. 10. Uh, he's from space, he came here to steal a necklace from a wizard Remember that 'badly explain a movie trend' on Twitter? Tony would honestly, excel at it. 11. If you throw another moon at me, I'm gonna lose it Yeah, one moon per person is the limit, everyone knows that. 'ENDGAME' SPOILERS AHEAD 12. You know what, give me a break, Steve. I just got hit in the head with a Hulk (Representational gif, if that's even a thing) Who can forget one of the best scenes from 'Endgame'? Cap fighting Cap and Tony getting hit by the Hulk. 13. I love you 3000 A very heartwarming and heartbreaking quote. Brb, crying. 14. Part of the journey is the end Okay, Tony had a lot of great moments in the movie, but now everything is just sad because the Earth has lost its best defender for good. 15. I am Iron Man Yes, we're coming full circle with his dialogues. I'm still surprised this almost wasn't in the movie but I'm so glad it made it. Also, he is and will forever be Iron Man.
  22. Introduced to the world in 1873 in a totally different context, denims have become an integral part of our lives today. What started out as men's attire, has now become a staple separate of people around the world. The term jean owes its origin to the Italian city of Genoa where the fabric was first made, dyed blue even in those days (hence called blue de Genes or literally blue of Genoa). The dye came from Indian Indigo extracted from the plant which was first domesticated in India. Although a plethora of innovative materials are available in the market, denim remains one of the most ingenious, protean, durable and highly sought after fabrics on the market. It is one of the only items of clothing to transcend gender, age, and class - having a long and interesting life to date. The reason for their fruition has as much to do with their cultural meaning as their physical construction. On the occasion of World Denim Day we will walk through the journey of this wonder garment detailing the phases of its evolution and popularity: 1950s - The Birth Of Cool Jeans Teenagers embraced blue jeans in the 1950s when Hollywood movies introduced jeans as a fashionable statement piece of rebellion against the status quo. Light washes, cuffed denim styles and black basic jeans were the regnant jeans trends among men. Women rarely wore denim during the 1950s. 1960s - Jeans As Counter Culture Fashion 1960sgave birth to and nurtured the hippie culture. The youthful, free love movement that rocked American culture encased the most classic casual blue jean, which was representing the freedom from more structured pieces of clothing. In the prevalent decade of creative expression through the sense of fashion, personalizing the denim was considered very groovy. Embroidered bright colors with stone washed finishes and patches were just a few of the dominant jean trends at the time. Popular cuts included bell bottom flares and low-rise hip huggers. Denim on denim also embarked its first real appearance as a fashion trend during the 1960swhen jean jackets became standard hippie wear. 1980s -The Birth of Designer Jeans Stone wash, acid wash, and ripped jeans were some of the most in-demand looks of this decade, along with the new, skinnier leg cuts with tapering detailing at the ankle. 1990s - Baggy Jeans Denim fashion changed its face yet again in the 1990s, as the grunge era in fashion began. In this decade, jeans became more about slouchy, casual style than something one would prefer as a dress up essential. Multiple pockets and tabs, head-to-toe denim ensembles with dungarees and dresses were among the trendier looks which were in vogue among younger women. The rise of hip hop brought about a rise in the popularity and preference of baggy jeans, for men. 2000s - Skinny Jeans Take Over In the early 2000s, pop stars popularized the trend of ultra low-rise jean. Denim also became a fashion staple once again, becoming an appropriation and necessity. Flare and boot cut denim were among the most popular cuts of the early 2000s and a hit in an array of washes. But the biggest revolution in the denim style story of the decade began in the mid-to-late 2000s, with the resurgence of the skinny jean as an offering of innovations in denim stretch technology. 2010s- Higher Waists and Cropped Legs The trend in denim fashion headed towards variety, although skinnier styles for women remained the most popular by a huge margin, and are a fashion mainstay for most women, because of their versatility. High-waist jeans had their own segment of popularity. 2019 – GYMJNS This is slated to be the next evolution in denims with features like a '4-way dynamic stretch' or an 'ergonomic construction,' making denims perfect for workouts as well. Keeping in mind the demand for something cool, durable and versatile to match the fast-paced life of a millennial, GYMJNS are designed for the outrageously stylish fitness enthusiast. The first brand to introduce these denims is Spykar. These denims are ideal for those who like to pack their day with many exciting things including work-outs. What makes them a wardrobe must-have is their super comfortable and stretchy nature with a great fit and sporty styling. Author Bio: Mr Abhishek Yadav is the Head of Design for Spykar Lifestyle.
  23. If you haven't ever seen Tom and Jerry while growing up, you've really let go of a significant part of your childhood! In 1940, William Hanna and Joseph Barbara took the world by storm when they released their animated series based on a cat called Tom and his arch nemesis, a mouse called Jerry. The cartoon hit the popularity mark like a storm and became a ritual all across the world to grow up watching it, hence. The series earned 7 Academy awards and were amongst the most noticeable animations for kids, everywhere. (c)Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer The year 2020 will commemorate 80 years of the popular series and as a mark of respect for Tom and Jerry and it's makers Hanna-Barbara, Japan is hosting the world's first Tom & Jerry exhibition called “Tom and Jerry-ten Cartoon no Tensai Combi Hanna = Barbera”. The exhibition started on the 19th of April and will run till the 6th of May, at Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo. The feature is primarily 250 special materials and additional contents preserved by the Warner Archive. Now, if you're already in Tokyo you can go check it out at Matsuya Ginza and if you're not, we have some pictures for you from the exhibition, and we must say, they look pretty damn good. It's like nostalgia on display, TBH! Here, take a look! (c)Matsuya Ginza (c)Matsuya Ginza (c)Matsuya Ginza (c)Matsuya Ginza (c)Matsuya Ginza (c)Matsuya Ginza (c)Matsuya Ginza (c)Matsuya Ginza ãã ã¨ã¸ã§ãªã¼å±è¦ã¾ããã pic.twitter.com/RyxW008K7A — ç´«ç¿/å島奬太ãã¯ã­ã¹ã¯ã¼ãããºã«ä½å®¶ã (@shienpuzzle) 17 April 2019
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