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Found 6 results

  1.   After going through a bitter divorce through a Caucasian wife, U.K.-based Hussain Shah now lives in a common-law relationship with another Caucasian woman. Angered that his daughter, Mary, is dating a Caucasian male, Dave, he counsels her to stop seeing him as it is forbidden for women to marry outside Islam. But when Mary persists, he relents and permits her to marry, provided she travels with him to Lahore, Pakistan, to meet his estranged mother and brother, to which she agrees. Once there, Mary is then taken to a remote area in Afghanistan and forced to marry her cousin, Sarmad Khan, a singing artiste, who has turned conservative after being influenced by Moulana Tahiri. Sarmad's brother, Mansoor, re-locates to Chicago, to enroll for music lessons with Professor Lincoln, meets with Caucasian fellow-student, Janie, and both fall in love with each other. Than the events of 9-11 will result in Mansoor's arrest by the CIA. He is isolated, humiliated, fed pork, tortured endlessly until ... Shaan Shahid, Fawad Khan, Iman Ali
  2. سُننے والوں کے لیے تیری ہنسی نعمت ہے توُ جو روئے تو تُجھے دیکھنے والا روئے آبشاروں کی طرح ، ابرِ مُسلسل کی طرح آپ کی یادمیں آخر کوئی کِتنا روئے جتنے بیزار ہیں مُسکان میّسر سب کو جو بھی اس بزم میں ہو محوِ تماشا روئے اُس کی تقدیر میں اتنا تو تبسُم لکھ دے یاد کر کے اُسے ہم دشت میں جتنا روئے سانحہ یہ تھا کہ تو نے ہمیں مصلوب کیا ملک افلاک پہ گوہر تہہِ دریا روئے اس سے بڑھ جائے گی کُچھ تاب و روانی دلبر چشمِ بے تاب سے کہہ دے لبِ دریا روئے
  3. Ek ghazal tere Liye Zaroor likhon ga.. Be hisab us mein Tera qasoor likhon ga.. Tu guftaar ka maahir Tu qirdaar ka maahir, Pr husn ko tere Tera ghuroor likhon ga.. Toot gaye bachpan k Tere sary khilony, Ab dilon sy kheLna Tera dastoor likhon ga.. Raha ishq ka Da’awa Tujhe tamam umr, Wafa ki dehleez se tujhe mafroor likhon ga.. Khud saakhta jo hy Tera judai ka faisla, Aesy har iqdaam ko Na-Manzoor likhon ga. Aik ghazal tery liye Zaroor likhon ga Be hisab us main Tera qusoor likhon ga
  4. Anabiya Haseeb

    Ek Ghazal Tere Liye Zarur Likhun Ga

    Ek Ghazal Tere Liye Zarur Likhun Ga, Be'Hisab Us Main Tera Qasoor Likhun Ga, Tu Guftaar Ka MaHir Tu Kirdar Ka MaHir, Pr Husn ko Tere Tera Ghuroor Likhun Ga, Toot Gaye Bachpan K Tere SarE Khilony, Ab Dilon Se KheLna Tera Dastoor Likhun Ga, Raha Ishq Ka Da'awa Tujhe Tamam Umer, Wafa Ki Dehleez Se Tujhe Mafroor Likhun Ga, Khud-Sakhta Jo Hai Tera Judai Ka Faisla, Aise Hr Iqdaam Ko Na'Manzoor Likhun Ga, Humein Kehne Ki Aadat Nahi Likhne Ka ShouQ Hai, Jazbon Ko Apne QaLam Ki Taseer Likhun Ga, Tera Wajood, Mera Wajood, Mujhe Ek Sa Lage, "Wasi" Pr Tujhe Main Khud Se Bahut Door Likhun Ga...!!!
  5. Naye Kapre Badal Kar Jaun Kahan Or Baal Banaun Kis K Liye Wo Shakhs To Shehar Hi Chor Gaya Ab Khak Uraun Kis K Liye Jis Dhoup Ki Dil Ko Thandak Thi Wo Dhoup Usi K Sath Gai In Jalti Bujhti Galiyun Mein Ab Khak Uraun Kis K Liye Wo Shehar Mein Tha To Us K Liye Auron Se Milna Parta Tha Ab Aise-Waise Logon K Main Naz Uthaun Kis K Liye Ab Shehar Mein Is Ka Badal Hi Nahikoi Waisa Jan-E-Ghazal Hi Nahi Aiwan-E-Ghazal Mein Lafzon K Guldan Sajaun Kis K Liye Muddat Se Koi Aya Na Gaya Sunsan Pari Hai Ghar Ki Fiza In Khali Kamron Mein 'Nasir' Ab Shamma Jalaun Kis K Liye