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Found 2 results

  1. The Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week just got over, and we are still reeling from the fashion fever. While we kept an eye out for individualistic street style, the shows by themselves were enough to not let us focus anywhere else, thanks to the amazing menswear collections, that are definitely paving the way for an edgier, more futuristic aesthetic. Here are 9 menswear designers you should definitely refer to, if you want to ace the new-age aesthetic with inspiring outfits: 1. HUEMN Famous for its inclusivity and non-adherence to binaries, Pranav Misra and Shyma Shetty's HUEMN is all about the future. Playful, edgy, futuristic, non-binary - HUEMN is about everything we should incorporate in 'inclusive fashion for the future'. © Viral Bhayani 2. Rajesh Pratap Singh Known for his signature style that incorporates clean lines intertwined with obsessive attention to details, Rajesh Pratap Singh showcased a collection that was all about fashionable winter wear. A healthy mix of Indian and Western fashion aesthetics, the collection stood out because of its striking black & white aesthetic, and the raw, rugged, snowy styling. © Viral Bhayani 3. Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna's collection was inspired by the onset of the night, and the interplay of darkness and starlight. Poetically named 'Tirelessly Twilight', the collection was an all-black, luminous display of classy opulence. © Viral Bhayani 4. Siddartha Tytler A collection that captures the dark intensity of stripes and patterns, with some camo and embellishment thrown in, Siddartha Tytler's 'Vertigo' was all about new age menswear that helps you stand apart in the crowd while exuding class and sophistication. © Tarun Chawla 5. Dhruv Kapoor Dhruv Kapoor's delightfully eccentric collection, which aptly captured the playful nuances of androgyny and went for no-holds-barred, larger than life maximalism with innovative silhouettes (aptly named 'The New-Butch'), gave us a definitive, glamorous glimpse at what futuristic style will be all about. © Tarun Chawla 6. Abhishek Paatni Abhishek Paatni's label 'Nought One' showcased a super edgy, fluoro-engulfed, netted and belted extravaganza, named 'The Hyped Indian™'. When it comes to playful functionality with inimitable individuality, this collection definitely takes the cake. © Tarun Chawla 7. Pawan Sachdeva Pawan Sachdeva's collection, inspired by peace and harmony, heavily relied on checks, stripes, and pleats, which perfectly captures the style sensibilities of the new-age man. © Tarun Chawla 8. Sahil Aneja Titled '1983', Sahil Aneja's collection was all about edgy, quirky retro chic. The colours red and black were used generously throughout the cohesive collection, that had quite a few unique, distinctive pieces. © Tarun Chawla 9. Shivan & Narresh Famous for their unique beachwear that takes its inspiration from distinctive flora and fauna, Shivan and Narresh's 'Koi Series' was a tribute to the eclectic tribalesque cultures across the world. Characterized by the vibrance of 6 distinctive colours, this collection was pure joy on a runway. © Tarun Chawla
  2. Day 2 of the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week witnessed a shift in the street style vibe, that was not evidently conspicuous, but noteworthy nonetheless if you paid attention. Street style is no longer about trying too hard or standing out amongst the crowd. It has become an avenue to express one's individuality through outfits that are essentially functional. It's all about adding the little quirks in the outfits that don't take away from it, in terms of comfort and performance. We saw innovative silhouettes, clever layering, and playful patterns, that are clear indications of the fact that street style of the future is all about eclectic elements that are not essentially cohesive, but functional nonetheless. Here are 10 such examples: 1. Jumpsuits are here to stay with their super sleek silhouette, but will surely be accompanied by their complicated counterparts - just like the super-layered outfit here. We love those layered pants and the overall boho vibe of the outfit. © Tarun Chawla 2. Denim is not going anywhere, and here's proof. What other fabric can be as classy, yet as 'street'? © Tarun Chawla 3. Stripes are always flattering when done properly. Exhibit A. We love the stripe-on-stripe look layered with a rather simplistic jacket. Accessorize right, and voila! © Tarun Chawla 4. A well-tailored jacket and a well-tailored pair of pants will always be among the best looking pieces in your wardrobe. Look at Ben rocking the combo with a pair of smart sneakers and a fannypack thrown in the mix. © Tarun Chawla 5. Sometimes, the most comfortable clothes can turn out to be the classiest ones, provided you pair and style them right. We love the super relaxed vibe, that has been amplified by the pleasing colours. © Tarun Chawla 6. Pieces that don't look cohesive can sometimes give rise to a smart outfit. The printed pants along with the striped jacket look great on the black T-shirt canvas. © Tarun Chawla 7. The simplest of outfits can be the best looking ones. The vintage shirt along with the well-fitted blue jeans are paired to perfection, along with those brown boots. © Tarun Chawla 8. Kimonos need to be more mainstream. Nothing is as comfortable and as stylish, period. © MensXP 9. Dhruv Kapoor sure knows how to take simplicity to the next level. A well-tailored shirt can look just as striking as the best of jackets. © Tarun Chawla 10. Finally, the OG 'Sartorialist' Scott Schuman in a smartly layered, tone-on-tone all blue outfit. It doesn't get simpler, or better. © Tarun Chawla