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Found 155 results

  1. Coronavirus smart lockdown imposed in Bahawalpur, Bhakkar, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, and Lahore
  2. A fake notification circulating in media groups claims a broad-based smart lockdown would be imposed in Balochistan
  3. The COVID-19 lockdown prompted a lot of migrant workers to return to their villages. Apparently, there was a spike in mobile data usage at that time in the rural areas as all the workers are assumed to have rapidly used up their data allowances. The same has been confirmed by some senior industry analysts and executives. This trend continued well till September when the workers started returning to the cities after the lockdown restrictions were slowly eased. These usage patterns strongly contributed to the overall data usage levels. © Reuters Jio and Airtel's expansion in rural areas also acted as a catalyst to this new trend. As a result, rural consumption now accounts for roughly 45% of overall mobile data usage, and urban usage makes up 55%. This is a significant change compared to the 40:60 ratio before the COVID-19 lockdown. While speaking to ET, a top telco executive said, "Post-lockdowns, rural mobile data usage for the Big 3 telcos grew by 30-35% sequentially in the June quarter, which was much sharper than the estimated 15-20% rise in urban data usage". It's, however, worth pointing out that there has been a decline in rural voice minutes during the same period. The rural voice minutes usage fell 5% sequentially in the June quarter as the volume of urban-to-rural voice calls dropped as migrant workers went home. © Reuters It'll be interesting to see how the usage pattern changes now that the lockdown restrictions have been eased and the migrants are back in the cities. We'd love to see more users being retained in the rural areas. Source: ET View the full article
  4. Traders said the ?incompetent and corrupt' government had financially ruined them 'under the guise of coronavirus'
  5. The coronavirus smart lockdown will be effective in Islamabad's targeted locations from Monday, November 9
  6. Corey's parents, Kerry and Adam said they hope other guardians around the world will try to be discreet and be around their children
  7. During the nationwide lockdown, owing to the COVID-19 global health scare, people stayed indoors, and in a way, most human activities including commercial businesses came to a standstill. This paved the way for nature to heal itself completely. Interestingly, animals were reclaiming their territories, endangered species were spotted again and rivers started to look clean and clear. Lockdown brings blue skies and clean air to India. Comparison: The Yamuna River in New Delhi on March 21, 2018, and on April 8, 2020. pic.twitter.com/NuXjk6xobq — Daniel Edwards (@EDannyEdwards) April 12, 2020 In fact, during the lockdown, the river Yamuna’s transformation won everyone’s hearts as it was extremely polluted earlier. Once filled with toxic foam, the Yamuna waters turned blue and clear, taking many people by surprise. © BCCL However, as the lockdown got lifted and people and factories resumed their normal lives, the river Yamuna has sadly gone back to its polluted condition. According to The New Indian Express, the unfortunate condition of the river is due to the high phosphate content following the discharge of toxic industrial pollutants like detergent into the river. © WordsSlay Twitter “Earlier, during the days of coronavirus lockdown, Yamuna was clear but now it is covered with dirt. We are not able to breathe properly as air pollution is increasing day by day. The government is doing its own course but we as a citizen should also take steps to combat the situation. People should not throw the dirt into the river,” said a local, BS Rawat. #WATCH A thick layer of toxic foam on the surface of Yamuna river seen at Kalindi Kunj in #Delhi pic.twitter.com/o4jyL7xwvE — ANI (@ANI) November 4, 2020 After seeing the video, people online were left heartbroken and speechless. They couldn’t believe that this is the very Yamuna which was clear blue a few months back. As humans, we have failed to protect our nature yet again. Such a shame. Here’s how people reacted to this sad development: It's a collection of 18 drains flowing into it, carrying a toxic cocktail of sewage, chemicals, detergents, industrial waste, and excreta." Less than 10% of the sewage discharged into the river is treated, putting millions of people who use the water at risk of disease. https://t.co/1WOcTnJxR7 — 𝑼𝒏𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝑮𝒖𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒓 (@justwantthisway) November 4, 2020 And we are back to where we deserve to be - HELL https://t.co/lcQBvf7Wda — vipra shrivastava (@Vipra_s) November 4, 2020 Now , humanity is healing and coming back to its routine life. https://t.co/rb5yb4tDSW — Y (@Zaharistocrate) November 4, 2020 Nature was healing back during lockdown and now this , dont tell me humans are not the problem. https://t.co/Lw9GOJ0Hsk — Sanskriti (@ThatStarGazer) November 4, 2020 The state of one of the biggest rivers in India. https://t.co/3EWUWZ0FEv — Parth Choudhari (@parthc98) November 4, 2020 @ErikSolheim @FFFIndia @GretaThunberg Pollution at its peak in delhi, air pollution crossing the previous day records and water pollution only god shall know it's severity. Just imagine the damage to the life in the river which is full of pollution.#saveyamuna https://t.co/peJr4VTdT9 — POTHIREDDY SAI SARAN REDDY (@Saisaran1701) November 4, 2020 As human beings, we should be ashamed to have ruined nature like this. When will we learn from our mistakes? View the full article
  8. Pokemon Go, the highly popular pocket monster-catching game that uses real-world surroundings has earned $1 billion in player spendings in 2020 so far. This has been the best year for Pokemon Go yet even though more than half the world is in lockdown. Sensor Tower reports, Pokemon Go earned $832 million in player spendings the year it launched in 2016. While spendings did decline in 2017, it has continued to grow for the past ten months of 2020. © Unsplash/mika-baumeister Pokemon Go heavily depends on using augmented reality where the game projects pocket monsters for players to catch that appear in the real-world. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, players were reduced to staying indoors which directly affected the game. Temporary changes were made to help players play the game staying at home. The new change was probably the reason behind Pokemon Go’s newfound success especially for players who don’t reside in metropolitan cities. The new remote raiding feature was introduced as soon as the pandemic hit which lets people battle bosses together with friends at a local “gym”. It also lets users invite friends who are further away from each other and is now the primary way to battle bosses and play the game with friends. © Sensor Tower Sensor Tower also reports that Pokemon Go is the "No. 3 mobile game by global player spendings outside of third-party stores, such as those in China.” The game sits on the third position right behind PUBG mobile and Honor of Kings. © unsplash/mika-baumeister Pokemon Go has earned about $4.2 billion in player spendings globally to date and it seems like the game will reach new highs by the end of 2020. Google Play accounts for the majority of Pokemon Go’s revenue by generating $2.2 billion in revenue. Pokemon Go has 600 million downloads globally and is amongst the highest-grossing apps/games of all time. Source: Sensor Tower Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon Go is now adding in-game events, cosmetic items, optional Community Day research tickets, and other items to further increase user spendings in-game. View the full article
  9. The year 2020 has been full of surprises and has given us all to do something new and also focus on the things that we have ignored for long. While the whole world was stuck at home, some filmmakers took this as a challenge and shot web shows about the lockdown that were also completely shot in lockdown. So, here is a list of web shows that are about the woes of people faced amid the lockdown and was shot in lockdown- Social Distance The eight part series focused on the beginning months of the novel Coronavirus and how families, healthcare workers and the whole world dealt with it. The Gone Game The thriller series stars Sanjay Kapoor, Shweta Tripathi, Arjun Mathur, and Shriya Pilgaonkar. The storyline of the show revolves around a murder mystery of a young man who allegedly dies of COVID but later it was found that he was kidnapped. A Viral Wedding The web series revolves around how the 21 day lockdown due to the pandemic ruined the wedding plans of a couple who were just about to get married. The series stars Mohit Raina, Amol Parashar, Sonali Sachdev, and Sharib Hashmi in significant roles. Wakaalat From Home This show revolves around how a couple decides to get a divorce amid lockdown and the court hearings are scheduled on Zoom calls. The show is entertaining and extremely hilarious and stars Nidhi Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Kubbra Sait, and Gopal Datt. Home Stories This series showcases four different stories that revolve around the pandemic and how it affected the people in India. The series stars Arjun Mathur, Saba Azad, Imaad Shah, Tanmay Dhanania, Veer Rajwant Singh, and Apoorva Arora in prominent roles. This is a Netflix YouTube series that caught the attention of the viewers. View the full article
  10. The entire world came to a standstill due to the novel Coronavirus and nations across the world were stuck inside the houses. From cafes to restaurants to cinema halls everything was shut down during this period. Now, India is in its unlocking phase and slowly everything is picking momentum. Also, the theatres have reopened in the country from October 15. A lot of people are still scared of going to the movie theatres even though proper sanitization has been done. As of now, not many people are going to the theatres to watch a film. Cinema halls open across India after 7 months of closure #Unlock4@_PVRCinemas #Cinemas #PVR pic.twitter.com/yoadqh6a9r — ET NOW (@ETNOWlive) October 15, 2020 Also as a remarkable gesture, special screenings were held of Coronavirus warriors in Delhi and included theatres such as PVR Naraina and PVR Cinema at 3C's Mall in Lajpat Nagar among others. They were invited to watch the first show after the movie theatres opened with 50% occupancy. Not only this, people going to the theatres have to wear a mask the whole time, and also alternate seats will be left vacant. Along with this, floor markers have been placed on the food and ticket counters to ensure social distancing and the sanitization process is also taken care of. © BCCL Sandeep Singh, Cinema Manager of PVR Cinemas said in an interview, "We are using the latest anti-microbial treatment to sanitize the halls. It was also used in sanitizing all the touchpoints like door handles. Sanitizer dispensers have been placed at all major points inside and at the entry points of the cinema halls. We are also encouraging contact-less digital payments.” © BCCL The cinema halls will now have masks, shields, and PPE kits available along with that thermal screening is mandatory, and only asymptomatic people will be allowed inside the hall. Owner of Milan Cinema Ravinder Gupta said that it was very difficult to reopen the hall, he expressed, "My single screen hall has accumulated lakhs of rupees in dues due to pending fixed charges of electricity in past eight months. Also, due to COVID-19, no new releases are there to attract the audience.” © BCCL We hope people going to the cinema halls take proper precautions and come out safely. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  11. We got in touch with pro-bodybuilder, entrepreneur, fitness icon and one of the top Indian YouTube sensations in the fitness genre, Yatinder Singh to get answers to some of the most asked questions about achieving fitness under the lockdown and here’s what he had to say: 1. What are some of the most effective exercises one can do to create a gym-like workout routine at home? View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@yatindersingh_official) Home exercises cannot be as intensive as gym workouts due to availability of weights and specific equipment, however there are many exercises that can be performed at home and you can maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. You can also improve your strength, stamina and flexibility. Here are few exercises that you can do at home: SquatsPush Ups (There are various versions that can be performed)LungesPlanksBurpeesSurya NamaskarSit-UpsLeg BurpeesBack DipsStanding Calf Raises2. What are some of your most important tips to maintain a caloric deficit while staying at home with access to food all the time? © Big Muscle Nutrition First and most important thing is to make a meal plan for the entire day divided into 5 meals; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 small meals as a snack so that you don’t feel hungry. Try to keep healthy options for snacks at home like nuts, bhuna chana, makhana etc. Avoid keeping packed food at home as this will reduce your access to junk food. Try to have 1-2 fruits in a day to avoid sugar cravings Try to have lot of water to keep yourself hydrated Try to sleep on time to avoid mid-night hungerAdd more vegetables in your lunch and dinner so that it keeps you little full and you can maintain your caloriesHave slow digestive carbs in breakfast such as oats, quinoa, etc or may be a protein shake so that it keeps you full till longer and keeps you away from hunger. 3. How impactful is daily pace-walking for weight loss? Does it adversely affect our muscle mass? View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@yatindersingh_official) As per my opinion, brisk walk is even more effective than running but you need to do it for a longer duration like 45-50 minutes per day. However, you should take care of the pace as well. 7.5-8 Km/hr would be counted as a brisk walk and you need to maintain the pace throughout. The effectiveness can be increased by adding 2 things: If it is done empty stomach in morning Avoid eating anything within 30 minutes after completing the walk. It will definitely help in weight loss. Also, just to clarify it does not adversely affect our muscle mass if your nutrition is on point. 4. How can excluding sugar from the diet improve our physique? How long does it take? View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@yatindersingh_official) Sugar is like an addiction. Once you intake sugar, you will feel the need to have it again and again during the day. This will increase the calorie intake and result in an increase in body fat percentage. Excluding sugar definitely improves the physique as: It Improves skin qualityReduces abdominal fatKeeps your gut healthyImproves your mental healthHelps you to lose weightOnce you exclude sugar from your diet, you will start seeing the difference in about 4-6 weeks in your physique. Also, you will see the difference in brain functioning (it will become better) within 2 weeks of excluding it from your diet. 5. Your top tips to improve stamina at home? View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@yatindersingh_official) Here are few of my tips to improve stamina at home: Exercise regularly at least for 5 days a week (250 mins per week)Take a deep sleep for 7-8 hours and the best time is 10PM – 6AMMaintain a healthy diet which includes carbohydrates, protein and fat. Do not forget the vitamins and minerals. Due to our busy schedule, we are sometimes not able to fulfil the macro and micro requirements from dietary intake. Therefore, we can consume some supplements of a good brand to make sure that we are keeping ourselves healthy. Include some cardio workouts as well such as jumping exercises, skipping, brisk walk. Drink fluids to keep yourself hydratedDo some breathing exercise in morning which keeps you healthy and active throughout the day 6. How does physical exercise lead to peace of mind and calmness, especially under the strenuous lockdown conditions? View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@yatindersingh_official) Physical exercise definitely leads to peace of mind and calmness. Physical activity results in releasing happy hormones in your body which are natural mood elevators.It reduces stress hormones.It helps you get good sleep which is again very important for mental health.When you are taking care of your body by doing physical exercise, you feel better about yourself. It boosts your confidence and you start appreciating yourself.It helps in reducing anxiety and sadness which many people are facing during these tough conditions. Physical activity keeps you away from all the sadness. View the full article
  12. Earlier, the shooting of Jacqueline Fernandez's film had come to a halt after crew members tested positive
  13. The areas which will be put under a "mini" lockdown include certain streets in G-9/4, G-10/4, I-8/2 and NPF
  14. Punjab cabinet committee to combat coronavirus told Gujranwala, Nankana Sahib and Gujarat are high risk districts
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