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Found 5 results

  1. The trailer of 'Kabir Singh' finally dropped today and even though the movie is a remake of the cult hit 'Arjun Reddy', it looks exactly like the breath of crisp, fresh air we need in terms of good content in Bollywood. The movie stars Shahid Kapoor in the lead as Dr. Kabir Singh who is obsessed with his lover Preeti, played by the gorgeous Kiara Advani. Shahid looks insanely convincing with his mad genius acting skills as the self destructive, alcoholic lover lurking in the aftermath of life when Preeti is not a part of it anymore. © T-Series You know in the age of nepotism where we are treated to garishly unauthentic love stories on the screen in the form of the recently released 'SOTY 2', this dark movie proves why at the end of the day, content is the king and one needs a stellar actor like Shahid Kapoor to nail it. Sure, the classic comparison with the original 'Arjun Reddy' is uncanny and wonderfully obvious, but Mr. Kapoor knows how to own a script. Kiara looks amazingly fresh as the innocent and naïve Preeti. Also, it's not just us who feel that all awards are going his way but the fans also feel something similar. #KabirSingh official trailer - https://t.co/fdsvsY0CE2@shahidkapoor mahn ...many awards on the row waiting for you !!!!!!ðâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ pic.twitter.com/cIZvDchxtk — Mirza Ghalib (@MirzaGh02142359) May 13, 2019 Absolutely mind blowing trailer !!! ðð¥ð¥ Rocking it perfectly as #KabirSinghð¥ #shahid — à¤à¤¯à¥à¤¶ सिà¤à¤¹ ð®ð³ (@ayush_rewa) May 13, 2019 What an amazing trailer #KabirSingh. Take a bow @shahidkapoor @Advani_Kiara. After such a disappointing start to this year with movies like Kalank and SOTY2, seems like this movie is gonna make it big. Fingers Crossed. — Supratim Sarkar (@bunnyissmm) May 13, 2019 The movie hits the screens on 21st June 2019, so you know what you've got to do.
  2. Ranveer Singh was just spotted wearing, what we think, is the most interesting piece of clothing we have seen in a while. He wore a longline shirt (it's a shirt that's long - like a kurta with buttons all the way down) designed by the esteemed Rajesh Pratap Singh. What struck us was the print on that shirt. It was dotted with (well, they weren't exactly dots, much bigger, but that describes the pattern) Jimi Hendrix heads. Say what? Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Well, you probably can't see it here because of the angle, so here is a picture of him wearing it as a part of one of his airport looks a while back. © Viral Bhayani Staying true to his reputation of being the king of eccentric clothes, Ranveer chose to sport the king of Rock on his clothes this time. Any rock enthusiast will be thrilled to own that shirt, irrespective of whether they are a 'fashionista' or not. Even though the shirt is supremely eye-catching at first glance, it doesn't look or feel 'outrageous' - something Ranveer wouldn't have the slightest problem with, even if it were. Plus, looking at it fills you up with this vibe of quiet longing, and a rush of nostalgia. Perhaps that has to do with Jimi's expression. © Viral Bhayani Isn't that a dope piece of clothing? We bet every guitarist would kill to own that shirt, and for good reason. © Viral Bhayani Let's just say when it comes to Ranveer, it always goes like: another day, another outfit we're jealous of.
  3. Having *** or making love is fun and games sure, but if you're with that special someone, there are, on an autopilot, many strings attached with the fun that comes with being a lover. Now there maybe many ways you can improve your *** skills or your game play in bed, but apart from the physical manoeuvres, there are some emotional and mental things you need to keep in mind, which will definitely be the best for you and make you the best bet in bed. © Getty Images Even if you're single, having a few things straightened out emotionally can really help you become 'the best *** she's ever had'. But for that to happen you have to pay heed to a lot more than just physical needs. Here are three things you should do to become a better lover. (1) Communicate Effectively So many couples, and men in general, lack the basic skills for effective communication. If you're communicating what you feel and what you feel like doing, effectively, you'll never not fulfil what she desires the most. The hard part isn't over when you find someone to be with. The hard part starts when you want to express and share most things with them. By effectively communicating and laying what you feel on the table, you can grasp the situation a lot easily and understand your partner's needs, everywhere, including the bedroom. © Getty Images (2) Being Emotionally Tuned In Emotional needs fit right into the Yin Yang and they definitely help meet all physical needs. If your emotional quotient is in order, you'll understand the levels of intimacy your partner needs. Understanding women emotionally is a task and if you take out time and patience to tune in emotionally with them, there's no stopping you from becoming the mayor of loverville. If you're emotionally disconnected, *** is just a casual activity you indulge in, like taking a walk in the park and it can't become something hot and intimate. © Getty Images (3) Sensitivity Pays Off You may be thinking that if you're emotionally there, you're sensitive too but sensitivity is different from being emotionally tuned in. A sensitive man knows how to play out his emotions well and when to use them. So, if you're in bed with her and you're sensitive to her needs and listen to what she wants, you're being sensitive. You can't become sensitive when you're not. It takes time and patience to develop a skill or a personality like that but if you try and adhere to her needs and pay attention to things she says, it can get you there in no time. And also, do wonders with your lovemaking skills! © Getty Images You may have a good body, a big *****, perfectly crusted abs, a sexy voice or anything that can make her jaw drop after seeing you naked. But if you don't have these three things listed above, you're just going to be an average lover and trust me, average isn't good!
  4. Tired of looking for the best deals on online shopping portals but end up empty-handed always? Well, we as a team of expert bargain-hunters, have scouted for the best Prime Day deals on music essentials today to make your shopping experience easier. The products, that cut across various categories, are more affordable as they are specially discounted for Prime Day. So on that note, here are 8 Amazon Prime Day deals on music essentials that you must grab at the earliest. 1) Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Headphones © Amazon When it comes to music essentials, Bose has no competition whatsoever. These Bose headphones, featuring significant noise cancellation, an airline adapter and a compact carrying case, give you the best sound quality you can possibly get from any pair of headphones. At a discount of 50%, this is a deal you simply HAVE TO seal. Current MRP: Rs 12,600 Original MRP: Rs 25,200 Buy here 2) Sony MDR-ZX110A On-Ear Stereo Headphones Sony is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing music essentials. Equipped with 30mm dynamic driver unit that ensures sound clarity, and slim-folding design make these Sony headphones extremely portable. So if you have been hoping to find a pair of comfortable and portable headphones that don't cost you a fortune, this is the deal you should totally be eyeing. © Amazon Current MRP: Rs 499 Original MRP: Rs 1,390 Buy here 3) Sennheiser PMX 686G Headset © Amazon These Sennheiser sports earbud headsets are a dream come true for every fitness and music freak. Be it during a metro ride or a morning jog, these bluetooth earbuds can be incredibly handy, considering you don't have to rely on a cable or keep your phone extremely close to you. Equipped with a microphone, the earbuds ensure you can answer phone calls even from a distance, if you have an Android phone that is. At a discount of 78%, this is a steal. Current MRP: Rs 1,999 Original MRP: Rs 8,999 Buy here 4) Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE BT NC Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphones © Amazon Who doesn't dream of putting on a pair of Sennheiser headphones and leaving the mundane world behind? These exceptionally designed headphones by the brand that truly takes music seriously are perfect for those who want to lose themselves in the world of music. And with this Prime Day deal, you can get your own pair at the half the original price. Current MRP: Rs 7,490 Original MRP: Rs 14,999 Buy here 5) JBL C300SI On-Ear Dynamic Wired Headphones © Amazon Being offered at a considerate discount by Amazon, these JBL headphones are a must-have for anyone who prefers lightweight and adjustable earcup construction. Equipped with high-power drivers, these headphones can efficiently enhance any music-lover's experience, at a ureally affordable price. Current MRP: Rs 799 Original MRP: Rs 2,999 Buy here 6) Boat Rugby Portable Speakers © Amazon Equipped with high-fidelity stereo sound, super bass and a passive radiator, these stylish blue portable speakers from Boat come in the shape of a rugby ball, and are certain to be the highlight of the next party you plan on throwing. At Rs 1,399, they are the perfect amalgamation of quality and affordability. Current MRP: Rs 1,399 Original MRP: Rs 3,990 Buy here 7) Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker With Monstrous Sound © Amazon Speakers from Boat Stone don't only give you a super affordable option, when it comes to your music essentials, it also gives you great quality in music and even in longevity. This particular speaker is just the right size to be picked up and moved around in the house, or taken to a party, while at the same time delivering mind blowing surround sound thanks to two separate speakers. Not bad for a portable speaker huh? It's also water resistant to quite an extent and comes with a battery that lasts days. Current MRP: Rs 3,500 Original MRP: Rs 6,990 Buy here 8) JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Mic © Amazon Every one of us who loves music these days, knows the importance and convenience of a good portable speaker. And JBL's miniortable range of speakers, niftily called Go, is at the top of the line. The brand has a loyal following, and that's for a very good reason. Known for their great quality of sound, a killer base, and awesome battery life, the JBL go is a must for every music connoisseur who loves the nomad life. Current MRP: Rs 1,599 Original MRP: Rs 2,699 Buy here
  5. Tired of looking for the best deals on online shopping portals but end up empty-handed always? Well, we as a team of expert bargain-hunters, have scouted for the best Prime Day deals today, to make your shopping experience easier. The products, that cut across various categories, are more affordable as they are specially discounted for Prime Day. So on that note, here are 7 Amazon Prime Day deals on gadgets and gizmos that all tech junkies will love. 1) WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive © Amazon India Featuring a reengineered design, and available in a collection of pop colours, the new WD My Passport hard drive is a trusty companion for everyone who lives in the digital age. Available at literally half the price of what it usually costs, Amazon's Prime Day is the perfect time to grab this essential gizmo. Current MRP: Rs 3,799 Original MRP: Rs 7,980 Buy here 2) Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH Power Bank © Amazon India After we grab our phones, keys, and wallets, the next essential thing that we simply cannot leave our house without is a power bank. It's a necessary evil these days, and honestly no one can do without it. So when it's available at a fraction of the price, who wouldn't want to add it to their daily essentials? Current MRP: Rs 895 Original MRP: Rs 3,499 Buy here 3) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 © Amazon India The Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung is considered to be one of the best smartphones in the market right now and rightfully so. Equipped with a 12MP Dual Camera with Dual OIS and autofocus, a 8MP front facing camera with image recording, a 6.3 inch Quad HD touchscreen, an Exynos 8895 2.3 Ghz octa core processor, 6 GB of RAM, 3300 mAh lithium-ion battery and 64 GB of internal storage, this gadget is simply the best. Getting this on a Prime Day deal price of Rs 55,900 is a massive steal. Current MRP: Rs 55,900 Original MRP: Rs 74,690 Buy here 4) Huawei P20 Lite Midnight Black © Amazon India All of us want to own premium smartphones that are loaded with features. But more often than not, owning such a smartphone means paying a hefty price that most of us simply cannot afford. As such, looking for quality budget smartphones becomes a daunting task. Well, with this Huawei P20 Lite variant, available at a Prime Day deal price of Rs 17,999, that task becomes a lot easier as you can get your hands on a premium smartphone at an incredibly affordable rate. Equipped with a 16+2MP dual primary camera with a F2.2 wide aperture, a 24MP front facing camera with a F2.0 wide aperture, a 5.84 inch Full HD display screen, 4GB or RAM and 64GB of internal storage, this smartphone gives you the best value for money. Current MRP: Rs 17,999 Original MRP: Rs 22,999 Buy here 5) Nintendo Switch With Neon Blue And Neon Red Joy-Console © Amazon India The perfect portable gaming console, touted to have some of the best features in the market, this small but powerful Nintendo gaming console is up for grabs at a seriously discounted deal on Prime Day. With a range of games available, this console is great for everyone, from families to hardcore gamers. Current MRP: 24,499 Original MRP: 39,999 Buy here 6) Nikon Digital Camera Kit © Amazon India This Nikon Digital Camera Kit is just what you need if photography is your first love. Equipped with 16GB data card and a DSLR bag, the offer on this kit is just too good to be true. So what's the wait about? Place your order and head for that long pending photowalk. Current MRP: Rs 32,990 Original MRP: Rs 47,450 Buy here 7) HP 15.6 inch Laptop © Amazon India As necessary laptops are, purchasing an efficient and good quality laptop can burn a hole in your pocket. If you have been wanting to ditch your old and bulky laptop for a sleek one, this HP 15.6 inch laptop is meant for you. Equipped with 6th Gen intel core i3 processor, this laptop comes at a whopping Prime Day discount that you just cannot miss out on! Current MRP: Rs 28,490 Original MRP: Rs 39,222 Buy here