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Found 14 results

  1. No non-American has ever touched down on lunar surface; Japan hopes to achieve Moon landing by the end of this decade
  2. The total lunar eclipse on May 16, visible from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and few parts of Asia
  3. Lunar eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan, says Meteorological Department
  4. This time the sky gazers have a treat as it will be a Supermoon, a lunar eclipse, and a Blood Moon all at once
  5. First doses to be given to health workers, police officers, firefighters, customs officers, cargo handlers, transport and logistics workers
  6. While South Asians have believed in several myths related to lunar eclipses, science is yet to prove them
  7. The lunar eclipse will occur at 12:32pm Pakistan Standard Time and will not be seen anywhere in Pakistan
  8. Photo: FilesThe first lunar eclipse of the year 2020 will be witnessed in Pakistan on Friday night at 10:07 pm to 2:12 am Pakistan Standard Time (PST), according to Karachi University's Institute of Space and planetary Astrophysics (ISPA). It will be a penumbral lunar eclipse which will be visible in the country along with different cities of Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. It will not be visible in the United States, Central Canada and a majority of South America states. Lunar eclipses are also known as 'wolf moon eclipses'. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are imperfectly aligned. When this happens, the Earth blocks some of the sun’s light from directly reaching the Moon’s surface. The eclipse will start at 10:07 pm and will become a full eclipse at 12:07 am. The eclipse will come to an end at 2:12 am and the moon will emerge from the shadow of the earth.
  9. India's space agency ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is planning to launch 32 missions this year and it includes a lunar landing mission called the Chandrayaan-2. “The year 2019 promises to be challenging to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) community with 32 planned missions,” chairman K Sivan said in a message to his employees on New Year on Tuesday. © ISRO / GSAT-19 Launch The most significant of these launches will be the Rs 800 crore lunar mission, a successor to the Chandrayaan-1 lunar probe. The Chandrayaan-2 will be a land rover, and the first one to traverse near the lunar south pole. The wheeled rover will move on the lunar surface and will perform on-site chemical analysis. India is also working on its first human space mission to the Moon that is currently slated for 2021-22. Last year, Prime Minister Modi announced the program and will enable ISRO to finally accomplish its dream of undertaking a human spaceflight programme. © ISRO / LVM-3 So far, the space agency has successfully tested the escape system of the crew module and are confident they shall be able to pursue the human mission within the current timelines. ISRO regularly launches various satellites that benefit the country as well as help in churning profits thanks to overseas clients. The GSAT-20 mission will provide sufficient bandwidth requirement to fulfill Digital India scheme remotely as well as pushing in-flight connectivity. © ISRO It will be the first ISRO-made satellite to attempt to move from a geostationary transfer orbit to a geosynchronous orbit using electric propulsion. 2019 also marks the birth centenary of the founding father of ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai. The agency will host a year-long celebration starting August 12 with national and international events as well as fellowships and scholarships for university students. © ISRO / ADMIRE ISRO is also researching on reusable rockets and it's being called ADMIRE. According to Times of India, ISRO has plans for a test site and a test as well. These are expected to be off of its usual launchpad in Sriharikota, although the dates are unknown. Details about ADMIRE remain under the wraps for now, but according to a few schematics, it'll be a two-stage rocket slightly smaller than the PSLV. (With inputs from IANS)
  10. source: NASA MOSCOW: Russia and the United States agreed Wednesday to cooperate on a NASA-led project to build the first lunar space station, part of a long-term project to send humans to Mars. The US space agency said earlier this year that it was exploring a programme called the Deep Space Gateway, a multi-stage project to push further into the solar system. The project envisages building a crew-tended spaceport in lunar orbit that would serve as a "gateway to deep space and the lunar surface," NASA has said. And on Wednesday the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced that a cooperation agreement had been signed at an astronautical congress in Adelaide. "The partners intend to develop international technical standards which will be used later, in particular to create a space station in lunar orbit," the Russian agency said in a statement. The Russians and Americans would cooperate to build the systems needed to organise scientific missions in lunar orbit and to the surface of the Moon, the agency added. "NASA has already agreed on standards for a docking unit of the future station. Taking into account the country's extensive experience in developing docking units, the station's future elements will be created using Russian designs." Igor Komarov, Roscosmos´s general director, said no fewer than five countries were building their own rockets and systems. "To avoid future problems over technical cooperation, part of the standards should be unified - for a possibility for various countries to work on their craft and dock to the international lunar station," Komarov was quoted as saying in the statement. Russia and the United States also discussed using Moscow's Proton-M and Angara rockets to help create the infrastructure of the lunar spaceport, the statement said, adding that the main works were slated to begin in the mid-2020s. Space exploration - including joint work on the International Space Station (ISS) - is one of the few areas where international cooperation between Russia and the US has not been wrecked by tensions over Ukraine and Syria. The $100 billion ISS, which has been orbiting Earth at about 28,000 kilometres (17,000 miles) per hour since 1998, is the world´s largest space project.
  11. KARACHI: This year's second lunar eclipse will take place between August 7 and 8, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said. The eclipse will start at 8:50pm August 7 (Monday) and end at 1.51am August 8 (Tuesday), according to Pakistan time. The partial eclipse will begin at 10:23pm and end at 12:18pm. Residents of Asian countries including Pakistan, Europe, Antarctica, Africa, and Australia will be able to see the eclipse. The first lunar eclipse of the current year was visible on February 11 from 3:34pm till 7:53pm. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Moon passes through Earth's umbral shadow. Depending on the size of the eclipse, a dark red or rust colour, or simply a charcoal grey may appear on the shadowed portion of the lunar surface.
  12. 1. Google Lunar X is a 30 million dollars competition held for privately funded teams. The wining entrant will take away 20million dollars worth of prizes and the second team to succeed will get $5 million. And a bonus of 5 million dollars is also available. © Facebook 2. The criteria is pretty straightforward and precise and that is to travel 500 meters, place the rover on the moon's surface, transmit high definition videos & images back to Earth. Also, to develop low-cost methods of robotic space exploration. 3. Team Indus is a private company from Bangalore, which is led by Rahul Narayan, also the Founder of Axiom Research Labs, and are one of the 5 finalists who received verification and approval for their launch. And it's a team of youngsters, just like us, betting on the chance to land on the moon. © Facebook 4. It's a huge deal for not just our country but other countries as well. Why? Because our Government's space Agency, i.e, ISRO hasn't been successful in setting up a spacecraft to the moon. Furthermore, there have been only 3 countries to have soft landed on the moon - US, USSR (which doesn't even exist) and China. So it's a big deal even in the 21st century. But, since it's such an immense task to complete, Team Indus has partnered up with ISRO and plans to launch the lunar rover on the 28th December of 2017. © Twitter 5. The estimated cost for the project is around 65 million dollars and Team Indus has managed to raise about $15 million till now. 6. 75 investors or sponsors are associated with the Team, among them are Ratan Tata, Rajiv Mody, Chairman and MD of Sasken Communication technologies; Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder of Infosys; Subrata Mitra (partner at Accel Partners, India) are a few other big names. 7. Team Indus has secured a launch contract from ISRO for a PSLV - the third generation launch vehicle which was behind the launch of both - Chandrayaan 1 back in 2008 and Mars Orbiter Spacecraft in 2013. It's another approval from our government's agency, so the team is all set to shoot for the moon. © Twitter 8. Indus will not only carry the country's rover, but also a robotic rover which weighs 4kg and is developed by the Japanese team 'Hakuto'. Well, isn't that amazing? 9. ECA ‘Ek Choti si Asha' (a small dream) - the four wheeled rover is completely made of aluminium. Yeah, aluminium, in which we pack our lunch rotis (bread). Don't believe us? Check their page out to know more about it. 10. So far, the team is set to start its qualification model testing this month (July) and is expected to complete its Protoflight model testing by October & will head out to Sriharikota High Altitude Range (SHAR) which is a rocket launch centre operated by ISRO. © Twitter 11. Let's meet the team now. Rahul Narayan who calls himself ‘Fleet Commander' is not the only one who's designated with a ‘Star Wars' inspired name but the whole team is designated (in descending hierarchical order) – Fleet Commander, Jedi Master, Jedi Commander, Jedi Knights, Jedi Trooper, Skywalker, & Ninja. 12. The expected landing date is 26th January, 2018. © Twitter 13. An IIT graduate, who had no experience in Aerospace, Rahul approached Krishnaswamy Kasturirangam, a former ISRO scientist who also headed the Government's space agency and convinced him to support Rahul's idea of constructing the rover and was also quoted as saying, “You (TeamIndus) are the outcome of ISRO. Bengaluru is a tech town because of what ISRO does. Hence, ISRO should be proud of what you're doing simply because this is the first time that you are coming up with an end-to-end machine.” 14. The team also consists of 14 female engineers. 15. Team Indus is already planning on building Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for communication & observing purposes along with building nano satellites.
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