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  1. Real issue was building colony for poor employees of SC and Fawad Chaudhry had opposed it, says former law minister
  2. Hugh Edmeades, the IPL 2022 auctioneer, collapsed and fell to the ground with the podium on February 12, 2022, during the live broadcast of the mega auction in Bengaluru. Everyone in the room was taken aback, and emotions of dread and fear were written over their faces. It happened during the third round of the auction, when numerous franchises were bidding for Sri Lankan all-rounder Wanindu Hasaranga. Edmedeas, as always, instilled a sense of anticipation in the room by encouraging the teams to raise their hands and continue to add value to the bidding battle. People at the event began shrieking in fear after hearing a loud thump. © Twitter - MyKhel Even the cameraman was perplexed by what had occurred. The surprised visage of Suhana Khan, the daughter of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, who was sitting at the Kolkata Knight Riders' table, could be seen by those watching the event live on television or online on HotStar. As he stood on the platform, staring at the auctioneer, BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, who had had a minor heart attack and had undergone a primary angioplasty last year in January, was also observed with his jaw half-open and in complete horror. Unfortunately, the cameraman ended up capturing the place where Edmeades was laying still as people raced to him, unaware of how to rescue him, before the broadcast was cut off. As a result, several individuals were able to capture screenshots and videos, which are now widely distributed on the internet. Many of his Edmeades’ fans felt that sharing and popularising the pictures of a man who was fallen on the floor and going through a health crises was not the best thing to do and therefore reprimanded the people who were continuously sharing it on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram just to get a few retweets and follows. Please don't share images of IPL auctioneer Hugh Edmeades lying on the floor. It's very disrespectful & an invasion of privacy. Remember the Denmark players had to surrounded Eriksen when he collapsed during the Euros. Thoughts with him, hope he's fine — Sankul Sonawane (@Sankul333) February 12, 2022National television as Auctioneer. Did not sign to show him collapsed on the floor — Arjun Ganesan (@arjun_0015) February 12, 2022Please stop sharing videos or photos of the auctioneer, Hugh Edmeades. That's a gross invasion of privacy, and can also be triggering for people. — armaan mallik supremacist (@OyyeHoyyeBasket) February 12, 2022Also, people need to stop sharing pictures of Hugh Edmeades lying unconscious on the floor. This is disturbing af! #IPLAuction — Sudatta (@iSudatta) February 12, 2022Stop sharing the video of collapsed auctioneer it’s so distressing. — Hussain (@jrmadrid_1) February 12, 2022People sharing images of the auctioneer (Hugh Edmeades) collapsing is downright shameful and disgusting. Some people won’t learn, ever. #IPLAuction — Subham Sushobhit (@SushobhitI) February 12, 2022It was later confirmed by the IPL officials that Edmedeas had fallen off the stage because of Postural Hypotension or low blood pressure. He was immediately looked after by the medical team present at the venue and was stabilised quickly. Mr. Hugh Edmeades, the IPL Auctioneer, had an unfortunate fall due to Postural Hypotension during the IPL Auction this afternoon. The medical team attended to him immediately after the incident & he is stable. Mr. Charu Sharma will continue with the Auction proceedings today. pic.twitter.com/cQ6JbRjj1P — IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) February 12, 2022 For the remainder of the proceedings on the first day of the two-day event, Indian commentator, compere and quizmaster Charu Sharma took over the duties as the auctioneer and did a phenomenal job despite being on his toes and with absolutely no preparation for the occasion. View the full article
  3. Gwadar records 57.2mm rainfall; thunderstorm badly affects communication system
  4. “Hey, everybody lies on their resumes, okay?” That’s what Joey Tribianni said on Friends, who in another episode also said, “You say yes to everything in an audition and figure out how to do it later.” That was one of the biggest life lessons we ever got from the amazing show. Although it can land us in trouble, sometimes, it can also land us our dream job. So, what’s the harm, right? © NBC Sometimes, it’s okay to lie on your resume and your interview about a skill or expertise you think you can later learn and excel in, if it means you can land a job. I mean, we all have lied about having “hands-on knowledge” of advanced Excel or boasted about being fluent in a language that we took four classes of or winning an interstate competition in school. Admit it. © Vinod Chopra Films Well, some people on Reddit confessed to how they not only beautified their resume but also bagged the job because of it. The conversation began after someone asked, “People who lied in their resume and actually got the job they were unqualified for, what ended up happening?” © N C Sippy Here are some of the best stories of people for whom lying on the resume worked in their favour. Take a look: © iStock 1. Annexure A: Grades Don’t Measure Anything"This was back in early 90's. Changed my GPA/grades to get to the minimum required on interim transcript. Got the job. Launched my career. 100% worth it. 0% regrets." 2. Who Else Ignored Excel In School?"Said I could do pivot tables. Had a very basic knowledge of Excel. Got the job and literally never had to do a pivot table. Picked up a lot just by playing around with Excel too." 3. Class Of 2020 Who Graduated From ‘Google University’ Can Relate"Lied my way into my first IT job and Googled everything. I now manage an IT company and am the senior technician." © iStock 4. Learn What You Lied About By The Time They Figure Out You Lied"I said I was proficient in software I had never used before. When I got asked for an interview, I learned enough to BS my way through. When I got the job, I spent the next two weeks learning the shit out of that software. 6 years of using it all day every day, and training other people how to use it, I'd say I did pretty good." 5. Joey Did It Before It Was Cool"I got an insultingly small raise for speaking a second language, and since none of my bosses spoke Spanish, they never figured out that my skill level was comparable to that of a toddler. All of our Hispanic customers found it adorable." © NBC This is literal proof that all you need to be successful in life is no skill or training or expertise but unwavering confidence. The confidence to lie through your teeth and the confidence in yourself that you will do well in your job despite lacking the requirement at the time. View the full article
  5. Ram Gopal Varma is popular for his infamous tweets and controversies. From time to time, his tweets have made headlines and his recent one is no exception. A couple of days back, RGV’s dance video where he was seen dancing with actor Inaya Sultana went viral. In a sarcastic manner, he has denied that the man dancing in this video is him. He tweeted, “I once again want to clarify that the guy in this video is not me, and the Girl in Red is not @inaya_sultana and I swear this on American President JOE BIDEN.” Here’s the tweet and the video: I once again want to clarify that the guy in this video is not me and the Girl in Red is not @inaya_sultana and I swear this on American President JOE BIDEN pic.twitter.com/K8nNera7Rc — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) August 22, 2021After seeing his tweet and the cringe-worthy video, people started to bash the director and said he is shameless as he is dancing with an actor who’s of his daughter’s age. One of the users wrote, “So much enthusiasm at the age of 60, shame on you sir, you are dancing in public with a girl of your granddaughter's age.” Another user wrote, “Girls like her are the reason why most producers treat the same to other newcomers. Just for a small role in a bgrade movie she has allowed all this then just imagine the terms for a female to lead in big-budget movies.” Another person said, “I can’t believe my eyes…itna open grope kar raha hai ye banda and why is the lady not even trying to put him away!!!!” Here are the reactions: © RGV Twitter © RGV Twitter © RGV Twitter More than his movies, Ram Gopal Varma has been in the news for his controversial statements on Twitter. We think he should probably also concentrate on his filmmaking skills. What do you have to say about his recent tweet and the controversy? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  6. Kashmiri Pandits United has falsely declared a magnificent Kashmiri structure, belonging to a Muslim family, a "Pandit House"
  7. We know that our cricketers love watches. Time and again, we have seen them wear some of the most awesome and dope-looking timepieces, both, on and off the field. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 Now, some people contest that Virat Kohli has the classiest and most impressive watch collection, with some really elegant watches. However, we reckon that actually, Hardik Pandya has one of the best collection of watches. © Instagram/virat.kohli There have been numerous instances when he has managed to surprise us and get the attention of even those, who aren’t that keen on fashion or watches. For example, there was this time, when he wore a watch worth well over Rs 70 Lakhs, while he was admitted to a hospital. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 Well recently, for Mother’s Day, Hardik posted a couple of photographs with his family, in which he was seen wearing a rather dope-looking watch. But first, let’s have look at his basic outfit. Hardik is seen wearing a rather basic and simple, black-coloured T-shirt from Drew House, the fashion label that Justin Bieber owns, and designs for. He’s also wearing diamond studs, and a Miami-styled Cuban Link Chain, which seems to be made out of platinum. Now, this is a dope way to bling up an outfit, we must say. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 And then, there is the watch that we see him wearing. It clearly is the statement piece of this outfit. Hardik is seen wearing the Cosmograph Daytona with a Black Dial and Oyster bracelet, from Rolex. The watch is made out of 18K gold and is one of the classiest and most sought after Rolex pieces. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 The face has three additional dials on it, and all three of them have a golden border, which gives the watch a very distinctive look and appeal. Instead of a fluted bezel, we get to see one that is, again, made of 18K gold, and has tachymetre markings on it. © Rolex This particular version of the Cosmograph Daytona has a retail price of Rs 27.87 Lakhs. However, that’s not what you actually pay for the watch. Given how difficult it has become for people to get their hands on certain Rolex pieces, even from authorised dealers. © Hodinkee As a result, people who really want to get one of these watches, often end up paying exorbitant amounts of money, almost twice or thrice the original price, in the resell market. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 All in all, this is actually quite a dope looking watch that Hardik’s wearing. Seriously man, kudos. View the full article
  8. Amid the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus that has claimed more than 4,000 lives across the world, so far, many global organizations such as Google, Microsoft, and Chevron have asked their employees to work from home, in order to prevent further infection. However, some people, unfortunately, donât have the luxury of working from home at this time and are resorting to bizarre excuses to avoid going to the office. © Reuters Recently, a Chinese man lied about getting infected with Coronavirus, just to avoid going to work. While, most of us hate our jobs and would love to skip work at all times, lying about contracting the deadly virus is just not acceptable. Come on! © Reuters According to News.18, the man called his office and informed the management that he is suffering from the symptoms of the virus. After this, his office immediately shut down all operations for three days and also quarantined all the employees. © Reuters Not only this, to make his story sound credible, the man said that he had been exposed to the virus while shopping at a local supermarket where a Coronavirus patient was also there. However, while being questioned by the police in China, the man got confused and mixed most of the facts and thatâs when the cops figured out that he was faking getting infected in order to avoid going to work. © Reuters According to Indiatimes, the man was then arrested and sent to jail for three months for spreading misinformation and will also serve additional probation of six months. © Reuters Meanwhile, in India, recently, a family tried to conceal their travel history to get away from being tested positive for the virus. India, so far, has over 60 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and the number is only increasing by each passing day. View the full article
  9. People say that "A clear conscience is far more valuable than money" and 54-year-old Dhanaji Jagdale is an epitome of the same. Dhanaji, who hails from Satara, Maharashtra barely makes ends meet by doing odd jobs. Around Diwali, Dhanaji was returning from Dahiwadi and was waiting for his bus, when he saw a bundle of cash lying at the bus stop. It was Rs. 40,000 cash and enough to make anyone greedy. But, Dhanaji didn't let the amount affect his conscience, despite having just Rs 3 in his pocket at that time. In fact, he not only returned the money, he even refused to take any reward in return. © BCCL He said, "I had gone to Dahiwadi for Diwali for some work and returned to the bus stop. I found a bundle of notes nearby. I asked people around and finally found a man distressed and looking for something. I soon found out the cash bundle belonged to him." The man had collected the money for his wife's surgery and wanted to reward him, but Dhanaji refused and took only Rs 7 as the bus fare was Rs 10 and he only had Rs 3 in his pocket. He said, "He told me the bundle contained Rs 40,000. He had collected it for his wife's surgery. He wanted to give me Rs 1,000 but I took only Rs 7 as the bus fare to my village is Rs 10 and I only had Rs 3 in my pocket." Dhanaji was later felicitated by Satara BJP MLA, former MP and several other organisations but he refused to accept any money. In fact, reportedly Rahul Barge offered him Rs 5 lakh, but he refused that too. © BCCL Talking about why he didn't take money from anyone, he said "I think by taking someone's money, one would not get satisfaction. The only message I want to spread is that people should live honestly." People like Dhanaji, who make the world a better place to live in, are rare to find these days. View the full article
  10. Ever wondered why people are particularly in awe of characters like Sherlock Holmes or let's say, Littlefinger from 'Game of Thrones'? It's that clever brain of theirs which manages to set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Interestingly, such characters not only belong in the world of fiction, as sometimes, we manage to find them in the real world as well. via GIPHY A 27-year-old student has gone viral on the internet for an extremely bizarre yet ingenious reason. The student, who hails from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, was arrested after he tricked the employees of KFC into giving him free meals for a year. How in the name of Colonel Sanders did he pull this off? Well, our brilliant man here convinced the employees that he was sent from the KFC headquarters for quality check of the food being served in the restaurant. He would confidently walk into the store, and tell the same story at different KFC outlets and would end up getting a free meal. © Getty Images Look, I know what he did was wrong and everything, but you've got to admit it was bloody brilliant. I mean, clearly, he knows some kind of Jedi mind trick given how he pulled this off at every. single. KFC. outlet that he went to for a whole year! Who does that? Mere mortals like me can't even dream of walking into a shop and saying such things while making eye contact with the employees. Clearly, I am not the only one impressed with this student, as Twitter is losing its shit over the man and his antics and are hailing him as their new hero and have branded him a legend. First Mandela and now this poor man. WTF South Africa? A man needs his KFC. — Bree's Grampy (@vinnyc3) May 13, 2019 #SouthAfrica, y'all just gonna throw a man in jail for #KFC being stupid? #CmonMan https://t.co/3g7dVUnHHg — #BullpenInNeed (@ause7en) May 14, 2019 He should be knighted, not arrested!! The guy is a freaking LEGEND!!! ðð¼ðð¼ðð¼ — Deano (@deansleckie) May 13, 2019
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