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Found 39 results

  1. Main suspect in Kashmore gang-rape was injured when his accomplices opened fire and died on way to hospital, say police
  2. Alicia Keys, Luke Combs and Brandy also set fire to the stage with their performances
  3. BAGHDAD: Iraqi security forces killed at least four people on Saturday as they pushed protesters back towards their main camp in central Baghdad using live ammunition, tear gas and sound bombs, police and medics said.The clashes wounded scores more...
  4. (اے میرے بندے!) تو اپنے آپ کو ان لوگوں کی سنگت میں جمائے رکھا کر جو صبح و شام اپنے رب کو یاد کرتے ہیں اس کی رضا کے طلب گار رہتے ہیں (اس کی دید کے متمنی اور اس کا مکھڑا تکنے کے آرزو مند ہیں) تیری (محبت اور توجہ کی) نگاہیں ان سے نہ ہٹیں، کیا تو (ان فقیروں سے دھیان ہٹا کر) دنیوی زندگی کی آرائش چاہتا ہے، اور تو اس شخص کی اطاعت (بھی) نہ کر جس کے دل کو ہم نے اپنے ذکر سے غافل کردیا ہے اور وہ اپنی ہوائے نفس کی پیروی کرتا ہے اور اس کا حال حد سے گزر گیا ہے،
  5. When developing websites, global global trends in web design, which modernity imposes, cannot be ignored. Somewhere it may be fleeting bursts in the design of fonts or icons, and somewhere the development of technologies in the form of various sizes of devices leads developers to adapt to the changes taking place in order to remain in demand in the market of services. Most trends are dictated by events and the direction of the industry development in the previous period. After analyzing them, we have compiled a list of 10 major trends that will be relevant in the coming 2015. 1. Responsive design This moment has already become the standard of web development, as this trend is repeated from year to year and we are seeing more and more websites adapted for various screen extensions. Funds for adaptive design are also being improved. If at first it was just a rubber layout, now it is a responsive web design leadconcept(.)com/custom-website-development-services.html, a separate mobile version of the site , and an adaptation for retina display. Simplified and technical aspects in the implementation of adaptability: for example, the global platform for wordpress sites allows you to connect just one plug-in to get the finished version for mobile devices. 2. Flat design or mosaic of rectangles Flat design has firmly entered the web thanks to such global giants Microsoft, Google and Apple. But this is not just a tribute to the leaders of the industry: many had time to appreciate its lightness, simplicity, brevity and speed. Although opponents of this design also have something to say in defense of their point of view. 3. Scrolling and scrolling animation With the emergence and popularization of such types of sites as landings and longreads, pages with a long vertical scroll began to develop and means for their convenient viewing. Users are becoming more and more accustomed to scrolling down sites, rather than concentrating on the first screen. In order to make long pages as light and readable as possible, information is conveniently structured, visual accents are made on important content, smooth loading of site blocks is carried out - scrolling animation. Increasingly, on such sites scrolling is used instead of clicks as a site navigation, and the menu turns into a barely noticeable small icon. 4. Distribute web graphics It has long been proven that graphical images are perceived faster and easier by network users, which is why this type of information presentation, like infographics, has received tremendous distribution. To create it, it is not necessary to mess around in Photoshop for a long time - there are many online services that allow you to create it based on templates using simplified schemes. The second trend is web graphics - it is also aimed at a graphical presentation of information, but it also uses interactivity, which allows the user to practically interact with information. Its spread and development is what can be expected in the long term. 5. Automation layout More and more funds are emerging to make the layout process less routine and allow web designers to expand their boundaries professionally. For example, most recently the Americans announced the development of a new language - Ur / Web , which combined the capabilities of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. All web developers know such a tool for website development as Bootstrap , which allows you to use flexible settings for marking sites and simplifies working with styles. Drawn on the grid in Photoshop layouts can be turned into code without even owning it. As you can see, the tools for developing the site are increasingly automated, but this does not take away the work of programmers, but only allows you to delve into the work of the back end. 6. Graphics: subtlety, transparency, centering Now let's go directly to the elements of websites: fonts, text, links, buttons and icons. Here the trends are as follows: Thin fonts Outline Icons and Buttons Circles Big leading Text centering Non-underlined links Graphics Trends 2015 7. Large images It seems that quite recently images tried to be lighter in weight and to limit their size. But with the development of the Internet, the need for this has disappeared. Now you can find sites with a large image in the header more often. Against the background of this image, as a rule, the same centered text, transparent buttons and calls to action. As for the images themselves, the trend here is the use of professional photos to which filters are applied. For example, blur, the famous Instagram filter and toning of images. 8. Menu: hidden, as in applications and sticky Talk about trends in layout and menu image. Here in 2015, several trends are planned: Adaptation of sites to mobile devices led to the unification of menu icons, which left an imprint when designing sites for standard screen resolutions. With the development of minimalism in web design leadconcept(.)com/custom-ecommerce-website-development.html, we increasingly find the menu hidden behind certain icons. The sticky hat is another trend of 2015. When scrolling side menu disappears and for easy navigation remains sticky up. 9. Video on background Instead of large images in the header, you can increasingly see video. It is important that this video be high-quality, bright and fit to the site. It is not always appropriate to play it immediately after the page loads, it is better that the user can control this process. 10. Micro-interactions This item stems from the need to increase the conversion of sites. When the number of users in the network grows at a lower rate, and the quality standards and requirements of search engines become more and more rigid, the focus is not just to bring visitors to the site, but also to retain them and encourage them to perform a targeted action. It is here that micro-interactions appear - dialog boxes for talking with the user. However, it is also important to keep balance in mind. This is perhaps all that I would like to single out structurally, but not everything that I would like to talk about. The trends of 2015 in web design can also include parallax effect, timeline , lively blue, notification, discharge, long shadow , polygonal art , diagrams, personalization of the interface, download speed , etc.
  6. If you're already sealing your future right now, I am sure you've decided what you really want. It's rather simple to foresee something but a tad difficult to live by the facts of it. What I mean is, if you're building your future, you obviously want financial security, a family, a good house and everything else that adult life needs for you to sustain and be happy all at once. But apart from all that, there are a few things that need vital attention more than anything else. There are certain parameters you should cross while deciding a future and it's okay to delve into them from time to time. © Twitter If having kids is on your agenda, then you already know how many you'd like to have and what kind of value system you'd instil within them. But the most crucial thing to think about is what kind of a father will you be. Being a father is the most important role you can ever don and if you're certain of being a father and raising good kids, then you have to be sure about the qualities you possess to make you someone your kids look up to. Here are 3 main qualities every man should have to be a good father: (1) He Is Protective While the sense of protection for the next of kin is innate, it's a quality not all men possess. Being protective is, of course, inherited with the association you have with people. Most men are very protective of their friends, especially women friends. Not because they like them but because they treat them as someone they need to protect. It's not just women but he takes care of everyone he is close to and that is one quality that transcends and reflects in his association with his kids. He will always set boundaries for them and protect them from anything and everything. © Pintrest (2) He Is Trustworthy That may sound ambiguous but most men, you can trust with your eyes closed, make for good fathers. That's because he will never turn his back on anyone, especially family, when in time of need. If you're the kind of guy who has stuck through the toughest times and been there for your friends and family, then be assured you'll do the same with your future family too. © Pintrest (3) He Is Patient & Encouraging If you've always been a source of encouragement for your friends and family, at any given point in time, you're definitely going to do the same for your kids too. Be it a football match or a test of some form, you'll always be there encouraging them and that's what children need the most. Apart from encouragement, children also need a lot of patience. There are very few men who're good listeners and are patient at the same time. If you spend time listening to someone's problems and give them advice patiently, you're already on your way to becoming a good dad. © Pintrest Apart from these three qualities, of course, men have to be sensitive enough to perceive a child's mind and also take steps to become an affluent teacher in their lives. So, if you're looking to become a good father, start fostering these qualities and try them out on your friends and family, because only if you have them now, you'll be able to impart them to your children in the future.
  7. The ghastly suicide terror attack that resulted in the loss of lives of brave Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel continues to be condemned across the globe. While many have come up to aid the families of the martyrs, others have called for an immediate to isolate Pakistan for their alleged role in the Pulwama terror attack. The sports fraternity, too, has joined hands to do their bit in one of the darkest hours. While Virat Kohli was seen postponing the 'Indian Sports Honours' to show solidarity for the jawans, Virender Sehwag was seen offering educational support to the children of the slain soldiers. While Pakistan continues to face backlash following the terror strike, their decorated T20 tournament - Pakistan Super League (PSL) - is now in danger after losing its prime broadcaster. Are you ready for #KhelDeewanoKa? â³ pic.twitter.com/ZL8bLu4bAG — PakistanSuperLeague (@thePSLt20) February 14, 2019 IMG Reliance has pulled out from broadcasting the fourth edition of the PSL in protest against the Pulwama terrorist attack. The PSL 2019 had already become the butt of all jokes after the headliner Pitbull refused, at the last minute, to perform at the opening ceremony, leaving the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) red-faced. And, the latest development has further marred the league. "Due to unfortunate events a couple of days back which resulted in the death of Indian soldiers, IMG Reliance is pulling out with immediate effect, from offering broadcast production services for PSL. The incident that occurred is deeply regrettable," stated a mail addressed to Sohaib Sheikh and Kamil Khan of the PCB, the content of which is in possession of PTI. Being the lone producers of the event, IMG Reliance's pull-out means that the PSL 2019 will go off the air unless the PCB brings in alternate production services, an official told TOI. PCB statement on production of #HBLPSL 2019 https://t.co/Pc7kV5P4rW — PCB Official (@TheRealPCB) February 17, 2019 In response, the PCB also issued a statement wherein it expressed disappointment at IMG Reliance's move, claiming that "sports and politics should be kept separate". “We have been informed by IMG Reliance that they will be unable to partner with us for the remaining HBL PSL 2019 and PCB has reserved all its rights. The PCB always had a contingency plan in place, and we are confident we will be in a position to announce the new partner on Monday after the completion of the formalities,” PCB's Managing Director Wasim Khan said. “The PCB has also noted the recent turn of events and expresses its extreme disappointment as we have always believed and emphasised that sports and politics should be kept separate. History tells us that sports, particularly cricket, have always played a key role in building bridges between people and countries," he added. Voicing PCB's dissent at the covering of Pakistan PM Imran Khan's portrait at the Cricket Club of India (CCI), Wasim said: “Unfortunately, denying India cricket fans the right to follow HBL PSL by blocking all digital coverage as well as covering or removing portrait of former Pakistan cricket captain and Prime Minister Imran Khan and other legendary cricketers from one of the most historic cricket clubs and venues are highly regrettable actions. The PCB intends to take up these incidents with the BCCI and the ICC at the upcoming ICC committee meeting in Dubai later this month”. WATCH: Fall of wickets in the match between @PeshawarZalmi and @lahoreqalandars at @thePSLt20 Scorecard and ball-by-ball details ð https://t.co/jaNeJjjxwf #PZvLQ #PSL2019 #KhelDeewanoKa #CricketForAll #JazzSuper4G #DunyaKoBataaDo @jazzpk pic.twitter.com/7hVJW83ZS2 — Cricingif (@_cricingif) February 17, 2019 The fourth edition of Pakistan's T20 tournament got underway in Dubai on 14th February, the same day when a 20-year-old suicide bomber from the notorious terror group Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) rammed his explosive-laden SUV into the CRPF convoy, killing over 40 soldiers and injuring others upon impact, at Awantipora town in the Pulwama district. The six-team franchise-based tournament is currently being held in Dubai and Sharjah before it moves to Pakistan for the final eight games, including the all-important final in Karachi.
  8. The beautiful game of cricket is not new to exceptional talents dominating their respective eras. Sir Don Bradman was in a class of his own in the good old days. Then, Sachin Tendulkar came along and dominated international cricket during his time. And, now, Virat Kohli has established himself as a modern-day great, who continues to ascend in both stature and popularity. Ever since appearing on the international circuit, Kohli has taken huge strides to arguably become the best batsman in the world. From his impeccable batting skills to envious fitness levels, Kohli has proved to be a nightmare for the opposition. His consistency with the willow has allowed the Delhi lad to shatter one record after another in cricket. © Reuters At the age of 29, Kohli is the world's best batsman, captain of the Indian cricket team, a World Cup winner and a Khel Ratna awardee (India's highest sporting honour). It's safe to say that Kohli has possibly won everything there is in the world of cricket. And, more recently, he added another award to his ever-growing trophy cabinet. Continuing his winning run, Kohli bagged an award for his outstanding acting in a movie that was never made. Confused? Check this out. Getting it right when you think you got it all WROGN ðð¤ð»@StayWrogn #TrailerTheMovie pic.twitter.com/htlWP6L7wx — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) October 17, 2018 Taking to Twitter, the Indian captain shared a small video of himself where he was seen holding a trophy which looked like an Oscar. “This is unbelievable, best award for best non-acting by a main lead for trailer the movie. I would like to thank wrogn production for never making the movie and to my audience for not watching the movie, this was a fake movie so a fake award,” he said in the hilarious video. Another debut after 10 years, can't wait! ð #TrailerTheMovie https://t.co/zDgE4JrdDT pic.twitter.com/hvcovMtfAV — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) September 21, 2018 Back in September, Kohli had teased his fans with a tweet that hinted at the cricket sensation potentially making his acting debut in "Trailer - The Movie". "Another debut after 10 years, can't wait! #TrailerTheMovie," Kohli had tweeted. We did put the right date on the poster, it's just that we decided to release it on the #Wrogn date. ð So, without further ado, here is #TrailerTheMovie. Check it out while I prepare my Oscar acceptance speech. ð @StayWrogn #StayMadStayWrogn https://t.co/zDgE4JIP2t pic.twitter.com/0dY4oXz56z — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) September 26, 2018 Later, he shared a teaser before eventually releasing the full clip. And, as expected, the video - projected like a movie - was, in fact, a promotional stunt for his clothing brand. But, that didn't stop Kohli from joking around with his Oscar acceptance speech. Forced to contend with a fake Oscar, Kohli will now be eager to get his hands on a real trophy, as he readies his battalion for the five-match One-Day International (ODI) series against West Indies which is slated to begin from 21st October in Guwahati.
  9. Nikki Haley, the United States' Ambassador to the United Nations, addresses a United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting at the UN headquarters in New York, US, June 13, 2018. REUTERS/Mike Segar/Files GENEVA: Talks with the United States over...
  10. You may love him, you may not like him a lot, but there is no way that you can simply ignore the enigma called Ranveer Singh. The man has the attitude of an ice cube, looks that can set hearts on fire and acting skills of a legend. Oh wait, he also has the heart of Deepika Padukone! When not on screen, you'll see him light up social media with his eccentric fashion choices or dancing to wedding numbers. Remember Sonam ki shaadi? #sonamkishaadi ð â¤ï¸ð¥ðFollow â¡ï¸ @myranveersingh for more updatesððð @myranveersingh ðð #myranveersingh @ranveersingh #ranveersingh ðð ♥â¤ððððððâ£ðððâ¡ â â â â â { Follow for More â¡ï¸ @myranveersingh } â³ï¸âï¸â³ï¸ â â â â ððâ¨ðâ­ï¸ð ð¡ð¼ð¸ð­ð¦ ~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~ ð¼ ðµ ð ð¥ ð¤ ðððððâºð¤ððð»ð . . [#zeecineawards #shahrukhkhan #shahidkapoor #akshaykumar #aishwaryarai #aliabhatt #varundhawan #sunnyleone #deepikapadukone #priyankachopra #kareenakapoor #sonamkapoor #salmankhan #katrinakaif #taapsee #shraddhakapoor #madhuridixitnene #kingkhan #bollywood #sonakshisinha #afghanistan #afghansong #bollywoodsongs #indian #arjunkapoor #nehakakkar #danceplus3 ] A post shared by ð RANVEER SINGH FAN CLUB ð (@myranveersingh) on Jun 3, 2018 at 1:00pm PDT #sonamkishaadi ð â¤ï¸ð¥ðFollow â¡ï¸ @myranveersingh for more updatesððð @myranveersingh ðð #myranveersingh @ranveersingh #ranveersingh ðð ♥â¤ððððððâ£ðððâ¡ â â â â â { Follow for More â¡ï¸ @myranveersingh } â³ï¸âï¸â³ï¸ â â â â ððâ¨ðâ­ï¸ð ð¡ð¼ð¸ð­ð¦ ~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~~♥~ ð¼ ðµ ð ð¥ ð¤ ðððððâºð¤ððð»ð . . [#zeecineawards #shahrukhkhan #shahidkapoor #akshaykumar #aishwaryarai #aliabhatt #varundhawan #sunnyleone #deepikapadukone #priyankachopra #kareenakapoor #sonamkapoor #salmankhan #katrinakaif #taapsee #shraddhakapoor #madhuridixitnene #kingkhan #bollywood #sonakshisinha #afghanistan #afghansong #bollywoodsongs #indian #arjunkapoor #nehakakkar #danceplus3 ] A post shared by ð RANVEER SINGH FAN CLUB ð (@myranveersingh) on Jun 2, 2018 at 11:49am PDT The guy can set any stage on fire, right? So, recently he was at the pre-wedding party of his friend Nitasha Gaurav and he took to the stage in his usual 'avatar', dancing away to the iconic track 'Laila Main Laila'. @RanveerOfficial dancing to Laila O Laila at @nitashagaurav's wedding party last night ðð#RanveerSingh pic.twitter.com/m7o7RvDt9I — Ranveersinghlover (@Ranveerscloset) June 2, 2018 Thank you for coming and taking our wedding shingding to another level - #RanveerSingh! So much love!!! A post shared by Nitasha Gaurav (@nitashagaurav) on Jun 1, 2018 at 2:24pm PDT Ranveer baba is our party spirit animal and that one crazy friend we all need at our wedding!
  11. A woman holds a candle and placard seeking an end to sexual violence against women, which has been on the rise in the country, during a protest on April 16 in Bangalore, India. Indian police on Saturday arrested 14 people suspected of kidnapping,...
  12. The commission ordered immediate restoration of electricity of RO plants and instructed K-Electric to clear wires from the Shahra-e-Faisal. Photo: K-Electric1KARACHI: Head of a Supreme Court-formed water commission Justice (Retd) Amir Hani Muslim...
  13. he commission ordered immediate restoration of electricity of RO plants and instructed K-Electric to clear wires from the Shahra-e-Faisal. Photo: K-Electric1KARACHI: The head of a Supreme Court-formed water commission Justice (retd) Amir Hani...
  14. Journalist Zeeshan Butt was murdered on March 27 in the Union Council Office of Samaryal tehsil of Sialkot. His family has accused UC Chairperson Imran Cheema of the murder.LAHORE: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the Punjab Police to...
  15. If someone is in a relationship, they introduce their significant other as their boyfriend or girlfriend while others who are not, introduce their partners as 'someone they're dating'. There is a stark difference between dating and being in a relationship. While both are directionally similar, they have subtle signs that make for two very different aspects of being with someone. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Here are some very prominent differences between being in a relationship and dating someone, just in case you're confused. Mutuality One of the major difference between dating and relationship is having your own idea about what the two are. While relationships are based on mutual agreement and trust, dating isn't the same. For some, casual dating is not mutual. The idea of exclusivity while with someone may differ. Some people like to exclusively date each other while others like to date other people and don't want to be committed to just one person. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Commitment This one's a given. Commitment is the key in a relationship, that's why it's a relationship. People commit to stay together and look forward to a future together while dating (mostly) lacks commitment of any sort. The only commitment people may have while they're dating is to get an ice cream together, after dinner! (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Communication Communication differs largely in a relationship vs while dating. While you're in a relationship you'll be communicating with your partner often, about every little thing. Be it telling them about the small little details from your past or asking them to snore a little less while they're sleeping! Dating is different. Communication is limited and basic and not too intrinsic. Like deciding where to eat next or a casual banter is something couples who're dating usually indulge in. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Expectations Of course expectations vary when you're dating someone or when you're in a relationship. You expect lesser from the person if you're dating them. It's normal for one person to be more into the dynamic than the other person but because you both know it's casual, there are no expectations of the future etc. with them. A relationship, however, is built on expectations. You expect every little thing from your partner. From patience to even a bright shining future, it's all on autopilot. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Priorities While both dating and relationships are meaningful, one prioritises lesser than the other. When you're dating someone you're not necessarily serious about them so you prioritise other things along with them like work, friends, activities etc. When you're in a relationship, your dynamic with other people might change entirely because the person you're with takes prime importance in your life. They come before family, friends and even work. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Although these are the five most prominent differences between dating and relationships, there are other tiny little things that make them unique in their own way. All said and done, both are exciting to experience and sometimes the person you're dating can become the partner in your relationship too!
  16. Not every relationship is built to last. Some are meant to last an eternity and some deteriorate with time. Sometimes, in your relationship you reach a turning point where you know it's not going to work out anymore and you fail to see a resolve, which ultimately leads to a complete demise of the relationship. Healthy relationship indicators help you figure if your relationship can stand the test of time and outrun any flaw that might come up, during the course of it. Once these indicators are negated, that's when the downfall begins and it continues if you ignore the factors leading to it. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images I've been a part of a few failed relationships which have taught me to identify the problem first hand and nip it in the bud, before it grows. Sometimes we can sense an issue and let complacency take over the root cause of it. By doing that, not only are we destroying a functional relationship, we're consciously not acknowledging these factors. Most relationships end due to one or more reasons listed below. I've faced them myself personally and if you sense your relationship might be facing an issue like the five mentioned, it's really time to turn things around! Communication Breakdown Communication, of any form should be moderate. If it's over the top, and extreme, where you expect your partner to over-analyse things like you do, that can pose as a threatening situation. Communicating less is a grave issue too. If communication is bad, between two people in a stable relationship, the equation is bound to drop. Communication should be clear, bold and interactive for a healthy relationship. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Lack Of Trust One of the major indicators concerning an unhealthy demise of a relationship is the lack of trust between two people. That trust can diminish for many reasons. It could be something out of your partners past relationship or the fact that they've lied to you at some point in time or even cheated. Whatever the reason maybe, if there is no trust, there is no semblance of a happy relationship. Trust is the backbone of any healthy relationship and once the backbone collapses, the association is headed towards the end. To make any relationship better, work on building trust first. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Abusive Nature If there is abuse of any kind, pertinent in a relationship, it's going to fall apart. Abuse is not necessarily physical. Mental and emotional abuse is as toxic as any other form of abuse. If you're in an abusive relationship, then know for sure, it has to end at some point in time and you as the abused have to end it! (c)Thinkstock/getty Images Insecurities Insecurities can be big or small but they're one of the main reasons why relationships fail to work. Insecurities also lead to a lowered sense of self esteem and once that road is taken there is no coming back from there. You're constantly thinking you're not good enough for your partner and there is a nag at the back of your head telling you, your partner can do much better. Insecurities can also stem from a lack of trust in your partner. You might be insecure about who they talk to or hang out with constantly and if these concerns are irrational, then it's really toxic for your relationship. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Jealousy Jealousy could take any form and absolutely end a fabulous relationship. It is strangely interlinked with a heavy form of insecurity but it's the worst indicator of them all. You could be jealous of the kind of company your partner keeps to even them being more successful than you. If it gets in the way of a stable relationship, know for sure, it will ruin any probable chance of lasting in the future. If you see your partner having a problem with 'that friend you talk to' or you having to issues with her making more money than you, then it's absolute splitsville from thereon. (c) Thinkstock/Getty Images These are the five most prominent markers of a healthy relationship losing its stride and semblance of balance and going downhill. There are other factors that pull a relationship down too, like money issues, having a judgemental partner, boredom, unreal expectations from either of the partners or even the lack of compatibility. But if any of the above mentioned indicators come your way, while you're looking to experience the future with a certain someone, either take a back seat and figure a solution out or end the relationship in a mature healthy manner.
  17. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/9694fe3e9d543df9d9d88640dff2e15c.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Mi8zLzIwMTggNTo1MzowMSBBTSZoYXNoX3ZhbHVlPUE3eEJaWEJXWnRGbmZ2TW5vMzcvcFE9PSZ2YWxpZG1pbnV0ZXM9NjAmaWQ9MQ== style=center] KOHAT: Police on Saturday claimed to have arrested a close accomplice of the prime suspect Mujahidullah Afridi in Asma Rani murder case. Police said that the arrested accomplice Shahzeb, a resident of KDA area of the city, assisted Mujahidullah in fleeing the country after the brutal murder of Asma Rani. Police also recovered the pistol used in the crime. Rani, a third-year MBBS student at Abbottabad Medical college, was in her hometown Kohat on vacation when Mujahidullah Afridi allegedly opened fire on her over refusal of a marriage proposal. The accused ? nephew of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf district president Aftab Alam ? along with his brother, Sadiqullah Afridi, was waiting outside the girl?s residence, police sources said. He allegedly shot her thrice on Saturday after she stepped out of a rickshaw with her sister-in-law. Police said that the arrested suspect used to pass on information about Rani to Mujahidullah and was with him on the day of the murder. Asma murder case: Saudi Interpol's help sought to apprehend main accused Court approved a three-day remand of Mujahid's brother and accomplice Sadiq today Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has sought Saudi Interpol's help to apprehend Mujahidullah, who fled to Saudi Arabia after the killing. A letter of assistance was sent to the Saudi Interpol on the request of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police last month. A spokesperson of the latter confirmed it was in touch with the international law enforcement agency for assistance in apprehending the fugitive.
  18. Sunny Leone is soon going to join the league of actors like Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. No, we are not talking about a new movie in store with a star studded cast. © Instagram Sunny is permanently shifting to Delhi…in the form of a wax statue. Yes, 2017's most searched Indian entertainer on Google is now going to grace the prestigious Madame Tussauds in Delhi, which recently opened its gates for the public. Sunny who is super excited to join the Madame Tussauds family, took to Instagram to share the news with her fans and let's just say, you now have another reason to flock to the Delhi wax museum if you haven't visited it already. At least, for those who dreamt of clicking selfies with Sunny can now inch closer to that distant dream by getting clicked with her statue. © Instagram She wrote, “So excited to see myself at the Delhi @madametussaudsdelhi Trying to find the exact color match of my eyes…such an amazing process!!” So excited to see myself at the Delhi @madametussaudsdelhi Trying to find the exact color match of my eyes... such an amazing process!! A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on Jan 18, 2018 at 6:13am PST Recently, the Madame Tussauds team flew in from London to meet Sunny in Mumbai and take measurements and photographs to create a life-like wax figure. Sunny reportedly said, “I am thrilled and grateful to Madame Tussauds for creating my figure. Having my own wax figure is completely overwhelming. This is the first time I have undergone a sitting and I must thank the entire team for making it a unique and memorable experience.” She further added, “I am equally excited to see 'me' at the attraction and can't wait for the fans reaction it will be finally displayed later this year. Madame Tussauds is a 'one-of-a-kind' attraction and I am so thrilled to be chosen for this incredible honour.” Sunny's husband Daniel Webber too posted the news on his Instagram account to thank Madame Tussauds for welcoming Sunny into the family. Today was one of those moments, when every Crazy thing you went through to get to the place you are today , is worth it all!!! I am so proud and everyone who works with us to make this happen!!! Thank You Madame Tussauds for asking Sunny Leone to be a part of your family now and FOREVER !!! Xoxoxo. So proud !!! You are FOREVER !!! @sunnyleone @sunnyrajani @hitendrakapopara @tomasmoucka @jeetihairtstylist @lomasrathod And of course @madametussauds @madametussaudsdelhi A post shared by Daniel "Dirrty" Weber (@dirrty99) on Jan 18, 2018 at 5:07am PST Madame Tussauds Delhi too welcomed Sunny Leone into their family with this post, “Delhi's winter blues will go away, thanks to the ever-glowing @sunnyleone.” Well, we completely agree with Madame Tussauds Delhi. Delhi's winter blues will go away, thanks to the ever-glowing @sunnyleone! Check out our stories from today's session with her and don't forget to catch her LIVE on our FB page, as it got #SunnyAtTussaudsDelhi! . . . #madametussauds #tussaudsdelhi #sunnyleone #actress #bollywood #star #celeb #celebs #celebrity #instafamous #famousfun #instafun #beauty #beautyqueen #beautyful #behindthescenes #starstruck #instadelhi #delhigram #delhidiaries #sodelhi #omgdelhi #filmlife #reveal A post shared by Madame Tussauds Delhi (@madametussaudsdelhi) on Jan 18, 2018 at 4:43am PST Sunny Leone is currently busy chilling with her daughter Nisha and was earlier seen in movies like 'Tera Intezaar' and 'Baadshaho'.
  19. Diljit's fans have been waiting for a long time for some more news regarding his upcoming movies and the multi-talented star has finally blessed us all with a promising poster, as the first look for his upcoming Bollywood project, the biopic on Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh is now out. Needless to say, he looks fierce and is definitely the best choice for this role, which has clearly been proven by the poster. The movie will apparently showcase the story of two hockey players who fall in love and Taapsee Pannu is playing the lead opposite him. The first look has got him some major love which is totally well deserved. #DontLetThisStoryPass can't wait to watch this @diljitdosanjh @taapsee @Flicker_Singh @IChitrangda the first poster is mind blowing! pic.twitter.com/iuafO5GxUY — Ruchita Mishra (@rucchitamishra) November 27, 2017 Teaser is so interesting to mv v keya honewala hai.a game based mv a movie on hockey.real life story of Sandip singh #DontLetThisStoryPass #filckersingh will be grt to watch waiting for d mv start eagerly pic.twitter.com/WwX3u8zS9r — Mukul (@MukulChatterje6) November 27, 2017 Eagerly Waiting for 2018.. All the best bro .. @diljitdosanjh .. 2k18 dosanjh year .. ð#DontLetThisStoryPass — Gurvinder Singh (@Gurvinder5795) November 27, 2017 Sandeep Singh is the ex-captain of the Indian hockey team, and to play the role to perfection, Diljit is gearing up and following an intense fitness routine. Gud Evening an... ðð¨ A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Nov 23, 2017 at 5:10am PST Oh Thandd Ch Kapde-o-Bahar Hoi Ferda Dosanjhan Waleya...ð»ð¨Kam Start Hoyea Hale..Final Update Jaldi...ð¥ Chalo Gud Nite aa Ferð A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh (@diljitdosanjh) on Nov 20, 2017 at 7:31am PST It goes without saying that Diljit is going to absolutely kill it in this biopic, also the last movie that Bollywood saw about hockey was 'Chakh De India', and we all know how that went ('sattar minute' gives me goosebumps till this day). Here is mentally preparing ourselves for the upcoming attack of awesomeness!
  20. FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Russian President Vladimir Putin attend the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour kick-off ceremony at the Luzhniki Stadium which will host matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, in Moscow, Russia, September 9, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin and FIFA President Gianni Infantino on Saturday launched the World Cup trophy on a tour across Russia ahead of the 2018 championship, with the head of world soccer?s governing body lauding Russia?s readiness for the event. ?To the people of Russia, I tell them: enjoy and celebrate the trophy tour and then the World Cup. And to the people of the world, I tell them: come to Russia, enjoy Russia and celebrate the World Cup,? Infantino said, standing next to Putin on a stage in Moscow?s Luzhniki stadium. Surrounded by hundreds of young soccer players, Infantino and Putin took turns to hold the FIFA World Cup in their hands before it started its 123-day, 26,000 km (16,250 mile) journey. ?We are starting now the tour...to prepare the whole world for next year?s event when in this stadium three billion people around the world will watch this trophy being handed over to the next world champion,? Infantino said. Moscow has eased visa regulations for foreign soccer fans and pumped billions of dollars into stadiums, hotels and other infrastructure as the Kremlin is keen to improve Russia?s image in its worst crisis with the West since the Cold War. Russia has come under several rounds of Western sanctions over the annexation of Crimea and Moscow?s role in Ukraine?s conflict with pro-Russian separatists. ?Everything is proceeding according to plan, everything is financed properly,? Putin told Infantino at a separate meeting later in remarks shown by state television. The Luzhniki stadium, which has undergone a five-year reconstruction, will host the opening and final games of the World Cup 2018.
  21. ABIDJAN: Gunfire was heard coming from two police installations in Ivory Coast's main city Abidjan late on Wednesday, according to two Reuters witnesses. Shooting broke out at around 9.30 pm (2130 GMT) in the Cocody neighbourhood near the national police and gendarmes schools and lasted for around an hour. Sustained gunfire was later heard near the base of the police anti-riot brigade in the Yopougon neighbourhood.
  22. Chris Gayle aka Gayle-Force, World Boss, Spartan, Six Machine or Master Storm is a phenomenal left-handed batsman who is known for delivering big hits on the field. Well, it turns out that our Gayle-Storm loves to hit it off the field as well… the dance floor, to be specific. And just like the cricket pitch, he is fantastic on the dance floor too and is a sheer treat to the eyes. Recently, Chris Gayle posted a video of himelf dancing on Sunny Leone's ‘Laila Main Laila' from ‘Raees' and, since then, the world officially lost its chill. We don't think there's anyone who hasn't heard this song, but if you just searched for that song on the internet, what parallel world were you living in until now? While, Sunny Leone stunned us with her mesmerizing dance moves, Gayle wasn't too far away when it came to flooring us with his footwork. (#CEO Chris Ever Okay) I'll give the winner USD 5000 who do the #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge 🕺🏾 the best 😊. Ladies, the challenge goes for you too...There's the video so make sure you're spot on as I am lol. #HaveFun I'll post the top 5 on my page and the viewers choose the winner. Remember to use the HASHTAG! Will announce the winner on the 24th 🕺🏾 A post shared by KingGayle 👑 (@chrisgayle333) on Jul 15, 2017 at 4:03am PDT If things weren't already entertaining enough for us, Gayle took things to another level by challenging his fans to dance to this song. And what's the bait? USD 5000. Yes, you read it right; the winner whose dance moves manage to impress Gayle will get this amount. So folks, gear up for this #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge; who knows you might become the lucky winner?! As far as Gayle's moves are concerned, who do you think did a better job with the song? Sunny Leone or Chris Gayle?
  23. PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz addresses media in Islamabad on July 17, 2017 - Geo News screen grab ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League ? Nawaz (PML-N) leader Daniyal Aziz said on Monday that the report of the Panama case Joint Investigation (JIT) team was not complete and had ignored several main facts. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/5f09710cdfdc79260c1b1e926fe745d0.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ny8xNy8yMDE3IDc6NTk6MjYgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1HTkNoRU1IWWFIRnhvNDdBZmhsczNRPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] Aziz speaking to reporters outside the Supreme Court said since the first day the evidence presented in the JIT report were being termed as trash. He added that now even the judges had raised questions about the verification of the documents. According to Aziz, the JIT report contained ambiguities, ignored facts and used the words most likely.
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