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Found 15 results

  1. Ajay Barot from Himmatnagar in Gujarat grew up dreaming of an elaborate wedding for himself, that would be the most memorable celebration that people around him would ever be a part of. So, when his cousin got married recently, the 27-year-old's desire to get hitched only got stronger. (c) ANI Ajay's parents took it upon themselves to fulfil their son's dream and organised a lavish wedding which was attended by 200 guests, complete with all the traditional Gujarati rituals and ceremonies for the groom. But the only twist in this tale is that there was no bride for our groom, Ajay. (c) ANI If you are wondering how that is possible and why anyone would spend lakhs on such a wedding, read what Ajay's father Vishnu Barot had to say. Talking to ANI, Vishnu said, "My son was diagnosed with a learning disability and lost his mother at an early age. He used to enjoy the wedding procession of other people and asked us about his marriage. We were unable to answer his question as it was not possible to find a match for him. Thus, after talking to all my family members, I decided to arrange a wedding procession for him so he feels like his wedding is being held and his dream is getting accomplished. I am very happy that I fulfilled my son's dream without thinking about what society would say." (c) ANI Thus, dressed in a shiny sherwani, and pink headgear, Ajay rode on a decked-up 'ghodi' and made merry as the wedding procession danced to Gujarati music and dhol. The family had invited close to 800 people for the celebrations, and even a priest was called to officiate the wedding as per traditional Gujarati customs. Ajay's entire family was more than happy to fulfil his dream, and behold the unadulterated joy the celebration brought to his face.
  2. Spoilers ahead. If I ask any Marvel fan which quote started the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, they would tell me one thing - He's fucking Iron Man and he wants the world to know that! This was such a huge defining moment for the MCU. What a line, so simple yet so powerful, and it made the first 'Iron Man' movie so much better. Side note, Happy Birthday to the first Iron Man movie! 'I am Iron Man', the last line spoken in the first 'Iron Man' movie made a comeback in 'Avengers: Endgame' as well, of course. 'Iron Man' was RDJ's first appearance as the iconic character that changed the world of Marvel forever and 'Endgame' marked the last time, sadly. So, it's kind of symbolic to see everything come full circle, just like his character arc did. But, it came as such a surprise to me that the iconic line almost didn't make it to the movie. In the last moment, during the final battle in 'Endgame', Thanos finally has the gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones and says “I am inevitable”. At that moment, all hope was lost for a second and we thought everyone would disintegrate again when Thanos snaps his fingers again. But, Tony Stark comes to the rescue and prevents the repeat of the final 'Infinity War' scene. He steals - very sneakily, I might add - all the stones from Thanos and delivers the one line, the best line at that moment - 'I am Iron Man' - right before snapping his fingers and making Thanos and his entire army disintegrate. Turns out, that line was actually a last minute addition. He originally wasn't supposed to say anything, but the Russo Brothers talked about how difficult it was to nail the final line. They said, “We were in the editing room going, 'He has to say something. This a character who has lived and died by quips.' And we just couldn't, we tried a million different last lines.” Then, Jeff Ford, the Russo Brothers' right-hand man and editor on 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier', 'Civil War', 'Avengers: Infinity War', and 'Endgame' gave the best suggestion - “Why don't we just go full circle with it and say 'I am Iron Man'?” They loved it so much that they immediately went, “Get the cameras! We have to shoot this tomorrow.” And, the rest is history. I would personally like to thank Jeff because without that final line in 'Endgame', the movie wouldn't have been the same.
  3. Satyajit Ray isn't a name that is restricted to India or known only to Indians. This name is synonymous to path-breaking cinema that changed how the world saw Indian film-making. Famous Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa once said, “Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon.” Others, such as Wes Anderson and Francis Coppola are known to be inspired by the man who is often seen as the face of Indian cinema. Image A © Twitter Poetry pervaded his work, and a truthfulness that was inherent in every story Ray told, turned his creations into timeless pieces. The cinematic naturalism that was idiosyncratic to Ray's oeuvre, was both enlightening and entertaining. The manner in which Ray's stories unfold is simple yet impactful. However, regardless of whether you consider yourself a cinephile or not, there are a few films Ray created, which are a must-watch for every man. No matter the genre or plots that interest you, these movies will leave you with a new perspective on life and a new-found love for good cinema: 1. Aranyer Din Ratri © Pinterest A story that traces the life and times of four friends, this film was based on the novel by the same name, written by Sunil Gangopadhyay. The film narrates the adventures of contemporary Indian men very realistically. A group of friends escape the metropolitan din for the weekend, and Ray takes us on a vacation with the four of them. The film was even nominated for the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 20th Berlin International Film Festival. 2. Agantuk © DD Productions Based on one of Ray's own short stories, and his last work to make it to the big screen, this one is about the sudden appearance of a guest, no one expected to see. Featuring Utpal Dutt in the lead, he portrays a stranger-cum-guest, who visits a distant niece at her house after years of staying out of touch. With a stunning plot and meaningful dialogues, this one won three National Film awards. 3. Mahanagar © R D Banshal & Co Based on Narendranath Mitra's short story, this one revolves around themes of fear and courage, told through a woman's point-of-view on significant matters involving money, labour and justice. Ray does a wonderful job of dealing with poignant affairs, laced with empathy. From marriage to work-life balance and living with ageing parents, and speaking up against injustice, this one has everything. 4. Pratidwandi © Priya Films Stemmed around the rise of the Naxalite movement in Bengal, the film tells the story about a young, educated man and how his life undergoes great changes amid corruption and unemployment. 5. Abhijan © Abhijatrik A film rooted in the very diseases that plagued the society post India's independence, this one was packed with such impeccable showmanship, that Martin Scorsese admitted that the protagonist of the film directly inspired Robert De Niro's character in the film 'Taxi Driver'. Riveting, enlightening and a story that is relevant for all times. 6. The Apu Trilogy © Satyajit ray The trilogy comprises of 'Pather Panchali', 'Aparajito' and 'Apur Sansar' and marks the debut of the great director in Indian cinema. Through this film, Ray presented the three stages in the protagonist Apu's life. One of the best films you can possibly start off with. 7. Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne © Govt. of WB Probably one of Ray's best creations, the story revolves around the adventures of Goopy and Bagha. After the duo comes in contact with a team of ghosts and is granted three wishes by the Ghost King, they set out on a very innovative journey which will get you hooked! The film won the National Award for the best film, apart from many international awards.
  4. When trying to come up with a shaving routine that works, different men have differing points of view on how to go about it. Some minimalists view just a razor and a source of lather as the complete package. Others are swayed by the latest advertisements and flood their bathrooms with an extensive range of shaving supplies. Unfortunately, whether it's due to lack of proper care or sheer overkill, the result of both these strategies often seems to be an unsatisfactory shave (usually coupled with some sort of annoying skin irritation or rash!) Even though men might disagree on what their ideal shaving kit should contain, there are a few essentials that should be present in any case. All of these items work together cohesively to give you the smoothest and closest shave possible. Even though you can add a product here and there based on personal preference, there's absolutely no room to compromise on these five essentials. So, to make the task of building your own shaving kit much easier, we've put together the following list of items you absolutely need to include in your shopping list. ITEM 1: Razor © Wikimedia Commons It's arguably the most indispensable item in your shaving kit, which is why selecting the best razor for your shaving needs is such an important decision. If you're just starting out with shaving, a cartridge razor would be the best option for you. It's much easier to shave with, and requires a lower initial investment. In contrast, double edge safety razors aren't just pricier, but shaving with them takes more time to master as well. However, the average monthly cost of a safety razor is much lower than cartridge razors thanks to the disposable blades that they come equipped with. Some kits are even designed for straight razors, which might be the instrument of choice for the more experienced shaver. Whatever your choice of blade may be, your shaving kit is incomplete without one. ITEM 2: Lathering Agent © Flickr Once you've picked out your razor, the next step is to find a suitable lathering agent. There are a lot of options in this department as well, ranging from shaving creams and gels, to shaving foams and shaving soaps. A quality lathering agent not only makes for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience, it also provides nourishment to your skin and leaves it refreshed and hydrated after every shave. Sub-standard products cause dry skin, leading to other forms of skin irritation including those annoying rashes, nicks and cuts. A quality shaving cream or gel will help build up a rich and luxuriant lather that is ideal for a long, indulgent shave. If you have a day off and want to devote some time to personal grooming, this is the option to go for. In contrast, the best shaving foams provide a light, airy lather with just a couple of sprays. If you're a man who's constantly on the move, this is what you need to achieve a classy clean-shaven look that's also incredibly low on maintenance. ITEM 3: Shaving Brush © Wikimedia Commons Once you've navigated through the different types of razors and lathering agents out there, the next step is to find the right shaving brush. They build up additional cushioning on your face when using a shaving cream, allowing for a much more comfortable shave. They also help your facial hair stand up on end, making it much easier for the razor to slice through it and provide a closer shave. Natural hair shaving brushes, such as badger, boar, and horse hair, are available at varying price points depending upon how they feel on your face and their lathering capability. As an animal-friendly alternative, you can even opt for synthetic shaving brushes which are soft on your skin while offering great water retention. ITEM 4: Pre-Shave Oil © Flickr If your sensitive skin is regularly left red and raw every time you shave, then the right pre-shave oil or lotion can be a gamechanger for you. These prepare your skin by opening up the pores on your face, helping flush out oil, grime and bacteria that act as blockages. They also help soften the otherwise bristly and wiry facial hair, helping the razor glide effortlessly over the contours of your face and offering a much more pleasant shave every time. This minimises the risk of post-shave skin irritation, rashes and cuts, improving your overall skin health and enhancing your appearance. ITEM 5: Aftershave Lotion/Balm © Pixabay Another essential item in all the best shaving kits is a quality post-shave product that ensures your skin is taken care of. We've all grown up seeing our fathers finish off their shaves with a quick splash of aftershave lotion, and sneakily applied a bit ourselves to savour its subtle sting and heady scent. However, almost all of these lotions contain some form of alcohol, which is a great antiseptic but also dries your skin out. If you're not keen on experiencing that all-too-familiar sting after every shave, a quality alcohol-free aftershave balm keeps your pores clean while also ensuring that your skin stays moisturised and healthy. Bonus Add-Ons: © Shutterstock 1) Shaving Stand The perfect add-on to your shaving kit, a shaving stand is not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. Even though it doesn't contribute to your shaving routine, it adds an element of class and elegance as you display your shaving supplies in your bathroom. It's also a great way to dry out your razor and brush, protecting them from oxidation and bacteria. 2) Replacement Blades Picking out the best safety razor or the perfect cartridge razor is pointless if you don't have replacement blades to turn to once these lose their edge. There are a number of quality blades that fit safety razors which you can stock up on without fear of rust. Similarly, having a couple of replacements for your cartridge razor handy will help you keep up with your shaving regime at all times. 3) Shaving Bowl Although these aren't very high on the priority list, a dedicated shaving bowl helps whip up a nice foamy lather, acts as a resting place for your brush, and lends a professional touch to your shaving kit. 4) Travel Bag If your work requires you to keep traveling from place to place while also maintaining a clean-shaven visage, then you need to invest in a sturdy case which can fit all your shaving gear. When choosing from the best travel kits for men who are constantly on the go, there's a wide variety of great options that will keep you from falling behind on your shaving routine even when you're on the move. 5) Electric Trimmer/Scissors Just because you're not completely clean shaven doesn't mean you don't need to maintain a shaving kit! Even the most hirsute of men need shaving supplies and regular maintenance to keep their facial hair well-groomed. Whether it's keeping a bushy beard in check or trimming around the lines of a trim moustache, a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer helps you maintain that rugged look by allowing you to groom your hair with extreme precision.
  5. Seems like Apple was able to save yet another life, thanks to its heart rate sensor as it was able to detect unusual activity in a man's pulse rate. The Apple Watch has been known to be able to save lives via features that are in-built in the smartwatch. In this particular case, the man was diagnosed with tachycardia. © YouTube The man was Science Friday radio host Ira Flatow's brother and the incident was tweeted by him saying “saved by his Apple Watch,” The Apple Watch alerted him to a rapid heartbeat and suggested that he should visit a hospital. My brother was saved by his Apple Watch. After he felt a rapid heart beat >200 bpm, his watch told him to “go to the hospital.” He did and his tachycardia was diagnosed. — Ira Flatow (@iraflatow) March 7, 2019 Tachycardia is a condition when the heart rate exceeds the normal resting rate. Generally, if the resting heart rate is above 10 beats per minute, the condition is considered "tachycardia". Flatlow continued to say that his brother commented on the accuracy of his Apple Watch “and BTW, during the 15 hours I was at the hospital hooked up to the monitors, my the monitors never disagreed with my watch's reading. I checked MANY times.” © MensXP It's not the first time where the Apple Watch was able to save someone's life. Recently, a Norwegian man was saved by his Apple Watch thanks to its fall detection feature. If you want to know other instances where the Apple Watch was able to save a life, you can read all about it here.
  6. Men applying makeup and even teaching others via YouTube tutorials is super common nowadays. 2019 is all about breaking gender barriers and embracing our bodies for what they are. Makeup is unisex now and male beauty is all the rage. We're not asking you to go do a full-blown makeup look, but covering up imperfections which are kind of necessary. But unlike other makeup products, concealer is applied only where you need it, masking flaws with a thin layer of color. Concealer can be your saving grace to cover up a nasty razor burn, ( ) acne or even a hickey from some unsolicited action. Here are 4 reasons why a concealer is the ultimate solution to achieve flawless skin: 1. Hide Dark Circles © Getty Images A layer of dark hue beneath your eyes is a telltale sign of numerous late nights resulting in sleep deprivation. Although there are other solutions for it, if you need a quick cover-up we've got your back. Dab a small spot of color correction and follow up with a drop of concealer that's one shade lighter to your skin tone. Gently dab the product into the corners of your eyes near the nose, as well as under the eyes using your finger. 2. Cover Up Hickeys © Getty Images It's all fun and games until you have a red fire-alarm or purple bruise-like hickey on your skin. Just wearing a turtleneck for 5 days in hope of saving face might do the trick temporarily, but if it's summertime, you will need a new trick to save face. Enter the concealer. Find a concealer that matches your neck (use a color corrector if the bruise is too dark) and blend it in. Keep the product handy, because of course, it'll happen again. 3. Conceal Razor Burns & Blemishes © Getty Images Razor burns are nasty, itchy and look bad. Contrary to dark circles, razor burns need to be covered up with the concealer shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. Blend the concealer evenly across the burn to make sure it is concealed well. The same process applies to covering up blemishes as well. It's better to use products that contain Vitamin E to reduce inflammation. 4. Mask Pimples Out Of Sight © Getty Images Imagine getting an annoying little popper on your face just hours before a date or an event. That is one way to spoil your first impression. The solution? Slap on a dab of concealer, and you're good to go. Yes, it's that easy. Just go a little light with the product and the coverage is always buildable. Bye, acne. Male beauty is trending and now you know why a concealer in hand is the stairway to glowing and flawless looking skin.
  7. A man took a serious tumble in the middle of the night and his life may have been saved thanks to the Apple Watch. Toralv Østvang, a 67-year-old Norwegian man got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and fainted. The Apple Watch detected his fall and alerted emergency services. © Apple The Apple Watch series 4 has been known to save lives in the past thanks to numerous features such as heart rate monitoring, the new ECG app that can detect heart diseases and now the fall detect feature has been credited. The fall detecting feature works when a user falls and is unresponsive for 1 minute. The smartwatch will then automatically alert emergency services so that the user can be rescued. The police found Østvang bleeding on the bathroom floor with three fractures to his face. © Apple His daughter gives credit to the Apple Watch for saving his life, telling NRK: : "It could have gone so much worse. All morning we asked 'What had happened if he hadn't worn a smart watch?' He didn't bring his mobile phone in the bathroom. It's amazing that he got so quick help from the alarm, until the police found him. It was a serious fall..." © MensXP - Akshay Bhalla This is not the first time the Apple Watch has managed to save a life and there have been numerous instances in the past. You can read about different instances where the Apple Watch has saved lives by detecting diseases and even car crashes. You can read about 5 times the Apple Watch saved someone's life here.
  8. If we ever decide to write a horror story series named 'Salon', we know what to put on Chapter 1. What you're about to read is a story that will make you laugh (probably), but would have definitely given you a mini heart attack if that happened to you. A man went to a salon, and showed the barber a reference video about what hairstyle he would like. Now, what could possibly go wrong? Turns out, a lot. © 9GAG The barber thought that the 'play' button in the middle of the screen is a part of the hairstyle, and shaved - wait for it - two huge triangles on both sides of his head. © 9GAG Apparently, the barber even asked him whether he was sure about the triangle, but he said 'Go ahead' because he was unsure about the question. The result? An MP3 player on the head. © 9GAG But well, turns out he wasn't all heartbroken, and even seemed to enjoy the result. Moral of the story: Do not trust your barber, and definitely DO NOT ever show a paused video as reference for a hairstyle. Phew!
  9. You don't need us reminding you about the rising levels of harmful toxins in the air. In fact, as recently as a few days ago, nine out of the world's ten most polluted cities were in India. Add to this the fact that many grooming companies are infusing their products with chemicals and a gazillion preservatives (many of which can be incredibly harmful for your skin), and it probably becomes safe to say that our dependence on using organic and natural products is at an all-time-high. Fortunately for all of us out there, one company understands this predicament all-too-well, and is actively curating products that will help Indian men make their grooming regimen more organic - Raw Nature. And so if you were looking for some A-grade organic products to add to your grooming regimen, ones that will help protect your skin against the harmful effects of toxins, SLS and parabens, and that will be suitable for your skin type as well, then Raw Nature's brand new collection of organic soaps (available in four different and unique variants) warrants your time and attention. 1) Raw Nature's Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Soap © Raw Nature Infused with the richness of lemon eucalyptus oil, this 100% natural, handmade and organic soap from Raw Nature is perfect for those who are constantly dealing with their skin's excessive oil (sebum) production and the resultant acne breakouts. Formulated for acne control, it comes with anti-bacterial properties (that help combat acne) as well as Zinc and Lunar Silver that help detoxify and nourish sensitive skin. MRP: Rs. 1047 (for pack of 3) Buy it here 2) Raw Nature's Activated Charcoal Soap © Raw Nature If you were looking for an organic soap that would deeply cleanse your pores, while also improving your skin's elasticity, then look no further than Raw Nature's Activated Charcoal variant. For those who aren't aware of its incredible properties, Activated Charcoal helps remove excess oil from your skin, helps combat body odour and even removes dust and dirt particles. It's also infused with peppermint and rosemary, and makes for a great tool in fighting blackheads. MRP: Rs. 897 (for pack of 3) Buy it here 3) Raw Nature's Brazilian Green Clay Soap © Raw Nature Are blocked and clogged pores your skin's Achilles' heel? Well, then this Brazilian Green Clay organic soap from Raw Nature is tailor-made for your needs. And that's not all, as the basil it comes infused with is rich in toning and inflammatory properties that not only soothe any skin irritation, but also help promote tissue repair. MRP: Rs. 897 (for pack of 3) Buy it here 4) Raw Nature's Red Clay & Wild Argan Oil Soap © Raw Nature Finally, we have this Red Clay and Wild Argan Oil variant from Raw Nature. Providing your skin with the hydration and moisture it requires, it's guaranteed to be an effective addition to your grooming kit. Considering all of the rich benefits of Red Clay and Wild Argan Oil that your skin is going to be subjected to, getting this organic soap for just Rs 897 makes for a steal of a deal. MRP: Rs. 897 (for pack of 3) Buy it here
  10. The need to find that perfect bag to house our gadgets, lunch, books and everything else we carry on our person when we step out, is not an easy task. Whether you're searching for a minimalist and sleek work bag or a rustic sling bag for everyday use, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from: 1. Handwoven Khadi Sling Bag (Light Purple) Qtrove.com This contemporary Khadi sling bag - made using a vibrant purple fabric - is an ode to traditional Indian textiles. It is perfect for going out for a walk or running errands. 2. Handcrafted Cork Leather White Laptop Bag Qtrove.com This top-zip portfolio design bag is an ode to functionality. This spacious laptop bag can easily accommodate a 15-inch laptop and other office essentials. Cork leather is a unique sustainable fabric manufactured by layering cork wood on a natural textile. It is soft to touch, durable, water resistant and undeniably beautiful. 3. Travel Kit (Seahorse) Qtrove.com Want to be organized while travelling? Whether you call it a travel kit, toiletry bag or a bathroom bag, every man needs a place to stow his personal effects while travelling. And this stylish travel kit is handmade for you! 4. Handcrafted Cork Leather Teal Laptop Bag Qtrove.com Cork is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials found across the world. As a fabric, it is durable and lightweight. Its unparalleled beauty requires minimal maintenance. By adopting cork products, you contribute towards preservation and management of a natural, renewable and important ecological environment. This product is a cruelty-free and incredibly stylish! 5. Handwoven Khadi Sling Bag (Blue) Qtrove.com This bag comes from a range of textile-based accessories that are made from recycled, upcycled material and using traditional Indian craft techniques. The bag brings rich and vibrant fabrics to life with contemporary, stylish cuts. This bag should become your go-to for every outing! Find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop, Qtrove.com. They make sure that they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove.com, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate shop for good things- Qtrove.com! And for a limited period, you can save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket! If you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100 on Qtrove.com!
  11. We all know that we need a face wash as part of our skin care routine. Everybody uses it, so there are probably a hundred brands making it. But, what does a face wash really do? And how can you figure out which face wash is the right option for you? That's why we have broken down how to choose the right face wash. The point of a face wash is to clean the skin on your face of dirt, sweat, sebum (the oil that is secreted), bacteria, dead cells, and any other impurities. If a cleanser is too light, it may not clean well enough, if too rich, it may clog your pores. You also need to make sure that your face wash doesn't contain excessively harsh or harmful chemicals. Ingredients like cocamidopropyl betaine or caprylic triglyceride are better as they are sulfate free surfactants. And finally, you should definitely not use your everyday soap on your face, as it can dry your skin too much, or cause damage due to its harsh components. And here is what you have to remember when buying your face wash: For dry skin © Instagram/ Tiger Shroff Dry skin needs nourishing, quite obviously. So what you need is a face wash for dry skin that is moisturising, with ingredients like lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil. These components help to nourish the skin, and after cleansing it, leave a slight layer of moisture. You should stay away from foaming face washes. You should also avoid excessive exfoliation, and stay away from products that have salicylic or glycolic acid. For oily skin © Instagram/ Sidharth Malhotra The right face wash for oily skin is equipped to combat any excessive sebum that is produced. Sebum is the naturally oily secretion that your happens on your skin. Unlike what a lot of products tend to do for oily skin, it is not advisable to get rid of all the natural oil on your face, in the name of cleansing. It makes our sebaceous glands react, and overproduce oil to restore the balance. The ideal face wash for oily skin in a mild one, generally foaming, which cleans the face without stripping it off all moisturise entirely. Look for products with naturally antibacterial properties like neem and tea tree to keep breakouts at bay, since they combat any pores that may have bacteria in it. Something like aloe vera is also good to have, as it soothes the skin, and lightly hydrates it. For combination skin © Instagram/ Varun Dhawan People with combination skin face a difficult battle, sometimes your skin gets too dry, and sometimes the side-effects of an oily skin can suddenly act out on your skin. What you need is a gentle cleanser that does not irritate either property. Something that is alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, soap-free is a good choice for you. In fact, you may want to consider something like a micellar water, due to its super gentle properties. For sensitive skin or acne-prone skin © Instagram/ Ishaan Khatter If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, first you need to determine what is the problem area. If you have hyper dryness, it can lead to red patches and rashes on your skin. Alternatively, if you have acne-the end result can also be angry red patches. Both these are very different, and ideally, you should only pick your face wash after a consultation. Sensitive As a general rule though, both do need a gentle cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, then pick a cleanser that doesn't have any alcohol, is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. Acne-prone If you have acne-prone skin then tea-tree, neem, and salicylic acid based anti-acne cleansers area a good option. For normal skin © Instagram/ Ranveer Singh If you happen to have normal skin, then you happen to have lucked out quite a bit. Most face washes will work for you, though it is better that you stay away from harsh chemicals like parabens and surfactants. You can use both a foaming or non-foaming face wash depending on how your skin reacts to each. Just remember that you don't want a face wash to completely dry out your face, leave any residue behind, or not clean the dirt properly.
  12. Apple Watch Series 4 was announced last month and it brings in a load of new health-centric features. Previously, the Apple Watch has been successful in detecting heart diseases, consistent high/low blood pressure, as well as abnormal heart behaviour. Now, the new watch features fall detection that uses a similar mechanism that tracks complex forms of motion like swimming. The new fall detection alerts emergency contacts saved in your iPhone, in case you meet with a hard fall. This has been achieved by incorporating more powerful and well-calibrated accelerometer and gyroscope. © CultOfMac According to Swedish publication Aftonbladet, 34-year old Gustavo Rodriguez, an Apple Watch Series 4 user is the first person to be saved by the wearable. The watch detected that he had a fall due to severe back pain. The watch offered to call up the Swedish emergency services, even when his phone was in the other room. The report states that Gustavo's wrist pounded and asked: “Do you want to call 112?”. “My Apple Watch had known the case and wondered if it would call an emergency call". The interesting thing here isn't just that the Watch recognized accurately what was going on and responded appropriately. © Aftonbladet Apple has gathered data from people wearing Apple Watches (running customized software) in a movement disorder clinic, assisted living facilities, and friends and family of Apple employees. More than 2,500 people and 250,000 days of data were analyzed to program the system for fall detection. “We learned that with falls, there's this repeatable motion pattern that happens,” Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer, said during the company's keynote in September when announcing the feature. “For example, when you trip, your body will naturally pitch forward, and your arms will go out involuntarily to brace yourself. However, if you slip, there's a natural upward motion of the arms.” © Apple The new Apple Watch now features a 30 per cent larger display and it now runs to the edges rather than floats in a black bezel. It is powered by a new S4 chipset that Apple claims is two times faster. Apple has also added a new feature that can monitor your Electrocardiography Readings or generally called ECG. Unfortunately, the ECG feature required medical approval from local authorities and hence is available only in the USA right now. But the addition of these health features has turned the Apple Watch into a much more capable gadget that is always connected via LTE and acts as a personal health / medical device. Source: https://www.aftonbladet.se/a/MgGdjR
  13. The wedding season is here, and if you're even remotely social, you must already have a pile of invitations. As enjoyable as the idea of attending a wedding reception might be, it honestly is a lot of work. You need to look good, not only because of societal norms, but also because of the fact that it's extremely likely that you might just run into someone you're into, and you should just be safe in terms of being, well, 'not repulsive'. But if we look at it systematically, it can be done, and easily so. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to get ready for a wedding reception without breaking a sweat, and not missing out on anything: 1. Get A Salon Appointment © en.uaezoom The first step, obviously, is grooming. Please take an appointment at a good salon, and get a good haircut. If you have facial hair, take care of shaping and grooming that as well. Please do that at least a day in advance, to avoid last minute hassle, or any redness/rashes. 2. Get A Manicure (& Pedicure Too, If Possible) © Shutterstock You will be socializing while holding a wine/cocktail glass. Women notice the finer details, like nail hygiene. Trust us. Also, an Indian wedding might have certain occasions that will require you to take off your shoes. So, go for a manicure and pedicure for brownie points. 3. Get Your Clothes Dry-Cleaned/Ironed In Advance © Shutterstock Rummaging for clothes at the last minute can be a sartorial suicide. Please make sure you know well in advance what you're wearing. Get them out, and give them for dry cleaning/ironing/laundry if required. That can reduce your stress by a great deal on the day of the reception/function, plus who doesn't like freshly laundered and ironed clothes? 4. Get A Facial © Donner Hubb Yes, we know you're probably thinking that's stretching it a bit, but trust us, you need your skin to look good. The lights can be unforgiving, and the competition fierce (in case you want a date). The choice is yours. 5. Use A Great Perfume © FreeDesignFile One of the most underrated, yet most important steps is to smell incredible. If you smell great, half the battle is won. Plus, there is a possibility that you might dance at some point, which means you will sweat. A good perfume will save your back. Apart from these steps, please also do the obvious things, such as taking a proper shower before getting ready, and carrying breath mints for those after-dinner conversations. Good luck!
  14. Having your own house in Mumbai is a dream in itself, and when you have an abode that overlooks the Arabian Sea, it's nothing less than a dream come true. Imagine waking every morning to that breath-taking view. Sounds like something you could never get tired of watching, right? And that's exactly what Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's house is all about. From the beams of sunlight spreading throughout the rooms, the classic motif to the stunning oil paintings, Khiladi Kumar's house is a fusion of contemporary with vibrant mytic and a traditional touch, making it the perfect pad. Happy Diwali! Wishing you all a year filled with love, light and laughter! A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Oct 19, 2017 at 8:12am PDT Making hay while the sun shines #readingspot #sunset #nature A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Nov 21, 2014 at 4:22am PST Akshay's magnificent Juhu house also has a beautiful lawn that overlooks the vast blue sea. Big Bens, Mota Bhais and lots of low-GST Khakra-My bit this week https://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/mrsfunnybones/big-bens-to-small-pidis-all-roads-lead-to-ahmedabad/ Link on Facebook as well #GujaratiByNature #timesofindia A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Nov 11, 2017 at 8:12pm PST Work in progress by @thewhitewindow #glamdecor #india #outdoorspace A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Jan 11, 2015 at 12:10am PST The entire aesthetic of this house is the handiwork of the gorgeous Twinkle herself. I have the blues! #thewhitewindow #suzzanicushions #pineapplefever A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Apr 27, 2018 at 11:33pm PDT Stay at home Saturday! Create a soothing mood and unwind. #TheWhiteWindow #TwinkleKhanna #relax #SoothingSaturday #chill #special #cozy #ambience #surprise #love #instadaily #instalove #instamood A post shared by The White Window (@thewhitewindow) on Feb 20, 2016 at 12:47am PST Their house is exquisite and every corner seems like it has a story to tell. When Mr K convinces me to dance around trees again:) Merry Christmas folks! #Jingleballe A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Dec 24, 2017 at 12:40pm PST Some things are timeless like Santa and Pundit ji - By popular demand -Manic Santa and one more reason for Punditji to dislike Christmas #Jingleballe #throwback #HoHoHo A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Dec 22, 2017 at 4:08am PST And my best friend flies in for a Valentine's day surprise with, 'Both are not for you, one is for my daughter! ' #happyvalentinesday A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Feb 14, 2018 at 1:54am PST I once told my Pad Man that I will take him places.. Well, not only will Pad Man release in 50 countries all over the world but It is Bollywood's first film that will be releasing day and date in Russia, Ivory Coast and even Iraq #padman9thfeb @sonypicturesin @padmanthefilm A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Feb 7, 2018 at 12:36am PST This is where the witch sits to cast her evil spells and that is her familiar sniffing her brew to see if it's just right to make some more dark magic #NothingIsMundane A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Sep 22, 2015 at 8:51pm PDT My new writing spot #sublime #organicdecor A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Apr 5, 2015 at 10:24pm PDT I love Saturday-a little writing and a lot of gazing at the sea #perfection A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Dec 13, 2014 at 1:29am PST Akshay's splendid home with its breathtaking view can leave anyone in awe. Let sleeping dogs lie unless they have the best spot in the house #Cleo A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Jan 13, 2016 at 10:43pm PST The duplex house is warm and cosy and it shows. In May the stray mom on the left came along and I had new additions to my household and last week another feline family arrived and took over the throne :) #CatPerson A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Dec 18, 2017 at 2:22am PST Behind the scenes at the #CasaVogue shoot - snatching a moment of peace in the midst of chaos and flashbulbs A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Aug 3, 2015 at 10:52pm PDT From shades of blue in the garden to the use of earthy tones in the house, everything feels natural and you fall instantly in love with it. When your door and your dog both have the blues #elizabethancollar #offday A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Feb 25, 2017 at 7:08am PST Early morning blues #coffeetime A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Feb 27, 2018 at 6:23pm PST #Embroideredpillows #sculptedcandles #organicdecor A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Aug 16, 2014 at 4:50am PDT A Minimalist's idea of luxury quilted sofa and horse cushions at the white window #dedonswingrest #thewhitewindow #indoorswing #design A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Aug 12, 2014 at 8:44am PDT A few asanas a day keep my inner werewolf at bay #throwback #yogaday A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Jun 21, 2018 at 4:27am PDT When Gen X goes into millennial mode-I should be at my desk but am too busy posting pretty pictures of coffee :) A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Aug 7, 2018 at 8:16pm PDT If you look at the stunning details, their house makes the perfect den and a perfect place to pick things from, when making your own abode with your loved ones. No Make-up, No Stress and No Men - 3 women enjoy their masala tea in the blooming garden #GreenHeaven A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Apr 16, 2015 at 9:31pm PDT A relaxed space and gorgeous lights by The White Window #glamdecor #india A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Feb 19, 2015 at 1:03am PST And that's not just it, as their too-good-to-be-true house also has a massive vegetable garden. After all, what can be better than going all organic, right? Now that I have some time on my hands-setting up an organic vegetable patch thanks to a company delightfully called DIRT #GoGreen A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Dec 7, 2016 at 1:23am PST Gardening is about growing patience along with the requisite tomatoes #simplejoys A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Mar 3, 2017 at 11:12pm PST Bruce Banner needed to get nuked to get onto the green bandwagon but I just need half a glass of juice straight from my vegetable patch- spinach,celery,mint,tomato to get ready to 'Smash' the world #gogreen #organic #Hulk A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Mar 31, 2017 at 2:22am PDT © Instagram Twinkle giving you some serving tips! Father and son busy making soufflé and layered white chocolate mousse for our dinner guests.I have trained my boys well :) #dessertstory #sundayshenanigans A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Aug 13, 2017 at 4:05am PDT My besties were always filled with sunshine and laughter but I have now stuffed them with mangoes as well #happysunday A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Mar 5, 2017 at 3:38am PST A holiday for her=Double the work for me #MommyMornings A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Oct 25, 2017 at 10:22pm PDT Tea with Tina -cups from houseproud and the rest from my kitchen #hightea A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Apr 11, 2015 at 3:20am PDT It's not what you have -it's how you work it-simple flowers plucked from the garden can look stunning too #glamdecor A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Jan 14, 2015 at 2:22am PST Loving the living room and even their adorable pet! When you are ready to go for a walk but your dog wants to sleep in #thedogatemyworkout A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on May 22, 2018 at 6:25pm PDT And we thought an office wasn't that fun to be in! A writing desk and no door to lock-which means that Saturday mornings I have to flee to the office to write in peace because of my two monsters prowling around #mydeskismycastle A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Jun 1, 2018 at 10:21pm PDT Thank you @bhawanasomaaya and I look forward to spending a part of my Sunday with Keshava A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on May 19, 2018 at 9:53pm PDT Two hours of writing this morning will hopefully balance the two glasses of rosé that I plan to have at lunch #sundayshenanigans #GlassIsAlwaysHalfFullWhenDrunk A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Apr 15, 2018 at 12:23am PDT The house screams of art and books, what a great combination! Existential thought of the day: Crow about your success but remember there is always one about to crap on your crown :) #HappyMonday A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Mar 26, 2017 at 10:29pm PDT Done with Hitman Anders but as much as I loved The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared- this one though humorous enough was a bit of a disappointment. #bookwormproblems #ABookADayKeepsIdiotsAtBay A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Aug 10, 2017 at 12:46am PDT Bookshelves all over the house but this one is special with the wooden simulacrum of my book-a treasured gift from a dear friend A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Apr 28, 2017 at 6:57am PDT Am I the only one who forgets entire narratives and then has to read old favourites again? #rohintonmistry #DayWithPixel A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Apr 24, 2017 at 10:15pm PDT Repost from @thewhitewindow Art that breathes and needs watering once every ten days-The Succulent Head #thewhitewindow #greendecor #succulents #livingart A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Jan 6, 2018 at 9:58pm PST Giant skull candle @thewhitewindow #skulls #gothdecor #instaglam A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Nov 17, 2014 at 3:51am PST I have the blues #unionjack #indianart #indigo @thewhitewindow A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Oct 14, 2014 at 8:07pm PDT A potential Archies card right there with the slogan 'If cats and dogs can kiss and makeup why can't we?' #home A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Mar 22, 2018 at 5:20am PDT Each corner has its own personality, uplifting the mood altogether. Matching pyjamas and a love for books #aboutlastnight A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on May 1, 2018 at 8:25pm PDT A tiger on the prowl :design the white window #glamdecor #indianart A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Nov 10, 2014 at 6:45pm PST Just imagine having a place like this of your own. Wouldn't that be the best place to be?
  15. There have been numerous instances where the Apple Watch was able to save a life, however, this time the Apple Watch was able to detect something entirely different. The smartwatch was able to discover a hole in a man's heart and the man wouldn't have been able to discover it, if it weren't for the Apple Watch. © BCCL The heart rate monitor on the device was able to detect his erratic heartbeat, as it was far too fast while he was asleep. The abnormality caused him to take notice and seek medical attention immediately. "My sleeping heart rate was averaging about 130-140 beats per minute. So that was while I was resting about six hours at night,” Adam Love told the local Australian news website 9News. It was found, that one of his lungs was sending blood into the wrong part of his heart. That meant the blood was sent from the lung to the heart and was being circulated right back — not around to the rest of the body. This was a cause for concern and it was later discovered that this anomaly was happening because of a hole in the heart. © BCCL The 24-year-old man went through surgery and was discharged later but still had weeks of recovery left. Because of this incident, his faith in the Apple Watch increased exponentially and he is now a fan of the smartwatch. "I don't think I'd live without one now. I love it for the convenience but also the fact it just picked up something medically that I had no idea about and it potentially saved my life.” Just back in May, the Apple Watch saved a woman's life in India and countless others in the past few months. In fact, here's a list of people whose lives were saved thanks to the Apple Watch, in the recent past.