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Found 7 results

  1. Jason Momoa is all about effortless fashion, and he just proved it yet again on the Red Carpet for the Oscars 2019. His super rugged, scruffy aesthetic with his signature flowing locks strikingly complemented his dust pink suit, that was designed by the iconic Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away on the 19th of February. His accessory game just hit a major fashion sixer and proved that you don't have to go extravagant to create an iconic moment in fashion. © Getty Images The 'Aquaman' star carried a pink velvet Fendi scrunchie with him, just in case he later wanted to tie up his long tresses. The statement way he converted that little accessory as a super cool add-on to his pink suit, is one for the books. He tied it around his wrist, without a sliver of hesitation whatsoever. © Getty Images © Getty Images Now, if anyone on this planet can be secure about their masculinity without checking off the pointers on the list, it has to be this man right here. He could wear a little black frilly dress and still look manly, and he clearly knows that - which is why he probably didn't so much as think twice before embracing the pink velvet scrunchie. And isn't this exactly how fashion should work? Adherence to gender-based boundaries? No, thanks! © Filmmagic © Getty Images He matched his outfit with his wife Lisa Bonet, and also somehow ended up coordinating it with his other 'Queen' - the mother of dragons herself. © Instagram/prideofgypsies Way to go, Jason!
  2. The one point that we have been persistently trying to prove is that, colour doesn't have to do anything with masculinity. The age old concept, that blue is supposed to be a manly colour and pink, a feminine one, just doesn't make sense! But society is hell-bent on hammering this into the consciousness of little children, right from when they are babies. What's the deal with putting pink ribbons on bald babies, honestly? Let's break away from this. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 Bollywood actors wearing pink, looking baller AF. Take a look: 1. Ranbir Kapoor had his first date with Alia Bhatt (reportedly) in a pink hoodie. © Twitter 2. Look at John Abraham here in a pink suit. Do we need to say more? © Twitter 3. Mr Perfectionist just proved that the perfect colour exists, and it's pink. © Twitter 4. Varun Dhawan clearly believes in taking it all the way (even the sunnies are pink). Phew! © Instagram 5. How can there be a list about pink without Ranveer Singh in it? © Instagram 6. Sidharth Malhotra is rocking this dusty rose pink. We want that suit! © Twitter 7. If Irrfan Khan can wear pink, so can you. © Instagram 8. Revisiting point number 5: How can there be a list about pink without KJo in it? © Instagram 9. Not just acting, Rajkummar Rao excels in sartorial choices as well. © Instagram 10. Tiger Shroff's simple T-shirt in pink looks like the go-to piece for a midweek date. © Twitter
  3. For decades, menswear has been centered around pieces making one look/feel manly, and not call for questions on sexual preferences. But thanks to the concept of evolution, this theory has now come of age. Rompers, jumpsuits/onesies, man skirts are now a reality and are the best evidences of this welcome change. And thank god for that. Lover of well-fitted apparel and one with the fittest body, Akshay Kumar has always been a little ahead of time. In the time of refined, formal dressing nuances, he was popping his collars (which soon became a trend) and before anyone else could, he wore dungarees with his chest on display: © Facebook/Akshay Kumar Fans And talking of dungarees, looks like, the actor has always been a fan of unisex clothing. So that's the reason why he turned to wearing a jumpsuit to the Mumbai airport in the former half of 2017 and made a repeat in the latter half too. Here's Instance #1: © Viral Bhayani And here's Instance #2: © Viral Bhayani Recently once again, his onesie-obsession reached another high when he was spotted flaunting the unisex piece of apparel in public. While it was the same damn pair as in #1, there was literally no difference in how he'd styled it this time. © Viral Bhayani So if concluded, here's how you must wear the onesie, without making yourself look a little feminine — always pair with white sneakers. Because really, your espadrilles, slip-ons or trainers could be some major dope, but when there's a lot at stake with your outfit anyway, you rather take the safest route. Which in all honesty, is a pair of white sneakers, man. © Viral Bhayani Having said that, while we may have given you a tutorial on how to wear the onesie, to wear one or not is totally a personal call. For most men (like me), we're a little wary of a piece like this. Not because it's touted as a feminine piece of apparel, but because it's just not our vibe.
  4. If you are reading this, you clearly understand the importance of basic hygiene. You should pat yourself on the back just for that to start with. What we are discussing in this article is so touchy as a topic, that most men choose to ignore it completely, rather than making an effort to actually learn the process. For those of you who are asking, "Why should I shave my butt anyway?", the basic answer is twofold. One, you instantly become way more hygienic, and two, your *** life gets better - way better than before. You like a clean playing field in bed, right? That really turns you on. Why not step into your partner's shoes for a moment and look at it from their perspective as well? A clean butt is attractive. Period. Plus, it's just better than a hairy butt when it comes to the ease of maintaining basic hygiene. You know that super clean feeling you get after shaving your pubes? It's just like that, only better. © MensXP However, it is one of the most obscure areas of men's grooming that doesn't get talked about enough, amidst the beard and hairstyle clutter. Shaving your butt can be one of the most challenging things that you have ever done in your life. For those of you with experience, you already know what we are talking about; and those of you who have never tried it before, it's time. Trust us. Basically, there are two ways to get rid of your butt hair (apart from waxing of course, ouch). You can either use a razor or a trimmer. Here, we are guiding you step by step for both the procedures. Process One - How to shave your butt using a razor: © MensXP 1. Take a shower with warm water. Use a good shower gel and work up a generous amount of foam in that area. Wash it off. This will ensure that your butt is clean before you start off with the process, decreasing the chances of infection. 2. Use a generous amount of shaving gel and work up a good amount of foam all over your butt - on the cheeks as well as in the crack. 3. You will be needing two NEW razors. Use the first razor on your cheeks in a bottom to top motion. Be very patient and gentle. The razor is new and the slightest clumsiness can turn into a painful mess. Every time you glide the razor on, wash the hair off under the tap. 4. For the next step, you will be needing a shaving mirror and the second razor. Place the mirror on the floor and squat over it. You can adjust your viewing angle as per your requirements that way. © MensXP 5. Take the second new razor (the first one must have gone all dull by now, so don't use it again) and get to work. Concentrate super hard, and make sure you work smoothly around the hole. This task requires ninja-level precision - and we are not exaggerating. One small nick in that soft area around your hole - and you would jump the highest while screaming the loudest in your life. 6. Once you're done, clean the area off with a gentle antiseptic soap. Be very gentle, because the skin is at its most vulnerable state now. 7. Pat dry. Yes, PAT, and DO NOT rub the towel impatiently. It's extremely important. © MensXP 8. Use an antiseptic leave-on lotion all over. It might sting a little, but you'll do just fine. And voila! Process Two - How to shave your butt using a trimmer/body groomer: © MensXP 1. Take a warm shower and clean your butt thoroughly, just like the first step of process one. Dry your butt well. 2. Make sure the entire moisture is gone before you start the process. Take your trimmer and trim the cheeks first. 3. Squat over the shaving mirror and trim your crack hair and the scruff around the hole. Again, please be extremely careful. This is a very potent electrical device around one of the most vulnerable spots in your body. One small nick and you're in for a world of pain and discomfort for the next few days. 4. Once you're satisfied, wash your butt off with a gentle antiseptic soap and pat dry. 5. Finish off by applying a leave-on antiseptic all over that will prevent any infection while moisturizing your butt effectively. And you're done! Pro tip: We suggest you use a trimmer, as shaving might give rise to rough, coarse hair in between your cheeks - just like a stubble - and that is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. Good luck!
  5. Hrithik Roshan might have struggled with his 'public persona' for a little while post the Kangana debacle, but one thing that he definitely is not struggling with is his style quotient. In a brazen display of guts, his latest airport look consisted of the most unusual combination of prints we have seen this year. © Viral Bhayani Anyone who is interested in fashion knows that there are a few unwritten rules that one must follow. One of those rules is to never mix camouflage with floral prints. But, this is the thing about fashion: there are no rules. And even if there are, it's just a matter of guts and good taste to break those rules and create new ones for yourself. Hrithik Roshan just proved that by wearing a floral printed shirt with a hardcore camo ensemble. © Viral Bhayani Anyone with a straightforward sense of style would have just paired this cool camo ensemble with a black or white t-shirt. But Hrithik's sense of style is clearly not 'basic'. He went ahead and wore a statement white floral shirt with a bold blue print. The result? A dapper AF look. © Viral Bhayani We love the cut and fit of the outfit. Not everyone can pull off a silhouette that is so authentically, unabashedly 'military' in nature. Hrithik just needed a hat and some stars to look like he belongs in the army. © Viral Bhayani His attention to detail when it comes to making the whole look work is commendable. He is wearing the perfect leather boots and sporting a pair of perfect dark aviators. Plus, did you notice the half tuck of his shirt? Also, the sleeve folds over the jacket? These seemingly trivial details string the entire look together impeccably. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we can't wait to see more of such gutsy experiments. Well done, Hrithik!
  6. Perfumes are sacred. Think of them as olfactory equivalents of 'Fanny Magnet' (cc: GTA Vice City), only without the effort of a keyboard type. Spray on your wrist/throat and voilà … or just walk into a spray mist of it in thin air (lame childhood joke). But to cite the obvious: to each man, his own. Deepika Padukone may be a softie, but she likes her men musky — broody (cedar), au naturel flirts (spicy pepper), and crammed with top notes of wilderness (cade juniper). The best of all worlds is an A-list indulgence. And, Ranveer Singh isn't a mile away from this theory. For today's rendezvous, however, if you too are looking to please a (her) nose this Valentine's Day, turn to these 7 bottled, one-spray solutions. You'd find her on her knees (in all the right/wrong ways). Promise. 1. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso © Amazon India/MensXP Siddharth Batra: "Plucked straight off the woods, the 'Intenso' is a whiff of luxury florals, fused with balsamic and honey accents. What's to notice, however, is the scent's transitioned abilities to smell loud, and simultaneously, soothing it all out. It may choke her at first, but as the main course arrives, she'd be planning a (romp-y) fire post-dinner for you. You know how that'd end." Price: Rs. 6,176 Buy It Here! 2. Burberry's Mr. Burberry EDT © Amazon India/MensXP Siddharth Batra: "A little zesty, a tad herbal on the notes, Mr. Burberry is quite a scented male chauvinist — with the manliest ingredients and hints of inscrutability. Just to keep her on her toes. But whilst this is a total nostril-pleaser, a travel to the boardroom, and you'd realise how it's appraisal-friendly too. One seating with the boss, one whiff and you'd be promoted to the global CEO. Sorry about the exaggeration." Price: Rs. 7,199 Buy It Here! 3. Calvin Klein One © Amazon India/MensXP Santu Misra: "Unisex, nonchalant, abstract and minimal are a few words that encapsulate the iconic CK one. This fresh (and clean) fragrance was first created in the 90s to reflect the stark aesthetic of the house of Calvin Klein. Perfect for everyday use, the CK one and its citrus-y nodes will soon become your go-to staple." Price: Rs. 4,900 Buy It Here! 4. Givenchy Play EDT For Men © Amazon India/MensXP Siddharth Batra: "Packaged in an anemic-glassed MP3 player (literally with a rubber button for application), the Play is just playful enough. An easy pick-up for daily use, without being too intense for occasional practice. Basically, just splendid for Valentine's. Plus, it's not from the usual sheep — quite refreshing from the usual 'woody and musky' smells." Price: Rs. 7,100 Buy It Here! 5. Moschino Forever Eau De Toilette © Amazon India/MensXP Santu Misra: "Designed in pure Moschino sensibilities — classic with an irony — this musky fragrance leaves behind a sweet-yet-spicy aftertaste. Personally, I feel it's perfect for a chill sundowner, you can, however, splash it on for or a romantic date with bae." Price: Rs. 4,355 Buy It Here! 6. Jimmy Choo Man Eau De Toilette © Amazon India/MensXP Siddharth Batra: "There's nothing extraordinary about the Jimmy Choo Man. Besides, it's fruity, woody, aquatic (yet manly), all at once. Now that's extraordinary. Suited for slightly semi-formal settings or the beach, thanks to its packaging, it's also easy to store or move with — an embodiment of cool dudes, with sophisticated souls." Price: Rs. 5,254 Buy It Here! 7. John Varvatos Classic Eau De Toilette © Amazon India/MensXP Siddharth Batra: "You'd think Varvatos would celebrate his American lineage here, but meet a rebellious fragrance; with a scent with tamarind leaves, Indian ajowan, and fruity accents. And like he was running out of organic ingredients to include — with a leather essence. While it's not the most obvious choice for every Indian man (it's a wee-bit whacked), be rest assured you'd smell damn good." Price: Rs. 5,134 Buy It Here!
  7. Unlike closed-lacing footwear for men, loafers are usually the harder ones to master. Most primarily because the crop of your trousers decides your place in the top. Plus, you've got to go sockless and yet, keep it very manly. Well, Virat Kohli sure knows how to do his thang! He knows his crop, his smooth leather finish and exactly what to pair his loafers with. But first things first, can we talk about his loafer interest—a pair of brown tassel loafers? It's time you ditch every pair you own and head this way for the Manliest Update for 2017. © Ali Express Just simply divine, aren't they? No doubt. But footwear aside, the case in perspective is Virat's classic AF outfit. Going complete bonkers with the most 'guy' outfit ever seen on him—a classic white shirt, plain black chinos but with a brand-new update (actually, already a big trend) of brown tassel loafers. © Viral Bhayani Our favourite part about this style of footwear—it's simple, minimal and yet suitable for everyday use. Besides, that tassel detailing is just dramatic enough. But to be highly critical, Mr. Kohli's crop of the chinos could have ended a little lower and a hand accessory or two wouldn't have caused much havoc. Judgment aside, this outfit at Zaheer Khan's engagement did take the cake away, anyway.
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