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  1. This is the real reason Britney Spears shelved out a few millions on another mansion days after marriage to Sam Asghari
  2. Justin Bieber gets candid about having a breakdown after marriage and the impact of religion on his life
  3. David Beckham said that he is a "very proud dad" as he wished newlyweds Brooklyn and Nicola a "lifetime of happiness"
  4. India is a cricket-mad nation and naturally the cricketers enjoy a massive fan-following. It’s great to be admired by billions of people but there are also consequences of this crazy popularity. For cricketers it becomes easy to handle this constant attention after a while but that’s not the case with their family members. View this post on Instagram Just because they are the relatives of a public figure, they don’t enjoy the same privacy they once did. Things are even more difficult for the life-partner of a famous cricketer. Along with their husbands, their names also start doing rounds in the media, which most of them detest. Sometimes they even have to face unnecessary criticism for their partner’s performance on the field, which is totally insane. The Queen Conference! For the full roundtable https://t.co/karj2VmAZd#WomensDay #WhistlePodu pic.twitter.com/9sPW3tp8co — Chennai Super Kings - Mask Pdu Whistle Pdu! (@ChennaiIPL) March 8, 2022 Sakshi Dhoni, wife of Indian cricket legend MS Dhoni, recently opened up about side-effects of marrying a cricketer. She also spoke about various sacrifices that a cricketer’s wife has to make in order to adapt to this huge change in their lives. In a video posted on CSK’s YouTube channel, Sakshi says they are proud of their husband’s achievements because, in a country with a population of over 1.3 billion, only a select few are able to pursue cricket professionally. “We are proud because they are where they are because they've been chosen out of billions of people and they are in the game that people love, especially in India,” Sakshi says in the video. Reflecting on how her life changed after she tied the knot with the former India captain, she says that she had to adapt and change according to her husband’s wish and make sure that she was not stressing him out. View this post on Instagram “General life changes when you get married and your husband goes to an office. But our husbands go to play sports. So I think you just have to adapt and change according to how they expect you to be and not just sort of stress them out,” she explained. Since they are under constant spotlight, Sakshi says it’s hard for them to be themselves and act like a normal individual because they are always judged by the public. View this post on Instagram “You don't have your private space and you cannot be like how you are basically in front of cameras right now. Some people are comfortable in front of the camera, some people are not. And especially with the public, they tend to judge you, like especially when you are a cricketer's wife. Even when you are doing something like hanging out with friends and they do talk,” she added, explaining the consequences of marrying a famous cricketer. All the points Sakshi has raised are legitimate but the day she married one of the legends of the game, she knew what she was getting into. This was the life she chose for herself. View the full article
  5. Vikrant Massey, who is currently getting a positive response for his performance in Love Hostel, got married to his longtime girlfriend Sheetal Thakur on February 18 in an intimate ceremony. Since then, the newlyweds are enjoying marital bliss. Days after their wedding, Kangana Ranaut has extended wishes to Vikrant for marrying a 'Himachali girl'. Well, even Kangana hails from Himachal Pradesh. View this post on Instagram According to a Hindustan Times report, an Instagram account recently posted a collage of Vikrant & Sheetal's wedding picture along with Yami Gautam's bridal look from last year. The caption reads, "Congratulations @vikrantmassey. Hope no one compares your wife with Radhe Maa". View this post on Instagram However, the post caught Kangana’s attention who congratulated the newlyweds in the comments section and wrote, "Hmm @vikrantmassey ji marrying a Himachali girl is good karma … wish you both a happy married life". View the full article
  6. Bollywood, of today, is quite different from the Bollywood of the ‘90s. One look at the stars, the films, the gossip and it all seems like from a different timeline altogether. In today’s throwback to the ‘90s, we will take a look at the lesser-known affair that made headlines in the mid-’90s but has since then flown under the radar post-'00s. Did you know, that before marrying Seema Khan of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives fame, Sohail Khan was in a serious relationship with Pooja Bhatt? So much so, that the two had even discussed marriage plans. In a throwback interview with Stardust from 1995, Pooja Bhatt had talked about her relationship with Sohail, their marriage plans, her equation with his siblings and the initial rift with his star brother Salman Khan. © Stardust When asked about her boyfriend Sohail Khan and his family, Pooja had stated, “I’m so comfortable with his family too. They're really nice. I feel so welcome there. I'm made to feel that I belong. I respect them all so much because there are no questions asked. They let me be what I am, not what I was. They like me for my one-to-one interaction. They're like my family.” She added, “I'm very, very fond of his father. I met Arbaaz only recently and I like him a lot. Baby (Alvira ) is very nice. His mom is so wonderful, they're all very warm. I agree Salman and I hated each other initially for some weird reason. We just didn't get along. And that was made out to be this great ‘war' between us. I guess it started because I didn't do the film Love or whatever. But, today we get along very well too. In fact, we're one big happy family.” © Stardust Further talking about her relationship with Sohail and their marriage plans, she stated, “I'm aware of the fact that there are a lot of critics out there who're already putting a time limit on our relationship. I don't even want to waste time reacting. Marriage is definitely on my mind, but Sohail is just on the threshold of an exciting, new career as a director and I want to work two more years before deciding on the venue and the menu. We do want a future together. Not just as in the normal culmination of any relationship but in wanting to be together. I want it and so does he. Ours is a relationship that has grown due to various factors - trust, respect, understanding - everything is covered. Ultimately, we know the value of our relationship. But ill-wishers will be ill-wishers. There'll always be the negative types. Like see, there are lawyers who'll always pray that people do illegal things or there are divorces, so they can make a living out of it. Voyeurism is a hobby of the world. But I'm mature. I'm not living on anyone else's terms but my own. Be it professional or personal, or anything. I'm only answerable to myself and I only compromise with myself. As for the rest of the world, they can go to hell.” © BCCL In 2003, Pooja married Manish Makhija and after 11 years of marriage got separated in 2014. View the full article
  7. The Queen feared that Kate Middleton would not be able to have an identity of her own once she married Prince William
  8. LHC dismisses petition; says woman marrying without iddat cannot be considered fornication but "irregular or corrupt act"
  9. Rakhi Sawant surprised everyone when she announced she has gotten married via a bunch of wedding pictures on social media from which he was missing. She then said her husband was a UK-based businessman and didn’t want to reveal his identity. However, speculations started about whether it was a gimmick, until her husband Ritesh made his first public appearance on the reality show Bigg Boss. © Instagram/Rakhi Sawant It had been only a few weeks since the couple were in the BB House together and the controversies regarding Ritesh’s first marriage and past violent behaviour towards his wife started doing the rounds. Now, Ritesh has put the rumours at rest, finally revealing the truth about his marriage. © Colors TV After getting evicted from the house, he admitted to have never legally married Rakhi and also acknowledged his first marriage and allegations made by his wife Snigdha Priya in an interview with Hindustan Times. He said that he has filed for divorce from his wife and marriage with Rakhi is thus impending. © Rakhi Sawant He said, “Mere previous wife ne jo allegations lagaya tha, mujhe pata tha ki yeh sab hai. Toh mujhe tha ki yeh sab clear up ho jaaye toh ek formal marriage hum log achchi tarah se karein. Bohot saare thoughts the, Rakhi ka bhi career tha, mere bhi bohot saare projects chal rahe the (I knew about the allegations of my previous wife and I wanted these things to get sorted out, so Rakhi and I could have a formal marriage. Plus, Rakhi had her career and I also had a lot of ongoing projects).” © Rakhi Sawant He said that he and Rakhi intend to marry legally as soon as the divorce is finalised. “Ishwar ko sakshi maan ke hi usko apnaya hoon. Legal terms mein, main definitely yeh divorce ka wait kar raha hoon, jaise hi hoga, main formal marriage karunga Rakhi ke saath (With God as our witness, I accepted her as my wife. In legal terms, I am waiting for the divorce. As soon as it comes through, I will formally marry Rakhi),” he added. © Rakhi Sawant Well, it does clear the air and put the rumours to rest. View the full article
  10. Riteish and Genelia Dekhmukh are one of most adorable and admired couples of Bollywood. If you follow either or both of them on Instagram, you would know they set some serious couple goals with their goofy IG reels, social media PDA and heartwarming photos. © Instagram/Riteish Deshmukh The couple went from co-stars to best friends straight into a relationship and tied the knot after 10 years of being together in 2012. They have been married for almost a decade now and have two beautiful kids, Riaan and Rahyl. Their love story is no less than a fairy tale. © Instagram/Riteish Deshmukh However, there was a time when Genelia Dekhmukh almost broke down and it was not long after the couple got married. She recently shared what annoyed her everyday for a month after she became a Deshmukh bahu. © Instagram/Riteish Deshmukhq She said that she dressed up every morning in traditional clothes although no one asked her to. “When I got married, I thought it was a norm. Every morning, I would come dressed up and I would get irritated, that why do I have to dress up,” she said on an episode of season 2 of the game show ‘Ladies vs Gentlemen’. © Instagram/Riteish Deshmukh Riteish said he had no idea why she was dolling up in salwar kameez and jewellery every morning. “Maine socha kuch pooja-vooja hoga jo mujhe pata nahi hai (I thought there would be some prayer ceremony that I don’t know of),” he said. © Instagram/Riteish Deshmukh Genelia then said, “One day, I broke down. I said, ‘I can’t do this.’ He was confused, he was like, ‘What are you doing?’ I was like, ‘I can’t dress up like this every day.’ He said, ‘I am also wondering why you are dressing up like this every day!’”. © Instagram/Riteish Deshmukh So, it was all a misunderstanding in Genelia’s head and she could also sit in comfy clothes at breakfast just like her husband, which she probably did after that day when she let it out. That’s why communication is key for a happy married life. View the full article
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