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Found 7 results

  1. The novel coronavirus has claimed many lives and created havoc across the world. While the scientists are finding it extremely difficult to find an antidote to it, the Hindu Mahasabha recently stirred a controversy by claiming that the epidemic is not a virus but an âavatarâ to punish non-vegetarians. According to IANS, Swami Chakrapani, the National President of All India Hindu Mahasabha said, âCorona is not a virus, but avatar for the protection of poor creatures. They have come to give the message of death and punishment to the one who eats them.â © BCCL/Virus As bizarre as it may sound, the National President also drew analogy of Lord Narsingh and said he has taken an avatar to kill people who torture innocent creatures and teach âChinese a lessonâ to not do this anymore. Besides, Swami Chakrapani went on to claim that there is a way out of this epidemic, for the Chinese. He said they need to make an idol of Corona and apologize for harming and killing the innocent animals and and all non-vegetarian Chinese populace "pledge of not harming any innocent creatures in future, then the anger of Corona will come down". © BCCL/Virus However, the Hindu Mahasabha Chief thinks that Hindu shouldnât fear the deadly virus as people who worship God and Gau Raksha believers are immune to the novel coronavirus. National President of All India Hindu Mahasabha says #coronavirus is not a virus but an angry avatar to kiIl all non-vegetarians! There is a competition over buffoonery among Hindutva buffoons.https://t.co/OqGZCXXAKO â Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) February 16, 2020 This bizarre theory has left many shocked and hereâs what people on social media have to say about the Hindu Mahasabha Chiefâs statement. Hahaha. Isko Chicken tangdi kabab with chicken biryani khila deo non veg ka supporter ban jayega. â Satish Kapur (@SatishKapur4) February 16, 2020 Should we try? If this buffoon is so confident, let him go to China and preach the message. â Thomas_Paine (@SpockSpeaks) February 16, 2020 Oh no! they are protected by pic.twitter.com/zj48asyf2w â amjad khan (@amjadal62590898) February 16, 2020 Oh my god! Oh my God! I never seen such an ignorent approach. â Asif Khan Turk (@AsifTurk1015) February 16, 2020 I think soâ¦. Oh my God! I never seen such an ignorent approach. â Asif Khan Turk (@AsifTurk1015) February 16, 2020 Now, this one is really funny. Will Vegetables take Happy Avtar to protect the world?? â Idazaa (@Idazaa2) February 16, 2020 Savage. Trump is a non vegetarian....will this Corona virus punish him while he is visiting india....? â mahesh kumar bajaj (@mave_rick) February 16, 2020 Got me thinking⦠except the entire world has been eating meat forever and avatar just got mad now.. in a place near a chemical lab. â MatsuyamaShinobu (@mrrmoosh111) February 16, 2020 Screaming out loud. pic.twitter.com/QRYZGaKTUg â Khari (@Kel_Hari) February 16, 2020 Hainah. Inki ek alag hi duniya h â мr ÑÑarĸ (@iamafzal27) February 16, 2020 As on Monday morning, according to news reports, 70,548 confirmed coronavirus cases have claimed over 1,660 lives worldwide already and it isnât getting any better. View the full article
  2. Remember the flame-thrower Elon Musk made? Well, customers have started receiving the $500 fiery beast last weekend and owners have already started using it for nefarious purposes. © The Boring Company The flame-thrower is being used by customers for various activities such as preparing donuts, cooking meat, lighting marijuana cigarettes and other activities. People took to social media with photographs of them carrying out these activities. Elon Musk had sold a very limited amount of flamethrowers in February, around 20,000 of them in order to raise money for the Boring Company's next venture. Musk managed to raise $10 million for his high-speed tunnel project thanks to this torch gun. The project is aiming to build a network of tunnels that will transport vehicles using electric skates. This project, if fruitful, is expected to reduce traffic on the surface. © Twitter Flamethrowers and its history are a bit dark, as it was once used in trench warfare in World War I. Firefighters also use flamethrowers for back-burning, a process that creates controlled burns in order to contain a fire by destroying wood preemptively. Here are some ridiculous things people are doing with Elon Musk's flamethrower. COOKING WITH A FLAMETHROWER! ðð¥ https://t.co/6rLuVkN1da@iPhonedo pic.twitter.com/TmoAXNeRuN — Justine Ezarik (@ijustine) June 18, 2018 And this is what you've been waiting for, a man lighting a joint with a flamethrower! You knew this would happen! @elonmusk @RAWLIFE247 #NotAFlamethrower pic.twitter.com/iJgsZmkEDN — Maxamilian Demian (@Maxoplata) June 10, 2018 Somebody should warn these people that fire is not a thing you should play, as it is extremely unpredictable and will definitely cause harm to someone who isn't paying attention. If you're one those people who want to get a flamethrower of your own, you're out of luck and TBC is not making anymore anytime soon.
  3. Know Salt Bae? You must. 2017 was the year of Nusret Gokce. Throughout last year, we mortals were blessed with numerous videos of his immaculate meat chopping skills. He was all over the internet and earned overnight internet stardom. While the internet knows that Nusret's a chef with mad meat-chopping skills, very few people know of his doing in fitness. A brief look into his Instagram account and you would know how religiously Nusret is into fitness. To summarize his physique, our best guess is that he presently stands at around 12% body fat and hence looks relatively lean. His workouts range from bodyweight, sports specific, typical bodybuilding style and a lot of high intensity work. The way he looks also speaks volumes about the attention he pays to his nutrition. Now let's take a look into his workouts! Here's him having some outdoor fun! @nba #saltbae #salt#saltlife #saltbello A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Dec 16, 2017 at 4:30am PST Dipping Push-ups with his signatures sunglasses on! #saltbae#salt#saltlife A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Nov 2, 2017 at 9:35am PDT Talking about direct abdominal training, Salt bae's got the skills. #saltbae#saltlife #salt A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Sep 28, 2017 at 1:34am PDT He's also an avid boxer! Masallah diyin . Machine #saltbae #saltlife #salt A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Sep 3, 2017 at 3:57am PDT BÄ°ZDE BÖYLE BAM BAM BAM @thenotoriousmma #saltbae #salt #saltlife A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Aug 23, 2017 at 1:22am PDT Battling them ropes! #saltbae #salt #saltlife A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Jul 12, 2017 at 2:00am PDT Don't forget his slick football skills either. @andreapetagna @ardaturan @cristiano @neymarjr @dannywelbeck @doriaofficial @hakancalhanoglu @ilkayguendogan #saltlife #saltbae #salt A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Mar 17, 2017 at 8:18am PDT He's also just as smooth on the tread mill as he is in the kitchen. Makinaðª A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Jul 26, 2016 at 11:32pm PDT All in all, Nusret is a very active individual and spends quality time in the weights room. What can you take away from this? Well, be active, lift weights, do sprints (not marathons) and eat meat!
  4. Health experts have advised people to avoid eating excessive red meat during Eid-ul-Azha as it can increase the risk of various diseases. Excessive red meat can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular, kidney, liver, diabetes and gastroenteritis diseases. Dr Arif Majeed said eating excessive meat during Eid-ul-Azha could have negative impacts on health and especially for those who stored this meat for several months. He added that use of frozen meat could be harmful as it may affect kidneys and cause cardiac problems. Dr. Wasim Khawaja of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) said, while speaking to The News, that overeating could cause gastric irritation, high cholesterol, acidity, abdominal contraction, nausea, diarrhea, heart problems, and constipation. ?We, the doctors, don?t stop people from consuming high-calorie food and drinks but as they say excess of everything is bad, all that should be taken modestly. A small intake of meaty food with lots of salad is strongly advised,? he said. Khawaja added the people should not skip meals during Eid days as taking balanced food and drinks at regular intervals would help keep cholesterol level in control. He said compared with fizzy beverages, use of water was better, as it could help avoid intake of excessive liquid calories. He also suggested tea after meals during Eid days. Dr. Masood Ahmad, a dietitian at a private hospital, also recommended low-fat dishes during Eid and said that would help the people enjoy the festival to the maximum. He said since most of the food on Eid-ul-Azha was meat-based, use of fat and high-calorie sauces in their preparation should be avoided. Ahmad added that the people?s focus should be on Eid celebrations and not stuffing themselves with meat and opt for stroll after a meal to burn calories. Suggesting use of oral saline for diarrhea and antacid for gastric problem, he added that in case of any serious condition, a doctor should be consulted without delay.
  5. CrossFit has been gaining immense popularity around the globe. Yet in India, there are hardly any good CrossFit facilities. The reason is simple- we are still too obsessed with getting big like bodybuilders. People go to the gym just to improve the way they look, not the way they function. Most think that fitness is just about having a chiseled abdomen and a huge chest and biceps. There is hardly anyone who indulges in a complete functional training workout. For some, functional training means stretching your body and to others it means spending 5 minutes on battle ropes. You need to stop being a meat bag and start doing some hardcore functional training. Functional Is What You Do In Real Life © Thinkstock/Getty Images So the first thing that comes in mind is how functional training is different from regular weight training. Well, to explain this with an example, consider two exercises, squatting and leg extensions. The leg extension is an isolation exercise which isolates muscles from the joint and squatting makes multiple joints function all at once. Your squatting strength directly applies to daily activities like, jumping, running, sprinting, lunging, climbing etc unlike leg extensions. While weight training is directed more towards increasing the force producing capability of a muscle or muscle group, functional training increases coordination between your nervous and muscular system. Weight Training Without Functional Capacity Makes You A Meat Bag © Thinkstock/Getty Images If you are amongst those who just lift heavy weight and focus on packing on meat, you might be surprised to know that someone who looks half as muscular as you but is extremely functional can lift heavier than you. He might even beat you at regular life tasks. Make It A Mix – Conventional Strength Training Plus Functional Training © Thinkstock/Getty Images Now that you know what functional training is and how important it is, start doing it on a regular basis. Adjust your training accordingly. Designate days for proper functional workouts and other days for conventional SRT. Your sessions can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 40 minutes. Just keep them short and intense. If you have muscle imbalances and try to perform functional movements, your chances of injury are high. So, the best way to stay fit is to strike a balance between strength training and functional training. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer , Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  6. Indian meat traders plan to take the government to court over new rules banning the trading of cattle including buffalo for slaughter, calling it a move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration to hurt the business run mainly by Muslims. The environment ministry said this week that animal markets will only be able to trade in cattle meant for agricultural purposes, the biggest blow yet for meat suppliers facing several reverses under Modi's three-year old Hindu nationalist government. The slaughter of cows, considered holy in Hinduism, is banned in most Indian states and laws on the issue have become more stringent over the past few years. Muslims, who make up 14 percent of India's 1.3 billion people, dominate the Indian meat industry. Muslim man dies after attack by cow vigilantes in India Pehlu Khan, 55, died in hospital late Monday, two days after a mob attacked his cattle truck on a highway in Alwar in the western state of Rajasthan Mob in India kills two Muslims over suspected cow theft Two Muslim men have died after they were attacked by Indian villagers India is the biggest seller of buffalo meat in the world, with exports of more than $4 billion a year to countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Egypt. But that could change following the government's May 23 notification regarding changes to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, made public on Friday. It requires owners to declare that cattle have not "been brought to market for sale for slaughter" and for market committees to verify that the buyer is an "agriculturist by seeing the relevant revenue document". The new rules define cattle as bulls, cows, buffalo, steers, heifers, calves and camels. "The business is dead," said Aqil Qureshi, president of the Delhi Buffalo Traders' Welfare Association who runs a slaughterhouse outside the city and sells hides to leather companies. "We will take legal help, we will hit the streets. Who does not fight for their livelihood?" The environment ministry said in a statement on Saturday that the regulation was to protect "animals from cruelty and not to regulate the existing trade in cattle for slaughter houses". Animals for slaughter will have to be bought from farmers directly, it said. Abdul Faheem Qureshi, a lawyer in the southern city of Hyderabad and head of the All India Jamiatul Quresh Action Committee, said direct buying was "not always practical" and that he was drafting a court appeal after meeting with many of his "shocked" trader clients. Al Faheem Meatex, an exporter in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, said buying buffalo directly from farmers was likely to raise costs, given stringent norms on cattle transportation. "It will raise costs for us but what else can we do?" the company said. "We will see if we can get some relief from the court." Qureshi said the new law would only embolden cow vigilantism groups. Muslims have been assaulted by Hindu hardliners over the past few years on suspicion of eating beef or illegally transporting cattle. GVL Narasimha Rao, a spokesman for Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, had no immediate comment. Government spokesman Frank Noronha did not respond to requests for comment.
  7. If you are a biryani lover and you reside in Chennai, then there is a piece of grave and horrifying news that you are actually about to know. In a shocking revelation, the Chennai police and activists raided roadside eateries only to find out that cat meat was being used in the biryanis. The activists at PFA carried out a secret operation to throw light on the brutality and joined hands with the police. © YouTube They befriended the people who were abducting cats, made videos of them chopping the cats and confirming the use of cat meat in the road side biryani. Many cats were eventually rescued by the team. However, it seems like humanity is losing itself in every form.
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