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  1. People across the country are celebrating India's 71st Republic Day and so is Gaana in its own musical way. 'Vande Mataram' is not just a song, it's an emotion that binds millions of people together in a thread. So there can't be a better way to pay tribute to the country's musical roots and diversity, than by reimagining the song that holds a special place in our hearts. With their campaign, 'Discover India on Gaana', the music streaming app in its first-ever attempt, tries to bring every Indian closer to their roots and give them a chance to rediscover the country and the vibrant mix of musical ethnicities it offers. The app has curated 50+ playlists according to destinations so that the music lovers can enjoy popular native melodies from a particular region, along with rich media cards that feature trivia about the tune's origin, popular genres and artists. Gaana CEO, Prashan Agarwal said, "In a world more divided than ever, as the largest music app, we felt it is upon us to revive our collective sense of camaraderie. Music is one of the few strains of humanity that has the sublime power to cut across cultures, faiths, and borders to evoke our shared sense of culture, folklore, and music." He further said, "To that effect, we have curated playlists that bring out the flavor of our music and our people as we tip our hats to one of the greatest songs that celebrates our spirit of unity. This Republic Day, we invite every Indian to discover and celebrate the music of our nation - only on Gaana." For this campaign, they brought together 9 budding artists from across the states to reinvent 'Vande Mataram'. The artists are Amrita Nayak, Diya Ghosh, Subhechha Mohanty, Simran Sehgal, Aswin Ram, Jishan Ali Thobani, Ashish Patil, Sandesh Motwani, Antareep Hazarika and Illiyana Gogoi; who add their own cultural flavours to pay tribute to the country's diversity, and celebrate the nation's heterogeneity and classical essence. So, what are you waiting for when the chance of listening to culturally rich and indigenous music is just a tap away? View the full article
  2. As much as we would like to believe and announce that our furry friends are pure bundles of joy and angels, the truth is that sometimes they can be absolute jerks and totally unapologetic about it. Particularly, our feline friends. Living with cats under the same roof is one of the hardest things in the world, and if anyone tells you otherwise, then they've probably never lived with one. On top of it, if your cat has a resting bitch face 24x7, gives you death stares while lurking in some dark corner of the room at 3 in the night, then it's a living nightmare. But, turns out no matter how bad you think your pet is, she or he is clearly not a match in front of the 'world's worst cat', who has recently been put up for adoption and her bio is as savage and honest as it can get. Perdita, a 4-year-old foul-tempered cat, has been labelled as the 'world's worst cat' by the people at Mitchell County Animal Rescue in North Carolina and they have their own reasons to do so. They have been taking care of Perdita, ever since she lost her owner. Initially, they thought she was sick, but turns out she's "just a jerk". And Perdita's vet vouches for that. So they decided to post a brutally honest adoption advertisement on their page, because 'honesty is the best policy'. The advertisement reads, "Perdita, we thought she was sick, turns out sheâs just a jerk" for the world's worst cat who has now become 'world's most loved and famous cat'. The organisation further wrote, "Meet Perdita, not for the faint of heart. LIKES: staring into your soul until you feel as if you may never be cheerful again; the song Cat Scratch Fever, the movie Pet Cemetery (Church is her hero), jump scares (her specialty), lurking in dark corners, being queen of her domicile, fooling shelter staff into thinking she's sick (vet agrees...she's just a jerk)." They even mentioned her dislikes, "the color pink, kittens (yuk they are so chipper), dogs, children, the Dixie Chicks, Disney movies, Christmas and last but NOT least...HUGS. She's single and ready to be socially awkward with a socially awkward human who understands personal space." While, they thought it's better to be honest, even if they don't find any new owners, turns out people not only loved the ad but are also eager to take Perdita home. Ever since the ad was posted, Perdita has now become the world's most loved and famous cat and has already received over 115 applications for adoption. Wow! Looks like there's some tough competition for other cats out there, because almost everyone is now bowing down to Queen Perdita. View the full article
  3. Let's be honest, men are looking for ways to care for their skin. Due to so many hazardous environmental factors, it gets difficult to pay heed to skin issues. However, there exists one remedy that's available right in your kitchen that can treat pretty much every skin condition. © Istock Turmeric is not just a condiment that but if you try to use it for your skin, believe us, it has more to offer than you can even imagine. This humble spice shows some impeccable ways to tackle issues like uneven skin tone or even acne for that matter. Here are some unusual yet effective ways in which turmeric can improve your skin texture: 1. It Reduces Scars & Wounds © Istock Just like a skincare product would show its effect on your skin, turmeric with its anti-inflammatory properties can work quite magically. Turmeric reduces scarring and it can cover up your wounds faster. All you need to do is add a pinch of turmeric with gram flour. Use it on the affected areas. Leave it on for a while and then wash it off with lukewarm water. 2. No More Breakouts © Istock It's not just a spice that adds flavour to your food but it is a powerhouse that revives your skin as well. Turmeric is effective even on acne and it helps reduce the chances of breakouts. It helps get rid of excess oil from your skin. Mix turmeric with sandalwood powder and make a paste. Use it on your face and check how your acne shrinks down. 3. Goodbye Dry Skin © Istock Turmeric is a natural exfoliator as it helps in getting rid of dead skin cells faster than you can expect. When you mix one spoon of oatmeal and rose water in it, this exfoliating scrub will leave your skin looking healthy. 4. A Great Cure For Dark Circles © Istock So what happens when you have late night parties or a busy work schedule? Lack of rest can lead to dark circles and if you have faced its ugly wrath, delve in the goodness of turmeric. Mix it with honey and yoghurt and apply it under your eyes. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. View the full article
  4. If you are not familiar with the Malayalam language, youâd probably never switch to a football channel with Malayalam commentary, and that would be the logical thing to do. But once you listen to Shaiju Damodaran go nuclear on the microphone after Portugalâs Cristiano Ronaldo scored on a magical free-kick against Spain during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, logic would go right out of the window and Malayalam commentary is all you would be listening to. Cristiano Ronaldo's third (hat-trick) goal against Spain in #FIFAworldcup2018 with Malayalam commentary. ENJOY! pic.twitter.com/JvUYXVLaqO â Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) June 16, 2018 Ask the chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra , he will tell you. Ok thatâs it. Iâm switching to this channel with commentary in Malayalam. No, I donât understand the language but I donât need toâthese guys are so pumped up they make the English & Hindi commentators sound tame! pic.twitter.com/yWqApVx6jp â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) June 16, 2018 Damodaranâs career, which started out as a sports journalist with a Kerala newspaper over 20 years ago, has now evolved into an entire cult. Passionate football fans, mostly Malayalis from India and many other parts of the world stopped listening to match commentary in any other language. All they wanted to lend their ears to were his energetic words. âWhatever I am today, the reason why my commentary goes viral every year is because of all the Malayali sports fans out there. Be it India or Dubai or any other part of the world, it is because of them that my voice has reached out to so many people,â an excited Shaiju Damodaran tells MensXP. âAs a professional commentator, I just try to do my job to the best of my abilities and I am extremely fortunate to have so many people loving my work every single day.â Not every moment of every football match is equally exciting and while the viewers have the option of changing the channel or turn off the television altogether, the commentators canât afford to let the energy dip. It is their job, essentially, to keep the viewer dialled in. For Damodaran, however, the ability to maintain that level of energy is more natural than making a conscious effort. âWhenever a goal happens or a player executes a good move, my reaction comes out automatically. That energy comes from within. Main yeh jaan bhuj ke nahi karta (I donât do this intentionally),â he says. The brilliance behind the mic also originates from Shaijuâs hunger to outdo himself during his next assignment. Every match is a new opportunity. A million things can happen during a game that nobody foresaw and he looks at them as points that can change the entire flow of the game. As the only Malayalam commentator for the Indian Super League in the last six seasons, he has given his voice to more than 330 matches till date. For him, what happened during the last game is the thing of the past. If there is a match today, he will treat it like the greatest assignment he has been a part of, no matter what is at stake. âThe force that drives me every day is the realisation that I have to do each game perfectly and a little better than what I did during the previous match.â Shaiju Damodaran is a busy man. Between 2018 and 2020, the longest duration for which he got to stay at home and spend some quality time with his family was one week. He did commentary during the two seasons of ISL, the Indian Premier League for a Malayalam radio station in Dubai, the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the ICC World Cup 2019. To fill the gaps in between the major tournaments, he is also working at a regional level both as a commentator but also as a public speaker. As a human being, nobody can be in that ecstatic state of mind 24x7, 365 days a year. There might be days when we feel a bit low. Sometimes, bad things happen in our lives and sadness takes over. We feel like shutting out the entire world, staying in bed and just not doing anything. Imagine commentators being in a similar predicament. Think about a match wherein the commentator sounds dull or doesn't speak with the convection required to describe a game-winning goal. Professionals like Damodaran canât afford to âsound lowâ. âWhenever I am working, I try to keep away from social issues. I stay away from anything that can upset me. I even try my best to not get in a fight with my wife,â he jokes. âMy wife and my kids deserve a lot of credit behind my successful career. If something happened in my family that they think would upset me, they wonât tell me on the day I have to do commentary.â âIn the past couple of years, we have had three deaths in our family and they kept the sad news away from me until I came back home after doing commentary so that I donât get disturbed during the match,â he says. âIt is a big deal, I believe.â While Damodaran took his career as a commentator to the next level with hard work and endless dedication, he also witnessed the evolution (although, he prefers to call it a revolution) of ISL and how it has helped make club football a big deal in this country. âIf you look at the tradition of club football in India not too long ago, it was struggling to stand on its feet. Why do you think cricket overtook football by such a large margin in India? It was only because of the unavailability of proper broadcasting of club-football games, something the Indian cricket board did exceptionally well,â he says. âFootball culture in Kerala used to be huge over two and a half decades ago but died down eventually. It was only because of broadcasting club football live that the league brought to the country that that culture got reignited. Things like my commentary are just small parts of this revolution that ISL brought about.â You can draw resemblance in Damodaranâs way of delivering dialogue with how English commentator Ray Hudson does it, especially when he is describing Barcelona FC star Lionel Messiâs magic on the field. That Hudson is idolised by the Malayali star, and that shouldnât come as a surprise to you. His wish has always been to work in the same league as the Premier League and La Liga commentator but he also goes on to clarify that his heart lies with the ISL, the league that made him what he is today. âNo matter how big you become in life, loyalty should always be a top priority for you,â he says. View the full article
  5. A couple of days ago, on a casual winter morning, I was scrolling through the endless hole that YouTube is and the websiteâs unusual algorithm randomly suggested a video by a channel called 'World Chase Tag'. The thumbnail showed a man flying off a scaffolding while chasing another man as the crowd cheered them on. âThis looks fun,â I thought to myself as I tapped on the video to start but what I saw, was far more incredible than what I had imagined! Rules: Set to take place in a set course also known as âThe Quadâ, there are two athletes in action at a given time. One is the Chaser, the other the Evader. As the names suggest, the Chaser has to chase down the Evader in less than 20 seconds to eliminate him from that round. If the Evader manages to stay out of reach for the round, his team gets one point. Whichever team manages to earn the most points after a predetermined number of rounds, wins the match. The sport requires the athletes to have speed, agility, flexibility and the parkouring skills of Arno Dorian himself. To be able to make quick decisions, use The Quad in the best way possible to increase and maintain the gap between you and the Chaser or to use the structures to take shortcuts while chasing, hot the game turns out to be, is completely dependent upon the two men present at the centre. With the on-the-feet commentary and an equally hyped-up crowd supporting either side, this sport, which is essentially a game of tag turned out to be an exciting treat for the eyes and the viewers end up completely awestruck by the level of action the sport presents. But what I found to be the best part about international âpakdam pakdaiâ was the fraternity it had formed all around the world. While a lot of sports now have athletes abusing and hitting each other in between a match in the name of competitiveness, WCT athletes believed in mutual respect after the 20 seconds were up. You will not find a single round after which the Evader and the Chaser do not embrace each other before they go back to their respective corners. Ultimately, thatâs what sports is all about. A lot of aggression on the field followed by companionship. View the full article
  6. When Vietjet Air first invited me to Vietnam in December last year, aboard their first flight from Delhi, two very distinct images flashed across my mind. One was of course from Diane Nguyenâs amusing homecoming trip to Hanoi in Season 5 of Bojack Horseman, and second, much more contrastingly, was the gruesome 1972 âNapalm Girlâ from the Vietnam War. Voted as one of the most influential photos of all time, the latter, an iconic war image, shows a nine-year-old girl running unclothed towards the camera, as a bomb burned down her village, then her clothes and then almost half of her skin. View this post on Instagram#Vietjet is the first airline to bring you direct flights from New Delhi to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In just 4 hours, you can start exploring the fine concoction that is Vietnam! Log on to www.vietjetair.com to book your flights today. . . . . #vietjet #vietjetair #vietnam #vietnamtourism #flights #bestdeals #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #instatravel #travelogue #travelling #instatravelling #vacay #vacation #vacationmode #explore #tourism #travelphotography #welltravelled #flight #flightcrew #friendlystaff #directflight #vietnamese #vietnamesefood #hanoi #hanoivietnam #hochiminhcity #hochiminhA post shared by (@vietjetindia) And despite a preset itinerary, I set out to trace their footsteps in my rather bastardly, touristy ways, only to discover something completely unexpected ultimately. FYI neither was I going through a divorce like Diane, nor was my country burning like the Napalm Girlâs (or at least thatâs what I thought while taking off on December 12, 2019). Before we begin, a few quick pointers for the curious: You need a passport with minimum six months validity, with at least two blank pagesEasiest way to get a visa and avoid queues is to apply for visa on arrival online. Upload documents and get the visa within 3-5 working daysIdeal way to travel from Delhi is via a Vietjet flight (https://www.vietjetair.com/Sites/Web/en-US/NewsDetail/news/4109/vietjet-is-a-pioneer-in-launching-2-direct-flights-from-vietnam-to-new-delhi-india) to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. We all know how insane the sale prices were, but otherwise also you can get tickets for under Rs 12,000-15,000 if you plan well(The process isnât too tedious; mine was completed by the organisers, so jokeâs on you, JK) Part 1Coming back to the trip, it kicked off from an airport lounge at Delhiâs Terminal 3 (again arranged by the organisers) with a bunch of fellow journalists and bloggers. The flight to Hanoi took off on time and upon landing early morning, the immigration process was hassle-free as well. We set off on a local sightseeing tour immediately after breakfast, most amazingly in our own bus. We even got our personal tour guide, a 50-something gentleman who was extremely fatherly to say the least. Quick Vietnam socio-geography lesson before we begin: The country is made of three parts primarily â north, central and south. After many years of conflict, the communists finally seemed to rule the entire state before a proxy war started between Russian (pro-communist) and American (pro-capitalist) allied forces, who supported North and South respectively. And although the war ended with a communist victory in 1975, cultural and political differences still exist between the people from both sides. We are in the North right now. First stop: the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Itâs literally got the embalmed body of Ho Chi. Who is Ho Chi? Popularly referred to as Uncle Ho, heâs the Mahatma Gandhi equivalent of Vietnam. He led the independence movement from 1941 onward, defeating the French Union at the Battle of Äiá»n Biên Phủ in 1954, and ending the First Indochina War. Wish we could preserve Gandhiâs body, but we also wish that he was not murdered like he was. (Note: Donât wear short shorts, tank tops or anything non-sanskari) Next stop: The Temple of Literature.Essentially, this near 1000-year old edifice was once a college for the royals and other members of the imperial society. Fun fact: The temples of this variety that are dedicated to Confucius, the Chinese philosopher who advocated personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity, are called Confucian temples. © MensXP/Alshaar From my little understanding of Vietnam till this point (mostly from conversations with the tour guide and locals), it sure appears that a part of Confucius has stayed with them. It remains a communist regime, one of the handful that have survived in the 21st Century. Yet, it is one of the leading economies in South East Asia. Its infrastructure is at least a decade ahead of India and even its manufacturing sector is set to hit targets better. As a society, there is more gender equality in Vietnam and compulsory education policy is quantitatively eight years ahead of India. Moreover, English is their first foreign language and Mandarin is also fashionable. All in all, you would have a better standard of living doing what youâre doing in India right now. Some might struggle with the food though. We had a big lunch at a famous chicken restaurant downtown following the temple visit. And of course, mister tour guide ensured all local culinary delights are spread out on the table. This included heaps of chicken, prawns, shrimps and boiled fish. Vietnamese sauces are not as spicy as their Thai rivals, but youâll love the cuisine if youâre fond of seafood. © MensXP/Alshaar But the coffee is universally loved. Weâre talking about OG Vietnamese coffee; not the coffee + condensed milk pudding that you get in India in the name of Vietnamese coffee. My coffee baptising happened at Café Giang (the founders of egg coffee in 1946), post an hour-long cycle ride around Hoan Kiem Lake & The Old Quarter, where I shared a cigarette with my driver. In sign language, he told me that you can find the stronger stuff in the market too. Not that I necessarily indulged. The coffee, just like all traditional coffee shops in Vietnam, is made with egg. Yes, egg. The main ingredients of the egg coffee are espresso, condensed milk, a little sugar, butter, cheese and egg yolk, resembling a tiramisu in taste. Everything but the coffee is whisked into a creamy foam in a beater (originally in a small cup and by a bamboo whisk), before being poured over the coffee. You get two versions â the hot and the cold â and of course I tried both. After all, how much coffee is too much coffee? Donât listen to me, these two cups were enough. It was a stupid idea, but there was a seat reserved for me at the world-famous Lang Toi human circus in the cityâs opera house. And despite my coffee rush, I was obliged to attend. © MensXP/Alshaar Blame it on the caffeine, but the acrobatics and gymnastics, the stories of the village, the portrayal of innocent love, of seasons, of women, of men, of children, are scintillating, often leaving the jaw dropped, more often the heart stopped . After the 70-minute show, the group of 20-odd even escorts you out of the auditorium with music originating from the clapping of bamboo sticks. The night ended with another wholesome local meal, at Grandma Restaurant, before we ventured out to explore the nightlife at the Hanoi Night Market, very close to the Old Quarter. The streets are lined with tiny bars and pubs. A beer can costs around Rs 60-70 and Hanoi is a must-try. There are local breweries in other parts of the city too, but I was at my touristy max and wonât have much to offer to the discerning taste buds. © MensXP/Alshaar Back at the hotel though, my not-so-touristy instincts took me back to the Diane place. I somewhat managed to relive her experience, squeezing so much into one day, and still felt the same kind of cultural emptiness that she experiences, despite being here for some kind of enlightenment or higher gain. Part 2But the trip would then take me to exactly where she went next: Ha Long Bay, and marked a completely new dawn. © MensXP/Alshaar Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, around 180km east of Hanoi. The bus took around four hours to reach the boarding point of the ferry, which then carried us inside the waters of this astounding archipelago of around 2,000 limestone karsts and isles that come in various shapes and sizes. The limestone in this bay has undergone 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments. And in the land where even prehistoric humans might have existed, we paid them a fitting tribute by getting drunk. The ferry had a variety of wonderful prawns and fishes on offer as we drank the afternoon away. © MensXP/Alshaar At the farthest end of the waters, marked by the Luon Cave, was a dock that hosted activities like kayaking and snorkelling. Iâm not a swimmer but the beer helped conquer the nerves and we saw the sun go down from kayaking in this gorgeously vestigial part of the South China Sea. Part 3Following another big local meal and a late night of beer drinking, we flew Vietjet to Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon) the next afternoon (of course, we got another tour bus and a rather puffed-up tour guide). This now is South Vietnam, where a large chunk of action happened during the Vietnam War. But again, the packed itinerary meant our tired souls needed a quieter evening, in order to resume the hardcore sightseeing on the final day in the city. But a dramatic turn of events later I was hooked to my Twitter feed, reading up on the police brutalities that took place in the Jamia Millia Islamia campus that day. The conversation about selective targeting of Muslims was now peaking, days after the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in the Parliament as an Act. As most people know by now, it allows all non-Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to seek citizenship in India, and when clubbed with the National Register of Citizens (NRC), has invoked fears of Muslims being put in detention camps, like it happened in Assam in 2019. Night transitioned to day, and I was now in the Vietnam War Museum. The news from India kept developing. Protests were aplenty and the âapoliticalâ on my feed had also begun participating. The right-wing of course had hardened further. © MensXP/Alshaar Inside the four-storey museum was an account of the gruesome consequences of the Vietnam War. It told tales of the generations of people affected by bio-chemical weapons, the massacres committed by the American army on innocent Vietnamese villagers, and most remarkably, in the middle of a series of tear jerking pictures was the Napalm Girl. It represents the lowest of human actions and the most inhuman nature of their ramifications. And as details of police brutalities emerged from the Jamia violence, the metaphor could not be clearer. Our last and final stop on the trip was at the Cu Chi tunnels. The now restored forests spurted out thousands of arms and artillery at the time of being vetted post war. Another metaphor? The tunnels, used by anti-America soldiers as hiding spots during combat, emerged as symbols of resistance and the battle for liberation. They also served as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous North Vietnamese fighters. The tunnel systems were of great importance to the fighters in their resistance to American forces, and helped to counter the growing American military effort, according to my tour guide. With this as the last conversation and a heavy heart from all the violence in India, we headed back to the airport and landed in India via the second direct Vietjet flight route. I was supposed to write this travelogue immediately after, but the protests kept me occupied, psychologically, when not physically. Despite being there, I couldnât help being apologetic about my privilege. Just like Cu Chi though, Shaheen Bagh emerged as Indiaâs biggest hotspot of resistance. And just like the strong women soldiers of Cu Chi, whose videos are proudly screened for visitors, the women of Delhi have spearheaded Indiaâs battle for true democracy. At the end of the dimly lit tunnel that India traversing right now, the protestors represent a rare glimmer. Of the many lessons that can be learnt from Vietnam, one is that there is no winner in a war. And the second, in very Bojack Horseman-esque manner is: âIt gets easier. Every day, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day â thatâs the hard part.â The fight to regain Indiaâs original fabric is going to be long, and more strength to the ones showing up every day. View the full article
  7. In an ideal scenario, we would like to get ready for an office party at home. But that perfect scenario is hardly ever realistic. This is because most office parties are organised right after work and someplace near work so that work does not get compromised. In such a situation, especially if you don't have time to get ready for an office party, here's what you can do to get ready in no time and with literally zero effort. 1. Wash Your Face © Getty Images You can also carry a travel-sized perfume that you can spritz right before you step out. You just need to remember your pulse points: the wrist, the neck. These will make sure that the perfume stays on for a longer duration. 7. Add-In A Pair Of Sneakers View the full article
  8. Age and beauty are two concepts that are parallel, however, unfortunately, most people keep trying to bring these two terms on common grounds, which is simply archaic. But just to prove these people wrong, we have certain people in our presence who are demolishing the notions of connecting age with beauty. Beauty is timeless and there is no age cutoff for someone to look gorgeous. Here are 8 stunning Bollywood actresses over the age of 40 who prove that age is just a number: 1. Malaika Arora She is on top of our list for many reasons. Sexy, hot, confident and strong, both physically and mentally, this super-fit mummy is proof that one doesnât need to bow down to societal perceptions and can do whatever they want. Malaika simply refuses to age, and we don't hear anyone complaining. View this post on Instagramâ¨â¨A post shared by (@malaikaaroraofficial) View this post on Instagram#filmfareglamourandstyleawards ... #mua @divyachablani15 #hair @alpakhimani #gown @atelierzuhra #styledby @tanghavri #assistant @namdeepak #agency @vandafashionagency #photographer @mohitvaru @ektakauroberoiA post shared by (@malaikaaroraofficial) 2. Karisma Kapoor She's probably one of the most natural and beautiful faces that graced Bollywood, ever! Karisma Kapoor makes our heart sing âdhadke dil baar baarâ even today with her effortless beauty. View this post on InstagramChilly mumbai evenings ð #nofilterA post shared by (@therealkarismakapoor) View this post on InstagramâTis the season to pose by theð Merry Christmas everyone ! ðð¼â¤ï¸ #aboutlastnight⨠#christmaseveA post shared by (@therealkarismakapoor) 3. Urmila Matondkar The OG bombshell of the '90s not only demolished people with her stuning smile but also bowled them over with her insanely brilliant performances, especially in movies like Pyaar Tuney Kya Kiya, Bhoot and Ek Hasina Thi. We continue crushing hard on her till date. View this post on InstagramðððA post shared by (@urmilamatondkarofficial) View this post on InstagramðððA post shared by (@urmilamatondkarofficial) 4. Shilpa Shetty Just one line sums up how we feel for this gorgeous woman and that is, Chura Ke Dil Mera, Goriya Chali . Yeah, you probably just imagined her grooving to that tune in that iconic song right? Us too. View this post on InstagramOrange is the new Black! Outfit: @official_rutuneeva Bracelets: @curiocottagejewelry Rings: @caratcrush Styled by: @sanjanabatra Assisted by: @rupangisharma @devakshim Makeup: @ajayshelarmakeupartist Hair: @sheetal_f_khan Photographer: @tejasnerurkarr Managed by: @bethetribe #ootd #fashion #workmode #style #shootmode #gratitude #blessedA post shared by (@theshilpashetty) View this post on Instagram50% sweet... 50% sassy... What is life without a healthy balance ð . . . . . . #VogueXNykaaFashion #ThePowerList2019 #fashion #outfitoftheday #glamour #sassy #sweet #balanceA post shared by (@theshilpashetty) 5. Aishwarya Rai There is a reason why she is known as the âmost beautiful woman in the worldâ and no one can question that. She continues to inspire women across the globe with her work and her charm. Men, irrespective of their age, still carry Aish in their hearts as the ultimate beauty. View this post on Instagramâ¨ðDolceVitaððA post shared by (@aishwaryaraibachchan_arb) View this post on Instagramâ±ðLongines Family wishing All Seasons Greetings with all our love always â¨ðâ¨A post shared by (@aishwaryaraibachchan_arb) 6. Tabu If one would allow us to give this beauty a name, weâd name her âTabeautifulâ, because that is what she is. Effortless and timeless. View this post on Instagram@idivaofficial @tillabyaratrikdevvarman @divyakdsouza ðº @rahuljhangianiA post shared by (@tabutiful) View this post on Instagramलालसा.A post shared by (@tabutiful) 7. Sushmita Sen This âMiss Universeâ continues to be one of the most fierce women in the world who basically proves that women run the world and is the best example of what a real beauty with brains means. View this post on InstagramShallow donât work for me, gimme depth any day â¤ï¸ðð The fear of drowning pales in comparison to the power of emerging!!ð #reflections #depth #mystery #stillness #thoughts #selftime #selfietime ððâ¤ï¸ I love you guys!!!A post shared by (@sushmitasen47) View this post on InstagramStand your ground, let the tempest change its course!! ððWhat a shot @toranjkayvon this will remain one of my most favourite pictures ever!!ðâ¤ï¸ð styled by @pyumishra makeup & hair @danielcbauer ð #sharing #newcampaign #brand #happenstance My kinda sexy!!!ðâ¤ï¸ I love you guys, hereâs looking at youðð»A post shared by (@sushmitasen47) 8. Raveena Tandon In the '90s, she left the jaws of both men and women on the floor with her raw and sultry persona and till date, she oozes the same attitude and charisma. Besides her timeless beauty, her dance moves are iconic even now, so much so, that even Badhshah sings about it in his popular dance number Chull. View this post on InstagramStunnerrrrr gorgeoussss elegant ðððð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤sexyyyyyy ð£ð£ð£ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ #raveenatandon#rashathadani#queenraveenatandon#raveena#mastmastgirl#tiptipbarsapaani#akhiyonsegolimare#diva#bollywood#queen . . #follow ð @queenraveenatandon #follow ð @queenraveenatandon . . #shahrukhkhan#salmankhan#akshaykumar#ranveersingh#kartikaryan#kajol#deepikapadukone#sunnydeol#sunilshetty#priyankachopra#katrinakaif#jahnvikapoor#kareenakapoor#anushkasharma#shilpashetty#karismakapoor#madhuridixit#twinklekhanna#saraalikhanA post shared by (@queenraveenatandon) View this post on InstagramThrowback â¤â¤â¤ #raveenatandon#rashathadani#queenraveenatandon#raveena#mastmastgirl#akhiyonsegolimare#diva#bollywood#queen . . #follow ð @queenraveenatandon #follow ð @queenraveenatandon . . #shahrukhkhan#salmankhan#akshaykumar#ranveersingh#kartikaryan#kajol#deepikapadukone#sunnydeol#sunilshetty#priyankachopra#katrinakaif#jahnvikapoor#kareenakapoor#anushkasharma#shilpashetty#karismakapoor#madhuridixit#twinklekhanna#saraalikhanA post shared by (@queenraveenatandon) View the full article
  9. Have you ever noticed how your perfumes never seem to last for more two-three hours and then it fades away quickly? While sometimes, it might be a soft scent, most of the time, it's how and where we apply the perfume. So, here's a guide to help you understand where you should be applying the perfume and make it last for hours so you smell really, really good 24/7. 1. Spray It On Your ClothesDonât just stick to spritzing scent over your body, instead spritz it all over the clothes too. Clothing fibres are able to hold in scents for a very long time, sometimes it sticks even after washing the fabric. 2. Don't Walk Into The ScentSome people spray perfume into the air and then walk through it because it is believed that this way the scent lasts longer. That's a myth. Youâll be wasting the product and the scent will evaporate quickly. A direct spritz on to the bare skin is enough for it to last. 3. Don't Forget The Ears © Getty Images While this might sound funny, the truth is that it actually works. Oilier skin holds the scent better, and the top of your ears is a good place to place the scent as they tend to stay a little oilier than your earlobes. 4. Donât Store Your Fragrances In Your BathroomWhile instinctively the bathroom is a good place to store the scent, unfortunately, heat, light, and humidity break down the perfume and lessen the quality and intensity of the fragrance. Instead, store your perfume bottles in a cool, dry place, like in your closet and away from windows. 5. Target Pulse Points When Spraying Perfume © Getty Images To make the fragrance last longer, you need to spritz on your pulse points. Pulse points are warm areas that help diffuse the fragrance across. Your pulse points on your body include: Your wristsInside your elbowsOn your neckBelow your midriffBehind your knees6. Rub Vaseline Or Unscented Lotion On FirstRub Vaseline or an unscented lotion on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. The formula in these will hold the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin. 7. Familiarise Yourself With Common Fragrance Terms © Getty Images Hereâs a breakdown of fragrance terms, so you know what youâre buying and what scent it'll give you over a period of time: Top Notes: The first scent you smell right after spraying the perfume, which fades quickly.Middle/Heart Notes: The scent that develops a while after the top note fades.Base Note: This is the heaviest scent that lingers the longest of the lot. View the full article
  10. If you're a Game of Thrones fan and are still bitter about how things ended in the final season, there's a 'Stark' ray of hope for you guys. Yes, it's been a while since the series ended but taking personal offence on how one of the best Tele series ended is absolutely fair, we think. A petition was doing the rounds after the season ended to remake the series but this piece of information we're about to give you has nothing to do with the petition, per se. In an interview with a German newspaper called Welt, the author of the books George RR Martin said that the television ending isn't the full story and that he is yet to give a befitting ending to it. How's that to lift your weekend blues? Martin shed light on how he would like to finish his two books in the series he's been writing since the 1970s- The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring and eventually give the series the true ending it deserves. Well, we're actually glad Martin is finally finishing his long-lasting project as well. © HBO "People know an endingâbut not the ending. The makers of the TV show had overtaken me, which I didn't expect." Martin surprisingly revealed. Although to our disappointment he didn't reveal how the series would eventually end, but he did say season eight was ânot completely faithful,â and we absolutely agree! Season eight was a bit rushed with the character arcs that took years to develop only to miserably fail at delivering their real stories and eventual ends. In fact, in a post on his blog after the Game of Thrones finale aired, Martin wrote about his intentions to conclude character journeys that the show wasnât able to address. âI am working in a very different medium than David and Dan, never forget. They had six hours for this final season. I expect these last two books of mine will fill 3000 manuscript pages between them before Iâm done⦠and if more pages and chapters and scenes are needed, Iâll add them. And of course, the butterfly effect will be at work as well; those of you who follow this Not A Blog will know that Iâve been talking about that since season one. There are characters who never made it onto the screen at all, and others who died in the show but still live in the books⦠so if nothing else, the readers will learn what happened to Jeyne Poole, Lady Stoneheart, Penny and her pig, Skahaz Shavepate, Arianne Martell, Darkstar, Victarion Greyjoy, Ser Garlan the Gallant, Aegon VI, and a myriad of other characters both great and small that viewers of the show never had the chance to meet. And yes, there will be unicorns⦠of a sortâ¦â © Twitter Working on the books and finishing them without the pressure of the television series airing at the same time might actually be a big relief for a writer and he can focus more on the real plot lines and the eventual twists each character goes through in the story. According to him, the show completely outpaced him and as he struggled to work through the oppressive nature and pressure of writing these books when the show was in the making. "Every day I sat down to write and even if I had a good day - and a good day for me is three or four pages - I'd feel terrible because I'd be thinking: 'My God, I have to finish the book. I've only written four pages when I should have written 40. But having the show finish is freeing because I'm at my own pace now. I have good days and I have bad days and the stress is far less, although it's still there." Martin said. © Twitter While you will definitely get to read the books, Martin has confirmed that the long-awaited Game of Thrones movies is not in the pipeline anymore and you can thank HBO for that. "At this point in time, it wouldnât be for me to decide, because HBO controls the film rights for Game of Thrones. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss actually wanted to end the saga after the seventh season with three big movies⦠The executives said, 'We produce TV shows, we are not in the cinema business" Martin added. © Twitter So, there you go. Finally, a closure to all the die-hard GoT fans who probably have unanswered questions, which in all probability, will be answered in Martin's upcoming books, finally! View the full article
  11. Given a chance, would you decline the opportunity of looking at our lookalike in the eye? Probably not. Curiosity gets the better of us when presented with opportunities that promise exciting outcomes. Now, given that people say that at least six other people, besides ourselves, can stand in as our doppelgangers in this world, and research has confirmed that the likelihood of bumping into our doppelganger is only a 1 in a trillion chance, some Bollywood celebrities have been lucky enough to find their lookalikes, not only in this lifetime but in one of the worldâs most popular entertainment industry - Hollywood. Check out these 12 Bollywood celebrities and their Hollywood lookalikes: 1. Ranbir Kapoor - Ryan Gosling © Twitter Popular belief has it that Ranbir Kapoor and The Notebook heartthrob Ryan Gosling share quite a bit of resemblance and we think they are pretty close. 2. Alia Bhatt - Ariana Grande © Twitter Not just the face cut, Alia and Ariana even share similar smiles and dimples. This one is equally close weâd say. 3. Emraan Hashmi - Colin Farell © Twitter These two and their rugged handsome-ness has won many hearts. Emraan and Colin really do share the same set of eyes and jawline! 4. Katrina Kaif - Cobie Smulders © Twitter Robin and Katrina both make sexy and cute look absolutely smashing! 5. Hrithik Roshan - Bradley Cooper © Twitter Right from their light eye colour to their wide smiles, Hrithik and Bradley look every bit dapper and similar when placed side by side. 6. Parineeti Chopra - Hayden Panettiere © Twitter Though many believe itâs their almost same-to-same smile that does the trick, Parineeti and Hayden seem pretty much the same upon first look. 7. Aamir Khan - Tom Hanks © Twitter Both industry stalwarts share more than just similar looks. These two are known for their great films and great acting calibre too. 8. Dia Mirza - Anne Hathaway © Twitter The Princess Diaries actress looks so much like Diaâs sister, itâs an absolute sight to behold! 9. Abhay Deol - Mark Ruffalo © Twitter Both of these brilliant actors have a great number of women drooling over them for their smashing smiles and handsome looks. These two look pretty similar to us. 10. Preity Zinta - Drew Barrymore © Twitter The cutest girls in the industry, both Preity and Drew are great actors and share the same unassuming eyes and beautiful smiles. 11. Sanjay Dutt - Jean Reno © Twitter There is no denying how similar these two look, right from their eyes, to facial features and whatnot. 12. Esha Gupta - Angelina Jolie © Twitter There is a strange resemblance between these two beauties and weâre sure Esha loves this comparison! View the full article
  12. In a cricket-crazy nation like India, if great Sachin Tendulkar is worshipped as a god, then MS Dhoni is no less than a demigod himself. Amongst noticeable cricketers over the years, Dhoni will always be remembered as one of the key contributors to Indian cricket. While his astute leadership and cricketing skills took India to new heights, his calm and composed demeanor continues to make him a fan-favourite. Such has been his popularity that even when he hasn't featured in national colours for over six months, Dhoni continues to garner public interest and remains a topic of great discussion amongst cricket pundits and fans. The Jharkhand cricketer hasn't played for India since their ouster from the 2019 World Cup in England and Wales. With the Indian selectors already looking beyond Dhoni and, therefore, grooming young Rishabh Pant as his potential successor, speculations have been rife over the former's fall from grace with the national team. But, it was the decision of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to deny him a central contract for the 2019-20 season that is now being labeled as the final nail in the coffin for Dhoni's illustrious career. © Reuters But, despite missing out on a central contract, Dhoni still has a chance to earn his place in the Indian team for the ICC T20 World Cup in Australia later this year. If the 38-year-old intends to keep himself in fray for the ICC spectacle in October, he will need to put up a good show in domestic cricket and the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). While cricketers and coaches close to Dhoni have remained tight-lipped on MSD's future, Team India's head coach Ravi Shastri has reiterated the importance of the IPL 2020 on the former Indian captain's career. He also revealed that Dhoni has been dead honest when it comes to playing for India so there is no way that he will impose himself on the national team. âExactly what I wanted to ask you. There is IPL coming. Uske baad tum dekho. Everyone will know. He will know, selectors will know, the captain will know seeing him, and more important than anything else, he will know. What I'm trying to tell the people is he is the last person to impose himself on anything. You know him. I know him,â Shastri said in an interview with Sportstar. © Reuters âFor years, you know that he's been dead honest when it comes to things of that sort, like when he gave up Test cricket. There was nothing of 100 Tests because he is not the guy who will impose on himself. I don't know if he started practicing as yet or not, but I'm sure if he's keen on the IPL, everything will come out now and he will be ready. For all you know, he may start the IPL, if he doesnât feel good heâll say âThank you very muchâ,â Shastri added. On the cricketing front, while Virat Kohli & co produced a brilliant performance to beat New Zealand by six wickets in the first T20I at Eden Park, Dhoni has been seen training with the Ranchi Ranji Trophy team lately. More recently, Dhoni was seen having a gala time at an event at the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) stadium in Ranchi where he even tried to whistle with onion spring leaves. View the full article
  13. Over the years, we have noticed that there are at least two versions of Ranveer Singhs that we have seen in public. Thereâs one that wears some really insane, bizarre and quirky clothes, simply mesmerising everyone around him with an insane and almost contagious energy and zeal. It looks something like this - © Viral Bhayani Then there is one who is even more bonkers, energetic and the embodiment of the word âzanyâ. Well, we got a taste of this today when Ranveer was spotted at the Mumbai Airport. Dressed from the head to toe in Sabyasachi and in pink slip-ons, back from Sabyasachi and Christian Louboutinâs 2017 collaboration, Ranveer brought back the rare 1970âs retro flamboyance, in great style. © Viral Bhayani The polka dot shirt and the cap made from the same fabric is classic â70s and so are the quirky pink shades that heâs wearing. And the high-waist, shiny pants, again are classic â70s. As âimpractical and unusualâ this outfit may seem, it actually is quite a zany and does make a statement. © Instagram/ranveersingh With all this being said, social media, particularly Twitter, did go berserk. Of course, a few nasty names were called, but we did get a few genuinely funny gems from the hilarious reactions that ensued. pic.twitter.com/aX72c2r3ML â Æᥲbιr â²á¥²ss (@KabirMass) January 25, 2020Dustbin Challenge ! Ye karke dikhao ! pic.twitter.com/keILLLELqt â Keh Ke Lunga (@motabhairocks) January 25, 2020Was this really necessaryâ¦. When Ranveer born Everyone in home : Hey bhagwan aapko dhanyavad ladka dene k liye Bhagwan: ye ladka aage jaake ladka rahega ya nahi pic.twitter.com/BTj7tG0UBV â Nehaðº (@NehaSoni001) January 25, 2020 Okay, this was kinda funny... Bass karoo ... Abb bass kro aur nahi jhela jata pic.twitter.com/CobpDprKy9 â Bhai-poll-er (@Bhai_Poller) January 25, 2020 And so was thisâ¦. Bass karoo ... Abb bass kro aur nahi jhela jata pic.twitter.com/CobpDprKy9 â Bhai-poll-er (@Bhai_Poller) January 25, 2020 With all this being said, we have to say, that Ranveer does know how to take the internet by storm. © Instagram/ranveersingh © Viral Bhayani All weâll say is, you go Ranveer. Seriously, hats off to you for trying to do away with the mundane. More power to you man. View the full article
  14. For all of us struggling with motivation issues for losing weight, hereâs a bit of unlikely inspiration - Tommy Monkhouse, a film student at Londonâs University of Greenwich, has lost around 63kg in a single year. His workout routine? No gyms or expensive coaches here - just a steady diet of walks while playing the worldâs favourite alternate-reality mobile game, Pokemon GO. âI feel stronger mentally, I feel stronger physically, I feel like I can be happy,â Tommy told Cult of Mac. His journey began when at a low point in his self-esteem (and a weight of 158kg), a friend suggested that he play the video game. In Pokemon GO, players move around the actual physical world, while a GPS system on their mobile phones allows them to track movement, while catching and raising a popular 500-strong roster of powerful monsters - each with their own unique moves and characteristics. The game rewards physical movement by providing incentives such as bonus items and the ability to hatch Pokemon eggs - by moving around in your surroundings and racking up step counts. When Tommy first started playing Pokémon Go, he told his mom he was going out for a walk, and expected to be home after 20 minutes. âAnd before I knew it ⦠I went on a three-hour walk,â he said in an awesome new video from Niantic. âAnd the whole time I smiled.â âI went through this incredible journey in my head,â Tommy said. âIf I can do this in three hours, whatâs going to happen over, say, a week, a month, a year?â he recalled thinking at the time. © Tommy Monkhouse/Niantic âI watched myself go from this extremely huge person who wasnât happy with his life, who wasnât happy with who he was,â to being happier, healthier and stronger, Tommy said in a video made by Niantic, the gameâs developers. The changes started quickly. âIt took me about a month to realize Iâd lost any weight,â Tommy said. âI was noticing slight changes and clothes not fitting as tightly. I then noticed that I was getting less and less out of breath as I was out playing the game.â View the full article
  15. As India gears up for Republic Day tomorrow, anticipations run high for what promises to be an important and momentous parade ceremony - although with over 10,000 security personnel assigned to cover the event, itâs also one of the countryâs most extensive displays of armed and even digitized security forces throughout its history. Controversial Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro happens to be this yearâs chief guest, and according to DCP (New Delhi Zone) Eish Singhal, special security arrangements have been made to accommodate him and his entourage. © Reuters âWe have a four-layer security arrangement. Inner, middle, outer and one along the border areas across the national capital,â Singhal said, adding that drones will also be deployed. âAround 5,000 to 6,000 Delhi Police personnel have been deployed in New Delhi district along with 50 companies of paramilitary forces.â No traffic will be allowed on Rajpath from Vijay Chowk to India Gate from 6 pm on Saturday till the parade gets over on Sunday. Access to Rajpathâs main zone will continue to be cut off till 12 PM on Sunday with several facial recognition cameras deployed around the area to help identify and apprehend potential suspects during the event. âWe have intensified patrolling in public places. Group patrolling, night patrolling and vehicle checking is being carried out with the help of Central Armed Police Forces. Frisking at metro stations, railway stations, airports and bus terminals has also been tightened,â a senior police official said. Along with the heightened patrols, the police have also instructed hotel staff, taxi and autorickshaw drivers to stay alert. âTenant and servant verification, border checking, security of vital installations, malls and markets, patrolling in heavy footfall areasâ were among the anti-terror measures listed by police officials. View the full article
  16. Arguably one of the most successful captains in Indian cricket's rich history, Sourav Ganguly carved his own niche in the gentleman's game on the back of a brutally honest approach. Unlike MS Dhoni, whose tenure as Indian captain rarely saw him expressing himself on the field, Ganguly was not the one to mince words or hide his emotions after an emphatic win. Even when he called time on his career, Ganguly didn't change his approach. Often seen in the commentary box, the former Indian captain's honest take and game analysis continued to make him one of the most respected voices in cricket. And, even as he became the new president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), his approach remains the same. Ever since taking up the role of the BCCI chief last October, Ganguly has been looked upon as the agent of change for Indian cricket. The former Indian captain has already taken key decisions and continues to contribute towards Indian cricket in his new role. But, while he might have taken up more responsibility lately, Ganguly still manages to let off some steam whenever he gets an opportunity. © Reuters For a cricketer who helped the Indian team scale new heights in international cricket, Ganguly was equally aided by the presence of some proven match-winners in his team. During his captaincy stint, the core of the Indian team was formed by the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble and himself. Thus, it was quite obvious to see the comparisons of Ganguly the captain and Ganguly the BCCI chief cropping up lately. After finishing three months as the president of the Indian cricket board, the 47-year-old was recently asked about the Tendulkar, Dravid and Kumble of his new BCCI team. And, his answer won everyone over. âSare hai (Everyone is there), Jay (Shah) is there, Arun (Dhumal) is there, we all work together. Itâs very difficult to say who is Tendulkar, Dravid or Kumble. We are very good friends and we all come from different backgrounds. Arun runs a school, Jay has his own business and I have a cricket background,â Ganguly told ABP News. © Reuters Alongside Ganguly's appointment as chief, while Jay Shah was handed the role of a BCCI secretary, Arun Dhumal was roped in to carry out the chores as BCCI treasurer last October. The fourth member of Ganguly's team is Jayesh George who was recruited as the joint secretary of BCCI. âAll of us think along the same line. And our main aim is to bring back cricket administration which was not in good shape for the last 3 years. There have been a few changes in these three months and we will keep on working like this for the improvement of Indian cricket. We are playing well on the field and we want to keep doing well off the field too,â Ganguly added. View the full article
  17. Instead of their usual pictures, everyone has now been sharing a collage of their pictures and honestly, that's the only thing people have posted these past few days. The 'LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder' meme has spread like wildfire on the internet and has everyone going through all of their pictures to find the perfect one to fit every category. And, as always, even celebrities couldn't stay away from this viral trend, of course. Actually, it was all started by a celeb only, yep, legendary singer Dolly Parton was the one to bless us all with this self-indulgent trend. View this post on InstagramGet you a woman who can do it all ðA post shared by (@dollyparton) Also, is this the first proper meme of the year, and decade? Probably, and it's a very cool one, so that's great. After the first post, all the celebrities hopped on the bandwagon and now, it has officially spread to Bollywood as well. Well, we knew she would opt for Bumble instead of Tinder. View this post on InstagramDoing it all because Dolly said so. #dollypartonchallengeA post shared by (@priyankachopra) That caption, tho. View this post on InstagramAs you know I am a man of many expressions!! Many a time I am asked why I pout so much! Well I donât have an answer to that! I pout as soon as a camera is within 10 feet of me! I canât help myself! Itâs an inbuilt mechanism that activates itself on its own and no amount of requests for a smile or a candid laugh can take my pout away from me! Itâs a part of my lip till fillers replace it...Itâs now a part of my personality! I suck my cheeks, squint my eyes...pretend I am Brad Pitt ( in my head) and Voila! You have a 47 year old man who thinks he is Paris Hilton! ( also known as a midlife crisis) ...I am happy! So please donât rain on my pout parade! â¤ï¸ðA post shared by (@karanjohar) I like the videos, shows more effort. View this post on InstagramA man with a plan, family, attitude & hope ðA post shared by (@sidmalhotra) He decided to make the meme his own. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@ayushmannk) Well. View this post on InstagramForever good hair days! ðð @tresemmeindiaA post shared by (@jacquelinef143) The rhyming is an extra touch. View this post on InstagramInsta is my A gameð· Tinder for the flameð¥ For Linkedin one can try to be tame ð¼ FB for those throwbacks, no shameð¶ Different personalities, but Sara's still the sameðð» Sara ka Saara ðð»ââï¸ Sara @pumaindia ðð»âð»ðð»ðªð»A post shared by (@saraalikhan95) Good one. View this post on InstagramHusn Ke Lakhon RANG..Konsa RANG Dekhoge ð हà¥à¤¸à¥à¤¨ à¤à¥ लाà¤à¥à¤ रà¤à¤ à¤à¥à¤¨ सा रà¤à¤ दà¥à¤à¥à¤à¥ ð #diljitdosanjh #diljit #delhiA post shared by (@diljitdosanjh) Could've been better. View this post on Instagram#ForAllYourFaces ð¥°ð¥°ðð @facescanadaA post shared by (@kritisanon) Sorry, everyone, no one can top this. View this post on InstagramGet a guy who will play them all â¨A post shared by (@markruffalo) Okay, she killed it too. View this post on InstagramSo Which Gal Am I? ð¤·ð»ââ Some funny takes of the #DollyPartonChallenge Iâve seen from @dcnautasclub @wondervaughn @galgadotwonderfulA post shared by (@gal_gadot) View the full article
  18. Itâs no secret that a lot of our B-Town celebs are ardent fans of some of the most popular cartoons out there. However, the fan following that Pokemon seems to enjoy, be it with us or celebs, is something that no other anime or cartoon has witnessed. © Viral Bhayani Akshay Kumar, who is normally seen in some of the most basic, but classy sneakers one can buy, seems to have finally given in to the temptation of going a little bonkers with quirky footwear, for he was recently spotted wearing a pair of black trainers, that looked like they were straight out of the Japanese Anime series that we all have grown so fond of. © Viral Bhayani First, though, letâs get to his outfit. Akshay is wearing a rather simple and understated black sweatshirt, which actually, works well with the finely checkered joggers that he is wearing. The joggers themselves are actually quite dope, thanks to the mix of the patterns around the knees, and the two zipped pockets that they have. © Viral Bhayani This is actually somewhat unusual for Akshay, who normally tends to stay away from such pieces and prefers wearing basic cargos, or jumpsuits. Well, weâre glad that heâs switching things up a bit and experimenting. © Viral Bhayani Now, comes the pièce de résistance of the ensemble, the black loafers that Akshayâs wearing. They are as zany as they are exquisite. Akshay is seen here wearing the Men's Black Monster Eyes Suede Loafers from Fendi, an Italian luxury fashion brand, which primarily deals in leather and faux pieces. © Fendi The yellow eyes that we see here are a classic Fendi design and are called the Bugs Eye motif. The pieces that these eyes are featured on, are normally labelled under Monster Eyes. The eyes themselves seem to have been inspired by Pokemon. The eyes do look like an evil Pokemon, don't they? © Viral Bhayani To add even more to the âmonsterâ theme, Fendi has added some spikes at the counter or the back of the loafers. Sure, these spikes are small and arenât that outrageous. However, they are quite zany and give the loafers a rather unique dimension. Thatâs actually quite a nice way to amp up a basic and simplistic outfit. © Fendi For someone who prefers functionality and comfort over aesthetics, Akshay sure knows how to surprise people around him. Take a bow, man, seriously, thatâs one heck of a way to make a style statement. View the full article
  19. General understanding has it that skincare should be on our priority list. But most of us would also agree that this is far from reality. It really is a lot of work to follow those three to four steps to 'glowing skin' that promise a world of difference, if followed âsincerelyâ every day. © Instagram However, while we might fail to follow the steps to glorious skin and make a zillion excuses on a daily basis to cover up our laziness, one of Indiaâs busiest individuals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave out a golden secret for glowing skin that has blown peopleâs minds away! While recently interacting with the Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2020 awards, PM Modi was seen sharing his personal beauty tip for glowing skin that the PM swears by. Talking to the recipients, PM Modi said, "Once someone asked me why's there so much glow on my face. I replied: I work so hard, I sweat so much. I massage my face with sweat, that's why it glows." Interacting with recipients of Rashtriya Bal Puraskar, 2020. Watch. https://t.co/aMwRIevyIf â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) January 24, 2020 Whatâs more, PM Modi also believes that "every child should sweat four times in a day" for that healthy glow and now itâs got us all wondering if those four-step beauty regimes are actually worth our time and money. People on social media have also not overlooked PM Modiâs words and have made it their personal mission to spread his words far and wide. Here is what people are saying. Narendra modi- I massage my face with sweat. https://t.co/KyUUFfCJPC â Hitesh khandelwal (@imhitesh_k) January 25, 2020After Modi ji's Sweat theory Half of Uttar Pradesh: pic.twitter.com/96YHboC1m6 â Chronology (@howdyMoudi) January 25, 2020Abdul to Rachel: Konsi cream lu for the glow? Man Arden Face Cream: Rs. 375 Clinique For Men Hydrator: Rs. 2500 Peter Thomas Roth All Day Moisture: Rs. 2000 Rachel: Kya in me Sweat hai? Sweat se massage karne pe glow aata hai. Abdul: Tu fir se Modi ji ko sun rahi hai? ð¤¦ð¾ââï¸ â Mee'nal Maharwal (@tennis_meenal) January 25, 2020I beg to differ. Licking Modi's sweat makes you an average andh bhakt. Making Modi sweat makes you Amit Shah â Minerva (@OnMiNerves) January 25, 2020Thanks to modi ji now start bussiness of sweat oil as Make in India... â Er.Pramod Verma (@Pramod94433033) January 25, 2020Sweat fairnlovely from Modi pic.twitter.com/6tVOUUYVcy â Anil Gowda (@AnilGow89565431) January 25, 2020 View the full article
  20. Kabir Khan's brand new series on Prime Video, The Forgotten Army: Azaadi Ke Liye, features Sunny Kaushal and newcomer Sharvari Wagh as the leads in the series, which is based on true events from India's history. The show will take you back in time to India's battle for freedom and how the Azad Hind Fauj, led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, played a crucial role in that. The series, which marks Kabir Khan's digital debut and is based on one of his documentaries also called The Forgotten Army, is now streaming on Prime Video and the audience verdict is finally here. Well, it seems like people have been giving a positive response to the series and are calling it one of the best shows about Netajiâs Azad Hind Fauj. The Forgotten Army Azadi ke lyea is best series. Salute to #azadhindfauz #IndianArmy #TheForgottenArmy @PrimeVideo @kabirkhankk â Ashish Ranjan (@Twistedme069) January 25, 2020I Cried a lot after watching #TheForgottenArmy , I read about them and netaji a lot from the books of @anujdhar nd @chandrachurg , specially #conundrum owns a spcl place in my heart! MY HEART BEATS FOR NETAJI. â Rahul Chatterjeeð®ð³ (@yourmanRahul) January 25, 2020@kabirkhankk one of the best series #TheForgottenArmy @ â Yashu Kumar Sharma (@YashuKumarShar3) January 25, 2020@sunnykaushal89 @kabirkhankk #sharvaWagh #Mkraina#TheForgottenArmy Loved it !! Super amazing work... Thanks for the lovely, great experience..... â Vaibhav (@vaibhav2421) January 25, 2020It's all about true patriotism, true sacrifice and true love for the motherland, "India". Salute from the bottom of my heart to all the soldiers of Azad Hind Fauj. I would request to Everyone to watch #TheForgottenArmy Jai Hind ð®ð³ â Ankit Sharmað®ð³ (@ankit2489786) January 25, 2020Watching #TheForgottenArmy . Thanks to #kabirkhan for this wonderful series. Best way to remember the sacrifices of Indian national army on this #RepublicDay â Tirumalarao S (@sravanamt) January 25, 2020Feel of pre-independence era is on point.This is a necessary tribute to important part of Indian History. #TheForgottenArmy #KabirKhan @PrimeVideoIN â Meghanaï¸ (@08meghana) January 25, 2020Sunnyâs brother Vicky Kaushal, who attended the screening of The Forgotten Army on Thursday night, took to Instagram to applaud Sunny's performance in the web series. "Till a few years back, we used to often record each otherâs audition tapes, jam on those scenes and be each otherâs critics. To see him flourishing into this confident, mature and honest actor, it just fills my heart with so much happiness and awe," the Uri actor wrote in his post. Plan on catching the series on Prime Video? If you do watch it, let us know your verdict in the comments below. View the full article
  21. It all began a long, long time ago. 2014 to be exact - in the early months leading up to Indiaâs most groundbreaking general elections so far. Before Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, several social outreach programmes were conducted to cement his influence among the masses - one of them being a campaign called #ChaiPeCharcha. Today, six years on, weâre seeing chai and politics mix once again - just in a very different camp. In a new campaign called âKaam Ki Chaiâ, the Aam Aadmi party has set up chai stalls throughout all of Delhiâs assembly constituencies, with various kinds of tea on offer, each highlighting various achievements and campaign promises of Delhiâs currently reigning party. The campaign was spearheaded by an Ahmedabad MBA-dropout named Praful Billor. Billor, who goes by the moniker âMBA-Chaiwalaâ, contacted the Delhi chief minister directly and offered to spread through the tea stall concept information about the work done by the Kejriwal government. © PTI According to party members, 30-40 volunteers will soon join him and put up tea stalls in all assembly constituencies here. © PTI The first available chai is named shiksha wali chai (education tea), and represents recent work on education facilities and programmes in Delhi, such as mega PTMs (Parent-Teacher Meetings) and the cabinetâs recent approval of a âSports Universityâ, which aims to help train and develop world-class athletes. Another variety named swasthya wali chai (health tea) represents the partyâs work on improving healthcare facilities in the capital for government hospitals, and initiatives such as free tests, surgeries and medicines, mohalla clinics and poly-clinics. The third kind, âspecial teaâ aims to highlight special subsidies such as cheap electricity, water and free bus/metro travel for women - while the last kind, vikas wali chai (development tea) focuses on the governmentâs doorstep delivery of citizen services, free Wi-Fi schemes and installation of CCTV cameras. © BCCL While Billor seems to clearly have a favourite, he insists that he is not directly associated with any political party and simply wishes to support good work being done. He said he decided to come all the way from Ahmedabad to put up a tea stall here as he believes that Kejriwal has delivered good governance in Delhi, which "is evident on the ground and needs no promotion". View the full article
  22. Panga, which marks director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari's third Bollywood outing post two critically-acclaimed ventures, Nil Battey Sannata and Bareilly Ki Barfi, revolves around Kangana Ranautâs character Jaya Nigam, a mother who is all set to make a comeback on the Kabaddi field after 7 years. Netizens, who have already caught a show of the film, have flooded social media sharing their views and expressing how much they loved the movie. © Fox Star Studios The audience's verdict is in, and they have praised Kangana and the entire cast for a sweet and simple story that would encourage every mother to relive her passions and dreams that she sacrificed for marriage and motherhood. People have also recommended others, who havenât seen the movie, to watch with their families especially mothers and I agree with that as I did the same. Here are the reactions: With #Panga @Ashwinyiyer delivers another heart warming sports drama ð¥°. Itâs awe inspiring ð¥°. A film that speaks for every mother who balances family and work life. #KanganaRanaut is just as Jaya Nigam. Agree/disagree with her views, you canât ignore such a fine actor. â RAMI WEERASEKARE (@RAMIWEERASEKARE) January 25, 2020Star power last till the #Weekend... Real journey starts from then onwards... #ContentIsTheKing.... #Panga will win the race. â Chandan Kumar Nayak (@chandan7nayak) January 25, 2020#Panga A story of motherhood and those countless sacrifices that a woman makes for her family,itâs an honest film that will stay with you long after you leave the theatre.@Ashwinyiyer ;You always beautifully surprise us.#KanganaRanaut @jassiegill @RichaChadha @Neenagupta001 â Vibhore Jaiswal (@JaiswalVibhore) January 25, 2020#Panga is amazing movie #Kangana you take a bow â Panga_KanganaRanaut (@Ritvik02578926) January 25, 2020Dear @Ashwinyiyer thank you for #panga .... what a brilliant crafted film! Watch it for your mum ... for her dreams she has probably shunned for us... watch it for #KanganaRanaut for how the husband can be a wall like @jassiegill ... #PangaReview #PangaMovieReview â RJ Divya (@iamdivya) January 25, 2020#Panga is an inspiring film with great content... @Ashwinyiyer âs simple touch of sensitive emotions is appreciable... #KanganaRanaut has given a top notch performance along with others. The Kid deserves a special mention ð» A must watch for all especially every mother... pic.twitter.com/Pq6tAjtZMm â Dhruv Sekhar (@directordhruv) January 25, 2020The director has raised important questions on women empowerment through the movie, however, not in a preachy manner. Popular Punjabi singer and actor Jassie Gill plays the role of Jayaâs husband, Prashant, and has legit made a mark through his stellar performance. While Neena Gupta plays the role of Jaya's vivacious mother, Richa Chadha is seen as her supportive friend, Meenu. Hereâs our review of the movie. Do you plan on watching the movie with your family? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  23. Business tycoon and philanthropist Anand Mahindra is a bit of a celebrity on Twitter - across his ten-odd years of tweeting, heâs made us laugh, inspired us and even helped us out with our music playlists. Unfortunately, thereâs just no pleasing some people. It all started when Mahindra posted a tweet sharing a few positive markers in Indiaâs recently-troubled economy. Recent statistics have shown a mild upward trend in Indiaâs manufacturing sector - something that Mahindra wished to highlight and share with millions of Indians anxious about the countryâs fiscal futures. Iâm often accused of being stupidly optimistic. If this trend continues then perhaps the adjective âstupidâ will be discarded... https://t.co/nD10q8VETk â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) January 24, 2020 A Twitter user by the name of âAaravâ promptly disagreed, however. Yes , you are stupid . India cud nt yet arrange for electricity, water, roads and law and order and now Modi & company has made sure that we stay in a turmoil for another 42 months and to add to it Rahul Gandhi , the dumb is leading the opposition â Aarav (@Aarav93555583) January 24, 2020 All fair points, no doubt - several Indians agree with Aaravâs opinions, but simply calling Mahindra âstupidâ without delivering a particularly constructive reply isnât what weâd call a smart course of action. Fortunately, Mahindra quickly showed him how itâs done. Your pessimism is quite comprehensive. Is there ANYTHING you are optimistic about? Or have you exiled yourself to a remote cave in the mountains? Let me know if I can get Swiggy to send you a food package! https://t.co/R43n19RdIj â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) January 24, 2020 Itâs a pretty clear message from the CEO - talk shit, get hit. The tweet gained close to 15k likes and over 2k retweets since it was posted, and Indian tweeters couldnât get enough of it. Several of his fans and followers enjoyed his sarcastic, nonchalant reply: Sir you are way too humble and cool !! The person whom you responded to has NO FOLLOWERS! He was highly discourteous to you, a corporate honcho !! Yet you reverted so politely! Wow sir! You amaze and constantly inspire me. â Vidya Ganesh (@VidyaG88) January 24, 2020 pic.twitter.com/974jCnXIGl â Gurjit Bal (@iudcn) January 24, 2020 Some felt that his reply was out of turn, however: @anandmahindra with due respects 2 you, you may have brushed aside tweet of the gentlmen but deep down in yr heart I m sure u r aware of extent 2 which Indian Society has become polarized & if NRC comes anyone who has an iota of intellect knows there is nothing 2b optimistic â dilip shahani (@dilipshahani) January 24, 2020Sh. Anand Sir: I am sure you donât have such staff for cleaning of vehicle. Freedom of speech doesnât mean you say anything to anyone. After reading such reply for a successful man I must say India is far behind in giving right education. â  Sunil Chouhan  (@sunilc65) January 24, 2020A fair point was raised by user âRandominionâ, who brought up Mahindraâs peer, Rahul Bajaj. Sh. Anand Sir: I am sure you donât have such staff for cleaning of vehicle. Freedom of speech doesnât mean you say anything to anyone. After reading such reply for a successful man I must say India is far behind in giving right education. â  Sunil Chouhan  (@sunilc65) January 24, 2020 Bajaj has recently gone on record criticising the state of Indiaâs government and further explaining how industrialists are shying away from being openly critical of its policies - which is something Mahindra may be guilty of here, if viewed from a well, pessimistic angle. The auto industry has suffered major losses through 2019, with over 2 lakh jobs being snapped out of existence in just a few months - a major blow to a country thatâs reeling from high unemployment rates. Itâs all water under the bridge for Mahindra, though. With his recent, wildly popular XUV 300 model earning a 5-Star NCAP rating and becoming the safest car ever made by an Indian manufacturer, we canât blame him for wanting to be a bit more positive - even for a single tweet. View the full article
  24. If you havenât had a small man crush on R Madhavan after watching Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein, there is something seriously wrong with you. Just go through the R Madhavanâs Instagram profile and youâll see that his entire feed is nothing but an awe-inducing thirst trap. © Instagram/actormaddy Be it something traditional, like kurta & pyjama, or a fine suit, the man knows how to dress up with panache, and set some seriously dope style goals. However, it turns out, that when it comes to street style and normcore, Madhavan operates on a whole new level. © Viral Bhayani He was recently spotted celebrating the birthday of a major filmmaker, in one of the zaniest and most casually chilled-out outfits, we have seen. © Viral Bhayani As simple as the ensemble may seem at first, there is actually a lot going on with it, which makes it one heck of an outfit. © Viral Bhayani First, letâs get to his shirt. The pocket is sewn on sideways, which in spite of giving a utilitarian and technical vibe to it, renders it redundant. Then there are the buffed up black cuffs of the sweat sleeve, which actually is a part of the shirt itself. The Off-White plaid shirt is actually quite kitschy, especially from the back. © Viral Bhayani The trousers, too, continue with the streetwear meets technical and utilitarian clothing, thanks to the manner in which the ridges have been implemented. They look a lot like leather trousers that bikers often wear. Considering how big a petrolhead Madhavan actually is, it wouldnât be a stretch to assume that the pants are one his biking trousers. © Viral Bhayani And finally, there are the boots that heâs wearing, and boy, are they something to look at. They have a very slimming silhouette, and yet, look enormous, thanks to the dual use of black leather. The rivets and the studs further add to the appeal of the boots. © Viral Bhayani All in all, a really dapper way to step out for a casual evening. Hats off Maddy, truly, this is a style we should all aspire to. View the full article
  25. Itâs in the Encino neighbourhood of Los Angeles, itâs got Nick & Priyankaâs name on it, and itâs really, really f**king huge. After the couple's big wedding in late 2018, they've since settled down a bit in Nick Jonas' bachelor pad. However, the pair recently announced that they've got some new #couplegoals, ranging from having a baby to doing some house-shopping. After selling Nick's previous home to tennis pro Naomi Oska for a whopping $6.9 million, the pair have now discovered a new home - and it's definitely something to look at. Welcome to the star coupleâs latest residence. © The Agency The property is one of the most expensive sales to be cracked in an already pretty star-studded area. "For me, home is wherever Iâm happy, as long as I have the people I love around me" Priyanka said. Both Chopra and Jonas, who are known to share very close bonds with their family members, will continue to be near their favourite people - Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner have also purchased a 15,000 sq. ft. mansion just under 5 kilometres away. © The Agency The house comes with seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. Just in case you were planning a couple more weddings. © The Agency © The Agency The house comes with a wide variety of amenities, ranging from movie theatre, a gymnasium with mirror walls, a wet bar, an indoor basketball court⦠© The Agency ...and a pretty sick swimming pool. © The Agency All we are asking for is the servants' quarter guys. Please? View the full article
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