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Found 240 results

  1. Fashion has some questionable tenets, but the two we stand by are: All-black ensembles are amazing, AND Henley t shirts look good on everyone. Henley t shirts, in particular, are a wardrobe staple that all men ought to be investing in. After all, they can help take even a relatively simple pair of denim jeans a notch higher into the 'stylish' territory when teamed up with a henley tee. But even after knowing about its utility, you might not know where to start your search for the perfect henley t shirt, as there is an abundance of options online. So if you are looking for investing in the best henley t shirts for men, that are also budget friendly without compromising on quality, then we are here to aid you in your search. These t shirts are size inclusive, and will also make you look fashion-forward AF! Check Out The Most Stylish Henley T Shirts You Could Own 1. House & Shields Men's Henley T-Shirt © Amazon This maroon henley is perfect for an understated yet stylish look. However, if you don't prefer the colour maroon, this henley is available in other colours as well, so you should definitely check those out. For those concerned about the size, this henley tee has a slim fit, so we suggest sizing up one size from what you usually get. Unlike some high priced high street brand options, this henley is actually budget friendly as well, giving you no reasons to not invest in it. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP : Rs. 454 Buy it here 2. Kalt - Men's Half Sleeves Henley Neck T-Shirt © Amazon While henley neck full sleeve t shirts are perfect to wear under a jacket during winters, the half-sleeved variant is more useful for summers and the sweltering heat that comes with it. This half sleeved henley variant by Kalt is of good quality and budget friendly to boot, perfect for those who don't want to shell out much, but still want a t-shirt that isn't in tatters after the first wash. The fit is also comfortable, and we won't really recommend sizing up or sizing down, just consult the size chart once, and you'll be good to go. Fabric Composition : Cotton blend MRP : Rs. 299 Buy it here 3. CHKOKKO - Casual Round Henley T Shirt © Amazon CHKOKKO offers this henley t shirt in a variety of colours, that too at affordable prices, making it perfect for those of you who like the design but would prefer a different colour. The t shirt is durable and machine washable, ensuring that the colour will stay intact after the first wash. This is a good addition to your summer wardrobe as it is light and breezy. You can team it up with a black chinos or a pair of washed denim jeans. Fabric Composition : 60% cotton and 40% polyester MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 4. Calvin Klein Men's Henley T Shirt © Amazon For the brand-conscious beings, this henley tee by Calvin Klein makes for a great addition to your wardrobe. This is a navy blue variant, so you will be hitting two birds with one stone - getting a wardrobe staple AND a branded item too boot. While it may be on the pricier side, you should keep in mind that it is made of pure cotton and has Calvin Klein's stamp on it, making it one of the best henley t shirts for men that won't lose its appeal anytime soon. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 2,499 Buy it here 5. Tommy Hilfiger - Men's Solid Regular Fit T-Shirt © Jabong Ever heard that rumour that Tommy Hilfiger is racist? Well, it ISN'T true. So if your hackles were on the rise when you saw this name, you can relax. While you're at it, you can also check out this navy blue henley t shirt from the iconic brand, and invest in it if you are a brand aficionado (who doesn't endorse #fakenews). It has the brand's iconic logo displayed well-enough, so you should not be wary of either its branded nature, or its premium quality. Fabric Composition : Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 2299 Buy it here 6. Red Tape - Men's Regular Fit T-Shirt © Amazon If you're bored of solid coloured henley t shirts, and are more interested in something different that also isn't too over-the-top, then this offering from Red Tape is perfect for you. The raglan sleeves give it just the right dosage of uniqueness to stand out from other t-shirts in your wardrobe. Made of pure cotton, this variant is definitely as soft as it looks. It is also available in pink and blue, so you can choose whichever colour you want according to your own preferences. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP : Rs. 479 Buy it here 7. Roadster - Black Printed Henley © Jabong Roadster is one of the best budget friendly brands available online. As such, this black variant makes for a kickass addition to your wardrobe that is worth every single penny. This henley variant has a funky striped pattern, and is perfect for a more casual ensemble that you can adorn for an outing with your bros. You should team it up with a pair of cargo shorts or well-fitted blue jeans. Even though it is already super affordable, there are additional discounts and combo offers that you can avail to further bring its price down. Now that makes this a steal of a deal! Fabric Composition : Pure cotton MRP : Rs. 489 Buy it here 8. United Colors of Benetton - Green Solid Henley Neck T-Shirt © Jabong The 'United Colors of Benetton' brand name may make it seem like this henley is pricey, but it is actually available at an affordable price. It comes in a soothing green colour, perfect for those looking to break from the monotony of black, white and grey t shirts, without experimenting too much. We suggest pairing this with well-fitted jeans or shorts, along with a pair of loafers, for an Insta-worthy #OOTD. Fabric Composition : 60% cotton and 40% polyester MRP: Rs. 779 Buy it here 9. Celio - Henley Neck T-Shirt © Jabong For its price, this is possibly one of the best henley neck full sleeve t shirts you could own. The stylised v cut of this henley neck makes us question our devotion to round neck and polo collar t shirts, especially since it adds a touch of style and high-fashion to a basic clothing item. This henley variant is pure white in colour, so if you're spill-prone or clumsy please be careful while you put this on. You should pair this with light blue jeans and some black sneakers for a cohesive look. Fabric Composition : Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 10. Roadster - Navy Blue Striped Henley Neck T-Shirt © Jabong Vertical stripes? Horizontal stripes? Multi or variegated stripes? Well, we love them all! So if you too are a stripes aficionado, then this maroon and navy blue variant from Roadster is possibly one of the best henley neck t shirts for men that you could own. Apart from being incredibly budget-friendly, this henley tee has a regular fit so you will not need to size up. We suggest pairing this with chinos and a pair of sunglasses to get that perfect relaxed-yet-suave look. Fabric Composition : Pure cotton MRP : Rs. 419 Buy it here 11. H&M Cotton jersey Henley shirt © H&M To be honest, H&M is our favorite place for reasonably-priced basics. If you too are biased in your love for H&M, then do check out this henley neck variant from their collection. The dark red colour of this henley will give you a certain elegance. Wear it with a pair of faded blue jeans, and dark brown sandals, and you've got yourself a cultured but not pretentious man-about-town look. If you're planning to opt for a funkier look, you can also pair it up with some coloured or printed socks and loafers. Fabric Composition : Pure cotton MRP : Rs. 799 Buy it here 12. WROGN - Henley T Shirt © Jabong This is one of those henley full sleeve t shirts which is perfect for anyone planning on moving away from basics, one step at a time. We suggest pairing this with jeans for a polished look and with shorts for a casual weekend look. This is a slim fit henley t shirt, so please consult the size guide before ordering it. Investing in this piece is a decision you can definitely not go wro(n)gn with (pun intended!). Fabric Composition : Cotton MRP: Rs. 559 Buy it here
  2. We live in strange times and weird things happen around us all the time. However, things become even more mind-boggling when stranger things begin to make sense. In 2016, we heard a Meerut based cleric report that his wife was threatening to commit suicide if he didn't shave off his beard. If you find that weird, then read this. A Times Now report has shared that a 23-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh has filed for divorce from her husband, because her 25-year-old partner refused to shave and bathe for 7-8 days at a stretch. (c) Reliance Entertainment The couple married last year, and upon hearing their mutual plea, the Bhopal family court has asked them to live separately for six months before granting them a divorce decree. via GIPHY A court counsellor Shail Awasthi told PTI, “Women now-a-days are separating from their husband over petty issues. This woman, who hails from Barigarh near Bhopal, complained that her husband stinks and when she asks him to bathe, he wears perfume to beat the odour.” via GIPHY Well, that's something. And regardless of the absurd premise for seeking divorce, it kind of still makes sense. In a way, this is sort of a life lesson for men to take their personal grooming needs more seriously. As we can see, nowadays even grooming or lack of it can make or break the deal, and honestly no woman or man likes a stinking, shabby partner. So, we can't really blame this woman, can we?
  3. Striking the perfect balance of casual and formal at work especially in the Summer can be difficult. Besides, at work, you don't want to make blunders especially when it comes to what you wear. So, here are some fashion mistakes that you might be making at work and probably should avoid: 1. Too Many Accessories © Getty Images Bold accessories and accent pieces are important to give an added flair to the outfit, but remember to not go overboard with trinkets. We recommend counting up all your accessories — patterned shirt, colourful tie, pocket square, cuff links, bracelets, rings, funky socks, etc. Too many accessories look rather too funky, especially in a professional setting. Limiting your ensemble to 3 or 4. The more restrained you are, the more your bolder accessories will shine. 2. Oversized Clothes © Getty Images Baggy clothes don't hide fat contrary to popular belief. Baggy clothes basically do nothing good for you. It's better to get rid of them. They look out of place in a professional setting. And baggy clothes will make you feel super hot in the Summer and you'll be sweating in no time. 3. A Visible Undershirt © Twitter Just like your boxers, the undershirt should never be visible. If you like leaving a couple of buttons undone, opt for a v-neck undershirt so that it stays hidden from sight. 4. Baggy Trousers © Getty Images Baggy trousers do two things well: they make you look shorter and they make you look sloppy. Also, they get ripped from the bottom easily. Try for trousers with a break at the ankle. 5. Undone Shirt Buttons © Getty Images Wearing a shirt buttoned up all the way can look odd without a tie, however, an unbuttoned shirt with more than buttons looks sleazy and unprofessional. 6. Satin Shirt © Getty Images Wearing satin shirts is like inviting a fashion disaster in the Summer. Not only are you going to sweat profusely but you'll also stink and the worst part is that it'll all be visible, because satin shows.
  4. People say there's something good in everything. I guess the writers of the show 'Californication' had this in mind when they wrote its script. We have a male protagonist who drinks like there's no tomorrow, smokes like a chimney, occasionally does drugs, sleeps with random women, pisses people off, and can never get his shit together. via GIPHY But, no matter how much you try, you just can't hate his guts. In fact, you would find his antics charming. He's a fucked up guy who lands himself in fucked up situations but somehow manages to come out of it using his charm. We're talking about Hank Moody, the writer who can't write. His cheeky smile, dry sense of humour, and the will to enjoy life just won't let you hate him. via GIPHY Let's see what we can learn from his fucked up yet adventurous life that can benefit us in the real world: 1. Never Say Never Karen, the love of his life, was no longer with him. But he didn't give up and always tried to make himself a better person so that he could deserve her. via GIPHY That's what dreams are for. Don't stop chasing them and always make yourself better each and every day to achieve them. It could be applicable to anything; career, love, passion, or hobby. Don't give up just because there are hurdles on the road. Get yourself up, dust off, and keep going until you achieve them. 2. Never Stop Living For Yourself The man did whatever he wanted to do, whatever he thought would give him just a glimpse of happiness. He slept with random women, drank his guts out, and never gave a **** about what people thought of him. He was simply looking for happiness in his own ways. He didn't participate in any rat race and didn't live life by society's rules. via GIPHY Whatever you do in life, keep your happiness a priority. You don't owe anything to anyone, so work towards being happy. Live for yourself and you might just enjoy life. 3. Don't Let The Child Within You Die Behind Hank's occasional portrayal of a matured persona, there was a child who came out every now and then. And that was the child which made him fun. via GIPHY Never become too serious in life. Plan your tomorrow like a matured man but live your today like a child in Disney land. It's your innocence and the eagerness to have fun that should never die. 4. Be Calm On most situations, you wouldn't see Hank agitated or anxious, no matter how bad it was. He was (almost) always calm, composed, and believed in thinking of a solution instead of worrying about the situation. That's what you need to be if you want to have a smooth life. Worrying doesn't solve anything and being anxious doesn't make the situation any easier. Be calm, MADAFAKAAAA. 5. Love Like Your Life Depends On It No matter how much of a p***y eater Hank was, he never cheated on Karen. He never stopped loving her. He never thought of loving someone else. If you're going to love someone, give it all. via GIPHY Feel the pain, the pleasure, and the journey of this shitty thing called love. It's always worth it, irrespective of how it ends. Never be afraid to love, find someone who makes you happy, and love her like she's the happy ending of your life! Hank is the guy who would live for himself but would die for his loved ones if needed. Be that guy!
  5. You have to admit, the most exciting part about having a crush on someone is not knowing whether or not they like you back! The 'what ifs' usually rule your mind more often than not and you can't help but process a lot of assumptions at one go. The most blatant one though is figuring out how to get closer to the one you're crushing on. Not in a creepy way of course, but closer maybe emotionally, physically and proximity-wise. © Fox Star Studios We believe the only way to get definitive answers is not to sit there and assume what she's thinking but to be pro-active and act on what you already know or want to know! You should also give them subtle hints about that the fact that you're crushing on them and if feelings are mutual, you've already laid the groundwork for yourself! Hence, here are 5 ways that work like a charm in helping you get closer to your crush! (1) Follow Them On Social Media But Don't Be A Creep If you've met them once or twice, sending them a friend or follow request shouldn't be a problem. They'll surely accept it if you they know you. Once they have accepted your request, don't go nuts stalking them! I mean yes you can take a look at their profile etc. but make sure you don't 'like' anything accidentally. Also, stay away from creepy messages through DMs. That's just a straight up no! What you can do in fact is figure out what their interests and hobbies are through their profiles and use them to find a common connect. © Pinterest (2) Use Things In Common To Connect It's easier to start a conversation with someone you have something in common with than to aim in the dark. By that I mean if you find out she loves dogs and you do too, maybe strike up a conversation on love for animals or dogs. But if you don't like dogs, don't pretend you do or you'll be 'catfishing' her instead. Find what she loves doing, and if it's common with your interest and then strike up a conversation. © AA Films (3) Strike Up A Conversation Now, that you've made sufficient contact over social media with her, it's time to strike up a conversation on anything you may feel can connect you two. Don't push it though. Start the conversation slowly and steadily and build it up as you go forward. Figure out what's on her mind, try and be mildly sensitive and humorous about general stuff and try getting to know her better, once you establish a solid base. © Pinterest (4) Have A 'Memeship' Maybe your conversations don't last too long or happen as often as you want them to. That doesn't mean you go absolutely lull and silent. You can still continue to drop by her DMs with funny meme's that can make her laugh, or start a short conversation either on the meme or on the day in general. Having a memeship with someone you like is healthy and sometimes necessary. Although, be careful of the kind of content you send her through those memes. It shouldn't be something that offends her. © Twitter (5) Ask Them Out On A Date Once you've established a basic flow of communication through conversations, social media poking and memes, you can definitely move forward and ask her out on a date. Either you can ask her out for a coffee because that's a safer option than asking her out for drinks. If you do ask her out for drinks, it'll in all probability fall under the assumption of you wanting to have *** with her later. Well, most times it does. But she's your crush, so I am sure you'd like to take her out and get to know her for real before any other need for intimacy arises. So, ask her out for a nice cup of coffee, lunch or even dinner and I am sure she'll say yes! © Instagram Social media has become a necessary tool to establish any kind of communication and you need to know how to use it well if you want to get to know someone better. Don't over-indulge through it, or harass someone from it but try and follow these steps above to decently introduce yourself and your intentions, to your crush.
  6. Summer months mean the previously pleasant metro rides are now sweat-ridden with no escape route. Without realizing it, you might be contributing to the stench too. The metro ride could be symbolic of your work and social life too. Imagine you hug your date goodbye and everything was great except she never texts you back. It was probably the stench she could feel when she hugged you. While it's normal to stink during Summers because sweating is normal, there are antiperspirants that help you fight the sweat. So, here is a list of antiperspirants to beat the heat: 1. The Deo © nykaa The good old deo is the most basic and instinctive antiperspirant that you could use. It's always good to keep a spray-on deo handy. The spray hits the skin rather effectively than a roll-on antiperspirant and minimizes stains on shirts. 2. The Antiperspirant Stick © nykaa The stick is usually an effective & perfumed antiperspirant for men. Usually made of more natural ingredients, the stick offers long-lasting protection against odour & wetness. The stick leaves the skin clean, fresh & comfortable. 3. The Antiperspirant Gel © nykaa The antiperspirant gel, much like the stick, fights the sweat and the stink in different forms. Its liquid-like formula spreads effectively and these products more often than not come in a natural formula which is good for the skin too. 4. Antiperspirant Wipes © nykaa These wipes come super handy in times of crises. If you're having a bad day with your body odour and no amount deo spraying is helping you, use these wipes to get rid of the clingy odour. 5. No Sweat Talc © nykaa Scented talc has two advantages: not only does it give you a lasting fragrance but more importantly, protects your pits against the sweat. The talc doesn't falter in giving deo-like protection, it's your dad's trusted weapon, trust it. 6. A Roll-On © nykaa An antiperspirant roll-on dispenses product through a standard roller that spreads a layer on to your pit for lasting protection against sweat.
  7. Don't you feel happy when your significant other greets you with a kiss or cooks your favourite dish? How you feel when you have a bad day and your partner lightens you up? Well, non-verbal clues are very important from your partner and they determine a healthy communication and emotional investment. So, we rounded up 10 men and asked them how their women made them feel special and this is what they had to say: Location- Andaz Hotel Photographer- Anand Gogoi, Stylist- Devanshi Tuli, Make Up and Hair- Shrishti Anand Production- Prapti Elizabeth, Models- Piyush Rathi, Deepika Singh, On Piyush: Shirt - Koovs, Trousers- Forever 21, On Deepika: Shirt (Stylist's own), Trousers: Zara 1. “We work at the same office but she drives home mostly without nagging about it” - Rishabh, 27 This sounds different! It's safe to say you're a lucky man who is treated as an equal. 2. “I really like it when she makes the first move” – Aakash, 24 Men really love it when women make the first move and engage her partner in making love. Even small gestures like a kiss or a back hug can begin things from her end. 3. “She holds my hand when she sees some random guy gazing her”- Brian, 23 This is a way to show that she accepts you and is really proud of it. Social acceptance is something essential when you are with someone. Location- Andaz Hotel Photographer- Anand Gogoi, Stylist- Devanshi Tuli, Make Up and Hair- Shrishti Anand, Production- Prapti Elizabeth, Models- Siddhant Roop Rai, Naina Bhan, On Siddhant: Zara India, On Naina: Perch 4. “Even if I cook bad food, she appreciates my efforts with a kiss on my forehead”- Rohan, 25 Certainly, a cute gesture like this is motivating but it is not a green flag for you to keep on serving bad food to her! 5. "She sits holding me when I have a bad day and her hugs calm me down no matter where we are ” – Naman, 27 No one really likes to feel lonely when they are depressed or sad. Negative thoughts cloud you and you start leaning towards pessimism. Hugs are such a good solution at this time as you feel worthy and calm. 6. “She has solutions for most of the problems I stress upon, in a silly manner” Aadyant, 24 From not finding your tie in the morning to your important files, she helps you out with small things that could sometime become a cause for bother. This comes as a sense of relief as people generally overthink on small matters when they are alone. 7. “She maintains her patience when I get late for dates” – Piyush, 28 Okay, so this is something unusual! Women usually hate to wait unnecessarily when it comes to dates. So you're one lucky bum! Location- Andaz Hotel Photographer- Anand Gogoi, Stylist- Devanshi Tuli, Make Up and Hair- Shrishti Anand, Production- Prapti Elizabeth, Models- Ankush Bahuguna, Shibani Bedi, On Shibani: Zara , On Ankush: Koovs 8. “My girl pulls me towards her in her sleep along with blanket; I just love it.” Dewanshu, 25 Cuddling is such an amazing form of affection and very essential too. 9. “I really feel so blessed when she listens to everything I have to say, that's a better PDA than those Instagram posts” – Siddharth, 24 Having someone in your life who is willing to hear you and is attentive is a good reason to be in a relationship. This surely increases optimism in your life. 10. “She appreciates me and my efforts. I feel so respected and loved!” – Jaspreet, 24 Accepting your partner beyond the digital world is wonderful. It gives you the sign that the person is happy to be with you and appreciates your hard work towards them or the relationship. They pay heed to your existence in their life. Location- Andaz Hotel Photographer- Anand Gogoi, Stylist- Devanshi Tuli, Make Up and Hair- Shrishti Anand Production- Prapti Elizabeth, Models-Siddhant Roop Rai, Naina Bhan, On Siddhant: Zara India, On Naina: Perch Every couple has different kinds of sentimental preferences. Even the smallest acknowledgement of physical affection by the other person makes you feel relaxed, happy and satisfied. A person in love deserves these different tokens of acknowledgement and it doesn't really matter who initiates it, what is important is how it is received. Location- Andaz Hotel Photographer- Anand Gogoi, Stylist- Devanshi Tuli, Make Up and Hair- Shrishti Anand Production- Prapti Elizabeth, Models- Appurva Rampal Sorab Bedi On Appurva - Perch, On Rampal Sorab Bedi - Koovs
  8. Even though they're always hidden from view and not meant for public consumption, choosing the right pair of underwear for every occasion is just as important as picking out the rest of your outfit. Making the wrong choice entails a full day of constant adjustments, uncontrollable itching, and sweat in the most uncomfortable of places. Nothing can ruin your day quite like having to dive down into your pants every so often, which is what makes underwear selection such a crucial decision. Despite what you might think, the one-size-fits-all mentality doesn't work when it comes to underwear. There is a plethora of styles, cuts, and fabric options out there to choose from, not to mention the various colours and prints you could go for. A well-stocked underwear drawer should ideally contain some of the best options in each style, allowing you to make a decision based on the day's activity. Of all the different styles out there, briefs are probably the one men are most familiar with. There is a sense of comfort and security associated with them, probably because these were what most of us wore as children. However, times have changed, and there are a lot more choices out there than the plain white variety we're all used to. Why Briefs? The most recognisable characteristics of briefs are the elastic waistband and no leg coverage. They usually extend from the waist and stop at the top of the thigh, providing excellent support to your nether regions thanks to their snug fit. This also makes them the underwear of choice for men who favour slim cut trousers or low rise jeans, as they're less prone to bunching up or rising up. They're also an excellent option if your job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day, as they end conveniently in the natural crease between your torso and your legs. Although they can't match up to boxer shorts in terms of freedom, which is why you wouldn't pick them to wear when you're lounging around at home, they're the go-to underwear style for the man on the go. With that in mind, here's our list of the best briefs for men who want to make an informed, tasteful and highly useful addition to their underwear drawer. These Are The Best Briefs For Men To Add To Your Underwear Drawer 1. Gildan Platinum Men's Briefs (6-Pack) © Amazon In the world of mens briefs, it's hard to beat Gildan products in terms of quality and value for money. That's what makes this a six pack that you can not only obtain quite easily, but can even get a lot of use out of! There might not be anything flashy about them, but there's no denying their great fit and amazing feel, which ensure total comfort. Available in plain yet classic shades of grey and black, they feature pull-on closure and leg bands that stay securely in place, guarding against that annoying bunching up around the legs. However, their most attractive feature is the Cool Spire moisture wicking technology that serves to keep you cool even in the hottest of conditions. If you're someone who likes to get his underwear shopping done all at once, this is just the kind of product you were looking for. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 3,039 Buy It Here 2. Emporio Armani Men's Briefs (3-Pack) © Arman Briefs are one of the most basic, essential pieces of clothing any man can have in his wardrobe, but with the iconic Emporio Armani logo emblazoned proudly on them, they can also be one of the most stylish garments you own! These stretch cotton boxers from the menswear giant feature a soft, comfortable fabric that feels great against your skin. The elasticized waist bears the brand logo, and is an instant style statement when you wear them underneath your favourite pair of low rise jeans! Available in a variety of attractive colours, they can really enhance the prestige of any man's underwear drawer. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5 % elastane MRP: Rs. 7,496 (including shipping) Buy It Here 3. Hanes Men's Briefs © Amazon Another globally-recognised name in the world of innerwear, Hanes has been curating quality products at incredibly affordable prices for a long time now. Their simple cotton briefs for men highlight those qualities with some added flair, as they're available in three striking colour variants. The fine knitting provides the best fit according to your body contours, as the superior cotton and elastane blend fabric stretches at just the right places. They're designed for active comfort, which means you'll feel no discomfort even if you're on the move all the time, something which the shaped-to-fit double-layered contoured front pouch also contributes to. At the top, the super-soft waistband is smooth against the skin, and is form-fitting without being uncomfortably tight. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 144 Buy It Here 4. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Briefs © Myntra Although the brand is much more well-known for its smart range of menswear, Tommy Hilfiger also has a range of great innerwear, and this pair of briefs is just a small example of their quality craftsmanship. This stylish mid-rise cut variant features an elasticated waistband as well as a double-layered, contoured front pouch, which means additional support wherever you go without having to adjust your privates constantly. This particular offering is in a striking navy blue colour, but there are a variety of colours and patterns you can go for. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 899 Buy It Here 5. Calvin Klein Men's Steel Micro Hip Briefs © Amazon Perhaps one of the most recognisable sights you can see peeking out over the top of a pair of jeans is the iconic CK logo, a testament to the fact that Calvin Klein has been making some of the best briefs for men for a long time now. Available in a range of eye-catching colours, they feature a body-defining fit for enhanced visual appeal. The premium ultra-luxe microfibre fabric is supremely comfortable, as is the metallic microfibre waistband which also happens to boldly bear the Calvin Klein logo. Allowing for added stretch while also providing excellent support thanks to the pouch front, these would definitely be an upgrade to your innerwear collection. Fabric Composition: 89% nylon, 11% elastane MRP: Rs. 9,055 Buy It Here 6. 2(x)ist Men's Briefs (4-pack) © Amazon Low-rise briefs are the epitome of fashion right now (especially when paired with the right pair of jeans) and this pair of brief is as fashionable as it is utilitarian. The covered elastic waistband features ruching for added texture, topping off its seamless construction and contributing to its overall smooth profile, well in keeping with the modern look that's in vogue today. While the high cut leg ensures that they can be worn as part of a formal as well as casual outfit, the original contour pouch provides added support that makes them even more comfortable Available in a convenient four pack and a variety of attractive colours, they would definitely make for a smart and fashion forward purchase. Fabric Composition: 92% cotton, 8% spandex MRP: Rs. 6,964 Buy It Here 7. C-IN2 Men's Super Bright Low Rise Briefs © Amazon Just because mens briefs are the most classic style of underwear doesn't mean that they can't have a bit of modern flair, as evidenced by this flamboyant pair of briefs from C-IN2. Dyed in the eye-popping neon colourways of their Super Bright collection, this pair of briefs will add a splash of colour and a dash of style to your wardrobe. Not just fun to look at, these low cut briefs also provide comfort and style thanks to the flattering silhouette as well as the sturdy no-budge waistband that ensures that they stay in place over time. Fabric Composition: 96% polyester, 4% elastane MRP: Rs. 4,709 Buy It Here 8. Jockey Men's Briefs © Amazon Perhaps the underwear brand that Indian men are most familiar with, no list of the best briefs for men in India can be complete without including a pair of Jockey briefs. It's no coincidence that almost all our underwear drawers have, at one point of time, contained Jockey products - they're one of the best in terms of quality and affordability. Available in a range of attractive colours, they're designed in a modern fit with square-cut styling. The durable and soft waistband offers incredible comfort, while the double-layered contoured pouch offers much-needed support to your privates. As an added bonus, this pair of briefs is label-free, which means you're at ease all the time without having to adjust them constantly. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 160 Buy It Here 9. Tommy John Go Anywhere Brief 2.0 © Tommy John As the name suggests, Tommy John have been hard at work improving their original design, coming up with the 2.0 version of the classic briefs. They've made a number of upgrades other than the variety of colours they're available, the most notable of which is the 31,4% increase in the pouch capacity, which means valuable extra room for your privates. Speaking of valuable additions, the wearer can now enjoy extra coverage on the hip, back, and rise, which not only adds to the style but also prevents them from riding up. As for the Go Anywhere part of the briefs, they're made from a 4-way stretch, all-day performance fabric complete with moisture wicking technology, which combine to keep you comfortable, cool and dry throughout the day. The horizontal fly is another convenient feature, allowing for quick access when nature calls. The Stay Put waistband is not only stylish and comfortable, but also ensures that it won't roll up uncomfortably or leave marks around your waist. As an added bonus, the anti-microbial and anti-odour technology also contributes to innerwear hygiene. Fabric Composition: 90% Non-Pilling Micro Modal, 10% Spandex MRP: Rs. 1,730 Buy It Here 10. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Collection Men's Briefs © Amazon The right pair of briefs can be the key to spicing things up in the bedroom, which is why it's always a good idea to have a pair (or two) of briefs to match the occasion. These Andrew Christian briefs suit the purpose perfectly, as they will keep up without you during any activity, and make sure you look great while doing it! In addition to being extremely eye-catching the waistband has a slimming effect and reduces the appearance of your waistline. Let's be honest, who among us hasn't wished for clothes that'll do that for us? As for the briefs themselves, their revolutionary hang-free design corresponds to the male anatomy perfectly without the use of hidden cups, straps or extra padding. They offer extra room in front, and your package will fall naturally into the snuggle pocket when you slip them on, making for a truly enjoyable wearing experience. The stylish contrast trim makes them a sight to behold, and you're sure to command all the right kind of attention in them! Fabric Composition: 93% rayon, 7% spandex MRP: Rs. 2,200 Buy It Here 11. Marks & Spencer Men's Briefs (4-Pack) © Amazon M&S is already the shopping destination for most of us for a variety of products, and this four-pack of briefs means that you can shop here for quality innerwear as well! Extremely stylish and incredibly soft, this makes for a great buy if you're looking to restock your underwear drawer with products that offer all-day comfort. Woven from pure, soft cotton, they're comfortable and breathable, making them some of the best briefs for men in India, who have to factor in the oppressive heat while shopping for new underwear. The cool and fresh technology wicks away moisture from the skin, keeping things cool and fresh down there. In addition the StayNEW technology ensures that they look bright and new for longer by reducing bobbling and colour loss, making this multipack a worthwhile and shrewd investment for all sorts of reasons! Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,767 Buy It Here 12. Tani Men's SilkCut Briefs © Tani Silk underwear spells out the epitome of luxury for most people, and these are the briefs you should go for if that's what you're looking for from your underwear. Crafted from biodegradable natural materials that create a fabric that's more fine and more durable than silk, they offer superior comfort, support and breathability. The generously-sized pouch and the fabric-wrapped waistband offer further comfort, while the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric is another attractive feature. Despite its amazingly light feel on your skin, it seamlessly falls into shape over the contours of your body, stretching and recovering like no other underwear on the market. In terms of sheer comfort, these are some of the best briefs for men you can buy. Fabric Composition: 94% Micro Modal Air, 6% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,769 Buy It Here 13. Fruit Of The Loom Men's Briefs © Amazon Although the brand is associated with innerwear that's easy on the pocket, that doesn't mean that Fruit Of The Loom have allowed any let ups in terms of design, comfort and modern features. These briefs feature Intellifresh Technology, including Advance Odour Control, which protects fibres while keeping them looking fresh for long. The also have a welcome extra stretch as well as a smooth fit, which goes nicely with the micro nylon stretch jacquard waistband. The vibrant colour stripe design along the waistband offers a trendy look to the garment, while the fabric-covered leg elastic offers full hip coverage while fitting perfectly around the leg Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 229 Buy It Here 14. MeUndies Men's Briefs © MeUndies MeUndies is a brand that has been taking the world of innerwear by storm, as it offers a subscription service for innerwear. Ideal for those who prefer to do their shopping online, they offer quality products that you have delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals, eliminating the need to shop for underwear outside. They're constructed using a soft, supple fabric (that they claim is thrice as soft as regular cotton), which lays comfortably flat across the contours of your body without causing any annoying wedges. The diamond­-seamed pouch cradles your package, offering unmatched support and comfort. The soft and flexible waistband ensures total comfort when you wear them, while the flatlock stitching is what ensures their durability. Fabric Composition: 92% Micro Modal, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,661 Buy It Here 15. Derek Rose Men's Mid Stretch Brief © Amazon Although the price tag attached to this pair of briefs from Derek Rose might surprise you, the superior quality of this product makes the purchase worthwhile. It's available in a classic white variant, which will add a level of elegance to your underwear drawer. Crafted from an extremely soft fabric blend, the briefs feature soft binding on the legs which keeps them in position without making the briefs too tight. The jersey-covered elastic waistband is just as soft, and bears the logo of the brand subtly embossed on it. If you're going to be attending a fancy party and are putting together an outfit befitting the occasion, then you need to start from step one. This pair of briefs is the ideal pair to be worn to a sophisticated get-together, which is why you should invest in a pair right away! Fabric Composition: 94% modal, 6% elastane MRP: Rs. 10,714 Buy It Here
  9. From one of the most popular sports to fun and leisurely escape, swimming has varying definitions for the water babies amongst us. So, whether you are planning to dive into your community pool; gearing up to take a dip into the ocean, OR prepping to look effortlessly cool at that much-awaited pool party, there are a few things you need to keep handy. Out of the other swimming essentials; swimming goggles, swimming cap, to name a few, swimming trunks make for the most requisite ones. As soon as the topic of swimming trunks comes up, the image of John Abraham in Dostana, posing handsomely on the MIAMI beach begins to flash in our heads, urging a number of men to do likewise. To accomplish that, the initial step is to invest in a pair of quality swimming trunks, which not only look appealingly good but also feels snug on your nether region. While you can easily find a plethora of websites, and shops dealing in swimming trunks, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before investing in one, the most essential ones being- 1. Comfort and mobility: A rip is never good, but with poor quality trunks, there's a great chance that you'd end up getting one. To avoid just that, it is essential that you invest in a pair which features fine stretch fabric, which ensures freedom of movement and utmost comfort. 2. Quick Drying Ability: As much as the water babies like to spend time inside water, having to walk around in a soaked swimming costume post the swim can be highly uncomfortable. This makes it essential that you opt for a costume which features a quick-drying technology. 3. Durability: Whether you are a regular swimmer or someone who has a hip pool party coming up, nobody likes investing in a pair of swimming trunks which begin to lose their hue, as soon as you take the very first dip in the water. The chlorine present in water can cause the (poor quality) fabric to fade away, hence you need to make sure that you are investing in swimming trunks which are made out of good quality or chlorine resistant fabric. So, to sort the task for you, we have curated a list of the comfiest of swimming trunks for men, which you need to check out right now! 1. J Crew's Swim Trunk In Brushed Lines Print © J Crew When it comes to swimming trunks, most men like to opt for solid colours for they make for the safest variants. Only a limited lot of men like to experiment and invest in the printed variants, which are GREAT for they can be worn both inside and outside of water, and make for a perfect buy when you are looking forward to spending a day at the beach. This pair of trunks from J crew which feature a skilfully done brushed line print perfectly serves both its purposes of safeguarding your package when you are underwater and of lending you stylish AF appeal when you get out of it. The environment-friendly fabric and breathable mesh lining ensure that you are at complete ease when under water. Fabric Composition: Nylon and Elastane. MRP: Rs. 6,605 Buy it here 2. Speedo Men's Navy Blue Swimming Trunks © Myntra For the majority of us, Speedo is synonymous to swimwear, and it is the first name to prod our minds whenever the need for quality swimwear knocks at the door. The brand has been crafting and selling the finest quality swimming accessories since 1910 and has managed to garner widespread acclaim across the globe. Given the popularity of this brand, it goes without saying that their swimming trunks are unrivalled when it comes to quality, and this navy blue variant, with the brand's new signature boom, is exemplary of it. Crafted out of the Speedo's Endurance®+ fabric, this piece feels absolutely light and comfy on the skin, but at the same time are absolutely secure and durable. The 4-way stretch technology, on the other hand, ensures that you are able to boast all your favourite swimming strokes without fretting about wears and tears of any kind. Fabric Composition: 53% polyester and 47% PBT polyester MRP: Rs. 979 Buy it here 3. Decathlon's Black Swimming Trunk © Decathlon If you are a venturous soul, who does not think twice before heading out on treks, cycling tournaments, and/or marathons, then we are definite that you must already swear by Decathlon, and it's A-grade products. The largest sporting goods retailer in the world, this brand has anything and everything for all the sports aficionados. As such, it goes without saying, that this brand is a MUST visit if you have been looking high and low to find excellent quality swimming trunks for men. When it comes to buying a swimming costume for men, comfort and proper stretch and style are a few requisite factors which top the list of checkboxes. Decathlon tailors swimming trunks which are high on comfort, and guarantee freedom of movement, such as this black variant. The drawcord helps you adjust the trunks properly and keeps it in place. Besides that, the material used is chlorine resistant, which prevents the colour from fading, and helps it retain its colour for a lot longer. Fabric Composition: 80.0% polyamide and 20.0% elastane. MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 4. Calvin Klein Black Swimming Trunks © Myntra When it's CK, it has to be good! Every product crafted by Calvin Klein is packed with sophistication and is tailored to meet the needs of the modern-day generation. As such, this pair of black swimming trunks which feature a Calvin Klein logo on one side will appeal to every man who likes solid colours. Besides being packed with a sophisticated appeal, these trunks are also super-duper comfortable, which is owed to its polyamide make, and elasticated waistband. For the brand is known for crafting the finest quality clothes for years now, you can rest assured about the durability of this product. So, make sure you invest in this pair and wear it the next time you have plans to swim! Fabric Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,799 Buy it here 5. Kappa Men Black Solid Swim Shorts © Myntra If you are too conscious to flaunt all of your legs, then here's a pair of swimming trunks that you need to invest in. A little longer than the rest of the variants in this list, these trunks from Kappa are just as high in comfort, as they are in style. You can dive, and surf without having to fret about the positioning of these swimming trunks, for it comes equipped with an elasticated waistband with drawstring fastening, which keeps it in place. Fabric Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane MRP: Rs. 629 Buy it here 6. Speedo Men Black And White Swim Trunks © Myntra While swimming may be a stress-busting activity, hunting for good quality swimming trunks is far from being unwinding. But since we have resolved to help you find the best swimming trunks for men, here's another pair from Speedo, which is also one of the best in this list. Swimming requires complete freedom of movement, and this pair of trunks ensure maximal fluidity. Featuring a black base, these trunks have a slight print on the sides which adds to the appeal of this otherwise solid pair of trunks. The drawstring makes sure that your trunks stay in place, so you can have a hassle-free swim. Fabric Composition: 100% polyester MRP: Rs. 629 Buy it here 7. Superdry Slim Fit Swimming Trunks © Ajio Planning a day out at the beach? Surf hassle-free in the waves, as you don this pair of slim fit trunks from Superdry. The brand is known for crafting the trendiest garments, which also features a quality make. Exemplary of the brands work, this pair of trunks in the colour black have a contrast typographic print signature branding on one side, which lends it an up-to-the-minute vibe. On the other hand, the polyimide make of these swimming trunks take care of your comfort and ensures durability. Fabric Composition: 80% polyamide and 20% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,499 Buy it here
  10. We know how tiring and discomforting it can be. Those long hours in traffic, followed by even longer hours at the office and some spent at the gym– your body goes through a lot every day. Getting up every day becomes an ordeal, and even the slightest physical activity leaves you exhausted. But, don't worry. It's now time to say goodbye to those excruciating body aches. And you do not have to pop painkillers to solve this problem. For those times when your bones and muscles creak with nagging aches and pains when you think you can't even take another step, here's something that will help bring relief. 1. Ayurvedic Herb Healing Potli Compress Qtrove.com Potli massage is a popular massage therapy which has been carried out from the ancient ages. It affects our body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It simulates & releases tension in shoulders, neck, and back. It is a powerful tool for reducing stress, fighting a headache and insomnia. When the heated potli is massaged on the body, it opens the pores and relaxes the muscles, allowing the carefully selected herbs to work on the body and mind. Buy it here. 2. Joint Pain Green Tea Qtrove.com With the goodness of nettle leaves, an excellent cure for joint pain, this tea makes good gifts for those who gym extensively. It balances the uric acid proportion in our body and also is proven to be a high source of calcium, proving to be excellent for joint disorders. This green tea is carefully blended with tulsi, lemon tulsi, nettle, rhododendron, and cinnamon. Buy it here. 3. Joint Pain Relief Health Drink Qtrove.com This product is a blend of naturally brewed Himalayan apple juice, turmeric juice, pepper, and honey. It contains strands of 'mother' of vinegar that lends it a cloudy look but is a proof of high-quality unfiltered vinegar. Buy it here. 4. Wintergreen, Chaulmogra & Jatamansi Deep Tissue Balm Oil Qtrove.com Just relax and cover the layers of pain and tight muscles with the Deep Tissue Balm Oil which possesses the healing properties of healing oils which treat chronic pain. It is a perfect amalgamation of ingredients such as chaulmoogra & Jatamansi which relieve pain and act as a natural brain tonics which strengthen the nervous system and are a great stress buster. Buy it here. 5. All Natural Pain Relief Bath Salt Qtrove.com Just add Pain Relief Bath Salt to your bath to feel those aches melt away. Giving you renewed strength to battle the day ahead naturally, these bath salts are paraben-free. Buy it here. And you can find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop for all things good- Qtrove.com, as they make sure they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. The products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Spread the good karma by embracing this ultimate shop for all things good and natural. For a limited period, if you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100! So hurry up and get to shopping!
  11. If you want to build a well-rounded wardrobe, you have to start with the basics. When it comes to the world of menswear, nothing is more basic (dare we say, essential?) than having an array of quality undergarments to choose from. For a lot of guys, underwear shopping simply means picking up a pack of boxers or briefs from the local store, because, well, that's what they've been doing their whole lives. In fact, boxers or briefs is an age old question that has caused many a spirited debate without, till date, resulting in an answer that both sides can agree on. Well, we actually have an answer to that raging debate - why not both? Enter The World Of Boxer Briefs Yes, that's right - there's actually an underwear style that is the perfect amalgamation of the comfort of boxers and the safety of briefs, and it's the boxer brief. They combine the positive attributes from both underwear styles to give the wearer the best of both worlds. They're the same length as your boxer shorts, which means they offer the same coverage. At the same time, they retain the snug fit of the brief, which means better support for your privates. In addition, the close fit makes them much easier to slot comfortably under your trousers or your jeans without them bunching up annoyingly, unlike the billowing boxers. We're not suggesting that you toss out everything in your underwear drawer and start afresh with only boxer briefs. Every underwear style comes with its own positives, which merit a place in your fashion forward wardrobe. You might want to hang on to your form-fitting briefs to wear during your workouts, and your loose and airy boxers to sport on relaxed days off spent lounging around at home. However, when it comes to everyday comfort and style, you just can't beat what boxer briefs have to offer. With that in mind, check out our list of the best boxer briefs for men to see what you've been missing out on. These Are The Best Boxer Briefs For Men To Wear Everyday 1. Saxx Vibe Modern Fit Men's Boxer Briefs ©Amazon As the name suggests, these boxer briefs from Saxx are not only super soft and stylish, but also in an extremely modern yet supportive and flattering slim fit. To add to their style quotient, they're available in a wide range of prints and patterns, so if you were looking for printed boxer briefs for men then here's a great option. They're packed with a variety of technologically advanced features that make these boxer briefs the ideal choice to be worn all day, everyday. What are these features, we hear you ask? Well, the first (and possible most important for guys) is the BallPark Pouch, a 3D hammock-shaped pouch specially designed to keep your privates in place. The anti-roll waistband, mesh panels and the Flat Out Seams prevents friction burn caused by your skin rubbing together, ensuring chafe-free support. The revolutionary new stitches in these beauties are reversed, contrary to conventional methods of stitching. With the flatter, softer side of the stitches against the body, these boxers offer a smooth and soft experience. The Three-D Fit features an ergonomic nine-panel construction, which serves to provide three-dimensional support around your glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings. With all these features considered, these really are some of the best boxer briefs for men you can get your hands on. Fabric Composition: 95% viscose, 5% spandex MRP: Rs. 5,586 Buy It Here 2. MeUndies Men's Boxer Briefs © MeUndies If you were looking for boxer briefs that delivered a soft and comfortable feel while still ranking high on the style and functionality factor as well, then the MeUndies Boxer Briefs are just the thing for you. They're built to last with their lightweight fabric, which they claim is thrice as soft as regular cotton. The flatlock stitching and the natural, sustainably sourced fibre contributes to their durability while also providing a close but flexible fit. They also feature a generous pouch that supports your privates without being too tight, while the wide range of available colours and patterns and the flexible waistband is an added bonus. Nice to wear and nicer to look at, you should definitely look into availing the excellent underwear subscription schemes MeUndies has to offer! Fabric Composition: 92% MicroModal, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,653 Buy It Here 3. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Boxer Brief 3-Pack ©Amazon One of the most recognised and respected names from the world of menswear, Tommy Hilfiger curates a range of quality innerwear that adds a level of prestige to your underwear drawer. The unmistakable Hilfiger logo is featured on the waistband of each of these boxer briefs, and makes for a real style statement when you're rocking a pair of low waist jeans. They're available in a variety of colours, giving you the chance to go for subtle dark hues or inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe by going for bright options. They're not all style and no substance, however - the supportive fit is extremely well complimented by the soft and durable fabric, making these the complete package. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 10,102 Buy It Here 4. 2(x)ist Men's Boxer Brief 3-Pack ©Amazon Buying underwear in bulk is a common practice with Indian men, one which often leads to a dull and boring underwear drawer. However, when it comes to this solid and stylish three-pack of boxer briefs from 2(x)ist, bulk buying is the way to go! Available in a wide selection of colours and prints ranging from plain black to camouflage prints, these stylishly low rise boxer briefs will elevate your innerwear game to new heights. They feature a supportive contour pouch with a functional keyhole fly, which offers great comfort to the wearer. To add to that, the microfibre waistband is wide and comfortable, and bears the brand's logo as a stylish touch. Reinforced leg openings serve to minimising the annoying bunching and riding up, which means that they retain their position from when you put them on to when you take them off. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 4,822 Buy It Here 5. Stance String Theory Boxer Briefs © Stance If you're in the market for fun colours or some of the most vibrant printed boxer briefs for men, then Stance is a brand you should definitely check out. This variant is available in a stylish modern cut that has a dual-layer pouch and fly, which provides the wearer the optimum support without compromising comfort or accessibility. The material is incredibly soft as well, a butter blend that is not only silky smooth but also anti microbial, which means you're sure to love the feel of it against your skin! Fabric Composition: 67% modal, 23% seacell lyocell, 10% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,226 Buy It Here 6. Calvin Klein Men's Body Modal Boxer Briefs ©Amazon Perhaps the most recognisable name to ever pop its head out of the top of your jeans, the iconic Calvin Klein logo on the waistband of your boxer briefs never fails to make a statement. Some might even argue that this is the brand that introduced the concept of designer underwear for men, and it's no surprise when you see this quality option. Available in a variety of colours, this pair of Calvin Klein stretch boxer briefs offers great support as well as an extremely flattering fit. The ultra lightweight material makes them extremely breathable as well, making them not only a stylish choice, but a practical one as well, especially in the oppressive heat. Fabric Composition: 69% nylon, 31% elastane MRP: Rs. 8,244 Buy It Here 7. AEO 6 Inches Classic Boxer Briefs ©Eagle Outfitters This pair of classic boxer briefs from American Eagle Outfitters is not only super stylish, but as comfortable as any underwear you've ever tried before. Made from a soft-knit cotton, it features flat seams that prevent chafing and also stop it riding up under your trousers. The vertical fly and contoured pouch are two more convenient features, adding to the comfort factor, while the branded waistband is an additional stylish touch. Look and feel your best with these boxer briefs, which are available in many more colours and prints as well! Fabric Composition: 96% cotton, 4% elastane MRP: Rs. 899 Buy It Here 8. Tommy John Air Boxer Brief © Tommy John These boxer briefs from Tommy John are made from a fabric so light, you'll forget you're wearing something beneath your trousers. That's the dream for most Indian men, so we're sure you'd be interested to learn more about this variant. It features a horizontal Quick Draw fly for quick and easy access while attending to nature's call. The contour pouch provides a comfortable resting place for your 'valuables' once you're done, without having to make constant adjustments throughout the day. The stay put waistband will not roll up or leave marks on your waist, while the anti microbial and anti odour tech ensures freshness throughout the day. Fabric Composition: 77% nylon mesh, 23% spandex MRP: Rs. 2,894 Buy It Here 9. Under Armour Original 6” Boxerjock Boxer Briefs ©Amazon When you hit the gym, you need a pair of boxer briefs that'll provide support during the heaviest of lifts, and also give you cooling while you sweat it out on the treadmill. This pair from Under Armour, worldwide supplier of quality gym attire, does that and much more. They're available in a wide range of colours, which makes them a stylish option as well. They're fitted just right, providing valuable support without squeezing too tightly, while the 4-way stretch fabrication adds an added level of mobility and flexibility. The HeatGear fabric is lightweight and wicks sweat away quickly thanks to the mesh panels and the Moisture Transport System. Don't worry, you won't end up smelling either - anti odour technology takes care of that problem. Fabric Composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 5,763 Buy It Here 10. Jockey ©Amazon Jockey is a heritage underwear brand that has been a bestseller the world over for years, so it's no surprise to see their products in a list of the best boxer briefs for men as well. The super combed cotton rib fabric makes it a supremely comfortable option to wear all day, whether the plan is to lounge at home or spend a tiring day out on the move. It provides additional leg coverage thanks to its modern fit, featuring unique leg treatment that prevents them riding up underneath your trousers. These are definitely some of the best boxer briefs with a pouch fly opening, which allows ease of access when nature calls, and the fact that there are no protruding labels means an added layer of comfort. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 210 Buy It Here 11. Marks & Spencer Men's Boxer Briefs 3-Pack ©Amazon Here's another cost-efficient yet stylish 3-pack of boxer briefs from a world-famous brand that you should be thinking of purchasing - Marks & Spencer offers this selection of quality hipster shorts either in all black or an eye-catching mix. They're designed to keep your nether regions cool and fresh all day, which they achieve thanks to the moisture-wicking technology that draws moisture away from the skin. The technological marvels don't stop there - StayNEW technology reduces bobbling and color loss, which means that your underwear will look brighter and newer for much longer! Fabric Composition: 90% cotton, 10% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,472 Buy It Here 12. Fruit Of The Loom Men's Boxer Briefs 3-Pack ©Amazon These boxer briefs from Fruit Of The Loom are crafted from a breathable, lightweight fabric that is designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The mesh fabric ensures regular air flow in the area, preventing you from getting hot and ensuring your comfort. The moisture-wicking technology helps in taking care of sweat, keeping you dry throughout the day. The flat seams and wide 1.5” waistband provide added comfort, ensuring that the fabric doesn't pinch at all, making for a supremely comfortable wear. Fabric Composition: 93% polyester, 7% elastane MRP: Rs. 3,295 Buy It Here 13. Derek Rose Men's Jack 1 Stretch Hipster ©Amazon Made from a luxurious blend of Pima cotton and elastane what offer a fitted shape the likes of which you haven't experienced before, these mid-rise closed front hipsters are as elegant as they are practical. The waistband is covered in fabric for softer body contact, while fine threads have been used for the stitching to maximise comfort. The hems have been secured by manual welting, giving these boxer briefs a streamlined look while also offering the ultimate in style and softness. Fabric Composition: 92% Pima cotton, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 8,346 Buy It Here 14. Hanro Men's Elias Boxer Briefs ©Amazon It is the time of printed innerwear - from detailed micro prints to flamboyant and vibrant block prints, men are flaunting them all. These boxer briefs from Hanro offer the discerning gent a wide variety of print options, ranging from minimalistic to ornamental and graphic. They also use extremely soft fabrics, which is what makes them incredibly comfortable as well. The double lined no-fly pouch adds a touch of contemporary style, which means these are your go-to option for a fashionable special occasion get-up. Fabric Composition: 92% cotton, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 9,050 Buy It Here 15. Hanes Comfort Boxer Briefs 5-Pack ©Amazon With the word comfort in the name, it's no surprise that each variant in this pack of five from Hanes is replete with features designed to provide you comfort. The functional fly and covered elastic waistband ensures comfort throughout, while leg bands keep it in place when you put on your trousers. As with most of the best boxer briefs for men, these are also tag free for extra itch-free comfort, while the logo patch on the waistband ensures a touch of style for the whole ensemble. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 3,259 Buy It Here
  12. We've mostly seen those movies or read those novels where the guy loses the girl (or vice versa) because he's so focused on his career that he can't give his relationship the attention it requires. That always generates a bizarre moral dilemma. You feel happy that the character is succeeding in his professional life, but it's sad that he doesn't have time for stuff outside of his career. If you're an ambitious career oriented man, you can probably relate to these romantic fables. You don't want to give up your career, but you also don't prefer to be lonely. So, how do you find an effective life balance between the two? © MensXP 1. Get Your Bae On The Same Page Simple communication between two people is a crucial step in a happy, healthy, growing relationship. When you're super absorbed in your career, your interaction often jumps out the window. But if you want your relationship to progress and outlast, you ought to talk to each other. Share your concerns about balancing your time with your partner. Figure out ideas that can help in making things work as a couple, and be attentive towards your end goal. If your relationship is going nowhere, maybe it's not worthy to stress so much over the balance. © MensXP 2. Classify Your Priorities A 21st-century romance often means no one is at home to make dinner, and quality time can be difficult to find. Hence, prioritizing or recognising where you require focusing most of your attention on and where you can let go of things, can be a bit of a task. For instance, if things are stable with your job or business, it might be worthwhile to spend some time with your significant other. If you're worried about upholding a good reputation at work or of your business, and your love life is in a good zone, pour a little extra into your profession. Make it crystal clear to your partner that they're a very important part of your life. The base is effective communication. © MensXP 3. Balance And Appreciate Sacrifices Always remember that balance is created over long periods of time. Acknowledge and accept the relevance of your partner's sacrifice to your career and be willing to do the same for them and their dreams in future. No relationship works without going through sacrifices. Also, this is not something that can happen immediately. It will take ample time to recognise your wants and needs. Have patience! © MensXP 4. Practice Two Step Decisions No matter how headstrong your personality is; your decisions now affect each other. You have to recognise your partner has equal say in that issue. Be ready to handle the consequences of the other person's actions and respect their viewpoints. Don't forget that while you're focused on balancing your career and personal life, your partner may also face the same. If you will show unconditional support and respect, you're more likely to get it in return. The decisions taken mutually work more effectively than those taken on an individual basis. © MensXP 5. Apologize And Forgive A successful relationship requires patience and forgiveness. With this as the foundation, finding balance alongside your career is satisfying. Every couple will experience challenges and make mistakes during their relationship. But this is what makes us human. Hence, learn to apologize and forgive your partner. This will help you to build more trust and faith in each other while staying angry and holding grudges will worsen the situation making it more stressful for you. © MensXP Every relationship is a bit of struggle or rather a power struggle, but if two people are committed to each other, nothing can stop them. Just remember to always communicate and whenever any mishap arises, keep that in mind that you two are against the problem; not against each other.
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  14. While relationships are taking a progressive turn every passing day, there are still people pointing fingers at some couples who've found their comfortable footing in one another. Not only is this hypocrisy but it's also an amalgamation of a complete violation of the right to privacy. What am I talking about? Well, Bollywood is setting their fair share of examples by dating people who're way younger or older and while that's endearing and very acceptable in society, many people criticise age difference like it's something illegal. © Instagram But to be fair, dating older women or younger men is a definite progression towards stable relationships as they're emotionally more grounded and binding and there's a maturity to them which makes them whole. So, in lieu of that, I am going to list 6 Bollywood relationships which have been mighty successful, even with a vast age difference lurking in between: (1) Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas © Instagram The desi-videshi pair met through common friends some time back and they just tied the knot 3 months ago. While Priyanka is 35 and Nick 25, they cherish and celebrate the 10-year age gap between them, even though they've been trolled for it tremendously in the past. But that hasn't deterred the couple's love or social media appreciation for one another in any way and we love to see them together, every now and then! (2) Sushmita Sen & Rohman Shawl © Instagram It feels like Rohman was a breath of fresh air in Sush's life. The actress seems very happy and content with her life right now and she has someone super supportive to share it with her. Rohman and Shushmita share a 16-year age gap, but they definitely do complete each other, in every way. From him getting along well with her daughters, to her supporting him at his fashion shows, to them making work-out home videos together, it really seems like bringing up the age gap they share is absolutely redundant! (3) Soha Ali Khan & Kunal Kemmu © Instagram The starlit princess and the boy-next-door fell in love with each other on the sets of 'Dhoondte Reh Jaoge' and the rest is, of course, history! After a long live-in relationship, the couple tied the knot in 2015, despite the fact that Kunal is 5 years younger than Soha. They have a beautiful daughter named Inaaya Naumi Kemmu and they really couldn't be happier. (4) Preity Zinta & Gene Goodenough © Instagram Although the age gap isn't much between the two, it is still frowned upon by many people who love to criticise relentlessly. But that doesn't bother Preity, who tied the knot with Gene in LA and they've been living happily since. I guess he's 'Goodenough' for her! (5) Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover © Instagram The two had issues getting married as Bips' mom was against her marrying someone who is 4 years younger than her. But that didn't stop the happy couple from tying the knot and living happily since. They believe in unhampered PDA and never shy away from a lot of social media love! (6) Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi © Instagram When Neha married Angad, she was trolled on social media for marrying someone two years younger than her but they also took many by surprise when they decided to announce their wedding on Instagram, and they looked mighty happy together. Best friends before, married now, the couple has had quite an astounding journey and their age gap definitely has nothing to do with it! So, if Bollywood can set a keen example of older women dating younger men, it's time you stop frowning upon it too and look for someone who truly makes you happy; older or younger, who cares, right?
  15. She is beautiful. She is gorgeous. She takes impulsive decisions, is eccentric. She makes you see the world in a new light. She dyes her hair, cuts it differently; she is vivacious, makes you do things you would never think of doing yourself. She listens to records, hangs out in flea markets. She is a force of nature. She is sexually adventurous. A flapper of the new era. She is elusive, she is an enigma. She loves with a passion. Presenting, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl! What is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl? The term was first coined by film critic Nathan Rabin in 2007, after a viewing of “Elizabethtown” where he found Kirsten Dunst's character to have been reduced to a troupe of the quintessential, unearthly woman who saves the lead character. He defines it as “that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.” Claire Colburn (Kirsten Dunst) is the pure form of the MPDG; she is bright, unconventional, funny, extremely beautiful. She helps Drew (Orlando Bloom) come to terms with his father's death, helps him in mysterious ways and seems to connect to him on a cosmic level. © Cruise/Wagner Productions/Vinyl Films/Paramount Pictures The Manic Pixie Dream Girl: She elicits interest, a light to dispel the shadows away. A ray of sunlight in the night of your life. On paper, she seems perfect. The concept is cute. Romantic. But does it filter into the real world? No. She is a myth. An ideal perpetuated by movies. The real-life implications of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl are problematic. Why? Read on. Following Claire (Kirsten Dunst) from “Elizabethtown”, Sam (Natalie Portman) from “Garden State” is another great example. Think death-obsessed heroine Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) from Fight Club. Shalini (Preeti Zinta) from Dil Chahta Hai is an example of the trope. © Excel Entertainment So is Tara (Deepika Padukone) from Tamasha. Heer (Nargis Fakhri) from Rockstar. Why? Heer is an inspiration for Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor); when she rebuffs him, he gains a purpose in life, his angst from the love not given makes him a better man, makes him look at his creativity for the first time. His heartbreak fuels his music. © Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd./Eros International What do we know about Heer? Nothing except that she is that bubbly girl who does crazy things without a second thought and then breaks JJ's heart, and then returns only to have an unresolved ending. Tara is similar. What do we really know about Tara's life? Apparently, only that she is sad about losing Ved. *cue Heer To Badi Sad Hai* After that, her purpose in the film gets reduced to make Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) explore the complexities of life. To think beyond his narrow, 9-5 existence. © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment/UTV Motion Pictures Both movies are brilliant, no doubt, but they feed the MPDG stereotype inadvertently. The (Unreal) Magic of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl For me, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a concept similar to the Sirens of the Seas; beautiful creatures calling out on the high seas, only to lead sailors to their doom. But this is where they differ: She saves him, unlike the Siren. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl's main goal is to lead the male character to understanding life, to provide him with another perspective, make him see things more clearly. Make him believe in love. Yes, an excellent notion. What happens next? Then, she just walks off the screen because her work is done! But is that only the only job of a female character? To help the male lead understand the complexities of life and just walk off? An ornamental fixture on the silver screen with no narrative and only used to alter the thinking of the lead? There's nothing wrong in helping the person see differently but the problem is that the MPDG character vanishes once her character has fulfilled that. Her narrative is never fully appreciated, nor is her help. In Elizabethtown, Claire has no worries of her own, she is a free spirit. She is an angel of sorts, helping Drew realize his true worth. © Cruise/Wagner Productions/Vinyl Films/Paramount Pictures “When you need me, but do not want me then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, I have to go.” These words from Nanny McPhee seem to resonate with the typical idea of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl (Though Nanny McPhee isn't one :P). There's no story to the character, no beginning, no end. No character development whatsoever, they are only there to transform the main character. Why have her in the first place if just to use her as a plot device? Couldn't that have been done by the supporting actor or better writing? The MPDG is not a supporting character; it is a magical being, one who makes all your problems go away in a jiffy by showing how different life is than your imaginings. Like the “Magical Negro”: another trope used in movies, a saintly figure who teaches you about life. It is as bad as the “gay best friend trope”: a best friend who is queer, and has little or no narrative of their own, they there to boost up the heroine's self-confidence, help in a makeover or pose as her boyfriend. That done, there's no other dimension to the character. © Zucker Brothers Productions/TriStar Pictures The Muse: The Real Manic Pixie Dream Girl? This is not just about the story; the trope doesn't just end there. The MPDG paradigm perpetuates an unrealistic view of women; men keep on trying to find women who fit the bill. Someone unencumbered by her own problems, who makes life easier for you. But we forget that there isn't a woman like this: it only remains in our imaginations; a muse. A muse is an intriguing concept, yes; but will trying to find that elusive muse help in making your life better? No. The bigger problem is that it makes men believe that it is essential to have a guiding force in their lives for fulfilling their destiny and if she's not there, life isn't worth it. MPDGs are supposed to save the main character; they are to be their redemption. © Dune Entertainment/Fox Searchlight Pictures We are all trying to find the perfect person; one who completes us. This trope accelerates our notion. But in real life, is it feasible or healthy to burden one person with all your aspirations? To give them so much power over you? Like the adage goes: “We become what we see, we become what we read.” This kind of social conditioning from movies makes men think that the sole idea of a woman is to nurture them, provide support and not have any story of their own. That if she isn't the archetype of this dream girl, she isn't enough. © Mr. Mudd/Summit Entertainment Moreover, the trope also exhibits the essential need for help to understand the complexities and mysteries of life. Aren't men capable enough to do that themselves? Yes, they are. Men are capable of saving themselves. So are women. Aren't women better than playing only a supporting role in someone else's life? Of course. © Fox 2000 Pictures/Temple Hill Entertainment/20th Century Fox The MPDG propels this thinking towards oblivion; it makes men pursue an idea of this imaginary woman who knows them more than they know themselves. Is it possible? In movies, yes; in life; no. The main lead is seen obsessed with the character; she is his sole definition in his turbulent life. She teaches him to smile, to laugh, to see what he wouldn't have seen on his own; a crutch for his happiness. Yes, another positive thing she does do is make him realize his shortcomings, a newer way to embrace life. But what about her own shortcomings? What about the resolution of her problems? © Camelot Pictures/Jersey Films/Fox Searchlight Pictures/Miramax Films Furthermore, it makes women think that men will only notice them if they imitate the quirky, bubbly dream girl discoursing deep life lessons. That their only aim is to help in changing the man they are involved with and have no life of their own. It isn't the job of anyone to change another person: being male or female does not matter. If one wishes to change, they are more than capable of doing that themselves. Yes, inspiration is good, but it is not the sole reason for change. The Death of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl: The Anti-MPDG Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a fancy term, isn't it? There's a touch of intellectuality to it. But is it really? Sadly, the concept has been overused in popular culture so much that now characters which aren't MPDG get branded as her. Shoddy and lazy writing is the main reason for the popularity of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Writers give hardly any depth to this character, there are no aspirations of her own. She has flaws, but those flaws are a device to help the male character. She is an enabler, not a helper. The term which was created to call out the laziness and sexism in the film industry has been dumbed down to be conferred on nearly every other female character who is funny or quirky, Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) from “Annie Hall” or Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) from “Breakfast at Tiffany's”. © United Artists It led to the creator of the term to write an apology and call the term out on the sexist connotation it has garnered over the years. There's a vast difference between being eccentric and being a manic pixie dream girl. Eccentricity and quirkiness in female characters have started being equated to a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. As a result, characters which are well-rounded, wholesome and have their own stories also get trudged into the umbrella of the MPDG. © Jurow-Shepherd/Paramount Pictures We won't have any female character to be seen if we try carting off every quirky character in the trope. It's very easy to label the characters into the MPDG trope if you only concentrate on the eccentricity and quirkiness but tend to forget that there's more to a person than only their eccentricity. Coming back to Sam from “Garden State”, the movie, a brilliant one at that, perpetuates the idea of Sam as the saviour of Andrew (Zach Braff), but that is the only thing she does in the whole movie; show Andrew that life can be so different. Though she herself is a compulsive liar with epilepsy, that part of the story remains shrouded in shadows. © Camelot Pictures/Jersey Films/Fox Searchlight Pictures/Miramax Films Of course, a movie has to be told from a perspective, but why not add the stories of the main characters to the narrative? Why not create a wholesome story where both the characters help each other and have individual perspectives? Sam is that beautiful enchantress, that elusive dream of the woman who will help Andrew. “You gotta hear this one song — it'll change your life. I swear.”, Sam says while giving Andrew the earphones, New Shins' “New Slang” blasting on it. The wrong thing about the idea is that is where the development stops for Sam: we do not see her deal with her own problems more effectively, her job is only mentioned never shown, and she just screams into the infinite abyss for clearing her mind. Movies which try to subvert the trope end up glamorizing it: “Paper Towns” is one such example which tried hard to kill the MPDG tag once and for all but eventually ended up where it started: Margo played by Cara Delevingne, the crush of the main lead, Quentin played by Nat Wolff, disappears after one night of spirited adventure with him. © Fox 2000 Pictures/Temple Hill Entertainment/20th Century Fox This leads Quentin to embark on a quest to find Margo, his version of the perfect girl. When he eventually finds her, he decides that he that she wasn't what he imagined her to be. But the problem with the movie is that it returns to the notion of Margo being that elusive, magical being while in the novel by John Green, on which the movie is based, Quentin finally understands that Margo was just a girl like any other. In the novel, he realizes that he himself was responsible to elevate her to a status of a goddess of sorts, a vivid dream. The movie, on the other hand, makes a valid point of deconstructing the MPDG image but gives in to the idea at the end, Margo still remains that muse in Quentin's imagination, a creature who made him realize his own shortcomings. He does not really see her for what she is in the movie, something he does in the novel. It's quite easy to put characters in the trope. Holly Golightly in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany's” is a watered-down version of the book Holly, the movie version swims dangerously close to MPDG category. © Jurow-Shepherd/Paramount Pictures Audrey's gamine roles have garnered quite the reputation for her to be included in the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” bandwagon. But she isn't specifically a MPDG. Her character does have a story, a purpose and though she makes the hero realize his destiny, in that she develops too. © William Wyler/Paramount Pictures Sam, played by Emma Watson, from “Perks of Being A Wallflower”, seems like a MPDG but is actually not. Sam helps Charlie, but that is not her only persona; she is her own person, with dreams, ambitions and refuses to stick to the fantasy girl image. © Mr. Mudd/Summit Entertainment Hema Malini, the quintessential Indian dream girl, came close to the MPDG as Basanti in “Sholay” but in “Dream Girl” she rises above it. In both, she uses her brains and charm to fulfil part of her role. She isn't restricted to the hero's ideal, especially in “Dream Girl” where she dupes the main lead. © Pinterest © Pinterest The problem is that we see these characters from the perspective of the male lead, through his lenses, which makes them an illusion, it makes them a thing to be revered but forget that they have their own stories to tell. But it does help in looking at the problem first hand and helps in destroying the image of this stock character. Summer from “[500] Days of Summer”, the indie-loving, bespectacled, bangs-sporting heroine is perhaps the best example of the MPDG. © Dune Entertainment/Fox Searchlight Pictures The movie tries to show Tom's dilemma with Summer, who doesn't love him back, glorifies the MPDG yet again; he realizes that Summer wasn't all that special because she liked the same weird stuff he did, she was her own person. But the lesson is lost on the viewers (and perhaps on Tom as well). She turns into the anti-MPDG later in the movie, as she falls in love (but the guy is never shown) and we get to learn more about her. In doing so, the movie does deconstruct the trope in a small way. Unfortunately, Zoey Deschanel had become a living embodiment of the MPDG trope: nearly every role of hers seemed to be that exceptionally pretty, quirky, eccentric, “adorkable”, girl who loves having fun, is an idealized version of the hero's mind who gives a new perspective on life. © Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures/20th Television Thankfully, “New Girl” finally ended the dreaded and vicious cycle for her when Jess, the bespectacled school teacher realizes that her quirkiness is not that adorable to other people. Though it seemed in the earlier seasons that she was going to be that typical MPDG, delivering life lessons to the guy bunch at her new apartment, the series went on to focus on her other qualities and subtleties as well. In doing so, the series was successful in changing the dynamic of Jess' role and finally bringing an end to Zoey's typecasting. She was the Anti-MPDG. Clementine (Kate Winslet) from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is another example of the anti-MPDG. She says to Joel (Jim Carrey): "Too many guys think I'm a concept, or I complete them, or I'm gonna make them alive. But I'm just a fucked-up girl who's looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours." © Anonymous Content/Focus Features Clem is aware of herself; she sees herself for who she is and doesn't cater to the idea of the hero's life-saving memoranda. By doing this she inadvertently closes the lid on becoming a MPDG. The trope is dying, but it is dying slowly, agonizingly. It is taking its own sweet time to vanish. Perhaps, it is time to kill the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. It's time that writers start writing more solid, complex stories for that quirky girl and that sad boy. More importantly, we should move on from the concept as a whole in our lives; no one is going to save you unless you decide to do so.
  16. The first signs of ageing can be really agonizing. They can act as a reminder of our fleeting mortality and make us existential in no time. While we cannot control our life spans, we can, however, control these signs of ageing like scars, wrinkles, under eye circles etcetera. So, here are the first signs of ageing and how to stop them. 1. First Signs Of Sun Spots © Getty Images In our 20s, problems like sun damage start to become really apparent. The UV-damaged skin surfaces in the form of freckles, hyperpigmentation or spots. There are two solutions to this: incorporating a working retinol product in your routine which will try to reduce these spots and secondly using regular SPF to prevent further damage from the sun. A sunscreen should be like your elixir, it's the best anti-ageing product you can buy. 2. Fine Lines © Instagram Spotting fine lines can be depressing. Your laugh lines, the lines on your forehead are just some of the examples. Ageing leads to less oil production in your skin which makes your skin prone to dryness and lines. Avoid using powders on your face, they tend to absorb all the oil and moisture. Instead, get a good moisturizer for your face. 3. Dullness © Instagram With ageing, the cell-turnover slows down. The upper layer of the skin starts to become dull. To nix dullness and get your glowing face back, you need: regular exfoliation with glycolic acid will enhance cell turnover and eliminate dry, flaky, dull skin. This means regular hydrating masks, routine hydrating creams and basically all the hydrating products that you can think of. 4. Puffy Eyes © Getty Images The under eye area has a layer of thin skin and with ageing the skin thins, even more, this makes dark circles or puffiness even more apparent. Cutting out on salt and alcohol helps. This leads to water retention. Use under eye creams, masks, and log in your hours of sleep to reduce puffiness. 5. Dryness © Getty Images Dry skin is the most apparent symptom of ageing. The most obvious recommendation—moisturizer needs to be your BFF. "Your skin is in a constant battle with the environment to stay hydrated. Heat, sun, wind, air conditioning—even rinsing with water pulls moisture out of the skin. 6. Drooping Skin © Getty Images Young people get the plump, firm skin thanks to collagen and elastin, which gives structure for your face. Skin in the late 20s, begins to look less firm, around the jaw and cheeks making it loose. Again, for a situation like this, you need anti-ageing creams. They will work wonders for you.
  17. Considering the fact that it's the first thing we put on in the morning as we get ready to face the day, it's almost criminal how little thought we put into picking out our underwear. The same applies to underwear shopping as well - most of us just grab the same type we always buy, without so much as a second thought, and repeat the same process time after time. After all, it's only underwear, right? No one else is going to see it, so what difference does it make if it's the same style (and sometimes even colour!) that you've been wearing for years? Well, we've got a newsflash for you! Picking out your underwear is one of the most personal and private decisions you can make when it comes to menswear. After all, you wear it right next to your skin all day. It plays a vital role in ensuring that you feel comfortable throughout the day regardless of what you're doing. Making the wrong choice leaves you open to a whole host of annoying problems including excessive sweating, irritating itchiness, and repeated adjustments. So, unless you're okay with spending the whole day with your hands stuffed down your pants, it's high time you paid as much attention to what's going into your underwear drawer as you do to the other contents of your closet. That's not to say that underwear shopping has to be boring, pricey, or time-consuming. A little knowledge about the variety of underwear options available to you is all it takes to ensure your comfort every day. That's exactly what we hope to provide with this extensive guide to the best underwear for men, which will make underwear shopping as comfortable and satisfying an experience as the products themselves. But First, A 'Brief' Guide To Buying Your Briefs: 1) Fit: Ill-fitting underwear can play havoc with your daily routine, which is why it's extremely important to pick up the right size of underwear (especially if you're experimenting with different brands). If it's too large, you'll spend the whole day pulling them up. If it's too small, it'll cut off the blood supply to your nether regions, and you don't need us to tell you that that's not a pleasant sensation! 2) Fabric: Cotton is the tried and tested material here, but there has been a lot of innovation in this department in recent times, which means there are many more options. Various other cotton blends and fibres come with their own pros and cons. For a luxurious experience, you might indulge in some silk boxer shorts. Similarly, spandex or lycra trunks underneath your workout attire or mesh or lenzing modal underwear with your running shorts is a smart choice. 3) Colour: The world of men's fashion is ever-changing, and you're not limited to solid colours or simple stripes or checks any more. An attractive print might catch your partner's eye when things get hot and heavy in the bedroom. You can also sport printed boxers bearing the logo of your favourite superheroes or cartoon characters during a weekend movie marathon. Just be sure you don't mix up the two! 4) Brand: When it comes to underwear, most men tend to have a fierce loyalty towards a particular brand. We're not saying there's anything wrong with that, we just recommend keeping an open mind. Who knows, you might be missing out on the perfect fit or style by refusing to try out another brand's offerings! So there you have it, guys - it's time for an underwear overhaul. Broaden your horizons and restock your underwear drawer with a variety of styles, fits, colours and fabrics based on your particular needs! Looking For The Best Underwear For Men? Here's A Helpful Guide 1. Saxx Men's Fiesta Boxers © Amazon Let's start on an upbeat note with a literal party in your pants, with these Fiesta boxers from Saxx. The design is the result of a collaboration between rally driver and Saxx ambassador Ken Block, Hoonigan Racing Division and kinetic street artist Felipe Pantone. The design is the most striking feature, as Block's colourful official FIA World Rallycross Championship race livery has been digitally printed on the waistband. Not only is it eye-catching, it's supremely comfortable as well. When you consider how much time you spend concentrating on the race while seated in a cramped space, comfort is a feature you'd expect the manufacturers to address. Along with the mesh side panels, the cotton in the fabric is moisture-wicking, so you're kept cool at all times. The viscose is not only smooth and doesn't trap body heat, but also retains its colour very well thereby ensuring the longevity of the boxers. They also include an “articulated contour pouch,” an extremely handy feature which effectively holds everything in place at all times. Combined with the anti-roll waistband, we're sure you'll agree that these are some of the most eye-catching and comfortable pairs of men's underwear you can get your hands on! Fabric Composition: 48% cotton, 47% viscose, 5% spandex MRP: Rs. 5,000 Buy It Here 2. Gildan Men's Briefs (6-pack) © Amazon Buying underwear in bulk is something that most Indian men do, because it not just sorts out clothing needs but also ensures peace of mind because you know you won't have to go shopping again for some time. When the products in question have been curated by a brand as reputed as Gildan, bulk buying is the smart choice! This six-pack of classic briefs is available in a grey and black colour tone, which means that you can wear them with any outfit. During the scorching summer heat, uncomfortable material and excessive sweating can be a real issue. Gildan addresses this problem by using COOLSPIRE moisture-wicking technology to keep you drier and cooler in the heat. These are also a great option when it comes to cotton underwear for men who value their comfort, because they're made from pure ringspun cotton, which is an incredibly soft fabric. They also feature pull-on closure, a non-binding plush waistband, and leg bands to ensure a snug fit all day. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 3,018 Buy It Here 3. Tommy John Second Skin Dark Titanium Boxer Briefs © Tommy John The best underwear for men is that which fits them like a second skin, so you already know that Tommy John is after the right idea with this pair of boxer briefs! You have the option of choosing between classic black, smart blue and fancy red colour options, which gives you a lot of room to play around with. Speaking of enough room, a contour pouch allows you to nestle your privates gently without having to constantly adjust them. Another useful feature is the Quick Draw® Fly, which is oriented in a horizontal orientation for immediate access when nature calls. You'll also appreciate the Stay Put waistband, which doesn't roll up or leave marks on your waist even after wearing them for the whole day. Fabric Composition: 90% Non-Pilling Micro Modal, 10% Spandex MRP: Rs. 2,340 Buy It Here 4. US Polo Association Men's Trunks © Amazon We're all more familiar with the smart outerwear that US Polo Association makes, but their innerwear game is just as strong! Printed underwear is on trend right now, and these smart printed mid-waist trunks are a great option for men who value comfort just as much as style. They're made using premium Supima Cotton with a Bio Finish, which makes these much softer and stronger than their regular cotton counterparts. Featuring the classic USPA logo print on them, they're available in three eye-catching shades: a stylish black and the more flamboyant shades of red and orange. Fabric Composition: 95% Supima Cotton, 5% Elastane MRP: Rs. 449 Buy It Here 5. Under Armour Boxerjock Boxer Briefs © Amazon You always slip into your workout gear when you hit the gym, so why not invest in workout underwear as well? Under Armour has quickly emerged as the go-to option when it comes to gym attire, and with good reason too. These fitted boxer briefs provide the right level of support without squeezing too uncomfortably, while the lightweight HeatGear fabric and the articulated mesh fly panel keeps things cool. As for mobility, the 4-way stretch fabrication allows greater movement in every direction. The high-tech features don't stop there, as the Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away and dries quickly, while anti-odour technology keeps bad body odour at bay. You'll be able to power through your workout without having to worry about adjusting your shorts, sweating too much down there, or getting rashes once you're done! Fabric Composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 4,097 Buy It Here 6. MeUndies Men's Printed Boxers © MeUndies If you wanted to give your underwear a personalised touch, then MeUndies is the right option for you. Their boxers are made from their signature soft fabric, which they claim is three times softer than cotton. The soft and flexible waistband combined with the feel-good fit ensures that they won't bunch up at any point during the day. The flatlock stitching also makes them a durable garment that'll last you a long time. As for colour options, they offer a wide variety of colours and prints ranging from classic solids to quirky prints. What's more? MeUndies is a subscription service for men's underwear, so you can even opt for fresh new pairs of varying designs to be delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals, which is great for people who don't like the idea of underwear shopping! Fabric Composition: 92% MicroModal, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,652 Buy It Here 7. Calvin Klein Men's Briefs © Amazon Another brand that's much more well-known for its clothing range, Calvin Klein also curates a range of top-quality innerwear. This particular option is available in a striking navy blue colour, while the elasticised waistband ensures a sung fit for the wearer without being too constrictive. It has been crafted from a premium quality fabric that makes it soft on the skin and extremely easy to maintain, making this a great choice when it comes to the best underwear for men in India. They're a ready-made style statement for those who favour low-rise jeans, as the Calvin Klein brand name peeking out over the top of your jeans will definitely up your style quotient. Fabric Composition: 91% nylon, 9% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,199 Buy It Here 8. Related Garments The Bandit Boxer Brief © Related Garments Underwear specialists Related Garments have a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns, and fits to choose from, and this pair of boxer briefs is a shining example of their undoubted quality. The Atlas Luxe fabric blend is incredibly soft, and they claim that it'll feel as if you aren't wearing anything at all! The sympathetic fit ensures that they won't bunch up and ride up your thigh when you put on your jeans. The black and white checkered waistband offers a nice contrast to the solid black boxer brief, and adds an element of flair to your underwear collection. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% spandex MRP: Rs. 1,306 Buy It Here 9. Tani FreeForm Contour Trunk © Tani If you like to wear skinny jeans when you're out and slim-fit trousers at work but have this experience spoiled by underwear that's too big or too tight, then these trunks are exactly what you need. Tani claims to have developed a knit that doesn't unravel or roll, and this unique knitting process enhances shape retention while eliminating the need for hems or binding. This effectively creates a seamless connection between your skin and the fabric. The result? No visible lines underneath your clothing, which means that you can wear your skinny jeans with aplomb without worrying about your underwear spoiling the whole effect. Their exclusive Micro Modal® AIR fabric is soft and naturally wicking, keeping you dry while also boosting comfort. They still retain a slight stretch that allows for contouring and flexibility without causing constriction, finished off by a super soft Jacquard waistband. These trunks are available in two classic colours - black and white, ensuring that you won't compromise on style or practicality at any time! Fabric Composition: 88% Micro Modal® AIR, 12% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,748 Buy It Here 10. Jockey Men's Boxer Shorts (2-pack) © Amazon It's impossible to curate a list of the best underwear for men and not include an offering from Jockey, an innerwear giant that's globally recognised. We're pretty sure that there has been some version of Jockey underwear for men in all of our wardrobes at some point of time, and this excellent two-pack of boxer shorts showcase why. Designed to provide the best fit to your body contours, they have double-reinforced back, front, and side seams along with a broad waistband. While boxer shorts do tend to bunch up when you wear them underneath jeans or trousers, they're the ultimate garment of choice when you plan to spend some time relaxing at home, lounging around in the summers. Fabric Composition: Pure mercerized combed cotton MRP: Rs. 738 Buy It Here 11. Emporio Armani Men's Briefs (3-pack) © Amazon Continuing with te theme of underwear options that double up as a style statement, we have this pack of three men's briefs by Emporio Armani. We've all seen its world famous logo on belts and shirts, and it happens to make just as big an impact when it comes to underwear for men too! They are designed in a stylish slim fit with a seamed contour pouch that ensures comfort as well. The embossed logo on the smooth elastic waistband is another great option to pair up with low waisted jeans. You even have the option to mix and match your multipack with different colours such as white, black, grey, and red depending you your personal preference! Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 15,535 Buy It Here 12. TexereSilk Bamboo Viscose Boxer Briefs © TexereSilk Friends of the environment will be pleased to learn that there's an eco-friendly underwear option that they can go for, and it's just as good as all the other options on this list. It's made from a bamboo-derived viscose fibre, which is guaranteed to be more absorbent, resistant to odour, and hypoallergenic, than regular cotton options. Bamboo is grown naturally and without chemicals, and also has a very low water footprint which means that there's very little impact on the environment during the making of these boxer briefs. As for the features, they will please even the most discerning of men. The ribbed fabric construction ensures comfort and durability, and they're also among the softest underwear available right now. The highly-absorbent fabric serves to wick away moisture from the body almost instantly, ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable at all times. Fabric Composition: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% ribbed cotton MRP: Rs. 3,566 (including shipping) Buy It Here 13. Paul Smith Rabbit Print Trunks © Nordstrom When it comes to the best underwear for men, printed options are all the rage right now. They allow the wearer to showcase their personality in a fun way. This pair of low-rise trunks from Paul Smith would be a flamboyant addition to any man's wardrobe and will definitely up your style game. The psychedelic rabbit print on a purple background adds a groovy note to these boxers, which have been designed in a supportive square cut. At the same time, the ultrasoft stretch cotton fabric as well as the elasticised waist ensures that comfort is taken care of as well. Fabric Composition: 94% cotton, 6% spandex MRP: Rs. 5,812 (including shipping) Buy It Here 14. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Retro Brief For Men © Amazon Don't worry, we haven't forgotten how useful the right underwear can be in the bedroom! It's not all about ladies in lingerie, men can heat things up with these limited edition briefs from Andrew Christian. Straight from The Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, they feature a retro waistband that reduces the appearance of your waistline (a feature everyone will appreciate) with a stylish contrast trim. The revolutionary hang-free design is anatomically correct with no hidden padding, which offers much-needed extra room up front. The snuggle pocket creates a unique wearing experience as your package falls naturally into it when you put it on, creating the impression that you're not even wearing anything at all! The design minimises sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing, which is a huge bonus. Along with spicing things up in the bedroom, these briefs provide much-needed support at the gym as well, which is an unexpected bonus. Fabric Composition: 93% rayon, 7% spandex MRP: Rs. 2,200 Buy It Here 15. Lululemon AIM Men's Boxers © Lululemon Here's another brand that is more known for their range of workout and gym clothes, especially those that you wear during yoga sessions. However, Lululemon also curates an amazing range of innerwear as well that carries forward the same principles, as evidenced by this pair of 'Always In Motion' boxers. Based on the idea that you're always in motion (as the name suggests) from when you wake up to when you go to bed, they're designed for everyday comfort. The ultra soft Modal fabric is naturally breathing and quick-drying, helping you coast through the sweatiest situations with great ease. You can choose from a variety of colours as well, enhancing your gym wardrobe in the process! Fabric Composition: Pure modal MRP: Rs. 2,185 (including shipping) Buy It Here
  18. These two words can fill any man with dread, but make sense when it comes to buying men's underwear. While some men like to lounge in the comfort of an airy pair of boxers, for others they can be too loose to comfortably pull off. Similarly, there's another lot of men who like to go for briefs or boxer briefs, which again many may find uncomfortable for they often stick to the skin, keeping your nether regions devoid of the requisite ventilation. So, taking into account how daunting a task deciding the length of your underwear can be, we would like to draw your attention to our favourites out of the lot i.e.TRUNKS! Trunks are the answer to all your length based issues. After all, they do come to your aid when boxers seem too long, and briefs too short! This variant of underwear is comfy to be worn under your trousers, and at the same time, to be sported in their absence without flaunting it all out. So to help you find the best trunks for men, we have compiled this list of the most trending and snug variants, which will immediately pave their way into your innerwear collection! 1. Calvin Klein Underwear Men's Black Solid Trunks © Myntra Light colours are not always the preferred pick when it comes to underwear, and so it is universally accepted that one must invest in darker shades. This is when this Calvin Klein's black solid trunk makes for the quintessential grab for it reduces the visible appearance of stains, and takes a lot longer to fade. The cotton composition, on the other hand, makes sure that you are at ease at all times. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 1199 Buy it here 2. Jockey Men's Grey & Navy Blue Printed Trunks © Myntra Jockey needs no introduction when it comes to its collection of men's innerwear, for it is the paragon in its field. Every piece of garment from Jockey's collection is high on comfort, and this pair of trunks is just another example of its unparalleled quality. Perfect for those who can not do away with newspapers, AND for those who need something to read while attending to the call of nature, these trunks are a must pick for you if you are all for quirky prints. High on style, and comfort, this pair is something you can't miss! Fabric Composition: 57% tencel, 38% cotton and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 449 Buy it here 3. MeUndies Men's Trunk © MeUndies If butts could talk, they would proclaim that MeUndies underwears are the softest ever, something that the brand proudly promulgates. MeUnides makes use of the finest MicroModal fabric for curating its collection of innerwear, which is the chief reason behind the nonpareil softness and durability of its products. Out of the plenty bold, classic, and adventurous variants, this trunk with a subtle print grabbed our attention. Also, if you are someone who is undie-obsessed, you can stock up your top drawer with new variants each month by subscribing to their monthly pack! Cool, isn't it? Fabric Composition: 92% micro modal and 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,644 Buy it here 4. Hanes Men's Cotton Trunk © Amazon Comfort is key, they say, and Hanes here takes care of that very essential requirement with these cotton trunks. Perfectly flexible, and light on the skin, this Hanes trunk is not only comfortable AF, but is also available at a dirt cheap price. The Flexi-rib elastomeric finish is what ensures unmatched stretch and shape, for it allows your skin to breathe at all hours of the day, making it one of the best trunks for men. The classic black colour, on the other hand, save you from the embarrassment of any visible stains! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 199 Buy it here 5. Lacoste Men Multicoloured Colourblock Trunk © Myntra A leading player in luxury clothing, Lacoste has been a go-to brand for a large chunk of people who put quality over cost. This trendy multicoloured colourblock trunk from Lacoste makes for the perfect garment to lounge in when the blazing summer heat is upon you! Featuring an elasticated waistband with a drawstring fastening, this pair is easy to sport and carry. It also comes equipped with convenient side and back pockets, in which you can store some ready money. Fabric Composition: 77% cotton and 23% polyamide MRP: Rs. 8,900 Buy it here 6. Jack & Jones Men's Brazilian Chex Trunks © Myntra Shopping for men's trunks can be tiring, rather confusing, for there is a sea of options available. Out of the myriad of variants, this pair from Jack & Jones is laden with an unmatched aesthetic, one which will urge you to lay out your bucks, and add it to your closet. If you like everything quirky, the colourful Brazilian check print on these trunks is certain to cater to your taste. One of our favourite variants in this list compiling the best trunks for men, these trunks are certain to keep you at ease all day long. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 404 Buy it here 7. Tommy Hilfiger Pack Of 2 Trunk Image Source: Myntra Can't decide between solid or print? Fret not! This pack of 2 trunks from Tommy Hilfiger brings you both, that too at absolutely pocket-friendly prices. This pack of two trunks comprises of a solid navy blue variant, along with a red-checkered one, both of which feature an elasticated waistband and a double-layered contoured pouch. Both the variants have been made out of premium quality fabric, which does not wear off too soon and stays with you for a long time! Fabric Composition: 95% cotton and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,999 Buy it here 8. U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Trunk Image 8 Image Source: Amazon Innerwear is something that needs to be comforting in all aspects, for you have to keep it on for the most part of the day. One variant which ticks all the checkboxes for a good trunk, and thus qualifies as a suitable pick for the best trunks for men is this trunk from US Polo Association. Available in a black colour, and. one of the most pocket-friendly variants in this list, this trunk is perfect for daily use. And Bonus! What distinguishes this variant from the rest is the fact that it is crafted out of Supima cotton, which is TWICE as stronger and FOUR TIMES as softer than regular cotton. Fabric Composition: 95% supima cotton and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 380 Buy it here 9. Tailor And Circus Spring Men's Trunk © Tailor and Circus Committed to curating super-soft underwears, Tailor and Circus have so far been doing a remarkable job! With softness being their overriding principle, they ensure that your comfort is not compromised upon for it is of the utmost importance when it comes to innerwear. All their products are crafted out of the sustainably cultivated Grade-A Lenzing Micromodal Fabric, which is nothing short of a wonder fabric for it is thrice as soft as cotton fabric. Every product of there's is a piece of art, such as this spring variant, which is spring-like refreshing in every aspect. Fabric Composition: 94% lenzing micro modal and 6% elastane MRP: Rs. 499 Buy it here 10. Emporio Armani Men's Cotton Stretch Trunk Image 10 Image Source: Amazon It's time that you part ways with trunks which stretch out, and lose elasticity in no time, and invest in the finest of the lot! These trunks from Emporio Armani may not be the cheapest in this compilation, but they are definitely worth every penny spent. Soft and stretchy in just the right amount, these trunks fit you perfectly, keeping you at complete ease. As far as the durability of this product is concerned, this pair would hold up for the longest time without any wears and tears! While the contoured pouch keeps your package right in place, the breathable cotton fabric ensures that the guys get all the air! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 14,189 Buy it here 11. American Eagle Camo Classic Trunk Image 11 Image Source: AEO Camouflage prints appeal to a lot of us, and if you belong to that very clan, these classic trunks are certain to become your favourite pair. Crafted out of premium quality cotton fabric to combat chafing and bunching which is commonly associated with men's undies, this pair of trunks keep your comfort at the top. The evergreen camouflage print, on the other hand, makes these trunks ideal to be sported with or without any trousers! Fabric Composition: 96% cotton and 4% elastane MRP: Rs. 599 Buy it here 12. Fruit Of The Loom Pack Of 2 Trunks © Myntra If you take your undies a tad bit too seriously, then you must be aware of this gem of a brand, which has been curating quality innerwear since 1850 (YES! We are not even kidding!). This pack comes with two solid trunks in the variants blue and red, both of which feature a comfortable make, an elasticated waistband which isn't torturous on the skin, and a contoured pouch which keeps your package tight, and right in its place! Fabric Composition: 55% cotton, 20% viscose, 20% polyester and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 598 Buy it here
  19. Summer is almost here, and it is bringing with it a hoard of issues that we absolutely hate. Now, issues such as sweat are easily treatable, because they are right there, in your face - but what you need to be really careful about are issues that are not so apparent. For example, sun damage. We Indian men are not exactly careful in general about matters related to male beauty, but we should be when it comes to sun damage, because it's more to do with health. © Getty Images Sun damage can bring forth a lot of issues that don't end at simple tanning. But it can be controlled easily, if one remembers to apply sunscreen before stepping out, every time. The trouble is, most of us ignore it. Here are 5 solid reasons why you should never step out without applying sunscreen, especially in Summer. © Getty Images 1. Sunscreen can work wonders while keeping skin cancer at bay. Dermatologist Dr Ronald M. Shelton (MD) says, "Sunscreen application is important any day you'll be outside. Men and women should use sunscreen to help reduce the numbers of skin cancers that you might develop later in life. Most skin cancers develop 4 or more decades after the injury, but the additional function of sunscreen, for which it is important for you to use it even if you're 60+, is that it helps prevent the sunshine's damage to the skin's immune cells that help reverse the DNA damage of the sun from years ago. Therefore, the use of sunscreen today can lessen skin cancer that has been trying to form since youth." © Getty Images 2. According to most dermatologists, 60-90% effects of aging start showing on skin because of sun. Elastin and Collagen are the base behind youthful skin, and both are damaged because of sun exposure. Using a sunscreen regularly can help you protect them, in turn keeping your skin young. © Getty Images 3. Sunscreen can prevent hyper-pigmentation and acne. When the skin is exposed to sun rays for a long time, hyper-pigmentation takes place, and leaves your skin super tanned, and sometimes red and burnt. Also, UV rays help bacteria grow on skin, resulting in acne breakouts. Applying sunscreen before going out can minimize both, to a great extent. © Getty Images So homies, please do your skin a favour, and always remember to do the needful before you step out.
  20. If you have a receding hairline that worries you at night and keeps you insecure in the day, then here's something that you could consider. Hairline tattoos, once unheard of, have recently come to the mainstream and for a good reason. © Getty Images Hairline tattoos, also known as scalp micropigmentation, is an advanced procedure for cosmetic pigmentation. Just like traditional tattooing, the needle injects pigments in the scalp in a minimally invasive procedure. © Getty Images Hair loss is one of the most popular and feared natural progression that men face. Other than treating it, or slowing it down, there are a number of expensive procedures like a hair transplant or getting an expensive product that seeks to maintain the hair you currently have. Scalp pigmentation varies from these options and provides you with a look that is unique and specially tailored to your skin tone and hair colour. © Getty Images It's not just a tattoo on your head, the process of scalp micropigmentation is very different from tattooing. It just looks like it's the same from a distance. Keeping in mind the needle and kind of ink used, a tattoo needle is large, making it imprecise for replicating the look and texture of hair follicles. Hairline tattoos use a microneedle that looks precisely like hair, and not a painted-on dot like most people assume. Tattoos, in fact, go a total of five layers deep into the skin, while micropigmentation on the other hand, only goes two layers deep. The reason for this is because the deeper pigment goes into the skin, the more likely it is to lose its round shape and spread out, resulting in an unnatural look. By keeping the pigmentation shallow, the look is controlled with the ability of the practitioner to shape it, while keeping it deep enough to maintain permanence. © Getty Images What Research Should You Be Equipped With? Like most procedures, an important detail to consider prior to treatment is the equipment used and the experience of the practitioners. A number of places do scalp micropigmentation, but the equipment used varies. So we're talking patching hair growth, in congruent hairline or a receding hairline, and the tattoos cater to all these deficits. How Does This Treatment Work? After deciding the style that you want and setting your expectations from the procedure, the treatment takes a couple of sessions to start with.
  21. A symbol of peace, purity and perfection, white is one colour which will never go out of style. It also has the benefit of suiting everyone who wears it. Whether it's for a formal occasion or a casual outing with your friends, white tends to be a timeless favourite for most situations. With summer approaching, white also ends up being one of the best colours to wear as it deflects the heat and keeps you cool. With the scorching Indian summers also comes a bad tan, and full sleeve t shirts are the best way to protect against that. As such, the best white full sleeve t shirts serve the dual purpose of keeping you cool as well as fending off a tan and/or a painful sunburn. Of course comfortable clothing doesn't always look good, but you need not worry, as this list comprises of products that score on both fronts. So if you want to add the best white full sleeve t shirts for men to your closet, these ten options warrant your attention. 1. Levi's Printed Full Sleeve Crew-Neck T-Shirt © Ajio You can never go wrong with plain white t shirts, especially when they come with a print on the sleeve While this is a recent fad, such typography/slogan prints on one sleeve transform a basic t shirt into something that radiates coolness. This Levi's t shirt is the perfect example of that. Its simplicity and style are complimented with excellent quality, which makes it a worthy investment on your end. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,799 Buy it here 2. Maniac Men's White Checked Round Neck T-Shirt © Myntra Here's a full sleeve t shirt for men which can compete with most fashion-forward brands out there. While it's a common notion that checked prints look good only on shirts, this monochrome tee effectively debunks that notion. It's not a flashy t shirt, but anyone wearing it would grab the attention of most people in the room without putting in much effort. Its breathable fabric manages to keep you cool in the summer day, despite being a full sleeve tee. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 427 Buy it here 3. Levi's Line 8 Henley Tee © Levi's Here's another great Levi's t shirt to add to your wardrobe! It's a simple tee, but has a nice print which gives it - and by extension you - a youthful look. The partial placket makes it look a bit like a regular polo t shirt, but it exudes a more casual vibe, making it perfect for everyday use. The simplicity of the print makes this t shirt a good attire for all ages, and as Levi's t shirts have indisputable quality, there is no reason why you ought to be ignoring this white variant. The stylish henley neck only becomes an added bonus. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 4. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Plain Regular Fit Polo T-Shirt © Amazon Of all the white full sleeve t shirts out there, this polo tee by Tommy Hilfiger is a must-have for any fashion-forward man's wardrobe. This plain full sleeve polo t shirt is a true classic, one which is both timeless and trendy. Anyone who wears it is guaranteed to look smart and modish because polo t shirts never really go out of style. The stripes on the collar enhance its appeal, making adorning this t shirt an indication of someone's impeccable sense of style. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,949 Buy it here 5. Garcon's Crew-Neck T-shirt with Camo Print Raglan Sleeves © Ajio Garcon is a great brand if you're looking for a casual t shirt which is trendy, fashionable, and affordable at the same time. And as it turns out, this t shirt is no exception. An ultra-modern full sleeve t shirt, it oozes style, boasting of the new trend of printed sleeves. The camo print actually gives it a funky look, what with the white colour creating a modish contrast. It is bold and stylish, making it a super-cool t shirt to add to your wardrobe. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 340 Buy it here 6. Canis Apna Time Ayega Men's Full Sleeve T-Shirt © Amazon For anyone interested in keeping up with the latest trends, a t shirt with a funky quote on it has become an effective way of staying fashionably relevant. The more recent the quote, the trendier the t shirt gets. So with Gully Boy fever having engulfed us all, and “Apna Time Aayega” having become no less than a modern-age anthem, what could be better than rocking a tee that proudly boasted that slogan? It's affordable price tag becomes an additional incentive to immediately own this stylish tee. Fabric Composition: Polyester and lycra MRP: Rs. 353 Buy it here 7. Flying Machine's Men's White T-shirt © Amazon A plain and simple white t shirt is one of the most essential items in any man's closet. A fashion staple for most people, the plain white tee has become the go-to piece of clothing when men are short of time and are looking for something to put on. The limitless options you get of layering it up also give it greater utility than most pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. What also makes this one of the best white full sleeve t shirts for men, is the stylised v-neck that gives it just the right dosage of uniqueness. Pro Tip: Team it up with a pair of washed denims to look your best for any occasion. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 449 Buy it Here 8. Dsquared2's White Front Slit T-Shirt © The Collective If you're looking to splurge on a classy t shirt which will make you stand out in the crowd, investing in a t shirt from Dsquared2 makes the most sense. This white front slit t shirt is a brilliant blend of casual and formal styling, and makes you look and feel like royalty. The full sleeves with sharp cuffs give it a sharp, smart look and the slit at the bottom makes you look classy and grand. It is, however, quite expensive and only recommended if you are willing to splurge. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 36,550 Buy it here 9. Ajio's Slim Fit Typographic Print Crew-Neck T-shirt © Ajio This slim fit t shirt by Ajio is for those who are looking for a t shirt that is neither too subtle, nor too over-the-top. The pink “V” on the typography print goes surprisingly well with the colour-tone of the t shirt, not making it gaudy or odd in the least. The slim fit is comfortable and the t shirt manages to look classy even with its print. It's pretty affordable too, making it a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 419 Buy it here 10. Jack & Jones White & Blue Logo Print Full Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt © Jack & Jones Simplicity, as they say, is the best form of sophistication. And this white full sleeve t shirt for men by Jack & Jones is the embodiment of simplicity. Besides the logo on the chest, the focus here is on the blue raglan sleeves. Smart and sporty, the t shirt can be worn on any occasion. It's comfortable and versatile, and you can pull it off for a date, for a sporting event with your amigos, or even to work! Pro tip: Pair it with faded jeans and white sneakers Fabric Composition: 93% cotton and 7% polyester MRP: Rs. 650 Buy it here
  22. Men's grooming is ever-evolving, and new products are always entering the market. However, a smooth, clean shave is hard to achieve, especially for those prone to razor burns and irritation. To combat this issue, we would like to introduce you to pre-shave oils. They smoothen your facial hair, and help repel the not-so-clean side effects of shaving. But before you invest in a pre shave oil for yourself, there are a few factors that you should be keeping in mind. For instance, you need to be paying attention to your skin type, the type of beard you are harbouring at the time (whether it's a stubble or a mane), and the ingredients that are infused in the pre shave oil you are planning on purchasing (and if you are allergic to them or not). So keeping all the above factors in mind, and to help you get the perfect shave, we at MensXP have put together this list of the best pre shave oils in India. These are cost-friendly and promise a better shaving experience, making them a worthy addition to your grooming kit. Check Out The Best Pre Shave Oils For Men 1. The Man Company - Argan and Jojoba Pre Shave Oil © The Man Company This particular offering from The Man Company contains the seven essential oils, which aid in smoothening and healing your skin after a shave. It's advisable to apply the oil for at least five to ten minutes to ensure a smooth shave. SLS and paraben free, investing in this argan and jojoba infused pre shave oil will help you avoid skin irritation and razor cuts. MRP: Rs. 499 Buy it here 2. Spruce Shave Club Pre Shave Oil © Amazon Apart from combating skin irritation, this oil from Spruce Shave Club also helps reduce acne-breakouts. This is definitely one of the best pre shave oils for men, as it comes infused with the richness of cedar wood, argan oil (rich in antioxidants and reduces inflammation), and mandarin essential oil (equipped with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties). That's not all, as it also has almond oil, which greatly helps protect your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. And in case impatience was your vice, then you'd be pleased to know that you can actually get this through Prime's next day delivery. MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 3. Pink Woolf Pre Shave Oil © Amazon This is a highly rated pre shave oil on Amazon, and is useful for men with coarse or dry beards, as well as those who harbour razor burn prone skin. This pre shave oil is enriched with hemp seed oil which helps soften your skin, sunflower oil which protects against UV radiation, olive oil which helps refresh your skin, and caffeine which has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. This product was specifically formulated for the Indian market, keeping in mind problems that Indian men typically face. As such, it makes for a good investment on your end, especially at its affordable price. MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 4. ProMen Pre Shave Serum © Flipkart This pre shave serum by ProMen is made from a blend of sunflower, castor, almond, olive, tea tree, and mustard oils. If you aren't allergic to any of those ingredients, then there is no reason for you to be missing out on this supremely effective grooming product, one which offers a super smooth shave (with a flagrant scent!) Those searching for products according to their specific skin type can rest assured that this pre shave serum is actually suitable for all skin types. MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 5. Man Arden Pre Shave Oil - The Legend © Nykaa Enriched with Vitamin E, this pre shave oil from Man Arden's catalogue is essential for men with ingrown hair and sensitive skin. It is made from a blend of almond, olive, macadamia, grape seed, and castor oil, which helps initiate a smooth shave by softening your facial hair, and provides relief from any post-shave redness or irritation. As the name suggests itself, this is truly a 'legend'-ary product to your grooming kit. MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 6. Forest Essentials Pre Shave Oil © Forest Essentials If you are really in the mood to indulge, then this pre shave oil from Forest Essentials should be your numero uno choice. It has a blend of natural ingredients, including sandalwood, orange peel, pomegranate seed oil, and sunflower oil. These are powerful ingredients that don't just contain nourishing properties, but also help ensure a smooth razor glide. Additionally, this oil contains Neem and Turmeric extracts ,which have powerful antiseptic properties. MRP: Rs. 1,275 Buy it here 7. Neemli Naturals Pre Shave Oil © Flipkart Made from a blend of natural ingredients, this pre shave oil from Neemli Naturals is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan. It contains frankincense which is a natural antiseptic that helps in healing razor cuts. This product is also infused with lemon, macadamia, jojoba and castor oils, all of which help in hydrating, softening and disinfecting your beard. This particular grooming product also helps in nourishing your skin and preventing any possible post-shave irritation, making it worth its slightly hefty price tag. MRP: Rs. 849 Buy it here 8. Healthbuddy Zerotox Pre Shave Oil © Flipkart Healthbuddy offers a budget-friendly option in the pre shave oil category, perfect for those looking for a quality product but not looking to splurge a lot on it. This oil is vegan and paraben-free, ensuring that it won't harm your skin. It also soothes razor burns, cuts, and bumps caused due to ingrown hairs. This is definitely one of the best pre shave oils in India as it comes infused with the richness of almond, jojoba, eucalyptus, and rosemary extracts, all of which help balance your skin's oil production and prevent acne breakouts. MRP: Rs. 229 Buy it here 9. The Art Of Shaving Pre Shave Oil © Amazon If looking at the price of this pre shave oil is giving you cause of concern, we are here to assure you that this variant makes for a great investment that you won't regret making. This is one of the best pre shave oils for electric shavers, and you will notice immediate and beneficial effects once you begin using it. Since many are unable to achieve a close shave because of irritation and unwanted cuts, you'd be pleased to know that this Art Of Shaving pre shave oil helps prevent that. The oil is a little thick in consistency, however, so use it sparingly. MRP: Rs. 3,754 Buy it here 10. Tom Ford Shave Oil © Strawberry Net For the high-street aficionados out there, Tom Ford has the perfect product to add to your grooming kit. The Tome Ford pre shave oil comes in a sleek black packaging, with the brand's iconic logo displayed front and centre. This is a lightweight shaving oil, so your pores won't get clogged up when you apply it on your skin. It helps tame coarse hair to ensure a close shave, and helps protect against any skin irritation as well. It is a versatile product, as it can be used on its own, or under a layer of shaving cream. MRP: Rs. 4,739 Buy it here 11. Mario Badescu Pre Shave Conditioner © Strawberry Net Mario Badescu is one of the leading skincare brands out there, and their pre shave conditioner only adds to their legacy. This is great for men with untameable beard hair, as it helps soften the hair and enable a close, clean shave. To ensure optimum usage, massage the pre shave conditioner and let it sink in for a few minutes. MRP: Rs. 743 Buy it here 12. Shaving Station Pre Shave Oil © Amazon This pre shave oil provides aromatherapy benefits through its Himalyan lavender and tea tree essential oils. This product is also vegan, as it is paraben and sulphate free, which ensures that your skin won't be affected by harmful chemicals. While it is on the pricier side, the reviews attest to its quality. And just in case you aren't happy with the product, there is also a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. MRP: Rs. 2,698 Buy it here
  23. With Indian summers just around the corner, it's time for Indian men to start upgrading their wardrobes in order to beat the heat and look their fashionable best. This can be a singularly challenging task since adorning an ensemble that won't just make you look good, but will also help you combat Indian summers, all the while ensuring that you feel comfortable in that ensemble, isn't easy. Fortunately, we have made that task easier for you by conducting the proper research and compiling a list of some comfortable and stylish sleeveless t shirts for men. We cannot change the weather for you, but what we can do is get you the best gear to adapt to it. Now before you invest in a sleeveless tee for yourself, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Let's get you acquainted with the essentials: 1. The fit: You might be mistaken if you think that the fit of a sleeveless tee isn't really a matter of much concern. In reality, it's incredibly easy for your sleeveless t shirt to be too loose (often the case when you buy a size too large). So, make sure that you go for a fit that is comfortable and relaxing, but at the same time, isn't too large so as to draw attention for all the wrong reasons. 2. The colour palette: In this afflicting heat, no one wants to be further tortured by the sight of tacky coloured clothes! So, avoid wearing colours that are too bright or blinding. Also, don't go for dark colours as they tend to absorb more heat than other shades. Colours like white, grey, beige, and even light blue make most sense to invest in. 3. The material: The fabric composition should always be your concern when shopping for any kind of apparel. After all, the material of your clothes should be breathable so that your body doesn't feel stifled. When it comes to making a decision and choosing the best material available, cotton, especially Supima cotton, makes for a great and reliable alternative. So without further ado, and keeping the above three factors in mind, here is a list of 10 of the best sleeveless t shirts for men that will make you look AND feel cool. 1. Jockey's Sleeveless Cotton Ribbed T Shirt © Ajio For all those men who want to keep things simple, this solid navy blue sleeveless t shirt from Jockey will help you keep things low-key. You can wear it as it is, or you could pair it up with a flannel or half-sleeved white shirt for a casual summer look. You can even wear this to the gym and show off your biceps and triceps! This sleeveless t shirt just doesn't look great, it feels great too! It's made of pure cotton so you can rest assured about its quality. The fact that it also happens to be supremely affordable - making it a great option for all those on a budget - only ends up being an added bonus. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 299 Buy it here 2. Roadster's Black Solid Round Neck Layered T Shirt © Myntra Speaking of affordable options, this subtle yet stylish sleeveless t shirt from Roadster makes for a great investment as well, especially if you're a man who likes to keep things casual. The layered detail gives it a modish look without making you have to put in much effort. You can team this black sleeveless t shirt up with either a pair of classic black denims, navy blue chino shorts, or even washed and ripped jeans for an edgy ensemble. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 3. Teamspirit's Colourblocked Sleeveless T Shirt © Ajio We all know that colourblocked t shirts are in trend right now. This isn't all that surprising, especially since colourblocked patterns give your outfit a very appealing look. So if you want to turn heads with your outfit, this is a great investment for you! And at its reasonable price, this is probably one of the most cheap sleeveless t shirts for men available in the market right now. It stands out on its own merits (the patch pocket with the tropical print only adds to its appeal), so there is no need for you to layer it up with a shirt or additional accessories. It is perfect for a casual outing with your homies, or even a Sunday brunch with your bae. MRP: Rs. 359 Buy it here 4. ASOS's Polaroid Sleeveless T Shirt © ASOS Old-school polaroid pictures are very much in trend right now, and so is this sleeveless polaroid t shirt! This white variant from ASOS, with a typography print and rainbow stripes, give it a stylish and current vibe, while the loose fit makes it the perfect attire to adorn during a scorching summer heat. This is easily one of the best sleeveless t shirts for men that are available in the market right now. Although it might seem like this is priced a bit on the higher side, its uber cool style and simple design make it stand out from the lot. Fabric Composition: 100% polyester MRP: Rs. 1,654 (including shipping charges) Buy it here 5. ASOS's Contrast Pocket Sleeveless T Shirt © ASOS A white sleeveless t shirt, with a contrast pocket and low-cut armholes, is just what you need to pull off a trendy outfit. It makes for the perfect outfit for a beach day with your buddies, a pool party, or casual scene with your crew. It's subtle yet voguish, and will help you make a style statement in the most effortless manner possible. And at its price point, this also makes for an absolute steal of a deal. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 735 (including shipping charges) Buy it here 6. HERE&NOW's Striped Round Neck T Shirt © Myntra From the lot of best sleeveless t shirts available out there, this particular whtie, burgundy, and blue striped variant makes for the perfect summer look. The colours are appealing and cool, with the armholes being slightly bigger than usual. Your can pair this uber cool t shirt with a solid half-sleeved shirt and black chinos for a fashion-forward ensemble that will help you grab everyone's attention. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 329 Buy it here 7. HYPE's White Script Sleeveless T Shirt © Hype If you're someone who doesn't want to put in too much work when it comes to ministering their outfit, then this white sleeveless t shirt from Hype will do the trick. Team this stylish tee up with a pair of ripped jeans and white sneakers to adorn a fashion-forward ensemble. The price may seem a bit higher, but you can rest assured that, keeping in mind its quality and durability, this makes for an investment you won't regret making. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 2,755 (including shipping charges) Buy It Here 8. Tiktauli's Camo Print Sleeveless T Shirt © Koovs This camouflage print sleeveless t shirt is one of the flyest t shirts available in the apparel arena right now! You don't even have to worry about layering it up, as wearing it with a cool pair of black chino shorts or washed black jeans is more than enough to help you adorn an arresting ensemble. It also makes for a great addition to your workout gear, especially at its affordable price tag. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 699 Buy It Here 9. ASOS's Muscle Hoodie © ASOS Do you absolutely swear by hoodies, but are worried about not being able to wear them during the scorching Indian summers? Well fret not, because this sleeveless hooded t shirt from ASOS gives you the best of both worlds! You just have to team it up with a pair of light coloured trousers (grey, beige, or white work) and you're all set to create a lasting (and fashionable!) impression by adorning a cool and hip outfit! Fabric Composition: 96% cotton and 4% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,470 (including shipping charges) Buy it here 10. HRX's Green Solid Rapid Dry Sleeveless T Shirt © Myntra And finally, we have another option for the gym rats out there! This sleeveless t shirt from HRX is absolutely perfect for your early morning runs or evening gym sessions. It's engineered with Rapid Dry technology that helps absorb sweat and moisture, making it the perfect option for a high-intensity workout. With this t shirt, there won't be any nasty sweat patches on your clothes and you'll look fresh all day. This is unquestionably a quintessential buy for the summer, and one of the best sleeveless t shirts for men to own. Fabric Composition: 83% polyester and 17% elastane MRP: Rs. 659 Buy it here
  24. As one of the original eight teams that were established for the first season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) first in 2008, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have had a lot of experience in the league but not the silverware to boast about through the years. While having made it to the IPL final in 2009, 2011 and 2016, RCB have never won the trophy. Ever since the beginning, the team has seen some brilliant players like Rahul Dravid, AB de Villiers, Kevin Pietersen and now Virat Kohli, lead the squad in red and gold but have failed to win the tournament even once, making it one of three original franchises to have never lifted the cup. Last year, in the franchise's eleventh season in the league, Virat Kohli's men consisted of an outstanding coaching staff. With former Kiwi skipper Daniel Vettori and Ashish Nehra as their bowling coaches and the World Cup winning coach for Team India, Gary Kirsten looking after the batting department, there was a lot of experience backing up RCB. The roster was loaded with big hitters like de Villiers, Brendon McCullum and King Kohli himself and a unique blend of spin and fast bowlers like Yuzvendra Chahal and Australia's Nathan Coulter-Nile, who are wicket-hungry and in their prime shape. However, despite all the experience, skills and talent aboard, the Royal Challengers were not as good as they appeared on paper. Injuries, bad judgement calls and the lack of team chemistry on their part made Bangalore one of the worst teams of the league that did not even qualify for the playoffs and were at the third last position on IPL's points table, just two points above the Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals), which was the worst team of them all. After their season ended on a rather forgettable note, Kohli expressed his displeasure with the team's performance in a tweet: I really believe in the concept of, "you either win or you learn". We fought hard and gave it our all but one thing is for sure, next season we definitely will bounce back stronger than ever with our learnings from this season. Take care. @RCBTweets #RCB #IPL2018 pic.twitter.com/b0QM9chRAN — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) May 24, 2018 Kohli made a pledge to the RCB fans that they would look to make the necessary changes and try their best to be better this season and it looks like the management is dedicated to keeping that pledge. During the IPL auction ahead of the twelfth season of the league, RCB spent a total of Rs. 16.35 crores out of their purse of Rs. 18.15 crores on buying talents Shivam Dube (Rs 5cr), Shimron Hetmyer (Rs 4.2cr), Akshdeep Nath while retaining the core members of the team like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Parthiv Patel and Yuzvendra Chahal. Squad: Virat Kohli (C), AB de Villiers, Parthiv Patel, Yuzvendra Chahal, Tim Southee, Umesh Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Kulwant Khejroliya, Washington Sundar, Pawan Negi, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Moeen Ali, Mohammed Siraj, Colin de Grandhomme, Shimron Hetmyer, Devdutt Padikkal, Shivam Dube, Heinrich Klassen, Gurkeerat Singh, Himmat Singh, Prayas Ray Barman, Mandeep Singh
  25. I basically covered this in the first part of this article. Yes, no one likes getting rejected, but also literally no one can ever avoid rejection in life. The most important thing, though, is how someone reacts to the rejection. We're not talking about serious rejections in life today, but rather how fast some guys change colours as soon as they get rejected. All the self-proclaimed 'nice guys' who think that women don't like them because they're too nice and women always end up choosing the jerk, we're talking about them today. As a way to call out guys who just turn hostile after no reply from the girl, or just getting rejected, a Twitter account is here to talk about everything. The account called 'She Rates Dogs' posts a bunch of screenshots that they receive and rates the guys, which is usually in the minus, of course: 2/10 for the determination, -2/10 for the creepiness When you block him so he makes fake Instagram accounts to try to get you back (-1/10 dog) pic.twitter.com/5ENqsbkxV0 — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 18, 2018 Do people not know what a left swipe on Tinder means? Handling rejection with grace and class -10/10 pic.twitter.com/7yfBkYT0Ad — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) March 9, 2019 Umm, are you okay dude? uhhHhhhhh what the **** -10/10 creEp pic.twitter.com/fk1NHatBCd — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) March 5, 2019 Just don't say anything, it's not hard. God give me strength to handle the things I cannot control pic.twitter.com/LUuR3DjoLX — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) February 22, 2019 Stop it, people! Stop Fetishizing Asian Women 2k19 pic.twitter.com/tsHgOKtDmi — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) February 21, 2019 We need to save her. How do we find this girl and save her pic.twitter.com/YYJpfmuDZY — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) February 21, 2019 Yes, what happened? What just happened pic.twitter.com/NI9mCRpnR2 — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) February 20, 2019 Wow, dude. I think that perhaps he catastrophically misunderstands dating and women in general ?? pic.twitter.com/veKJgHfSk7 — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) February 19, 2019 The guts, tho. Do u think this man has ever considered shutting the **** up pic.twitter.com/jGvLfTk2iC — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) February 19, 2019 What a keeper! Watch out ladies we've got a KEEPER ALERT!!! pic.twitter.com/iDvoU0Xl43 — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) February 17, 2019