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  1. The number of bizarre things that happen each day is reaching a new level of insane, and one incident, in particular, that we came across recently was the most bizarre of them all. © iStock In this advanced world of technology, finding a partner on dating apps has now become quite common. But, not for one woman, who was seeing four different men at the same time. In an unusual event, Uttar Pradesh's Ambedkarnagar had to carry out a lucky draw system for this woman who had fled with four youths, according to several reports. © iStock The panchayat had to take such unwonted measures as the woman found it difficult to find the right soulmate for herself amongst the four men she was dating. © iStock The whole situation took place when the woman allegedly decided to elope with four men and stayed at her relative's house with one of them. The family, after finding their daughter, was convinced to file a complaint against the four youths. This was the time when the panchayat intervened and came up with an unconventional method of doing a lucky draw. The men were asked to write down their names on a small piece of paper and the girl had to marry the guy whose name she would pick from the bowl. © iStock This was the alternative given to the family and to the girl, who was confused about the guy she wanted to marry, out of the four men. Truly, this is a new kind of Swayamwar that we weren't ready for! View the full article
  2. The world of skincare can be really intimidating, especially to a beginner. From knowing the right ingredients to knowing how to and when to apply them, you need to know it all if you want what’s best for your skin. A face pack is one of the simpler products to use. It is something that you use once or twice a week and give your skin the much-needed nutrient boost. But how can you figure out which is the best face pack for your skin? Unfortunately, we can’t give you a one-word answer to this. This would depend on a lot of other factors like your skin type and your problem areas. Today, however, we will only talk about dry skin types. In case you don’t have dry skin, you can read about the best face packs for oily skin. If you do have dry skin, here are the best face packs for you: 1. Vitamin Boost Clay Face Mask This yellow clay face mask by MensXP Mud is enriched with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid. As someone with dry skin, this ingredient is a must-have in your skincare routine. __ECOMPRODUCT__683__ 2. Instant Illumination Face Glow Pack The key ingredient in this face pack is an age-old remedy in every Indian household. We are talking about Multani Mitti. Along with it, it also consists of Aloe Vera, Chandan and Vetiver, all of which will help you get smooth, soft and nourished skin instantly. __ECOMPRODUCT__1191__ 3. Organic Handmade Herbal Pack If you want something that is 100% organic, this face pack is perfect for you. It is made using bentonite clay and charcoal, which help in cleansing the skin. It also has a mix of neem, nutmeg and tea tree essential oils that moisturise your skin from within. __ECOMPRODUCT__665__ 4. Raushan Face Mask The next face pack on our list is perfect for anyone with dry as well as sensitive skin. With ingredients that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and collagen, this face pack soothes and revives damaged skin. __ECOMPRODUCT__1192__ 5. De-Tan Face Mask For Dry Skin Most de-tan face masks have ingredients that leave even a normal skin type dry, so one can imagine what it would do to the dry skin type. Well, this face mask by Ustraa is slightly different. Along with white Kaolin clay and Volcanic Ash, it’s also enriched with Aloe Vera which gives dry skin much-needed hydration. __ECOMPRODUCT__1193__ 6. 24K Gold Face Mask This face mask contains 24k real gold foil which is extensively used in high-end skincare products. This face mask is meant to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. It also helps in fighting premature ageing. __ECOMPRODUCT__1060__ 7. Rose & Sandalwood Face Pack Lastly, we have this gentle, all-natural face pack for men with dry skin. Since it’s a dry face pack, you will have to mix it with some rose water or normal water before applying. This face pack consists of rose, sandalwood and neem extracts that will heal and protect your skin from sun and pollution damage. __ECOMPRODUCT__1194__ The Bottomline There you go, these were some of our favourite face packs for men with dry skin types. Try them out and see for yourself why we love these face packs so much. Explore More View the full article
  3. Buying a special gift for a special someone is always a challenging task. They’re so extraordinary that you want to buy something equally unique for them. Women’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure you’re looking for something out of this world to surprise the important women in your life. So, whether it’s your sister, your mom, friend, or your partner, Myntra has got you covered. With 9 lakh styles from over 3000 plus brands, Myntra will be a platform to reckon with. We have curated an easy list for you from Myntra’s wide collection, that will come in quite handy: PS: Hurry up and add these to your cart and make the most of the 4 day long 'Myntra For Her' sale starting on the 6th of March. 1. For The Social Butterflies A big hit at parties, this figure-hugging attire is a head-turner for sure. Black bodycon dresses, in particular, are a popular option that you can choose from. LBDs, FTW! Myntra You can choose from a variety of dresses here. 2. For The Ones Who Love Ethnic WearYou can never go wrong with ethnic wear. Whether it’s choosing from a range of ethnic kurtas paired with matching bottoms or ripped jeans, there’s something out of this world about Indian wear. Myntra You can shop from their ethnic range here. 3. For The Fitness EnthusiastsFitness is a necessity today and so is looking good while you’re at it! You can pick from Myntra's endless athleisure collection and make your loved ones feel extra special. Myntra You can shop the collection here. 4. For The Water BabiesSummer is here and that means it’s time to hit the waters. Whether they’re a beach baby or love chilling by the pool, a printed swimsuit checks off everything they will need when chilling this season. The varied options in prints will provide a nice splash of colours for getting those Instagram-worthy pictures! Myntra You can check out the entire swimwear collection here. 5. For The Shoe CollectorsThe lady loves shoes, so you get her shoes. Simple. Ballerinas, especially, are a big rage this season as they go with almost anything and everything. So, don't think twice and gift her a set of gorgeous ballerinas this Women’s Day! Myntra You can shop the collection here. 6. For The Ones Focused On Smelling Good All The Time‘I have enough perfumes’ - said no one ever. Gift them from a classic range of fragrances from Myntra and add to their collection of perfumes. Myntra You can shop the entire collection here. 7. For The Accessory LoversStatement jewellery pieces are a rage every season. Necklaces, especially, are trending these days because of their versatility. So, whether you want to gift them a statement neckpiece for daily wear or a festive occasion, Myntra is the place to be. Myntra You can shop for statement necklaces here. 8. For The Time-TurnersAnalog watches have been a rage for the past two years and are touted to be the must-have accessory for everyone. Pick out pieces at every price point and different styles to surprise the love of your life! Myntra You can shop the entire collection here. 9. For The Ones Who Carry Their World In Their BagI can tell you one thing without a shadow of a doubt that your lady love will be the most impressed with you if you give her a tote bag. It's spacious, its classy and it's everything you need to add to your cart. Shop from the entire collection of tote bags here. Myntra Love them? Get them started and bring a smile to the faces of the special women in your life this International Women’s Day View the full article
  4. Be it hair care or skin care, your efforts will not bear fruitful results unless you stick to a long-term routine. Depending on what your hair type is, it’s important to find the right products for yourself and maintain a healthy balance of nutrients for your hair. Anyone that has a dry scalp knows that dandruff in an all-year round struggle for us. More so, problems like itchiness, roughness and brittle hair are not too far behind. You need not worry because this hair care routine is the ultimate solution for all your problems. Time to bid farewell to your bad hair days! 1. Use A Hydrating Shampoo Most dry scalp types also suffer with frequent dandruff. But this does not mean that everyone with dandruff has a dry scalp. As someone who has both, I made the mistake of always going for an anti-dandruff shampoo. These shampoos are great for removing dandruff but they aren’t very hydrating. So the root cause of the problem was left unaddressed. Ever since I switched to a hydrating shampoo, my scalp feels so much more healthy. It gives the much needed nourishment to my scalp, soothes the itchiness and irritation and softens my hair too. __ECOMPRODUCT__926__ 2. Start Oiling Your Hair As an Indian, you must already know the importance of hair oils in your daily hair care routine. However, as someone with a dry scalp, it is a non-negotiable element of my routine. For the longest time, I stayed away from oiling simply out of laziness. But once you get into the habit of oiling your hair, you’ll know why so many people rave about this age-old remedy. I used an Ayurvedic hair oil that had a mix of 8 natural herbs. As someone who has tried quite a few varieties of hair oil, this became my go-to product. It not only hydrated my scalp but also helped in reducing hair fall. Apart from this, you can also try almond and olive oils, which are much more nourishing than regular coconut oil. __ECOMPRODUCT__891__ 3. Weekly Hair Mask Application Not only did this step revive my dead hair, it also became a self-care activity that I always look forward to. After treating your scalp to nice hydrating products, you also need to take care of your hair. Most people with a dry scalp also tend to have dry hair. This is where a hair mask comes into play. This particular hair mask is my current favorite. Enriched with caffeine and argan oil, it helps in adding a natural shine and a healthy bounce to my hair. If you suffer with hair fall, this mask will help you tackle that as well. Apply this mask after shampooing your hair, leave it on for fifteen minutes and then thoroughly rinse away the product. __ECOMPRODUCT__1190__ The Bottomline This hair care routine is perfect for anyone who is as lazy as I am. It’s simple, effective and gives amazing results within the first two weeks of using it. Try it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Explore More View the full article
  5. While talking about grooming and beard maintenance, we rarely talk about beard creams. Surely beard oils are great for softening and moisturising the beard, but what if you want to go for something more lightweight? That’s where a beard cream steps in! Unlike other beard care products, beard softening creams are meant to treat dryness, frizziness and roughness. If that is your problem area, we suggest you choose a beard softening cream over a beard oil. Don’t know which one to go for? Here are 5 beard softening creams that are lightweight, affordable and will make your beard super soft! 1. Beard Softener By Ustraa This beard softening cream is a unique combination of wax and oil. Enriched with cedarwood, castor and argan oil, this cream will not just moisturise but also promote beard growth. It’s formula helps in adding a natural shine to the beard and will make sure that it looks healthy, smooth and well-groomed at all times. __ECOMPRODUCT__1188__ 2. Beard Butter By Dapr.Beard butter acts like a leave-in conditioner for your beard. It makes the beard soft and provides long-lasting hydration. This particular beard butter by Dapr. has a blend of bourbon oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter and many more nourishing ingredients. It’s a must have for anyone with a dry and itchy beard. __ECOMPRODUCT__349__ 3. Cult-ivator Soften Up Beard Cream By Phy Next one on our list of best beard softening creams is this cream by Phy. Enriched with kokum and shea butter, this beard softener will not only help you tame your mane but also nourish it for a healthier growth. Its anti-frizz formula will soften, nourish and condition your beard. __ECOMPRODUCT__319__ 4. Beard Softener By Beardhood Generally, dryness and frizziness are signs of an under-nourished beard. Ignoring moisturising your beard will not only make it rough but also worsen its quality over time. This beard cream is enriched with shea butter and 6 natural oils that help in nourishing, hydrating and softening your beard. __ECOMPRODUCT__1189__ 5. Beard Softener By Spruce Shave Club Lastly, we have this beard softener which is the perfect blend of butters and oils. It’s formulated using mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil. All of these ingredients are known for their moisturising and nourishing benefits. Say goodbye to a rough and frizzy beard with this natural beard softener. __ECOMPRODUCT__1152__ The Bottomline Growing a beard is only half the battle, maintaining it is the other half. Washing and moisturising your beard is the least of what you could do for your beard. Skipping these steps will not only make your beard look unattractive but also feel uncomfortable. Wash, moisturise and flaunt your healthy beard! Explore More View the full article
  6. If you are waking up tired and fuzzy-headed, it can be hard to start your day well. You tend to forget stuff and you don’t feel as focused or productive as you usually do. A sleepy brain loses executive functions and by the end of the day, you may feel a bit cranky and irritated. To feel the best during the day, you need to sleep well. There are healthy sleeping habits for men to get a better sleeping routine. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic wand that can make that happen. But there are some simple steps you can take to help you sleep better, faster and peacefully. Check them out! __ECOMLOOKS__2652__ __ECOMLOOKS__2653__ __ECOMLOOKS__2654__ __ECOMLOOKS__2655__ __ECOMLOOKS__2656__ Bottom LineWhat keeps you up at night? Most often than not, it’s an active mind. Calm your brain and body down with these 5 tips that will ensure a good night’s sleep. You’ll wake up feeling happier and productive the next morning, we promise. Explore More View the full article
  7. Ageing like fine wine. We are sure most guys have stellar examples of that saying in their mind for men who continue to look great and distinct, even as they grow older. Think R Madhavan, George Clooney and Anil Kapoor. Sure, they have a routine but you can't ignore how gracefully they are ageing. When we say gracefully, we don't mean looking like a 20-year-old, but definitely looking better with age. Read on to find out some amazing grooming tips you can follow to look great and attractive as you grow older: 1. Keep Your Hair Neat__ECOMPRODUCT__986__ The number of products you used on your hair when you were younger, try to tone it down to a bare minimum. As you age, the chances of a receding hairline could increase. Hence, it is advised that you opt for a simple hair regime. Continue using your everyday products to enhance the texture but say no to heavy styling products. 2. Follow A Good Skincare Routine__ECOMPRODUCT__910__ __ECOMPRODUCT__318__ Be kind to your skin because as you age, your skin becomes thinner and more sensitive and it is easier for wrinkles to start forming. The way to start a skincare routine is by occasionally using an exfoliator. You can also use sheet masks to make your skin feel rejuvenated from time to time. 3. Don't Forget An Eye Cream__ECOMPRODUCT__609__ A lot of guys think that it is okay to steer clear of the night skincare routine. One of the most common skin issues is crow's feet and as you grow older, it will only become more prominent. This stands as an obvious ageing sign. To curb it, using an eye cream is your best bet. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser first and then use the cream under your eyes. 4. Keep Your Showers Short__ECOMPRODUCT__1185__ Frequent hot showers are a bad idea, as they can wear off the sebum that actually coats and protects your skin. Instead of hot water, stick to warm water as it will keep you looking great as you age. Besides that, long showers can also dry out the texture of your skin and lead to fine lines. To not let that happen, try to keep showers to a minimum of ten minutes. 5. Wear SPF__ECOMPRODUCT__1186__ The harsh UV rays can prove harmful to your skin cells. Furthermore, they can lead to wrinkles as well as sunspots. If it turns into anything serious, it can cause melanoma as well. But to keep your skin looking healthier, switch up the routine and use sunscreen indoors and when you step out. There are also double-duty products that can be used as a moisturiser and SPF as well. 6. Tame The Beard__ECOMPRODUCT__1187__ Facial hair is trendy but it has the potential to make you look a bit older. In such cases, you can opt for a clean-shaven look or you can seek professional help to figure a good facial style that will go with your face shape. Taming the beard is the way to look fresh and great, as you age. View the full article
  8. Sneakers with time have become our most favourite footwear option and we love to expand our collection every now and then. While they truly are versatile and can add a great deal of style to any outfit, wearing them everywhere, every day can make it exhausting for your feet. This can result in unwanted stinky feet. Feet need space and time to breathe, to remain healthy. A great option to ensure that? Flats! However, because we have gotten so used to sporting our trusty sneakers, we aren’t sure how to shift to any other footwear style. Well, styling up flats shouldn’t be that difficult. They are truly comfortable and give your feet all the time to breathe. Here are 5 occasions where men can don 5 of the best flat slip-ons this season. 1. Family Get-togetherA family get-together may be the safest option to don a classic pair of black faux leather flats. Chances are you might earn a few heads turn and a bunch of compliments if you pair it with a simple cotton kurta. Add in your favourite pair of ripped jeans (for a less sanskari look) and you’ll be good to go. __ECOMPRODUCT__1180__ 2. Picnic DateRomantic walks and a basket full of tasty snacks? Sounds amazing right?! You want footwear that is easy to put on and off quickly so you can get comfy on your throw on the grass. Wear a pastel coloured shirt and a pair of neutral coloured chinos. Finish the look with jute flats to add to the earthy-cool aesthetic. __ECOMPRODUCT__1181__ 3. Shopping SpreeWhether you have to stock on your groceries or are looking for that perfect pair of jeans, going for a comfy footwear option will make the experience more enjoyable. Keep it simple with a crew neck printed white tee, bermuda shorts and these blue criss-cross flats to have a fuzz-free shopping spree. __ECOMPRODUCT__1182__ 4. Wedding Shabang!Now that lockdown is over and we have been attending weddings while being careful, we also want to dress right. Looking for a footwear option that you can wear even with your casual wardrobe? We say a classic black and brown combo in criss-cross flats is your go-to choice. They are versatile and perfect for many casual and formal occasions. __ECOMPRODUCT__1183__ 5. Whenever You Want To Let Your Feet BreathYou really shouldn’t be looking for places to wear your flats. Men look great in it because they are such a versatile classic. Give your feet a break from your favourite sneakers (even if they are the love of your life) and opt for these simple black flip-flops. Flats truly are the new sneakers. __ECOMPRODUCT__1184__ Final ThoughtsSlip-ons are truly versatile and look great on every man. Try these flats and going back to your sneakers will become a difficult decision. Explore More View the full article
  9. Combing is a practice we all go through every day but never really pay attention to. While a basic hair care routine is a must, it’s important for men to choose their styling tools carefully as well. Plastic and metal combs tend to create a lot of static which might not seem like a big deal right now. However, it can result in long term damages like brittle hair that can break and fall easily. Your solution to this? We say wooden combs. The massaging action of the wooden comb stimulates the follicles to produce more hair strands, increasing hair growth and producing thicker hair. Wooden combs are strong and durable, often made of bamboo and neem, which are very renewable. Still not confused? Here are 3 ways a wooden comb can help you prevent hair loss and make your luscious locks grow. __ECOMLOOKS__2635__ __ECOMLOOKS__2636__ __ECOMLOOKS__2637__ How To Take Care Of Your Wooden Combs?Keeping your comb clean is important so make sure to remove your hair after using and store it in a dry place, free from any humidity. To maintain your wooden comb, you can try rubbing linseed, flaxseed or coconut oil and let sit for half an hour until the oil has soaked into the wood. Then gently wipe with a soft cloth. Final ThoughtsThere will be often times when you’ll end up combing your hair longer than because wooden combs just feel so good. We also recommend Overnight Hair Mask Treatments For Men Suffering From Hair Loss. Explore More View the full article
  10. If you clicked on this article, you are probably just as fed up of greasy and oily hair as the rest of us. If you do have an oily scalp, you know that the struggle is real. From low volume to stickiness, dealing with oily hair can get really frustrating. On top of that, if you live in a tropical climate, the excessive sweating only makes things worse. Sadly there isn’t a permanent solution to this problem. We can’t really change our natural scalp type, can we? However, we can take preventive measures to keep the oiliness and greasiness in check. Here are 5 hair care mistakes that every guy with oily hair needs to stop making now! __ECOMLOOKS__2622__ __ECOMLOOKS__2623__ __ECOMLOOKS__2624__ __ECOMLOOKS__2625__ __ECOMLOOKS__2626__ The Bottomline Sometimes, prevention is better than cure. Follow these tips and your oily scalp will feel a lot more healthier and less greasy. You can also read more on adding volume to your hair and related oily scalp problems and make the most of your hair type! Explore More View the full article
  11. Believe it or not, but men with a lean and square face have it easier when it comes to choosing a dapper-looking beard style. © Instagram/shahidkapoor And yet, most of us end up choosing a style that hides one of our best features - a strong and visibly sharp jawline. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Men who lack a well-defined jawline spend ages, working out and dieting to get one. So, if you do have a strong jawline, it's because of a square-shaped face. © Instagram/kartikaaryan You need to do it justice, and for that, you need a beard style that suits your face shape and enhances your jawline. These beard styles are just perfect for men with a square-shaped face, who want to highlight their jawlines: 1. The Classic French Cut/Circle Beard © IMDb The classic french cut is, well, a classic. It is actually super easy to maintain, even if you’re an expert groomer, and can be a fun beard to grow. It accentuates your cheekbones, and your jawline while adding some much-needed volume to your chin. 2. The Short Boxed Beard © Instagram/shahidkapoor This one really makes your jawline stand out. It may not do a lot for your cheekbones, of your lips, but it definitely does highlight your chin and your jawline. The box beard, when styled and trimmed properly gives a very strong character to your face. 3. The Van Dyke © Reuters The Van Dyke, again is a beard style that works for men on a number of levels. Firstly, it is a rather off-beat beard style to go for, so people will notice. Secondly, it accentuates your chin and makes it look longer. This, in turn, gives your jaw more definition, and makes everything look nice and sharp. 4. The Royale © Reuters The Royale is similar to the Van Dyke, sans the pointy edge. As sharp as the Van Dyke is, this can be a little difficult to maintain. Ergo, The Royale becomes a great alternative. You don’t need to keep the pointy chin, which in turn gives you much more leeway to groom your beard. Despite that, your jawline retains its sharpness. 5. The Short Stubble © Instagram/shahidkapoor The short stubble is another beard style that works really well for men who have square faces. It works pretty much in a similar fashion as the box beard. No matter what your face shape, a stubble that is well-groomed, well defined, and with clean lines, always sharpens up your face. 6. The Ducktail © Instagram/virat.kohli Finally, we have the ducktail. The hair towards your chin should be longer and should point downwards. You need to groom your beard properly, and closely for this to work. But trust us, it is worth it. The sharpness that your face gets from this beard style is uncanny. Your jawline, especially, comes into a life of its own. The Bottomline...You need a beard style that suits your face, you just can’t pick any style and stick to it. What’s the point of having a strong jawline if you’re not showing it off? Pick one of these beard styles and give it your own twist if you want to and see what difference a suitable beard makes. View the full article
  12. What’s the point of the gym, if you can’t show off your workout progress? Whether it’s your bulging biceps or your lean physique that you want to manipulate into looking bulkier, some tasteful adjustments are in order. When looking for fashion items to make you look toned and beefy, think V. You can create an illusion to look wider and muscular by simply dressing in this V shape rule. We love our men in all shapes and sizes but if looking “buffed up” is what you want, that’s what you’ll get. Here are a few tips and concepts that will help men look bulkier than they are. __ECOMLOOKS__2617__ __ECOMLOOKS__2618__ __ECOMLOOKS__2619__ __ECOMLOOKS__2620__ __ECOMLOOKS__2621__ Bottom LineHaving an amazing style is easier than men think. It surely can leave a lasting impression and is a great way to feel confident. When dressing up or down, think about what style you are looking for. Build from that as you go. One of the most important ways to sport the illusion of muscles is to find the perfect fit. Don’t forget to have fun with fashion. Explore more View the full article
  13. You have probably mastered your skincare routine and now it’s time for hair care. There’s no doubt in saying that hair with more volume and health adds lots to your looks. It can make men look more confident, polished and put-together. Whether you have long luscious locks or a short buzz cut, keeping your hair clean is a must. A proper hair care regime can make all the difference in maintaining a head full of hair. Looking for a no-fuss route to do that? Brush up your grasp on taming that mane with this hair care routine and maintenance tips for men. __ECOMLOOKS__2612__ __ECOMLOOKS__2613__ __ECOMLOOKS__2614__ __ECOMLOOKS__2615__ __ECOMLOOKS__2616__ Final ThoughtsWell, it’s a healthy habit to take care of your hair and more power to you if it’s something you enjoy doing too. Now that you know the basics, get going cause it’s time to curate one to cater to your hair needs. When it comes to hair care problems like hair loss, overnight masks to promote hair growth might be the hassle-free answer. It’s important that you do your research first and go see a pro when and if needed. Explore more View the full article
  14. Men with salt & pepper beards look awesome! That’s just a fact. © Instagram/nawwabshah No matter how much grey they have in their beard, most men look super dapper when they style their beards and moustaches properly. © Instagram/suniel.shetty If you come to think of it, for certain facial hairstyles, having a little bit of grey is actually a good thing. It makes your beard look more majestic and royal. But ever wondered how to style your beard and moustache to look amazing, when you start showing a little bit of grey? Well, we’ve got you covered. © Instagram/actormaddy Here are a few beard styles that work amazingly well for men with a hint of a salt & pepper beard: 1. The Short Stubble © Instagram/milindrunning One of the easiest to maintain beard styles, this looks great on people who have a thick growth of grey hair on their faces. It also works wonders on men who have moderate grey hairs. All you need to do is shape your beard and trim it to a certain length, regularly. 2. The Short Beard © Instagram/abhaydeol No matter how much greys you have on your beard, this is a style that will work for you. Abhay Deol looks particularly dope with this sort of beard. This again is a beard that is really easy to maintain, and as an added bonus, you can always match it with a few classic moustache shapes. Chevrons, handlebar moustache, the thick walrus - take your pick. 3. The Short Messy Stubble © Twitter/ajithFC The messy stubble is best suited for people with a broader face shape, and who have low to moderate greys in their beard. As a rule of thumb, the more grey in your beard, the more you need to groom and shape it. Just ensure that you trim your beard from time to time, and you’ll be sorted. 4. The Handlebar Moustache © Instagram/anilskapoor If you’re not that big a fan of beards or stubbles, and still want to keep some facial hair, the handlebar moustache goes really well with some grey. Other moustache styles don’t really have that impact without a beard when you have salt & pepper facial hair. 5. The Garibaldi © Instagram/nawwabshah This is for guys who love to sport a thick, voluptuous-looking beard. No matter how much grey you have in your beard, this is a style that goes really well. If you want to tweak it a little and want to make it more regal just add a handlebar moustache into the mix. 6. The Classic Full Beard © Instagram/suniel.shetty This is quite similar to the Garibaldi. The only difference is mainly in the length and the lines. Although you can sport this one with a little to moderate amount of greys, this takes on a life of its own when you don it with greys that are on the heavier side. 7. The Balbo © Instagram/rahuldevofficial Next, we have the Balbo. This looks great when men have predominantly a grey beard, a few black hairs showing through. This one is particularly well-suited for guys with a lean and elongated face. We particularly like how Rahul Dev has added a Howie moustache with it. 8. Short Stubble With Winfield © Instagram/the_real_chiyaan Finally, we have the short stubble with the Winfield moustache. This works really well for people who are comfortable with dyeing their moustaches black, so as to give the beard and the moustache a contrast. Note how Vikram’s beard and moustache seem to make a circular french cut. Well, that’s an optional touch that makes his beard stand out. The Bottom Line... Men need to seriously consider embracing their greys, and colouring them as a means to style them. And when they embrace grey facial hair and style it properly, boy oh boy, they look amazing. This is one of the easiest ways to amp up your style, without spending too much money, or time. View the full article
  15. Let's face it, a majority of men have experienced hair thinning woes and have worked hard to make their hair look thicker. But if this has been a constant battle for you as well, there are ways to fight it. Some of the best ways to take care of your hair are by maintaining the health of your scalp and protecting your hair from any damage. In this guide, we will tell you how to make your hair look thicker with some clever hacks: 1. Use The Right Shampoo © iStock An oily scalp can be the result of your hair falling flat and looking less voluminous. To boost the strength of your hair, make sure you wash it with the right shampoo, for example, a formula that makes your hair look fuller. But, don't go overboard with volumising products, especially the ones that have paraffin as it can weaken your strands. Use a mild hair shampoo instead to avoid the chances of hair damage. __ECOMPRODUCT__1153__ 2. Use Rosemary Oil On Your Scalp © iStock Rosemary oil has worked for hair loss treatments. Use a dropper and apply this oil to the thinning areas and massage your scalp with it. The oil will calm your scalp and help with hair thickening. Use at least 15 drops to see the best results and continue to use for at least 6 months. 3. Switch Your Hair Parting © iStock If you have always kept your hair parted on the right side, it's time you switch it up and take it to the other side. When you change your parting, your hair will look a bit more voluminous but if you continue to keep it on the same side, it can lead to thinning. 4. Try A Thickening Conditioner © iStock Thickening serums or conditioners can make your hair appear voluminous. You can use this twice a week and coat the ends of your hair thoroughly with it. Once done, rinse it off completely to get rid of the excess conditioner. __ECOMPRODUCT__1043__ 5. Considering Colouring Your Hair © iStock Using a hair dye is the best way to make your hair look thicker, as it can add contrast between your scalp and hair and take the attention away from the issue of thinning. Ask your stylist to help with the right hair colour as it can leave your hair looking twice as thick as before. 6. Use Dry Texture Spray © iStock If you want quick volume for your hair but also don't want anything that weighs it down, then a dry texture spray is your best bet. All you need to do is lift sections of your hair and apply the spray. This will increase the thickness as well as add bounce to the hair. Once done, use a comb to style your hair. Even sea salt sprays work well. These sprays not only boost your hair but also make it stylish by giving a wavy, curly look. For a messy look, this one works well. 7. Don't Be Rough © iStock Human hair is weaker, especially after showers. Hence, over combing or towel drying your hair in a rough manner, can damage your hair. Instead, let your hair dry naturally or just pat dry. For more, instead of using a comb, use your fingers to style your hair. Opt for a hair tonic as it will coat your strands and add a thicker look. __ECOMPRODUCT__1154__ Takeaway:There are several ways to make your hair look thick but if you are experiencing hair thinning quite a lot, be mindful and also work on your diet. Managing thin hair can be hard, but these hacks will do the trick. View the full article
  16. While the COVID pandemic has motivated many to be productive and healthier versions of themselves, there was that part of people who loved their comfort of home more than anything. However, that also meant that gyms were shut and workout routines went for a toss for most. But you know what? That’s totally fine. You have survived a global pandemic and are going strong. Now, you want to start working out again but don’t know where to start. We get you, hear you, and have your back. Whether it’s a gym plan you’re going for or a night time work out routine, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 tips to help you start working out again after a break. __ECOMLOOKS__2593__ __ECOMLOOKS__2594__ __ECOMLOOKS__2595__ __ECOMLOOKS__2596__ __ECOMLOOKS__2597__ Here’s What We ThinkThese tips will hopefully help you restart your workout journey. You can start with just 10 minutes a day; the goal is just to get moving more. We wish you luck. Do let us know about your workout experiences and journey. Explore More View the full article
  17. You wash your face. You shave. You wash your hair every alternate day. While following this grooming routine, it's easy to assume that your daily checklist is the right one. But, are you honestly doing it right? Most men, at least, make a few grooming mistakes and as a result, it becomes the death knell of good habits. Fortunately, these mistakes are avoidable. Check out these common grooming mistakes that most men have been making without realising them: 1. Not Moisturising Before Bed © iStock After having a long day, if you are ending it just with a good wash, well, that's not enough for your skin. The truth is that your skin goes into the recovery mode at night and cells repair faster than the day. To go along the process, it is important to lay your hands on a solid night cream, Just a dab of this and you will wake up fresh in the morning. __ECOMPRODUCT__1148__ 2. Hot, Scalding Showers © iStock Hot showers are tempting and relaxing and we get that. But turning up the heat regularly can dry out your skin, leading to more such issues like rosacea, rashes etc. Rather, stick to cold showers as they are quite beneficial. You can also, opt for lukewarm water and protect your skin with a body wash that maintains the pH level of your skin. __ECOMPRODUCT__926__ 3. Not Trimming Your Nose Hair © iStock Just thirty seconds with your trimmer and you are done. It is easy to assume that no one is looking at the overly grown hair in your nostrils but the scraggly danglers are visible. So, if you haven't adhered to this grooming habit, do it right away with a nose trimmer. 4. Using Too Much Product © iStock There's a fine line between being well-groomed and being someone who does everything extra. Whether it's too much styling gel or fragrance or beard oil in your beard, following a routine is fine but overdoing it is not. Stick to a minimal of everything and you'll be all set to make an impression. 5. You Forget Your Feet © iStock Some areas of the body receive the least care but that's no excuse to keep it unclean and give the world a view of your habits. The easiest way to deal with your feet is to take a foot file and get rid of the dry skin. At the end of it, don't forget to clip your nails as well. __ECOMPRODUCT__1149__ 6. You Have Not Changed Your Antiperspirant In Years © iStock When it comes to deodorant, men usually pick the one they see on the racks of the drugstore and continue to buy the same every month. The body also adapts to the antiperspirant, and eventually, it becomes a useless item. The fix here is to change switch things up regularly and also maintain your lifestyle to smell fresh, all the time. View the full article
  18. Is your skincare routine actually making your skin worse? It might make you confused but maybe the reason behind it is the way you use your products or the products that you don’t use but must. Paying extra attention to a skincare regime as men is important as they produce androgen, a *** hormone that is responsible for the production of sebum. This means that the skin pores in men are more likely to get clogged. Following are some of the common skincare mistakes that men make and how you can treat them. __ECOMLOOKS__2568__ __ECOMLOOKS__2569__ __ECOMLOOKS__2570__ __ECOMLOOKS__2571__ __ECOMLOOKS__2572__ The Bottom LineThese are some of the most common mistake men with acne-prone skin make. We say be patient and follow proper skincare regimen to keep the skin healthy. Explore More View the full article
  19. When you can’t squeeze in any exercise in the early part of the day, or if you just aren’t a morning person, a night time workout is for you. But doesn’t working out before bed give you a burst of energy, making a good night’s sleep hard to come by? Well, the answer is no. Your body has a greater ability to produce energy in the evening, so why not put this time into the workout routine you’ve been looking forward to? Here are 5 strategies to work out better after dark and the end results will let you enjoy your night workout. Check them out! __ECOMLOOKS__2548__ __ECOMLOOKS__2549__ __ECOMLOOKS__2550__ __ECOMLOOKS__2551__ __ECOMLOOKS__2552__ The Bottom LineExercising before bed can be a wonderful way to signal your body that it’s time for a shut-down. Have a glass of water, do your nighttime grooming routine, you could also try spritzing lavender oil on your bed pillows and you’ll be on your way to sweet dreams. View the full article
  20. Working from home is a concept that’s going to stay with a lot of us even after the pandemic. After wearing the same old comfy clothes on rotation, you might feel it getting a bit stale. We say it’s time to correct that and upgrade your wardrobe. Loungewear shouldn’t mean a baggy T-shirt and ill-fitted shorts. It also shouldn’t break your bank. You want good quality pieces to your wardrobe that also last you long. We have a list of the most fashionable and comfortable underwear and loungewear you would want in your collection. Check them out! 1. Ultra-Soft Antimicrobial Black Trunks by XYXXMade using micro modal, they provide the best of comfort. With a low rise stretchable microfibre waistband, it’ll leave no marks on wear. This pack of 2 trunks comes in 2 classic colours- black and blue. __ECOMPRODUCT__1135__ 2. Deodorizing Micro Modal Navy Blue Briefs by DamenschYes, you heard it right! With deo and anti-bacterial properties, the fabric doesn’t let bacteria grow hence keeping you odour free. If you’re looking for non-fade briefs, this is the perfect option. While having a mid-rise, it sits over the hips, the matte finish gives it a premium appeal. __ECOMPRODUCT__1136__ 3. Beige & White Printed Cotton Pyjama by NordlichIf staying in loungewear is what you like while working from home, these cotton pyjamas are perfect for you. In Gaia maze pattern, these are cut from handloom Ikat weave detail. Comfortable and classic, these pyjamas are what you need in your wardrobe. __ECOMPRODUCT__1137__ 4. Multicoloured Dino Print Cotton Boxers by Whats DownThis pair of boxers come in multicoloured dinosaurs print. Made using 100% cotton poplin, this piece comes with a back pocket. It’s a fun print to add colour to your everyday wardrobe. __ECOMPRODUCT__1138__ 5. Navy Blue Pinstriped Cotton Pyjama by NordlichPinstripes is one of the most classic patterns every man should have in their collection. Wear this Navy blue cotton Pyjama to manifest your inner Saif Ali Khan self. __ECOMPRODUCT__723__ 6. Grey & White Checked Cotton Night Set by NordlichWoven in 100% cotton, this nightsuit with a notch lapel is stylish and will make you look super cuddly. The grey and white checks add subtle detail to it. The relaxed fit makes it even better. __ECOMPRODUCT__1139__ 7. Classic Blue Tee by MensXP BasicsWhile a crew neck blue T-shirt is a must-have for a foundation wardrobe, you know what else it’s really good for? Lounging in. Cut from premium quality organic cotton, it’s a great example of contemporary minimalism. __ECOMPRODUCT__360__ 8. Bamboo Anti-Microbial Vest by DamenschAgain, a pack of three, this set of innerwear vests comes in three timeless colours, black, grey and beige. The bacteriostatic bioagent called 'Bamboo Kun' fights bacterial growth on the fabric making it 50% more odourless than your average vest. It feels buttery soft even after 100 washes. __ECOMPRODUCT__1140__ 9. Blue & Green Checked Nightsuit Set by Below The BeltThis nightsuit is also a classic set and the perfect choice if you want some colour to your lazy Sunday. It has an elastic waistband, 2 pockets in the pyjama and a notch lapel collar. Crafted with the finest cotton rayon, this nightsuit will make you feel comfortable so you have the best sleep. __ECOMPRODUCT__496__ Final ThoughtsNever before has it been so fashionable to relax. Adding these pieces will definitely spice up your weekend wardrobe. Meet the loungewear style for modern men. Explore More View the full article
  21. How many times have you gone to bed wearing nothing but your briefs because it was too hot and you were too tired to change? Or just passed out wearing your work trousers after a hard day at work during the winters? Well, we all have done this, but looks like all this while we have involuntarily been putting ourselves at risk by indulging in such behaviour. via GIPHY As Indian men, most of us grow up without having privacy in our homes and develop a lot of habits because of that, which stay on even when we're adults. Sleeping fully clothed, at least wearing our underwear, happens to be one of those. It seemingly looks like a good practice, ideal even, but studies show that it definitely is not a healthy practice when it comes to the hygiene and well-being of our family jewels. Here are 3 research backed reasons that tell us why we should never go to bed wearing tight underwear, and in fact try not to wear any underwear at all while sleeping at night: 1. Since India is mostly a humid country, our bodies tend to sweat a lot, even during winters - especially for people who are on the run because of their work commitments. Our nether regions are the worst affected areas when it comes to that and hence, need the most amount of air and breathing space. Since we don't afford to chill around in beach vacations without wearing much, the only possible window for us to realistically achieve that is our bedtime. via GIPHY But because of our upbringing and lack of privacy, most men not only wear some sort of trousers to bed, they also wear a pair of briefs or trunks underneath. This leads to major hygiene issues because of excessive growth of bacteria - that ultimately leads to foul smell and skin issues. Also, in case of any manscaping cuts/scrapes or chafing, infections easily develop on the affected area because of this very reason. via GIPHY 2. The second reason is purely health related. Multiple studies have concluded that men wearing tight underwear throughout day and night have significantly higher levels of fragmented DNA when it comes to their sperm. In other words, your semen quality can be involuntarily put at risk because of the continuous pressure and elevated temperature that your testicles are exposed to, because of wearing tight underwear throughout the day (and at night)! via GIPHY 3. The third reason is physiological, and borders a bit on comfort and common sense. When you go to bed at night, sound sleep can depend on a number of factors. Being completely relaxed and stress free is one of the pre-conditions that your body requires, before it can work towards its own rejuvenation through deep, undisturbed, quality sleep. via GIPHY When you're imposing a good amount of pressure on one of the most sensitive areas of your body by winding it tight and restricting optimum blood flow, it definitely only does negative things for your well-being, and in some cases, sexual performance as well. via GIPHY To add to that, your fertility can also go for a toss. To sum it up, the lesson learned is as follows: 1. It's ideal to avoid wearing tight underwear to bed, like briefs and trunks. 2. The best way to ensure sound sleep and good health is to sleep naked. 3. If you must wear some sort of underwear to bed, let it be a pair of ultra light, breathable cotton boxer shorts. View the full article
  22. Goatee beard styles are widely popular. Inspired by some famous stars to regular guys, there are a lot of styles that can look good, regardless of what variation you choose for yourself Choosing the best goatee beard style can be cumbersome since it has to match your face shape as well In this guide, we will talk about the latest goatee beard styles that you can give a try and transform your look. 1. Classic Goatee © iStock The classic goatee style is the one that has no moustache. To achieve this look, you will have to shave off all your hair, from the cheeks, neck area as well as your moustache. The hair on the lower lip will be in a semicircular form, and it doesn't have a landing strip or soul patch. Trim it properly to get a classic goatee. This beard style goes well with diamond-shaped face and looks good on the elongated chin. 2. Van Dyke Goatee Beard © Instagram/Cristiano Ronaldo You must have already heard about the Van Dyke Beard style, but you can try the goatee version of it as well. If you are looking for something modern, this beard style combines the V-shaped soul patch with a moustache and goatee beard. This goes well with all face shapes even for men with thin beard hair. 3. Anchor Goatee © Instagram/Ironman.fanpage This one is almost similar to the Van Dyke goatee, but the difference comes in the moustache style as here, it is not dense but pencil moustache. This style is combined with a V-shape soul patch and is extended in a linear manner with the goatee, giving it a shape of an Anchor. The face shapes that blend with this style are round, oval and square shape. 4. Chin Goatee With Detached Moustache © Instagram/Zac Efron_FC For men with a patchy beard, they can give this goatee beard style a try. Since this one can be worked with fine hair as well, you need to combine the thin moustache with your goatee. The beard style matches round and oval-shaped face quite well. 5. Full Goatee © Instagram/TomHardy_FC This one is another classic goatee, which resembles a circle beard. It starts at the thick moustache and goes down around the sides of the mouth. It covers the chin area as well. The hair is thick and this unbroken circle, beard style goes with all face shapes. 6. Balbo Goatee © Wikipedia This is another Anchor goatee style, but the sides are thick and longer in length than the original goatee style. Balbo goatee style pairs well with a small moustache and suits square-shaped face. Takeaway:These goatee beard styles are perfect for every face shape. The aforementioned styles are a big hit for men in 2021 and if you are a fan, don't forget to try them out. View the full article
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