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Found 15 results

  1. Both Pakistani flag carriers flew at same altitude near UAE airspace due to alleged negligence of Iranian air traffic control
  2. Number of rescued people is now around 32, while 15 are still trapped mid-air on the ropeway
  3. A total of 130 troops, 95 police officers and 60 firefighters and three helicopters begin search at crash site
  4. American Airlines flight 38 with service from Miami to London returned to MIA due to a disruptive customer refusing to comply with federal mask requirement, says airline
  5. Sunny Leone has won millions of hearts with her charm. The former pornstar stormed the internet as well, as she became one of the most searched personalities on Google. With a mammoth following on Instagram, Sunny has left no stone unturned in keeping her fans entertained. From posting some amazing BTS videos to her gorgeous photos, she knows how to garner all the attention. © Instagram/Sunny Leone © Instagram/Sunny Leone She recently shared another post on her Instagram profile, which has now gone viral. Sunny is currently shooting for her upcoming film, Shero, in Kerala. In the video, Sunny is suspended from the safety ropes in the air and is instructed by the director to say the dialogue. View this post on Instagram While saying the dialogue, she forgets her line and fumbles, giving a confused expression to the crew. Directed by Sreejith Vijayan, Sunny is a lead actress in an upcoming Malayalam venture. She shared this video on Instagram and captioned it as "Aata Majhi Satakli". The video went viral, and her fans applauded the actress by posting emojis in the comments section. The video now has more than a million views on Instagram, as of now. View the full article
  6. India´s civil aviation authority has ordered an investigation and suspended the crew of the jet
  7. How cold is too cold? Well, looks like Siberia is pushing that limit and here's a viral picture to prove it. With -45 C temperature, food is literally freezing in Novosibirsk, Siberia and it'll just make everyone shiver just looking at it. The viral picture of an egg and noodles frozen mid-air almost looks like an optical illusion, but it's all real, it's really that cold. Today it's -45C (-49F) in my hometown Novodibirsk, Siberia. pic.twitter.com/EGxyrRqdE2 — Oleg (@olegsvn) December 27, 2020 Shared by Twitter user @olegsvn, it really does put things in perspective that while we're dying in 10 C, people are actually able to live and survive in freaking -45 C. But then again, the same people won't be able to live in 45 C as we do for months on end in the summers. The picture has obviously gone viral because it looks so bizarre and fake. Where's global warming now, huh? I know right? In our region we start shivering with our sweater on at 23C only — PUBLIC KI REPUBLIC (@prime4poor) December 28, 2020 The most hilarious yet truthful reply. Yaha 20 pe hi fat jati hai sabki — कपिल (@LookAtYouFirst) December 28, 2020 People have weird requests. Oleg, can u pee in the open and take a picture... I'd like to see what happens — Sunnie Oguns (@OgunsSunnie) December 29, 2020 What if he wanted to eat frozen food? Have you tried eating indoors? — Daniel D'Mello (@DanielDmello) December 28, 2020 "And things". They have houses with windows and doors and things. — @aretoodeetou (@aretoodeetou) December 29, 2020 Same. My dumb ass thought this was cake 🤣🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/7Kl2vMplX2 — JigriJatt (@JattJigri) December 29, 2020 And yet, people are disturbing him. Just John Cena having his meal. https://t.co/DICheaKYjQ — Takip (@si_manusiasia) December 29, 2020 Yep. I wouldn't be a good Bengali if I didn't claim it feels almost exactly this cold in Kolkata https://t.co/uDfrUtl2GH — Edgar Allan Poeha (@vaniIlaessence) December 29, 2020 Mr. India and John Cena sharing a meal? Mr India having his breakfast@AnilKapoor https://t.co/bmIgoqJpty — TROUBLESHOOTER (@chandpanjesha) December 29, 2020 Just like how people are alive at 45 C. BRO HOW ARE PEOPLE EVEN ALIVE -45°C??? https://t.co/1msTqZfcsA — π | semi active| (@nerd_sarcasm) December 29, 2020 Mumbaikars can't relate. This is our record in Mumbai this year 🥶 pic.twitter.com/UgbYRwxrLz — Shubham Gawde (@ShubhamGawde16) December 29, 2020 So cold. Bloody cold pic.twitter.com/y76iVKHCSy — Alok (@Alok33020014) December 29, 2020 Definitely. You know its cold when Celsius and Fahrenheit are like "**** it let's just be similar here" https://t.co/XzYOdXMNrY — Beeb (@ybees3) December 29, 2020 Yep. Delhi people: https://t.co/Q5D9eNmqX2 pic.twitter.com/Ccn3BR0Qjt — CNK (@jacknjohnnie) December 29, 2020 Desi people got no chill. To bsdk ghr ke andar ja kr kha na chutiye — Roit (@amanprithviraj) December 29, 2020 View the full article
  8. Indigo Airlines Captain Silvio Diaz Acosta, 63, was flying from Imphal to Kolkata on Saturday evening when he suffered a massive cardiac arrest and severe artery blockage mid-air. Despite complaining of acute chest pain, the Cuban pilot miraculously saved every passenger's life by safely landing the flight. According to a report in The Times Of India, he was about to land the flight when he felt a stabbing pain in his chest and started sweating. © Wikimedia Landing is said to be one of the most critical phases in a plane's operation and it is nothing short of a miracle that despite his condition, Acosta concentrated on the flight controls and touched down safely at 4:45 pm at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Acosta was originally supposed to take off to another destination, but was immediately rushed to the airport's emergency medical unit where his condition was diagnosed and he was rushed to Charnock Hospital. The cardiologist attending to him said it is a miracle that he survived. © Twitter Cardiologist Dr. Satrajit Samanta, told News 18, “His condition was serious, and he was immediately taken to the emergency ward. Electrocardiography (ECG) was done, wherein we found Myocardial infarction (MI), commonly known as a heart attack. It happens when blood flow decreases or completely stops to a part of the heart. Later angioplasty was done, a stent was placed. He is now recovering.” © Pexels He further said, “I have never witnessed such an incident. The fact that the cardiac arrest happened midair and he still landed the flight safely is a miracle. He is fine and out of danger, but we have kept him under strict observation. Today, his family members will reach India from Havana. Hopefully, he will be discharged in two-three days.” Captain Acosta is a real hero, who saved hundreds of lives despite his own life being in danger. We salute him and wish him a speedy recovery.
  9. Apple has some far-fetched patents that may come to fruition sometime soon, but the company's latest patent may just change our lives altogether. The latest patent is titled “Content Creation Using Electronic Input Device on Non-electronic Surfaces” which is a very fancy way to say that Apple is working on a stylus that can work on any surface. Netherlands-base website TechTastic discovered the patent and details an input device that will be able to write on any surface and send data to a device. The patent was filed last July and has since been made public in January 2018. © World Intellectual Property Organization The device is said to communicate wirelessly with an external sensor and will be able to track force, stroke duration, three-dimensional motion and orientation, and “plurality” of strokes. All of these movements will be registered and sent to a device via an external sensor that will use radio frequency or acoustic signals. © World Intellectual Property Organisation This basically means you will not require a secondary device to write on or a touchscreen smartphone for digital sketching. You can use it to take down notes, write, design on your desktop by simply stroking it on any surface. © World Intellectual Property Organisation The image above shows that the device will have a pair of sensors that can measure all your actions and writing inputs close to the screen. So yes, if this patent comes to fruition, you can theoretically use motion and orientation sensors to teach the path of the stylus. This also means that one will not require a surface and users will be able to write, sketch and annotate in mid-air. It will be interesting to see how this stylus could be applied in the real world or what Apple will do with this concept. At the moment, the Apple Pencil only works with the iPad Pro and if a stylus can work any surface, this would be one of the most revolutionary ideas ever since the stylus was invented. This would, in turn, make lives easier for creative folks and also aide in making multi-tasking easier.
  10. A woman gave birth to a baby girl on board Pakistan International Airlines flight. Photo: Geo News screen grab 1 MULTAN: A woman gave birth to a baby girl on board Multan-bound Pakistan International Airlines flight, which had departed from Madina. The PIA also hailed the ?amazing emergency response? of its cabin crew and congratulated the parents of the baby. The airline also tweeted the pictures of the crew holding the baby. The PIA shared: ?Miracles happen every day and we had our little miracle today onboard our flight PK 716 from Madinah to Multan. A beautiful baby girl was born! We congratulate the proud parents on the new arrival and a big kudos to our cabin crew for their amazing emergency response. #PIA.? The mother has been identified as Kausar. Sources informed Geo.tv that the flight was diverted to Karachi due to bad weather. The flight landed at Karachi airport at 8:04 AM. Image courtesy Flight Radar On June 19, an Indian woman gave birth to a baby boy on an international commercial flight as it flew at 35,000 feet, the airline said. The unnamed woman, in her 20s, went into premature labour on Sunday's Jet Airways flight between Damman in Saudi Arabia and Kochi in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Baby on board: Indian gives birth at 35,000 feet The unnamed woman, in her 20s, went into premature labour on Sunday´s Jet Airways flight "The guest delivered a baby boy at 35,000 feet," Jet Airways said in a statement, adding that a paramedic on board and airline staff helped with the delivery. The Boeing 737 flight, which had 162 passengers on board, was diverted to Mumbai where the woman and her newborn were rushed to a hospital near the airport. An official at Mumbai´s Holy Spirit hospital told AFP on Monday that both the mother and baby boy were doing well.
  11. LONDON: Several people are feared killed after a helicopter and an aircraft collided mid-air over Buckinghamshire on Friday. According to British media reports, wreckage from both aircraft fell from the sky near the historic Waddesdon Manor. The mid-air collision took place over the woodland, according to Daily Mail. As many as seven firefighting appliances accompanied by urban search vehicles were deployed to the area with locals also supporting the rescue efforts. Members of the Air Accident Investigation Branch were also deployed to the area to launch an inquiry into the crash. The Thames Valley Police said, "officers are currently at the scene of an air accident near the village of Waddesdon near Aylesbury."
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