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Found 246 results

  1. Arguably the biggest names in the world of football, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo share a rivalry like no other in the sport. If Ronaldo creates a record, Messi makes sure he shatters it. When Messi etches his name in the history books for a feat, Ronaldo does something equally amazing to remind everyone why he is the Argentine's biggest competition. The fact that these out-of-the-world footballers have shared 10 Ballon d'Or trophies amongst themselves, goes on to highlight their dominance in the beautiful game. It's their intense rivalry, the will to upstage one another that has allowed them to push themselves to a whole different level, leaving others in their wake as mediocre. While they continue to upstage one another, answering who's the best between the two has become a major headache for everyone. It's a debate that has not only puzzled fans, but continues to leave former footballers and pundits scratching their heads. While some have supported Ronaldo, others have tipped the scale in Messi's favour. © Reuters More recently, Ronaldo's former Manchester United teammates Wayne Rooney weighed in on the debate and picked Messi over the Portuguese talisman. "Ronaldo is ruthless in the box, a killer. But Messi will torture you before he kills you. With Messi you just get the impression he is having more fun," Rooney recently wrote in the Sunday Times column. While people are bound to have their own opinion, some of the greatest football managers too have weighed in on the debate, revealing their favourite pick between Ronaldo and Messi: Alex Ferguson © Reuters Often labelled as one of the greatest managers to have ever graced football, Sir Alex Ferguson took Manchester United to new heights during his trophy-laden stint at Old Trafford. The Man Utd legend oversaw the development of numerous budding talents who went on to become the greats of the game. Amongst those he managed at United, Ferguson played a key role in shaping up the career of Ronaldo who joined the 'Red Devils' from Sporting Lisbon in 2003, at the age of just 18. Giving his opinion on the Ronaldo vs Messi debate, Ferguson, during his interview in 2016, outlined the difference between the two stars. Sir Alex Ferguson explaining the Messi and Ronaldo debate Better than anyone has ever said it. pic.twitter.com/jY6qXJ8mij â A ???? (@IconicCristiano) July 3, 2019 "Itâs interesting to me that we hear so much about two players these days: Ronaldo and Messi. Now donât get me wrong, Messi is a fantastic player, itâs like heâs wearing slippers when he controls the ball. But here, for me, is the difference. Messi is a Barcelona player. But Ronaldo could play for Stockport County and score a hat trick. He has everything. He can shoot with both feet, head the ball, heâs as brave as a lion, and hereâs something else people overlook," Ferguson was quoted as saying by Sports Illustrated. Pep Guardiola © Reuters One of the greatest managers in the modern era of the sport, Pep Guardiola needs no introduction when it comes to managing a football club. A defensive midfielder in his playing days, Guardiola redefined Barcelona with his 'tiki-taka' style of football during his stay at Camp Nou. Today, he stands as the winner of top-flight leagues in Spain, Germany and England. During his 11-year stint at Barcelona (first team), Guardiola oversaw the evolution of numerous future greats including Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Messi. It was under his tutelage that the great Barca trio thrived and reached the pinnacle of the sport in their respective careers. For someone who was closely involved in the evolution of Messi, it wasn't surprising to see Guardiola picking the Argentine over Ronaldo. "Messi is the best, he is definitely the best. He knows how to play, score and make the other players play. He is always there. With all the respect to all the players, first to Cristiano Ronaldo - congratulations to him for the award (2015 Ballon d'Or) - I think Messi is on another level," Guardiola was quoted as saying by ESPN in 2016. Jurgen Klopp © Reuters Another modern-day great when it comes to football managers, Jurgen Klopp has come a long way from inspiring the epic turnaround of Borussia Dortmund to becoming a UEFA Champions League winner with Liverpool. Today, he ranks amongst the best tacticians in the world of football, often credited with pioneering the resurgence of 'Gegenpressing' in modern football. âI have one selfie on my smartphone. Thatâs with Messi. Cristiano was in the room, as well...â ?? Jürgen Kloppâs special Q&A at the @LFCFoundation Gala dinner premieres tonight. ???? ?? 21:30 GMT on LFCTV & LFCTV GO: https://t.co/DAxFjfdrlB pic.twitter.com/6aKseUcsE9 â LFCTV (@LFCTV) December 22, 2018 While he might not have managed Ronaldo or Messi, the German manager did weigh in on the much-hyped debate during a Q&A in 2018. âI have only one selfie on my smartphone. Thatâs with Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo was in the room as well,â Klopp's cheeky response pretty much sums it up. Diego Simeone © Reuters A versatile midfielder who won Copa America in 1991 and 1993 with Argentina, Diego Simeone, post his retirement as a player, has emerged as one of the most effective managers in modern-day football. Starting his managerial career with Argentina's Racing Club, Simeone went on to change the fortunes of Atletico Madrid since his arrival in 2011. Given his exploits at Atletico, Simeone has become one of the most respected managers around. Simeone had initially created quite a stir after a leaked WhatsApp clip in 2018 showed him claiming Ronaldo was better than Messi. But, the Atletico Madrid manager soon clarified and seemingly took a U-turn on his opinion. "If I had to choose between Messi and Ronaldo then most likely I would choose Messi. Yes I said (Ronaldo) on the video, but the conversation was between me and (Atleti assistant) German Burgos, talking about football as everyone talks about it. When I talked about Messi and Ronaldo, it wasn't from the perspective of who is the best in the world. I just meant that if you have the chance to sign one of them for a normal club, with normal players, Ronaldo would probably fit in better," Simeone was quoted as saying by Goal in 2018. Zinedine Zidane © Reuters Undeniably one of the greatest attacking midfielders during his playing days, Zinedine Zidane was an asset for any team he played for. Some called him "a monster" for his performance and abilities, others labelled him as the greatest talent in the last 20 years of football. Following his retirement as a player, Zidane became just as good a manager when he began his stint at Real Madrid. Roped in as a special adviser to 'Los Blancos' first team in 2010, Zidane has emerged as one of the most successful managers os his era and in the history of Real Madrid, winning the UEFA Champions League an unprecedented three times. He also spent a lot of time overseeing Ronaldo's performances in the Portuguese's nine-year stay at Santiago Bernabeu. Speaking on the Messi vs Ronaldo debate, Zidane said: "Cristiano is the best. Messi is his rival and it's the rivalry everyone wants to see. But Ronaldo is phenomenal. There are no words to describe him. He is much better than me even though I had a great career. He's the greatest of all time". Well, managers will keep chiming in on this eternal debate, however, it seems like there never will be a solid answer to the question: who is the GOAT between Messi and Ronaldo. Of course, their respective fans think otherwise. Do let us know in the comments section as to who, in your opinion, is the greatest footballer of the two. View the full article
  2. Report by Professor Richard Webber from Newcastle University and former Labour Party politician Trevor Phillips tries to establish link
  3. Last week, OnePlus announced its new OnePlus 8 series phones in an online event amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, without much fanfare or even a launch event, OnePlus has revealed how much its new phones will cost in India. Both phones i.e. the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro support 5G connectivity and are powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 865 SoC. They're just as powerful as you'd expect OnePlus phones to be, by now. Anyway, here are the variant-wise prices - © Twitter/ @DurvidImel A special 6GB variant for India OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus 8 will be available in three variants. The variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage will cost you Rs 41,999. This is a region-exclusive variant for India. The 8GB+128GB variant is priced at Rs 44,999. The most powerful variant with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage is priced at Rs 49,999. As for the OnePlus 8 Pro, it starts at Rs 54,999 for the 8GB+128GB variant. The 12GB+256GB costs Rs 59,999. In addition to the phones, OnePlus has also revealed that the new Bullets Wireless Z earphones will cost you Rs 1,999 in India. Overall, it's safe to say that the OnePlus 8 Series' India pricing is quite aggressive. Given the fact that the new iPhone SE has just been launched in India for Rs 42,500, it'll be interesting to see how they both will be received in the market. © Twitter/ @DurvidImel Availability Since India is currently under a complete lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, OnePlus hasn't announced any availability details yet. Given the fact that the e-commerce platforms are getting ready to ship electronic items including smartphones again soon, we hope to hear more from OnePlus very soon. So keep your eyes peeled. View the full article
  4. For people like myself, these might be more or less the most precious days of our life in recent times. Iâm sorry if I sound apathetic, that isnât my intention. But you see, for the likes of us who are lucky enough to be working from home during this time of the COVID-19 crisis, thereâs little else to crib about. © Pexels With little to no unnecessary interaction with the outside world, no draining away in hours-long commute but instead being able to enjoy the luxury of working in my pyjamas with my favourite snack handy, trust me, you wonât find me complaining about this self-quarantining or social distancing scenario any time soon. No, this isnât 'easy' for me. Iâm not an introvert per se. An ambivert maybe? Though I personally think I might be an omnivert instead. Anyhow, letâs leave aside all that self-prognosis for now. The point I am basically trying to make here is that although I am enjoying this entire work-from-home situation, many of you out there might be having a hard time dealing with all this peace and quiet, and basically all the free time you now have to kill. © Pexels Before you go ahead and sabotage your âperfectâ little life under the influence of quarantine-induced boredom, let me help you with 5 stupid things you should avoid during this time: 1. Donât Go Back To Stalking Your Ex Online © Pinterest/Lindsay Mound I know the temptation is real. I know you might have come a long way since the âlast timeâ. But what I also know, is that itâs easy to give in at a time like this when you are looking for ways to âentertainâ yourself at home. And what better way to do that than getting an update on what your ex has been up to, right? Wrong. You might end up regretting it big time, so spare yourself the mood-spoiler. 2. Donât Make That TikTok Account © YouTube/Tik tok I know every other celeb under home-quarantine is doing this right now, and it seems like a decent idea to give it a try âjust onceâ but thatâs where the trap lies! Trust me, I had given in once myself and I say it from experience, that this is one rabbit-hole thereâs no coming back from. I legit had to switch to a qwerty-keypad phone for a few weeks to get out of that zone. Just, donât do it. 3. Donât Go On An Online Shopping Spree © Pexels Donât even get me started on why this might be a potential health hazard, but whether you believe that or not, don't succumb to the urge to go online shopping. You might be an impulsive buyer or a believer of the goodness of retail therapy, but none of those are good enough reasons to put your cards to use at the checkout page right now. The urge to do something âusefulâ with our free time can lead to a dwindling bank account and a bunch of crap you donât really need. 4. Donât Try Social Media Challenges To Kill Time © Twitter I donât need to explain this any more than what you think it means. Be it something like the dangerous #SkullBreaker challenge or the wild #CoronavirusChallenge, it isnât worth it to lose your mind or risk your life over such reckless deeds. Trust me, there are far more entertaining and safe ways of killing your time. Such as sleeping in your cosy, little bed! 5. Donât Turn Into A Junk-ie © Pexels No, I donât mean like a drug abuser (though donât do that either), but more like a junk food ordering junk-ie. That was me trying to be f(p)unny, liked it? But really, I know how perfect it seems that a few clicks on your phone could fetch you all the greasy goodness in the world, but now isnât the time to let your inner glutton out. Itâs risky and constant reliance on junk/outside food can really send your health for a toss by the time the quarantine is called off. So Iâd suggest you avoid doing that. View the full article
  5. Staying at home with limited social activity is a shared reality for a lot of us today, courtesy the coronavirus pandemic, and we have to adhere to that regardless of whether we've voluntarily decided to stay at home or there isn't any another option. With more corporates encouraging work from home by the day and cinemas, gyms, colleges shutting down, it looks like we'll be looking at weeks of social distancing. But what does social distancing even mean? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has shared a now-viral graph aimed at âflattening the curveâ amidst the coronavirus outbreak. 1. A very short thread on the power of data graphics and scientific communication. Roughly a week ago, some very smart person* sat down, drew this graph, and saved lives. (*It's 2 AM. Without an economist subscription, I can't quickly discover whom. Maybe someone can help.) pic.twitter.com/eU71Eu60eS â Carl T. Bergstrom (@CT_Bergstrom) March 6, 2020According to the graph, self-quarantining can potentially have a huge impact on combating the spread of COVID-19. Limiting contact essentially lessens the rate of infection and more importantly decreases the rush at hospitals. In a developing country like India, where resources have always been limited and don't trickle down as effectively, an outbreak can potentially be a lot to handle. Flattening the curve ensures that fewer people get sick so the hospitals have enough beds and resources to take care of the patients instead of an unfortunate situation wherein doctors have to choose between patients. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@jacquemus)So how do people practice social distancing? If you're able to work from home, then you should because a lot of people can't even consider this as an option. You'll have to cancel all your plans and instead stay at home. This is the time that you can use to do things like baking a cake, gaming or even reading that book that you've been meaning to read for months. While it may seem like a luxury at first, it's important to remember that social distancing is also a social responsibility. Instinctively, we all get alerted when someone sneezes these days, but besides that, it's also important to maintain a healthy five-feet distance. However, this in no way means that you're bound to your house. You can go for a walk or a bike ride, but again, whilst maintaining a safe distance. This is the time when subscription services like Milk daily, BB daily come in handy to even further limit grocery shopping trips. In general, wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitiser when unable to wash with soap and water. This may all seem strenuous and taxing, especially when you can't go out on dates, or go for swimming, or no hump days for that matter. But you should remember that all of this is temporary and social distancing, in fact, is a way to quicken the process of stopping the spread of the deadly virus. But hey, we don't live in the times of Spanish Flu which means that there isn't much you're missing out on, courtesy the internet. So there are still ways you can make up for all the things you will be missing out on. View the full article
  6. For all the fans who have been waiting to see Shah Rukh Khan on the big screen, the news of him making an appearance in Karan Joharâs upcoming movie, Brahmastra, will be nothing less than a welcome development. Earlier this year, Karan Johar had confirmed that SRK indeed has a special appearance in the Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer. View this post on InstagramMark your calendars for #Brahmastra ð Releasing 04.12.2020A post shared by (@aliaabhatt) Now, a report in Pinkvilla has revealed that Khan will be playing a scientist in the movie. "Brahmastra is designed in such a way that each of these actors play a key role in the narrative. Ranbir's character meets each of them at different times of his quest to find the Brahmastra. While Nagarjuna plays an archaeologist, SRK essays the role of a scientist," a source told the entertainment portal. The source added, âNagarjuna, Shah Rukh and Dimple Kapadia are all aids to Ranbir's character at specific points in the plot and push the story ahead. All of them have clues leading Ranbir to the Brahmastra. The film opens with Shah Rukh's sequence. It's a long scene and SRK shot it over ten days at Film City earlier this year." View this post on InstagramâYour feelings are your Super powersâ...just wanted to sound âdeepâ...the real reason for the post is to try out this new filter on the pic!A post shared by (@iamsrk) People are, obviously, excited to see him make an appearance but are now demanding for a full-fledged movie, saying it's about time King Khan had a comeback. Why you always waste your talent and time to do such cameos for so called friends! â Hanna ð» (@HannanMust) March 13, 2020Shah Rukh Khan is reported to be playing the role of a scientist in #Brahmastra. @iamsrk along with Ranbir Kapoor will be seen in the opening sequence. According to reports, Itâs a long and crucial scene. Bring it on https://t.co/QlYuhpIrE9 â Junaid khan (@JunaidK25961647) March 13, 2020At least we get to see you this year ..@iamsrk a xmas gift... interesting a role of a scientist in Brahmastra. releasing on December 4, 2020. â Shirin (@iam4sunrise) March 13, 2020I dont hate him bro.. it's just I am surprised by his choice of movies in recent years. Even I want him to come back with a bang!! But he needs good advisors around him to choose excellent subjects!! â ramodâ (@PramodSpeaks) March 14, 2020 Well, it will surely be interesting to see him back on the big screen. In an earlier report in Mid-Day, a source had said that SRKâs character is one of the key highlights of the film and comes at a crucial point in the narrative of the film, which is a mix of fantasy and mythology. Brahmastra, starring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy, Dimple Kapadia along with cameos by Shah Rukh Khan and Nagarjuna, will be releasing in theatres on December 4, 2020. Excited for this one? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  7. For years, fans have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar Games has been particularly mum about it, just like they always are when it comes to GTA 6. But we now have a reason to believe that a release date for the Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming soon. Thanks to a notorious leaker on GTAForums, a user known as gonnaenodaethat, GTA fans around the world are now super excited. © Rockstar Games The leaker has posted several cryptic messages on the forum. Yes, cryptic messages aren't something to get excited about, but it's different in this case. The messages are coming from the same guy who was posting these cryptic messages before the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release date announcement. It's also worth pointing out that he's doing all this on GTAForums, which is particularly known for banning users very easily for posting random messages. So if they haven't taken down his profile yet, then it's saying something. Here's a detailed Reddit post listing different points to prove that he is indeed a legitimate source. © Rockstar Games Well, now that we're on the same page about the source being legitimate, let's check out what he posted. The leaker has started a thread on the GTAForums, simply titled 0320. Fans believe that he's talking about March 20. A previous leak about the game also carried a release date close to this, so, needless to say, fans are super excited about the end of March to learn more about the game. We will definitely be covering the updates about the game here, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Source: Reddit View the full article
  8. If youâve been wanting to use a trackpad with the Apple iPad, your wish might just come true this year. Apple is apparently planning to release a new iPad Keyboard that will have a trackpad built-in for users. If the cover exists, the iPad can potentially turn into a proper laptop similar to the companyâs MacBooks. The rumour comes from the website The Information and according to them, the accessory is expected to launch alongside the new iPad Pro. © Unsplash/Danaiel Korpai iPad users have been requesting some form of mouse support for a while and this keyboard would be Appleâs next move to making the iPad a good replacement for laptops. iPadOs already has mouse support but is currently limited to certain functions. Of course, we still have to see how it would work with iPadOS and how Apple integrates the trackpad support. Currently, the iPad lets users use mouse via the Assistive Touch feature that can be found in the accessibility menu. However, the mouse doesnât appear as a pointer but instead as an opaque circle for users. The new trackpad cover could potentially change how we use the iPad and transform it into a fully functional laptop. © Unsplash/Danaiel Korpai Previous rumours have suggested the next iPad Pro will come with a backlit Smart Keyboard this fall, similar to MacBook keyboards. However, there was no mention of the trackpad in these previous rumours. We may have to wait a few more months to see how Apple connects all the dots and implement a comprehensive mouse feature. It seems clear that Apple wants the iPad to become more laptop-like and if these rumours are true, Apple is already heading in the right direction. Source: The Information View the full article
  9. âBaby, just one more photo naâ With every just one more, we must have faked smiling at least a million times for social media validation. Likes, shares and comments â this holy grail of validation is not an easy one to achieve. You have to look happy, your photos have to have a certain aesthetic and your quotes need to be on point. With the mounting pressure, anyone would crumble. And our relationships are no different. If your social updates are more active than your relationship, you definitely need to make some changes. One such couple caught in the web of likes and followers is Pawan Srivastav and Pooja Maheshwari from MX Players' upcoming relationship drama Pawan & Pooja. Digital prankster Pawan falls in love with online influencer Pooja, but when his pranks start costing Pooja her followers, they discover how complicated their offline relationship gets. Are a couple of hours away from the digital world, really that hard to achieve? Well, not really. Here are some annoying social media habits that can you start avoiding before they hamper your relationship. Posting Stories On Date Night Not everyone needs to know that you are out on a date. Some people are just happy scrolling through hours of cat videos. The need to capture every moment of your date results in superficial conversations with your partner and a sour time overall. Next time you are on a date, switch off your WiFi and have a real conversation. Declaring Your Love-Hate Relationship OnlineEvery couple fights. Itâs natural. But posting sad quotes after a petty fight with your partner wonât help resolve anything. Youâll just land up providing some interesting tidbits of gossip to everyone on your timeline. The next time you fight, squash the urge to post anything on social media and instead pick up the phone and talk to your partner. Spending Hours Every Night On Your PhoneIf your smartphone is the third person in your relationship, itâs time to make some changes. Nobody likes talking to someone whose face is glued to their phone screens. Hours before you sleep, take a social media detox and spend time with your loved one. Worrying More About Your FollowersSocial popularity doesnât always translate to real-life popularity, and itâs time we start valuing the âreal followersâ in our life - the ones who, without fail, like your every post just to encourage your social media ambitions. This Valentineâs Day, Pawan and Pooja give us the perfect insight into how social media can build cracks in a relationship. They navigate through the ups and downs of their social media fame and how it breaks their offline relationships. The show Pawan & Pooja also explores the lives of two other couples â also named Pawan & Pooja â who are at different stages of their relationships, discovering that love is indeed conditional, breakable and questionable. Interested to know more about Pawan and Pooja, you can start streaming the show for FREE on MX Players from 14th February. View the full article
  10. In a matter of hours, the 92nd Academy Awards will be premiering. The Oscars, somehow, have always trumped the other awards. In the award season, this is one red carpet everyone looks forward to. The golden statuette means a lot to the people in the industry. This year's list includes Joaquin Phoenix for Joker, Brad Pitt for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and even Laura Dern for her role in the film, Marriage Story. This is when most people are racking their brains predicting which film and actor will be triumphant amongst the lot. We have Sam Mendes' 1917 that's won most awards this season and Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite, a critically acclaimed masterpiece. So here's a list of all the nominees in the main categories and the nominee that we think will win, and the one that we think should've won. 1. Best Picture Ford v Ferrari The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Marriage Story 1917 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Parasite Will Win: 1917/ Joker Should Win: Parasite Parasite, despite being a Korean film, has been universally acclaimed as hard-hitting. While Joker and 1917 are brilliant in their own right, however, it's rare for films like Parasite to make it to the top. The last time something like this took place was back in 2009 with Slumdog Millionaire. © Getty Images Actor in a Leading Role Antonio Banderas in Pain and Glory Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Adam Driver in Marriage Story Joaquin Phoenix in Joker Jonathan Pryce in The Two Popes Will Win: Joaquin Phoenix Should Win: Joaquin Phoenix Like Leonardo Di Caprio's long-awaited win for The Revenant, I think most people will nod heads in agreement that Joaquin Phoenix in Joker was a phenomenal performance that deserves an Oscar. © Getty Images Actress in a Supporting Role Kathy Bates in Richard Jewell Laura Dern in Marriage Story Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit Florence Pugh in Little Women Margot Robbie in Bombshell Will Win: Laura Dern Should Win: Florence Pugh While Laura Dern's speech in Marriage Story was commendable which got her this nomination in the first place, it was Amy as Florence in Little Women who moved us second to Saorise's performance. View the full article
  11. General understanding has it that skincare should be on our priority list. But most of us would also agree that this is far from reality. It really is a lot of work to follow those three to four steps to 'glowing skin' that promise a world of difference, if followed âsincerelyâ every day. © Instagram However, while we might fail to follow the steps to glorious skin and make a zillion excuses on a daily basis to cover up our laziness, one of Indiaâs busiest individuals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave out a golden secret for glowing skin that has blown peopleâs minds away! While recently interacting with the Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2020 awards, PM Modi was seen sharing his personal beauty tip for glowing skin that the PM swears by. Talking to the recipients, PM Modi said, "Once someone asked me why's there so much glow on my face. I replied: I work so hard, I sweat so much. I massage my face with sweat, that's why it glows." Interacting with recipients of Rashtriya Bal Puraskar, 2020. Watch. https://t.co/aMwRIevyIf â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) January 24, 2020 Whatâs more, PM Modi also believes that "every child should sweat four times in a day" for that healthy glow and now itâs got us all wondering if those four-step beauty regimes are actually worth our time and money. People on social media have also not overlooked PM Modiâs words and have made it their personal mission to spread his words far and wide. Here is what people are saying. Narendra modi- I massage my face with sweat. https://t.co/KyUUFfCJPC â Hitesh khandelwal (@imhitesh_k) January 25, 2020After Modi ji's Sweat theory Half of Uttar Pradesh: pic.twitter.com/96YHboC1m6 â Chronology (@howdyMoudi) January 25, 2020Abdul to Rachel: Konsi cream lu for the glow? Man Arden Face Cream: Rs. 375 Clinique For Men Hydrator: Rs. 2500 Peter Thomas Roth All Day Moisture: Rs. 2000 Rachel: Kya in me Sweat hai? Sweat se massage karne pe glow aata hai. Abdul: Tu fir se Modi ji ko sun rahi hai? ð¤¦ð¾ââï¸ â Mee'nal Maharwal (@tennis_meenal) January 25, 2020I beg to differ. Licking Modi's sweat makes you an average andh bhakt. Making Modi sweat makes you Amit Shah â Minerva (@OnMiNerves) January 25, 2020Thanks to modi ji now start bussiness of sweat oil as Make in India... â Er.Pramod Verma (@Pramod94433033) January 25, 2020Sweat fairnlovely from Modi pic.twitter.com/6tVOUUYVcy â Anil Gowda (@AnilGow89565431) January 25, 2020 View the full article
  12. The heartthrob of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan has donned many avatars in his movies over the years, however, the one role noticeably missing from his repertoire is that of a cop. At a recent event, Umang: A Mumbai Police Welfare Fund's Initiative, Hrithik expressed his desire to someday, essay the role of a police officer. Acknowledging the efforts of the Mumbai Police, the War star said, "Mumbai is one of the best cities to live in and it is because of the Mumbai police force. I couldn't make it to Umang 2019 last year but this year I made sure that I come here. I am feeling wonderful performing at a stage for all the policemen who work for us day and night and keep us safe." View this post on InstagramThis oneâs all about the iphone. #ShotonIPhonePro . Good morning !A post shared by (@hrithikroshan) He also said that the role of a cop is one that he has been wanted to play for a long time. "In my entire life, I have essayed all kinds of roles. However, I haven't got a chance to play the character of a policeman. I would urge the filmmakers to write a police officer's role for me because that will be the most challenging role of my life. I am sure I will make it the best role of my life," he added. Don't know about you guys, but we think Hrithik, as a badass cop, beating the crap out of goons and criminals will be a sight to behold. Well, it this happens, looks like our beloved Singham and Simbaa will have some tough competition. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  13. A display featuring missiles and a portrait of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is seen at Baharestan Square in Tehran, Iran. Photo: ReutersIran’s launching of more than a dozen missiles at American-led forces in Iraq on Wednesday came after years of preparing for a confrontation with its superpower foe, whose forces are vastly larger and more advanced, reported Reuters news agency on Wednesday. The Gulf country has more than 500,000 active-duty personnel, including 125,000 members of its elite Revolutionary Guards, according to a report last year by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. But international sanctions and restrictions on arms imports have made it hard for Iran to develop or buy more sophisticated weaponry. To compensate for the imbalance, Iran has developed “asymmetrical” responses - ballistic missiles, deadly drones and a web of militia allies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, among other things - with the aim of being able to inflict pain while avoiding the traditional battlefield. Iranian minister Amir Hatami walks at an exhibition in Tehran, Iran, Faberuary 2, 2019. Photo: ReutersAlso read: Iran missile strike: Tehran claims 80 dead in attack on US bases “From a conventional military perspective they would get absolutely hammered,” said a British former military commander who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter. “Their conventional military is very, very sparse and quite old and quite out of date. They’ve spent all their money on asymmetric attack capabilities. In that regard they’re very well prepared.” Until Wednesday, the strategy had deterred a direct conflict with the US as tensions spiked since Washington quit a multi-lateral nuclear deal in 2018 and reimposed sanctions. Gulf rival Saudi Arabia recently witnessed the damage that missile and drone assaults can cause, after a strike on its oil facilities last year briefly halved production and knocked out 5% of global crude supply. Riyadh and Washington blamed Iran for the attack. Photo: ReutersAlso read: Khamenei says Iran strike on US bases ‘a slap in the face’ for Washington Iran has built the largest stockpile of ballistic missiles in the Middle East. Some are based on the older, widely used “Scud” designs, with a range of at least 750km (466 miles). Others, based on the North Korean No Dong, can reach up to 2,000km, within reach of Israel or southeast Europe, according to a US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report last year. The Revolutionary Guards fields a fleet of missile-armed speedboats and midget submarines it can deploy against US military ships or commercial tankers to disrupt the flow of oil in Gulf waters, where Washington says Tehran attacked six tankers last year. “If you look at ships, tanks, jet fighters, Iran looks very weak. But if you’re looking at anti-ship missiles, ballistic missiles, UAVs and things like that then it looks a lot more capable,” said Jeremy Binnie, Middle East and Africa editor for Jane’s Defense Weekly. Photo: ReutersAlso read: Ukrainian jet crashes in Iran, all 176 on board dead Iran’s fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used for surveillance or armed with explosives, according to military experts. “Iran in the Persian Gulf doesn’t really need to have big ships, not necessarily frigates and destroyers. Speedboats, gun boats, missile boats can do the job,” said Hossein Aryan, a military analyst who served 18 years in Iran’s navy before and after the 1979 Islamic revolution. Major-General Qassem Soleimani, whose killing in a US drone strike in Baghdad last week sparked the Iranian retaliation on Wednesday, was the head of the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force. The group handled clandestine operations outside Iran, working closely with allied military forces and militias in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Screen capture from video showing Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami, left, during the opening of a production line to produce Iran's Mohajer 6 drone, in Tehran. Also read: Iran attacks US bases in Iraq, US assessing situation: Get the latest updates here Iran’s leaders have promised harsh reprisals over the death of Soleimani, who was a national hero to many Iranians but considered a dangerous villain by Western governments. He was buried in Iran on Tuesday after tens of thousands mourned him in a ceremony led by Iran’s supreme leader. US officials have said Soleimani was killed because intelligence indicated forces under his command planned attacks on US targets in the region, although they have provided no evidence. Former Iranian general Qassem Soleimani (left) with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei . Photo: WikiAlso read: Iran conflict: Pakistan advises citizens to 'exercise maximum caution' while travelling to Iraq Democrats in the US Congress and some of the party’s presidential contenders warned that the escalating conflict could spark a wider war in the Middle East. Lebanon’s Hezbollah, along with a handful of the Iraqi militias closely allied with Iran, have already pledged to take revenge against American forces for Soleimani’s death. More than 5,000 US troops are in Iraq along with other foreign forces as part of a coalition that has trained and supported Iraqi security forces against the threat of Islamic State militants. American troops are also stationed at bases in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, which hosts Al-Udeid air base, the largest US military facility in the region. Bahrain is headquarters of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.
  14. The world may not think much of Abhishek Bachchan the actor, but nobody can challenge the fact that AB Jr has delivered some really good performances over the course of his Bollywood journey, so far. For many of his admirers, one such memorable performance of the actor was in Guru and undeniably, it is perhaps one of his best performances on the silver screen. For anybody who has watched the movie, it would surely be difficult to imagine somebody else portray the role of Gurukant Desai than Abhishek. © Madras Talkies His powerful and more-than-convincing performance in the film won him much-deserved acclaim, and with the recently-shared first look of Abhishek's next film The Big Bull coming out, we have an inkling that it wouldn't be wrong to expect a Guru-like reboot from this film inspired by one of India's most infamous scammers and broker Harshad Mehta. Now, let us tell you why. Right from the very subject of The Big Bull, to the genre that the film is set to deal with, it's pretty much in keeping with a Bildungsroman, or simply put, a narrative that traces the rise of a protagonist. © Quora That brings us to the most important part of this article. Who da fcuk is Harshad Mehta. Who Is Harshad Mehta On the surface level, suffice it to say that Harshad Mehta was the brightest stockbroker India had seen in the 80s, who fell from grace at the end of the 20th century after having acquired a colossal wealth and fame through his trading secrets. Until one fine day, Harshad “Big Bull” Mehta turned into India's 'king of scams' who was served with 27 criminal charges against him. Before his sudden death, while in police custody due to a heart ailment in 2001, Harshad was convicted in four of the twenty-seven criminal charges against him. The (In)Famous 1992 Security Scam © Twitter It was journalist Sucheta Dala who exposed Mehta and his accomplices' scam in 1992 through an article that was published in The Times of India. In her own words, this is what Mehta had been doing to hike up stock prices and make truckloads of money by fooling small-scale banks and stock buyers. © Twitter “The crucial mechanism through which the scam was effected was the ready forward (RF) deal. The RF is in essence a secured short-term (typically 15-day) loan from one bank to another. Crudely put, the bank lends against government securities just as a pawnbroker lends against jewellery. The borrowing bank actually sells the securities to the lending bank and buys them back at the end of the period of the loan, typically at a slightly higher price. It was this ready forward deal that Mehta and his accomplices used with great success to channel money from the banking system.” The Perfect 'Bollywood' Subject © Twitter Before the exposé, Harshad channelled the perfect 'Pied Piper' of the Indian stock market, who succeeded in fuelling the greed and aspiration of millions of middle-class Indian in the 90s. His rise made for the perfect 'rags to riches' story that people are eager to grab a bite of - a small-town boy who turned into the “Sultan of Dalal Street” until he was overthrown. With Abhishek on the forefront of The Big Bull, we are hoping to witness the journey of Hashad Mehta the way we saw Gurukant Desai's. View the full article
  15. Google launched one of our favourite smartphones, the Pixel 3A in early 2019 and the smartphone surprised us all with what it was capable of. It was a smartphone that came with a great camera, balanced specifications and a more affordable price tag. However, new renders of the Pixel 4a have now leaked online and it shows us what the smartphone will look like. © 91Mobiles These are the first set of pictures that are based on the CAD files of the upcoming smartphone. The renders were published by 91mobiles and @Onleakes that shows a design similar to the Pixel 4. However, the most notable change is the punch-hole display as the Pixel 3a came with noticeable bezels. The punch-hole camera is positioned in the top-left part of the display and also allows the smartphone to have slimmer bezels. The Pixel 4a renders show that the smartphone will not have Pixel 3's larger forehead that housed different sensors for Motion Sense gestures. Since these sensors are not present on the smartphone, we aren't sure whether the smartphone will have Google's face unlock feature or not. In terms of camera arrangement, the Pixel 4a looks like it will have only one sensor in a similar camera module as the Pixel 4. The primary sensor is rumoured to be a 12.2 MP lens and will work similarly to the camera on the Pixel 3a. The Pixel 4a is also expected to come with a USB-C charging port and a 35mm headphone jack. © 91Mobiles In terms of specs, the Pixel 4a is expected to feature a 5.7-inch display and will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 730 or 765 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. View the full article
  16. You can either like it or hate it...but you cannot ignore it. That's pretty much the gist of every Salman Khan movie of late. No matter how good or bad his movies are or no matter how many people crib about 'Our business is our business, none of your business' - btw, I am not even talking about those who rinsed their eyes and ears with Lizol after watching this - somehow Salman's movies are always a blockbuster at the box office. His latest Dabangg 3 isn't any different. In the first few days of its release, Dabangg 3 has already earned close to Rs. 90 crore and there are no points for guessing that it will easily cross Rs. 100 crore in a day or two. © Salman Khan films But looks like not everyone is impressed with Salman's Dabangg attitude. According to the recent box office collection, the film saw a major dip on Monday and industry experts feel that the ongoing protests against CAA and NRC are the reason behind the low footfall. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh wrote on Twitter, "#Dabangg3 collects in double digits on Day 4... Not performing at optimum levels... Needs to recover lost ground today [evening onwards] + tomorrow [#Christmas]... Fri 24.50 cr, Sat 24.75 cr, Sun 31.90 cr, Mon 10.70 cr. Total: â¹ 91.85 cr. #India biz. Note: All versions." #Dabangg3 collects in double digits on Day 4... Not performing at optimum levels... Needs to recover lost ground today [evening onwards] + tomorrow [#Christmas]... Fri 24.50 cr, Sat 24.75 cr, Sun 31.90 cr, Mon 10.70 cr. Total: â¹ 91.85 cr. #India biz. Note: All versions. — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) December 24, 2019 Despite the dipping numbers, Salman Khan still managed to create a new record and no it has nothing to do with how bad Race 3 was. Or maybe there is some connection? Anyway, the latest record is that if Dabangg 3 enters the 100 crore club, which his fans think it will, then it will reportedly become his 15th film to hit a century at the box office i.e. enter the 100 crore club. Directed by Prabhudeva, Dabangg 3 also stars Sonakshi Sinha, Kichha Sudeep, and Mahesh Manjrekar's daughter Saiee Manjrekar. But, Salman Khan fans better watch out for Akshay Kumar as the release of Good Newwz may not be good news for Dabangg 3. View the full article
  17. Apple's current-generation iPhones, as we already know, are extremely powerful. When it comes to the performance, there's hardly anything out there that's as powerful as the new iPhones. There are a ton of benchmarks out there to prove the same. And if the new report is something to go by, then it looks like, the next set of iPhones will be more powerful. The report by MacRumors suggests that the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max will offer up to 6GB RAM. That's right, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max both are likely to have 6GB RAM, up from 4GB in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. © Apple Apple is one of the very few companies that has managed to nail OS optimisation. The iPhones work so well with iOS that RAM has never really been an issue. While Android phones have been carrying 6GB and 8GB RAM for a long time now, the 3GB RAM on the iPhone X has been a bottleneck. iPhones have great memory management and we expect them to remain the same, if not get better over time. Now that we're hearing rumours about the next iPhones having up to 6GB of RAM, we think it'll only make them more powerful. Although we don't have an official confirmation yet, we're expecting the RAM to be faster too. That way, the phones won't slow down over an extended period of time since it won't be a bottleneck, to begin with. In addition to that, the new iPhones are also expected to feature rear-facing 3D sensing and mmWave support for higher-performance 5G. And as far as the base model iPhone 12 is concerned, it's said to have 4GB of RAM. © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee Lastly, the report also says that the iPhone SE2 is still in the pipeline and its production is set to begin in February, 2020. All these information come from a reliable source, but we won't know anything for sure until we get any sort of confirmation directly from Apple. View the full article
  18. Acne-prone skin is always tricky to deal with, especially when you don't know what the trigger is. Taking into account the pollution, products, and chemicals our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, breakouts are inevitable more or less. However, one of the major factors for acne, that isn't given much thought about, is the fabric that you might be wearing. The composition of the fabric that you wear can also potentially irritate your skin or worse can be the reason behind your body acne. So, what's the best fabric for all skin types? Dermatologists have suggested that natural fibres are the best for your skin, think organic cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp, silk, alpaca, and linen. Properties of organic fabrics, like the fact that they are soft, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic always work best for the skin. Besides, they're better for the environment. So, likewise, if you discover that you do in fact have sensitive skin that gets irritated by fabrics, then probably, it's best to avoid synthetic fibres, like polyester that, on a microscopic level, can act like barbed wire and disrupt function. The reason behind this could be a result of the formaldehyde finishing resins, dyes, glues, chemical additives, and tanning agents used in processing the fabric or clothing. In fact, post every season when you pull out clothes for the next season, that are probably dust-ridden by now, could also be the reason behind the acne. Even polyamides, or nylon, are fabrics that have synthetic sources that can be potentially irritating for your skin. Then, how do you prevent the irritation? Here are some points to keep in mind: 1. Stick To Organic Fabrics © MENSXP Replace synthetic fabrics in your closet with organic ones. This might take a while but making a conscious effort in avoiding synthetic fabrics might significantly reduce your body acne. 2. Use Moisturiser As Barrier © Gettyimages A regular moisturiser can act as a great barrier between your skin and the fabric which makes sure that your skin is guarded at all times. 3. Make Sure Your Intimates Don't Have A Synthetic Composition © Gettyimages The composition of intimate garments can make a huge difference. Synthetic intimates can easily cause discomfort, rubbing, or irritation. The right fabric of undergarments can prevent rashes, fungal, and even bacterial infections. 4. Choose The Right Detergent Choose a detergent that's fragrance-free and dye-free to wash your clothing. However, do not use excess detergent as it can cling on to your clothes even after the wash and can potentially irritate your skin. View the full article
  19. Photo: ReutersWASHINGTON: U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday indicated publicly for the first time that he might be willing to testify in the impeachment inquiry over his dealings with Ukraine ?even though I did nothing wrong.?Democrats...
  20. Having acne-prone skin that gets triggered without notice can be really intimidating to deal with. Especially, if you don't know what's causing the acne. From dirty sheets to what you're eating, there could be multiple reasons behind the stubborn zits on your face. But here's the thing. If you know what these factors are, you can take proactive measures to actively avoid them as well. 1. Smoking Can Cause Pimples © Getty Images Besides cancer, smoking can also cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin that leads to wrinkles and a substantial increase in pore size that leads to pimples. The carcinogens in the smoke also irritate your skin and dry it out, triggering it to produce more oil and, possibly, more breakouts. A very simple answer to this is to quit smoking. 2. Your Urge To Touch Your Face Might Trigger Breakouts It's never a great idea to touch your face without reason during the day for example when you rest your hand on the chin, your hand is transferring bacteria from your hand onto your face simultaneously. Now, if that pimple is itching, picking it could make it red leaving a scar behind. Also, remember to never pop that pimple because this could possibly run the risk of pushing the bacteria deeper and making the problem worse 3. Watch What You're Eating Foods like tomatoes and peppers both have acidic lycopene in them. This irritant can trigger breakouts. Though, it's not just spicy food that can trouble your skin. Certain people have a strong reaction to dairy, gluten, or even oily food. It comes down to what suits you and what doesn't. 4. Avoid Stress © Getty Images Stressful situations make your skin produce stress hormone cortisol that in turn, stimulates oil glands to make testosterone which in return increases oil production and clogs your pores that translate to more breakouts. 5. Not Showering Regularly © Getty Images Skipping shower on a daily basis or even after working out is not good for you. This makes it easier for the dirt, bacteria, oil, and sweat to seep into your pores and cause breakouts. So make sure that you have stocked effective anti-acne products and that you're not missing out on your daily shower for acne-free skin. View the full article
  21. Valve, the parent company that owns popular PC marketplace Steam, might be working on a new cloud gaming service. The news is revealed by a code that was found on the company's website and was discovered by renowned Steam leaker “Steam Database”. © BCCL The code was found in Valve's website for partners who ask game publishers to agree to the “Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum.” You can take a look at the phrase by a quick search on their website or on Steam Database's GitHub posted below: Valve is working on "Steam Cloud Gaming" according to partner site code update. Partners will need to sign an addendum to their terms. Could this be a competitor to @GoogleStadia?https://t.co/7AQ9YxCol8 — Steam Database (@SteamDB) November 6, 2019 If we take this mention in the code seriously, it suggests that Steam might be working on a game streaming service that works similar to Google Stadia and Microsoft's Project xCloud. The streaming service by Steam may require publishers to sign a new distribution agreement which could possibly be the reason why “Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum” is mentioned in the code. © Steam Currently, Steam users can stream games to a certain device via Steam Remote Play, Steam Link and Steam Link anywhere. However, this service works similar to Nvidia's “Game Stream” feature where your PC becomes a local server and stream the game to a second display. However, this process requires your PC to be turned on and will not work independently. Steam's new streaming service may change that and work similarly to Google's Stadia service where you can pick up any game from anywhere without having to turn on your PC. It would instead use cloud services to stream games on devices such as a smartphone, smart TV or a streaming device such as a Shield TV. Isn't that amazing? Only time will tell if Steam's gaming service is a real thing or not. Also, it would make sense for the company to make this move now especially since game streaming has now become viable, thanks to Google and Microsoft's efforts. View the full article
  22. In one of the most unlikely partnerships, a report by DigiTimes claims that Apple is working with one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. According to the report, Apple is working with game developer Valve to make an Augmented Reality (AR) headset which is expected to launch sometime next year. © iDropNews Valve has been one of the biggest gaming companies that has been responsible for games, hardware and Steam, a digital store for PC games. The report says, “Apple reportedly has partnered with US game developer Valve to develop AR head-mounted display devices, which may be released in the second half of 2020 at the earliest, with Taiwan's ODMs Quanta Computer and Pegatron said to handle the assembly job, according to industry sources.” © Valve Valve has worked on gaming hardware before and even made its own VR headset called the “Valve Index” that was launched in June 2019. The company has also worked with Apple in the past to bring native VR headset support for macOS High Sierra. It enabled the eGPU support for Valve's SteamVR software however, now it seems the two companies are parenting again to develop an AR headset. © iDropNews “Apple will cooperate with Valve on AR headsets rather than VR devices, as its CEO Tim Cook believes that AR can make digital content become part of the user's world and will be as popular as smartphones with consumers. This has also promoted Apple to step up the development of AR software by recruiting more engineers for graphic design, system interface and system architecture segments,” read the report. Apple has been investing in gaming with Apple Arcade and now it seems like the company wants to expand its horizons with AR. The new AR headset may have some gaming features but this partnership could also mean that Apple needed an experienced partner to develop an AR headset. View the full article
  23. Buying an iPhone, especially in most countries outside the US, is an expensive affair. India is one of those countries where the iPhone costs a lot more than the price at which Apple announced them. Well, in order to make it easier for the customers to pay for their iPhone, Apple might actually launch a subscription-based model for iPhones. Yeah, Apple isn't going to lower the iPhone prices, so this is next best thing coming out of Cupertino. According to a report by CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently hinted that the company may replace the traditional sale model with a subscription-based model soon. There's no official confirmation yet, but the service may be called Apple Prime, according to sources. © Reuters Similar to how other subscriptions work, Apple will let you make monthly payments for your iPhone. In fact, the report says Apple will also bundle its other services like Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Music, etc. with the monthly fee if you want all that. So basically, it'll be like making a monthly payment for all your Apple things. If this is true, it'll even be easier to upgrade your iPhone every year or two to the new model that's out. Sounds exciting, right? © MensXP/ Akshay Bhalla But is it any different from paying monthly EMI, you ask? Well, with EMI, you'll be paying interest to the bank unless you're opting for a no-cost EMI for a smaller period. However, with this monthly subscription model, you can avail a monthly payment model and not worry about the interest. This, obviously, sounds like Apple's way of keeping you locked into their walled garden, but think about it. It's merely giving a better and easier option for loyal customers. And if Apple bundles everything, then it'll be easier for the existing customers who are already paying for all the Apple services separately every month. It just makes everything easier. Just make a single payment for all Apple services. Again, there's no official confirmation on this just yet and this is a report at this point. But it makes complete sense to have a subscription-based model, so we don't see a reason to not make it official. Let's hope we'll learn more from them very soon and this will come to India as well. Source: CNBC View the full article
  24. Ranveer Singh is one such versatile actor who can pull off the most challenging characters with utmost ease and has always credited renowned director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for bringing out an actor in him. He has been a part of three super-hit Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorials including Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela, Bajirao Mastani, and Padmaavat. Now, Sanjay has announced his forthcoming film titled Baiju Bawra - Revenge Story of a Maverick Maestro. According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, the 34-year-old actor has been roped in to play the titular role of a classical singer in Bhansali's next. Talking about Baiju Bawra, in an interview earlier, Bhansali had called it his ambitious magnum opus and the director will reportedly start working on it after completing Gangubai Kathiavadi. On this auspicious day, we are delighted to make your Diwali happier by announcing our next endeavour♥ï¸ðð»#SanjayLeelaBhansali #BaijuBawra @prerna982 #HappyDiwali pic.twitter.com/GL9VZK6nUU — BhansaliProductions (@bhansali_produc) October 27, 2019 Talking about the same, a source told the entertainment portal, "While Gangubai Kathiawadi is more of a dark emotional, action drama of the world of brothels, crime, dons and rich men who visit the world of brothels, Baiju Bawra is a purely musical and a dramatized version of the story of the uniquely talented singer Baiju Bawra. It's to Bhansali's credit that he is choosing to direct two projects in stark contrast to the other." The source further said, "And the filmmaker has offered the lead and the title role of the young Baiju Bawra to Ranveer Singh. Who else can play the passionate, emotional, deeply vengeful and yet intensely romantic Baiju, than Ranveer? SLB and Ranveer have met and the filmmaker has offered the actor the role of Baiju Bawra. The movie won't start before next year and by then Ranveer would have completed his other films." For the uninitiated, Baiju Bawra revolves around the story of a maverick maestro who goes out to seek revenge. The classical singer challenged composer, musician and Hindustani classical vocalist Tansen, to a singing duel, to avenge the death of his musician father, at the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. It will be interesting to see Ranveer donning the role of a classical singer because we have already seen him as a rapper and this would show the other side of the actor. Are you excited to see Ranveer as Baiju Bawra? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  25. The fact that Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Leela Bhansali will be teaming up after almost 20 years is in itself a very big news as fans have been waiting to see this collaboration happen for a long time. According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, Ajay has been roped in for the biopic Gangubai Kathiawadi. Gangubai Kathiawadi was a *** worker, who later emerged as an underworld don in Mumbai and Alia Bhatt would be seen stepping into her shoes. The story is said to be loosely adapted from one of the chapters of Hussain Zaidi's Mafia Queens Of Mumbai. A name you've heard, a story you haven't. Directed by #SanjayLeelaBhansali starring @aliaa08 in and as #GangubaiKathiawadi Bhansali Productions and @PenMovies bring you this powerful story on 11th Sept, 2020! All India distribution by #PenMarudhar@prerna982 @jayantilalgada — BhansaliProductions (@bhansali_produc) October 16, 2019 Talking about the film's development, a source revealed to the publication, “Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Leela Bhansali met at Anand Pandit's Diwali party last week and chatted for hours. They caught up on a lot of stuff and that's when Sanjay Leela Bhansali invited him over to his office. Ajay dropped in a couple of days after that and they had a meeting for more than a couple of hours." "Sanjay Leela Bhansali offered him two scripts - a biopic and a fictional love story, which is said to be Baiju Bawra. In Baiju Bawra, the actor was offered the role of Tansen (a musical maestro). Ajay liked his role in Gangubai Kathiawadi as it's an intense character - a mobster with a golden heart, who teaches Gangubai the tricks of the trade and falls in love with her," added the source. It will be interesting to see Alia and Ajay share screen space together. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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