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Found 51 results

  1. All the 80s and 90s kids would agree to the fact that 'Music Phones' were big when they first started coming out. Everybody wanted to get their hands on one of them because of just how popular they were. Obviously, they don't get enough love these days given how a smartphone can do pretty much anything and everything now. But it's safe to say that a lot of those good old music phones were better at playing music than most of the smartphones that come out these days. Seriously, there are no dedicated music features these days. Even the speaker quality, besides on the high-end phones, is just okay-ish at best. So here's a quick look at some of the best music phones from the past that we'd love to have today - Nokia XpressMusic 5310 © Nokia This is the phone that probably comes to a lot of people's minds because of how popular it was back in the day. It came out in 2007 and had dedicated media controls on the side of the display. The speakers on this phone were louder than what you get on most smartphones these days. Nokia has now announced a new version of the XpressMusic and we can't wait to check it out. Nokia XpressMusic 5800 © Nokia After the success of the original XpressMusic feature phone, Nokia came up with the XpressMusic 5800 with touchscreen. It was one of the very first touch screen phones to go mainstream. This phone also had dedicated music controls and was running on Nokia's Symbian OS. What a great phone! Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman © Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson had some really cool phones on the market back in the day and this was definitely a big hit. A walkman for listening to music that's also a phone? People went crazy for this particular phone and rightfully so. This phone had some cool music features like a dedicated key that allowed you to get a quick preview of the chorus of a song. Awesome, right? Moto Rokr E1 © YouTube Clip In a world where the iPod was dominating the music industry, Steve Jobs was worried about a cellphone company taking over the attention with multimedia features. So he decided to team up with another company to get an Apple-sanctioned phone into the marketplace first. He picked Motorola and the Moto Rokr E1 was released with Apple's iTunes. These were some of the great music phones from the past that were some of our favourites. In case you think we missed any of your favorite cellphones from the past, do let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  2. We really like Vijay Deverakonda for his superb acting skills. We get to witness his talents each time a new film of his hits the theatres (we're talking about films like Comrade, NOTA, and even Arjun Reddy, for that matter) but also because aside from his acting, he's also dipped his toes in other ventures like launching his own clothing brand. Vijay Deverakonda has announced his label, Rowdy Wear's launch on retail site Myntra on 12 February 2020. For one of his public appearances recently, he dressed in a rather intriguing outfit that made us want to get a similar outfit ourselves. Take a look here: © Manav Manglani/ Instagram For a rather quirky traditional look, he was seen wearing a lavender shirt with a sheer black vest underneath, he's paired the shirt with a lungi with a quirky print and to complete the look, he's accessorised with a headscarf and a pair of sliders. This brings us to the pertinent question: When was the last time you saw a Bollywood actor in a Lungi? The closest is probably spotting Ranveer Singh or Ayushmann Khurrana in a ghagra or a saree. We would definitely love to see more actors embracing the lungi, especially after seeing how spectacular it looks on Vijay Deverakonda. But coming back to Vijay, this clearly looks like an outfit that is rather easy to cop and is also functional at the same time. But this is not the first time Vijay Deverakonda has worn a lungi, he's worn the silhouette multiple times and is, in fact, a fan of it. Exhibit A: © Viral Bhayani But for Vijay, experimenting with fashion trends is not a new move, the credit for this obviously goes to his stylists. He has previously worn outlandish outfits like the time he wore an outfit with no pants or the time when he wore a unique version of tie-up pants that looked like modern lungis. It is clear to us that Vijay looks good in almost everything and his sartorial game is only getting better by the day. View the full article
  3. Back from the ancient civilisation of Mohenjodaro to the nationâs broad-sweeping civil enterprises in the post-Independence era, India has been home to engineers of incredible tenacity and ambition. Along with making our lives more modernised than ever before, theyâve also resulted in grand opportunities for employment and connections between cities and states. An excellent future example can be found in recent plans to construct a 20-kilometer long, four-lane bridge between Assam and Meghalaya - a behemoth Rs. 4,997 crore project that sweeps over the vast Brahmaputra river, and promises to become the longest bridge in the subcontinent by 2027. Here are some marvels that have already made Indiaâs civil engineers and the rest of the populace proud alike, over the last few decades. 1. Pamban Bridge © Government of Tamil Nadu A stunning railway bridge that floats between Tamil Naduâs mainland and the southward island of Rameswaram, this 100+ year-old marvel has been recently restored in 2019 and has perhaps one of the most stunning, immersive views you can experience while travelling by the Indian Railways. While it isnât the longest at around 2 kilometres, cyclone threats and the worldâs second-most corrosive coastal environment made this bridge a serious challenge for engineers. It even features a picturesque âBasculeâ style lifting section, which allows ships to pass through. 2. P.V. Narasimha Rao Expressway © YouTube Opened to the public in 2009 after a long 4-year construction process, the âPVNR Expresswayâ was named after âIndiaâs Father of Economic Reformsâ and perhaps rightly so - the Rs 500 crore project forms a major lifeline for Hyderabadâs economic centres as the longest flyover ever constructed in the country. 3. Pir Panjal Tunnel © Wikimedia Railway tunnels are perhaps one of the most fun parts of train travel through Indiaâs several mountainous regions, and this massive-scale infrastructure project happens to be the longest one in the country at just over 11 kilometres. Taking a lengthy 9-and-a-half minutes to cross, it was the first time India had ever used the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) to construct a railway tunnel - using the Pir Panjal mountain rangeâs unique geological structures to keep the tunnel stable and structurally sound. 4. Chenab Bridge © Wikimedia Currently under construction, the Chenab bridge is located in the Resai district of Jammu. Spanning the width of the Chenab river, this bridge is supported at around 1,178 ft above the riverbed, making it the worldâs highest rail bridge. Itâs an incredible engineering feat considering not just the height and logistical challenges involved, but the rugged terrain and tough geological conditions of the Himalayan ranges it intends to connect. 5. Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project © Wikimedia The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP) is the largest of its kind in the world and one of Asiaâs greatest-ever infrastructure investments, costing a whopping Rs. 1.2 lakh crore to complete. After the state of Telangana experienced serious water woes in the the mid-2010s, the project was initiated in 2016 and completed in 2019 - allowing the Godavari river to extend into a near-2,000 kilometre chain of water supply thatâs helped thousands of farmers and replenished groundwater supplies in villages across the state. 6. Project Himank Roads © Conde Nast Traveller You may have thought that the famed Khardung La Pass in Ladakh is the worldâs highest road, but this lofty title was recently snatched away in 2017 by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) Project Himank road, which runs through Umlingla Top at a dizzying 19,300 feet - thatâs over half the height of Mt. Everest! The road also has its fair share of amusing caution signs, that read messages such as âI'm curvaceous, but please take me slowly,â and âLet your insurance policy mature before you.â View the full article
  4. Call of Duty has always been about an over-the-top campaign with big set-pieces and a simple storyline. The franchise took a break from the campaign last year as Activision looks to reboot the Modern Warfare franchise. We've been playing the game for the past week and found it to be the most disturbing, thought-provoking and tactical game in the franchise. Both the campaign and multiplayer modes are good at what they offer while there are some issues that need to be addressed. We played the game on both PlayStation 4 and PC, however, had different experiences on both platforms. © Activision Speaking of the campaign, the story is by the most shocking experience you will have in a first-person shooter game. It presents the realities of Modern Warfare and does not paint a defined picture. The game follows through hard with the “One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter” trope. It showcases excessive violence, harsh realities of war and certain situations that the general public does not get to see on daily news channels. While the story is shocking, there are some predictable moments in the game as Modern Warfare has a very similar “No Russian” mission as 2009's Modern Warfare 2. While the game is set in today's war-torn society, the bad guys are still the Russians and terrorists. However, at its heart, Modern Warfare does have an anti-war message that can be taken seriously towards the end of the game. Even the Michael Bay-inspired over-the-top explosions and set-pieces are no longer present in the game, giving the story more weight than ever before. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the campaign that lasted for a total of six hours. The graphics and cut-scenes look ultra-realistic and look even better on PC. While the PC version has its own issues, the game still looked pretty good. Certain RTX enabled features such as enhanced lighting and shadows looked particularly crisp. Having said that, the PC version does have noticeable stuttering issues in cutscenes. This stuttering issue would suck the joy out of the experience as the cut scenes are the true soul of this game. Thanks to cross-save and cross-progression, we continued the campaign on the PS4. © Activision After finishing the game, we came to one conclusion that the campaign could have been braver. The game does show horrors of war where the lines blur between innocent civilians and terrorists in a war-torn fictional middle-eastern country. We do get to see some shocking moments in a flashback sequence where you play as a child and have to witness a chemical attack on a town. As a child, you have to overcome the death you see around you and escape by killing a full-grown Russian dude in your own home. It was a very emotional sequence that hits you hard towards the end of the flashback. We wished the campaign showcased more situations and implications of war in sequences that would have a profound effect on us. Multiplayer We've been ranking up in the multiplayer ever since we got our hands on the game and you can read about it in more detail here. We go into details about what we love and hate about this mode in the first few days of the game. However, Infinity Ward has now updated the game, addressing many of the issues we pointed out. Game audio has now been made better and some guns are now less overpowered than others. Unlike previous games, you have to be more cautious when you go near objectives. © MensXP The pace of the game is slower and we do not recommend you rush your game as it would more often lead to losses. Being a slower-paced game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer mode also encouraged a lot of camping. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, however you can always adjust your game. Not rushing into rooms will save you from being killed by claymores. Due to this very reason, the developers have now brought back minimal that was missing earlier. Once we made the switch in our gameplay, we started getting 30-31 kills in each game while maintaining a positive kill-death ratio. © Activision Ground War still doesn't make sense to us as the mode does not fit Call of Duty's multiplayer style. Since the buildings cannot be brought down, you will often find hordes of players camping the objective, making it impossible for you to turn the game around. We also mentioned in our first impressions how Killstreaks can ruin the mode and we highly recommend you read it at your own leisure. The Final Say Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has its own minor flaws, but is still a highly playable game. The campaign has a fresh take on story-telling in the Call of Duty franchise while the multiplayer mode has its own pros and cons. If you are looking for a first-person shooter that satisfies your addiction, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the game to play this year. The game is out now for consoles and PC via digital and offline retailers. You can also get the game as a bundled package if you are looking to buy a new NVIDIA RTX graphics card. View the full article
  5. It has been 24 hours since we got our hands on Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) and we've spent quite a few hours playing the multiplayer mode. The servers went live yesterday and since then we've been busy ranking up our guns and perks, however it wasn't easy. First things first, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is very different from every other CoD game you've played in the past. While the game brings back some features from the original ones such as “Killstreaks”, there are now a few changes made in the multiplayer mode. © Activision First off, the gunplay has changed quite a bit as the guns have noticeable recoil that you will need to master on each gun. Similarly, every gun needs to be ranked up individually to unlock attachments in the gunsmith. You can upgrade your guns by either playing multiplayer or even in the specs ops mode. It is a lower risk way to upgrade your guns and a great way to learn their recoil patterns. Having said that, the traditional killstreaks do mess with the overall balancing of the game as it gives more power to players who are on the top of the lobby. Having said that, if you are having a good game and getting those killstreaks, you do manage to make more impact in the game. Killstreaks like a UAV or the Personal radar help you or your teammates to track your enemies while the Predator missile or the gunship will often overpower you and mess with the whole flow of the game. You also get new gadgets such as a trophy system, an ammo cache, a recon drone amongst others that we have not unlocked yet. © Activision One of the biggest changes you will notice in the multiplayer is the absence of a minimap. The minimap will only pop up when your or a teammate's UAV is called and will highlight enemies on the map while your UAV is there. In other situations, you will have to use the compass on the top of the screen, similar to what you see on PUBG. The compass will show you the general direction of your enemy whenever a gun is fired however you will have to find the enemy yourself. This may sound quite cool, but the only way to identify an enemy is by paying attention to the footsteps around which is another problem altogether. The audio mix in the multiplayer mode is all over the place as you cannot distinguish between your teammates' footsteps from your enemy's. This makes it quite confusing to play any map and you will often be confused trying to locate your enemy. We've tested this on a range of gaming headphones and the problem is persistent. We're certain that Infinity Ward will patch these audio issues in the near future, however, for now, we would suggest you don't trust your ears. Gunfight, a new 2v2 round-based mode is super fun to play and is a great way to get away from the multiplayer chaos. There aren't killstreaks here and the maps are very small. There is no health regeneration in this mode either and each round lasts for 40 seconds making it quite intense and competitive. We are yet to play other modes such as Cyber Attack and Search & Destroy so we cannot comment on those modes as yet. © MensXP Ground War is Call of Duty's take on the Battlefield franchise as it now features a 32 v 32 domination mode complete with vehicles and objectives. We have only played a couple of rounds of the mode and within that time frame, we can already see that it is nothing like Battlefield games. Imagine classic CoD multiplayer on a much larger scale. The mode is not as strategic as we expected it to be and the map is not as comprehensive as Battlefield games. Since buildings cannot be broken down by tanks and explosives like you can in Battlefield games, you will often find your enemies camping in buildings for the entirety of the round. It is quite annoying and it gets even more irritating when you throw killstreaks in the mix. If Call of Duty was trying to simulate war in any way, this mode fails miserably. Regardless of the Ground War mode, Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer has been super fun to play. Sure, it isn't our final verdict yet as we are still reviewing the game. But, overall, our first impression of the multiplayer mode has been incredible and we are going to play it a lot more to give our final opinions on the game.
  6. The much awaited laugh riot of the year, 'De De Pyaar De', released today amidst much hype. The movie is a family entertainer which deals with the issue of a 50-year-old man falling in love with a 26-year-old woman and facing disapproval from his family and ex-wife. The movie stars Ajay Devgn in the lead role, with Tabu playing the role of his ex-wife and Rakul Preet playing his love interest. So far, the audience reactions have been pretty good and people are calling it a laugh riot. In all, #DeDePyaarDeð is a Complete Package offering a real take on relationships without being stupid or preachy. It's different & defo a cut above the rest from most Bollywood clichès we have seen over the years. Rating: 4.25â­â­â­â­â¡[PAKKA Entertainment] #DeDePyaarDeReview pic.twitter.com/DkFBLdKriP — NJ ðð¥ (@Nilzrav) May 16, 2019 #DDPD is HILARIOUS , EMOTIONAL & MATURE FILM. Superbly written, Fantastic dialogues but above all BRILLIANT performances by Ajay ,Tabu & Rakul Director akvi ali as a Director has done a phenomenal job. Must watch film. SUPER HIT Rating- 4.5 ð#DeDePyaarDeReview By @SumitkadeI — Ajay Devgn Planet (@DevgnPlanet) May 16, 2019 #DeDePyaarDe Is truly entertaining ððð One of my best movies in recent times ð@Rakulpreet Is absolutely amazing and beautifullllllllll ððð⤠Addicted to Her ð¸ ð My rating : 4/5 ð#DeDePyaarDeReview pic.twitter.com/QqQG4NryRC — Harsha (@princeharsha07) May 17, 2019 People feel that the movie has handled a mature subject with enough amount of subtlety and infused much-needed slapstick humour at appropriate situations as well. The performances of the actors are also being applauded. #DeDePyaarDe deals with situations, deals with Love, balance between needs and responsibilities and most Important FAMILY well written, lavishly shot, properly executed, Brilliant dialogues@LuvFilms Congrats giving 4*/5 to this Brilliant film MUST WATCH #DeDePyaarDeReview — Rohit Jaiswal (@rohitjswl01) May 16, 2019 Watched #DeDePyaarDe I don't like RomComs But dis is one of The Best i have seen Bahut Sahi writing hai Bahut Sahi Kirdaar I really impressed because i feel dis one is really refreshing n bilkul bhi cliche nahi h Solid Entertainer My Rating - 3.75/5 #DeDePyaarDeReview — ð© (@Some1Dare) May 16, 2019 Multi starrer #DeDePyaarDe is not an another #luvranjans iconic movie. It has more dramatic plot than 20s movies. Was not a good watch. However @Rakulpreet was looking stunning throughout. #tabu steal the show with acting. #DeDePyaarDeReview — Sayantan Halder (@sayantanhalder) May 16, 2019 However, the movie does star Alok Nath who was a prime accused in the #metoo movement and that is questionable. Also, some viewers felt the movie was misogynistic or just created a certain kind of animosity towards women. #DeDePyaarDeReview An absolutely crappy and misogynistic film. Wheres the alt right's outrage over this film since tabu ties a rakhi to ajay and then sleeps with him. (Hindu customs anyone)? Or no outrage since ajays a modi supporter? — Kabir Dev (@kabirraga272) May 17, 2019 However, you can watch it for yourself and decide. Overall, the movie has received a lot of positive response so far.
  7. It's only been a few weeks since Nvidia launched its GTX 1660 GPU based on the Turing architecture. And now, the company has just launched a new GPU called the GTX 1650, which carries a price tag of Rs 12,999 in India. The new GTX 1650, in case you don't know, is the third 16-series desktop GPU from the company. With a Rs 12,999 price tag, the GTX 1650 is a perfect entry-level GPU for casual or gamers on a budget. © Nvidia As for the specs, the GeForce GTX 1650 comes with 4GB DDR5 VRAM. It features 896 CUDA cores, a boost clock of 1665MHz, and a total memory bandwidth of 128Gbps. The TDP rating on this particular card is just 75Watts, and it won't need a connector from the PSU as it draws the requisite power straight from the PCI slot. Now, let's talk performance. According to Nvidia, the GTX 1650 will offer twice as much performance compared to something like, say, the GTX 950. So, if you are someone who's using an older GPU from two or three years ago, then this would be a good GPU to look into. Apparently, you can also switch from a GTX 1050 and expect a performance boost. © EVGA As mentioned earlier, the GTX 1650 GPU will go on sale immediately from a bunch of online and offline retailers for Rs. 12,999. However, you may have to shell out a bit more cash depending on what OEMs decide to make. In addition to the GTX 1650 desktop GPU, Nvidia also announced the GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1650 for laptops. You can expect to start seeing the laptops powered by these GPUs in the coming months with a starting price of $800. © Nvidia As for the performance of the 1060 Ti powered laptops, Nvidia says you'll be able to play all modern titles like 'Overwatch', 'PUBG', 'Apex Legends' and 'Fortnite' with frames upwards of 100fps. If you don't mind playing the aforementioned titles at 60fps, then you can also pick up the laptops powered by the GTX 1650. OEMs including Dell, Acer, ASUS Alienware, HP, MSI, etc. will start putting out laptops powered by these GPUs soon. Acer Nitro 5, ASUS ROG Zephyrus G, Dell G5, Gigabyte AERO 15, Lenovo Legion Y7000, etc. are a few of the laptops which you can start seeing in the coming months, according to Nvidia.
  8. Travelling is said to inspire those who indulge in it. It is also said to open newer horizons for those who look beyond all that meets the eye. So when Ixigo co-founders Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar set out to discover their professional journey in the scenic locales of South France, their explorations reached beyond the journey to and fro from work, and the hidden gems around the area. © MensXP By the end of it, they ended up discovering more of Europe than the Europeans themselves, and as time passed them by in the flat they shared together in France, they decided to work out a way that would bring them closer to their dream, and most of all job satisfaction. Aloke and Rajnish finally made the move in 2007 and founded Ixigo, one of India's leading travel marketplaces, that has changed how India experiences travel around the country and beyond its borders. It quickly became the first stop for travellers whenever they thought of travelling anywhere on the face of this earth. © MensXP However, apart from helping their users with travel bookings and solving their travel related queries, there is another crucial factor that motivates Aloke and Rajnish to keep pushing and stay on their toes all the time. It is the ever changing space of data and analytics of the travel industry, which plays a vital role in their survival. Talking about the same Rajnish said to MensXP, “data is the oil in this economy. Without data, none of our AI algorithms will work.” © MensXP Ixigo does about 200 million train PNR status checks in a month, and that says a lot about the kind of needs they cater to on a day-to-day basis. People wish to find out if they will get a confirmed seat on the day of their travel, before booking a waitlisted seat. With Ixigo's advanced approach, they can now get an idea of confirmation before booking and save themselves from last minute craziness. Similarly, they meticulously keep track of fare hikes and dips, and share insights with their users, to help them save precious money. It's a tricky thing to do, preventing business transactions on their portal but they are not after that at all. They are looking at earning people's trust and that's their sole purpose, because the rest falls into place afterwards. © MensXP The company thrives on trust, and virality of the benefits their users reap by making use of their services. They work around creating better tools to help users with their experience both on the app and the bookings they make through them. Even their team comprises of handpicked individuals who share the founders' vision and zest to make Ixigo a user-friendly and top-end product. © MensXP So when it comes to sharing their greatest learning from the journey so far, they have these words of wisdom to share with aspiring entrepreneurs. “Dream big, and have faith in yourself. Don't give up on your dream because of present constraints, but take the plunge regardless”, share Aloke and Rajnish. “Finding the right co-founder is also key when it comes to taking the first step and building a team that believes in your dream and vision, just as much as you, that's half the job done”, adds Rajnish. Ixigo has come a long way, and we know these two friends will continue to make travelling even easier and better in the time to come.
  9. If the subject intrigued or interested you then welcome, my friend, to this world of complexity where our minds entangle in a web of ignorance, our relationships are going haywire, egos are inflating higher than the diesel prices and life is one big sad joke which keeps us grooving anyway. Well, fiction is a great escape from reality but what happens when you binge-watch shows which mirror the confusion of your life? Here are our personal 6 recommendations which show the complexity of modern relationships with a lot of humour. 1. How I Met Your Mother If you have already watched it and you're looking for something on similar lines, then hold on, this can be a list for your next 'binge watch'. Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby taught us a lot about how relationships work, if you can look beyond the fact that many rule it out as something similar to 'FRIENDS'. 2. Rules Of Engagement Okay, this will give you a major HIMYM déjà vu, so consider it like a home remedy of that hangover. Two couples and their single friend embark on a journey called 'life' with the complexities of their relationship pushing and pulling them. 3. Happy Endings This is another modern day, super relatable show about six friends who find it difficult to keep their relationships intact when the couple who got them all together decide to break up. 4. You're The Worst Probably my favourite on the list and a well kept secret which is actually a 'millenial gem', if I may call it. This one involves two narcissistic, selfish humans, who, despite their insecurities and mental health issues, try to mend their relationship time and again. This one is so relatable, it will be hard for you to believe it's actually fiction. 5. Lovesick This British comedy looks at the dark side of millennial relationships, which often involve the subject of sexual health of our partners. Dylan is a 20-something man who is diagnosed with an STD. The adventure begins when he peeks into his past and goes back to all his lovers to know their diagnosis. 6. Friends From College This one deals with people in their 40s who appear to be slightly better than their so-called millennial counterparts, but are equally screwed in the head. Well, modern relationships do have their shortcomings and these shows take full advantage of that reality.
  10. While you may assume 'Game of Thrones' is only about death and war, you're definitely forgetting the most basic nuance that binds the show together- love. Subtle and fierce underlines of transparent and opaque love have been ruling the premise of the series since season 1 and many of us, if not connected or related to it have definitely been drawn towards the enigmatic relationships the characters have shared amongst them. (HBO) For instance GoT has gone crucially transparent in displaying Ygritte's love for Jon with her popular dialogue "I am yours and you are mine. If we die, we die but first let's live", telling us that love still strives within uncertainties and the harshest of situations. In the same breath, the subtle dynamic between Grey Worm and Missandei has an involuntary opposed view, as none of them really come forward with what they feel for the other, even though they do indulge in intimacy. (c)HBO 'Game of Thrones', besides war and triumph, has given us immense lessons in love, which some of us may have overlooked in time. But if you really think about it, these lessons are lifelong and altering enough to pay some amount of heed towards them. Here are 5 crucial yet controversial things about love Game of Thrones taught us. (1) You Can't Help Who You Fall In Love With That's the beastly truth about life and it's all over the GoT narrative too. For instance, Cersei and Jaime's intense love affair is an indignant proposition for others who know of it, because the two are siblings. But Jaime's heart bleeds for Cersie, even though he knows her actions aren't just. In the same lieu, Tyrion's love for the brothel worker Shae, who betrayed him even though he wanted to protect her. (c)HBO We really can't help who we fall in love with because love is the most definite and uncontrollable emotion we have amidst us. We can reap from the consequences or we can regret everything we've felt but controlling it is not in our hands and that is something GoT stresses on time and again, with multiple equations indulging in daring love. (c)HBO (2) Unrequited Love Is Painful Yes, we all know one-sided or unrequited love is very painful. It's worse when it doesn't just go away and becomes a lifelong baggage to deal with. Most of us have been there but maybe because we're so blinded with the theory of love, we seldom forget what it does to us. GoT has officially made us realise the repercussions of unrequited love and they aren't very pleasant. (c)HBO Don't get me wrong, most of it is beautiful. To be in love with just one person and feel so strongly for someone is beautiful at its own cost. Like how Jorah Mormont was in love with his Khaleesi for eternity. But sometimes obsessive and tainted love breeds toxicity, just like how Littlefinger's love did for Catelyn Stark. He may have loved her all his life but because he couldn't have her he ruined families and destroyed lives, as subtly as he could. But unrequited love is a powerful thing and GoT certainly teaches us that. (c)HBO (3) True Love Does Exist If you've turned cynical about love from one bad relationship, then you weren't really in love. Because true love, even if it doesn't work out, remains as the most special endeavour you've been through because it's a journey no one else can experience for you. So, if you're heartbroken and have turned against love, maybe true love is yet to hit you. That's the relationship that Ned Stark shared with his wife Catelyn Stark tells us, to a great extent. They loved each other immensely, respected each other's wishes and desires and honoured each other tremendously. If that isn't true love, we're not sure what is. (c)HBO (4) You Don't Fall In Love Just Once While love is a unique feeling, it doesn't occur just once. If you've been in love with one person and are spending your life with them, then that's a different thing altogether. But if you've been in love before and have drastically come out of it, there are chances of falling back in to it, with someone else and there isn't a hard and fast rule about it. (c)HBO (c)HBO It's true when we think of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Both were in love with different people and both lost them in some form of battle, and yet, they came together and fell in love with each other, years later. So, if you're going through a heartbreak and think you'll never fall in love again, think again! (c)HBO (5) *** Doesn't Govern Love While *** is important in a relationship or in true sanctimonious love, 'Game of Thrones' teaches us that it's not the most important factor ruling how you feel for someone. It shouldn't be positioned that way, to say the least. *** might be enjoyable and something to look forward to but when an unsullied man and a woman of importance fall in love, *** has nothing to do with it. (c)HBO When Missandei decided to give Grey Worm English speaking lessons, she had no idea what was in store for them. Her assumption of the fact that he's an unsullied soldier without a ***** will never let him see her in the way she probably wants to be seen. But even so, Grey Worm stares at her naked body when she's taking a bath and eventually they get intimately attached, even though they can't have ***. This tells us that all relationships start with a purity that can't be defined or be adulterated by assumptions and expectations and even with the lack of ***, it's still mighty beautiful and meaningful. 'Game of Thrones', even though set a million years ago, has definitely thought us a lot about modern day love. A will to stay and make a relationship work, the will to deal with one-sided love and the will to stay strong with the wrong kind of love and every time we delve deeper in to the projection of each relation, we realise it truly reflects what society has become today. So, take a minute and think about these 5 essential things, that will help you when you do decide to understand what love really is.
  11. 2019 has come bearing good news for both Bollywood actors and film-goers alike. Many A-listers of the Hindi film industry seem to have succeeded in carrying forward their success run from the year gone by, and taken the box office by storm within months of 2019. View this post on Instagram Certified Chhava â #gullyboy A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Feb 7, 2019 at 10:18am PST Be it Ranveer Singh with 'Padmaavat', 'Simmba' and 'Gully Boy', Vicky Kaushal with 'Raazi', 'Manmarziyan' and 'Uri' or Kartik Aaryan with 'Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety' and 'Luka Chuppi', these actors have successfully managed to sway the audience with stellar hits even this year. View this post on Instagram बलिदान परम धरà¥à¤®à¤¾ । ð®ð³ A post shared by Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) on Jan 4, 2019 at 8:21pm PST However, it seems that Ranbir Kapoor will be the next to join this list of actors who are all set to cheer on their good luck at the box office in 2019, as the 'Sanju' star is all prepped and ready to go for one of this year's most anticipated movies, Ayan Mukerji's directorial trilogy 'Brahmastra'. View this post on Instagram #ranbir #ranbirkapoor #rk #katrinakaif #deepikapadukone #jaggajasoos #duttbiopic #shahrukhkhan #salmankhan #varundhawan #arijitsingh #badboyshah #atifaslam #ranveersingh #shahidkapoor #viratkohli #fawadkhan #aliaabhatt #urvashirautela #anushkasharma #sonamkapoor #dishapatani #lsdtrip #kareenakapoor #justinbiebar #repost #instagram #love #bollywood #brahmastra A post shared by ranbir Kapoor (@__ranbir_kapoor_official__) on Mar 7, 2019 at 5:51pm PST Boasting of a loaded starcast and a director who is highly popular with the young brigade of movie goers in the country, the makers and actors of the fantasy-adventure drama launched the movie's logo last week at the Kumbh mela using 150 drones. View this post on Instagram #ranbir #ranbirkapoor #rk #katrinakaif #deepikapadukone #jaggajasoos #duttbiopic #shahrukhkhan #salmankhan #varundhawan #arijitsingh #badboyshah #atifaslam #ranveersingh #shahidkapoor #viratkohli #fawadkhan #aliaabhatt #urvashirautela #anushkasharma #sonamkapoor #dishapatani #lsdtrip #kareenakapoor #justinbiebar #repost #instagram #love #bollywood #movie A post shared by ranbir Kapoor (@__ranbir_kapoor_official__) on Mar 5, 2019 at 12:40am PST Ever since Ayan Mukerji has taken to Instagram to drop little snippets and details related to the film on his personal account. The most recent addition this inside scoop is Ranbir's photo from an early look test. View this post on Instagram Rumi. First, he was Rumi. Rumi with long hair. This image is from an early look test for the movie. Rumi said, 'Love is the bridge between you and everything...', and that feeling is the foundation we started building the protagonist of this movie on... But then, there was new inspiration, newer thoughts... Dragon became BrahmÄstra, we gave Ranbir a haircut, and Rumi became... Shiva. #brahmastra #shivadiaries #memories #creativeprocess #evolving A post shared by Ayan Mukerji (@ayan_mukerji) on Mar 9, 2019 at 10:48pm PST By Ayan's own admission, Ranbir in the photo was meant to be called Rumi and have a personality that resonated with its namesake. However, over time Rumi changed into Shiva and underwent a makeover that stripped him of this previous persona that surely had close resemblances to Ranbir's 2011 character from 'Rockstar', Janardhan 'Jordan' Jakhar. View this post on Instagram Am I the only one that considers Rockstar is one of the best movies of Bollywood ? . . . I wanted my life to be like that of JANARDAN /JORDAN. The portrayal of childish nature of Janardan and then the drastic change to JORDANIAN nature takes the movie to a whole new level.Though you don't share anything common with the character but somehow you get connected to it .As the movie passes you slowly feel for him and psychologically starts to believe yourself to be the character. His passionate and unconditional love for “HEER” makes the movie more special.There is also a special character which plays an important role in the life of Janardan and that's of “Kharata bhai” who is the owner of the college canteen and also someway the mentor of Janardan.His advice to janardan on singing ”SANGEET TOOTE HUE DIL SE HE NIKAL SAKTA HAY “ became the reason for janardan to become JORDAN. Songs in the movie also played a key role in transformation of the character.We cant imagine the song “Tum Ho” without Mohit chauhan. It is a classic movie and only a section of audience has the capacity of understanding the beauty portrayed in the movie. I would like to end my writing with some beautiful quotes written by RUMI “THE WOUND IS THE PLACE WHERE LIGHT ENTERS YOU “ “OUT BEYOND IDEAS OF WRONG AND RIGHT,THERE IS A FIELD I WILL MEET YOU THERE” #ranbirkapoor #rockstar #ranbirrockstar #ranbirkapoorfan #ranbirkapoorlove #ranbirkapoorlove #imtiaz #imtiazali #rockstarmovie #rumi #bollywood #bollywoodbest #saddahaq #nargisfakhri #nargis #piyushmishra #moviescenes #movierecommendation #movieworld A post shared by Filmy Freak (@filmy.freak) on Aug 6, 2018 at 1:32am PDT According to reports, the first part of the 'Brahmastra' trilogy has been titled Love, and after Ayan's recent insightful message and previously shared photos, it seems that he has decided to make the most of real life couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's first film collaboration, and play on their new-found love in each other. View this post on Instagram Part 1: Love #brahmastra (P.S.: going to take some getting used to this new Instagram life) A post shared by Ayan Mukerji (@ayan_mukerji) on Mar 4, 2019 at 4:30am PST 'Brahmastra' stars biggies like Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Dimple Kapadia and Mouni Roy, and is all set to hit the theatres on Christmas 2019.
  12. Our February cover star is also the most eligible bachelor in the country. Here's his advice on relationships...
  13. While modern day romance fails in extremity today, we still cling on to that hope of making everything porous and walk through the nuances of an equation, without giving it much purpose. After the advent of dating apps, the romantic behaviour between two people changed with time and there was definitely a slight curve in how relationships or any sort of romantic dynamic works today. © Instagram The generation that grew up post the 90s has trouble dealing with the likes of patience. Not because they're not inherently patient people, but because patience is no longer a prerequisite that's required to see the eventuality of a fruitful relationship. The 90s was an era without mobile phones, constant meet ups or even chatting. There were no DMs, no texts, but there were humble beginnings, and sleeping and waking up with a solid thought always on one's mind, without knowing what's going on in the other person's mind. Not because you didn't want to know, but because there was no way to find out unless you spoke to them over a wired phone, aka a landline. Obviously we're not in the 90s anymore and couples who're thorough with the philosophies of this generation know just how easy it is to communicate anything at anytime. So, then why aren't relationships malleable and long lasting anymore? Why does no one make much of an effort? Why is it so simple to let go, making boredom and not wanting to work hard a default flag bearer for crumbling relationships? Something to think about, isn't it? © Instagram Well, in a literal needle in the haystack situation, I came across a couple, who'd been acting like they're from the 90s, wherein they were absolutely brand new! They certainly proved me wrong and made me believe that old-school love and lasting relationships aren't always a myth and they dwell in the realms of genuine hardships too, if you try hard enough. Meet Siddhant and Naina. Two people who're individually so comfortable in their skin, they had no qualms about coming together and making their dynamic as stable as breathing. The two are young and in love and have been together for 5 years now, which means they started their journey when they were just 21! Siddhant and Naina set a benchmark for all couples old and new to take relationships a little more seriously, by being grounded and true to their roots and by displaying ample patience and understanding of what it really takes to make a relationship as solid as possible. © Instagram We became "phone friends" in high school but never actually met each other till much later. She was still hung up on her ex and I was in love with someone else and I guess we just found some solace in each other. Not in a romantic way but just in a 'here is this disembodied voice on the other end of the phone and this person is kinda fun to talk to.' Anyway, we lost touch soon after until we finally met again when were both older and the attraction was immediate - Siddhant That's how equations begin most times. You meet someone, you like their energy, you go ahead and speak to them and if your thoughts and ideas form similar semblances, you connect and continue that dynamic further. Both Siddhant and Naina were young and absolute novice to a 'romantic' space and they built it from the scratch to hold on to something at a time where holding on is just passé. They've endured most hardships relationships throw your way, including blood boiling fights, long-distance and understanding how friendship works side-by-side in a dynamic that's becoming stronger each day. © Instagram We are best friends and we connect on every level. And added to that he is the best human being I know. So I think I'd pick our first fight as a memory I can never forget, which was over something ridiculous on our way to watch Inception. We went through the silent treatment and the anger bubbling. That was the moment I realised this human being can also REALLY get on my nerves. - Naina Their First Date Ever They didn't choose a bar or a club or have rendezvous with drinks. I mean, it's believed they would because they belong to the generation where people seek thrill and adventure to get to know a stranger. You know, the inconsequentials of city life. But they didn't want a sense of instant gratification. They did the old school coffee date to get to know each other better and maybe see where their equation went after. We met at a cafe on a roof in Hauz Khas village, had a few beers and ate pizza. We were in this weird place where we were almost too friendly. Nobody was making flirty advances or anything, we were just chatting like old buds. I remember thinking that the cafe was totally empty, why wouldn't he just kiss me and I think when it finally occurred to him it was too late. - Naina © Instagram The imposition of making the overture of any relationship a social extravaganza to fulfil our societal needs and wants in today's day and age rules rather high. No one takes the time out to find out more than they should from the other person. Either it's having a drink or two at the local watering hole, where you and your SO surrounded by friend and acquaintances, or it's meeting each other over a lot of drinks to lower inhibitions. But here we have young guns, who'd established a long lasting equation, with silent promises to make it work as and when, over a cup of coffee! The Best Learnings From A Long-Term Relationship The thing about long term relationships if you start really young and make it till the end is you learn a lot. From yourself as a person and of course from the other person too. You learn early on how to give, how to commit to a moment, how to become absolutely selfless and flawless while dealing with certain obstacles in life. You treasure things that are imperative and you stop mocking patience as an obscure tool. You feel complete. Couples today, who're superfluous with their feelings, or callous with their associations, seldom get a chance to learn the significance of empathy and attachment, while also realising the importance of being an individual. In my relationship with Naina, I've learnt how to be confident, believe in myself, speak my mind, take no shit, be honest, be loyal and learn to accept people and understand where they're coming from. - Siddhant © Instagram We thrive in a hook-up-break-up generation, where *** is not a limited want anymore. Callous flings happen all the time, every time and the word commitment is losing its supposed meaning. While millennials love to experiment in open relationships, polyamory, extra-marital triumphs, flings, casual ***, bisexual curiosity, the entire thread of making a commitment more transparent is wavering off from people's minds. But then we have some couples like Naina and Siddhant who're holding on the very existence of 'love and friendship' and shaping it as a long-term commitment goal, even at 26. This is what we want to retain, in a space where everything is so fragile and intangible, and we really hope more couples aspire to be like them and their easy going, beautiful philosophy of a long-term relationship. © Instagram We completed 5 years together in October last year. Now I'm looking forward to a milestone and he rolls his eyes at me every time I hint at it. We've grown together over and over. He really is my best friend and we have that ability to look at each other as girlfriend and boyfriend but also as human beings/friends. We look out for each other like that. I think how Sid's grown is that he's become more vocal and confident about what he wants, what he loves, what he doesn't love and I think I've become calmer and more level headed because of him. - Naina
  14. Many things change as time marches on. Slavery was abolished, the man went to the moon, phones and tech became portable, the internet brought us closer. But through all this change EVERYONE still enjoys having ***. An important pre-requisite to having *** is the dating game, which too has changed in recent years, and is certainly not what it used to be even a decade ago. © Instagram Here are our 10 rules of modern dating all men should at least be aware of in 2019: (1) Confidence Not Cockiness Confidence is eternal, but a cocky person is an entitled brat, with insecurities. Right out of the gate, let's establish that confidence is a quality that is a must-have if one is going to seek out the correct partner(s). Confidence is not an inherent trait in everyone and is acquired through exploration of self and individual skills. This is, however, a double-edged sword. Being cocky sometimes is alright when you have the chops to back it up but no one likes somebody who is cocky 24/7. The modern woman doesn't find cocky attractive. Confidence with humility is the way to go for 2019. © Getty Images (2) Get Bumble As far as dating apps go, Tinder has been a mainstay for quite some time. For those of you living under a rock, there now exist apps that allow us to carousel prospective suitors/matches with a flick of a finger. Bumble ups the ante by making itself more user-friendly. On Bumble, women find your profile, swipe to like, and must initiate the conversation with the men of their liking. If this is not progressive thought, I don't know what is. A must have in 2019. © Getty Images (3) Be Honest & Transparent This is an old trope. But it is a golden one too. If you, like many others, enjoy the thrill and stress of dating multiple partners simultaneously, it will be far easier to manage the several women in your life if you are honest. Hiding your phone, sneaky phone calls, shady texting apps are all contributors to having a stressful love life. Be honest about your intentions and feelings, if she reciprocates and accepts you for you – amazing. If not, just keep in mind you don't want to be the kind of person that hurts someone. Being honest and transparent is the key. © Getty Images (4) Be Interesting By Developing Your Personality Being unique is not as tough as you might think. Work on becoming a well-rounded person. Go travel, experience different cuisines, have unique capabilities, go for a cross-country drive, take a yoga class, climb a mountain; be a connoisseur of life. Do things that give you more depth as an individual. Not only will this help when talking to women but, also in the long run. By being in these unique environments, you never know whom you may meet. Maybe a possible love interest is born out of mutual interest. © Getty Images (5) Get Creative With Dates Drinks and dinner is classic, but boring. Think out of the box when planning your dates; breakfast in pyjamas, a live music show, stand-up comedy, or perhaps, karaoke? The point is, be bold with your choices. Be yourself, and find someone who appreciates you for who you are and your interests. © Getty Images (6) Humour Goes A Long Way A good sense of humour is a trait that increases your viability as a long-term partner. In the short term it has a more important benefit – if you can make your date laugh, you can ease the tension and awkwardness that is typical of first dates. Making the date fun can increase your chances of a second date. Which, in turn dramatically increases the odds of you getting laid. Most importantly, though, if it doesn't go well, you'll know how to laugh it off! © Getty Images (7) Be In Shape & Dress Well Well, in line with our opinion of confidence, a fit physique will also help overcome any perceived insecurities when approaching women. Atop the healthy you, be sure to wear sharp & fitted clothes that make YOU feel good. Simply put, if you dress and feel like a million bucks, others will want to know what's in your cup too. © Getty Images (8) Practice Makes Perfect The entire saying is 'perfect practice makes perfect'. Since perfection in the dating game is unknowable, it is best to keep the charm on as often as you can. Dealing with clients and dates isn't too different. At the end of the day, you have to sell yourself to them. Be suave, cool and composed. Don't let the possibility of rejection make you desperate. If they don't like what you're selling, move on. Focus on finding someone who values what you have to offer, and won't be able to resist that curated charm. © Getty Images (9) Don't Make Assumptions Do not assume anything. We mean anything. Don't assume she's looking to be monogamous. Don't assume she drinks. Don't assume she doesn't drink. Don't assume texting early is a no-no. Don't assume you are the only one on her radar. Do not assume she likes bad boys or nice guys. Do NOT assume anything! © Getty Images (10) Chivalry 2.0 The line between chivalry and chauvinism has been blurred. Systemic patriarchy has only served as the constant fuel on the fire that is the male-female dynamic in the 21st century. A sensitive topic nowadays with all the #MeToo horror stories, some men have developed a genuine apprehension to dating with respect to how we should behave, given that we feel our gender is being torn down at every turn. However, in spite of the perceived bad apples, as men, we must be courteous, chivalrous and charming. Holding the door open, treating people with respect, offering to pay for the meal are all classics and will never go out of style. In a world full of assholes, hold yourself to a better standard. Women will respond to a man with solid morals and principles.
  15. Tennis, as a sport, has seen many legends ruling the charts over the years. And, in the modern age, the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have undoubtedly emerged as a cut above the rest. But, as all good things come to an end, the trio of these superstars, too, have faced hardships in recent times. From injury concerns to slump in form, the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are still the players to beat. But, it's safe to say, they are no longer 'the invincibles' they once were. The ongoing Australian Open has once again sparked the great debate whether ageing Federer can still continue to prove his mettle following his Round of 16 loss to a 20-year-old. It also turned our focus on the next generation superstars who can very well go on to replace the old guard in the sport. Here's a look at four upcoming talents who can enthrall tennis fans as new-age superstars: Stefanos Tsitsipas © AP Back in 2001, when a young Federer defeated Sampras in Wimbledon, it was termed as the change of guard. And now, another change of guard is in the offing as the young Stefanos Tsitsipas stunned Federer in the fourth round of the Australian Open 4th yesterday. The Greek had become the talk of the town after he defeated four players amongst the Top 10 in Rogers Cup last summer. He began his charge by beating No. 8 Dominic Thiem in the second round. Then, it was No. 10 Novak Djokovic, No. 3 Alexander Zverev and sixth seed Kevin Anderson who all ran into a resilient Tsitsipas. His commendable run finally came to an end in the summit clash where he was defeated by king of clay Rafael Nadal. But, despite his defeat, the youngster undoubtedly made a mark with a fine showing. Now, in the Australian Open, the 21-year-old is looking to repeat his heroics as he reached the Quarter-finals. His triumph over the 'Swiss ace' highlighted his capabilities on the court. And, for the sake of tennis, let's hope he continues to perform with same enthusiasm in times ahead and keeps surprising us with his talent. Frances Tiafoe © AP Frances Tiafoe, definitely the most unpredictable entry to the list, sent shockwaves across the tennis fraternity after he got the better of proven stars such as Juan Martin Del Potro and Alexander Zverev in recent past. Recently turned 21, Tiafoe, continued his fine form in the Australian Open as he recorded a stunning win over fifth seed Kevin Anderson in the first round, earning the ticket to the Quarter-finals on his 21st birthday by defeating Grigor Dimitrov in the 4th round. Recent burst of the young American with an arsenal of screaming forehands and blistering serves, surely puts him into consideration for the next big thing in tennis. Denis Shapovalov © AP A possible Next Gen star, Denis Shapovalov has enjoyed a breakthrough year in 2017. From making his mark at the age of 16, by winning biggest prestige in tennis, The Wimbledon (Junior's), to later defeating stars like Rafael Nadal and Del Potro, the 19-year-old lad has achieved a hell lot at his age. His win over Nadal came in Rogers Cup in front of his home crowd, where he became the youngest player to reach a Masters semi-final; later delighting the New York crowd when he reached The US Open fourth round. The tennis pundits even declared him the third favourite to win at the Flushing Meadows after he entered the last 16. Despite having a bad form over the past 6 months, he still has achieved a lot at his age and is expected to be in the big four of the Next Gen. Alexander Zverev © AP Alexander Zverev had a dream end to the year 2018, defeating Novak Djokovic to win his first World Tour Finals. Being World No. 4 at the age of 21 is surely not a fluke, rather it's pure determination and hard work which has brought him to this point this soon. Winning 10 ATP titles and reaching a career-high ranking of World No. 3, he has surely been after the big four ever since he entered the tour. Despite being the newbie, he has been singled out by many players and commentators, as one of the apparent heirs to the Big 4 and a future World No. 1. Although he has proven his mettle a lot of times, the department he still lacks in is performing in Grand Slams. Being the World No. 4, his highest achievement in Grand Slams is being the Quarter-final finish at the Roland Garros in 2018. Even this time in Australian Open, he lost to Milos Raonic in the 4th round itself. Keeping all that aside, Zverev has been a hard-hitting baseline player and is equally good at the net as well. Defeating players like Djokovic and Federer numerous times, one thing can be assured off, that this player is surely the next big thing in tennis world.
  16. In January 2017, M. Night Shyamalan came up with his twelfth feature film titled 'Split'. The film represented a different kind of superhero genre that Hollywood had never seen before. © Universal Pictures Unlike 'Batman', 'Superman' or 'X-Men', 'Split' was unconventional and presented a sui-generis yet contrasting case, if comparisons are to be drawn between various comic book characters. The protagonist Kevin in 'Split' is more of a superhuman rather than a superhero. © Universal Pictures Though, the concept of the existence of multiple personalities within an individual is quite known, never has it ever been explored by a mainstream film-maker to such an extent that it represents a part of a film franchise. Kevin's 23 alter egos will now be seen giving birth to mayhem in Shyamalan's 'Glass', a 2019 release. The official trailer of the film has already been released. Before we talk about 'Glass' and how with his 13th film, Shyamalan is going to redefine the modern movie trilogy, let us first understand how only he (Shyamalan) director-writer could imagine connecting three different films over a time span of 19 years. © Universal Pictures Let us take you back to the game-changing and last scene of 'Split'. Inside a restaurant, the attention of people shifts towards a TV news broadcast explaining the horrors caused by Kevin's split personality. A woman in the restaurant could be seen talking of a similar incident that took place years back in Philadelphia and is unable to recall the name of the culprit involved. The camera then shifts towards David (Bruce Willis), who tells her the man's name and utters – 'Glass'. The scene in the film happened to hit us like a lightning bolt and gave us a major hint that 'Split' and Shyamalan's 2000 film 'Unbreakable' are related. 'Unbreakable' happened to be M. Night Shyamalan's path-breaking project; the film was named as one of the top ten superhero movies of all time by the Time magazine. © Universal Pictures Starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, the movie turned out to be the first instalment in what people are now calling the 'Unbreakable' series. In the film, a man named David Dunn (played by Bruce Willis) happens to be the only survivor on a train crash. He later discovers his superhuman powers with the help of Elijah Price (played by Samuel L. Jackson) a comic art gallery owner. With the trailer of the 'Glass', one thing is for sure - The film is going to put more weight on Elijah Price's role, that remained unexplored in 'Unbreakable'. © Universal Pictures Kevin, David, and Elijah are humans with unusual superpowers, ready to close the series. So, how did M. Night Shyamalan planned these three films with a hundred twists and different plots, over a time period of 19 years? Who could have imagined that years later, Shyamalan would even remember to add James Newton Howard's dark background score (the one used in 'Unbreakable') to Kevin's last monologue in 'Split', which cuts to David's cameo? This means something – M. Night Shyamalan is a spiritual genius and a master storyteller! This also means that Shyamalan has already modernized the art of making a film trilogy. Once, he mentioned in an interview, “The idea of doing a traditional sequel doesn't inspire me. It has to be organic and has to come from the right place — otherwise, it'll smell of artificiality. But it's fascinating how much it's stuck around. I do think about it a lot.” © Universal Pictures 'Unbreakable' happened to be amongst the first few films in the superhero franchise. The film released months after the first instalment of Brian Singer's 'X-Men' hit the theatres. Shyamalan didn't mention 'Unbreakable' to be a superhero film during the film promotions and marketing. © Universal Pictures Trilogies like 'The Matrix', 'Spider-Man' and even Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' have got their own themes and styles, M. Night Shyamalan's 'Glass' might create its own benchmarks and change the narrative about the modern day trilogy.
  17. If there's one character in 'Game of Thrones' who's loved by all, it is Tyrion Lannister. The man certainly knows how to pull off the complicated character of a wise drunkard womanizer. His chilling dialogue 'I demand a trial by combat' still gives goosebumps. He is one of those characters who has the most enemies and yet, is standing tall and proud till the last season. After Arya Stark, if anyone has mastered the art of surviving, it's Tyrion Lannister. Here are the five things which we can learn from him: 1. Keep Your Friends Close But Your Enemies Closer “That's what I do. I drink and I know things.” Tyrion's worst enemy was his family, especially his father & sister. They blamed him for his mother's death. Being a dwarf in a king's family didn't help the cause either. Despite facing death threats, Tyrion didn't budge and stayed with his family for as long as he could. He knew he would be most safe from where he can see what his enemy is planning. So he stayed there, in the den of lions, knowing he's their prey. 2. Never Underestimate Yourself “A very small man can cast a very long shadow. Remember the time when Tyrion shot his father while he was on the toilet? IT WAS AMAZING! No one saw it coming, NO ONE! He knew if he wants to live, he has to take care of his father first. People often laughed at his size yet he was the one who killed the most powerful man of the seven kingdoms. Moral of the story is, you can achieve anything if you have the nerve to do it. 3. Don't Be A Wannabe “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will no. Wear it like an armour and it can never be used to hurt you.” The sexiest thing that you can have is the comfort in being yourself. There's nothing better than a man who is confident in his own skin. Never hide your true self in order to fit in. It's easy to tell if someone is genuine or faking it. Be yourself and the world will appreciate you for it. 4. Read. As Much As You Can. “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.” Intelligence is sexy! If you can sit in a group and can comfortably discuss any topic that is thrown at you, then my friend you're on the right track. Knowledge is a powerful tool which can easily woo people. Read as much as you can, whatever you can, every book has its own kind of lessons. 5. Learn To Enjoy The Moment “I am the God of tits and wine.” Tomorrow will always make you worry and the past will always seem like a sad poetry, which could have been written better. All you have is today! Make time to enjoy it. Don't postpone your happiness for tomorrow, it might never come. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy every aspect of it. An amazing man, isn't he?
  18. We have come a long way from taking pride in being the Alpha male to realising that life works the best when men and women walk together. There's still a lot of ground to cover but where we are right now, is far better than where we were yesterday. The modern man has accepted the true meaning of the 'other half.' Now, a man and a woman equally build a household, divide chores, and live an equally dependable life. No longer the term 'it's not a man's job' or 'women aren't supposed to do that' has a place in the modern generation. With this redefined generation, it's time we redefine our marriage vows also. Following are 7 such marriage vows which are full of love, care, and equality. Say these lines to assure her that you're the right man for her: 1. I promise to always love you like the day I fell in love with you! Relationships break because we stop loving our partner the way we did initially, at the start of the relationship. Taking your partner for granted is the worst thing you can do to your marriage. Promise her that you will always love her like the way you did in the initial days. 2. I promise to be always there for you, and your family! A woman leaves everything for you; her house, her parents, and even her surname. Promise her that you will always be there for her and her family in sickness and in health. This is the least you can do. 3. I promise to always deal with all your tantrums, just the way I did while I was trying to woo you! Remember the initial days when nothing about her bothered you and you were fine with anything she did? If those things didn't bother you then, it should never bother you. People barely change, we just start looking at them differently. She will always be the same girl you were trying to woo. Don't complain about her habits or tantrums after she is wooed. 4. I promise I would never force you to follow a tradition, and we will fight the society together Not every woman is comfortable with changing her name after marriage, or to keep a fast for your well being, or to cover her face 24 x 7 with a piece of cloth. If you truly love her, be open and accept that her views on tradition may be different from your or your family's. Promise her that you won't force her to do anything which she isn't comfortable with and that you will stand by her side if the society questions her. 5. I promise to never lie to you (how many drinks I had is an exception)! A relationship doesn't sustain if it lacks truth and trust. Promise her that you will always tell her the truth, and there's no space for lying in your relationship. 6. I promise to always work towards resolving our issues and not dragging the fights. Every couple fights. That's natural. What you do next is what defines your relationship. Promise her that you will always work towards resolving the issue and would never let her sleep angry. A great marriage deserves that kind of a commitment. 7. I promise to make myself a better man with each day, for you deserve the best At the end of the day, it's all about giving her the best. Promise her that you'll give her the best version of yourself.
  19. Introducing Chris Paul, an NBA player destined to become a legend.
  20. The ARPANET (predecessor of the Internet) was launched almost half a decade back, and the American, as well as the European research community, is widely credited for the Internet we use today. Modern computers have improved remarkably; just a decade back a 2GB microSD card was an amazing thing for the end consumer, today we're launching 1TB microSD cards. Until the 90s, India was relatively new to computers. Even after the boom, India emerged as an outsourcing country. While the developed world is committed to researching and developing, India has its own set of problems that prevent it from heavily investing in R&D. The country is at a nascent stage and lacks the all-around community support a researcher requires. This does not mean the country has failed to contribute at the international level. We've compiled a list of Indian born inventors who have marked their name in history thanks to their widely adopted technology invention. 1. Ajay Bhatt © BCCL He is credited for inventing the most widely used data transfer standard, the Universal Serial Bus (USB). He is a graduate from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and completed his post graduation from The City University of New York. Bhatt joined Intel in 1990 as a senior staff architect on the chipset architecture team in Folsom. He is the chief architect and co-inventor of technologies such as USB, Accelerated Graphics Port, PCI Express, platform power management architecture and various personal computer enhancements. The USB port has been defined and developed by several other companies such as Apple and Microsoft. It continues to reign as the unchallenged choice of connection for all gadgets out there today. 2. Vinod Dham © BCCL Vinod Dham is popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip, for his contribution to the development of highly successful Pentium processors from Intel. Dham did B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering and then pursued an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, where he specialised in Solid State Electronics. He is called the “Father of Pentium” for his role in the development of the Pentium processor. He is also one of the co-inventors of Intel's first Flash memory technology (ETOX). The tag Intel Inside had almost become a trademark for all the computers. Currently, he is the founding Managing Director of Indo US Venture Partners. 3. Pranav Mistry © Pranav Mistry Pranav Mistry is a computer scientist and inventor, he heads the Think Tank Team and is best known for his work on SixthSense, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond. He has previously worked at Microsoft, Google, CMU, NASA, UNESCO, Japan Science & Technology before joining Samsung. SixthSense is an innovative augmented reality (AR) technology which allows users to pop up a screen on the wall by moving their fingers and control it with their fingertips in the air. He has also worked on various other projects like SPARSH, QUiCKiES, BlinkBot and more. 4. Anadish Pal © Gulf News He is credited with inventing the fuel-efficient internal combustion engine along with his contribution and patents on Rail Gun technology, gravitational waves, portable power sources. Today, he is the country's sole independent inventor with the maximum number of US patent grants. The patents include research on induction motor as a sensor, a Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV), a contact-less non-optical computer mouse suitable for 3D applications, a robotic platform, an electromagnetically controlled valve-less internal combustion engine, and more. 5. Krishna Bharat © Stanford University Krishna Bharat is a Principal Scientist at Google Inc, working in the area of user interface and algorithmic support for Web search and content analysis. He is an IIT Madras pass out and has a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech University, USA, Krishna is the person behind immensely popular Google News. Google News was one of Google's first endeavors beyond offering just plain text searches on its page. Also, he received the 2003 World Technology Award for Media & Journalism. Krishna is the acting head of Google's new R&D Center in Bangalore India.
  21. To look for ways to progress faster in life is human nature. So, it only makes perfect sense that people look for ways to progress faster when it comes to fitness. But the problem with trying to speed up things is that it more often than not leads to people starting to believe false claims propagated by self-proclaimed gurus. Some of these claims or “bro-science” is cleared up with evidence, but some of these have plagued the fitness industry for decades. While most of these myths are old-school, a lot of modern day myths have started surfacing as well. Here are some of them: 1) Isolation Exercises Are Useless © YouTube This myth has recently resurfaced with the increase in popularity of Crossfit that any exercise that is not a multi joint exercise is a waste of time. Yes, compound exercises give you more bang for your buck, but this does not make isolation exercises useless. Isolation exercises are a great way to compliment your training along with compound lifts. They are a great way to train smaller muscles like biceps, triceps, rear delts and calves, etc. Isolation exercises are also great for bringing lagging body parts which need some extra volume which won't be possible through compound lifts only which in turn helps with strength and muscle imbalances. So, any way you look at it, isolation exercises are a must and have an important place in your training routine. 2) Lift Heavy To Get Bigger © YouTube I am sure you must have come across the quote “Go hard or go home” many times over the internet and social media. This so-called “motivational” quote is one of the most stupid ones that I have ever come across which is also responsible for numerous injuries suffered by countless people in the gym. This trend has returned partly due to the increase in popularity of powerlifting among the masses. For an average gym goer though, the goal should be to lift optimum and not as heavy as he/she can. Training for building muscle is not exactly the same as training for getting stronger and make no mistake, training for building muscle (bodybuilding) does make you stronger, it's just that it is not your primary goal. Training for building muscle aka hypertrophy has more to do with muscle contraction than just lifting weights from point A to point B. Focus on progressive overload, that is, gradually increasing the load that you lift. Don't overdo it or your form will suffer making the whole exercise futile. Rep ranges 8-12 are considered to be the best for hypertrophy and although you can build muscle doing higher or lower number of reps, these ranges are the most efficient way to accumulate volume. 3) Going On A See-Food Diet Although no food should be considered good or bad and eating bland chicken breast and rice 6 times a day is the most stupid thing to do to gain muscle, but going on a rampage every time you come across anything edible is not wiser than the first option. Even today in the bodybuilding circles, the common practice is to eat as much food as you can without throwing up, get as much sleep as you can and not do anything physical out of the gym. This only results in big bubble guts, the size of which can put a heavily pregnant woman to shame. These are the people who end up looking for shortcuts when it comes to getting in shape, trying anything from fat burners to under the counter pills. When in reality, unless you are sticking needles in your backside to grow faster, you only need a surplus of around 300-500 calories in 90% of cases. You can only add so much muscle at a time, which means that you should eat only slightly over your maintenance calories. Also, keep your diet balanced, eat whole foods to complete your micronutrient needs and you can have the foods of your choice after. In short, keep your diet flexible. 4) Low Carb/Keto Diets This “trend” is relatively newer than the others and it doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down or going away anytime soon. In fact, this trend has been so popular in recent times that some so-called fitness experts have made a career out of fooling people to eat this way. Now, the fact of the matter is that nutrition is science and not some internet Guru's opinion and scientific literature has time and again roved this no-carb keto nonsense to be just that—nonsense. Whether your goal is to lose fat/gain muscle, carbs are your best friend as the overload caloric load defines whether you lose or gain weight, not a certain macronutrient. Even if you are trying to increase your performance in the gym or at any sport, carbs are paramount as they are your body's primary and preferred source of fuel and will help you perform better than if you were skipping them. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. Nav is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and heads the NABBA (National amateur bodybuilders association) as a General Secretary. This innate passion and position has helped him work with a lot of bodybuilders to help them take their physique at the next level. He also has a lovely pet called Buster whom he enjoys playing with in his free time. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness to take your fitness and physique to the next level.
  22. When people think of torture or torture techniques and devices, their mind on an autopilot goes to the medieval times, when old school and brutal methods were implied on humans as a form of torture to retrieve information. Bizarre devices like the 'Iron Maiden' or 'The Rack' were used on prisoners, while they were being questioned by the authorities. While no has ever banned torture techniques as such, they have ceased to exist on their own, as they were too intolerant for human existence. But torture, as an idea, still exists and new forms of torture have appeared, to be inflicted on the masses for the same reasons as olden times. © Youtube Of course with modern day technology and minds, torture techniques may have changed slightly in shape and form, but they still inflict grave repercussions on the psychological and physical framework of a human being and the impact is unforgettable. Let's see how torture techniques have 'evolved' over the years and what modern day torture really looks like: Dog Rape A few years ago, a controversy sparked in the United States, on whether waterboarding- a form of torture used by detention facilities, where a wet piece of cloth was kept on the prisoner's face mimicking the act of drowning- was an ethical way to torture prisoners. Detention camps like Guantanamo Bay used this method frequently, before the US government banned this method, to sanction something even worse, for the prisoners! According to journalist Lawrence Wright, while he visited the Egyptian detention facilities where most of Al-Qaida prisoners were detained, he reported having seen men tied up nude. The officials of the detention camp would release dogs on the inmates and let the dogs have their way with them, including raping the men. Wright claimed that such torture methods formed a catalyst in radicalising many of these detainees. Well, a huge moralistic debate lies there, but as of now, there are no reports to prove if Wright's claims are actually true. © Thinkstock Force Feeding In the '99, followers of Falun Gong faced persecution by the Chinese communist government. The followers were taken to the prisons and tortured, where they'd be beaten up and other gruesome acts were performed upon them. But the one that really breached the moral ground of existence was 'force feeding', where the prisoners would have a couple of tubes shoved down their throat, to force feed them a slurry of garbage, urine, faeces, mustard, chillies, tear gas and other household chemicals. What happened to the inmates after is beyond unknown! © Youtube Tucker Telephone Originally from Arkansas, at the Tucker State Prison facility, the Tucker Telephone was devised as a form of torture, which was constructed from an old-fashioned crankshaft telephone. The phone was modified to produce electricity when cranked, to torture inmates in the prison. The ground wire would be connected to the prisoner's toe, while the hot wire would be connected to their genitals. The staff member would then crank the generator, which would send electric shocks through the inmate's body, electrocuting them. The Tucker Telephone was eventually banned in the '70s. © Wicked Horror Cold Cell The CIA is authorised to use about 6 interrogation/torture techniques on prisoners, and one of them is the cold cell. The cold cell is where a prisoner is put in front of an air conditioner for hours, months or sometimes even years, in order to torture them to retrieve information. A high ranked Viet Cong officer, Vhuen Van Tai, who was captured during the Vietnam war, was placed in a tiny windowless room, where the AC was on full blast facing him, for four straight years! © Youtube White Torture White torture, a form of emotional and psychological torture, is widely used even today and is somewhat the worst torture technique adopted for prisoners. The victim is placed in a room that's completely white and they're made to wear stark white clothing and they're given white rice on white paper towels for food and are not allowed to speak a word. Sensory deprivation soon makes a person hallucinogenic and eventually they lose their sane minds. © Thinkstock The German Chair The German Chair, also known as the 'Flying Carpet', is a form of torture where the prisoner is tied to a metal chair in such a way that their upper and lower part of the body is pushed towards the ground, to an unbendable position, giving them severe stress on their back, neck, and spine. This form of torture often causes irreparable and permanent damage to the body. © Youtube Strappado While this method was quite popular during the Renaissance, in modern day terminology, it's called as the 'Palestinian Hanging'. The prisoner is hung with their arms behind their head, which causes the arm to dislocate from the sockets. This mechanism also makes it very difficult for the prisoner to breathe. © Pintrest Music Torture This might sound a little torture-less but trust me, it is used by a lot of governments to torture state criminals and it's exactly like it sounds. They place the victim in a room and blast loud music, directly on their face and everything is played- from Metallica to even Britney Spears! No kidding! © Youtube Cat O' Nine Tails This torture device, also known as 'Cat' was last used on Jesus of Nazareth and surprisingly, is still being used even today. The prisoner is flogged with a 9 tail flogging device, the ends of which have metal claws, which dig into the skin of the prisoner, clawing the flesh out and ripping it apart. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ordered Trinidad and Tobago to put a stop to this method of torture, where it's still being used from time to time. © Pintrest The Tiger Bench This is another torture technique practiced by the Communist government of China against the followers of Falun Gong. The tortured is placed on a bench, with a board against their back and their head. The prisoner's legs are bound tightly to the bench, with several leather straps, while trying to lift the prisoner's ankles. This goes on until the knees give way and snaps, leaving the person disabled for life. © Youtube There are many more torture techniques adopted by different governments around the world, but the most prominent ones are listed here, which are still being practiced at large. Whether or not different forms of torture are ethical, is a different debate altogether, but for now, bringing these methods out in the open is the need of the hour.
  23. Netflix's 'Sacred Games', directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikaramaditya Motwane, has left all of us shaken. Dark, uncensored, and raw, the show captures Mumbai's mafia underbelly in its most honest and disturbing form. We bring you some hard-hitting lessons about survival in the modern world that 'Sacred Games' taught us. 1. Your success is not complete till you start hanging out with the right people © Netflix Hard work is not always a yardstick of success, sometimes who you hang out with matters more. Kukoo tells a smitten Gaitonde to steal her from Isa, the reigning king of the Mumbai mafia, and prove his mettle. It is then that Gaitonde realises Kukoo is the yardstick to his success. By winning her, he wins over Mumbai – he sends out a message that the most coveted woman is by his side. 2. The allies you choose to be on your side can make or break your future © Netflix We think we are alone in our journeys to success or failure, but we are just a sum total of the experiences we choose and also the ones we don't. We choose our friends, our aides, our partners. And every person we choose to be with and listen to affects our decisions and outlook towards life, even without us realising. While a Kukoo could catapult Gaitonde's image to the god of mafia town, an unfaithful employee got his best man killed. 3. Power doesn't come from a having muscular bod or a fat bank balance, it comes from the courage in your heart © Netflix Ganesh Gaitonde becomes the undisputed god of Mumbai's underbelly. In a world run by guns and muscle power, here is a petite skinny man calling the shots. In the jungle, when confronted by a tiger, he stares right back at the beast with courage that even the beast can sense – that, right there, is when he wins over the town. Not with muscle, not with power, but with sheer courage. 4. In times of crisis, we are stronger than we think © Netflix No matter how easily scared we are or how meek-hearted, we're capable of infinite strength and courage in times of crisis. The human spirit is immensely strong and its strength comes out in full force when it faces danger enough to kill it. Ganesh Gaitonde faces soul-crushing misery in prison and almost gives up. One word of comfort from a stranger and he is ready to fight again. 5. There is no perfect time for anything; you have to make things happen © Netflix If you keep waiting for it, it will never happen. You will never be fully prepared. After a point of time, you have to take a chance and grab the opportunity you want. Waiting for every condition to be favourable will only leave you with lost opportunities. A restless Gaitonde grabs the single moment he finds his second boss alone in a river, even though his only friend Mathu has abandoned the plan and he has nothing to fall back on. 6. Most of us play a small part in someone else's bigger plan © Netflix Working day in day out, we keep following a pattern already set for us. Whether it's the job we take up, the career we chose, our decisions are hardly our own. We don't even realise when our will ceases to function and we give in to expectations and fads. Even Gaitonde, who wrote his own destiny, eventually ends up at the mercy of forces stronger than him. Chances are he is a mere pawn in the hands of Bhonsle and Guruji, who represent the dangerous alliance of politics and religion. 7. Love is not bound by gender © Netflix When Gaitonde falls in love with Kukoo, he falls for not just her body. He tells her he no longer wants 'Kukoo ka magic', he wants the real Kukoo. The fact that she is transgender doesn't bother him; he has already fallen in love with the person and doesn't care whether she has a ***** or a vagina. 8. Religion can turn even the most secular of men © Netflix Nothing is more powerful than religion in convincing someone. The masses are an easy subject for practitioners of religion to sway and influence. Ganesh Gaitonde was steadfast in his decision to not let religion enter Gopal Math and did not give too hoots about religion. And yet when he lost his wife Subhadra to a gang war, communal hatred crept in and took the better of him. 9. When you think the worst has happened, there's more to come © Netflix Life is not a feel-good self-help book that tells you everything will always be better. Gaitonde's plight in prison is disturbingly pitiful. After being given the horrible egg cell punishment for days, when he eventually gets out, he is broken but relieved that the ordeal has ended. Real life hits when he realises he is mistaken – there is impending death waiting for him in the form of Isa's men. 10. No one is invincible © Netflix Right in the beginning of the show, Ganesh Gaitonde says “Kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai”. He is the undisputed king of his world. Wanted in tons of police cases, he manages to live away from the hands of the law and rule freely over his fiefdom. But in the end, even he falls apart. Taken in by the police, he disintegrates into a mere speck of pity and despondency, ready to give up on life as he pleads Parulkar for a sip of water. Disclaimer: This post does not intend to glorify the violent means adopted by the characters of the show to achieve their means. The lessons derived are only symbolic in their meaning.
  24. Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Photo: FileSHINKIARI: Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday said the training of junior leaders was extremely important because of their critical role in modern warfare,...
  25. The McLaren P1 car is pictured during the second media day of the 83rd Geneva Car Show at the Palexpo Arena in Geneva March 6, 2013. Photo: ReutersLilium, a German start-up with Silicon Valley-scale ambitions to put electric ?flying taxis? in...
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