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Found 14 results

  1. Imagine losing anything in the Pacific Ocean! Most of us would write it off and forget about the item we lost. That's what happened to surfer Robert Bainter when he lost his Apple Watch while body surfing a large wave. He picked up his arm and his Apple Watch was missing. © YouTube Bainter surfs at Huntington Beach, California and was able to reunite with his lost Apple Watch six months later. The shocking thing about his discovery was that the Apple Watch was still working even after being lost at sea for six months. © Pexels Robert Bainter told KTLA 5 TV “This thing has been my good luck charm, I would use it quite often to show the surf and how fast you were going. It would even show you where you were on the beach.” Bainter used Apple's Find My iPhone app to find his Apple Watch every time he visited the same beach. However, he could not find it in time and six months had passed. He got an unlikely call from a man who said he had found his watch. It was found almost 5 KMs away from where he originally lost the Apple Watch. © Pexels The Apple Watch was able to survive deep undersea for six months however prolonged exposure to salt water made the screen a bit hazy. The Apple Watch comes with a Water Lock mode which basically seals up all the ports to avoid entry of water. It can only be disabled by scrolling on the dial as it ejects any excess water in the ports. It is possible that when Bainter's Apple Watch was lost at sea, the mode might have been turned on when he was surfing. *Images for representation purposes only. Source: KTLA 5 TV
  2. If you search 'best proposal in the world' on the internet, you will find innumerable, inspiring ways and ideas to make yours a memorable one. But, no matter how much efforts you put in proposing your girlfriend, neither you nor anyone else in the world can beat Yasushi 'Yassan' Takahashi. In an era when social media and internet in general wasn't a huge deal, this Japanese guy did something unbelievable, and ruined the chances of having a basic proposal for every guy out there. How, you ask? By spelling 'Marry Me' on Google Earth and GPS. YouTube/ Google For those wondering whether this is fake or photoshopped, it's not. The photo is as real and genuine as the guy's feelings for his girlfriend. Hailing from Tokyo Yasushi aka Yassan realised in 2008 that his girlfriend, natsuki is the one for him. Now, when you are so sure, you can't simply get away with a basic 'ring' proposal. We guess he thought so too and the result was this insanely amazing GPS art. YouTube/ Google In fact, it also got him into the Guinness World Record for the largest GPS drawing in history. It took Yassan six months and nearly 7000 km to draw 'Marry Me' with a heart next to it. In case you guys didn't know, GPS art is where you create digital drawings using Google Earth by travelling using a GPS device. This way, once the route is uploaded on the app, it begins to form an artwork. YouTube/ Google Google even shared a throwback of his amazing journey on Twitter, and since then his story has gone viral on social media. You can check out his journey here, and rest assured, you're going to be swooning by the end of it. For over 10 years, Tokyo resident Yasushi “Yassan” Takahashi has been creating GPS art with @googleearth and #StreetView—but it was his very first drawing that was his biggest, in more ways than one → https://t.co/O9dYPHyauy pic.twitter.com/dEXmwp9suc — Google (@Google) April 10, 2019 While it all went well for him and his girlfriend said yes, imagine (hypothetically) if she said no? Then he would have have a different story with a Guiness World Record and six month travel experience at hands, which is not exactly bad, is it?
  3. Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crashed soon after taking off on Sunday morning from Addis Ababa killing 157 people onboard. The plane was enroute Nairobi, Kenya and last contact was six minutes after take-off. The flight was operated by a Boeing 737 MAX 8 and the aircraft was delivered to the airline just a few months ago. Aviation is considered to be among the safest industries for decades and the crash of a brand new jet is alarming. Just five months back, another 737 MAX 8 operating for Lion Air crashed into the sea off the island of Java shortly after take-off, killing all 189 people onboard. Two crashes of the same jet within a short span has gotten everyone worried and Boeing, along with local regulators are scrambling to find answers. © Reuters Boeing's safety record is now under serious threat and with hundreds of MAX 8's flying all over the globe, airlines aren't keen on operating them until proper investigations are completed. The circumstances of the two crashes remain under investigation, and Boeing has presented no evidence to suggest the two disasters are linked. The similarities may be a coincidence. Ethiopian Airlines has grounded its Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet until further notice. The airline has a reputation for being one of the best airlines in Africa. It has a good safety record and the newest fleet of planes on the continent. © Utkarsh Thakkar / @vimanspotter (Ethiopian Airlines A350 in Mumbai) In India, Jet Airways and Spicejet operate the MAX 8 and Spicejet is operating them normally (13 in fleet) based on the schedule. Jet Airways is undergoing a period of financial instability and FlightRadar24 suggests it has temporarily stopped operating them (5 in fleet) for weeks due to payment issues with lessors. The narrow-body Boeing 737 has been a workhorse on short- and medium-haul flights for decades. Thousands of 737 NG (737-700/800/900) continue to fly with a spotless track record. The MAX 8 is an improved version with better engines and increased cabin comfort. The planemaker is expected to build 59 MAX 8's every month this year. Jet Airways has ordered 225 of these, followed by Spicejet at 200. © Utkarsh Thakkar / @vimanspotter India's aviation regulator DGCA has sought information from Boeing after the Sunday crash. "A Boeing 737 Max aircraft flown by Ethiopian Airlines has crashed. Our two airlines (Jet Airways and SpiceJet having these aircraft) and DGCA officials are in touch with Boeing for information. Further safety measures shall follow that," DGCA chief B S Bhullar, told the Times of India. China's civil aviation regulator has ordered all Chinese airlines to suspend commercial operations of MAX 8. Chinese airlines currently operate 96 MAX 8's. No other country has grounded the aircraft completely yet, but airlines say they are closely working with Boeing and monitoring their fleet.
  4. It's just been a week since Respawn Entertainment launched 'Apex Legends' and the game has found success in just a matter of days. It's a free-to-play Battle Royale game that is giving games like PUBG and Fortnite a run for its money. Respawn has now revealed that the game has hit 25 million total players and had "well over" 2 million concurrent players during the weekend. © YouTube To put things into perspective, 'Fortnite' took four months to achieve these numbers after its launch. At the moment, 'Fortnite' has over 200 million players and 8.3 million concurrent players which is a huge number for any game. This is partly because of the game can also be played on iOS and Android devices. © YouTube The studio is now using this achievement as an opportunity to promote the game's roadmap including new goodies for players for Valentine's Day. The company is also going to launch a paid Battle Pass next month that will work similarly to Fortnite's subscription programme. © Respawn Entertainment 'Apex Legends' builds on the Titanfall series and lore; which has been generally well-received amongst players. It uses the same combat mechanics with Battle Royale essentials such as looting gear, weapons and ammo. However, the game sets itself apart from other games, thanks to different characters that have different abilities. The game's marketing has also helped the game gain success due to its surprise launch and support from streamers like Shroud and Dr DisRespect. The game also does not implement any play-to-win micro transactions which make the game accessible to everyone for free. Have you been playing 'Apex Legends'? Follow our tips and tricks for getting your first win in the game.
  5. Before I begin, let me make a couple of things very clear. 1) This is not my very first transformation. My first transformation was back in 2016. You can read about it here. 2) I have been training for nearly 2.5 years now and have an extensive athletics background. 3) The story documented here talks about me getting into photo shoot condition for which, the prep started early August last year. (This was preceded by a 6-8 months of hard core bulk.) 2018 was a big year for me. Not only did I complete 5 years at MXP but also got married to the woman I love. Both my personal as well as professional life moved into new realms of reality. For some things, I was ready. For some, I wasn't. More responsibilities at work came down like mountain, which of course, further narrowed the time I had for myself. Towards the end on 2017, I had made a resolution to put on more muscle on my frame and I knew that this is going to be a tedious task. And so it proved to be. I had too much on my plate to finish and wasn't able to get my diet and training in line and I also lacked accountability. I needed a coach and that's when I got in touch with Akash Vaghela at RNT Fitness. This is what happened after that. The Tri-Phasic Approach Phase 1 – Initial Cut Just like I mentioned above, my goal was muscle building, naturally. At the very start, I had put on a little fat. So to counter that, my first phase was to lean out. I still had muscle on my frame but not as much as I wanted. This was my initial cut and its objective was to prepare me for putting on more muscle later into the year. Always remember, lean out before putting on muscle. When you are fat, your body is well primed to getting fatter. Hence, this cut. Phase 2 – Bulking After losing over 5 kilos on the initial cut, we decided to start a long bulk. This had me eating up to 3500 calories a day and training the hardest that I ever had. My eating plans were set in stone and I followed that to the T. I am good at dieting and at the same time, work a 12-hour desk job. So a set meal plan saved a lot of time. I cooked, packed and ate. No thinking about what to eat. In The Middle Of The Bulk, Came My Wedding Just when I was eating huge amounts of food, I decided to get fat. This meant socializing and endless parties. Unsurprisingly, all the damage I had expected happened. I was already in a surplus and all the wedding food added further more to my daily caloric cap. Though I didn't track but I was easily eating nearly 5K calories during the month of June-July. I drove myself into the dirty bulking category but I had no choice. What I did here was I trained heavier than usual and made sure I was putting the surplus calories to worthwhile use. This Is How I Looked At The End Of The Bulk (Fat) Phase 3- The Final Cut In the early weeks of August, the wedding madness got over. The scale weighed me in at 80 kilos. This was the heaviest I had ever been and of course, I had more fat than muscle. This was about it, and my coach and I decided to start the final cut, which would eventually lead to a photo shoot. I geared up and got into it. This is how I ended up on the shoot day. (In January) I ended my cut at nearly 63 kilos at about 10 percent body fat .In all, a loss of about 17 kilos. What I Ate My diet plan was set which means that I ate the same things every day. Now please, you don't have to do this too. It was doable for me so I did it. These were the food items. 1) Rice 2) Potatoes 3) Ghee/Olive Oil 4) Oats 5) Milk 6) Chicken 7) Wheat The above things are all what my meals comprised of right from the bulk to the cut. Only the quantities were changed according to the goal. (Please understand that no food in isolation makes you fat. It's the amount of calories you eat.) Training This was a complete game changer for me. Before training with Akash I was hitting the gym almost 5-6 times a week. This meant no time dedicated to recovery. He flipped it all up and had me lifting only 4 days a week. This made a HUGE difference in my strength and recovery levels being a natural. 1) Monday – Chest, back shoulders 2) Tuesday – Off 3) Wednesday – Legs and arms 4) Thursday – Off 5) Friday – Chest, back shoulders 6) Saturday – Legs and arms 7) Sunday – off I didn't do freaking 5-6 exercises per muscle group. Instead, I picked up the top 2-3 exercises for every muscle group that I was perfect at doing and a huge margin to overload. Working to failure also went out of the window and sets were limited to 3 per exercise. The focus here was on perfect form and progressive overload. I also got used to reverse pyramiding the sets. Working with Akash as my coach to drive this transformation, it added to my knowledge and capabilities of my body to push to new levels. For an in-depth look at my eating habits and training, you can follow me on Instagram.
  6. Apple's wireless charging mat, better known as AirPower, was unveiled two years ago and was slated to launch in 2018. However, the wireless charging mat has not seen the day of light ever since. But now it seems like we may finally see it this year. © Apple According to reports, AirPower has begun production of the wireless charger which will be able to charge the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPod simultaneously. The product was expected to launch alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max, however, it was delayed due to unknown reasons. ChargeLag, a reputable charging expert organisation has detailed that the AirPower is alive and well and will now be entering mass production. The information comes from an unnamed source working in the supply chain. Breaking: AirPower is finally coming. We just learned from credible source in supply chain that the manufacture Luxshare Precision has already started producing Apple AirPower wireless charging pad. Luxshare Precision is also the maker of Apple AirPods and USB-C cables. pic.twitter.com/UqgWIAh3sx — ChargerLAB (@chargerlab) January 12, 2019 The source says that the AirPower is being manufactured by Luxsare Precision, the same company that makes the AirPods and USB-C cables for Apple. Even though the tip-off seems quite credible, we can't be sure if the AirPower will launch sooner than expected. © Apple The AirPower was mentioned in the instructional manual that comes with the iPhone XS and XS Max and details how to charge the phone with the mat. Previous reports suggested that Apple had trouble getting the charging mat work the way Apple envisioned it would. AirPower was touted to charge three different devices at the same time. This may have been a cause for the wireless mat to overheat and cause other issues such as being slow, buggy and unreliable. If the tip by ChargeLag is to be believed, Apple may have solved the aforementioned issues and have indeed gone into mass production. Only time will tell when we will see the final product and its eventual launch date. Source: AppleInsider
  7. Spotify is finally coming to India according to reports by Variety and Bloomberg. The story was confirmed by unnamed sources who detail that the streaming service has reached a settlement with major rights holders in India. It will enable the company to launch in the fastest growing music market in the world i.e. India, that has a population of 1.3 billion and potential 100 milling customers. Rumours suggest that Spotify will offer a trial period for full access which is normal than longer when compared to the company's 30-day period. Bloomberg notes that India's primary source for music streaming is YouTube and can be used for free. Spotify will face an uphill battle in India to make users pay for a streaming service. Spotify has faced major hurdles in getting music rights, as local record labels threatened the company from withholding rights as the company attempted to licence music directly from artists. These issues have now been resolved and Spotify will launch officially within the next six months. Spotify will also need to take various other languages into account before the launch. Spotify works with a credit card which only a small amount of the Indian population owns. It could also introduce gift cards in order to tackle this problem for Indian users. Spotify will be competing in India with other music streaming apps like Gaana, Saavn, Apple Music, Google Music, Youtube and Amazon Music. It indeed would be a massive opportunity for the company to launch in India, as the company's stock price is declining over the past three months and losing major money. Source: Variety
  8. Yes, yes we know cuffing season is here and all you single peeps are looking to get more out of this winter season. But even if you're not, it's absolutely okay to have a few laughs at your expense, because being single is not all that bad. So, to make a miserable situation really funny, we have some memes you can laugh your heart out to and thank us later...or not! (1) Because Sheldon knows best! © Pinterest (2) How often do you visit this zone? © Pinterest (3) A fact is a fact is a fact © Pinterest (4) Relationship status: In love with pizza © Pinterest (5) Get it? Jebroni? © Pinterest (6) Stuff you're tired of hearing © Pinterest (7) Yes, every week © Pinterest (8) Yeah, stop cribbing! © Pinterest (9) It'll get better, they say © Pinterest (10) Well, of course, this had to be here © Pinterest So, if you're feeling exceptionally sad about being single this winter, maybe these memes can help you laugh a bit about your sorry state of affairs? But being single is kinda awesome and I believe it should be enjoyed till as long as it lasts!
  9. The Tesla Roadster that Elon Musk launched a few months ago, has now crossed Mars after travelling in deep space for 8 months. The roadster was launched on a Falcon Heavy in February, has made its way beyond Mars and is now going to get back on its current path. © Twitter The mission was sent using Musk's personal Tesla into space with a spacesuit-equipped dummy in the driver's seat and David Bowie's "Space Oddity" playing on loop. The car also has a 5D quartz storage device that can withstand the harsh environment of space. According to WhereIsRoadster.com, the car is currently around 179 million miles from Earth and is moving at a pace of 35,000 mph. The test flight of the Falcon Heavy marked the start of the world's most powerful rocket and it has the ability to send a 140,700-pound payload into low Earth orbit. © YouTube The Roadster will come within a few hundred kilometres of our planet in 2091, as it has resumed its current path to orbit the Sun. SpaceX used the roadster for the test payload in part, because they deemed it fun. As part of NASA's Commercial Crew program, SpaceX will be sending astronauts to the International Space Station. Starman's current location. Next stop, the restaurant at the end of the universe. pic.twitter.com/Ty5m8IjJpE — SpaceX (@SpaceX) November 3, 2018 In the future, SpaceX will be using the Falcon Heavy to send larger satellites into Earth's orbit and on missions to Mars. The second test launch of the rocker is scheduled for 2019 and the payload is currently not known. "Starman's current location. Next stop, the restaurant at the end of the universe," SpaceX wrote on Twitter, referring to the second book in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  10. Winter is about to set in, and as pleasant and romantic as it may seem from a distance (or the idea of it, shall we say), the reality is rather harsh, just like the cold winds it brings along. The cold weather can be extremely tricky, especially when it comes to skincare and haircare. But the most challenging thing, we think, is beard care, as it's neither here nor there. Your beard is prone to damage during extreme weather conditions, and it can get even trickier in India, thanks to the huge difference in summer and winter temperatures. But, it can be dealt with quite easily, if you follow a simple routine daily, consisting of 4 easy steps. 1. The first step is extremely easy, as it requires you to do nothing. By that, we mean to refrain from washing your beard frequently. Every time you wash your beard, it is stripped of the natural oils, and that can wreak havoc when it comes to your beard's health. Wash it every 2 or 3 days with a beard shampoo. © Zeusbeard 2. Using a beard oil is a must. The weather will dry your beard out, and there is no way the moisture will be back naturally, because of low humidity. So, you need to make sure your beard gets proper nourishment through a good beard oil. © Baldingbeards 3. Use a beard/moustache wax while stepping out. The wax, apart from styling your beard, will create a film on your beard that will protect it from the harshness of the elements outside. Plus, it's easier to sip liquids when there are no stray hairs going in them! © Baldingbeards 4. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can have an extreme impact on your beard, and it can be visible in the form of a scraggly and lifeless beard. Plus, because of excessive coffee consumption during winter, our body becomes even more dehydrated. Keep drinking water not just for a thick, healthy beard, but also for your general well-being during the winter months. © 123rf Do them and see the difference!
  11. The Pixel 3 series is definitely one of the most anticipated phones of the year. Details about the duo have leaked a million times in the last few months and we pretty much knew everything before the launch, but now that it's official, things are different. The Pixel series by Google is supposed to be a benchmark for the true capabilities of Android, hence the software comes straight from Google and is closely knit with the hardware for maximum performance. The predecessors of the Pixel 3 have received a lukewarm response in terms of sales, but have managed to carve a niche for the company in the photography segment. Coming back to the Pixel 3, the phone follows the same signature Google design on the back that includes a aluminum frame with hybrid coating, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 on the front and Soft touch glass (Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5) on the back. The new Pixel phones are also IP68 water and dust resistant. The fingerprint scanner is located in the centre at te back, while the front has a fairly large top and chin thanks to the stereo speakers. The Pixel 3XL has the same design on the back but brings in a tall notch at the front. Pixel 3 has a 5.5-inch display FH+(FHD+ (2160 x 1080) flexible OLED with an aspect ratio of 18:9 while the 3 XL has a 6.2-inch QHD+ (2960 x 1440) flexible display with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. Google has definitely put the OLED display panels to test after last year's burn-in scare, to make sure there are no reliability issues. Powering the duo is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC along with 4GB RAM in the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL. The two now also support wireless charging, which was very well expected since the iPhone too incorporated the feature. The main forte of the Pixel series has always been the camera, and only time will tell how much smarter has Google's AI gotten. Like the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google is sticking to a single rear camera setup on the Pixel 3 series. The rear shooter is a 12.2-megapixel dual-pixel 1.4μm sensor, while the two front shooters on both have an 8-megapixel lens — one of them being a wide-angle lens. © YouTube The Pixel 3 XL has a 3430mAh battery while the Pixel 3 has a 2915 mAh battery. A new accessory is also coming along called the "Pixel Stand", it is a first party wireless charger that keeps the phone upright and kicks it into a special software mode that seems like something close to a Google Smart Display. The Pixel 3 is available in three colours i.e. Just Black, Clearly White, Not Pink and is priced at US$ (approx. Rs) while the Pixel 3 XL is available in xxx variants and is priced at US$ (approx. Rs). In India, it will be priced as follows: â¹71,000 (Pixel 3 64GB), â¹80,000 (Pixel 3 128GB), â¹83,000 (Pixel 3 XL 64GB), and â¹ 92,000 (Pixel 3 XL 128GB). All variants will be available from November 1st 2018.
  12. It's that time of the year again, when poor, unaware folks get sucked into the dark hole that is called 'Bigg Boss'. Now, if you have clicked on this article, I'm taking this as a confirmation of your pure, unadulterated hatred for this toxic show, just like me. I confess I have never understood the fascination behind this mindless drama. I mean, sure it has all the ingredients for an entertainer—love, anger, jealousy, betrayal and the works—but watching people locked up in a house, acting like animals thanks to a diabolical script, designed to prey on the minds of innocents, is not my idea of 'entertainment'. Every year, I find myself surrounded by this name--'Bigg Boss'. Even though I have no interest in it, even though I go out of my way to never watch it on TV, it somehow manages to crawl into my life. Makes me ponder over my existence altogether! This made me realise that I need to find a way to steer clear from this evil this year, and made a set of guidelines for myself, which I am more than happy to share with you: 1. Stay Away From Your 'Bigg Boss' Loving Friends Literally. See, the harsh truth is that, people who watch this show are often overwhelmed by an uncontrollable need to actually discuss the show in detail. You WILL find yourself getting sucked into the drama without even knowing it. 2. Say Goodbye To Your TV For The Next 3 Months It's not that hard, to be honest. Heard of this gorgeous creation called Netflix? Or maybe even Amazon Prime? Well, the internet is going to be your bosom buddy for the duration of this show. Now, you must be wondering, 'why can't I just turn off the TV when the show comes on?' Umm, there are these things called promos and the never-ending ads about the show, which might just plant a harmless bug in your brain to watch the show. 3. Surround Yourself With As Much Good Web Content As Possible Like I mentioned in the point above, staying away from the actual TV might force you to dig online into some really good shows. There is a goldmine of content out there. All you need to do is scour the web, or simply ask your pals for some good recommendations. 4. Interrupt 'Bigg Boss' Chat Sessions Around You With Sudden, Violent Explosions Of Anger It works, trust me. In the next three months, more than often, you'll find a small buzzing group right next to you that is constantly discussing the show and its oh-so-juicy details. Instead of splashing a bucket of water over their heads (which is ideal), just unleash a string of curse words, or even better, threaten to fling them off the building if they bring the show up again. 5. Simply Walk Away When Someone Tries To Bring Up The Show Simple, yet so effective. I've done this countless times and it has worked perfectly. My hyper-excited bro will spot me across the hallway, walk up to me with that manic gleam in his eyes and open his mouth saying “Yaar, kal kya phodu episode tha. Tune dekha jab usne…”, and that's where I make a 360-degree swivel, and simply walk away. Do this a couple of more times and see how they get the message that you simply don't care about the show! 6. Filter Out Keywords Like 'Salman Khan' & 'Bigg Boss' On Social Media This goes a long way in blocking out the obnoxious content from showing up in your timelines and feeds. 7. Hope The 'Bigg Boss' House Inmates Get Rid Of Each Other In A Week Sure people won't stop talking about it but at least the show will end sooner and put us out of our misery. Also, can you imagine what the TRP of the show will be? Since that is basically the goal of the makers. 8. Keep Chanting 'It Will Be Over Soon, It Will Be Over Soon…' Forget 'all is well', switch to this one. Whenever you see a promo, hear a discussion around you, watch your poor family glued to the TV screen, keep chanting this fervently to yourself. 9. Do Social Service By Telling People To Find Better Things To Watch In Life You will only be solidifying your ticket to heaven by doing this great deed. Most people who watch 'Bigg Boss' don't know how much toxic content they are inviting into their minds. Tell them, and call an exorcist if need be, to help them see what a sheer waste of time in the name of mindless entertainment this show is! 10. In Worst Case Scenario, Have A Salman Khan Movie Marathon If you still can't seem to get over the temptation of watching the show, just watch 10 of his movies in a go. All that Salman overdose will ensure you never watch him and his show again!
  13. Starting a new relationship with someone can be as thrilling and exciting as it's a bout of nervousness and a million butterflies in your stomach. You're basically exploring uncovered territory, so there is a lot to know and learn about the person you're starting something new with, before you start to get a tad bit serious. The beginning of a new relationship is very important as you're exploring a completely new context and also setting up boundaries based on the kind of equation you wish to have with the person. It's also a phase where you get to know about each other's quirks and interests and it decides how serious you'd like this association to get. © AA Films So, if you find yourself dabbling about in a new relationship, while being a little lost, I can help you sort that out by listing a few things you should expect and consider from your partner. Also, apply these things to you so there is equality in the relationship. Here are 7 tips you can follow that will help you sail through the initial stages of a new relationship. Let Go Of Your Past Baggage If you're entering into a new relationship, it's always wise to enter with a clean slate. By that I mean, clear out every ounce of baggage from your last relationship before you enter the new one. Why would you want to carry things from the past to something brand new anyway? If you're baggage-less, it helps you give your all to the new dynamic rather than focus on cleansing the past out. The best way to leave your baggage behind is either telling the person you need to get rid of some excess baggage from the past and asking them for time or getting over your past and letting it go before jumping into a brand new relationship. Carrying baggage has never proven to be good and is very capable of causing a lot of problems in a new relationship. Be Honest Honesty is very important for a fresh start. Apart from being honest about things you want the other person to know about your past, you should also be honest about what you expect from that person and what you're all about. Put it all on the table. Don't do it all in a go, though. Take your time establishing that comfort level where you can talk to her about anything under the sun and slowly tell her whatever you wish to, to be honest about. It's always good to have an honest start. Establish Boundaries This is also another important thing to keep in mind. Establishing a boundary which you probably didn't before is always good. A lot of relationships end due to disrespect for the other person's boundary. A boundary could also be an expectation from your partner. If she's expecting you to not indulge in adultery she's establishing her boundary and asking you to respect that. Other than that, you both should establish what suits you best. Like not checking each other's phones, or giving each other adequate space. Make Time For Your Friends This is a very important aspect of a healthy relationship. When two people get together they want to spend all the time in the world with each other. People who know them personally might take offense to their sudden absence but in all honesty, making time for your friends is healthy and it works on giving space to your significant other. If you want to have a 'boys night' once a week, let her know. Similarly, if she wants to go out with the girls or her friends, be okay with it. Meeting your friends also helps understand your dynamic with the other person a lot better. It's also healthy to get to know each other's friends and hang with them. Talk About *** *** is a major part of your relationship and if it's brand new with someone, it should be talked about. Talk about what you like, what she likes. What she's doing that is not good for you or vice versa. It's only healthy communication at the end of the day, that'll establish a good initial phase for your relationship, to anchor on to something really strong. Communicate With Each Other Talk more often than not. through texts, phone calls and through other channels on social media. Just be as expressive and communicative as you wish to be. If you have a doubt or a question, don't harbour it and communicate that with you partner. Trust me, you'll feel a lot better at the end of the day. Don't Change It's easy to change your beliefs and opinions to better suit your partner or be around them differently other than yourself, in the beginning. But the thing is, sooner or later they will figure out the real you through your innate actions and words, eventually. Besides, do you really want to change who you are for someone? One of the reasons a relationship lasts predominantly is because both the people have separate identities and beliefs and different views and opinions, which is quite healthy. So, if you're trying out something new with someone and are a tad nervous or completely lost, just keep these tips on your mind and use them wisely.
  14. 'Fortnite' is one of the most popular games on the planet right now and this free-to-play game has managed to bring in millions of micro-transactions, that have boosted the developer's revenues exponentially. © Epic Games While there have been similar short-lived gaming sensations like 'Candy Crush' and 'Pokemon Go', 'Fortnite' has broken all records. Between the release of the current version in September and at the end of May, 'Fortnite' brought in more than US$ 1.2 billion, according to SuperData Research. © Epic Games The is run by Epic Games Inc. that was founded by Tim Sweeney twenty-seven years ago in his parents' basement. The game is on track of generating more than US$2 billion this year, valuing the company from US$5-8 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Because of Fortnite's success, SuperData estimates that games featuring a battle royale mode will earn 12% of all gaming revenue in 2018. 'PUBG' (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), another competing game with the Battle Royale format has sold more than 50 million copies so far and has 400 million active players. © Tim Sweeney / BCCL Fortnite's iOS version made an average of US$2 million per day over a 10-day period following the start of Season 5 earlier this month. Epic is giving back some of the generated money and has promised US$ 100 million in total prize money for the games 2018-19 game season. Instead of purchasing a full-fledged game for an average of US$40, users can buy online virtual currency, V-Bucks that can be exchanged for in-game add-ons. While this business model isn't new, 'Fortnite' has raked in billions and there's no stopping. © Epic Games Buying skins and cosmetics such as new character costumes or things like hats, tattoos and weapon skins, let players make their own virtual characters. In May itself, these micro-transactions have generated US$ 318 million in terms of revenue for the company. The game has seen immense growth, after accessibility was made free on all gaming platforms. In fact, the game had been streamed for 580 million hours on Twitch. The game is very addictive, in fact, the developer added a warning to the game's loading screen cautioning students to set the screens aside. © Epic Games Chinese conglomerate Tencent has a 40 percent stake in Epic Games. Interestingly, the company also has a tiny stake in Bluehole, the company behind 'PUBG'. It is not yet known how much is 'Fortnite' affecting the Tencent Games' balance sheet though. Source: SuperData Research