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Found 302 results

  1. No matter what day of the week, you will find me playing games the moment I finish my work. While most movies these days turn out to be disappointing and have predictable plots, video games, on the other hand, offer more value and entertainment than ever before. Two years ago, I wrote a feature on how video games are already bigger than movies, today the industry has become bigger even in India. Games have also become a better medium for storytelling than movies right now. Here are 4 reasons why I prefer playing video games over watching movies: 1. Itâs More Immersive © CDProjektRed Games are known for having awesome character development and plot details that are not possible in movies. Since many games can run for over 20 hours, you get enough time to experience the story. In some games, you can even tell your own story by making key decisions or by developing a certain type of character. You can be evil in games or the good old hero trying to save the world, itâs your choice really especially in role-playing games. In movies and TV shows, you simply watch the main character do things while in games, YOU get to be the main character and experience the story for yourself. You can create how your character looks and what kind of clothes it can wear. You can even choose your characterâs voice and style of playing. Sure, not all games have the best plot but there are plenty of games out there with better storylines than most movies today. 2. You Live In a Whole Different World © Sega When playing open-world games, you donât only get to experience great characters but an entirely different world from your own as well. Some games feature a world with different islands, fauna and animals that you can interact with. We recently played Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the city of Midgar looks better than most cities in the world. Similarly, if you like a fantasy setting, you can check out the world of The Witcher series. If you ever wondered what Tokyo feels and looks like, you can check out games like the Yakuza series. There are so many different worlds to check out in games that can never be accurately represented in movies and TV shows. 3. I Donât Have To Deal With Bad Acting © naughty Dog Many movies feature actors that canât really act to save their lives. While iconic movies like The Godfather and other drama movies will always live-on; most movies today feature at least one bad actor that doesnât effectively suspend reality. However, while playing games, you can easily get lost in the world, narrative and gameplay for hours. Games now feature great voice-actors that make cut-scenes believable. Games like The Last of Us have a profound impact on players because of its great voice-acting and motion-captured cutscenes. It is also needed to point out that there are plenty of games that feature bad acting, animations and voice acting as well. Just like movies, we have bad games too and are not immune to bad actors either. 4. Video Games are Global © Unplash Whether you play PUBG or Rainbow Six Siege, you are bound to make friends from different regions to play the game together. Thatâs the beauty of video games, it connects people with each other from all over the world which isnât necessarily true for movies and TV shows. Games are developed all over the world and thereâs a high chance youâve played some of them. Ever played Mario or Contra? Both these games were developed in Japan. Played PUBG recently? It was developed by BlueHole based in South Korea. View the full article
  2. There is no denying the fact that Inception is an immaculately made film, and perhaps will go down in history as one of the best films ever to have been made in that particular genre. The beauty of the film lies in the fact that even 10 years after its initial release, people are still fascinated by the last twist that Nolan throws in. © Legendary Pictures That scene itself has been the subject of heated debate on the Internet for years and will continue to be a topic of discussion perhaps for decades to come. With that being said that, there are a few Bollywood films as well that tried to use this climax twists, and did a fairly good job. © Viacom 18 No we are not saying that they were as good as Inception, but they came pretty damn close. Here are the five Bollywood films that had great climax twists, and stood at par with Nolanâs masterpiece. Again, almost. Talaash To this day, Talaash remains one of the best psychologically challenging films we have made. Pretty much for the entirety of the film, the plot proceeds as a typical crime thriller, set in Mumbai. However, the revelation that comes at the end of the film had audiences gasping in disbelief. It pretty much changed the film and its perception hitherto, on its head. If you havenât watched the film, get out of under the rock that you have been living, and go watch it. You will be in for a treat, trust us. Kahaani This Sujoy Ghosh film has perhaps one of the best cinematic depictions of Kolkata. It showed all the aspects of Kolkata as they are - laidback, lazy, grimy, and yet somehow managing to be the city of joy. The manner in which Vidya Balan and her character faked the pregnancy while searching for her husband was something that the audiences were simply not prepared for. Furthermore, the film was beautifully shot and had tight storytelling. Add to this the stellar performances by actors like Parambrata Chatterjee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Indraneil Sengupta. Kahaani just goes on to show that indeed we can make a fine mystery thriller. And climax twists? We just aced it with this one. Drishyam Surprisingly Drishyam somehow makes the cut. We say surprisingly because we pretty much know the outcome of the film, what had happened, and that the family in question was indeed guilty. However, given the manner in which Ajay Devgn deconstructed police investigations and emerged a step ahead of them, made the film the cult classic that It is. Pretty much everyone who saw the film speculated that the body of the boy must have been destroyed in some way or the other. However, the revelation that the body was buried under the police station, coupled with the final dialogue of the film gives the cinematic experience a whole new meaning. No wonder that this is one of the finest crime to love and India has ever made. A Wednesday Do we really need to explain why A Wednesday makes this list? While watching the film pretty much everyone had assumed that the Naseeruddin Shah was linked to some terrorist organisation and does everything to set the terrorists free. However, the plot twist under which he gets all the terrorists killed and reveals himself to be a regular common old man, who was probably nearing his retirement, left us all with a pit in our stomach. It did not take us even a minute to start feeling sorry for the man and be proud of him. Although not technically a film that was a thriller of any kind, it certainly made a huge impact on the psyche of the people that watched the film. Moreover, it gave the perception of the common man a much-needed makeover. Ugly Ugly genuinely is a masterpiece of a film. Of course, there were some issues with the film, but the direction and the stellar performances that we see in the film are more than enough to make up for them. And oh man, Ronit Roy as a gritty police officer is just spectacular. The end of the film is something that the audience does not see coming, and from what we can tell, neither do any of the characters. Just give it a watch, will you? This sorts out our weekend. What about yours? View the full article
  3. Irrfan Khan, one of India's finest actors breathed his last on April 29, 2020, at Mumbai's Kokilaben hospital. It feels like itâs the end of an era. Irrfan struggled to fame and had entertained us for years to achieve what he was in the last phase of his life. He grew up in a middle-class family in Jaipur, where the idea of acting was way too far-fetched. But, Irrfan did follow his passion and itâs his art that made two generations watch him on both the small screen and the big screens. We grew up watching Irrfan or let me say we grew with him. We have seen him laughing, weeping, and doing everything thatâs relatable. We have been talking about his movies but we need to celebrate the work he did on the small screens too because his body of work spoke volumes about him as an actor even back then. Here are the TV shows which brought out the best in him: 1. ChandrakantaIrrfanâs show Chandrakanta got him attention as the actor played a double role of twin brothers Badrinath and Somnath. Well, Irrfan was not interested in doing the shot but as fate had it, he became the part of the show and even got the attention of the viewers. Going back in time, Irrfanâs characterization was such that he got all attention for his role in the show. 2. Banegi Apni BaatIrrfan adds soul to his character and he was particular about his scenes in the show that he made his wife Sutapa Sikdar who was a screenplay writer of the show. Irrfan played the role of a guy named Kumar and his subtle way of portraying the character was worth a shot. 3. DarrWho can forget this show by Irrfan? Well, he played the role of a psycho serial killer and nailed the character to T. As far as we have known Irrfan, he can play the toughest of roles effortlessly on the screen. 4. ChanakyaDo you remember this show? If not, let me tell you that it was a 47-part historical drama wherein Irrfan played the role of Senapati Bhadrashaal making sure that he can also ace historical characters. 5. Mano Ya Na ManoWell, this one I can never forget as I used to watch this series with my parents as it used to talk about myths, ancient beliefs, and eerie happenings. His dulcet voice added authenticity to the show and you would love watching the episodes. Try it if you havenât seen them. Irrfan, you were a blessing and still are! View the full article
  4. A lot of celebrities have appeared in cameos in Bollywood movies but we havenât been able to notice them. And we agree that it is difficult to notice faces when they just disappear in a blink. Now, we have a list of celebrities who have done cameo roles in Bollywood films and most of us just missed spotting them in the film. You might want to re-watch these movies again just to find these celebrities in the exact same movie scenes. So, here we go: Ayan Mukerji in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani © Dharma Productions Ayan Mukerji was sitting right next to Ranbir Kapoor in the filmâs scene and we missed it. He was wearing a white shirt and blue denim jeans and the audience couldnât spot him in the film. And again, he played the role of a guest at Aditiâs cocktail night. So, we couldnât spot him twice! John Abraham in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan © Yash Raj Films Now, this was a very short cameo and he played the role of John Abraham in the film as well. But most people thought of him as his âduplicateâ. Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan in Pehla Nasha Not the song, guys! Pehla Nasha was a film released in the year 1993 and it was Ashutosh Gowarikerâs directorial debut. And All the above-mentioned 'Khans' have cameo roles in the film. Shahid Kapoor In Taal © Mukta Arts Shahid Kapoor danced as a background dancer in two films while learning dance from Shiamak Davar. He was in Taal and was also in Dil Toh Pagal Hai and in both the films, the audience skipped noticing him. Nawazuddin Siddiqui In Munna Bhai MBBS © Vidhu Vinod Chopra Films We all know that Nawazuddin Siddiqui struggled during his initial years in Bollywood and he did many small roles in various films. He played the role of a pickpocketer in Munna Bhai MBBS and nobody noticed him back then. He also played the role of a waiter in School, and a small goon in Sarfarosh. Zoya Akhtar In Kama Sutra © NDF International Zoya Akhtar was seen in Mira Nairâs Kama Sutra: A Tale of True Love and none of us noticed her in the film. Also, most of us didnât know who she was back then as she was only 25 years old when she made her acting debut. View the full article
  5. One of the most successful Indian cricketers, Harbhajan Singh has been making headlines for playing the role of an engineering student in an upcoming Tamil movie. His decision to take a plunge into acting comes despite a fair warning from his wife and actor Geeta Basra. In an interview with Bombay Times, Singh said: âMy wife, Geeta (Basra), told me not to get into films as itâs nothing like the sport that I play. She is right in the sense that acting is not everyoneâs cup of tea, but if nothing else, tajurba toh mil hi jayega.â Let the Khans do #Bollywood films, I am happy doing #Tamil and #Punjabi movies: #HarbhajanSingh The cricketer will play an engineering student in his debut film down South@harbhajan_singh pic.twitter.com/4ji5zb6KDw â MovieBuzz (@MoviesBuzz9) April 22, 2020 Well, she isnât wrong and we can prove it with the stories of five Indian cricketers who tried their hand at acting but ended up failing miserably: 1. Ajay Jadeja: Tainted by the allegations of match-fixing and a five-year ban for the same, Ajay Jadejaâs success as a cricketer was and will continue to remain overshadowed. However, the same cannot be said about his on-screen career which never took off. From his debut film Khel (2003) with Sunil Shetty, Sunny Deol and Celina Jaitley in lead roles, to a rom-com in Pal Pal Dil Ke Ssaat in 2009, Jadeja got enough tajurba to know that acting wasnât meant for him. 2. Sunil Gavaskar: Sunil Gavaskar, the little master who made the bowlers shiver in their boots throughout his legendary cricketing career, wasnât as imposing when it came to working in front of the camera. His role as the main character in a Marathi film Savli Premachi (1980) failed to attract an audience to the theatres the way his batting did during his days as one of the Men in Blue. He also made a special appearance in Naseeruddin Shah starrer Maalamal (1988) but that was it for Gavaskarâs acting career. 3. Vinod Kambli:Despite all the talent in the world, Vinod Kambli failed to shine in international cricket for long. Some blame the cricketer himself for bringing down in what could have been a glorious career, others blame the Indian selection committee. But when it comes to acting, Kambli alone needs to be blamed for his performance in the 2002 film Annarth and that god-awful song Whisky Pila De. 4. Salil Ankola After playing one Test match and twenty One Day Internationals (ODIs) for the Indian cricket team, Salil Ankola acted in movies like Kurukshetra (2000), Pitaah (2002) and Chura Liya Hai Tumne (2003) but failed to make an impression. He later moved towards small screen shows and to his credit, did some great work there. 5. Salim Durani An all-rounder, Afghanistan-born Salim Durani represented India in 29 Tests and was known for his ability to smash powerful sixes over the boundary ropes. Fans loved him dearly and even protested with signs and slogans when he was dropped from a Kanpur Test in 1973. The same year, however, Durani made his acting debut alongside Parveen Babi who was also making her first on-screen appearance in Charitra. The film bombed and was a resounding failure at the box office but the directors noticed Babi as a future superstar while Durani moved away from the industry forever. View the full article
  6. If you are also binging on Money Heistâs latest season and been pondering over the brilliance of how these robberies are executed in movies then chances are that youâre probably in the zone where you are looking to watch more movies based on a heist to keep the adrenaline pumping. While there are some fantastic heist movies out there, here are 4 heist movies made in Bollywood which are super interesting as they are based and inspired from real life robberies: 1. Special 26- This crime thriller starring Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher is based of the famous heist of the Opera House in Mumbai in 1987. A group of con artists posed as fake CBI officials and executed a tax raid at the Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri & Sons Jewellers store in Mumbai. 2. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! â One of the best movies and also Abhay Deolâs fine performance is actually a retelling of the life story of the famous âBunty Chorâ in Delhi. The compulsive thief Devinder Singh aka Bunty became a problem for the Delhi police when he managed to dupe them several times for a while before being caught. Bunty eventually became more famous after the movie was released and even appeared on Bigg Boss. 3. Dolly Ki Doli â Sonam Kapoorâs comedy movie based on a goon bride who marries wealthy men only to take away their riches finds its inspiration in several real life cases. As per reports, a robber bride from UP hit headlines when she was known to marry men and rob them right after the wedding! Several other women got inspired from this piece of news and followed suit, which eventually inspired the character to be written. 4. Bunty Aur Babli â Everyone loved the cute con couple Bunty and Bablie played by Abhishek Bacchchan and Rani Mukerji who try and dupe people off their wealth and even manage to sell the âTaj Mahalâ to a buyer. According to a report, it can be a total coincidence or probably the super hit was loosely inspired from a similar real life couple in Nagpur. Sidhharth Jay Marathe and Maya Marathe were arrested for a fraud for Rs 500 crores in 2004 (a year before the movie was released). The couple moved cities, duping and cheating people and even started a fake stock broking firm in Delhi where their racket was eventually busted. View the full article
  7. There is no need to beat around the bush here, Bollywood has made some really terrible films over the years. When we consider this, along with the fact that a lot of times, some Bollywood filmmakers have directly picked up scripts, given it a few twists and remade them into films that were perhaps purely meant to torture audiences, it all makes sense somehow. © PVR Pictures With Ayushmann Khurrana tweeting recently that he would love to play the Professorâs character from Money Heist, Twitter went kind of berserk and started imagining which Indian actor or actress should play which character. This got us thinking, do we really want to besmirch such a masterfully made show? Heck no. View this post on InstagramBella Ciao! Kartik Aaryanâs lockdown look reminds us of The Professor from Money Heist ð¥. I guess there is one Professor in every house today. I"m sure you too have a similar picture to share in this #quarantinelife #quarantinetime #KartikAaryan #viralbhayani #moneyheist @viralbhayaniA post shared by (@viralbhayani) What is really frustrating at times is the sheer absurdity with which films often have been remade. They had a great and mind you, proven scripts, stellar star casts, and yet, they failed miserably, because of how lazily the film was made, or the makers simply thought that Indian audiences ko kya hi pata hoga kuchâ¦. © BCCL Here are 5 films and their terrible Bollywood remakes, which for once and for all, prove that Bollywood ought to be very careful when making remakes: 1. Players (The Italian Job) © Paramount Pictures Whether you speak of the original 1969 one, or the one that was released in 2003, The Italian Job was a masterfully made film. It certainly is one of the best heist films in English. What Bollywood gave was, was this. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Players was a disaster and rightly so. An over the top acting that would put even the most dramatic of K-serials to shame, some ridiculously senseless dialogues, and concepts that are completely foreign to India that were simply lifted from the originals ensured that the film tanked for good. 2. God Tussi Great Ho (Bruce Almighty) © Universal Pictures I am sorry, but Salman Khan does not have the comic timing of Jim Carrey - thatâs just a fact. And one of the main reasons why Bruce Almighty was so good and such a laughter riot, was Jim Carrey - he was the driving force behind the film, the thing that kept audiences glued to their seats. © Eros International God Tussi Great Ho was a disaster - the script was shoddily repurposed, the CGI was terrible especially for 2008âs standards. Just watch a few scenes from both the films and youâll know what weâre on about. Even though Bruce Almighty was released 5 years prior to the Bollywood remake, its graphics and CGI have actually aged well. 3. Action Replayy (Back To The Future) © Universal Pictures Much before Akshay Kumar came to be known for his comic timing, he had given a string of films which were torturous to sit through. One of the worst was Action Replayy. © PVR Pictures Back To The Future had a wonderfully, and intricately written plot revolving around time travel, and in a lot of aspects, was a genre-defining film. So iconic was the film, that a car used as a prop, the DeLorean is still relevant today. Saying that Bollywoodâs attempt at a remake was disastrous would be grossly understating the fact. 4. Chocolate (The Usual Suspects) © Gramercy Pictures The Usual Suspects was a massively impressive film and remains one of the best neo-noir films of all time. People often compare it to Tarantinoâs Reservoir Dogs and trust us, thatâs high praise for a film. The filmography, the editing, the plot, everything was gritty and nuanced. The Usual Suspects won a number of Academy Awards, thatâs how good it was. © Pen N Camera International Chocolate, on the other hand, was a mess, and thatâs putting things mildly. The plot was convoluted, the cinematography, in a bid to be artsy was dreary, and the worst of all, it was a snoozefest compared to The Usual Suspects. 5. Prince (The Bourne Identity) © Universal Pictures Finally, we have the disaster that was Prince. The Jason Bourne series may not be as well-made or nearly as gripping as the first one, The Bourne Identity. However, they still are watchable. © Tips Music Films The same cannot be said for Prince. There is no other or softer way of saying it - the film was a cringe-fest. The film and the script were incoherent at times, and one was genuinely left asking themselves, âwhat the actual hell is going on,â through the entirety of the film. If you have had to sit through any of these Bollywood remakes, we feel strongly for you. Also, you need to learn to make better decisions in your life. View the full article
  8. We are home and literally counting the days until the lockdown ends. As for me, the first thing I would do is go to movies. But, till then, while we are quarantining, everyone is actually looking at ways to keep themselves entertained. Now, if you are in the mood to have an evening that will leave you confused and probably a tad bit mad at us, watch these great movies that were let down by poorly written climaxes. There are spoilers if you havenât watched them already so beware! 1. Ae Dil Hai MushkilWhat describes Ae Dil Hai Mushkil the best is 'friend-zoned forever'. This movie has a never-ending melodrama where Ranbir falls for a girl, but the girl doesn't feel the same way and yet he really tries hard to make her fall for him. But in the end, she still calls him her friend. Well, major facepalm and disastrous ending, to be honest! 2. CocktailPersonally, I really like this movie, but in the end, Hindi movies have a clear agenda to make the hero fall in love with a âsanskaariâ bahu who is fit for Indian families. Saif, who is shown as a frivolous guy, ends up falling for a simple girl but that means heartbreak for the party freak girl, who is already in love with Saif. What is this broken love triangle? I mean! 3. Dhoom 3A film based on a never-ending heist that started with Dhoom and reached till Dhoom 3, will easily put you in a confused zone. This movie is a perfect example of a three-hour-long Crime Patrol scenario, where the thief is constantly checking the cops intellect. With all the build-up, the movie ultimately leads to either the thief opening a cafe or dying. Really? 4. The Dirty PictureHoisted by Vidya Balan, who plays a fierce role in the film, The Dirty Picture is quite entertaining and has a lot of Bollywood âmasalaâ in it but the ending is exceptionally disappointing, as this independent woman, kills herself due to her personal insecurities. How we wish this one had a better ending and didnât end in a catharsis for the character. 5. Rab Ne Bana Di JodiThis movie has a different plot than Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, but the basic line is 'Acha dikhna bohot important hai.' Anushka Sharma crosses the level of dumbness to figure out that the guy she has fallen in love with is actually her husband. The ending shows that it is okay, even if you are not good-looking, bus 'dil saaf hona chaiye.' It is all about acceptance, you know. what is the movie you like to crib about as you continue watching it ? View the full article
  9. Bollywood has been a mixed bag of some flop and hit movies. But if there's one genre that, if messed up, turns out to be really funny. Yes, we are talking action movies and to be honest, Bollywood has given us some cringe-worthy movies that were a big-time disappointment. Wondering which ones? Check out this list and tell us if you agree with us or not. 1. Dabangg 3The third of 'Dabangg' Franchise, this movie undoubtedly goes in the list of flop action movies. While there are some clap-worthy scenes in this movie, it actually fails to entice you in its action scenes. Unreasonably stretched and monotonous, the story is just like Dabangg and Dabangg 2 and quite forced. Even though the narrative is blended well together, this movie has unbearable, random scenes that no one would like to watch. Coming to the action bit, enough of seeing of Salman shirtless and trying to act like Spiderman! 2. Laal KaptaanLaal Kaptaan is an action movie, solely based on revenge. The brutal action with a number of plots can easily make anyone lose focus in the movie. Unfortunately, even this action movie is super stretched-out and if you have the patience to sit through 3 hours of bearing this one, go for it. The script is shaky and lacks a clear vision as to what the movie is trying to portray. Big time fail! 3. Race 3Remember the famous dialogue from Race 3, 'Our business is our business, none of your business'? Well, this should sum up how this action film would turn out to be. While we were banking on Salman Khan to give us an action-packed movie, this one ended up becoming a meme favourite for us. Race 3, instead of action drama, has a laughable premise that will test the viewer's intellect. 4. PlayersThe movie is a remake of the Italian Job, which instead of a remake looks more like an annoying adaptation. The movie is about how a team of experts come together to execute a heist in Russia for gold. The movie is slow-paced that lacks lustre when it comes to action. The entire robbery sequence is actually unbelievable and fake with lack of logical answers. Even though the storyline is interesting, the screenplay turns out to be a boring fare. 5. Ra.OneThe only good thing about Ra.One are the songs of this film. Besides that, one would literally yawn during the whole time. The storyline is quite emotional, but a poor screenplay where we see SRK flying on the building, jumping over cars etc. is actually weak and fails to entertain us. Not just that, the movie sort of embraces the future but is saddled with poor dialogues that will instantly make you cringe. 6. India's Most WantedBased on a real-life scenario, India's Most Wanted, starring Arjun Kapoor is a film that is a secret mission to track a terrorist. The movie starts with a great execution but there is a sluggish pace and it doesn't have good action scenes that will make you sit on the edge of the seat. It also makes you feel really disconnected. The twists in the movie are cringe-worthy and hence even this one has gone in the list of disappointing action movies. View the full article
  10. While movies are a way to get away from reality and jump into the world of fiction, a lot of us still want minute details of the film to match the reality of life. Even though weâd accept the storyline for being unrealistic, most of us would expect some things to be as they are in reality. However, movies often overdramatize certain scenarios and we think that needs to change. So, here are five scenarios that can never be the same as shown in Bollywood movies. Girls Waking Up With A Face Full Of Makeup © Yash Chopra Films Bollywood movies often show actresses waking up with a face full of makeup which hasnât smudged a bit. Now, as much as we think that we want our girlfriends to look like Bollywood actresses, itâs just impossible for them to wake up looking perfect in reality. And I think most of us know the difference between reel life and real life! Breaking Doors As If They Are Made Of Cardboard © Maddock films The purpose of a door is to keep people out but the doors shown in Bollywood are kicked and broken by actors as if they are made of cardboard. Real wooden doors arenât that easily breakable! So, please donât ever get over-influenced by a Rohit Shetty film and go about trying to kick doors open. People Never Break Any Part Of Their Hands While Punching Gratuitously © Reel Life Productions Now, we all like Bollywood action films but how do they go about punching each other without getting hurt themselves. In reality, if you punch that hard, youâd be running to see a doctor the same minute. Itâs just impossible to keep punching bad men and not feel like screaming from within! Real Conversations Are Never As Dramatic As Movie Conversations © Dharma Productions Remember that scene from K3G, where Amitabh Bachchan tells Jaya Bachchan, âKeh diya na, buss keh diyaâ? In reality, if my dad tells that to my mom, my mom will continue to speak what she has to and then theyâll get normal again. There is never this much drama and silence around a dialogue when it happens in reality. Always Dancing In Sync On Songs © Dharma Productions This is the most bizarre scenario shown in the movies. First of all, the stars of the movie break into a dance anywhere and everywhere. And people in real life, even if in love are least likely to dance in the middle of the road. Also, how do you know the dance steps already? It looks good on screen but this never happens unless we practice. Also, real people forget steps even in the planned Shaadi dance performances, so they canât definitely sync random dance moves on the road! Do you have more bizarre scenarios popping up in your mind? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  11. Now that we are in the third week of the 21 days nationwide lockdown, due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, most of the people would have gotten used to watching back to back favourite movies or shows while being safely tucked away at their homes. No matter how clichéd it sounds, binge-watching our favourite movies can never go out of the to-do list, especially when we have plenty of free time. So getting straight to the point, here we have a list of five good cult Bollywood movies that you can watch on Prime Video while being locked away from the outside world: 1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie GhamThe Karan Johar directorial, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan among others, is one movie thatâs surely recommended for that afternoon watch. A complete family drama, the film ensures to keep the viewers engrossed till the end with its entertaining storyline. You can now stream this on Prime Video. 2. Kal Ho Naa HoStarring Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta in the lead roles, Kal Ho Naa Ho is a classic story of love, opportunity and sacrifice that talked about embracing happiness with open arms, even during the tough times. It is one of the most loved movies of all time. 3. Andaz Apna ApnaReleased in 1994, the film didnât enjoy commercial success at the time of its release despite its cult classic status that it has today. Today it is considered to be Bollywoodâs one of the finest comedy movies, that features Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor in lead roles. If you still havenât watched it, then you really are missing out on a fun movie thatâll tickle your funny bones. 4. Hera PheriParesh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Suneil Shetty have to be the most hilarious comic trio in Bollywood. Till now, no one in the industry has come close to their comic chemistry and timing that they share with each other. It is a great watch for a weekend with family and also, this film has a feel-good factor thatâll brighten up your otherwise boring day. 5. Dil Toh Pagal HaiShah Rukh Khanâs Dil Toh Pagal Hai is a classic Bollywood love story. Helmed by Yash Chopra, the film follows the love lives of the members of a musical troupe, in which two dancers played by Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor compete for the love of a choreographer played by Shah Rukh Khan. Watching this film again will take you right back to your childhood days. What is your favourite cult hit from the list? View the full article
  12. There's so much going on in the world right now - a pandemic, basically the entire world under lockdown, all of us trying to work and survive while the anxiety of being part of a historical event is trying to take over us. In short, it's been a shitty year so far. So sometimes, it's nice to take a break and watch something very calming and aesthetically pleasing so that we can take our minds away from stuff, even if for a little while. Here comes in Studio Ghibli and their wholesome movies. The Japanese animation studio has some of the best movies that will make you feel like you're part of that universe. Here are some of our top picks that can be streamed online right now. 1. Howl's Moving Castle Based in a fictional kingdom where both magic and early 20th-century technology are prevalent with a backdrop of a war with another kingdom, the movie has a very strong anti-war message. Actually, the director - Hayao Miyazaki - made the movie after being outraged about the United States' invasion of Iraq in 2003. There are witches, there's a magical curse, there's a freaking castle that walks, and a talking fire. And, the English dubbed version has Christian Bale voicing the character of Howl. 2. Spirited Away The Oscar-winning movie is about a 10-year-old girl who, while moving to a new neighbourhood, ends up trapped in a world of spirits where her parents have been turned into pigs to be slaughtered later. Now, she has to work for the witch Yubaba and find a way to free herself and her parents and return to the human world. Even though it released in 2001, it is, to this date, the highest-grossing movie in Japan. 3. My Neighbor Totoro The 1988 movie was not only a hit back then but has also garnered a cult following in the years following its release. The movie is about two sisters and their interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan. The movie's titular character of Totoro has become a cultural icon over the years, and it's even the Studio's mascot. 4. Kiki's Delivery Service The 1989 movie is basically about a 13 years old girl named Kiki, who happens to be a witch and follows the journey of her leaving home for her independence with her pet black cat Jiji. She uses her ability to fly to her advantage and earn a living. The movie came out a year after My Neighbor Totoro and is much loved by the Japanese as well as the international audience to this day. 5. Princess Mononoke Set centuries ago in a Japan where fantasy elements exist, the movie follows a young Prince Ashitaka, who's stuck in a struggle between the gods of a forest and the humans who consume its resources. The movie was released back in 1997 but is still one of the most famous movies by Studio Ghibli. View the full article
  13. Bollywood is known for dishing out many memorable scenes, dialogues and characters that stick around years after the filmâs release. While the good is difficult to let go of, the bad isnât any easier to get over either. Over the years, most movie-lovers come to fall for on-screen characters, but what happens when one of those characters is killed off, much to our dismay? We know, the shock is paramount, the anger is worse and the feeling of betrayal is next level. Thatâs why we decided to vent our accumulated angst and curate a list of 10 such on-screen deaths in Bollywood movies that we havenât been able to get over even today: 1. Shaalu Gupta - Masaan © Phantom Films It really felt unjust to watch this smiling face fade into nothingness after the tragic road accident hits her. This death didnât only shatter Deepak and break apart a love story that deserved to live long and old, but also hit us hard. 2. Rahul Jaykar - Aashiqui 2 © T-Series Most of us failed to understand why Rahul couldnât fight harder and defeat his addiction for his own good, and for a real chance at the love he truly deserved. His end was definitely heartbreaking to watch. 3. Amarendra Baahubali - Baahubali © Arka Media Works âKattappa ne Baahubali ko kyun maara?â became a recurring question. But no one can deny that it was utterly heart-breaking witnessing the kind and winsome prince happily put his life on the line and still perform his duty as a true son until his dying breath. *Sobs in the corner* 4. Dr Preet Sahni - Udta Punjab © Balaji Motion Pictures Okay, very honestly, we hadnât seen this coming. Having done a good job at getting to the root of Punjabâs drug problem with Sartaj, and building a bond that was filled with hope, we were honestly expecting a better tomorrow for the couple. But of course, the director felt otherwise. 5. Mahabir - Highway © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Stockholm Syndrome or not, you have to admit there was some zing to Veera and Mahabirâs relationship from the very beginning. And just when it appeared both of them had finally escaped their troubled past and found a safe haven, boom! Imtiaz decides to kill the guy. 6. Neerja - Neerja © Fox Star Studios Based on the real-life story of air-hostess Neerja Bhanotâs tragic death during a terrorist flight hijacking in Lahore, Neerjaâs display of bravery and selfless service won hearts. Her sacrifice saved so many lives at the cost of her own, and that left an indelible mark on the audienceâs hearts. 7. Aarav - Humari Adhuri Kahani © Vishesh Films Okay, this wasnât meant to hurt so bad, but it did. Aaravâs character in the film was so beautifully crafted that you couldnât help but grow a soft spot for the guy. But it is his idea of selfless love that really makes you fond of him, until he is wrongfully taken away from everyone. Mohit Suri, weâre looking at you RN. 8. Kalpana - Ghajini © Geetha Arts It is never easy to imagine such a terrible ending for characters who bring much life into the frames. Kalpana was one such chirpy, loud-mouth character who didnât deserve to die the way she did. We really felt Sanjayâs pain when he discovered her hammered body. 9. Ram-Leela - Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela © Bhansali Productions Not quite sure why this one had the kind of impact that it did, but it did sadden us to see yet another love story cut short in the name of caste and community, that is so quick to issue death warrants to those who date to follow their hearts, just like Ram and Leela. 10. Madhu and Aditya - Dhadak © Dharma Productions Not the best closing scenes, Madhu and Adityaâs death in Dhadak is more than tragic, to say the least. As for our sadness level, looking at their bloodied bodies was bad enough to draw a 10/10 on the sad-o-meter. View the full article
  14. Most of us are feeling like Bigg Boss contestants stuck inside the house for the next few weeks and we are running out of activities to pass our time. Now that you have all the time in the world whatâs better than watching a few throwback Bollywood movies? Exactly, nothing is better! So, here is a list of throwback Bollywood films that will lighten your mood and make you feel that everything is back to normal! 1. Hum Sath Sath Hai This is the all-time best multi-starrer movie that will keep your mind engrossed and has exactly everything that we need. From âmasalaâ love stories to family drama mixed with a lot of songs. If itâs been a while that you haven't watched this film, itâs time that you watch it again! 2. Biwi No. 1 This Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen, and Karisma Kapoor starrer will take you back to simple times when the only problems were family drama and not this quarantine. This film is a perfect mix of comedy and drama. Also, the songs in the film are a treat. 3. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Now, this film will definitely make you cry if you have ever fallen in true love and is a classic love story that everyone needs to watch. This is a film that is never going to get old and stars Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Ajay Devgn in the lead role. 4. Andaz Apna Apna Now, this film was neither path-breaking and nor revolutionary but still, this film is one of the most loved films of the time. From making you laugh to giving us popular characters such as Crime Master Gogo, Teja, and Amar. Just watch it for the laugh riot guys! 5. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar This film was one of Bollywoodâs blockbusters and takes us back to our school and college days. This Aamir Khan Starrer is a classic and wouldnât let you feel bored at all. Also, some of us will watch the film just for the song âPehla Nashaâ. View the full article
  15. The quarantine mode is on and while some of us are doing fine because the anti social life was already a way of living for many of us, most of the other people are having an extremely hard time managing their schedules. Today is the âJanta Curfewâ day and the entire nation is observing it by staying indoors, which basically means we are all locked up with families and suddenly we donât know what to do with all this time and people around us. So, if you fear your house will turn into a âBigg Boss ka gharâ and lectures from your mom and dad are like background music in real life for you, then here are some light comedies you can stream today with your family. These movies are available on your OTT platform so weâve picked the one which are easily available for you: 1. Dil Chahta HaiIf you are an independent kid paying your own wifi bill and living life but still have never managed to make one Goa plan without mummy or daddy asking âkyu jaana haiâ, then try watching this today and throw in some emotional blackmail asking if you can finally go once the coronavirus scare is settled. 2. Jai Mummy Di A casual, random watch which can serve dual purpose of entertaining and throwing in a hint to your mom about your alleged affair with the neighbourhood girlfriend. *wink* 3. MubarakaanIf the quarantine has caught up to your senses and things make no sense as your sibling pick up fights and your parents aimlessly scroll on Whatsapp, then just put everyone in a room and stream this mindless comedy which will make you all laugh in chorus. 4. Carry On JattaThis is probably one âgo toâ movie which will make you laugh, no matter what kind of a day you are having. Best part is that this one also has a sequel. So watching this with mom and dad will be fun. Get some popcorn and enjoy! Do not worry about not getting the whole hang of the Punjabi dialect as the subtitles make it easy to understand. 5. Hindi MediumA family oriented social comedy meant to be watched with your family. The second part of the franchise, sadly, had to be taken off theatres for now but until then, stream this one and enjoy a light watch. 6. Krazzy TabbarIt literally translates to âcrazy familyâ so that should explain why this can be a good watch today. A funny love story with lots of situational comedy scenes thrown in. View the full article
  16. Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (2010) Seven years after the apparent death of Chen Zhen, who was shot after discovering who was responsible for his teacher's death (Huo Yuanjia) in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. A mysterious stranger arrives from overseas and befriends a local mafia boss. That man is a disguised Chen Zhen, who intends to infiltrate the mob when they form an alliance with the Japanese. Disguising himself as a caped fighter by night, Chen intends to take out everyone involved as well as get his hands on an assassination list prepared by the Japanese.
  17. Malls are shut, concerts are postponed and most of us are working from home - quarantine is real and we're in this together. But hey, lounging around at home does have its upsides, my favourite being binge-watching like there's no tomorrow (and not regret it). While I was at it, I made a list of five must-watch crime-dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you root for justice. Badla (2019) Red Chillies Entertainment A young, married entrepreneur (played by Tapsee Pannu) wakes up in a hotel room, only to find herself locked with her lover's dead body. She gets caught in a web of accusations and heads to a reputed lawyer (played by Amitabh Bachchan) for help. Packed with mystery, suspense, and fear, this short & slick thriller is an all-time favourite. Bhaukaal (2020) MX Player Set in Muzaffarnagar of 2003, MX Player's latest show Bhaukaal is the story of police officer Naveen Sikhera (played by Mohit Raina) who gets posted to the sin city as the new SP (Superintendent of Police). He makes justice his prime goal amidst unforgiving gang lords, bribery, corruption, and the infamous UP mafia. Inspired by true events, the story of Bhaukaal is based on the life of IPS officer Navniet Sekera, who eradicated gangsters and infamous mafias from Uttar Pradesh. All the episodes of Bhaukaal are now streaming on MX Player, for free. Risk (2017) Set in modern-day Mumbai, the film revolves around a Bangkok based don, Khalid Bin Jamal, who has the political big guns, right from the Home Minister to the Police Commissioner under his control. Things start getting out of hand when Jamal frames an honest police officer in a murder scandal and uses him as a pawn for his shrewd schemes. Starring Vinod Khanna, Randeep Hooda and Tanushree Dutta, this underrated thriller packs a punch and doesn't disappoint. Gangaajal (2003) Entertainment One Pvt. Ltd. In a world full of corruption, people like SP Amit Kumar (played by Ajay Devgn) make us believe in the power of authority, honesty and justice. In Gangaajal, he's posted to Tezpur - a city struggling with violence, crime, bribery, and favouritism. Kumar takes law and order in his hands and works towards making 'justice' the new normal. Manorama Six Feet Under (2007) Shemaroo Entertainment The film revolves around Satyaveer (played by Abhay Deol), a public works engineer living in a small town in Rajasthan. Things take an unexpected turn when an irrigation minister's wife bribes him to collect evidence against her husband who is having an extra-marital affair. Little did he know he was being deceived himself. Which are your go-to movies for a home-quarantine binge-watch sesh? Let us know in the comments section! View the full article
  18. The creepiness of horror mixed with the adrenaline rush of predicting a human wiping disaster, some apocalyptic movies really shook our panicked minds. While we donât recommend these movies for cozy date night, but if watching an âend-of-the-worldâ movie will give you any thrill, then here are 8 movies you should watch before the world ends. 1. 2012A movie based on a long forgotten prediction that the world was supposed to end in 2012. The film follows the struggles of a few survivors who manage to escape the wrath that is let loose on the planet and everything starts to demolish on this planet. 2. The Wandering EarthOne of the highest grossing movies of 2019 and made in China follows a scary premise where the Sun has legit died and fizzled out as the humans on Earth try to move the planetâs orbit in a new star system. As scientists physically try to move the planet, a collision with Jupiter is something they need to be aware of. 3. World War ZThis apocalyptic action horror movie follows a former UN employee who is racing against time to investigate a virus that is converting humans into zombies. 4. The Day After TomorrowThis disaster film explains how the world will look like if we are pushed into a millennial ice age, courtesy the global warming. An ice storm is taking over the planet and a paleoclimatologist (yeah it is a term) is fighting with time and disaster to save his son. 5. LegionAnyone with a penchant for Biblical representations will like this one. This apocalyptic fantasy horror film follows a group of strangers dining at a diner getting stuck with the demon. There is an Archangel Michael who wants to save the planet and a war follows. 6. The Quiet EarthThis dark film follows a suicide survivor who wakes up to realise humans have vanished from the planet as a result of the energy project he was working on. He eventually finds two more survivors and discovers a common link between the three people. 7. MelancholiaA very intense drama that will touch your mind and heart in equal measure. The movie follows the life of a woman (played by Kirten Dunst) who realises her wedding reception is ruined when a planet named âMelancholiaâ is scheduled to collide with Earth. The movie streamlines the plot of the world ending with chronic depression as one of the main themes. 8. 12 MonkeysA time travelling apocalyptic movie which follows a scavenger in 2043 who needs to travel back in 2015 and ensure the contagion of a deadly virus is stopped at all costs. His mission includes destroying an army of 12 monkeys who carried the virus in the first place. View the full article
  19. While locations play a pivotal role in a Bollywood movie, film sets are usually put in place to suit the requirements. However, some filmmakers go that extra mile to suit the aesthetics of a film and scout for locations that match the script. Here are seven college campuses which got very famous after being a part of big bollywood movies. 1. IIM AhmedabadOne of the biggest management institutes in the world might not need a movie to promote it obviously, but before 2 States was shot here, not many of us got a glimpse of how lovely the campus looked. 2. Miranda CollegeIt is one of the most sought-after colleges in DU North Campus and always have the Khalsa College boys do a âgediâ around the gate to get a glimpse of the beautiful ladies who study here. The college was used to shoot big scenes in movies like Fukrey, Band Baaja Baraat and Tanu Weds Manu Returns and more recently Kabir Singh as well. 3. IIMCThe Indian Institute of Mass Communication is THE place for anybody wanting to learn from the best in this industry and launch a career in the media world. Some parts of the Sonam Kapoor-Dhanush starrer Raanjhana were shot in this big campus. 4. IIM BangaloreAnother IIM whose prestige doesnât depend on a movie but after 3 Idiots was shot here, the campus was featured and loved in its full glory. 5. St. Stephenâs CollegeThe campus not only looks like it appears straight from a vintage English novel, but also the reputation of this college is associated with being the crème de la crème of DU. The famous scene from Rockstar where Ranbir confesses his love for Nargis is shot here, amongst other parts of the movie. Also, Half Girlfriend was shot in this campus. 6. Forest Research InstituteWhen Students Of The Year was released, many thought the campus shown in the movie is not in India and obviously anyone would make that innocent claim after looking at the grandeur of the set. However, it is the supremely guarded prestigious campus of the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun. 7. St. Xaviers, Mumbai This famous Mumbai college has been the background of multiple advertisements and movies including Ek Main Aur Ek Tu and Jaaney Tu Ya Jaaney Na. View the full article
  20. The Corona virus has currently been declared as a pandemic by the WHO and the entire globe is trying to collectively fight this war. A virus outbreak is seldom taken seriously until the affects alarm us to no ends. If you love to shake your panicked mind with numbing documentaries and movies on subjects like these, then here are five movies which mirror a similar situation to the 2020 Corona stricken world and predicted a virus outbreak. 1. ContagionIn case you never watched it back in 2011 and are hearing about it right now, well the reason is that it is quite relevant to the alarming times we are living in right now. Starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet in pivotal roles, this movie follows the death of a mother-son duo which leads to doctors finding a new kind of virus which results in a pandemic across the world. 2. OutbreakBased on a medical disaster fiction Hot Zone, this movie tells the tale of a virus carried by a monkey belonging to an African rainforest which starts infecting the human race. This movie is an eye opener. 3. Pacific LinerIf you want to know a detailed description of how a pandemic might spread and the damage it causes, then watch this movie. A cholera stricken man sits on a cruise from, coincidentally, Shanghai to San Francisco, and then the workers begin getting affected while the passengers are still unaware. Sounds familiar? 4. Mothers Might LiveThis 1938 drama movie is more relevant than any other on this list currently. It even won an Oscar and rightly so. The film revolves around the subject of sanitation in maternity wards and decreasing maternal mortality rate. The doctor in question is trying to push a simple logic of âwashing hands more oftenâ. 5. Panic In The StreetsA man mysteriously dies of a pneumonic plague, the doctors are informed that in 48 hours the public will be informed. In a race against time, the doctors need to find the root of the origin of the virus. View the full article
  21. Who would have imagined the lanky guy from Masaan would go on to become one of the most promising newcomers, slaying every role that he portrays on the big screens. When I saw him for the first time in Masaan, I knew âyeh ladka bada banega,â but I had no idea of this unprecedented success that would come his way. © RSVP Movies But, is he vying for the top spot? âNo, I am not here to become the next megastar. I am stressing on good scripts and looking forward to working with interesting directors. But I also understand that I have to entertain the audience on one hand and make money for the producers on the other,â the actor said in one of the interviews. Well, he is here to entertain and keep experimenting with his characters. And just yesterday, he shared one of the probable looks from his upcoming movie Sardar Udham Singh and also announced that the film will now be releasing on January 15, 2021, as this story deserves full justice. It was earlier said to be releasing on October 2 this year. Sharing the update on Instagram, Vicky wrote, âOn March 13th, 1940, #SardarUdham singlehandedly assassinated Michael Oâ Dwyer in London to honour the lives lost at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. His story deserves justice onscreen. Keeping that in mind, we will now see you in cinemas on 15th January 2021!â View this post on InstagramâªOn March 13th 1940, #SardarUdham singlehandedly assassinated Michael O' Dwyer in London to honour the lives lost at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. ⬠âªHis story deserves justice onscreen. Keeping that in mind, we will now see you in cinemas on 15th January 2021! @banitasandhu @shoojitsircar @ronnie.lahiri #SheelKumar @writish1 #ShubenduBhattacharya @filmsrisingsun @kinoworksllp @sardarudhamfilmA post shared by (@vickykaushal09) With this character, he is adding one more feather to his cap and once again proving how experimental he is. Letâs take a look at the roles that he is trying to experiment with and bring them alive on the big screen in the future. Sardar Udham Singh The is a biopic on Sardar Udham Singh, the revolutionary who assassinated Michael OâDwyer, the former Lieutenant Governor of Punjab in British India in 1940, to avenge the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Vicky is all set to take up this challenge and his first look has already done half the job - got people excited for the film. View this post on InstagramRunning my fingers through the bullet holes at Jallianwala Baug, little did I realise that I would one day get a chance to re-live and depict the anger and anguish of the lesser known martyr, revolutionary... SARDAR UDHAM SINGH. #SardarUdhamSingh @shoojitsircar @ronnie.lahiri #SheelKumar @writish1 #ShubenduBhattacharya #RisingSunFilms @sadarudhamfilmA post shared by (@vickykaushal09) In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Shoojit Sircar said about casting Vicky, âThere is a burning intensity and anger that I saw in his eyes during our first meeting itself, that convinced me he was the one right man to play Udham.â We canât agree more to this. General Sam Manekshaw Vicky is a man of many avatars. The actor has an amazing lineup of movies and he will soon be entertaining his audience by playing a war hero Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw in an upcoming biographical film Sam which will be directed by Meghna Gulzar. And as soon as he shared the first look of the movie, Twitter users crowned him with the tag of being the most versatile actor in Bollywood and we cannot deny it. View this post on Instagram#Repost @rsvpmovies with @get_repost ã»ã»ã» @vickykaushal09, stepping into the shoes of the swashbuckling, fearless Field Marshal - Sam Manekshaw! @meghnagulzar #RonnieScrewvalaA post shared by (@vickykaushal09) Ashwatthama Vicky is, in fact, ready to push all boundaries with this historical and mythological character, Ashwatthama. He has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood as one of those few actors who keep challenging themselves to try something new every time with every script. The actor will train in mixed martial arts, Israeli martial art Krav Maga and Japanese martial art, Jujutsu for the same, and will also learn archery, sword fighting and spear fighting for his role in the film based on Ashwatthama. For the role of Ashwatthama, he is likely to weigh around 110 to 115kg. Talking to MensXP about Vicky, Aditya Dhar told us, âWith Vicky, it's next to impossible because he has this intense metabolism. I really envy him for that and every day, I see him hogging on food but nothing happens.â He went on to add, âHe has to weigh around 115kg. Vicky involves himself completely and it's required for him to be huge and ripped. As far as I know, Vicky never shies away in taking challenges. For him, it's an obsession.â Takht Another interesting role lined up for Vicky is the character of Aurangzeb in Takht. Well, he took to Instagram to share a mould of his character and fans are excited to see the actor on the big screens portraying this character to the T. "I've always wanted to be a part of historical drama. This one is as big as it gets, with a great ensemble cast and Karan helming it. They have their own pressure to make the narrative as true as what's written in history. For us as performers too, the pressure is the same," Vicky said in an interview. View this post on InstagramHeadâs Up!A post shared by (@vickykaushal09) These are the 4 upcoming Vicky Kaushal films we are really looking forward to. And if his debut movie Masaan and then, his role in Sanju to a complete transformation in Uri are anything to go by, we are in for a treat. View the full article
  22. list of what movies and television shows have been shut down or delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak
  23. Itâs International Womenâs Day today and while we donât need one day to celebrate our beautiful ladies, it certainly helps to remind them that they are loved. If youâre planning a date night with bae today, here are seven funny female-centric movies you can watch today: 1. Bridesmaids The title in itself is suggestive so bro, if you havenât watched it yet and wonder the power of a bridesmaid before a woman decides to take the plunge with her man, just sit back, relax and watch it with your bae today and prepare to ROFL and even LMAO, like the millennial call it. 2. Veerey Di Wedding Heavily inspired from *** And The City but a cool watch for how a âbroâ code works for them girls. Suggest this one for a movie night today and maybe dance along to Tareefan as you compliment that beautiful woman next to you. 3. *** & The City The OG female show and movie series which has probably been binge-watched multiple times. Just be a buddy and pop some champagne for your girl as you appreciate women in the world. 4. Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoonâs gorgeous attempt at shattering perceptions while showing prejudices attached to a what a woman can do. Great watch for tonight and oh well, attempt to make dinner with it. 5. I Feel Pretty Amy Schumer tells it exactly like it is. Body image and confidence issues mirror the societal pressure bestowed upon every woman out there. If you want your girl to understand that she is sexy and you know it, this serves as a good reminder. 6. Queen A queen without her king is still a queen and thatâs exactly what Kangana Ranaut is trying to explain in this movie. Absolute favourite for a date night. 7. English Vinglish This is one movie which makes one sad, laugh and smile in equal measure. Reminds us of the struggles the women in our family have gone through. Only a beautiful brave woman like the protagonist of this movie can take life with a pinch of salt and laugh along. View the full article
  24. Young men dating older women makes up for a lot of peopleâs fantasy. But as that rarely comes to pass in real life, the scenario is even disappointing in reel life. We hardly see older actresses romancing young actors, though old actors still continue to be paired opposite girls half their age. So, recently, when veteran actor Neena Gupta questioned why she couldnât be paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan in a film, I wondered why that seemed very unlikely. Well, the reason is that we rarely see young men being cast opposite older women in Bollywood. Itâs a rare sight and has come to pass only a handful of times Such as these 10 young actors who have romanced older actresses in Bollywood movies: 1. Ranbir Kapoor - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Ae Dil Hai Mushkil © Dharma Productions Budding singer Ayan getting ensnared by the captivating poetess Saba added a layer of intrigue to this otherwise drab movie starring some pretty big Bollywood names. Ranbir romancing Aish who is nine years his senior, was a welcome sight to behold. 2. Sumeet Vyas - Kareena Kapoor Khan Veere Di Wedding © Balaji Motion Pictures As debatable as the filmâs performance might have been, we did love Rishab and Kalindi living and loving it out in the movie. Of course, Sumeet being his eccentric self also added to the whole package of why this was a hit pairing. 3. Ranveer Singh - Priyanka Chopra Bajirao Mastani © Bhansali Productions Who can deny the crackling chemistry Bajirao and Kashibai shared on-screen in this movie? Even being three years apart couldnât take away from their performance of a much-in-love couple, until they werenât. 4. Karan Singh Grover - Bipasha Basu Alone © Panorama Studios See, I wonât lie to you and thatâs why I admit that I have never bothered to watch this movie. However, regardless of how not-so-worth-it the movie might be, you might be interested to know that this husband-wife jodi is three years apart in real life. 5. Arjun Kapoor - Kareena Kapoor Khan Ki & Ka © Eros International A movie that challenged the gender roles our society holds so dear, this was a good take on gender role sensitisation and itâs Kia and Kabir who deserve all the credit for making it look pretty natural. 6. Shahid Kapoor - Rani Mukerji Dil Bole Hadippa © Yash raj Films Rani had already been in the industry for a long time when she was cast opposite Shahid who wasnât even a decade old in the industry. Yet, Rohan and Veera made for a fairly decent sports drama together. 7. Arjun Kapoor - Priyanka Chopra Gunday © Yash raj Films Who can forget the greasy and shiny boys from this film? However, regardless of how sad the plot was and how little Arjun can act, Bala did get to romance Nandita who is three years older to him in real life. 8. Ranbir Kapoor - Konkona Sen Sharma Wake Up Sid © Dharma Productions Not much needs to be said about this one. We loved the film, the characters, the plot and, of course, this pair that stole our hearts despite the obvious age gap! 9. Akshaye Khanna - Dimple Kapadia Dil Chahta Hai © Excel Entertainment Another classic that can do with very few words, but I do need to remind you that Sid and Taraâs camaraderie in the film at the turn of the century, was a breath of fresh air we never knew we needed but were glad to experience. 10. Shadab Kamal - Shilpa Shukla B.A. Pass © Tonga Talkies Based around male prostitution, Shilpa and Shadab did a good job of portraying the hunter and the prey on-screen. And though the exact age difference between the two is not known, suffice it to know that Shadab plays a high-school graduate in the movie, while Shilpa is shown to be a married woman. View the full article
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