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Found 20 results

  1. Superhero movies may be condemned for their high use of CGI and less of dramatic or real-life plots, but the same genre entertains a huge chunk of audiences across the globe. This fact is quite evident in the box office collections of the films in this genre. All the top five films finding their place in the highest-grossing list belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has crossed $17 billion collectively from 20 films to date. 1. Avengers – Infinity War Box Office - $2.038 billion as of 9th July 2018 No surprises here, as we all know 'Avengers: Infinity War' was the first of its kind and one of the most ambitious superhero films to date, drawing storylines from 18 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It broke every box-office opening record to date with quite a huge margin. Let us have a look at the box-office records created by 'Avengers Infinity War' – . Biggest worldwide opening weekend and single weekend gross – $640.5 million beating Fate of The Furious' $541.9 million . Biggest opening weekend in the United States and Canada – $257.7 million . Fastest to cross $1 billion worldwide in 11 days and $1.5 billion in 18 days . Highest grossing superhero movie and of 2018 – $2.038 billion as of 9th July 2018 . Highest number of 4DX admissions. It was the first movie to reach two million admissions . Fourth highest grossing film of all time as of 9th July 2018 It also created a splash in India by becoming the highest grossing Hollywood film to date with INR 225 crores surpassing Disney's 'The Jungle Book' at the box office and the first ever to cross INR 200 crores. 2. The Avengers Box Office - $1.519 billion The film from where everything in MCU began to shape up. 'The Avengers' brought a team of six superheroes – Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye, together for the first time, fighting against Loki and the alien invaders, Chitauris. At the time of release, 'Avengers' not only crossed $1.519 billion in global receipts but also went on to become the third highest-grossing film of all time. 3. Avengers – Age of Ultron Box Office - $1.405 billion The second instalment in the Avengers franchise, 'Age of Ultron' brought chaos in the city of Slovakia with the artificial intelligence defense program – Ultron. Though the movie met with a polarized reception from audiences and critics alike, as it fell short of the audience's expectations, it still raked in $1.405 billion globally. The film debuted at the 5th position in the highest-grossing films at the time of its release and presently stands at the 8th position. 4. Black Panther Box Office - $1.346 billion The highest grossing superhero origins movie of all time with an all-black cast, 'Black Panther' defied all box office expectations and went on to become the 9th highest-grossing film with 1.346 billion box-office collections worldwide. It also went on to become the 3rd highest grossing film in the United States and Canada with $699.88 million only after 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and 'Avatar'. 5. Iron Man 3 Box Office - $1.215 billion Following the gigantic success of 'The Avengers', Marvel found itself facing the huge task to fulfil fans' expectations, and no other superhero could replicate the success single-handedly, except for Iron Man. Shane Black directed 'Iron Man 3' which collected $1.215 billion at the global box office, riding high on the success of 'The Avengers' and also kick-started the second-phase in the MCU.
  2. No Bollywood movie seems to be complete without a convincing antagonist who contrasts the virtues of the protagonist and surfaces as the major threat that would allow the plot to develop and lead the audience to their moment of catharsis by dessimating himself. Over the years, Bollywood has gifted us with numerous baddies who have left a mark in our memories. Some we hate to the core, some scare the wits out of us and yet there are a few whose performances you can't seem to negate, no matter what. Well, listed below are 8 such marvellous performances by Bollywood antagonists in movies who have made it to our list of fave baddies of recent times. 1. Alauddin Khilji - 'Padmaavat' © Bhansali Productions Of course we had to begin with Ranveer Singh's portrayal of the cruel King Khilji in 'Padmaavat'. For those of you who have seen the man in action will relate that those sinister eyes would haunt you for a much longer time. Ranveer as Khilji set a new benchmark for newer bad guys to come. His narcissism is palpable, his manipulations mess with your head, while his demonic obsession grosses you out, and you come to loathe him through and through. 2. Rameshwar aka Tauji - 'Raid' © Panorama Studios Though surely not as terrorising as Khilji, Tauji played by Saurabh Shukla comes across as a deadly menace any honest officer would have a field time weeding out. Tauji is a MP but most importantly he is the don of Sitagarh, who has evaded taxes for the longest time. His tactics let you peek into the minds of such corrupt politicians who threaten to disrupt state cabinets by the use of their might and (black) money. They would do anything to maintain their autonomy and power, going as far as killing government officials if need be. 3. Bhallaladev - 'Baahubali 2' © Arka Media Works Another marvel of an antagonist India got to behold and look deeper into was king Bhallaladev of Mahishmati. The ruthless tyrant played by Rana Daggubati in the franchise, is known as much for his skills as a warrior, as he is known for his thirst for power. He has no room in his heart for empathy and compassion, as well as displays no signs of greatness in character once he stoops down to kill for power and the throne. His is one such character in the duology who undergoes major transformations and appears to be devil in disguise. 4. Tony - 'Naam Shabana' © plan C studios The role played by Prithiviraj Sukumaran, is one thrilling bad guy to behold. Tony, who is later found out to be Mikhail, is an international arms dealer and supplier, who also happens to top Indian secret service's 'most wanted' list. He is cunning, deadly and knows how to effectively get away with homicide and treason without leaving any clues in his wake. However, he also comes across as a bad guy you would want to see get punished because he is that repulsive. 5. Vikram Sethi - 'Ittefaq' © Dharma Productions This mystery-thriller was a rather fresh take on the Rashomon effect and Sidharth Malhotra delivered an impactful performance as the lead hero as well as the antagonist in the movie. Vikram is a British author of Indian origin, who is turned into a suspect and as the story moves on it is revealed how Vikram uses his cunning to change the entire case against him. He may not be the ideal bad guy we are accustomed to, but he is pretty ruthless and shrewd when it comes to getting what he wants and how he wants it. 6. Abu Usman - 'Tiger Zinda Hai' © Yash Raj Films One of Sajjad Delafrooz's most memorable performances in Hindi movie, Abu Usman in 'Tiger Zinda Hai' is terrifying to say the least. Portraying a merciless terrorist, his character lets us see the possible ways in which a terrorist thinks and behaves. His ruthlessness and insensitivity catches on to you and slowly rubs your face into the helpless situation where you can only wish to see him being brought to justice and live through similar pain he induces on others. 7. Madhavrao & Amit Shellar - 'Kaabil' © Filmkart Productions The Roy brothers seem to have a knack for playing baddies and we are totally not complaining about it. The duo played the role of Shellar brothers in Hrithik-Yami starrer 'Kaabil' and have won many critical acclaims for their performances. Rohit Roy as a local troublemaker and Ronit Roy as a promoter and politician let you witness how powerful people get (away with) whatever they want. The spite and insensitivity the two brothers exude is enough to make you nauseous and well, we are glad when Rohan brings them to justice. 8. Kabir - 'Begum Jaan' © Shree Venkatesh Film Another character that is sure to leave a mark on your memory is Chunky Pandey's portrayal of Kabir in 'Begum Jaan'. Having previously seen the actor play comic characters only intensifies the contrast and brings depth to his devilish performance. Kabir's methods of intimidation are repulsive and gross that makes the character appear all the more shady. Kabir truly epitomises how it must be when a person is said to be the devil's ally. What do you think about these antagonists? Are any of them your favourites too?
  3. Netflix is that faithful friend who never disappoints and while it is your best friend, sometimes, we just don't have the time to watch a full TV series. For weekends like these, the magic of Netflix's original movies come in handy. Here are 6 such movies you can easily binge-watch over the weekend: 1. Lust Stories- This is a fresh attempt by four super-talented filmmakers to make short movies dealing with frail human emotions. Netflix is the perfect place for the Indian audience to experience this shift in cinema, that the big screen cannot offer yet. 2. The Kissing Booth- This is a 'feel good' movie that reminds us that we have a naïve heart which sometimes craves love. A teenage girl is forced to confront her crush at a kissing booth and things move ahead from there. 3. Like Father- In this eccentric yet wonderful wonderful movie, the protagonist is left at the altar and is ultimately forced to go on her honeymoon with her father. They go as estranged people, but come back together as a stronger duo. 4. 6 Balloons- This drama movie deals with a sister struggling with her addict brother. The movie highlights how we go through crippled emotions and complexities in life. 5. Come Sunday- This movie follows the life of pastor Carlton Pearson, who is termed a heretic after he questions the doctrine of the church. 6. To All The Boys I've Loved Before- This is a great watch for a date night with your partner, when you want to indulge in some high school-type romance and reminisce about your old days.
  4. Who doesn't like a good ol' classic like '8 Mile?' Yeah, it's a classic. If you disagree with me we can take the fight outside! Just like that, there are a lot of Hollywood movies which have used music videos to up the interest quotient in their movies. Getting a big name to do the title song for your movie will all but guarantee the people watch it, right? If only it were so. There have been many misses in this regard but for today, we're only going to focus on the ones that worked. These music videos didn't just generate interest in the movies they were associated with, they became superhits on their own. Again, I'm digressing. The only thing we're interested in here is how good these music videos are at making people go and watch the movie they are associated with. It's a list based purely on how a song makes you feel, so bear with me for a bit. You might not agree with my choices, but before you tear into me in the comments, listen to the songs. They might just change your mind. Also, use good headphones/earphones please. Using crap listening devices will doing an injustice to these songs… 1. '8 Mile' – Lose Yourself Every 13-year-old kid who was able to convince his/her parents to get them this cassette when it came out is a legend! But, back then, little did we know that there was a music video and an entire movie we could watch too. Yeah, the internet wasn't what it is today. Forget exams, the only thing that mattered was memorising the lyrics. The clocks run out. Times out. Over. Blao! I could rap the whole thing at one point. No lies! Could you? Anyway, the fact remains that Eminem is a Rap God and if you haven't watched '8 Mile' yet, there's no better time than now! If you have, I don't need to convince you to watch it again! 2. 'Dangerous Minds' – Gangsta's Paradise Everyone has heard this song. You haven't? Of course, you have! Just give it a listen: But, did you know that it was originally made for the movie 'Dangerous Minds?' Not many people do. Why? The movie wasn't the greatest. Even Michelle Pfeiffer couldn't make it work. The song, on the other hand, broke all sorts of records and even won Coolio a Grammy. Still, the movie is pretty bad. It's the only movie on this list I'd not recommend you giving a watch! 3. 'Black Panther' – Pray For Me There's no denying two things here. This is the coolest looking video on this list and 'Black Panther' is the highest earning movie on this list. I don't even need to brag about this one. The music video will make you appreciate it on its own. So, instead of writing, I'm just gonna watch the video with all of you: 4. 'Ghostbusters' – Ghostbusters It took a lot of effort to convince myself to start writing again. The only thing I want to do right now, is watch 'Black Panther.' But, we all have jobs and sometimes they suck. Just kidding, I love my job. Anyway, on to Ghostbusters. First, I'm not talking about the movie that released in 2016. I'm talking about the original. Still not clear? This should help: Before you comment on the video, bear in mind that it was released in 1984. I'd say it's pretty revolutionary when you take that into account. Did Ray Parker Jr. know his song was going to become one of the most easily recognisable songs in history? No. Does he mind? Hell no! After this one, all I can say is 'Ghostbusting makes me feel good!' 5. 'Rocky III' – Eye Of The Tiger Let's face it. By the time 'Rocky II' was over, people weren't expecting too much from 'Rocky III'. Why? He's defeated Creed. He's a champion. It's only downhill from there. Or so we thought. They found a way to make Rocky the underdog once more. He was past his prime and facing a hungry new-comer. But, what sealed it for the movie has got to be the song. The song that is part of everyone's gym playlist. It's not a part of yours? It has to be. Add it now! Everyone wants a ripped body like young Sylvester Stallone. Don't fool yourself! You do too! This song is the only way to get it! 6. 'Lego Movie' – Everything Is Awesome The first time I heard this song, it blew my mind. The 'Lego Movie' blew my mind. It was so much better than expected. Part of it has to do with the awesome theme song. When Batman approves! You better get on board! I'm so pumped right now it's not funny! Everything is awesome! Be careful with this one. It can make even the crappiest of days feel awesome. 7. 'Men In Black II' – Nod Ya Head Okay, this is a personal favourite. Not sure if everyone will agree. For me, Will Smith is an icon. I don't care what you have to say about him or his kids. For me, he will always be the kid from 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' who became a Hollywood superstar! He deserves my respect and yours too. I give him props for sticking to his rap career even after becoming a superstar. Check out his charisma: His rap career did come full circle when he did the theme song for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Congratulations Will. But, I'll still remember him for this one. The first 'Men In Black' theme song was pretty cool too. But, this one is just better. Why? It makes me want to watch all 3 movies. Yeah, you heard me right, all 3 movies! 8. 'Saturday Night Fever' – Stayin' Alive The last music video on this list is here for just one reason, and that is to show the world how far a young John Travolta can take anything. Just look at the beautiful man: This wasn't supposed to be the last video on the list but screw it. I have to go rewatch all of John Travolta's work now. The man is a legend. If I keep going this will become a John Travolta appreciation post. So, I'm out. Figure out which of these movies you're going to watch first. Have a great day!
  5. A father and son share a rather inscrutable equation, which is often regarded as a rocky terrain to tread by both the parties, mostly once the son attains adulthood. While it is believed that a son shares a much deeper bond with his mother, what is often left unsaid is that a son and a father continue to share a bond that isn't marked by an overt display of affection or endearments, and yet each remains in the other's thoughts and prayers. Dads give it off to you when you become unruly, they have your back all along the wobbly patch of life and they always shadow you, keeping a watch out and a step forward, even before you can form the sentence to call out for help. A son might not always express what his father means to him, but continues to hail him as his personal hero, even as he challenges his father's orders or argues over other issues of lesser importance. No matter the disagreements and clashes in their point of view, he always acknowledges his father's presence and importance in his life. While there have been numerous, successful movies in Bollywood that have captured the myriad shades of this relationship, we picked 5 recent Bollywood films that have managed to do justice to the father-son dynamics. 1. 102 Not Out (2018) © SPE Films India '102 Not Out' is quintessentially the best representation of how a father-son dynamic remains at the very roots, even after both of them enter the twilight of their lives. A father, without ever making it obvious, selflessly continues to look out for his son and love him from afar. Though misunderstandings loom large even at this stage of their lives, love ultimately triumphs over the petty tussles. Before Dattatraya departs from this life, he ensures that Babu lives a full life, free of life's drudgeries and finds ways of remaining happy after his father is gone. 2. Sanju (2018) © Rajkumar Hirani Films It is common knowledge that Sanjay Dutt has always shared a rocky relationship with his father for a number of reasons. Yet, Sanjay Dutt continued to regard his father as an almighty saviour. 'Sanju' beautifully captures all the bumps that marked their relationship, be it fighting against his father's opinions on his acting skills or not living by his father's ideologies. Yet, when life brought him to the edge, he turned to his father for help and Sunil Dutt continued to place his faith and hope on his son regardless of the shortcomings. 3. Mulk (2018) © Benaras Media Works This may not come across as an ideal father-son relationship but on a closer look, Bilaal Ali Mohammed's portrayal of Shahid's father significantly captures a father's innate essence. He depicts a father who places undying trust and faith on this son he has reared and would move mountains to protect and love. Bilaal continuously tried to bring Shahid back from devil's side and onto the path of repentance, but when he realises there remains no coming back for his son, he literally gives up on Shahid, thereby exhibiting a father's wrath in the truest sense. 4. Chef (2017) © T-Series 'Chef', the official Bollywood remake of the Hollywood movie by the same name, is the story of Roshan Kalra who is a Michelin star chef at New York's Gulli restaurant. Having gotten fired from his job, he has to come back home to his son and wife in Kochi. The trip helps Roshan to mend his relationships that had gone sour, especially his bond with his son. This story beautifully charts out how the duo reclaims and rediscovers their relationship, which ends up changing their lives and they set out on a culinary journey together. 5. Dear Dad (2016) © Peppermint Studios A coming of age movie in the truest sense, this one explores how a young son steps up to stand by his father's side, much against the inner conflict he faces. Based on a difficult subject, the story follows the son's battles of coming to terms with his father's sexuality. It truthfully showcases how testing situations can become when family becomes the one to hurt you and how you make peace with the reality of the situation. If you haven't already, be sure to watch these movies at the earliest.
  6. He may be constantly surrounded by controversy but nothing can affect his fame. The more people hate on him, the more love and loyalty Salman Khan gets from his fans. There is something impenetrable about his persona which makes it looks that nothing can touch his stardom. While it takes just one mishap to sabotage a celebrity's status, Salman is a classic case of soaring high, even more so when calamity strikes. With the changing times in Bollywood, almost every yesteryear star is finding himself being replaced, but Bhaijaan's legacy cannot be touched. He is a 'lambi race ka ghoda' and no one can deny that. Interestingly, while today his movies mint 100 crores in a blink, there was a time when tons of his film didn't even see the light of the day. Here we have a list some movies that he signed up for, which unfortunately never made it to the screens: 1. Ran Kshetra © Rajshree Bhagyashree and Salman made us fall in love with them in 'Maine Pyaar Kiya' and soon signed another project 'Ran Kshetra'. However, the movie production was put on hold when Bhagyashree decided to get married, and soon, it was shelved. 2. Aye Mere Dost Work on the movie began with a song recording, but due to unknown circumstances, nothing happened after that. The film starred Arbaaz Khan, Divya Bharti, Karishma Kapoor along with Salman Khan. Later, the song was used for another movie of Bhai's named 'Majhdhar' in 1996. 3. Raam © Twitter This movie was meant to be Sohail Khan's directorial debut but things at times don't go as planned. Despite half the movie being shot already, the production stopped because of financial troubles. The film starring Salman, Anil Kapoor and Pooja Bhatt, later had to be shelved. 4. Dus One of Salman Khan's most anticipated films was axed when director Mukul S. Anand suddenly passed away. The movie had a powerful lineup including Salman, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, and Shilpa Shetty. Though the film was never released we got to hear the iconic track 'Hindustani' in 1999, that was loved by millions and still is. 5. Dil Hai Tumhara © Twitter In 1991, Rajkumar Santoshi began working on this film starring Salman Khan, Sunny Deol and Meenakshi Sheshadri. They hardly wrapped up just one schedule, when Santoshi signed for another movie, agreeing to direct Bobby Deol's 'Barsaat'. 'Dil Hai Tumhara' was pushed for a while but ultimately, had to be wrapped up forever. 6. Gherao © Pinterest In order to make up for 'Dil Hai Tumhara', Salman had to sign for 'Gherao' opposite Manisha Koirala. Rajkumar Santoshi helmed the film, but once again just after the mahurat, the movie was called off. 7. Buland © Pinterest Clearly, there was some dark shadow over Salman and his movies back then, as even 'Buland' was shelved after half of the film was complete. The movie starred Somy Ali, who he was dating at the time. 8. Raju Raja Ram © Twitter Starring Salman, Jackie Shroff, and Govinda, this movie was talked about a lot but the project was called off in the end. Director David Dhawan had to shelve the project due to a financial crunch. 9. Aankh Micholi © Pinterest This would have been another double role project for Salman Khan, but the actor had his reservations to do a movie like 'Judwaa' once again and the movie had to be dropped. 10. Jalwa © Twitter Ketan Dhawan signed Salman, Sanjay Dutt and Armaan Kohli for this action flick. However, later he decided to make a film in another genre altogether, resulting in shutting this project.
  7. It's disappointing when some gems of cinema go missing in the bag of commercial films. There are always some wonderful movies out there that either remain critically acclaimed or have been watched by only a handful of audience. So, we bring you a list of lesser-known films that may have not made big bucks at the box office but have stories that are worth watching. 1. The Sweet Requiem All set to premiere at the TIFF, 2018, 'The Sweet Requiem' brings you a story of the refugee crisis in the region of Tibet. We all have heard about this burning issues from the media and the, but this movie showcases the matter from the perspective of a Tibetan woman (played by Tenzin Dolker). Directed by Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam, this is a sequel to 'Dreaming Lhasa'. © TIFF 2. Love Sonia A hard-hitting tale that takes you through the dark path of *** trafficking between India and LA. 'Love Sonia' brings Mrunal Thakur in the lead and has a stellar cast of Freida Pinto, Demi Moore, Manoj Bajpayee, Richa Chadda, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain, and Rajkummar Rao in supporting roles. Directed by Tabrez Noorani, the movie has already won several awards and will hit the screens on September 14. 3. What Will People Say This is one of those movies that many will relate to because a lot of us have faced instances like these. It's a story about preserving your identity against the conservative perspective and ideology of your family. Adil Hussain's performance has stunned many and the man has already bagged the Amata Award for Best Actor. Interestingly, Norway has selected 'What Will People Say' for best foreign language film Oscar consideration. 4. The Man Who Feels No Pain The quirky trailer of the movie brings forth a unique story that we haven't witnessed before. Directed by Vasan Bala and starring debutant Abhimanyu Dassani, this movie is a must watch. 5. Counterfeit Kunkoo A short movie that just has to be on your watch list for a not-so-different issue that director Reema Gupta has brought forth. Finding a house in Mumbai can be difficult, especially when you are a divorced woman, and this simple yet hard-hitting truth is what the movie is all about. The movie has already bagged 12 awards at various film festivals. 6. Bulbul Can Sing Rima Das's 'Bulbul Can Sing' is something you haven't seen in Bollywood before. Taking to Assam, we are introduced to a story from the outlook of a teenager. Showing first love and friendship, it makes for a beautiful story. © TIFF 7. Wajood With the historic section 377 verdict being announced, this movie comes as a step towards the acceptance of the queer community in India. The film brings forth a heart-warming tale of a transgender woman finding love. This short film has been applauded for its storyline and should be watched.
  8. If you are a fan of 'The Conjuring' universe then your weekend plans obviously automatically include watching 'The Nun' I assume. However, in case you are unable to do so or have left out some movies from the series, then here is the ultimate list for you to catch up. We did all the homework for you and here's the perfect order to watch all the movies of 'The Conjuring' universe leading up to 'The Nun': 1. The Conjuring: This movie is where the story begins. Based on a true story, this movie clocks the spooky experiences of paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. They witness what a family in Rhode Island is going through where a demon is creating havoc within the home. Also, this primitive movie is obviously important because we also meet Annabelle, the doll that scared the daylights out of everyone. 2. Annabelle: This movie released a year later but left us with a lot of questions. We weren't shown about the origin of the cursed doll, and how and why was it possessed. 'Annabelle' largely dealt with the horrors that the doll was causing and how the family suffered. 3. The Conjuring 2: The movie begins with us being introduced by the scary demon nun who appears to Lorraine and even has a name, Valak. The movie ends with the nun being condemned back since Lorraine knew her name. 4. Annabelle: Creation: This movie weaves the story about the origin of the doll. A doll maker and his wife allow a few girls from an orphanage to stay in their house, after their own daughter dies a sad death. One of the girls discovers a doll in a room and the demon is unleashed. Turns out, that the doll is possessed and it is none other than Annabelle Higgins, the girl who actually murdered her adoptive parents in the 'Annabelle ' movie. The movie ends with Valak ( the nun) walking towards the camera, which is a cue that the next instalment will deal with her. 'The Nun' releases tomorrow and the trailer has already created a major buzz in the fan world. The story will unravel the origin of Valak and all the scare that follows.
  9. Movies based on real-life crimes always manage to gather the interest of the masses and tell the truth behind what actually happened. The gripping reality of a heinous crime when projected through an interpretation of it on screen, definitely garners a lot of criticism along with clarity on some unanswered questions. © Reliance Entertainment Bollywood almost always does a good job of capturing the accuracy of the events that take place and makes the best piece of fiction, based on actual facts. Especially if it's real life crime based drama. Here are the top 8 Bollywood movies based on real-life crime incidents that you should definitely watch, to know exactly what happened: (1) No One Killed Jessica © UTV Motion Pictures Released in 2011 Based On: Jessica Lal murder case The film tells the truest tale of the gripping reality behind Jessica Lal's murder back in 1999 and the trial that went on for years, till justice was actually and duly served. It's a classic example of justice delayed but not denied by the Indian judiciary system. Vidya Balan plays the role of Sabrina Lal, who is Jessica's sister. Watch the trailer here (2) Talvar © Junglee Pictures Released in 2015 Based On: The double murder case of a girl and a servant that took place in Noida (UP) in 2008 The movie focuses on the detailed accounts of the double murder that took place, and the investigative steps that were taken to try and solve the mystery. The movie portrays facts like the UP police's negligence towards the evidence that was found and the hurdles that were met by the investigative officer while solving the case. With Irfan Khan and Konkana Sen Sharma playing the lead, this movie is worth a watch for the actuality of the events that occurred. Watch the trailer here (3) Shahid © UTV Motion Pictures Released in 2013 Based On: Based on the activist/lawyer Shahid Azmi, who was assassinated in 2010 by two gunmen. Rajkummar Rao plays the role of Shahid Azmi, a lawyer and an activist who fights cases for Muslim men who are wrongly charged for terrorism under POTA (prevention of terrorism act). A lot of people misunderstand him (Azmi) for trying to defend terrorists and eventually, he is assassinated by two gunmen. The movie is a harsh gripping reality of real-life events that took place and it won both director, Hansal Mehta and Rao national film awards. Watch the trailer here (4) Rahasya © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Released in 2015 Based On: The double murder case of a girl and a servant that took place in Noida (UP) in 2008 The film is another take on Arushi Talwar's murder case and tells the story of a young girl Ayesha Mahajan who is murdered. The murder is investigated by a CBI officer Sunil Prakash, played by Kay Kay Menon and towards the end, he solves the mystery of who has killed Ayesha, unlike what happens in the original Arushi case. The film was heavily criticised by Dr. Rajesh Talwar and his wife Nupur Talwar, who were convicted for the murder of their daughter. The movie is said to be not wholly based on facts and is a loose rendition of the actual murder that took place. Watch the trailer here (5) Raman Raghav 2.0 © Reliance Entertainment released in 2016 Based On: The notorious serial killer Raman Raghav, who was active in Mumbai in the 60s An Anurag Kashyap film, it tells the story of a psychopath serial killer Ramanna, who terrorised the city of Mumbai in the 60s. He used to kill his victims using a heavy blunt object and most of them were homeless city dwellers. A corrupt officer by the name of Raghavan (played by Vicky Kaushal) is investigating the case in the movie. Watch the trailer here (6) Rustom © Zee Studios Released in 2016 Based On: The real-life story of Commander KM Nanavati who shot his wife, Sylvia's lover, Prem Ahuja, back in 1959 Mumbai. The movie, inspired by absolute true events, is a shocking tale of a naval officer in 1959 Mumbai who shot his wife's lover in cold-blooded murder. The trial for Nanavati has been one of the most shocking cases in the history of judicial India and a lot of loose ends also opened up along with his true motive to murder Prem Ahuja. Nanavati is played by Akshay Kumar, where he plays Rustom Pavri a naval officer in the movie. Watch the trailer here (7) Main Aur Charles © Wave Cinemas Cynozure Networkz Released in 2015 Based On: The murders committed by serial killer Charles Sobhraj The movie revolves around the 70s where a deceptive serial killer of Vietnamese and Indian origin goes on a spree of murdering western tourists throughout South East Asia. Charles Sobhraj was enticing, intelligent, master of disguise, charming and highly deceptive and he managed to escape at least 7 high-security prisons. The story is told from the perspective of Amod Kanth, the cop who handled Charles' case. I personally feel this is Randeep Hooda's (who plays Charles Sobhraj in the movie) best work till date. Watch the trailer here (8) Not A Love Story © Bohra Bros Prod. Pvt. Ltd. Released in 2011 Based On: The murder of Neeraj Grover in 2008 Ram Gopal Varma's crime based thriller revolves around true life events that occurred in May 2008, when Neeraj Grover, a television executive was murdered by actress Maria Susairaj and her boyfriend LT. Emile Jerome Mathew. The motive? The possessive boyfriend Jerome Mathew's suspicion of Maria having an affair with Neeraj, since he was found in her apartment early in the morning. The couple, after killing Neeraj seemingly chopped his body into 300 pieces and burnt the remains. The movie sheds light on the events that occurred and the sentence that was bestowed on the two lovers. Watch the trailer here Obviously, these movies are not for the faint-hearted as they're about the murderous events that took place in real life but they do show the gripping reality of what happened and if you really want to get to the bottom of the crime that was committed, I think Bollywood is your best bet.
  10. Bollywood is teeming with fresh faces and, with every passing year, Bollywood fanatics get the chance to behold new stars in the making. This year has already witnessed the Bollywood debut of Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar in the movie 'Dhadak', which opened to mixed reviews across the country. © Twitter While Janhvi's younger sister Khushi is yet to make her Bollywood debut, Ishaan already has a star for a brother in the film industry Shahid Kapoor. This got us thinking about other actors who have siblings and about their potential Bollywood debuts that would give moviegoers something more to look forward to. These star siblings are just as gorgeous to look at, and with the right kind of talent and support, they might just turn out to be great actors themselves and we'd love to see them make that debut sooner than later. Yami Gautam - Surilie Gautam © Instagram The girl-next-door Yami Gautam has stolen quite a number of hearts since she made her debut in 2012 with the movie 'Vicky Donor'. She has starred in a couple of movies since then, with 'Kaabil' being the most recent. Her younger sister Surilie is as pretty as a picture, and is also a television actor. She has also acted in a Punjabi film called 'Power Cut'. Off shoot day shenanigans with @surilie_j_singh ð¸ #serbiadiaries A post shared by Yami Gautam (@yamigautam) on Jun 15, 2018 at 10:47am PDT Sooraj Pancholi - Sana Pancholi © Instagram Sooraj Pancholi is the new kid on the block who made his Bollywood debut in 2015 with Salman Khan's 'Hero'. He has an elder sister Sana who is a film school graduate from Los Angeles and also happens to own a fine dine restaurant in Goa. It also helps that she does have the looks to make a mark in Bollywood. Happy Raksha Bandhan to both of u ⤠May This bond of Brother and Sister always be tight right and happiest forever ð May u both get all the happiness in your life ðð And God Bless You ð Have an amazing and fun dayð Enjoy ð⤠Love you hamesha â¤ð Both @soorajpancholi @sanpan211 #soorajpancholi #sanapancholi #rakshabandhan #happyrakshabandhan #siblingsgoalsð« #love A post shared by Forever Soorajholic⤠(@theriyaver2) on Aug 25, 2018 at 6:10pm PDT Tiger Shroff - Krishna Shroff © Instagram Tiger Shroff has delivered quite a few good performances and has established himself as an action hero with great dancing skills. Krishna is Tiger's younger sister who has turned out to be quite a social media celebrity herself. She was recently caught amidst a controversy over a topless photograph of hers that went public. ððµ A post shared by Krishna Jackie Shroff (@kishushroff) on Sep 3, 2015 at 8:08am PDT Kriti Sanon - Nupur Sanon © Instagram Gorgeous Kriti Sanon isn't the sole carrier of 'beauty' genes in the family because her younger sister Nupur, who is five years younger to Kriti, is equally good looking, a talented singer and would make for a great choice as an actor too! Not all girls are made up of sugar,spice and all things nice. Some are made up of words and fire and a million desiresð¥ Hair and Makeup @13kavitadas #strongisbeautiful #kindisbeautiful #kritisanonbirthdaybash #lastnight A post shared by Nupur Sanon (@nupursanon) on Jul 27, 2018 at 4:05am PDT Athiya Shetty - Ahan Shetty © Instagram Athiya Shetty may not have delivered a blockbuster yet, but she has been causing quite a stir in the fashion scene with her style statements. Her brother Ahan, who is four years younger to her, has completed his dramatics course from London and though he is all set to make his Bollywood debut with a Sajid Nadiadwala film, we can't wait for Sunil's sun to hit the screens already. Fifty shades of blue A post shared by Ahan Shetty (@ahan.shetty) on Mar 30, 2018 at 6:05am PDT Tapsee Pannu - Shagun Pannu © Instagram Tapsee Pannu's Bollywood journey so far has been a memorable one with a number of movies splendidly showcasing her many talents. Her younger sister Shagun, who was also a Miss India 2006 finalist, also happens to be an internet sensation and we can totally see why. #aboutlastnight #delhiweddings #alldeckeduptraditionally #smilingforever #instaready #instapic A post shared by Shagun Pannu (@shagun_pannu) on Nov 25, 2016 at 8:23pm PST Shahid Kapoor - Sanah Kapur © Facebook Shahid needs no introduction and though Sanah has been a part of his movie 'Shandaar' along with Alia Bhatt, we still want her to make her debut as a lead actor because she surely holds the potential coming from a family that's always been involved in acting. #shaandaar week begins...gigantic butterfliesð. #gulabo#nerves#firststep#butterflies#2daystogo#cantwait A post shared by Sanah Kapur (@sanahkapur15) on Oct 19, 2015 at 10:41am PDT Kajal Aggarwal - Nisha Aggarwal © Instagram Kajal Aggarwal has long been a popular name in the South film industry and her younger sister is no lesser talent. She is also an actress and has been acting in a number of movies down south, but we feel it wouldn't be wrong to say that she can make a bollywood debut too. Wish u the happiest bday Mommy @vinayagg2060 I wish u good health and happiness forever. I love u to the moon and back ma. Shine bright and spread your positivity as you always do. A post shared by Nisha Aggarwal (@nishaaggarwal) on Dec 19, 2015 at 12:41pm PST These are the star siblings we would like to see make their way to the silver screen. Let us know if you agree with us in the comments below.
  11. August saw a list of some small humble releases as far as Bollywood was concerned but September has some strong offerings in store for movie buffs. Here are four major releases that have got us all excited for September: 1. Sui Dhaga (28th September) Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan have come together in an avatar which you have never seen before. The story follows the simple dreams and aspirations of a small town man who is unemployed and fights all odds to build his own garment business. 2. Paltan (7th September) J.P Dutta fans know exactly what it means to watch a movie helmed by him. 'Paltan' talks about the Nathu La military clashes that took place in 1967 at the Sikkim border and also deals with the Indo-China relations. 3. Manmarziyan (14th September) Anurag Kashyap is here with a movie based on romance with Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal and Abhishek Bachchan in the lead roles. The entire package looks brilliant and we are sold on the trailer. 4. Batti Gul Meter Chalu (21st September) This movie stars Shahid Kapoor and Shrradha Kapoor in the leads and will talk about the problem surrounding electricity theft in rural India, which is a menace. Time to make some movie plans now?
  12. The relevance that history has today in our lives is undeniable. A lot of historical facts get lost with time and age and somehow, records of them even existing are tough to rebuild or imagine. We might have studied history during our school and college years but stories pertaining to some unsung heroes fall on deaf ears and they get lost in the realms of time and space. But due to the technological essence and the digital age we're living in, we're lucky these stories are brimming on the surface more often than ever, and we have no one but Bollywood to thank for that. Bollywood has invested a lot of its time and effort into making biopics and stories based on true events, to showcase the lives of people, less talked about. A lot of things have happened in history that have changed the nomenclature of the country but haven't really gotten the limelight they deserve. Bollywood finds these inspiring stories and gives them a mirror to showcase what the actual participants went through, when a particular event was happening or what a particular person did, to change the course of history. © Excel Entertainment Recently, we shared an article about a new trend that's befitting Bollywood's style- sports biopics, where we shared a list of upcoming biopics on various sportsmen and women and how they shaped Indian sports. While delving into the matter, we found more historical stories getting relevance this year, and I am glad Bollywood is focusing on the right kind of cinema, while also making movies like 'Race 3'! Come on, what else could I have named here? Here are 7 movies releasing/released this year (2018), which are based on historical and real-life events: (1) Raazi © AA Films India Released in May 2018 A real-life spy story (nothing close to Mata Hari) but a commendable espionage thriller, 'Raazi' is about an Indian spy- Sehmat Khan, played by Alia Bhatt. She's a dutiful wife, an obedient daughter and a patriotic Indian spy who is married off to a Pakistani officer, during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Based on a novel, which is inspired from true events, Sehmat devised her own tactical ways of spying on the Pakistani military plans and she managed to save the lives of a lot of Indian soldiers who were on the battlefield then. Watch this one for Alia's brilliant acting! Watch the trailer here (2) Gold © Excel Entertainment Released in August 2018. Reema Kagti's 'Gold' is loosely based on India's first gold medal in the Olympics. The film is conceptualised around the 'golden era' of hockey in the country, in the late 30s, where a young Indian by the name of Tapan Das dreams of playing the sport as an independent nation. The film stars Akshay Kumar in the lead along with Kunal Kapoor, Mouni Roy Vineet Kumar Singh and Amit Sadh. Watch the trailer here (3) Soorma © Sony Pictures Released in July 2018. 'Soorma' is based on the life of Sandeep Singh, the former captain of the Indian hockey team, who was paralysed waist down and couldn't play hockey for his country but got back on his feet after a two-year sabbatical and made a comeback in international hockey in 2008. The film has Diljeet Dosanjh and Tapsee Pannu in lead roles. Watch the trailer here (4) Sajan Singh Rangroot © Vivid Art House Released in March 2018 The film focuses on World War I and the Sikh soldiers who served in the Indian British Army and talks about their heroism and sacrifice for the country, as part of the Indian Expeditionary Force of the Western front during the war. The movie stars Diljit Dosanjh, who plays an eponymous Sikh soldier, who has grown up with the thoughts of fighting for an independent India. Watch the trailer here (5) Mulk © Benaras Media Works Released in August 2018 The Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu starrer is based on a true story about reclaiming what is rightfully yours! The story revolves around a Muslim joint family who fight to reclaim their honour when a member of their family takes to terrorism. The movie is a raw take on the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists and it's time such prejudices were done away with. Phenomenal acting by Rishi Kapoor and Pannu, this movie should be watched for the growing religious intolerance in the country. Watch the trailer here (6) The Accidental Prime Minister © Bohra Bros. Production Releasing in December 2018 The film is a biopic on none other than our dearest 14th Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, played by the veteran actor Anupam Kher. Obviously, the movie will talk about the life and works of the brilliant economist and his ten years of service under the UPA government. Can't wait to catch a glimpse of a movie based on the silent man! Trailer not available. (7) Paltan © Zee Studios Releasing in September 2018 So you thought 'Border' and 'LOC-Kargil' were the last of the war films J.P. Dutta would ever direct? Well, he's back with yet another one and this one has a star cast too. 'Paltan', a war movie based on a real historical moment, is about the 1962 Sino-India war and it showcases real incidents that took place during the war. The movie focuses on the 1967 Nathu La and Cho La clashes that took place along the border of Sikkim, post the '62 Indo-Sino war. The movie has Jackie Shroff, Arjun Rampal, Sonu Sood, Harshvardhan Rane, Esha Gupta in it and we're wishing it's as dramatic and moving as 'Border'! Watch the trailer here Definitely catch these movies whenever you can, because a lot of research, effort and emotions go into making movies about historical sacrifices that were made by people in the past, for our country. It also brings their untold story out in the open and we're truly grateful to Bollywood for doing that, time and again.
  13. Whenever you think of a film from the 90s, you automatically imagine snow clad mountains and a beautiful actress dancing in her solid coloured chiffon sari, gesturing her love interest in the film to come and join her, and complete the romantic dream sequence, that was probably the highlight of the film. But Mani Ratnam wasn't one of those directors who'd charter a plane to Switzerland just to shoot a love song or a sad romance for a movie. He believed in realistic cinema and always brought the truest colours of his subject out, in the most intense way back then. © Eros International 'Dil Se' was one of the most basic examples of a classic Mani Ratnam film, and it surely taught me a lot of things while I watched the movie several times growing up. My sheer fascination with the protagonist's passion for love grew threefold and all the songs from the movie stuck with me, for life. All in all, 'Dil Se' taught me a lot about love and life and gave me an entirely different perspective on Bollywood cinema in the 90s. Ratnam's cinematic experience, Gulzar's lyrics, Rahman's music, Santosh Sivam's screenplay and one of Shah Rukh Khan's best performances till date, 'Dil Se', makes you fall in love with the insatiable sadness and romance the movie showcases, with absolutely no remorse. © Eros International Today, it completes 20 years in Bollywood, and even though it didn't do very well at the box office, here are some lessons in life and love that I take from it and believe in, all at the same time: Love Is Relentless Yet Selfless Shah Rukh Khan portrays the role of an AIR jockey and meets a mysterious woman on a lonely railway platform and instantly falls in love with her. But it's not the kind of love we see today but the kind that is probably rare and uninitiated. He loved her with all his heart but he never forced her to change her life's ideals to suit his needs. He loved her selflessly till the end. I believe we don't believe in that kind of selfless love anymore, the kind 'Dil Se' scripted for the youngsters back then to follow and understand. © Eros International Amar & Meghna's Story Is Unlike Any Other Bollywood Movie Shah Rukh Khan and Manisha Koirala, who play Amar and Meghna, have an intriguing love story. It develops slowly and steadily when Amar falls in love with Meghna and moves swiftly through boatloads of poetry and some intense romance. Even though every step is a struggle for a lost and found kind of love, he still manages to make the best of it, whenever he can. Remember this beautiful dialogue? "Mujhe sabse zyaada pasand hai tumhaari yeh aankhen. Kyunki main jitna bhi inmen dekhna chaahuun...mujhe kuch dikhta hi nahin. Tumhaari andar itna kuch chupaa huaa hai. Mujhe woh bahut pasand hai.." © Eros International You Can Love Someone From A Distance Throughout the movie, Amar is pining and looking for his lady love, until she lands up in his own house, obviously for other reasons unknown to Amar. By this time, Amar is almost engaged to another woman (Preity Zinta), but that in no way deters his spirit to love Meghna even more fiercely and finding out her purpose in life, which has been left in the realms of mystery, throughout the movie. But even though he wishes to see her every time he loses her in the movie, he doesn't stop loving her. © Eros International Love Doesn't Have To Be Subtle Or Full Of Conditions Do you remember the scene in the movie when Amar confesses his love for Meghna? It goes something like this - "Mujhe kuch nahi pata, bas yeh pata hai ki main tumhe chaahta hoon, dil se.." I remember his love for her to be fierce and passionate and I always thought that's the kind of love I want. I wanted to be loved with that kind of a fervour, and a lot of people do fall in love and fill it with passion, but the generation today is so steadfast on a few things, that there are myriad conditions put in front of love, conditions that everyone has to adhere to. Love can be daunting, fierce and passionate and it can be beautiful too. And that's the kind of love that lasts. Not the one with conditions. © Eros International Always Express Your Feelings Amar didn't care who Meghna was or what her purpose was in life but he had to share how he felt for her. He didn't care where she came from or where she was going, as long as she knew he loved her and that he wasn't willing to let go. That's one life lesson this movie has ardently taught me. Never let the people you truly love, go. It's seldom you love and if you need to stick it out to keep them in your life, because they're absolutely worth it, then you definitely must do that. © Eros International 'Dil Se' was an epic cult movie, and it deserves a mention each time it completes another year of existing. Right from the beautiful soundtrack to the abstract and malleable dialogues, it all fits perfectly well with someone who loves without fearing anything or anyone. If you haven't seen it, you've surely missed out on something. Watch it for the heck of nostalgia or to take a trip down memory lane, in any case!
  14. Actor Vidyut Jammwal needs no introduction. When he forayed into Bollywood with his stellar performance in 'Force', the world took notice of this man, who is probably made of steel. Vidyut is currently on an all time high after he became the only Indian who made it to coveted list of the top martial artists in the world. Vidyut told us that he never really planned on joining movies, but was always sure that he wanted to do something with action ever since he was a kid. He has been training in Kalaripayattu (a martial art of Kerala) since the age of three, so that explains his benign connection with martial arts. Vidyut is playing the role of an elephant whisperer in his next movie 'Junglee' and his preparation for this movie is way more extensive than you can imagine. © Haider Khan © Haider Khan Talking about his role and what he did to prepare for the same, Vidyut explained what went behind the scenes. “I was born in a small place and have always been surrounded by animals all my life. Elephants are majestic. They feel what you feel, you need to have a soul connection with them.” © Haider Khan He explained that he stayed around them, built a connection. “They are very forgiving and understand humans very well”. He exclaimed that theory is very different from practicality. He thought he was prepared to shoot and stay around them but when it finally happened, he was awestruck. This #WorldElephantDay, let's go #Junglee by spreading awareness about the humble giants, our oldest companions need our help from being extinct..STOP BUYING IVORY@JungleeMovie @JungleePictures Filmed by @HaiderKhanMe pic.twitter.com/TxptJ2rXhS — Vidyut Jammwal (@VidyutJammwal) August 12, 2018 The project is being helmed by Hollywood's big shot Chuck Russel. On being asked about how it was working with him, Vidyut explained that he respects animals and is very aware of how to get work done. Vidyut is actively supporting the cause of saving elephants and on the occasion of 'World Elephant Day', he urges everyone to do whatever they can to ban poaching. He is a vegan now and was even voted as PETA's 'Hottest Vegetarian' few years ago.
  15. It is a given that life without the magic of movies sounds like a complete drag. The big on-screen picture often gives us life goals and teaches us the importance of a relationship, as the cinematic bonds do influence our lives in ways more than one can imagine. While love stories are usually the highlight in most plots, there are also films that revolve around the magic of friendship. Some amazing flicks have taught us that one doesn't need to be best friends with the same gender or even the same age or species, but that BFFs can be any two souls on this planet, who have a connection! Be it Mowgli and Bagheera, the gang from 'Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara', Winnie the Pooh and Christopher, or the music band of 'Rock On', movies have shown us that friendship can strike anywhere and with anyone! As Friendship Day inches closer, it's time to celebrate that special bond with your friends. So grab some beer and chips, and spend a lazy day watching these amazing movies and shows with your best friends: 1. Jungle Book A heart-warming story about family, friendship and growing up, 'Jungle Book' is about Mowgli, an orphaned human boy who is guided by his animal guardians Bagheera and Baloo. The movie strikes all the right chords and makes you remember your childhood days. 2. 3 Idiots If there is a movie that defines true friendship and bonding for life, it is Rajkumar Hirani's '3 Idiots'. The movie portrays the friendship of three boys who meet in college and swear to be best friends for life. From their first smoke to their first heartbreaks, they have been through each other's ups and downs together. It's the story of discovering their own paths and reuniting to find their long lost friend. 3. Christopher Robin A movie that we can't wait to watch. Christopher Robin, who played with Winnie the Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood as a kid, has grown into a sensible man with a family. But growing up has its consequences. Left with literally no one, Pooh magically re-appears in his home in London to make things right. They set out on an adventure that reminds Christopher to value the most important thing in his life. The love and bond of Pooh and Christopher in this Disney film will melt your heart. Time to relive your good old happy days again! 4. Dosti Making it to the list is Bollywood's black and white movie 'Dosti'. If you haven't watched it yet, you are truly missing on a classic. The poignant story of Ramu (Sushil Kumar) and Mohan (Sudhir Kumar) is exactly what friendship should stand for. 5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Well, this one doesn't need an introduction. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is all about six reckless adults living in Manhattan, as they indulge in adventures which make their lives both troublesome and happening. The series takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Nothing beats binging this on Friendship Day 6. The Reunion "Kabhi kabhi aage jaane ke liye peeche mudh ke dekhna zaroori hota hai." A must watch, 'The Reunion' is a story about four best friends. Get ready for a hit of nostalgia, as the show will take you right down memory lane. The series is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The storyline is like a rollercoaster ride that dwells on a myriad of emotions. Each episode builds up in the most unexpected way, making it the perfect pick for millennials. 7. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara This movie truly redefined the meaning of friendship in the truest sense of the millennial era. The film revolves around Arjun, Kabir, and Imran, who have been inseparable since childhood. They set off to Spain on a bachelor trip and face things that they have been running from. A story on bromance and friendship, music, humour, and the direction one's life takes. Nothing can be better than this one for sure! 8. Dil Chahta Hai This movie marked the directorial debut of Farhan Akhtar. Set in modern-day urban Mumbai and Sydney, the movie brilliantly focuses on the transition period of the lives of three young friends, which changed their lives in a way no one expected. Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna set the trend for movies based on friendship with this successful film, which till date holds an iconic status. 90's kids did swear by this film and still, do! 9. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani This Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur and Kalki Koechlin starrer gave many major friendship and travel goals. A revitalizing take on romance and friendship, this is a movie that you can watch anytime, anywhere and enjoy it to the fullest. 10. Rock On From music, friendship to life complexities, 'Rock On' is a heart-wrenching story. Taking us through the life of a Mumbai based band starring Farhan Akhtar, Luke Kenny, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli, the movie is about reliving your dream. Witness how these friends reunite as adults to once again create magic via music!
  16. Actors are often blamed for charging a hefty fee for a movie. Some even blame that due to this, producers often make less profit or at times, end with up nothing. Khans in B-town often charge an exorbitant amount of some hundred crores and that is something which will never change. The bigger the star, the bigger is their fee. However, contrary to the ongoing canon, not many know that Aamir Khan has actually stopped charging a fee for his movies. Talking in a media interaction, Aamir revealed, “Actually I don't charge a fee. People don't know that, but it has been years since I have stopped charging a fee.” Wonder how he makes those big bucks then? © Twitter It all started when Shabana Azmi, who was sitting in the audience at the event, took the chance and asked him about stars demanding 80 per cent as their fee, and that how can one make a successful film with just 20 per cent left in hand. Quite a valid question we must say, got us thinking as well. To which Aamir explained, that his way of earning money is different. He doesn't charge a single penny until the makers have recovered all their costs of making of the film, including promotions to the producer's profit. © Twitter Revealing his model he said, if the film fails, he gets nothing and if it is successful, he has a higher profit share. The actor said he has always ensured that his producers earn money, as it helps secure his career and film choices. “I think the script is the foundation. I ensure that once I love the story and the film is in the making, people who are investing money should not face loss. I don't allow the producer to shoulder the responsibility alone. My first rupee comes to me when the film's cost is recovered in every aspect, after the producer's and everybody else's money is recovered. That's the model I work with, and I take a higher cut in the percentage because I am risking my time on that, and I think producers are happy with that too,” he added. © Twitter He firmly believes that this is the best model that works for his movie. Explaining further he said, “If a producer is not losing money, it is but obvious that he will sign me for the next film. That is why I always ensure that if I am signed in a film, there is no loss." The first time Aamir tried this model was in 2001 during the making of 'Lagaan'. “Since that film was one of the expensive films of that time, and was breaking a lot of rules of mainstream Indian cinema, that is why I felt the importance of taking the responsibility. When I come on board, producers and financiers do not question me on the subject I chose for a film because they trust me, they have faith in me. That is why I want to ensure the profit." © Twitter Now, that's not just an interesting but a very smart business model as well. Clearly, he is called 'Mr. Perfectionist' for a reason. He makes sure that making money is a win-win situation for both the actor, the maker and other people involved in the movie making. Sounds fair. On the work front, Aamir is busy with the work of his upcoming film 'Thugs of Hindostan'. The film, also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, and Fatima Sana Shaikh and is scheduled to release on Diwali 2018.
  17. August looks like a pretty interesting month for Bollywood with some great movies releasing every week. What makes it extra special is that viewers will be treated to flicks across all genres. It's going to be a tug-of-war, as Friday releases are filled with multiple options. On one hand, we have Anil Kapoor bringing us an extraordinary story, while on the other, we have Irrfan Khan's road trip. We will see Akshay Kumar opening the chapters of the golden history of India and also watch John Abraham's action-packed avatar. So get ready and book your dates, as we bring you a list of awesome Bollywood movies releasing this month: 1. Fanney Khan (3 August 2018) Filmmaker Atul Manjrekar brings us a beautiful story of a 'Kalakaar, Fankaar and Singer'. An adaptation of the Oscar-nominated Belgian film 'Everybody's Famous', 'Fanney Khan' is the story of a father (Anil Kapoor) who can go to any lengths anything to fulfil his daughter's dream who aspires to become a singer. In order to do so, he kidnaps popular singer Baby Singh (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) with the help of his friend Adhir (Rajkummar Rao). However, his plan goes haywire when Baby escapes. Adhir ends up falling in love with Baby, while some dreams are on the verge of getting shattered. Exactly how far can a father go for his daughter, is something we all will know when the movie releases. 2. Mulk (3 August 2018) Releasing this Friday is also Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Panu's courtroom drama 'Mulk'. The film is already deep in controversy before it has hit the theatres. Anubhav Sinha's powerhouse drama will definitely redefine the meaning of nationalism for you. Based on a real-life story, the film introduces you to Murad Ali Mohammad (Rishi Kapoor) and his family, who are arrested after a blast. Taapsee Pannu dons the role of a lawyer called Aarti Mohammad, who is here to prove their innocence and fight for the honour of a Muslim family. The trailer of the movie is hard-hitting and ends with a dialogue that will haunt you, “Mere ghar mein, mera swagat karne ka haq inhe kisne diya? Yeh ghar mera bhi utna hai, jitna aapka hai, aur aap agar meri daadhi aur Osama Bin Laden ki daadhi mein farak nahi kar paa rahe, toh bhi mujhe haq hai meri sunnat nibhane ka.” You just can't miss this! 3. Karwaan (3 August 2018) This slice-of-life drama has already made it to our must-watch list. Starring Dulquer Salmaan, Irrfan Khan and Mithila Paalkar, 'Karwaan' takes us through an unconventional road trip. Taking us through the picturesque locations of Kerala, we are introduced to the lives of these three people and their roller-coaster ride. Known for their sheer persona and acting skills, the movie brings together talent from three different worlds and we have high hopes from this one. Just can't wait to see another ace performance by Irrfan. 4. Gold (15 August 2018) This Independence Day, get ready for a patriotic journey starring Akshay Kumar. 'Gold' is an incredible story of a man and his dream that changed the way people looked at India. Taking us back to the British Raj is Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar), a young assistant manager in 1936, whose only dream is to play hockey for an Independent India. It's the story of his dream to bring the 'gold' home, which took 12 years. The movie not only traces India's first Olympic Games win as a free country in hockey, but also talks about the time when India won over Germany in 1936. Get ready to see India defeating its colonial masters on their land, in front of the King. We bet there are going to be whistles, proud and teary moments. 5. Satyameva Jayate (15 August 2018) Releasing along with 'Gold' is John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee's action-packed film 'Satyameva Jayate'. Donning the role of a vigilante is John who is on a mission to take down corrupt police officers. However, Manoj (an honest cop) believes that that the law exists to punish the criminals and John can't just take matters into his own hands. 6. Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi (24 August 2018) Who doesn't remember the 2016 hit film 'Happy Bhag Jayegi'. A sequel of the same is here- 'Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi', starring Sonakshi Sinha, Jassie Gill, Jimmy Shergill, Diana Penty, Ali Fazal and Piyush Mishra. Directed by Mudassar Aziz, the story is set around Sonakshi who gets kidnapped by a Chinese gang, after getting mistaken for Happy. Following the path of his marriage being called off, Daman Singh Bagga (Jimmy Shergill) this time goes head-to-head with Jassie Gill over his new love Sonakshi. 7. Stree (31 August 2018) Bringing a new jodi on the silver screen is director Amar Kaushik. 'Stree' is a horror-comedy starring Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao in the lead. Based on a ridiculously true phenomenon, the trailer is quite funny and intriguing at the same time. The film promises that 'Iss saal mard ko dard hoga'. Promoting the movie in a different way, the actor posted a collage on their Instagram “O Stree Kal Aana”. 8. Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se (31 August 2018) Coming together once again is the 'Deol' clan with the third instalment of the 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' franchise. Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby bring yet another family entertainer that will be a fun watch, with your brains chilling back at home. We will also see Salman Khan making a cameo appearance in the movie.
  18. Netflix is slowly and steadily taking over our lives, and we can't get enough of its quality content. With the release of India's first original series 'Sacred Games', the platform proved that this show is indeed a game-changer. 'Sacred Games' isn't just any other series, but a show that has set the benchmark for all the makers out there in India. Netflix is rolling out some great content, making sure we are well fed. As August begins, we are in for a treat. From edge-of-the-seat action thrillers to war sagas that will make your heart bleed, to comedians who will crack you up instantly to a sci-fi world, name your choice and we have a show listed for you: 1. Ghoul Presenting India's first horror series, the aptly named- 'Ghoul'. The trailer for the show is enough to give you goosebumps. What makes it extra special, is the fact that it is being made by the producers of 'Get Out' and 'The Purge' and stars the talented Radhika Apte. Besides, who doesn't like horror? As per traditional pre-Islamic Arabian legend, a 'ghoul' is an evil demon who feeds on dead bodies, especially those found in graveyards. So one can imagine the premise of the show already. 2. Mr. Sunshine Not just for K-Drama lovers, Netflix's Korean drama 'Mr. Sunshine' is big, bold and can't be missed by anyone at any cost. It is written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok, the pair who gave us the hit series 'Descendants Of The Sun'. Set in Shinmiyangyo in the late 19th century, 'Mr. Sunshine' is an engaging tale about a Korean boy who ends up in an American warship. Later, he returns as a US marine officer and falls for a noblewoman. However, things take severe twists and turns along the way, making it the perfect series to binge-watch. 3. Inside The Criminal Mind Up for something intense? Bringing best of both worlds is 'Inside The Criminal Mind'. The show comprises of some re-enacted scenes along with some real-life footage, giving it a docu-drama feel. The series takes you through the complex and plague psyches of some infamous serial killers. Well, this is our most recommended show from the list. © Netflix 4. Brij Mohan Amar Rahe What if you were convicted for your own murder? Sounds quite interesting, isn't it? 'Brij Mohan Amar Rahe' looks like a show that you can easily binge-watch on a lazy Sunday. Tired of his uneventful life, Brij Mohan fakes his own death. Well, this should have solved his problem, but things take an unpredicted turn when he is sentenced for his own death! 5. The After Party The story is about an aspiring rapper who goes viral, but for all the wrong reasons. Well, he thinks that his career is finally over but a wild party gives him the opportunity to change everything and gives him one more chance to change things for the better. 6. Deadwind 'Deadwind' is the story of detective Sofia Karppi, a woman in her 30s trying to get over her husband's death. While things are already difficult for her, her world turns upside-down when she discovers a dead body of a young woman on a construction site. The incident triggers various events that can destroy her life all over again. Juggling between her personal and professional life, Karppi needs to solve this case asap, while also protecting her kids. 7. Disenchantment This animated fantasy sitcom can't be missed. If 'Simpsons' did the trick for you, then so will 'Disenchantment'. While they look united, in reality, Bartrand and Laura are on the verge of parting ways, but life drags them back, straining their relationship even further as the days pass. An emotional watch that will hit you right in the feels and make you weep.
  19. Science has intrigued mankind for ages and continues to do so till date. Science fiction is a genre that has inspired novels and movies alike. The space is an endless ocean of possibilities with a plethora of secrets, some which the human mind can comprehend, and some which are still to be understood or found. In some cases, the idea behind the movies have been so invigorating and avant-garde, that either the audience and critics were not ready for them or were totally blown away by the concept. With amazingly superior and radical thought processes, these movies have now become an important part of pop culture, which the audience just laps up. Furthermore, these being the forerunners of science fiction films today, opened up a lot of space (pun intended) and a portal (again!) for directors to think beyond the normal way of filmmaking and perception of the universe and the human psyche. Here are 6 such movies which forever changed the genre of sci-fi: 1. Star Wars: A New Hope (1977): Can you imagine that this epic movie was panned by critics when it was released? A cult classic now, with a massive fandom, this movie, with its futuristic setting in a galaxy far, far away, tells the story of Luke Skywalker who chances upon a secret message from another planet and joins the Rebel Alliance headed by the beautiful Princess Leia (yes, the one with the golden bikini and the epic hairstyle), to destroy the Death Star and crosses paths with space smuggler, Han Solo and is helped by Jedi Obi-Wan in the mission. © Lucasfilm Ltd. / 20th Century Fox With robots C-3PO and R2-D2, Chewbacca, light sabers, Jedis, spaceships (The Falcon) and an iconic villain, Darth Vader, this movie catapulted the fame of its leads, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamilton, Harrison Ford and director George Lucas, and spawned a horde of sequels and spin-offs, redefining the genre and changing pop culture forever. Looking at the massive success the franchise has been seeing over the years, maybe “the Force” was lost on the critics. 2. Blade Runner (1982): Another movie which didn't get the required fame and recognition when it released, the neo-noir sci-fi thriller starring Harrison Ford focuses on bioengineered beings called “replicants/skins” who are illegally living on Earth and “blade runner” Rick Deckard is tasked to find and kill them. Making his mission difficult is the pondering of the creatures on their meaning of life. © Warner Bros. Despite having an A-list star and spell-binding special effects, this movie was not accepted by the audience and critics alike, but has amassed a cult following and inspired other movies with the same formula of questioning the humane values of a soul. Nearly 40 years later, the 2018 sequel, Blade Runner 2049, starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling was released and much appreciated critically but commercially was not a big hit. Maybe after another 40 years! 3. The Matrix (1999): For anyone who grew up in the late 1990s to early 2000s, this movie was the epitome of movie perfection. Keanu Reeves, as the computer programmer Neo, with his signature black shades goes about destroying machines to save humankind who are living in a dystopian future; where the reality is simulated called the Matrix and the machines are the overlords, fooling humans. © Village Roadshow Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures With its superb visual effects, it made us experience “bullet time” for the first time, the camera appearing to be moving at normal speed, but the action takes place in slow-motion, and was later implemented in a lot of movies. Remember the time you used to do that with your friends, trying to recreate the moves from the movie? It was a critical and commercial success with a 4-Oscar sweep; the effects and acting making it a movie way ahead of its time. 4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): This epic movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick, is known to be one of the most influential sci-fi movies of all times. Its success is attributed to its accurate portrayal of the spacecraft, beautiful classical score and the impressive visuals with minimum dialogues. The revolutionary movie was a feat, so much that the screenplay inspired a novel, based on the movie, 'The Sentinel'. Dealing with themes of artificial intelligence, evolution, existentialism, human emotions and extra-terrestrial life, this movie focuses on a journey to Jupiter with an apperceptive computer HAL which can sense emotions, after a black monolith altering human life shows up on one of the Moon's crater. © Stanley Kubrick Productions / MGM The movie portrays human life in its beauty and the mysteries it carries and is one of the important contributors for the movie to be such a hit. It is by far one of Stanley Kubrick's best movie, which show his expertise in movie-making and his radical though process, much advanced than the era he lived in. 5. E.T. -The Extra Terrestrial (1982): Steven Spielberg's sci-fi fantasy movie deals with the friendship between a young boy, Elliot and an alien, endearingly called, E.T. who form an indelible bond which is tested throughout the movie. Based on aliens and imaginary friends, the story is as cute as the children it stars. It makes one wish they had a friend like him; after all, who doesn't like friends with supernatural powers? © Universal Pictures Drew Barrymore as Gertie, Elliot's sister, is adorable in her breakout role and it shows the innocence of children and how they don't judge people. unlike adults. The main theme being friendship, based on Spielberg's personal experiences, this movie surpassed 'Star Wars' at the box-office only to be defeated by Spielberg's 'Jurassic Park'. The communicator used by E.T to make calls to his family is ingenious and exemplifies the director's outstripping and superior thinking. 6. Metropolis (1927): A ground-breaking movie, one of the oldest movies to be featured in the list, it shows a dreary future where society has been divided into high class employees who live in high rises and reign over the lower classes, who toil to keep the city going by working on machines powering the city. Trouble strikes when the city master's son, Freder, finds out about the machinations that rule the city and its horrible underbelly. © Ufa/Parufamet German director Fritz Lang did an unbelievable job with the movie, playing on themes of classism and social justice, the movie was a pioneer in using mirroring techniques, known as Schufftan process, with model miniatures and filming with actors so that it seemed they were inside the models. The process was later used by various directors, notably Alfred Hitchcock. Visually appealing and not relying much on dialogue, this movie was not a success when it released, and parts of it were lost over the years. A fairly complete one is present in a museum in Argentina and was re-released in 2010 and has since gained popularity. What are you thinking? Go and watch these now and…
  20. For someone who lives and breathes novels (including me), there can be no other joy dearer than watching their favorite characters brought to life on screen. The imagination that they have been fueling all these years in their brains seems to have finally fulfilled; to see the words get animated on screen. What is amusing is that all the movies regarded as classics are mostly adapted from classic novels or short stories. Of course, the director uses his magic and brilliance to transform the story, but the baseline is from novels. Cinema and literature have always had a romance; a lot of movies have been inspired by novels and in a few instances, the screen has inspired many a novel. © Universal Pictures Though one might not be happy with the time constraints a movie possesses because of which the story gets edited; sometimes rather heavily like in the “Harry Potter” series or completely changes from the original novel on account of artistic liberty, the sheer happiness of the novel being immortalized yet again in the form of a movie, on the celluloid, is unparalleled. Unfortunately, when transferring the characters and story from page to screen, some of the magic seems to be lost in transition. For a book-lover a movie can never compare to the novel. You will always find them saying that the novel is always better than the book (I do this a lot! :D). Though the movies can hardly match up to the grandeur and beauty of the written word, these movies have faithfully captured the essence of the novel from which they have been adapted and, in some (read miniscule) cases, surpassed it. 1. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003) Touted as one of the best trilogies of all time, the movies live up to their literary counterparts. The writing prowess of J.R.R. Tolkien has superbly transferred in the movies by the genius of director, Peter Jackson and the screenwriters. © New Line Cinema Critically acclaimed and commercially successful, these movies are visually appealing, with superb visual and special effects and will transfer you to the fantasy Adventureland of the Middle-Earth and Mordor. A stellar cast including Elijah Wood as Frodo, Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Cate Blanchett as Galadriel, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortenson, and others, the story follows Frodo Baggins and his company of eight characters, members of the Fellowship, who go to Mordor in search of a ring to save the Middle-earth from the terrible, evil Dark Lord Sauron. The first two movies, “The Fellowship of the Ring” and “The Two Towers”, are cinema gold, but it is the third which takes the crowning glory--'The Return of the King'. A vast change from the novel's climax, the movie changed the anticlimactic end of the novel which makes all the difference. Sweeping every Oscar for which it was nominated, this movie is a must-watch along with its previous counterparts. (Other spin-offs include the Hobbit series.) 2. Fight Club (1999) No other novel is as trippy or difficult to portray on screen, but David Fincher does a fabulous job of recreating the original in to a movie; with appreciation from the author himself, Chuck Palahniuk. The movie focuses on the unnamed narrator in his journey to cure his insomnia by joining a support group for testicular cancer patients in order to see how insignificant his problem is as compared to others. © Fox 2000 Pictures Getting a high on this, owing to his cathartic recovery, he starts touring different help groups of other afflictions where he meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), another “tourist” like him, who makes him uncomfortable because of their shared secret, inevitably retriggering his insomnia. Owing to a deal with Tyler in return for shelter and their newfound shared love for fights, it leads to founding of “Fight Club”, complete with its rules. What starts as a negotiation with Tyler becomes something much sinister, under the leadership of Tyler, unbeknownst to The Narrator. Brad Pitt in his breakout role as Tyler, a soap salesman and Edward Norton as The Narrator, an insomniac automobile recall specialist, captivate the audience in this mind-blowing movie, which now has a cult following. With themes of narcissism, disassociated disorders and public angst, this movie is an astonishing study of the human brain and community which will leave you reeling with disbelief. 3. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) An instance where the movie surpassed the novel, 'The Devil Wears Prada' is an exemplary movie directed by David Frankel and written by Aline Brosh McKenna, who uplifted the novel's material and made it a blockbuster. © Fox 2000 Pictures In this adaptation of Lauren Weisberger's bestselling novel, Meryl Streep plays the boss from Hell, Miranda Priestly, editor of Runway magazine, stupendously. The chilling voice, the fabulous fashion and her stellar acting give a thrilling charm to the novel's one-dimensional villain. Anne Hathaway as the newbie assistant who aspires to become a writer is everyone stuck in a dismal job. Emily Blunt in her debut plays that irritating co-worker we all have. Be it getting her the perfect Starbucks to managing to get the unpublished manuscripts of the latest Harry Potter book, Andrea Sachs, played charmingly by Anne, is a revelation in her first non-Disney movie and provides depth to her novel counterpart. We all will relate to Andy's struggle of getting her first job and performing to keep up with the challenges it presents. The movie is a sweet reminder of how the reality of the first job and our boss is dramatically different than what we imagine and expect. 4. The Graduate (1967) A coming of age novel, where we watch the journey of the protagonist from a boy to a man, this is one of the best novels which has been masterfully captured on screen. Mrs. Robinson, the notorious cougar, was epitomized on screen by the supremely talented and beautiful Anne Bancroft in the movie adaptation of the novel “The Graduate”. © Mike Nichols/Lawrence Turman Productions Faithful to the novel, we follow a 21-year recent college graduate, Benjamin Braddock, played by the handsome Dustin Hoffman who is uncertain about his future and is as aimless as one can be. He then is seduced by Mrs. Robinson in an affair which has catastrophic results. Adding to the complications is Elaine, Mrs. Robinson's daughter, with whom Benjamin falls in love. Directed by Mike Nichols, Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman give superb performances; “Mrs. Robinson, You are trying to seduce me,” has become an iconic dialogue (and a meme). Dustin Hoffman as the shy, uncomfortable tween strikes a chord with every young man. You will be able to relate to him on a personal level; the uncertainty, making the right choice, the cluelessness and the rebellion, all of this, beautifully portrayed, is bound to make you watch this movie. 5. Jurassic Park (1993) Steven Spielberg's sci-fi adventure masterpiece centered on dinosaurs is a movie which everyone loves. With its terrifying plot and graphic scenes, this movie is an epic tale of a science experiment gone awry. When a theme park named Jurassic Park, with genetically modified clones of dinosaurs faces trouble owing to some of the inhabitants attacking humans, a group of experts is by the investor Mr. Hammond, called to test the security of the place. What the experts unearth is a terrifying secret, which has made the dinosaurs revert to their natural tendencies due to the genetic mutations. © Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment Starring Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Richard Attenborough as Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler (the three experts) and Mr. Hammond, the movie pays much focus to the gory details, the sound mixing is unbelievable, and the special effects are wonderful, a feat which was still unthinkable in the early '90s. The T-Rex has since become an iconic piece of pop culture. Nearly very similar to the novel written by Michael Crichton, who also wrote part of the screenplay and with changes to the characters; like Mr. Hammond becoming a more humane businessman than his novel counterpart, the characters of his grandchildren Tim and Lex being swapped, this movie broke all records, becoming one of the highest-grossing movie releases worldwide at that time. It also spawned two sequels and three new stories, with the last releasing in 2021 and one that has released now, 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'(2018), starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Spielberg's dedication and ingenuity in the craft of filmmaking can be seen through this movie which has now become one of the most-liked movies of all time and was re-released with 3-D in 2013, marking its 20-year anniversary. 6. Silence of the Lambs (1991) Featuring the sinister Dr. Lector Hannibal, cannibalistic serial killer par excellence, the movie was a stupendous success, based on the eponymous novel by Thomas Harris. Anthony Hopkins does justice to the role of the intelligent psychiatrist whose tryst with cannibalism and multiple murders lands him in Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Jodie Foster stars as Clarice Starling, a young FBI officer in training who is assigned to take an interview of Dr. Lecter to provide some insight about the new serial killer on the block: Buffalo Bill, who skins his female victims' cadavers. © Strong Heart/Demme Production / Orion Pictures After a terrible first initiation, Dr. Lecter proves helpful when he provides Clarice with information with a man linked to the killer. He proposes a deal: he will provide insight in return for personal stories from her past. What follows is a mad hunt for the killer with a lot of murders, search for clues in Dr. Lecter's chipped dialogue, chase sequences and mind-boggling plot twists with a riveting climax. A fascinating thriller, this movie took the five main Oscars, making it the third movie to do so in Oscar History. The chilling calm which Anthony Hopkins brings to the role is unnerving and you will forever find the silence of the lambs as something terrifying. :P 7.The Godfather (1972) How can I write about movie adaptations and not put 'The Godfather' in it? 'The Godfather' is one of the best novels to have ever graced literature and the movie is a masterpiece. Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone is a perfect choice to portray the iconic Italian mafia head who plays the role to perfection. No wonder as Mario Puzo, the author of the best-selling novel, assisted in the screenplay. The novel coursing over decades deals with mafia gangs, drugs, family loyalty is brought to life by this Francis Ford Coppola movie. © Afran Productions/ Paramount Pictures With amazing performances by Marlon Brando as the gangster who shouldn't be angered and Al Pacino (securing his place as Hollywood royalty) as Michael, the reluctant, young son of the don who eventually follows his father's footsteps is a story worth watching. Diane Keaton as the fresh-faced Kay Adams breezes through her role as Michael's girlfriend. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now. Yes, don't forget to read the novel first! The movie spawned sequels and unlike the sequels of other movies, Godfather II breaks the adage that the sequel can't match the original. With Robert De Niro as a young Vito Corleone, the movie follows it predecessor into glory. The sequels were mostly not inspired from the original novel's ending of the novel; which is different than that of the first movie. Though much of the story is edited to fit on screen, the basic essence of the novel remains unburnished. 8. The Namesake (2006) One of the most soulful books ever written, this best-selling novel by Pulitzer Prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri, was adapted for screen by Mira Nair. A compelling tale of human emotions and relationships, we see newly-wed Indian couple Ashima and Ashok try to navigate through chilly America, raising their children while trying to hold on to their roots, a fact which is lost on their children and focuses on the importance of a name and how it shapes a person. The struggle of Ashima in maintaining her Bengali heritage and imparting it to her children is apparent in all the scenes. © Mirabai Productions/UTV Motion Pictures The movie further focuses on Gogol, their firstborn, who tries to break away from his exoticness and the stigma attached to it, so as to become one with the people who he is surrounded with, results in a lesson he never could have imagined. The movie encapsulates the entire story in two hours with remarkable performances by Irrfan, Tabu and Kal Penn. Mira Nair's storytelling on the screen equals Lahiri's eloquent prose. 9. Schindler's List (1993) Based on the Australian novel by Thomas Keneally, 'Schindler's Ark', this movie is one of the greatest movies to be ever made, a cinematic epic. Liam Neeson stars as Oskar Schindler, a businessman turned hero who was responsible for saving more than a thousand Jewish refugees from the Holocaust. The character of the novel is a flawed hero, he is not perfect, he is a profiteer in the beginning, but he becomes a hero without trying for it, it is by default and Liam Neeson does a fabulous job in portraying the raw spirit of Oskar. The conscious decision of becoming a hero never crosses his mind. © Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment You need to watch the movie to appreciate the brilliance of the story. Based in Krakow, it is war movie which has everything you need: patriotism, the epiphany of how the world will change and the eventual change a person goes through for the greater good. It is by far one of the longest movies of Hollywood with a runtime of 3 hours and 15 minutes. Ralph Fiennes and Sir Ben Kingsley form the part of this ensemble cast and headed by Steven Speiberg, with writing from Steven Zaillian, this Oscar-feted movie is a must watch. 10. To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) Harper Lee's 1960 novel feted with the Pulitzer Prize has been turned into a revolutionary movie by Robert Mulligan, starring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch and Brock Peters as Tom Robinson. The movie follows the novel strictly and focusses on the selfless lawyer Atticus Finch, who stands up for a black man, Tom Robinson, charged with rape of a white girl. The movie shows the prejudice of the classes and the blatant racism that is sadly still very prevalent in the world. How it affects his children, Scout and Jem, is a major theme of the movie as well. © Brentwood Productions/Universal Pictures Gregory Peck is the living embodiment of Atticus Finch, regarded as the greatest movie hero of the 20th century by AFI. Harper Lee was very happy with the choice. The righteousness and compassion of the character was brought to life with Gregory Peck's emotional and intense acting, his iconic closing argument is a case study in human mentality. It is one of Gregory Peck's most remembered roles and led him to his Oscar win that year and Mary Badham as Finch's daughter, Scout, provides a refreshing take on the novel's character. Brock Peters excels at his role of the wronged man who gets embroiled in a cyclone of racism and prejudices with lead to catastrophic repercussions. 11. Harry Potter (2001-2011) The novel series which made J.K. Rowling one of the richest women in the world, has been made into an 8-part movie series with a fan following which rivals its literary fandom. Kudos to Michael Goldenberg and Steve Kloves for keeping the magic intact in the screenplay along with the four directors (Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell, and David Yates) over the course of the movies. Though a lot of the story got changed (damn you, non-cooperative green lenses) or edited when turning this fantasy into a movie reality, the basic vibe of the novels was preserved, courtesy of the three lead actors: Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, who played their roles flawlessly. © Warner Bros Pictures/ Heyday Films Emma Watson was the perfect Hermione, who everyone loved to see and was one of the first crushes any young person in the early 2000 had and goofy Ron was well performed by Rupert Grint. Daniel Radcliffe as The Boy Who Lived did a fabulous job. To say we grew up with these movies would be an understatement. An ensemble cast of Michael Gambon, Ralph Fiennes, Maggie Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and nearly every prolific actor in Britain, made this magnum opus the magical experience it has become. The story focusses on a young orphan boy, Harry Potter, whose life changes completely on his eleventh birthday when he is made aware of the fact that he is a wizard. He leaves his abusive uncle and aunt and starts his new life at Hogwarts, the school for witchcraft and wizardry, but unknown to him there lurks something evil in the shadows of the new world which eventually will threaten his whole existence. 12. Gone With The Wind (1939) The heavy and intimidating-looking novel which you must have seen stacked on the top shelf of your school library, 'Gone with the Wind', written by Margaret Mitchell, is an English Classic taking you back to the American Civil War. Keeping true to the voluminous five-part novel, the Victor Fleming directed movie is a historical romance with themes dealing with slavery, the Civil War, the Reconstruction Era, class differences, racial issues, et al. © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Selznick International Pictures It takes you to Southern plantations in America, where we see the determined Southern belle, Scarlett O'Hara, daughter of a plantation owner who is in a spirited pursue of the man she loves, Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard), who isn't interested in her. Clark Gable plays the scandalous yet charming Rhett Butler, the prospective husband of Scarlett who she dislikes. After a lot of trials and tribulations; deaths of her husbands, wars, attacks and scandals, Scarlett emerges as a strong woman who finally realizes what she had been seeking had always been in front of her. Vivien Leigh does an impressive job in portraying the Southern high society lady, Scarlett, getting an Oscar for Best Actress. The movie divided into two parts to fit in five different parts, with a runtime of nearly four hours, is one of the greatest movies of all time. So, get some popcorn, change into your PJs and soak up all the goodness you can get from these movie picks and enjoy. Don't forget to read the novels though!