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Found 40 results

  1. Mark Ruffalo and Avengers spoilers go hand in hand. I'm sorry, but he has brought the title of 'King of Spoilers' upon himself. Well, actually, he shares that with Tom Holland, to be honest. As Robert Downey Jr puts it, he is a repeat offender and has accidentally revealed so much more than he was supposed to so many times. But, it has always somehow worked in his favour, keeping him from 'getting fired' from Marvel aside. We can talk about the various occasions he let something out about these million-dollar movies - and we will, everyone wants to see Mark's greatest hits - but the biggest faux pas has to be the 'Thor: Ragnarok' incident. In case you don't remember, Mark genuinely gave out spoilers when he forgot to end his Instagram Live right as the movie started at the premiere. That was one of the best and the worst and the most hilarious things ever. He's talked about the immediate reaction to this before when some from Disney had to come and tell him to shut off his phone. Well, looks like he'll never leave it behind because even the Avengers are still talking about it. Recently, the OG Avengers and Kevin Feige sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about 'Endgame' while not actually talking about 'Endgame'. Scarlett Johansson talked about how much this press tour was stressing her out, she said, “I'm gonna have PTSD from this [press tour.] I mean, honestly, it is so stressful. At the end of every day, I lie awake at night and I think about all the things I almost said. It gives me panic.” But, obviously no one knows that stress like Mark and he made sure to tell that to everyone. At that point, RDJ called him a “repeat offender”, but Mark's been to reeducation camp now, apparently. Then the conversation drifted to Mark talking about the biggest thing he has spoiled and Ragnarok won because “that was the one that got him the call from up high.” But, Chris Hemsworth came to his defence. He said, “Wait, wait, that was actually genius! There might be some strategy there, because [the audience] laughed so hard during that [footage]. All [viewers] could hear was laughing. They went, “It must be good!” Even Mark agrees that it was some of the best unplanned promotion ever. He said, “It sort of turned around on me because when I came to work on Monday [on the set of Endgame] everyone ran up to me. I thought they were coming to scream at me — Barry, he threw his arms around me. 'That was genius! We got more press than we could have possibly paid for!'” Well, all's well that ends well? I mean, Marvel will probably still not trust Mark completely and that's understandable but it's great that he got to see a silver lining to this debacle. Good for you, Mark!
  2. People didn't wait for their exam results as desperately as they are waiting for the final season of 'Game Of Thrones' to drop. And with each passing day, the wait is only getting harder. © HBO While season 8 is still a few days away, the GOT fever arrived early for Mumbaikars all thanks to the Aarambha Dhol Tasha Pathak. On Saturday, people in Maharashtra and most parts of the country were submerged in the celebrations of Gudi Padwa. So was the Aarambha Dhol Tasha Pathak but in their own way. How? By making everyone groove to the beats of dhol-tasha with 'Game Of Thrones' music in the background. © YouTube Who could have thought of playing dhol to the intro track of GoT, on Gudi Padwa? Well, this group did and their performance gave goosebumps to everyone, including the people who watched it on the internet later. © YouTube The band is famous for their energetic performances during Ganesh Utsav, Makarsankranti, Navratri and more. And this time, they chose to surprise everyone with their GoT performance and we're glad they did. The video's description reads, "Aarambha dhol tasha pathak performing on (Game of Thrones) in Dombivli Gudhipadwa shobhayatra with fusion of traditional instruments #Bulbul (Benjo) and Dhol Tasha." Desi fans are so impressed with this cover that some even joked that they want Daenerys to do Lavni while fighting the White Walkers.
  3. AR Rahman is a great musician and composer, no one can deny that, but he may have missed the mark on his latest release big time. The 'Avengers Anthem' dropped yesterday and well, turns out it was the biggest joke this April Fool's day. From not being able to differentiate it from, say an IPL song, to just basically the entire desi fandom being so disappointed, I would just like to say, 'Avengers: Endgame' deserved better. Some people are still convinced that the song was just an elaborate prank for April 1st and the real song will come out soon because let's be real, this can't be it. People on Twitter are not holding back when talking about how much they actually hated this 'Avengers Anthem' and who can blame them? After listening to "Avengers Anthem" of A R Rahaman Me:- pic.twitter.com/7kSeEMyhiV — Rahbar Raza (@RbRaza007) April 1, 2019 It better be. That Avengers anthem by AR Rehman is an April Fool's joke, right? — Shriti ð¼ (@Zugambi) April 1, 2019 Okay. Cringe-worthy......ARR lost it completely....song is nothing special to marvel .....@Russo_Brothers @arrahman #MarvelAnthem @MarvelStudios — Vivek Swaminathan (@thetreadster) April 1, 2019 Drop the real one. Haha.. nice April Fool joke.. you got us ðð Now release the actual anthem.. — Vinit Tibrewal (@vinittibrewal) April 1, 2019 Another comparison. I was looking forward for this anthem.. But it Sounds like upcoming elections promo.. ð #generalelection2019 — Sandesh Sawal (@sandeshsawal) April 1, 2019 Here's hoping. After listening to this Thanos will wipeout the remaining half of the universe ðð#MarvelAnthem — suru (@nomad_soul_) April 2, 2019 It's not a sports event. Someone pls add a dislike button on Twitter. I survived no longer than the first 30 secs of the song. For someone who has been reading Marvel comics for almost 15 yrs, this is the opposite of special. @Russo_Brothers c'mon guys !!! This is a world cup anthem, not Avengers. — Saptarshi Chatterjee (@Saptarshi8290) April 2, 2019 Not a fan. That DC comment tho.
  4. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", they say. The veracity of this statement has been proven long ago, in each of our individual lives, probably even before we knew about it. As children, we used to emulate 'heroes' in our own little capacities - be it their clothing, their catchphrases, or their actions. As adults, we graduated to emulating more, that included hairstyles and beard styles. Any element of the persona of an individual who managed to enamour us, we'd want to emulate. Naturally, when the person in question is a 'national hero' of sorts, the magnetism is inviolable, resulting in nationwide 'style fads'. The latest example? The mighty 'Gunslinger moustache' of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. © ANI Perhaps the only thing that the youth of the nation has been obsessed with, to a degree that almost surpasses that of the admiration for Abhinandan's nerves of steel and his rock-solid composure in the face of lethal adversity, is his Gunslinger moustache. Young men throughout the country are thronging to salons, in a quest to embrace that one element of his larger than life persona, perhaps because it is the easiest and the quickest one to emulate. However, there is more to it than it just being another 'moustache fad'. Here are 3 reasons why: 1. People seek inspiration, even when they don't consciously search for it. We all want a hero in our lives - someone we can look up to, someone who can lead us. Our not-so-latent hubris might prevent us from owning up to the fact, but our actions do testify. When Abhinandan was captured, the outpouring of sentiments throughout the nation was perhaps the most non-manufactured, genuine display of emotions we have witnessed in a very long time. Under such a scenario, young, impressionable minds will naturally want to be a part of that narrative, in their own, personal way, that's conspicuous in its own right. The moustache probably was the easiest route to that. © ANI 2. The Wing Commander has returned home, safe and sound, albeit a little shaken. However, the calamitous situation of his capture brought out that rare, all-encompassing surge of patriotism - one that took over the youth. How do you pay homage to the bravery of a soldier who stared death in the face and emerged victorious, while maintaining a dignified composure, and in extension, upheld the pride of an entire nation? The best way is to inculcate a part of that bravery within yourself. Perhaps, an apt symbolic representation, or rather, the first step to a grander scheme of metamorphosis, is etching his moustache on your very face and your identity, irrespective how trivial it might come across? © ANI 3. It's been a while since we, as a nation, have wallowed in the raw machismo that our Armed Forces are all about. The fact that they are the reason why the nation gets to sleep in peace during trying times such as this, is often taken for granted, and Wing Commander Abhinandan just reminded us of the reality once again. The man flew, with literally his life as a bargain, to a territory that spells death. Along with his uniform, he sported a moustache, a Gunslinger moustache at that - perhaps the greatest symbol of strength and machismo in popular narrative. If this doesn't strike a chord with the youth of the country, nothing else will. Fad or no fad, the country got an icon to emulate - a 'real-life hero' it was subconsciously searching for the longest time. No wonder, his moustache became the symbol of badassery. © MensXP The Abhinandan Gunslinger moustache is much more than a fad, because whether it is 'cool' or will 'remain in trend' is not even the topic of conversation here. The topic here is much bigger - one about inspiration, about respect, and more importantly, about finding a hero.
  5. “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz, Cartoonist “I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” – Rita Rudner, Comedian “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde, Playwright “True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.” – Erich Segal, Author

    © https://fundayforum.com

  6. Tennis, a perfect combination of violent action, takes place in an atmosphere of total tranquility. Arguably the most strenuous game of all has its own rulers, who keep on changing with time. Power definitely accompanies monetary benefits and tennis' biggest names are no different. 'The big three' in tennis - Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - are the usual suspects when you think of any tennis-related list. But the clear off-court winner here is the Swiss Maestro who has in fact been the numero uno on this list for almost a decade and a half. Then there's also the most successful singles player in history Serena Williams. Her financial records are the envy of the town as well. But who are the others on this list? Here's a look at the wealthiest (from the past 5 years) active tennis players on the circuit: 1. Roger Federer (Rs 197 crore) © Reuters Topping the list as always, comes the GOAT, who has earned a total sum of $41 million in the last five years as prize money. Club that with endorsements and he becomes unparalleled. From Wilson to Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Lindt and the most recent one, Uniqlo - an estimated deal of almost $300 million for 10 years - FedEx keep cruising on. According to Forbes, Federer earned almost $77 million in 2018, with $65 million of the tally from endorsements and appearance fees. Unsurprisingly, his off-court earnings from marketers are higher than any other athlete. 2. Kei Nishikori (Rs 127 crore) © Reuters Surprise Surprise..!! We are sure no one expected Kei Nishikori to take the number two spot in this list. But despite on not winning too many tournaments, his endorsements get him here. With only earning $1.6 million as tournament money, Nishikori renewed deals with Asahi, NTT, Japan Airlines, Lixil and Nissin over the last 12 months. All of which are sponsors for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Sponsors would surely look forward to position Nishikori as the face of the Tokyo Games. Other sponsors such as Uniqlo, Wilson, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Jaguar and Tag Heuer are just a few of the brands that have helped him take his endorsement earnings to $178 million in the past 5 years. 3. Novak Djokovic (Rs 126 crore) © Reuters The world no.1, Novak Djokovic has earned almost $67.6 million dollars in the past five years as tournament prize money (which doesn't include this year's AO sum). Other than this, Novak swapped Uniqlo for Lacoste as his apparel brand last year, which almost earned him a kitty of $110 million dollars. On top of this, his commercial deals also include brands like Seiko, Asics, which take his earnings to a sum of $177.6 million. 4. Rafael Nadal (Rs 118 crore) © Reuters The current World no. 2, Rafael Nadal, again made a great comeback at the Oz Open this year, winning the runner-up shield. Despite being injured for more than four months last year, he managed to earn good $14.4 million of prize money, and with endorsements for Nike, Babolat, Richard Mille, Kia Motors, Telefonica, Banco Sabadell and Emporio Armani. That takes his earning to a high of $165.6 million in the past 5 years. 5. Serena Williams (Rs 88 crore) © Reuters Serena Williams, despite going on a 14-month break for her first pregnancy, is still the highest paid female athlete. Because of commercial deals with Nike, Intel, Audemars Piguet, JPMorgan Chase, Lincoln, Gatorade and Beats, the highest paid female athlete has earned around $90 million in endorsements over the last 5 years. Regardless of earning just $62,000 dollars as prize money in 2018, the leading Grand Slam winner stands tall with a total earning of $123.4 million.
  7. They say a true man is shaped not only by his success, or his wealth but also by the goodness that's in his heart. It's not determined by his possessions but only if he shares them with the world for the betterment of mankind. Hollywood, for one, is blessed with philanthropists who have gone the extra mile to give back to the society to be remembered for their goodness. Here are five Hollywood icons who continue their efforts of making the world a better place, one good thing at a time: George Clooney George Clooney is well known for his engagement to stop the human rights atrocities in the Darfur region of Sudan. Clooney founded the Not On Our Watch with his 'Ocean's 11' co-stars Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt, and producer Jerry Weintraub, which works to uplift the suffering populations of Sudan. His charity has donated millions of dollars to help those suffering in the region. Clooney was named the United Nations Messenger of Peace in 2008, to help raise public awareness, and support for the U.N's peacekeeping efforts around the world. Hugh Jackman The Wolverine star started The Laughing Man Foundation, which through its chain of coffee shops, supports coffee farming communities across the world by investing in programs that focus on health, growth, and success for coffee farmers and their families. Started after a promise made by the star to his friend, an Ethiopian coffee farmer, Dukale and his family, the Foundation works for supporting the production of sustainable coffee and communities associated with it. Leonardo DiCaprio Since 1998 The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has been working to protect threatened ecosystems with a focus on Wildlands Conservation, Oceans Conservation and Climate Change. With over 50 million followers, the star's impactful work was recognized when he was designated as the United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change and received the 2014 Clinton Global Citizen Award. Following the notion of great deeds, here's a striking video by Seagram's 100 Pipers Music CDs, that reminds us that the greatest legacy one can leave behind, is an act of goodness – an act that makes the world a better place. Matt Damon Actor-producer-screenwriter, Matt Damon started H2O Africa in an attempt to mitigate the water crisis in Africa and gather support for clean water programs in critical areas. His organization merged later with Water.org that focuses on providing clean water to underprivileged across the world. He is also an ambassador for ONEXONE, a non-profit foundation committed to supporting, preserving and improving the lives of children. Will Smith The MIB star with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation to benefit inner-city community development, youth educational projects and underprivileged children and their families. He has also supported several charitable organizations that work in South Africa. Heartwarming, isn't it?
  8. In a one of a kind incident, the first of five ODI matches to be played between India and New Zealand was temporarily halted as the setting sun was adversely impacting the batsmen's sight, causing them discomfort. Meanwhile in Napier...#NZvIND pic.twitter.com/3p5j18O3hg — ICC (@ICC) January 23, 2019 "The setting sun is directly in the eyes of the batsmen. So we got to consider the safety of the players, umpires. So we have decided to suspend play until conditions improve. This is the first time in my 14 years that I have seen something like this happen on a cricket field. Good news is we have 30 minutes extra time. We are hoping to be back in 30 minutes and it will still be a 50-over game," umpire Shaun Haig explained. The problem seems to be with the orientation of Napier's McLean Park cricket ground in which the wicket runs from East to West unlike a typical pitch running from North to South. After the match, when Bill Dalton, Mayor of Napier was asked about the uncanny incident by local press, he said: “To be absolutely honest with you, my view is that these guys are sportsmen who play outside. If they get a bit of sun in their eyes that's part of the game.” “It's an outdoor sport and they've got to toughen up… It's all a bit weird to me,” said the unsympathetic mayor. To be clear, the mayor was not targeting the Indian cricketers in particular. The decision to pause the game until sunset was that of both sides and Kane Williamson's silent agreement to the umpire's suggestion to delay the game was enough to prove the legitimacy of the issue. Clinical. #TeamIndia start off the series with a 8-wicket win against New Zealand in the 1st ODI. 1-0 ð®ð³ð®ð³ #NZvIND pic.twitter.com/P4lLKjoCvu — BCCI (@BCCI) January 23, 2019 The hold-up had little effect on the game as only one run and one over were reduced following the Duckworth-Lewis method. India won the game comfortably with eight wickets in hand while Mohammed Shami won the Man of the Match who scalded three wickets to become the fastest Indian to take 100 wickets in One Day Internationals.
  9. Have you ever been confused when your girlfriend or one of your female friends declares that chivalry is dead and yet when you do something chivalrous, they seem to be put off by it? You can't seem to figure out where you went wrong. Allow me to let you on to a not-so-secret fact then. Women want men to be chivalrous. Period. via GIPHY They just do not want a pooch (read phony gentleman), running about to please them. Nor do they specifically expect it in today's era. Being chivalrous is not a bad thing in today's love-forsaken world, as there are hardly any real chivalrous men. Stress on the word “real”. via GIPHY The important question is: Are you doing this to impress women or is it a fad that you are trying out? Then, unfortunately, that means your behaviour has passed over into being overly chivalrous, i.e., you are making a great deal out of it and it is apparent. You have officially become the “doormat” guy. Women are intelligent creatures, they can easily tell whether you are being sincere or not. A Chivalrous Lesson © Pinterest Chivalry seems to be the stuff of romantic novels and historical anecdotes. The word paints a picture of a beautiful damsel in distress, awaiting a chivalrous knight to come in and save her from the tower she has been locked in. via GIPHY Well, today's woman is no damsel in distress, nor does she wait around for a knight to save her from harm. They are quite capable of taking care of themselves. What women today are irritated of are men going overboard with the concept of chivalry, grandiose gestures with little to almost no heart in them. © Pinterest Started off as a code of conduct for Knights in the Medieval times it became a concept for the royal court affairs and a terrible amount of important manners. Chivalry was a quaint way in which a man could express his feelings to the woman he cared for through small things. A sign of substance and genuineness in a man. via GIPHY There's a lot of romanticism attributed to the word, a sense of old-world charm and dreamy notions. Victorian era novels are filled with gallant gentlemen and their courtly ways of whom the ladies seem to be a fan. Literature is filled with these men; Mr Darcy, Mr. Bingley, Mr Rochester and the list goes on. © Pinterest A perfect example of a chivalrous man in fiction would be Gregory Peck as Joe Bradley in 'Roman Holiday'. The perfect combination of chivalry and frankness. In the movie, when he has a choice to make, he puts love first instead of fame. If that is not chivalry, I do not know what is. © Pinterest In today's world, chivalry is a debatable idea. Is it essential? How do you know when it is too much? Dear fellow brothers, it isn't the 1800s or the 1950s, women can open doors for themselves, bring their own coats, have their own handkerchiefs and do not need particular help. They are independent, just like men are. © Pinterest It is the thought behind the gesture that matters. Your chivalry should come from within. It should be instantaneous; it has more to do with your personality and manners and your intention to be honourable. Chivalry is the mark of an honest man, a person who doesn't fake it. It is a much greater concept than just concerning the courting of women; it is a lifestyle. How To Know The Difference? It's easy. Scenario 1: You see a woman struggling with a big bag of groceries. You insist on helping her. She says yes. You take the bags and help her home. “Oh, what a gallant young man! Thank you for your chivalry!” © Pinterest Scenario 2: She says no. You insist. She says she is fine with it. You are still insistent, and you try to take the bags and nearly force them out of her hand, just to show that you are a good guy, this is where you have gone overboard. When the lady says that she is fine, she is fine. Leave it there. If she wants your help, she will ask for it. Life isn't a rom-com where the writers make you believe that when women say no, they mean yes or when a man likes a woman, he turns up at her doorstep complete with some over the top, grand gesture. It isn't a novel filled with ideas of an ideal lady and a gentleman, or a series where you are the hot-headed hunk with dripping masculinity and an ineffable charm, trying to win the affections of the heroine. via GIPHY Peacocking (“an extravagant show-off” for the uninitiated) is not an “in” thing, it makes you look needy and pretentious. You can go from charming to creepy in a second. via GIPHY If not that, it puts you in the dorky, nice guy category. Hanging onto their purses while they go and dance with someone else or constantly complimenting her. Seriously, women won't be interested in an over-zealous pushover because that is what it looks like. © Columbia Pictures/Mirage Enterprises Just like you find your girlfriend's nagging to be annoying; women find extreme chivalry to be the same. You might have observed that when you do something, which the lady in question can do herself, that is where they get exasperated. Of course, it is often misconstrued and misinterpreted, but this is where you need to put in work. Women might take your extreme enthusiasm to help them as a trait of cockiness. Remember that unaffected and honest help is never unnoticed. If the lady doesn't understand your genuine act of love, then maybe she isn't meant for you. Womanly Or Chivalry: Is It Necessary? The connotations of chivalry have changed over the years, what used to be a gesture of love and affection has been crassly changed into an idea in which it is expected of a man to help and save the weaker ***. The change seems to have come into effect after the World War, where the whole idea of chivalry being a sexist thing comes from. A question may arise in your mind. Why should women be treated differently? Why do they expect chivalry? Doesn't it erode the concept of feminism? © Twitter That is the precise basis of the debate. We have come a long way from the time when gender roles were strictly put down. But somehow, we are still stuck in the web of the generations gone by. Women were expected to be “womanly” as the men were to be “chivalrous”. Women were to be docile creatures and keep home. They were to patiently wait for a hero. That is what was “womanly”. Similarly, men were to fight the monster and save the lady. Today, women and men do the same things and are working towards making a world a place where they share everything equally. Equality is the foundation of feminism. If only people understood that. What's off-putting to women I assume is the tarnishing and convoluting of the term and the perspective it presents. No one wants to be perceived to be weak. It is the concept which is faulty, not you. How To Be Chivalrous? If you want to be chivalrous, be. Don't try to highlight it. We men need to understand that it isn't limited to opening doors, picking up the tab or helping your lover over puddles. via GIPHY A chivalrous man in today's world would be a man who doesn't have a problem with a female working with him or him working for her. A man who appreciates a woman's opinion. In a relationship, a man who is there when the woman needs him is a much chivalrous man than one who uses chivalry just to woo her and then forget it once the courtship is complete. © Columbia Pictures/Mirage Enterprises Don't just give her a handkerchief when she cries, wipe her tears too. Be a companion to her sorrow. A person whose charm, warmth and helping nature are not limited to any particular gender is chivalrous in the truest sense. © Twitter If you want to hold doors for her, open car doors, give her your coat when you think she is cold, hold her bags for her, go for it. Do it if because you want to, not because someone expects you to. Moreover, definitely not to be in someone's good books. It is bound to fall flat if you are not genuinely interested in it. Also, do it out of the goodness of your heart. Dear women, chivalry isn't dead. It is very much alive. Let your man have the benefit of the doubt. Give the guy a chance to be gallant and enjoy the experience!
  10. Apple recently filed its annual proxy statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for 2018 and the documents give us a full-disclosure for the Cupertino giant's finances. It includes everything from expenditures, compensations and everything else. © YouTube The document also detailed expenses such as personal security for Apple CEO Tim Cook. These expenses are included in the “other compensation,” category and a new report by Wired reveals Cook's personal security cost. Apart from a Tim Cook, the report also revealed figures for other CEOs that need protection and its subsequent costs. Apple spent an estimated $310,000 in 2018 which seems quite a lot but is nothing compared to what other companies are spending. Wired provided further details via an info-graph that cites similar SEC filings by companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel and others. These numbers will shock you as Apple spent the least when compared to these tech giants. Alphabet, Google's parent company spent more than double than that of Apple's. Google spent $637,538 to protect its current CEO Sundar Pichai. © Reddit Amazon spent a whopping $1.6 million to protect Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison however you won't guess what tops the list. Facebook spent $7.3 million to protect Mark Zuckerberg, in addition to around $2.7 million protecting its Chief Financial Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. This was probably because all the negative publicity both Zuckerberg and Sandberg have received in the recent past. © BCCL Of course, we can't be entirely sure if the negative publicity was the sole reason for the Social media giant to spend so much more than its counterparts on personal security. It could be possible that Facebook spends, even more, to protect Zuckerberg as one leading industry consultant says that “Zuckerberg's personal security detail is expected to surpass $10 million this year.” If you want to know how much other companies like Intel, Oracle; you can check out WIRED'S full report to know more. Source: WIRED
  11. Grandparents. The mere mention of this word fills our mind's eye with a flood of memories featuring some of the most fun, adorable and lovable people of our life. For most of us, our Nana-Nani and Dada-Dadi stand synonymous to a secondary set of parents, who can not only school and tame our mother and father but pamper the life out of us all at once. Their gap-toothed smiles, saggy and leathery skin, as well as the greying fluff on their head, is no match to the twinkle of wisdom in their eyes and mischief laden throaty laughter. Grandparents always bring out the best in us and seem to be a part of most of our fondest memories, no matter the age. © Netflix Now imagine sitting across them on a sofa as you hear them talk about some of the most unconventional topics for the elderly that there are. From ***, size, and sexting to friends with benefits and homosexuality, you name it! As awkward and unusual as that might sound, something of the sort has already happened. There is a video doing the rounds on the internet where three adorable pairs of grandparents are talking on camera, and sharing their views, experiences and opinions on the aforementioned topics. And in all honesty, it isn't just there presence in such a video that caught our attention, but their responses on each of these distinct topics that floored us. These wise couples have no inhibitions talking from experience, and candidly tackling every question with an answer that brings such acceptance and perspective to such less talked about topics. Once you watch it, you will realise how loving and accepting their generation is. If you thought that millennials are the coolest of the lot, then get ready, because you are minutes away from having your bubble busted. On Having *** © Netflix Each one of them began their answer with a “yes, of course” and added how natural a thing it was in the same breath. And here we are, all hush-hush about the many adventures we seek between the sheets. On Matters Of 'Size' © Netflix All the grandpas were of the opinion that size matters, while the grannies couldn't really agree with it. Well, this continues to be a hot topic for debate and we shall keep our comments section open to hear your take on this one. On Sexting © Netflix Who would have thought they were very much into it themselves? But yeah, only with their partner on the receiving end. *wink* On Multiple Sexual Partners © Netflix While health risks remain a concern, most of them said it was acceptable. One grandpa was also quick to add that though “one is enough, but once is not enough”. Touche, old man! On Friends With Benefits © Netflix The verdict was, if two consenting adults decide on it, there is no harm it in! On *** Education © Netflix While one of them called it a 'no-training' natural phenomenon, others gave credit to porn magazines and Harold Robbins books. On Homosexuality © Netflix “Why oppose something where you play no role?” Good point, well made, sir. These old people, in all their wisdom, shared some great life lessons, and this video captures all the ways that make them so much more cooler than the millennials. We must take notes from their liberal and all-accepting stance, especially when it comes to something as essential and crucial as ***. They would make for perfect *** education teachers, don't you think?
  12. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world's largest tradeshow for everything electronics and will be starting this week in Las Vegas. All the latest products and technologies are unveiled at the event, and due to the exponentially huge number of companies trying to make a mark, we often see them take a dig at one another. This year, Apple has a strong message for Google, Amazon and a plethora of other companies who utilize user data for advertisements. “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone,” says a billboard facing the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is right outside CES 2019, and while Google and other companies actively participate at the tradeshow, Apple has always kept a distance. © Twitter / Chris Velazco Apple has also mentioned the link to its privacy website where users can better understand the data policies of iPhones. Even though the company has no official affiliation with the industry event, it sure wants to send across a strong message. The timing is even more interesting because Apple has revised its revenue forecast due to lower than expected sales of the iPhone. The statement is similar to the popular statement, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Also, while Google's ads are filled with colours, Apple has opted for a black and white only palette, indirectly meaning it's damn serious. © Twitter / LVMonorail As far as technicalities are concerned, Apple isn't wrong with the ad. Even though iPhone's have suffered some really embarrassing bugs in the last few years, privacy is one point that always remains unhindered. iOS is crystal clear about these privacy norms and doesn't let any app or service access your data without explicit permission. Even if we ignore third-party services, Apple never "processes" your usage data to target ads. On the other hand, Google is definitively an "advertising" company and relies on metadata to feed your phone with relevant ads. Amazon too had a number of dubious moments last year with the latest case being-- Amazon sharing 1,700 Alexa recordings of a man with a stranger. © Reuters After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, even the end user is more aware of data privacy and the industry has undergone drastic changes. Companies have been trying their best to convince people their data is safe. Apple's CEO Tim Cook has also been very vocal about user privacy in recent times. He also called on tech companies to essentially to “deidentify customer data or not to collect it in the first place.” While the Apple vs Google fight will go on indefinitely, these snarky ads are surely very entertaining for us.
  13. This is one myth that just refuses to die. A layman knows a simple fact that he/she needs to exercise hard and eat good to lose weight. Though this line itself has quite a lot of loose ends, we will not get technical about it. But this simple understanding has got a lot complicated now, for most people. One stupid complication which has come out of it is the DIET: EXERCISE ratio. There's No Diet To Exercise Ratio © Unsplash There are clearly two camps, in here. First one is the group which supports exercise and claims it to be the one-in-all, end-in-all concept to a fit body. Then there is the other camp, the now dominating one, that is, the diet camp, which consists of primarily the dieticians, and some common trainers and people. For them it's the diet which matters the most. Worse, they claim that even if you don't exercise, a good diet will cover it up all. It is mainly the diet protagonists which have made these ratios of 70:30, 80:20, 75:25 etc. wherein the greater part is taken up by the diet. Now if you ask them a simple question “how did you come down to this ratio?” The answer is either a blank stare with a confused look on the face, which if you closely observe means “what do you mean by 'why'?” Or, it is a common generic answer for many such questions i.e. “everyone says the same thing.” © Unsplash Similarly, when you ask dieticians, as to where they got this stupid ratio from, they simply have no answer. This is not a scientifically designed ratio based on studies. This is simply a self-made ratio. Understand this thing, for a dietician the primary earning is through diet recommendations. If she tells you that diet is not of much importance, or is of equal importance as exercising, she has a fear of losing her customers. Because dieticians are taking money to design a diet for you, they will of course emphasize on diet more. It's their bread and butter. The ratio is always one, has been one and it remains the same. The correct Exercise & Diet ratio is 100:100. Yes, you read it right. Its 100% diet, 100% exercise & overall movement, 100% sleep and relaxation. If any of the components takes a hit in any way, the others will surely suffer. Michele Olson, PhD, professor of physical education and exercise science at Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, US, says: “Yes, you can lose weight with diet alone, but exercise is an important component. Without it, only a portion of your weight loss is from fat — you're also stripping away muscle and bone density. Since working out stimulates growth of those metabolic tissues, losing weight through exercise means you're burning mostly fat Are 'Abs' Really Made In The Kitchen? © Unsplash If you ask me about the statement “abs are made in the kitchen”, I would like to restate it, “abs are made in the kitchen, after you return from the gym”. Diet is extremely important, and there is no doubt about this, but then lazy snob, eating less sitting on a sofa, will never ever be healthy or fit, just by being on a diet, neither can a person who is eating and exercising perfectly, survive without proper sleep and recuperation. Even the studies have shown the same, it's a complete package. Human body doesn't work in parts. Akshay Chopra, is a graduate of the National Defence Academy & the Air Force Academy, and a former IAF pilot. He is one of the most qualified health, fitness & nutrition consultants in the country, and an author of multiple books & ebooks. He is among the few in the country to have a background of competitive athletics, military training and bodybuilding. He is the co-founder of the Body Mechanics chain of gyms, and India's first research based channel We R Stupid. You can check out his Youtube here.
  14. Durga Singh's Karan and Arjun are back and showing the whole world how to spend a perfect Sunday - by watching their own movie 'Karan Arjun' together after 23 years. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood's Baadshah and Sultan, were chilling together and walking down the memory lane, when most of us were busy watching 'Sooryavansham' for the 1234567th time on TV. Honestly, I have seen Hira Thakur drink that damn poisoned 'kheer' so many times, it doesn't even bother me any more. Film Kraft Anyway, coming back to Bollywood's OG brothers, Salman posted this video on his social media today, where he is watching 'Karan Arjun' with SRK at a party. For all those who thought that things were not fine between SRK and Salman, watch this. They are not only working on movies together, they are even attending parties together. View this post on Instagram Karan + Arjun ... fond memories @iamsrk A post shared by Salman Khan (@beingsalmankhan) on Dec 30, 2018 at 2:00am PST Salman even captioned the video, "Karan + Arjun...fond memories @iamsrk." Earlier, Shah Rukh visited the 'Bigg Boss' house to promote his movie 'Zero'. Unless you were living under a rock all this time, Salman has done a cameo in 'Zero' and even shared the video of the song on social media, "Dost ke naam, dosti ke naam, isqh karne waalon ke naam, isqhbaazi ke naam! #IssaqbaaziOutNow @iamsrk." Dost ke naam, dosti ke naam, isqh karne waalon ke naam, isqhbaazi ke naam! #IssaqbaaziOutNow @iamsrk https://t.co/KpL6IInVEN — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) December 4, 2018 Well like people say, "Yeh Bandhan To Pyaar Ka Bandhan Hai, Janmon Ka Sangam Hai." And we are sure even the fans are loving this bromance.
  15. Have you ever heard that cardio is unimportant for gaining muscle? -Yes! How many times have you heard that cardio is important for fat loss? - A lot! Is this correct or half knowledge? Let's find out! Before we dive deep into why cardio is actually vital for muscle building, lets understand the basics of energy. Our body's energy currency/source is ATP. I'm sure you have heard this word countless number of times, starting from school's science lecture. This ATP can be generated without oxygen (anaerobic) and using oxygen (aerobic) systems. Anaerobic systems produce energy at a faster rate but it also lasts very less time approx 8-12 seconds. The aerobic system provides us with prolonged energy burning fats and carbohydrates but at a much slower pace What Most Coaches Think © Unsplash Most of the fitness coaches believe that slow paced cardio i.e. aerobic activity doesn't help much in lifting gains, as most of our lifting comprises of short bursts of movements. This is especially true if you are someone who likes to lift heavy and attempt 3-5 reps frequently, and would be thinking that your body relies more on anaerobic system. But remember, the short time nature of the anaerobic system also gets us fatigued a lot sooner which is also its limiting factor. Now that we understand the basics of energy production, let's move on to how training these two systems optimally can help us maximize muscle gains in 2019: Aerobic and Anaerobic systems act synergistically i.e. whenever an activity is performed they act together, which means Aerobic system is also involved in short bursts of activity such as lifting weights for a set or two. Ever noticed that you get breathless after doing a set of heavy squats or dumbbell presses? If yes, that can be delayed if we focus on improving our aerobic system as more of the energy will be available from aerobic systems which will help delay that burning feeling which could have helped you get those few extra reps in a working set. As the feeling of fatigue will be less you will be able to move on to the next set faster. This can ultimately help you accumulate more volume in a training session and we know that increasing volume overtime is one of the primary ways to maximize muscle hypertrophy. © Unsplash This can be very helpful for a person with a busy schedule as well, because improving your aerobic capacity will help you recover better between sets and get your training session done faster as the aerobic system helps you recover between sets by restoring ATP and phosphocreatine levels to reduce the feeling of fatigue between sets. Walking Or Jogging: How Much? This does not mean that you begin devoting a lot of time to walking or jogging. I recommend 2-3 sessions a week approximately at 60-70% Heart Rate Maximum or roughly around 120-130BPM for 20-45mins depending upon your current level of aerobic training. Sprints and interval training can also be incorporated and have been shown to improve aerobic capacity as well, but have to be monitored as they can have an impact on your recovery as they are generally more fatiguing for your joints and CNS (Central Nervous System) If you are someone who gets joint pains and aches doing cardio, you should prefer doing cardio in form of swimming, cycling or cross trainer machine. The progression should be slow over the weeks such as reducing the time for a given distance or increasing the distance keeping above variables in mind. Resting heart rate can be a good indicator of your aerobic progress and can be monitored every day upon waking up. That's it, folks! Cardio is super important not only for maximizing your muscle gains in 2019 but also to maintain a healthy heart and lifestyle Go, get on the cardio train! Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  16. Mobile gaming has taken a serious turn ever since Indians started playing the mobile version of PUBG as a religion. The game can work on various smartphones that have a good GPU, enough RAM and a good processor. Having said that, smartphones generally tend to heat up real quick which has made companies introducing new cooling solutions. © ASUS Even though mobile gaming can't match up to the same quality delivered on consoles and PCs, however, ASUS may have just built a smartphone that might bridge the gap. Smartphones don't have dedicated powerful GPUs to deliver high-quality graphics, but smartphones can be innovative enough to deliver a good gaming experience. The ASUS ROG phone retails in India for Rs 69,990 (8GB+128GB) which is a bit expensive for a gaming smartphone, so let's find out if it's worth the price tag. Design & Display © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla If you've ever seen an ASUS ROG laptop, you can instantly recognise it for its design. The same can be said for the ASUS ROG phone where it has sharp cuts, a sweet multicolour light-up logo on the back, massive vents to prevent overheating and a look that resembles some sort of an alien warship. It's cool to see ASUS incorporate a similar design like its gaming laptops, but the key notable difference is its metal body. Gaming laptops generally have plastic bodies as it does not conduct heat as quickly. As the smartphone has a metal unibody design, it comes with an additional accessory out of the box that aides in cooling down the phone. The accessory is called the AeroActive Cooler and it has a fan and an audio jack that is powered by the extra USB-C port on the side of the phone. What's ingenious about this design is the fact that no wires come in the way and interrupt your gaming experience. To make it easier for users to game, the smartphone has squeezable and tappable sides for customisable phone functions. You can map these functions for specific game functions and the mappable Air Triggers are great for first-person shooters. Overall, the ASUS ROG phone has all the answers for woes most smartphone gamers face. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla This is where things get interesting as the ROG phone has a 6-inch OLED display that has has a resolution of FHD+ (2160 x 1080 px). It even has support for HDR content and a 90Hz refresh rate. That's the best display you can get on any gadget (including monitors) and the refresh rate is the added bonus for gamers. The refresh rate reduces the response time drastically which is crucial in games like PUBG. You can even customise the display according to your own liking. The colour reproduction is decent and you can even switch to modes such as Standard and Splendid. You even have the ability to tweak the saturation and hues according to your own liking. Performance The ASUS ROG smartphone has specs under the hood you would expect from a flagship smartphone. It as Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor clocked at 2.96 GHz (the fastest speed-binned 845 SoC) and is coupled with 8GB of RAM. In terms of internal storage, the smartphone comes in one configuration for India i.e. 128GB.To back up these components, the ASUS ROG phone has a 4,000 mAh battery which is enough for mobile gaming and daily usage. The phone performed well during the course of our review as it could easily handle day-to-day tasks and we didn't come across any glitches of OS flaws. There have been reports of the ASUS ROG phone's OS acting up, but we thank the gods that our review unit was flawless. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Since this is a gaming phone, we had to check out its capabilities while playing PUBG Mobile. Even without enabling the dedicated gaming mode, the game performed without any frame rate drops or app crashes. Having said that, if you want the optimum experience with a little boost, we would recommend you switch on the X mode. The 90Hz refresh rate on the display did give us a slight advantage over our enemies as the game felt much smoother as compared to playing it on other flagship smartphones. When playing games on smartphones, battery life is one of the most important features to consider. During our gaming session, PUBG Mobile did not consume a lot of battery thanks to the massive 4,000 mAh battery. We even used the secondary USB-C port to use the Aeroactive cooler accessory that would cool the device when it would heat up while playing games. The cooling fan, in turn, improves battery life as it keeps the battery cool and as a result gives you more juice for gaming. Accessories © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Apart from the Air Triggers and Aeroactive cooler, ASUS has also launched a few accessories that can enhance your gaming experience. We didn't really get to test these features at length so we can only tell what they can do. These include TwinView Dock for dual-screen handheld mode (works like Nintendo 3DS), a Mobile Desktop Dock for desktop-style gaming and a Gamevice controller. The Final Say Even though gaming smartphones are becoming a rage in India, buyers are still a bit price sensitive when it comes to buying gadgets. The ASUS ROG phone has all the bells and whistles you can expect from a flagship phone along with the added feature of phenomena gaming. Having said that, if you look at the smartphone from a buyer's perspective, it's not really a feasible smartphone if you're on a budget. Costing Rs 69,990, your an always buy the Huawei Mate 20 Pro for the same price and get cheaper accessories for a good gaming experience. I absolutely love this smartphone to the core as it appeals to the gamer in me, however, it's something only an enthusiast would buy.
  17. Having graced the silver screen with his par excellence acting skills and essaying strong, meaningful roles in films and web series, this year has been a momentous one for Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The man charmed his way into the hearts of his audience with his stellar deliveries on-screen, and there is much more - bigger and better things - in store for him in the upcoming new year. After his entertaining performance as Gaitonde in 'Sacred Games' and solid portrayal of writer-poet Saadat Hasan Manto in Nandita Das' latest creation, Nawazuddin is yet again getting ready to star in a biopic. © Instagram Releasing early next year, Nawazuddin is set to play the role of founder and former Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray, in his upcoming movie 'Thackeray' directed by Abhijit Panse and written by Shiv Sena politician Sanjay Raut. While we have already watched and admired the actor's superior acting in the movie's teaser which was released last month, it is however this active snippet circulating on social media that's gaining a lot of attention. In a latest clip from the movie, Nawazuddin is seen making his way to his car in all his political glory. However, it is the uncanny resemblance of the actor to Bal Thackeray that's got the viewers lose their shit. Take a look at the clip here: View this post on Instagram A glimpse into #Thackeray starring @nawazuddin._siddiqui #Bollywood #ZoomTV #Nawaz #NawazuddinSiddiqui #Video #Biopic #Film A post shared by Zoom TV (@zoomtv) on Dec 16, 2018 at 10:26pm PST Wrapped in saffron and adorned by iconic Bal Thackeray paraphernalia, the resemblance between the two men is indeed massive. The movie promises an insight into the life and rise of one of Maharashtra's greatest political leader, and it is safe to say that Nawazuddin seem pretty close to doing justice to the magnanimous personality.
  18. Mary Kom recently booked her spot in the pages of history with her 6th consecutive win in a boxing championship at the AIBA Women's World Championships. Manipur-born Mary Kom is by far one the greatest boxing champions the country has seen in recent times and it is not just her talent in the boxing ring that's commendable. © Instagram The entire nation has witnessed her grit and determination time and again, but her skills on display at every championship is an absolute treat to the eyes. Her moves are lethal and so craftily planted that the opponent hardly truly recovers from her take. However, if you felt that boxing is the only talent Mary Kom boasts of, you couldn't have been more wrong! Recently, at an event where Mary Kom was in attendance, the boxer took to the stage and sang her own rendition of the classic Lata Mangeshkar song, 'Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh' from the movie 'Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai'. Her soulful rendition of the song was well received by everyone present at the event, as she serenaded to the karaoke music of the song. The video has since gone viral across various social media platform. Imagine the amount of talent she possesses! She really is a complete package, and sure has a lot of feathers added to her hat. We shall be looking forward to seeing more of her hidden talents in the time to come, but in the meantime we're celebrating her massive win just like the rest of the country.
  19. This article is going to be very personal for me, as I will be sharing with you my own experience with workout addiction. Yes, that's true; you can become addicted to exercise. Though a majority of the people around the world find it hard to get the ample motivation to exercise regularly, there is a small population who IS addicted to it. Yes, the ones who often spend their online surfing time reading fitness blogs like this one! No, I am not saying that you are definitely an addict if you're reading this article, but I want to share a few traits of someone who works out constantly. But before I get down to those symptoms, let me tell you more about my own experience of workout addiction. I have loved to be active in my entire life, at least as far as I can remember. I just love to sweat daily and get that endorphin high. I easily get carried away, trying to squeeze in more intensity, more strength, the list goes on, but the bottom line is, I don't always know when to give my body a break. Or rather I should say, technically I do 'know' (as it's my profession) but I still struggle with establishing the right balance. The result is inadequate recovery, and suffering from a host of consequences which could range from mild to severe. Strange as it may sound, but once exercise is in your blood, in your regular routine, you simply feel “off” when you skip it. I become moody and irritable when I don't get my daily sweat session. Now that's a good thing if it gives you the motivation but it's not for everyone and hugely depends on your training age. The problem starts when your body is not adequately recovering and you simply don't know how to take a break. Below is the list of the signs that indicate you are overtraining - 1) Sleeping Too Much Or Not Sleeping At All If you are tired and sleepy all the time even after getting a good night sleep or if you find it hard to get a good night sleep, you might be a victim of overtraining. Working out too much can release stress hormone like cortisol which can interfere with your sleep. On the other hand, working out daily with a high intensity can increase your recovery period to a point where you always feel sleepy. © Pixabay 2) Getting Sick Very Frequently Over-exercising can weaken your immune system as it will always be busy with the post-workout repair. Exercise is meant to strengthen your immune system and not to weaken it. If you feel that you have started falling sick more often, it might be a sign of overtraining. 3) Too Sore All The Time It is obvious to feel sore after an intense workout. However, if you feel sore in every muscle at every time of the day, that's not really a healthy sign. It means that you need to slow things down and take a break from a workout. © Pixabay 4) Dipping Energy Levels A healthy and balanced workout makes you feel energetic and motivated towards the next workout. However, if you really have to drag yourself to the gym and your energy levels have been slowly diminishing, it may be a sign of overtraining. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  20. Water is the very foundation of life on earth. I think we can all agree that life, as we know it, would not have existed in the absence of water. The human body itself is about 70% water. It is pretty obvious that like everything else, there would be different opinions on how much water one should be drinking every day. Some people believe you need to sip on water even when you're not thirsty, while some recommend not drinking more than 2 litres of water every day. So many opinions, so much confusion! But Why Is Being Hydrated So Important? © Thinkstock Images Because you constantly keep losing water from your body, primarily via urine and sweat and being dehydrated can negatively impact your fitness levels. If your body weight decreases by meager 2% from fluid losses, your endurance goes down and if the number goes up to 3%, it can negatively impact strength. So, to prevent dehydration and (more importantly to be alive), adequate fluid intake is very important. What All Can Be Considered As Fluids? All fluids except for alcohol should be counted in your total fluid intake. Alcohol is not considered because it is dehydrating and makes you urinate more fluids out than you drink. Other than that, every other fluid contributes to your fluid intake. Even things like coffee and diet sodas which are often looked at as dehydrating agents are fluids. So all fluids, including coffee, diet soda, milk, juice, tea, flavored waters and any drink (besides alcohol) will count towards this intake. So How Much Fluid Should You ACTUALLY Consume? © Pixabay Your total water (fluid) intake for the day depends on a lot of internal and external individual factors and there are a couple of ways to decide optimum water (fluid) intake. Body weight method - The first way to calculate your fluid intake will involve calculations based on your body weight. For every 23 kg of your body weight, you should have a litre of water. 2. Qualitative method - The second method is based on your individual needs. Following this method, you should drink the amount of fluid which makes have 5 clear urinations per day. Out of 5, two urinations should be after you workout or during your workout if you have long workout sessions. Out of the two methods, I find the second one superior over the method where you intake is determined by your bodyweight. This is because two people of same body weight can have very different needs when it comes to fluid intake. A few determining factors could be: 1. Sweating - Some people sweat more than others and depending on the geographical location some people lose a lot more fluid through sweating than others. So, a 75 kg guy living in Jaipur will need to drink a lot more water than a 75 kg guy who lives in Kashmir. 2. Training And Lifestyle - Your hydration status depends a lot on the quantity and type of training you do. For example, if you work out 6 days and do 3-4 hour long cardio sessions in a week on top of the weight training, you'll need a lot more water to stay hydrated than someone who does not. Your profession also pays a big role in deciding your fluid intake. If you are someone who has to do physical work for their livelihood, you naturally will need more water than someone who is sedentary and sits at his office desk working on computers all day. Conclusion The best way to begin is to initially set your water(fluid) intake as per the body weight-based fluid recommendations. Check the colour and frequency of your urine while drinking this set of amount of fluid and increase or decrease your fluid intake accordingly by aiming for 5 clear urinations per day. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. He has coached individuals from all forms of life, right from people looking to get in shape in general to national level bodybuilding and physique athletes. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness or his Instagram handle if you are looking for professional help with your fitness goals.
  21. If you still haven't watched 'The Haunting Of Hill House', you are quite late to the party already . The show that has left audience shook with the dark and the gory psychological effects that it creates, is currently enjoying a lot of fame. The show has been an instant hit with the intense monologues by the characters and the deep rooted story line that goes beyond what generic horror shows depict. Even though all along we only see despair and havoc for the lead characters, the ending was a surprisingly happy one. With all sibling reuniting (except Nell) and leading normal lives, one feels that our hearts are saved from the cathartic end of the show. Admit it, we all thought that the 'Red Room' would create more havoc and suck up every happiness from their lives. However, it is very interesting to know that the makers had originally planned a gory and a darker ending for the show. In the final episode we see that the red room opens up for everyone and they all get trapped inside. While we wonder that it is the first time that the door has been open, in reality the characters have all spent their share of time in the room over the years. The rooms changes shape and disguise itself differently for each one of the kids and their mom. The rectangular window in the background stays constant every time some one used it. © Netflix For Luke, it was the tree house, for their mother, it was a reading room, for Theo is becomes her dancing room and so on. Mind blown right? Well in the final scene when we see the Crain family happily cutting Luke's cake, you can spot a vertical painting in the background. © Netflix Now you might see nothing wrong with this picture, but the makers had some cruel intentions for the script. The painting was supposed to be a representation of the vertical window from the red room , which means that the Crain family probably would have never escaped the room and this was another paranormal delusion for all of them. Cruel, right? The makers eventually decided to give the show a happier ending.
  22. The future of news presentation is here, and the Chinese were the first in the entire world to witness it. Earlier this week, Xinhua News Agency in China presented the media industry with its newest members - AI news readers who promise to “tirelessly” bring latest news reports all throughout the, from any part of the country. Viewers in China were greeted with an English Artificial Intelligence anchor, modelled on a real news anchor working with Xinhua News Agency named Zhang Zhao. The AI news presenter looked very real and “human-like” in a koala cub grey suit, as he frequently nodded at the screen and blinked every few seconds just like a normal human being. World's first #AI news anchor debuts, jointly developed by Xinhua and Chinese search engine company https://t.co/34tyZ4nwrg. https://t.co/2omcc5K9rB pic.twitter.com/qXn5Z3ZkxL — China Xinhua News (@XHNews) November 8, 2018 The AI anchor was heard saying how the development in the media industry calls for “continuous innovation” and “integration of international advanced technology” for better and improved reportage. The AI anchor was also be seen declaring that he would “work tirelessly to keep the viewers informed” at all times. He also said that he looks forward to “bringing brand new news experiences” to his audience. © YouTube According to The Guardian, the AI presenters have been developed by Xinhua and the Chinese search engine, Sogou. The AI presenters use machine learning to simulate the voice, facial movements, and gestures of real-life broadcasters. That seems like a huge achievement in the field of media and technology alike. With the possibility of reporting 24x7 from various locations at a time, would not only save a lot of manpower but also ensure that the latest news and updates are continuously relayed to the viewers. Is this how the future of media “looks” like?
  23. If the phrase 'living life king-size' was personified, we're sure it would be attributed to none other than Mukesh Ambani. The man has got money alright, he is the richest Indian after all. But it's the way the Ambanis choose to (or not) show-off their wealth (perhaps stored away in fantastical coffers) that's jaw-droppingly enviable. So the Ambanis sent out the wedding invitations for their daughter Isha's marriage to Piramal Group heir Anand Piramal, and now that the guests have finally started to receive them, we can promise you that the invites are nothing short of the marvel we expected them to be! View this post on Instagram Happy Daughter Day + Happy Engagement Day â¤ðððð A post shared by Isha Ambani (@ambani.isha) on Sep 23, 2018 at 4:09am PDT The invite comes in an elegant box with floral imprints marking the outer casing, along with Isha and Anand's initials carved on top of the box. However, it's the other box within the first one that holds a small little fortune in its own might. The smaller box inside contains four intricately carved, gilded boxes that house images of goddesses. What's more, as soon as you open the box containing these golden beauties, the Gayatri Mantra begins to play. It's a beautiful piece to lay one's hands on, and if reports are to be believed, these invites are made of real gold. View this post on Instagram Here is the first glimpse of the beautiful invite for Isha and Anand's wedding. Blessings of Gayatri Maa. #ishaambani #anandpiramal #ambaniwedding @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Nov 4, 2018 at 1:10am PST So, going by the size of the boxes, we are guessing these would be easily worth enough to fund a person's air ticket to Bangkok. Now that says a lot about the extravaganza that Isha Ambani's wedding is going to be all about. View this post on Instagram My Gang ðâ¤ð A post shared by Isha Ambani (@ambani.isha) on Oct 29, 2018 at 1:01am PDT The pre-wedding festivities are going to be held in Udaipur from 8th to 9th December, while the lavish wedding itself is scheduled to take place on 12th December at the Ambani residence in Mumbai. We say that's a lot of good stuff to show-off!
  24. What's the one thing that most dudes desire when it come to a chiseled core? Yes, of course, a cut-up six pack but it doesn't end there. Seen that V-shaped muscle wrapped around the waist? Yup, that V that goes down south on the male torso. That's called the Adonis belt. It's one of the most desired muscles of the core musculature and we get bombarded with question as to how to get that popping? So here, it is. I'll tell you how to perform an exercise that directly hits the Adonis belt. The Adonis Belt © Pixabay Despite being pretty much desired, this muscle is hardly talked about by most coaches. If some do, best believe that they know very little about it. How thick and prominent you Adonis belt would be comes down to the development of your internal obliques and transverse abdominis. Exercises That Most People Think Build The Adonis Belt Planks Crunches Side bends (Please don't fool yourselves with this) Sit-ups But the thing is that these exercises don't build the Adonis belt! Sorry, if you were killing yourself with these. Isometric don't really work the Adonis as hard as it's required. The True Adonis Belt Building Exercises 1) Heavy Deadlifts 2) Heavy Loaded Carries Both the above exercises are so demanding on the core that it works almost every muscle including the transverse abdominis and internal obliques. Hence, a rock hard Adonis Belt! The Ab Wheel Roll Out © YouTube One exercise that stands out for core activation and muscle fibre recruitment is the ab wheel roll out. Do it from sitting on the knees or from standing up right, whatever floats your boat. This is the one exercise I am talking about. Also, don't just do it for the sake of it, give it the same love your give to your biceps and see this hide gem come out.