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Found 135 results

  1. Before I even start talking about the impact of China's Coronavirus outbreak on the tech industry or other businesses, I'd like to point out that the current situation in China's Hubei province is getting worse by the day. The province has seen 97-percent of deaths from the virus and ongoing quarantine lockdown has delayed supplies from getting in. As much as we discuss the impact of Coronavirus on businesses that are relevant to us, it's equally important to understand that there are people who are suffering and going through a lot to prevent the virus from getting out of the province. Let's not get caught up in the moment and forget that all that. © Reuters If there's one sector that's experiencing a severe impact because of Coronavirus, then it's got to be technology. From closing down offices and manufacturing hubs to pulling out of tech events, we've been seeing a lot of repercussions. It's obviously not possible to put it in words about what people are going through in China right now and how it's affecting everything. But if there's one thing which is clear now, then it's the fact that we rely a lot on China and the products coming out of their country. Since the companies are shut for in the country, including some offices in Hong Kong, it also severely affecting the production in the facilities. As many of the products that we use on a daily basis are produced in China, experts are warning the consumers to expect shortages when it comes to smartphones, accessories, cars and other tech products. © Reuters Both Foxconn and Pegatron sites in China are closed so you can expect delays in the production of iPhones and AirPods. For those of you who don't know, these two manufacturing plants are the ones that are responsible for nearly all of the world's iPhones. Similarly, Facebook has also stopped taking orders for its new Quest VR headset and cited the outbreak for the delay. The ASUS ROG Phone 2 is also one of the products affected due to the outbreak. ASUS has warned that the device won't be available at all until further notice. Here, check it out - An open letter to our fans whoâve been waiting to buy the #ROGPhoneII. Thank you for your patience. #WorshippedByGamers #LovedByTechGurus pic.twitter.com/PgtjaojHOa â ASUS India (@ASUSIndia) February 1, 2020 And if the word from the folks over at the South China Morning Post is something to go by, then we can also expect to see production delays of devices from brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei. The situation is not as severe for brands that don't rely on components from Hubei. Even a lot of new products that were expected to ship in early February have now been delayed, even indefinitely in some cases. It includes the Nintendo Switch console, games, accessories including the Animal Crossing edition. The MWC & Other Event EscapeIt's been very shocking to see one of the biggest conferences in the world has been seeing withdrawal from a lot of companies. Yes, the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona will be seeing a lot less attendance this year. Companies like LG Electronics, ZTE, and Ericsson have all pulled out this year citing the Coronavirus outbreak. There's no denying that places of interest like these events are the breeding ground for such viruses. There's definitely a potential risk of a further disease outbreak. © Reuters That being said, the WHO hasn't directed to cancel global conferences like MWC. And on top of that, the GSMA is also taking all the necessary measures that it can to keep the show floor safe and sanitized for the attendees. In addition to MWC, Huawei has also postponed its developersâ conference. It was scheduled to happen now, but it's now been postponed until the end of March. And when it comes to gaming, week 2 of the major League of Legends tournament has also been indefinitely delayed. The same is the case with Overwatch League matches. © Reuters Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X might also get delayed due to Coronavirus. So, yes, it's safe to say that a lot of things are affected due to the outbreak. And it only goes to show how much we rely on China for our needs, at least when it comes to tech. So far, more than 800 people across multiple nations have lost their lives due to the virus outbreak. We really hope the situation goes back to being normal in China and the infected people safely recover. View the full article
  2. Although Chandrayaan 2's Vikram Lander failed to make its intended soft-landing on the moon, the mission is still considered to be a success. However, it looks like ISRO really wants to get that lander on the lunar surface, and hence the organisation has begun work on a second attempt. Earlier this month, ISRO Chief K.Sivan had confirmed the government's approval for a spacecraft and a rover to land on the Moon's south pole. The mission is scheduled to take place next year, but it looks like work has already begun. © Reuters While addressing at a space event in Bengaluru, ISRO chief K. Sivan confirmed yet again that they've started working on the third lunar mission i.e Chandrayaan 3 . The mission will see the landing on an unmanned spacecraft near the Moon's south pole. "We have started working on our third lunar mission to land an unmanned spacecraft near the Moon's south pole. The project work has gained momentum to launch the lander and rover by early 2021," he said. India's first attempt to land on the lunar surface, in case you don't know, didn't go exactly as planned. The Vikram lander crash-landed on the Moon's surface due to a velocity glitch. The orbiter, however, didn't have any issues and it continued to send valuable info back to ISRO. © Reuters That being said, the next mission will not have an orbiter. ISRO will only be sending a lander and a rover to the moon, which means the mission might not be as expensive as the last one. Still, the lander, rover and the rocket itself will cost a total of Rs 610 crores, out of which Rs 360 crore will go towards the GSLV-MkIII launch vehicle. It's the same vehicle that successfully launched Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft on July 22, 2019. Source: Firstpost View the full article
  3. A couple of days ago, on a casual winter morning, I was scrolling through the endless hole that YouTube is and the websiteâs unusual algorithm randomly suggested a video by a channel called 'World Chase Tag'. The thumbnail showed a man flying off a scaffolding while chasing another man as the crowd cheered them on. âThis looks fun,â I thought to myself as I tapped on the video to start but what I saw, was far more incredible than what I had imagined! Rules: Set to take place in a set course also known as âThe Quadâ, there are two athletes in action at a given time. One is the Chaser, the other the Evader. As the names suggest, the Chaser has to chase down the Evader in less than 20 seconds to eliminate him from that round. If the Evader manages to stay out of reach for the round, his team gets one point. Whichever team manages to earn the most points after a predetermined number of rounds, wins the match. The sport requires the athletes to have speed, agility, flexibility and the parkouring skills of Arno Dorian himself. To be able to make quick decisions, use The Quad in the best way possible to increase and maintain the gap between you and the Chaser or to use the structures to take shortcuts while chasing, hot the game turns out to be, is completely dependent upon the two men present at the centre. With the on-the-feet commentary and an equally hyped-up crowd supporting either side, this sport, which is essentially a game of tag turned out to be an exciting treat for the eyes and the viewers end up completely awestruck by the level of action the sport presents. But what I found to be the best part about international âpakdam pakdaiâ was the fraternity it had formed all around the world. While a lot of sports now have athletes abusing and hitting each other in between a match in the name of competitiveness, WCT athletes believed in mutual respect after the 20 seconds were up. You will not find a single round after which the Evader and the Chaser do not embrace each other before they go back to their respective corners. Ultimately, thatâs what sports is all about. A lot of aggression on the field followed by companionship. View the full article
  4. Given a chance, would you decline the opportunity of looking at our lookalike in the eye? Probably not. Curiosity gets the better of us when presented with opportunities that promise exciting outcomes. Now, given that people say that at least six other people, besides ourselves, can stand in as our doppelgangers in this world, and research has confirmed that the likelihood of bumping into our doppelganger is only a 1 in a trillion chance, some Bollywood celebrities have been lucky enough to find their lookalikes, not only in this lifetime but in one of the worldâs most popular entertainment industry - Hollywood. Check out these 12 Bollywood celebrities and their Hollywood lookalikes: 1. Ranbir Kapoor - Ryan Gosling © Twitter Popular belief has it that Ranbir Kapoor and The Notebook heartthrob Ryan Gosling share quite a bit of resemblance and we think they are pretty close. 2. Alia Bhatt - Ariana Grande © Twitter Not just the face cut, Alia and Ariana even share similar smiles and dimples. This one is equally close weâd say. 3. Emraan Hashmi - Colin Farell © Twitter These two and their rugged handsome-ness has won many hearts. Emraan and Colin really do share the same set of eyes and jawline! 4. Katrina Kaif - Cobie Smulders © Twitter Robin and Katrina both make sexy and cute look absolutely smashing! 5. Hrithik Roshan - Bradley Cooper © Twitter Right from their light eye colour to their wide smiles, Hrithik and Bradley look every bit dapper and similar when placed side by side. 6. Parineeti Chopra - Hayden Panettiere © Twitter Though many believe itâs their almost same-to-same smile that does the trick, Parineeti and Hayden seem pretty much the same upon first look. 7. Aamir Khan - Tom Hanks © Twitter Both industry stalwarts share more than just similar looks. These two are known for their great films and great acting calibre too. 8. Dia Mirza - Anne Hathaway © Twitter The Princess Diaries actress looks so much like Diaâs sister, itâs an absolute sight to behold! 9. Abhay Deol - Mark Ruffalo © Twitter Both of these brilliant actors have a great number of women drooling over them for their smashing smiles and handsome looks. These two look pretty similar to us. 10. Preity Zinta - Drew Barrymore © Twitter The cutest girls in the industry, both Preity and Drew are great actors and share the same unassuming eyes and beautiful smiles. 11. Sanjay Dutt - Jean Reno © Twitter There is no denying how similar these two look, right from their eyes, to facial features and whatnot. 12. Esha Gupta - Angelina Jolie © Twitter There is a strange resemblance between these two beauties and weâre sure Esha loves this comparison! View the full article
  5. Samsung has already confirmed that the company will be hosting its “Unpacked” launch event on February 11, 2020. It is usually the time when Samsung announces new Galaxy S phones and this year the Galaxy S20 is expected to launch. A previous leak suggested that the Galaxy S11 will probably be called Galaxy S20 and we can expect three models this year from the South Korean giant. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla We kind of have an idea that the Galaxy S20 will feature some of the latest specifications thanks to a recent leak put together by Phone Arena which details every single piece of information about the three upcoming smartphones. In the below image, the three phones that will be launching are the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. © Phone Arena The Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the first Samsung phone to sport a periscope zoom camera which will be an exclusive feature for the handset. The Galaxy S20 is also expected to launch on March 6, if this leak by Phone Arena is to be believed. At the moment, Phone Arena's information cannot be verified, which is why we advise you to take this leak with a pinch of salt. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Pricing for the three smartphones also leaked, revealing a $799 price tag for the S20, $999 for S20+ and $1,099 for the S20 Ultra. The Indian prices for the smartphones are expected to be different as Samsung tends to price it a bit lower in India, thanks to the presence of their manufacturing units in the country. We will learn more about the three units closer to the reveal event where the prices and the launch date will be officially announced. Source: Phone Arena View the full article
  6. You know how when you stink so much that you just HAVE to spray on an entire bottle of deodorant on yourself? And, then you actually get in trouble for spraying so much deodorant that even the police gets involved? No? Well, one unlucky kid had to go through all of that. Basically, in Florida, a bunch of students on a school bus complained about a 'noxious' smell, and it was so bad that even the local fire department and emergency medical services came to inspect the 'hazardous material'. Any guess on what it was? Axe body spray, of course! To find the culprit behind the weird smell, Parrish Fire District Division Chief Mike Williamson had to interview all the thirty students that were on board the bus, and well, it didn't take long to find out the one kid smelling like a person who drowned in a tank of body spray. Talking to TODAY, he said, "Once I got down the line, I was able to determine it. Before I could even tell (one student) what I was looking for, I made a motion like I was spraying, and he handed me an empty bottle of the black Axe Body Spray. I could smell it all over him." © Parrish Fire Rescue What's hilarious is that the body spray was so obnoxious that about a third of the students were complaining about respiratory distress. Thankfully, none of them actually needed to go to the hospital. The chief further added, "We had heard reports from other community members that it's somehow a thing with kids spraying it all over each other to smell nice or prank each other. They must have watched a lot of episodes of 'Band of Brothers' because they would not say who did it." Well, at least they had each other's backs and that's what matters. Moral of the story: Spray on deodorant like a normal person, not a rotten fish. View the full article
  7. 2019 has been a kickass year for Realme. The company launched a ton of phones this year, along with some really good pair of earphones. Their Realme Buds Wireless, the ones that are tuned by DJ Alan Walker are one of our favourite pairs of earbuds to come out this year. Now, Realme is looking to wrap up the year on a strong note with the launch of a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Called Realme Buds Air, the new pair of earbuds look a lot like Apple's AirPods. Although Realme will be launching them in three different colours, so that's great. © Realme There's still a lot that we don't know about the Realme Buds Wireless, but we do know enough to be super excited to try them out. Realme says the Realme Buds Wireless will support instant pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 and will automatically connect to your device as soon as you open the charging case. Yes, it exactly how Apple's AirPods work. Besides that, Realme has also confirmed that the earbuds will house a 12mm driver and comes with touch controls for music and call management. Looks like you'll also be able to activate the Google Assistant with just a single touch. That's also pretty neat and very convenient. © Realme As for the pricing, well, Realme has confirmed the pricing, but a premature Flipkart listing of the buds may have revealed the price. Now, we're not sure if this will be actual pricing. For all we know, it could just be a placeholder for the product reveal. The Flipkart listing, which has now been removed from the website at the time of filing this story, revealed the price tag of Rs 4,999. Yes, that's quite a bit more than what the company launched the Realme Buds Wireless for. That being said, it's worth making a note that these earbuds are a lot more sophisticated. And besides that, the Realme Buds Air still cost a lot less than the Apple AirPods. We don't know how good the Realme Buds Air are since we haven't gotten our hands on one of them yet, but we can't wait to try it, so keep your eyes peeled for more info. View the full article
  8. Nick Jonas is a much better cook than me, reveals Priyanka ChopraUS singer Nick Jonas is a much better cook than me, revealed Priyanka Chopra as the couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary on Sunday.In an interview with Pinkvilla, the...
  9. ISLAMABAD: How much does Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan, earn? Details of her income were disclosed in parliament, on Friday. Details of Firdous' salary and benefits were disclosed in...
  10. When Lewis Hamilton crossed out the great Juan Manuel Fangio and joined the legendary Michael Schumacher F1 World Championships, there was little to no surprise especially with the statistics already in his favour. Congrats @LewisHamilton !! World champion again! Fantastic drive and consistency all season!! Bravo ððª pic.twitter.com/ra7bRY44eH — Fernando Alonso (@alo_oficial) November 4, 2019 Had he retired from the race Valterri Bottas would have had a shot at the title but the Englishman hasn't taken a leave of absence from work (non-technical retirement) since 2016 and that was 76 races ago. It is because of this level of consistency and talent that the 34-year-old had signed the greatest, most expensive deal of the F1 world when he got his new contract with the Mercedes in July 2018 that ensured him more than $40m per year until the end of the 2020 season. According to the Forbes list of the world's highest-paid athletes (2018-19), Hamliton was ranked 13th and had an annual income worth $55million with $10m coming solely from endorsements with brands like IWC watches, Puma, Monster Energy Drinks, Bose, and Police and was also the 49th on their list of 2019 Celebrity 100 Earnings. Ever since making his debut with McLaren in 2007, the now Mercedes driver shows off a career earnings worth $489 million (as of March 31, 2019) with the current net worth estimated to be at $242million (according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2019). Now that we know how much does Hamilton earn, let's find out how does he spend his fortune. Cars: It mustn't come as a surprise that a Formula 1 driver has a fleet of expensive and luxury cars in his garage but Hamilton's $17m car collection is a class apart: 1. Pagani Zonda 760 LH ($2.07m) © Instagram 2. 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra ($5.17m) © Instagram 3. LaFerrari ($1.29m) © Xposure 4. Mercedes-AMG Project One ($2.59m) © Instagram 5. Mercedes-AMG SLS Black ($297k) © Instagram 6. McLaren P1 ($2.59m) © Instagram 7. 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 ($1m) © Instagram 8. Mercedes-Maybach 6 and Mercedes - the Maybach S600 ($1.3m) © Instagram Jet: For not too long ago, Lewis oned a blood-red private jet and used to make his dogs travel in them when he missed them. However, the athlete recently sold the machine in order to reduce his carbon footprint, now that he wants to save planet earth. 1. Bombardier Challenger 605 ($32.33m) © Instagram Yacht: With the idea of going to different countries in his jet, Hamilton decided to get closer to seas and ended up spending $6.47m on a multi-storey yacht. Sunseeker 90 ($6.47m) © Instagram Properties: The man loves to travel and wishes to feel at home even when he's on foreign soil. The easiest way to feel that way? Buy a house wherever you go. Hamilton has a total of four luxurious properties for himself spread across our planet: 1. 4-Storey Mansion In London ($25m) © Instagram 2. Luxury Apartment in Monte Carlo ($15m) © Instagram 3. Penthouse in New York ($57m) © Instagram 4. Another Penthouse in Geneva (Price unknown) View the full article
  11. 2019 has been a great year for Ayushmann, so far, thanks to his back-to-back hits like Dream Girl and Article 15 that did really well at the box office. But his career is not limited to just acting, as he has proven time and again that his sartorial sensibilities are also always on point and we have not seen anyone dressed to the T as he does. From wearing asymmetrical silhouettes to making a statement in plastic joggers to opting for dapper flappy pants, he grants us all some serious styling lessons. And if you are considering taking lessons on elevating your fashion game, taking notes from Ayushmann will definitely help you. Recently, the boy-next-door made headlines again as he was spotted at the airport sporting a look that grabbed eyeballs. We noticed him wearing pants that look quite 'crushed'. And when we dug deeper, we were surprised to see that he legit owns the same pants in three different colours. Here take a look. 1. His recent airport outfit looked super stylish. He wore a hoodie and layered it over a basic tee and took the look a notch higher with green 'crushed' cargo pants. © Viral Bhayani 2. Ayushmann looks dandy in a vibrant jacket and t-shirt coupled with charcoal cargo pants. Again, the same pants just in another colour. View this post on Instagram Chemical Romance. . . @ayushmannk channels streetwear for a press con with @facebook. Wearing: . . Colour-Block Jacket: @dhruvvaish Printed Tee: @moschino @collectiveindia Cargos: @gstarraw @gstarraw_india Chunky Sneakers: @tommyhilfiger . . Assisted by @artisto_chic #moschino #gstarraw #cargopants #ootd #colourblock #tommyhilfiger #mensfashion #ayushmannkhurrana A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on Apr 12, 2019 at 9:20am PDT 3. He rocked a denim hoodie with khaki cargo pants and made a statement in this laid-back attire. View this post on Instagram Wild Wild West. . . @ayushmannk dressed for interviews in: Western Trucker: @calvinklein X Andy Warhol. Hoodie: @pawansachdeva22 Cargos: @gstarraw @gstarraw_india Chunky Sneakers: @filaindia Boveasorus . . Assisted by @artisto_chic #streetwear #MYCALVINS #truckerjacket #calvinklein #gstarraw #fila #andywarhol #mensfashion #ayushmannkhurrana A post shared by I S H A B H A N S A L I (@ishabhansali) on Apr 19, 2019 at 5:52am PDT These modern cargo pants are by G Star Raw that feature a tapered fit with contrast pocket detailing. These pants have deep, long pockets and comfortable cotton lining at the waist. The best part? They are available in many other versatile colours at Rs.10,000 in India. All in all, we love this idea, courtesy Ayushmann's stylist, Isha Bhansali who never fails to surprise us with her ace styling ideas. Keep up the game!
  12. A wise man once said, 'being healthy is the new rich' and I couldn't agree more with this thought. Having your medical records under check, maintaining a decent weight and BMI, and of course, eating a balanced and healthy diet is a rule that everyone must adhere to quite seriously. There should be a desire for everyone to not just be slim or look good, but be healthy, and this new trend has taken us millennials by storm. But even if you work out every day and eat healthy meals, you still need a fitness companion who can track your exercise, monitor your sleep pattern, heart rate and of course SpO2. Wondering where you can get all this? Well, the new HONOR Band 5 offers this and much more and we are so glad for it. Here's why it's a must-buy for every fitness enthusiast: 1. Unbeatable Design: It comes bundled with 2.5D Glass AMOLED touchscreen display, which is 0.95-inch and delivers rich colours, higher brightness at lower power consumption. The stylish watch faces will seamlessly complement your #OOTD. The Band comes in three strap options – Black, Blue and Pink. After you have connected your smartphone with the band, it displays notifications/messages on a real-time basis (you can select all your apps or choose among apps to get such notifications). Other features such as rejecting incoming calls, timer, stopwatch, etc. are also there. Huawei Health app again gives you all the interesting insights once synced and it gives you a very simply user interface to use. 2. SpO2 And Fitness Modes: The HONOR Band 5 is the first-ever tracker to introduce SpO2 that track blood oxygen saturation level for users to keep a better check of their health and fitness. It is also powered by 'TruSeen 3.0', an optical heart-rate monitor, coupled with infrared sensor and artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to measure heart rate much more accurately. Not only this the Band supports the ability to identify and accurately track 10 distinct fitness modes - outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, indoor walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine and four Swim stroke recognition - freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. 3. Sleep Tracking: It uses the HUAWEI TruSleep2.0 sleep detection technology to help ensure you get a sound and healthy sleep. The Band monitors and analyses sleeping heart rate and breathing, for sleep tracking at a glance. It is also given the capability to identify common sleeping problems, assesses and make suggestions to users for better sleep. Additionally, when the Band is able to detect when you are asleep and automatically switches to the infrared technology to monitor the heart rate and sleep which prevents visible light from affecting the rest quality 4. Music Control: The HONOR Band 5 has inbuilt features that let you control music as well. This feature supports an array of popular music apps to ensure enhanced customer experiences, such as Huawei Music, YouTube Go, Spotify and many more. You will be able to view the name of the track, adjust and control its volume, play, pause and skip tracks, effortlessly. The band is also equipped to find your phone and can be used to take photos by just lifting the wrist and using the band. 5. Battery Life And Water Resistance: The HONOR Band 5 lasts for almost 2 weeks on a single charge. Not only this, the band can be taken down to depths of up to 50 metres. Its six-axis sensor recognizes 4 swim strokes, records swimming speed, distance, calories and calculates the SWOLF score. Plus, you won't have to worry about keeping it on during a sprint through the rain or even a quick shower. HONOR is giving special discount on account of ongoing festivals and you can own it for just Rs 2,299. om Amazon as well as Flipkart.
  13. The 90s and early 2000s in India was an era apart. New things were coming our way and the world was opening up, to us Indians. Influence of western culture was becoming a bit more obvious and we could see it trickle through popular culture every now and then. Our most favourable pastime though was music and since English music was pouring in immensely, India decided to dive into absolute music diversity and produce some excellent music. That's when the entire era of popular Indian music arose and we couldn't get enough of it! Remember Luky Ali's 'O Sanam'? © Sony Well, looking back at that time is just another way to welcome nostalgia back into our lives. The songs were superb and catchy, the videos spoke about heartache, young people in love, daring women or happy times and the people in the video were memorable to say the least. Both men and women alike pursuing a career in acting or modelling would be a part of these videos, and of course we would all crush on them mighty hard! Some of them stayed on to become popular actors, actresses or models while the rest remained a one-hit wonder. Here's reminiscing back in time when life was simpler, and just watching that one woman in that one video made our day! Here are six women from popular videos back in the 90s and early 2000s we wish we had amidst us, even today! (1) Nauheed Cyrusi © Sony Music Entertainment Recently I was going through my Instagram account and suddenly I saw this profile that looked so familiar. When I opened it, there was a sunken feeling of nostalgia within! It was the 'piya basanti' girl. Remember her? Well, I am sure the kids from the 90s will definitely remember her. Also, looks like, she was stuck in a time capsule because she hasn't aged a bit! © Instagram (2) Shyla Lopez © Vevo The surreal beauty, Shyla Lopez was a rage in the 90s when we first saw her in Shaan's song 'Meri Soni, Meri Tamanna'. After that, she went onto feature in many more videos, the most popular one being 'Baho mein chalein aayo', where she played a Rajasthani tribal woman. She was seriously the one and only fantasy for the 90s boys! We found her on the internet again and she looks as hot as ever. © Facebook (3) Sushma Reddy © Femina She was mostly made popular in Sonu Nigam videos back in the 90s. Girl with the beautiful smile, Sushma is Sameera and Meghna Reddy's sister, who first appeared in TV commercials before getting a gig in the pop video world. She also went on to become a VJ with Channel V when it was launched and also hosted a show on Discovery Travel and Living. She's done a bunch of movies and now she produces her own projects. © Facebook (4) Michelle Innes © Spny Music Ent This marvellous striking Anglo-Indian beauty from Allahabad was breathtaking when we first saw her in Sonu Nigam's 'Is Kadar Pyaar hai' and then again in Euphoria's 'Dhoom Picchuk Dhoom'. She appeared on the Vogue India's cover in 2007 when her modelling career was at its peak but apart from that, our only memory of her was from 'Dhoom Picchuk Dhoom' and we absolutely fell in love with her then! © BCCL (5) Meghna Naidu © Sony Actress Meghna Naidu became an overnight sensation in her hit video 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman', where she was seen in a backless almost see through sequential top, most women wouldn't dare to wear in the early 2000s! A game changing baller, she made the 2000s more daring for women and we love her for that. Currently she acts, travels and also teaches dance! © Instagram (6) Shefali Jariwala © YouTube If you don't know her then your early 2000's were an absolute waste! The 90s hangover lasted till about mid 2000s where pop culture was becoming more radical and thought-provoking with the changing narratives. Shefali was definitely one of the main protagonists for this change with her 'Kanta Laga' video which became so popular, people almost forgot the original song! Her outfit was her showing off her thong, while wearing a pair of denims but in reality, the thongs were a part of the denim! She became popular as the 'thong girl' right after she was featured in the video. © Instagram So, there you go. Six charming beautiful girls from the 90s and early 2000s we can never forget even though they're a one-hit wonders and here's hoping these songs remain on a loop in our head, for the rest of our lives!
  14. Let's face it, it's hard to keep yourself from asking for that slice of pizza, or ordering more 'bhature'. Well, that's exactly why a company decided to make an electric bracelet that delivers a 350-volt shock every time you decide to splurge on junk food that you'd be better off without eating. Called 'Pavlok bracelet', this piece of wearable tech is a behavior training device that utilizes aversive conditioning. Aversive conditioning, in case you don't know, is essentially behavior training that uses negative stimuli and association to reaffirm a specific action as undesirable. So yes, it'll know when you're doing something that you're not supposed to be doing. That being said, this bracelet can be used to keep you away from not just junk food, but any bad habits that you've been wanting to get rid of. Having trouble saving money? Smoking too many cigarettes? You name it and they know. The bracelet is capable of delivering 150 shocks on a single charge, which isn't too bad for something that's capable of tracking and stopping you from doing what you're not supposed to do. It connects and pair to an app on your phone, which even your friends an family can download to keep a track of you. © Pavlok This bracelet is currently being sold online on Amazon in the US for $199. It sounds a little expensive, but we think it's reasonable considering the fact that it's designed to help you curb your bad habits and replace them with good ones that help you live a better life. We really hope they start selling this bracelet outside the US because we all have cravings that are waiting to be kicked!
  15. Yesterday's India versus Pakistan World Cup match at Old Trafford in Manchester came with its own shades of hope, expectations, disappointments and cheers. Fans thronged the stadium in huge numbers, and the stands came alive in shades of blue and green. Chants for India and Pakistan erupted sporadically every now and then, and the buzz was almost palpable on our side of the screen. © Twitter But amidst the height of all that craziness and raging levels of adrenaline owning to the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry, a couple's thoughtful yet meaningful jersey is going viral on Twitter for the heartwarming social message it delivers. © Twitter The couple in question wore a customised jersey that has been put together by combining half of the Indian jersey along with half of the Pakistani jersey. The end result is quite eye-catching, honestly. Spotted this couple at the #IndiaVsPakistan @cricketworldcup game and was intrigued by their jerseys! Husband is from Pakistan, wife from India so both stitched up India-Pak jerseys & wore them! Both are Canadians, watching the game in England, rooting for peace #SpiritofCricket pic.twitter.com/KrUjtkjFMn — Lakshmi Kaul (@KaulLakshmi) June 16, 2019 Posted by another cricket fan named Lakshmi Kaul, she tweeted this along with the picture, “Husband is from Pakistan, wife from India so both stitched up India-Pak jerseys & wore them! Both are Canadians, watching the game in England, rooting for peace #SpiritofCricket.” The tweet has since caused a buzz online with as many as 18K+ likes! Cricket fans from both the nations came together to praise this thoughtful move. That's exemplary stuff — Nida Khan Yousufzai (@NidaYousufzai) June 16, 2019 Awwwww... ð®ð³ððµð°... in the end, Love wins..#SpiritOfCricket — Tomy Pereira (@tomygilbert2000) June 16, 2019 Very kind gesture, We must never allow politics in the sport of cricket — Mustafa Mahmood (@MeMustefa) June 17, 2019 Just brilliant to see. I want peace too. ð®ð³â¤ï¸ðµð° — Jay Deshpande (@JayDeshpande8) June 17, 2019 At the end of the day, it is just a game and must not come in the way of the peace that both nations are striving to achieve.
  16. There is no denying that Ranveer Singh is synonymous with eccentricity at its best. The 'Gully Boy' star does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to going all out for every work commitment he has. © Twitter Last evening, Ranveer was at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester to cheer for Team India, as they faced Pakistan during the 22nd tie at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. He was there as much for the match, as he was to promote his upcoming movie '83, a biopic based on veteran cricketer Kapil Dev's life and India's 1983 World Cup win. © Twitter Sure enough, right from his over-the-top ensemble, with an overload of prints and oversized articles of clothing and gawky sunglasses, to the many quirky antics he pulled throughout the match, here is a list of things Ranveer did during the India versus Pakistan World Cup match yesterday, that are so Ranveer, he is trending on social media just as much as all else related to #IndVsPak. 1. Turned into a kickass anchor before the game began! Look who gave a low down of the BIG CLASH between India & Pakistan LIVE from Old Trafford before the start of the game - @RanveerOfficial himself #TeamIndia #INDvPAK #CWC19 ð®ð³ððð pic.twitter.com/NaNKOY5YEw — BCCI (@BCCI) June 16, 2019 He is good with words, no? One of #TeamIndia's biggest cheerleaders has been backing the Men in Blue and is pumped for the epic #INDvsPAK clash! 𤩠Watch @RanveerOfficial on #PhilipsHue #CricketLIVE NOW, only on Star Sports! pic.twitter.com/Ev0ONfZCGE — Star Sports (@StarSportsIndia) June 16, 2019 2. He didn't even spare the former English skipper, who seemed as taken by Ranveer's shades as any of us. View this post on Instagram Thanks for the shades @ranveersingh !! #1983 A post shared by Michael vaughan (@michaelvaughan) on Jun 16, 2019 at 8:13am PDT 3. Shared a laugh with his ex's husband. That's no laughing matter, mind you. How many of you can pull it off with as big as a smile as Ranveer, huh? View this post on Instagram Gully Boy meets Captain Kohli ð¥ð| @realbollywoodhungama . . . . . . . . #CWC19 #TeamIndia #Cricket #GullyBoy #INDvPAK #Bollywood #RanveerSingh #ViratKohli #ICCWorldCup2019 #WorldCup2019 #BollywoodHungama #BH #PhotoOfTheDay A post shared by Bollywood Hungamað¥ (@realbollywoodhungama) on Jun 16, 2019 at 8:00pm PDT 4. Had a quick dance sesh with Sunil Gavaskar on the classic 'Badan Pe Sitare' song. 5. People cannot stop praising Ranveer's knowledge about the game, and how his commentary and post-match discussions proved it. @RanveerOfficial You are killer Man #83 #INDvsPAK #WCC2019 pic.twitter.com/ejCb80oj1O — Vivek Mishra (@MishraVivekJi) June 16, 2019 #INDvsPAK #RanveerSingh A class actor with fabulous talent in cricket. Watching his opinion and discussion with Sir Sunil Gavaskar made us speechless. pic.twitter.com/b3EIGnGCFA — Laxminarayan Singh (@Laxmina66245173) June 16, 2019
  17. There is no denying that Ranveer Singh is synonymous with eccentricity at its best. The 'Gully Boy' star does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to going all out for every work commitment he has. © Twitter Last evening, Ranveer was at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester to cheer for Team India, as they faced Pakistan during the 22nd tie at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. He was there as much for the match, as he was to promote his upcoming movie '83, a biopic based on veteran cricketer Kapil Dev's life and India's 1983 World Cup win. © Twitter Sure enough, right from his over-the-top ensemble, with an overload of prints and oversized articles of clothing and gawky sunglasses, to the many quirky antics he pulled throughout the match, here is a list of things Ranveer did during the India versus Pakistan World Cup match yesterday, that are so Ranveer, he is trending on social media just as much as all else related to #IndVsPak. 1. Turned into a kickass anchor before the game began! Look who gave a low down of the BIG CLASH between India & Pakistan LIVE from Old Trafford before the start of the game - @RanveerOfficial himself #TeamIndia #INDvPAK #CWC19 ð®ð³ððð pic.twitter.com/NaNKOY5YEw — BCCI (@BCCI) June 16, 2019 He is good with words, no? One of #TeamIndia's biggest cheerleaders has been backing the Men in Blue and is pumped for the epic #INDvsPAK clash! 𤩠Watch @RanveerOfficial on #PhilipsHue #CricketLIVE NOW, only on Star Sports! pic.twitter.com/Ev0ONfZCGE — Star Sports (@StarSportsIndia) June 16, 2019 2. He didn't even spare the former English skipper, who seemed as taken by Ranveer's shades as any of us. View this post on Instagram Thanks for the shades @ranveersingh !! #1983 A post shared by Michael vaughan (@michaelvaughan) on Jun 16, 2019 at 8:13am PDT 3. Shared a laugh with his ex's husband. That's no laughing matter, mind you. How many of you can pull it off with as big as a smile as Ranveer, huh? View this post on Instagram Gully Boy meets Captain Kohli ð¥ð| @realbollywoodhungama . . . . . . . . #CWC19 #TeamIndia #Cricket #GullyBoy #INDvPAK #Bollywood #RanveerSingh #ViratKohli #ICCWorldCup2019 #WorldCup2019 #BollywoodHungama #BH #PhotoOfTheDay A post shared by Bollywood Hungamað¥ (@realbollywoodhungama) on Jun 16, 2019 at 8:00pm PDT 4. Had a quick dance sesh with Sunil Gavaskar on the classic 'Badan Pe Sitare' song. 5. People cannot stop praising Ranveer's knowledge about the game, and how his commentary and post-match discussions proved it. @RanveerOfficial You are killer Man #83 #INDvsPAK #WCC2019 pic.twitter.com/ejCb80oj1O — Vivek Mishra (@MishraVivekJi) June 16, 2019 #INDvsPAK #RanveerSingh A class actor with fabulous talent in cricket. Watching his opinion and discussion with Sir Sunil Gavaskar made us speechless. pic.twitter.com/b3EIGnGCFA — Laxminarayan Singh (@Laxmina66245173) June 16, 2019
  18. Remember Robin Arryn? The kid who was never weaned off of Lisa Arryn in the earlier seasons of 'Game Of Thrones'? Here's a little background on this kid in case you've forgotten: Jon Arryn was like a father to Rob Stark and was the Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon. Upon his death, Catelyn receives a letter that says that Jon Arryn was murdered. This leads Ned to leave everything and head South to help Robert with his falling kingdom. This was the initial conflict on 'Game Of Thrones' which lead to the domino effect of chaotic events and thousands of gruesome deaths that lead us to where we are today. © HBO In the swan song of 'Game Of Thrones', the producers decided to give closure to the characters we had long forgotten about. Among the list was Robin Arryn and boy, do we love the glow up. Take a look: And IRL too, the actor Lino Schmidek Facioli has grown up really fine. Here: View this post on Instagram Big thanks to @cs.manning and @si.sus.dop for this sneak peak of 'Isha' a short film I had the joy of being able to take part in earlier this year. can't wait for the premiere #ishathefilm @ishathefilm #shortfilm A post shared by Lino Schmidek Facioli (@lino.facioli) on Aug 29, 2018 at 9:57am PDT And this. View this post on Instagram Is it my bike? No. Is it my cap? Sort of. Is it my #Aesthetic? Definitely. A post shared by Lino Schmidek Facioli (@lino.facioli) on Aug 28, 2018 at 2:19pm PDT Also this picture. View this post on Instagram Last day there #nofilter #brasil #praia #beach #mar #sea (photo credits to @leticiakamada ) A post shared by Lino Schmidek Facioli (@lino.facioli) on Aug 9, 2017 at 11:03am PDT And here's Twitter losing it. Some of the reactions are honestly hilarious. I guess all that breast milk finally paid off! #gameofthrones #robinarryn pic.twitter.com/cQHUOBOi4T — Lu (@forest_petal) May 20, 2019 And we agree. #RobinArryn longbottomed 𤣠THAT GLOW UP #gameofthrones pic.twitter.com/FtI14b2TcI — eau de Daeguni ð¹âï¸ (@daeguni_hamjji) May 20, 2019 Robin Arryn has been lucky that way. How sad puberty didn't hit me like this. #RobinArryn #TheFinalEpisode pic.twitter.com/AHmbglGgMQ — d h a y n e (@DhayneMax) May 20, 2019 *Changing diet plan to everything milk.* Milk does the body good. #mothersmilk #Robinarryn pic.twitter.com/Ex8Krb9H7V — Val Pal (@vlara888) May 20, 2019 And lastly, arguably the only good thing that came out of this episode. The only thing I will take away from any of that is that #robinarryn grew up damn fine #TheFinalEpisode — Robyn (@bionictoaster) May 20, 2019
  19. Academy Award winner, AR Rahman is one of the finest musicians the world has ever seen, who has made the country proud at various occasions. After all, there's a reason why people by default add music maestro before his name. With his soulful music, AR Rahman has managed to touch, change and inspire many lives. Recently, one of them decided to express his gratitude to Rahman in his own unimaginable, yet heartwarming style. (c) Reuters Chanderr, who calls himself Rahman's 'biggest fan ever' recently bought his dream car, a BMW and dedicated it to his idol by inscribing his name on the number plate. The car's number plate now reads, 'I love ARR'. While sharing the images on Twitter, he wrote that he wanted the car to have his idol's name on it and further thanked Rahman for changing his life with music. @arrahman I might be your biggest fan ever. Today I bought my dream car and I knew I'd cherish it for a long time. I wanted the car to have my idol's name on it. Thank you for changing my life with your music. #ARRahman pic.twitter.com/zBC4GW0c3O — à«Chander (@chanderr) May 17, 2019 Amongst the hundreds of wishes and likes he got on his post, one was from the music maestro himself, who congratulated Chanderr for his car. He wrote, 'Mubaarak God bless' on his Instagram post and later advised him to 'Drive Safely' on Twitter. The magic moment when the man himself comments on my post :) @arrahman @arrahmanfans pic.twitter.com/tZr41IYu2v — à«Chander (@chanderr) May 17, 2019 Although we aren't sure if he can drive the car on roads with this number plate, his gesture sure is commendable. Drive safely ð https://t.co/NPkYBETTLb — A.R.Rahman (@arrahman) May 18, 2019 If there is anything more special than Rahman's music, it is his fans who at times go to extreme lengths to prove their love for him. According to reports, Rahman is currently busy promoting 'Le Musk', his directorial project, at the Cannes Film Festival. He is also busy with his project '99 Songs', a movie that Rahman is producing and stars debutant Ehan Bhat in lead role.
  20. Dheeraj Dhoopar is more than just a boy next door. He's popularly known for his acting in the serial 'Sasural Simar Ka', and 'Kundali Bhagaya'. Previously a model, Dheeraj Dhoopar is going to now be seen on TV in the new show 'Dance India Dance' as the anchor of the show. DID is one of the biggest Indian dance reality TV shows. The Indian TV scene is in a flux right now with brilliant actors and never before seen creativity taking centerstage. Dheeraj Dhoopar comes in the category of actors with stellar acting abilities who dazzle onscreen (he's so versatile he can romance a fly also) and off-screen with his stunning fashion sensibility. So here are five times Dheeraj Dhoopar dazzled us with his killer style. 1. Confused on how to work the denim on denim? Exhibit A, courtesy Dheeraj Dhoopar. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 2. When in doubt, one should always layer. If however, you're confused on how to pull off monochrome layering, take inspiration from here. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 3. Sunglasses should be your arsenal to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun but make sure they're not boring by picking a versatile design that suits your face cut. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 4. Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple that every man should invest in. In Winters, they come in handy when you have an impromptu date night. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 5. Men who are willing to experiment with colours and prints stand out from the crowd rather easily. Take a look at this quirky two piece that suits Dhoopar's frame seamlessly. © Dheeraj Dhoopar
  21. We're still a few days away from the official launch of the new OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. However, we already know pretty much everything about the phone, including its pricing. Yes, we just learned that the OnePlus 7 Pro will retail in India for a starting price of Rs 49,999 for the base variant of the phone with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. You will also be able to pick up the variant with 8GB RAM and 256G internal storage for Rs 52,999, or you can go all in and get the high-end variant with a whopping 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage for Rs 57,999. Exclusive: Here's the #OnePlus7Pro India Pricing: 6GB+128GB: â¹ 49,999 8GB+256GB: â¹ 52,999 12GB+256GB: â¹ 57,999 Disclaimer- Prices MAY change before launch under some circumstances and I can't be 100% sure about such leaks.#OnePlus7 Pro #OnePlus7Series #OnePlusIndia pic.twitter.com/Rgo2oD8kpA — Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) May 4, 2019 The prices are a bit high compared to the previous OnePlus smartphones, but that's not really a surprise considering the fact that we are talking about the Pro variant of the phone here. There's no information about the prices of the regular OnePlus 7, but we think it'll comparatively cheaper. As always, it's worth pointing out that these aren't the official prices confirmed by the company. These prices were put out by Ishan Agarwal, a noted leaker with a good track record. But even he tweeted the pricing with a disclaimer, so we suggest you take it with a pinch of salt. By the way, he also noted that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be available in Mirror Grey, Nebula Blue, and Almond color variants. The new phones, as mentioned earlier, will be officially launched in a couple of weeks time, so stay tuned for more details.
  22. Now that 'Avengers: Endgame' has made it to the list of top ten highest-grossing films of all time, it's safe to say that the movie has already made a dent in the box office. But if that wasn't a big deal for you, then here are some mind-boggling figures that tell us how much “The Avengers” earned from the flick. The folks over at the THR managed to get a hold of some classified info and they've revealed how much the Avengers stars have earned from the movie. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Avengers: Endgame (@avengers) on Mar 26, 2019 at 10:12am PDT Robert Downey Jr., who played the role of Iron Man for over 10 years to become the face of the franchise, is said to have walked away with the fattest paycheck of about $75 million for Infinity War, which roughly translates to over Rs 524 crores. Yes, Downey has apparently signed a unique financial negotiation with Marvel to 'receive backend profit on the series'. If that wasn't enough, Downey is said to have earned as much as $5 million per day for a three-day work schedule on 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth, who signed a five-year deal with Marvel Studios in 2010 for the role of Thor is said to draw a salary of $15 million to $20 million (Rs 140 Crore). Captain America, played by Chris Evans, apparently renegotiated his deal with the studio before Endgame, and his pay scale is also said to stand between $15 million to $20 million. © Marvel Scarlett Johansson is also said to be drawing figures in the $20 million range for her role of Black Widow in the MCU. She'll soon be starring and producing a standalone Black Widow movie. As for the other MCU stars, the bonuses and earnings are structured around the franchise's box office run. While we don't have the complete picture in front of us, these figures give us an idea of how much each of these stars are drawing from the franchise's popularity. Things are only going to get interesting in the MCU, as a lot of these characters will return for shows that have been planned for Disney+.
  23. Mark Ruffalo and Avengers spoilers go hand in hand. I'm sorry, but he has brought the title of 'King of Spoilers' upon himself. Well, actually, he shares that with Tom Holland, to be honest. As Robert Downey Jr puts it, he is a repeat offender and has accidentally revealed so much more than he was supposed to so many times. But, it has always somehow worked in his favour, keeping him from 'getting fired' from Marvel aside. We can talk about the various occasions he let something out about these million-dollar movies - and we will, everyone wants to see Mark's greatest hits - but the biggest faux pas has to be the 'Thor: Ragnarok' incident. In case you don't remember, Mark genuinely gave out spoilers when he forgot to end his Instagram Live right as the movie started at the premiere. That was one of the best and the worst and the most hilarious things ever. He's talked about the immediate reaction to this before when some from Disney had to come and tell him to shut off his phone. Well, looks like he'll never leave it behind because even the Avengers are still talking about it. Recently, the OG Avengers and Kevin Feige sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about 'Endgame' while not actually talking about 'Endgame'. Scarlett Johansson talked about how much this press tour was stressing her out, she said, “I'm gonna have PTSD from this [press tour.] I mean, honestly, it is so stressful. At the end of every day, I lie awake at night and I think about all the things I almost said. It gives me panic.” But, obviously no one knows that stress like Mark and he made sure to tell that to everyone. At that point, RDJ called him a “repeat offender”, but Mark's been to reeducation camp now, apparently. Then the conversation drifted to Mark talking about the biggest thing he has spoiled and Ragnarok won because “that was the one that got him the call from up high.” But, Chris Hemsworth came to his defence. He said, “Wait, wait, that was actually genius! There might be some strategy there, because [the audience] laughed so hard during that [footage]. All [viewers] could hear was laughing. They went, “It must be good!” Even Mark agrees that it was some of the best unplanned promotion ever. He said, “It sort of turned around on me because when I came to work on Monday [on the set of Endgame] everyone ran up to me. I thought they were coming to scream at me — Barry, he threw his arms around me. 'That was genius! We got more press than we could have possibly paid for!'” Well, all's well that ends well? I mean, Marvel will probably still not trust Mark completely and that's understandable but it's great that he got to see a silver lining to this debacle. Good for you, Mark!
  24. People didn't wait for their exam results as desperately as they are waiting for the final season of 'Game Of Thrones' to drop. And with each passing day, the wait is only getting harder. © HBO While season 8 is still a few days away, the GOT fever arrived early for Mumbaikars all thanks to the Aarambha Dhol Tasha Pathak. On Saturday, people in Maharashtra and most parts of the country were submerged in the celebrations of Gudi Padwa. So was the Aarambha Dhol Tasha Pathak but in their own way. How? By making everyone groove to the beats of dhol-tasha with 'Game Of Thrones' music in the background. © YouTube Who could have thought of playing dhol to the intro track of GoT, on Gudi Padwa? Well, this group did and their performance gave goosebumps to everyone, including the people who watched it on the internet later. © YouTube The band is famous for their energetic performances during Ganesh Utsav, Makarsankranti, Navratri and more. And this time, they chose to surprise everyone with their GoT performance and we're glad they did. The video's description reads, "Aarambha dhol tasha pathak performing on (Game of Thrones) in Dombivli Gudhipadwa shobhayatra with fusion of traditional instruments #Bulbul (Benjo) and Dhol Tasha." Desi fans are so impressed with this cover that some even joked that they want Daenerys to do Lavni while fighting the White Walkers.
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