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Found 131 results

  1. Kevin Feige had said Imaan Vellani's Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will also be featured in future MCU films
  2. The guide directs people to plan meals in advance so that they don't have to go to the store repeatedly to shop
  3. The 30-year-old-woman says she was 'asked to wipe the blood and 'beaten up with slippers' after arriving in a bleeding state
  4. Corbyn criticised prime minister Johnson for his overall attitude towards women and reminded him of making offensive remarks
  5. Do you think Indiaâs greatest strength lies in its numbers? The truth is far from it. Indiaâs biggest strength lies in the unity and sense of community that Indians share amongst themselves. Regardless of our caste, class or creed, we take pride in being Indians first and thatâs why we saw so many people coming to the rescue of their brethren, particularly members of the Muslim community during the recent Delhi riots. © Twitter Such selfless acts donât go unnoticed and those on the receiving end remember the kind gesture and helping hand others extend towards them. Just like this Muslim groom from Gidderbaha in Punjab, who came up with a very special way of expressing his gratitude towards the Sikh families in Delhi who came forward to give food and shelter to Muslims during Delhi violence. A wedding occurred in Giddharbah where a Muslim groom tied a turban in honor of Sikhs helping Muslims in Delhi riots. The Muslim groom and over 100 plus Muslims in the wedding tied turbans for communal harmony.#DelhiViolance pic.twitter.com/LmprVg0s2y â Reshma Alam (@reshma_alam9) March 5, 2020 Named Abdul Hakeem, he recently wore a turban to his wedding in solidarity with the Sikhs who helped Muslims in Delhi. Even his family and in-laws were supportive of Abdulâs decision and praised him for sending out a positive social message through this act. © Twitter Talking to Tribune, Abdulâs father-in-law said, âMy son-in-law has given a message of communal harmony. A true Muslim is identified not only by his cap but also by his honesty. In the same vein, a true Sikhâs identity is not only his turban, but also his Gursikhi.â These Sikh men in India traveled to show solidarity with Muslim men, in times of growing intolerance in the country. pic.twitter.com/4X22c2RY9v â Amnesty International (@amnesty) March 3, 2020 Itâs true when they say no religion supports hate or violence and Abdul has simply reminded us of the fact that India is so special, because it gives us hope that peace and communal harmony are not utopian concepts. That despite following different faiths, we can be true to the biggest religion - humanity. Our unity and solidarity is the only way forward today and all it takes for us to keep it alive is a little faith in each other and a desire to live together in harmony. View the full article
  6. There was not a single word by President Trump on India?s unilateral annexation of Kashmir and denial of basic rights of 8 million Kashmiris under Indian occupation
  7. Scores of angry protesters in Nankana Sahib are seen in a screenshot obtained from social media. Twitter/Screenshot via Geo.tvLAHORE: A young Sikh woman from Nankana Sahib in Punjab on Thursday said that she had married a Muslim man of her own free will and converted to Islam for him, reported The News. Jagjeet Kaur, while appearing in the hearing of a case related to her conversion and marriage at the Lahore High Court, said in the courtroom that she had married Muhammad Hassaan and wished to stay with him. Kaur had been brought to the court from Darul Aman under strict security arrangements to attend hearing of a petition by her brother seeking determination of her age. Also read: PM Imran seeks report on Nankana Sahib incident as Punjab police apprehend main accused in case The petitioner claimed that his sister was not of age to take decisions about her marriage or religious conversion of her own accord. Justice Syed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi also allowed petitioner Manmohan Singh to have a meeting with his sister in the court. After the meeting, Kaur told the court that her brother tried to persuade her to go back home but she did not want to go with him. The girl was given the name of Ayesha after her conversion. Singh claimed that his sister was under pressure and needed to be given more time to make a final decision. The investigating officer in the case also asked the court to adjourn proceedings in light of the law and order situation in the area. Also read: Protesters in Nankana Sahib disperse after assurance of justice Angry protesters had last week had become embroiled in a scuffle with the police in Nankana Sahib over the arrest of some unidentified individuals in a case involving the marriage of a young couple. The protesters had dispersed after negotiations with the government who assured them of justice. The main culprit accused of orchestrating a demonstration near the Sikh holy site in the small town of Nankana Sahib in Punjab was arrested for his role in the affair, according to a representative of the provincial government. The judge hearing the case related to the marriage of the young couple has adjourned further hearings till January 23 and sent the girl back to the Darul Aman.
  8. We're ending the year with another hilarious mix-up by a politician, the perfect way to say goodbye to 2019. Someone tried to fool Pakistan's former Interior Minister Rehman Malik and he fell for it, rather spectacularly. Basically, someone tagged him in a tweet which said that this is an Indian actress who's wearing a hijab to show solidarity with Indian Muslims protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and he obviously only had positive things to say about it. The catch, though, was that one of the women in the pictures shared was Mia Khalifa, and well, she doesn't need any introduction. May God really bless her. The tweet is now gone, for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean he won't get trolled for this hilarious mix-up. Senator Rehman Malik gives his blessings to pornstar Mia Khalifa for showing solidarity with Indian Muslims. pic.twitter.com/GwlSKlvuf8 — Naila Inayat नायला à¤à¤¨à¤¾à¤¯à¤¤ (@nailainayat) December 30, 2019 Wait, it gets worse. Apparently, Senator Malik thinks he will get Indian govt with the help of pornstars. Chalo, there's still hope there.. pic.twitter.com/MKlTvAzlU1 — Naila Inayat नायला à¤à¤¨à¤¾à¤¯à¤¤ (@nailainayat) December 30, 2019 There's one person who can probably feel Rehman Malik's pain as this is almost exactly what happened to former Pakistan envoy Abdul Basit. Remember when this happened? Former Pakistani high commissioner to India Abdul Basit, mistakes Johnny Sins for a Kashmiri man who lost vision from pellet. Unreal times these, really. pic.twitter.com/9h1X8V8TKF — Naila Inayat नायला à¤à¤¨à¤¾à¤¯à¤¤ (@nailainayat) September 2, 2019 Hmm. Eska Matlab Rahman Malik sareef aadmi hai....fawad aur sheikh Rashid hote to wo pahchàn jaate... — in the end it does not even matter (@jio_jeene_do) December 30, 2019 Fact check, always. Abdul Basit made Johnny sins a Kashmiri pellet gun victim. Now Senator Rehman Malik made a Lebanese woman an 'influential' actress from Indian regional films!!! @majorgauravarya https://t.co/m0duWL7xMq — Aishwarya Palagummi (@APalagummi) December 30, 2019 Isn't it a good thing that they don't know who these women are? What's with Pakistani politicians/diplomats and pornstars? First Abdul Basit and Johnny Sins, now Rehman Malik. Shah Mehmood Qureshi will jointly address the UN with Lana Rhoades next? https://t.co/9tyw5CjZUL pic.twitter.com/pkchtxjfPL — Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) December 30, 2019 For sure. May god bless her https://t.co/x1ABo4VfYQ — Shashank Trivedi (@sshashanktrive1) December 30, 2019 View the full article
  9. India takes pride in its diversity. Be it linguistic, cultural or religious diversity, all of it has been an inherent part of India's social fabric that the entire world has taken note of. But as this diversity undergoes scrutiny in the country at the moment, yet another incident has come to light which only reaffirms the fact that regardless of our personal faiths, Indians will continue to treat humanity as their religion. © BCCL Recently, Hindu neighbours in Kanpur decided to form a human-chain around a baraat headed for a niqah in the curfew-imposed locality. The heartwarming incident came to pass following a phone call from the groom, who informed the bride Zeenat's uncle that it seemed difficult for the baraat to reach the wedding venue as per schedule, given the on-going curfew in the violence-hit city. © Twitter While Zeenat's uncle Wajid sat with other relatives and debated over the next course of action, word got out and their neighbour Vimal Chapadiya heard about the family's plight. Following this, he gathered two other friends Somnath and Neeraj Tiwari, who along with other locals, escorted the baraat to the wedding venue by forming a human chain around them. © BCCL The 70 baraatis reached the venue without any difficulty with the help of 50 Hindus who stood guard over their safety. Vimal and the others stayed back until the bidai ceremony, and when Zeenat came back, she rushed to meet “Vimal bhaiya” whom she thinks of as her “farishta”. As for Vimal, this is what he had to say, “I have seen Zeenat grow up. She is like my younger sister. How could I let her heart be broken? We are neighbours and I had to stand with the family in times of distress.” We'd love to see more of this, wouldn't we? View the full article
  10. With protests going on throughout the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the entire country divided over it, here's a heartwarming story of an Indian helping another Indian just for the sake of humanity that perfectly shows the spirit of the country. In Uttar Pradesh's Firozabad district, Ajay Kumar, a policeman, was surrounded by a violent mob and was getting beaten, but was rescued before any injuries turned fatal. Hajji Qadir, a local resident of the area, became his saviour and rescued him from the mob. © ANI He didn't stop there, though. He even took Ajay Kumar back to his home before taking him to the police station. Talking about the incident and the injuries he sustained on his hand, the cop said, "He came like a God. If he hadn't come, they would have killed me." He added, "Aise log bahut kam milte hain, sahab." It's kind of bittersweet hearing that last line since everyone should be like this, helping another person in need, but it's honestly so rare. Ajay Kumar further added, "He gave me water and his clothes and assured I will be safe. He took me to the police station later." © ANI In an interview, Hajji Qadir said, "I was told a policeman has been surrounded by the mob. He was severely injured, I assured him that I will save him. I didn't know his name at the time, what I did was for humanity." See, this is how it's supposed to be, helping people just for the sake of helping them, just for humanity. Massive shoutout to Hajji Qadir for just being an incredible person. For sure. You are a Saviour Hajji Qadir. Take a bow. https://t.co/WiDCcmzpd9 — Ravikant Rai (@RavikantRai2) December 27, 2019 Hero is the right word. Here's another conscientious soul, another hero, Hajji Qadir: https://t.co/LyPfnEt0dx #standunited #Indiaunited #againstCAA #againstNRC #NRC_CAA — Maaz bin Bilal Ùعاذ ب٠بÙا٠(@Maazme) December 27, 2019 Yep. India is alive in angels like you sir! #HajjiQadir — Karthik Ganesan (@Karthikgtweets) December 27, 2019 View the full article
  11. A protester holds a placard during a demonstration against India´s new citizenship law in Mumbai on December 26, 2019. Photo: AFPMEERUT: Zaheer Ahmed had just returned home from work in northern India last Friday afternoon and stepped out for a smoke before lunch. Minutes later, he was dead, shot in the head. His death, and the killing by gunfire of four other Muslim men the same afternoon in the mainly Muslim neighbourhood, made it the most intense burst of violence in two weeks of protests. India has been convulsed by the broadest unrest in at least seven years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government brought in a law that many see as discriminatory against Muslims, who make up 14 per cent of the population. All of the families of the five dead men say they were shot and killed by police as a protest flared against the new law. Reuters could not independently verify those accounts, and none of the more than 20 individuals Reuters interviewed saw police open fire. Police say they used baton charges and teargas, and opened fire to control the crowd but did not kill anyone. Police add that the men must have been killed by violent armed protesters whose shots went astray. An investigation into the violence is under way. In the aftermath, distrust and anger between the Muslim community in the area where the deaths happened and security forces has deepened, as protests to the law enter their third week. Read also: Blindspot to backlash: Modi and BJP misread the mood The clashes on December 20 erupted around Lisari Gate after Friday afternoon’s Muslim prayers. Residents say police broke several CCTV cameras in the area before the violence began. Reuters was unable to independently verify those accounts, but did review CCTV footage from two cameras on shops in the area. In both cases, the footage ends abruptly after a policeman waving a baton is seen trying to hit the cameras. Akhilesh Singh, the police superintendent of the Meerut City zone, said police had not destroyed any cameras and that all of the victims were involved in what he called rioting. “Obviously they must be in the midst of the violence. That’s why they must have been killed,” Singh told Reuters. Police have cracked down on the demonstrations that have spread across India, but Uttar Pradesh state, where Meerut is located, has seen the worst violence. At least 19 of 25 deaths have taken place there. Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state with roughly 200 million people, is ruled by a Hindu priest and has a history of deadly Hindu-Muslim clashes. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said in a televised statement last week that he would take “revenge” against those behind the violence and make them pay for the public damage. How Zaheer died Zaheer Ahmed’s home lies in a jumble of lanes that make up the crowded Lisari Gate area. The 45-year-old, who sold cattle fodder for a living, had colored his hair that day for a family wedding, said his 22-year-old niece Shaheen. When Zaheer returned from work, he told Shaheen that he wanted to smoke and stepped out to go to a small stall in the next lane that sold beedis, the small Indian cigarette. Read also: India reacts angrily to Malaysian PM's criticism of controversial citizenship law Zaheer’s friend Naseem Ahmed was standing in the lane across the beedi stall at the time, Naseem said. He described seeing Zaheer buy the beedi and sit down on a ledge next to the shop. Around that time, there was chaos on the main road beyond the lanes, Shaheen and several other residents said. They said they could hear the sound of people screaming and saw teargas clouds. Many men ran into the lanes, some followed by police. “I suddenly saw Zaheer fall down,” said Naseem, adding that he had seen some policemen rushing into the lane just before. “I thought he fell unconscious. It all happened within minutes.” Through the clouds of teargas, Shaheen said she heard someone scream that Zaheer had been shot. Neighbours brought his body home. “I don’t know who engaged in the violence, but my husband didn’t,” said his wife Shahajahan. “Why did they kill my innocent husband? How can they kill innocent people?” The families of the other four men who died that day said the men were either out for work or prayers when they were hit by gunfire. None of them have received post-mortem reports. According to their families, Mohammed Mohsin was buying fodder for cattle. Asif, a tire mechanic, had stepped out to fix tires at someone’s home. Another man called Asif, a rickshaw-driver, was returning home after prayers. Aleem Ansari had gone to the restaurant where he worked making rotis, the Indian bread. Many people in the impoverished area use just one name. 'Deadly force'Thousands of people have taken to streets across India to demand the government rescind the Citizenship Amendment Act enacted by parliament on December 11. It gives minorities who migrated from three neighboring countries a path to citizenship, except for Muslims. Critics say it is an attack on India’s secular foundations. “He was shot dead by police. They shot him in the head and killed him,” said Ansari’s mother Saira. “I swear if I find that policeman I will not spare him.” Read also: Modi says citizenship law not anti-Muslim as protests continue across India Reuters reviewed a copy of a case report of the violence that day that police registered at the Lisari Gate police station. The report dated December 20 includes a police officer’s statement that a crowd of about 1,000 protesters armed with sticks charged down the main road at around 2:30pm. Police asked them to disperse, saying the large gathering was not permitted, according to the police report. The officer who filed it, Ajay Kumar Sharma, did not immediately respond to calls for comment. “Suddenly there was chaos when the crowd started pelting stones at us and firing at us,” the report says. In response, police used batons and fired tear gas and rubber bullets, the statement says. Singh, the Meerut police superintendent, said the police and paramilitary personnel around Lisari Gate that day were armed with AK-47 rifles, pistols and chilli bombs. Human Rights Watch has said Indian police have used “unnecessary, deadly force” in controlling the protests. At a hospital in Meerut, two paramilitary policemen being treated said they were injured when fired at by protesters last Friday. A doctor said they had been treated for bullet injuries on the leg and forearm. When asked about civilians who had been shot and killed, one of them, Vidya Dhar Shukla, sat up on his bed. “There was so much chaos, who knows where the damned people died?” “If I had a gun I would fire at them that day,” he said. “India shouldn’t harbor such snakes.”
  12. An Indian Muslim student on Monday refused to accept the gold medal at the Pondicherry University in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the contentious law passed by the Indian government that has triggered protests around the country. Rabeeha Abdurehim, who secured first position in the post-graduate department of Mass Communication, said she was asked to come out of the hall where the convocation was taking place. The special superintendent of police wanted to speak to the student. Rabeeha said maybe police was apprehensive about her stance on the controversial citizenship law. “When I asked the police officers why was I not being allowed to take part in the event, they said they were not sure but the SSP wanted it this way,” Rabeeha said. Rabeeha said the gold medal was "an insult to me and every student fighting against whatever is happening right now. This is my way of protest and it was in solidarity with all the students around India… With every boy, girl, Muslim, Hindu and every Indian out there fighting against CAA and NRC (National Register of Citizens)”. When she was later allowed to enter the hall after the president had left, Rabeeha accepted the certificate but rejected the gold medal. At least 25 people have died in 11 days of demonstrations and violence after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government passed the law, which is being criticised and seen by most as anti-Muslim. More protests took place Sunday and on Monday. The demonstrations have been largely peaceful but protesters have also hurled rocks and torched vehicles, while heavy-handed police tactics including the storming of a Delhi university a week ago have fuelled anger. The law gives religious minority members — Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Christians, and Buddhists — from three neighbouring Islamic countries an easier path to citizenship but not if they are Muslim. Islamic groups, the Indian opposition, and others at home and abroad fear this forms part of Modi’s aim to marginalise India’s 200 million Muslims and remould the country as a Hindu nation, something he denies. Authorities have imposed emergency laws, blocked internet access — a common tactic in India — and shut down shops in sensitive areas across the country in an attempt to contain the unrest. More than 7,500 people have either been detained under emergency laws or arrested for rioting, according to state officials, with 5,000 in Uttar Pradesh state alone where 17 people have been killed.
  13. As Bollywood remains silent, Hollywood star John Cusack extends support to Muslim students As people took to social media to question the silence of Bollywood actors over the Indian police crackdown against Jamia Milia Islamia University in New Delhi, a Hollywood star has come out in support of the students.John Cusack, the actor known for his role in blockbuster apocalyptic movie 2012, sent out a string of tweets condemning the violence perpetrated by the Indian police."Fascists in India trying to set students against each other -To cover for economic collapse of demonetization but they are standing together in solidarity with their Muslim brothers & sisters - This is fascism everywhere- them or us," he wrote. "Reports from Delhi are it was a war zone last night--Fascism is not a joke--we use the word with the understanding it's deadly," the actor said in another tweet.He also shared a video of the attack and many quotes from human rights activist and renowned author Arundhati Roy on the situation.He said the current situation has pushed Indian economy into ICU, chaos and civil war.
  14. In a historic verdict, the Supreme Court announced on November 9 that the disputed land in Ayodhya will be used for the construction of a Ram temple. They further announced that a five-acre land in the area will be given to the Muslim community for the construction of a mosque. In fact, everyone around the world was talking about it because #AyodhyaVerdict was a top trend not just in India but across the world. Not just Ayodhya Verdict, but the hashtag #HinduMuslimBhaiBhai was also trending on Twitter with people sharing messages of peace, love and communal and religious harmony. © Twitter In a moving gesture, now 21 organisations representing indigenous Assamese Muslims have decided that they will donate Rs 5 lakh to the trust that is responsible for the construction of Ram Mandir. According to the Times Of India, the organisations under JSPA (Jonogusthiya Somonnoy Parishad Asom) said that this 'decision is an expression of solidarity of the indigenous Muslims with the country's unity and the "cherished aspiration" of the Hindus to see the temple constructed in Ayodhya'. JSPA chairman Syed Muminul Aowal, said "We are happy that the protracted dispute has been resolved through historic judgement of the Supreme Court. We will donate Rs 5 lakh because we also want to be part of this historic decision that will further strengthen the spirit of unity and harmony in the country." © Reuters In fact, a Muslim students' body from Assam will donate Rs 1 lakh for the consrtuction of the temple at Ayodhya. Reportedly, this announcement was made by the All Assam Goriya Moriya Yuva Chatra Parishad, who said in a statement, "We welcome the Supreme Court's historic verdict. We urge everyone to accept the verdict and maintain peace and harmony. Our organization will provide Rs 1 lakh for the construction of the Ram Temple." View the full article
  15. Yesterday, we came across Babu Muddrappa, an auto driver in Bengaluru who took an abandoned pregnant woman to hospital, paid her medical bills and even took care of the baby as his own, when her mother fled. We salute Babu for everything he did for the mother and the baby. People like Babu are rare to find, but not impossible and this brings us to another unsung hero of our society, Maqbool. In case you didn't know, there is a curfew going on in riot-hit Hailakandi, Assam. In the ongoing communal clashes, Maqbool, with prayers on his lips, drove his auto-rickshaw as fast as he could to take a pregnant Hindu woman to hospital. © Pexels If there was a face for the idiom, "A friend in need is a friend indeed", it will probably be Maqbool's, who helped his neighbour Rubon Das and his wife Nandita in the time of crisis. Rubon was desperately calling his near and dear ones to help him arrange for an ambulance to take his wife to hospital, "I was trying to calm my wife down saying someone will surely come to take us to hospital in Hailakandi town." Nandita's pain increased, but no help came for them in the curfew hit area. © Pexels At that time, Maqbool heard Rubon's story and without thinking twice he rushed to his residence with his auto-rickshaw. Maqbool was only worried about whether he will make it in time or not, while speeding through the roads. He said, "I was trying to comfort them…. telling them everything will be fine. But I myself was praying." Thanks to Maqbool, Nandita who was in an advanced stage of labour, could reach the hospital on time and give birth to a boy who they have now named, 'Shanti'. Honestly, there couldn't have been a better name than that. © Pexels "We need more such examples of Hindu-Muslim unity and amity," said Hailakandi Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli, when she visited the new-born baby and the parents. She also congratulated Maqbool for helping his friend in the time of distress. Just when we think the society has become selfish and heartless, where no one wants to help one another; some people come around and make this world a better place to live in with their selfless acts of kindness.
  16. If you've stopped obsessing over the Starbucks cup that magically appeared (and then disappeared) on the fourth episode of the final season of 'Game of Thrones', and have also had the time to look past the camps at the Met Gala, you'd have noticed that the Muslim world is ushering in the month of Ramzan (or Ramadan, as “better Muslims” call it). For those of you new to the word, Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is considered holy by the believers of the faith. Apart from fasting from dawn to dusk, they change their conduct in the month to be more calm, peaceful and pious (something that they can and should do during the rest of the months also). A quick AMA session with my 4,000-odd followers on Instagram about Ramzan revealed the hilarious sense of apathy most of us have about it and the festivities/religiosities. © Zain Anwar © Zain Anwar © Zain Anwar © Zain Anwar So, before you irritate your Muslim friends with stupid arguments, questions and suggestions, let me quickly give you a refresher course on the many things you shouldn't say to them during Ramzan. 1. “Bilkul Bhook Nahin Lagti?” That's a strange and morbid question, to be honest. Try to understand, hunger and thirst are basic bodily needs. People obviously feel hungry and thirsty during the day. I mean, I understand that the question is more out of concern than shock, but it never really helps. And any knightly person who tells you he/she doesn't feel hunger and thirst during the day is purely lying. Trust me. 2. “Dude, You'd Stay Without Water For The Entire Month?” No, it doesn't work like that. Muslims don't go without water for the entire month. If they did, they'd all be dead probably (Some of you may think that's cool, but no). That's not even possible, bhai. The duration of the fast is from dawn to dusk. Believers are free to eat and drink all the lawful things they can at night. 3. “Then Toh You Guys Must Be Eating All Night?” The following conversation is the model. NOT. You: “Isn't it true? Khud bata?” Them: “That's not the case. Somehow, I feel full right after eating a small portion.” You: “Arey, but how is that possible? When you are hungry all day, you will eat na?” Them: “Haan, that's what we feel all day. But sometimes we skip dinner also because we are not that hungry.” You: “That is because you guys eat all pakoras and shit. That's why you should not eat all that and always eat healthy. Like chana and all.” Them: “Dude, even if I eat healthy, I get full early.” You: “Kuch bhi? I don't believe you, man!” 4. “Cigarette Toh Pee Sakte Hain!” Technically, you are not wrong. The three things completely forbidden during the fast are food, liquids and ***. What that means is: your fast may technically not be broken. But come on, kaesi baat kar rahe ho yaar? 5. “Sorry, We Are Having It In Front Of You” Honestly, feels very good when people are considerate about your fast. But trust me, the idea of somebody fasting is not to make the other person feel guilty or sympathetic. People do it only because they want to do it. So, whenever you think bad about eating or drinking in front of your fasting friends, don't. That's not what they want. 6. “This Is Haram” Well, who can take out the haram police from this conversation? Every rare occasion you feel a spiritual connection, the haram police come knocking, to remind you that reaching God is not that easy. Every year during Ramzan, Islamic Moral policing starts which checks all the irrelevant aspects of fasting. Personally, I've been lectured about how swimming and being in a bathtub annuls my fast: not because it wastes water and is not ideal, but because water can seep inside my body through my nostrils, ears and well, the anus. Let's not even talk about how divided we can be when it comes to brushing our teeth during Ramzan. To set the record straight, I do brush my teeth and also go for an occasional swim. Author Bio: Zain Anwar is a video director and the co-founder of the popular MensXP show 'Honest Reviews'. Disclaimer: Shah Rukh Khan's image is being used for representational purposes only. Somehow his expression seemed apt for Zain's headline!
  17. One of the worst terror attacks happened recently and took the lives of 49 people who were just praying peacefully at their place of worship, a place that was supposed to be safe for them. The Christchurch shooting in New Zealand happened yesterday and the tragedy has shaken the entire world. A gunman opened fire at two mosques which claimed the lives of 49 people and injured another 40. With so much emphasis being shed on how the shooter targetted a mosque that was completely peaceful, a Twitter user thought to bring light to the fact that every mosque is indeed peaceful. A place of worship is obviously a peaceful place, I mean it's kind of like a safe haven for people and the fact that someone targeted people while they were worshipping adds even more to the tragedy. Twitter user Rami Ismail called on the Muslim Community across the world to share their most ordinary and mundane experiences at a mosque and it gave birth to one of the most beautiful Twitter threads ever. Since several news networks emphasize that the mosques at the Christchurch shootings were #PeacefulMosques, as if most aren't: Hey muslims, tell me something painfully mundane and common at your mosque, whether you visit it five times a day or one time a year. Non-muslims, RT. — Rami Ismail (@tha_rami) March 15, 2019 He started it off. At my #PeacefulMosques, we used to have this 5-ish year old kid that would always run in front of everyone during prayer, and when he grew old enough to realize that was improper he stopped doing that and I actually kinda missed him messing up my prayer. — Rami Ismail (@tha_rami) March 15, 2019 The pigeons need a home. at my local mosque, the third floor has been abandoned and completely taken over by pigeons — abdullah (@ahmedinho_s) March 15, 2019 Who will complain about that? We hire security guards during Ramadan and have cops here every Friday. Over time, they just became part of our community. When we break fast, folks will take plates of food out to them and sit and eat with them, since they're usually missing dinner with their own families. — Haris Khan (@hariscodes) March 15, 2019 This is too cute to handle, tbh. When I went to my local mosque the other day, this little boy was feeding water to a thirsty cat â¤ï¸ #PeacefulMosques pic.twitter.com/Z5LDy87IH7 — Nishard (@iamnishard) March 15, 2019 Moms are the best! It always takes forever to find my sandals so if I go with my mom she'll make me carry my sandals in a plastic bag. — Fried Calamari watched Captain Marvel (@thehipstersquid) March 15, 2019 He must be a great teacher. After Quran lessons all of us would stand outside and wave to our teacher as he drove out of the parking lot. He was well loved! — countess bouchie flagrante ð¦ (@tweetsbybabz) March 15, 2019 More cats! A CAT!!! Pretty sure every mosque has a few inhabitant cats, strolling around, lazily lie itself during Friday prayer ð±pic.twitter.com/EJpr8A2vfa — Êá´É´á´á´Êá´ á´Êá´á´ (@alambentoo) March 15, 2019 The context makes it funnier. Ps: the written words are in Indonesian, it says, “Sleeping is prohibited inside the mosque” — Êá´É´á´á´Êá´ á´Êá´á´ (@alambentoo) March 15, 2019 A compromise. The battle of the thermostat in the ladies' prayer room. We compromised and the menopausal women now have a fan blasting in front of them. — Nida Nizami | Ùدا (@NidaNiz) March 15, 2019 Such a nice lesson on kindness for kids. I remember going to my #PeacefulMosques in eid with a bag of candy just so i can give it to other children, soon those children grow up to take my place in doing this kind stuff — farah (@afish4aday) March 15, 2019 I would've laughed out loud. In my #PeacefulMosque growing up, one time someone was standing a bit too far behind the line compared to the people beside him, and the dude behind him literally headbutted his bum while getting up from sujood. ð — Buhlyle (@itsSonOfAzad) March 15, 2019 Flowers are the best. There's always someone selling roses at my local mosque :) — Chad Toprak ð(@MrChad) March 15, 2019 That is so commendable. I'm a non believer but that did not matter to my local mosque when my house caught fire. They didn't care about anything but helping us. This is heartbreaking.#PeacefulMosques — Heather Brown (@springchikun) March 15, 2019 Just a simple act of kindness that makes a huge difference. Best thing was learning that a lot of tourists like us miss their ferry all the time & the mosque had a place of sleep for them simply out of kindness! — Ceylan (@lawvsmed) March 15, 2019 Exactly! I used to go to the mosque to just sit and think sometimes. Mosques are peaceful, that's the whole point. — t.exe (@gorizmi) March 15, 2019 This is so great. The way a hundred strangers will say “asalamualaikum” with a small smile before you take find a spot on the carpet to pray. The way people will ask not only how you are, but how is your mother, your father, your sister, your brother? The way you leave, loved. Every single time. — Farah (@far_ah_way) March 15, 2019 So much love. Our resident masjid grandma who would scold us when we failed to volunteer but also push us to the front of the line for Iftar during Ramadan. That's love right there. — Aliya Karim (@alumalu) March 15, 2019 Make space for everyone. "Brothers, please scoot forward, we have a lot of space here, so please make room for the people standing outside" — zeffykins (@zeffykins) March 15, 2019
  18. On one hand where people in some parts of the world are fighting each other in the name of religion, there are some who are setting great examples of communal harmony with their selfless deeds. For instance, this Muslim family in Pakistan that has been taking care of a church which is over a century old. For 100 years now, the custodianship of the St. Matthew's Church has been passed down from one generation to the other. YouTube/ BBC News Located in the picturesque Hazada District town of Nathia Galiyat in Pakistan, this church is currently being taken care of by Waheed Murad, the third generation caretaker in his family. Murad has been looking after the church for almost 17 years now. His grandfather and father looked after it for 35 and 45 years, repectively. In fact, Murad is proud of his work and says that he is the only person in his area who knows how to ring the church's bell. Murad's family has been looking after the church by themselves, because the governement didn't make any efforts since there are hardly any Christians in the area. Speaking to the local media, Murad said "We believe in all messengers of God and believe in all the holy books, hence we give the same respect to this church, as we give to our mosque." If only more people could think like Murad, the world will be a better place to live in.
  19. I feel like Zayn Malik has always been the most controversial member of 'One Direction' and even after he has been long gone from the band – a band that doesn't probably even exist anymore – he is still the one making headlines for all kinds of controversial reasons. In an interview recently, Zayn revealed that he doesn't call himself a Muslim anymore. He said, “To be honest, I've never spoken publicly about what my religious beliefs are. I'm not professed to be a Muslim.” But, is it really a surprise? No, not at all. We haven't ever seen him be religious except for sometimes wearing desi clothes for Eid. Well, that's pretty much it, so obviously it's not a big shock. But, some fans are still upset about this revelation. zayn malik: leaving islam. fully understand why so many things are haraam in islam, the music industry and alcohol being an example. they just distance you from your religion till you've lost all faith. zayn's a prime example of letting fame get to his head. cancelled. 𤮠pic.twitter.com/qhghOfw2XK — bismah𥰠(@bismah_x) November 9, 2018 Exactly. so I've just been informed that Zayn Malik is not longer a Muslim and i'm honestly surprised you all didn't see this coming like why are you shocked lmao — sara (@sxmos_) November 8, 2018 Almost everyone – Zayn malik was muslim??? pic.twitter.com/p5Sti0gGBT — SpanishKash (@SlickSavant) November 8, 2018 It's Twitter, so there are obviously funny reactions. Zayn Malik about to put “ex-muslim” in his bio — Sk Jr. (@ajosdonbilivitt) November 8, 2018 So shocking, right? Me pretending to be surprised that #Zayn Malik doesn't consider himself #Muslim knowing that he's been drinking, partying and dating for years and expressed zero Islamic sentiment ever about anything. pic.twitter.com/3eawPwG8Kk — Salafi ð®ð·ðºð¸ (@PersianSunni) November 8, 2018 So confusing. You guys really expected Zayn Malik, a singer, someone who drinks, smokes, parties, has tattoos is every edge of his body to consider himself a Muslim? What are you all shocked about, Im confused ð­ð­ð­ — swoopzy (@rxiamah) November 9, 2018 Thank you, next. Zayn Malik doesn't consider himself a Muslim. Muslim twitter: https://t.co/NFUycqeh6A — Priyanka's wedding ð â¡ (@Shezaahmed17) November 7, 2018 The best reaction, tbh. Just cos Zayn Malik sang Allah ke banday once, you lot thought he was gonna be next Khalifa of Islam?? even before this statement it's not hard to see that he doesn't claim Islam in anyway, he was in a boy band, has tattoos & drinks fs, why is everyone shocked LOOOL — Ra'naaldo (@RvNaa) November 8, 2018 He's just a 'gora' now, apparently. The Paki community no longer claims Zayn Malik, his actions will now be referred to as "goriyan de kam" — McBaÅÉ (@TheMcBang) November 9, 2018 Well, did he? I wonder if Zayn Malik got rid of his lota when he left Islam — McBaÅÉ (@TheMcBang) November 9, 2018 Oops. i was fully convinced that i was gonna end up marrying zayn malik and now he isn't a muslim anymore life's peak sometimes uno — dua (@quruxlaay) November 8, 2018 Nope. muslim twitter is getting pressed about zayn malik leaving islam like this boy hasn't been smoking, drinking, getting tattoos, and singing about f*cking his girlfriend for ages... when was he ever the poster boy for islamic values??? — ÙÙÛØ­Û (@maleehagha) November 9, 2018 Okay then. zayn malik left Islam? feel like i'm going through a break up, my chest is hurting must be my heart ð­ð­ðª — Aliya (@_baaali12) November 8, 2018 Yeah, don't be mean. Wait so I just read Zayn's statement about leaving Islam and it's a nice piece BUT like did he need to mock muslims and their practices while doing it? Gross @zaynmalik — Georgette Smith (@GeorgetteSmithM) November 9, 2018 Okay, some people are angry as well. Who are you to leave Islam? The Islam has left you when you started drinking, became Playboy, going to parties for one night stand. The Islam has left you when you tattoed your whole body. No one abandoned Islam but Islam abandoned people like you.#ZaynMalik pic.twitter.com/ZrMIX1jqZf — Waqar Gohar (@WiKiGohar) November 11, 2018 A funny jab? Perfect. Zayn malik first left one direction, now he left right direction — Umarzð¸ð¦ (@JonSunow4) November 11, 2018 Oh no. Zayn Malik, a singer who drinks, does drugs, has tattoos and a live-in girlfriend: I'm not Muslim Entire Muslim Ummah: WhATTtt??!??!??? SHOOKETH. BUT YOU TWEETED BISMILLAH 6 YEARS AGO ZAYN ð­ð­ð­ï¿½ï¿½ð­ð­ð­ — miss vanjie (@Rameezay) November 11, 2018
  20. Humanity is the biggest religion they say and every day, where the world is being divided on the basis of communal lines, there are a few examples which make us believe that there is still hope for people to co-exist. A viral video of a Muslim man offering namaz in a Gurudwara is currently doing the rounds on social media and people can't help but be amazed. The video was posted on Facebook and while the comment section had some people raise questions about this, the majority of the comments were only about harmony, love and tolerance towards our fellow brothers. © Facebook © Facebook The video is from a Gurudwara in Malaysia.
  21. We've been told time and again that courage and bravery are virtues we must all strive to imbibe in our lives in order to stand up for ourselves and for those who can't. However, of late, India has seen its people turn a blind eye to situations and incidents that require us to intervene and make a noise, the fear of life or getting consumed in a never-ending matter of law, isn't something they're looking forward to, they say. © Twitter But do you recall the Sikh cop in the image above? Earlier in May, this Uttarakhand cop became an internet sensation after he stopped a lynch mob from “punishing” and taking away a Muslim youth's life based on foolish trepidations that “provoked” the Hindu mob to take the matter in their own hands. Total Recall For those of you who aren't aware, Uttarakhand cop Gagandeep Singh showed commendable courage when he single-handedly prevented a lynch mob from harming a Muslim youth in a Hindu temple in May earlier this year. © Twitter The story goes that the Muslim young man was present in the temple to meet up with his Hindu girlfriend and he caught the eyes of some other visitors present in the temple who charged at him with slaps and blows. The situation worsened within minutes and a mob gathered to “bring the youngman to justice”. © Twitter It was at this point that Gagandeep intervened and stopped the mob from taking away the boy's life - all by the power of sheer will and determination to not make a man suffer for his choice to love someone who didn't belong to the same religion as his. Recognition And Rewarding An Act Of Goodwill © Twitter Yesterday the state police rewarded Gagandeep Singh with a medallion for his bravery and act of selflessness that not only upheld the oath he took as a Policeman on duty but also help the pillars of humanity high, by exhibiting thoughtfulness and prompt action in a time of crisis. Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh awarded with a medal for his bravery in stopping a mob lynching. Truly a well deserved medal! India is honored to have police officers like him ð pic.twitter.com/iuv9nuRxSM — Dhruv Rathee (@dhruv_rathee) August 20, 2018 Gagandeep Singh has come through as a ray of hope for the dying sense of humanity in our society and this award is well-deserved for his act of extending support and protection to a fellow citizen who has the right to follow his heart and not be punished for it.
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