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Found 31 results

  1. A good murder-mystery is kind of rare and that's why when we get one, we should immediately get our butts to the theatres to watch it. That's why, at least according to me, Knives Out is a movie that honestly everyone should watch. Disclaimer - first of all, there are no spoilers for the movie, obviously, and second of all, no I'm not getting paid to get people to watch this movie. I just really loved it so much that I needed to share it. So, moving on, we have a great 'whodunnit' starring Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, among other great actors. The movie has a lot of great moments, from serious to just funny, and even though it can get annoying to watch a movie like this in theatres since some people don't know how to put their phone on silence and some people don't know how to keep their mouths shut during movies, but if you look past that, it makes for a great movie-watching experience. Here are some of the reasons that would convince anyone to watch Knives Out: 1. It actually is a 'whodunnit like no one has ever dunnit' The movie did deliver what the trailer promised. A great, unexpected murder mystery even if it follows all the cliches in the book - a very old rich guy gets murdered, his family is full of a*sholes who have everything to gain from his death, literally every character is a suspect, and the police get some help from a mysterious detective. Even after taking in all the plot points of every murder-mystery novel out there, the movie still surprises you with every twist and turn, and even makes you laugh at a lot of points. 2. A rich, as&hole-ish, very unlike Captain America, Chris Evans Who would've thought that just after seeing Steve Rogers prove how worthy he is by wielding the Mjolnir, the next role he would be playing will be of a rich a*shole-ish trust-fund brat? Yeah, Hugh Ransom Drysdale is as big a douchebag as the trailer portrayed and Chris Evans really deserves a lot of credit for going from Captain America to this. Special shoutout to his acting skills in the scene with the dogs, because Chris Evans would never. 3. The perfect 'eat the rich' movie As I mentioned, almost every character in the movie is part of this one family - the Thrombeys - and everything falls apart for everyone when their patriarch, Harlan Thrombey, is found dead right after his 85th birthday. They're all rich, they're all millionaires, they're all privileged, they're all entitled, they're all a*sholes. All of them are dependent on Harlan for money, one way or another, and now that their source of income is dead, they're all suspects. It's very interesting to see the family fall apart when money is in question and to see how fake their concern is for Harlan when it comes to them losing their wealth. 4. Daniel Craig's accent The James Bond from the south! Even though you can hear Daniel Craig's accent in the trailer as well, it really was something else to hear him speak in theatres. Moreover, there's a very important speech - not giving any spoilers - that is one of the best parts of the movies, and his accent just makes it a hundred times better. Special mention - Chris Evans' dig at him, which was so lame that it made it hilarious. 5. A great star-studded cast that works well off of each other I debated actually putting the names of the entire cast here, but everyone can see that in the trailer itself so there's no point. But, there are some incredible actors in the movie and all of them work so well together, it's hard to imagine that they're actually not a dysfunctional family. They have a useless son, ambitious daughter, a freeloader daughter-in-law, a rich trust-fund brat, a liberal left-wing activist granddaughter, a Nazi right-wing troll, it's the perfect mix of an interesting family to watch who would stab anyone in the back to get what they want. Bonus - Katherine Langford's lack of acting skills don't ruin the movie. A very, very important point, especially after seeing that deleted Avengers: Endgame scene where she plays a grown-up Morgan talking to Tony Stark after he snaps his fingers. View the full article
  2. If you're bored of watching same old recycled content on TV or streaming aimlessly through websites and channels wondering what exactly deserves your attention, then allow us to help you with a quick fix. Here are seven Amazon Prime Original series which should be on your watch list if you enjoy good content: 1. Fleabag This Emmy award winner is written and performed by the brilliant Phoebe Waller Bridge. The British series takes you into the life of an angry, yet bold but confused woman who tries to brave through the oddities of life with plain humour. 2. Mirzapur This Indian crime thriller has the brilliant Pankaj Tripathi and Ali Fazal play pivotal roles with sheer brilliance. The series follows a mafia family in Mirzapur and the daily thrilling drama that follow suit. 3. Jack Ryan This American political action thriller follows John Kransinski play the titular role of a US marine turned CIA agent on a dangerous mission. 4. Made In Heaven Another amazingly made Indian show which chronicles the life of two wedding planners in Delhi and the variety of clients they come across. Pure entertainment with a lot of logic. 5. Good Omens This fantasy series has an angel and the devil team up to stop the Armageddon. This series is based on a book of the same name and is a visual treat for its fans. 6. Homecoming This psychological thriller series has Julia Roberts in the lead role named Heidi who works at a facility which helps soldiers transition back into the civilian life. Soon a lot of mystery follows to unfold after she is questioned on why she left the facility. 7. The Family Man The journey of a middle class man who is also a spy, simply trying to juggle between his professional and personal life. Manoj Bajpayee is a treat to watch in this. View the full article
  3. Psychological thrillers are a genre that are attracting more and more attention every day. The best part about shows and movies from this genre is the storyline that keeps you hooked and you can't stop watching until you find out who the killer or villain is. While we all grew up watching thriller classics like I Know What You Did Last Summer, there are newer shows hitting the internet that every binge-watcher can watch. MX Player – India's leading streaming entertainment platform has wowed viewers with its multigenre range of MX Originals and with Hello Mini, it adds a psychological thriller to its ever-growing original library. And, we believe this is one show that needs to be on your binge-watch list without fail. A Gripping Storyline: Hello Mini is a show adapted from Novoneel Chakraborty's Stranger Trilogy, the series is high on eroticism, drama and thrill. The story follows the life of Rivanah Banerjee, played by newcomer Anuja Joshi who comes to Mumbai only to realize that she has is being followed by a stalker who not only knows everything about her life but can control aspects of it. We see her struggle to maintain a normal life as she moves through heartache, past trauma and being stalked and harassed. The show makes sure that you are involved in knowing who the 'Stranger' is and feel every emotion the character feel. Attention-Grabbing Performances: The show is made up of budding talent led by Anuja Joshi who gives a compelling performance as the damsel in distress who finds bursts of confidence throughout the plot. She moves through relationships and tries to keep up with a stalker who is hell-bent on controlling her life with the intensity that the show requires. She is supported by Priya Banerjee as Ishita, the best-friend who helps liberate Rivanah and pushes her into the life of sexual freedom and happiness along with that Mrinal Dutt who plays Danny Abraham. Another pivotal character is essayed by Gaurav Chopra who plays the role of an arrogant millionaire Aditya Grover, who is a dominant both in bed and in life. All characters work pretty well to take the story forward and ensure that it continues to be gripping. Cliff-Hanger Ending: The show does a good job of making sure that the audience stays engrossed in the story and while at the end of the final episode there is a jump in time as Rivanah's life returns to some semblance of normality. The first season ends won a cliff hanger as Stranger crawls back into her life. The show is one that you will get hooked to and if you love psychological thrillers than start watching it now.
  4. If you would ask me what I would like to do for the rest of my life, I would always answer with one word: Eat! via GIPHY If there is anything in the world that I love unconditionally, it is food. Is there anything better than eating your favourite food? Digging into that freshly prepared chicken curry, finished with some chopped coriander, or having your fingers turn yellow after eating that delightful fish curry? via GIPHY Or having a heavenly helping of dal with steamed rice? Or biting into the piece of that decadently gorgeous chocolate cake? via GIPHY Or a spoonful of that Biryani? via GIPHY Who can resist the smell of freshly fried garlic or not get enchanted by the sound of sizzling onions? (The answer is always a resounding “NO”) I mean, can there be any love more sincere than the love for food? If there has to be a unanimous entity for bringing people together, I don't think that can be accomplished by anything other than food. Food has an intrinsic quality, an all-pervasive nature: it serves as a mirror to culture, a part of the tradition, a bond for communities, an allegory for desires, an expression of love. I have hardly come across another entity as ubiquitous as food, its inherent diversity; how its excess can cause you discomfort and so can its dearth. How it trickles down to the most downtrodden parts of society but is also adulated in haute living. How it can be sensual, ignite passions, add spice to your life, and in turn, can also be a proponent of disgust or the start of a grotesque fiasco. Another facet which accompanies food and is crucial is its presentation, its ocular appeal. And as humans, who are visual by nature, our gastronomical desires are magnified tenfold when we see food on the big screen. via GIPHY Remember that Chocolate Cake from the movie “Matilda”? via GIPHY Film and food share a relationship of yore; movies celebrating food are shot gorgeously, are aesthetically pleasing while they tell stories of people like us, and how food influences us all. In these films, food drives the story forward, changes the protagonist's life. Movies also incorporate sound, which is an important aspect of food: be it cutting into it or its preparation, the clanging of utensils, the sizzle of a pan. Essentially, these movies provide the union of two of the senses: visual and aural, which is always an amazing combination. So, here are 16 delectably scrumptious movies that quite literally serve a piece of life (and make you raid your fridge in the middle of the night): 1. Julie and Julia (2009): Stuck in the rut of her bureaucratic dead-end job (Hello there!), Julie Powell decides (Amy Adams) to take on a project to relieve herself from the boredom of her uneventful life. The project: Cooking her way through Julia Child's enormous cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in 365 days and blogging about it. Little does she know that this little venture of hers will change her life forever. Two stories, two women, bound by their mutual love for food. © Columbia Pictures Starring Amy Adams as Julie Powell and Meryl Streep as the famous, celebrated cook, Julia Child, the movie explores the lives of the two women parallelly in two different eras: Julie, in 2002, as she starts her blog and cooks up all the 524 recipes, and Julia, in 1949, as she moves to Paris and finds her calling as a chef and collaborates on the now-famous cookbook which made her into a culinary icon. © Columbia Pictures Julie and Julia, directed by Nora Ephron, is one of the most heartwarming movies which celebrate food and its importance in life. It drives home the fact that inspiration can come in any form, you just need to believe in yourself. (If you wish, you can read my review on the movie here: USP: The food! The gorgeous, divine, decadent food! Especially the “Butter Monologue” and the “Boeuf Bourguignon”. via GIPHY via GIPHY Meryl Streep as Julia Child is a phenomenon; not only is the resemblance uncanny, she impersonates Julia Child's idiosyncrasies to the T, be it the trademark, out-of-breath, slightly tipsy voice or the quirky mannerisms. via GIPHY via GIPHY “Bon Appetit!” via GIPHY 2. Chef (2014): When Carl (Jon Favreau), a renowned chef of a famous restaurant in California decides to be more creative with his recipes, he is met with resistance from the restaurant owner, Riva (Dustin Hoffman). To make matters worse, he gets into a public altercation with a prestigious food critic, Ramsey Michel, after the latter writes a distasteful review of his food. © Aldamisa Entertainment Heartbroken, he quits the job and embarks on a journey of self-discovery through food; food that he actually loves and that fulfils his creative aspirations. Eventually, he opens a food truck while trying to mend his frail relationship with his estranged son, Percy (Emjay Anthony). Will he be successful? USP: The food scenes are aesthetically attractive, kudos to cinematographer Kramer Morgenthau. via GIPHY Jon Favreau's directorial prowess and love for food is apparent in the movie. via GIPHY 3. The Lunchbox (2012): In an attempt to add some zing into her unromantic marriage, Ila (Nimrit Kaur) turns to the most trusted entity of all: food. And in her quest to quite literally spice up her love life, she decides to send her inattentive husband, Rajiv, a lunch every day with the help of ever-dependable dabbawallas in Mumbai. But by a curious twist of fate, the dabba prepared for her husband lands on the table of Saajan Fernandes (Irfan Khan), an aged, lonely widower who works as an accountant. © UTV Motion Pictures Upon realizing her mistake, she sends in a letter with her next lunchbox elaborating on the predicament, which starts a correspondence that soon turns into a beautiful friendship, guided by letters and an erroneously delivered lunchbox containing delicious food. © UTV Motion Pictures USP: The movie encapsulates the beauty of human relations: how we can forge connections with people we have never met yet can completely relate to and understand. And it helps even more when food is involved in the equation! via GIPHY Again, the food! Especially, the Paneer Kofta which Ila makes as a thank you gesture. :D via GIPHY The superb performances by Irfan and Nimrit tug at your heart. And not to forget, Deshpande Auntie (who is not seen but only heard)! 4. Chocolat (2000): When free-spirited, single mother Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche) arrives in a quaint, quiet village in France with her daughter Anouk, her unconventional ways earn her the ire of the village folk, especially the staunchly conservative mayor, Comte de Reynaud. © Miramax Films Vianne, an expert chocolatier, opens up a small chocolate shop in the village, much to the displeasure of Reynaud who vehemently opposes her, publicly accusing her of bringing temptation into the lives of the people, especially during Lent. via GIPHY As the story progresses, Vianne's eponymous temptation, the aforementioned chocolate, brings about a change in the village and its inhabitants in varied ways. The plot thickens when Vianne's own desire comes in the form of Roux, a gypsy who wants more than her chocolate. via GIPHY USP: The chocolate! Duh! :P via GIPHY 5. Like Water for Chocolate (1992): A passionate Mexican movie, directed by Alfonso Arau and based on Laura Esquivel's novel, showcasing how food affects life, and how our emotions influence not only the food we cook but also the people we serve it to. With themes of magic realism, the movie focuses on the illicit relationship between Tita (Lumi Cavazos) and Pedro (Marco Leonardi). © Miramax Why illicit? Because as per family tradition, Tita, being the youngest of three daughters cannot marry and needs to live her life as a help to the other members, especially her mother, Mama Elena (Regina Torné). Resigned to her fate, Tita learns cooking under the tutelage of the chef, Nacha (Ada Carrasco), who teaches her the relationship between food and life. © Miramax Heartbreakingly, when Pedro comes to express his love for Tita, he is betrothed to her sister, Rosaura (Yareli Arizmendi), in exchange as the tradition still stands. As her affair with Pedro intensifies, her feelings start to seep into the food she cooks, eventually becoming an outlet for her emotions, but also inadvertently manifesting itself the behaviour of the people around her. via GIPHY USP: There are two scenes: As she prepares the cake for Pedro's wedding, Tita weeps, and her tears fall into the batter which leads to an eventful dinner reception. When she uses roses gifted by Pedro to make a quail dinner with rose petal sauce, it leads to her family feeling inexorable carnal desire. via GIPHY 6. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989): Michael Gambon (Yes, Dumbledore!) stars in this vogueish black comedy/ crime drama as Alberta Spica (The Thief), an uncouth and repulsive gangster who, along with his band of thugs, has taken over the French restaurant “Le Hollandais” but calls himself an urbane gourmet. © Palace Pictures He terrorizes everyone in the restaurant, but the brunt of the terror is unleashed most on his sophisticated wife, Georgina (Helen Mirren/The Wife) and the head chef, Richard Borst (Richard Bohringer/The Cook) who despises Alberta but is unable to do anything about it. Drama ensues when Georgina finds herself lusting for a regular customer, Michael (The Lover/Alan Howard), who is a bookshop owner and reads while he eats. As her affair progresses, Alberta finds out and then makes life hell for the staff which helps Georgina with her lover. USP: The performances by the lead cast. The film uses food as an allegory for the voyeuristic attitude of Alberta and his pretentiousness. His supposed gourmet personality is a far cry from his real one, which he tries to hide like spices are used to mask uncooked food. Warning: You need a strong stomach for this! :P 7. I Am Love (2009): In this Italian film, Tilda Swinton stars as Emma, the Russian-born daughter-in-law of a wealthy, Milanese family, the Recchi's, who is trying to find herself, away from the glittery, Haute living her family expects her to lead. © Mikado Film As she ruminates over her predicament during a lavish family dinner, help comes in the form of young Antonio Bisceglia (Edoardo Gabbriellini), a celebrated chef who incites her dormant passion with the aid of food. Matters worsen when her son Edoardo Jr. clashes with the family regarding the set path for him as Emma finds herself drawn to Antonio. © Mikado Film USP: Tilda Swinton and the prawns. via GIPHY 8. Ratatouille (2007): What can I say about this delightful movie? Not only is it one of the best animated movies to have ever been made, but it also features delicious food! The wonderful comedy revolves around a rat, with a highly developed sense of smell and taste named Remy (Patton Oswalt) who aspires to become a chef. As luck would have it, he ends up in the kitchen of the restaurant of his recently deceased idol, chef Auguste Gusteau's (Brad Garett). © Walt Disney Pictures Once there, he manages to strike up a friendship with the garbage boy, Alfredo Linguini (Lou Romano), helping him and guiding him in creating dishes and earn the appreciation of the new owner, Chef Skinner (Ian Holm). via GIPHY But soon, a secret is revealed that changes the course of the movie. Friendship, love, and food in one neat package! USP: The entire Anton Ego (the irascible food critic portrayed by Brad Bird) sequence and the ratatouille dish, confit byaldi! via GIPHY Never have I seen such a beautiful rendition of food in mainstream animated movies! (Not counting the stunning food shown in Anime :P) via GIPHY 9. Burnt (2015): Starring Bradley Cooper as a drug-addled former executive chef Adam Jones, the story revolves around his quest to put his life back on track and earn a third Michelin Star. © Shiny Penny Productions Adam is a brilliant but mercurial chef whose creativity is marred by his drug habit and unstable temper, which destroys his mentor's restaurant in Paris along with Adam's credibility. Adam realizes his self-destructive streak and goes on a self-imposed exile to New Orleans to gain perspective. He travels to London to pursue his dream of the Michelin Star, under the banner of his restaurateur friend, who grudgingly allows him to become a chef in his hotel. © Shiny Penny Productions His luck seemingly changes until ghosts from his past and his own mental stability conspire to take him down. USP: The food porn! via GIPHY 10. Big Night (1996): In this dramedy, two Italian brothers, Primo and Secondo, put out all strings for the 'Big Night' that will catapult their sinking authentic Italian restaurant, Paradise, to dizzying heights. © Timpano Production Primo, the perfectionist of the two, is annoyed and frustrated by the Americanized version of authentic Italian dishes, which he refuses to serve to customers, insisting on cooking only the true version, leading to him losing customers by the score. Secondo, the businessman of the duo, is more concerned with the running of the place and keeping it afloat than to retain cultural heritage. © Timpano Production With nowhere else to go, they try to strike out a deal with their nemesis, Pascal who owns a successful restaurant, who refuses to give them a loan. But, in an unlikely liberal gesture offers them to treat Louis Prima, a renowned American-Italian singer, to a meal at their restaurant who can change their fortune. Will they be successful? USP: The crowning glory has to be the timpano! via GIPHY Tony Shalhoub as Primo and Stanley Tucci as Secondo are delightful in their roles; the best part of the movie is any scene they are together! 11. 'The Trip' Trilogy (2010/2014/2017-): This BBC series which was made into a feature film stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as themselves on a gastronomical journey through Northern England (in the first movie/series) commissioned by the Observer; their job is to visit different restaurants, try their food and review it. © BBC Worldwide When Steve's girlfriend refuses to go with him on the trip, he invites his frenemy, fellow actor/comedian Rob Brydon to accompany him on the journey. As they travel through England, locking horns with each other on everything. Guided by their egos, trying to outwit each other, while being clueless about fine dining, their animosity dissolves into a camaraderie which is fun to watch. © BBC Worldwide Be it their fight over who can do a better Michael Caine impression or which syllable should be pronounced first in kumquat, Rob and Steve meander across beautiful locales, eating decadent, delicious food. via GIPHY And it isn't over in England! They return to wander across Italy in the sequel with renewed vows to upstage each other. And if that wasn't enough, they are back to eat more and traipse around in broken Spanish in the next sequel, The Trip to Spain! © BBC Worldwide One of the best road trip movies ever! via GIPHY USP: The nearly pornographic shots of the food: The buttery scallops frying in the pan! Absolute bliss! The cheesy pasta in “The Trip to Italy”; divine! Not to forget, the Michael Caine impersonation by Rob Brydon is spot on! Rob and Steve' bromance, their will-they won't-they chemistry, their asinine fights, has to be one of the most hilarious parts of the movie, cementing them into iconic duo status. 12. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971): One of the most adored children's books of all time, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', was adapted to screen in 1973 in a movie written by Roald Dahl (who later disowned it), with Gene Wilder playing Willy Wonka in a now-iconic role. © Paramount Pictures © Paramount Pictures And who can forget the Oompa Loompas? via GIPHY The story focuses on Charlie Bucket, a poor boy who finds himself the winner of a Golden Ticket giving him access to Willy Wonka's bizarre and unconventional Chocolate Factory along with four other children (and his whiner of a grandfather). via GIPHY The children, each with their unique personalities, are promised a lifetime supply of chocolate at the end of the trip. via GIPHY But will it be as easy as it looks? via GIPHY USP: Willy Wonka's legendary forward roll! via GIPHY The Chocolate Room: All you can eat candy! :D via GIPHY via GIPHY Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka is perfect, and no one has come close to his sweetly comical yet maniacal (and terrifying) portrayal of one of Roald Dahl's most notorious characters. © Paramount Pictures 13. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005): While both iterations of this children's book capture the quirky Willy Wonka and Charlie's adventures inside the Chocolate factory superbly, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is truer to the novel than its predecessor. © Warner Bros. Pictures Starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, this movie has superior special/visual effects and a more whimsical setting, typical of Tim Burton's movies. © Warner Bros. Pictures The movie stands out in terms of character development, giving a backstory to Willy Wonka which serves a reason for his eccentric personality, something which wasn't quite clear in the 1971 movie. via GIPHY USP: The chocolate river! It truly looks edible (also because it is faux melted chocolate) and is much better than the 1971's dull version. It is visually more appealing. via GIPHY The squirrels breaking the nuts always cracks me up! Johnny Depp's portrayal of Willy Wonka is superb; wacky and quirky (but still not close to Gene Wilder), with just a touch of authenticity. via GIPHY 14. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009): Eccentric wannabe scientist Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) is always working on a new project: spray-on shoes, hair un-balding serum, a monkey thought translator. But unfortunately for him, all his endeavours result in failure. via GIPHY When his new project, a machine that converts water into food, the FLDSMDFR, fails and inadvertently gets launched into space while wreaking havoc on the town, Flint decides to hang up his shoes. © Sony Pictures Animation As he miserably walks around as the social pariah, his machine makes a comeback in style: it starts raining cheeseburgers all over town. via GIPHY Flint then uses a communicator to let the machine cater to the epicurean needs of the residents of Chewandswallow. Overjoyed, the town people keep making requests until their greed and gluttony sets in. via GIPHY As a catastrophe seems to be imminent, Clint sets off with his new friends, Sam Sparks (Anna Farris), Officer Devereaux (Mr. T), Brent (Andy Samberg), Manny (Benjamin Bratt), and his BFF Steve the Monkey (Neil Patrick Harris), to end it. USP: The food storm! All the spaghetti and the meatballs, and the ICECREAM! Flint's father, Tim (James Caan), is the absolute best! via GIPHY 15. Eat Drink Man Woman (1994): In this Taiwanese comedy-drama, Mr Chu (Sihung Lung) is a widowed Chinese master chef with three unmarried daughters, who cooks up a dinner feast every Sunday for his daughters as a tradition. © The Samuel Goldwyn Company His independent daughters, with their ideas of the modern world and diverse dispositions, clash with their traditionalist father over the dinner table. © The Samuel Goldwyn Company As the struggle over the superiority of values continues, with generation gap running rampant, the daughters and Mr Chu realize that perhaps traditions and new ideas can mix well, just like food with unconventional ingredients. via GIPHY Directed by Ang Lee, the movie has a quiet grace about itself, its wisdom percolating in the viewer's mind through the brilliant story. USP: The food throughout the movie, especially the opening sequence. Mr Chu's passion for food and his dexterity in his craft is apparent in the scenes. via GIPHY The beautiful, intricate dumplings! via GIPHY 16. Waitress (2007): Keri Russell stars as Jenna, a down-on-her-luck waitress who creates ingenious pies with uncommon names. Stuck in an unhappy marriage, Jenna's world is further complicated when she finds out that she is pregnant with her abusive husband's child. © Fox Searchlight Pictures As Jenna struggles with the new revelation, her only comfort being the therapeutic pie making she indulges in, respite comes in the form of a pie baking contest with a $25,000 prize which can be the key to her happiness and freedom. © Fox Searchlight Pictures As she gears up for the competition, luck seems to have a different plan for her. via GIPHY USP: The pies and their creative names: The Strawberry Chocolate Oasis Pie, Baby Screaming Its Head Off In The Middle Of The Night And Ruining My Life Pie, Kick In The Pants Pie. via GIPHY As decadent as they sound! :P via GIPHY So, what are you waiting for? Watch these now! Let the foodie in you reign supreme! via GIPHY P.S.: Don't watch these on an empty stomach. :P
  5. Call it a new success mantra or just a coincidence, this year Bollywood seems to be heavily looming on cop dramas, crime thrillers and movies based on real events. Ayushmann Khurrana's upcoming movie 'Article 15' is the latest addition to the bandwagon. Zee Studios No one owned the year 2018 like Ayushmann Khurrana did. He was the uncontested 'Star of the Year', who won all our hearts with his impeccable performance in movies like 'Badhaai Ho' and 'Andhadhun'. And the teaser that just dropped proves he is all set to slay this year as well. Zee Studios The 46-second teaser shows Ayushmann Khurrana as a cop, involved in an investigation that will shake up decades of discrimination. In the background, there is a voice-over of Ayushmann where he talks about how people have been discriminated on the basis of caste, religion, gender or birth place. Despite the fact that Article 15 of Constitution Of India prohibits discrimination of people based on any of these grounds. The teaser is intriguing and gripping and leaves the audience with a very important message, "Farq Bahut Kar Liya, Ab Farq Laayenge!" Directed by Anubhav Sinha, the official trailer of 'Article 15' is expected to release on May 30.
  6. June 2019 is a fiery month for all that is good on TV and the movies and we can't wait to become absolute couch potatoes next month onwards. Apart from that, going to the movie hall and spending a good amount of money will be worth it in June because Hollywood has something good in store for us. It is action-packed, it's funny, it's horrific and it's animated, and with every genre coming together to give you maximum entertainment, there is nothing else you really need. (c)20th Century Fox So, yes, look out for these 5 kickass Hollywood movies in June, book your tickets sooner than soon and don't forget to thank us. (1) X-Men: The Dark Phoenix (c)20th Century Fox Well, we've been waiting for this one far too long now and we hope it's not a sheer disappointment. While some of us can't wait to see Sansa aka Sophie Turner in a different avatar altogether, most of us have been waiting to see what Dark Phoenix really unfolds. All we know is the X-Men face their most powerful foe, Jean Grey. Jean is hit by a mysterious cosmic force when she's on a mission in space and after her return to earth, she's just infinitely powerful and a little bit evil, all because she really hasn't learnt to control the power she possesses. Banking on Sophie for this one. Releasing on: June 7, 2019 Watch the trailer here (2) Men In Black: International (c)Sony Pictures Releasing We have 'Men In Black: International' the fourth part of the series releasing this year on June 14th and we can't keep it together, because the trailer looks really badass, with some new elements drawn in. The sad part though is that we don't have the regular partners in crime this time, and that's the kinda camaraderie we're really going to miss. But fret not, 'MIB International' promises another alien invasion and two agents looking to kick some alien ass. Releasing on: June 14, 2019 Watch the trailer here (3) Child's Play (c)United Artists Releasing Although the scary doll movie has maintained its sequels pretty well, the new one isn't a part of that. In fact, the new 'Child's Play' is the remake of the original one and it seems as scary as the first one. The movie definitely has some old-school slasher vibe. Can't wait to see this again. Releasing on : June 21, 2019 Watch the trailer here (4) Toy-Story 4 (c)Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures This one is packed with a lot of action and nostalgia because Bo Peep is coming back after more than 20 years after making a debut back in 1999. The movie will hit the theatres in June. Releasing on : June 21, 2019 Watch the trailer here (5) The Dead Don't Die (c) Focus Features There's a chance this movie won't be in theatres here, but even so, download it when the time is right and watch it for sure. Because if you're in to zombies, this one's a funny one for sure. To add some light humour to an intense horrific year, we have another comical (of sorts) Zombie movie, with an awesome cast. The movie is obviously about a small-town police department battle some zombies. Of course, it's like any other Zombie movie but the cast surely makes this better. With Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi, Rozie Perez and Iggy Pop, this movie looks damn promising. Releasing on: June 14, 2019 Watch the trailer here There are lots more releasing next month but these are surely going to have you at the edge of your seat. Most of the releases are sequels and maybe 2019 is the year of some great sequels (read 'Avengers: Endgame'). So, maybe plan your weekends with these movies on your agenda, for sure.
  7. Teen romance movies have remained a larger part of the romantic film genre. It was first in the late 70s and early 80s when films about teen romance started appearing on the big screen and caught the viewers' attention. And over the last three decades, numerous films have been made about the blooming love and broken relationships amongst the teens. via GIPHY Though the concept is not new now, film-makers keep coming up with refined scripts and polished narratives built around teen-romance. In this post, we have jotted down and analyzed such films that made the audience skip a beat. Here are the ten popular movies about young love that need to be on your must-watch list: 1. The Fault In Our Stars (2014) via GIPHY Josh Boone's remarkable project, 'The Fault in Our Stars' turned out to be a career-defining film for both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. Based on John Green's book by the same name, the film explores the lives of teenagers Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus "Gus" Waters (Ansel Elgort) as the two deal with cancer and find love in each other. The movie received generally favourable reviews and due to its storyline, it is seen as one of the most heartbreaking teenage romance movies of all time. Shailene Woodley's performance, in particular, has been termed as powerful and authentic. She went on to win a Hollywood Film Award in the category Hollywood Breakout Performance – Actress. 2. High School Musical (2006) via GIPHY Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) were the only teendage couple we loved while growing up. Thanks to 'High School Musical', the high school romance drama that saw overnight success, became every teenager's must-watch film. The film started a revolution of its own kind and inspired many film-makers to experiment on the subject of dance and combined with love. Not only Hollywood, 'High School Musical' has remained a popular pick for film-makers in the east as well. The film also happens to be the first instalment in the 'High School Musical' trilogy. After the film's success, Disney also published a novel 'High School Musical: The Junior Novel' that instantly became a New York Times bestseller. 3. Prom (2011) via GIPHY Directed by Joe Nussbaum, Disney's 'Prom' remains one of the highly recommended teenage romance films that have ever been made. The film carries a fresh appeal to its otherwise usual storyline, and much credit for that has been given to fine performances by Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell. The film perfectly displays Disney's version of what a prom could be all about. The prom as depicted in the film eventually brings enemies together in a fashionable way, exactly how teenagers wanted it to be. Mostly directed towards the student community, 'Prom' succeeded in getting a lot of attention at the box office from student groups. 4. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) via GIPHY Starring Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Larisa Oleynik, '10 Things I Hate About You' is a great teenage rom-com to stumble upon, particularly for two important reasons. Firstly because of Heath Ledger and the cast, and secondly that it is a modernized version of the Shakespearean comedy 'The Taming of the Shrew'. The plot of the film can be called an ancient one (boy asks the girl for prom by bribing someone, only to discover that the girl is already in love with him), it still delivered something out of the box. The movie is charming and involves a romantic breakup too, it promises to get hold of the audience for a while. 5. The Notebook (2004) via GIPHY Nicholas Sparks's novel turned into a film adaptation for every generation of lovers. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling play two young love birds meant to be together forever in the film. Fictionally, nothing could separate them, neither war nor Alzheimer's, and when they get old, Noah reads a page from Allie's diary on a daily basis, just to remind her of their love story. 'The Notebook' makes one get teary-eyed and nostalgic, leaves a lasting impact, unlike other romantic films. The film became a sleeper hit and gained immense popularity over the years. 'The Notebook' is the 15th highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time. 6. A Walk To Remember (2002) via GIPHY Starring Shane West, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote, and Daryl Hannah, 'A Walk To Remember' is a perfect teenage romantic film that is often recommended by movie buffs. Just like 'The Notebook', this film also happens to be an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel. The film received a mix response from the critics and though it happened to be a sweet love story it gained some following years after its initial release. The film portrays the bright side of a love story and gives one enough reasons to fall in love with its characters. 7. The Edge of Seventeen (2016) via GIPHY Written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, 'The Edge of Seventeen' is a critically acclaimed teen romantic comedy. Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Woody Harrelson, Kyra Sedgwick, and Haley Lu Richardson, the film revolves around the life of four teenagers who find it difficult to deal with love. Unlike every other run-of-the-mill high school melodrama, this one offers a refreshing storyline. The film is a gem of its kind and even received various Critics Choice Awards nominations in 2016. In particular, Hailee Steinfeld's outstanding lead performance makes it worth watching. 8. Sing Street (2016) via GIPHY John Carney's romance drama is one film that has got a near to perfect script. The film in itself is a masterpiece and instantly connects with the audience. 'Sing Street' is a film about identity, dreams, and love. The music of the film creates nostalgia and makes one hum the songs for days. As much as the film offers a personal story, it is equally universal in its approach. The outstanding performances coming from Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lucy Boynton, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Aiden Gillen, Jack Reynor, and Kelly Thornton make this film an experience to remember. The film went on to be nominated for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at the 74th Golden Globe Awards. The film is an epic romance saga and perfectly narrates the budding love story between two teenagers. 9. Love Simon (2018) via GIPHY Based on Becky Albertalli's novel 'Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda', 'Love, Simon' is one romantic comedy-drama film one can't afford to miss at all. Starring Nick Robinson, Josh Duhamel, and Jennifer Garner, the story of the film focus on the life of Simon Spier (a gay), who ultimately falls in love with his anonymous classmate. 'Love, Simon' happens to be the 15th highest grossing teen romance films since 1980. The film turned out to be a huge crowd pleaser and gathered much celebrity attention due to being a mission-driven movie. 10. Twilight (2008) via GIPHY 'Twilight', remains one of the most watched teen-romance films of all time and happens to be the first part of the five-part film series 'The Twilight Saga'. Based on Stephenie Meyer's novel of the same name, the film revolves around the lives of two teenagers Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) and deals with the intricacies of their human-vampire relationship. Not only one could see the madness for each other in Stewart and Pattinson's performances, but the two also went on dating for years later, after winding up with the rest of the films. The film pours romance, passion, and aptly captures the teen-love angle with attention to detail.
  8. History is never a person's first choice for TV viewing unless you genuinely love history. The problem lies in the initiation: learning history. All those dates and years. The lineage and progeny of a thousand different kings, their affairs, the way they held court. And the wars! The wars! History is interesting; what is faulty is the way it has been taught to us: mugging up dates, names and facts with tedious prose instead of getting to know the story behind the events. A round of applause for our superb education system! History is an extremely important part of our culture; it teaches us not to repeat the mistakes of our predecessors. It is imperative to understand history in order to know ourselves better and learn from it. History can be fascinating, and it sure is. But history is made of facts, which can get boring easily. And those huge hardbound books make the task even more daunting. Visual representation has often proved superior to textual description. We understand better when we see. That is where TV comes in. In today's age of streaming, easily accessible internet, and exceptional talent, the entertainment industry churns out numerous historical or historically influenced series catering to everyone's palate: gory, romantic, gothic, amorous, dramatic or good old factual. Even if these series may be historically inaccurate (because what fun is plain fact-telling?), they present the story which we had once read in an intriguing manner (Hello, Drama! Adds panache, doesn't it?). And who doesn't enjoy a good visual tale? Here are 5 such historical fiction shows which portray history in a new light: 1. The Borgias: (2011-2013) No. of Seasons: 3 © Myriad Pictures/ Bell Media/ Showtime Networks Beautiful sets, fantastic locales and exquisite medieval era costumes come together to make this magnificent historical saga. Backed by a powerful narrative and commendable performances, follow the rise and fall of Pope Alexander VI and his children, as they navigate the complexities of living as the first family of the Roman Catholic Church. Previously known as Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons), the new Pope 's climb to the papacy is a fascinating one, bringing to fore the rampant bribery and intrigues of the Catholic Church. But does his privileged position safeguard him from troubles? No. Because every other failed papal candidate is out to tarnish his image and see him fail as Pope. Adding drama to the story is the forbidden romance between Lucrezia and Cesare, the elder son and daughter of Rodrigo. (Did someone say Cersei and Jaime? :P ) As the series moves forward, the true nature of the characters is revealed which propels the narrative forward. Pope Alexander doesn't shy away from using every weapon in his arsenal: whether it is sending his sons off to wars to keep his position safe or using his daughter as a sacrificial lamb for political alliances by marrying her off to unworthy suitors. Laced with lies, deceit, conspiracies, and wars, the story is a captivating look into the manoeuvrings of religious faith by people for personal gain. Will the Borgias reign supreme? 2. Vikings (2013-): No. of Seasons: 6 (6th to be released) © Shaw Media/ Chorus Entertainment/ MGM Television/ History If you are fascinated by 'GoT', you will be absolutely hooked to 'Vikings'. Based on Scandinavian folklore and Norse mythology, it focusses on the Viking Age: the period of terror when Northern Europe was raided by Scandinavian forces in order to impose their stronghold on the mainland through wars and conquests. In the limelight is Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), one of the most famous of Norse heroes. The series charts his journey of becoming King and focuses on the raids he carried in England and France, which earned him the notorious title of “The Scourge of the North”. The series focuses on his family, eventually shifting the attention to his sons, and on Lothbrok's friends and fellow warriors who play an important role in enforcing his power. Though the plot isn't an extremely convoluted one, the character development and the easy flow of the show is bound to keep you interested. The characters are well-written, the war scenes are superbly executed, which make the story compelling without becoming tiresome. 3. Rome (2005-2007): No. of Seasons: 2 © HBO Another show with a high production value, an intriguing plot and stunning backdrops, Rome is one of the best historical shows out there. Giving competition to its sister show, Game of Thrones, in terms of story and complexity, it is quite a fantastic show. Focusing on the Roman Empire, the show chronicles the lives and times of history's most prominent figures of Rome: Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Octavian, Cleopatra among others. At the heart of the series are two soldiers of Caesar's army: Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson) and Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd), through whose eyes the series is perceived. Titus and Lucius, with their unique personalities and dispositions, propel the story of Rome as it transitions from a Republic into an Empire. As a new era dawns upon Rome, changes are made, loyalties are tested, rules are broken and the legendary Roman Empire comes into existence. The series interlaces key events of Roman history; the overthrow of the Optimates, Julius Caesar's dictatorial rule, the Gallic war, Caesar's assassination, Octavian's rise and his feud with Mark Antony resulting in the Battle of Actium, with the lives of the two warriors, who sometimes are shown as the harbinger of change: they seem to influence some important events in history Though not historically accurate, the series doesn't completely obliterate the facts. Its lucid storyline and the powerful portrayals are what you make look forward to the tale on screen. 4. Medici: Masters of Florence / The Magnificent (2016-): No. of Seasons: 2 © Lux Vide/ Rai Fiction/ Netflix/ Big Light Productions Based on the powerful political dynasty, the House of Medici, who were also a famous banking family of Florence, the series follows Cosimo (the Elder), played by Richard Madden, as he tries to unearth the secret behind his father's mysterious death. Set in the 15th century, responsibility is thrust on Cosimo as he inherits the Bank of Florence. As he reminisces about the time of his father, Giovanni de' Medici (Dustin Hoffman), the mystical veil on the Masters of Florence is lifted, and the audience is treated to the drama that the family is famous for: the exile of Cosimo, his various extramarital affairs, the Medici influence on culture, the family's patronage of the Italian Renaissance and (also due to) their endless wealth. With themes of suspense/thriller, this historical drama delves into the enigmatic family's past. Though the premise of Giovanni's death by poisoning is added for theatrical flair, the series stays true to historical accounts for the most part. Season 2 (Medici: The Magnificient) is set 20 years after Cosimo's time, and centres on his grandson, Lorenzo (Daniel Sherman), who now has the keys to the Medici fortune. © Lux Vide/ Rai Fiction/ Netflix/ Big Light Productions But will he succeed in keeping his family's name untarnished while other powerful enemies try to drag it through the mud? As Lorenzo (the Magnificient) tries to keep up with the increasing pressure, especially on the banking front, Jacopo Pazzi (Sean Bean (Yes, Ned Stark!)), the head of a rival bank, leaves no stone unturned to make Lorenzo more miserable. Does this spell doom for the legacy of the Medici? 5. The White Queen (2013): No. of Seasons: 1 (10 Episodes) © Company Pictures/ Czar Television/ BBC One As the War of the Roses rages on, three women take on the task of changing history forever. One of England's most infamous of wars between its two great houses: The House of York and The House of Lancaster, both contesting for the throne and wishing to gain the upper hand. (Based on Philippa Gregory's historical novel set in 15th century England) When Yorkist King, Edward IV, secretly marries Lancaster House's beautiful Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Fergusson), the English court is struck dumb with disgust. The decision is most forcefully resisted by the Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville, aka the Kingmaker. But Elizabeth Woodville is no fool; she has her own plans for the throne, guided by her resourceful mother, Jacquetta. On the other side, we have Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale), the influential Tudor matriarch, who wants the throne for her son, Henry, and uses her power to restore the glory of her house. The Kingmaker's naïve daughter, Anne Neville (Faye Marsay), is another player in the game, whom her father uses to safeguard his position in court. As the series progresses, Anne's true nature shines. The three women, seemingly sheltered and innocent but actually behind-the-screen heroines are the real influencers and form the crux of the story, setting into motion a string of events that change the course of the war. Manipulation, seduction, sexual intrigue, and betrayal run rampant in this drama-filled story as the struggle to seek power intensifies. Disclaimer: Watching these shows do not guarantee good marks in your history paper! :P
  9. 2019 and 2020 can officially be declared as the years of Bollywood sequels with a huge number in the pipeline. From movies such as 'Sadak' which is set to get its sequel after almost three decades, to more recent and popular ones such as 'English Medium' and 'Dabangg 2', the Hindi film industry is all set to welcome numerous sequels with open arms. Here is a curated list of some of the most popular and highly anticipated sequels movie-goers can look forward to in 2019-2020. 1. Student Of The Year 2 © Instagram The one that's right around the corner, and waiting to blow our minds with all the refurbished classic songs in the film, Karan Johar's 'Student of The Year 2' is one of the “highly anticipated” releases of the year (for some) and is slated to release on 10th May, 2019. 2. Angrezi Medium © Twitter Irrfan Khan's first comeback film post defeating cancer, 'Angrezi Medium' is grabbing a lot of attention not only because it stars Irrfan, and is the sequel to 2017 blockbuster 'Hindi Medium' but also because it has Kareena Kapoor Khan and Radhika Madan as female leads. The film is slated to release sometime in 2020. 3. Love Aaj Kal 2 © Instagram Almost a decade since Imtiaz Ali's dramatic take of a rom-com hit the screens in 2009, 'Love Aaj Kal' is finally getting a sequel starring Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan as the lead pair. The shooting is already under way and people have high hopes from this one. The film is slated to release on 14th February, 2020. 4. Dabangg 3 © Arbaz Khan Productions The 'Dabangg' series is one of Salman Khan's most successful movie ventures of recent times. The much-awaited third installment of 'Dabangg' hit the floors recently, and Bhai fans can't wait for the movie to hit the screens. The film is slated to release on 25th December, 2019. 5. Street Dancer 3D © Instagram A coming-of-age story on the lives of street dancers, Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor will star in the third installment of 'ABCD' with 'Street Dancer'. The film is slated to release in November 2019. 6. Commando 3 © Instagram The third installment of Vidyut Jammwal's 'Commando' franchise which traces the adventures of Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra has found avid buyers all these past years. 'Commando 3' is slated to release on 20 September, 2019. 7. Sadak 2 © Instagram Back in 1991, Bollywood gifted us with a marvel of a love-story featuring Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt, titled 'Sadak'. 28 years later, the pair is coming back together for 'Sadak 2' which will also star Aditya Roy Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead. 'Sadak 2' is slated to release on 25th March, 2020. 8. Baaghi 3 © Instagram Tiger Shroff will be back with the third installment of the very-popular 'Baaghi' franchise with Shraddha Kapoor as his leading lady in the film this time. The film is slated to release on 6th March, 2020. 9. Go Goa Gone 2 © Instagram One of the best horror-comedies to hit the Indian multiplexes, 'Go Goa Gone' was a breath of fresh air for movie-goers. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Kemmu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari in prominent roles, 'Go Goa Gone 2' is slated to release sometime in 2020. 10. Pyaar Ka Punchnama 3 © Viacom 18 Though not much is known about 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama 3', last we heard, Nushrat Barucha told the media that she is uber excited for it, because the third installment of the film will reportedly be from a girl's point of view. Though the film's date of release isn't known yet, we're excited for it. 11. Munna Bhai 3 © Vidhu Vinod Chopra One of the most entertaining films to be ever produced in Bollywood, 'Munna Bhai 3' starring Sanjay 'Munna' Dutt and Arshad 'Circuit' Warsi in the lead will reportedly go on the floors in June this year. Though the film's release date hasn't been given out yet, we're hoping to see it hit the screens sometime in 2020. 12. Don 3 © Excel Entertainment With reports of Shah Rukh Khan stepping out of 'Don 3' doing the rounds lately, it is being said that Ranveer Singh has been approached for the role, while Katrina Kaif might replace Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the film. We hope to see the film hit the screens soon. 13. Hera Pheri 3 © AG Films After 'Hera Pheri 2' ended with a cliffhanger, a third installment is definitely the need of the hour. However, due to multiple production setback, the film has been delayed. Latest reports suggest that the Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal starrer will hit the floors by the end of 2019, and finally release sometime in 2020. 14. Krrish 4 © Filmkraft Productions Last year on Hrithik's birthday, papa Roshan announced that the fourth installment of 'Krrish' is in the pipeline. Reportedly, Hrithik will be seen in both a positive as well as negative role in the film. 'Krrish 4' is slated to release on 25th December, 2020. 15. Housefull 4 © Instagram The fourth part of the action-comedy film series 'Housefull', the film boasts of a good assortment of Bollywood stars and is expected to release during Diwali 2019. However, the film might see a delayed release given the #MeToo allegations raised against former director Sajid Khan.
  10. Satyajit Ray isn't a name that is restricted to India or known only to Indians. This name is synonymous to path-breaking cinema that changed how the world saw Indian film-making. Famous Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa once said, “Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon.” Others, such as Wes Anderson and Francis Coppola are known to be inspired by the man who is often seen as the face of Indian cinema. Image A © Twitter Poetry pervaded his work, and a truthfulness that was inherent in every story Ray told, turned his creations into timeless pieces. The cinematic naturalism that was idiosyncratic to Ray's oeuvre, was both enlightening and entertaining. The manner in which Ray's stories unfold is simple yet impactful. However, regardless of whether you consider yourself a cinephile or not, there are a few films Ray created, which are a must-watch for every man. No matter the genre or plots that interest you, these movies will leave you with a new perspective on life and a new-found love for good cinema: 1. Aranyer Din Ratri © Pinterest A story that traces the life and times of four friends, this film was based on the novel by the same name, written by Sunil Gangopadhyay. The film narrates the adventures of contemporary Indian men very realistically. A group of friends escape the metropolitan din for the weekend, and Ray takes us on a vacation with the four of them. The film was even nominated for the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 20th Berlin International Film Festival. 2. Agantuk © DD Productions Based on one of Ray's own short stories, and his last work to make it to the big screen, this one is about the sudden appearance of a guest, no one expected to see. Featuring Utpal Dutt in the lead, he portrays a stranger-cum-guest, who visits a distant niece at her house after years of staying out of touch. With a stunning plot and meaningful dialogues, this one won three National Film awards. 3. Mahanagar © R D Banshal & Co Based on Narendranath Mitra's short story, this one revolves around themes of fear and courage, told through a woman's point-of-view on significant matters involving money, labour and justice. Ray does a wonderful job of dealing with poignant affairs, laced with empathy. From marriage to work-life balance and living with ageing parents, and speaking up against injustice, this one has everything. 4. Pratidwandi © Priya Films Stemmed around the rise of the Naxalite movement in Bengal, the film tells the story about a young, educated man and how his life undergoes great changes amid corruption and unemployment. 5. Abhijan © Abhijatrik A film rooted in the very diseases that plagued the society post India's independence, this one was packed with such impeccable showmanship, that Martin Scorsese admitted that the protagonist of the film directly inspired Robert De Niro's character in the film 'Taxi Driver'. Riveting, enlightening and a story that is relevant for all times. 6. The Apu Trilogy © Satyajit ray The trilogy comprises of 'Pather Panchali', 'Aparajito' and 'Apur Sansar' and marks the debut of the great director in Indian cinema. Through this film, Ray presented the three stages in the protagonist Apu's life. One of the best films you can possibly start off with. 7. Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne © Govt. of WB Probably one of Ray's best creations, the story revolves around the adventures of Goopy and Bagha. After the duo comes in contact with a team of ghosts and is granted three wishes by the Ghost King, they set out on a very innovative journey which will get you hooked! The film won the National Award for the best film, apart from many international awards.
  11. We go along idolising Indian Godmen because they make us see a path that we feel we're too inept to see on our own, and so we follow them blindly. If you're miffed at the fact that I keep saying 'we', let me remind you that a larger chunk of the population likes to believe in men and women who take an alternate recourse to 'discover God', bargaining a better life and worldly peace in return for their followers. © UTV Motion Picture I was once taken to 'Guruji's' shrine and my friend, who is still a staunch believer, asked me to look into his eyes while looking at his picture and get his blessings. She said I may see a visual of him, which means my prayers are answered and I am blessed with his indelible light. I didn't see him, of course, but I did see thousands of devotees staring away at his picture, some claiming they did see him floating about. I am not trying to disregard him or his teachings but this whole set-up seemed so overpowered with Guruji's teachings, that people wanted to believe that they can still see him, even though he passed away a few years ago. © Vicom 18 Motion Pictures These beliefs created by these Godmen work like nascent organisations, growing organically because people desperately need something to believe in and because their minds are so fresh for moulding, they fall prey to easy benevolent teachings of a self-proclaimed hand of God. Bapuji, aka Asaram Bapu, a self-styled Godman was convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl, who was studying at his Ashram in MP. But what's shocking is that his devotees refuse to believe that he committed a crime of such grave intensity. For the longest time, his bhakts thought that Bapu was wrongly convicted but more such cases started coming into the limelight. © Twitter Now, a biopic based on Ushinor Majumdar's novel 'God of Sin: The Cult, Clout and Downfall of Asaram Bapu' is in the making and it's mostly going to be about Bapu's journey on becoming a cult leader, to his downfall and rape convictions. The film will be produced by Sunil Bohra, who has worked on 'Gangs of Wasseypur' and 'Tanu Weds Manu' among other projects. “I read the book and was taken in by lawyer PC Solanki who fought the case for the victims against Asaram Bapu for free. The two lady police officers — one from Jodhpur and the other from Surat — are inspiring, too. In my eyes, they are the real heroes. We will focus on these people and the rest will be based on facts. I bought the rights of the book last month. I have started meeting writers and shall lock the team soon. I want the movie to have an international appeal. The cast will be decided once the script is ready.” Majumdar disclosed to TOI. © Twitter We feel more books and movies should be released about Godmen and their falsehoods that they share with the world and make it temporarily or even permanently blind. There are a few movies Bollywood and independent cinemas that have been made in order to educate people on what blind faith really means and what it does to someone in the longer run. Here are 5 prominent movies based on false faith and Godmen that you should definitely watch to form a perspective: 1. Wild Wild Country © Netflix This Netflix documentary throws light on the controversial Indian Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his personal assistant Ma Anand Sheela. The movie highlights the biggest case of bio-terrorism that took place in the world which originated from Oregon, where Osho had set up his practice. The movie also talks about Ma Sheela, who was the mastermind behind the attack, while propagating lessons of faith to the world. It's quite an eye-opener, to be honest. 2. Oh My God © Viacom 18 motion pictres Umesh Shukla's hilarious take on Godmen and their practices in the country is a must-watch. It stars Mithun Chakraborty and Paresh Rawal, who plays a middle-class atheist, who file a case against the Almighty when he loses his shop to an earthquake. You'll see the satire this movie is built on clearly. 3. MSG-The Messenger © Hakikat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. I am only putting this out here for you to see how a self-proclaimed Godman, who's been charged for rape, has made an ostentatious movie that defies the norm of movie-making and culture. If nothing else, you'll see the contradictions of what he says in his movie as opposed to what he actually is in real life! The movie is based on his life and his quest to eradicate drugs and gender-related issues. It's propaganda mostly, although you can watch it for some laughs if nothing else. 4. PK © UTV Motion Pictures Aamir Khan plays an alien who questions the origin of faith, God, religion and Godmen. The movie will make you realise the importance of not being swayed easily by Godmen or anyone else! 5. Global Baba © Vijay Bansal This film didn't do too well but it surely has an important message to deliver. It talks about false faith and wrong beliefs in society instilled by Godmen and their followers. The idea was to detach people from blind faith and make them see otherwise. It's a must-watch for some clear-cut perspective for sure. The idea behind watching these movies is to not completely turn away from your faith and other beliefs. It's to make people realise that Godmen like Asaram Bapu exist as well and you just need to be careful and be open to perspective and viewpoints that can help make an objective decision for you.
  12. My colleague, on a dull and drab Monday afternoon, talked about a show that had just come out on Hotstar and how intrigued she was by it, after watching the first episode. And she was right. It, in fact, caught my attention within the first 5 minutes and I was hooked, mostly by the character build-up. 'Criminal Justice', is a crime thriller, court drama, jail debauchery and police procedures, all rolled into one show, with a stellar cast that really brings out their character in the most gripping way possible. It's an adaptation of a show which was aired on BBC back in 2008, with the same name, written by Peter Moffat. This one has been adapted by Sridhar Raghavan and directed by Tingmanshu Dhulia and Vishal Furia. © Hotstar The show unravels a narrative which has been played on many times in the past, but what's thrilling is the different nuances describing the functionality of a particular space or pattern. For instance, the series took a great interest in how Aditya, the protagonist's life churned out, while he was spending time in jail. The story is simple and earthy, yet leaves you feeling quite gutted by the end of it. I reckon it's the character building that impacts the audience, more than anything else. © Hotstar The show revolves around a young bloke who plays football for his college. Seems fairly real, by the low-middle class framework that comes into play, while describing Aditya's (Vikrant Masey's) life in the show. After winning a local football tournament, the team decides to throw a party, where Aditya's presence is most favourable as he scores the winning goal for his team. When he reaches home, he's coaxed by his sister (Rucha Inamdar) to help his father drive their cab at night, which is owned by his brother-in-law and registered with 'First Cabs'. Aditya's very encapsulating, naive and innocent portrayal of a young boy who can never say 'no' is quite interesting. That's what the basic fundamental structure of the entire narrative is based on. © Hotstar While driving his cab at night, he gets a passenger he really didn't want in the first place as he was getting late for his party. When she refuses to get off, he's nothing but obligated to drop her to her destination. After she gets off, he realises she left her phone in his car and when he goes to give it back to her, she asks him to come inside and party with her instead, since she made him miss his own party. The two drink, hold conversations, drink some more while she slips him a pill, and right after they have ***. This is when you think she's that warped twisted character who'd do something rather ghastly, you're actually shocked beyond belief. When Aditya wakes up to find her stabbed to death! © Hotstar While the initial bit is fairly interesting, I am not going to go deeper into the story-line because you need to do that yourself but when the actual thread begins, it seems like the story will catch on as it should, but there are parts and scenes that are stretched out of proportion and are unnecessary. By that I mean the storyline could have been made shorter and crisper and in a 45-minute episode, there are a lot of aspects that could have been done away with. Hence the episodes lack the severity of tightness and some parts became dreary due to that in the show. Even so, the series is well adapted and presented and the character sketches are next to flawless. Here are three main aspects that made 'Criminal Justice' rather interesting: (1) Powerful Character Sketches Each character has a unique sensibility in the film and they've very clearly differentiated. For instance, Pankaj Tripathi playing Madhav Mishra is a breath of fresh air and unlike any other character, he has donned. He plays a calculative, selfish and money-minded lawyer who sparingly proves his worth through his cases until he gets stuck fighting Aditya's case. While long-surpassing guilt is eating up his life while he battles with severe eczema, his character has that goofiness that makes the viewer's experience a bit more lighter and joyful. © Hotstar Jackie Shroff, on the other hand, has a more capturing presence and a robust takeover, through the series. Mustafa, as he's called in the series is a serious gang lord in jail who takes Aditya under his protection, when is trying to deal with murder and sexual assault from the other criminals. Jackie's character gives one the certainty of hope and dilemma all at once. Each character is flawlessly perceived in the series. While the series could have caricatured clichéd characters, the ones who usually befit a crime drama, this one was more careful of that. (2) Brimming Realities Since the inception of the series until the end, the show also focuses on what happens when you're convicted in a crime. It's not just a murder mystery but a 'what's next' for Aditya, while he's fighting his battle. There's courtroom proceedings, police proceedings, jail-time drama, the effect of the case on the family, the lawyer's struggle and how cases re-open for investigation. It's got everything that goes in to battling the perfect crime and coming out of it fast-tracked and alive! The directors have made sure to play every nuance, without overplaying it and connect each parallel situation to the other. © Hotstar (3) It's Not Too Ostentatious While criminal dramas tend to overstretch and go into flamboyancy of their own, 'Criminal Justice' is a simple take on a murder mystery. It's not too over-the-top like most murder mysteries are and the characters seem real, justified and in place. There is nothing 'extra' and everything is well thought out. So, for an adapted murder mystery, the series has fared pretty well. © Hotstar Even with the best things pointed out in the show, the series does lack a stronger impact and crispness in its execution. Like I mentioned before, some episodes stretch without reason and lose the impact then and there. If you're not too keen on waiting and seeing who the real murderer is, there is a chance you may get bored with the unnecessary stretches. But the courtroom drama and case-solving situations make up for it fairly. All in all, 'Criminal Justice' has worked well as a genre choice on a digital platform, with its gripping character building, it still lacks freshness in its treatment and storyline. It's a good watch for sure if you're a murder mystery fanatic, and have a weekend to yourself.
  13. Delhi Police is assumed to be the most ostentatious, callous police force in the world, especially by the women who reside in the city. According to most people, they're always late, never follow proceedings as they're supposed to and always hamper vital evidence, with more and more cold cases piling up within their files. That's an assumption. I don't know if it's a fair or a just one, but it's an experiential assumption. I am not trying to bring the force into a bad light but everything that falls under the purview of the police should be scrutinised till its eventual end and to ward off these assumptions, we have the perfect case from their files, which completely changed the way Delhi Police represented itself in the city. © Twitter December 16th, 2012 was a normal day in the capital. It was exceptionally chilly and the city was donned in winter silence. The police, I am sure was set out doing their daily duties, filling the FIR logbook, while trying to rectify nuances which were at play negatively all around. They barely knew their lives were going to change forever after sunset. On one of their regular patrolling rounds, Delhi Police found a couple, naked on the side of the road. When they were brought to the hospital, wrapped in bed sheets, the boy was still conscious with bruises all over his body, while the girl was in agonising pain, whispering she'd been raped and violated with a rod, which was put in to her vagina and taken out, repeatedly. She whispered to the doctor that someone had pulled out flesh from inside her stomach. The statement made by this girl was the beginning of the end of Delhi Police's callous misconduct towards heinous crimes throughout the city. Nirbhaya sent shockwaves that were so riveting, no one could fathom how brutal this crime was. © Twitter Yes, it was the most brutal crime that had taken place in the capital where a young girl was badly beaten and bruised, raped and devoured antagonistically, her case had to be put on fast track. This is where Delhi Police showed the world their real face, their real mettle, as a valuable police force. They caught the perpetrators within 5 working days and gave Nirbhaya and the country what they needed- the perfect resolve, that it always sought. Almost 6 years after this crime was given due justice, Netflix released a series called 'Delhi Crime', which highlighted not the crime, but how it was dealt with, with every moment in dire speculation. Honestly, I couldn't sit through the series at first. Yes, it was intense but in more ways than one, it was a triggering point for someone who had no idea about the gravity of how and why it took place. 'Delhi Crime' effortlessly and carefully peeled layers of successful tribulation of the victim, her family, her friend and what the police went through on that ill-fated night. © Netflix "I have a family friend in the Delhi Police and he retired six years back. He'd seen my previous work and kind of knew me and my style, so he suggested we do a film on this six years back. I told him that I don't think it's a good idea at all. He asked to read the first verdict that had come out in the sessions court, back in 2013. He offered that he'll introduce me to some more officers involved if I was interested, and if you feel there's a story there, then go for it" Richie Mehta, the director told us in an interview, while revealing the truest sculpture of the series. The series is divided in to seven parts and it's a clear focus on the dedication Delhi Police has shown towards solving the crime in a short duration. It's an apt reconstruction of the case which was handled very professionally and aesthetically by the cast and the crew. Usually, cinematic reconstructions of crimes such as rape and sexual abuse are callously handled by filmmakers in the country. There is little or no research that goes into reconstructing a crime and even if there is, most of it is secondary. 'Delhi Crime', on the other hand, took care of every intricate nuance featured in the series. For instance, even though the film was about the heinous crime that took place, it deliberately focused more on how the perpetrators were brought to justice and not so much on how the victim went through the darkest hour of her life. The series made unsubtle references to the recreation of the crime that took place in the bus, when the victim narrated it out loud, the injuries she succumbed to and the way she dealt with it all. Everything was created in complete discretion, keeping the societal triggers in mind. But even so, every bit of it was nerve-gripping. © Netflix "There were certain basic things that were non-negotiable to me. Like, no way will I show the crime and there was no chance of that. You wouldn't even sounds of the crime, that is off limits. This was about people perpetrating the crime and other people dealing with it. One big mandate was based visually. The style of shooting would be as a by-standard. If we can remove as much judgement as possible from my standpoint. If you're doing a scene and you're in a car, the camera is behind you, as if you're just sitting in the car. We don't do the front shots. You're looking at everyone else, as if you're sitting there. And if you're in the police station, the movie camera is on the cinematographer's shoulder , they get up and go in to the hallway and we go with them. So, that mandate was reflective of taking a non-judgmental approach." said Richie. © Twitter The opening credits of the series tell us that they were directly inspired from the original case files. While I am off the notion that additional fiction was added to the series to create that extra 'thrill', I wasn't sensitised to the fact that the light the police were presented in would steal focus from the rest of the characters and the facts that were shown very limitedly. It came as a slow realisation that other things actively happening around the time Nirbhaya was in the hospital and when her perpetrators were roaming free, were not given much screen time. There were protests that broke out, civil society and women welfare NGOs that demanded justice, student bodies, politicians and her family reacting to the situation was put at bay to valorise the police. While it's fair this content might have been created to redeem the functioning of Delhi Police and spill their truth, it certainly sidelined a lot of important aspects, especially the burste of identity Delhi was gathering through its people at the time. © Netflix The constant reminder of how the police is understaffed and not paid enough and how ill-equipped they are financially and otherwise in comparison to other countries like America, came up again and again in the show. This was one thing that didn't settle in too well for me, but then everyone loves a good cop story and this was mostly about that. "There was a turning point for me when one sub-inspector I was speaking told me about a heinous crime he was investigating. And after he told me that, I asked him if he still believed in people and he said 'ya ya for sure'. And I asked him why does he believe in people if he deals in this evil every day. He then told me there are 17 million people in Delhi at night and 40,000 officers. 70% are used for VIP and traffic, so do the math on how many officers are keeping the peace. They can't prevent a crime from happening before, statistically. Which means the only thing keeping the peace 24 hours a day are the people and they're doing it" said Richie. © Netflix Even though it seems like the story is one-sided, the character sketches are very strongly put forth in the show. Every character seems almost real, like we're reliving the exact same crime through them. That's also because the actors chose to play the part put their heart in soul to showcase an extremely sensitive issue. For instance, the DCP's character carried out by Shefali Shah was ruthless yet comforting. Her character was drawn from the real life DCP Chhayya Sharma, who handled Nirbhaya's case back in 2012. Shefali's character made a rogue statement which was much needed at the time. Not just for the fallen faith in the police force but for the a heinous crime like this in the city and she absolutely carved her way through a beautiful character sketch. Shefali feels if there wasn't a woman handling the case, it would probably not be done with so much focus and precision. Not because of anything else, but because the angst the DCP has experienced back then was more empathetic towards the victim, because she was a woman. "She really wanted to get them and the fact that she was a woman, it probably got cracked so fast and she took it personally" Shefali opened up about her role. © Twitter While talking about whether or not this incident or even this show has changed the defination of safety in India, she went on to say: ''I stopped travelling by public transport a long time ago and I am really not in a space to sit and say I feel safer. After this what I know, the way this was investigated, we're not completely thrown to the winds. There are people who care, there are people who work really hard to keep us safe. There is always a balance of good or bad and if there wasn't can you imagine what would happen to this country?" Although the show wasn't uncomfortable or traumatic for her to do, it was emotionally exhausting but empowering to step in to the shoes of someone who actually burnt the midnight oil and found the ones responsible for the crime. © Facebook 'Delhi Crime', although has its triggers and biases every now and then, it still showcases the vast mentality that exists in our country and the level some men can stoop down to teach women a 'lesson' they rather learn and/or be raped. It's an eye-opener definitely and for those of you who didn't know or understand the brutality the crime exposed, can really take a peek inside and feel the anguish everyone including the cast members went through when they had to enact it out. It's definitely a must watch and if at any point you do get triggered while watching it, you can always remember Nirbahaya aka Jyoti Singh who tried her best to face her fears till the end, till she gave up her life for a million women residing in this country. Watch the trailer here
  14. Adapting a novel for the screen is a risky business; it either creates history or is panned by book-lovers for eternity. Go overboard with characters and the literary fandom will shed you to pieces and if you don't show enough character development, the audience will lose interest. Not every movie can match the excellence of the novels which they are adapted from, the adaptations have to play on just the right chord or else the entire movie falls apart. via GIPHY Sometimes the actors don't work or if they work the script fails to live up to the novel's intensity. Even more challenging is changing the plot; some directors twist the ending or alter plot points to make it more desirable and intriguing, case in point, 'The Lord of The Rings', which worked phenomenally for the movie, but other adaptations aren't that lucky, looking at the 'Divergent' series. via GIPHY With a throng of books being turned into movies, 2019 seems to be the “Year of Novel-to-Movie Adaptation”. Here are six of the most anticipated adaptations to grace the screen this year: 1. Little Women: © Columbia Pictures Set in Massachusetts, with the Civil War as the backdrop, the story focusses on the four March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, as they come of age in a new America. Vividly different than the other, each with their own personalities and ambitions, the girls learn something new about life and themselves, guided by their mother, lovingly called “Marmee”. Starring Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep among others, this adaptation of the famous novel by Louisa May Alcott is one of the most anticipated movies of 2019. Emma Watson is taking on the role of the eldest daughter, dreamy and soft-spoken Meg, (after Emma Stone dropped out of the project) which should be a cakewalk for her given her previous roles as Hermione and Belle; strong, resilient characters with a soft but solid disposition. (Though, I would have preferred her to be Jo!) In a Ladybird reunion of sorts, accent-queen Saoirse will star as the second daughter, headstrong and quick-witted Jo, the creative genius in the family, alongside Timothée Chalamet who will play Laurie (and looks a lot like him), the handsome neighbour who strikes up a friendship with the four girls. Given that the 1994 version starring Susan Sarandon (Marmee March), Winona Ryder (Jo) and Christian Bale (Laurie), has been the undisputed king of all the adaptations till date, the movie will have to live up to its name; Saoirse and Timothée have some very big shoes to fill! The casting is the best part of the movie: Laura Dern as Marmee and Meryl Streep as the cantankerous Aunt March are well-suited to their roles. So are the March sisters; we couldn't have asked for better actors. The person to look out for would be Eliza Scanlan who plays Beth March, the sweet-natured and innocent March sibling whom everyone loves; a dynamically different role than her manipulative Amma Crelin in Sharp Objects. Directed by Greta Gerwig of Ladybird fame and its Oscar-nominated cast, it sure is to make its own mark in adaptation history. Also, an element to look forward to is the plot changes which Greta seems to have made to make the story more relevant. Date of Release: December 25, 2019 2. The Woman in the Window: © 20th Century Fox Anna Fox is a recluse; a formerly celebrated child psychologist who spends her time drinking wine, watching movies and spying on her neighbours through her window. Then one night, everything changes when on her spying spree, she witnesses something she wasn't supposed to in the home of her new neighbours, the seemingly-perfect Russells. Is what she saw true or was she still under the influence of her nectar: the alcohol? Will she be able to prove it? Dealing with themes of suspense, intrigue and agoraphobia, this A.J Finn thriller novel is set to release Featuring Amy Adams as the aforementioned woman, and directed by Joe Wright, the psychological thriller movie also stars Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore as the Russells. The role seems to be right up Amy Adams' alley, since we have seen her play intense, dramatic characters with scarred pasts and secrets, most recently as Camille Preaker in Gillian Flynn's novel's adaptation 'Sharp Objects'. She is sure to bring Dr Anna's anguish to life with her stellar portrayal. Date of Release: October 4, 2019 3. The Rhythm Section: © Paramount Pictures When Stephanie Patrick's life is upended after an airplane crash that kills all her loved ones, she turns to drugs and prostitution for solace and as a coping mechanism to stop the unravelling of her life. Vexed on finding out that the crash wasn't an accident but the work of a terrorist organization, she vows to take revenge. In order to do that she enlists into a dubious intelligence organization which promises to lead her to the terrorists, if she completes their questionable assignments. Mark Burnell's novel's lead, Stephanie, is a gritty, no-nonsense, fascinating woman who can go to any lengths to achieve her goal and bring the preparators to justice. Starring Blake Lively (as Stephanie), Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown among others, and directed by Reed Morano, it's to be seen whether the movie can match the pace of the book. Date of Release: November 22, 2019 4. Artemis Fowl: © Walt Disney Pictures Teenage genius Artemis Fowl is on a mission to rescue his father from the Russian Mafia and restore his family's fortunes. The catch? His father is a known criminal. Starting off as an anti-hero, he captures Holly Short, the head fairy of the LEPrecon (the fairy police), hoping to extort gold from them and becoming rich; as a first step in his quest to his free his father. He is helped all the way by his trusted bodyguard, Butler, as they embark on more adventures. Based on Eoin Colfer's novels of the same name, the movie is to adapt the first two novels for the movie version. Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Ferdia Shaw, Judi Dench, Lara McDonell, Nonso Anozie and Josh Gad in main roles, this Disney film is bound to be full of spectacular special and visual effects. A visual delight for sure! Date of Release: August 9, 2019 5. The Goldfinch: © Warner Bros Pictures Donna Tartt's eponymous novel is set to feature on screen in a movie directed by John Crowley. Theo Decker is a teenager who has known tragedy very early on in his life. He is a survivor of a terrorist bombing at a museum which sadly claimed his mother. His only solace is the painting his mother loved at the museum, The Goldfinch, which he had secretly taken from the museum after the bombing. But as he grows up, it is this innocent act of taking the painting that propels his life into a series of adventures which eventually lead him to the underground world of art forgeries and crime. Along with his friend Boris, he embarks on new experiences which don't turn out to be exactly what he had imagined. Starring Ansel Elgort as the adult Theo and Aneurin Barnard as Boris, the movie is sure to be a good adaptation, given the actors chosen to portray the characters. Nicole Kidman and Luke Wilson also star in supporting roles as socialite Mrs Barbour and Larry Decker (Theo's idler father) respectively. Date of Release: October 11. 2019 6. Where'd You Go, Bernadette? © Annapurna Pictures Based on the novel by Maria Semple, Bernadette is an agoraphobic mother of a 15-year old daughter, Bee Branch, who hates everybody around her, especially her neighbour, Audrey. Though Bernadette wasn't always like this, she has now become a housebound recluse, a far departure from her once successful career as a feted architect. One fine day, a few days before a planned Antarctica tour which was to be Bee's gift, Bernadette goes missing and now Bee must take on the difficult task of finding her mother before it's too late. Cate Blanchett will star as Bernadette Fox, with Emma Nelson as Bee, along with Judy Greer as Dr Kurtz and Kristen Wiig as the annoying neighbour, Audrey. Given the comedic elements of the book, Cate is Blanchett is sure to nail the character's idiosyncrasies and with Kristen Wiig as Audrey, it is bound to be a laugh riot. Judy Greer as Dr Kurtz is the perfect choice for the role and so is Billy Crudup as Bee's genius father, Elgin Branch. Let's hope the mystery behind Bernadette's disappearance is as intriguing as it is in the novel. Date of Release: August 9, 2019 Which one are you most excited for?
  15. Period dramas are one of the most fascinating things on Earth. Period. I have always been intrigued by these dramas set in a time which we don't know very well. A better time in a sense, a simpler time for sure. Ever felt like it would have been such a better life had you been born in a different era? Ruminating about how things would have been had you lived in another period, another era. No school, no need to slog for hours on at an end on a computer for peanuts, idyllic hours where you can sit and relax and think about the complexities of life and ponder nature's mysteries. Glitzy parties with good-looking men and women, kings, queens, a lot of dancing, balls, huge mansions, pristine cottages, women in intricate gowns (wearing body-numbing corsets), men in suave suits. Articulate speeches (which rival your limited vocabulary), romances which knock you off your feet and make you feel whole, clandestine affairs which shouldn't be known to a soul. Oh, the beauty of it all! So, if you are a period drama enthusiast (read fanatic who tries to appear normal by using the term “enthusiast”), here are six shows which right up your alley: 1. Downton Abbey (2010-2015): © ITV Studios/ITV/Carnival Films Set in 1912, tragedy strikes the affluent Crawley family of Downton Abbey when their only heir drowns while aboard the Titanic. With no heir apparent to bequeath the title and the fortune to, except his daughter Mary (Michelle Dockery) who can't inherit as per law, the Earl of Grantham, Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville), has no other choice but to find the next heir. As a shock to the family, the heir happens to be a middle-class solicitor, Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens), Robert's third cousin (once removed), which doesn't go down well with the patrician family. Meanwhile, Robert's wife, Cora (Elizabeth McGovern), and Robert's mother, Dowager Countess Violet (Maggie Smith), unable to witness the years of Robert's meticulous work for Downton go down the drain, hatch a plan to challenge the rules of the will so that Mary may inherit the fortune as well as the estate. Parallelly, the series also focuses on the help, the servants of Downton Abbey, headed by the butler, Mr Carson and the housekeeper, Mrs Hughes and how they make the mansion a home for the people upstairs while dealing with their own problems. Spread over six seasons, the series intelligently includes momentous events from the early 20th century: the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the First World War, the Spanish Influenza, the Marconi Scandal, et al and how these events change the lives of the characters; rich and poor alike. An exquisite drama centring on the beauty of human relationships; because at the end of the day, everyone is human, social stature notwithstanding. USP: The exceptional cinematography is sure to take you back to the turn of the century. Splendid performances by the ensemble cast; everyone is perfect in their role! Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley; with her acid tongue, cutting remarks and sarcastic wit encased in one-liners is a treat to watch. Penelope Wilton as Mrs Crawley and Maggie Smith make an iconic duo which only a few fictional pairs can match! No. of Seasons: 6 2. Mad Men (2007-2015): © Weiner Bros./Silvercup Studios/Lionsgate Television/AMC Centring on the mercurial rise of advertising in the early 1960s in America, this series focuses on the Madison Avenue firm “Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency” in New York. Enter the swinging sixties with glittering parties, scandalous affairs, fabulous fashion and excessive smoking as Don Draper makes his way in the bad, bad business of advertising. Featuring an ensemble cast, the series focuses on the lives of the characters, both personal and professional, mainly on Don Draper, as they traverse New York's bundling love for advertising. As we witness Don Draper's rise to becoming one of the best advertising minds of the era, his crumbling personal life with numerous affairs, punctuated with chain-smoking, adds to the drama. A case study in how the business world works, the series presents a new perspective on the era gone by, cleverly depicting the politics in the workplace and how people stop at nothing to achieve success. The 1960s also changed the perspective of the world regarding working women; they were no longer just the secretaries but moved on to better roles as managers and copywriters, as showcased by Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) and Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks). An epic drama which lays bare the real nature of humans: selfishness. The man-eat-man world is wonderfully portrayed through Don, who can go to any level to secure his position in the company and is unafraid to use his charm and aura for getting his way and things done. His need to succeed eventually leads him to a path of self-destruction and later, redemption. USP: The opening credits is a marvellous depiction of life; the rise and fall of humans. Jon Hamm as Don Draper makes a convincing 1950s man, the quintessential megalomaniac who can't let anyone get ahead of him in any aspect of his life. No. of Seasons: 7 3. The Tudors (2007-2010): © Reveille Eire/ Sony Pictures Television/ Showtime Networks A charming history lesson; written and produced by Michael Hirst, based on King Henry VIII and his unconventional lifestyle, The Tudors is a fictionalized version of the Tudor family's most notorious member, most importantly remembered for his multiple (six!) marriages and the changes he brought about in the manoeuvrings of the English Throne. Coursing through the life and times of Henry VIII, set in the 16th century, we follow him as he sets on the quest to make divorce legal in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, after falling in love with Anne Boleyn while being married to Katherine of Aragon. The series then focuses on the English Reformation; the separation of the Church of England from the papal authority and the eventual annulment of his marriage to Katherine. His relationship and treaties with the French kingdom and the intrigues of his court also form the crux of the series. The series also focuses on his term as king, the problems he had to face in order to retain his title and prove his effectiveness as king As we witness the various marriages and the aftermath of them, we get to see the human side of the oft-mentioned, infamous ruler. USP: The sensual tone of the show and the beatific locations will leave you spellbound; who could think that history could be so enticing? :P Jonathan Rhys Meyer's portrayal of King Henry VIII is commendable. Don't miss Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn, before she captivated our hearts as Queen Margery in 'Game of Thrones'! No. of Seasons: 4 4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017-): © Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions/Amazon Studios/Amazon Video Comedy works because of two things: it's funny because it's true and it's funny until it happens to you. Midge Maisel's (Rachel Brosnahan) life is the perfect American Dream in the 1950s. Her slightly eccentric and funny disposition only adds to her charm. But her seemingly perfect life goes for a toss when her husband, Joel, leaves her for his secretary. Bewildered, confused and drunk, she ends up in a downtown café, The Gaslight, and does her first impromptu stand-up while being completely unaware of it and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Midge wakes up to a talent she had been sleeping on for so many years. Guided by Susie (Alex Borstein), the perpetually angry bartender of The Gaslight, and armed with her exceptional humor and wit, she starts her new secret (from her strict Jewish family) life as a comedienne in the male-dominated stand-up scene of 1950s New York. Will she succeed? Only time will tell! USP: A beautiful, melodious soundtrack heavily influenced by Jazz, which will transport you back to 1950s New York. Rachel Brosnahan as “Miriam 'Midge' Maisel” is phenomenal, you need to see her to believe it. The way she owns the character is admirable and she makes you relate to Midge at the most primal level. The series drives home the fact that we always don't know what we are capable of until we are tested. The humour in the show is top-notch, the jokes are funny and organic, and the comedy timing of the characters is impeccable; a testament to Amy Sherman-Palladino's iconic style. No. of Seasons: 2 (Season 3 to be released in late 2019) 5. Anne with an E (2017-): © Netflix/CBC/Northwood Entertainment Based on the “Anne of Green Gables” books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and produced by Moira Walley-Beckett, this drama is an updated and darker take on Anne Shirley Cuthbert. Anne (Amybeth McNulty) is over the moon when she finds out that she has been adopted by a family in Avonlea. But her happiness is short-lived as her adoptive guardians, brother-sister duo Matthew (R.H. Thomson) and Marilla (Geraldine James), refuse to take her in because they had asked for a boy from the adoption agency. Heartbroken, she pleads with them to keep her on because she doesn't want to return to the horror-filled memories of her past. Charmed by her loquacious nature, Matthew Cuthbert decides to add her to their family but is initially opposed by his sister who doesn't bode well with the creative pursuits of Anne. Eventually, Marilla gives in and they start their life as a family. The series then follows the adventures of Anne, as she moves on from her orphaned/social pariah status to becoming the darling of the village, courtesy of her creativity and presence of mind (things which had once made her ostracized). The series beautifully depicts the struggles of starting life anew, especially for a person who has never known love and how delightful human relationships can become over time with trust and love. USP: The series is not heavily dependent on the novels, deviating from the books to shed light on many relevant issues like racism (by introducing a black character who isn't part of the books), discrimination, sexual understanding, LGBTQ+ representation among others which are important in today's era. The performances by the lead cast, especially by Amybeth McNulty who plays Anne, are wonderful. The homely feel of the series is just one of its charming qualities. No. of Seasons: 2 (Season 3 to be released in mid2019) 6. Pride and Prejudice (1995): © BBC1 Based on the eternal love story by Jane Austen featuring the perfect dreamboat for women since 1813, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy and the opinionated and intelligent Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the series is perhaps the best adaptation of the novel till date (Sorry Keira Knightley!). Mrs Bennet's sole ambition in life is to see her five daughters happily married into rich households. And she won't stop until she achieves that! When Mr Bingley, the new bachelor in town sets up home in the Netherfield estate near the Bennet's neighbourhood, Mrs Bennet pushes her eldest daughter Jane towards the gentleman who is smitten by her. Mr Bingley's friend, the mysterious and arrogant Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) takes an interest in the second daughter Elizabeth (Jennifer Ehle), but both seem to clash with respect to their ideals and their thinking, leading to verbal arguments and an intense dislike for each other. She thinks him to be too proud, he decrees her to be prejudiced. An ongoing battle of wits, peppered with dislike masking their true feelings, this period drama is what a typical romance ought to be. USP: Andrew Davies' stellar screenplay (especially the iconic lake scene :P). Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. The series propelled Colin Firth to superstardom and a yardstick with which future portrayals of Mr. Darcy(s) would be judged. No one has even come close to Colin's portrayal, making him the living embodiment of Mr. Darcy. The intricately written episodes, with graceful and eloquent dramatization make the series a comforting safe haven in this ruthless world. :P No. of Seasons: 1 (Six Episodes) So, which one are you planning to watch?
  16. February is coming to an end and that means a new month will bring a plethora of new releases that will be hitting our nearby screens. Here are 7 upcoming movies in March that we are absolutely excited to watch: 1. Luka Chhupi This is being touted as one of the funniest romantic comedies we'll watch this year, so clearly it's a must-watch on everyone's list. The trailer looks promising and Kartik Aaryan seems to have done a pretty good job with Kriti Sanon in tow. The movie releases on 1st March. 2. Sonchiriya This Indian drama movie traces the goons of the Chambal Valley and with a stellar star cast that includes names like Bhumi Pednekar, Sushant Rajput and Manoj Bajpayee, this is going to be a good watch indeed. Get ready to witness it on 1st March. 3. Badla Taapsee Pannu and Big B are coming back in this mystery flick and the trailer is very intriguing indeed. The movie releases on 8th March. 4. Captain Marvel This is a Marvel treat for all Brie Larson fans, as she is all set to entertain us as the almighty Captain Marvel who gets caught between a galactic war in order to save the world. Prepare to be blown away on 8th March. 5. Photograph Nawazuddin and Sanya Malhotra have managed to impressed everyone in the quirky trailer of this super interesting love story, which looks like a visual treat. You can watch it on the 15th of March. 6. Kesari This movie will trace the battle of Saragarhi and has Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in the lead roles. The action unfolds on 21st March. 7. How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World This is going to be a visual delight for the fans of this incredible franchise, who can hop on a fantastic journey to witness the dragon utopia called 'The Hidden World'. The adventure begins on 22nd March. Your March movie plans are sorted now. You're welcome!
  17. The much-awaited comic caper of the year, 'Total Dhamaal', has finally released and hit the theatres today. This is the third instalment of the hilarious 'Dhamaal' series and the first reactions to the movie are already out. So the majority of the votes call it a baseless comedy (it's no rocket science to know that really) but still it's a must-watch because it is hilarious. #TotalDhamaal is brainless and nonsense... But it entertains you big time... Oh man I never laughed like this form quite some time.. Just hilarious.. @ajaydevgn pic.twitter.com/1EB8R5yUxn — Jyoti jangid (@Jyotijangid11) February 22, 2019 Total dhamaal full on entertainment Zabardast Comedy with Humour ka Zordaar Tadka #Runforit #TotalDhamaal — Bhagchand kumawat (@Bhagchandkumaw2) February 22, 2019 One of the main reasons besides the star cast that the movie is doing so well is Indra Kumar's direction and the fact that there has been no family entertainment in the biggest time. Still struggling to set a weekend plan??watch #TotalDhamaal... it's a total family entertainer. Laughed my guts out. Go with family or friends...trust me you will not be disappointed ð — MariamK (@MariamK59) February 21, 2019 #TotalDhamaal is a complete package of family entertaining movie. And you've to take your kids for this movie bcoz they will crazily laugh out loud. And who doesn't want to see the million dollar expressions. @foxstarhindi @ADFFilms #TotalDhamaalReview @RelianceEnt — Sourabh Das (@sourabhdas90) February 22, 2019 So when you watch a comedy movie, which is mainly based on slapstick humour, you allow the storyline to get a pass. Seems like 'Total Dhamaal' has lived up to its franchise's name. Despite flaws, and a few over the top sequences, #TotalDhamaal is a fair clean entertainer that can be enjoyed with the entire family. It's definitely an improvement over #DoubleDhamaal. Should cruise past the Rs 100 crore mark as per my understanding! 3 Stars! #TotalDhamaal — Himesh (@HimeshMankad) February 22, 2019 #TotalDhamaal #onewordreview: blockbuster ð£ð£ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ Superstar #ajaydevgn come with another blockbuster!!#AnilKapoor #MadhuriDixit #Riteishd #ArshadWarsi #jaavedjaaferi #imsanjaimishra they're too good! 4.5/5 ððððð pic.twitter.com/3pHnKWJHft — #TotalDhamaal (@JangidGulab) February 22, 2019 Looks like we all need a good weekend plan now. The movie is already being predicted to cross the Rs 100-crore mark, so make sure you have a plan in place for a chilled out weekend.
  18. Shows with lawyers being the centre of the action are some of the most appealing yet intense series on television. They entertain fans with their courtroom drama, and the viewers who work in the legal profession appreciate the justice-seeking stories for reasons that go beyond the initial appeal. via GIPHY Time and again, we see shows about lawyers and the lives they live, both the lavish and the struggling ones. Legal dramas don't always represent the profession precisely, but they are great for showing all the fields you can work in. Here's a list of some gripping, high-powered classic legal TV series sure to make love lawyers: 1. Boston Legal Boston Legal deals with the tricky issues that lawyers face around the globe. From its pilot episode in 2004 to its last episode in 2008, the series showcased the lives and values of different lawyers. The was series aired on ABC and it was one of the most realistic and well-developed legal series of all time and had the added bonus of being regularly funny. The series starred James Spader, William Shatner, and Candice Bergen. 2. Suits An engaging show that tackles distressing issues that people encounter on a daily basis, and a great source of entertainment, 'Suits' is not only relatively new but also one of the greatest shows of the genre. via GIPHY A must-watch series that shows scenes from real and mock trials and gives a valuable insight into the life of a lawyer. The latest Season 8 can be watched on Comedy Central every Saturday from 8 pm to 9 pm IST. 3. Law & Order 'Law & Order' is an American police procedural and legal drama television series created by Dick Wolf, launching the 'Law & Order' franchise. It started in the early 90s as a New York-based series but soon grew, not only to other major cities but in terms of content. via GIPHY The entire run of the series was aired on NBC. Its subseries, such as Criminal Intent and Special Victim's Unit, look at law enforcement from different perspectives; all show the steely mindset needed to succeed. 4. The Practice The show's unique perspective on the different cases that the law firm takes on, inspires viewers to question their thinking when they hear about a particular case. via GIPHY It makes viewers think outside the box, using gut instincts to find out the true story behind the plot. The series ran for eight seasons on ABC. The legal drama, created by David E. Kelley, won the Emmy in 1998 and 1999 for the Best Drama Series. 5. The Good Wife 'The Good Wife' is an American television legal and political drama that premiered on CBS. It is a mystery drama TV series that stars Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth, and Josh Charles. via GIPHY The show was created by Michelle King and Robert King. The American legal and political drama television series was aired on CBS. 'The Good Wife' also won numerous prestigious awards, including five Emmys and the 2014 Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama.
  19. Rick and his motley bunch might be the most famous bunch of zombie-wranglers to ever get a prime-time spot. But excellent as 'The Walking Dead' is, it's not the only awesome zombie show around. So if you've already binged on 'The Walking Dead' and need more to satisfy those cravings for 'braaains', check out any of these: 1. Z Nation The zombie apocalypse is in full swing and it's not just the undead you need to worry about, but also the rather-more unscrupulous living. But no, don't for a minute assume Z Nation's some sort of low-budget attempt at riding 'The Walking Dead' wave. This is a bonafide cracker in its own right. Over-the-top action, zany humour, and nail-biting suspense, it all comes together in a gleefully bloodthirsty romp as our heroes make a last-ditch attempt to discover a cure. Zombie strippers? A giant zombie cheese wheel bulldozing everything in its part? A zombie baby? Zombies getting stoned? You'll find it all here. Best of all, this SyFy show doesn't shy away from getting rid of fan fav characters. 2. Santa Clarita Diet Say hello to Sheila Hammond (the effervescent Drew Barrymore). She and her husband Joel (played by the master of facial expressions, Timothy Olyphant) are regular folks from the suburbs. Regular folks with a regular life. Staying outta trouble, raising a kid, and in general, just being a regular family. But things are about to change when Shiela upchucks enough vomit (and what looks like an organ) to cheer up your average, gross 10-year-old on the night before a math exam. You guessed it - sweet and quiet Sheila Hammond is now a zombie, with some unfortunately timed craving for living flesh. Join the Hammonds as they try figuring out what happened, and also deal with a wave of adversaries - everything from nosy neighbours and mad scientists to talking heads and corrupt cops. See, who said the suburbs were boring? 3. iZombie Parties are fun. Unless you're at the wrong one, like Olivia Moore, and get scratched by a zombie who's tripping on something downright evil. Luckily, she's a doctor. Which means she can get a job as a Medical Examiner and can chomp on the dead instead of wandering the streets looking for brains like other, less privileged zombies. Now, while it's no fun being a zombie (you don't enjoy 'normal' food, relationships can be hard, and you need to keep it all under wraps for fear of vigilantes), there's an unintended side benefit: Liv can 'see' the last moments of those she eats. Which means even Sherlock Holmes can't hold a candle to her in solving crimes. She's also got her own crime-fighting posse: colleague Dr Ravi Chakrabarti, and homicide detective Clive Babineaux. Together, they solve crimes and at the same time, go up against drug (and brains) dealer Blaine who's usually up to nothing good. 4. Helix A team of scientists find themselves investigating a mysterious disease at an Arctic research station. But the chaps who run the station would rather bury the problem than let the outside world discover they've created, what are in effect, zombies with the speed and bloodthirstiness to make it tough going even for seasoned commandos. Nothing seems to work, and there seem to be loads of secrets floating around. Watch Helix for its fantastic aura of foreboding and doom. The icy wastes of the Arctic and the blue-tinged atmosphere of the research station make this seem almost like a new outing of the Resident Evil franchise. And we mean that in a good way! 5. Ash vs Evil Dead Once upon a time, there was a horror movie called The Evil Dead. It grew up (or rather, spawned sequels), and by the third film in the franchise, it was an all-out comedy (Army of Darkness). Never heard of it? Turn in your horror fan card. Ash (Bruce Campbell) from the movie returns in this TV show set 30 years after the happenings in the film. Unfortunately, it wasn't all happily ever after for our hero, who still works a dead-end job and lives in a crappy trailer. But evil won't sit still and it's up to our very politically-incorrect, chauvinistic warrior-hero (assisted by some new friends) to ward off never-ending legions of 'Deadites' (think of them as demons that inhabit corpses). Yes, it's not a zombie TV show in the strictest sense of the term - the Deadites are far more conniving and dangerous than a half-eaten zombie shuffling along - but it's fun (and very, very gory).
  20. Comedy is just a funny way of being serious but there is nothing harder than doing comedy. Laughter is a big part of our lives, we must try to laugh as much as possible because life is too short to be grumpy and irritated. In recent years, TV Series' have become an essential part of our lives. A heartfelt thanks to all the writers and actors who put a smile on our faces with their humour and wit. Comedy isn't only about being funny, it is a perspective on greater problems in a jovial way; it questions the long-standing, archaic human emotions. Feeling low? Watch a funny show, you will feel positively better. Whenever it comes to comedy shows, 'Friends' and 'Seinfeld' among others always take the cake. But, there are a lot of other shows which don't get their due because of not enough fanfare or publicity, even if they are funny and have good material. Under the more popular opinion, these shows tend to get underrated. Being a 'Friends' fan myself, I can't possibly think that there is some other show which might come at par with it; this is where I stand wrong. If you only eat a particular type of food, you wouldn't get to experience the taste of others. So, branch out! Here are six of the best comedy shows (unfortunately underrated) which deserve a much bigger fanbase and greater popularity: 1. Grace and Frankie (2015-): What would you do if you found out that your partner of 40 years was gay? This is what happens to Grace Hanson and Frankie Bergstein who are well into their early 70s and find out that their respective husbands, Robert and Sol (played splendidly by Michael Sheen and Sam Waterston), are gay and have been cheating on them with each other for the past 20 years. Crazy, right? To top it off, Robert and Sol want to divorce their respective wives and get married. © Netflix / Skydance Television / Okay Goodnight This starts a series of hilarious incidents with Grace and Frankie leaving their husbands and moving into a beach house owned by both families. What follows is a funny train wreck. With starkly opposite personalities, the prim and proper Grace and eccentric, scatter-brained Frankie who hate each other and have never got along well, clash at every opportunity which ends up with comedic results; Frankie being declared officially by government offices, Sol becoming a theatre artist, Grace exploring her sexuality and dating pool, eventually Grace and Frankie becoming best friends and starting a vibrator business! If you think what a show with two old women could have in store for a young person like you, then you will be mightily surprised by the comedic elements and situations of the show; which is the main theme. Just give it a try! Why do we recommend it? - Jane Fonda is superb as Grace Hanson, the no-nonsense, uptight intelligent blonde and Lily Tomlin as the lovable, doofus, hippie-inspired Frankie Bergstein and they carry the whole show on their shoulders. - Their comedic timing is impeccable and their camaraderie from the “9 to 5” (another movie in which they starred together) days is fun to watch and effortless. © Netflix / Skydance Television / Okay Goodnight -An ensemble cast with June Diane Raphael and Brooklyn Decker as the Hanson daughters and the Ethan Embry and Baron Vaughn as the quirky Bergsteins are a hoot. - It shows how you don't need to worry about age to have fun and start afresh. Nothing more to be expected from Marta Kauffman, who gave us 'Friends'! You are sure to get a lot of 'Friends' vibes. No. of seasons: 4 Total no. of seasons: 5 (4 released, 1 to be released in 2019) 2. Schitt's Creek (2015-): Don't judge a show by its title! :D © CBC / Not a Real Company Productions When the uber-rich Roses lose their multi-million fortune to tax evasion, they are forced to leave their mansion and settle in a town, Schitt's Creek, which they once bought as a joke for their son's birthday. Follow the Roses as they try to adapt to their new life in this dilapidated town in America; starting with living in a descript, cheap motel and the town's horde of quirky characters; Roland Schitt, the creepy mayor and his innocent wife, Jocelyn among others. The series further follows the lives of the individual characters, and how they evolve; Johnny Rose: The patriarch, previous owner of a chain of video stores, Rose Videos, who is trying to come to terms with his loss and his new business ventures which mostly have funny repercussions. Moira Rose: A former TV star of a mildly successful show called 'Sunrise Bay' who can't cope with the sudden shift of fortunes and is still trying to maintain her lifestyle, complete with her over the top costumes and precious wigs (which she has individually named). Alexis Rose: The spoilt, slightly dumb and utterly selfish daughter who has breezed through life till now and been everywhere in the world, with her various rich boyfriends and is trying to be okay with her situation because she likes the vibe. :P David Rose: The gay, sassy son of the Roses, who needs everything in order and is not very happy with how his life has turned out and is trying to find some direction in life and also friends and love (and does so with the motel receptionist, Stevie Budd). © CBC / Not a Real Company Productions Why do we recommend it? -The iconic pair of Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, who play Johnny and Moira, gives the laughs and the feels for the show. Their camaraderie is unbreakable. Catherine's Moira is superlative. Only she can pull off all those different accents and the whole uptight, classy lady act. For all the troubles they face, the love for each other doesn't diminish in the slightest. Eugene is Eugene, the affectionate dad from American Pie. -The episodes are funny and earthy; they have captured the essence of human relations and portray them through comic scenarios. -“Eww David!”, Alexis' (Annie Murphy, who plays the character brilliantly) catchphrase will make you laugh every time and will make sure that you won't be able to say and hear “David” normally again. Stevie (Emily Hampshire) and David (Daniel Levy) are friendship goals; they are adorable together. -Chris Elliot as the mayor, Roland, provides the creepiness required which is balanced by his counterpart, Jocelyn, played by Jennifer Robertson. No. of seasons: 4 Total no. of seasons: 5 (4 released, 1 to be released) 3. Full House (1987-1995): Even though it was a popular show, I somehow find that it doesn't get its fair share, being termed as a family comedy. A comedy about a recently widowed guy, Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), who along with his best friend, Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier), and cool brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, tries to raise and care for his three daughters. © WB Television / Miller Boyett Productions The series focuses on the crazy antics of the Tanner family and the hysterical situations they fall into owing to the kookiness of Joey, the OCD which Danny has and his obsessive nature and the cool dude factor of Jesse. The girls, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle, aged 10, 5 and six months, add to the charm of this family comedy. Why do we recommend it? - Before Joey Tribbiani was asking women how they were doing, it was Jesse, played by John Stamos who was making women go weak in their knees with his “Have Mercy!”. The character is tailor-made for John, with his obsession with his hair and music, he is the cool uncle we want and the guy everyone wants to be. Get a few pointers from him but follow them at your own risk! :P - Joey and Chandler are iconic, no doubt about that but so are Jesse and Joey. Their bromance will make you laugh all the way through its 8-season run. You could say that they were the “Chanoey” of the 80s. Aunt Becky (played by Lori Loughlin), Jesse's wife, doesn't have a chance. © WB Television / Miller Boyett Productions - The show features the now reclusive Olsen twins: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle Tanner. Starting out at the age of six months, it was their stairway to success. Prepare to get sappy with their adorable acting and laugh at their fights with her on-screen older siblings. - Danny Tanner, with his penchant for cleaning, will remind you of Monica. They are basically the same person; Type A, nerdy, cleanliness freaks, I can go on and on. You will find yourself relating to him. - Dave Coulier's impressions are legendary, and you get to hear Ted Mosby's 2030 voice before it became cool, i.e. the voice of Bob Saget. No. of seasons: 8 Total no. of seasons: 8 4. Community (2009-2015): This show is what we would call the runt of the litter. Even though it has intelligent writing and superb performances, it doesn't get featured much on the comedy scene. It has an unconventional brand of humour, mostly meta humour which most people don't get or are not used to in the conventional sitcoms. It features a sarcastic former lawyer, Jeff Winger, who has been disbarred owing to his lie about having a law degree from Colombia University, as a result of which he enrols into Greendale College in order to obtain an authentic law degree. After starting a fake study group to spend more time with his new crush, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) who is an activist for various causes, his plans go awry as she invites other students into the group. © NBC / Sony Pictures What follows is a laugh riot comprising of his struggle to finish his degree with minimum effort and having to deal with a host of weird fellow students and teachers while trying to enjoy his time as a student. © Pinterest Why do we recommend it? - Joel McHale as the glib, manipulative, suave ex-lawyer, Jeff, is perfection. His chemistry with classmate Britta is believably sweet. - Abed and Troy are poster boys for friendship. Their scenes together are tummy-tickling funny and the best thing about them is that they bring out the best in each other, Abed's influence and pop-culture mania make Troy carefree and different from his bully demeanour and Troy helps Abed to become more sociable. -Ben Chang, the eccentric teacher who is constantly changing his behaviour, played by Ken Jeong (of 'The Hangover' and 'Dr Ken' fame) is hilarious. Also, Shirley and Annie add to the insanity with their antics. No. of seasons: 6 Total no. of seasons: 6 5. Psych (2006-2014): A detective comedy which centres around Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a crime consultant who has made people believe that he is a psychic and is then mainly hired by the Santa Barbara police department for solving complex crimes. What no one is aware of is that he is no psychic, but he has just heightened observational skills and a strong eidetic memory. He is joined by his best friend, the only one on the secret, Burton Gunser (Dulé Hill) who is extremely intelligent and apprehensive about joining him initially. Together, they solve crimes with hilarious incidents preceding it. © NBC Universal Television Studio / Universal Cable Productions Why do we recommend it? - The comedy is not derivative and very real. There is no canned laughter and the series relies on the comic timing of the leads completely. - The episodes are not over the top and unlike other comedies has a story. The stories are well-executed and don't drag on. - The episode starts with a memoir from the childhood of both leads usually ending with a life lesson which further helps them in cracking the case. © NBC Universal Television Studio / Universal Cable Productions No. of seasons: 8 Total no. of seasons: 8 6. Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005): Created by the talented Philip Rosenthal, with events inspired by his own life, it is an uproarious comedy about Raymond Barone (Ray Romano), a successful sports writer for the newspaper “Newsday”, who is sarcastic and irresponsible and as a result constantly finds himself in the middle of some or the other funny argument or jam, a creation of his own callousness. The constant struggle between his wife Debra and his mother, Marie, keeps throwing him in a tight spot, from which there is no easy escape without offending one of them. Yet again, if not these two women, he is bound to get in the middle of some familial argument, which doesn't go well for him due to his indecisiveness on any matter which sure entertains the viewer. Raymond's knack for joking even in serious situations also lands him in hot waters; he doesn't know when to crack jokes and this makes him adorable. © CBS / HBO Independent Productions / Where's Lunch Why do we recommend it? - The dry humour is a respite from the slapstick humour recent shows provide and are heavily dependent on. You are bound to get a 'Sarabhai vs Sarabhai' vibe while witnessing Debra (Patricia Heaton) and Marie (Doris Roberts) arguing. - The sibling rivalry between Raymond and his older brother, Robert, a giant of a man with a sweet disposition, who is not so famous and is clearly not the parents' favourite, will surely remind you of your sibling! They keep arguing throughout the show because Robert is constantly jealous of Raymond's celebrity and likability but loves him deep down. - The show explores how family is important and how much it matters to have a loving one and how it changes you. Frank Barone, typical of his American-Italian heritage is shown to be tough but is a loving father under the surly exterior; which Raymond has adopted in a way which is a bone for contention in his and Debra's marriage. No. of seasons: 9 Total no. of seasons: 9 Now that you know that there are better shows out there, go get your fair share of laughter!
  21. With the Border-Gavaskar 2018-19 Test series inching slowly towards an exciting finish, there are loads of major sporting events waiting for your fair share of enthusiasm later this month. Here's a comprehensive list of some of the highly entertaining sporting events that are yet to come in January: India's Tour To Australia & New Zealand (Cricket) January 8 Onwards: © Reuters India will be kicking off their preparation for the ICC World Cup 2019 by playing against Australia on their home soil in a three-game ODI series, starting from January 8, 2019. Later in the month, the Men in Blue will travel to New Zealand for another ODI Series, which will kick off on 23rd January 2019 followed by three T20 Internationals. Australian Open (Tennis): 14-27 January, 2019 © Reuters Being the first Grand Slam of the year, there are high expectations out of the tournament. Ace tennis players including Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams and King Roger Federer, himself, will be taking part in the Australian tournament. The qualifying rounds will begin three days before the start of the tournament. The women's and men's singles final will be played on those last two days, which are Saturday and Sunday. Big Matches In Top Football Leagues In Europe (Football) So far, we have seen some spectacular matches this year, not to forget the clash between the big guns, Manchester City and Liverpool. But that's not all, as there's lots more in store. Bundesliga: Schalke Vs Wolfsburg - 10:30 pm - January 20, 2019 Wolfsburg Vs Bayer Leverkusen - 8:00 pm - January 26, 2019 Serie A: © Reuters Napoli Vs Lazio - 1:00 am - January 21, 2019 AC Milan Vs Napoli - 1:00 am - January 27, 2019 Atlanta Vs Roma - 7:30 pm - January 27, 2019 Lazio Vs Juventus - 1:00 am - January 28, 2019 La Liga: Sevilla vs Atletico - 8:45 pm - January 2019 Real Madrid Vs Sevilla - 8:45 pm - January 19, 2019 English Premier League: Tottenham Vs Manchester United - 10:00 pm, January 13, 2019 Arsenal Vs Chelsea - 11:00 pm, January 19, 2019 Liverpool Vs Leicester City - 1:30 am - January 31, 2019 Ligue 1: Marseille Vs Monaco - 1:30 am - January 14, 2019 Royal Rumble (WWE): 28th January 2019 © WWE As the New Year takes over, wrestling fans of WWE are looking forward to some surprising entries in the Royal Rumble. Being the first paper-view of the calendar year, the Rumble is expected to be fun but really chaotic and full of surprising entrants.
  22. 2018 has been a great year for movie buffs. Where on one hand films like 'Avengers: Infinity War', 'Black Panther', 'Venom' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' did an incredible business at the box office, others including 'A Star Is Born', 'Crazy Rich Asians', 'A Quiet Place' and 'Hereditary' gave us some major storytelling goals. Many film-makers have kept the best of their works for the year-end and this winter, some amazing Hollywood films are being released. Below is a list of films you can't afford to miss before the year ends: 1. Aquaman 'Aquaman' is already making waves and has remained a much-awaited film this year. The film stars Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, and Dolph Lundgren. The superhero movie by DC Comics has just broken the advance ticket sales record of all time leaving behind 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 'Venom'. The new trailer of the film reveals much about the story of 'Aquaman'. Directed by James Wan, 'Aquaman' will premiere first in the UK on December 14, 2018, and in India on December 21 this year. 2. Creed II Written by Sylvester Stallone, the second part of the 2015 sports drama 'Creed' is around the corner. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Florian Munteanu, Dolph Lundgren, Phylicia Rashad, Andre Ward, Wood Harris, Brigitte Nielsen, and Milo Ventimiglia, the film revolves around the life of Adonis Creed who meets his new adversary Viktor Drago (son of Ivan Drogo). The movie has been shot in Philadelphia and is expected to be a more blended version of 'Creed'. 'Creed II' is the eighth instalment in the classic 'Rocky' series and is set to be released on November 30, 2018, in India. 3. The Front Runner What is now being perceived to be Hugh Jackman's Oscar-worthy performance by the critics, 'The Front Runner' is surely a movie that is making much noise. Directed by Jason Reitman, the biographical drama is based on the book 'All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid'. Starring Hugh Jackman, Vera Farmiga, J. K. Simmons, Sara Paxton, and Alfred Molina, the film narrates the story of Gary Hart (played by Hugh Jackman) and follows his life during the 1988 presidential campaign, as his downfall began due to media reports about his extramarital affair. The film has been released on November 21, this year. 4. Mary Poppins Returns Looks like the makers of 'Mary Poppins Returns' have tried their best in making this holiday season a sweet treat for us. Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep have teamed up for the third time after working together in highly commercial films like 'Into the Woods' and 'The Devil Wears Prada'. In the film, the mysterious Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) comes back to the Depression-era London. Mary, who is an ageless nanny with magical powers recreates wonder in their lives and makes them see a world beyond imagination. So 'gird your loins' as the perfect ensemble cast with Emily, including Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, and Emily Mortimer is ready to make your winters the sweetest one. The musical fantasy is a late December release 5. Bumblebee Sci-fi flick 'Bumblebee' looks like one film that can't be skipped at all. The film is centered around a 'Transformers'' character of the same name. It is a prequel to the 2007 film 'Transformers'. 'Bumblebee' stars Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Ortiz, Jason Drucker, and Pamela Adlon. The film is set in 1987 when the transformer hides in a junkyard, only to be discovered by a teenage girl named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld). As the two become friends, they begin their journey of saving the Earth from the evil transformers. Directed by Travis Knight, the film is set to be released on December 28 this year. 6. Mary Queen of Scots Perceived to be the most feminist film of the year, Josie Rourke's 'Mary Queen of Scots' is making headlines these days. Set in the 16th century England, the historical drama is based on 'Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart' (John Guy's biography). Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan portray queens Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart, respectively in the film. This a film about how two women fight for the royal throne until one of them loses the battle and is later beheaded. The cast also includes actors Gemma Chan, Guy Pearce, David Tennant, and Jack Lowden. The film is a December 7 release in the US and can be seen on a few streaming platforms in India. 7. Destroyer Nicole Kidman is undeniably one of the best actresses in the world. Years back when she imitated Virginia Woolf and bagged her first academy award for 'The Hours', we knew she is a chameleon in the making! Years later, when Nicole is ruling both cinema and television, she has made sure to keep rediscovering her own self as she effortlessly slips into new characters. Nicole's latest flick 'Destroyer' is being discussed these days, so much so, that it looks like the film is resting upon her shoulders completely. Directed by Karyn Kusama, the film is centred around the life of an LAPD detective Erin Bell (played by Kidman) who suffers a breakdown during her tenure as an undercover agent. She later finds her way by taking down the gang leader, a process that completely redefines what a woman should be like on the silver screen. The film's initial release is scheduled to be on December 25, this year. 8. Robin Hood Leonardo DiCaprio has devoted his time and energy in co-producing the film called 'Robin Hood', which is now running in theatres. Starring Jamie Foxx, Taron Egerton, Jamie Dornan, and Eve Hewson, the action-adventure is majorly based on the epic of 'Robin Hood'. Taron Egerton plays 'Rob' and tries his best to outperform others who have worked in the earlier versions of the film. The makers of the film have tried to keep it new, though this is a story that we have heard of before. The film is directed by Otto Bathurst and has received mixed reviews. 9. Second Act The air in Hollywood was different this year, unlike the previous year when female-oriented films ruled the box office. In December, pop singer Jennifer Lopez is making her comeback to films with her rom-com 'Second Act', directed by Peter Segal. The film's cast also includes actors Vanessa Hudgens, Leah Remini, Annaleigh Ashford, Dan Bucatinsky, Freddie Stroma, Milo Ventimiglia, Treat Williams, and Larry Miller. The film revolves around a 40-year-old woman played by Lopez, who gets a second chance to revive her career. Everything starts with a fake Facebook page! This seems to be an interesting feel-good kinda film. 10. Ben Is Back The trailer of Julia Roberts-starrer 'Ben Is Back' released a month ago and without a doubt, the film looks promising in terms of storyline and performances. Directed by Peter Hedges, the story of the film which is majorly focused on Ben (played by Peter's son Lucas Hedges), takes a different turn when he returns home on a Christmas Eve and creates trouble for his family. His mother Holly Burns (Julia) tries her best to find Ben, as he runs away leaving her in the middle of nowhere. The film is an intense family drama and is set for release on December 7 this year.
  23. It's disappointing when some gems of cinema go missing in the bag of commercial films. There are always some wonderful movies out there that either remain critically acclaimed or have been watched by only a handful of audience. So, we bring you a list of lesser-known films that may have not made big bucks at the box office but have stories that are worth watching. 1. The Sweet Requiem All set to premiere at the TIFF, 2018, 'The Sweet Requiem' brings you a story of the refugee crisis in the region of Tibet. We all have heard about this burning issues from the media and the, but this movie showcases the matter from the perspective of a Tibetan woman (played by Tenzin Dolker). Directed by Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam, this is a sequel to 'Dreaming Lhasa'. © TIFF 2. Love Sonia A hard-hitting tale that takes you through the dark path of *** trafficking between India and LA. 'Love Sonia' brings Mrunal Thakur in the lead and has a stellar cast of Freida Pinto, Demi Moore, Manoj Bajpayee, Richa Chadda, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain, and Rajkummar Rao in supporting roles. Directed by Tabrez Noorani, the movie has already won several awards and will hit the screens on September 14. 3. What Will People Say This is one of those movies that many will relate to because a lot of us have faced instances like these. It's a story about preserving your identity against the conservative perspective and ideology of your family. Adil Hussain's performance has stunned many and the man has already bagged the Amata Award for Best Actor. Interestingly, Norway has selected 'What Will People Say' for best foreign language film Oscar consideration. 4. The Man Who Feels No Pain The quirky trailer of the movie brings forth a unique story that we haven't witnessed before. Directed by Vasan Bala and starring debutant Abhimanyu Dassani, this movie is a must watch. 5. Counterfeit Kunkoo A short movie that just has to be on your watch list for a not-so-different issue that director Reema Gupta has brought forth. Finding a house in Mumbai can be difficult, especially when you are a divorced woman, and this simple yet hard-hitting truth is what the movie is all about. The movie has already bagged 12 awards at various film festivals. 6. Bulbul Can Sing Rima Das's 'Bulbul Can Sing' is something you haven't seen in Bollywood before. Taking to Assam, we are introduced to a story from the outlook of a teenager. Showing first love and friendship, it makes for a beautiful story. © TIFF 7. Wajood With the historic section 377 verdict being announced, this movie comes as a step towards the acceptance of the queer community in India. The film brings forth a heart-warming tale of a transgender woman finding love. This short film has been applauded for its storyline and should be watched.
  24. Gone were the days when we couldn't wait to get home to catch our favourite shows on the TV. Things have become so easy, now that literally everything is available online, that we don't even need to worry about 'missing out' on anything Web series have become the latest form of entertainment to millions, not only because of their gripping content, but also for the convenience at which it comes to the viewer. Obviously, India is joining this trend and with gusto too. Moving away from the monotonous daily soaps and sagas with their bland content, here is a list of 5 awesome Indian web series that you must definitely watch: 1. The Good Vibe Bringing a relatable show is Sony LIV's- 'The good Vibe'. Consisting of 6 episodes, this web series is a must-watch for everyone, especially the newly-married couples. Focusing on the complexities of relationships, the involvement of relatives to 'society kya kahegi?' and some heartfelt moments, this young couple's story is basically every couple's story. Witness their encounter with societal expectations as this humorous yet heartfelt web series is a total must-watch. 2. Ready 2 Mingle Zoom Studios' web series 'Ready to Mingle' has got to be on your list. After 'It Happened in Hong Kong' Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra are back to entertain us once again as Nirav and Myra, who are the perfect love-birds, looking to play cupid to lonely single people. 3. Mirzapur Amazon Prime Originals' 'Mirzapur' is one of the most talked-about shows right now. Starring some exceptional actors like Ali Fazal, Shweta Tripathi, Vikrant Massey and Pankaj Tripathi, this gritty gangster saga takes you to the streets of Varanasi. 'Mirzapur' brings together heart-pounding action, gangsters armed with sharp minds, plenty of dry humour, topped with the perfect amount of *** and violence. Executed by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, directed by Gurmeet Singh, this show rolls out at the end of this month. 4. The Trip 2 Who doesn't like a show that involves best friends and travelling? After the successful run of the first season comes the second season of 'The Trip' which is to air in September. Within no time, this show has become an instant hit among the millennials. 'The Trip 2' is a story of four girlfriends who go on an impromptu trip to Pondicherry with limited money and no understanding of the local language. This trip promises to be another memorable journey as it is rife with adventure, drama, twists and turns, self-discovery and a generous dose of romance. 'The Trip 2' features Amyra Dastur, Mallika Dua, Sapna Pabbi and Shweta Tripathi and we hope it's as amazing as the first one. Check out the trailer for the first season here: 5. College Romance Making you all nostalgic is Timeliner's 'College Romance', which will take you back to your college days. It is relatable, fun and an entertaining watch. The show at times reminds you of the 90's shows about high school and college that we used to watch. Meet Karan (Keshav Sadhna), Trippy (Manjot Singh), and Naina (Apoorva Arora) – and be a part of the various romantic encounters in their college life.
  25. Who doesn't like to change into comfy clothes on the weekend, get their snacks on and binge watch show after show? But, which show to pick and where to start, can always be a tiring job. Sorting through the clutter of options has become a mammoth task these days. What to do, there are so many brilliant choices? Don't sweat it, for we've got you covered. Here are eight amazing shows assured to keep you at the edge of the seat: 1. Black Mirror 'Black Mirror' is primarily a science fiction show with a dark satirical undertone. It is aimed at understanding modern society and the consequences that advancing technology has on it. The underlying darkness is what makes this show an incredible watch. It brings in a dystopian ideology that is refreshing amongst the clutter of generic television shows. Even if technology is not your thing, it will surely keep your interest simply for its engaging narrative. 2. Westworld 'Westworld' is a genius show simply for its ability to weave through its narrative, a glorious mix of Artificial Intelligence, dark humour, ***, violence, and death. It is based on a fictional park where humans pay to play with android 'hosts'. Adding to the engaging plotline are compelling performances and an amazing soundtrack. What makes this show stand out from other science fiction shows, is the fact that it has a unique take on Artificial Intelligence, something that you have never seen before. Adding to the intriguing plotline is also the fantastic performance by the stellar cast (it features the versatile Anthony Hopkins!). 3. Supernatural If you like a mix of horror and fantasy, then this is the one is for you. The show follows the lives of two brothers as they encounter various paranormal and supernatural forces. This is one of the longest running shows on television and there is a reason why the show has such a loyal fan base. It weaves within its storyline, dramatic mythologies, weird creatures and of course, the beautiful camaraderie between the brothers. It stands apart in its storytelling format and makes for a great watch. 4. The Leftovers The whole premise of 'The Leftovers' is based on a world changed by circumstance. In the current time, 2% of the worlds' population doesn't exist. While the premise, no doubt is interesting, what adds character to this show are the subtle performances and the great music. This critically acclaimed show is a must watch. 5. A Series Of Unfortunate Events Another adaptation of a book, the show is a beautiful blend of satire and dark humour. This show documents the lives of orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire after the death of their parents in a mysterious fire. The show brings a new definition of sinister. Watch this show for an amazing performance by our favourite Neil Patrick Harris, playing the sinister uncle. 6. Riverdale A twisted dark take on the iconic 'Archie' comics, this has to be on your must-watch list. From high octane drama, strong character to twists and turns that will increase your heartbeat, it's epic in every way. Each episode takes you through a rollercoaster ride making you want more. 7. This Is Us This Is Us' is a gripping drama about a family and their lives, spread over different generations, which makes for a compelling watch. The show makes us rethink our lives and the ones closest to us. It definitely is a tear-jerker, so be ready to bring out the tissues. However, its true power lies in its realistic portrayal. The background score and the ultimate twist in the pilot episode made it rise to instant fame. 8. The Good Wife The Good Wife' is a legal drama that is empowered in its approach. Revolving around the life of Alicia Florrick, who returns to her legal career after the *** scandal of her husband, the show has the word 'gripping' all over it. It is engaging to see her navigate through politics and double standards, making it an entertaining watch. Make way for television's greatest shows of all time. Happy binge watching!
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