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Found 7 results

  1. Samsung has been working hard at innovating smartphones and it seems like we may be seeing some new upgrades and a whole new mysterious smartphone. The world's leading Samsung insider has tipped that the South Korean company is working on a smartphone that is more “creative” than the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Note 10. The information comes from Ice Universe and it seems like the new smartphones are expected to launch sometime in the second half of 2019. “Believe me, the most creative Samsung smartphone in the second half of 2019 is not Fold or Note 10, you just have to wait, don't ask me more,” Ice Universe said on Twitter. Believe me, the most creative Samsung smartphone in the second half of 2019 is not Fold or Note10, you just have to wait, don't ask me more. — Ice universe (@UniverseIce) May 21, 2019 Samsung is expected to release smartphones with new designs that are expected to be radically different from what we are used to. The leaker has said previously that the Note 10 will probably have a “stable and mature” design whereas the A series smartphones are expected to have “radical innovation.” © Slashgear Samsung has already made a 5x optical zoom camera that is only 5mm thick and may be the rear camera for the Galaxy Note 10 or the mysterious new phone. Samsung is reportedly using a similar periscope method for its 5x zoom camera similar to Huawei's P30 Pro. © YouTube The Galaxy A series has been known to bring some innovation to its series as the latest Galaxy A80 has a pop-up rotating camera. It's a first for any Samsung smartphone to have a pop-up rotating camera and there's a good chance we may see something similar on a different smartphone later this year. The Galaxy A series was also the first Samsung smartphone to feature an Infinity-O display which was later seen on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. Another report suggests that Samsung may be making a button-less smartphone, however, we can't be entirely sure as of now. There's no clue as to what this secret Samsung phone will look like, however, if we do take Ice Universe's word, then it will definitely not be a part of the Galaxy Note 10. Source: Slashgear, BGR
  2. There are spoilers in this article, please go away if you haven't watched 'Avengers: Endgame' and don't give me hate in the comments, thank you. For more than a week now, everyone has been trying to avoid any kind of 'Avengers: Endgame' spoilers before they watched the movie and there are still warnings just in case, because people are being very considerate as to not spoil something that has been building up for more than a decade. But, some random Twitter account basically posted spoilers back in December not caring about anyone, but at least it didn't get much attention until now. And, yes I'll call them spoilers because they're far too accurate to be predictions. Twitter account @RogerWardell only has 11 tweets all posted in a span of two days back in December 2018 and has like four very specific events from the movie. The first tweet is- In Ragnarok Thor lost a lot of things but what he loses in Avengers 4 is unexpected. He loses his figure, expect him to look a bit like his old friend Volstagg. #Marvel #Avengers4 trailer #Avengers4 #Thor #Spoilers — Roger Wardell (@RogerWardell) December 4, 2018 And yes, we saw the unexpected happen. Thor with man-boobs is something I never thought I would see in my life, but there it was. Then there's something about Cap and lifts. Chris Evans gets a chance to play a completely different Steve Rogers in Avengers 4. HAIL HYDRA! #chrisevans #avengers4 #marvelleaks #marvelspoilers #captainamerica #hydra #hailhydra — Roger Wardell (@RogerWardell) December 5, 2018 This was such a great scene to watch, I'm so glad it wasn't spoiled for me beforehand. Remember what Thanos said to Thor in 'Infinity War'? “You should've gone for the head”? Well, here you go. In Avengers 4 Thanos meets his end when Thor finally takes his advice from the previous film. No going forward with this character.#avengers4 #thanos #thor #mcu #marvelspoilers #marvelleaks — Roger Wardell (@RogerWardell) December 5, 2018 And obviously, he went for the head and even commented on it. There was something about Stan Lee's cameo as well. Stan Lee's cameo in Avengers 4 is at a 1970's car show. #mcu #avengers4 #stanlee #marvelstudios #marvelspoilers #marvelleaks — Roger Wardell (@RogerWardell) December 5, 2018 Well, it wasn't really a car show but it was in 1970 so, close enough, I guess? The appearance of the real Jarvis was something literally no one expected to see, no one, but Roger Wardell knew about it. Avengers 4 will feature the very FIRST character switching from TV to film, and that man is none other than James D'Arcy's Edwin Jarvis. #agentcarter #marvelleaks #marvelspoilers #avengers4 #mcu — Roger Wardell (@RogerWardell) December 5, 2018 I feel like they're not just predictions, but proper spoilers from someone who's seen the movie because it's just too specific. Were there some test screenings and stuff back in December? Did this person work on the movie and share stuff from a fake account? Or is this person actually great at guessing everything? Well, we'll never know.
  3. If you've seen the first episode of the final season of 'Game of Thrones', you'd have come across many things that may seem very probable. That's exactly how and why theories come into place, isn't it? And I believe you already have a few of them tucked under your belt. For instance, after seeing Lord Umber trapped in the 'death swirl' created by the Night King, we do believe the swirl has some relevance in the last season, since we've been seeing it since season 1. It could also mean it has a prominent clue on how to defeat the Night King and his army. Well, that's what theories do, build interest and a narrative for the show. © HBO Similarly, there's another theory doing the rounds. Remember Arya and Gendry and how they parted ways? It broke our hearts to see them bid adieu in the most unfavourable circumstances, but they meet again in season 8, where they are both relieved the other is alive. Gendry, a blacksmith, is busy at Winterfell forging weapons from Dragonglass and Valyrian Steel to defeat the Wights and the White Walkers and being an ace blacksmith himself, he makes some rather indestructible weapons. After a flirtatious banter between the two, Arya asks Gendry to forge her a weapon and I think that's the most romantic gesture I've seen off late! An assassin asking her former crush to craft her the finest weapon of all. Well, we do believe it's the finest because the weapon Arya has asked Gendry to make for her will play a pivotal role in the season. © HBO Let's look at all the facts here. Arya pulls out a drawing and passes it on to Gendry so he can make it. The weapon looks like a double-ended spear/staff, with a Dragonglass and a Valyrian Steel blade on each end, both detachable. Now, if you see the season 8 trailer again, you'll see Arya fight with a weapon that looks like a staff, and not to forget she got adequate training fighting with a staff when she was trying to become one of the 'Faceless Men', so it all adds up I suppose. But that's not all. According to Tommy Dunne, the weapon master of Game Of Thrones, there is a creation in season 8, which is apparently going to steal the show and I bet it's the weapon Aryá asks Gendry to make for her! © HBO “There is one creation in season 8 that is absolutely phenomenal. It'll be a showstopper. That was great to finish. It was great to make, great to design it that it was about to be reverse-engineered and made into two different items.” Dunne told a popular international publication. Does he mean Arya's weapon may put an end to the show? I wonder! Well, we really can't wait to know what Gendry forges for Arya and if the weapon itself is a showstopper like Tommy said. After all, the weapon Arya asks Gendry to make does have two pointy ends!
  4. Shah Rukh Khan has been ruling people's hearts as the uncontested 'King Of Romance' for more than 25 years. But, not many people know that SRK is one of the greatest pranksters in Bollywood. And, he recently gave a glimpse of his pranking skills to his fans, in this BTS video from the sets of his upcoming movie, 'Zero'. View this post on Instagram Bauua ka pyaar hai, Aafia ussi ke naam hai. #MereNaamTu out tomorrow. @anushkasharma @katrinakaif @aanandlrai @redchilliesent @cypplofficial A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Nov 22, 2018 at 3:35am PST In fact, this video touches base with a crucial topic - the curious case of the missing samosas. The video begins with director Aanand L Rai gorging on samosa on the sets and asking other people on the set to return his plate of samosas. SRK being SRK, he printed out posters that read "Mera samosa wapis karo..." with Rai's photo on it. That's not it, he got his team to post those posters everywhere in the studio. We all know that one person or have a friend in the group, who teases people for being a foodie, but SRK's prank is by far one of the best ways to prank a friend. The video also shows Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif laughing on the sets as SRK continues pranking Rai. The video hilariously ends with Rai requesting SRK to leave him alone. He says, "Mera peechha chhor do" to which SRK's iconic dialogue from the movie plays in the background, "Hum jiske peeche lag jaate hai, life bana dete hai!" However, no one in the video discloses how and where did the samosas go. That's an interesting mystery and we want India's 'finest' team of detectives to come back and solve this mystery. We're talking about CID's ACP Pradyuman and his two ace team members Daya and Abhijeet. 'Zero' is releasing on December 21.
  5. While we were all prepared for the absence of the diabolical Frank Underwood from the final season of Netflix's 'House of Cards', given that Kevin Spacey was ousted from the show following the tidal wave of sexual assault charges against him, we could not help but wonder how they would explain his disappearance from the show, as he was the pivotal character. via GIPHY We also knew that his wife Claire Underwood was going to take charge, as explained by the first trailer, but still, there was no clue about Frank's fate…until now. via GIPHY The chilling new trailer was dropped by Netflix, which confirmed that Frank Underwood is dead. © Netflix The clip begins with Claire standing near his grave as she says, “I'll tell you this though, Francis. When they bury me, it won't be in my backyard,” following which she looks directly at the camera and says this mighty line in-tune with her character, “and when they pay their respects, they'll have to wait in line.” Well, damn! © Netflix Watch the full trailer here: You should have known. pic.twitter.com/UFGplyDSY1 — House of Cards (@HouseofCards) September 5, 2018 Season 5 ended with Frank resigning as President and Claire taking charge. And who can forget the badass scene when she takes her place in the Oval Office, breaks the fourth wall and says “my turn”. via GIPHY After a hiatus and with Spacey fired, 'House of Cards' resumed production for its final season in January this year and the show will be aired on Netflix on November 2.
  6. Kiki may or may not love Drake, but she sure has irritated all of us to death these past few months. The infamous 'Kiki challenge' has finally died down – thank god! – but we still have some unanswered questions about the song 'In My Feelings' by Drake. Actually, it's just one question that we desperately needed the answer to – who the hell is this Kiki? Okay wait, there's one more – why is Drake so obsessed with her? If you're obsessed with pop culture, you would automatically associate any name starting with a 'K' to the Kardashians and that's what exactly a Twitter user did, coming up with one of the best conspiracy theories of the year. In his viral thread, Twitter user Tyler Morrison explains how Drake has been telling everyone for months that he slept with Kim Kardashian but we just didn't pay attention. The entire thread is so wild and has got so many glued to his investigation. Let's have a look! Drake's been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven't been listening - a thread pic.twitter.com/YVCehJI5fQ — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Now, it gets interesting. He referenced verses like these from Scorpion. I already knew the disses were aimed at Kanye, but he claimed every girl line was about Kim. “Your wifey” felt too generic at first, and I figured Drake was referring to any man that leaves his girl long enough/for good. pic.twitter.com/NpyymtcRFl — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 It's getting deep. He also spoke about how Drake and Ye have been beefing since they were together in Wyoming. Which prompted the whole Push-Drake feud pic.twitter.com/vWsBPaPTSG — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Same caption, oops. Then the concert took place and I pretty much forgot about the theory until a few days ago when another friend sent me these (s/o @JakeSpinny) pic.twitter.com/UvcaUhKVtk — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Now I'm like, okay, there is no way this is random. So I sat down and decided to take a closer look. pic.twitter.com/0qqxwSclhz — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 We're coming to be biggest question now. Thought to myself, Kiki is pretty damn close to Kim. Quick twitter search and I find these. pic.twitter.com/4cZkS7Rrs5 — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Great evidence. Then I learn about Kim's lipstick... pic.twitter.com/tM1OxFlv1J — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 First verse of the album Drake comes directly at Kanye. With a Kim reference at the end? But why would Ye question his love with Kim... pic.twitter.com/hMRXHF9pwj — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 What is it about? Fast forward to the end of the song. “Started feelin' myself.” In My Feelings. Kiki. Now he's got drama over Kim and the tie between him and Kanye is done because of it. Except what's the drama about? pic.twitter.com/x082tyzRqB — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 I didn't even know this, I don't follow Drake so closely. Everyone questioned why Drake never responded to Pusha after the 2nd diss. At first I thought the claim it would be “Bad for Kanye” was just a weak excuse and Drake took an L pic.twitter.com/vKMyTM5vPv — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 It's getting too complicated now. But hold on, maybe Drake does have something on Ye... (G.O.O.D is the name of Kanye's record label - I think Drake is saying in 8 Out of 10 Kanye is lucky he never responded with the 2nd diss) pic.twitter.com/SQDcdo8Fcz — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 1st photo is in reference to an interview b/w DJ Akademiks and Drake. 2nd photo is J Prince explaining Drake has info that would end Kanye's career and ruin his livelihood. Drake hints at this on Mob Ties, and confirms it on Behind Barz. pic.twitter.com/rFZdug8IdO — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Wait, I don't know anything. Rap fans grilled Drake about not responding to Push. Except we don't know the half of it he says. And whatever it is, he can only tell us about it in pieces. WHAT DONT WE KNOW DRAKE pic.twitter.com/bs3Gg7oXEP — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Let's look at Is There More and Behind Barz since Drake is talking about Kanye in both. In Is There More, Drake tells us he's ready to come clean about something. Now focus on the word goof in both songs. Also, in Behind Barz, he seems to speak directly to Kim. pic.twitter.com/sna9IZ9kT7 — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 It doesn't, I guess. “Your wifey” doesn't seem so generic anymore pic.twitter.com/uSZnqtlFDT — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Wait what if it's Kris and not Kim? Drake has a good relationship with the Kardashians. And we know they both live in Hidden Hills. pic.twitter.com/QCnDOJQMbU — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Kimye's house #1. Drake's house #2 pic.twitter.com/ohXCcoAoP3 — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Tyler has put in so much effort. “I crept down the block, Made a right, Cut the lights, Paid the price.” pic.twitter.com/2D91btFg4T — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 You can infer what went down. Even if you can't, Drake might just tell us anyway later in this verse. Drake hopped on a track with essentially Ye's brother in law to flex how he smashed his wife. Beyond savage. pic.twitter.com/Dhm8iNSHOL — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 I think Scorpion was originally mostly Side B until Ye snitched to Push about Drake's kid. Once that got exposed, Drake made Side A to not only go after Kanye, but subtly tell us about the history with Kim. pic.twitter.com/3x6Y1OY8oA — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 People been asking bout other verses I thought may be in reference to Kim or were important. Here ya go: The verses in Talk Up and Nonstop I'm certain on. The verse on Blue Tint and Lil Wayne sample on In My Feelings could be debatable, but are definitely suspect. pic.twitter.com/Z3nDb3GsBG — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) August 31, 2018 Is it the end of the thread? Here's an obvious one I definitely should've used. S/o to @93kmw93 in the comments. Telling you tho there's so many pic.twitter.com/CJtWEu8z6W — Tyler Morrison (@tmorrison24) September 1, 2018 I don't think I understood most of it but well, I can't keep up all the beef between rappers, I just don't have it in me. Then, The Shade Room posted a video which included Nick Cannon (who dated Kim in 2006) and DJ Akademiks discussing the ongoing feud between her husband, Kanye West, Pusha T, and Drake. During that, DJ Akademiks question the possibility of anything going on between Kim K and Drake. But, Kim herself jumped in to clear everything with just one comment. #PressPlay: #KimKardashian #SteppedIntoTheShaderoom to shut down recent rumors and speculations that she and #Drake "smashed" (View yesterday's post) ð¥: @complex @everydaystruggleshow A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Sep 3, 2018 at 7:41am PDT However, wouldn't Kim deny even if something happened? I mean, she's a married woman with three kids, she wouldn't want the world to know if she cheated, who would want that? So, we can just take Kim's word for it or just go crazy with the conspiracy theory. But mostly, none of this information affects our life personally, so who cares?
  7. Who doesn't love a good mysterious Sarcophagus movie? Haven't we all seen 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'? Well, at one point the movie did give us goosebumps and made for a great entertaining watch. The plot was simple, an archaeologist goes and digs a tomb that's not supposed to be found or for a reason has been kept away. But despite all the cues and indication, the team unveils the tomb unleashing the curse and putting all of mankind under threat. How interesting is that now? Well, something exactly like that happened in the past couple of days. A 9.8-foot-long black granite tomb was found in Alexandria City. The discovery of this mysterious sarcophagus has raised various eyebrows. Some are calling is a cursed mummy while some believe that Alexander the Great was buried there. © Twitter The Egyptian Council of Antiquities is celebrating this discovery but many are wondering what might be inside it, after all. The black tomb is said to be from the Egyptian Ptolemaic period, sometime between 350BC and 30BC. The thing has remained under the ground, away from the world for two millennia and many think that it should have remained this way. But the archaeologists certainly don't feel the same. © Twitter Twitter, of course, can't keep calm and is already saying how it's not cool to play with the ancient history. Some have linked it to the movie “The Mummy”. Taking the whole thing ahead was David Milner, editor at Gamer Informer Australia, who tweeted: “As a fan of Brendan Fraser's 'The Mummy', I say don't open the cursed sarcophagus. But as someone who saw Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy', I say do it. We deserve the horrors that await.” Netizens are getting creative again. Some are totally against opening it while some are all ready for the curse to unfold. Check out the hilarious Twitter reactions here: fucking do it. i'll do it. I'll lick the dang thing. who gives a shit. https://t.co/Fz5ikGJohM — Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) July 17, 2018 Finally, some good news. https://t.co/rZk22KouD9 — Sam Sykes (@SamSykesSwears) July 17, 2018 I, for one, welcome our new Zombie Mummy overlord. https://t.co/la53pcT40i — Ashley in Wonderland (@NotATadpole7) July 17, 2018 being eviscerated by an ancient spectral force would make more sense than most things that happen on a daily basis. i say open it up. https://t.co/q504KA81BG — brendon bigley (@brendonbigley) July 17, 2018 Egypt after opening that mysterious Black Sarcophagus pic.twitter.com/GQfIX2Tn0U — F.A.C. (@ROTLD_2) July 17, 2018 *sarcophagus opens* *evil spirit emerges* MWAHAHAHA FINALLY.. AFTER CENTURIES AT REST, I, SUTEKH, HAVE RETURNED TO UNLEASH CHAOS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER SE... *looks around* ...did...did another unholy force beat me here? No? YOU guys did this? Wow.. well.. nice job I guess? — John Karalis ð¬ð· (@RedsArmy_John) July 17, 2018 (•_•) <) )â¯We're / (•_•) ( (> Gonna / (•_•) <) )> Dieeeee / https://t.co/XIKT7vC0Lk — Delaney Strunk (@delaknee) July 17, 2018 If Brendan Fraser isn't involved in this I give up on the internet. https://t.co/OQXdWsPRJT — Shockingly Right (@RightShockingly) July 18, 2018 "Oh goddammit. Can't a vampire motherf'er get some sleep up in this B?!" When they open this thing and unleash some insane plague, I'm gonna be REAL mad at somebody. https://t.co/3LMWU4nQDZ — John Steven Rocha (@TheRochaSays) July 16, 2018 This feels like the beginning of a horror movie.... https://t.co/FwkjebuBxp — Odie Still Sucks At Hiatuses‏ || [SEMI-HIATUS] (@sweetbtstea) July 18, 2018 Isn't there a film series on why this is probably a bad idea? https://t.co/HaEgRJZ8fU — Michael Ohiku (@MichaelOhiku) July 17, 2018 Yesssssss... DO IT. https://t.co/34EedFR35A — Mike Dougherty (@Mike_Dougherty) July 17, 2018 https://t.co/jfn9xFnxq2 pic.twitter.com/FMqRBj1I67 — correlophus sillyhattus (@indik) July 17, 2018 No doubt, the curiosity is killing us. Archaeologists will soon open it. But we wonder if it will be just some ancient findings or some curse that will ruin the whole world.