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Found 43 results

  1. After being the dominating force of the National Basketball League (NBA) for more than four years, it seems as if the reign of the Golden State Warriors has finally come to an end at the hands of one of the best two-way players of the league in Kawhi Leonard and a feisty Toronto Raptors team who not only made their first appearance in the NBA Finals this season but also won their maiden title along with it. YOUR 2019 @NBA CHAMPS! #WeTheNorth pic.twitter.com/3mNvchZqzT — Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) June 14, 2019 Albeit the Warriors were cursed with extremely unfortunate injuries, taking out some of their best players in Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson at the worst moments possible but this should not take away from the fact that a team like the Raptors who were always considered to be 'good but not good enough', defeated some of the most talented rosters in the league such as the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwuakke Bucks during the playoffs series and the Warriors in the NBA Finals. While role-players like Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam showed up big time, especially in crunch time, when they were needed the most, the contributions of Kawhi Leonard demand a special mention. Board man gets champagne! pic.twitter.com/YvlnleQOW9 — Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) June 14, 2019 Traded to the Canadian squad less than a year ago, that too during the time he was down and away with a severe ankle injury, Leonard was not only able to understand how the team functioned but also became their beacon of hope, the leader they desperately needed to make it to the Finals and win it all. After facing toxic levels of criticism from the San Antonio Spurs fans for not representing the city on the court for an entire year, 'The Klaw' winning the title and the 2019 'NBA Finals Most Valuable Player' award was probably the best way for him to redeem himself and consolidate his name as one of the best athletes the league and the basketball world has ever seen. KAWHI LEONARD 2X FINALS MVP! #WeTheNorth pic.twitter.com/dabEfjSRsb — Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) June 14, 2019 This is also not for the first time Leonard has stopped a dynasty from winning three consecutive championship titles or as they say a 3peat. Winning his very first NBA title in 2014 against the powerful Miami Heat which consisted of star players like Dwyane Wade, Chrish Bosh and Lebron James, all in their prime, Leonard won his first NBA Finals MVP back then. Now again, heading into the 2019 Finals Leonard shocked the Warriors and the world when he led his side to winning all three games in the Warriors' homecourt and sealing the deal with a couple of free throws in the final moments of Game 6 in Oakland. Nobody could have written the narrative of the Toronto Raptors' first title any better than this.
  2. Lalhnehpuia Chhakchhuak is a young man who believes in putting in the effort in pursuit of greatness and backs his words up with his actions. In all of 16 years of his young life, Chhakchhuak has seen all kinds of struggles when it comes to following the game of basketball and the passion that comes along with it but does not know how to quit. He has based his work ethic on the principles of his idol, the five-time NBA champion, Kobe Bryant. Known for his 'never say die' attitude, better known as the 'Mamba Mentality', it taught the Los Angeles Lakers legend the need to go that extra mile to make big things happen and that is something Chhakchhuak swears by. View this post on Instagram Year 2 Vision A post shared by lalhnehpuia chhakchhuak (@hnehpuiaa) on Apr 2, 2019 at 5:38am PDT Having spent more than a year at the NBA Academy in Greater Noida, the Mizoram-born has had a tough childhood. Unable to speak Hindi, Chhakchhuak had trouble making friends at the Academy at first but the beauty of sports, any sport, is that it goes beyond the segregations of skin, caste, language or gender. Through the game of basketball and a little bit of help from the people around him, Chhakchhuak was well on his way to forming a special bond with the rest of the candidates who were selected from all over the country. When asked about how the Academy helped him, Chhakchhuak said: “The NBA Academy consists of some of the most talented coaches in the world who pay a lot of attention to a player's basics. The infrastructure here is on international standards and the way they teach us the minute details of the game is exceptional.” View this post on Instagram “Each of us have something to learn from others and something to teach in return”- Saint Augustine . . . . #mizobasketball A post shared by lalhnehpuia chhakchhuak (@hnehpuiaa) on Apr 15, 2019 at 4:17am PDT However, before the young athlete became a part of the Academy, Chhakchhuak had aims to play for his city, Aizawl and his state Mizoram, but due to the risk of occasional insurgency attacks and the lack of facilities to promote the game there, he could not pursue his dream back home. Luckily for him, Lalhnehpuia took birth in a pro-basketball family with his mother a player herself and his father, the head of the Mizoram Basketball Association and it is because of the support of his parents, Lalhnehpuia was able to make it to the academy. However, no matter how far away from home he may be, he remembered the values and the importance of maintaining balance that his mother, who was also his very first coach, had taught him. View this post on Instagram Reunited after 3 years. Gcs 2016 batch A post shared by lalhnehpuia chhakchhuak (@hnehpuiaa) on May 1, 2019 at 6:30am PDT In the latest class 10th boards, Lalhnehpuia was able to get a total of 91% and the entire credit behind him becoming such an allrounder must go the mother and the NBA Academy. “I feel privileged to have become a party of the NBA academy. Every day when I get up, I feel thankful towards my parents, because of whom I am doing that one thing that I have always wanted to do and that is, play basketball,” Chhakchhuak says. Chhakchhuak desires to join the actual National Basketball Association one day and just like another Laker, Lebron James, wishes to dominate the court when he steps in.
  3. Former Golden State Warriors Forward and 2015 NBA Champion, Harrison Barnes went international with a trip to India in order to support the young talents of the country who aspire to become a part of the National Basketball Association someday, and shared some secrets of improving their game if they wish to make it big in the mecca of basketball. “India has been great so far. My trip to the Taj Mahal has been wonderful. To be able to go to Agra and see one of the seven wonders of the world, to try the Indian cuisine, talk to the people, it's been a good trip,” said Barnes who currently plays alongside De'aaron Fox for a young Sacramento Kings team. View this post on Instagram There are certain moments in life that are priceless...this is one of them #TajMahal #7WondersofTheWorld A post shared by Harrison Barnes (@hbarnes) on May 2, 2019 at 10:17am PDT While talking about his seven-year-long journey in the NBA, full of twists and turns, the 26-year-old spoke of the roles played by great coaches in his career as a professional athlete and in helping him make major decisions in life. “I have been really fortunate to have great coaches throughout my career. From Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr to Rick Carlisle to Dave Joerger and now Luke Walton, again. They have helped me grow and understand my game and helped me get an idea as to how much room I still have, to grow.” View this post on Instagram Happy birthday Coach! Appreciate you constantly pushing and challenging me #MFFL A post shared by Harrison Barnes (@hbarnes) on Oct 27, 2017 at 9:41am PDT Barnes went on to expand on his relationship with the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr and how he revolutionized the locker room from the first day of him assuming the role. “When Coach Kerr first got his job, I returned to the Warriors off my second year which was pretty difficult,” he said. “We just talked about setting a process, falling in love with it and getting lost in it.” Kerr's decision to make Barnes play as a starter while making veteran Andre Iguodala come off the bench was exactly what was required to help both the players become the best versions of themselves. Sure, Iguodala wasn't thrilled of the fact that he, along with his annual $12 million package, was being replaced with a young Barnes who had just had a horrible season. Credit: Reuters However, as the season progressed, the Warriors continued to become better and better until finally the 2015 trophy was finally in their hands. That was what coach Steve Kerr was all about. Always the one to bet upon the riskier path, Kerr never shied away from challenges. Having his mind clear and his thoughts in order, he was able to envision the successful future of the team by following a process and helped his roster see the vision too. “Even though we don't play together anymore, Kerr's advice to prepare a process and stick to it continues to help me even today, at every step of my life,” said the Kings Small Forward.
  4. These guys were relatively unknown till last season. This season though, they're putting in great performances and making themselves hard to ignore.
  5. Here are 3 team rivalries that are certain to entertain in the 2018-19 NBA Playoffs.
  6. The game of basketball can be considered a machine that runs on adrenaline, inspiration and emotion as fuel. To lift the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy in front of their city and add a championship ring to their jewelry collection might be the ultimate desire for any and every National Basketball Association (NBA) star, however, their journey to limitless success does include some special moments of pure outpour of sentiments that makes the expedition even more memorable. Here are four of the most emotional moments in the history of the NBA: 1. Lebron James Fulfills His Promise To His City To see a 6'8'' tall man dive to the ground, weeping all by himself in his opponent's court, surrounded by his brothers and teammates, is just heartbreaking. A man, who grew up in the small streets of Akron, Ohio had returned home to the city of Cleveland after winning two championships with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, during the 2014-15 with a single promise and desire in his heart, to win a championship for the city that had given him all that he had. One year later, James' Cleveland Cavaliers made a heroic comeback from a 1-3 deficit in the NBA Finals against a supreme Golden State Warriors to win the 2015-16 season and also the chip for his city. “Cleveland! This is for you,” yelled the King after winning his third title while ending his city's 50+ year championship drought. 2.Kobe Bryant Scores 60 In His Retirement Game If there is one thing you need to know about Kobe Bryant, it has to be his relentless love and passion for the game of basketball. Known for his grueling training schedule and endless number of shots he used to take before, during and after his practice sessions had to pay off during the final game of his well decorated career. In a matchup against Gordon Hayward's Utah Jazz, Kobe started out in a decent fashion, allowing his young teammates to shoot more frequently, while passing the ball almost every time he touched it. The second half however, was a different ball game altogether. Heading into the third quarter, his Los Angeles Lakers were trailing by double digits and Kobe decided that he did not want his career to end with a loss. Thus entered the 'Black Mamba' his LA fans were used to. Not giving a damn about his shooting efficiency or accuracy anymore, Kobe shot the ball without thinking twice and made most of them. At 37 years of age, the five-time champion looked exhausted and completely spent, but there was no stopping Kobe. Making a comeback from a double-digit deficit, the man led his team to victory one last time. “I challenged him to get 50 and the mother****er got 60,” said Kobe's former teammate and all-time great, Shaquille O'Neal. With the injuries Bryant had suffered in the past couple of years, the pain was visible on his face. Limping and gasping for air, Bryant hugged his crew one last time like they were his family before bidding adieu. 3.Kevin Durant's MVP Speech Say what you may about Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors, his MVP performance during the 2013-14 season was proof of how good he is even without a supporting cast. After having the best run with the Oklahoma City Thunder and his career in terms of scoring, Durant took to the podium after receiving the MVP award and what followed, moved every single person present in the hall to tears. Here's an excerpt from his emotional speech: “When something good happens to you, I don't know about you guys, but I tend to look back to what brought me here. You wake me up in the middle of the night in the summer times, making me run up a hill, making me do pushups, screaming at me from the sidelines of my games at 8 or 9 years old. We wasn't supposed to be here. You made us believe. You kept us off the street. You put clothes on our backs, food on the table. When you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us. You the real MVP.” 4.Isaiah Thomas Plays A Day After His Sister's Death Losing a family member, especially your sibling in an untimely accident, has to hurt like hell. Nobody should go through a loss so grave but life isn't fair and that's how it was for the former Boston Celtics Point Guard Isaiah Thomas who was having one of those seasons that propelled him from being “average” to becoming an NBA All-star. After winning the first round of the 2017 playoffs against the Chicago Bulls, Thomas had to take a leave of absence as he had to read the eulogy at his younger sister, Chyna Thomas' funeral. “When I found out the news, I wanted to give up and quit. Never in my life have I thought about quitting," Thomas addressed the family and friends. "I realized quitting isn't an option," added an emotional Thomas. "That's the easy way out. I will keep going for my sister because I know she wouldn't want me to stop. I love you, Chyna, and I miss you so much, and everything I do for the rest of my life will be for you." And Thomas kept his word. Returning to his team with less than 6 hours before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final against John Wall's Washington Wizard, Thomas went on to score a game-high 33 points while dropping nine dimes in 38 minutes as the Celtics won 123-111. "Basketball, when I'm on the court, it just keeps me going," Thomas said in a post match interview. "I do everything for my sister now. That's all I can do.”
  7. There are just 5 teams that have won a whopping 50 NBA championships so far. Here's a look at the list of teams including Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Sant Antonio Spurs and more.
  8. It was the NBA All-Star weekend and the biggest basketball fans from all over the world got together to celebrate the greatest talents of the game in Charlotte, North Carolina. Spread out in three days, the All-Star weekend consisted of some major contests including the Rising Star Challenge and the Three-Point Contest. However, the biggest 'wow' moment came during the Slam Dunk Contest which was held between the most athletic high-flyers of the NBA, with the likes of Miles Bridges, Hamidou Diallo and Dennis Smith Jr. taking the stage. While other dunkers brought in a lot of props to the show, it was Diallo's decision to keep it simple and amaze the people sitting inside the stadium and around the world with just one man alongside him, the 4x NBA champion and a 7-foot-1 giant, Shaquille O'Neal. When Diallo was setting up Shaq in front of the ring, nobody believed that the 6'5'' tall Oklahoma City Thunder rookie would be able to jump over O'Neal, let alone dunk the ball. But to all those who slept on Diallo's superhuman jumping abilities, he shocked them with a thunderous slammer as he not only leapt over Shaq but also ended with a solid 'Honey Dip' dunk, hanging on the rim from his elbow with half his arm inside the bucket while showing off the Superman sign on his chest. Nobody, not even Shaq could believe what he had just witnessed. The announcers didn't even know how to react to something as otherworldly as Diallo's slam. Obviously, the judges gave the OKC rookie top marks. Diallo ended up winning the contest in his All-Star weekend debut as he edged over New York's Dennis Smith Jr in the final round with a windmill dunk over American rapper, Quavo.
  9. If you ask any NBA star how important a role do the fans inside the stadium play in impacting their performance, they would probably rank audience engagement right at the top. In an uncanny relationship, we have often seen a team make exponential comebacks when their fans are energised and constantly cheering them up. In such a scenario, when the cheers or boos of the people can cause the team a game, the role of the mascots to keep everyone on their feet especially when the game is on the line, becomes significantly crucial. Throughout the history of the NBA, we have seen a number of extremely talented mascots who have not only amused the fans with their dance moves and innovative segments but have also received a lot of love in return. 1. Benny, The Bull - Chicago Bulls Arguably the most iconic mascot of them all, Benny is known for his notorious pranks on the on-court security guards, videobombing reporters and reverse one-arm half-court shots during the half-time break. However, the moment which would go down as the greatest 'Benny, The Bull instant' would be him celebrating his birthday with the extremely loyal Chicago Bulls fans with a popcorn party. 2. The Coyote - San Antonio Spurs From the time when the Texan coyote lost his eyes to getting snubbed by the legendary dimer, Jason Kidd while looking for a hug, the San Antonio mascot is thoroughly entertaining to the core. Following the footsteps of his idol, Manu Ginobili, the coyote booked himself a Hall of Fame berth when he single-handedly saved the day by capturing the evil bat who was terrifying the AT&T Center, the home of the Spurs, before a game. 3. Burnie - Miami Heat The one to give you a run for your money in a dance-off, Burnie, with his red and orange fur, is a perfect fit for Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat. While often considered to be ill-mannered and rude to his fellow mascots, he was finally humbled by the love of his life, Burnice. © Getty Images Burnie has always been the one to try and reach for the stars. On his birthday in 2016, the basketball-nosed mascot tried to make a world record for the longest front flipped by a mascot but botched it at the end. Turned out to be a lot more entertaining this way, if you ask us! 4. Harry The Hawk - Atlanta Hawks Often found in a bad mood (probably because of the Hawks' Eastern conference record), Harry looks ferocious and ready to fight anyone who gets in his way. You need to watch out for that pointy, yellow beak. However, the angry hawk can be a little sentimental at times. Case in point, when rapper Gucci Mane decided to proposed to model Keyshia Ka'oir, Harry came out as Mane's wingman, with a giant bouquet for the bride to be.
  10. Retiring an NBA jersey is the greatest act of respect a team can perform for a player who was invaluable to them. Here are 8 such jerseys that were retired in the last few decades.
  11. The basketball shoe has inspired generations by evolving with time. It's now a tool for players to express themselves. Here are 5 of the greatest customised pairs of shoes worn by NBA players.
  12. There exists a specific set of skills which is required to be mastered by one to actually qualify as a true basketball enthusiast. You need to know the game in and out, be it Russell Westbrook's extremely jazzy jackets or Gerald Green's new 'Spiderman' hairdo. You've got to get in sync with the league's culture. Next, you must practice the essentials of playing the game. In order to shoot that hoop like 'Black Mamba', Kobe Bryant or move around the court like 'The Flash', Dwyane Wade, you must work on your craft. And finally, and probably the most important criterion of the all (are you ready for this?)... Have fun and enjoy the sport while doing all of the above! Basketball is all about fast-paced action which is a unique blend of brute force and finesse, at the epitome of which, is the National Basketball Association or the NBA. The NBA has never been more popular in India, expanding exponentially through cities and towns alike. The league has led to making LeBron James, Stephen Curry and James Harden some of the biggest household names in recent times. Indian fans are not only getting up early in the morning, sometimes, even before the sun is out, to watch their idols compete against each other, but also seem be to extremely interested in getting to know more about them, their lifestyle on and off the court, their history with the league and even their nicknames! But the guys at NBA India expect more from the Indian loyalists and see a lot of potential here. They believe that all the knowledge the league fans have garnered through days and months, should not go to waste. As a means to provide an opportunity to the basketball fans from all over the country to prove their loyalty to the game, a new all-NBA show, Jabong Hoop Wars, is coming to India. Hosted by the absolutely stunning Benafsha Soonawalla, Jabong Hoop Wars will see some of the most influential online celebrities like Nidhi Singh, Shantanu Maheshwari, Priyank Sharma, Aly Goni, Karishma Sharma and Prince Narula make special appearances in every episode. The show is all about churning out the best fans from the lot that the Indian audience has grown to become. If you have what it takes to be called a true basketball enthusiast who has the skills and the knowledge about the league and the sporting culture that revolves around it, Jabong Hoops Wars is meant for you. Great athletes like Lebron James and Kevin Durant had to go through so much of grit and grind and all the challenges put in front of them before actually being worthy of achieving the greatest glory of them all, the NBA championship. Likewise, the show puts forward some of the most creatively thought-out challenges that bring out the best in the contestants by testing their knowledge and skills related to the game and all the fun that happens throughout the year around the NBA, and believe us when we say that the rewards are worth it. The NBA fans in India are no less dedicated to the sport than those anywhere else in the world. All they need is a platform to show their love, support and respect for the game and it seems that their search is finally over.
  13. With more and more talent flooding the courts of the league, the window for impressing the team managers and, of course, the fans, closes very quickly for most NBA players. A couple of bad seasons and you might be reduced to nothing but a footnote in another player's biography. A majority of the players do not get picked by any of teams and get detached from the league without even making a single news article. But, there is no way to figure out when and at what point in his career, a player might find his mojo back and stun the world with a surprising comeback. We are talking about the ones the world had forgotten or overlooked in the shadow of another player, but are dominating the league this season. 1. Derrick Rose - Minnesota Timberwolves Derrick Rose tallies a CAREER-HIGH 50 PTS in the @timberwolves victory! #AllEyesNorth #ThisIsWhyWePlay pic.twitter.com/L4U2XvTv2l — NBA (@NBA) November 1, 2018 Once known as the 'Windy City Assassin', Derrick Rose is the youngest MVP of the league, ever. But ever since he tore his ACL during his Chicago Bulls days, the MVP in him got lost somewhere deep down. Unable to perform after his return, Rose got traded a couple of times before he landed in Minnesota in the summer of 2018. Maybe it was the cold Minnesota weather or his reunion with coach Tom Thibodeau, Rose seemed to play like his old self from the get-go. Even having himself a 50-point-game, a career-high, Rose is averaging an impressive 18.9 points per game and is in the talks of becoming an All-Star and the Sixth Man of the Year. 2. Luka DonÄiÄ - Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic scores a career-high 31 PTS & adds 4 AST for the @dallasmavs in San Antonio. #NBARooks #MFFL #KiaTipOff18 pic.twitter.com/9ZMt8yLi3R — NBA (@NBA) October 30, 2018 Despite the Mavs performing poorly during the regular season, Dallas rookie and Slovenian wonder-boy, Luka is taking everyone's breath away. The 19-year-old was picked third in the 2018 NBA Draft and is considered to eventually become the greatest Maverick since Dirk Nowitzki. Already playing on an All-Star level, DonÄiÄ leads all rookies in total points and points per game, is second in total assists and assists per game and third in total rebounds and rebounds per game. 3. Victor Oladipo - Indiana Pacers View this post on Instagram Thankful ðð¿ A post shared by Victor Oladipo (@vicoladipo) on Dec 13, 2018 at 3:03pm PST Probably the most underrated player in the league right now, Victor Oladipo lost all traction after a below-average performance with Russell Westbrook's Oklahoma City Thunder and was traded to Indiana Pacers in a deal to acquire Paul George. While not quite settled in Indiana in 2017, the state has completely embraced Oladipo this season. Showing up in the clutch, Oladipo is having the best season of his career averaging 19.8 points, 5.8 rebounds and 5.2 assists and has helped Indiana rank third in the Eastern Conference. 4. Pascal Siakam - Toronto Raptors View this post on Instagram Humble hustleðð¾ðð¾ð¶ #ripdad #doingitforyouðð¾ A post shared by Pascal Siakamðð¾ðªð (@pskills43) on Dec 30, 2018 at 8:07pm PST Not a very famous name in the league, Raptors forward Pascal Siakam is making a good case for the 'Most Improved Player of the Year' award. The absence of Center Jonas ValanÄiÅ«nas had provided the 24-year-old Cameroonian with the time and the opportunity to show the critics what he's made of. In a huge improvement since last season, currently, Siakam is averaging 15.0 points and 6.6 rebounds which is a significant upgrade since the 2017-18 season (7.3 points and 4.5 rebounds) and has helped the Raptors maintain their position as the number one team in the entire league. * All stats are mentioned as of 09/01/2019
  14. Appearance plays a huge role when you a millionaire pacing up and down a 94x50 feet wooden court in a uniform, representing an entire city, while millions from all over the world watch you play basketball. Being an NBA player these days is not as plain and simple as it used to be once. Along with playing the best ball that you can, you need to live up to the expectations of your fans and must have a certain uniqueness to yourself in order to be found appealing to your audience. And when people are paying big bucks to watch you dunk that ball or score a three-pointer, you cannot afford to have a 'bad hair day.' Here is a list of some of the most dapper and rad hairstyles in the league: 1. Steve Adams' 'The Aquaman' This is awesome: the transformation of Steven Adams pic.twitter.com/eSYWhHvrjq — Frank Leibfarth (@Frank_Leibfarth) December 20, 2016 We aren't saying that the Oklahoma City Thunder Center, Steven Adams is 'Aquaman', all we are saying is that we haven't seen the two together in the same room. The Kiwi is probably one of the most loved players in the league right now. Putting in the effort to improve his game, which is evident as OKC sits in the third place in the Western Conference, Steve Adams has also worked on his looks. While covering his right shoulder with ink certainly helps, Adams' rugged hairstyle along with the beard does justice to the brute strength that he possesses. 2. Stephen Curry's Gentlemen's Fader View this post on Instagram This one was special! 3x Champ...Love my brothers until the end, but we want some more #back2back #godisgreat #dubnation A post shared by Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) on Oct 17, 2018 at 12:43am PDT The 'Boy-Wonder' of the league is gaining popularity amongst the international fans of the NBA more and more every year. As the face of the league, it is imperative for Golden State Warriors Point Guard to look good while he splashes a three-pointer from the other half of the court to win the game. Curry's fader gives him a crispy-clean look which fits perfectly with his 'baby-faced assassin' persona. 3. Gordon Hayward's Smooth Slideback Gordon Hayward went from “Mom, I will be home by 7” to “I can steal away your girl” with his extremely trendy slideback haircut. Even though Hayward may not be 100% back ever since his injury last year, the Boston Celtics Small Forward's hairstyle game is on point. When you are struggling to put up big numbers the way you used to, confidence is key in order to make a comeback and people looking at you in absolute awe is a great confidence booster, we'd say. 4. Gerald Green's 'Loyalist' Cornrows #Rockets RT @HoustonRockets: Gerald Green ðð¥ð¥ð¥pic.twitter.com/IcMQyVbEKd — NBA (@NBA) December 31, 2017 An absolute powerhouse, high-flyer Gerald Green has always been creative with his hair. The one to give his mind, body and soul to whichever team he has been a part of in his 13+ years in the league, Green often shows his loyalty towards his roster by 'cornrowing' the team's logo on his head. These hairstyles may well be extremely tiresome to pull off, but they sure go down well with the fans. Currently a part of the Houston Rockets, Green can be seen donning the team's iconic 'R' logo on his head.
  15. To try and compile a list of everything that has happened in the NBA over the last 68 years or so would be next to impossible. It would make for an extremely lengthy read too. But, there are some moments which stand out above the rest. These are moments which will be forever remembered as some of the most amazing moments in the history of the NBA. If you want to know about some of the biggest moments in NBA history, we've got you covered. Remember, these aren't all record breaking moments. They are simply moments which were spectacular for one reason or another: Wilt Chamberlain Scores 100 Points In A Single Game When the NBA is forced to change the rules of the game, you know you're damn good. He was a prolific point scorer and restricting him on the court was tough, if not impossible. One of his standout performances was when he scored 100 points in a single game. It was an iconic moment and is probably never going to happen again. © Getty Images The Philadelphia Warriors scored 169 points on the day. The New York Knicks had absolutely no idea what hit them. Boston Celtics Win 11th Title In 13 Years The Boston Celtics were considered too old to win another title in 1968-69. They didn't have a great regular season finishing fourth but somehow managed to make their way into the finals. © Getty Images But, they were facing Wilt Chamberlain and the LA Lakers. No one imagined they would pick up their 11th title in 13 years. They won the finals 4-3. A fitting end for what many considered to be one of the most dominating dynasties in pro basketball. Jerry West 60-Foot Shot There are a ton of buzzer beaters over the years in the NBA. But, in most cases those shots helped teams win something huge. But, Jerry West's buzzer beater from the 1970 Finals game between the LA Lakers and New York Knicks makes it to this list even though his team didn't win. Why? Simply because it was a 60-foot shot. Now, that's not something you see every day, is it? Celtics Vs Suns: The Greatest Game Ever? There have been some memorable games throughout the decorated history of the NBA but when you talk about the greatest game ever, one instantly comes to mind. A game that was played on the 4th of June 1976. © Getty Images The game had 3 overtimes and more twists than a Bollywood movie. The Celtics eventually came out on top 128-126 after most of the star players on both teams had been fouled out. What a game. Michael Jordan, “The Shot” (1989) If there was one shot that cemented Michael Jordan as the king of the court it was this one. Yes, he is considered one of the greatest (probably the greatest) of all time. But, if you sat someone down and wanted to show them just how good he was with a single shot, this is the one you would choose. Hands down! Golden State Warriors 73-9 Record (2015-16 Season) Finishing a season with 73 wins out of 82 is no easy feat. They won their first 24 games of the season setting yet another record. The record was set exactly 20 years after the Bulls enjoyed a 72-10 season. © Getty Images Steph Curry was their star player for the season and became the first player to be named MVP unanimously. Unfortunately, they couldn't win the title that season losing to the Cavaliers 3-4 in the finals. If only they did, the 2015-16 GSW team would go down as one of the most dominating teams the NBA has ever seen for sure. Yao Ming: 2002 1st Draft Pick The last point on this list doesn't look too great at first, does it? There's a first draft pick every single year. So, what makes Yao's so special? Is it that he was the first international player to be the first draft pick? No. Then what was it? © Getty Images Yao was the first ever player to be chosen as the first draft pick even though he had never played college basketball in the United States. It was a huge moment for the NBA and was also a huge moment for China. Yao Ming, take a bow.
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  17. Today, we're not going to be talking about the on-court exploits of NBA superstars. Instead, we're going to be talking about men who believed being good was more important than being a superstar. We're not saying a good person can't be a superstar (as is evidenced by a few people on our list). All we're trying to say is these men believed in being good role models first and everything else came after. Michael Jordan It goes without saying that one of the most recognizable names in basketball is also one of the most charitable. Instead of going into all his philanthropic exploits, we're going to talk about just one. A very important one. © Getty Images The Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Clinics. In Jordan's own words, the clinics will, “help provide a brighter and healthier future for the children and families they serve.” LeBron James There are hardly any lists of basketball players which LeBron can't wiggle his way onto. That's the case here as well. For someone who is the face of the NBA for many, LeBron hasn't let his superstar status get in the way of him being a good person. © Getty Images What did he do? He opened a school. A public school that helps at-risk kids. If that's not a sign of philanthropy, what is? Tim Duncan You could call Tim one of the greatest power forwards of all time. Need proof? He was a part of the All-NBA team 13 seasons in a row. Now that's quite the achievement, wouldn't you say? © Getty Images But, Tim didn't let that superstar status get to him. He set up a foundation of his own called the Tim Duncan Foundation. Through his foundation he helps thousands with health awareness and also funds multiple youth sports. Adonal Foyle Okay, Foyle is not one of the biggest names of the NBA. But, his career off the court is a substantial one for sure. © Getty Images His tireless humanitarian work also got him inducted into the World Sport Humanitarian Hall of Fame in 2009. We also must mention Democracy Matters, his group which only has one goal, spreading democracy.
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  19. Since he called it quits in 1989, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has remained the indisputable top-scorer in terms of career points in the NBA with 44,149. In fact, after almost 30 years, nobody has been able to even come close to breaking his record. Is this a record that can never be broken? Well, one would beg to differ. After all, every record is meant to be broken. Image jabbar So, is there anyone from the current crop of players who can become a top-scorer? Any man who can snatch away Jabbar's title of being the undefeatable? Well, the answer is yes and we say that a few players, who are still active in the NBA, do have a shot at glory. Let's take a look: 1. LeBron James © Getty Images With 38,142 points to his credit, he's the highest scorer among the current lot of players. The man turns 34 in December and there's a good chance that he's going to be around for another 5-6 years. With such a performance, we don't see any reason why he can't break Jabbar's record. In fact there's every possibility that he might even hit the 40,000-mark which would set a new precedent. 2. Dirk Nowitzki © Getty Images He may be 40 right now but with 34,850 points, he is still on track. Even though he's in the twilight of his career, the man is still in a great shape and shows no signs of slowing down. Be as it may, the thought of creating an NBA record may just be the boost that could see him putting in those extra years and get there. 3. Vince Carter © Getty Images At 41, he's the oldest active player in the NBA. With 26,508 points to his name, the man is set to leave behind a legacy. While Jabbar seems to be pretty much beyond his reach, don't count Carter out just yet. He's come this far and there is every possibility that he'll keep going on. 4. Carmelo Anthony © Getty Images At 34, time is on his side in terms of age but the man is a little bit lower on the all-time list with 27,252 points under his belt. However, in the active lot, he is 3rd in line and there's no reason to write him off as a contender. Even if he does not make it to the top spot, by the time he's done playing, he may have reached pretty close.
  20. Have you as a kid or, scratch that, even as an adult wondered if you could be in top shape like the athletes out there? Ok let's be honest, we all have, and some of us dream about it even now. When it comes to the NBA, the players, apart from being immensely talented, maintain a level of fitness which is almost second to none. After all the speed, agility and endurance on the court does not come out of thin air. Years of commitment, hard work and practice are needed. What we see is the final result, what we often ignore is the effort put in behind achieving that result. So having seen how fit NBA players are, we as fans of players and basketball in general have certainly asked ourselves this question - can we be fit as them? Well, I have got news for you guys, yes we can! No, this is no joke or a pep talk to make you feel better. It is possible. NBA players don't stay in shape by some divine intervention. In fact, they do so by following a set of exercises. Now of course workout regimes, gym sessions and methods vary from player to player so there is no fixed set to follow. Nonetheless, here are some common ones you can include in your routine if you want to maintain that level of fitness. Let's take a look: 1. Split Stance Sprinters One literally has to stand in a split stance and then sprint a certain distance. The key is to keep the body alert so that the adjustment can be easily made. This improves sprinting speeds as well as the ability to jump higher. Core strength is the key for any athlete and your speed is always a major factor. 2. Jump Rope As the name suggests, just jump over the rope and keep it in motion so that the jumps are timed in sequence. This is the perfect workout to get the blood flowing in the knees. It can be done almost anywhere in the gym. The footwork of a player improves and also the knee muscles are enhanced. However, when jumping rope, one must ensure that it is not on a hard surface like cement as that can do damage to the knees over time. 3. Weightlifting Going to the gym at least three days a week is a must. Ensure that weight lifting sessions are distributed equally between light and heavy to avoid the risk of too much load. This builds body strength, particularly in the arms. 4. Power Lunge Rope Slams Slam a rope constantly on the surface of the floor and keep on doing it until a rhythm is maintained. This has to be done at a fast pace and requires both physical and mental endurance. The exercise is good for both upper and lower body strength. 5. Flexibility Exercises One can improve the flexibility of one's body by performing stretching exercises. This helps during more intense workouts to build muscle and burn a lot of fat which is a key factor to stay in shape. 6. Ball Handle Lunges Engage your core, standing hip width apart with shoulders relaxed. Holding a medicine ball a few inches in front of the chest, step forward into a lunge with the right leg. This does wonders for body strength. 7. Dumbbell Press This one is using two dumbbells to perform a hand exercise while lying on one's back. It's not an easy task as both dumbbells need to be balanced as does the body. This is good for the biceps, shoulders and also upper body endurance.
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  22. There's only one NBA player who didn't play in the unbeatable Boston Celtics of the 60s and still won 7 NBA championships, Robert Horry. What's more, he achieved this unique feat with 3 different NBA teams, proving his clutch shooting was quite valuable indeed. © Getty Images We got an opportunity to have a chat with Robert and made sure to ask him questions every basketball fan in India would want to know the answers to. Here's how it went: Who's the best player you've ever stepped onto an NBA court with? There are so many great players I've had the privilege of playing with like Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Clyde Drexler, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, I played with a lot of great players. It's not a fair question to be asked because my bias is always going to lean towards Hakeem Olajuwon because he's the guy who took me under his wing when I was just a rookie and helped me to understand basketball on and off the court. It was a professional relationship, it was a personal relationship and I still talk to him today and I'm very appreciative of the things he taught me. © Getty Images How many hours does a professional basketball player need to train? It depends on your body. How your body holds up and the things that your body is capable of doing. There's no specific time period. It's just what you want to do personally and what's your body's ability to allow you to do. How often were you allowed cheat meals during the NBA season? I came up during a different era. You pretty much ate what you want. For me, being as skinny as I was, I was allowed to eat anything because I would drop 10-15 pounds during the season and to maintain my weight, they just let me eat whatever I wanted to. But, this day and age, there's a new technology and new knowledge of what goes into your body and how you treat your body. So, it's amazing how these guys have taken it to a whole new level where they can manipulate their food and create a perfect basketball machine. How important is it to be tall in the NBA – is it a misconception? It definitely is a misconception that people have about all NBA players being tall. Yes, three-fourths of them are tall but there is another one-fourth that isn't tall. I think if you have the heart and you have the desire to play the game, you can take it to the next level. It has nothing to do with your height. You can look at guys that have come and gone like Anthony "Spud" Webb and Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues. These guys were not even 6 feet tall and they had a great career in the NBA. © Getty Images 7 Championship rings. Three different teams. Which was the most memorable? Also, which was the toughest? They were all tough. But, I think the '95 Championship with the Houston Rockets is the most memorable because of the team we beat. Not having home court advantage, we were able to win back-to-back championships and overcome a lot.
  23. The new NBA season just started and we've already seen a couple of close games between the Sacramento Kings and Utah Jazz (6 point victory) and the San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves (4 point victory). With so many games yet to be played, there's a lot to look forward to over the next few months. But, who do you watch out for? You have your favourites like LeBron and Durant. But, what about the rest? It's not like these guys are going to be playing every single night. It's only befitting that you find some new names to follow too. So, here's a list of 5 relatively unknown NBA players you should watch out for in the 2018-19 season: Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks Source: Getty Images Doncic helped Real Madrid win the Euro League Final Four a few months ago and also picked up the MVP title in the process. Mavericks icon Dirk Nowitzki has a lot of faith in this 19-year-old and believes he's going to be pivotal to the Mavs success in 2018-19. Kawhi Leonard, Toronto Raptors Source: Getty Images With 24 points and 13 rebounds in his first game for the Raptors this season, it's safe to assume this might just end up being his year. The two-time Defensive Player of the Year had a poor end to last season due to injury but on Wednesday, he looked better than ever. We expect to see great things from him in the coming months. Khris Middleton, Milwaukee Bucks Source: Getty Images He's been one of the most accurate shooters for the Bucks over the last few seasons scoring 39.2% of his 3-point attempts. He started all 82 games for them last season and with Mike Budenholzer running the show for them this season, we can expect Middleton to get many more scoring opportunities. That is, if Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn't overshadow him though. Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets Source: Getty Images He's considered the best passing center in the NBA right now. Even in terms of shooting and rebounds, he's right up there with the best. If he scores as many points as he did last season, he could end up making the All-Star team among other achievements. The Nuggets are hoping to make it to the playoffs this season and it's safe to say Jokic will have a very important role to play in their success. Jerami Grant, Oklahoma City Thunder Source: Getty Images Jerami Grant is one of the few professional NBA players who can play any position on defence with ease. His versatility is what helped the Thunder out quite a bit last season and it looks like things will only get better this season. Since Carmelo Anthony is no longer with the Thunder, 2018-19 can end up being the season when Jerami Grant's name echoes throughout the halls of the Chesapeake Energy Arena.
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  25. The NBA belongs to the USA but its popularity is pretty big across the globe. Be it Asia, Africa or Europe, basketball's popularity has only gone up thanks to the reach of the league. So, it's hardly a surprise that international players have come up through the ranks and distinguished themselves at the top level. The NBA has had its own share of big international names, some of whom have carved out their own legacy. Not only did they stand toe to toe with their American counterparts, but also made the home fans accept them as their own. © Getty So who are these guys? Here's a look at five such individuals who have left their legacy in the world's biggest basketball league: 1. Dirk Nowitzki © Getty Hailing from Germany, this giant has been around for a while. Since 1998 till date, the man has been representing the Dallas Mavericks with distinction. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the season in 2007 and was also the NBA champion in 2011. Blessed with speed and reach, he continues to be a lethal force on the court and the fans love him for it. 2. Yao Ming © Getty Standing at 7 feet and 6 inches tall, the man from China represented the Houston Rockets between 2002 and 2011. He has also been a part of the All-Star team on eight occasions, which is a great achievement in itself. Yao had an average of 19 points per game in a career that saw him accumulate 9247 points. With 4494 rebounds and 920 blocks, he was Asia's pride in the NBA and had a distinguished career. 3. Steve Nash © Getty A point guard, this Canadian player has represented the Phoenix Suns, the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers in a career spanning over two decades (from 1996 to 2015). Born in South Africa, Steve came to Canada as a toddler and that's where his basketball career really took off. Part of the All-Star team on 8 occasions, Steve had 17,387 points to his credit and had the most assists in as many as 5 seasons. 4. Manu Ginobili © Getty The Argentine was a part of the San Antonio Spurs from 2002 to 2018. He won 4 championships with them and was also a part of the All-Star team in 2005 & 2011. He became one of the only two players to have won a EuroLeague title, an NBA championship, and a gold medal at the 2004 Olympics. Clearly a man of records, he played his entire career for the Spurs. Manu Ginobili, along with his teammates Tim Duncan and Tony Parker were famously known as the “Big Three”. 5. Pau Gasol © Getty Since 2001, the Spaniard has been a part of Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls. Since 2016, he's associated with San Antonio Spurs. In 2009 and 2010 he was the NBA champion with LA Lakers and also a 6-time NBA All-Star. The man was named Rookie of the Year in 2002, becoming the first non-American player to win the prestigious award. His longest stint was with the Grizzlies from 2001 to 2008. His older brother Marc Gasol is also in the NBA. These guys were so good in their game that when we look back on their careers, the fact that they were international players never occurs to us. Not that it would matter, but in all fairness, they are just as a much part of the NBA as the American players. In fact, having them has made the NBA even more interesting to watch and for that, we are deeply grateful to them.