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Found 493 results

  1. We all love street food and that's probably one of the things that we're missing out on during this pandemic. Yes, a lot of the vendors are already on online delivery platforms, but not all of them. Well, it looks like our government has some plans. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confirmed that efforts are being made to provide an online delivery platform to street food vendors on the lines of big restaurants. PM Modi praised the state government for ensuring the scheme's benefits to over lakhs of people and providing identity cards to over 4.5 lakh people. © Reuters All this comes under the government's efforts to help poor street vendors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. He also said that a scheme has been prepared to provide an online platform to street food vendors by using technology. This means the vendors will be able to make online deliveries just like other big restaurants do. It's good news for both the vendors as well as for us because it'll allow us to safely enjoy all our favorite street food without having to worry about social distancing. It's even better news for the vendors themselves because they can now get back to making money. PM Modi noted that the government will need the vendors' support to take it further. He also mentioned that they need to adapt to online payments on a large scale for this to work. © Reuters Sadly, this is all the info we have about this particular scheme and we're awaiting more info. It's obviously not going to be an easy task to get all the vendors onboard but it's a good start nonetheless. We can't wait to see how this works out. Source: ET View the full article
  2. Local farmers lament underground freshwater shortages and lack of government cooperation
  3. Weâve all tried our hand at using portable USB fans, handheld fans and anything else we can think of to keep us cool during the summers. However, there may just be the perfect gadget now available in Japan for everyone who needs a little bit cooling this summer. Sony created a wearable air conditioner called the Reon Pocket and has started selling it in Japan from this week. © Sony The wearable air conditioner was unveiled last year and Sony said the device supports both cooling and heating modes and can be used on the move. The device is quite small and looks very similar to Appleâs Magic Mouse. It can be worn near your neck and even comes with an undershirt with a pocket to place the Reon Pocket. The shirt is quite breathable as it is made of plaster fabric and has seams to hide the air conditioner in the pocket. You can also use your own undershirts but Sony suggests it should be loose and breathable clothing for the device to be effective. © Sony The Sony Reon Pocket is not meant to be used while working out or anything that involves intense sweating. In order to control the device, one needs to use its smartphone app that connects via Bluetooth. It can even be used manually as users can choose from four different temperature levels. The portable air conditioner is currently only available to buy in Japan and we desperately need it here in India as air conditioners are ramping up huge electricity bills ever since people have started to work from home. © Sony The Sony Reon Pocket costs around 13,000 Yen in Japan which translates to roughly Rs 9,100. The undershirt is sold separately for Rs 1260. However, there is no news whether we would see this product outside of Japan. Sony did show off a âLiteâ variant of the device last year where one could only use the manual modes; however, it seems like Sony may launch that later in the year. Would you buy a wearable air conditioner if Sony sold the Reon Pocket here in India? It does sound like a whacky idea but could just be the solution to our hot weather and high electricity bills. View the full article
  4. Pornography has been a part of our lives for a really long time now. Before the rise of the internet, porn was created and made available to masses via magazines or VHS cassettes or DVDs. But with the growing popularity and easier access to the online world, accessing porn sites is just a click away. The pace at which technology is growing has also made it more immersive than ever, especially with the dawn of Virtual Reality. © iStock The decision to watch porn boils down to a personâs personal choice. However, is it harmful to your health and wellness? According to a 2014 research by the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, the part of the brain which is responsible for triggering pleasure, that is, the striatum, is smaller in those who are regular porn-viewers. This essentially means that they need graphic material to get aroused. It is important to mention, however, that the researchers could not come up with a conclusion on whether the smaller striatum of the test subjects led them to watch more porn or was caused because they watched so much of it. They âassumedâ that the latter is true. © iStock These 7 alarming signs suggest that you might be getting addicted to pornography:If the amount of time you have been spending on watching porn continues to increase on a regular basis. If you feel that you HAVE TO watch porn at least once a day or else something feels missing or your day feels incomplete. If the guilt of watching porn takes over your brain and you continue to do it despite feeling low. © iStock If you spend long periods of time surfing through the internet even at the cost of missing out on other responsibilities or urgent work. If you donât feel aroused by real *** and prefer masturbation over it while watching porn. © iStock If you expect or start asking your partner to âdress like a pornstarâ or behave like one while in bed, during ***. You canât get over the urge to flip out your phone and watch porn even if you know that it is disputing your relationship both sexually and emotionally. © iStock You have to understand that what you watch online isnât real. The people you see âenactingâ sexual pleasure are professional performers who are simply doing their job. The viewers often mistake that as reality and start expecting similar things in their lives and when it feels nothing like what they see online, sometimes they choose to lose themselves in the virtual world. Just keep a check on yourself and if you relate to any of the above mentioned points, act on it for the sake of your happiness and that of the people around you. Also Watch: How to Stop Porn Addiction View the full article
  5. When there is a bevy of talented actors in a movie, you are bound to praise it and somewhere, you are also sure of the content thatâs coming your way. As audience and media, we have earlier lacked appreciating the true form of cinema but now the wave is changing as we have started to notice the real talents at last. Yes, Kunal Kemmuâs tweet got us thinking about the fact why such talented actors are not given equal opportunities for the promotion of their movies. In a recently held press conference Kunalâs Lootcase was completely ignored , and surely it has the potential to connect with the audience because of the sheer simplicity in the subject. So, the trailer was released last year but the movie couldnât make it to the theatres and now, itâs releasing on HotStar along with a few other projects. Before it releases on the OTT platform, we are here to tell why it deserves an equal opportunity to shine like other mainstream releases. 1. Relatable Content And An Interesting StorylineIf you have seen the trailer, you might agree to the fact that it's a story that will connect to the audience because of its relatable content. The trailer accurately depicts the struggles of the middle class. So, the story revolves around Nandan Kumar played by Kunal who finds an unattended suitcase full of money and that completely changes the course of his life because soon after that, gangsters and politicians leave no stone unturned to make Nandanâs life a mess. 2. Witty Dialogues And Brilliant WritingThe trailer is packed with witty dialogues and we are sure that the movie has a lot more to offer in terms of its writing. It should surely be a much-needed break as we all are battling this negativity. There are a few comic liners that surely are a breather. 3. Kunal Kemmuâs PerformanceKunal Kemmu is one underrated actor that we havenât celebrated enough. From being a child actor to playing leads, Kunal has always aced his acting game. If you have watched his last outing Malang, Kunal showed his acting prowess and what he is capable of. It will be interesting to see how he pulls off his character and what he brings to the table. © PVR Cinemas 4. Gajraj Rao And Vijay Raaz: The Men Who Are Masters Of Their CraftGajraj Rao and Vijay Raaz need an introduction as they have never disappointed us with their craft. Whenever they take up a role, you can be sure that it will be a perfect display of their talent. In this movie, Gajraj plays the role of a politician and we really want to see how he adds his charm to the character written for him. Vijay will be seen playing the role of a gangster and it will be interesting to see such men in one frame. © PVR Cinemas © PVR Cinemas 5. Ranvir Shorey and Rasika Dugalâs Not To Be Missed Acts When you have actors like Ranvir and Rasika backing the script, you know the end product is going to be equally good. Ranvir as an actor is also someone whoâs underrated and we all need to start promoting the talents that deserve to be appreciated. Rasika, too, puts in her 100% to her character to make it look convincing and as realistic as it can be. © PVR Cinemas © PVR Cinemas We are excited for Lootcase! What about you? View the full article
  6. Period dramas or shows with fantastical elements are genres of Indian TV that have a bad reputation for lifting storylines from pop culture. While basing a character and seeking inspiration is a different story, reproducing it entirely with no tweaks at all is what makes an awkward rip-off. Then there is the artwork for shows that too sometimes can hold resemblance to popular segments in pop-culture. Here are 8 awkward rip-offs among countless others spotted on TV shows. 1. Har Mushkil Ka Hal: Akbar Birbal © IMDB The show followed Birbal, an advisor in the court of King Akbar, as he handles various tricky situations faced by his ruler using his sharp intellect and witty sense of humour. One of the actor's costumes in the show was entirely lifted from Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean. 2. Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki © IMDB Ekta Kapoor's Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki was an adaptation of the Mahabharata, except a lot of the plotlines of the show were lifted. Even the costumes had taken inspiration from ancient Greece. The costumes were inspired from Gerard Butler's 300. 3. Roadies © IMDB Back when Raghu Ram was associated with MTV's Roadies, one of the promotional posters for a season looked too similar to Max Payne 3. 4. Baal Veer © IMDB In the fictional world of Baal Veer, more than one character was lifted to bring the series to life. One of the characters was heavily inspired by Ian McKellen's Magneto. One of the villains wore a costume which was an awkward rip-off of Magneto's suit. 5. Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani © IMDB The show's plot follows Pia as she joins a new college in Dehradun and soon, falls in love with Abhay. However, she is unaware of the fact that he is a vampire. The storyline and Abhay both will remind you of the Twilight series and Edward Cullen respectively in more ways than one. 6. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat © IMDB Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat was a series about the life of Ashoka, the third emperor of the Mauryan empire. The series was more fictional with its timeline, introducing elements to the storyline that possibly could have never existed. The antagonist of this historical drama, Daastan, played by Rumi Khan had a strikingly similar appearance to Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones. 7. C.I.D © IMDB CID is a tv drama that follows the lives of ACP Pradyuman, Daya and Abhijeet who work for the CID department. They seek the help of professional forensic expert Dr. Salunkhe and solve various criminal cases. While most episodes of the show are almost identical, with occasional appearances of seemingly scary villains. One of them turned out to be an awkward rip-off of DC's Joker. 8. Baal Veer © IMDB Baal Veer, the protagonist of the show is taken to a fairyland where he is blessed with special powers by six fairies, each with unique abilities. He uses his powers to help good and honest children, including his friends. Naturally, the show introduced witches in the show as villains. However, a lot was lifted from Disney. One of the witches, for instance, was an exact copy from Disney's witch in Snow White. View the full article
  7. Starting this week, most of us will be going back to life as we knew it before the COVID-19 era. This, despite the fact that almost for a week now, India has been getting just under 10,000 cases daily, and that India now has the 5th highest number of COVID-19 positive cases in the world. © Reuters Clearly, a lot of us feel that this is actually not the right time to lift the lockdown, and are anxious as we resume our ânormalâ lives. With that being said, it is also true that staying perpetually in a lockdown is certainly not the solution, especially given the fact that we have been under a lockdown now for almost 3 months. © Reuters A few countries, on the other hand, are declaring themselves to be COVID free. New Zealand, and Germany have really shown the world how to deal with a pandemic, with no new cases having been registered in the last week. New Zealand, in fact, has zero active cases now, which means that they are the first country to properly beat the novel coronavirus, and eradicate it from the country. © Reuters Clearly, we need to take some important lessons from them on public health. 1. Respecting Our Doctors & Paying Heed To Their Advice © BCCL The manner in which we stood in solidarity with the people at the frontline of fighting the pandemic was really commendable. However, we really failed our doctors and corona warriors in every other way. Heck, there were instances when people attacked health care workers who were testing people going door to door in certain areas. Furthermore, most of us have blatantly ignored what our health workers have advised us to do. 2. Lockdown Means An Actual Lockdown © Reuters If you come to think of it, the Lockdown, much like the legal system in India, was there only on papers. No matter how âstringentâ the lockdown was, in almost every neighbourhood, people were still going out for evening walks or stepping out of their homes unnecessarily. We never really had a properly implemented lockdown. New Zealand on the other hand, did implement a strict, 7-week lockdown, where everything, barring essential services were shut. 3. Social Distancing Means Something © ANI We know that in a densely populated country like ours, social distancing isnât easy. However, some basic things such as wearing a mask, or covering your face when youâre stepping out, is. Heck, we have seen n number of people wearing a mask just to cover their lips and leaving their nostrils exposed. And do not even get us started the number of incidents when some political leader took out a rally for XYZ reason and gathered people by the hundreds. This is further aggravated by the VIP culture that we have, where even a basic celebrity feels that they do not have to abide by the certain rules that have been set by common sense. 4. Investing In The Public Healthcare System © Reuters The current scenario in the National Capital, and for that matter, almost all of the country shows that we need to invest in our public healthcare system. And we do not mean that we need more doctors. We need more hospital beds and essential equipment, like ventilators. Furthermore, we need to have a healthcare system that is penetrative and has a far better reach. © Reuters Then, there was the entire fiasco that the migrant labourers had to go through. As commendable as it was, it shouldnât have to come to an actor to provide buses to take labourers back to their homes, especially, when we had the data on migrant workers. 5. Staying Cautious After The Fact © Reuters Even though New Zealand has zero active cases, and are going back to their normal lives this week, the people are conscious. In spite of the fact that they havenât had a positive test since the end of February, they are keeping their borders restricted, and arenât allowing unnecessary flights into the country. Even though restaurants, public transport, and a number of hospitality services are resuming, people are conscious and careful of what their responsibilities are. 6. Basic Cleanliness, And Not Littering © Reuters And finally, a sense of basic cleanliness has to be instilled. And we donât mean that we need more toilets, and better cleanliness initiatives, we already have a ton of that. What we really need is an intrinsic change. There are a ton of daft people, in villages as well as cities, who do not wash their hands properly after using the loo, (you know who you are, imbecile). Then there is the fascination that a lot of men have with creating red coloured graffitis on clean walls. As we start getting on with our lives, we need to be very cautious now, more than we have been. But if we keep our wits, we might just come out of this better. View the full article
  8. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey may not be the most vibrant public figure out there, but he surely comes across as the finest Steve Jobs-level tech-wiz with top-class leadership qualities. Time and again, through various means and approaches, Jack Dorsey has shown the world that running a successful business takes much more than just establishing it. Great organizations of this world are built upon strong ethics and ideologies which thrive on consumer satisfaction provided through high employee engagement and happiness index. © Twitter/ajplus And the Twitter CEO isnât just a man good with words, but also knows how to walk the talk and lead the way. Here are 7 such reasons which prove Jack Dorsey might just be the coolest boss out there that all of us need: 1. He Actually Cares About His Employeesâ WelfareHours ago, Jack Dorsey made headlines for sending his Twitter employees an email which said that they can continue to work from home as long as they want, even after the pandemic is over. So, basically what that means is, âif our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen.â © Twitter Complex I mean, which other CEO would even consider such a move even if they get the chance? Think about it, Iâll wait. 2. He Is Least Bothered About His âAppraisalsâJack Dorsey is known to have taken just $1.40 as his base salary since 2018 - forgoing any increment or extra remuneration. However, keeping in mind that the total compensation of Twitter's median compensated employee was $213,155 in 2019, an employee to CEO pay ratio is less than 0.001. © BCCL While his employees continue to get their dues for their services year after year, the Twitter CEO hasnât claimed any benefits for himself and continues to work for his company and its future every day. 3. He Leads The Way By Setting ExamplesAmid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Jack Dorsey has gone out of his way to ensure that he takes effective personal measures to help the world fight the pandemic. The man swore off â28% of (his) wealthâ, that is $1,000 million, to aid the fight against coronavirus and build a better future. © Twitter/nnavinsingh21 So, before calling people to donate whatever is in their power, Dorsey is doing his bit to encourage others. So far, he has donated $2.1 million to the Mayorâs Fund for LA towards domestic violence victims, pledged $10 million to REFORM Alliance which will help provide 10 million face masks and other PPEs for inmates, officers, health care workers and other prison employees. © Twitter/CBSNews The Twitter CEO has also donated $15 million to San Franciscoâs COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, to help people and businesses impacted by the pandemic. Apart from all that, Dorsey has also donated $750K to Eminemâs Marshall Mathers foundation which works to help the youth in Detroit. 4. He Teaches His Team (& Others) To Have Faith In Their ProductNo company, however strong, can sustain itself in the long run if the ones who are working in it donât have faith in its potential and future. Similarly, Jack Dorsey, who also happens to be the founder and CEO of mobile payments company Square, has shown his team that trusting their own product is crucial. © Twitter/DatHaxor By regularly buying Bitcoin worth $10,000 every week, and maxing out his Bitcoin buys on Cash App, a subsidiary of Square, Jack Dorsey is encouraging his employees and customers to have faith in their products and services. And thatâs just one such instance. 5. He Welcomes Criticism & FeedbackWe all know how welcome any form of criticism or feedback is to most bosses. But thatâs not the case with Jack Dorsey. According to reports, earlier this year, the Twitter CEO made a video call to tech giant Elon Musk during a staff meeting to take âdirect feedbackâ and âcritiqueâ on Twitter from the man himself. © Twitter/nypost According to SkyNews, Dorsey asked, "Give us some direct feedback, critique, what are we doing poorly, what could we be doing better, and what's your hope for our potential as a service?" He further added, "If you were running Twitter - by the way do you want to run Twitter? What would you do?" © Twitter/Recode Musk gave him an honest response and said that it would be âhelpful to differentiateâ between real and fake (bots and organised trolls) accounts. "How do you tell if the feedback is real or someone trying to manipulate the system? ...Sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out what's real public opinion and what's not.â By encouraging an open feedback/criticism session during a staff meeting, Dorsey imbibed a good culture within his team and encouraged his employees to work with an open mind, accept criticisms and improve as they go. View the full article
  9. The relationship between Indian captain Virat Kohli and former South African skipper AB de Villiers isnât hidden from anybody. Having shared the Royal Challengers Bangalore dressing room for the past nine years, the duo has come to enjoy the kind of fraternity which is unheard of, especially, between players from two different countries. Nonetheless, both the superstars donât miss out the opportunity to compliment each other and based on the previous interviews and shows they have been a part of as a unit, you can tell that their words of mutual admiration are genuine. AB de Villiers Reveals Favourite Memory with Virat Kohli pic.twitter.com/2QVQ4Y8fr8 â Himanshu (@himanshux_) April 24, 2020 Recently, in an Instagram Live chat with former Zimbabwe cricketer Pommie Mbangwa, de Villiers spoke about the kind of batsman his RCB teammate is. When Mbangwa asked him to draw a comparison between Kohli and Australian batsman Steve Smith, he said: âIt's a difficult one, but Virat is definitely the more natural ball-striker, there's no doubt about that. " Virat Kohli is more of a natural ball striker. If you You look at natural ball strikers, Virat is like Federer. Steve Smith is more like nadal, he's mentality very strong." - Ab de Villiers pic.twitter.com/bdnZckGxqu â Farhan Khan (@Farhan_Khan_1) May 11, 2020 "In tennis terms, I'd say he's more like a (Roger) Federer whereas Smith is like a (Rafael) Nadal. Smith is mentally very strong and figures out a way of scoring runs - he doesn't look natural, but he ends up writing records and doing amazing things at the crease. "I think mentally, Smith is one of the best I have ever seen. Virat has also scored runs all over the world and won games under pressure," de Villiers added. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@virat.kohli) In terms of chasing a huge total to bring home the victory is concerned, the skills seem to be a bit of a speciality for the current leader of the Men in Blue and de Villiers believes that he might even be better than the âGod of Cricketâ Sachin Tendulkar when it comes to batting second: "Sachin is a role model for both of us (him and Kohli). The way he stood out in his era, the things he achieved and with the grace he did all that is a great example for everyone," de Villiers said. © Reuters "And I think Virat will also say that he set the standards for us to follow. "But personally, in a chase, I'd say Virat is the best I've seen in my life. Sachin was amazing in all formats and all situations, but Virat comes out on top while chasing." Recently, both Kohli and de Villiers shared a very entertaining Instagram Live chat in which they spoke about the most entertaining partnership that they had shared a for their Indian Premier League franchise, how the two grew up to trust each other and even Yuzvendra Chahalâs new found obsession with making TikTok videos. Ab De Villiers: "Yuzi Chahal calls me at 1 am in the Morning, Yuzvendra Chahal is crazy.oh Man." Virat Kohli: "Just go and see his Tik Tok videos. You won't believe he plays international Cricket and he is 29 years old. He is an absolute CLOWN." pic.twitter.com/jJypLEs4K2 â CricketMAN2 (@man4_cricket) April 24, 2020 The camaraderie between the two legends of modern-day cricket is rare and very special. Despite being thousands of miles away from each other, they continue to think and speak so highly of each other which is something every working professional aspires to hustle for. Earning respect from one's rival is a feat and Kohli and de Villiers have done that without a doubt. View the full article
  10. Although itâs easier said than done, we really need to start gearing up for our life after lockdown. Because itâs going to end and weâll be back to routine sooner than we know, well, that's the hope right? And before that happens itâs important to recall all the things we have been ignoring completely, for example, our wardrobe. And what better way to get started with adding a bit of sunshine and summer to the mix. T-shirts and boxers have brought you far and that one odd shirt that has now become a Zoom call staple has served you well, but itâs time to add some summer colours to the mix. Also, once the lockdown is over, you might have too many plans and places to be at, and though youâd want to look your best, shopping may not be the first thing youâd want to do. So, hereâs your chance to build a perfect wardrobe for summer and fun times ahead. __ECOMLOOKS__417__ __ECOMLOOKS__418__ __ECOMLOOKS__419__ __ECOMLOOKS__420__ __ECOMLOOKS__421__ Explore and shop more here View the full article
  11. Weâve all been there, done that â been the shoulder to cry on for our crush after their breakup. Weâve been there for the ugly cries, for the drunk dials and weâve also been there standing right in front of them hoping to break out of the friendzone. If only! The cursed friendzone is a hellish pit of ifs and buts. Crawling your way out of it is no mean task. And thatâs why Girlfriend Chor Akash is our new hero. Dice Creator Network Presents An MX Exclusive Series Girlfriend Chor and the protagonist Akash is the guy we all need to be. Tired of being the âbest friendâ she shares all her secrets with, Akash decided to amp it up and battle his way out of the friendzone to win his girl. Starring actor Mayur More in the lead, Girlfriend Chor is a slice of life drama that will get you laughing, cheering and taking notes. The five episodic series follows the life of Akash, who is on a mission to make his best friend Neha (played by Himani Sharma) fall in love with him. Alas, someone else gets there first. After an ugly breakup with her ex, Neha gets into a rebound relationship with Vishal (played by Kushagre Dua). And thatâs when Akashâs father (played by Shishir Sharma), seeing him struggle, intervenes and gives his mission a new lease of life with his expert tips on how to get his girl back. Just as they draw out their plan, along comes Ritu (played by Diksha Juneja), Vishalâs friend-zoned buddy who has fallen for him hard. Thatâs when they decide to gang up and set the complicated love square in order. MX Player This hatke take on love and friendship is the just the light-hearted rom-com you need during the lockdown. It makes you smile, reminisce your good old college days and gives you pro tips on breaking it out of the friend circle. To bring the cheer on, you can start streaming it for FREE on MX Player right away! View the full article
  12. With the Coronavirus about to hit 1.5 million positive cases all over the world, doctors and scientists continue to learn and figure out more and more about the form, structure and characteristics of the disease. While questions about the various stages of the virus popping up constantly, the best ways to stay safe during the pandemic and the various myths it is surrounded by, are already common knowledge. But the latest finding talks about a rather important factor of our day to day lives, especially under the lockdown that we are in. How long can the Coronavirus stay alive in your refrigerator? © Unsplash According to a February 21, 2020 report by the World Health Organisation, other Coronaviruses have survived for up to two years at -20°C. Upon further studies, viruses like SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV have shown the capability of surviving for multiple days on different surfaces on the basis of a number of parameters like temperature, humidity, light, etc. The report also states that at refrigeration temperature (4°C), MERS-CoV can remain viable for up to 72 hours. © Unsplash However, in the news coverage by NBC Bay Area it is mentioned that the SARS-CoV virus could stay alive for up to 28 days in a low-humidity, low-temperature atmosphere which is similar to the inside of an average refrigerator. They claim this on the basis of a study done by the American Society for Microbiology in 2010. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is responsible for the ongoing pandemic behaves in a similar manner as the SARS-CoV virus. As alarming as that sounds, there are ways to make sure that the virus does not make it to the cold and low-humid environment of the fridge. In an interview with NBC Bay Area, Dr. Warner Greene, a leading virologist and research scientist with the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco, USA explains a few preventive measures. © pexel 1. Use a bowl of alcohol based (or soap) disinfectant to patiently wipe down every container that goes inside the fridge. 2. Considering the fact that disinfectants are hard to come by right now, Dr. Greene also suggested a DIY method as well. Mix â cups of bleach with 4 litres of water. You can also use soap with warm water. 3. You must also make sure to wipe the place where you had kept the containers before placing them in your fridge. 4. Finally wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap to get rid of any possible virus strains that got stuck to your hands while decontamination. View the full article
  13. The Coronavirus pandemic has exponentially increased mask usage around the world, and rightfully so. If masks can prevent you from inhaling the droplets infected with the virus, it makes sense to always be protected with the gear. However, unfortunately, it's not practical for everyone to wear a mask or even accessible, especially for people with disabilities. A college student in Kentucky, United States, Ashley Lawrence noticed this accessibility issue with masks and has tried to bridge the gap. © Ashley Lawrence/ Twitter Face masks cover the mouth, making it harder for the deaf and the hard of hearing to communicate. With the help of her mother, Ashley, a 21-year-old studying education for the deaf and hard of hearing, made face masks with a clear and transparent panel in the middle, for the visibility of the mouth of the wearer. This mask then provides assistance for people with disabilities. A mask with a visible panel can enable people to read lips or speak the Sign Language. © Ashley Lawrence/ Twitter This especially helps as the use of the hands and face for communication could put people with disabilities who are forced to communicate without a mask at higher risk for contracting COVID-19. In such a scenario, a mask like this makes all the difference. © Ashley Lawrence/ Twitter Ashley Lawrence had noticed this gap, "I felt like there was a huge population that was being looked over," Lawrence told Lex 18. "We're all panicking right now and so a lot of people are just not being thought of. So, I felt like it was very important that, even at a time like this, people need to have that communication." In an attempt to bridge it, Ashley Lawrence said she and her mother initiated the process of experimenting with versatile materials to make different types of masks. These included a kind that would wrap around the head or neck to accommodate people with cochlear implants or hearing aids. In just a matter of days, Ashley has received dozens of orders which she's making for free currently. View the full article
  14. Amid the Coronavirus chaos while the whole country is on lockdown for 21 days and the government has ensured that the essential goods and services will be available to us throughout, things are still not that easy for most of us. Many of us are still having problems buying groceries or going to the grocery stores as we are really taking the lockdown seriously. © Facebook/Municipal Coorporation Gurugram Recently, Municipal Corporation in Gurugram has launched a new mobile bus that offers home delivery of essential food items. Exactly! While youâre still wondering if the bread is important enough to go out for, Gurugram has already a solution in place for it. The mobile bus home delivery food service has all essential food items including fruits, vegetables and packaged food such as noodles, biscuits, and bread. And theyâre delivering all this to the doorstep of the residents. Now, this is a brilliant idea and all other cities should take a cue from this and streamline a way wherein this can be implemented. © Facebook/Municipal Corporation Gurugram However, many of us are facing a lot of problems finding basic essential goods that we need as they are out of stock in most places, be it online or a store near your house. The mobile bus has been loaded with grocery items and visit all localities in G-town to supply essential goods such as atta, oil, ghee, pulses, handwashes at a comparatively cheaper price than the MRP. According to WhatsHot, you just need to write in your requirements to them and the mobile bus shop will reach you within a few hours. © Facebook/Municipal Corporation Gurugram Also, we hope all other cities implement something similar to make social distancing even simpler. View the full article
  15. Well, folks, itâs time we stop looking for fitness inspiration from Bollywood celebrities as Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his fitness routine on Twitter. What more do we need for a fitness motivation on Monday? At 69 years of age, PM Modi keeps it going strong and in fact, gives a real tough competition to all the youngsters in the country. Sharing some of his Yoga videos on his Twitter account, he wrote, âDuring yesterdayâs Mann Ki Baat, someone asked me about my fitness routine during this time. Hence, thought of sharing these Yoga videos. I hope you also begin practising Yoga regularly.â During yesterdayâs #MannKiBaat, someone asked me about my fitness routine during this time. Hence, thought of sharing these Yoga videos. I hope you also begin practising Yoga regularly. https://t.co/Ptzxb7R8dN â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 30, 2020 Giving a sneak peek at his every day fitness regime, the Prime Minister shared some cool 3D animated Yoga videos of him for his followers. In another tweet, he wrote, âI am neither a fitness expert nor a medical expert. Practising Yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years and I have found it beneficial. I am sure many of you also have other ways of remaining fit, which you also must share with others.â I am neither a fitness expert nor a medical expert. Practising Yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years and I have found it beneficial. I am sure many of you also have other ways of remaining fit, which you also must share with others. â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 30, 2020 Besides, the videos are also available in different languages, he added. The Yoga videos are available in different languages. Do have a look. Happy Yoga practicing.... https://t.co/QAJM0UooRm â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 30, 2020 People on social media had mixed reactions to his post. Check out some of the reactions here यà¥à¤ हॠतॠरà¥à¤ नहà¥à¤ ð®ð³ pic.twitter.com/IiPvnUTT6Y pic.twitter.com/pzcQ2JiDzX â K.N. Srivastava (@Karunanidhisri2) March 30, 2020Shaandaar ð®ð³ â Jyoti Pandey (@JyotiGOfficial) March 30, 2020 Sir, Your fitness is an inspiration for many people.Which gives you full energy to serve people tirelessly 24*7. You have always said that focus on fitness and never say Alvida to good health. This yoga video of yours will help many people during lockdown to improve their health â NishantSð®ð³ (@nishants79) March 30, 2020 Sir I have not stepped out from my house from last Sunday, have already ran 200 kms inside my house in last , 7 day's..my father is diabetic , kidney patient & heart patient ensuring he is also waking Inside the House. â shajan samuel (@IamShajanSamuel) March 30, 2020 These videos are animated.Where are your original videos Mr. PM ? â Mukesh Kumar (@mailtomukesh) March 30, 2020 PM Modi encouraged people to join his cause of remaining fit and practice Yoga during the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. To contain the spread, he has announced a country-wide lockdown till April 14. According to the news reports, on Sunday the Day 5 of a 21-day lockdown, the total coronavirus cases rose to 1024 in the country with 27 deaths. While we continue staying in quarantine, it is important to keep mentally and physically fit. So in case you have been waiting for some more motivation to get up from that bed, this is your cue. View the full article
  16. Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi publicly addressed growing concerns regarding the COVID-19, or Coronavirus outbreak in India. With another death surfacing in the capital earlier today, the PMâs address called for strict action - shedding light on the benefits of âsocial distancingâ to help prevent the virus from spreading. While several companies, organisations and social groups have decided to follow through, there remains the issue of this weekendâs proposed âJanata Curfewâ - a 12-hour period this coming Sunday when the entire country is supposed to isolate themselves at home. As you might imagine, this became a serious question for those looking to enjoy some Sunday drinking, as all liquor stores will be shut too. One store in Kerala however, absolutely stole the show when it came to satisfying their thirsty customers. The disciplined Malyalee ðð The "distance" they can go to for alcohol ð¤£#SocialDistancing #LoveForLiquor#LifeInTheTimesOfCoronavirus#CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirus #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/FElz6F9QnZ â Geeta Mohan Ú¯Ûتا ÙÙÛÙ à¤à¥à¤¤à¤¾ मà¥à¤¹à¤¨ (@Geeta_Mohan) March 19, 2020 In the spirit of social distancing, this shop not only got its customers to line up in neat, distanced queues, managed by masked and gloved ushers, they even demarcated waiting positions with chalk lines, making sure that the usual booze-hoarding chaos doesnât ensue. Itâs common to observe people climbing over each other to get their fix sorted before dry days all across the country, making this one of the most unexpectedly inspiring sights during Indiaâs battle with the virus. Several Twitter users shared their surprise and amusement as well. A few appreciated their organised decorum... The disciplined Malyalee ðð The "distance" they can go to for alcohol ð¤£#SocialDistancing #LoveForLiquor#LifeInTheTimesOfCoronavirus#CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirus #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/FElz6F9QnZ â Geeta Mohan Ú¯Ûتا ÙÙÛÙ à¤à¥à¤¤à¤¾ मà¥à¤¹à¤¨ (@Geeta_Mohan) March 19, 2020 While others made a point that the customers were only organised because, well... booze was at stake here, folks. The disciplined Malyalee ðð The "distance" they can go to for alcohol ð¤£#SocialDistancing #LoveForLiquor#LifeInTheTimesOfCoronavirus#CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirus #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/FElz6F9QnZ â Geeta Mohan Ú¯Ûتا ÙÙÛÙ à¤à¥à¤¤à¤¾ मà¥à¤¹à¤¨ (@Geeta_Mohan) March 19, 2020 Indian Express journalist Liz Mathew, who happens to be Keralite herself, promptly agreed. The disciplined Malyalee ðð The "distance" they can go to for alcohol ð¤£#SocialDistancing #LoveForLiquor#LifeInTheTimesOfCoronavirus#CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirus #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/FElz6F9QnZ â Geeta Mohan Ú¯Ûتا ÙÙÛÙ à¤à¥à¤¤à¤¾ मà¥à¤¹à¤¨ (@Geeta_Mohan) March 19, 2020 A few others chimed in to say that theyâre already one step ahead of the Malayalees... @sanjuverma33 â Danish (@Thenish_) March 19, 2020 While finally, one user with a keen eye spotted someone wearing a motorcycle helmet in the queue! That helmet guy though... ððð â Yash Thakur (@yash2tkr) March 19, 2020 You know what they say - always use protection. âComplacency will be our undoing," PM Modi said ahead of appealing to the nation to strictly adhere to social distancing. âThe world is passing through a grave crisis. Natural calamities prior to this have been restricted to a few countries. But this infection has engulfed the whole world," he continued. The Coronavirus pandemic has currently engulfed 159 countries, infecting more than 222,000 people and claiming more than 9,000 lives. View the full article
  17. Now that we're trying to understand what 'social distancing' really is, practising it is another step altogether. Keeping a distance from our social circles is what the need of the hour is and it is overwhelming and not so easy to pull off. Life has changed drastically over the last few days. We've physically distanced ourselves from our favourite people, our local hangouts and are going through the worst economic and financial downfall we've ever come across in our time. It's a tough time and the pandemic will not cease to exist anytime soon. © Reuters Yes, the Coronavirus fight is here to stay for a few more months and even a year, as some scientists and even doctors have said so clearly. âSome may look at [the guidelines] ... and say, well, maybe weâve gone a little bit too far. They were well thought out. And the thing that I want to reemphasize ... when youâre dealing with an emerging infectious diseases outbreak, you are always behind where you think you are if you think that today reflects where you really are.â Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of the White House coronavirus task force, said at a Monday White House press conference. We really don't know how long it'll take for us to break out of this apocalyptic situation. Because if social distancing doesn't really work, we'll keep coming in contact with infected people or be carriers ourselves and pass on the virus for it to blatantly carry on, becoming an inevitable outbreak, unless and until there's a confirmed treatment, vaccination or cure for it. And now, we might have to wait another year for it to completely be neutralised or become curable so that we can eventually move on with our normal lives. âI think this idea ⦠that if you close schools and shut restaurants for a couple of weeks, you solve the problem and get back to normal life â thatâs not whatâs going to happen. The main message that isnât getting across to a lot of people is just how long we might be in this for,â says Adam Kucharski, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine âThis virus is going to be circulating, potentially for a year or two, so we need to be thinking on those time scales. There are no good options here. Every scenario you can think of playing out has some really hefty downsides. ... At the moment, it seems the only way to sustainably reduce transmission are really severe unsustainable measures.â he adds. © Twitter Currently, the only thing that seems to be working, and the only thing we need to bank on is the social distancing policies to fight off this pandemic. If we absolutely drop measures to practice social distancing, then the outbreak will be heavier, more impactful and will target a larger group of people, while gravely threatening public health, especially for the elderly, and chronically ill people. âThereâs no way [the virus] is going to go away in the next few weeks,â Kucharski adds. In fact, a verified news report suggests that severe social distancing is the only way to prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths due to COVID-19, and we must take this a bit more seriously. The COVID-19 Response Team at the Imperial College of London, outlines two scenarios for combating the spread of the virus. One is mitigation, which focuses on âslowing but not necessarily stopping the epidemic spread.â Another is suppression, âwhich aims to reverse epidemic growth.â According to their analysis, isolation of confirmed cases and even the quarantine of infected older adults, without social distancing, will still lead to hundreds and thousands of deaths and a higher demand on medical beds all over, which would exhaust in quantity over time, with the number of people infected. © Twitter So, maybe you feel stifled under the new way of life and the changing world order but remember nothing is permanent, everything has a shelf life. We can't predict what lies at the end of the spectrum but we can surely agree upon the fact that if we follow proper policies where social distancing is concerned, we can save ourselves from facing the worst-hit pandemic within our generation. With inputs from Vox View the full article
  18. If you are a guy with oily skin, you would know that the struggle is real. Not only does your skin have a blinding shine all the time, it's also prone to frequent acne. Moreover, if you are living in an overpopulated urban city, the pollution worsens the problem all the more. Well, it's finally time to bid farewell to all your problems. From your diet to your skin care, here is all that you need to do to remove that excess oil. __ECOMLOOKS__253__ __ECOMLOOKS__254__ __ECOMLOOKS__255__ __ECOMLOOKS__256__ __ECOMLOOKS__257__ Explore More View the full article
  19. Skin care for men is not something that you should start only when you start facing problems. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. For most men, skin problems like wrinkles, acne and dark-spots start appearing in their 30s. Instead of regretting later, it's best that you start taking preventive skin-care measures in your 20s itself. Here are five skin care habits that you should add to your routine right away. __ECOMLOOKS__242__ __ECOMLOOKS__243__ __ECOMLOOKS__244__ __ECOMLOOKS__245__ __ECOMLOOKS__246__ Explore More View the full article
  20. While watching a magnanimous Hindi movie and those âlarger than lifeâ sets in a Dharma Productions movie look and feel good to the eyes, sometimes some of the best movies in the world are the ones which have none of those shenanigans and are downright simple. Here are six low budget movies which prove that you donât need money but talent and good scripts to make a good movie. 1. PinkOne of the most surprising hits which was made on a budget of over Rs 20 crore but ended up making over Rs 106 crore at the box office. A powerful movie which explains the importance of consent, this script taught men a better lesson than any big budget movie could have. 2. KahaaniTrust Vidya Balan to take a script and make it her own which means she needed no big banners to make money from a movie which was made on a budget of a mere Rs 8 crore but ended up doing business of over Rs 104 crores at the box office. 3. Vicky DonorAyushmann Khurranaâs debut movie was a super hit with the masses and while it had a budget of only Rs 15 crores, the well made movie ended up making over Rs 66 crores at the box office. 4. Khosla Ka GhoslaAn extremely brilliant movie starring Anupam Kher, Parveen Dabas and Boman Irani, this story is something which a lot of âdilliwalasâ will relate to. Made on a mere budget of less than Rs 5 crore, the movie didnât make a lot at the box office but continues to be a hit amongst the masses. 5. The LunchboxAn extremely simple story narrated beautifully and enacted wonderfully by Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur. This movie was made on a budget of Rs 22 crore which is not a lot by Bollywood standards but yet touched a Rs 100 cr and made its mark at various international film festivals. 6. QueenThe movie which proved that Kangana Ranaut is basically the mitochondria of talent and can make anything work with her magic. The makers exclaimed how no big banner was backing up the movie and no actress was ready to work on a budget of Rs 12 crore but this movie touched the Rs 120 crore mark and swept all awards. View the full article
  21. There are now more than 107,000 coronavirus cases and more than 3,600 deaths across the world from coronavirus
  22. Just when we thought dating tends couldn't get any worse there's a new list of habitual traits in relationships and generic dating that emerge. Today we're going to talk about 'fleabagging' and it's something we all need to be wary of, no matter what. Based on the popular series that made a significant impact on the younger generation, fleabagging is constantly dating people who aren't good for you! Yes, now there's another name for this trend. Other than calling it gas lighting, toxicity or even emotional abuse, you can club all of these under 'fleabagging' and make things easier for you. © BBC So, just like Phoebe Waller-Bridge's iconic character in Fleabag, this is the word for those of us who just can't get enough of the people who really don't make us very happy, and apparently there are a lot of fleabags on the dating scene. According to a research portal Plenty of Fish, 38 percent of blokes experience fleabagging and admit they get into a habit of dating women who are not good for them. So if you're prone to attracting women who're diabolically wrong for you, you have to realise you're a fleabagger and that you're fleabagging. Here's how you know you're fleabagging and maybe change that habit around by attracting someone who is good for you: (1) Change Your PatternYes, attraction works on a pattern and what you truly desire. If you don't recognise the pattern and change it about, you will indulge in the same old myriad of experiences and people. That's why recognise who and what you attract towards yourself and change it around to avoid fleabagging altogether. © Yash Raj Films (2) Meet Someone Different One way to change your pattern is to meet someone who is absolutely different from the usual women you've been meeting all along. So, if you recognise a similar streak in someone, maybe look for someone who can confidently give you the feeling of 'I've never met someone like her before'. © AA Films (3) Take A BreatherIf you've been fleabagging constantly, it's a good idea to take some time off for a while and really think about what and who you need to be around so you stop attracting people who are not good for you. After a toxic relationship is finally over, you should definitely take some time off and visualise what you want for your future and what you need to change and avoid to make things better © AA Films While fleabagging might have a fun ring to it, it's been a serious problem since relationships have existed and it's time to recognise why you are fleabagging in the first place and change it immediately. View the full article
  23. 'Girls wear pink and boys wear blue'. 'Girls are not supposed to be loud' and 'boys cannot cry'. We have all heard these stereotypes and more, most of us grew up adhering to them and now, we are working towards breaking them. In todayâs fast-paced world, more and more people are shattering gender stereotypes both professionally and in the society they live in. Men are becoming more emotionally open while women are crashing through the glass ceiling. It is important to realise that the next generation needs a society free of any walls and this video showcases exactly that. Bandhan Bank recently released a video which shows us what every expecting couple should think like. The video stars a pregnant couple where the father is planning their childâs future, from swimming classes to their first drink to the bond he will have with him/her. Even in the 21st century, many couples still hope to have a son who can 'carry on the family name'. The society we live in has more constraints for women; what a girl can do and cannot do is based on stereotypes. The way the video describes the dreams that to-be father has, we all assume he is hoping for a son as well. The video surprises you when it is revealed that he actually is hoping for a daughter and plans to do all those things with her, as she grows up to be a confident young woman. Bandhan Bank, through this video, is spreading the message of equality and change which is one that is needed in the chaotic world we live in. The messaging is loud and clear as they stand up against gender stereotypes and we are standing up with them. View the full article
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