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Found 44 results

  1. If you're ever feeling down and out in life, just go over to Akshay Kumar's Instagram page and you'll get a whole lotta determination, inspiration and motivation, all folded in to one. The actor does such inspirational things, it gives us hope that the world can definitely be a better place. © Pinterest Just recently, along with Aditya Thakeray, he participated in a training session to teach young girls basic self-defence techniques, in Thane Mumbai. His social media was abuzz with a video of him training the girls, so they can protect themselves in the most basic way possible. © Instagram The video he shared on his Instagram page was captioned: Happy to see a turnout of 2000 plus girls from nearby schools at our self defense training camp in Thane today. The workshop was to teach them some basic self defense techniques. Hoping it was helpful and to see more of them at our training centre. Happy to see a turnout of 2000 plus girls from nearby schools at our self defense training camp in Thane today. The workshop was to teach them some basic self defense techniques. Hoping it was helpful and to see more of them at our training centre. @adityathackeray A post shared by Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) on Feb 20, 2019 at 4:02am PST Dressed in black, Kumar displayed a lot of patience and skilful knowledge about the basics of martial arts. He believes it's important for young girls to know the fundamentals, just in case they face something uncomfortable, ever in life. © Pinterest Akshay has had formal training in Thai Boxing and Muay Thai when he spent over 5 years learning these forms of martial arts in Thailand and now he wishes to impart his knowledge of martial arts for training purposes. This isn't the first time we're seeing the man in his utmost noble best. He's known to bring issues of menstrual hygiene to the forefront with his film 'Padman' and has also joined hands with an organisation to aid a running event to raise awareness for menstrual hygiene. © Zee Studios On the work front, his film 'Kesari', based on the battle of Saragarhi in 1897 will release in March this year and we're really waiting with bated breath to watch him in one of the finest roles he's ever played.
  2. Whether you favour the clean shaven look, proudly maintain a bushy beard, or sport a facial hair style that falls somewhere in between these two, it's impossible to give up shaving completely, at least not if you want to look well groomed! Although men today gravitate towards the electric trimmer to help 'shave' seconds off their morning shaving ritual as they rush to work, they can't hope to match up to the smooth, close shave that the good old safety razor offers. The O.G. of shaving implements, the safety razor was the first shaving tool curated to reduce the reliance on professional barbers and put the power into your own hands (quite literally!). The origins of the safety razors we know today, i.e., a handle attached at right angles to a head in which a removable blade can be placed, can be traced back to early 19th century. Including a protective layer between the blade edge and the user's skin dramatically reduced the level of skill needed to shave injury-free, adding a 'safety element' to the design. Since then, the safety razor has evolved into a highly specialised piece of shaving tech that provides professional-level shaves right in your own bathroom. So, if you take your appearance seriously, adding the best safety razor to your grooming routine is the smartest decision you can take. And on that note, we've compiled this helpful list of the best options out there, to make your choice a little easier, and your morning shave much smoother (and safer). Does Your Shaving Kit Contain The Best Safety Razor? 1. Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor © Amazon When you think of Vikings, the image that comes up is of fierce warriors ready for battle, and this safety razor from Vikings Blade arms you for the battle against bad grooming! Made from materials sourced from Sweden, this razor offers a smoother and closer shave than ever before, with no cuts or resistance thanks to their patented micro-comb system. The razor is perfectly weighted, and is hand-crafted from a mix of brass and bronze with a shiny chrome coating. The advanced butterfly head facilitates quick blade changes, so you won't have to waste time pre-shave. The case also comes with a mirror so that you can keep up with your grooming regime on your travels, and also contains five raw, unbranded, unpolished super sharp platinum-coated Swedish steel blades. MRP: Rs. 4,734 Buy It Here 2. Merkur Futur MK-70M Safety Razor © Amazon When it comes to the best safety razor in terms of ease of use, Merkur's Futur MK-70M is tough to beat. While the snap-cap design makes loading blades extremely simple, the blade exposure dial allows you to control the blade gap, which means the blade performs as gently or as aggressively as you please. At 122 grams, it feels nice and solid in your hand, but can still be manoeuvred across the contours of your face with precision. Produced entirely in Solingen, Germany, it offers an amazing shave minus the skin irritation that sometimes accompanies cheap razors and safety razor blades. MRP: Rs. 7, 981 Buy It Here 3. Edwin Jagger Safety Razor © Amazon A great offering from renowned English manufacturers Edwin Jagger, this beauty comprises a two part, die cast and hand polished chrome plated blade head. It's precision engineered to deliver a shaving angle that is gentle on all skin types, which means experienced as well as new shavers can enjoy a smooth, close, comfortable and accurate shave. The handle is triple plated, and the head components are finished with a flawless blue white scratch resistant chrome plating. The handle is capped with chrome plated end cap detailing, and the Edwin Jagger name is embossed into the chrome plated collar, so you know you're getting a quality item. You get five free Derby double edge safety razor blades with each purchase, which means your blades will match up in quality and performance with your razor. MRP: Rs. 4,383 Buy It Here 4. Muhle R41 Safety Razor © Amazon With a stunning chrome finish, this offering from Muhle is a double edge safety razor that definitely makes a visual impact. Its performance is just as impactful as its looks - the razorhead, with open tooth comb, was specially developed keeping practised wet shavers in mind. The special blade angle allows a direct, vigorous shaving technique without risk of cuts. The open tooth comb design as well as the gap behind the foam edge ensures that no stubble collects on the edge, making cleaning an easy task. MRP: Rs. 7,783 Buy It Here 5. Parker Long Handle Safety Razor © Amazon Producing quality grooming implements for well over four decades, Parker have produced yet another stunner with this safety razor. It uses a chrome plated brass frame that enhances durability and guards against corrosion, meaning it'll be a part of your safety razor kit for a long time. The twist-to-open design allows you to replace blades easily, while the four-inch-long textured handle offers a sure grip that makes for a close and comfortable shave, enhanced further by the flexible comfort guard. MRP: Rs. 1,950 Buy It Here 6. Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor © Amazon Moving from the best Europe has to offer to the finest Asian offering, this expertly-crafted Japanese razor is worth every penny of its considerable price tag. Made with the same care and precision used to make the famed Samurai swords, Feather blades are renowned the world over for their sharpness and durability, and the ability to provide a smooth shave without any skin irritation despite the sharpness of the blade edge. The Feather AS-D2 is made completely from stainless steel, imparting a noticeably heavier weight to the razor. The hefty handle also features very aggressive knurling that ensure you have a great grip on the razor at all times. MRP: Rs. 23,293 Buy It Here 7. Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor © Amazon The name says it all - this truly is the godfather when it comes to choosing the best safety razor. It utilises premium high-end heavy duty Swedish materials for its construction, and combines a classic blade manufacturing process with a modern look. The result is a superior shaving implement that has a hefty old school feel which gives you a close shave without burning a hole in your pocket. Each razor also comes with a luxury leatherette and suede travel case, as well as five raw, unbranded platinum coated super blades. MRP: Rs. 5,187 Buy It Here 8. Baxter of California Safety Razor © Amazon Despite what the name might suggest, this sleek and stylish chrome-plated razor was crafted in Germany, so you know you have a precise instrument in your hands! It's designed to help reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn when used properly, and its remarkable durability means you won't have to look for replacements every so often. It comes packaged in a black gift box along with a pack of starter blades and an instructional card to guide you towards the most effortless and effective shave. MRP: Rs. 9,320 Buy It Here 9. Van der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor © Amazon This offering from Van der Hagen offers the complete shaving experience in one package. The razor is forged from chrome plated brass for an attractive yet sturdy look, and the short handle offers the user better control while using it. The butterfly opening offers the chance to change blades quickly and effortlessly. Every pack includes five ice-tempered, teflon-coated, stainless steel blades that are made in Germany, which combine with this exquisite razor to provide a great shave. MRP: Rs. 2,112 Buy It Here 10. Gillette Flexball Fusion Pro Glide Razor © Amazon No list of the best safety razors would be complete without a Gillette safety razor, and this particular one offers a close and precise shave like no other. The Fusion Proglide features the thinnest blades used by Gillette, which have an advanced low resistance coating to facilitate effortless gliding over the face. This smooth experience is enhanced by the FlexBall technology, which combines with the Blade Stabilizer to help keep blade shape steady while allowing the head to pivot freely over the contours of the face. A reformulated Lubrastrip, infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers further help the razor move smoothly over skin, while the precision trimmer, long-hair trimmer comb and rinse through slots are added features that make this an excellent option. MRP: Rs. 499 Buy It Here 11. The Bluebeard's Revenge Scimitar Razor © Amazon We've already covered Vikings, so why not move on to pirates now? The Bluebeard's Revenge Scimitar helps you slice through stubble with minimal effort, just like the great pirates on old went through the fleets of their enemies. This three piece, all metal, chrome plated razor is engineered in the UK, and features all that's good about traditional shaving instruments. It has a substantial feel when you grasp it, and yet glides over skin easily. The top of the razor head, on which the distinctive Bluebeard's Revenge logo has been laser etched, unscrews off to facilitate an easy blade switch, and would make an extremely stylish and valuable addition to your grooming arsenal. MRP: Rs. 15,288 Buy It Here 12. Merkur Classic Safety Razor © Amazon Another stunning offering from Merkur, this three-piece double-edge safety razor features the classic Merkur closed-comb head. It's available in a few variants that you can choose from based on your preference, secure in the knowledge that each has a contoured, weighted handle with a matte knurled pattern that rests easily in any hand. Manufactured in Germany, it's designed to last you a very long time, without letting up on the quality of the close shaves it provides every time! MRP: Rs. 3,822 Buy It Here 13. Parker 24C Safety Razor © Amazon Enjoy a barbershop-standard close shave in the comfort of your own home thanks to this heavyweight safety razor from Parker. The open comb head provides an extremely close shave, while the solid brass frame ensures durability. It sports a four-inch long textured handle for a sure grip that won't slip even with wet hands. Each razor comes with five Shark super chrome blades that go perfectly with the razor and combine to give you an amazing shave each time. MRP: Rs. 1,950 Buy It Here 14. Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor © Amazon Possibly the best safety razor in India in terms of performance and value for money, this Precision safety razor from Bombay Shaving Company takes inspiration from the classic safety razors in that it's heavy and sharp, but also exquisitely engineered with a smooth chrome finish. The brass and zamak alloy makes for a generous weight distribution, while the design make it effortless to use. An aggressive clamp setting allows better cutting efficiency, which means you'll always get the desired results. As for the added goodies, it comes with a razor sheath for added protection and also includes ten Feather stainless blades straight from Japan, all at a very pocket-friendly price! MRP: Rs. 1,181 Buy It Here 15. Bevel Safety Razor © Amazon Featuring a simple yet stunning design, this re-engineered single blade safety razor from Bevel will definitely make your shave experience much better. The razor is generously weighted for an intuitive shave, allowing you to wield the blade without much effort. It's specially designed to shave right at skin level, which enhances the smoothness of the shave without those annoying razor bumps and burns. An eye-catching design that provides an effective shave that doesn't harm your skin either, you can't go wrong with this option! MRP: Rs. 5,431 Buy It Here
  3. There's a hot new Battle Royale game that has been the talk of the town and we've been playing the game ever since its release. It's called 'Apex Legends' and the game is free-to-play across all platforms. Just like the any other Battle Royale game, you need to know a few tips and tricks in order to win a match. 'Apex Legends' has nuances that make it different from any other Battle Royale game out there. You need to know your abilities and different types of guns for different situations. Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know to secure that win in Apex Legends. Loot Is Important © YouTube No matter what you do, loot is the most important thing in any Battle Royale game. Make sure you grab the Armour, Helmet, weapon and ammo. Do not pick unnecessary items that you don't need as inventory space is more important than anything in this game. Have Enough Ammo Ammo is scarce and your guns will burn through ammo faster than you would expect. Make sure you always have enough ammo for your primary weapon. Use Your Ability Whenever You Can © MensXP Abilities in Apex Legends recharge very quickly and you should use it whenever you need it. For example, if you play 'Lifeline', always call in the drop as it has upgraded armour pieces or shield cells. If you play Bloodhound, make sure you use your ability to scan the area whenever you are unsure of your surroundings. Abilities will give you an upper hand in the game and we cannot stress enough how important it is to use abilities at the right time. Replenish Your Shields First © YouTube If you get damaged, always replenish your shield first as it is your primary health. It only takes 3 seconds to fill up each bar whereas a sunrise takes five seconds. Enemy's Armour Are Undamaged After you kill someone, always check for new armour in the box/body. It is best to switch to a new armour as it is faster than restoring it with 'Shield Cells'. After a gunfight, just pick up an enemy's armour instead as it is undamaged in his box. The Ping System Is An Essential Tool © YouTube You can communicate with your teammate without uttering a single word. That's because the ping system in Apex Legends is one of the best we've ever seen. You can ping weapons, armour, enemies and point out loot without saying a word. This removes the language barrier amongst random players and is probably the most essential tool in the game. Don't Waste Ammo On Downed Players © Respawn Entertainment If you've downed an enemy, it's best not to waste your ammo on finishing the job. If the coast is clear, you can use a finisher to kill the enemy which essentially helps you save ammo. You can also use them as bait to help you finish remaining squad members. Slide When Going Downhill © YouTube The game has no fall damage which makes it easier for you to traverse the map. You can even slide down a slope which can be used to dodge enemy fire and to find cover. It's also faster than running down a slope.
  4. TV actors in the Indian industry are not just about good acting or playing second fiddle to lead women in 'saas bahu' dramas anymore. With the evolution of content on Indian television, the quality of acting and the way our actors portray themselves have remarkably changed in the last few years. Rajat Tokas, who is best known as Prithiviraj Chauhan and is currently seen in 'Naagin 3', has undergone quite an unbelievable transformation in the recent times. © Instagram Yeah, that's the same guy, with a better body and even better acting skills now. While his fans have been wondering how did this happen, Rajat has managed to surprise everyone continuously when he became super ripped for his stint in 'Naagin 3'. View this post on Instagram It's so disappointing that after so much hardwork, there's different angles to make you look good or bad. A post shared by Rajat Tokas (@rajattokas19) on Sep 30, 2018 at 1:53am PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rajat Tokas (@rajattokas19) on Oct 23, 2018 at 3:16am PDT Get it? How they hell he manages to work round the clock and maintain that crazy physique is beyond our understanding but the talented actor is not letting anything stop him now. Rajat recently shared a picture of his ripped self urging Marvel Studios to actually cast him as the next Wolverine and well, the man's got the abs to back it up as well. View this post on Instagram @marvelstudios all I need is one opportunity to prove myself. And trust me I won't disappoint. Never have, never will. Will literally live and breathe the character... A post shared by Rajat Tokas (@rajattokas19) on Feb 7, 2019 at 9:33pm PST Wonder what Hugh Jackman has got to say about Rajat being in his shoes! © Marvel Well, if the hunt is indeed on, we'd love to see our 'desi' Wolverine get some claws and nail the character.
  5. Some men view it as an inconvenience and try to avoid it altogether, while some view it as an essential part of their everyday routine. It's even possible that you fall somewhere in the middle of these two opposing viewpoints and do it occasionally. Regardless of what your personal opinion on shaving is, the fact of the matter is that it's something almost all of us do. And at a time when bushy beards are all the rage, the clean shaven look can be seen as a breath of fresh air, which is why you'll find several celebrities and A-listers championing it at work, on the red carpet, and even on the sports field. As it happens, even the most bushiest of beards needs its fair share of maintenance, which requires even the whiskered gentleman to display a certain level of competence with the razor and invest in the best grooming products in order to maintain the tag of 'well groomed'. Why Do You Shave? Before you head off to shop for shaving supplies straightaway, you need to make sure you're stocking up on the right stuff. Whether you're shaving your whole face or carefully detailing around your beloved beard or moustache, the products you use can make quite a difference. If you're a fan of the clean shaven look and are willing to invest the time it takes to give yourself the smoothest possible shave everyday, you should look into finding a good shaving cream. However, if a couple of minutes before you rush off for work is all you can spare for your daily shave, then the right shaving foam is what you need. Why Shaving Foams? The major characteristic of a good shaving foam is that it allows for a quick, time-saving yet efficient shave, which is perfect for a man constantly on the go. Just splash your face with water and with a couple of sprays of the can, you instantly have a light, airy lather which is incredibly easy to apply, remove with the blade, and rinse away with the next splash of water. So, if you're looking for the best shaving foam to achieve a classy clean shaven look that's incredibly low maintenance, we've curated a helpful list for you to choose from. Choose The Best Shaving Foam To Suit Your Shaving Routine (in H2 tag) 1. Proraso Protective And Moisturizing Shaving Foam © Amazon The major gripe men have with shaving everyday is that it tends to leave their skin looking raw and feeling tender, which is definitely not something you want to be dealing with daily. Enter the Proraso protective and moisturising shaving foam, which is actually ideal for daily use. Enriched with the goodness of aloe and Vitamin E, it softens your facial hair and prepares your skin admirably for before you use your blade. Despite its particularly thick texture, it can be rinsed off easily, leaving your face smooth to the touch. MRP: Rs. 2,173 Buy It Here 2. Innisfree Forest For Men Shaving And Cleansing Foam © Amazon What's better than a shaving foam that prepares your skin and beard for a shave? One that also rejuvenates your skin, which is exactly what this dual-purpose foam from Innisfree does for you. It harnesses phytoncide from the pine, cedar, and retinispora trees in Jeju province in South Korea, a compound that serves to reduce skin irritation due to shaving while simultaneously brightening skin tone. What's more, it's free from mineral oils and artificial fragrances. So if you've been on the lookout for a shaving foam for men that not only offers a smooths have but also relieves skin stress, this is the product to go for. MRP: Rs. 2,522 Buy It Here 3. Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling Shaving Foam © Amazon Widely known for curating quality grooming products, Nivea has come up with yet another successful product with this excellent shaving foam. The 0 per cent alcohol content is what makes this one a winner, since you don't feel that annoying burning sensation after the blade passes over your skin. Its specially designed formula is enriched with seaweed and chamomile, resulting in a close shave every time thanks to expertly softened facial hair and a gentle cooling sensation after the final rinse. All the features of the best shaving foams in the world, right here in one budget-friendly package! MRP: Rs. 239 Buy It Here 4. L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Shaving Foam © Amazon We all know L'Oreal as a brand that produces the best haircare products, so it should come as no surprise that their range extends to male facial hair as well. Their Men Expert hypoallergenic shaving foam is ideal for men with sensitive skin, as the Skin Protect System uses aloe vera as a soothing agent. Not only does it soften the bristly stubble to make shaving an easier task, it also addresses the problem of post-shave irritations and micro-cuts by spreading a protective film over the skin. MRP: Rs. 1,085 Buy It Here 5. Gillette Classic Regular Pre-Shave Foam © Amazon It's almost impossible to talk about shaving products and not mention Gillette, who have pretty much established themselves as the go-to for male grooming. Aside from their cutting-edge razors and other shaving paraphernalia, Gillette shaving foam is yet another world class product that can rival the best in terms of performance as well as value for money. Their classic shaving foam provides an extra rich and creamy lather that spreads evenly and rinses with the utmost ease. It also features Gillette comfort glide formula, which uses glycerine to hydrate the skin and special lubricants to facilitate smoother razor glide. MRP: Rs. 199 Buy It Here 6. Hermès Terre d'Hermès Shaving Foam © Amazon The Hermès Terre d'Hermès Shaving Foam was developed along with several other bath and body products by the luxury brand, with the aim of providing an alternate means of wearing their famous fragrances. Its texture is fine and smooth, making it supremely easy for the user to apply and the razor to glide over the skin. It also serves to protect the skin once the razor has done its job, even leaving behind a masculine scent containing earthy and woody notes. MRP: Rs. 11,152 Buy It Here 7. Proraso Anti-Irritation Shaving Foam © Amazon No more leaving home with annoying micro-cuts and post-shave patches of redness on your face and neck, as this anti-irritation shaving foam from Proraso is designed especially for use on sensitive skin. Imbued with green tea, oatmeal extract, aloe vera, and glycerine, it creates a rich lather that hydrates, protects and soothes the skin throughout the shaving process. So if your skin gets easily irritated when you shave daily, this one is right up there with the best shaving foams out there, and will definitely save you from having to deal with the trouble. MRP: Rs. 1,598 Buy It Here 8. Oriflame North For Men Original Shaving Foam © Amazon One of the major complaints men have about shaving foams is that it doesn't have quite the same rich texture of shaving creams of gel, but this offering from Oriflame addresses that issue admirably. An ultra-rich foam that makes for a luxurious lather upon application, it is also enhanced with Arctic Pro Defence and zinc to protect your skin from cuts while shaving and leaves it moisturised afterwards. Glide Technology also helps in that endeavour by allowing the razor to move smoothly over the contours of your face. It's even alcohol free and eminently affordable, so if ever there was a shaving foam for men in India, this is definitely it! MRP: Rs. 249 Buy It Here 9. Nivea Men Fresh Active Shaving Foam © Amazon Equipped with Nivea's Ultra Glide Technology, this shaving foam from Nivea offers an incredibly comfortable and smooth shave while protecting against nicks and cuts. However, as the name suggests, it does more than just prepare your face for shaving. With mint extracts, ISO-magnesium and Vitamin Care, it has a cooling foam formula that has an extra kick of freshness post-shave, leaving your face rejuvenated after the final rinse. MRP: Rs. 208 Buy It Here 10. Gillette Sensitive Fat Foam © Amazon Yet another offering for those with sensitive skin that doesn't do well when faced with the prospect of shaving daily, this time from Gillette. Lightly fragranced, its lather spreads easily with minimal effort on your part, providing an even covering that's easy to deal with. The glycerine in the formula takes care of your skin by keeping it hydrated, leaving it feeling extremely smooth after your post-shave rinse. MRP: Rs. 159 Buy It Here 11. Ustraa Badass Sexy Shaving Foam © Amazon Packaged in an eye-catching orange bottle (they even have a black version if that's your colour of choice), this shaving foam from Ustraa has all the ingredients that a well-rounded shaving foam should possess. A rich lather offers a smooth shave while also rejuvenating the skin thanks to Vitamin E, almond oil, and cucumber extracts. Its astringent properties, which shine through thanks to witch hazel extracts, serve to soothe cuts and bruises, making for a supremely satisfying shave overall. MRP: Rs. 250 Buy It Here 12. Proraso Refreshing And Invigorating Shaving Foam © Amazon Enriched with eucalyptus oil and menthol, this excellent shaving foam works well with all skin types and even serves to keep the skin soft and supple. However, its most noteworthy characteristic is the extra kick of freshness it offers post-shave, thanks to the menthol in the foam formula. It's the ideal shaving foam for the summers, as the freshness is exactly what you need as a pick-me-up before you leave the house in the morning. This quality product can be used daily without fear of irritating your skin, making it one of the best shaving foams out on the market. MRP: Rs. 2,107 Buy It Here
  6. A well-shaved face is the mark of a true gentleman. Shaving is an art in itself, we believe, and if you do it right, there's nothing classier than a clean shaved man. But every art-form has its struggles, and shaving comes with its own set of problems too. Improper shaving can cause a lot of issues, the most annoying being razor burns. © livestrong Razor burns not only look bad but their counterpart, the razor bumps that follow, itch like crazy and leave a trail of redness. But there's nothing some extra care and proper shaving technique can't battle. Follow these golden rules of shaving to bid adieu to those nasty razor burns: 1. Prep Your Skin © Dherbs To get a good shave, the best time to do it is after a hot shower. The steam softens your skin and facial hair. Steam also opens up pores in your skin which help in reducing ingrown hair, which cause razor-burns. Using a conditioner on your facial hair helps soften it even more, making way for smooth AF skin post shaving. Also, exfoliation is necessary so that you have a clean, smooth surface to work with. It also helps get rid of teeny-tiny hair that clogs the pores and results in razor-burns. 2. Shave Along The Direction Of Hair-Growth © mandatory Most men usually shave against the direction of hair-growth. You get a close shave indeed, but you also risk cutting up your face and causing razor burn. Shaving with the grain will reduce the chances of irritation and won't cause razor bumps and ingrown hair. Don't forget to lather up your shaving cream well. A simple step that'll just take just five extra minutes, can do wonders for your shaving routine. 3. Clean Your Razor Blade With Alcohol © asuperiorshave Razor burn and skin irritation, result from bacteria on your shaving blade. Wipe down your razor blade using some rubbing alcohol pre-shaving. Commonly available at several drugstores, rubbing alcohol is the important hygiene step your shaving routine lacks in. Bonus advice, if you didn't know already, cleaning your blade after every stroke is super important as it helps to make a clean cut and prevents chafing. 4. Towel Dry Shaving Brush & Razor Post-Shave © livestrong Dry off your razor blade with a clean towel. This way, your blades won't go dull super quick and will last longer. Wet shaving brushes can house bacteria, which will end up on your face and cause acne, irritation and razor bumps. Clean your brushes well and hang them to air-dry every time you shave. 5. Apply A Shaving Balm Or Moisturizer © netpics You might have used an aftershave all your life, but it does not provide your skin with the moisture it needs. Aftershaves can actually add to the irritation your skin is facing for a few of you out there. Shaving dries out your skin, and what you need is a shaving balm or an aloe vera-based cream/gel. It'll help reduce the redness and help your skin retain its moisture. Voila! Keep these golden rules in mind the next time you shave to achieve that buttery smooth skin texture that women love.
  7. When it comes to fashion, accessories are as essential as clothing. A good-looking bag can make your casual outfits also look super stylish. As men's fashion evolves constantly, there are a few styles of bags that are here to stay. Bags aren't overlooked and labeled as a women's accessory anymore. More and more bag styles emerge for men's functional and fashion needs. Here are 5 types of bags you need to build a contemporary yet practical wardrobe: 1. Backpack © Viral Bhayani A backpack is the most versatile bag a man can possibly own. It comes in super handy and its multipurpose use is perfect for men on the go. A leather backpack for business casual or office look, a sporty backpack for the gym or for an everyday commuter and a rugged one for traveling, there's a kind of backpack for everyone and everything. What to look for: For office bags, look for an internal laptop sleeve and an extra padding to keep things secure. Gym bags need to have extra compartments and if you're planning on riding a bike wearing one, then watch out for reflective panels. 2. Briefcase © stylebistro A stereotypical image of a man wearing a crisp suit with a hat and a briefcase has been etched in our memory from watching multiple James Bond films. Investing in a good leather briefcase to go with your well tailored suit for business meetings and trips shouldn't disappoint you. What to look for: Look for enough compartments for your essentials, paperwork, laptop and hard drive and you should be good to go. 3. Laptop bag © Pinterest A laptop is always the most expensive item we carry around with us everyday. Our dearest gadget needs the utmost care and the right bed to be tucked in while you commute. A smart laptop bag is not only feasible but can add a whole other dimension to your look as well. What to look for: First of all, get a bag that is constructed to carry the dimensions of your laptop. Secondly, zip compartments for charger, cash and other items come in handy. Look for padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. 4. Messenger bag © Zimbio These babies were actually used back in the day to transport mail and now they are a staple fashion accessory. Today, designers have evolved the look of the messenger bag to suit the needs of the modern back and look super cool. These can come handy to store files, books and other items and what's best? You can go hands-free. What to look for: Go for a leather or mesh messenger bag as per your requirement. You could choose between zip , open pocket and other closures. Adjustable straps and buckled fasteners are also an important aspect you can look out for. 5. Weekender bag © Purseblog These bags are your solution for a short getaway where carrying a luggage could be a hassle. They provide ample space for enough essentials for a couple of days and can also be used as a hand-luggage for flights. The one large compartment provides maximum storage space for all your stuff. It's regular use variant, the duffle bag can also be used to carry gym or sports gear. What to look for: If you intend to use it for hand luggage only, check the dimensions before buying a bag so it fits in the airplane's inbuilt compartment. Choose a leather one for a business or leisure trip and a canvas version if you're going camping or hiking as it can handle more wear and tear. Well, now you know how to at least have a rotation of bags if not build an entire new wardrobe dedicated to them. Cheers!
  8. Now that Season 4 on PUBG mobile is coming to an end in two days, the Battle Royale game is all set to bring new content for the upcoming season. © MensXP Tencent Gaming, the company behind the mobile version of PUBG is yet to release the official patch noted, however, information about the new season has been leaked. The new update is expected very soon and here's everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 5: 1. Fire Theme Leaked stuff for season 5 with background leaks from Reddit credit to @minisideman pic.twitter.com/o9voaWBwPE — PubgmCommunity (@PubgmCommunity) January 10, 2019 Images for the content that will be used in Season 5 have been leaked, even though it is yet to be made official. Some images of cosmetics, weapon skins and unlockable items have been leaked. One of the images shows a burning forest, which indicates that the game may follow a theme of fire. Now that the winter and snow theme has been used in the previous update, this speculation sounds quite plausible. 2. New Outfits Also clothing that most likely will be coming along with season 5 pic.twitter.com/OwvN3R5yvA — PubgmCommunity (@PubgmCommunity) January 10, 2019 One of the more prominent leaks surrounding PUBG Mobile Season 5 has to do with some exciting outfits. There's going to be a birthday cake costume (sounds outlandish), a full-gold bodysuit and some traditional Japanese outfits. 3. New Weapon Skins More leaked skins. pic.twitter.com/IvfiL8DMXe — PubgmCommunity (@PubgmCommunity) January 12, 2019 Along with new outfits, weapon skins are also going to be a part of the new update. This includes gold skins for UMP and AKM, a black and white dragon skin for the Kar98k, and more. Skins for vehicles are also finding their way online where we will see an ice cream truck skin for the Volkswagen van. 4. A New Weapon Here is 0.10.5 update preview 1. New Royale Pass Season 5 2. MK47 Mutant 3. Laser Sight 4. Vikendi Custom Room Other small changes like Old voice back and now you can mute spawn island broadcast etc. pic.twitter.com/Ihyz94Aiiz — Shahid Khan (@shahidkhan1137) January 12, 2019 We will finally see the addition of a new weapon in the next update. The Season 5 will bring the MK47 Mutant assault rifle which has already been available in PUBG PC. © Twitter The patch that will add Season 5 to the game will be called PUBG Mobile Patch 0.10.5, however, details about its availability are not known yet. However, if previous updates are any indication, the new season will start to roll out a few days after Season 4 ends i.e. January 17th.
  9. Surely all men have grooming needs, but whether or not you indulge in them is different. And if you're one of those who still believe "but men don't care about looks", it is time you get off that ship right away. The first and the most important step in grooming is picking the right products that will do their magic and not harm your skin or hair in the process. While there's a plethora of mass-produced options in the market, we believe that natural, handmade products always work best. So, here's a list of the top organic grooming essentials that will change everything you think about men's 'vanity'. 1. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap Qtrove.com These handmade soaps have Activated Bamboo Charcoal that can absorb minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin. It can act as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. It is an effective, natural treatment for acne. 2. Smokers Paradise Lip Balm For Men Qtrove.com This is a natural lip balm that moisturizes the lips, and with regular use, reduces the darkness and the dullness of your lips. Lemon essential oil acts as an effective lightening agent which effectively reduces the dark colour with regular use. Bergamot, peppermint and spearmint essential oils provide nourishment and hydration to dry, cracked lips without any negative side effects. 3. Handmade Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar Qtrove.com Glycerine is a natural by-product of soap making process. It attracts moisture & is thus a great skin & hair softener. These handmade natural soaps are made the traditional way. So not only do they retain the glycerine completely, they are also free from any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. This makes these shampoo bars gentle, mild, safe & a superior choice for skin & hair care. 4. Organic Hair Color Qtrove.com The 100% Natural Hair Coloring is a perfect solution for colouring your hair with zero exposure to harmful chemicals. It is not recommended to use chemically loaded harsh hair dyes on the sensitive scalp and hair as they cause damage and breakage. Stay natural, stay safe! 5. Vitamin C Anti Pigmentation Orange Peel Face Mask Qtrove.com This ancient recipe works well on blemishes, spot reduction, pigmentation, and dullness. Orange, rich in Vitamin C, is the best all-rounder when it comes to your skin. It's rich in antioxidants and helps your skin get smoother and better. The orange peel contains citric acid that helps in the brightening of skin naturally. Find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop, Qtrove.com. They make sure that they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove.com, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate shop for good things- Qtrove.com! And for a limited period, you can save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket! If you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100 on Qtrove.com!
  10. Now that the new map is available for matchmaking on PUBG mobile, you must be wondering what things you need to do differently and where to land for the best loot. We've been testing the new map in the beta version of the game to prepare you for the best landing locations and strategies you need to follow. Map Size And Strategies To Use © PUBG The new map called ' Vikendi' is a mixture of maps like Erangel and Miramar. It's smaller than the two maps but a bit bigger than Sanok. It's a 6x6 map where it is essentially designed to bring the best feature of the two sizes already available on other maps. It's a combination of action packed hot zones and quaint spots for the best loots. © PUBG Apart from using the minimap on the top right corner, you can use the new main feature of tracking footprints. Being a snow map, you will be able to track fresh footprints on the snow until it vanishes after ten minutes. It will basically give you an idea that someone has already been here recently and could be around you. Ten minutes is an awfully long time and could be possible that the person is now long gone. Clothing Matters © PUBG It's doesn't take much to realise that your clothing will matter a lot in the new map. Try to avoid wearing extremely bright clothes as you will stand out in the white snow. Try to wear grey clothing so that it helps blend better with the environment. This will come most handy during the last phase of the collapsable circle as you need to make sure you're not easy to spot. Remember, enemies can still track your footprints, especially in the last phase of the circle. Best Drop Locations: Hot Zones And Best Loot At the moment, the game's spawning of weapons is a bit iffy as you will see more SMGs and Shotguns spawning than Sniper and Assault Rifles. Having said that, the new update may bring a few changes for the Mobile version to keep it more exciting and fast paced. During the course of our gameplay, we noticed a few Hot Spots where you can land and some quieter locations where you can loot in peace. © MensXP Hot Drops: The main named locations are the hottest spots to land just like the other three maps on PUBG Mobile. You can reach these locations from any flight path however the most noticeable locations are Coal Mine, Castle, Villa, Mount Kreznic and Dino Park. You will find more loot at these locations which may also result in more people landing in your vicinity. © YouTube Quieter Spots: If you want to land in a quieter spot which gets less number of enemies, you want to land in areas like Milnar, Cosmodrome, Winery, Cantra, Dobro Mesto, Peshkova, Movatra and Krichas. There's still good loot here but due to the bigger location size, you may have to hunt a bit more. The 'Vikendi' snow map is now available on PUBG Mobile, Xbox and PlayStation for matchmaking and do follow these essential strategies to get that Chicken Dinner. In order to play the new map, you need to be on the latest version of PUBG for your specific platform and need to download the map separately in order to begin matchmaking.
  11. Arguably one of the greatest spinners in the history of the game, Anil Kumble won India more Test matches than any other bowler till date. Following in the footsteps of the great tall wrist-spinners Bill O'Reilly and his own idol BS Chandrasekhar, Kumble made the ball hack through the air rather than hanging in it, coming off the pitch with a kick rather than a kink. The unorthodox method provided him with stunning success, even if majority of his scalps came on Indian soil. Needless to say, that there was no more difficult challenge in cricket than negating Kumble on a wearing surface. But, if his artistry with the ball wasn't enough, Kumble continued to contribute towards the betterment of Indian cricket even after his retirement. Trading the bowling cap for a coach's hat, the 47-year-old took Team India to new heights in what was arguably the pivotal phase of Virat Kohli's new-age side. Ever since his appointment as India's head coach in June 2016, Kumble has witnessed India winning a dozen out of 17 Tests alongside four draws and just one loss that came against Steve Smith's men earlier in 2017. And, more importantly, India also retained their World No. 1 ranking in the longest version of the game. © BCCL But, despite the glorious and undeniably effective stint as India's coach, the veteran spinner, didn't just fail to get a worthy automatic contract extension, but he was humiliated to the core before being forced to resign from his post. In a heartfelt post on Twitter in June 2017, Kumble has stepped down as Team India's coach citing his untenable differences with skipper Kohli as the main reason. There were reports that Kohli even abused Kumble during one of the team meetings and played a pivotal role in his ouster. Thank you! pic.twitter.com/eF5qVzdBRj — Anil Kumble (@anilkumble1074) June 20, 2017 Since then, we've seen Ravi Shastri overshadowing many potential suitors to bag the lucrative role of India's head coach, Kohli deleting the welcome tweet for Kumble on his appointment as coach in 2016 and the sordid saga between Kumble and Kohli being deemed as probably the darkest hour for Indian cricket in recent times. But, no one really got to know if Kumble was actually at fault, or was it Kohli who forced the Indian cricket board to ask him to leave? After almost 18 months from Kumble unceremonious ouster, Diana Edulji, a member of BCCI's Committee of Administrators (CoA), has opened the can of worms amid the ongoing controversy in the Indian women's cricket. "Mr Kumble a legend in his own right was subjected to loss of face and made to look like a villain. He was gracious enough to move on for which I respect him. There also, rules were broken and I had raised objections back then," Edulji, a senior administrator, claimed. © BCCL Following his year-long contract as coach, Kumble, as claimed by the BCCI, was believed to be a "direct entry" into the pool of six applicants vying for the top job. The entire process was overseen by the CoA and the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) - which was comprised of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman. At the behest of the CoA, the CAC met Kohli to patch up the differences amicably, but failed. Nonetheless, the CAC informed the Indian cricket board that Kumble was its preferred choice. But, the BCCI extended its deadline to accommodate Shastri's application before finalising him as India's head coach. Edulji, who recently broke her silence, claimed that the entire selection process was fraught and it was, indeed, Kohli who had arm-twisted BCCI into breaking rules and hiring Shastri for the top job. Edulji's revelations come as part of her disagreement with Vinod Rai over the appointment of an ad-hoc committee to pick the Indian women's team head coach. While senior players like the T20I captain Harmanpreet Kaur and vice-captain Smriti Mandhana requested the CoA and BCCI to continue with the interim coach Ramesh Powar, Rai opined that players cannot pick coaching staff through votes. © BCCL Irked by the comments of CoA head, Edulji, then, pointed to the example of Kohli playing the role of the decision-maker during Kumble's ouster. "Virat did not accede to Kumble continuing in spite of CAC saying so then why not these two players get what they feel is best for the team," Edulji wrote to Rai in an email. "I see nothing wrong in women cricketers writing emails reg the coach. "They were truthful in expressing their views unlike Virat who frequently sent SMS-es to the CEO on which you acted and there was a change in the Coach. There also I had objected and my dissent is recorded when the timelines were extended for someone to apply as he didn't apply in time," Edulji wrote. In response, Rai, too, admitted Kohli's hand in Kumble's ouster. "Yes- there were differences between Virat and Kumble. As a consequence of that Kumble stepped back," Rai replied. © BCCL Powar, who saw India reaching to the women's ICC World T20 semifinal last month, was expected to get a contract extension as coach. However, a bitter fallout with senior cricketer Mithali Raj, who accused the women's coach of humiliating her, spoiled his chances of getting an automatic contract extension. But, Edulji has raised a valid point in her emails. If Kohli can force the BCCI to get rid of Kumble, despite the former Indian cricketer taking the team to new heights, and hire Shastri, often labelled as a 'yes man', the women's cricketers, too, should have their say in appears to be a similar situation. There is no doubt over Kohli's achievements as one of the world's best batsmen and all that he has done to make the nation proud, but no cricketer is, or should be considered, above Indian cricket. And, Edulji's shocking revelations, sadly, highlight who's actually calling the shots in the men's team.
  12. 2018 was a very exciting year for gamers as we got a lot of new titles coming to both PCs as well as console. Here are the top games of 2018 that deserve to be on your wishlist. This list includes RPGs, sports, shooters and fantasy titles, there's something for every kind of gamer. This year, we also got to see many console exclusive games, much to the dismay of PC gamers. Here are the Top games of 2018: 1. God of War © Sony Entertainment God of War (2018) is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title and is the 8th installment in the game's series. Loosely based in ancient Norway, you play as Kratos, the former Greek god. The story revolves around you fighting various monsters and gods, on your journey to spread the ashes of your wife. Arteus, Kratos's son assists in various situations, adding a new dynamic to the game. On your way, you will solve numerous puzzles, free dragons, finish side quests, battle bosses with your trustworthy magical Leviathan Axe. The game sold over 7 million copies in the first month itself, and is one of the highest rated games of all time. Along with a detailed story line, you get beautiful realistic graphics, a well-designed mythical world, and great character progression, to keep you hooked up to the game. Buy from Amazon.in 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 © Rockstar Studios Developed by the veteran Rockstar Studios, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the third title in the series. Set in the 19th century, you play as Arthur Morgan on his quest as a gang member in the West. What sets this game apart, is the immense detail in your day-to-day actions. You can choose to accept or reject missions, which affect your reputation. Your interactions with other characters in the stories will change how others perceive you. You get fatter if you eat more, your hair grows over time, your gear and guns wear out and will need conditioning, and dynamic seasons will get people to change clothes too. It is one of the best-received games of all times and sold over 17 million copies in two weeks. Available for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very detailed open World game, with an interesting plot and loads of characters to progress with. Buy from Amazon.in 3. Forza Horizon 4 © Forza Forza Horizon 4 is an open World racing game, published by Microsoft Studios. It was released for the Xbox One and includes more than 400 licensed cars for a very realistic gaming experience. The title has you racing across custom maps where 72 players can play at the same time online. You can also add bots to make it more competitive. Changing seasons were introduced to this iteration, which would affect your car's performance, and also the routes on which you will be driving. It won numerous awards as the Best Racing Game 2018, thanks to its impressive physics, realistic graphics, and vehicle upgrades, getting you addicted to the game. Buy from Amazon.in 4. Celeste © Celeste On paper, Celeste is a game about climbing mountains, but don't let the simple graphics fool you into thinking that this game is for kids. Your objective is to avoid all obstacles and enemies on your journey while using various power-ups and abilities to assist you. Use walls, springboards and feathers to your advantage to reach your destination faster. Celeste is available for all platforms: PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Completing the game unlocks harder versions of certain levels, and has loads of Easter eggs scattered around. Buy from Steam 5. Shadow of the Colossus © Sony Interactive Remake of the original Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 2, this game is remastered with Ultra HD dynamics while preserving its original game-play style. You play as Wander, whose objective is to revive a young girl. The fantasy World, called as the Forbidden land, contains all sorts of dark creatures that you will need to take care of, and make your way to the final Shrine. Remakes of games are not always well acclaimed, but Shadow of the Colossus does every thing right, and improves upon graphics and performance aspects, with an intriguing story line. Buy from Amazon.in 6. Monster Hunter world © © MensXP Developed by Capcom, Monster Hunter World has you control Hunters while studying dragons and other creatures, as you make your journey to a new World with new challenges. Your work as a researcher continues as you keep capturing more Elder dragons, and use their bio-energy for new ecosystems. Available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Windows, Monster Hunter World has a big community of players helping each other capture new Worlds. Buy from Amazon.in 7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 © Activision One of the most famous games on the list, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the 15th title under the Call of Duty moniker, this time instead of having a long story line, you play smaller missions to get to know the game characters better. There is also a fun online multiplayer mode, and always, a Zombie version for when you no longer want to fight humans. The game retains all the original features of a Call of Duty game, providing an immersive experience. The game is available for all platforms, and is sure to impress gaming veterans and newbies alike Buy from Amazon.in
  13. We're all indecisive at some point in time in our lives. Be it a big decision or a small one, sometimes it's alright to be indecisive, so you can get clarity through the confusion. But more often than not, being indecisive is not that great a thing if you're a constant at it. It shows to the world that you're under confident and a scatter brain and that's usually not the best impression to have upon someone. While you can take your time and ponder upon things, which are probably more impactful because they're more important to you, you shouldn't display your indecisiveness in places where it can pose as a potential misfit for you! © Pinterest By that I clearly mean when you're just getting to know a girl, the little things that you do with regard to being indecisive can really play against you and you may end up annoying the girl you're with. While indecisiveness is okay when you're making bigger life decisions it's not okay while you're with someone and have met them for the first time and here are three ways to absolutely avoid being indecisive (1) Have A Plan In Mind Usually if you're asking the girl out, it has to be a planned effort and you definitely shouldn't act like you don't know what to do or where to go. Have a plan in mind. You don't necessarily have to tell her the entire plan but can let her in on the details step by step. Or you can narrate the plan to her and if she has any inputs or changes then she can tell you straight up. But don't be a guy without a plan. That'll really annoy her. If she's asking you 'what are we doing'? and you answer 'I don't know you tell me', you're just in for a world of abandonment by her! © Pinterest (2) Don't Have Multiple Plans That's another problem if you're indecisive. You can never decide what to do so you end up making a number of plans. Which isn't a bad thing. It's always good to have options and plan B's in hand . Just don't get confused or give her too many options. if you can't decide then go with your gut or just lay out the best plans to her and she can take a pick accordingly. © Pinterest (3) Don't Change Plans If You've Made Them If you've already made plans, then don't change them last minute because that reflects badly on your ability to carry out plans. Stick to plan and if you have to have a last minute change then make sure it's comfortable for her to adjust to, so she doesn't feel pressurised in any way. © Pinterest Indecisiveness is alright to an extent. Serious life decisions do take time but if you have to bring indecisiveness into your dating life on such a basic level then it can pose problems with the girl you're getting to know because women prefer men who don't rely on them to make decisions on the first date. Either decide what the two of you have in mind together, or plan a good evening with her.
  14. Just like every other Rockstar game, you can input a bunch of Cheat Codes or locate artefacts spread across the game to give you god-like skills. In RDR 2, some Cheat Codes are located in newspapers while some need to be found via exploration. You can find Cheat Codes in obscure locations such as drawers, in structures and secret locations. These cheats can spawn you awesome weapons, spawn new horse, give you infinite ammo and other helpful cheats. After finding these hints, you need to enter them in the menu to unlock features. Having said that, we've compiled a list of Cheat Codes so that you don't have to go looking for them. The code entry screen can be found in the settings menu. All you need to do is press pause, head to settings and press Y (Xbox) Triangle (PlayStation) and then enter the Cheat Code exactly how it appears below. However, we have to warn you that turning on the cheats will result in you losing the ability to save your game. You will also not be able to earn any achievements or trophies. If by any chance you turn of the game, you will spawn at the same exact spot before you entered the Cheat Code Here are the cheats you've been looking for: Infinite Ammo Cheat Name: Infinite Ammunition Cheat Code: Abundance is the Dullest Desire Activating the Infinite Ammunition cheat will grant access to Infinite Ammunition for all Weapons and Ammunition types. Spawn Basic Weapons Name: Basic Weapons Cheat Code: A simple life, a beautiful death Activating the Basic Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Basic Weapons. Spawn Heavy Weapons Name: Heavy Weapons Cheat Code: Greed is American Virtue Activating the Heavy Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Heavy Weapons. Spawn Stealth Weapons Name: Stealth Weapons Cheat Code: Death is silence Activating the Stealth Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Stealth Weapons Spawn Gunslinger Weapons Name: Gunslinger Weapons Cheat Code: History is written by fools Activating the Gunslinger Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Gunslinger Weapons Unlock All Outfits Name: Own all outfits Cheat Code: Vanity. All is Vanity Activating the Own All Outfits cheat will grant access to all outfits. Reveal Map Name: Fog of War Cheat Code: You long for sight and see nothing Activating the Fog of War cheat will reveal the full map before discovery. Unlock All Recipes Name: Learn all Recipes Cheat Code: Eat of Knowledge Activating the Learn All Recipes cheat will grant access to all crafting Recipes. Unlock All Camp Upgrades Name: Purchase All Camp Upgrades Cheat Code: Share Activating the Purchase All Camp Upgrades cheat will give all ledger upgrades and increase max supply levels Max Honor Name: Increase Honor Cheat Code: Virtue unearned is not virtue Activating the Increase Honor cheat will increase your Honor to the maximum Minimum Honor Name: Decrease Honor Cheat Code: You revel in your disgrace, I see Activating the Decrease Honor cheat will decrease your Honor to the minimum amount. Reset Honor Meter Name: Reset Honor Cheat Code: Balance. All is balance Activating the Reset Honor cheat will reset your Honor to neutral Infinite Stamina Name: Infinite Stamina Cheat Code: The Lucky Be Strong Evermore Activating the Infinite Stamina Cheat will grant Infinite Stamina for you and your horse. Automatic Dead Eye Level 2 Name: Set Dead Eye to Level 2 Cheat Code: Make Me Better Select Dead Eye Level to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 2 will allow you to manually mark targets with Dead Eye. Automatic Dead Eye Level 3 Name: Set Dead Eye to Level Cheat Code: I shall be better Select the Dead Eye Level to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 3 will allow you to remain in Dead Eye after firing your weapon. Automatic Dead Eye Level 4 Name: Set Dead Eye Level 4 Cheat Code: I still seek more Select the Dead Eye Leve to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 4 will highlight fatal areas while in Dead Eye. Automatic Dead Eye Level 5 Name: Set Dead Eye Level 5 Cheat Code: I seek and I find Select the Dead Eye Level to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 5 will highlight critical areas in addition to fatal areas while in Dead Eye. Refill All Bars Name: Set Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars to Full Cheat Code: You flourish before you die Activating the Set Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars to Full will refill all your bars. Increase Bar Levels Name: Increase Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bar Levels Cheat Code: Seek all the bounty of this place Activating the Increase Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bar Levels cheat will increase the level of all your bars. Refill All Bars and Fortify Name: Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars Cheat Code: You Seek More Than The World Offers Activating the Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars cheat will refill and Fortify all of your bars. Increase Horse Bonding Name: Increase Horse Bonding Cheat Code: My kingdom is a horse Activating the Increase Horse Bonding cheat will increase your bonding with all your owned Horses. Increase Whistle Range Name: Increase Whistle Range For Horse Cheat Code: Better than my dog Activating the Increase Whistle Range For Horse cheat will allow your Horse to find you regardless of distance. Instant Drunk Name: Drunk Cheat Code: A fool on command Activating the Drunk cheat will force you to become Drunk. 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  15. Winter is a time when our skin and hair need a little extra looking after. And let's face it, most Indian men aren't particularly known for their self care talent. Although in the summer months you can still glide by without much effort, once you hit the winter months, not taking care of it can actually damage the skin. To combat these, here are the best moisturisers for winter care, when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. These products work well, are suited to Indian men, and they happen to be affordable and of great value for money. So let's find out what these products are. The Best Winter Moisturisers That Indian Men Need To Check Out 1. Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk with Deep Moisture Serum and 2x Almond Oil for Very Dry Skin The nourishing formula of this body milk from Nivea has with Almond oil which especially softens the skin. It gives dry skin intensive care, and is perfect for those who end up having issues during the winter. It's a good option for long-lasting softness and protection. © Amazon MRP: Rs 289 Buy it here 2. Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Body Cream © Amazon This rich cocoa butter body cream increases the moisture content of your skin by helping retain more moisture between the layers of your skin, and preventing moisture loss. The cream is non greasy and is made of 100% herbal actives. It moisturises, nourishes, and protects your skin with long lasting hydration, which leaves it feeling softer, especially because of the intense emollient property of the cream. MRP: Rs 204 Buy it here 3. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion © Amazon This intensive care cocoa body lotion helps keep your skin smooth and gives it a natural softness. The cocoa butter helps in deeply moisturising dry skin, and it leaves a long-lasting richly fragrance as well. The lotion itself has a non-greasy feel, and contains micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly to lock in the moisture, MRP: Rs 200 Buy it here 4. ST. D'VENCE Winter Edition Body Lotion with Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter for Dry Skin © Amazon This is an ultra-nourishing oil based lotion from St. D'Vence, which is specially formulated to help normal to dry during the harsh winter months. Lotion contains tea tree oil, which is a soothing agent with anti-bacterial properties, along with aloe vera. The base is rich shea butter, which is known for its deeply nourishing and moisturising properties. MRP: Rs 320 Buy it here 5. Mcaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter This caffeine infused body butter from contains a signature blend of natural emollients, extracts and vitamins that aim to soothe and moisturise your skin. The lotion is meant to rejuvenate your skin, by giving back its lost natural radiance due to dryness, pollution, and harsh weather. It also contains pro vitamin b5, vitamin c, vitamin e to keep the skin nourished, and to fight some of the obvious signs of aging. The Caffeine in it helps to get rid of skin impurities. This one also happens to be paraben free and cruelty free. © Amazon MRP: Rs 369 Buy it here 6. WOW Skin Revive Nectar No Parabens & Mineral Oil Moisturiser © Amazon The Skin Revive nectar from WOW is formulated to replenish the skin's lost moisture, and to lock in that moisture for long hours. It doesn't contain any parabens or minerals, and is therefore very gentle to the skin. It nourishes, as well as soothes any inflammation. The moisturiser tries to restore the skin's glow and delay the obvious signs of aging. MRP: Rs Buy it here 7. The Body Shop Shea Butter © Amazon The Body Shop's body butters, especially the Shea Body Butter is not just a good moisturiser, it is pretty iconic in the skin care space. People all over the world love this product due to its deep nourishing properties, quick absorption, non-greasy and non-sticky feel, and the abundant fragrance. MRP: Rs Buy it here
  16. For a state that has for long been considered as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India, Kerala witnessed a catastrophic turn of events lately and endured massive losses in terms of life and property owing to devastating floods - the worst in nearly a century. © BCCL But, despite being brought to a standstill, the 'God's own country' has not let it affect itself and showcasing a great spirit, the southern state is slowly and gradually coming back on its feet. The picturesque state is now ready to welcome visitors again with the same warmth that, over the years, made their hospitality legendary. The state's capital Thiruvananthapuram is now ready to host Team India and West Indies for the fifth and final One-Day International (ODI) on 1st November. And, even before the final ODI of the five-match series, the cricket enthusiasts in Kerala have found another reason to cheer for. © Twitter/@kadakampalli In a heartfelt note, Indian captain Virat Kohli penned down his admiration for the state and its people ahead of the 5th ODI. "Being in Kerala is nothing short of bliss. I love coming here and love the energy of the whole place. The beauty of Kerala is something to we experienced and I would recommend to everyone that they come here and experience the energy of God's own country. Kerala is surely back on its feet and absolutely safe to come to. Thanks to this amazing place for making me feel happy every time I am here," Kohli's handwritten note read. Thank you Virat, @imVkohli for the nice words you have shared. We are delighted to know that #Kerala makes you happy every time you are here. Enjoy your stay here & have a great game tomorrow. Wishes!#KeralaTourism #IndiaVsWestIndies pic.twitter.com/MBgpxZXK0u — Kadakampally (@kadakampalli) October 31, 2018 While Kohli's words of encouragement boosted the morale of the people, it further evoked a response from Kerala's Minister for Co-operation, Tourism & Devaswoms Kadakampally Surendran. "Thank you Virat, @imVkohli for the nice words you have shared. We are delighted to know that #Kerala makes you happy every time you are here. Enjoy your stay here & have a great game tomorrow. Wishes!," he responded. The Indian cricket team arrived in Kerala to a rousing welcome. With an unassailable 2-1 lead in the five-match series, Kohli and his team will now be eager to wrap things up on a winning note when they take on West Indies in the final ODI at the Greenfield International Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram on 1st November.
  17. With Diwali season fervently knocking on our doors, it's time to start planning your looks for all those poker parties. From daytime casual brunches to those smashing parties, a lot happens over the Diwali weekend, making it quite an ordeal to ace every appearance you make - after all, it's an annual thing and you just can't go wrong with your ensemble choices. So if you are someone who likes to keep his wardrobe sorted, lest you end up making some major faux pas, here's a quick run-through on everything you need to have in your wardrobe this year. Take A Look At These Indian-Wear Essentials That Can Totally Make Your Diwali-Looks Memorable 1. White Chikan Kurta- Churidaar Pajama © Amazon India From the pioneer of Indian couture, Manish Malhotra, making conscious efforts to revive the love for the ancient thread work technique of chikankari, through his Mizwaa collection, to it ruling runways during major fashion events - chikankari makes for one of the classiest Indian wear options. The intricate art finds its roots in the northern regions of the country, with a popularity that surpasses all barriers. Chikankari, which is also one of the most high-priced manual threadwork patterns, is an absolute wardrobe essential, considering the elegance it reeks of. Be it just another family gathering or a Diwali party, a pair of basic white chikan kurta and churidaar pajama can look just perfect, if styled right. HOW TO STYLE IT: If you are someone who takes pride in adding a skosh of jazz, making appearances that stay even after the party is over, throw over a brocade-print, Mandarin-collared jacket. Apart from giving you that much-needed bling, the colour will stand out against the pristine white base, boosting your contrast-game like never before. MRP: Rs. 1,499 Buy it here 2. Black Cotton Kurta © Amazon India Orange might be the new black, but black is still black. While there are people who believe in abstaining from the colour on auspicious occasions, the way it can enhance one's look is simply undeniable. You might also have people tell you how prickly it can feel to wear a black kurta, especially during the day, with the colour absorbing heat from the surroundings - which we totally agree with - hence, cotton is your way out. Cotton is a rather light-weight and skin-friendly fabric - the two factors that balance the heat-absorbing qualities of black. So up your Indian-wear look with a black kurta, and be the star at the next poker party. HOW TO STYLE IT: There is hardly any bottom wear option that wouldn't look good with a black kurta, but if we had to pick our favourite, it would be a pair of fusion dhoti pants. Bringing alive the power of blending the best of both worlds, a pair of white dhoti pants will add an edge to your outfit, while also being extremely comfortable - because nothing tops comfort, nothing. MRP: Rs. 1,699 Buy it here 3. Nehru-Collar Jacket © Amazon India The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, is remembered for a myriad of reasons - one of them being his predilection for Mandarin-collared outfits. The political figure was almost always spotted pulling off a Mandarin collar, so much so that it soon found a synonym - Nehru-collar, a name that is now more popular than its authentic identity. Owing to how ethnic-yet-comfortable Nehru-collar can look, it's a widely popular choice when it comes to shirts and jackets. The jackets, available in a variety of fabrics like linen and chanderi silk, can be worn over plain shirts or kurtas, and look just as edgy. HOW TO STYLE IT: Make a head-turning appearance in a linen, Nehru-collar jacket by throwing it over a pastel-hued, self-print kurta. The print on the pastel colour will look fancy-yet-subtle, while layering it with a linen jacket, which will notch up the class-quotient of your festive look, fetching you compliments from one and all. Buy it here 4. Dhoti © Amazon India No, we are not telling you to go rural, because dhotis are just so in. Gone are the days when churidaar pajamas were the top picks as Indian wear bottoms. Dhotis or dhoti pants (pre-stitched dhotis to save you the trouble of learning to tie one) can make your look rather vintage, giving it a native Indian vibe, while also being just so comfortable. Dhoti, apart from being edgy and comfortable, will make you stand out at the party, making you the trendsetter who likes pulling off the latest runway hits like a total star. HOW TO STYLE IT: Upgrade your wardrobe with this vintage-y essential, and pair it with a short plain kurta, with a Nehru-collar jacket thrown over it. If you want to add a fusion angle to it, we'd suggest you pick out those tan-coloured loafers or a trendy pair of white sneakers and be the dapper you were meant to be. MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 5. Tan Mojaris © Amazon India Mojaris, which were initially mostly worn in Punjab, are a quintessential example of ethnic footwear. Available in a variety of shades and patterns, ranging from magnanimously coloured threadwork mojaris to plain, leather ones, there's one pair to go for almost every Indian-wear outfit. Not just the pattern and colours, there's quite a broad spectrum to land on while picking mojaris, including shapes and designs, however, it's a basic pair of tan-hued leather ones that you definitely need to have in your wardrobe. Be it a churidaar pajama or a pair of dhoti, this can be your go-to footwear every time the festive season rings in. HOW TO STYLE IT: Get your hands (or slip in your feet) in a pair of brightly coloured mojaris, paired with a crisp white Indian outfit, more like a chikan kurta and pajama. The contrast between your outfit and just-the-right-kind-of-flashy footwear is bound to make you the best-dressed man at the next Diwali party. MRP: Rs. 799 Buy it here 6. Classic Kolhapuri Chappals © Amazon India Deriving its name from the city of Kolhapur, these comfortable chappals will give your feet the freedom to breathe. Mostly worn in tan shades and cutout patterns, Kolhapuri chappals are a hit amongst men and women, alike. Reason? They look just so raw and are as comfortable as it gets. What's more? You can even pair your Kolhapuri with jeans and shirt! HOW TO STYLE IT: Put on a pair of light-blue, distressed jeans, slip into a pastel-coloured, printed, short kurta and ace the look with a pair of Kolhapuris. If fusion and raw is your thing, this is the look you cannot miss experimenting with. You can also quirk up your look by layering your outfit with a swanky, Nehru-collar jacket. MRP: Rs. 1,199 Buy it here 7. Pashmina Stole © Amazon India For all those winter weddings and festivities, a pashmina stole is a must - it won't only save you from the cold, but also add a royal vibe to your simple Indian outfit. Mostly available in deep and bottle colours, adorning manual thread work, Pashmina stoles, if styled right, can completely refurbish your look. We agree that just the idea of carrying a Pashmina stole might sound a little too heavy to you guys, but trust us, it's one of the classiest piece of clothing you could inculcate in your Indian wear look. HOW TO STYLE IT: Put on a plain, grey kurta teamed with a pair of black churidaar pajama, with a black Pashmina stole thrown around your neck. The simplicity of the kurta-pajama will blend really well with the plush-look of your stole, making it one of the most admired Indian outfits you could have pulled off. MRP: Rs. 980 Buy it here
  18. Winter is almost here, and for a lot of men, that can mean the time for dry and itchy skin. Winter needs special care, be it for your body or for your skin, as this season dries out our skin, and dehydrates it. Although most men tend to have combination to oily skin, that doesn't mean you should wash your hands off skincare, come winter. Make sure you take good care of your skin come winter season, with these essentials winter-care products. Here is what you have to do, to get ready for winter, and the products you need for it: . A Nourishing Moisturiser © Unsplash Having a good moisturiser is super important, and it becomes even more so, when it is winter. For those who have dry or normal skin, it is essential that you use not only a nourishing moisturiser for your face, but also a body lotion. If you have combination to oily skin, then winters are probably quite easy for you, as there is no excessive dryness. But you should still use a mild moisturiser or lotion, at least on your body. For taking care of your face, head to the next point. Pro tip: The skin under your beard tends to be dry, especially during winter. So if you are prone to getting dry patches, get yourself a beard oil as well. . A Non-Drying Face Wash © Pexels As important as a moisturiser is, it is also important to not dry out your face through the other products that you use. Men's products are generally geared to combat extreme oil control, but that can prove to be a problem during winter time. So, put away your drying face wash, and use a lighter, milder face wash during winters. If you have dry skin, switching to a non-drying face wash during winter is a must. . A Face Serum © Instagram/Vicky Kaushal As the next step for your skin care, and this one more particularly for your face, you need to add a serum to your winter care routine. For people with dry skin, use this after washing your face, and before your moisturiser. For oily-skinned people, this can be a great replacement for moisturisers. If you feel like a cream or lotion is too much, even in winters, then simply use a good face serum to keep your face moisturised. Another option is to keep using a gel-based moisturiser if you want something that is in between a serum and a cream based moisturiser. . A Night Cream Or Lotion © Pexels Our skin repairs itself when we sleep, which is why a night care routine is actually really helpful to anyone. Night time is also when our skin sleeps, and its absorption capacities increase. So, whatever you apply to your skin or your face, gets absorbed more and makes for more intense results. So during winters, if you have dry skin, using a night cream, even a basic one, will help combat the dryness very effectively. . A Lip Balm © Instagram/Alia Bhatt Among all the nourishing and hydrating that is done, men often forget that their lips are the obvious weak point. They dry up faster, chap more easily, and are the most easily noticeable and visible to other people. You may be the toughest guy on the block, but chapped and flaky lips are never going to be your friend. So at least during winter, always carry a lip balm, and use as required. And always put it on before heading to bed. . Finally, Don't Forget The Sunscreen © Unsplash Yes, the winter sun feels all warm, soft, and perfect to take photos in, but that doesn't mean it magically becomes good for your skin. We all tend to spend more time outdoors in the day enjoying the winter days, but when you do step out, remember to use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVB and the UVA.
  19. The 'Bigg Boss' house has been stirring with some new vibes with the entry of wild card entries Megha Dhade and Rohit. Things have already started shaking up for fellow contestants, with Megha having quite a few tricks up her sleeve. View this post on Instagram #dandiyaevents #Aurangabad #LionsClubUnnati #navratri @style__inn styled n design - @richa_r29 Earrings - @anaya_collections Assisted by- @ashita_vardhan & @_shreya_palkar_ Make up and Hair - ð Handbag #Potlis #ActrorsLife#lovemyLife #LoveMyJob #actressmeghadhade A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Oct 15, 2018 at 10:30pm PDT Everyone seems to be quite taken aback and intrigued by her confidence and wants to know more of her. Well, for starters, she is the winner of 'Bigg Boss' Marathi version, so clearly, the show is not new to her. View this post on Instagram #Repost @coffeekhor (@get_repost) ã»ã»ã» We feel proud to announce that we were a small part of BiggBoss Marathi Season 1! @brandbaajasocial was responsible for all the PR activity of Biggboss Marathi Season 1 winner @meghadhade . Thank you for giving us an opportunity of being a part of this wonderful journey! Also I would like to thank you all for showing all the support, faith and love towards @meghadhade @brandbaajasocial #MeghaDhade #meghadhadewinnerofbbm1 A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Jul 22, 2018 at 11:16am PDT View this post on Instagram - à¤à¤ªà¤²à¥à¤¯à¤¾ Entertainment नॠसतत Limelight मधà¥à¤¯à¥ राहणारॠMegha ठरà¥à¤² à¤à¤¾ विà¤à¥à¤¤à¥? पाहा #BiggBossMarathi Grand Finale 22 à¤à¥à¤²à¥. सà¤à¤§à¥à¤¯à¤¾. 7 वा. #ColorsMarathi वर. Follow à¤à¤°à¤¾ #BiggBossMarathi à¤à¤ official account: @bbmarathi @aastadkale @smita.gondkar @meghadhade @sai.lokur @jogpushkar @SharmishthaRaut A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Jul 21, 2018 at 1:41am PDT Megha, a known face in the Marathi industry, is an actress. View this post on Instagram It makes my heart beat with pride,to see the colors of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joys all around.Happy Independence Day to you all #jaihind #happyindependenceday ð®ð³ A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Aug 15, 2018 at 4:05am PDT View this post on Instagram Style lives within a person ! Earrings by @jizajewels #rakshbandhan #traditionallook #earrings #festivalstyle A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Aug 27, 2018 at 5:00am PDT One of the main reasons why she chose to come as a wild card entry in the current season, is because she is a big Salman Khan fan. View this post on Instagram "Be like the sun. Keep on shining and let them burn" â¤ï¸ð #womanwithstyle #attitude #shinelikesun #lovemyself #meghadhade A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Sep 28, 2018 at 8:28am PDT View this post on Instagram What a wonderful party it was, I wish the night lasted forever!! Nothing can dim the lights that shine from within!! Thank you to each and everyone from bottom of my heart for joining the party..ðð #Verbena brewpub & skygarden @verbenamumbai #goodvibes #successparty #bringonthenight #BBMarathi #lovedones #bestofthenight #crazyWE #funtimes #biggbossmarathi #BBMWinner A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Aug 18, 2018 at 2:02am PDT Megha is a strong contender and has already started confronting Sreesanth like no one else has done before. She has also appeared in some famous TV shows including 'Kasauti Zindagi Kay'. View this post on Instagram Meeting you is always a blessing ! ð â¤ï¸ @manjrekarmedha @maheshmanjrekar #dahihandi #latepost #meghadhade #maheshmanjrekar A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Sep 4, 2018 at 8:15am PDT View this post on Instagram On this auspicious occasion, I wish the color, bliss, and beauty of this festival be with you throughout the year! Happy Dussehra! ðâ¤ï¸ âï¸ #happydussehra #jayshriram A post shared by Megha Dhade (@meghadhade) on Oct 18, 2018 at 12:42am PDT It's interesting to watch her strategy unfold, as she is working her way around in the house, giving some much needed competition to the other housemates.
  20. For every ace traveller or even one that is just beginning his journey, a few essentials are a must. We have curated and listed the must-have travel essentials that you need, to make your adventure one that is truly amazing. From having the right bag, or bags, to organisers that only keep your documents but all other essentials safe, to making sure your grooming kit is stocked and electronics are prepped, here are tips on how to make your trip easy, smooth, and memorable. Here are the best travel accessories every wanderer and adventure-seeker needs: 1. The Right Bag © Unsplash The first thing you need is obviously the right bag. You can choose from a duffle bag, to backpacks, to trolley bags, and easy to carry cabin bags. Different bags are meant for different usage, so read up about the features for each, and keep in mind what your own needs are. A trek can mean a really good rucksack, while your business trip can be taken care of by a good overnight cabin bag. Simple duffle bags work great for road trips, and a proper trolley is best for hotel-to-hotel trips. 2. An Organiser To Keep All Your Documents Safe © Pexels When you travel, especially over long periods, there are certain documents that are essential and that you need to keep safe. The days of carrying printed tickets may be behind us, but you still need to keep your other documents properly. From helping you keep your boarding pass, to keeping your passport, credit cards, permits, other IDs, emergency info, and emergency cash safe, a document organiser can be very helpful. You can pick a passport holder with pockets, a passport wallet, folders, or manila inspired envelopes. 3. The Right Electronics On-The-Go © Unsplash When on-the-go you don't want to get bogged down by unnecessary things, especially electronics. They cost a lot of money, it really sucks when you lose or damage them, and they weigh a lot, obviously. But the solution isn't just to ditch all electronics, but to find the right ones. What you need are portable chargers, a small speaker (some music is always good), headphones, a tablet instead of a full-fledged laptop, a kindle instead of paperbacks, an emergency light, and a spare cable. 4. A Good Toiletry Kit © Unsplash Men probably don't need as many products for grooming as women do. But even when you travel, there are a few products that everyone needs. Don't compromise on your shampoo and conditioner, keep some oil handy for hair and skin, a lip balm goes a long way, and so do a good face wash and sunscreen. Beyond these, you can choose to take whatever else are your go-to products, whether that is some cologne, hair gel, or even your best trimmer. And the most important tip here is to keep it all organised. Even travel-sized products can create a mess, so get yourself a good travel toiletry kit . 5. Emergency Tools © Unsplash We have already mentioned an emergency light in the electronics that you need to take with you. But there are a few other essentials that you need. These include a good pocket knife, (a Swissknife is a classic for a reason after all), a mini screwdriver if your knife doesn't have it, a length of rope, a small roll of duct tape and some rubber ties. Pro tip: Always keep a mini emergency health kit with a few days worth of cold and fever medication, painkillers, some digestion medicines, a few bandages, instant hot/cold packs, and any other item that is used commonly for health reasons. So, now that you know exactly what you need for your next trip, where are you going to head to?
  21. The Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra starrer 'Badhaai Ho' released today and the verdict is already out. The internet has already declared it loud and clear that Ayushmann rules the roost on the big screen for now. Badhaai Ho reviews are so good. @ayushmannk is competing with himself this weekend, with Andhadhun receiving so much love too. That's the kind of competition you need. Yay! â¤ï¸ — Manpreet Kaur (@Manpreeeeeet) October 17, 2018 Just watched #BadhaaiHo and have to say @ayushmannk sir again a very brilliant job..as always also I think now every Indian will understand the sweet message from the movie of #savethegirlchild loved itâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ — Sourav Narayan (@carcrazysourav) October 18, 2018 The movie also stars the supremely talented Neena Gupta, who is back on the screen after a while, and she is winning hearts out there. #BadhaaiHo is great fun! @raogajraj steals every single scene he's in; commendable with the fantastic cast of @ayushmannk @Neenagupta001 and @sanyamalhotra07. And don't miss Surekha Sikri as a cranky, yet adorable grandmum!#BadhaaiHoReview #BadhaaiHoMovieReview — Neil Soans (@RollingSoans) October 17, 2018 #BadhaaiHo is such a heartwarming movie. I laughed, I cried and I missed my family so much! @Neenagupta001, @raogajraj and Surekha Sukri are the real stars of the movie. Watch this one with your families. Amit Sharma, Badhaai Ho :) — Wo Madrasi Kudi (@dishya_sharma) October 17, 2018 Seems like everyone's loving the fact that there's a family entertainer after such a long time, for everyone to savour. Watched #BadhaaiHo and absolutely loved it. Set to be @ayushmannk's 2nd consecutive mega hit. Surprisingly the curse of second half in Bollywood films is slowly diminishing. Go watch the film with your friends and family this dussehra. Recommended! â­â­â­â­ #BadhaaiHoReview — Yash Paryani (@FilmyYash) October 17, 2018 It is unfair on other actors for @ayushmannk to chunk out two of the best movies of the year! #BadhaaiHo is wow. Keep soaring, our self proclaimed SRKian. â¤ï¸ — Hipster (@Hipsterrrific) October 18, 2018 In case you were living under a rock and have no idea what this movie is about, now is a good time to know. So, in case you have no movie plans for the weekend, you should probably make one now?
  22. For every traveller or person jet-setting across the world, optimising their travel plans and organisation for flights has become a must. So, finding out which are the best cabin bags is an essential requirement these days, and we are here to help with it. We have painstakingly looked up, researched, and found the best bags that'll not only help fit your stuff, but will actually make your life a lot easier while you are on the go, with their design and features. So here are the best cabin bags for every traveller: 1. American Tourister Polycarbonate 55 cm Gun Metal Softsided Cabin Luggage © Amazon Made of polycarbonate in a gunmetal colour, this bag looks super classy as soon as you glance at it. It is a subtle subtle look, but it still makes an impression. It has a capacity of 44 litres, and weigh 2.6 kilograms. It measures 38 cm by 24 cm by 55 cm. The bag is a number lock, and with a four-wheel attachment, it is incredibly convenient to transport. It has two compartments, has a scratch resistant matte texture. It also has a manufacturer's warranty of three years. MRP: Rs 4,520 Buy it here 2. Swiss Military 45 Ltrs Black Laptop Trolley Bag © Amazon Made with unique ABS plastic and with a moulded polyester shell, this Swiss Military bag comes very well equipped for an urban traveller's needs. It has a laptop compartment that fits most laptops, up to 15.6" screens. There is an interior zippered pocket to protect your laptop from any harm. It has a smooth grip recessed carrying handle, and has a specially designed space for business files. It also has a spacious organiser compartment that includes spaces for your key-chains, phones, IDs, iPods, pens, and more. It has a separate overnight compartment that is meant for your clothes, which it fits effectively. MRP: Rs 4,311 Buy it here 3. AmazonBasics Hardside Suitcase with Wheels, 20" (50.8 cm) Cabin Size, Navy Blue © Amazon Made with a protective hard shell with a scratch-resistant finish for added strength, this bag from AmazonBasics can keep up even with the roughest and adventurous traveller. It is a 20-inch hardside spinner luggage, that is perfect for any quick getaways or as domestic and international carry-on. It has a fully-lined interior with a handy divider and zippered pocket for easy organization. It is actually expandable up to 15%, to give you some additional packing capacity when required urgently. It comes with a telescoping handle and a 4 wheel spinners for smooth mobility in any direction. It does not include a lock though, so you will have to get that separately. MRP: Rs 3,499 Buy it here 4. The Clownfish Tapestry Faux Leather 1200 Cms Vintage Light Blue Soft Travel Duffle bag © Amazon No list of luggage or bags is complete without a duffel bag or two on it. The first one we recommend is this classy faux leather tapestry vintage inspired duffle bag from Clownfish. It is ideal for two to three-day trips, weekend getaways, and quick business tours. It has a collapsible design for easy storage, for when you are not using it. It has padded handles and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. It also has a small pocket for storing away small essentials quickly. It can take weight up to six kilograms, so it is perfect for overhead baggage on any flights you take. MRP: Rs 1,659 Buy it here 5. Skybags Footloose Rubik Polyester 580 mm Blue Softsided Cabin Luggage © Amazon The outer material in this bag is polyester, with a soft casing. It has a very easy blue colour for those who don't want like to draw too much attention, but like to keep it simple and classy. It has a capacity of 43 litres and it weighs 3.8 kilograms. It measures 37 cm by 31 cm by 58 cm. It has a four wheels set, which can rotate a full 360-degree, providing great manoeuvrability. It does not have a separate laptop compartment though, so that is something will have to keep in mind about this one. Skybags is obviously a very well known brand for luggage bags, so you know you are investing in quality. They also provide you with a five (yes, five!) year manufacturer warranty. And as a bonus, it also has an expander feature for extra packing space. MRP: Rs 3,180 Buy it here 6. AmazonBasics Underseat Trolley Bag Luggage, Navy Blue © Amazon This is an AmazonBasics bag, that is specifically designed to fit under your seat in planes, and other places. The bag measures 13 inches by 13 inches by 9 inches. It has a polyester exterior with a nylon lining. It is designed as a rolling luggage, perfect for the savvy urban traveller. It fits in almost all airline overhead compartments and under the seat in front of you. It has a spacious main compartment that is for clothes and can even fit a spare pair of shoes, which is a lot for this kind of compact sized bag. It has interior pockets for storing and organizing smaller items as well. You have super easy access to the front organiser for tucking away any small items like a plane ticket, brochure, boarding pass, book, or magazines. It has a telescoping push-button handle that locks into place when required and smooth-rolling wheels for easy mobility. It does not come with a lock or a locking mechanism, but it does have a one-year limited warranty. MRP: Rs 2,999 Buy it here 7. American Tourister Nylon 55 cms Blue Travel Duffle © Amazon As the second duffle bag on this list, we have picked this American Tourister blue travel duffle. The outer material in this one is nylon, which is quite hardy and resistant. It has a capacity of 61 litres and has dimensions measuring 55 cm by 28 cm by 31 cm. The main compartment is about 47.5 cm, making it perfect for an overnight, or two to a three-day trip. At such an affordable price, it gives you great value for money and even gets a check in the durability category. MRP: Rs 1,898 Buy it here
  23. There are a considerable number of studies that have gone into stating that women usually discover what they truly need to know from their potential lover, just by their first kiss with them! So, you really don't need me to tell you how important the first kiss is, or even kissing someone is. The simple fact is that you have to keep it simple yet exciting and the minute you do that, it becomes less pressurising and more enjoyable. © Thinkstock Kissing is the most basic way to show any sort of affection or attraction towards someone and if you're on a first date with someone, it's but much obvious you'd end the date with a kiss (with due consent, of course,) which could act as a catalyst to recon date number two. But kissing is an art, which is mostly taken for granted, only because everything needs to get to the eventuality of what kissing initiates- ***. People seldom forget that kissing someone is the most seductive and sensuous part of a sexual experience and it should be mastered like a pro! So, we're going to list some simple and basic dos and don'ts for people who enjoy kissing and think it's the most essential part of a good making out session: (1) Keep It Simple Don't go complicating a simple thing like kissing. it really doesn't help when you over analyse a kiss and try too hard. It's about sharing a moment with someone and not weakening the foundation of it by over thinking it. Just a simple kiss can initiate something passionate or exhilarating depending on where you want to go with it. (2) Consent Is Important Yes, guys, consent is everything! A meaningful 'can I kiss you?' can really go a long way. When you ask for permission, it sounds really gentlemanly to a woman too. So, don't just kiss her without asking for permission first. Unless of course, you read the signs of her wanting to kiss you as well. (3) Make Eye Contact First That's important. And sort of inevitable but sometimes you're so nervous, you really don't know whether or not you need to look into the other person's eyes. But yes, it's a sign of intimacy and well, you also need to see where you're going! But establishing a warm eye contact is a good idea. Hold the eye contact for a while, be a bit romantic and then go for the kiss. (4) Keep Your Tongue Intact Don't take your tongue out foolishly to kiss at first. It's just bad manners! Leave a little room for your lips to explore hers. Don't take your tongue out and slobber her face with it or try and stick it down her throat. First-time kissers should first spend time on just making lip contact. Maybe your second kiss can be a bit more intrusive? (5) Don't Make It Slobbery Kissing a woman is like having excellent table manners. You don't eat with your mouth open, neither do you salivate on your food now do you? So why do it on someone's face? No one, I repeat no one likes wet kisses and if you think they do, they're probably being polite and not telling you the truth. (6) Touch, Don't Grab Use your hands delicately and gently, either around her waist or the back of her head. Don't grab her and grope her in ways she's uncomfortable. Give her the choice to break free from your hold on her, whenever she wants. (7) Be A Firm Kisser By that, I mean don't be clumsy or callous. Be firm and solid while kissing her. Women like resting their hands on a man's shoulders to feel their strength while kissing them. Give her the chance to do so and be firm in your stance and your movement. I believe if you don't know how to kiss properly, there is nowhere you can go from there. So, if you're a good kisser, you'll definitely make a good lover, because kissing teaches you the subtle art of sensuality that you need to show your lover.
  24. We are officially at that time of the year when it's not as scorchingly hot as it tends to get during May and June, nor is it as cold or chilly as the months of December and January tend to be. Basically, it's that time of the year when the utility of full sleeve t-shirts ends up being at an all-time high, as they tend to be comfortable enough to not make you start sweating, but also ensure that you don't feel a chill when you get out of the house. The fact that they make for a stylish ensemble doesn't hurt either. And so on that note, here are the best full sleeve t-shirts for men that will not only give your wardrobe a fashion upgrade, but will also end up being incredibly useful in the days to come. Here Are The Best Full Sleeve T-Shirts For Men Out There 1. Jack & Jones Men Black & White Striped Slim Fit T-Shirt © Amazon Monochrome has become quite the trend these days - what with black and white stripes, prints and patterns dominating most wardrobes. As such, owning this black and white striped slim fit t-shirt from Jack & Jones is certain to make for a trendy and fashion-forward ensemble, especially when you team it up with a pair of either black or white trousers. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs 822 Buy it here 2. Pepe Jeans Men's Solid V-Neck T-Shirt © Amazon If worn in the proper manner, a V-neck t-shirt can often end up elevating your casual attire to modish heights. As such, opting for this cotton and lycra blend from Pepe Jeans, one that happens to be available in seven different colours (including white, blue, burgundy, grey melange and red) will make for a fashion staple that will end up being incredibly useful. Fabric Composition: 95% Cotton and 5% lycra MRP: Rs 899 Buy it here 3. Maniac Men's Black & White Checked T-shirt © Amazon We've already talked about how monochrome patterns have become somewhat of a trend, but when you see them manifest in the form of this checked T-shirt from Maniac, they end up making for an incredibly fashion-forward and stylish option as well. In fact, what makes this tee stand out from the others mentioned on our list, apart from its super affordable price, are those stylized sleeves (with those fancy thumb holes) that add just the right amount of novelty to an otherwise basic fashion staple. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs 431 Buy it here 4. GRITSTONES Men's Black Shawl Collar T-Shirt © Amazon Another fashion trend that has really become a rage these days involves full sleeve T-shirts with shawl collars. So, you shouldn't be all that surprised to see this black variant from GRITSTONES getting featured in a list compiling the best full sleeve T-shirts from men. Incredibly fancy and fashion-forward, getting this stylish tee for just Rs 419 only ends up being the icing on the cake. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs 419 Buy it here 5. Smartees Men's Blue Superman T-Shirt © Amazon Pretty much every man out there has at least one Superman T-shirt in his wardrobe. Call it aspirational longing or a desire to feel closer to their favourite superhero, but almost all Indian guys tend to own at least one such t-shirt. So why not add a pinch of individuality to a widespread trend, by opting for this full sleeved Superman t-shirt instead of a short sleeved one that tends to be oh-so-common? Being the most affordable t-shirt on this list doesn't hurt either! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs 349 Buy it here 6. Veirdo Men's Black T-shirt © Amazon The importance of owning a solid black t-shirt cannot be stressed enough. After all, it's going to be your go-to staple for most of your ensembles, especially when you'll be looking for something basic to team up with that pair of jeans of funky trousers you own. Additionally, you'll also be depending a lot on a simple black tee when you'll be looking to layer up your outfits. So opting for this cotton variant from Veirdo makes a lot of sense, especially when you see the white striped detail on the sleeves that gives it just the right dash of uniqueness. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs 399 Buy it here 7. Flying Machine Men's White Slim Fit T-Shirt © Amazon As is the case with a solid black tee, a simple white t-shirt pretty much ends up being a fashion staple in most Indian men's wardrobes. It's perhaps the most essential and go-to piece of clothing they possess, especially since they rely on it all the time when they are looking to wear something with a pair of jeans or black trousers. As such, opting for this V-neck white tee from Flying Machine ends up being a no-brainer. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs 499 Buy it here 8. Jack & Jones Men's Navy Blue Slim Fit T-Shirt © Amazon Just one look at this navy blue slim fit tee from Jack & Jones, with that geometric print detail on the sleeves, is enough to make you want to add it to your closet. After all, it'll make for an incredibly stylish and unique addition to your t-shirt collection. Teaming it up with a pair of grey jeans or joggers will make for a modish ensemble that is almost certain to grab (and hold!) everyone's attention. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs 899 Buy it here 9. U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Navy Blue Solid T-Shirt © Amazon When it comes to listing brands that are known for delivering the goods, especially vis-a-vis the quality of products, U.S. Polo Assn. will be featured in most such lists. As such, you can rest assured about the quality of this solid navy blue variant from their collection. The pure cotton fabric makes for comfort wear, while the pocket detailing makes it effortlessly stylish in the best way possible. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs 1,499 Buy it here 10. Wear Your Opinion Printed Men's T-Shirt © Amazon This t-shirt is perfect for all the gym rats and fitness enthusiasts out there. With your life's motto firmly printed on its chest, this tee from Wear Your Opinion should pretty much be a staple in your wardrobe. Also available in navy blue and red, it makes for a super affordable option at its economical price tag. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs 549 Buy it here 11. Flying Machine Men's Pink Henley Neck T-Shirt © Amazon A T-shirt that has a grindle effect plastered all over it can be a bit challenging to pull off. After all, if not teamed up with the right clothes, it can make for an overwhelming ensemble. Well, opting for this pink variant from Flying Machine, especially when you team it up with trousers or jeans of lighter hues, is one way of ensuring that that doesn't happen. Fabric Composition: 60% cotton and 40% polyester MRP: Rs 659 Buy it here 12. Seven Rocks Men's Grey & Navy Blue Striped T-Shirt © Amazon Finally, we have this grey and navy blue striped variant from Seven Rocks. As it is, variegated stripes are in trend these days, so you'd be opting for a fashion-forward t-shirt when you go for this affordable tee. But when you team it up with a pair of navy blue jeans or black trousers, you'd truly be adorning a stylish and trendy ensemble. Fabric Composition: Blended cotton MRP: Rs 544 Buy it here
  25. The OnePlus 6 was one of the best flagships in the first half of 2018 and it wasn't crazy expensive. But 6 months after down the line, the competition has become tougher with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note9, Google Pixel 3, and the iPhone XS. This means it's time for OnePlus to give us something better with the upcoming OnePlus 6T. Launching in just two weeks, here's everything you need to know about the OnePlus 6T. Since this is a T upgrade, most changes will be minor. In terms of design, the front will see the notch get much smaller than that on the OnePlus 6. The display itself will be an OpticAMOLED panel made by Samsung with a Full HD+ resolution and a screen-to-body ratio of over 90 per cent. The back will look pretty similar to the 6 but without the fingerprint scanner. © MensXP The OnePlus 6T will be one of the first mainstream globally available flagships to have an in-display fingerprint scanner, that OnePlus will be calling Screen Unlock. A few phones that currently sport an in-display fingerprint scanner are definitely slower than a conventional scanner, so it needs to be seen how OnePlus is able to actually bridge this gap. Internally, the phone will have have the same specifications with a Snapdragon 845 SoC running the show along with 6 or 8GB of RAM, and storage options going all the way up to 256GB. The battery is supposed to get a little bigger as well. However, the increase in battery size will come at a cost: the OnePlus 6T will be the first OnePlus device without a headphone jack. Thankfully, we are sure OnePlus will be providing a USB-C to 3.5mm jack dongle in the box, and OnePlus has just recently launched a new pair of their Bullets v2 earphones with a Type-C connector. © Greggles TV / YouTube The phone will run on Android Pie out of the box with a new UI skin (https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/interview-oneplus-6t-the-future-of-oxygenos.924127/) that is supposed to be a lot more intuitive and will bring in speed as well as efficiency. New gestures for quick switching of apps will also make a debut. A new gesture to activate Google Assistant, by holding the power button for half a second, will also be present. They have promised improvements in camera quality too, which should use the dual camera setup to its full potential. Check back in 24 hours for an exciting announcement. #OnePlus6T pic.twitter.com/mIeveZ0n6H — OnePlus (@oneplus) October 7, 2018 The phone launches globally and in India on October 30, and sales are expected to start in the next couple of days. You can already pre-book the phone on Amazon.in to get a few extras when you make the eventual purchase. The OnePlus 6 currently costs Rs 34,990 for the base variant and Rs 39,990 for more storage and RAM. If history is any indication, we can expect the OnePlus 6T to cost a couple of thousand more than the 6's respective models.