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Found 18 results

  1. I had been waiting for Minnal Murali to release for a little over a year now, so it was no surprise that when they decided to make the film available for public consumption on Netflix on 24 December, I was all ready. Primed with a glass of wine and some plum cake by my side. I’ll be honest, having a superhero from Kerala still feels a tad unreal for the child inside me, especially considering just the thought of it would have been impossible and borderline absurd just a few years ago. But times have changed for the better, and we Malayali superhero fans have Basil Joseph to thank for it. With Minnal Murali, the Godha director has done the audacious - creating a superhero origin story that feels fresh in a post-Marvel world. And that he has achieved by trying to have a film that worked even without the superhero element. If you’re still wondering what’s special about Minnal Murali, then read on: © Netflix The Tovino Effect - Destined to play a Superhero, Tovino doesn’t disappoint in and as Minnal Murali. During Kerala’s calamitous floods in 2018, the actor was deeply involved in on-ground relief efforts for the affected. So, he had already established a messianic presence among the average Malayali that made them susceptible to his charm. The charm and naivete he channeled into Jaison made his character believable and relatable, a rarity in the superhero genre in general, where the writing usually confines the hero in a tall-glass-of-brood. It’s a refreshing and grounded take on an oft-cliched role. © Netflix India’s Naadan Superhero - As a Malayali, it might seem biased, but Minnal Murali is definitely one of the best films from the superhero genre to come out of India. By limiting the story to the colorful town of ‘Kurukkanmoola’, the film is able to take us on a magical journey, where the familiar naadan sights and sounds are interspersed with moments of superpower-induced chaos. © Netflix Terrific Villain - One of the notes given by Director Basil Joseph to Guru Somasundaram to help him get into character was to watch Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in 2019’s ‘Joker’, which is a tough task in itself. But the Aranya Kaandam actor’s inspired performance as Minnal Murali’s antagonist Shibu is nothing short of outstanding. The film doesn’t bother you by trying to conceal the true identity of the villain, rather it takes us through Shibu’s journey with an untainted perspective, which enables the audience to empathize with him despite his eventual downfall. © Vasisht Umesh Great Casting - Femina George as Bruce Lee Biji, the martial arts instructor cum travel agent, and Arya Salim as Jaison’s sister manage to hold their own in every frame they’re in, as does Vashisht Umesh playing Josemon, the Scrappy Doo to his Maaman (Maternal Uncle). The child actor’s doe-eyed innocence blended with genuine wonder makes his character a memorable one. © Basil Joseph Seasoned Storytelling - Minnal Murali is only Basil Joseph’s third rodeo as a Director, but consider him an amateur at your own peril. The former engineer is a naturally adept storyteller, which the film obviously benefits from. Overall the film does a great job of keeping you engrossed, without insulting you with unnecessary frills. While there wasn’t much wrong with the film, but it still is a 4/5 in my books. Read on to find out bits from the movie that didn’t work for me: © Harisree Asokan Daasan and Jaison - Dasan was supposed to be a father figure to Jaison at some point in his life, but the impact of the former’s death felt a little hollow and nothing more than a plot device. The weight behind Jaison’s, “I was unable to ask Daasan for forgiveness” narrative could have landed better. © Netflix Final Costume - The movie gave Jaison multiple avatars before unveiling his final red & blue spandex. However, it felt jarring and disjointed in a film that had so far done an excellent job of giving a naadan take of a superhero story based in the fictional town of ‘Kurukkanmoola’. In fact, I preferred his lungi and rag-mask look, to the final costume. Hopefully, with Minnal Murali 2, the filmmakers can try to iron out this minor glitch. Background Score - It’s nitpicking at this point, but fans had waited excitedly to listen to the background music featured in this trailer, however, it was nowhere to be found once Minnal Murali was eventually released. It’s a damn shame considering Sushin Shyam had composed one heck of an earworm. Minnal Murali is streaming on Netflix. Do watch the film and let us know what you thought, in the comments below! View the full article
  2. The trailer for Tovino Thomas’ upcoming superhero flick Minnal Murali just released on Netflix India’s YouTube channel to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Minnal is Malayalam for lightning, which as we find out through the trailer, is the source of our protagonist's special abilities. Caught in a once-in-a-lifetime freak accident, Murali develops abilities that enable him to achieve superhuman feats such as running at blinding speeds, super strength, and razor-sharp vision. With Minnal Murali, we’re introduced to a superhero whose origins are a lot more grounded and quirkier than any of his south-Asian predecessors. In an exclusive interview with MensXP, Tovino Thomas revealed that he wanted Murali to be an ordinary human being whose brush with death empowers him. He says, “It's all about how a common man, a tailor by profession, gets superpowers and how his life changes. My character is an underdog who becomes a superhero so I had to prepare for the two different shades.” © Balaji Motion Pictures So far, Indian superheroes have been limited to playing uni-dimensional, goodie two shoes, in the mould of Krrish and Flying Jatt. Minnal Murali is refreshing, well-produced, and doesn’t make the mistake of taking itself too seriously. Here are 5 reasons why Tovino Thomas’ Minnal Murali could be a game changer for Indian superheroes: © Filmkraft Productions Built On Legacy Of Indian Superheroes - Hrithik Roshan changed the Indian cinescape with the Krrish franchise. However, despite our nostalgic attachment to the series, it has aged poorly. Tiger Shroff’s Flying Jatt was another bold attempt at creating a superhero which the masses could relate to. But it bombed at the box office due to a combination of weak storytelling and an inexperienced lead actor. While Tiger Shroff’s Flying Jatt was stone-faced and stilted, Tovino’s Minnal Murali is capriciously charming in his portrayal of an ordinary-man-turned-superhero and can go on to inspire a better breed of superhero flicks in India. © Netflix Power-Packed Project - Brought to you by the producers of Bangalore Days with streaming giants Netflix backing it, and directed by Godha’s Basil Joseph, Minnal Murali has all the right names associated with it. With a trailer this well made, we’re definitely looking forward to what the final product would look like. © Netflix Impeccably Cast - Tovino is one of the most beloved Malayali actors right now, and rightfully so. The Irinjalakuda native has proved his mettle over the years with memorable performances in films like Luca, Godha and Kilometres and Kilometres. If the trailer is a sign of things to come, then the audiences are in for a treat. Minnal Murali could be another project where we get to witness Tovino showcase his tremendous range. The film also features Malayalam cinema veterans Harisree Ashokan as Fr. Eustace and Mammukayo as Dr. Narayanan. © Netflix Naadan Vigilante - Minnal Murali’s final costume may look like a suspect blend between Captain Marvel and Spiderman, but the trailer teases simpler, more naadan (Malayalam for desi) variations of the hero’s initial costumes. In scenes from the trailer, he switches between the humble mundu paired with a black shirt and a mask made from a red taval (towel), and a bird costume (seemingly straight out of a fancy dress store) with the same mundu at the bottom, making him a superhero that’s as rooted to the people as can be. Murali is also seen to be a constant thorn in the side of the police, positioning him as a vigilante hounded by the cops. Malayalam filmmakers never shy away from writing heroes pitted against the system. © Netflix Not Just Malayalam - Although the film has been primarily shot in Malayalam, it will also be released in five other languages. Minnal Murali will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada as well, giving it a true pan-India appeal. The film is scheduled to release on December 24, 2021 on Netflix. Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments below! View the full article
  3. The popular Netflix series, House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths by Leena Yadav offers us a peek into the case where lines between fact and fantasy seem to blur. Across a span of three episodes, the audience is taken through the events that purportedly led to the family’s demise. While it’s natural to be stunned with disbelief while watching the series, it also gives us an opportunity to understand how trauma works on different levels. On the occasion of ‘World Trauma Day’, we got in touch with Dr. Roma Kumar, a Clinical Psychologist who was featured in Netflix’s House Of Secrets: The Burari Death, to discuss and understand the nature of trauma in our daily lives: 1. Traumas Are DistressingIn House Of Secrets, Lalit Chundawat, youngest among the siblings, lost his speech after his father’s demise. This emotionally traumatic incident may have affected him more adversely than any of the family members may have anticipated. The family even avoided discussing Lalit’s inability to speak, with other family members. According to Dr. Roma Kumar, such distressing events can trigger a variety of emotions in an individual, “Traumatic triggers can lead to a flurry of emotions such as irritability, anger, sleep difficulties, difficulty in relationships, and even intrusive thoughts in the form of recurring flashbacks and nightmares. People who have undergone severe trauma may have trouble processing positive emotions. They start avoiding people, and places, even thoughts, and memories associated with the traumatic event.” © Netflix 2. Traumas Are Not Isolated EventsThe general understanding of trauma revolves around treating it as a point in time that cannot be addressed in the future. But nothing can be farther from the truth. The effects of unresolved trauma can result in a full-blown CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), as in Lalit’s case. Dr. Roma says that trauma can stem from a combination of events, “There are triggers in your life that can be traumatic events: injuries to the body, or a violent act, or a sexual violation, or any shocking event. That can be when one is exposed to a traumatic event. So it (trauma) can be a combination of stressors.” © Netflix 3. Trauma Can AccumulateAs discussed in the previous point, traumatic incidents aren’t always isolated incidents in time. In Lalit’s case, he’d undergone a bike accident (suffering from a head injury), a near-fatal attack (locked in a burning godown), and then his father’s demise (emotional trauma). But because of the limited access and knowledge of mental health, these issues went unaddressed, thus taking a great toll on his mind. “Usually, symptoms associated with trauma get better with time. But for some people, more intense symptoms linger or interfere with daily life, and they go on for days and months. For them, these feelings don’t go away on their own. They go through extreme symptoms of stress such as deep sadness, worry, fear, panic. Everybody recovers at their own pace, most people recover on their own with time. But we need to ask for help when it starts making us dysfunctional. So whenever extreme symptoms of stress are there and it is interfering with your daily life, with your school, with your work, with your relationships, or social functioning, it’s time to address it”, says Dr. Roma. © Netflix 4. Trauma Is UniversalEvery human being has the potential to suffer from various kinds of trauma. This is why it’s crucial to discuss traumatic incidents more openly and honestly. It can help alleviate the feelings of loneliness and isolation that people suffering from PTSD can often undergo. Dr. Roma states, “The traumatized end up becoming a vulnerable part of a population after the experience. The intensity and capacity for trauma keep changing for everybody. Trauma happens in everybody’s life, but how we address the trauma can sometimes be more important than the incident in itself. The word trauma itself is loaded with negativity, with some kind of injury being caused to the mind. But if trauma has been happening frequently, or if life’s circumstances have been such where a person is continuously going through triggers, then how they process that trigger and take it forward is vital to their recovery.” © Netflix 5. Trauma Can Be InvisibleIn the case of the Chundawat family, the trauma wasn’t visible to them, as they were deeply invested in Lalit’s psychosis. The family never realized that they were going through a traumatic experience (invisible traumas), over the course of 11 years. The loss of agency may have felt empowering for the family, as the collective did prosper financially because of Lalit’s instructions. This could snowball into a heavier dependence. In the Chundawat family, blame was often assigned to various members of the family so that they could repent for their ‘misdoings’. This may have been a way to keep the family’s secrets inside the home. A similar equation has been observed between devotees and cult leaders. “People within a cult follow the leader, because they feel at peace, at calm. You’re able to move forward in life. Roz Mandir jaana hai. The followers are made to do something blindly as a routine. They don’t feel safe and aren’t allowed to feel vulnerable either. When one is in such a state, it is natural for their body’s stimuli to stress out and get triggered immensely. But the leader’s presence and rituals provide calm in such situations.”, explains Dr. Roma Kumar. © Netflix 6. Trauma Can Be TreatedIt’s not all doom and gloom though, there is hope for everyone. People whose lives have been adversely affected by their traumas can seek help from mental health professionals to alleviate their situation. It’s similar to how you may visit a doctor if you have an upset stomach. Dr. Roma shares a realistic example to help understand this situation, “Everyone can experience stomach aches. Sometimes it can be caused by overeating. It can also be caused by not eating enough. But if the issue lasts for more than a few days, despite your best efforts to remedy the pain, then you will naturally go to a doctor for further investigation. Similarly, for mental health issues, we must reach out to a mental health professional for help. Usually, it will go away. But if it doesn’t, it means that it’s affecting your mind and body and we must address it on a deeper level.” © Netflix 7. Trauma In MenIn Lalit’s case, he took on the burden of filling in the power vacuum left behind by his father, Bhopal Singh’s death. In a patriarchal system, men are expected to be stoic and emotionless. Any sign of emotion is treated as a symptom of weakness. Perhaps, if Lalit hadn’t desperately tried to present a dispassionate facade, he may have been able to discuss the issues he grieved. Dr. Roma explains how men face issues in confronting their emotions, “Logon ko apne bhavnaon ki dekhbhal karna sikhaya nahi jaata hai. We are not taught how to take care of our emotions. We are taught to remain happy. We are taught to not be sad. But isn’t it normal to feel sad? Men should be allowed to talk about their emotions. They should be made to feel comfortable talking about their issues comfortably and openly.” © Netflix Remember, there’s always hope and you're not alone. The future can be brighter once we take the first step. "Your mind is precious and we want you to know that. Learn more about our mental health initiative: His Mental Health" View the full article
  4. Indian director Satyajit Ray’s films revolutionized Bengali stories on the screen in a way that we all felt we are somewhere indebted to him for changing how cinema can be portrayed. He had modern influences into his stories and weaved human emotions in a way that even the 21st-century millennials could also relate to it. His films and stories are coming-of-the-age tales. The complexity of human emotions was presented by him on the screen and he was an under-appreciated filmmaker back then. People started to understand his cinematic vision way later and then, he became India’s very own Shakespeare. His films use lyricism to portray human emotions and there’s a quality in his movies that the events do not look forced. Many modern filmmakers took cues from his works and kept his qualities of telling a story alive. Netflix announced an anthology Ray to give tribute to the great master. When the trailer was released, I had high hopes but it all came crashing down when I finally got to watch the show. I had high expectations from the stories but the storytelling did disappoint me. Let’s do a quick analysis of all four episodes. I have segregated it for a better understanding for all our readers. 1. Forget Me Not View this post on Instagram Ali Fazal plays Ipsit, a corporate giant known as a human-computer by his colleagues and all the acquaintances he has known in his life. The whole story revolves around his character and how he cannot forget things and it somewhere adds pressure to his emotional being. It looked promising because it tackled a health hazard known as Dementia. I was more than excited to see the mystery unfold but my excitement soon fizzled out. Fazal’s performance is outstanding but it’s the script that doesn’t do justice. If they had left an open ending, it would have been far better. Well, director Srijit Mukherji explained everything making the climax look very patchy. It robbed the show of its essence and the cluttered approach made it a painful tribute to the great Satyajit’s vision. I did like a few shots of cinematography but again because of the script restrictions, the cinematography also landed up looking chaotic after a certain point in time. Ali deserved much better because he is only the saving grace. 2. Behrupiya View this post on Instagram I am a very big fan of Kay Kay Menon but I landed up feeling sad for the man I truly admire. He is an actor who can lift spirits with his acting and expressions but here, he didn’t have much to play with. Even in the limited scope, Menon gave me the similar vibes I had after watching Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Menon’s character is a common man who’s overlooked by everyone around him and you do sympathize with him but what more than that. I did like the message the director was trying to convey but some of the scenes looked like that they weren’t needed but were just added to keep up with the length of the episode. Despite having an actor like Kay Kay Menon, the episode failed to produce a cathartic effect. I did sympathize but I couldn’t empathize with his situation. I won’t put any spoilers here because it’s for the viewers to judge the story with their own vision. 3. Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa View this post on Instagram Manoj Bajpayee and Gajraj Rao’s episode was one of the best in the show and did provide a sense of relief to me as a viewer. Director Abhishek Chaubey did come to the rescue but somewhere couldn’t save the entire series from being a disappointment. Manoj and Gajraj are on a train journey and they are connected through an ailment that I won’t reveal. Abhishek heavily relies on these two powerhouses of talent and carried the director's vision pretty well. Chaubey was given full liberty to use his own methods and he did use his style fearlessly. Niren Bhatt’s screenplay also added humour to the episode. I also loved how the cinematographer captured the episode without going overboard. 4. Spotlight View this post on Instagram The last film in the series, Vasan Bala's Spotlight is quite different from the rest and does stick to Ray’s vision. Vasan has done a great job here by adding references from Robert De Niro's The Raging Bull. But, I still somewhere feel that it could have been much better. Harshvarrdhan Kapoor did give his best but was outshined by Chandan Roy Sanyal. The show’s treatment was done in a way that you will be fascinated at the start but it will soon fade away. The whole climax fell short of expectations as it didn’t look promising. Before I say goodbye to all the readers, I will add a point here. All the women in the show were given their space, which I genuinely appreciate about the show. Overall, I felt that the actors did their job outstandingly but the show lacked in giving a perfect tribute to Satyajit Ray. View the full article
  5. The eye-catching promo of the new eight-part fantasy series Sweet Tooth has been released on Netflix and has been creating a buzz around the town. The series introduces its lead character Gus and a child who was born part-animal and part-human. The show is based on a post-apocalyptic show which is co-produced by Robert Downey Jr and is an adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s comic book series that showcases the emergence of hybrid children after a virus took over the world. The concept of the show is out of the ordinary and will keep you hooked to the screen throughout the show. So, here are 5 reasons to watch the show Sweet Tooth on Netflix- Unfamiliar ConceptThe protagonist is a boy named Gus who is one of the hybrids. He has antlers like a deer, however, the other characters have been born with wings, fur, and even snouts and beaks. Christian Convery who plays the role of Gus, told BBC, "Gus is a very curious and innocent hybrid boy, who's part-deer and part-human. He's very isolated, because he's been with his father in the woods his whole life, and he's never seen another human. Gus is very hopeful, positive, and always looking for the best in any situation." The hybrids emerged in the show after a virus created havoc around the world. Adapted From A Comic Book The show is an adaptation of a comic book series by Canadian writer and artist Jeff Lemire. Getting my ears scratched by Rusty! @SweetTooth #sweettoothnetflix #sweettooth pic.twitter.com/ujoxN0vflY — CHRISTIAN CONVERY (@ChristanConvery) June 8, 2021 Co-showrunner Beth Schwartz said, "Jeff has so much richness in the comic books in terms of, not just the characters, but visually, And so we tried to bring that to the screen, whether that was with his imaginative dream sequences that Gus has, or even just his iconic wardrobe." Positive Reviews Great shot of Tiger and I! Animal Army. Sweet Tooth @SweetTooth #sweettooth #sweettoothnetflix pic.twitter.com/t0H2esbnzG — CHRISTIAN CONVERY (@ChristanConvery) June 8, 2021 The show has been getting extremely positive reviews by the critics and is a must watch. Filmed In New Zealand #SweetTooth, which is set after the events of a deadly pandemic, was filmed smack in the middle of Covid last year: https://t.co/YkmlhOK4uQ pic.twitter.com/Q6evo57zDr — Decider (@decider) June 8, 2021 The first episode of the show was filmed a year before the rest of the series. Susan Downey said that they shot the first episode in New Zealand and thought that they’d shoot the rest of the series somewhere else. However, everyone fell in love with the location and they ended up shooting the whole series there only. Show Has Been Changed To Make It Family Friendly When the trailers were released, fans of the novel noted that the TV series looked more family-friendly as compared to the very dark tone of the comic book. Sometimes you choose your family. #SweetTooth pic.twitter.com/l5K31aBvdi — Sweet Tooth (@SweetTooth) June 6, 2021 It was then told by the producers that the tone was changed so that more and more people could watch the show. View the full article
  6. This is a good time for putting your money to OTT streaming services it seems. After The Family Man 2 and Maharani, another gripping narrative is all set to be released to fill the void you must be feeling after finishing these two shows. Netflix’s Ray starring Kay Kay Menon, Manoj Bajpayee Ali Fazal and Harshvarrdhan Kapoor will finally be premiering on June 25 after a long wait since the teaser released in May. © Netflix India The first trailer for the anthology film released today and it looks like a promising tale of four men from different walks of life. It is a story about revenge, success, betrayal and consequences thereof and here are a few things that this Netflix Original has already got us excited. © Netflix India 2. A band of finest filmmakers A veteran storyteller’s work has been taken up by three brilliant directors Vasan Bala, Abhishek Chaubey and Srijit Mukherji, the latter directing two installments of the series. These filmmakers are known for their astute details and fine direction. The stakes are high but it seems like they will do complete justice to Ray’s classic stories. View the full article
  7. Netflix recently released a new eight-part series, Bridgerton which will enable you to travel into the world of Regency London as Daphne tries to find a man to marry. Also, there is a twist when Lady Whistledown writes society scandals that changes the fortunes of powerful families within minutes. This show is not just another random love story. There is so much more to it as the show is set in an era where Daphne is presented in front of the queen which is a legit marriage market. She is supposed to impress suitors for the weddings and thereon, get married to a suitable boy. Now, the show is returning for its second season. Netflix recently announced that the show will come back with its brand new season. The streaming giant shared a short clip featuring scenes from the first season that ended with the caption ‘Season 2 is Coming’. Prepare for another social season. Bridgerton is returning for season two, only on Netflix. pic.twitter.com/yqapEULKz4 — Bridgerton (@bridgerton) January 21, 2021 Within days of the show’s release, it got extremely popular and also became the most talked-about show majorly due to its extraordinary chemistry between its lead characters Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset. The show is a magnificent and the dramatic representation of 19th century Britain and how romance found its way at that time. Prepare for another social season! @Bridgerton shall be back for Season 2! pic.twitter.com/cYbgIhPUbC — Netflix (@netflix) January 21, 2021 Here’s how excited people on Twitter are for Bridgerton’s season 2. WHICH SIBLING WILL THE NEXT SEASON ABOUT JUST TELL US — bia⁷ / slow / (@ARKIVE94) January 21, 2021ANTHONY, ANTHONY, ANTHONY! My day has been made. Thank you, dear author! — Miss Chanandler Bong (@MaddieWali) January 21, 2021I AM SO READY — Janel Parrish Long (@JanelParrish) January 21, 2021YAYYYY! So excited to hear that 🏽🥰 — Amrita Bhortake (@AmritaBhortake) January 21, 2021Soon please ! — Ana (@staffordana) January 21, 2021Sooo ready for this! — Santa Byrnes (@santasmbslt) January 21, 2021The announcement clip also hints that this season is going to be about Anthony Bridgerton and the audience is excited to see what’s in store for us. In the first season, audience found the story of the show extremely addictive and the thrill kept us all hooked to the screen. Throughout the eight-part series, Lady Whistledown will keep you on the toes and excited. Along with all the characters Lady Whistledown is an anonymous writer who can destroy a family by revealing the intimate family secrets of powerful people. Her words are read by everyone in the town and are believed. Her gossip sheet is something everyone is curious about. Are you excited for season 2? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  8. Netflix recently released a new eight-part series, Bridgerton which will enable you to travel into the world of Regency London as Daphne tries to find a man to marry. Also, there is a twist when Lady Whistledown writes society scandals that changes the fortunes of powerful families within minutes. So, here are five reasons why everyone should watch Netflix’s lavish new drama Bridgerton. StorylineThis show is not just another random love story. There is so much more to it as the show is set in an era where Daphne is presented in front of the queen which is a legit marriage market. She is supposed to impress suitors for the weddings and thereon, get married to a suitable boy. © Netflix Lady Whistledown Lady Whistledown is an anonymous writer who can destroy a family by revealing the intimate family secrets of powerful people. Her words are read by everyone in the town and are believed. Her gossip sheet is something everyone is curious about. The Story Is Extremely Addictive The story is extremely addictive and the thrill keeps the audience hooked to the screen. Throughout the eight-part series, Lady Whistledown will keep you hooked to the show. © Netflix Cast If the storyline doesn’t impress you then the cast surely will. Also, every actor in the eight-part series will impress everyone. © Netflix Soundtrack Even though the series is set in Regency Era, you’ll be surprised to hear Ariana Grande’s Thank U Next playing when Daphne is heading to the ball. View the full article
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