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Found 377 results

  1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart may be the first exclusive title that delivers everything Sony promised for the PlayStation 5 last year. The action-platformer and third-person shooter is currently the most charming and technically impressive launch title for the PlayStation 5 during the first year of its lifecycle. Developed by Insomniac Games, Rift Apart, in my opinion, is a love letter to the fans of the franchise and a great introduction to the world for newcomers. © SIE_Insomniac Games The game does a great job of introducing the main characters, the chemistry between them, and new gameplay mechanics as soon as you start the game. Rift Apart starts off with a parade celebration that introduces all of the basic mechanics and starter weapons you will be using throughout the game. It is also the first time you get to experience some of the awesome DualSense features that directly ties in with the gameplay. It’s probably the only game apart from ‘Astro’s Playroom’ that utilises the new controller to its full potential. From different variations in the haptic feedback to the clever implementation of the adaptive triggers, you truly feel the experience of next-generation gaming. © SIE_Insomniac Games As the parade goes on, it quickly gets interrupted by ‘Dr. Nefarious’ and steals the ‘Dimensionator’ from the charming duo. While trying to recover the Dimensionator from Dr Nefarious, Ratchet and Clank accidentally destroy the dimension-shifting artefact causing the two best friends to separate in an alternate dimension. At this point, the focus shifts to a new female Lombax character called ‘Rivet’ who stumbles on Clank and teams up with the robot to find Ratchet. A RIVETing StoryRatchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s narrative is presented very much like an animated movie that's also reflective in the gameplay as well. The main plot stays true to the science-fiction flippant theme of previous games but this time around it’s a bit more personal. It’s like Insomniac took a page from Naughty Dog’s storytelling formula and tweaked it with a comedic spin. The story puts Ratchet and Clank’s relationship to test and introduces interesting dynamics between new and old characters. The chemistry that Rivet and Clank develop during the course of the story doesn’t somehow feel forced. © SIE_Insomniac Games In the interest of not spoiling the plot, the rest of the story follows Insomniac’s tried and tested formula of using tongue-in-cheek humour and the playful tone throughout the game. However this time almost every character seems more expressive and the nuanced jokes hit home more than ever. Even though the story lasts somewhere around 12-15 hours, it was entertaining like a Disney movie from start to end. © SIE_Insomniac Games The playful vibe even translates well in gameplay as you use an expansive arsenal of weaponry against enemies. The reactions from enemies when getting hit by some of these weapons are hilarious and some sound effects feel straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon show. Often, games set a tone in cutscenes but don’t really incorporate the same vibe in gameplay. However, in the case of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the tone remains consistent. Free Flowing Gameplay Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s gamely is the most exhilarating experience I’ve had in years. Right from the beginning, the fast-paced nature of the game is apparent and it’s what makes the whole experience addicting. As Ratchet or Rivet; you get to traverse the world using a new mechanic called ‘tethering rifts’. It works exactly how you may have seen it in trailers and previews where you can keep rotating an arena by moving to a different section of a level instantaneously. These rifts are placed all over each level and you can teleport through these rifts whenever you are close. These rifts add a new layer to the gameplay and I used it mostly to get out of sticky situations or whenever I was low on health/ammo. © SIE_Insomniac Games Previous Ratchet and Clank games were very limited when it came to the movement, however, Rift Apart feels far more free-flowing than ever and also requires players to think more tactically in combat. You no longer just "strafe and shoot" anymore as movement is now more versatile and unconstrained. Since ammo isn’t abundant, the game forces players to switch to different types of guns to overcome different types of enemies. This way, you get to try out all of the new weapons and develop a playstyle that lets you adapt at any time. © SIE_Insomniac Games Speaking of guns, the arsenal of weapons you amass during the course of the game are plentiful and often used in most gunfights. It also happens to be the department where Insomniac games have shown the most creativity. Each weapon is different from the other where my favourites were The Executor, Ricochet and the Topiary Sprinkler. The Executor works similar to a two-barrel shotgun however that’s not where the creativity ends. You can either press the R2 trigger halfway to shoot a single shotgun shell or all the way down to fire both barrels at once. You also feel resistance in the triggers on the DualSense making this particular utilisation the most fascinating feature to use. I would tend to use single-barrel shots in the beginning as it would be more accurate however towards the end of the game I just went with the flow. © SIE_Insomniac Games Similarly, the Ricochet Gun is super fun to use where you shoot a pinball that would ricochet off enemies each time you would tap the R2 button. With each tap, the pinball would make lighting and sound effects akin to a pinball machine. The Topiary Sprinkler would sprinkle water on enemies and turn them into topiary that can be blown up. Staple favourites such as the 'Glove of Doom' and 'Buzz Blades' also make a return. There are plenty of other creative weapons to purchase from Ms Zurkon and each weapon can also be upgraded by her as you progress through the story. Having said that, I do have some criticism in the gameplay department when it comes to Ratchet and Rivet. Surprisingly, there isn’t much difference in the way both characters play and I can understand the reason why Insomniac Games opted for that. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have slight variations between the two in both the way they play and the kind of weapons they use. Level DesignRatchet and Clank: Rift Apart also features stable platforming levels that are made up of arenas of all sizes. However, this time around you also get to check out a semi-open world at some locations, somewhat similar to Naughty Dog games. Since these spaces are larger in size, Ratchet/Rivet now have these special hover boots that you can use to quickly move around. These boots work similarly to skating boots where you need to hold the R1 button and repeatedly tap the L2 button to build up momentum. Of course, the haptic feedback also feels incredible when skating around which surprisingly made it one of my favourite things to do in the game. © SIE_Insomniac Games Apart from the platforming levels, you can also solve puzzles playing as Clank in the metaverse. These puzzles aren’t particularly difficult but quite creative as you need to use a series of balls to progress. These balls include heavy, lift, speed and electricity attributes that can be used to direct Clank clones from different dimensions to open the metaverse gates. Some of my favourite levels in the entire game were these imaginative puzzles that did not feel like an unwarranted side activity. Next-Gen PerformanceWhen it comes to performance, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart runs supremely well on the PlayStation 5. While for most of my review playthrough the performance mode was not available to test out, I did get to dabble a bit with it recently. Insomniac Games issued a patch that enabled the feature which let me run the game in 60FPS with ray tracing enabled. The game ran mostly at 60FPS and looked absolutely stunning with some of the ray-traced lighting effects. In my entire playthrough, I rarely noticed any frame-rate drops and did not face any crashes or bugs. The PlayStation 5 boasts a super-fast SSD which Rift Apart takes full advantage of. Throughout the game, I didn’t see a single loading screen even though Insomniac cleverly hides them behind the mission select menu, brief cutscenes and a few elevator sequences. However, there is one particular level where Rivet can change to a different dimension by hitting crystals. The near-instant transition to this alternative dimension shows how the game takes advantage of the SSD. The entire process including the animation takes less than a second which isn’t technically possible on last-generation’s HDD hardware. © SIE_Insomniac Games It is also worthy to point out that Insomniac Games have included an expansive list of accessibility options for a wide variety of players. You can adjust Fire Modes, Aim Modes, Screen Shake, Motion Blur, Depth of Field and other customisation options to suit your needs. Other options include a ‘Hazard Shader’ that highlights explosives and other hazardous objects with a solid single colour. There’s also a similar feature for highlighting collectables scattered around in levels. © SIE_Insomniac Games Lastly, the game looks absolutely stunning with colourful vistas and lighting effects that sometimes make you stop doing what you’re doing and start taking screenshots. Even during the most chaotic gunfights, the different lighting effects that you see are unlike anything you have experienced before. The Final Verdict Everything about Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart exudes the next-generation goodness we’ve all been waiting for. From a riveting story to fun gameplay to superb performance, Rift Apart is the ultimate exclusive game to get for your PlayStation 5. Having said that, the game costs Rs 4,999 in India which is a bit steep considering the main story lasts anywhere between 12-15 hours. Regardless of the cost, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is still worth experiencing at least once on Sony’s fancy new hardware. View the full article
  2. Prince William was reportedly never able to ?cope with the pressure? of becoming King one day
  3. Actor Tusshar Kapoor recently completed two decades in Bollywood and while talking in an interview on the same, he also got candid about being a single parent to his son Laksshay. Tusshar is among the few celebrity fathers in Bollywood who is taking care of his kid all alone and doing a great job at it. © Instagram/Tusshar Kapoor He welcomed his son Laksshay through surrogacy on June 1, 2016, who turned 5-years-old yesterday. In the interview, he was asked about his plans of getting married and Kapoor revealed that he has no plans to marry now or in the future. © Instagram/Tusshar Kapoor He said, "Never, because I wouldn't have gone through the process of becoming a single parent if I had any doubts about it. I did it at a time and age when I was ready for it and willing to take on the responsibility. I feel like I'm taking the right step.” © Instagram/Tusshar Kapoor “And as of today, I feel like my day is fulfilled because I have so many things to do with my son. There's no other option I could have opted for, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I will not share myself with anybody in the world right now or in the future. So all's well that ends well," he added. © Instagram/Tusshar Kapoor When he decided to have a child five years ago, he said that he couldn’t wait to get married at the time. He told a news portal in an interview, “I was getting a little nervous because my energy is high right now and I can have a child. After 15-20 years, when I turn 50, I won’t be able to play with my child the way I can now. He said that he had to make a decision quickly and marriage could wait. “So, I have to think about this fast. I was quite excited but then, the nervousness kicked in. It took me a month or two to actually start the process,” he said. © Instagram/Tusshar Kapoor He said that he opted for surrogacy instead of adoption because he wanted to have his own child and he felt that he could take the step without tying the knot. We agree. © Instagram/Tusshar Kapoor He is setting an example for all the men who want a child, but not marriage to go for single parenthood without inhibitions. As we can see, he is an amazing father. View the full article
  4. There is some serious trouble brewing down under! China and Australia haven't really been the best of pals in recent times, and well, this time things have gotten so bad that Aussies have threatened to stop eating chocolates over it. © Istock Nah, they aren't cutting out extra calories as part of a fitness regime to take on the Chinese in martial arts tournament, no. What they are doing is planning a major boycott of the Snickers chocolate bar in the country after finding out that the popular chocolate is made not in Australia, but in China. Yikes! © Istock For some of you who don't know, Australia and China have seen their relations deteriorate after having a series of economic and diplomatic blows at each end. © Istock Not only had Australia scrapped agreements that were tied to China's massive infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative, but it has also chosen to ban Chinese firm Huawei from building the 5G network in the country. Until now Aussies were casually going around, eating whatever chocolates they liked while attending concerts and other events in a well-maintained Coronavirus-free environment. However, things took a real turn after a TikToker, Jeremy Toh, while shooting a video at a supermarket store in Australia found out that the Snickers that they ate in their country, was actually made in enemy territory. © Tiktok/Jeremytoh © Tiktok/Jeremytoh Some of Australia's most beloved chocolates including Snickers and Maltesers being made in CHINA | Daily Mail Online Australians have hit out at Mars Australia over decision to move production lines Twix bar is made in Egypt Maltesers in China https://t.co/WThyd3LbMr — ☘️Maureen says G’Day🏻‍ (@826Maureen) June 1, 2020 Australia's second-largest confectionery giant, Mars, which produces Snickers, also has brands that include Maltesers, Twix, and M&Ms, with many products coming from China, Egypt, and other countries. © Istock A spokesperson from Mars, in the company's defense, said that the decision to source the product from China was temporary as their own facility in regional Victoria, was undergoing a multi-million dollar upgrade. However, soon after Toh's Tiktok video was uploaded on social media, Australians vowed to never buy the chocolate again in a full boycott move. Well that's it for me, won't buy any of those brands again. Good for the waist line so there is a win. — Ann McGregor (@AnnMcGr04849387) June 1, 2020They could put anything into those — Bobby Bayls (@BaylsBobby) June 1, 2020Bye bye to them !!!!! — Yarrajewel 🇦🇺 (Same on Gab & Parler) (@yarrajewel) June 1, 2020Subject to contamination. To be avoided. — ConservativeVoice️ (@conserv1951) June 1, 2020They could put anything into those — Bobby Bayls (@BaylsBobby) June 1, 2020Don't eat either. Stopped supporting the brand. — JustMe 🇦🇺 (@JustMe4Now0) June 1, 2020Won't be buying them again. — Daz Vanni (@VanniDaz) June 1, 2020I brought a Mars Bar in Egypt, in 2015, and it was way past its use by date, as were the Pringles, and the chips! lol Also, I noticed 'Made in China' on Snickers Bars over a year ago. No more for me. — 𝕆𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕣 𝔽𝕚𝕥𝕫𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕟 (@FitzalanOscar) June 1, 2020Damn. Snickers WAS my favourite — john hamon (@johnhamon7) June 3, 2020Thanks for reporting this Maureen, it makes our shopping, so much easier. It would never occur to me to check the label on Maltesers. #BoycottChineseProducts #BoycottChina #BuyAustralianMade — Barbara Kedzierski (@BARBARAKEDZIER1) June 1, 2020urghhh...no thank you.....Some of Australia's favourite chocolates including M&Ms, Snickers,Twix and Maltesers are now being made in China and Egypt - and customers say they taste nothing like they used to https://t.co/PHWQwVQDvl pic.twitter.com/tYRg0KWMl8 — Amber.K (@AmberX994874) June 1, 2020Avoid Snickers! Hell the Chinese in Australia won't even buy Chinese baby formula. Then the frozen fruit from China scare! Mars still make their Trademark Mars Bar outside China - but NOT Snickers! pic.twitter.com/VSDls3t6uF — resatweeting (@tweetsfromresa) January 28, 2020 View the full article
  5. PM Imran Khan says his govt is increasing efforts to increase Pakistan's wealth; provide incentives to investors
  6. FM Qureshi rejects 'unfounded' reports of Pakistan giving US its military, air bases; says "Pakistan is in safe hands"
  7. If you followed Bigg Boss 14, you might have loved Eijaz Khan’s and Jaan Kumar Sanu’s equation. The former was always found sharing his passion for workout to the latter. Seems like Sanu has been listening like a good student because months after the show ended, he followed Khan’s steps and underwent a major transformation, as promised by him on the show. © Instagram/Jaan Kumar Sanu The young singer has now lost a few pounds and is unrecognisable. He shared his impressive body transformation on his social media account and thanked Khan for always pushing him to get in shape. He posted the vest given to him by his co-contestant on the show, Eijaz Khan as a target to fit in and in the next slide, he shared a picture of himself wearing that vest. © Instagram/Jaan Kumar Sanu He wrote in the caption, “Back in Bigg Boss, @eijazkhan E-Man made a Vest-Poster for me during a singing task, and @gauaharkhan stamped it with a cute little kiss (you can see the lipstick mark inside the heart still 🥰🥳). I'd promised E-Man and Gauahar I'd fit into the vest one day and wear it for a concert one-day. 6 months down the line I've never felt fitter and I did what I promised. Swipe to see 🏻” © Instagram/Jaan Kumar Sanu He added, “Thank you Eijaz Bhai for harassing me and pushing me hard during those workouts in the BB house. I still have the Vest with me and I'm waiting for my first gig after lockdown. I promised and I will wear it.” © Instagram/Jaan Kumar Sanu Jaan Kumar Sanu, son of veteran singer Kumar Sanu entered the fourteenth season of the reality show Bigg Boss and had a rather short stint in the house. He got along with Eijaz Khan, Sidharth Shukla and Vindu Singh on the show. © Instagram/Jaan Kumar Sanu His transformation is quite impressive, and his followers could not stop appreciating his dedication to achieve what he had promised on the show. A user wrote, “Motivation & Dedication both. Keep it up.” Another user commented, “Awesome transformation Respect.” © Instagram/Jaan Kumar Sanu We are sure Eijaz Khan and Gauahar Khan both will be immensely proud of him too. View the full article
  8. Pink sheds light on the reality of motherhood and the giant To-Do list that follows
  9. One of Prince Harry?s oldest pals from the army recently discussed his title as a prince in the royal family
  10. Gautam Gulati didn’t just win the eighth season of the reality show Bigg Boss but also managed to win a lot of hearts too. He became a favourite of the audience in no time. Anyone who followed that season would know how he emerged as a clear and deserving winner. His maturity, humour and smile made him the most popular contestant in the season. © Instagram/Gautam Gulati After winning the show, he continued to make appearances as a guest on the subsequent seasons, to the delight of his fans. However, we could never see him staying in the BB house as a contestant. © Instagram/Gautam Gulati Apparently, last year, he was, in fact, offered to be one of the ‘toofani seniors’ along with the other former contestants Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan. However, he turned it down. The reason he rejected the offer was that he was required to quarantine in the house for 14 days before and after going on the show, and he didn’t have that much time on his hands. © Instagram/Gautam Gulati Talking about the same, he said, “Last year they’d called me to stay in the house for two weeks. But because of the Covid situation, there had to be a quarantine for 14 days and then another period of quarantine after entering the show. I didn’t have that much of time since I was shooting and I didn’t want to miss the projects I was already working on.” © Instagram/Gautam Gulati After winning Bigg Boss 8, Gulati bagged several film offers and appeared in movies like Azhar, Behen Hogi Teri and recently, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. In the Salman Khan starrer, he plays one of the antagonists named Girgit alongside Randeep Hooda. © Instagram/Gautam Gulati Gautam said that he never intends to go to the BB house again as a contestant. He said, “I feel just happy and blessed that I was a part of it and people still remember the moments from the show. Never I would get into the house again... I can go agar koi theme ya task aate hai (if there is a particular task or theme), for 5-6 days or a week.” © Instagram/Gautam Gulati While this is sad news for his fans who have been waiting to see him in the BB house, we can be happy about the fact that he would still come to the show as a guest. View the full article
  11. "This is not a game, it's war," tweets Wasim Akram, as Israel continues to massacre unarmed civilians in Gaza
  12. Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has gotten into the nastiest of controversies on Twitter in recent years with celebrities, politicians, and a string of other influential people over an array of issues. The actress has not spared anyone and seems to have developed a taste for getting into feuds, following which she was recently blocked on Twitter as well. But the ban seems to have had no effect on the 'Queen', as she has now found a haven on Instagram and continues to voice her strong opinions on Insta stories or posts. © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut Recently, Kangana had tested positive for Covid-19 and had quarantined herself. She had also declared that she will 'demolish' the virus and it's nothing but 'a small flu for her'. On a good note, though she has now tested negative. But, with everything comes some drama for Kangana. The actor took to Instagram and shared her negative report while branding people 'demons'. Here's why. © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut Sharing on her story, she wrote, "All the demons who are asking for my report because they see the world as a projection of their interior, here it is… A Ram bhakt never lies… Jai Shri Ram.” © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut In one of her stories, she could be seen expressing appreciation for Union Minister Smriti Irani. However, she tore into Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and called him a 'dumb fool' in her story. View this post on Instagram Just yesterday, Kangana posted a whole video of her recovery. In the video, she mentions how people get offended when you underestimate the virus. At the time when she had called the virus just 'a small flu', several people were enraged, and she took down the post as she was criticised for spreading wrong information. Speaking of her work, Kangana has two interesting projects lined up for her, Thalaivi and Tejas. Some of her other upcoming movies include Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda and Dhaakad. View the full article
  13. Over the course of Diljit's career in the music industry, he has made one thing certain that he is a style god by all means. Dosanjh has time and again turned our heads to his sartorial choices. Another thing that Diljit has made clear is the fact that he is into finer things in life. Take a look at his Instagram feed and you would see him in all sorts of luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and what not. © Instagram/Diljit Dosanjh © Instagram/Diljit Dosanjh That being said, every piece that he wears carries a unique edge to it. He recently posted a picture on his Instagram feed. In it, Diljit sported a rather contemporary desi wear - a black kurta with black pyjama. With this, he was also seen wearing a pair of basic white cokes. All in all, while the outfit looked dapper and sat well with Diljit's personality, what we were stunned by was the brand that designed the ensemble. © Instagram/Diljit Dosanjh Diljit's black kurta is by Lacoste. The French company is recognised by its green Crocodile logo and is a brand that's known for its Polo T-shirts and other accessories including shoes, sunglasses, watches etc. But, none of us ever knew that Lacoste made Indian desi wear as well. Diljit's Lacoste kurta hence came as a surprise to many. Turns out, the French label had showcased this as a part of their Spring Summer collection in 2007. © Lacoste © Lacoste The Spring-Summer collection back in 2007 was all about relaxed, appealing loungewear. It didn't come as a shock to us that Diljit wore a kurta as we have often seen him wear one, but a French brand making traditional wear is a rare sight. The combination is simple and fuss-free. We also like the way Diljit completed the look with a classy red turban. It added more appeal to his desi avatar. © Instagram/Shehnaz Gill © Instagram/Shehnaz Gill On the work front, Diljit and Shehnaz Gill will be seen together in a Punjabi movie, Honsla Rakh. The duo was filming in Canada and the romantic comedy is slated to release this year. View the full article
  14. Meghan Markle admits that she and Kate Middleton did not have the best relationship together
  15. Sources bash Prince Harry for not going Meghan Markle the help she needed as someone who goes himself
  16. Prince Charles may never forgive Harry, which hasn?t gone down well with Queen Elizabeth
  17. Balochistan Governor Justice (retd) Amanullah Khan Yasinzai refutes media reports, says he has given no interview or made statement about PM Imran Khan
  18. India continues to face the ugly wrath of the second wave of Covid-19 as the number of positive cases is only increasing by the day. In the midst of these things, our country is dealing with other issues, including lack of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders etc. But at a time when everyone is grappling with the virus, Rakhi Sawant recently made a statement that left some in splits and some rather impressed. © Instagram/Rakhi Sawant Rakhi has been on the down-low during the pandemic, however, she has still had her moments. Just a couple of weeks ago, she legit wore a PPE kit while buying vegetables and asked everyone to wear it to be safe from coronavirus. Recently, the Bigg Boss 14 contestant was spotted grabbing a coffee in Mumbai and has now claimed that she can never contract the virus. View this post on Instagram © Instagram/Viral Bhayani © Instagram/Viral Bhayani In a video shared on the paparazzi account, Rakhi can be heard talking about the shortage of vaccines among other things. According to her, she is safe is from the virus and hence would pass on her share of the vaccine to someone in need. Rakhi can be heard saying “Mujhe corona nahi ho sakta, mujhe kabhi nahi hoga, kyunki mere shareer mein mere Yeshu ka pavithra lahoo hai. Isliye mujhe corona aur meri family ko nahi ho sakta" When translated into English, Rakhi is basically trying to say that, she will not catch the virus because she has 'the holy blood of Jesus flowing through her'. And according to her, that's the reason why she and her family will not contract Covid-19. In the end, she also says that she has surrendered herself completely to god. © Instagram/Rakhi Sawant Recently, Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli's brother succumbed to Covid-19. Rakhi also conveyed her condolences for Nikki and recalled how she would talk about her brother on the show often. © Twitter The paparazzi also asked her if she is aware that Kangana's Twitter account was suspended. To that, Rakhi responded saying that it's good as there's no need to spread negativity between neighbouring countries. She also said that one shouldn't make such comments that are against the country's people, politicians etc. © Instagram/Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Sawant is said to be the queen of entertainment and controversies. Her last stint was Bigg Boss 14 and she was one of the finalists but left the show after receiving Rs 14 Lakhs as a cash prize so she could use the money for her mother's treatment. View the full article
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