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Found 36,905 results

  1. Social media platforms have faced mounting calls to moderate Trump's comments
  2. Fazlur Rehman has demanded that the 10th National Finance Commission grant to provinces be more than the current 57.5%
  3. Heaping praises on the kids, the 'Ertu?rul' actor penned a heartfelt caption in Turkish as well as Urdu
  4. If you have seen Anurag Kashyapâs body of work, you would know that he has a different style of filmmaking and not everyone would agree to his point of view or the way he wants to project certain things. This one is no different. It might seem a regular movie but it should be classified as a horror film, especially for those who bore the brunt of demonetization, for it is powerful enough to bring back the demonic memories in its own uncanny, yet in an impactful way. Akin to his movies, Choked tells a story within a story, one that might not initially seem aggressive enough to hold your attention, but, as things unfold, manages to sink right in. Kashyapâs drama is not just about demonetization but it shows many other aspects that are needed to be questioned. The movie is based on a working-class family trying to make ends meet. While he surely paid attention to women empowerment by showcasing Sarita aka Saiyami Kher as the âmanâ of the house, the woes of a young family trying to survive in Mumbai played a catalyst to the tale of demonetization which served a severe blow, especially to the country's middle class. Saiyami Kher doesn't deliver an astronomical performance, but she convincingly nails the part of a working-class family woman. She is convincing in her performance and probably takes the cake during her emotional outburst after the big twist and I cannot reveal the big plot. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@saiyami) Sushant aka Roshan Mathew is a breath of fresh air largely for his characterization as a stay-at-home husband sans the chores. He might be ignorant to Sarita's woes, but despite seeing her enter a hotel on the questionable clip, Sushant, rather than using his fists, relies on his charm to woo Sarita back. Even when there is a confrontation, Sushant rarely looks threatening - something which is quite unbelievable, but undeniably refreshing to see. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@roshan.matthew) Tai aka Amruta Subhash leaves her mark in Choked too. Despite a limited screen-space, she manages to capture the imagination of viewers in multiple facets of the movie. One moment she's helpless and makes you feel for her, and very next minute, she's cocooning her plan to manipulate Sarita. Doing justice to the character of a typical neighbour, Tai shines as a vital cog which keeps this slow-burner interesting with her wits. Coming to a few sequences of the movie, they are subtle digs at the government and how it functions. There is a quarrel between Sarita and Sushant that somewhere is a representation of how the government has been ignoring the pleas of the common man. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@saiyami) Sarita's dream is a subtle dig at the government and the consequences of demonetization.Tai's hysterical laugh literally blurs the dialogues to signify the unbelievable news of demonetization working-class people had to contend with. Thereâs a scene wherein an elderly woman is pleading to Sarita that she lives alone and can't come every day to withdraw Rs 4000. Sarita responds: you get money in the bank, not sympathy. She advises her to plead to the government she voted for. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@saiyami) This movie talks about a lot of things. Well, the problem with the movie is that itâs following a linear progression, and characters donât have the scope to do beyond what they have been asked to do. Despite it being a nice attempt to show how the government and the system is twisted, it lacks depth and might not be everyoneâs cup of tea. In a nutshell, the movie does make for an interesting watch but could have been better. View the full article
  5. A pregnant wild elephant originally belonging to Silent Valley National Park (SVNP), Palakkad, met with a tragic death after she ate a pineapple packed with firecrackers inside meant to eradicate local boars, earlier this week. In a gut-wrenching video that troubled animal lovers all over, the incident was brought to light by Mohan Krishnan, Section Forest Officer, Nilambur, on his Facebook page. The post has since become viral with more than 1,200 shares, and has continued to gain traction online. Remaining calm through what must have been excruciating pain, the elephant retreated to a nearby river to help soothe her burned digestive tract, before succumbing to her injuries. Dr David Abraham, Assistant Forest Veterinary Officer, Thrissur, who did the postmortem, told The New Indian Express that on first observation itself it was clear that the elephant would not survive. The forest officials wanted to euthanize the elephant which was in severe agony. But unfortunately, the message from the top echelons of the forest department was to return it back to the SVNP. Regrettably, the tragic incident was picked up by several politically motivated users on Twitter, and used as ammunition to rouse communal disharmony and attack the ruling government of Kerala - which happens to be one of the major anti-establishment cabinets in the country. View this post on InstagramI am glad you are all talking about justice for the pregnant elephant who died after being fed fire cracker- stuffed fruit. It should be condemned. However, in the struggle for staying relevant and be in the news, we would also appreciate a little fact checking because, doling out opinions about everything that happens or doesnât is dangerous, worst of all, giving it a religious angle. And also, where were you all when the country was in flames few months back.. during JNU and anti CAA protests. Noone even raised an eyebrow back then. Those very privileged Indians are now crying about racism in US, they were completely silent when religious fanatics killed minorities in India in the name of religion and race. Come to think of it, our country witnessed racism like never before in the last few months and everyone was tightlipped. Those very privileged Indians are now crying about racism in US, they were completely silent when religious fanatics killed minorities in India in the name of religion and race. Selective solidarity does not matter, shut up! Get up stand up Stand up for your right.... 'Bob Marley' #getup #standup #standupforyourrightA post shared by (@shanishaki) In the above post by prominent fashion photographer Shani Shaki, the visual artist highlighted how interest groups have picked up the elephant issue and used it as a way to target minorities in the state. It began with several posts insinuating that the elephant was killed in Muslim majority district Malappuram, even though the incident happened in the Mannarkkad division of Palakkad district, which is nearly 100 kilometres away. Even Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar either fell for or supported this false narrative - while simultaneously having helped pass environmentally-unfriendly legislation during his term with the BJP government. Central Government has taken a very serious note of the killing of an elephant in Mallapuram, #Kerala. We will not leave any stone unturned to investigate properly and nab the culprit(s). This is not an Indian culture to feed fire crackers and kill.@moefcc @PIB_India @PIBHindi â Prakash Javadekar (@PrakashJavdekar) June 4, 2020 Similarly, activist and BJP MP Maneka Gandhi followed suit, naming the wrong district as âIndiaâs most violentâ district. It's murder,Malappuram is famous for such incidents, it's India's most violent district.For instance, they throw poison on roads so that 300-400 birds & dogs die at one time: Maneka Gandhi,BJP MP&animal rights activist on elephant's death after being fed cracker-stuffed pineapple pic.twitter.com/OtLHsuiuAq â ANI (@ANI) June 3, 2020 Soon after these statements, K. Sunil Kumar, Divisional Forest Office, Mannarkkad confirmed that the incident had nothing to do with the area under question. "The elephant was found dead in a forest area in the Mannarkkad division of Palakkad district. Such incidents have happened in the past but we have taken all steps to prevent them,â he said to The Quint. Meanwhile, dozens of communally charged posts flew up on social media. Between left and right, Hindu and Muslim humanity is nowhere to be seen. Can't believe young Indians have lost the capacity to think beyond divisive propaganda. An Elephant lost her life due to some monster and the lady is busy peddling Hindu-Muslim theory.#India #ElephantDeath pic.twitter.com/1qC7oNbxYz â Durgesh (@DurgeshAgrahari) June 3, 2020 Malayalam film actress Parvathy Thiruvothu also put a foot in the door of these hatemongering tweets, exposing how sentiment towards animals was redirected towards cementing political goals. Just how you jump at an opportunity to make this an anti-Muslim, hate campaign is astonishing. Focus on the problem. ANIMALS ARE IN DANGER BECAUSE OF CRUEL EXPLOSIVE SNARES. Talk about the actual issue here! â Parvathy Thiruvothu (@parvatweets) June 3, 2020 Others explained how the negative posts were part of a âdefamationâ strategy against the state of Kerala. The IT cell instruction is to hype any negative news from Kerala by adding keywords, communist and leftist, to whatever crap they tweet. No understanding or fact checking is done. It is just an online defamation campaign against Kerala. â Raj (@trilobite_1970) June 4, 2020Despite attempts to pull down the state, Kerala has been - not just across education metrics, but also as a forerunner in executing COVID-19 strategies during the worldwide pandemic. Note: MensXP has reached out to Shani Shaki for comment and are awaiting a response. View the full article
  6. We have witnessed a lot of changes under lockdown, as a ânew normalâ is established every single day to sustain life around us. And now that everything from how we work to how we eat and interact with others, all of it has undergone drastic changes, Bollywood entertainers are doing their best to play catch-up and remain relevant in the âTimes of Coronaâ. One way that many Bollywood celebrities have tried to keep up in these gloomy times is through music. Music which is said to not only lift our mood, but also heal us physically and mentally. Since the beginning of the lockdown, a number of Bollywood actors have come out with their own singles with an aim to entertain as well as motivate millions of Indians stuck at home. So here are five such Bollywood actors who sang, filmed and released their own songs under lockdown and still managed to turn these made-from-scratch songs into big hits! 1. Siddhant Chaturvedi © YouTube The most recent addition to the list, Siddhant Chaturvediâs single âDhoopâ has caused quite a stir on social media. Written and sung by the man himself, the song will fill you with light through its bright lyrics and warm music. Check it out. 2. Salman Khan © YouTube Well, we already know how multi-talented Bhai is, from acting to painting and even singing, he has mastered different art forms. However, his two latest songs, âPyaar Karonaâ and âTere Binaâ which were created and launched amid the lockdown have been major chartbusters. 3. Ayushmann Khurrana © Instagram Ayushmann Khurrana Ayushmann Khurrana is a multi-faceted artist who has been letting his creative juices flow full-on amid the lockdown. So on the occasion of Motherâs Day last month, Ayushmann came out with a soul-touching song titled âMaâ, which quickly became this yearâs Mother's Day anthem for many. View this post on InstagramHere's something for all the Mothers out there who constantly and selflessly shape our lives and the world. This track has been composed by my dear talented friend @rochakkohli and lyrics are by my amazing nikka phraa @ghuggss aka @mohtaaj_ . Iâm fortunate weâve been together since our formative years. You need extreme purity and sensitivity as an artiste to come up with such a creation. Thanks guys!A post shared by (@ayushmannk) 4. Madhuri Dixit © YouTube Madhuri Dixit is an actor par excellence and an equally skilled dancer. However, she has yet again proven that she is a talented singer as well. After singing âKaahe Chhedâ in Devdas, Madhuri recently released her own single called âCandleâ, which has earned her a lot of appreciation with more than 13 million views within days. 5. Shah Rukh Khan © Instagram Shah Rukh Khan Amid the on-going countrywide lockdown, SRK released his peppy song âSab Sahi Ho Jaegaâ in May which quickly became a top shared video on social media. The quirky song was a true spirit-booster and so relatable that people couldnât stop thanking Shah Rukh for voicing their personal opinions on their behalf. View this post on InstagramâªExtremely grateful to #IforIndia, @badboyshah and @cacklerraj for music, lyrics & for working overnight. thank u Sunil for the edit. All so that I could sing. ⬠âªAb bhai, lockdown mein mujhe gaate hue bhi jhelna padhega. AbRam is saying 'papa enough now!â⬠âªPar sab sahi ho jaayega!â¬A post shared by (@iamsrk) View the full article
  7. What we have learned in recent weeks is that racism and police brutality doesn't take an off, even during a pandemic. The death of George Floyd at the hands of police officer Derek Chavin was just the breaking point that reignited the Black Lives Matter movement in full force with people coming out to protest against racial injustices and police brutality. © Reuters The movement is so significant that people all over the world are fighting for justice and equality, not just the US. So many companies have joined the movement and showed solidarity towards the protestors during such an important time. This also includes Google and Sundar Pichai is taking the correct first step by donating and showing support. In a company-wide email, he detailed Google's plans to support the Black Lives Matter movement. © Reuters First of all, he wanted the employees to stand together for a moment of silence for George Floyd and every black person who lost their lives due to senseless violence. The moment of silence was supposed to be held for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and the significance of that time is very crucial. Cops had held down George Floyd for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and in that time, he was mercilessly choked to death. He said, "It's meant to serve as a visceral reminder of the injustice inflicted on Mr. Floyd and so many others. We acknowledge that racism and violence may look different in different parts of the world, so please use this as a moment to reflect on those who have been lost in your own country or community at a time that works for you." © Reuters While this is important, but just stopping at a moment of silence would be just an empty gesture. He acknowledges that and further details the company's plans to actively fight racial inequality. He said, "Weâll be giving $12 million in funding to organizations working to address racial inequities. Our first grants of $1 million each will go to our long-term partners at the Center for Policing Equity and the Equal Justice Initiative. And weâll be providing technical support through our Google.org Fellows program. This builds on the $32 million we have donated to racial justice over the past five years. Weâll also offer $25 million in Ad Grants to help organizations fighting racial injustice provide critical information." © Reuters In the end, he talked about how it's important to work on coming up with long-term solutions and is already working on that and has even asked for suggestions for the same. He said, "The events of the past few weeks reflect deep structural challenges. Weâll work closely with our Black community to develop initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutionsâand weâll keep you updated. As part of this effort, we welcome your ideas on how to use our products and technology to improve access and opportunity." View the full article
  8. Arguably one of the biggest names in international cricket, Shane Warne was the golden boy for Australia in a generation that dictated terms in the gentleman's game. In an international career that spanned over almost 14 years, Warne, on the back of envious bowling records, established himself as one of the greatest spinners to have ever graced the game of cricket. By the time he retired in 2006, Warne had 17,995 runs and 708 wickets in Tests alongside 7,541 runs and 293 wickets in ODI cricket. While his feats surely give a glimpse of his cricketing success, Warne's wizardry with the ball is perhaps best showcased in the 'ball of the century' he bowled on 4th June, 1993 to England's Mike Gatting. #OnThisDay in 1993, a 23-year-old Shane Warne delivered 'The Ball of the Century' pic.twitter.com/vcGkv885yG â ICC (@ICC) June 3, 2020 Warne had only played 11 Tests and one ODI when he was included in the Australian line-up for the Ashes against England for the Manchester Test. While others would have been a bit nervous, Warne, having taken 33 wickets in 12 international matches, probably took it as a challenge to prove his mettle early in his career. Introduced into the attack, after his team was bowled out for 289 runs in the first innings, Warne was facing Gatting, a renowned player against spin-bowling, at the other end. While many had backed experienced Gatting to give young Warne a tough time, the Australian turned the tables on the veteran in style. One heck of a delivery... Shane Warne, you beauty.... â Ashwani (@ImashwaniKsingh) June 4, 2020 Bowling his maiden delivery in the famed Ashes, a 23-year-old Warne took his famous slow-walk, as part of his run-up, towards the crease and used his wind-up action to deliver a masterpiece. The leg-break delivery saw the ball, moving through the air, beginning to drift to the right, eventually pitching several inches outside the line of leg-stump. Taking note of the trajectory, Gatting, as an experienced player of spin-bowling, pushed his leg forward to get to the pitch of the ball to nullify the danger. But, to Gatting and everyone's surprise, the ball, despite pitching outside leg, spun back in (almost two-and-a-half feet), cuffing off sharply to beat the batsman and clipping the top of the off-stump. The sharp turn and bounce extracted by Warne didn't just leave Gatting surprised and bemused, but also saw the unbelievable delivery labelled as the 'ball of the century'. The dismissal of Gatting opened the floodgates for Australia as Warne claimed three more scalps as England were bowled out for 210. Sensing Warne's success, captain Allan Border declared Australia's second innings at 432/5. And, as expected, Warne took four more wickets to help Aussies seal a 179-run win and go 1-0 up in the six-match series. While Australia won the game, Warne etched his name in the history books for his legendary delivery which didn't just put him on the cricketing map, but also earned him the reputation of the man who saved the dying art of leg-spin in international cricket. Warne went on to establish himself as one of the greatest spinners of all-time, taking wickets and shattering records at will. And, while he might have retired from the game, Warne's legends, like the 'miracle ball', continue to live on. View the full article
  9. Some Bollywood films are precious and unfortunately, such films do not release every weekend. But whenever such movies release, we want to watch them again and again and not miss any bit of it. At times, a few of the best scenes get deleted in the process of creating the perfect narrative in the films. And if a film holds a special place in your heart, then youâd want to know all about it. So, here are 5 deleted scenes from popular Bollywood films we wished were a part of the original version. Dear Zindagi The film ends with Alia Bhatt finishing her journey by making a film about Donna Maria and dedicates it to her therapist AKA Shah Rukh Khan. In this deleted scene, you get a backdrop for the film Alia Bhatt makes about Donna Maria and why that particular story created an impact on her. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham SRK gets to know that Hrithik Roshan is his brother much later in the film but Rohan tries to find out whether or not Rahul still missed his parents. The emotional scene with perfect performances would have smoothly fit in, according to us, in the film. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani In the film, Naina and Aditi were suddenly best friends after the interval and as much as we liked the film, most of us didnât understand the jump. And it was only because one of their major bonding scenes was deleted from the movie. Dum Laga Ke Haisha The film was perfect as we watched it but there was another quirky scene that didnât make it to the final cut of the film. Also, little scenes can make a film even more perfect and thatâs exactly what that scene must have done. Kal Ho Na Ho SRK, in the film, knows that he is going to live for a very short period of time and, hence, decides to get Naina and Rohit together. In this deleted scene, Aman plans that he will induce ideas into Nainaâs head for Rohit and persuade her to give Rohit a chance. View the full article
  10. Yes, we are calling out to all those who love drinking tea. You would agree when we say that tea is more than just a beverage, itâs a feeling. The cherry on top of the cake is the fact that drinking tea actually has many health benefits. Just like any other beverage, tea has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Needless to say, drinking tea has a lot more to offer than just itâs exotic flavours. But remember, all these health benefits donât give you a license to drink unhealthy quantities of it. Whether itâs tea or coffee, anything in excess is bound to have adverse effects on your health. Yes, even healthy options like green tea and black tea. That being said, hereâs all that you need to know about the many health benefits of drinking tea. __ECOMLOOKS__711__ __ECOMLOOKS__712__ __ECOMLOOKS__713__ __ECOMLOOKS__714__ __ECOMLOOKS__715__ Explore More View the full article
  11. The world of sports has witnessed numerous stars leaving their mark on history. Some enticed the world on the back of their natural talent, others captured the imagination of fans through hard work and passion for the sport. Cristiano Ronaldo is an athlete who belongs to the latter category. Throughout his life, Ronaldo has been compared to Lionel Messi. The Portuguese surely doesn't have the natural talent of Messi, but he adequately makes up for it with his impeccable hard work and unmatched dedication to succeed. Just like Kobe Bryant's 'Mamba Mentality', Ronaldo's willingness to improve himself by the day is what makes him a worthy adversary to Messi and an inspiration to budding talents. As expected, Ronaldo was on a rampant run this season, scoring 25 goals in 32 games. During December and February, he scored every week from Matchday 14 to 23 without a failure, including three braces and a hat-trick. But then, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak saw the sporting events getting suspended as the world came to a standstill. © Reuters The last game Ronaldo played was the much-anticipated derby against Inter Milan who lost 2-0. And, with the situation getting slightly better, the resumption of football across countries has left many fearing potential injuries for players. The likes of Danny Rose and David Moyes have already raised concerns over the degraded fitness levels of footballers which can lead to injuries upon resumption of football. But, Ronaldo is in a league of his own. Returning to Italy early in May, Ronaldo was forced to observe two weeks of quarantine in a Turin house as imposed by the law. Following the frustrating quarantine, Ronaldo began his individual training with Juventus trainers. On 31st May, Ronaldo shared an Instagram post of him practising his long-range shooting skills with goalkeeper Carlo Pinsoglio. He captioned the post: Practice to perfection with @carlopinsoglio Feeling stronger". And, stronger he emerged. View this post on InstagramPractice to perfection ð¯â½ï¸ with @carlopinsoglio ðð» Feeling strongerðªð»A post shared by (@cristiano) On June 1, the physiological data of Ronaldo measured by the Juventus staff was unbelievable. According to 'AS', The 35-year-old was subjected to multiple tests which included athletic evaluation and skill-performance with the ball with varied intensity. And, the results are not just good, but actually much better than his performance evaluated before lockdown in March. So, how did he do it? Here's the answer. View this post on InstagramMy beautiful training partner!ðð»ââï¸ðªð½ #stayactive #stayhomeA post shared by (@cristiano) While other footballers were busy gaining traction on social media with their posts or, like in Eden Hazard's case, stuffing their face with buns, Ronaldo was using the lockdown period to improve what was already impressive fitness levels. Arriving in Madeira after suspension of Serie A, worked tirelessly with the tools available at home. As claimed by 'Goal', Ronaldo worked out four hours a day to attain what many feel is impossible. View this post on InstagramKids, let the Dad do his work ð¤·ð»ââï¸â¤ï¸ð #stayhome #stayactiveA post shared by (@cristiano) For someone who returned back to Italy, not just looking like a beast, but also feeling like one, you'd expect the footballer to take it easy, as after all he is in better shape than before, right? Well, not Ronaldo. After completing his quarantine and tests, the Portuguese footballer was to join his first team training session on June 2. And, the Juventus talisman arrived for training four hours before any of his teammates showed up. View this post on InstagramExplode mode ð¥ð¨A post shared by (@cristiano) According to 'Tuttosport', Ronaldo arrived at the Continassa JTC at 12:52pm yesterday. Paying attention to the smallest details of his athleticism, Ronaldo trained by himself through multiple drills and sessions for four staggering hours before joining his teammates, who all arrived at 5pm, for the full-blown team session. That's the kind of commitment and passion that separates Ronaldo from the rest. And, believe it or not, it's nothing new for Ronaldo. View this post on InstagramHappy birthday to me!!ððªð½ð¤ªA post shared by (@cristiano) Carlos Tevez, who shared the dressing room with Ronaldo at Old Trafford, once opined: "If you got there (training ground) at half seven, he was there. I said to myself, 'How do you catch this guy out?' So I got there one day at half six and he was there. He was half asleep but he was there". The Portuguese former fitness coach Giovanni Mauri, too, had an interesting incident to share. "Cristiano is a phenomenon and an elite level athlete. We are talking about a world-class player who, when we returned home at 2am from a Champions League away match, would not jet off home in his car. No, he would stop at the training centre for at least an hour for various recovery exercises and cryotherapy," Mauri once said. View the full article
  12. This week saw a massive, nationwide uprising against police brutality in every state of the USA - with thousands of #BlackLivesMatter supporters taking to the streets in protest against the killing of a 46-year-old African American man named George Floyd, with all four police officers involved now facing charges. The now ex-cop primarily responsible for Floydâs death, Derek Chauvin, faces a more serious charge of second-degree murder, and for the first time prosecuters have levelled charges against three other officers, issuing warrants for their arrests. While the story is far from over, citizens from every state showed up in massive numbers to display their dissent - often at the risk of being assaulted, beaten or tear-gassed by police forces. so the police have been firing tear gas and flashbangs consistently for the last twenty minutes at protesters chanting "hands up, don't shoot". there's no curfew in Iowa City and this protest is completely peaceful. the Iowa City police instigated violence pic.twitter.com/fftlFtxP3m â grumpydragon.jpg (@t_a_ylorann) June 4, 2020 Despite the massive ground the movement has gained across the last few days, thereâs no shortage of detractors - some of whom have accused protestors of looting and pillaging empty retail stores while others have resorted to racist attacks in person and over social media. To those who are bitching about rioting. And to those who are bitching about looting. Donât get it twisted: protesters are protesting. Looters are looting. Stay focused and remember when two months ago you were panic buying and punching people over toilet paper. â Mohamad Safa (@mhdksafa) June 4, 2020While this is nothing new for America, perhaps the most insensitive and appalling sign of the times is a recent trend thatâs caught steam across TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms - whatâs been called the âGeorge Floyd Challengeâ. âTHE GEORGE FLOYD CHALLENGEâ I AM AT A LOSS FOR WORDS. DISGRACEFUL. pic.twitter.com/NKUUaKkVYt â BLACK LIVES MATTER (@TeaSeshYT) June 2, 2020 Imitating the horrific actions that led to Floydâs death, the trend (which seemingly seems to have picked up with white teenagers) led to widespread outrage - and perhaps five minutes of fame for the irresponsible people behind them. Fortunately, the challenge sparked action from some social media giants, with #GeorgeFloydChallenge not returning any results on Facebook and being met with a "Hashtag is Hidden" message on its sister site, Instagram. Several people were appalled over social media - especially considering that the crime happened barely a week ago, on May 25. As if whatâs going isnt sad enough, people are really making this a form of humor and entertainment. If anyone knows these people I highly recommend blurting out because âGeorge Floyd challenge is absolutely disgusting!!!!!!! #BlackLivesMattter #RIPGEORGEFLYOD pic.twitter.com/ftbWU8JvUC â ðð§ðð®ð¨ð¤ð£ (@GraysonRowles) June 2, 2020 I see that alot people need to be sitting in a mental asylum vs their house right now.... since when did people make someone's death a challenge? #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd pic.twitter.com/jBJbxFZDAB â Precious (@PreciousShuntae) June 4, 2020 To all the white people doing the âGeorge Floyd challengeâ... why? Why do you feel the need to insult the death of an innocent man by kneeling on other peopleâs necks when you know damn well that, even though you may not be killing them, you are just as bad as the cops who did? â Taylor (@bonbon_pro) June 4, 2020 Activist Ambreena Syed also took a moment to compare the insensitivity with context to Indian politicians making light of human rights atrocities in Kashmir. Two different countries but same kind of sick people. In US, they started #GeorgeFloyd challenge and in India a ruling party leader was selling T shirts with a Kashmiri tied to jeep bonnet as human shield. pic.twitter.com/uaU0Pe5SJv â Ambreena Syed (@Ambreen62986028) June 4, 2020 Fortunately, whether out of honest goodwill or social pressure, local police have taken action, issuing the following statement: âWe can confirm we are investigating after an image was shared on social media which showed two men imitating the recent death of US citizen George Floyd. An investigation was launched and yesterday (Sunday) officers arrested two males aged 19 and another male aged 18 on suspicion of sending communications causing anxiety and distress. They have since been released on bail. We understand that this social media post has caused significant upset and we want to reassure the public it is being investigated robustly and is being treated as a hate crime.â View the full article
  13. While we thought that TV actors are living their best life, a lot of them have also been impacted by the Coronavirus situation that has resulted in a long lockdown. There werenât any shoots happening and actors are also as out of work as we are. Recently, actor Ronit Roy revealed that he has been jobless since January and his money is also drying up now. He also said that he is responsible for feeding 100 families and he is selling things to support those families. View this post on InstagramHappy Birthday my lil baby girl. Youâve grown so much. Youâre 15 today and 5â8â. You say all the wise things in the world. You have made me and your Amma so proud. But for me youâll always be that lil baby who slept on my chest all night. I canât express in words how much I love you. Have a super year and a super life ahead. Blessings always â¤ï¸A post shared by (@ronitboseroy) He also told TOI in an interview, "Personally, I haven't made money since January. I have a small business which was running and is now shut since March. Whatever I have, I am selling things to support about 100 families that I am responsible for. I am not a very rich man, but I am doing it. So, these Production houses and channels that have these big, lavish offices which are visible from 2 Kms away from a highway, they need to do something.â Ronit also persuaded the people who are going through a financial crisis to not give up easily and hang in there. He also urged the production houses to clear the payments of actors who are in need. View this post on Instagram. #rbr #ronitboseroy #ronitroy #rbrspeaksA post shared by (@ronitboseroy) He also said, "I would like to request both the parties that if you can't pay the full amount at least give them some amount so that they can meet their daily expenses. You know that person, you worked with them for six months, 1 year it doesn't matter you should pay them. At least give maintenance so that they can survive. People have families at home, elderly parents, kids. Sustain your immediate people. And people who are facing financial crisis, I would like to tell them, I understand your problem completely.â View this post on InstagramGood morning! Reached Chennai in the middle of the night and now shoot has got cancelled! So bored in the room so doing Random selfies. Chalo Gym jaate hain!!!!A post shared by (@ronitboseroy) âI know what it means to stay hungry. I could survive for four years because I did not have a family. Akela aadmi bhukha so sakta hai but bacchon ko bhukha nahi sula sakta. All I want to tell them is that this too shall pass and don't take any wrong step. Stay strong, hang in there, tough time calls for tough measures so hang in there we will emerge victorious and stronger. Lots of love please take care, everyone,â he added. We hope things get better soon and the economic crisis comes to an end soon. View the full article
  14. Be it daily tests or setting up quarantine facilities, the Sindh province has emerged as the most prepared of all the provinces in the country
  15. 'There is no logic as to why flour prices should increase when harvesting of the wheat crop has just recently been concluded,' says the prime minsiter
  16. Nasser Hussain says that the teams would have no choice but to create their own atmosphere along with the new rules in place
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