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Found 58 results

  1. Actors transforming themselves to get into a particular character is nothing new, nor is making a biopic an unusual affair in Bollywood. But, what's new is how seriously Bollywood is taking its transformation game these days. In fact, with Anupam Kher as former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Bal Thackray, we've already seen what actors and filmmakers are capable of pulling off. View this post on Instagram @NambiNa69586681 So very tough to get to where you are sir, even merely look look-wise .. But doing my very very best ..@rocketryfilm @Tricolourfilm @vijaymoolan A post shared by R. Madhavan (@actormaddy) on Dec 12, 2018 at 8:00pm PST Now, a new name is making rounds for his incredible transformation, and we're not talking about Vivek Oberoi. We're talking about the national heartthrob, R. Madhavan who shed his cool dude avatar to get into the shoes of ISRO scientist, Nambi Narayanan. View this post on Instagram Need all you BLESSINGS ..ðððððððâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ððð A post shared by R. Madhavan (@actormaddy) on Jan 20, 2019 at 9:12pm PST The 48-year-old actor not only looks unrecognisable but legit looks like Narayanan's doppelganger. View this post on Instagram After 14 hrs on the chair.. Who is who is WHO???ððððð #rocketryfilm @tricolourfilm @media.raindrop @vijaymoolan A post shared by R. Madhavan (@actormaddy) on Jan 21, 2019 at 9:32pm PST In case, you haven't been following the actor on social media, Madhavan is currently working on his debut directorial 'Rocketry: The Nambi Effect', a biopic on the scientist and aerospace engineer. It took him 14 hours to get the look and nearly two and a half years to get into the character and learn how to walk and talk like him. View this post on Instagram @Rocketryfilm ðWhen getting in the character take 2 years and getting the look in place take 14 hrs on the chair . ððððð@#Rocketrythenambieffect. A post shared by R. Madhavan (@actormaddy) on Jan 13, 2019 at 7:06pm PST Madhavan looks so convincing in these pictures, that sometimes it got difficult to identify which of them is the real scientist and who is his on-screen avatar.
  2. We already know that Microsoft and Sony are both working on future consoles and are getting ready for the next generation. There are rumours that both companies are working on multiple consoles that will sell at different prices. The next generation of Xbox consoles is set to replace the Xbox One X and will be able to offer 4K gaming natively. © YouTube It is said to have improved hardware and better graphics than the current generation. We've heard rumours of various features that will come on the next generation, however, we want to talk about certain mistakes Xbox can't afford to make in the next generation. One of them includes making India a huge part of their strategy and here's what we think the gaming company needs to do: 1. Nail The Launch Event © Reuters Gamers are very vocal and Microsoft had to learn the hard way when the Xbox One was announced in 2013. In fact, it was a disaster as it wasn't presented as a gaming machine but rather as an entertainment box. Executives failed to talk about games and other features like “always online”, DRM and other issues that had gamers concerned. Messaging plays a crucial role in getting gamers excited and that's where Sony prevailed. The next Xbox launch needs to appeal more to gamers than casual users so that it has a great ecosystem right from the start. 2. Pro-Gaming Features © Microsoft Xbox One has already become a machine that provides the best features that any gamer could ask. The Xbox Game pass makes games more affordable and also lets users play Xbox exclusive games on day 1. All for a subscription price that works like Netflix and lets players play old and new games for a fraction of full retail price. In India, gaming is already an expensive affair and this new feature will make it easier for gamers in India to get access to the latest games for a cheaper price. © Microsoft Xbox already has a huge library of old games that are compatible with the Xbox One. Backwards compatibility is crucial for gamers as we generally like to visit old games. Rumours suggest that the next Xbox consoles are said to have backward compatibility for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles. This would definitely bring a huge advantage to the new console, as Sony has been shying away from providing a similar feature on the PlayStation platform as of now. 3. Better Exclusives © Microsoft There's no secret that Sony PlayStation 4's success had to do with better exclusive games for the consoles. With games like God of War, Spider-Man, Last of Us, Uncharted and other exclusive games made the console a huge success all over the world. In fact, Microsoft has already bought new studios to effectively compete with Microsoft, however, the platform will need a good exclusive at launch to sway gamers to the other side. 4. A Budget Xbox For India © BCCL India is going to be the next big gaming country in the world as we've already seen great success for games like PUBG in the country. Consoles are generally very expensive in India due to import duties that made it exclusive for a nice audience. Xbox can change its fortunes by making a cheaper model just for India or manufacture/assemble all consoles in India to drive the price down. Indians love a bargain which is why it has made companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus super successful in India. The strategy is simple, undercut the competition with aggressive pricing. With a population of 1.3 billion and potential 200 million gamers, Xbox can capture the Indian market with affordable pricing. India is the next big destination for anything technology and gaming needs to follow suit. Rumours are already suggesting that Xbox is working on a budget console, however, we will only know for sure when the next Xbox is made official. 5. Release It Sooner © Reuters The Xbox 360 was the winner of last generation's console wars and there were two main reasons behind it. The Xbox 360 was cheaper than the PlayStation 3 and it launched six months earlier. If Xbox manages to launch the new console before Sony at E3 this year, there's no doubt it will be able to capture the gaming market faster. Do you think Xbox can make it big in India? What do you think Microsoft should do to win the Indian gaming scene. Let us know in the comments.
  3. Anand Mahindra's Twitter account is a goldmine of inspiration and his over 6 million followers can vouch for the same. Be it spotting a rare talent from across the world or sharing inspirational stories; the chairman of the Mahindra Group never fails to impress us with his knack of spotting the best of the world. Reuters Recently, he tweeted about a couple in their late 60s, Vijayan and Mohana, who own a tea shop called Sree Balaji Coffee House in Kochi and spend the money earned to travel the world together. They started the shop to fulfil their dream of travelling the world and have visited over 20 countries till now. The couple's inspiring story has already made them the internet's newest hero. And Anand Mahindra is their latest admirer. YouTube He wrote, "They may not figure in the Forbes Rich list but in my view, they are amongst the richest people in our country. Their wealth is their attitude to life." They may not figure in the Forbes Rich list but in my view, they are amongst the richest people in our country.Their wealth is their attitude to life. The next time I'm in their town I am definitely dropping by for tea & a tour of their exhibits.. pic.twitter.com/PPePvwtRQs — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) January 9, 2019 Well said, Mr. Mahindra. Their positive attitude towards life and their rich travel experience truly makes them the richest couple in the whole world. After Mahindra tweeted about this, people started replying to him asking if they could help the couple in any way, as the couple takes bank loans along with the income from their tea shop to travel the world. Well, Mr. Mahindra has the perfect solution for it. He requested people to find out the couple's wedding anniversary date, crowdfund the amount for their next foreign trip and gift it to them. Well what about us finding out the date of their wedding anniversary and crowdsourcing the funding for their next trip as an anniversary gift?? https://t.co/gZescVgjQk — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) January 9, 2019 This is the reason why people love him so much.
  4. In September, Apple launched the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR. The three phones were in-line with Apple's iPhone X design language and featured major internal changes only. Though, the smartphone industry underwent some vital changes in terms of design with companies trying their luck with everything. Huawei's P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro have definitively taken over the mobile photography department and Google's Pixel still kicks ass with a single lens. In this polarised environment, we sure expect Apple to bring in radical changes to the iPhone. Last week, Apple stock dipped massively due to poor iPhone sales owing to their battery replacement program. © BCCL Users just aren't upgrading to a new iPhone thanks to easy and cheap battery replacements. In such a scenario, Apple needs more than just a design change. It needs to be prepared to take on aggressive competition from Samsung, Huawei, and Google. OnLeaks has shared a render that gives us our very first look at Apple's next smartphone – the iPhone XI 2019. The image shows only the rear of the device but it is a big reveal nonetheless. The rumour reveals that Apple will go out of its way to make the upcoming iPhones much special and better than ever before. © Digit x OnLeaks The leaked picture of the iPhone XI reveals that the new iPhone will come with triple rear cameras paired with LED flash. The three camera lenses are located in a squircle manner in the top left corner and the LED flash on the right corner, in an awkward, asymmetric location. At the moment, the exact details of each sensor remain unclear. If we're to guess, one of them shall be the primary lens accompanied by a telephoto sensor. The right lens could be a Time of Flight lens that is more accurate over long distance and can be used for 3D modelling. © Digit x OnLeaks It's being said that the 2019 iPhone models are currently in the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, meaning it's still in early design and how the end product will look isn't finalised yet. The current design we see is very "un-Apple" because the company is known for its attention to detail, and we really hope such an asymmetric design doesn't make it to the finals. Source: Digit
  5. Google's next operating system Fuchsia OS is expected to hit devices in the next few years and apparently, it will be able to run Android apps as well. This will make it easier for Android's existing user base to switch to the new platform when it is available on the next generation of smartphones. © Twitter 9to5Google spotted a new file on Android's open source project website that said: "These targets are used to build ART for Fuchsia.” This means that Google is making a special version of Android Runtime or ART which will be able to run Android apps. "They differ from usual Android devices as they do not target specific hardware. They will produce a fuchsia package (.far file)," the memo reads. © 9t05Google This basically means that users will be able to bring over all their purchases from the Google Play Store to the new operating system without any problems. Based on previous leaks and reports, Fuchsia will be able to run on a range of devices such as phones, tablets and even PCS. This will basically bridge the gap between Android and Chrome OS and work similar to Apple's ecosystem. Having said that, offering backward compatibility for Android apps on the new operating system may make it encouraging for users to upgrade to new devices. Whenever the time comes, the conversion rate can be expected to be fast, as people would be comfortable to try out the new operating system without losing any of their data and purchases. Source: 9to5Google
  6. The next iPhone is expected to have advanced mobile photography that has been tipped to generate excitement amongst users. The 2019 iPhones are expected to follow the same design as the current generation but have some neat camera features. © MensXP According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is working with Sony to include a long distance 3D camera. This new lens is expected to change smartphone photography game and will also result in better security and gaming. Bloomberg spoke to Sony directly to get this information so the source couldn't have been better. “Cameras revolutionized phones, and based on what I've seen, I have the same expectation for 3D [cameras],” said Satoshi Yoshihara, head of Sony's sensor division, when speaking with Bloomberg. © YouTube Bloomberg revealed Apple's plans for this new camera sensor and Sony subsequently confirmed the commercial availability of the lens. According to Yoshihara and Sony, both the front and rear-facing 3D cameras will be ready in 2019 and “kick off mass production in late summer to meet demand”. The 3D cameras will basically use “Time of Flight” technology that will send out invisible laser pulses and measure the time before it bounces back to build 3d models of objects up to five meters away. Source: Bloomberg
  7. Amazon and Flipkart will suffer a big blow as the government has barred them from selling their own goods while also putting an end to deep discounts and cashback schemes offered by them. Both the companies are facing a new ban from selling products from companies in which they have an equity interest, according to Reuters. The government, in a statement, said that these companies will also be prevented from entering into exclusive agreements with sellers. The marketplaces will be barred from selling products from companies in which they have an equity interest. The new rules are set to become effective starting February 1. The government says these marketplaces purchase goods in bulk through wholesale units and in turn sell them via select sellers with whom they have an agreement. © Reuters “An entity having equity participation by e-commerce marketplace entity or its group companies, or having control on its inventory by e-commerce marketplace entity or its group companies, will not be permitted to sell its products on the platform run by such marketplace entity,” the commerce ministry said in a statement. These agreements include partnerships with phone makers like Xiaomi and OPPO, who exclusively sell their products via these marketplaces. This shall be better for the end consumer as well because you won't have to forcefully stick with one marketplace. If a phone maker wants to sell its phones, you'll have the option to select your marketplace or seller. © Bloomberg According to the new rules, "inventory of a vendor will be deemed to be controlled by e-commerce marketplace entity if more than 25 percent of purchases of such vendor is from the marketplace entity or its group companies". According to the current policy, 100 percent FDI is permitted in marketplaces and e-commerce activities. But barred from inventory-based activities. © VCCirlce This also means Amazon will have to keep a check on its close partner Cloudtail and Appario. All India Online Vendors Association (AIOVA) filed a similar petition against Flipkart in May, alleging a violation of competition rules through preferential treatment for select sellers. This is one reason why Flipkart reduced its reliance on WS Retail in the last few years. Cloudtail is a joint venture of Amazon and Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy's Catamaran Ventures that is among the largest sellers on Amazon India's platform.
  8. The Kargil War had been one of the most dramatic, turnaround military events at the turn of the century in 1999. Hundreds of soldiers were martyred on the battlefield and thousands ended up as war casualties between May-July 1999. While the war ended with the ousting of the Pakistani Army from the Indian territory and put into display the terrific side of Indian warfare, the mentions and accolades for the Kargil warriors are limited to just a few. The war saw the best of joint efforts by all the warriors involved, the Army, Navy and the Air Force, yet names such as Gunjan Saxena do not get the amount of recognition and mention which is due to them for their contribution during the war. © Facebook Gunjan Saxena - we haven't heard of this name enough. We do not know about her enough. Somehow the world does its share to remember and revere the ones who gave their lives for the motherland, and rightly so. But why is it that we end up losing sight of all the others who stood up and stood out during such moments of crisis? Gunjan Saxena happens to be one such person. She is a warrior, and one to be feared at that. Gunjan is one of India's first combat aviators who went all guns blazing into the battlefield and came out a winner! Coming from a family of warriors, sensational patriotism ran in her blood since she first let out her warcry as a baby! Her father and brother were Army warriors, and her choice to join the forces was a natural inclination. A Delhi University graduate from Hansraj College, Gunjan became one of the 25 young women who formed the first batch of women IAF trainee pilots in 1994. She was the first one to set precedent back in 1999, by getting inducted into the fighter squadron. She, along with a few other female pilots became the ideal role model who showed the then apprehensive society, that women could do wonders as fighter pilots too! © Twitter Even after her induction, tough times were ahead for Gunjan. The Armed forces was a male-dominated space, much like today, and women had to constantly prove their mettle while carrying out their missions. Her chance finally came with the outbreak of the war with Pakistan over Kargil in 1999. Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Sharma flew over a highly troubled zone, where the Pakistani had let its senseless killing on the loose. With all hands on deck, Gunjan was assigned the task of carrying out medical evacuations, supply drops and spotting Pakistani positions on the ground. Equipped with the tiny, unarmed Cheetah helicopters which were very vulnerable to enemy attacks, Gunjan continuously flew in and out of the trouble war zone without giving a damn about her safety. Reportedly, a Pakistani missile barely missed her chopper right before take-off during an attack, and many more death scares looked her at the time, but she continued to carry out her tasks without any slack. Gunjan even carried a fully loaded INSAS assault rifle and a revolver with her, in case of a crash landing near the enemy base, so she could die fighting, if that's what it took. © BCCL Talking to NDTV, she said, "I think it is the ultimate feeling that you can ever have as a helicopter pilot. That was one of our main roles there - casualty evacuation. I would say it's a very satisfying feeling when you save a life because that is what you're there for.” After seven years of service, Gunjan's tenure as a chopper fighter came to an end, while she also ended up getting awarded with a Shaurya Veer award for her excellent show of courage and valour. That also makes her one of the first women to be awarded such honour by the Indian Army. Her story is not often told but needs to be put out there, and seems like we won't have to wait much longer to witness it unravel before our eyes. Earlier today, the first look of Janhvi Kapoor, who is playing the role of Gunjan Saxena in the war hero's biopic went viral on social media. View this post on Instagram Janhvi Kapoor's first look as Gunjan Saxena, the first female IAS pilot will leave you in awe of the actress! @pinkvilla ð. . #janhvikapoor #firstlook #gunjansaxena #iaspilot #actress #bollywood #sweet #beautiful #adorable #celebration #pinkvilla A post shared by Pinkvilla (@pinkvilla) on Dec 25, 2018 at 10:53pm PST As per latest reports, Janhvi will undergo basic flying lessons and will also spend more time personally interacting with Gunjan to understand and portray her role better. It has also been reported that Dulquer Salmaan will be paired alongside Janhvi in the movie that is being produced by Karan Johar.
  9. With the festive season being kicked into high gear, the onslaught of Christmas parties, Secret Santa gift exchanges, and New Year's Eve celebrations is about to be upon us.This also means that, in all likelihood, you too would be hosting a party or two in the coming weeks. Now hosting a house party creates a dangerous and misleading illusion - it makes it seem like it's easy to do, when in reality it's actually the complete opposite. After all, a good host has to take care of all of the arrangements for the party, as well as make sure that everyone is in high spirits, all the while having a good time themselves. It's a thankless job, one where you have take care of anything and everything - from ensuring there is enough food and drinks for all (that too incorporating your guests' preferences), to making sure everyone manages to navigate their way to your crib. And while everything has to go right for the party to be a success, it takes just one screw-up for it to be a flop. So to help all of our party animals be adequately prepared for all the Christmas parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, and even just the generic house parties they'll surely be hosting in the future, here are four tips they should try adhering to. 1) Make Sure You Own Quality Wireless Speakers As No Party Is Complete Without Great Music © Unsplash Perhaps second only to the food and drinks, good music is going to play the most essential part in ensuring that your party is going to be a success. As such, you need to absolutely make sure that, if you don't already have quality speakers lying somewhere around your house, you invest in the best portable Bluetooth speakers you could get your hands on. The best speakers out there usually come equipped with a significant wireless range, long battery life, and premium quality of sound. While you don't have to be brand brat, if you can afford it, then it's advisable to opt for speakers belonging to premium brands. 2) Appearances Matter, And A Good Host HAS To Be Presentable © Official Instagram/Kartik Aaryan Since you'll be the host of your house party, you cannot compromise on your appearance. After all, a good host has to be presentable as well. Since we are in the middle of winters, you should start by updating your winter wardrobe - make sure you know about the best leather jackets, the best overcoats, and the best sweaters for men available in the market. After that, you can't ignore your grooming game as well. So make sure that your grooming kit is winter ready - the best face creams, moisturisers and body lotions for winters are a must. You should also take care of your beard game by investing in the best electric shavers, beard oils and moustache waxes (if applicable!). 3) Make Sure That The Food Or Booze Doesn't Run Out © Pexels One of the worst things that can happen at any party, one that is certain to act as a major party pooper, is for the food or booze - especially the booze - to run out. So when you're prepping for the party, make sure you have enough food and drinks stocked up for your entire guest list. In fact, as a cautious effort, make sure you also take into account any extra people or potential plus ones that might show up at the last minute (here's a hint, they almost always do!). While you're at it, also make sure that there is enough variety of booze being served, since you wouldn't want a wine lover to compromise by drinking beer, or vice-versa. 4) Finally, Don't Forget To Have A Good Time! via GIPHY This might sound like an obvious thing to say, but the stress of hosting a party, ensuring that everyone is having a good time, and making sure that all the arrangements are in order (including the booze, food and music) can preoccupy you to such an extent that you end up forgetting to enjoy your own party. And since you've invested so much time, effort and money in hosting it, that just doesn't seem right. So make sure that, regardless of anything else, you don't forget to have a good time.
  10. PUBG, more specifically the 'PUBG Mobile', is the most popular game on the planet and has gathered quite some steam in India. A new update that was released for the PC version of the game introduced a new map called Vikendi. The new map is covered with snow where players can track each other in the snow. © YouTube The new map is now coming to PUBG Mobile with some of the features. For example, the green ghillie suit has now been replaced with a similar outfit but is completely white. This will let users blend in with the snow environment to get an added advantage over enemies. The feature to track enemies may not be able to make it on the Mobile version as it is graphics intensive and requires a lot of juice which smartphones lack. The new map will also have snowmobiles for users to traverse the environments and also introduce new weapons. © YouTube PUBG mobile servers will not be active today as Tencent will be applying the new update and the new map to its servers from 5:30 am to 2:30 pm IST. The new update will also provide rewards for players who update their games before 25th December. Tencent will be giving away Outfit Box III and 1,888 BP points for users who will update the game before the above-mentioned date. © PUBG The new map will be available from the main menu and PUBG mobile will also get a new snow theme. New important features now include giving users the ability to report suspicious behaviour while spectating after dying. PUBG Mobile's new version will also get added Season spending rewards and added Firearms Finish Upgrade system.
  11. Samsung is the main supplier of OLED panels that are being used in all high-end iPhones, such as the iPhone X, XS and XS Max. This resulted in a costlier production procedure which shot up the price of the iPhone to Rs 1 Lakh. Samsung is now looking to reduce the cost of OLED panels that are currently being used and hopefully make it thinner and lighter at the same time. © Akshay Bhalla_MensXP As per a report by Korean website ETnews, the new OLED panel from Samsung is called 'Y-Octa' and will have a display with touch integrated within. This basically reduces the thickness of the OLED panel and in turn, makes it lighter too. This type of OLED panels is currently being used by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 9 and S9. The report also adds that at least one of the 2019 iPhones is expected to have the same display tech. © Akshay Bhalla_MensXP Samsung has already approached Apple in the past for using the same type of display in new iPhones. The report by ETnews says, "A senior Samsung Display representative visited Apple in March to propose the supply of touch-integrated OLED panels.” The screen technology in question should be ready in time for next year's iPhone launch, which is expected to take place sometime in September. The report adds that this new screen will have a limited supply initially and this could translate to only premium iPhone models sporting the new lighter and thinner design. As production of the 'Y-Octa' display increases, we could see this display technology trickle down to all iPhone models that use an OLED panel. Source: ETnews
  12. The YouTube spiral is a very real thing. The search for that one idiotic video that made you laugh 6 years ago can suddenly turn into an 8-hour spiral into the endless void of every celebrity conspiracy video the world has to offer. “I came here to watch a Photoshop tutorial, how the f**k did I end up on a 12 min video of '5 Reasons Avril Lavigne is actually a clone' and also why is it 4 am?!” - you may think to yourself. It's a slippery slope and the human brain has pretty much no limit when it comes to how much information (useless or otherwise) it can be subjected to. However, in the interest of public service, we would like to share with you some YouTube channels that aren't a waste of time and at the very least, could help you sound super smart at the next social gathering you happen to be attending. From science to film to music to pop culture, we've got you covered. Here's hoping that your next spiral is a beneficial one. Pop Culture: 1. WiseCrack - You may have already heard of this one, but it's a great place to start. With some of the best hosts, editing and perspectives available on the web, WiseCrack has the ability to take even the most accessible and widely loved shows, movies etc and break them down and talk about them like a research paper. From 'The Philosophy of..' to 'Thug Notes' and my personal favourite 'Earthling Cinema', WiseCrack has something for everybody and it's no wonder they're approaching 3 million subscribers. 2. NerdWriter - Nerdwriter is the brainchild of (in my opinion) super genius Evan Puschak. As 'The Nerdwriter' Evan crafts beautiful, informative and eye-opening video essays, where he dissects and explores the deeper philosophical, conceptual and historical significance of everything from TV Shows, Stand Up Comedy, Painting, Poetry, Pop Music, Fidget Spinners and everything in between. Each episode is made with care and the utmost respect for the subject matter being talked about, and the editing is seriously out of the world. Check this one out and get enlightened. Science & History: 1. Vsauce - Founded by ex-Googler Michael Stevens in 2007, Vsauce is your one-stop shop to 1. Learn something new and impressively scientific 2. Listen to great background music and 3. Get your f**king mind blown. Vsauce and its impressive hosts create mind-bending content that begins with a basic almost rhetorical questions and then leads you down a rabbit hole of quantum physics, human psychology, fantastical history lessons and super well-made graphics to completely disrupt everything you thought you knew about science you took for granted. 2. Crash Course World History - Now, Crash Course is basically a university and you can pick and choose the courses you want, but Crash Course World History is especially essential; one, because it is hosted by John Green ( I mean, come on) and two, it is easy to understand, well paced and the animations are like a world within themselves ( I wish I dreamt in Thought Bubble™ ). Over the course of 42 episodes, John Green traces humanity from the Stone Age to the iPhone and doesn't miss a single step. It is unbiased, untarnished and thoroughly entertaining. Film & Music: 1. Every Frame a Painting - You may not have heard of this channel as they officially called it quits late last year. However, I would highly recommend going through their back catalogue of beautifully put-together and artistically rich video essays, where they talk about film language, director styles, film history and pretty much everything related to the art of cinema. From the mainstream to the art house, EFaP provides a highly informed perspective that will at the very least help you appear more informed at the next “artsy” house party you attend. 2. The Needle Drop - Last but not the least, I would not be able to finish this list without talking about one of my personal favourite YouTube channels - The Needle Drop. As a music nerd (read: snob) I have to give props to the “Internet's Busiest Music Nerd” Mr. Anthony Fantano. Not only does he shed light on lesser-known albums and artists through his album reviews, but also offers a super unique yet highly relatable perspective. Besides reviews, Fantano also covers the bigger questions and talks about issues in the music industry via his channel - Fantano (which I also highly recommend).
  13. Spotify is finally coming to India according to reports by Variety and Bloomberg. The story was confirmed by unnamed sources who detail that the streaming service has reached a settlement with major rights holders in India. It will enable the company to launch in the fastest growing music market in the world i.e. India, that has a population of 1.3 billion and potential 100 milling customers. Rumours suggest that Spotify will offer a trial period for full access which is normal than longer when compared to the company's 30-day period. Bloomberg notes that India's primary source for music streaming is YouTube and can be used for free. Spotify will face an uphill battle in India to make users pay for a streaming service. Spotify has faced major hurdles in getting music rights, as local record labels threatened the company from withholding rights as the company attempted to licence music directly from artists. These issues have now been resolved and Spotify will launch officially within the next six months. Spotify will also need to take various other languages into account before the launch. Spotify works with a credit card which only a small amount of the Indian population owns. It could also introduce gift cards in order to tackle this problem for Indian users. Spotify will be competing in India with other music streaming apps like Gaana, Saavn, Apple Music, Google Music, Youtube and Amazon Music. It indeed would be a massive opportunity for the company to launch in India, as the company's stock price is declining over the past three months and losing major money. Source: Variety
  14. The Pixel 3 was notorious for getting leaked way before its official launch and it looks like leaks surrounding Google's new budget phone have been spotted. The Lite version of the device is expected to have less powerful specs and a cheaper price tag for price-sensitive consumers. It was spotted online on Twitter and we finally know what it looks like next to the Pixel 3. The smartphone was spotted by Russian Twitter and the picture posted shows some clear differences between the two smartphones. In the below picture, the Pixel 3 Lite is on the left and there are some stark differences that can be noticed immediately. The Pixel 3 Lite has a taller 5.566-inch display and has an aspect ratio of 18.5:9 Sargo и Pixel 3 pic.twitter.com/FOJQY7qp1k — kzkv (@jc_ru) November 23, 2018 The Pixel 3 Lite leak also reveals that the smartphone is being powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 670 processor, has 4GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage. The Pixel 3/3XL uses the Snapdragon 845 processor and the Lite version may have a slower processor but it does have some advantages up its sleeve. The Pixel 3 Lite doesn't have a notch in its display and uses a more traditional look like the Pixel 2. It has the same 12.2MP camera on the rear as the Pixel 3 and is expected to have the same smartphone photogram finesse as its faster brother. It also has the same battery size as the Pixel 3 i.e. 2,915 mAh and features a headphone jack. However, the Pixel 3 Lite does not have the same dual-camera setup at the front as the Pixel 3. © YouTube Since Pixel 3 Lite leaks are getting more prominent, it is likely that Google is set to announce the budget smartphone soon. As of now, there is no word how much it will cost and when it will be made available to purchase. However, we are more interested to see whether it will launch in India and see it compete with already established budget smartphones. To know more about the Pixel 3 Lite, stay tuned to MensXP technology for updates. Source: Slashgear
  15. As part of my profession, I take close to 100 flights a year. It is always visibly disturbing to see everyone so well behaved on board. This paints a very bland and depressing scene thousands of feet above the sea level. I have often sensed the inner urge of certain passengers to freely express themselves and endear their magnificent personalities on their neighbours. This article elaborates ten golden commandments you can follow to be highly appreciated by your neighbours on a flight; especially the ones that depart before sunrise: Rule #1: Thou Shall Be The King Of All You Survey For generations, we have been programmed to control our territory. It is an insult to your manliness if a co-passenger invades your allocated territory. The best practice always suggests that you take complete control of armrests on either side without conceding an inch. If you are really in the mood, you should ensure your elbow pokes into your neighbour's soft protruding belly! Rule #2: Thou Shall Always Be On 911 Mode The world is progressing at a very fast pace. And for all of us, time is money! Hence it is imperative you manage every second onboard efficiently. I highly recommend that you start taking calls as soon as the aircraft lands and barge your way through to collect your luggage before everyone else. Even if it damages someone else's bag...or head, it is understandable. What if a Fortune 500 CEO ends up calling you in the 5 minutes you are on the aircraft after it lands? Rule #3: Thou Shall Use The Washroom The Way You Used It During Your Hostel Days Certain passengers seem very fond of the washroom on flights. They seem to not let go of the washroom. In light of this warrior spirit, it is advisable that you bang hard on the washroom door screaming, “jaldi karo bhai, kitna time lagega” and then lock your self up inside for the purpose of meditation. To fondly remember your college days, you should treat the washroom the way you maintained it during your hostel days! Rule #4: Thou Shall Repeatedly Call The Air-Hostess Most airlines pride themselves on providing best in class customer service. But airlines should not take this premium imagery for granted. Hence, as a responsible customer, you should repeatedly call the air-hostess to check if she is still up to the mark. Ask her for yesterday's newspaper, ask her for mouth freshener, ask her for cotton earbuds, ask her for tissue paper, ask her if she can explain the evacuation instructions in Bhojpuri. If nothing else, ask her for a selfie with you! Rule #5: Thou Shall Watch A Movie Without The Earphones On © Hope Productions Entertainment is best relished when it is enjoyed by all and sundry. Your co-passengers will be highly appreciative if you play the latest episode of 'CID' featuring ACP Pradyuman at full volume without speakers. After all, who doesn't like a little thrill early morning? Rule #6: Thou Shall Constantly Feel Lighter In Air After the gymnasium, the flight is the most appropriate place to feel lighter in the air. Repeatedly attempting to relieve gas accumulated in your alimentary canal is a great way to lose weight 35,000 feet above sea level. In addition, it has the added benefit of all your co-passengers knowing what you had for dinner - garlic, onion, radish, mutton! Rule #7: Thou Shall Burp, Belch & Yawn Repeatedly Actually, there are other ways to relieve yourself in addition to the above. With the right discipline of belching, burping and yawning every 90 seconds; your body is guaranteed to feel light by a couple of pounds before you arrive on land. It is advisable to burp and belch in a rhythmic pattern so that they resemble the latest Honey Singh blockbuster. After all, everyone would love to experience a live Honey Singh performance! Rule #8: Thou Shall Make Your Neighbours Smell Your Aromatic Socks A great anonymous writer once said, “A man is known by the stinky socks he keeps.” There is no better way for a man to express his personality on a flight other than by removing his shoes and making his co-passengers smell his aromatic socks. After all, who doesn't like the smell of rotting onion combined with dog poop? Who knows, if the stars are aligned, Calvin Klein might select it for its next line of perfumes! Rule #9: Thou Shall Peep Into Your Neighbour's Laptop Knowledge is omnipresent and everyone is a source of learning! With this gospel truth in mind, you should always peep into your neighbour's laptop repeatedly to understand the industry and the work they are up to. Who knows, your neighbour might have quality inside information which you are missing out on? Rule #10: Thou Shall Attempt To Play Agony Aunt To Your Neighbour The world is very depressed. Everyone should do their bit to make the world a better place. As a result, it is always advisable to lend an empathetic shoulder to your neighbour. If you see a lady in her late 20s without an engagement ring, she will always appreciate if you ask her “abhi tak bachche nahin huain?” In conclusion, it is not easy to be a difficult pesky co-passenger. But with the right amount of dedication and blind faith to the above commandments, it is only a matter of time before your inner dream is realised! About the author: The author, Sandeep Das, is an MBA from IIM Bangalore, a management consultant, author of 'Yours Sarcastically' & 'Satan's Angels' and a columnist.
  16. Seems like Priyanka Chopra is not the only one who is going to get married to her wonderful 'pardesi' boyfriend. The lovely Freida Pinto, who has been based in Hollywood for many years now, might also be getting hitched soon to her photographer boyfriend Tory Cran. Taking to social media, the beautiful actress recently shared a mushy picture of herself with Cran. View this post on Instagram How lucky is anyone who has been graced by your heart full of light!ð . . Birthday love, kisses and deep appreciation for you, my beautiful man! I celebrate you today and everyday. Happy Birthday love! . . #2MonkeysTogether ðâ¤ð A post shared by Freida Pinto (@freidapinto) on Nov 21, 2018 at 11:59am PST View this post on Instagram Home in Austin doing everything under the sun! Also, looking for land! ðð¼ðð» • These days I'm always wearing my Wrangler Outdoor gear from @tractorsupply because I can literally do everything I love in it. #TSCWranglerOutdoor #tractorsupply • ð¸: @kourtneykox A post shared by C O R Y | T R A N (@coryt) on Aug 28, 2018 at 3:47pm PDT Tory Cran is a celebrated photographer and often puts some beautiful shots of his lady love on his social media account. View this post on Instagram With her, on a dock, dancing. A post shared by C O R Y | T R A N (@coryt) on Jul 10, 2018 at 8:47am PDT View this post on Instagram Slow mornings, are the best mornings. ð A post shared by C O R Y | T R A N (@coryt) on May 21, 2018 at 7:54am PDT The couple is often spotted in public events and back in September, the two were seen indulging in some PDA at the US Open. © justjared © justjared As per reports, the two might tie the knot in the nearing future! Looks like wedding bells are ringing loud for all our beautiful 'desi' girls.
  17. Netflix has announced that it will debut its next Original series from India in 2019. Titled Leila, the show will be based on the popular book Prayaag Akbar and will be directed by a group of creative minds led by famous indie director Deepa Mehta (who has previously headed projects like Earth and Midnight's Children). (c)Twitter A dystopian work of fiction set in the near future, Leila is the story of Shalini: a mother in search of her daughter Leila whom she lost one tragic summer, informed a press release Thursday. Shalini deals with various hardships in the course of her search, in a story of longing, faith and loss. The series is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman and Pawan Kumar, and it will star Huma Qureshi and Siddarth. Leila will be a six-episode series available only on Netflix globally in 2019. (Full synopsis of the show below) (c)Twitter The streaming service had tasted widespread success in India with the Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddique-starrer Original Sacred Games earlier this year. It was followed by Radhika Apte's three-part horror show Ghoul that couldn't replicate the success of its predecessor. (c)Twitter Netflix also confirmed an 'All-Star Hindi Talent' for its Original film Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. It will feature voiceovers from the likes of Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, Rohan Chand, Matthew Rhys and Naomie Harris lead the English cast in this visually spectacular and emotionally moving adventure that debuts on December 7. Leila synopsis In a digitized city, sometime in the near future, as an obsession with purity escalates, walls come up dividing and confining communities. Behind the walls high civic order prevails. In the forgotten spaces between, where garbage gathers and disease festers, Shalini must search for Leila, the daughter she lost one tragic summer two years ago.. Skirting surveillance systems and thuggish repeaters, Shalini—once wealthy, with perhaps a wayward past; now a misfit, pushed to the margins—is propelled only by her search.
  18. Two months ago, Hardik Pandya had collapsed on the field during India's encounter against Pakistan during the 2018 edition of the Asia Cup. While the Indian team managed to win the game, Pandya was later diagnosed with an acute lower back injury which ruled him out of the tournament. His injury was so severe that it further denied his participation in the Test, ODI and T20I series against West Indies at home. And, then, he was also left out of the upcoming T20I and Test series against Australia as the Indian selectors allowed him some time to recover. After staying away from the field for 60 days, Pandya gave the Indian cricket fans a reason to cheer for through a video where he was finally seen bowling and batting in the nets, rediscovering his form. Focused and determined! Feels good to be bowling after 60 days, on my road to recovery ð¥ðªðªðª pic.twitter.com/D5moHZKVfd — hardik pandya (@hardikpandya7) November 19, 2018 "Focused and determined! Feels good to be bowling after 60 days, on my road to recovery," the 25-year-old all-rounder tweeted with the video which garnered a lot of views and attracted much praise from fans. If Pandya's 'road to recovery' video got everyone rallying behind him in support, another viral footage has now earned him flak and heavy criticism. Pandya, who's off duty due to his injury, shares a close bond with MS Dhoni and it wasn't really surprising to see him amongst many celebrities who attended Sakshi's birthday bash recently. Apart from being snapped with Dhoni, the Baroda cricketer was seen in many videos uploaded by Dhoni's wife on Instagram. View this post on Instagram Cake cutting ðð #SakshiDhoni #Msdhoni A post shared by Sakshi Singh Dhoni FC ð (@_sakshisingh_r) on Nov 17, 2018 at 11:52am PST However, to the sheer shock and disappointment of Indian cricket fans, Pandya was seen either smoking or vaping in one of the videos that has since gone viral on the social media. In the video, MSD and Sakshi were seen gearing for the cake-cutting ceremony when Pandya, standing next to the former Indian skipper, was seen taking a puff and exhaling thick smoke in the background. We aren't really sure if the Indian cricketer was smoking a cigarette or just vaping, but his exploits in the video has undoubtedly left the Indian cricket fans fuming, with some even urging the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to take some action against Pandya. @BCCI please take some disciplinary action against @hardikpandya7 . Is this an example you want to set for all youngsters? Also is it fair that a smoker gets to wear INDIA jersey? @imVkohli — V Trader (@vtrader1982) November 20, 2018 From the video.. it seems to me tht he was vaping.. — pöpëyë (@da_sailor_man) November 20, 2018 Smoking is style for celebrity making Advertising of cigarette brand — habib_me (@habibme1) November 19, 2018 Hardik Pandya failing miserably at trying to act cool & sly while hiding his vape is me trying to act cool & sly ever. pic.twitter.com/dejDbAf3mq — Sahil Rizwan (@SahilRiz) November 20, 2018 It was vape ððð — GI_joe (@GIjoe50707558) November 19, 2018 In the modern era of the sport where cricketers are very particular about their fitness, Pandya's recent antics will also disappoint Virat Kohli who, for long, has insisted on eating right and training hard to derive favourable results on the field. Moreover, Pandya, being a role model for the youth, is surely not expected to set a bad precedent for the youngsters.
  19. Karan Johar and his sixth season of 'Koffee With Karan' are only getting wilder with every week and looks like tonight's episode featuring one of the coolest father-daughter duo won't be any different either. Be it Sara, Ibrahim, or Taimur, the Pataudi clan undoubtedly comprises the best genes in Bollywood. While the whole country seems to be obsessed with Taimur, who has everyone's attention wrapped around his little fingers, people are now taking notice of Sara too, as she gears up to set her foot in Bollywood with one of the most anticipated movies of this year, 'Kedarnath'. Star World Ahead of the release, Sara made her public appearance on 'Koffee With Karan 6' with her father Saif Ali Khan. And we've got our hands on some exlcusive highlights from tonight's episode where the duo brews some really juicy gossip and gives a sneak-peek into their relationship and family dynamics. Sara Was Only 4 When She Decided She Wanted To Be An Actor At an age of 4 when most of us were busy eating mud, Sara had already realised that she wanted to be an actress. In the episode, Saif revealed that during a world tour that Sara accompanied him to, she saw Aishwarya Rai on-stage in Chicago. She was so mesmerized by he performance and the crowd's reaction that she said, "this is what I want to do! This is my world; this is where I want to be!" Star World On The Day Of His Wedding With Kareena, Saif Wrote A Letter To Amrita Saif reveals that he actually sent a letter to Amrita before starting his new journey with Kareena and wished Amrita well. Before sending it across, he even made Kareena read the letter, who too thought that it was really sweet of him and supported this gesture completely. Sara also coped well with her father's relationship with Kareena, and when she got to know about the note, she was really happy. In fact, Amrita dressed her up for Saif's wedding and asked her to be by his side at this important time. After hearing this, Karan called them “the quintessential, beautiful Modern Family”. View this post on Instagram #SaifAliKhan breaking #DadStereotypes in style. #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithSaif #KoffeeWithSara #SaraAliKhan A post shared by Star World (@starworldindia) on Nov 11, 2018 at 9:03am PST Saif Reveals What He Thinks 'DeepVeer' Can Go To Jail For Newlyweds Deepika and Ranveer just came back to Mumbai after getting married at Lake Como, Italy; and are about to start their new journey, but looks like Saif already has reasons which he feels can land the couple in jail. When everyone is talking about DeepVeer, how can KJo not talk about them on his show. When asked what would Deepika and Ranveer go to jail for, Saif spoke about Ranveer's fashion and said he could go to jail for an accident that he caused due to his red suit. For Deepika, with whom he has earlier worked in movies, he said it's a crime to have long legs and she could go to jail for them. Despite having Kareena by his side, he called Deepika one of the sexiest actors in Bollywood. Star World Who's Wilder - Saif, Amrita Or Sara? People say the kids are usually supposed to be wilder and crazier than their parents. But in this case, the roles have been reversed. Earlier, in one of the promos she said she is weird because her parents are weird. In the episode she says there are a lot of values she would like to imbibe from her parents, but went on to say that they are a bit wilder than she is. When asked who's wilder amongst her parents - she said her mother. View this post on Instagram The dynamic father-daughter duo are here to brew up some fun! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithSaif #KoffeeWithSara #SaifAliKhan #SaraAliKhan A post shared by Star World (@starworldindia) on Nov 11, 2018 at 9:06am PST Who Can Keep Secrets Well In The Pataudi Family Talking about secrets, we're sure the Pataudi family too will have their fair share. But who is good at keeping these secrets wrapped well? Turns out it's Soha Ali Khan. Saif further revealed that after Soha, if there's anyone who can keep secrets well it's his wife Kareena, to which Karan said, "this information has been shared with Kareena and 44 others in the group." So, we don't know whom to believe - Saif or Karan. But what are those secrets though? 'Koffee with Karan 6' airs every Sunday at 9 pm on Star World!
  20. Here are the passport wallets that every traveler at heart needs. It's an accessory that perfectly married the utility side of travel, while also giving you a fun accessory that speaks a lot about your personality. It makes your trip safe and efficient, and adds a touch of whimsy. For every guy jet-setting around the world, these are the passport wallets that will help you out. Check Out Which Are The Best Passport Wallets To Use For Travelling: 1. This fun and quirky passport holder © Amazon This passport wallet is fun, with vibrant colours, but it also a great thing for when you are on the run. It's a compact case that will be your dependable travel buddy. The wallet has slots for your credit card, space for some handy cash, a safe place for the passport and another one for your tickets. . MRP: Rs 750 Buy it here 2. This wallet with a great motto © Amazon This really handy blue cover is a steal when it comes to the the best passport wallets. With a great print, and an awesome quote, "Travel To Unravel" it makes for a great accessory for any true travel aficionado. MRP: Rs 499 Buy it here 3. This one which is perfect for the hippie in you © Amazon "Where will you go?" A question that we have been asked all the time, and one that can often get a little awkward (imagine this question about your future career path or such). But with this passport wallet, this question brings with it all sorts of adventure, fun, and possibilities. MRP: Rs 750 Buy it here 4. This customisable wallet that can sport your name © Amazon Everybody loves some personalised merchandise, and when that is on your passport, that is pretty cool and I think we can all agree. So yes to some special merch for yourself and pick up this camera print passport cover that can have your name on it, which will also ensure that you don't lose your passport anywhere. Buy it here 5. This one from Swiss Military © Amazon This one from Swiss Military is great for traveling, with its durable fabric that is super easy to clean. The wallet has has pockets to keep up to two passports. It also has a name card holder, a loop for your pen, a pocket for SIM card and camera SD card, six pockets to keep your credit and debit cards, and separate pockets to keep coins and notes. There is also an mesh pocket outside, so you can easily scan your boarding pass for check-in. MRP: Rs 828 Buy it here 6. And this one from AmazonBasics © Amazon This AmazonBasics passport wallet features seven interior slots: one for a passport, two for folded paper currency and four for cards, holding up to eight cards with two to each slot. The slots are perfect for a driver's license, credit card, debit card and such. There are two large vertical pockets as well to accommodate folded notes.The full length vertical pocket that is on the other side provides fit for the back cover of the passport so you can display the passport without having to remove it every time. MRP: Rs 799 Buy it here 7. This Trucase Blue Passport Wallet © Amazon Feeling like showing off your pride for the country? Then this passport wallet should definitely be on your list of travel accessories to get. The blue wallet, from Truecase, comes with an embossed design of the wheel from the national flag and the country's name right below it. It has four slots for cards, one slot for your passport, one slot for your boarding pass and one for cash. MRP: Rs 550 Buy it here
  21. It's official, PUBG's exclusive console deal with Xbox is now coming to an end and the game will finally be available on PlayStation 4 from December 7th. The game will be priced at $30 (Approx Rs 2,100) on PS4 while other versions such as the “survivor's edition” and “champion's edition” will retail for $50 (Approx Rs 3,300) and $60 (Approx Rs 4,328) respectively. © MensXP The special edition versions will include G-coin and other in-game rewards. The game is now officially available for Pre-order on PlayStation Network starting today. There were several leaks regarding PUBG's launch on the PS4 as it appeared on an Amazon listing earlier this month. The PlayStation version will include access to Erangel, Miramar, and Snhok maps. The game will have all features on the PlayStation version one can find in the PC and Xbox version. If you own a PS4 Pro, PUBG will also include support for HDR. © PUBG PUBG was recently added to Xbox's gamepass subscription which makes it more accessible for users on the platform. Microsoft had an exclusivity deal wit PUBG for a year which has now come to an end. “We're excited to expand our PUBG service and introduce new communities to our Battle Royale game,” says Changhan Kim, CEO of PUBG Corp. “PlayStation has developed an amazing community of passionate gamers and we can't wait to join them this holiday season.” If you are interested in seeing the trailer for PUBG on PlayStation, you can watch it below:
  22. Up until the PlayStation 4, the controller layout remained unchanged for years. Having said that, the Touchpad on the PlayStation 4 is more or less used as a quick action button in various games and wasn't really explored further. However, according to a new update to Sony's DualShock controller, the touchpad could be replaced with a proper touchscreen. © YouTube The patent was spotted by DualShockers, and suggested that the touchscreen can be used for interactive feedback such as showing stats, displaying a mini-map or other functions you need to see on the fly. Sony has already implemented an LED light bar which changes colour according to your gameplay. It's not the first time we've seen a touchscreen on console controllers. Nintendo's Wii U had a similar concept that did not impress gamers as a whole. The Sega Dreamcast also implemented something similar back in the day which was also a failure when we look at sales figures. However, Sony has been killing it when it comes to console sales all over the world and it may just be a successful implementation for the company if the company implement the latest patent. © Pexels Even though this is a patent, for now, it is possible to see a new Dualshock controller with the next generation of Sony PlayStation. Sony is reportedly working on the PlayStation 4 successor and it may be possible that we will see the new controller bundled with PlayStation 5. We can only know for sure once Sony unveils the new console which could release sometime in late 2019/early 2020. Source: DualShockers
  23. OnePlus has been known to launch two smartphones a year in a six-month cycle. However, OnePlus confirmed that it will be launching a 5G ready smartphone in the first half of next year. According to reports, the Qualcomm powered 5G device is expected to launch early next year and there's a good chance that it won't be the OnePlus 7. © OnePlus The OnePlus 6T launched just a few weeks ago and it seems highly unlikely that the company will launch the OnePlus 7 so soon. If the current cycle is to be taken into consideration, the OnePlus 7 is expected to launch sometime in May or June next year. OnePlus told CNET Spain that the next flagship device i.e. the direct successor of OnePlus 6T won't have 5G support. From this, it can be assumed that OnePlus may be launching a separate 5G device to support the current portfolio i.e. the OP 6 and OP 6T. There is a high chance that the smartphone may be unveiled at MWC, however, it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. © OnePlus Since 5G connective is a relatively new technology, it may be expensive to manufacture this device as of now. This would explain why the OnePlus 7 may not have the 5G connectivity of now. The other problem remains the support for 5G network coverage. As of now, there is no proper infrastructure to support 5G coverage and may become a reality sometime next year — especially in India. OnePlus is known to offer flagship devices at considerable lower prices when compared to its direct competitors. Even though the price of the smartphone has been increasing year on year, it still costs considerably less than other flagship devices such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. It would be fair to assume that the company wants to carry forward the same ethos with the OnePlus 7 and may not want to include the expensive 5G connectivity capabilities just yet.
  24. The much awaited trailer of 'Kedarnath' starring Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput is now out. The movie has been directed by Abhishek Kapoor and marks the debut of Sara Ali Khan. The story line is quite basic. Hindu girl falls in love with a Muslim man and all hell breaks loose for the lovebirds because inter-faith marriages are still not considered 'normal' in larger chunks of our society, especially in small towns. As the name of the movie suggests, the entire onus is on the holy place of Kedarnath and the 2013 Uttarakhand flood tragedy is the backdrop of this love story. © Guy In The Sky Pictures The first song 'Namo Namo' was released on Dhanteras and is already a hit with the audience. Sara Ali Khan knows her craft and with her fabulous performance in her debut movie, her confidence is winning our vote. This trailer is proof enough that she is surely sweeping the 'best debutante' award next year. Nepotism maybe the norm in this industry, but I guess Sara Ali Khan will prove that talent and good acting is indeed a gift she has inherited with the name. © Guy In The Sky Pictures Sushant has not got a lot of screen space in the trailer, which is okay, because he is already an established talented name in the industry. The movie will hit the screens on 7th December, 2018.
  25. Right from the first episode, the sixth season of Karan Johar's highly controversial and masaledaar show, 'Koffee With Karan' has managed to live up to all the hype and drama surrounding the show. Looks like tonight's episode featuring Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan isn't going to be any different either. While most of you are still busy buying tickets of 'Thugs of Hindostan', Katrina is now gearing up for the release of 'Zero' and will soon be seen in 'ABCD 3' opposite Varun Dhawan. Star World For those who don't know, Varun is also the founding member of 'I Hate Katrina' club. So, when you bring B-Town's hottest actress and her anti-fan club leader under one roof, shots are expected to be fired. And we've got our hands on some exclusive highlights from tonight's episode, which only prove the same. The 'I Hate Katrina' Club Was Actually For Salman Khan For the longest time, Katrina and everyone who knows about this group's existence thought that it was made to spite Katrina for not giving them attention. But, the truth is, it was actually made to get Salman Khan's attention, which got divided when he was shooting with Katrina for 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya'. Salman used to chill with Arjun and Varun and make them practice their workouts, but due to Katrina they didn't get enough attention. .@Varun_dvn spills the beans on why he started 'Hate Katrina' club and it's a plot twist! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithKatrina #KoffeeWithVarun pic.twitter.com/5ExkjObgAg — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) November 4, 2018 Katrina Feels She & Vicky Kaushal Might Look Good Together Before you guys raise your eyebrows, we're talking about them looking good on-screen. Katrina reveals on the show that she would like to work with Vicky Kaushal, since she has a feeling that they might look good together in movies. Vicky Kaushal is truly a brilliant actor, who has proved his mettle with movies like 'Raazi', 'Sanju' and 'Manmarziyaan'. So, we can't wait for the two to come together in a movie. Star World Varun Talks About His Tinder Profile Talking about love, we all know that Varun is actually in a happy space right now with Natasha, and his fans too love him for being an amazing boyfriend. So what better opportunity can there be that this show to ask him about his Tinder profile, if there was any. So when asked about Varun's Tinder bio, he said 'Sasta and Tikau'. Well, we don't know if Varun is ever coming on Tinder, but if that happens we know who's getting the most number of right swipes. Love Guru Katrina Kaif Gives Some Valuable Advice “When neither of you need each other, when there's no great dependency on the other person. There's just admiration, there's respect, there's companionship and there's a space of ease between you,” says Katrina Kaif as she speaks about being single and how it has made her really comfortable with 'who she is'. View this post on Instagram The Diwali dazzle continues on the Koffee couch with the dashing duo of @katrinakaif & @varundvn! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithVarun #KoffeeWithKatrina A post shared by Star World (@starworldindia) on Nov 8, 2018 at 2:16am PST Varun's Mother Reveals Varun's Girlfriends Helped Him In Class Work At School In this episode, Varun's parents will share stories from Varun's school days. She reveals that whenever she checked Varun's notebooks, she will see different handwriting and when she went to Varun's school to confront his friends, they said they felt sorry for him. Well, now we know Varun was quite popular even in school. Star World Be it Alia or Deepika talking about their respective partners, Akshay and Ranveer bringing the whole house down with their unabashed and unapologetic humour and behaviour, or Aamir Khan and Malaika Arora collectively roasting Karan Johar for his choice of clothes; every episode has given the audience something spicy and interesting to take back home. And it seems, this episode too will be as gossipy as the previous one. 'Koffee with Karan 6' airs every Sunday at 9 pm on Star World!