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Found 2 results

  1. I don't know how to stress this enough - people really suck. Everyone would complain about how India is not advancing and then would destroy any new thing that is introduced for the betterment of the country. Case in point - the fastest train in the country - Train 18, which is scheduled to be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 29, has already had people hurl stones at it for no apparent reason. According to a senior official, the train was pelted with stones yesterday during a trial run between Delhi and Agra, and it ended in a broken window. Wow, people are so great. Sudhanshu Manu, General Manager of the Integral Coach Factory, tweeted, “Train 18 running at 180 km/h between Delhi and Agra at this time... Srinivas, the Chief Design Engineer of ICF is in the cab, they touched 181 kmh for record sake... Some vandal threw a stone breaking a glass, hope we nab him”. Train 18 running at 180 km/h bet Delhi and Agra at this time...Srinivas, the Chief Design Enginner of ICF is in the cab, they touched 181 kmh for record sake ð...some vandal threw a stone breaking a glass, hope we nab him. pic.twitter.com/YXpqUS6qqC — ManiSudhanshu (@ManiSudhanshu58) December 20, 2018 This is honestly why the country doesn't deserve good things, people don't know how to behave, they don't want any advancement, but they still want to complain. This isn't even a first shameful train related incident. Last year, the Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express got a similar treatment with people stealing headphones that were provided to them and overall damaging the train on its maiden run. What's the point, then? I really want to know what that person gained by smashing a window of Train 18. It doesn't even make sense. Everyone is disappointed, everyone is confused and everyone understands my point - we don't deserve anything. Ppl say that India is a Nation of Uneducated, Filthy & Uncouth people but I retorted but today it seems they were always right Stone pelted at India's fastest train, Train 18 during a trial run from Delhi to Agra. This nation deserves any developments? Pathetic ppl via Manish pic.twitter.com/fx32IjglRW — #GauravPradhan ð®ð³ (@DrGPradhan) December 20, 2018 Yep, some people really want to go back to the 'stone' age. There will always be those who want to put us back in the 'stone age'. • India's fastest & 1st engineless train will replace Shatabdi trains, will run between Delhi and Varanasi. • Manufactured by ICF Chennai at a cost of Rs 100 crore.https://t.co/FCuxb8M4dS — Anurag Thakur (@ianuragthakur) December 20, 2018 Shameful, indeed. Shame! India's first train set Train 18 vandalised by unknown stone pelters between Agra-Delhi on trial run. pic.twitter.com/1aY1H2kQLZ — Rajendra B. Aklekar (@rajtoday) December 20, 2018 Hypocrites. India's first engine-less semi-high speed train, Train 18, has been vandalized by stone pelting even before it's inauguration & first run. People don't care for public property, responsibility & duties, and then they demand for Ache Din. — Anshul Saxena (@AskAnshul) December 20, 2018 The first line is spot on. Vandalism may not be our culture, but tolerating vandalism is. A stone pelter broke the window of Train 18, the fastest train of India during trials between New Delhi & Agra today. I salute his parents and teachers, who have brought up this talented fella. pic.twitter.com/0AoWDEvS9T — Shubhranshu (@shubhranshuu) December 20, 2018 Exactly. Pic 1: How we want our country to be. Pic 2: What we do to our country. Train 18 damaged before inauguration. What is your feedback? pic.twitter.com/bydOE8bK1u — Nidhi gupta (@nidhidynamic) December 20, 2018 No, they can't apparently. News 1:- Made in India, engine less train 'Train-18' crosses 180kmph speed during trial run. Feel proud? News 2: Some vandal threw stones and broke window of Train 18. Shameful! Some people just can't see growth of India. ð¡ — An Open Letter (@AnOpenLetter001) December 20, 2018
  2. It's a mean cut-throat world out there. There's no place for weakness or niceties. They would have us believe nice guys always finish last. The girls fall for the bad guy, the bosses promote the shrewd worker, the world bows down before a hard taskmaster. There's no place for the guy who puts others before himself. No place for he who doesn't resort to cheap tactics to win. Being nice will only get you heartache. In this maddening race of being the best, we are all trying to be our worst selves. © Unsplash But it's not true. Not always. Nice guys are a rarity and the world desperately needs them. Sooner or later, the world recognizes their worth. Being nice doesn't mean being stupid or naïve. Being nice is a choice you've made. The girls might fall for the bad guys but eventually, it's the nice guy they will choose. The guy women fantasize settling with is a nice guy. A good heart will attract goodness and it will be rewarded. Karma is a bitch and life always comes a full circle. All you need is a little faith. In today's woke and civilized world, people will always prefer a Ranveer Singh who is humble enough to learn from his peers, nice enough to respect women, and wise enough to not let his fame go to his head. Virat Kohli might have relished his 'bad boy' image on the field, but off it, he is anything but that. Defending his lady love from trolls blaming her for Team India's past losses and giving her credit for making him aware of women's rights, Virat has proven to be very much of a gentleman off the field. © BCCL Being a decent human being ain't that bad, you see. You might resent the malicious co-worker who steals ideas, spreads bitterness, resorts to cheap flattery. He will seem to be doing very well for himself. But at the end, it's the corporate world; those who are investing money in their businesses need a value return. All that matters is the work you do. The core work you have done. And that is something no one can steal from you. THAT is what will be valued at the end of the day. © Unsplash Hard work never goes waste. As you quietly go about your work, you evolve in the process. You are constantly learning; one thing nice guys don't do is devote their energies to get back at the world, to climb up by hook or crook, to waste their time in ego battles and mind games. Nice guys, by default, are potential achievers. Yes, there will be many who will hurt you, who will take advantage of you, who will have fun at your expense. There will be friends who will take advantage of you, there will be crushes who will choose the meanest guy in your class, there will be colleagues who will try to pull you down. That's the downside of being nice. Yes, it brings with it heartache, missed opportunities and sadness at times but that is not your life's reality. At the end of the day, being nice gets rewarded. No one wants to be friends with a bitchy person, no one wants to employ a mean-ass person whose loyalty is questionable, no woman wants to be treated badly in a relationship. In reality, nice guys are the most sought-after. © Pexels They say you attract what is meant for you, and a nice guy will always attract everything that's good. You will always have someone to have your back. You will always have someone to love you. You form lifelong friendships. Your friends will value you for the person you are. Chances are they too will be like you – an unsaid brotherhood of nice guys uniting. Your future wife/girlfriend will love and respect you tremendously, especially after the slew of bad guys she might have dated before you. The cheap thrills of being an asshole are short-lived. The world doesn't stay fascinated with him for long. Even if the world is fascinated with him, he is the guy people never end up with. He is the kind of guy you look at with a little disdain and disconnect. A few years down the line, there will be nobody as lonely as him. © Unsplash While you worry about being given the bad deal in life, losing out to your meaner counterparts, truth is you are everything that's still good in the world. You are the light that shines on the darkest corners, your niceness is the reason you'll always find happiness in life. You are blessed with a good heart, and it's something that worth cherishing because no matter how cruel and cheap the world will get, you will always have your little golden world of happiness around you. You are the unicorn of the modern world, where are you? Just stay like you are, never change.