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Found 4 results

  1. It was the Cristiano Ronaldo show on display in Sochi last night. He scored a hat-trick vs Spain, a team he had never scored against. With a penalty, a shot from just outside the box and a free kick, the 33-year-old announced himself as an early contender for the Golden Boot in 2018. Here are 5 records set when the Iberian rivals played their opening fixture in Group B: Spain's abysmal opening match record continues Source: Reuters Spain has either lost or drawn their last three opening games at a World Cup including 2018. 2014 saw them lose an incredible 5-1 to a Netherlands side which had that special Van Persie goal and Robben marauding down the wings. Four years earlier, they lost to Switzerland by a goal and went on to become the only World Champions to lose their opening fixture. Portugal's fastest goal since 1966 Source: Reuters Ronaldo's 4th minute penalty conversion was Portugal's fastest ever goal in a World Cup since 1966. 52 years ago, Jose Augusto scored in the very first minute in a 3-1 win against Hungary, a tournament where they finished third under the legendary Eusebio. The first 3-3 draw since 2002 Source: Reuters The game in Sochi ended a 3-3 draw between Spain and Portugal and this has happened for the first time since 2002. Back then, Uruguay and Senegal played out a 3-3 tie in the group stage, with the African side going on to reach the quarterfinals. Ronaldo is the oldest player to score a hat-trick Source: Reuters At 33 years and 130 days, the Portuguese star overtook Netherlands forward Rob Rensenbrink, who was 31 when he scored a hat-trick against Iran in 1978. Ronaldo now has 51 career hat-tricks and also scored the 51st hat-trick at World Cup's.
  2. Last night was possibly one of the best ways to end the intense battle between the teams that went on for nearly 2 months. Shane Watson's unbeaten 117 turned out to be his victory innings that led the Chennai Super Kings to lift their third IPL trophy, as SunRisers Hyderabad lost to CSK by eight wickets. © BCCI As the celebrations began, the Wankhede Stadium turned into a sea of 'yellow' and was drowned by the loud cheers for CSK, for their victory against SRH and for their youngest team member, Ziva Dhoni. © BCCI Ziva is a star in her own right. And while everyone was busy celebrating CSK's victory, Ziva was doing what she does best – steal the limelight with her adorable antics. And this time around she was joined by her father, MS Dhoni. © BCCI On one hand where Dhoni's team was lifting the trophy after a significant victory, Dhoni was seen lifting the biggest prize of his life, Ziva. In fact, soon after CSK was announced as the winner, Ziva ran to the ground where her dad MS Dhoni was standing. When Dhoni saw her running towards the ground, he forgot everything else, ran towards her and lifted her in his arms. Cuteness at its Next Level ðð . . #Csk #Mahi #Dhoni #Ziva A post shared by Indian Cinema Lover â¤ï¸ (@tamilcinemaofficial) on May 27, 2018 at 8:38pm PDT Together, this father-daughter duo once again floored the internet with their adorable antics. So much so, that the people seem to have already forgotten the victory and only remember Ziva playing with Dhoni on the ground. Love this pics.. When the whole team celebrate the winning moment.. This man happiness is lies somewhere ððð #Dhoni #Ziva #CSKTheKingOfIPL #CSK @iam_K_A @SharmilaJS @ThalaMohan_Raj @vettaiann #WhistlePodu pic.twitter.com/9LW4avi9JE — MaÄ£esh Str MaÄ£esh (@mageshstr3) May 27, 2018 In fact, Dhoni even jokingly wrote while posting his photo that “Ziva doesn't care about the trophy. She just wants to run on the lawn according to her wordings.” Thanks everyone for the support and Mumbai for turning yellow.Shane 'shocking' Watson played a shocking innings to get us through.end of a good season.Ziva doesn't care about the trophy, wants to run on the lawn according to her wordings. A post shared by M S Dhoni (@mahi7781) on May 27, 2018 at 1:03pm PDT Since then, people have flooded the internet with pictures and videos of the duo chilling out together like it's nobody's business. I think more than Winning IPL ð , #Dhoni is more happy because his Daughter Ziva is enjoying very much at the Moment. Such a Family person he is ðððð You were the BEST You are the BEST You will the BEST FOREVER#CSKvSRH #CSKvsSRH #CSKTheKingOfIPL #IPL2018Final pic.twitter.com/x75CSQxWlF — MS Dhoni MS Dhoni #Dhoni (@Dhoni7_FC) May 27, 2018 #IPL2018Final #dhoni #jiva #daughter Dhoni is happiest not while lifting IPL trophy, but when he lifts his daughter Ziva. Smile he has says everything u need to know abt him!!! pic.twitter.com/XeEJomECbK — Azaz (@azazdr) May 27, 2018 Sorry @Vivo_India , this time the most effective marketing was done by #ziva holding a @Frooti and #Dhoni sipping it. #CSKvSRH #SRHvCSK #IPL2018 #IPL2018Final #CSKvsSRH #WhistlePodu pic.twitter.com/GZXluTNh28 — Saurabh Dayal (@dayal_saurabh) May 27, 2018 Cutest pic in internet todayðð #CSKvSRH #IPL2018Final #CSKTheKingOfIPL #ziva #Dhoni #CSK @ChennaiIPL pic.twitter.com/HqcmhjvpZP — çhãmpÄ«õñs (@welldone1venkat) May 27, 2018 Left The Boys To Enjoy With Trophy After Doing Captains Duty, Back To Daddy's Duty. MS Dhoni & Ziva. ððð #IPL2018Final #IPLFinal #CSKvsSRH #CSKvSRH #Dhoni #ChennaiSuperKings pic.twitter.com/5fw5b28GDt — Sachin Kumar (@SachinKrIndia) May 27, 2018 That moment when whole team celebrating the Trophy ð and there's #Dhoni playing with Ziva ð#ZIVADHONI ðâï¸ pic.twitter.com/c9xLqjtg2A — GokulPg (@gokulmec) May 27, 2018 From Ziva offering Frooti to Dhoni as he speaks with Michael Clarke, to getting surprised by looking at her own self on the big screen, Ziva's charm is highly infectious and it's difficult for anyone to not fall in love with her. © Twitter Honestly, if there was a 'Kid of the Match' award, I would like to nominate Ziva.
  3. Liverpool´s German goalkeeper Loris Karius reacts after the UEFA Champions League final football match between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine on May 26, 2018. Photo:AFPKIEV: Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius...
  4. Laylat al-Barat – Night of Salvation The 15th night of Shabaan is a very blessed night. According to the Hadith Shareef, the name of this Mubarak night is “Nisf Sha’baan” which means 15th night of Shabaan. The reason for this special night to attain its name of Laylat al-Bara’ah, meaning the Night of Salvation, Seeking Freedom from Azaab and Calamity, is that in this night the Barakaat and acceptance of repentance may be accomplished. Laylat al-Baraa’ah in Persian, as well as in Urdu, is called Shab-e Bara’at. It is the special night of seeking forgiveness and repenting to Almighty Allah, remembering our past sins and sincerely settling the mind that one will never commits sins in the future. All the deeds that are against Shari’ah must be totally avoided so that our Du’a and Istighfaar, hopefully, will be accepted. Advise from Imam of Ahlus Sunnah: Muslims should check themselves and AlaHadrat, Imam Ahmad Rida al-Qadiri Fadhil e-Bareilly (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu) has given a beautiful advise in this regard. This great Imam said: “Verily the auspicious night of Shab-e- Bara’a is drawing near when the deeds of the slave will be presented to the Almighty Allah. I humbly supplicate in the Darbar-e-Aqdas of the AlmightyAllah that through the Wasila-e-Uzma of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) He forgives the sins and transgressions of all Muslims. Aameen. On this occasion, it should be the duty of all Sunni Muslims to forgive one another and to make sure that whatever debts owed to one another is settled. The importance of Huqooq al-Ibaad cannot be over-emphasised as this is among the pre-requisites for proper Ibaadat. I pray that all Muslims humbly remember this night and try as much as possible to perform Ibaadat and other pious deeds so that their Record of Deeds be presented in all dignity. Finally, I pray that the Almighty Allah assists you and I and the Muslim Ummah wherever you may be. Muslims should be aware of sincerity and honesty in all their deeds. May Almighty Allah forgive all of us. Aameen. — Faqeer Ahmad Rida Qadiri ” How to welcome the Night? On this auspicious night, you should perform fresh Ghusal and Wudhu and perform the two Rakaat of Tahhiyatul Wudhu. In every Rakaat, after the Suratul Fatiha, you should read Ayatul Kursi once and Surah Ahad 3 times. Also perform eight Rakaats of Salah with fourSalaams.In each Rakaat after the Surah Fatiha, you should read the Ayatul Kursi (once) and Surah Ahad fifty times. What to Recite immediately after Sunset? After sunset, you should recite “La Hawla walaa Quwwata illa Billahil-aliyil Azeem” forty times with three times Durood Shareef before and after. It is mentioned that by reciting this, Almighty Allah will forgive forty years of your sins and forty Hoors will await to serve you in Jannat al-Firdous. Countless Mercies: Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) has stated: “Verily! Almighty Allah directs His Special Grace on the world on this Night. He forgives my Ummah more than the number of wool that is found on the sheep of the Bani Kalb”. We should remember that in those days the Bani Kalb possessed the most number of sheep that any other tribe. How great is the Mercy of Almighty Allah on this night that He forgives millions of Muslims. We also realise from this that these numbers can only pertain to the Ahl as-Sunnah Wah Jama’ah collectively, for the righteous followers of the Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanbali indeed number millions of Muslims. The visitors of this Night: It is narrated that the departed souls (Arwaah) of the Muslims visit the houses of their friends and relatives on this night and proclaim: “O people of the house! You stay in our houses and enjoy the wealth that we have left behind. You use our children and take work from them, please perform our Esaale Sawaab. Verily our deeds have become complete, while your record of deeds is still spread”. If the people of the house perform the Esaale Sawaab and Khatam Shareef on this night, then the Arwaah depart will the Sawaab extremely happy and overjoyed all the time making Du’a for the people. Visit to the Cemetery: Hadrat Ayesha Siddiqa (radi Allahu ta’ala anha) reports: “One night, which was the 15th of Shabaan, I did not find the Beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) in the house so I went in search of him. After a long search, I found him in Baqiah (the cemetery of Madinah) offering Du’a for the deceased and praying for their forgiveness”. (Baihaqi) A special point must be made to visit the cemetery during this night and pray for the deceased buried therein, as the Most Beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) is been reported as having visited the cemetery on this night and spending a long time therein, lamenting, reading and praying for the deceased. To keep Fast: According to the Hadith Shareef which is narrated by Ibne Habaan (radi Allahu ta’ala anhu) that Rasoolullah (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: “When the night of 15th Shabaan arrives spend the night awake and keep fast the next day”. Hadrat Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu ta’ala anhu) reports that the Most Beloved (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) of Allah ta’ala said often in his Khutba (sermon): “O people! Lighten and cleanse your bodies by way of fasting during Shabaan, so that it shall be easy and helpful to you for the fast during Ramadan. Whoso fasts for three days during Shabaan, all his past sins are wiped off”. (Baihaqi) Fasting is also recommended on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Shabaan. How to spend the Night? On this night, perform Nawaafil, recite the Qur’an Shareef, recite abundant Durood Shareef, Istighfaar and Kalima Tayyibah. It is also mentioned that if one reads Surah Dukhan seven times on this night, Almighty Allah will reward you with 70 worldly needs and 70 deeds for the Hereafter. Do not be amongst deprived of Mercy: Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: “Almighty Allah forgives all Muslims on this night, besides the fortune tellers, the magicians, the alcoholics, those who disrespect their parents and those who take part and encourage adultery”. In another narration, the following people have also been mentioned: One who deals in usury (Riba), One who wears his trousers below his ankle with pride and arrogance (In Arabia, people displayed their wealth and boasted in this manner), One who creates disunity among two Muslims, The person who unjustly takes away the right and property of another Muslim and has not yet rectified himself. All these persons are not shown Mercy on this auspicious Night. A humble appeal to seek pardon and ask Allah’s forgiveness Dear Muslim brothers, the Bountiful Allah in His Infinite Mercy has provided us with such an auspicious night so that we may take advantage of it and repent for our sins,and thus obtain His Grace and Favour. It is for us to take full advantage of it. During this night, offer special prayers and repent sincerely for our past sins and ask for His Forgiveness. Also on this night the Doors of Mercy and Forgiveness are opened wide, and those who sincerely grieve over and repent for their past sins and seek forgiveness from Allah are pardoned and forgiven by the Grace of Allah the Merciful. Each Tasbih or Du’a should begin and terminate with the recital of Durood Shareef and one who wishes for the acceptance of his Du’as should use the Wasila of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam). It is mentioned in “Gunyah at-Talibeen” that the month of Shaban according to some narrations is related to Rasoolullah (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam). So, it is our duty, as the Ummat of Rasoolullah (SallAllahu Ta’ala Alaihi wa Sallam) to love and respect this month more than any other month (besides Ramadan). We should also offer abundantly salutations (Salaat-o-Salaam) upon the Most Beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Ta’ala Alaihi wa Sallam). While we are praying and asking for ourselves and family, we should also remember in our Du’as the Muslim Ummah facing calamities in many parts of the world, that may Allah Ta’ala grant them the strength and Istiqaamat (steadfastness) in Deen. Those weak Muslims who are under pressure from the West and modernisation, may Allah Ta’ala guide them and show them the right path so that they be in touch with their glorious past. Aameen. May Almighty Allah guide us on the path of the Ambiya and the Awliya. Aameen. Nafil Salaah to be read on Shab-e-Baraat: Basharat of Jannat: Sayyiduna Rasulullah (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) is reported to have said that Allah Ta’ala instructs and assigns 100 angels to the person who performs 100 Nafil Salaahs on this auspicious night – 30 of which will bring the good news of Jannat, 30 angels to protect one from the Azaab (Punishment) of Dozakh (Hell), 30 to remove all misfortunes and miseries of this world and 10 angels to protect one from Shaitaan. The Guardian of Imaan: After performing Maghrib Salaah, read 2 rakaahs of Nafil. In the first rakaah, after Surah Fatiha, recite Surah Ikhlaas 3 times and Surah Falaq once.In the second rakaah, after Surah Fatiha, recite Surah Ikhlaas 3 times and Surah Naas once. After Salam, make Du’a and ask Allah to protect your Imaan. Barakah in Rizq: After Maghrib Salaah, read 2 rakaahs of Nafil. Thereafter, read Surah Yasin once, Surah Ikhlaas 21 times and Du’a Nisf Shabaan once. Then, make Du’a for Barakah in Rozi and ask Allah not to make you dependent on anyone. Long Life filled with Piety: After Maghrib Salaah, read 2 rakaahs of Nafil. Read Surah Yasin once. Then read Du’a Nisf Shabaan once. Thereafter, make Du’a for long life filled with piety and righteousness. Reward for ten thousand good Deeds: Anyone who performs 20 rakaahs of Nafil after Maghrib in such a way that after Surah Fatiha, recites Surah Ikhlaas 10 times in every rakaah, will be rewarded abundantly by Allah Ta’ala, and ten thousand good deeds will be recorded in his Amal Namaa (Book of Deeds). Death with complete Faith/Imaan: Anyone who performs 2 rakaahs of Nafil on the last Friday of Shabaan between Maghrib and Esha will die with full faith and Imaan. After Surah Fatiha, one should read Ayatul Kursi once, Surah Ikhlaas 10 times and Surah Falaq and Surah Naas once in both rakaahs. If the person who reads Nafil in such a way dies until the next Shabaan, will die with Imaan, Inshaa-Allah. — Sincere Advice — The performing of Salaatul Tasbeeh on this night is also very virtuous.