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  1. FATF says on-site visits are required to verify Islamabad?s implementation of plans; yet to officially remove Pakistan from grey list
  2. New currency notes are only available in large quantities in the black market which are being sold at exorbitant prices
  3. Amber Heard will take to the stand on Monday to give her testimony against ex-husband Johnny Depp in defamation trial
  4. Well-placed sources in SBP say that policy in will be finalised after 15th of Ramadan
  5. How do you usually buy your perfumes—online or offline? Buying a perfume used to be a simpler experience. Spray, let it sit, smell it and decide whether you like it enough to purchase the bottle or not. These days, we’re typing the OTPs left, right and centre. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it but it’s a hit and trial situation with fragrances. What helped me make the right purchase every single time was the understanding of the top, heart and base notes of a fragrance. You too can learn how to pick the perfect perfume, even when you can’t test it. 1. Top Notes: The First ImpressionAll the notes you can detect in perfume after the first spray are the top ones. Headnotes consist of smaller, lighter and more volatile molecules that evaporate quickly. Top notes usually linger for the first to fifteen minutes. Their purpose is to set the mood and then transition smoothly into the middle notes. Citrus scents—like lemon, orange and bergamot—light floral notes of lavender and rose, basil etc. are often used as top notes. __ECOMPRODUCT__3168__ 2. Middle/Heart Notes: The Foundation Middle notes’ aka the heart of a fragrance’s function is to retain some of the top notes’ aroma while introducing new scents to deepen the olfactory experience. Heart notes make up 40-80% of the total scent and last longer than top notes. They serve as a buffer for the base notes, which may not smell pleasant on their own. Aromatic florals like geranium, neroli, ylang-ylang, jasmine and spices like pepper, lemongrass, cinnamon and cardamom are often used as middle notes. __ECOMPRODUCT__2702__ 3. Base Notes: Lasting ImpressionBase notes are calming and slowest to appear. They’re deep, rich, comforting and warm in nature. They kick in after about thirty minutes and can last for hours. Base notes sink into your skin and make a lasting impression on anyone who stands close to you. Vanilla, amber, musk, patchouli, oud, moss and woody sandalwood and cedarwood are some of the popular base notes. __ECOMPRODUCT__3171__ How To Choose Your Perfume Without TestingThe lighter the weight of the molecule, the quicker it will evaporate off your skin, into the air and then into your nose. So when you can’t test a fragrance before you buy it or are overwhelmed by the variety, focus on base notes. Your second priority should be the middle notes. Do not buy a perfume for its top notes. Explore More View the full article
  6. What are base notes of a perfume and why the hell should you care? We’ve all heard about top, heart and base notes of a perfume, but do we know what they mean and why are they so important? Top notes are light and refreshing and last for about 5-15 minutes. They have the strongest impact on the wearer. Heart notes last for about 30-60 minutes and are about 70% of the perfume. In other words, it’s the heart of the perfume. Base notes consist of scents that last for 6 hours or more. It is this note of a perfume that’s the strongest and makes a perfume long-lasting. In a world dominated by online shopping, you need to know about the most popular base notes to choose the strongest, long-lasting and the best perfume for yourself. 1. Musk One can describe musk as an earthy and natural scent. Initially, it was derived from animals but currently musk is a plant-derived fragrance. Many would also describe this scent as sensual and elegant since it smells like your skin but better. __ECOMPRODUCT__3166__ 2. Oud A woody base note, oud smells luxurious and much like leather with a hint of sweet. Its unique fragrance is derived from the agar tree and goes well with musky and floral notes. If you’re looking for a mysterious and woody scent, this is the base note to go for. __ECOMPRODUCT__3165__ 3. Sandalwood An already popular fragrance, sandalwood smells sweet and earthy. Refreshing and strong at the same time, this base note goes well with woody notes like vetiver and cedar. This particular perfume by Villain has base notes of sandalwood, musk as well as vetiver, making it a strong and long lasting scent. 4. Amber & Amberwood This base note is not naturally occurring. It is an accord made using a combination of vanilla, resin, musk and some other spices. An excellent blend of spicy as well as sweet notes, amber smells like a warm and cozy winter night. __ECOMPRODUCT__3171__ Amberwood on the other hand is newer accord and is considered a woody note. It’s a mix of smokey and floral notes. It is used to enhance oriental perfumes and works well as a fall scent. __ECOMPRODUCT__3168__ 5. Vanilla This base note is known for its tender sweetness. It is used mostly in floral and fruity perfumes. It’s a common misconception that vanilla is appropriate only for women’s perfumes. This is completely untrue. Vanilla is also used in men’s fragrances to balance out the strong woody and spicy base notes. __ECOMPRODUCT__3164__ 6. Vetiver Vetiver is popularly described as an earthy scent that smells like fresh fauna or a damp forest. It smells dry, leathery and smokey and is one of the most popular base notes for men’s perfumes. __ECOMPRODUCT__3208__ 7. Patchouli Patchouli leaves behind a warm and sensual fragrance that is highly memorable because of its uniqueness. It’s often combined with other woody base notes like sandalwood, amber and vetiver. __ECOMPRODUCT__1089__ The Bottomline The base note of your perfume is what makes it strong, memorable and long-lasting. Make sure to choose your perfume wisely and go for a fragrance that will leave a lasting impression, wherever you go. Explore More View the full article
  7. After latest update on WhatsApp, new addition to voice notes feature will be available on all versions
  8. To all those men who think it takes as much time to make a woman come as it does to make Maggi, let me break it to you that it is never the case. And backing us now, apart from our unsatisfied sexual experiences, is a scientific study that may have just figured out the average time it actually takes for a woman to come. Guys, this is where you take down notes. © iStock A study that was published in The Journal Of Sexual Medicine, conducted by a team from India's Kadave Institute of Medical Sciences has apparently been the first to measure what we call ‘organic latency’, which translates into the gap between feeling aroused and finally climaxing. © iStock And as it turns out, that time is 13 minutes and 25 seconds. A total of 645 women took part in this study, from across 21 countries. All of these women in the sample size were in monogamous relationships - married or in serious long-term relationships. A surprising part of this study was also the fact that one out of every six women who climaxed, didn’t actually do it through penetrative ***. Infact, most women have time and again admitted that they feel more aroused and closer to coming when they’re being orally pleasured. © iStock And for those who did end up having an ecstatic ending through penetrative ***, nine out of ten women were able to do it when they were positioned on top. Seems like this is when you start putting missionary on the back-burner and pick this as your default position, if you want your woman to really orgasm and not just fake it. Women who would earlier fake orgasms either because they didn’t want to embarrass their partners or because they felt that they will never be able to achieve one, have also started to stop faking it any longer. © iStock And if there is any way you want to make it as worthwhile for your partner as it is for you, the trick is to keep going for a minimum of 13 minutes, so you’re sure to have given her the kind of ‘hard time’ she desires! View the full article
  9. WhatsApp will allow users to play voice notes no matter where they might be in the app
  10. WhatsApp is rolling out a useful feature for users, which will make their day-to-day messaging easier
  11. WhatsApp shares a 27-second video providing details of new feature, as users can now preview voice messages before sending
  12. The film fell short of expectations and collected a muted $7.5 million from 3,365 North American theaters in its debut.
  13. Coming from someone who has one of the purest and most wholesome friendships with a guy friend, I believe that a girl and a guy can, after all, be friends, in fact much better than same-*** friendships. But don’t take it from me, take it from the several men who came forward on a thread on Reddit and openly talked about their female best friends and how they feel having a female best friend has been one of the best things in their lives. © Yash Raj Films A female Redditor posted on the medium and asked, “Men, what’s the story between you and your bestie who happens to be a woman?” and much to everyone’s surprise quite a few of them got candid about having successful friendships with women. Here are some of the most interesting stories: © Reddit © Reddit © Reddit © Reddit One person shared, “I love this so much! Thank you for sharing. Platonic friendships between opposite sexes do exist!” while another one wrote how a person he confided in 8 years ago remains to be one of his most cherished friends till date. © Reddit © Reddit He wrote, “One day a girl sat next to me in school and started confiding in me. We had some mutual friends, but never really talked to each other or had any sort of interaction. I was in a relationship, she was having some relationship problems. Turns out, one of our mutual friends told her I'm easy to talk to, so she just went with it when she felt lost. That was 8 years ago. I've loved that girl ever since, we talk about every single aspect of our lives and she remains my best friend to this day.” Guess Bollywood finally has its answer to the long lost question it asks in every romantic comedy - can a girl and a guy just be friends? ‘Hell Yes’, say Redditors! View the full article
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