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Found 13 results

  1. Even though Apple may have faced slower sales for the latest iPhones, Apple has still managed to keep its lead in the premium smartphone segment in 2018. A new survey reveals that Apple still has a 51% market share of the premium smartphone segment. © YouTube Another impressive thing that comes from the survey is the inclusion of OnePlus in the list. For the first time in OnePlus' history, the smartphone is among the top five premium smartphone brands. The company managed to record the highest-ever shipments for the company in the fourth quarter of 2018. © Reuters The report comes from Counterpoint Research, one of the more reliable sources of market research. The report points out that Apple still had a significant lead over other companies in the list such as Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo and Huawei. Samsung is currently at the second spot for having a 22 per cent of shipments while Huawei had a 10 per cent in the same quarter. The blog post from Counterpoint Research said, “an indication of the increasing competition in the segment is highlighted by the fact that close to 40 OEMs now compete in the premium segment globally. Of these, the top five players account for almost 90 per cent of shipments. The premium segment contributed to one-fourth (22 per cent) of the global smartphone shipments in 2018.” © Pexels The premium smartphone segment is the faster streaming growing segment and Apple is still on top of the list with a considerable margin. The report goes on to say that buyers are content with paying more for a premium device. Researchers expect the premium smartphone segment to grow even more, thanks to foldable smartphones and the eventual launch of 5G services and smartphones.
  2. While relationships are taking a progressive turn every passing day, there are still people pointing fingers at some couples who've found their comfortable footing in one another. Not only is this hypocrisy but it's also an amalgamation of a complete violation of the right to privacy. What am I talking about? Well, Bollywood is setting their fair share of examples by dating people who're way younger or older and while that's endearing and very acceptable in society, many people criticise age difference like it's something illegal. © Instagram But to be fair, dating older women or younger men is a definite progression towards stable relationships as they're emotionally more grounded and binding and there's a maturity to them which makes them whole. So, in lieu of that, I am going to list 6 Bollywood relationships which have been mighty successful, even with a vast age difference lurking in between: (1) Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas © Instagram The desi-videshi pair met through common friends some time back and they just tied the knot 3 months ago. While Priyanka is 35 and Nick 25, they cherish and celebrate the 10-year age gap between them, even though they've been trolled for it tremendously in the past. But that hasn't deterred the couple's love or social media appreciation for one another in any way and we love to see them together, every now and then! (2) Sushmita Sen & Rohman Shawl © Instagram It feels like Rohman was a breath of fresh air in Sush's life. The actress seems very happy and content with her life right now and she has someone super supportive to share it with her. Rohman and Shushmita share a 16-year age gap, but they definitely do complete each other, in every way. From him getting along well with her daughters, to her supporting him at his fashion shows, to them making work-out home videos together, it really seems like bringing up the age gap they share is absolutely redundant! (3) Soha Ali Khan & Kunal Kemmu © Instagram The starlit princess and the boy-next-door fell in love with each other on the sets of 'Dhoondte Reh Jaoge' and the rest is, of course, history! After a long live-in relationship, the couple tied the knot in 2015, despite the fact that Kunal is 5 years younger than Soha. They have a beautiful daughter named Inaaya Naumi Kemmu and they really couldn't be happier. (4) Preity Zinta & Gene Goodenough © Instagram Although the age gap isn't much between the two, it is still frowned upon by many people who love to criticise relentlessly. But that doesn't bother Preity, who tied the knot with Gene in LA and they've been living happily since. I guess he's 'Goodenough' for her! (5) Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover © Instagram The two had issues getting married as Bips' mom was against her marrying someone who is 4 years younger than her. But that didn't stop the happy couple from tying the knot and living happily since. They believe in unhampered PDA and never shy away from a lot of social media love! (6) Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi © Instagram When Neha married Angad, she was trolled on social media for marrying someone two years younger than her but they also took many by surprise when they decided to announce their wedding on Instagram, and they looked mighty happy together. Best friends before, married now, the couple has had quite an astounding journey and their age gap definitely has nothing to do with it! So, if Bollywood can set a keen example of older women dating younger men, it's time you stop frowning upon it too and look for someone who truly makes you happy; older or younger, who cares, right?
  3. Ever since the teaser of 'Kalank' was dropped, Varun Dhawan has been in the news for his super intense role as 'Zafar The Bullfighter'. With never-before-seen intensity, Varun's appearance in the trailer gave viewers all the 'Bahubali' feels during the bull-fight sequence, however, there is one more reason why fans have been super curious about Varun since the past few days. When he stepped out in a super classy ivory Manish Malhotra sherwani, all eyes went behind his left ear, because there was a brand new tattoo there. Take a look. © Instagram/Varundvn He got a number tattooed - '24'. Now, we too were perplexed to begin with, about what it means, just like you probably are right now. © Viral Bhayani We eavesdropped on the gossip mills, but to no avail. While some claimed that this is the date on which he'll get married, others quipped that a major movie is about to release on this date. But we know that 'Kalank' is releasing on April 19th, and it just didn't make sense. Plus, there has been no announcement about a wedding, yet. Right, Ms Dalal? © Instagram/Varundvn 24 is not his age as well (he's 31 already). After a lot of thinking, the only conclusion we could draw was that it's his birthday. Varun's birthday is on 24th April. But, isn't is a little, err, random? Well, we tried to find an answer and this is the best we could come up with. © Viral Bhayani` We're not giving up yet and are soon going to solve the mystery. Unless Varun reads this and decides to tell us himself. Are you reading, Varun?
  4. If you're spending a shit ton of money on an expensive car, you probably won't shell anything more for that car, right? Wrong. KS Balagopal, a businessman from Kerala first spent a lot of money - more than one crore - to buy an imported blue Porsche 718 Boxter. Then, on top of that, he spent almost one-third of that amount to just win a fancy registration number. He bid on the number he wanted in an open auction held at the transport office in Thiruvananthapuram and then managed to win the number KL-01CK-1 after spending Rs 31 lakh for it. Am I the only one who can't figure out what's so special about the number? Twitter Reportedly, the last round of auction only had three contenders and started with a bid of just Rs 500. Wait, what? How did it end up in lakhs, let alone 31 lakh? One of the contenders, a Dubai-based NRI, decided to quit after the bid crossed Rs 10 lakh and the second one was willing to shell out Rs 25.50 lakh but when Balagopal brought up the bid to Rs 30 lakh, he also quit. On top of that, it also cost him about Rs 1 lakh to register the number as well. Well, he spent a lot of money but at least he also made a record in the process. According to the regional transport authority, this is now the highest bid for a fancy number in the country. Twitter Turns out, this is not even the first time he's spent way too much for a number. Back in 2017, he paid Rs 19 lakh for his Toyota Land Cruiser to get the number KL-01CB-01. Okay, there may be an explanation, after all, for all of this. According to Balagopal, “number addiction” was his childhood obsession and he never regrets spending big on his favourite numbers. Well, if someone can afford it, why the hell won't they do it?
  5. When most of us were busy working in office or travelling to work, the interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal was deciding most of our finanicial fates, in the Union Budget 2019 that was presented today. While people were waiting with bated breath to see what's going to happen, there was something that none of us saw coming - announcement of tax breaks. People's happiness knew no bounds after Piyush Goyal announced full tax rebate for those whose annual income is up to Rs 5 lakh. Reuters Further, people earning up to Rs 6.5 lakh may also be relieved from the tax burden if they can show investments of Rs 1.5 lakh. Looks like Mr. Goyal's briefcase was actually a Pandora's Box that unlocked the ultimate happiness for the middle class public. After the budget was announced, people started having 'Lagaan' feels. Just like Aamir Khan and co. breathed a sigh of relief after they won the match and did not have to pay "Dugna Lagaan", people on Twitter too lost their calm after the tax rebate was announced. No tax up to income of RS 5 lac Indian middle-class to @PiyushGoyal #Budget2019 pic.twitter.com/vQ2z73BLLW — Ganesh Shelke (@ganeshshelke272) February 1, 2019 Piyush Goyal to opposition after increasing the exemption slab of #incometax to 5Lakh p.a #Budget2019 #BudgetForNewIndia pic.twitter.com/hnqgcse2fs — CA à¤à¤¿à¤à¤à¤ªà¥à¤à¤²à¥ (@LordOfTheWinks) February 1, 2019 Middle class salaried people watching #Budget2019 from start to finish. pic.twitter.com/rTPxqXf4JN — Krishna (@Atheist_Krishna) February 1, 2019 Middle Class and Farmers after listening #Budget2019 #BudgetForNewIndia pic.twitter.com/R9mrZwjfRf — Snehil Singh ð®ð³ (@snehils1994) February 1, 2019 When you see people being happy about the income tax slab rising but you don't have any income. #Budget2019 pic.twitter.com/H2EsfRh3My — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) February 1, 2019 #Budget2019 After hearing that good news , middle class ppl right now : pic.twitter.com/hrYriG8cEJ — Amar pal singh bhalla (@SARDARpirate) February 1, 2019 Love modiji for thisð pic.twitter.com/ZqxjRtulNe — Mukesh Dube (@mukeshdube5) February 1, 2019 Honest tax-payers after hearing about full tax rebate upto 5 lacs #Budget2019 pic.twitter.com/fvVLJnvvOk — The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) February 1, 2019
  6. Salman Khan has worn the same kind of clothes throughout 2018. A black/grey fitted tee, a pair of bootcut jeans (which we doubt whether anyone else still wears), and a pair of black/brown boots. The interesting thing is, despite sounding like a rather odd assortment of pieces, he managed to convert it into a legit aesthetic, and dutifully stuck to it. Naturally, when he went ahead a wore a pair of jeans which are bootcut, but looked straight out of a fashion magazine from the '80s, we couldn't help but take notice. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Now, having a few zippers and a lot of pockets was a legit 'cool' aesthetic during the '90s. Remember the cargo shorts era? But we rarely do see such flamboyance in men's lowers anymore. But well, Salman Khan sure doesn't care about what's in. In fact, if anyone would dare, it's him, and he's proved it with this particular pair. © Viral Bhayani One can actually play a 'how many zippers did you find' game with these super cool pants. Plus, look at the dope pocket detailing. If anyone wants to wear a pair of jeans to the MET Gala, perhaps this is the pair they'd want to check out? (Hey, denim can be an unbeatable element - remember the iconic AF Justin Timberlake - Britney moment?) © Viral Bhayani Btw, just for fun, we did count, and we could spot 9 zippers. Can you find more?
  7. Bollywood is more than just good looks and dancing around the trees. Over the last few decades, Bollywood has time and again proved that it has much more to offer when it comes to creating a visual history. Bollywood hasn't just given us the stars that the entire world has come to recognise and appreciate, but we have also witnessed some of the best stories and experiences getting translated into frames which thread together as a marvellous visual feast. However, it isn't just a good story or a great star-cast that creates magic on the silver screen, there is much more to it. There exist such memorable actor pairings which make for such a great viewing that people often head to the theatres simply to catch them in action! We picked out 6 such super talented and super popular actor pairings from Bollywood with the most number of films together, whom we have admired, and would like to see more of in the future too (Bollywood are you listening?)! 1. Paresh Rawal & Akshay Kumar © Grazing Goat Pictures The 'Hera Pheri' hangover doesn't seem to subside at all when it comes to these two. What started as a laughter riot with this pairing in the film, its popularity forced filmmakers to keep bringing them together more often. The duo has done 22 films together which includes the 'Hera Pheri' series, 'Oh My God', 'Awara Pagal Deewana', 'Garam Masala', 'Welcome' besides many others. 2. Shah Rukh Khan & Anupam Kher © YRF How can one forget Anupam Kher's role as daddy cool Dharamvir Malhotra in DDLJ? SRK and Kher made the most fun father-son duo on-screen in this movie, and the charm seems to have worked in 13 such movies in all such as 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', 'Happy New Year', 'Darr', 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' and others, where they acted together and set the silver screen on fire. 3. Govinda & Johnny Lever © Geetha Arts Another such much-loved pairing is that of Govinda and Johnny Lever! The laughing spree their jodi kickstarted in every film was truly amazing, and thankfully we have been blessed with 29 such films where the pair has come together to entertain us, which include names like 'Dulhe Raja', 'Hadh Kar Di Aapne', 'Anari No.1', 'Kunwara', 'Joru Ka Ghulam' and so on. 4. Anil Kapoor & Jackie Shroff © YouTube 'Ram Lakhan' might be one of their most memorable pairing on-screen because it allowed the two of them to leave a mark in our hearts. In all, they went on to do 12 films together such as 'Parinda', 'Karma', 'Kabhi Na Kabhi' and more! 5. Amitabh Bachchan & Shah Rukh Khan © Dharma Productions What can we say about these two? Two tremendously talented and celebrated actors in their own accord, but the kind of magic they create together is excellent! This awesome pair has done 8 films together such as, 'Mohabbatien, 'K3G', 'Veer-Zara', 'Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna', 'Bhootnath' and more. 6. Govinda & Kader Khan © Harmesh Malhotra Another pair that rocked the 90s to no end was that of Kader Khan and Govinda. No wonder they were a total hit with the audience because they ended up starring in 41 films together such as 'Dulhe Raja', 'Coolie No. 1', 'Hero No. 1' 'Raja Babu' and the likes.
  8. Seen by many as an attempt to clean up his image post the spot-fixing scandal of 2013, following which the BCCI banned him from cricket for life, Sreesanth's foray into the 'Bigg Boss' house has only further tarnished his reputation. Right from day 1, controversy has followed Sreesanth even inside the infamous reality TV show, now in its 12th season. © Colors Be it his inability to cope with conditions inside the house, prompting him to threaten to leave the show on many an occasion, to his ongoing fights with several of the housemates, including non-celebrity Surbhi Rana, whom he disrespected grossly (by showing her the middle finger along with putting her down by stating that he had been paid in crores to appear on the show) whilst serving out a sentence in the Bigg Boss jail, Sreesanth has proved that not only does he have a massive ego (that needs to be constantly massaged, as has been done by TV actor Dipika Kakkar, who coddles him despite his angry outbursts and unreasonable expectations), but also does not know how to play fair(big surprise!) or participate sportingly in challenges. The final straw being the incident where he spat on the name of a fellow contestant and small-town singer Deepak Thakur, and then refused to acknowledge his mistake. © Colors Sreesanth has actively pissed off quite a few of the housemates, who have swiftly discarded their admiration for the former sportsman, and are now seeing him for the less than perfect human being that he actually is. His homophobic comments about new wildcard entry, TV actor Rohit Suchanti, have sunk Sreesanth to a new low, prompting ex-Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Gupta to call him out on his behaviour. Commenting on Rohit's choice of donning purple coloured shorts, Sreesanth drew up an analogy between clothing & sexual orientation, implying that Rohit is effeminate because he is wearing purple coloured shorts. However, what's even worse is the implication that Sreesanth considers the LGBTQ identity as something to be mocked. Funnily enough, in the subsequent scenes in the same episode, Sreesanth himself is seen sporting different outfits in shades of purple. © Colors Throughout his time on the popular reality TV show, Sreesanth has been emerging as the type of person who is guided by selfish interests, and someone who doesn't stand up for what he believes to be right and just. Instead, he is coming across in a negative light, lying & bullying his way through the competition, picking on the non-celebrity participants in every opportunity he gets, either through physical intimidation or constant reminders of his “celebrity” status. © Colors Despite having been given the advantage of being in the 'Bigg Boss' outhouse for several days (from where he could view the exchanges between the other housemates in his absence), Sreesanth has done little to mend his image, and continues to act like an entitled little child, who resorts to throwing a fit every time he doesn't get his way. Definitely not what we expected from this former National-level cricketer!
  9. If you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple of days, you would know that the biggest news was Ajay Devgn accidentally 'leaking' his wife Kajol's phone number on Twitter. Yep, a big star tweeted another big star's number online and people can't seem to stop talking about. I'm impressed and disappointed in people at the same time. Kajol not in country.. co-ordinate with her on WhatsApp 9820123300. — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) September 24, 2018 Obviously, it was all planned, I mean no one is that stupid to make a mistake like that, other than probably Charlie Sheen. © Twitter So, as expected, it turned out to be prank that Ajay Devgn played on everyone, maybe because he was bored, or he just wanted to remind everyone that he also uses Twitter. Pranks on film set are so passé… so tried pulling one on you guys here.. ð ð @KajolAtUN https://t.co/SpQzsfhlAB — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) September 24, 2018 Kajol's 'number' was everywhere, memes about the entire bizzarre development were everywhere, and Ajay Devgn was also everywhere on Twitter, retweeting all the funny tweets. Do yourself a favour and check @ajaydevgn's twitter now! pic.twitter.com/D4C8liM0ui — East India Comedy (@EastIndiaComedy) September 24, 2018 Kajol right now. pic.twitter.com/wQISQjrTkK — Vishesh Arora (@vishesharora19) September 24, 2018 We all know and love Mumbai Police as the best troll/meme account on Twitter, but it seems like they decided to sit this one out to give other police departments a chance to take advantage of the situation and earn some internet points. And I'm glad to see we were not disappointed, as Nagpur Police took the opportunity to post one tweet to end all tweets. Dear @ajaydevgn We smell some 'Golmaal' activity here, We request you to refrain from sharing personal details online. Be a Singham in real life too... "Naahitar Aata Aamchi Satkel" ð#CyberSafety #NagpurPolice https://t.co/iVoPVgjP7b — NagpurCityPolice (@NagpurPolice) September 25, 2018 There so many puns and references in just one tweet, I'm amazed. Of course this little stunt impressed not just me, but a lot of people on Twitter. Nagpur police is the real Singham of twitter ! Kudos — Gaurav Singh (@Gaur_ravrathi) September 25, 2018 True! Trolling level 10000 ðð — Yasir Mohammed Ali (@luv_yasir) September 26, 2018 Exactly. Hahahaha...superlike Nagpur Police — Shrinivas (@_Shrinivas_) September 25, 2018 I'm personally very delighted to see more police departments stepping up and trolling everyone.
  10. Call it an accident, a technical error or someone's mistake, but social media has been abuzz since this evening, thanks to Ajay Devgn...and his social media team (if there is one). If you follow Ajay Devgn on Twitter, you will know what we're are talking about. In a tweet that has left social media scratching their heads in utter confusion, Ajay Devgn shared his wife Kajol's number. He wrote, "Kajol not in country ..co-ordinate with her on WhatsApp." Twitter Our curious minds didn't allow us to ignore this tweet just like that. So, we first checked her number on Truecaller and according to the app, the number does indeed belong to Kajol. Screenshot We then called on the number and it went into a forward mode and then a pre-recorded voice played which sounded similar to Kajol's. We even checked her WhatsApp profile. By this point, we were kind of convinced that it might be her actual number and so was Twitter. People even texted her on WhatsApp to check if it was her real number. Instagram What followed next were hilarious jokes and memes on Ajay Devgn: Waiting for her reply sir pic.twitter.com/iT94zfAouc — babu bisleri (@PUNchayatiii) September 24, 2018 Someone even tried to defend his move... We all know it was inadvertently tweeted.. why ppl like you start troubling others like this? This is what is wrong with us. Shame on u — ð®ð³YK ð®ð³ (@yktalks) September 24, 2018 But we guess a troll's got to do what a troll's got to do, right? I'm just taking my revenge. I paid 250 for Dilwale. — babu bisleri (@PUNchayatiii) September 24, 2018 Sir gutkha kam khaya karo, dimag control mei nahi rehta — Chacha Lame Monk (@oldschoolmonk) September 24, 2018 Akele Vimal ye Kam nhi Ker Sakta..bagpiper sath Mila dia — vivek singh (@vivek123singh) September 24, 2018 Indians right now. pic.twitter.com/uRTy5RA1fK — Aditiið (@Sassy_Soul_) September 24, 2018 Thanks a lot. Let me add her to my family whatsapp group. My parents are big fans. — Sahil Shah (@SahilBulla) September 24, 2018 done sir pic.twitter.com/hgRDXhUnRO — 㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠ã¤ã¤ 㤠㤠㤠(@firkiii) September 24, 2018 Aaj Vimal Jyada Ho Gya Kya?ð pic.twitter.com/cmctgLHC5y — ð Sandeep Pathakð (@PathakAKHolic) September 24, 2018 ððð pic.twitter.com/MRxDl1YPvQ — Altaf khan (@altaf__143) September 24, 2018 lol pic.twitter.com/2c9Kc3uFE9 — phukdi. (@thephukdi) September 24, 2018 Do yourself a favour and check @ajaydevgn's twitter now! pic.twitter.com/D4C8liM0ui — East India Comedy (@EastIndiaComedy) September 24, 2018 Kajol: These are my bank details. CA ko bhej dena Ajay: Haan abhi tweet karta hoon — P.R. (@pr_akash_raj) September 24, 2018 Some people felt that his account might have been hacked, since neither Ajay nor his team replied to it. However, Ajay Devgn later tweeted saying that it was a prank. Pranks on film set are so passé… so tried pulling one on you guys here.. ð ð @KajolAtUN https://t.co/SpQzsfhlAB — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) September 24, 2018 But we all know who got trolled though!
  11. There is something about sports and women coming together that makes for such a killer combination, which is good enough to make guys sway towards the ones who seem to enjoy the game just as much as they do. While it is common knowledge that numerous famous actors, models, singers and the likes have invariably ruled over the hearts of our favourite sports stars, there remains something to be said of the kookiness that these star couples bring to the sporting arena. Be it cricket, football, tennis or any other sport of interest, fans have always been curious about the personal lives of their favourite stars, just as much as their professional achievements. Some of the most gorgeous women in the world are married to a great number of sportsmen, which only goes on to show that women are equally bowled over by the capabilities these sporting stars possess. It's true that these days, marrying older women is no longer looked down upon and some may even say that these sportsmen are “living the dream”, which many younger men have come to confess to (read Nick Jonas). So, here we bring you the names of 5 famous sportsmen who are romantically involved with women much older than them. 1. Sergio Ramos - Pilar Rubio Sois el motor de mi vida. Por vosotros lucho cada día por ser mejor. Con vosotros vivo una vida plena y feliz. Os dedico cada éxito, porque el éxito es vuestro. You are the force that drives my life. It's all of you that make me strive to be better every day. You make my life complete and happy. I dedicate every success to you, because that success is yours. @pilarrubio_oficial #PasiónPorMiFamilia A post shared by Sergio Ramos (@sergioramos) on May 28, 2018 at 6:42am PDT The Real Madrid captain and centre back is eight years younger to his wife Pilar Rubio, who is a Spanish journalist-cum-tv presenter. The couple initially started dating in 2012 and are presently proud parents to their three sons Sergio, Marco and Alejandro. 2. Shikhar Dhawan - Ayesha Mukherjee Happy birthday to my life!!! May God bless you always!! ðâ¤ï¸ððð @shikhardofficial A post shared by Aesha Dhawan (@aesha.dhawan5) on Dec 5, 2017 at 7:03am PST Next up, our very own Indian opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan who is ten years younger to his wife Ayesha Mukherjee. They were introduced to each other by Harbhajan Singh and instantly hit it off before getting married in 2012. The couple has 3 children. 3. Gerard Pique - Shakira Countryside! A post shared by Gerard Piqué (@3gerardpique) on Jul 23, 2014 at 10:25am PDT One of the most beloved star couples in the sporting world, they make quite a sight together for varying reasons. Both of them are established performers in their respective fields, though Pique is ten years younger to his wife. The couple has two kids together, Milan and Sasha. 4. Grigor Dimitrov - Nicole Scherzinger © Facebook Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov has been dating Nicole since 2015 who is thirteen years older to him, post her high profile breakup with ace Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton in the same year. She has been spotted on the sidelines of multiple tournaments supporting her beau. 5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Helena Seger ð¤ #helenaseger#zlatanibrahimovic#helena_seger#ibracadabra#zlatan#mls#lagalaxy#love#fanlove#zlatanstyle#azsportswear A post shared by Helena Segerð¹ (@helena_seger_fan) on May 7, 2018 at 11:28am PDT The former Man-U striker is married to businesswoman Helena Seger, who is twelve years older than him and is known to be at the top of her game. The duo met in 2002 and have two kids together, namely Maximilian and Vincent. It's good to know that people with influence are changing the script and showing the world that age has nothing to do with love.
  12. Have you ever started talking to a girl on a dating app and you feel like you're hitting it off and you ask for her number, but she refuses to give it out? Well, it might be too soon for her but at least she's politely declining instead of doing what Hannah did. It might not be the right thing to screw around with someone like that, but it sure is hilarious and at the end of the day, humour is the only thing that matters. Let's begin this funny story of Hannah finding the most perfect excuse when she doesn't want to give her number to random guys. Here it goes. So, the guy – Patrick – gave her his number and now the ball was in her court. It was up to her to message him or call him first. But, when you don't want to do that, play it smart, and have some fun while you can. She simply said, 'wait that's my number' even though that's impossible, but people can sometimes be dumb, so it's understandable. Patrick is confused. She then turns it around on him, saying 'you're kidding me right?' and also innocently claiming 'how she can't make this up'. She even convinced him that they have the same phone carrier and it was their mistake that both of them ended up with the same freaking number. Look at that last message – 'I wish I could call you'. I feel bad for him, he seems so defeated. Imagine thinking you're missing out on talking to a girl just because your phone carrier screwed up. i just convinced a tinder boy we had the same number so i didnt have to text him pic.twitter.com/guDBlP3iw3 — hannah (@hannahhhhxoxo) August 22, 2018 That's kinda evil, but it's so hilarious and I still can't believe Patrick actually bought it. She even proved that he actually believed it, because some people were calling it bullshit. update for yall who didnt think he believed me pic.twitter.com/Mt26f8xC0r — hannah (@hannahhhhxoxo) August 23, 2018 This was me after reading the conversation. update for yall who didnt think he believed me pic.twitter.com/Mt26f8xC0r — hannah (@hannahhhhxoxo) August 23, 2018 That was the best part. Shit had me dying lmaoo how can you be this dumb??! — Risky. (@RiskyRoss22) August 23, 2018 And lastly, this article would be incomplete without this gif. Imagine if she made someone call him asking for Hannah and he was just like –
  13. Ask most women out there about the features they find most desirable and attractive in men and you'll be hearing the word 'beard' a lot. This shouldn't be surprising since a a beard - especially those that are well-trimmed and don't make you look like you've been homeless for the last three months - can make you go from looking 'good' to 'great' in a matter of seconds. And last time I checked, we weren't going through “No-Shave November” as well - so there is basically no reason for you to not be owning a premium trimmer. So on that note, here are 7 of the best Nova trimmers for men that will help you become more desirable than ever before. 1. Nova NHT 1070 Trimmer © amazon Could you imagine ever purchasing a power-packed Nova trimmer worth around Rs 8,000 for just Rs 350? At a discount of a whopping 96%?! Well that's exactly what you get with this NHT 1070 variant from Nova. Equipped with titanium blades, a LED charge indicator, a high-precision trimming range of up to 0.25 mm, 30 minutes of wireless usage and a removable and rechargeable battery, you simply cannot afford to miss out on this kickass trimmer! MRP: Rs 350 Buy here 2. Nova NHT1046 Beard Trimmer © amazon Featuring stainless steel blades with rounded tips that offer a skin-friendly trim, an ergonomic design and one year of warranty, this NHT1046 variant - at a negligible price of Rs 369 - makes for a deal that is simply too good to ignore. MRP: 369 Buy here 3. Nova NHT-1044 Cordless Trimmer © amazon Not only does this NHT-1044 variant from Nova look incredibly sexy, but it also comes equipped with incredible features - such as Titanium coated blades and washable attachments, that make it one of the best Nova trimmers for men that you could own. MRP: Rs 449 Buy here 4. Nova NS-216 Professional Trimmer For Men © amazon This NS-216 variant from Nova pretty much has it all - wireless usage, durable and adjustable high-grade Titanium blades, turbo power technology, a professional hair clipper and up to nine different precision length settings - making it the all-rounder of trimmers and a great addition to your grooming arsenal. MRP: Rs 400 Buy here 5. Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer © amazon This stylish blue and black trimmer is yet another premium offering from Nova. With this NHT-1071 variant, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a good trim as it comes equipped with Titanium blades, turbo power technology and up to 45 minutes of wireless use. MRP: Rs 698 Buy here 6. Nova NHT 1091 Trimmer For Men © amazon Although a bit on the higher side compared to the rest of the trimmers listed on this list, perhaps the biggest USP of this NHT 1091 variant is the fact that it comes equipped with up to 20 different precision settings - ranging from 0.5 mm to 20 mm - ensuring that you always get the trim of your choice. MRP: Rs 746 Buy here 7. Nova NHT 1089 Trimmer For Men © amazon And we've saved the best for last. This NHT 1089 variant from Nova is loaded with incredible features including, but not limited to, 40 different trim settings, one and a half hours of wireless usage, Titanium coated blades and a fully waterproof body. MRP: Rs 1099 Buy here