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Found 492 results

  1. The organiser says the sit-in was called-off after being told that the demands will be addressed in next few months
  2. Officially, the iPhone 12 Pro is set to launch in the US this coming Friday, however, we already have unboxing videos that show off the phones in all their glory. The video of the phones being unboxed was first posted by a Twitter account called DuanRui and it gives us a closer look at the iPhone 12. © Twitter The first thing you will notice is its new flat-edge design and the graphite colour variant of the iPhone 12 Pro. The video was later uploaded to YouTube and here are the videos below: From the videos, we can see the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro up close and how the colours look like in real life. The graphite colour, in particular, looks quite impressive, however, we can’t get over the flat-edge design inspired by the iPhone 4. It also shows the edges on both devices have somewhat of a glossy/shiny effect when put under light. Other videos have also surfaced online that show off the silicon cases and the clear case that can be purchased separately for the phones. Apple will be selling five different colour options for the silicon cases namely: Navy, Plum, Pink Citrus, Cyprus Green, and Kumquat The silicon cases show that it covers the entire body of the iPhone, however, the clear cases leaves the bottom edge of the phone exposed. Similarly, other accessories, such as the MagSafe charger were also featured in a separate video that shows it is compatible with older iPhone models as well, albeit it won’t snap on like the iPhone 12 series. © Twitter We can’t wait to get our hands on the new iPhone devices ourselves, however, the phone will launch in India on October 30th. Stay tuned for our official review of the phone when it launches in a few weeks. The iPhone 12 series is powered by Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chipset and comes with nifty new features as well. You can read all about the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro here. Source: DuanRui View the full article
  3. There is no doubt that this year has been terrible for most of us. From figuring out how we get stuck at home to waiting for the world to come up with a vaccine- that’s all we have done so far this year! Also, initially, we have watched all sorts of movies and web series that were remotely related to a virus spreading across the world or the human race seeing the end of the world. While most of us have gone insane and can’t deal with the words such as virus, pandemic, apocalypse, and quarantine, we have a list of feel-good TV shows that’ll definitely take your mind off the 'stuck at the home' that this year 2020 has given - Brooklyn Nine-Nine This is the best cop-comedy blast you’ll ever come across. The show might take a few episodes for you to like it but once you start liking it- there’s no going back. Andy Samberg and his power-packed performance will definitely take your mind off anything that you’re thinking. The good place The show revolves around the story of a woman who mistakenly finds herself in heaven despite living a self-centered life. She has not done a single right thing all her life but ends up in heaven and now she is trying to do everything to stay in heaven and not go to the bad place. Parks and Recreation This show will definitely lift your spirit as Leslie Knope’s bubbly nature can light up the darkest days. Not only her, the whole cast is great and will keep you laughing throughout the show. The Mindy Project The series revolves around the life of an obstetrician/ gynecologist who tries to balance her personal and professional life. Her life is a mess and she has a bunch of quirky co-workers in a small medical practice in New York City. New Girl The show has a stellar star-cast and everyone has incredible comic timing. The show is going to make your life better and if you are having a lazy Sunday, this is the one show that you should start watching today. View the full article
  4. During the protest, Nawaz Sharif was inside Hasan?s office preparing to address the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) public gathering in Gujranwala
  5. Priyanka Chopra gushes over the release of her upcoming Netflix project ?The White Tiger? with candid posts
  6. Bad luck doesn’t seem to leave yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s side. The man who is also the founder of ayurvedic consumer goods company Patanjali Ayurved was in the news recently over claims that Patanjali’s Coronil tablets could apparently ‘cure’ COVID positive patients of the infection. We all know what came of it. But right now Baba Ramdev is trending for a completely different reason. Last night, a video of Baba Ramdev falling off of an elephant’s back while performing yoga asanas on it, went viral on social media. Every platform and news portal reported it, and while we could see the yogi land safe on his feet and walk away unharmed, people managed to get a good laugh out of it at the poor man’s expense. Ramdev does yoga on elephant .. FALLS pic.twitter.com/6RbuHDzXZq — Niraj Bhatia (@bhatia_niraj23) October 13, 2020 The incident took place at the Ramanreti Ashram in Mahavan, Mathura. Interestingly, this isn’t even the first time he met with a fluke accident. In a previous incident, the yoga guru was seen falling off a bicycle while taking a turn on a rain-soaked street. Loved the twist ending. pic.twitter.com/JNggkZVpV4 — Aniruddha Guha (@AniGuha) August 21, 2020 Sure enough, people found the fall funny and spammed Twitter with hilarious memes and tweets. Check them out here: #BabaRamdev Baba ramdev ji after falling from elephant pic.twitter.com/kDBEZ0Lm2U — Dr.Suhana khan (@DrSuhanakhan) October 13, 2020#BabaRamdev fell from elephant... Media to baba ramdev be like pic.twitter.com/ZFs8ebkyOm — Pranav (@sawarkar_pranav) October 14, 2020He fell off a bicycle. Then, off an elephant. Waiting for the high horse.#Ramdev — Sudeep Chakravarti (@chakraview) October 14, 2020Baba Ramdev fell from the Elephant. Elephant be like:#BabaRamdev pic.twitter.com/1PhLjXmG8v — Leo mithi (@MithiSingh6) October 13, 2020After Baba Ramdev's fall from the elephant. Kangana sitting on wooden horse be like: pic.twitter.com/bFGL4563EF — Libtardu (@libtardu_) October 13, 2020Baba Ramdev after falling off an elephant while performing Yoga :- pic.twitter.com/eL2lRUcVVj — Sahil Sahu (@itsyoursahill) October 13, 2020Elephant to baba #Ramdev pic.twitter.com/p1HxYTwu7M pic.twitter.com/M6flNQsw3x — Memes In Hindi (@memesinhindi) October 13, 2020Baba Ramdev first falls from Cycle. Now, falls from an Elephant. Aur kitna giroge Baba. — Tintin™ (@iamtintin__) October 13, 2020#BabaRamdev Baba ramdev from elephant pic.twitter.com/MLh33kCboQ — Tushar being Indian (@TusharbeingInd1) October 14, 2020Well, we couldn’t have expected for people to let this go, right? Needless to say, one of the most obvious memes and yet the funniest one was his comparison with the GDP: pic.twitter.com/zxe0AKjekB — प्रत्युष Pratyush پرتیوش (@pratyushtweets) October 14, 2020 Who did it better - GDP or Baba Ramdev? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  7. Jonah Hill and fiancée Santos kept their romance out of the spotlight throughout the course of their relationship.
  8. Cardi B?s ex-husband Offset recently celebrated her birthday in style, leaving all credit to two-year-old Kulture
  9. Whether he's on the field or off it, Virat Kohli has a knack for making headlines owing to his ever-growing popularity amongst fans across the globe. An outright winner, Kohli, just like his favourite footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, hates to lose. And, that's exactly why the Indian captain is always on his toes when it comes to improving himself to get an edge over his opponents. While there hasn't been much cricketing action due to the Coronavirus outbreak this year, Kohli is now raring to go in the thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) which is slated to begin from 19th September in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The 31-year-old has been seen sweating it out in the training sessions and practice matches with the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) squad to prepare for the upcoming season. Kicking off the IPL season with a football match has been a tradition at RCB for many years. It was all smiles in the camp when AB’s Cool Cats took on Virat’s Hot Dogs. ️ 🥅#PlayBold #IPL2020 #WeAreChallengers #Football pic.twitter.com/W8F8vmVocw — Royal Challengers Bangalore (@RCBTweets) September 8, 2020 If batting for countless hours in the nets to practice his shots wasn't enough to highlight his hard work and dedication to the sport, the fact that Kohli was recently seen setting the ground ablaze with his dribbling skills in an all-RCB football match, further shows his unmatched levels of fitness. But Kohli isn't just a hard-worker, he's also a smart worker. For a man who's responsible for sparking a fitness revolution in Team India, Kohli knows that giving your body the much-needed rest is just as important as pushing it to the limits in training. That's exactly why the RCB captain was recently seen chilling out in what looked like a much-needed pool session. View this post on InstagramA proper day at the pool yesterday 😃🏊A post shared by (@virat.kohli) Taking to Instagram, the Delhi cricketer shared a series of photographs from his team's pool session. In the first photo, Kohli was seen flaunting his chiselled abs while floating in the pool. In the second photo, Kohli was seen chilling with his RCB mates by the poolside. The last photo showed him having a gala time in what looked like some candid contest of pool volleyball. As soon as Kohli's post surfaced on social media, cricket fans took turns to give their views on it. While some wished all the luck to Kohli and RCB for the upcoming IPL season, others were just left in awe of the Indian skipper's admirable body. Amongst those who commented was Bollywood star Varun Dhawan who seemed to be smitten by Kohli's physique as he wrote 'ripped' on the post. View the full article
  10. The manufacturer, SPEL, has on the request of the Punjab governor, worked out an affordable price of Rs 150 for a shield
  11. The split was caused by a crack in a cargo hold on its stern side, says the ship's operator Mitsui OSK Lines
  12. Pornography has been a part of our lives for a really long time now. Before the rise of the internet, porn was created and made available to masses via magazines or VHS cassettes or DVDs. But with the growing popularity and easier access to the online world, accessing porn sites is just a click away. The pace at which technology is growing has also made it more immersive than ever, especially with the dawn of Virtual Reality. © iStock The decision to watch porn boils down to a personâs personal choice. However, is it harmful to your health and wellness? According to a 2014 research by the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, the part of the brain which is responsible for triggering pleasure, that is, the striatum, is smaller in those who are regular porn-viewers. This essentially means that they need graphic material to get aroused. It is important to mention, however, that the researchers could not come up with a conclusion on whether the smaller striatum of the test subjects led them to watch more porn or was caused because they watched so much of it. They âassumedâ that the latter is true. © iStock These 7 alarming signs suggest that you might be getting addicted to pornography:If the amount of time you have been spending on watching porn continues to increase on a regular basis. If you feel that you HAVE TO watch porn at least once a day or else something feels missing or your day feels incomplete. If the guilt of watching porn takes over your brain and you continue to do it despite feeling low. © iStock If you spend long periods of time surfing through the internet even at the cost of missing out on other responsibilities or urgent work. If you donât feel aroused by real *** and prefer masturbation over it while watching porn. © iStock If you expect or start asking your partner to âdress like a pornstarâ or behave like one while in bed, during ***. You canât get over the urge to flip out your phone and watch porn even if you know that it is disputing your relationship both sexually and emotionally. © iStock You have to understand that what you watch online isnât real. The people you see âenactingâ sexual pleasure are professional performers who are simply doing their job. The viewers often mistake that as reality and start expecting similar things in their lives and when it feels nothing like what they see online, sometimes they choose to lose themselves in the virtual world. Just keep a check on yourself and if you relate to any of the above mentioned points, act on it for the sake of your happiness and that of the people around you. Also Watch: How to Stop Porn Addiction View the full article
  13. The annual midsummer Festival of Music usually brings millions of people out onto the streets across the country for impromptu concerts
  14. Engineer, industrial designer and technology entrepreneur Elon Musk finally made his dream come true when his company SpaceX successfully managed to send two astronauts into space in their very own rocket ship earlier today. What makes this achievement so special is that it opens the doors to the possibility of commercial space travel and a completely new era of space exploration, the very reason why Musk founded Space Exploration Technologies Corp 18 years ago. The blast-off took place without a winkle in execution and the National Aeronautics and Space Administrationâs (NASAâs) Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken rode off into the sky. Images from the launch have ever since been making rounds on social media and have the viewers in complete awe of how majestic it appeared: Falcon 9 lifts off from historic Launch Complex 39A and sends Crew Dragon to orbit on its first flight with @NASA astronauts to the @space_station pic.twitter.com/UOoaKiQaFk â SpaceX (@SpaceX) May 31, 2020 NASA also shared recorded footage of the two astronauts from inside the âEndeavourâ capsule, before Bob and Doug gave us a tour of their fancy spacecraft which is currently en route to the International Space Station, where the two will spend between 1-4 months as a part of this mission. Welcome aboard the @SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft! In this video from space, @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug reveal the name of their capsule: Endeavour. Take a look inside as the crew continues their journey to the @Space_Station: https://t.co/K9S5mejONx pic.twitter.com/mvH8UhE5FW â NASA (@NASA) May 31, 2020 And while Musk may have taken a giant leap towards realising his dream of populating foreign planets, the common people of Twitter couldnât help but show their jealousy towards those who got the opportunity to leave Earth on the spaceship in such horrible times. super jealous of these SpaceX astronauts leaving earth right now, talk about timing. â ððððð â½ (@becccasky) May 30, 2020https://t.co/T2HOUnAdid Good call leaving earth. ð½ â Magi-Carlos (@CtotheARLOS) May 31, 2020Riots everywhere and people leaving earth. Wtf is going on. Wait for me.... â Just Looking (@JustLoo29276504) May 30, 2020Lowkey jealous of those astronauts that got to leave earth today, congrats @SpaceX â Ronak Patel ⢠(@_patel4k) May 31, 2020Saw this on Instagram and had to steal! Haha!! Iâm definitely jealous of them!! ð¼ #2020 #nasa #spacex pic.twitter.com/cFJvWsks3j â Michelle C Bush (@michelleCbush) May 31, 2020Other than the coronavirus pandemic taking over the world, causing people their lives and livelihood and pushing them into poverty, the US is also battling racism and police brutality. Ever since the horrible death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests and riots have flooded the country which takes pride in being called âthe land of the free and the home of the brave.â Dude brought a bow to SLC riots, got taken out. pic.twitter.com/K58QpwBDkU â Garth Mortensen (@voldemortensen) May 31, 2020 Itâs not just America that has been fighting the demons of their backyard. India too is struggling from the locust attack, ruing the crops of farmers from states such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Heartbreaking stories of people losing their loved ones are making headlines every single day. Many are resorting to crime just to fill their stomach. A man broke into a roadside eatery in Maharashtra's Yavatmal district to steal food as the coronavirus-induced lockdown had left him famished https://t.co/tz8U3LyUZ7 â SK Iyer (@iyer_sk) May 31, 2020 Given the situation, their envy towards the two astronauts away from this toxic planet is completely understandable. View the full article
  15. The two-stage rocket blasted off smoothly in a cloud of orange flames and smoke from Launch Pad 39A at Florida´s Kennedy Space Center for a historic flight to the orbiting ISS
  16. Technology, it's a funny thing really. While it solves the purpose of making the lives of humankind a lot easier than it used to be before, it has also opened new ways for people to embarrass themselves in public. Take our guy Daniel in this video, for instance. The man was bored to death in the middle of what looks like an official conference call and he decided to 'take care of himself' while the rest of the people went on talking about “consumer spending”. He thought he turned off his web-cam.pic.twitter.com/Db82LOS4c4 — Mr. Alabi of Lagos (@the_Lawrenz) May 29, 2020 A man who knows his needs, Daniel decided to bring the tools of his trade from his bathroom - a big bottle of lubricating lotion and a big box of tissues and started prepping to 'flick his bean'. The only problem was that he forgot to turn his laptop camera off before getting on with it, unintentionally (hopefully), putting his show on display for the rest of the staffers to marvel at. His colleague Bennet R (bottom left) knew what was about to go down as soon as he saw the bottle of lotion on Daniel's desk, the expression on his face was of concern, not embarrassment. He wouldn't want to be in the poor, horny man's place. My man knew what was up once he saw the toolspic.twitter.com/uGUPUGmrJk — Obinna (@Victor_oe) May 29, 2020 Sophia (centre left) just wanted to be a part of the official meeting and didn't sign up for the prime-time show. She warned Daniel that his camera was on, but her cry fell on deaf ears. As our main guy unzipped his trousers, Chris (top middle), the cat guy, felt like it was too good to watch alone and invited someone off-camera to become a part of his journey. But at the same time, he did his best to save Daniel from 'poaching his egg' in front of his boss and kept calling him. My mans said aye come look at this shitpic.twitter.com/vs1mYaNloa — slayer joe(@slayer_joe_ver) May 29, 2020 Mika (centre), with her mug of beverage, wanted to know how things would turn out and observed silently before things got really real! pic.twitter.com/PVrgLiouGw — Fleshly Gripes (@FellzWargo) May 29, 2020 Poor Xelene (bottom centre) wasn't ready for it. After a screeching “oh my god” she felt that running away from the scene of the crime would rid her of what she'd just witnessed. I wonder if it did... Gooone gal pic.twitter.com/Bq2WFfA0VO — Mumbler100 ð ð¤ð¾ (@MumblerAREA) May 29, 2020 Don't know if Michael K's (top right) screen froze or he did. With a hand covering his mouth, the man didn't move even an inch as Daniel 'cuffed his carrot'. Sean (centre right) was prepared for the meeting with his stats and numbers and had answers to everything that was about to happen during that conference, or at least that's what he thought. As soon as he saw what Daniel was up to, he jumped out of his seat and moved way back. Unfortunately, that's one problem social distancing won't help you with. And woman in-charge Chanel (bottom-right), quickly realised that there are certain things that don't fall under her jurisdiction. "Daniel??!!" pic.twitter.com/whQOEkqOa8 — Mumbler100 ð ð¤ð¾ (@MumblerAREA) May 29, 2020 Well, I am running out of ways to tell you that Daniel masturbated in front of his entire office and one of his best friends/colleagues decided to share their scarring experience with the whole world. And now that we have seen it as well, we don't really know how to get over it. And now we are both sad and depressed. *melancholy music* Note: The authenticity of this video is yet to be verified. View the full article
  17. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is not an actor but a complete work of art in himself. He can play the role of a gangster, lover, a cop, and almost everything else for that matter. Call him Bollywoodâs chameleon if you must, because he can fit himself into any character and make it look as real as possible. Donât let his âseriousâ face fool you though, because he has the perfect comic timing as well that can tickle your funny bone and leave you rolling on the floor laughing. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@nawazuddin._siddiqui)In an interview with NDTV, revealing that he performed in about a hundred comedy plays, back in the day in Delhi, Nawaz shared that he has a great sense of comic timing but is always offered serious roles because of his facial features. Well, we do agree with the fact that he has an impeccable sense of humour and has a unique way of pulling off a comic scene in a movie, despite coming across as a stern individual. In another interview, he said, âI enjoy comedies because you donât have to think or stress too much in these films like I have to do for my serious roles.â Despite having the image of an actor who outshines the rest in serious roles, Nawazuddin Siddiqui can certainly pull off comic scenes effortlessly as well, and we have dug 5 such scenes that will make you see our point: 1. Chand Nawab In Bajrangi Bhaijaan Well, Nawazuddin had many crucial scenes in the movie that displayed his comic avatar but the scene wherein he is struggling to film his piece-to-camera as people keep interrupting him, is probably the funniest part. You wonât be able to contain your laughter after seeing him impersonate the real reporter from Pakistan. 2. Ali In Freaky Ali Though the film tanked at the box office, Nawazuddin garnered praise from the audience for his comic timing. Not just one, there are many rib-tickling scenes in the movie. Let me tell you about one hilarious scene, in particular, where he is seen selling chaddis and he mocks a kid whoâs dressed as superman. Actually, you can absolutely watch the movie and let him surprise you with his perfect comic timing. 3. Faizal Khan In Gangs Of Wasseypur If you have seen the movie, you cannot forget the scene wherein Nawaz keeps his hand on Huma Qureshi's hand without permission. This scene has a separate fan base altogether. In fact, throughout the movie, he keeps asking for Humaâs permission, be it for *** or a movie date. Itâs a sheer delight to see him pull off these scenes with an almost blank expression on his face and still manage to make you howl with laughter. 4. Shiv Gajra In Kick Infusing comedy into a serious scene is pure art and Nawaz knows how to nail it. In one of the scenes from Kick, he fakes his death and then comes the crazy sequence that canât be explained in words. Itâs better for you to see for yourself and then appreciate Nawaz for his brilliance in acting. Let me give you a hint: Maut Ko Chhu Ke Tak Se Wapas Aa Sakta Hoon. 5. Liak In Badlapur Yes, itâs a serious movie but Nawaz added that humour element which took things to the next level. In one of the scenes, he is in prison but still thinking of *** with his girlfriend. The way he pulls off the scene wherein he is conversing with her is an absolute masterpiece. If you watch the movie, you will find a string of punchlines that will make you believe in his argument that he has great comic timing. Nawazuddin, a man of your calibre should not be boxed to one type of role. Here is hoping you get all the comedy roles your heart desires. View the full article
  18. We wonder if there is anything that engineers canât pull off? From studying engineering for four years to pursuing a career in a creative field, youâll find them with the hidden talent to making a success out of anything they choose to do. © Unsplash Recently, The Madhya Pradesh police found an engineer living in a cave ever since the lockdown began on March 24. The man is a Mumbai resident and embarked on Narmada Parikrama which is a very popular pilgrimage in the area when he got stranded in a forest. Now the police has handed him over to his relatives. Virendra Singh Dogra was found living in a cave in the forest in Raisen district and he has been living there for over a month now. © BCCL The police found a few clothes and a copy of the Mahabharata with him and it couldnât get any more dramatic. The man was on a journey to Namada Parikrama but left it halfway as the journey involves walking around the Narmada River on foot from Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh to the river mouth in Gujarat. © BCCL Virendra stopped at Kuandevri Village at the house of a relative when the lockdown began on March 22. Later, people spotted him living in a cave and reported the matter to the forest department and the police. Virendra explained to the police that he lives in Navi Mumbai and also told them that his sister lives in Hyderabad. Later, his sister corroborated the story to the police. Then the police sent him to his relative's house in Kuandevri village. © BCCL Now, thatâs a lot of drama and it sounds like a script from a very dramatic Bollywood movie that wouldnât impress the audience that much. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! View the full article
  19. There is one word which goes hand-in-hand with Bollywood today - nepotism. Like it or not, it's one of the reasons why the Hindi film industry is still thriving since its conception almost a century ago. Any Bollywood movie-buff can identify how this 'legacy' is passed on from one 'filmy' generation to another. (c) Viral Bhayani The Kapoors come to mind instantly, and so do the Khans, Chopras and scores of other key players who have been dealing the (nepotism) cards for generations now. Now, there is no denying its presence in Bollywood or how it plays out for insiders within the industry. But while there is no justification to make it seem acceptable, we must also admit that despite the favouritism some stars still don't make the cut, and end up being forgotten. Which only goes on to show that nepotism, though definitely unfair, cannot guarantee true skills and therefore success. At the end of the day it does take talent to get you through. (c) Instagram/Ravi K Chandran We recently saw the next generation of Bollywood-stars-in-the-making try their hands at acting and dancing, and truth be told, some of them might actually have potential. Check out these 5 Bollywood star kids showing off their dancing and acting potential as they give us a glimpse into the future of Bollywood. 1. Khushi Kapoor (c) Twitter Once aspiring to be a model, Sridevi's younger daughter Khushi, seems to be taking baby steps towards the world of acting just like her sister Jahnvi Kapoor. Khushi, who is currently undertaking an acting course from the New York Film Academy, gives us a glimpse of her late mother's on-screen goofiness and zest we'd all come to love in these videos. @khushi05k Quarantine mood ##sleepyday ##alwaystired ##sorrynotsorry ⬠I love it I mean im so passionate about it KIM K - ahmexium Or this one. @khushi05k Jokesð ##LoveYouSis ⬠Psycho stemomster - peachikim 2. Ibrahim Ali Khan (c) Instagram Another star contender on the block, Ibrahim's love for acting has been often talked about by his sister Sara Ali Khan. However, recently dad Saif Ali Khan also hinted at Ibrahim's Bollywood debut in the near future. So it wasn't really a shocker when Ibrahim became the talk of the town overnight after he posted his first ever acting video online. And we admit, we can see why. The dude's got potential. @iakpataudi ⬠original sound - Shamshad Pasha 3. Alaviaa Jaffery (c) Instagram Javed Jaffery's daughter, Alaviaa has surely taken after her father when it comes to her dance moves. But apart from being the social media star that she is, Alaviaa also seems to have a strong acting ka keeda in her. So we guess it won't be long before we see this fashionista on the silver-screen, right? @alaviaaj outta here ##foryou ##fyp ##krisjenner ⬠Kris Will Not Be Treated Like This from KUWTK - e_entertainment Now for the dancing part. @alaviaaj ##foryou ##fyp ##tiktokindia ⬠original sound - gogogabriella 4. Ahaan Panday (c) Instagram Chunkey Panday's nephew and Ananya Panday's cousin, Ahaan, who is reportedly going to make his Bollywood debut soon, is yet another star kid in Bollywood young brigade. With his boy-next-door looks and charming smile, we are expecting him to do well both as a comic and the lover-boy on-screen. Here's why. @ahaanpanday Hey ⬠DilliWaliGirlfriend - the_indianmuserking He does pull it off well, no? @ahaanpanday ⬠Hamari Adhuri Kahani - Arijit Singh 5. Samara Tijori (c) Instagram/Kunj Gutka Deepak Tijori's daughter Samara, who is currently in her twenties is undertaking acting classes after completing her graduation. However, going by her online presence it is safe to say that Samara is pretty multi-talented. Not only is she an actor in the making, Samara can also sing and dance really well. Just about the perfect Bollywood combo, right? After all, isn't that the latest trend? View this post on Instagram So today I tried a Bollywood - Kathak fusion! Felt so NEWWWWW !! Dancing with the gorgeous @shanayamakani â¤ï¸ Choreography by - @charvi.b â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Nov 17, 2019 at 7:58am PST Listen to her sing, View this post on Instagram A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Apr 19, 2020 at 5:47am PDT View the full article
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