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Found 47 results

  1. In the last few years, a lot of companies have started skipping the headphone jack. It started with the iPhone 7, as Apple said there just wasn't enough space thanks to the taptic engine and that it wants the future to be wireless. While technically we do have wireless charging, the technology is still in its early stage and is not practical for day-to-day usage. After the launch of the iPhone 7, many other companies followed the trend by removing the headphone jack and then complemented the same with their wireless earbuds. In their defense, waterproofing does get a lot easier for companies, but then you still have to deal with the charging micro USB or USB-C. For the consumers, it meant you'll have to use a dongle to use your wired headphones. And the worst part is, you won't be able to charge your phone and see a movie simultaneously. The removal trend is now slowly being observed in the midrange segment as well. So, if you are an audiophile or just dislike carrying a dongle, these are the phones you shouldn't consider: 1. Every iPhone Since The 7: © Akshay Bhalla Like we said earlier, all the iPhone since the 2016's model skip the headphone jack. Apple announced the launch of AirPods along with the removal announcement and boy, people weren't happy. Truly, wireless earbuds like the AirPods are expensive and need to be charged separately. While the AirPods or almost every other earbud case has a portable battery backup available, you'll still have to charge it at some point. And this is the biggest problem of going wireless. You do get the convenience of not having to worry about wires, but then you need to look out for dead batteries. 2. Pixel 2 / 2XL: © MensXP Even Google followed the trend and decided to remove the headphone jack from its 2017 flagships. Google announced the launch of Pixel Buds as an alternative to the dongles, and that's when Android fans too lost their cool. Google, the king of Android, removing the headphone jack and following Apple? What sorcery is this? 3. Nokia 8 Sirocco: © YouTube The stunning Nokia 8 Sirocco too skips the headphone jack. Luckily, all other Nokia products launched this year sport one, except for the international flagship. The phone is among the most attractive phones of 2018 and is a part of the Android One program and runs on stock Android like all other HMD Global designed products. 4. Xiaomi Mi A2: © MensXP The Mi A2 was launched in India this week at a very attractive price, but it loses out on one essential functionality, the headphone jack. Xiaomi has made sure that the Mi A1 successor has a kick-ass camera, and we have to give it to them, the phone is near perfect in the midrange. The phone even has a USB-C connection, but no love for the 3.5mm jack. 5. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: © MensXP The phone with one of the best edge-to-edge display, also misses out on the headphone jack. It is also the first phone in the Xioami portfolio to skip the legacy connector. In fact, Xiaomi's flagship Mi 8, that was launched last year, also skips the headphone jack. Though we must admit, the removal of the jack has forced companies to work on cheaper as well as better quality wireless buds. Read Also: Best Affordable Wireless Headphones in India
  2. The news hit the wire today that the Delhi police force is all set to welcome an all-women SWAT team, made up of 36 exceptionally talented and well trained North-Eastern women. India will now be one of those few nations across the world to have such a SWAT team. A brainchild of Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik, these 36 women constables have been inducted into the squad after being trained under specialists from around the world for fifteen months! © TOI The team is trained to handle terror strikes and hostage crisis in urban locations. The commandos have received rigorous Krav Maga training in unarmed combat and will be equipped with MP5 submachine guns and Glock 21 pistols. Armed To Shield Having received better ratings than their male counterparts from their trainers at the Police Training College in Jharoda Kala, they will be stationed across various strategic locations in central and south-Delhi, besides being onboard anti-terror vans called Parakram. © TOI TOI quoted Pramod Kushwaha, DCP (Special Cell) saying, “They are experts at unarmed combat, ambush and counter-ambush, jungle operation, urban operation which includes building interventions, vehicle/bus intervention and VVIP security. They have also been imparted basic knowledge of explosives and IEDs apart from being trained to use a wide array of weapons”. We're are totally backing this move by the government and can't be more proud of the unit, which is all set to be officially inducted into Delhi Police by Home Minister Rajnath Singh. This has to be one of those instances where you manage to set an example for others to look up to and in this case, it has to be for all women, to match steps with the men in this world, and show everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. It surely is a welcome news right before India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day.
  3. These are the times of the internet where being online and going viral is every netizen's waking dream. While we get the fascination behind the WWW, given that it is home to some of the most awesomesauce, exotic and enlightening content from around the world and across the board, yet we fail to fathom the unrestrained dependence people exhibit towards all things “trending” or “viral”. How acceptable are such forms of validations, be it in the form of likes or views? It wasn't long ago since the trend of undertaking viral social media challenges began, with some of the extremely popular ones being the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Mannequin Challenge and more recently the Kiki Challenge made popular by numerous celebs. While these “challenges” started out as means of harmless entertainment, the ungoverned cyber world has allowed other freaky challenges to make their way into our lives via phones and laptops. The 'Fatal' Momo Challenge © YouTube One such challenge that has surfaced most recently is called the Momo Challenge and it will remind you of the Blue Whale Challenge that troubled the nation not so long ago. Targeted at unsuspecting young minds, this challenge came into the limelight after a 12-year old Argentinian girl allegedly killed herself over the 'challenge'. It works pretty similarly to the Blue Whale Challenge as well - people are lured and given instructions to follow, failing which they are blackmailed and threatened with dire consequences. How It Works © YouTube Mexican Computer Crime Investigation Unit has reported that the challenge started in a Facebook group wherein members were 'challenged' to contact a particular number. Once the contact was established they were ordered to follow instructions and if they refused, they were threatened and sent violent and disturbing images. With Japanese artist Midori Hayashi's artwork 'Mother Bird' as its avatar, the Momo accounts have been found to be connected to three numbers in Mexico, Columbia and Japan. A number of alleged Momo cases have been reported from France, the US, Germany and Mexico. Though there haven't been any reports of the challenge having reached the Indian subcontinent, but with a growing number of Indians subscribing to mobile data services and getting online, the possibility of the challenge reaching India might not be too far into the future. Here Is What You Should Do © Twitter Though the challenge is targeted at teens but there is no denying that a lot of 'adventurous' souls out there might also feel the urge to give this a go, even if simply for the “kicks”. What we need to do as a society is to accept that the challenge might hit the screens in India any day now and we need to be prepared. Talking about it and cautioning the youngsters around us is a no brainer but the next best thing is to have open conversations around cyber bullying and mindlessly giving in to every other online challenge that surfaces, either for the likes or the kicks you might expect to get out of them. This Momo Challenge surely isn't as fun as the name might suggest and it will do us a great deal of good to give this one a miss.
  4. The Pixel 2 launched last year and it was probably the most talked about Android flagship device then. We've been using the phone for almost a year and the smartphone hasn't let us down in any category so far. Google released Android Pie for the device today and our experience has been enhanced even more since the update. Since its release, many notable devices like the OnePlus 6 and the Galaxy S9 have been launched, that can give the Pixel 2 some tight competition. Having said that, the Pixel 2 has a few advantages over its counterparts that make it a flagship worth owning. This is not a knock on the OnePlus 6, as we already know it outperforms the Pixel 2 by a great margin. But not everything is about performance. Here's why we feel the Pixel 2 is still a great smartphone you can invest in today: 1. It Still Has The Best Camera © BCCL The Pixel 2, in our opinion, takes some of the most incredible shots with its single camera sensor. It still takes pictures today that can outmatch almost every smartphone available today. The Huawei P20 Pro comes close, but it still doesn't deliver what the Pixel 2 can do. Pixel 2 also has the gyro-based EIS with the OIS that makes video footage look smoother and stable. The sharpness of pictures from the Pixel 2 is still king and we feel that it can only beaten by the Pixel 3 later this year. Low-Light imagery on the Pixel 2 is out of this world and is capable of capturing the minutest of details that most phones cannot. Here are a few sample images below for your reference: These pictures were taken on the #Pixel2, not a DSLR. A post shared by Akshay Bhalla / Høax (@editorinchief) on Aug 7, 2018 at 1:43am PDT 2. Android's Best Experience Is On The Pixel The OnePlus 6 delivers a near perfect experience of stock Android, however, the Pixel smartphones always get updates before everyone else. On top of that, the Pixel also gets some exclusive features that are not available on other Android phones (for example Google's algorithm for Bokeh pictures). Services like Google Maps, Gmail, Docs, Keep are fine-tuned and deeply integrated with Pixel's OS. If you like and have already invested in Google's ecosystem, then services like Google Home, Chromecast and Google Wi-Fi should work without any hiccups. 3. It's A Steal Right Now © YouTube At the time of this story, the Pixel 2 retails for Rs 53,899 on Flipkart. If you've always been wanting a smartphone that can take amazing pictures and also performs like a beast, this is probably a steal for you right now. Sure, it's a little bit more expensive than the OnePlus 6, but you do get a superior camera in return. 4. It Has Unlimited Photo Storage © Google The Pixel 2 may not have expandable storage, however, it does support unlimited picture storage via the Google Photos app. On every smartphone, the maximum number of storage is utilised by all the pictures you take, which often makes you want to delete memories or take a backup. Google Photos on the Pixel smartphones automatically backs up your gallery without you ever having to deal with manual labour. This in turn also leaves you extra room for storing music, comic books, games and other apps. Not All Is Rosy Though Even though we've stated some great things about the Pixel 2 above, every smartphone comes with caveats. First of all, the Pixel 2 does not have an imaginative design like other flagship devices. It has noticeable bezels and a bulky design when compared to the Galaxy S9 or the OnePlus 6. © Google The other annoying missing feature is the lack of a headphone jack. Google opted to provide water resistance and removed the headphone jack in the process. The company replaced it with stereo speakers which are a plus point if you like to watch videos with the loudspeaker on. Having said that, if you are an audiophile, you will not enjoy the sound quality over Bluetooth which can be a major drawback. If you want to use your wired headphones, you will need to carry the supplied dongle with you everywhere and guard it with your life. If you want to know more about why Bluetooth headphones are inferior to wired earphones/headphones, you can read our explanation here
  5. On one hand where India is busy fighting it out with England at Edgbaston in the five-match Test series, their respective fan clubs too seem to be at loggerheads with each other. Known as 'The Bharat Army' and 'The Barmy Army', the two fan clubs played a cricket match at Richmond Cricket Club in Birmingham, and before we could even think about who won the match, an auto rickshaw came and stole all the limelight away from it. © Reuters The concept of 'drinks break' is nothing new in the world of Cricket. Earlier, we used to see players carrying drinks to the cricketers sweating it out on the pitch. With the advent of technology, vehicles replaced humans to deliver drinks. Talking about vehicles, thanks to 'The Bharat Army' the world saw an auto rickshaw deliver drinks to the players in Birmingham. © Twitter One look at the video and you will feel that you're watching a Gully Cricket match and not a match happened at a Cricket club in England. Honestly, I don't know what's more surprising - an auto rickshaw in England or desi Jugaad ruling at a Birmingham Cricket pitch. #ENGvIND Are you taking taking notes @BCCI ? A new way of delivering 'drinks' for the the players... #BharatArmyRickshaw #BharatArmy #Rickshaw #Cricket #IndianCricket #TeamIndia #LoveCricket #ViratKohli #COTI ð®ð³@imVkohli pic.twitter.com/v8M0nEa5Uw — The Bharat Army (@thebharatarmy) August 6, 2018 The video was shared by 'The Bharat Army' on their Twitter page, where they even urged BCCI to take notes. They wrote, "Are you taking notes @BCCI ? A new way of delivering 'drinks' for the the players…" 'The Bharat Army' is like an official fan club of the Indian Cricket team in England. In fact, they are reportedly expected to cheer for Team India in the second Test match that will be held at the iconic Lord's Stadium on August 9.
  6. Every year all of us wait patiently to see what's new in Android's latest update. The cycle is pretty clear by now; Google shows off upcoming features at I/O in June, Android Beta starts rolling out for those who just can't wait and the package is released OTA to supported devices in August. To start off, Android P has been named Pie and it's officially called Android 9.0 Pie. Since its inception, Google has named Android's updates after appetizing treats like Oreo, Marshmallow, Lollipop and more. With Android Pie, the focus has been on artificial intelligence, which will power the user experience on the OS. © BCCL The update is approximately 1.2GB in size and already available for download on the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. Earlier, only Google's Pixel and Nexus devices received the update immediately after release. This time, things have changed thanks to Project Treble. In partnership with OEMs like Sony, Xiaomi, HMD Global, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential, the Android P Beta was available to a range of many more devices. While the final update is already available for download to Pixel devices, these other phones too will be among the first to get it. © DigitallyBones / Twitter The other supported phones are: 1. Essential Phone 2. Nokia 7 Plus 3. OnePlus 6 4. Oppo R15 Pro 5. Sony Xperia XZ2 6. Vivo X21 7. Vivo X21UD 8. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S The manufacturers shall take some a little time to further polish the OS, and release it soon. In fact, Essential has already pushed out the update OTA to the PH-1. And if you too are very excited and can't wait, you can download the appropriate beta system images onto your PC and manually flash Android P onto your phone. Even a few qualifying Android One devices shall directly receive the update, this includes all Nokia branded Android One phones as well as the Xiaomi Mi A2. © MensXP If you are already running the Android P Beta, you don't need to do anything right now. You just need to download the new version that will soon be available and install it. You'll continue to be on the Beta channel. The Android Pie update brings a host of new features like adaptive brightness, gestures, Digital Wellbeing, as well as new security features. Read Also: Top 5 New Features in Android P Update
  7. Mumbai Police's Twitter page is the best meme account, don't even fight me on that. They always keep up with the latest memes and internet challenges and then put their own twist to it, making it even better. No one wants to see a boring ass PSA when you can edit the latest meme that's going viral. 'Kiki Challenge' has taken over the world but I'm sure a lot of people are sick of it now. So, here's Mumbai Police saying what everyone's thinking- We love your safety and can't leave it to be decided by Kiki! #GetInToTheCar #kikiChallenge #InMySafetyFeelings pic.twitter.com/OqOgmPgJA6 — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) August 2, 2018 They're always on point and even used the new, most annoying Instagram update and made it better. Such personal questions don't need insta replies! They need to be sent insta-ntly to the police #OnlineSafety pic.twitter.com/gSUziD9Ech — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) July 13, 2018 Their latest PSA also has a hilarious pop-culture reference. I'm sure everyone has seen 'Thor: Ragnarok' – probably the best Marvel movie yet – and that one scene with the fight between Thor and The Hulk, his friend from work. Mumbai Police used a picture of The Hulk wearing a helmet as a way of encouraging people to wear helmets, because well, even the strongest people need protection. Everything may not work out with all the grave mistakes you make! One mistake and... #WearAHelmet pic.twitter.com/rVP7cnnI89 — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) August 6, 2018 Usually, people always respond with a lot of laughing emojis, agreeing to their funny tweets, but today was a little different. A lot of people in the replies took this opportunity to point out how many times they have seen the cops on bikes without a helmet. A little bit hypocritical, isn't it? People also posted pictures as evidence and asked them to take action against the cops because they have to lead by example, right? What do you have to say on this @MumbaiPolice? Are the rules only gor the common man? Check out the vehicle registration number and catch this cop and then post it on your Twitter handle #dareforyou #dontjustpreach #practiceandpreach pic.twitter.com/t9jkZHOopr — remo jacob (@remoFD) August 6, 2018 That hashtag, tho! #WearAHelmet for you too#MondayMotivation pic.twitter.com/ciDCX814Jv — Rosh (@TekiRosh) August 6, 2018 The laws in this country are only meant for the common man. Everyone else from the lawmakers to the top bureaucracy is permitted to behave as they please because they all feed off from our hard earned tax money — Em (@thebigfatbao) August 6, 2018 It should. Hope this applies to all officers of @MumbaiPolice & @mtptraffic as well... They are amongst wilful offenders for traffic violations !! — Abhijaat Sinha (@abhijaat) August 6, 2018 But, they obviously received a lot of positive response as well, with people appreciating the effort. Marketing skills at it's best ð — sudeep (@sud_singh13) August 6, 2018 This person has the correct idea. Looking at the number of potholes, I feel only helmet is not enough, need to wear full body armour.... — P (@elakprash) August 6, 2018
  8. Just a few days ago, Honor launched the stunning 9N in India that comes with a first of its kind design in the midrange segment. Today, Honor has launched the Play as well. It is a gaming-centric phone that has been selling like hot cakes in China. While top-tier phones have always been good at gaming, this is among the first phones in India that are specially built for gaming. The phone has a full metal construction and looks simple. The back houses the fingerprint scanner and the vertical dual-camera setup. On the front is a 6.3-inch Full-HD+ display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The display also has a notch on the top and the phone is very comfortable to hold. © sandeep9sarma / Twitter Powering this device is an octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 970 SoC along with Mali-G72 GPU. This chipset is currently Huawei's flagship chipset and also has a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) for onboard AI. The Camera and Processes AI that is always active on the phone is due to this onboard NPU; it is also more power efficient compared to CPU doing similar AI tasks. The phone comes with Huawei's GPU Turbo technology that enables the processor to draw up to 30 percent lesser power for 60 percent faster speeds. It also has a 4D mode for an immersive gaming experience. The smartphone comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. It also has a hybrid-SIM setup. © clintonjeff / Twitter The rear has a 16-megapixel primary lens with f/2.2 aperture and a 2-megapixel secondary lens with f/2.4 aperture. The camera supports AI Scene Recognition that automatically adjusts the settings to give out the best possible pictures. On the front, a 16-megapixel lens sits in the notch. The phone ships with EMUI 8.2 skin over Android 8.1 Oreo, and also supports Face Unlock. Backing this phone is a 3750mAh battery that supports fast charging via USB-C. Honor Play will be available for purchase starting today at 4 PM exclusively via Amazon.in. The phone is priced at Rs 19,999 for the 4GB+64GB variant and Rs 23,999 for the 6GB+64GB variant. It will be available in Midnight Black and Navy Blue.
  9. While most actresses in Bollywood were looking for glam roles, she decided to take a different route and carve a niche of her own. Taapsee Pannu is the perfect example of what we call beauty with brains. The talented actress would probably be working in an MNC right now if things had worked out the way she had planned, but destiny had different plans for her and she landed on the silver screen. The actress, who rose to fame through South Indian cinema, is a true Punjabi by heart, hailing from New Delhi. Lovingly called 'Maggie' by her close ones, Taapsee is one hell of an actress, who does not disappoint. © Twitter It's not that she didn't try out to be a mainstream actress, but when things didn't work towards the advancement of her career, she took an unconventional route. Things were tricky for her in the beginning, especially since most women in Bollywood have been perceived in a particular dimension for ages, and taking up content-driven characters wasn't a choice bestowed upon them. © Twitter Actresses like Taapsee, however, are changing the industry and gearing up for roles that most actresses wouldn't even lay their hands on. Why? Because these roles aren't your usual glam-sham characters, that leave people in awe! They are real, raw and original, and that's what strikes a chord with the people. It's challenging and of course a huge risk, but Taapsee decided that it was either her way or the highway. Picking up some gusty roles lately, she has compelled viewers and the tinsel town to see her way. We know she is magnificently talented and often takes up quality characters. She is the perfect example of a risk-taker who opted for films that could have turned her career upside down, but clearly, fear of failure does not seem to be an issue for her. Here are some movies that mark the brilliant moments in her career so far: 1. Mulk Her upcoming film 'Mulk' with the legendary Rishi Kapoor is one such example of what we are talking about. âªJust saw THE Film. OUR Film. Proud of it! And we just repeated this shot. But not as MURAD ALI MOHAMMED AND AARTI MOHAMMED but as #RishiKapoor and yours Truly :) #ProudIndian A post shared by Taapsee Pannu (@taapsee) on Jul 28, 2018 at 9:41am PDT The trailer itself has blown our mind away already, and we have no doubts that that movie will be another milestone in Taapsee's career 2. Baby: © Twitter Playing a tiny role in a movie often comes with a disadvantage, as the lead characters usually take away the spotlight and you are hardly noticed. But what's commendable is when in those micro-minutes, you manage to make an imprint on the viewer's mind. Unlike many, Taapsee didn't shy away from small roles, because she knew that big things often come in small packages. Despite a little screen space, she gave a powerful performance in 'Baby' which was remembered throughout the film. As a fresher four years ago, this was a gamble that paid off quite well for her. 3. Naam Shabana: The sequel to 'Baby' became Taapsee's shining moment. It was interesting to see how she played the lead, while the supporting cast boasted of some exceptional actors. Playing the role of a national spy/ agent, she did kick some major ass. However, she was so brilliant that not even Akshay Kumar could take away the focus from her. Taapsee's role in 'Naam Shabana' was critically acclaimed and even loved by the viewers. Not many know this, but she even took the risk of doing her own stunts in the movie. 4. Anando Brahma: Several Bollywood buffs among you might not have seen this film, but this Telugu horror comedy is not only a blockbuster but is currently ruling the internet as well. Quite different from her previous movies, this film showed the talented actress in a different light. Taapsee came out as someone who wasn't afraid of trying new things, and this film was yet another example of her knack for picking risky roles. Playing the role of a ghost in a horror comedy as the lead, especially when you're just starting out, is only something a risk-taker can pull off. 5. Pink A movie that changed her life and made her a household name, this intense court-room drama became the turning point in Taapsee's career. While Amitabh Bachchan was at the center of the whole drama and became the voice of the serious issue of molestation and the value of consent, Taapsee held her ground before B-Big and managed to cast a great impression with her raw and powerful acting.
  10. Learning a foreign language is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to learn a new language and be fluent in it. I am sorry but asking for 'wo-tah' instead of water does not count as learning a foreign language, it's just a fake accent. Language classes were a huge deal back in school and had most of us not bunked those lessons to watch movies with our friends, we would have learned something new by now, or at least could have gotten the world talking about us, just like how they are praising this Chinese woman right now. © Twitter What can be so special or unique about a Chinese woman talking about the Great Wall of China, that people are watching the video on loop? Her impeccable Tamil speaking skills. While most of us can't even speak our native language fluently, she made speaking in Tamil look like child's play for everyone watching the video. © Reuters Anand Mahindra, whose Twitter account is like a goldmine when it comes to looking for unique extraordinary talent, found and shared this video with the caption, "Not easy to learn the accent & cadence of the language but this Chinese lady seems to have conquered the Great Wall of Tamil." Thanks for this video Ravi. Fun start to a Monday. Not easy to learn the accent & cadence of the language but this Chinese lady seems to have conquered the Great Wall of Tamil. Have to ask my buddy @MM_Murugappan if he approves..ð pic.twitter.com/h3V8cr30Gm — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) July 30, 2018 Apart from her flawless Tamil speaking skills, people even loved her traditional attire (off-white Anarkali with a red dupatta). Although the way she spoke wasn't colloquial and looked like its straight from a textbook, we are really impressed with her efforts. I wish I had paid more attention to my foreign language classes, than on the food in the canteen!
  11. WhatsApp has officially rolled out group calling feature on Android and iOS devices after the company launched voice and video call support back in 2016. The video and voice calling feature have been very receptive amongst users as users spend over 2 billion minutes on the platform's calling feature. © Whatsapp Now that the new group calling feature has rolled out, here's how you can use the new feature. Well, anything you do, make sure WhatsApp on your device has been updated in order to make use of this feature. After you've updated the app, here are the steps you need to follow. . Open WhatsApp from the home screen or your app drawer. . Click on the Calls Tab . Choose a contact from your list whom you want to call. (Video or Voice) . Once you are connected to a call, you can tap the add participant button on the top right corner. . Select the second contact from your list you wish to add on the call . You can add up to 4 participants in total in a single group call. Follow step 4 and step 5 each time. © Whatsapp WhatsApp mentioned in its blog that group calls are always going to be end-to-end encrypted, and they've designed calling to work reliably around the world in different network conditions. This would probably be the most used feature by people who would like to communicate with more people at once. Would you use this feature on your phone? Let us know in the comments.
  12. The Xiaomi Mi A2 is about to launch in India on August 8th, and we've been playing with the phone for over a week to give you our first impressions. The Android One device is the successor to last year's Mi A1 and was probably one of our favourite budget phones last year. The Mi A2 has a refreshed design when compared to its predecessor and has some key changes. The first thing you will notice is that the headphone jack is missing and there isn't a microSD slot either. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Mi A2 has also swapped the micro-USB port for the Type-C charging port, also it has a new 18:9 aspect ratio display and is larger in size thanks to thinner bezels. Here's what we think about the phone. How Does It Look & Feel? M1uch like other Xiaomi phones, the Mi A2 has a unibody design that has a premium finish and feels more ergonomic than its predecessor. The smartphone is only a gram heavier than the Mi A1 and the missing headphone jack is a huge disappointment. At the back, you will first notice the vertical iPhone X style dual camera setup as it protrudes from the body. The smartphone comes with a case which can be used to protect the camera and the body of the phone. The new 18:9 aspect ratio display looks good and it has a full HD+ resolution, which is good enough to consume videos and digital media. The screen size has been increased from its predecessor as it has a 5.99-inch display. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Xiaomi has also ditched the headphone jack, which means the phone now comes with a Type-C to 3.5mm jack adapter. You will probably have to guard this adapter with your life if you are fond of using wired headphones. Other Specifications The Xiaomi Mi A2 has the Qualcomm 660 processor under the hood and so far, it has performed without any glitches or bugs. We will continue to strain the phone with some heavy duty gaming and use other apps that require more processor power for our final verdict. The Mi A2 will launch in India in only one variant, with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. As of now, we are not sure whether Xiaomi will launch other variants with more storage options. Since there is no microSD slot, you will probably need to be careful with what you store on your phone. The Mi A2 supports Qualcomm QuickCharge 4.0 and has a battery size of 3010 mAh. Even though the phone supports fast charging, the phone comes with a 5v/2A charger which does not support QC 4.0 As of now, you cannot buy a QC4 charger from Xiaomi, which suggests the new charger may sell at a later stage. Camera Performance © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Mi A2 has a 12MP+20MO camera that has a larger pixel size and an impressive aperture of f/1.75 on both sensors. This results in better low light photography and clearer bokeh shots. The primary and front-facing camera sensor is a Sony IMX376, which is probably the best sensor the company could use for a mid-budget smartphone. In our preliminary tests, the camera has been performing well and here's just a sample of a picture we clicked recently. The #MiA2 is doing a very good job when it comes to Portrait Mode. pic.twitter.com/ZO8CufEPr2 — Akshay Bhalla (@Bhallanator) July 25, 2018 For a more detailed opinion of the Mi A2 camera, wait for the official review that will be published sometime soon. Closing Thoughts As of now, the Xiaomi Mi A2 looks like a spectacular phone that works well and has a great performing camera. Having said that, some changes, like the removal of the headphone jack and no microSD slot, is a bit disappointing. The ultimate question remains, what is the price of the phone? We will find that out on August 8th and give our final thoughts on the phone.
  13. Search "perks of dating" on the internet and you will find thousands of articles that will make every single person feel miserable about his or her life. But of all those benefits or advantages listed there, there is one that no one openly talks about. I am sure no one mentions how dating turns every guy into a professional photographer, thanks to the millions of photographs he clicks of his girlfriend, in a single day. Call it stereotyping or whatever, but there's no denying that it happens with a majority of people. via GIPHY And when your girl is hanging out with her best friend, you have a field day (quite literally) being their official photographer and leaving no stone unturned in clicking that perfect Instagram worthy shot. In fact, Alia Bhatt's latest Instagram post is proof that every boyfriend in the world has this one thing in common, irrespective of whether he is an actor or a common guy. If you follow Alia Bhatt on Instagram, then you must have come across her picture with her best friend. But, that's not even the main point. It is the picture credit that is making the internet have a meltdown. © Instagram After applying all the permutations and combinations, and calculating the possibilities of how many RK(s) can there be in Alia's life, people came to the conclusion that it's actor Ranbir Kapoor who is currently dating her. The picture's caption read, "The view and her too...photo credit - RK." the view and her too.. ð¸photo credit - RK A post shared by Alia â¨â­ï¸ (@aliaabhatt) on Jul 25, 2018 at 11:14am PDT From playing Sanju in this year's biggest blockbuster movie to becoming a photographer for his girlfriend, Ranbir Kapoor's job switch is as great as the view in the background. This one picture was enough to raise several eyebrows and make their respective fans lose their minds. While some were shipping for them as a couple, others were calling it a promotional stunt. Whatever it is, internet and social media has given this year's 'Best Boyfriend Award' to Ranbir Kapoor and others will have to work really hard to steal it back. © Instagram For those wondering who is 'her' in the picture, it is Alia's best friend Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, who posted another picture on her Instagram with the caption, "Nothin' but blue skies (when you got the best photographer in town). nothin' but blue skies ð (when you got the best photographer in town) A post shared by ð¦Kanch (@akansharanjankapoor) on Jul 26, 2018 at 2:45am PDT On the work front, Ranbir and Alia are currently in Bulgaria shooting for Ayan Mukerji's 'Brahmastra'. Produced by Karan Johar, the movie also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Dimple Kapadia and Mouni Roy and will release in 2019.
  14. The Sikh community never fails in making us believe, that humanity will continue to exist in our hearts, as long as we have love and affection for our fellow beings. One such family in Hamilton is winning hearts across the world with their selfless act of serving the homeless in Hamilton, New Zealand every day. The family of three, Rajveer, Seerat Singh and Narinder Kaur make sure that every morning the homeless community in Hamilton gets food to survive the cold. © stuff.co.nz © stuff.co.nz The family migrated to Hamilton around 16 years ago and this is their way of preaching their religion, and also a gesture of giving back to the place, which is now their home. Every morning, they serve food, and basic amenities like toothpaste, feminine hygiene products and even basic clothing for people who are in dire need of them. © stuff.co.nz The family goes out of their way in caring for the people who return every day for food. They bought a man a new pair of shoes and waited for him to return so that they could give it to him. © stuff.co.nz The whole idea behind this beautiful service is very simple for this family. A few years ago, they were severely hurt in a car accident and the son and the father had to take a break from work. They believe that no one should go hungry in the cold weather. This is a stellar example of humanity and we all can contribute to making this world a better place. Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/105665484/members-of-sikh-community-serve-hamiltons-homeless-community
  15. Smartphones usually get incremental upgrades with a facelift, that is not something which is appreciated by smartphone buyers. Every company is guilty of it, however, it seems like Vivo has taken it upon itself to get creative. Today, companies want to deliver a smartphone with a full view display, so that the viewing experience is not obstructed. While companies incorporated minimal bezels or a notch to tackle this problem, Vivo, on the other hand, removed the front-facing camera altogether and even the fingerprint sensor. The company launched the first in-display fingerprint sensor-based smartphone i.e. the Vivo X21 and the company has now launched the highly anticipated Vivo Nex. © MensXP Vivo Nex is probably the first smartphone that embraces a true alap-screen design. It doesn't have a notch and has a hidden selfie camera. The selfie camera is powered by a motorised moving part and the fingerprint sensor has been embedded under the display. There aren't many smartphones out there that are pushing the envelope like the Nex. Creativity and innovation aside, how is the phone and does it perform as well as its competitors? Is it just all talk and no walk, or does it really deliver what it promises? Let's find out! Design The smartphone is quite similar to other smartphones that you may see in the market, however, it is noticeably bigger, thicker and heavier than any other smartphone that has launched in India this year. The phone has a 6.69-inch true bezel-less display and a glass back that is prone to scratching. Speaking of the display, the Vivo Nex does have a very slim bezel at the top and the bottom which is quite negligible when compared to other smartphones. © MensXP The New also has a motorised module that pops up the selfie camera, which is probably why the smartphone has added weight. In terms of ports, the smartphone has a USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack for music lovers. The right side of the smartphone has the power key and the volume rockers while on the other side Vivo has provided a dedicated key for Google Assistant and Lens. © MensXP Overall, the smartphone does not have a unique look when one sees it from afar, however, one would instantly notice the absence of the selfie camera or any bezels. In terms of design, the smartphone delivers what it was aiming for. Display The display of a smartphone can either make it or break it, especially when you're paying a premium. The Nex has a massive 6.59-inch display that has a full HD+ resolution. The smartphone uses a Samsung super AMOLED display which is probably the best a smartphone could use in 2018. © MensXP While the AMOLED panel is capable of delivering vivid and accurate colours, we did come across a pixelation issue when we attempted to watch a full HD TV show on Netflix. Regardless of rare issues, the smartphone is a pure joy to use due to the screen size and the fact that nothing obstructed our viewing experience. Normally, we don't talk about these features in the display section, however, there's a lot going on behind the display that needs to be talked about. The display also houses the fingerprint sensor under the display which works exactly how it does on the Vivo X21. Since there is no noticeable earpiece at the front of the phone, the display also acts as a speaker and the earpiece. Setting up the fingerprint scanner was sluggish, frustrating and a slow process and isn't the most reliable way to unlock the smartphone. The display refused to recognise my left thumb, even after I've wiped it clean of dirt, moisture, and self-doubt. Having said that, it is a brand new technology that needs more time to be developed, which is why it will get a pass this time around. Performance The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 SoC which is paired with 8GB of RAM and 128GG of internal memory. The processor and components have been complimented with Android Oreo 8.1 with Funtouch OS 4 on top. The user interface is probably our biggest disappointment, as it does not look refined or visually appealing. Having said that, the operating system works well and smoothly in terms of performance. Processor-intensive applications such as PUBG worked without any glitches, frame rate issues or lag. The RAM has been optimised enough to work well with SP 845, however, we feel it is not utilising its full potential. During the course of our testing, the Vivo Nex performed considerably well on Geekbench with a score of 2417 (single core) and 9094 (Multi-core), that's ahead of the OnePlus 6, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 8 and other flagship devices. © Youtube- MKBHD When it comes to battery life, the Vivo Nex outperforms any smartphone in its class. It has a 4,00 mAh battery that can be fast charged thanks to the USB Type-C port. Having said that, we don't recommend you using a third-party charger, as the Vivo Nex will freeze up when charged by a different charger. In terms of battery life, our review unit easily lasted for one and a half day, which included heavy use of GPS services, gaming, and communications. We also used the smartphone to watch videos on Netflix and YouTube. Camera Quality © MensXP The Vivo Nex is outfitted with a 12-megapixel primary camera that has been partnered with a 5-megapixel depth sensing sensor, having an aperture of f/1.8 and f/2.4 respectively. The front-facing camera features an 8MP f/2.0 sensor which enables it to take some kickass selfies. The primary camera performs well for its price category but fails to challenge the status quo held by current flagships. In well-lit environments, the smartphone is capable of taking some impressive photos while underperforms in low-light environments. The camera is unable to capture details or colours when it comes to low-light photography. © MensXP The selfie camera, on the other hand, has an interesting feature that may interest onlookers. The 8-megapixel front facing camera pops out each time you fire up the selfie mode. While the camera pops up, it even makes a sound that gives it a feel of something arriving from the future. The selfie camera takes clear shots that also has a beautify mode that removes blemishes and marks. It is also capable of taking self portrait shots, which needs a little more tweaking for the blur effect to be accurate. Here are some samples from the camera for your judgement: Unedited pictures taken using the #VivoNex #smartphones #technology A post shared by Akshay Bhalla / Høax (@editorinchief) on Jul 23, 2018 at 1:30am PDT The Final Say Vivo Nex retails in India for Rs 44,500 and we feel that you get your money's worth if you make an investment in it. You get a cool phone with features no other device can boast of, it performs better than many other Android devices and it lasts really long in terms of battery life. The camera definitely needs improvement and if you are looking for an alternative to the OnePlus 6, you can definitely have a look at the Vivo Nex.
  16. Google analytics is a tricky thing and group of Redditors took it upon themselves to associate the word “idiot” with Donald Trump when searched. As soon as you type the word “idiot”, you will be greeted with numerous pictures of Donald Trump. © MensXP This was possible thanks to an online campaign where many activists were unhappy with Trump's policies. The campaign manipulated Google's search algorithms and associated the word with the President of the United States. It was first sparked when a Reddit user posted Trump's image with the caption “idiot”. It was first reported by The Guardian and has now been trending for the past few days. What followed was an onslaught by a series of upvotes and similar posts that eventually led to being noticed by the media. The way Google image search works, it prioritises and helps compile images according to what appears in a generic Google search. India saw a similar campaign when a Google search for the name “Pappu” led to results depicting Rahul Gandhi's pictures. Google's each engine algorithm has come under fire in the past when a picture of a black developer and his friend was labelled as “gorillas”. Google fixed the issue immediately and apologised for the grave mistake. © Reuters Google said in 2009 "Search engines are a reflection of the content and information that is available on the Internet. A site's ranking in Google's search results relies heavily on computer algorithms using thousands of factors to calculate a page's relevance to a given query.” Activists have been trying to prolong manipulating Google's search results so that photos of Trump keep appearing when the word is searched. We can only say that it is working as we googled the word today and it still shows Donald Trump's pictures. There are many tactics involved to keep this trend going. One of the tactics used is to keep using the word “idiot” in the headline while using Trump's image. The more hits these articles get, the more prevalent these images will be on Google search. Just like this article you're reading right now. This method is also referred as “Google Bombing” and is a common practice used by online activists to get a message across. We suggest you give this a try and post your search results in the comment section below.
  17. Geo.tv/FilesKARACHI: At least one person was killed and another wounded during two separate incidents Sunday night here in the metropolis, Geo News reported, citing rescue officials.One man died late last night in a traffic accident near the city's...
  18. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/52f81bdb490f326db42cc6873d8e7d9e.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ny8yMS8yMDE4IDU6NTM6MTggUE0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1yY1dSQmZYTmZvWUhyRDYySFNoSGhRPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  19. Beards are majestic. Well, probably not all of them, but to their proud owners, they always are. The fact that facial hair can have so much allure and mystique associated with it is strange in itself, not to mention the frenzy around it and the meteoric rise of the 'beard gang' phenomenon over the years. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 super weird facts about beards that will surely make you go 'WTF?' Read on! 1. Clean shaven men, as compared to bearded men, are three times more likely to carry harmful bacteria on their face. Next time your parents tell you to get rid of that dope beard, tell them it's doctor recommended. 2. Historically, beards have been regarded as the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Rightfully so, we say, because look at the brightest minds such as Shakespeare, Socrates, Galileo, Plato, or Vincent Van Gogh - all of them had beards. © Twitter 3. In the early '60s, the CIA came up with a conspiracy to tarnish Fidel Castro's public image by making his beard fall out chemically. (What?) They failed. 4. If you have pollen or dust allergies, start sporting a beard. It will help you. It has been proven, medically. 5. Abraham Lincoln was the first US President to have sported a beard. He grew it, because an 11-year-old girl wrote to him and advised him that he would look better with a beard because he has a thin face. Who knew 11-year-olds are that intelligent? © Twitter 6. In the middle ages, it was considered offensive to touch another man's beard. You'd have to duel, as a repercussion. Good times, huh? 7. When the Romans were ruling, beards used to be taxed. One actually required a special beard license to sport a beard. Someone in power was super jealous and couldn't grow a beard, clearly, we say. © Twitter 8. The International Boxing Association had a rule, according to which amateur boxers with beards were prohibited from competing. Again, what? © Twitter 9. Statistically, after a man grows a beard for the first time, most of the compliments he receives will be from his male friends. Bro-ship FTW. © Twitter 10. As opposed to the popular myth, shaving does not cause your beard to grow back thicker. It just looks like it did, because it takes time for the hair end to grow tapered at the ends, and it appears darker because it hasn't yet been exposed to a lot of sunlight or natural elements.
  20. Right after you wake up from what we call 'bliss for 8 hours', unfortunately, a lot of tasks lie ahead of you. Including, an important grooming and cleansing routine, that'll define your appearance for the rest of the day. But since every thing requires a minute or two (or maybe more), it all comes down to your efficiency and the pace you're working with. Take for example, the process of shampooing your hair. There's just no alternative to it, right? Enter dry shampoos, that are almost like shampooing your hair, but without the hassle of getting wet, foaming it and most importantly — investing a lot of time. Agreed, shampooing your hair doesn't take an hour anyway (unless you have a long, long mop), but it's worth saving a few minutes, man. © MensXP Let's begin with versing you with what we love about dry shampoos. First off, they take 30 seconds to spray (yes, a dry shampoo is literally just a spray bottle). Two, they absorb all the excess oils in your scalp in and well, even reduce the advent of greasy strands through the course of your day (which results in oil trickling down your forehead too). So clearly, dry shampoos are a grooming shortcut you didn't know you could take. Which in reality, is also a very practical option too. © MensXP It wouldn't be unusual to mention, that there's an alternative to dry shampoos too. Known as 'texturing sprays' — something we'd recommend for sure — also come with added incentives, in fact. They leave a much-better fragrance in your hair, makes hair styling easier and also add a hell lot of movement and volume to your strands. But besides replacing your shampoo-regime with a dry shampoo/texture spray, texture powders exist too. Just sprinkle some into your mop, and you'd notice it disappear almost instantly. And while it's indulging in the act of invisibility, it also eats up all the oil/grease from your scalp and hair, leaving you (almost) oil-free. Here's our edit of the best out there: 1. BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo © Amazon India Price: Rs. 468 Buy here 2. Alterna Caviar Sheer Dry Shampoo © Amazon India Price: Rs. 2,690 Buy here 3. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo © Amazon India Price: Rs. 1,690 Buy here 4. OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam Spray Mousse © Amazon India Price: Rs. 2,069 Buy here 5. Batiste Dry Instant Hair Refresh Shampoo © Amazon India Price: Rs. 487 Buy here 6. Serge Normant Meta Sheer Dry Finishing Spray © Amazon India Price: Rs. 2,970 Buy here 7. Shu Uemura Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray © Amazon India Price: Rs. 5,096 Buy here
  21. While audiophiles prefer to go with wired headphones, we cannot ignore the fact that wireless ones offer an enormous amount of portability. The need for wireless headphones has further increased now, thanks to mobile companies omitting the 3.5mm jack. Most of them rely on Bluetooth and easily sync with any mobile or computer out there. Some even offer industry-leading active noise cancellation. Here, we've compiled a list of premium wireless headphones after considering every type of users' audio preference: 1. Sony WH1000XM2 © BCCL If you are looking for the best noise canceling headphones, this should be your choice. They are compatible with aptX HD, a higher quality Bluetooth format that can handle hi-res audio up to 24bit/48kHz. LDAC is also included, and it can handle 24bit/96kHz. It can last up to 30 hours when wireless, and 40 hours when wired on a single charge. It also automatically detects your activity, whether you're traveling in an airport, walking on a crowded street, or sitting in a quiet area and adjusts noise cancellation accordingly. It has a touch-based interface to operate the headphones, tapping on the side of the headphones will control the volume, calls and voice commands. Click here 2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II © BCCL You get the class-leading noise cancellation that Bose is known for, good sound quality, and incredible comfort. The Sony WH-1000MX2 is slightly ahead on the sound quality front though. It has a very good midrange along with excellent treble while the bass is slightly flat and thumpy, which is good for EDM and Dubstep music. It can play music for 20 hours on a single charge and supports Google Assistant natively. Unlike the Sonyone though, it does not have a quick action button to mute music immediately. Bose has also chosen a 2.5mm jack instead of the standard 3.5mm one, but this isn't something major. If you travel often, these should be your pick as the fit is very comfortable and they are pretty light. Click here 3. Beats Solo3 © BCCL A subordinate of Apple— Beats by Dre – offers Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – the powerful wireless headphone that sounds amazing in both wired and wireless modes. It has an incredible battery life of 40 hours along with an integral remote control, situated at the right ear cup. As far as music is concerned, it has a good mid range that emphasizes more on instruments, preferable for Jazz lovers. Treble is excellent and has a good balance of details, while the bass is deep and punchy. Integrated on-ear controls, coupled with dual beam-forming mics, allow you to take calls, play music, adjust volume and even activate Siri while on the go. If you desire to experience the future of wireless earphones, then the Beats Solo 3 Wireless is a perfect solution for you. Click here 4. Sennheiser PXC550 © BCCL Offering amazing sound quality in conjunction with the adaptive noise canceling, the Sennheiser PXC550 Wireless Headphones propose exceptional performance. Being extremely lightweight, these comfy and feature packed earphones perform really well. Undeniably, the Sennheiser PXC550 Wireless Headphones outclass the rest when it's about Mids and trebles. Their low-frequency extension is at 26Hz, which is very good. However, it's not as low as some other over-ears' like the QuietComfort 35 II, and WH-1000XM2. You also have a choice of 'Club', 'Movie', 'Speech' or 'Off', which leaves the equalizer at its default settings. It does have trouble dealing with noise cancellation on metros and buses though. Click here 5. Jabra Elite Sport © BCCL Unlike the above listings, the Jabra Elite Sport are the best earbuds you can get. The buds are reasonably large but they don't stick out of your ears too much. While the above ones concentrated on comfort, these come with an array of silicone and foam tips and wingtips for a secure fit. Sound quality is perfectly balanced here while handsfree calling is exceptionally good. They can playback music for 4 hours on a single charge and also connect with Jabra's Fitness App. Meaning, these earbuds are not only good with music but also double up as a fitness partner. These can also double up as a very good AirPods alternative. Click here
  22. Let's be real, 'Race 3' sucked big time, even though it made shit tons of money, it simply sucked, and even Salman Khan's majestic presence couldn't save it from the trolls and the memes. And, going by his fans' reactions, they weren't too happy with him as well, especially when they got the hashtag 'we don't want Dabangg 3' trending, so that they never have to sit through another unwanted sequel. They're not mad at him though, as it seems like they're just disappointed, but that was enough for people to not even acknowledge his presence. We all know that Salman, being one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, is bound to have fans all over the world, but that was proved wrong, when no one literally gave a damn about him, as he sat alone in the mall. Okay yes, the mall was in Dubai and not anywhere in India, but you would still expect someone like our Sallu Bhai to be mobbed by eager fans for a 'selfie', right? See for yourself, he looks like such a loner. #SalmanKhan snapped as he chills at a luxury mall in Dubai recently #instadaily #saturday #bollywood #dailyvideos @beingsalmankhan A post shared by Bollywood (@filmyhaiboss) on Jul 14, 2018 at 10:17pm PDT Is everything alright, man? Do you need some help? This seems even more out of the ordinary, considering the huge number of Indians living in Dubai. After thinking of a sensible explanation as to what made Salman Khan go unnoticed at a mall when he's not even trying to hide, I've come to a conclusion. The only explanation I can think of is that his fans are disappointed, like I said in the beginning. Fine, there could be another reason; the fans in Dubai were sensible enough to not disturb a celebrity as he's trying to relax, but we still know how diehard Salman Khan fans actually are, and they wouldn't have hesitated to go up to him just to see him up close.
  23. We often complain about not having enough speed on 4G smartphones, however, have you ever wondered if we never had access to it at all? Cuba, a hardened communist community never allowed access to mobile internet, and has finally started to roll it out to its citizens. © Pexels It's a huge step for the little Caribbean island country that has a population of 11.5 million people. The national telecom firm, ETECSA plans to roll out access to the service by the end of 2018. At least half of the country's population will get access to mobile internet before the end of the year. Before the eventual rollout, it is prudent to point out that most of Cuba's citizens relied on a local service called “El Paquete Semanal” (the Weekly Package) to receive world news. Citizens would also resort to YouTube videos, smartphone apps and pirated movies through data traffickers that would cost money every week. © Youtube Cuba has always restricted access to the internet services and Reuters reports that until 2013, one could only get online by visiting select hotels. The connectivity would always be slow and cost $2 an hour. As of now, there are nearly 400 government run Wi-Fi hotspots available for citizens as well as cybercafes. In the past, Cubans have been able to gain access to the internet for their homes, however, even they are being asked to wait. © Pexels But not everything is rosy, as Cuba only has 3G mobile internet available as of now, which means that Cubans will not have access to the high-speed mobile internet like we get here in India. Data packages also cost a lot in Cuba as embassies reportedly pay $45 a month for 4G of data. That is an extremely high tariff considering the average state monthly wage is $30. When compared to India, some of the lowest tariff rates in the world are offered for 4G internet plans, where companies like Jio have been able to disrupt the market. It is expected that as mobile internet is made readily available for Cuba's citizens, prices are expected to drop soon. Source: Reuters
  24. File photo of Saudi police. Photo: AFPSaudi Arabia on Tuesday executed seven death row inmates who had been convicted of murder and drug trafficking, state media reported.The kingdom has one of the world's highest rates of execution, with suspects...
  25. Korean Aerospace Industries MUH-1 MarineonSEOUL: A South Korean military helicopter crashed during a test flight on Tuesday in the southeastern city of Pohang, killing five people and injuring one, the Marine Corps said.The craft crashed from a...