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Found 59 results

  1. Period dramas or shows with fantastical elements are genres of Indian TV that have a bad reputation for lifting storylines from pop culture. While basing a character and seeking inspiration is a different story, reproducing it entirely with no tweaks at all is what makes an awkward rip-off. Then there is the artwork for shows that too sometimes can hold resemblance to popular segments in pop-culture. Here are 8 awkward rip-offs among countless others spotted on TV shows. 1. Har Mushkil Ka Hal: Akbar Birbal © IMDB The show followed Birbal, an advisor in the court of King Akbar, as he handles various tricky situations faced by his ruler using his sharp intellect and witty sense of humour. One of the actor's costumes in the show was entirely lifted from Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean. 2. Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki © IMDB Ekta Kapoor's Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki was an adaptation of the Mahabharata, except a lot of the plotlines of the show were lifted. Even the costumes had taken inspiration from ancient Greece. The costumes were inspired from Gerard Butler's 300. 3. Roadies © IMDB Back when Raghu Ram was associated with MTV's Roadies, one of the promotional posters for a season looked too similar to Max Payne 3. 4. Baal Veer © IMDB In the fictional world of Baal Veer, more than one character was lifted to bring the series to life. One of the characters was heavily inspired by Ian McKellen's Magneto. One of the villains wore a costume which was an awkward rip-off of Magneto's suit. 5. Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani © IMDB The show's plot follows Pia as she joins a new college in Dehradun and soon, falls in love with Abhay. However, she is unaware of the fact that he is a vampire. The storyline and Abhay both will remind you of the Twilight series and Edward Cullen respectively in more ways than one. 6. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat © IMDB Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat was a series about the life of Ashoka, the third emperor of the Mauryan empire. The series was more fictional with its timeline, introducing elements to the storyline that possibly could have never existed. The antagonist of this historical drama, Daastan, played by Rumi Khan had a strikingly similar appearance to Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones. 7. C.I.D © IMDB CID is a tv drama that follows the lives of ACP Pradyuman, Daya and Abhijeet who work for the CID department. They seek the help of professional forensic expert Dr. Salunkhe and solve various criminal cases. While most episodes of the show are almost identical, with occasional appearances of seemingly scary villains. One of them turned out to be an awkward rip-off of DC's Joker. 8. Baal Veer © IMDB Baal Veer, the protagonist of the show is taken to a fairyland where he is blessed with special powers by six fairies, each with unique abilities. He uses his powers to help good and honest children, including his friends. Naturally, the show introduced witches in the show as villains. However, a lot was lifted from Disney. One of the witches, for instance, was an exact copy from Disney's witch in Snow White. View the full article
  2. Badshah , a few days back, dropped a song online that is ruling the charts. His song Genda Phool stars Jacqueline Fernandez and the peppy track has already garnered over 50 million views on YouTube. After the song was released, a few people started to slam Badshah for plagiarism.In the song, there is a line from a Bengali folk song âBorlok er Bitilo, Lomba Lomba Chulâ¦..lal Genda Phoolâ, which is from a Bengali folk song Borloker Bitilo. But itâs originally written by Ratan Kakar who hasnât been given any credits. Ratan told PTI, âI am extremely poor. Many people have taken my songs, but have not given me credit. They can't write their own songs. They used my songs as their own. I live in a hut. I write songs of the soil. I don't have the financial strength to drag them to court.â He also added, âThere are so many writers and good people around us but nobody protested. Those singing the song donât understand its spirit and ruin its earthiness. I was aghast. Will these things continue?â When Badshah started noticing that he has been tagged for plagiarism and after Ratanâs quotes on PTI started to garner attention, he released a statement last night stating that he had no clue that it was originally written by Ratan as it was not mentioned in any of the records and now that he is aware of the truth, he would be happy to help the singer and he is already trying but because of the lockdown, he cannot go and meet him. Read the statement here: View this post on InstagramPlease readA post shared by (@badboyshah) Soon after he shared the statement, a few Bengalis started to comment that they approve of the song completely. Well, others too supported Badshah for explaining the truth. © Instagram/Badshah © Instagram/Badshah Well, it would be great if Badshah takes the necessary steps to reach out to him because if Ratan can talk to the media there would surely be a way to reach out to him. Whatâs your take on the entire fiasco? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  3. Bollywood music is going through a phase where every song has a remix and none of the remixes are better than the original ones. So, all the songs that you used to dance on at weddings and other occasions now have their own remixes, and listening to them will only make you miss the original song more and more. Not only Bollywood songs but even Punjabi songs that arenât even old yet have new versions and itâs only confusing us. © Dharma Productions Now, this also makes us to think that the song producers, at large, donât have any creativity left in them anymore to make better songs or maybe they are just plain lazy. However, most of the original songs havenât even faded from our memories and we still enjoy listening to them. Here is a list of six Bollywood remixes that have ruined the original version for us forever: 1. Sauda Khara Khara This song is a DJâs favourite and is played at almost all wedding functions and honestly, even if they didnât make a new version weâd be happily listening to the original song. The original is Sukhbirâs version and makes people want to dance on its beats. A remix was recently seen in the film Good Newwz starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani, and Diljit Dosanjh. Hereâs the original version- 2. Dus Bahane Have you heard âDus Bahane 2.0â from Baaghi 3? If you havenât, just to preserve the memory of the old version, donât listen to it. The original version is perfectly fine and no one needs the remix version of Dus Bahane to ruin it. Hereâs the original version of the song- 3. Love Aaj Kal Imtiaz Ali recycled his own film with the same songs, worse storyline and different actors. Viewers didnât see any need to murder the original film and its songs. From ruining the song Dooriyan for us to copy-pasting the song Twist, we just didnât need this at all. Hereâs the original version of the song- 4. Ek Toh Kum Zindagani We canât get over Rekhaâs sass in the song and extraordinary beats that made everyone dance. The new version has Nora Fatehi and we just didnât need a remix for this one. Hereâs the original version of the song- 5. O Saki Saki Nora Fatehiâs dance moves are a delight to look at in the new version but if you listen to the song without the video, itâs not as good as the original one. This song just didnât need a new version and we are just going to listen to the original one happily! Hereâs the original version of the song- 6. Muqabla The remake of this song just breaks my heart but looking at Prabhu Deva dancing again is a little consolation. However, the original songâs lyrics and its vibe cannot be compared to the new one as itâs out of the world! Hereâs the original version of the song- View the full article
  4. The 26-year-old farmer Pradeep HR from Hiriyur in Chitradurga district in Karnataka sings western songs better than its original singer. The entertainer not only sings but also dances while singing these songs. He sings Justin Bieber's song 'Baby' even better than Bieber himself and it may sound shocking but a lot of the village locals don't understand the language but enjoys his songs. Here's a video of Pradeep singing 'Baby' and we cannot deny that it is better than the original. According to The New Indian Express, Pradeep failed the English exam during his graduation and has very less knowledge about the language. He said, “This was the time I developed an interest in English songs and western music.” He not only sings in English but in Chinese and Japanese as well. “I don't know either Chinese or Japanese languages. But I listen to the songs in those languages repeatedly and follow the accent and tune. I always plug in earphones and constantly listen to songs whatever I am doing,” he added. He also said, “By God's grace, I can change my tone and pitch to suit the track and the singer.” The video and his talent have surfaced on the internet and clearly, he deserves all the praise. Pradeep, however, makes a living by working on the field. View the full article
  5. If you're like me who grew up playing EA's original Need For Speed Most Wanted, then you already know that it's probably the best racing game of all time. Not only was it the best car racing game of its generation, but it's also been the best Need For Speed game all these years, even though we've seen an abundance of NFS racers. After a rather disappointing release of 2017's Need For Speed Payback, EA decided to drop the new Need For Speed Heat this year. Honestly, I wasn't really excited to play the new NFS game when I saw the trailer. It felt like just another futile attempt to recreate the franchise's glorious days. But now that I've spent a lot of hours with the game, I think it's safe to say that it's one of the best Need For Speed games I've played in a long time. 1. Gameplay © Ghost Games/Electronic Arts As soon as you'll start playing Heat, you'll quickly realise how much it resembles a lot of racing games out there. Not only does it combines the elements of some of the older Need For Speed games, it feels as though the developers have taken a lot of inspirations from titles like Forza Horizon. But the fact that they've packed it in a "Day" and "Night" format is just impressive. You get an option to race during the day when it's all about sanctioned street racing and cop-free tracks or take your whip out during the night which is all about illegal underground street racing. So if you want a thrilling cop chase, then you'd probably be better off driving at night. During the day, the game feels more like Forza Horizon. © Ghost Games/Electronic Arts The fact that you can choose to drive whenever you want and participate in whichever race you want, with or without cops' intervention, got me hooked. If I am in a mood to, say, sit back and have a relaxing time racing, then I'd pick the day. But racing during the night, trust me, is a lot more difficult than you think. Just like any other Need For Speed game, you have different 'Heat' levels in the game. Higher the heat level, the more aggressive the cops will become. Even with a Level 3 heat level, I wasn't able to outrun the cops and had to pay a hefty fine to get out. It becomes more difficult when you're in the middle of a campaign mission and cops start chasing you. I'd also like to point out that you can play the game both online or offline, but you'll make a decision before jumping into the game since there's no seamless transition between the two as found on some other games like Forza Horizon. 2. Graphics © Ghost Games/Electronic Arts Graphics hasn't really been an issue when it comes to the Need For Speed franchise. Well, the NFS Heat looks better than every other NFS game. Visually, I am a huge fan of the way the game looks at night. Palm City is just a different world at night, dripping with neon lights and signboards everywhere. It also rains a lot in the game, and makes the game look that much better with wet roads that reflect the neon lighting of the city. It's just fantastic. Palm City is inspired by Miami and I think it's perfect for street racing. The map itself is quite big and simply cruising along the roads, gazing at some cool spots like space center, an abandoned racing oval, etc. is a lot of fun. And if you're tired of that, just transition to night time and get into a cop chase to add more spice to your gameplay. © Ghost Games/Electronic Arts You can also customise the way your cars and even your character looks. Yes, you get to choose an avatar and fit him or her with cool merch courtesy of brands like adidas. It's just an added touch of fun and makes it a bit visually appealing as well. And you don't necessarily have to run the game to customise your car. You can download the Need For Speed Studio app on your phone and do it while killing some time. 3. Cars & Customisation As I mentioned, NFS Heat allows you to customise both the cars as well as the character. More than the character, obviously, the level of customisation which you can achieve with cars is simply amazing. As someone who likes to spend an equal amount of time customising the cars inside the garage as much as riding it outside, it's quite awesome. The game will also let you use the same car for all kinds of races, so you no longer need to have multiple cars in your garage just to get into races like drifting. You can simply go to the garage, add the necessary tires from your inventory and get going. The game's upgrade system is also a massive improvement from what we've been seeing all these years. © Ghost Games/Electronic Arts One of the biggest additions to the game is the ability to swap engines. It's quite an interesting thing because you can essentially increase the overall potential horsepower of the cars without having to settle for a mediocre number. Heck, you can also tune your exhaust and you bet I spent a lot of time playing around with it. 4. The Final Say So, is the Need For Speed Heat worth your time and money? Hell yeah! Look, it's not a perfect game by any means. In fact, it's not bringing any radically new to the table. Need For Speed Heat is all about combining different elements from different races and presenting it as one helluva package. Yes, the game's campaign could have been much better since the main story isn't the one that'll stay with you after you beat it. © Ghost Games/Electronic Arts Apart from that, I think the developer 'Ghost' has finally come up with a Need For Speed title that's much better than what I expected. If you ignore the mediocre storyline and the far-too limited soundtrack, I think the Need The Speed Heat is a kickass game. Not only do I think it's the best NFS game this generation, but it's also the one that I had the most fun playing after the original NFS Most Wanted. View the full article
  6. If you're bored of watching same old recycled content on TV or streaming aimlessly through websites and channels wondering what exactly deserves your attention, then allow us to help you with a quick fix. Here are seven Amazon Prime Original series which should be on your watch list if you enjoy good content: 1. Fleabag This Emmy award winner is written and performed by the brilliant Phoebe Waller Bridge. The British series takes you into the life of an angry, yet bold but confused woman who tries to brave through the oddities of life with plain humour. 2. Mirzapur This Indian crime thriller has the brilliant Pankaj Tripathi and Ali Fazal play pivotal roles with sheer brilliance. The series follows a mafia family in Mirzapur and the daily thrilling drama that follow suit. 3. Jack Ryan This American political action thriller follows John Kransinski play the titular role of a US marine turned CIA agent on a dangerous mission. 4. Made In Heaven Another amazingly made Indian show which chronicles the life of two wedding planners in Delhi and the variety of clients they come across. Pure entertainment with a lot of logic. 5. Good Omens This fantasy series has an angel and the devil team up to stop the Armageddon. This series is based on a book of the same name and is a visual treat for its fans. 6. Homecoming This psychological thriller series has Julia Roberts in the lead role named Heidi who works at a facility which helps soldiers transition back into the civilian life. Soon a lot of mystery follows to unfold after she is questioned on why she left the facility. 7. The Family Man The journey of a middle class man who is also a spy, simply trying to juggle between his professional and personal life. Manoj Bajpayee is a treat to watch in this. View the full article
  7. It took approximately 4-5 hours for Deepika Padukone to get ready for the MET Gala or Ranveer Singh to decide his new, eccentric #OOTD. But, a nine-year old girl is recreating the same within just 45 minutes, and you know what her looks are made of? Waffles, garbage bags, broccoli, foil paper, etc. Basically, household items. Riley Dashwood is an Australian kid who does entertaining transformations and shares her views, her interpretations on Instagram of outfits worn by famous celebs, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. All her looks are planned in advance over the weekend with her parents. You will be mind-blown ahead! 1. Riley And Ranveer Singh, Who Wore It Better? © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Ranveer Singh has nailed the contemporary look in a black Bandhgala made with leaf motifs. Riley went ahead with a black tee and stuck golden leaves on it. She recreated Ranveer's beard on herself with a sketch pen. Is this even real? 2. Inspired By Lil Pump © Instagram/Riley Dashwood See those tattoos and that metallic chain on her, now who's the exact Lil Pump here? We are still guessing! 3. All The Veggie Lovers © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Riley didn't even leave the veggies in her refrigerator. Rather took them out and remade Nicki Minaj's green and white wig look. She used cauliflower, lettuce and broccoli for her hairstyle. 4. Take A Bow © Instagram/Riley Dashwood A garbage bag has never looked so chic on anyone, ever before. Look at Riley trying to work out Rihanna's oversized black jacket look. 5. When Beyonce Was Pregnant... © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Here's a self explanatory picture of Riley where she wears a red dress and says "I'd like to announce to everyone that I have a balloon". 6. Greedy, ATM © Instagram/Riley Dashwood Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton Dress And Riley in Waffles. This is way beyond imagination. I so wish I could eat those waffles myself.
  8. "I will kill them with success and bury them with a smile" - That's how Mithila Palkar's character has been introduced in Netflix's upcoming original film 'Chopsticks'. The trailer has been dropped online and the content is quite fresh and yes, also engaging. So, the story is about a talented but insecure woman who takes help from an enigmatic con to get her stolen car back. The film also stars Abhay Deol, who is known for his unconventional choices. Not just Abhay, the film also has the powerhouse of talent, Vijay Raaz, on board. Mithila and Abhay teaming up for a film is surely a visual delight for a movie fanatic. Both are such actors who believe in putting out their best on the big screen. 'Chopsticks' has been shot in Mumbai and all the locations from Colaba to Virar have been covered. In an interview with Grazia, Mithila and Abhay spoke about their experiences shooting for the film in Mumbai. Abhay said the shooting process was effortless and everything went pretty smooth. He added that working with Mithila was fun as she is full of energy. Adding to it, Mithila said that they have tried capturing the essence of the city. If you have seen the trailer, you would agree with us on the fact that the fresh pairing of Mithila and Abhay does add to the chunkiness of the film. Here's the trailer: Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below.
  9. A catastrophic fire covered the medieval cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on Monday. As per the reports, the fire burned for several hours, destroying the 850-year old cathedral's iconic spire and roof before firefighters could contain the blaze. Of course it's hard to find a silver lining in a mishap like this, but there's indeed some good news. Paris officials have said that they will be using 3D models made using the digital replicas of Notre dame to eventually restore the cathedral to its original glory. © Twitter Dr. Andrew Tallon created a digital archive of the building in 2015 by using laser scanning technology. He has apparently used the same tech to map other cathedrals throughout the world too. You can check out this video below to know exactly how he did it. Tallon's tech can be used to create some highly detailed 3D models, and that's exactly what the architects are going to be using to expedite the restoration process of Notre Dame. Seriously, his scans are incredibly detailed. Despite the glaring architectural loss, the cathedral is still standing tall and looks magnificent. Also, a lot of philanthropist and wealthy personalities have stepped in to pledge money to help with the restoration, which is always a good thing.
  10. After making us wait for almost two years, the final season of 'Game Of Thrones', one of the greatest shows ever made, is going to drop in a few hours. Finally that time is here when people will exit all their Whatsapp groups, delete their social media apps and stop answering phone calls, JUST to avoid getting any spoilers. This is the time when your real fandom will be tested. HBO While everyone is busy asking, "Who will sit on the throne?" if there was one for the greatest fan, we know who would sit on it. This guy who recreated the dragon egg from scratch and made it look better than the one used in the show. YouTube This might be a 5-minute long video, but the hard work that went behind making this is over 40 hours. This dragon egg was made by Rextorn Metalwork, a design shop in Poland. YouTube This guy, whom I will now call the biggest fan of GOT, used various techniques like repousse and metal spinning, to turn a copper sheet into a gorgeous and flawless dragon egg. There is honestly no dearth of talent in the world and almost every other day, someone somewhere is proving it right.
  11. Shahid Kapoor is back on the circuit with his next adventure 'Kabir Singh' which is a remake of the original Telugu hit 'Arjun Reddy'. The movie is helmed by ace director Sandeep Vanga who is also the man behind the original movie. The movie follows the story of a man who chooses the path of self-destruction after the woman he loves marries another man. © T Series In the teaser, you get to see a glimpse of Shahid from his performances in 'Kaminey' and 'Udta Punjab'. Clearly, there's no second guessing Shahid's capacity to take on the role of an intense, powerful, young, disturbed and an angry man. This time, once again, he doesn't disappoint us at all. In fact, the one-minute teaser makes us believe that the movie will be a super hit. Kiara Advani plays his love interest and the movie will hit the theatres in June this year. Can't wait for the full trailer now.
  12. It seems like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's Miami vacation is never-ending - just like their wedding - and people talking about it and it's just going on and on. But, why talk about a few seconds of 'Mera Wala Dance' at the end of their video, when you can just edit an entire Bollywood song? Sucker vibes in Miami. pic.twitter.com/uTTARhpudg — Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) March 25, 2019 There were so many videos that people decided to start making spoofs of it, and I have to admit, the entire Jonas clan dancing to 'Jeene Ke Hai Chaar Din' is so much better than them dancing to 'Sucker'. I'm crying what have I done ððð pic.twitter.com/c62k5vaiE9 — Stacy (@StacySuperDuper) March 26, 2019 I haven't stopped laughing at this since I saw it, and I bet that's everyone's reaction as well. But wait, there's more. Yes, the same person made a sequel and it's somehow better than this video as well. Also, 'Chand Sitare' seems like the perfect song for this video, I'm actually mad the JoBros were not jamming to it for real. The sequel???? ð¤ pic.twitter.com/oMaf66dsLI — Stacy (@StacySuperDuper) March 27, 2019 I want to honestly personally thank this person for blessing us with these, I'm not going to be over these any time soon. I agree. I don't know you but you are my hero — Kubz (@kubbysnacks) March 27, 2019 I know, right? Omg I can't with you- as if this isn't the best thing I've ever seen ðð — Nazia (@Nazia__M) March 26, 2019 More people are joining in now. Baby Shark - Pink Fong pic.twitter.com/3AaoTu03dz — Jonas Brothers Dancing To (@DancingJonas) March 26, 2019 Let's all just wait for it to become a legit meme.
  13. In 1999, Sooraj Barjatya came up with 'Hum Saath Saath Hain', a movie that gave us the iconic song 'ABCDEFGHI...I LOVE YOU' (is it just me or you too sang this while reading it), and gave Salman Khan a bag full of controversies. Now, after a decade, people are going crazy over 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' once again for the most hilariously relatable reason. After a hiatus of 5 years, the Jonas Brothers are back in business and have released their latest song 'Sucker', which also features their respective partners Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. While 'Sucker' is a huge hit globally and has already garnered over 33 million views in 48 hours, in India, the song ended up making 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' trend, as people couldn't help but draw funny comparisons between the two. Jonas Brothers While most of us were busy laughing on the joke, someone actually went ahead and created a parody video that will leave you in splits. View this post on Instagram I'm dead ð #jonasbrothers #joejonas #sophieturner #daniellejonas #nickjonas #nickyanka #priyankachopra #priyanka #priyanka_chopra #priyankachoprafans #bollywood #bollywoodmemes #desi #desimeme #desimemes #desicomedy #indian #bengali #pakistani #punjabi #memes #humsaathsaathhain #salmankhan #beingsalmankhan #salman #salmankhanrules A post shared by Sha Miah (@sha.miah) on Mar 1, 2019 at 12:16pm PST Honestly, after watching this video, you will never be able to see the original MV in the same light again.
  14. If you compare the 'Attitude Era' during which wrestling gods like the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin used to bully a hospitalised Vince McMahon with a bedpan or Mick Foley losing his teeth after being chokeslammed by The Undertaker from atop a massive steel cage during a Hell in a Cell match to what the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is today, you would notice a stark difference in the show. It is safer, a lot more suitable for children and in order to increase the number of international fans, it has led to opening up its doors to international superstars like 'The Maharaja' Jinder Mahal and 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus. Having said that, there has been a considerable drop in the viewership of the show ever since WWE went PG in 2008. Even with a loaded roster with the likes of Triple H, John Cena and 'The Animal' Batista headlining all the major events, fans seemed to be drifting away from the show simply because of the fact that the storylines weren't interesting or entertaining enough. However, there was one man who probably had the key to turn around the fate of the show even in the PG era. The star being the 'Straight-Edge' CM Punk, who came up with the most engaging storyline of the clean era in his feud with Cena and the rest of the 'phoney' business as he called it during his famous 'pipe-bombs'. However, things didn't workout between WWE and Punk, and as a result, the latter left the organisation on a very bitter note. Alright hosers! You've been asking for him and you get him. We got @WWERollins on the #ECPOA with @EdgeRatedR and @Christian4Peeps. Seth talks about his match with Brock Lesnar at #WrestleMania and much more! #Subscribe for Free: https://t.co/HB0u22z7ed pic.twitter.com/8r8eblUDIr — Pod of Awesomeness (@EandCPod) February 8, 2019 In a recent episode of the former wrestlers Edge and Christian's E&C Podcast of Awesomeness, the 2019 Royal Rumble winner Seth Rollins spoke of what a visionary Punk really was and how he wanted to help WWE increase their viewership with the introduction of his version of 'Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta' or SHIELD which did not include the three-time WWE Champion, Roman Reigns. According to Rollins, Punk believed that the roster at the time consisted of young individuals who lacked both the experience and the desire to make things happen. These individuals, Punk believed, didn't try to push their boundaries and were just happy to have made to the main roster. As a result, WWE as a product and as a brand suffered a lot of damage and lost massive viewership worldwide. Punk, who had to literally fight his way to the top saw his reflection in some of the upcoming stars in the NXT roster, stars like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who were dedicated, innovative and motivated to do better. However, this 'list' of Punk's didn't include the Samoan performer, Roman Reigns. Believe. In. THE SHIELD. #RAW pic.twitter.com/SHLfdBhsSz — WWE (@WWE) August 21, 2018 “So he (CM Punk) wanted to get us in there, us being myself, and Ambrose, and I think, maybe, Kassius Ohno/Chris Hero, but I'm not sure. But the company loved Roman from the get-go, and for all the right reasons,” Rollins said at Edge and Christian's podcast. Punk was a great performer, both as a wrestler and with the mic. When he spoke, people listened. There's no doubt that this version of the 'Hounds of Justice' went on to become a great hit, giving the brand three of the greatest stars of this decade but the fact that we may never be able to see Punk's version of the trio, stings just a little.
  15. Over the years, Indian cricket has seen many spinners come and go. Some have managed to make a mark in the history books, while others have faded with time. In the current crop of the Indian team, the likes of Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal have forged a vital spin-bowling partnership. On one hand, where the chinaman cuts down the flow of runs for the opposition, the leggie is seen bamboozling the batsmen with his attacking leg-spin. While Kuldeep has proved effective across formats, Chahal has only been tried in limited-overs cricket. But, despite the limited opportunities he's got, Chahal makes it a point to contribute to his team's cause whenever he walks out on the field. However, that's not the only thing Chahal is good at. © AP The 28-year-old has struck a chord with cricket fans with his own chat show 'Chahal TV' where he is seen doing candid interviews of fellow cricketers. Making an exception to the format of the show, Chahal TV's latest episode saw India's very own 'Bharat Army' making a brief appearance. Following India's 35-run triumph in the fifth ODI in Wellington, Chahal resumed to his role as host and spoke to India's 'fan troop' that continues to cheer for the team in different countries, at different venues. “Bharat Army was founded 20 years ago in the UK. After that, it spread all over. You've seen them in Australia, New Zealand and in India as well. Wherever the team travels we are there to support them. We call ourselves the 12th man of the Indian team,” a member of the outfit said on Chahal TV. MUST WATCH: Meet the bunch that support #TeamIndia everywhere they go. Say Hello to The Bharat Army - by @RajalArora P.S. Let us know how you find Bharat Army's original "Chahal TV soundtrack" ð¼ðï¸ð - @yuzi_chahal ðºðº Full Video here â¶ï¸â¶ï¸ https://t.co/qbFQXa3Xuv pic.twitter.com/f8Xvl5m4tV — BCCI (@BCCI) February 4, 2019 The 'Bharat Army' also composed a special song for Chahal who emerged as the joint-leading wicket-taker alongside Mohammed Shami with nine scalps in the ODI series. Chahal was then seen dancing to the beats of the 'dhol' as some members of the 'fan troop' also joined in. A brief video of the episode was also shared by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on the social media. "MUST WATCH: Meet the bunch that support #TeamIndia everywhere they go. Say Hello to The Bharat Army. P.S. Let us know how you find Bharat Army's original "Chahal TV soundtrack" @yuzi_chahal," the BCCI tweeted.
  16. POCO F1 was launched last year and has been in the news quite a lot, thanks to its pricing and offered features. It is still the cheapest phone to house a Snapdragon 845 processor, along with minor additions like liquid cooling. Xiaomi's POCO initially pushed the F1 as a performance phone, built for those who want speed. Slowly, the brand improved the camera output via multiple software updates and even gave out many new features in the POCO launcher. This made the phone have a good balance of features over time. © YouTube DxOMark is regarded as a formidable benchmark to test camera performance. They tested the POCO F1's rear cameras in terms of quality, and the device performed at the same outstanding level as the iPhone 8. The POCO F1 got a score of 91, at par with the iPhone 8 and very close to the Note 8. Taking a look at the results of the tests, DxOMark praised the device for fast and accurate autofocus while shooting both photos and videos. The camera also recorded “pleasant” and “vivid” colours in photos and videos “in all lighting conditions”. The POCO F1 shines in capturing stills with its fast autofocus, eye-pleasing colours and accurate white balance. © DxOMark The phone scores 90 points in the video department which is the same score that's awarded to the iPhone 8. Thanks to Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF), the POCO F1 is able to reduce focus time significantly. We must keep in mind that the iPhone 8 costs two times more than the POCO F1. The POCO F1 sports a dual rear camera setup that includes a 12-megapixel primary sensor along with a 5-megapixel secondary sensor for depth sensing. The iPhone 8 has a single 12-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization. © Reuters This isn't the first time POCO's camera has been appreciated. In a blind camera test last year, it scored the second position, beating even the likes of iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3. Considering the price, the POCO F1 is turning out to be a no-nonsense package that can deliver on performance, as well as above average camera. We're already hearing rumours about the POCO F2, and hope it'll continue forward the same legacy. Source: DxOMark
  17. We were all desperately waiting for the 'Avengers 4' trailer and then when it came out, after watching it, someone basically thought, “hmm, it's good but it needs Deadpool to make it better” and I think that's beautiful. Just to clarify, no that someone wasn't Ryan Reynolds as we would expect (but I mean I am sure Ryan definitely did think that but we're talking about someone else right now). The original 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer was brutal, to say the least; Tony Stark is slowly dying in space, almost everyone is dead, Thor looks defeated, Captain America is crying. There's just too many bad things happening but this parody trailer kind of takes some of the pain away because it's Deadpool and you know it's going to be hilarious. Starting off, it's not Tony sending a message to Pepper, but Deadpool talking to a Wolverine mask, so basically already off the best start. “Part of journey is the end, and I'm mad at Fox we couldn't do a film together.” Then it goes on to giving the best description of Thanos ever - “purple Homer Simpson.” I mean, it's better than my purple grape. Then, back at Avengers HQ, we have Deadpool looking at the Deadpool or actually Wade Wilson being dead. Such a sad moment. © YouTube You know what was one of the best parts of the original trailer? Hawkeye's entry but Deadpool improved it. Forget Peggy Carter, we have Deadpool looking at Hugh Jackman, obviously. And then, Deadpool was blonde. “I hope this doesn't work.” “Let's hope it does because I don't want to see a fifth Avengers movie.” In the end, we get another name for Thanos - “That Bruce Willis looking asshole.” Here's the weirdest and best Avengers-Deadpool crossover you'll ever see:
  18. There's binge watching, and then there's binge watching with a deadline because the show is so good that everyone is watching and you need to finish it as soon as possible because you know everyone will start talking about it immediately. Even with so much content on Netflix, some shows still manage to stand out because of how almost the entire world watches and finishes it in just a couple of days and then talks about it for weeks to come. So, here's the list of some shows from 2018 that literally broke the internet and had people talking about it and desperately waiting for the next season like two days after the release. 1. Sacred Games Do I even need to say anything about 'Sacred Games'? The first Indian Netflix original killed it, and not just in our country. It had an international audience with so many great reviews. Just to sum up the storyline in one sentence - the series chronicles all the events that follow after Sartaj Singh, a police officer in Mumbai, receives a phone call from gangster Ganesh Gaitonde who tells him to save the city within 25 days. 2. Haunting Of The Hill House The horror show took over the internet and people literally couldn't stop watching it, trust me I've seen the tweets about it. The show scared the crap out of everyone but still had people binge watching the entire show in just a few days because everyone loves to be scared apparently. One line sum up - the show follows two timelines showing five siblings and how their paranormal experiences from when they were kids growing up in the Hill House are still haunting them to present day. 3. The End Of The Fucking World It's not exactly a Netflix original, but the British show did get the world talking after its premier on the streaming website in the beginning of this year. The aesthetics, the bizarre plot, the series literally captured everyone's attention with just a few minutes in the first episode. One line sum up - 17-year-old James considers himself a psychopath and targets Alyssa as the first human he wanted to kill but she in turn falls in love with him and they both have the trip of their lives after running away from home. 4. Stranger Things 2 There's honestly nothing strange about the 'Stranger Things' obsession and people finally got the second season they were so desperately looking forward to for almost a year. One line sum up - set one year later, the second season basically deals with the character's attempt to return to normality and consequences that linger from the first season. 5. Ghoul Netflix Seems like people really liked the horror genre this year and obviously a Netflix list won't be complete without a Radhika Apte series. We are yet to see some groundbreaking, actually scary shows and movies come out of India but people seemed to like 'Ghoul' a lot. One line sum up - set in India in a dystopian future where fascism is at its top, the series follows the interrogation of a dreaded terrorist Ali Saeed in a secret government internment camp that ignites a series of horrifying and supernatural events in the aftermath.
  19. Netflix has announced that it will debut its next Original series from India in 2019. Titled Leila, the show will be based on the popular book Prayaag Akbar and will be directed by a group of creative minds led by famous indie director Deepa Mehta (who has previously headed projects like Earth and Midnight's Children). (c)Twitter A dystopian work of fiction set in the near future, Leila is the story of Shalini: a mother in search of her daughter Leila whom she lost one tragic summer, informed a press release Thursday. Shalini deals with various hardships in the course of her search, in a story of longing, faith and loss. The series is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman and Pawan Kumar, and it will star Huma Qureshi and Siddarth. Leila will be a six-episode series available only on Netflix globally in 2019. (Full synopsis of the show below) (c)Twitter The streaming service had tasted widespread success in India with the Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddique-starrer Original Sacred Games earlier this year. It was followed by Radhika Apte's three-part horror show Ghoul that couldn't replicate the success of its predecessor. (c)Twitter Netflix also confirmed an 'All-Star Hindi Talent' for its Original film Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. It will feature voiceovers from the likes of Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, Rohan Chand, Matthew Rhys and Naomie Harris lead the English cast in this visually spectacular and emotionally moving adventure that debuts on December 7. Leila synopsis In a digitized city, sometime in the near future, as an obsession with purity escalates, walls come up dividing and confining communities. Behind the walls high civic order prevails. In the forgotten spaces between, where garbage gathers and disease festers, Shalini must search for Leila, the daughter she lost one tragic summer two years ago.. Skirting surveillance systems and thuggish repeaters, Shalini—once wealthy, with perhaps a wayward past; now a misfit, pushed to the margins—is propelled only by her search.
  20. If you're looking for some new, fresh, original TV shows to watch and spend a lazy Sunday night in bed then we have you sorted. Here are 5 original shows on Amazon Prime video that you can stream today and spend some leisure time binge watching: 1 . Mirzapur- You have already heard and read about it and probably people in your circle have also already watched it. it gives a very 'Anurag Kashyap' vibe and this crime thriller has some wonderful performances dished out by Vikrant Massey and Pankaj Tripathi. 2. The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel- This one is for all Rachel Brosnahan fans who does a wonderful job in the titular role. The set up is that of 1950s urban New York and is a wonderful watch. 3. Purge- If you loved the movie series then this one should be on your list. The story line remains the same. Once every year, any crime is legal in America for 12 hours. Rest you know what follows. 4. The Big Sick- This one starts the 'Silicon Valley' star Kunal Nanjiani and talks about a simple guy wanting to chase the American dream but living under the constant pressure of his Pakistani parents desire to get him married. 5. Last Flag Flying- This series follows the trio of Vietnam vets who have a reunion after ages after one of their son dies serving in the military and his body is sent back for burial. This one deals with how friendships stand the storm of complex emotions.
  21. If you still haven't watched 'The Haunting Of Hill House', you are quite late to the party already . The show that has left audience shook with the dark and the gory psychological effects that it creates, is currently enjoying a lot of fame. The show has been an instant hit with the intense monologues by the characters and the deep rooted story line that goes beyond what generic horror shows depict. Even though all along we only see despair and havoc for the lead characters, the ending was a surprisingly happy one. With all sibling reuniting (except Nell) and leading normal lives, one feels that our hearts are saved from the cathartic end of the show. Admit it, we all thought that the 'Red Room' would create more havoc and suck up every happiness from their lives. However, it is very interesting to know that the makers had originally planned a gory and a darker ending for the show. In the final episode we see that the red room opens up for everyone and they all get trapped inside. While we wonder that it is the first time that the door has been open, in reality the characters have all spent their share of time in the room over the years. The rooms changes shape and disguise itself differently for each one of the kids and their mom. The rectangular window in the background stays constant every time some one used it. © Netflix For Luke, it was the tree house, for their mother, it was a reading room, for Theo is becomes her dancing room and so on. Mind blown right? Well in the final scene when we see the Crain family happily cutting Luke's cake, you can spot a vertical painting in the background. © Netflix Now you might see nothing wrong with this picture, but the makers had some cruel intentions for the script. The painting was supposed to be a representation of the vertical window from the red room , which means that the Crain family probably would have never escaped the room and this was another paranormal delusion for all of them. Cruel, right? The makers eventually decided to give the show a happier ending.
  22. Netflix is the new go-to place for one's daily dose of entertainment. It's an omnipresent entity in all our lives which caters to all our aesthetic needs. While the Netflix catalogue keeps expanding by the day, it is always interesting to find some homegrown Indian content on it. Here are 8 Indian movies which will hit Netflix in 2019: 1. Chopsticks- This movie follows a very talented girl who is running low on confidence and hence finds it difficult to sustain herself. The story revolves around how she tries to recover her car which was stolen by a Mumbai gangster. The movie stars Mithila Palkar from 'Little Things', Abhay Deol and Vijay Raaz. © Instagram 2. Bulbul – This has been produced by Anushka Sharma and is a period film with a background of superstitions and rituals in rural India. The movie tells the tale of Satya and Bulbul who is his child bride. Satya is sent off to England for higher education and returns home to find out that Bulbul has been abandoned by his family and now serves the people of the village, which is actually plagued by some evil causing mysterious deaths. © Instagram 3. Upstarts – This movie follows the bromance of three college friends who dream of having their own start-up and eventually have to face the choice of choosing either their dream or their friendship. 4. Cobalt Blue – This movie will deal with the theme of forbidden love where a brother and sister belonging to a traditional Marathi family, fall in love with the same man. 5. 15th August- This movie is produced by Madhuri ixit and is set up in a Mumbai 'chawl' where the residents are gearing up for the annual flag-hoisting ceremony there. The movie follows the trials and tribulations of the common man. © Instagram 6. Music Teacher- Manav Kaul plays the role of a troubled music teacher who once mentored a famous Bollywood celebrity. The estranged teacher tries to get back all that he lost in the past. 7. Hotel Mumbai- This movie will tell the chilling story of all the victims who survived the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008. 8. Firebrand- This Marathi movie is produced by Priyanka Chopra and follows the story of a lawyer and a sexual assault victim, played by Usha Jadhav, who tries to solve cases and deal with her difficult marriage as well. Looks like 2019 will see an interesting line-up for Netflix. Which one are you most excited for?
  23. The world experienced a new high in the world of entertainment with the release of 'Bahubali: The Beginning' in 2015. The response had been so major that people thronged to the theatres for weeks, and the discussions continued until even later. Such was the enthusiasm and curiosity, that people couldn't stop themselves from asking, “Kattappa ne Bahubali ko kyun maara”, which soon became a trending hashtag across multiple social media platforms. © Arka Media Works When the sequel to the first movie installment 'Bahubali 2: The Conclusion' hit the screens in 2017, fans (and fanatics) lined up outside the movie theatres in huge numbers. The duology turned out to be one of the greatest pieces of motion picture entertainment ever produced, all around the world. Netflix India is all set to bring out its own adaptation of Anand Neelakantan's 2017 novel 'The Rise of Sivagami', and the Netflix Original web series shall be called 'Bahubali: Before The Beginning'. © Arka Media Works Finally, the star-cast for the series has been announced by Netflix and here's what we know. Mrunal Thakur shall play Sivagami and Rahul Bose will take up the role of Skandadasa in the series. © Twitter Apart from them other prominent actors from film and TV industry will also be seen in the series such as Atul Kulkarni, Vaquar Shaikh, Jameel Khan, Siddharth Arora and Anup Soni. © Twitter The first season of the series shall consist of nine episodes, and would act as a prequel to 'Bahubali: The Beginning'. The plot will follow Sivagami's rise to power in the Mahishmati kingdom. We eagerly await more information on the series!
  24. If you ever dreamt of sailing on the Titanic and having your own iconic love story (the one where you survive) then behold, your childhood dream might just come true. A replica of the legendary ship Titanic is all set to sail on the original route in 2022. Titanic II could embark in 2022 https://t.co/twwpJetJJR pic.twitter.com/bW0Afe4I9U — Techhnews (@techhnews) October 23, 2018 The Titanic sank on 19th April 1912 and its passengers met a tragic end in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The replica of the 'unsinkable ship' is currently being made in China. However, there are mixed feelings about this upcoming journey and the internet has a sinking feeling about its fate as well. Have none of you seen the so bad it's good movie TITANIC II??? This doesn't end well! https://t.co/HEQdFq8TkN — Michelle BOO-chman (@michelledeidre) October 23, 2018 Ever have *that sinking feeling* that our era is heading willy nilly toward disaster and tragedy? https://t.co/gHWV5jEfiV — Frederika Randall (@dispatriata) October 24, 2018 Then there is the legit 'iceberg' concern as well. are they gonna look for ice bergs this time?? https://t.co/5385RVZx8O — Princess Harper (@princ3ssHARP3R) October 24, 2018 can't sink again if all the icebergs have melted https://t.co/sq2MtmwvZg — the blair heath project (@heathdwilliams) October 23, 2018 The Blue Star Line is making the ship and before the ship sails on the original route, it will first sail from Dubai to Southampton. Let's hope the sailing is smooth for this ship.
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