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Found 9 results

  1. When I’ve had an unusually long day at work that wears me out, or a fight with my partner that went out of control, or simply struggle to harbour my emotions - I sit back and listen to Sadhguru videos/podcasts for a good 10-15 minutes. Listening to Sadhguru is like meditation, like a balm for panic-stricken thoughts. He’s reached a level of enlightenment where his body, mind and spirit are in symphony. Instagram: Sadhguru The best part - he’s sharing his wisdom with people across the world, helping us control our emotions and make them work to our advantage. Here are 5 teachings by Sadhguru that inspired me to look at the bigger picture, and become my best version: 1) Wounded Or Wise?“I performed miserably at the presentation. I’m so unlucky. I wish I had a family business I could just take over, all this hustle is draining me out…” Ever blamed your surroundings or background for a situation that went downhill? Well, Sadhguru believes that if you’ve tackled a lot of adversities, you should be the wisest of the lot. But instead of collecting wisdom, most people choose to become wounded. It is truly possible to use every situation in life as an opportunity to grow. But if you keep blaming your circumstances on external factors, you’re simply taking opportunities to self-destruct and stagnate. 2) What Is Love?A lot of us harbour skewed conceptions of love - our partner's ideology should be just like ours, we should like doing a lot of similar things, they should fit in our version of a “perfect fairy tale”. iStock Here’s something profound that Sadhguru said about love - For most people, love means, ‘You must do what I want.’ No, love means they can do what they want, and we still love them. 3) Don’t Be Quick To Blame “Destiny”Whether it is success or failure, it’s absolutely unjustified to credit it to “destiny”. Everything is a result of our actions and reactions. Instagram: Sadhguru In his book on Inner Engineering, Sadhguru writes, “Whenever we have had to do something about our lives, we have taken it into our hands. Whenever it comes to other people’s misfortunes, we have a word to explain it: destiny. And what a convenient word that is. Destiny has become a popular scapegoat, a way to deal with failure, a fatalistic ruse to reconcile ourselves to all kinds of uncomfortable situations. But turning inward is the first step from passivity to agency—from being a victim toward becoming a master of your own destiny.” 4) You Can’t Change The World “I want to change you - that is not a revolution. I’m willing to change - now this is a revolution.” - Sadhguru. We must make peace with the fact that we can’t change your family, your friends or even your spouse. The only person you are in charge of is YOU. iStock The problem with today’s world is that we are quick to point out what should change in the world, but don’t want to change ourselves. It’s time to take charge of our lives, quit making that boyfriend a better person, and focus on becoming the best version of ourselves. 5) Our Reaction To Situations Determines Our So-Called ‘Destiny'On Russell Brand’s podcast ‘Under The Skin’, Sadhguru discusses how we’re not shaped by external influences, but by life itself. “Whether we want to be a conscious response to everything that's around us or want to be a compulsive reaction to all that happens around is the question you’re asking, and I think the answer is pretty obvious”, he said. All the right answers are within us, all the acidic remarks are within us and so is the good sense to pick the right response. How we react to situations decides how life pans out for us. Luminary In this 1-hour-10-minute podcast on Luminary, Russell Brand and Sadhguru discuss human consciousness, inner engineering, spiritual practices and his initiatives. In this podcast series, Russell Brand aims to examine what’s beneath the surface of the people we admire and idolise. Guests from the realms of academia, pop culture and arts make the podcast well-rounded! While we 10/10 recommend the Sadhguru episode, there are other guests too who shared life-altering anecdotes and lessons - one’s that we must try replicating. A few of our favourite podcast guests (apart from Sadhguru) include Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Brene Brown. Intrigued much? Click here to explore the various episodes of “Under The Skin” by Russell Brand on Luminary. Happy listening, folks! View the full article
  2. Apple's prototype units never really make it out of their campus and they're really good at hiding their work. Except for the one time when an Apple employee accidentally left a pre-production iPhone 4 at a bar and the world got to see it early, we haven't seen many Apple prototype units. Now, it's the original Apple Watch prototype that shown up online. Here, take a look - Prototype Apple Watch with Security Case runs an Internal Pre-WatchOS 1.0 build, complete with internal testing apps and development settings. It’s extremely amazing that something like this could still exist; without having been destroyed. #appleinternal pic.twitter.com/WDTWP0NpIp — Apple Demo (@AppleDemoYT) December 27, 2020 As you can see, we're looking at an early prototype of the Apple Watch that's sitting inside a bulky case. It essentially makes the Apple Watch look like an iPod, a rather clever way of keeping it under the wraps. The images also show how some UI elements of the watchOS were present from the early days. In fact, even the physical appearance of the watch hasn't really changed much since the original Apple Watch that came out back in 2015. Of course, the newer versions are more powerful and come with some awesome features, but we think it's time for a design change. © Twitter/AppleDemoYT It'll be interesting to see if Apple is cooking something behind the scenes for its next Apple Watch release. But for now, you'll have to settle with either the Apple Watch Series 6 or the Apple Watch SE. Either way, you'll be getting a really great watch to go with your iPhone. View the full article
  3. In times of country-wide lockdowns amidst the coronavirus pandemic, one trivial yet necessary question that we keep thinking about is to grow a beard or not. Growing a beard is tricky business and only a select few are able to master the art. On top of that everyday routine life can sometimes become a major hurdle when it comes to growing a beard, from corporate dress code restrictions to strenuous daily commute. There is something about the beard that gives your face a certain character that is worth trying out. However, now is the time to give growing a beard a try, considering we're all locked up in our houses. Even if the experiment goes wrong, you can go back to being clean-shaven and no one will notice once everything resumes back to normal. But if the experiment is successful, you might end up with a new look altogether that people adore. If you're looking for some inspiration, Here are 8 real men with glorious beards who've mastered the art of growing one. 1. Nitin Mehta © Nitin Mehta An ex-army official who has now taken up modeling as a full-time profession. (Nitn Mehta) 2.Umesh Gulia © Umesh Gulia Umesh Gulia is a beard model and designer from NIFT. 3. Paras Chawla © Paras Chawla Paras Chawla is an Indian designer who owns the label, NAKA Clothing. 4. Abhishek Paatni © Abhishek Paatni Abhishek Paatni is an Indian designer who owns the fashion label 'Nought One' - that deals in streetwear and athleisure. 5. Sowrav Bhowmik © Sowrav Bhowmik Sowrav Bhowmik is a fashion and grooming journalist. 6. Aksheev Puri © Aksheev Puri Aksheev Puri is an entrepreneur and a stylist. 7. Mayank Sehgal © Mayank Sehgal Mayank Sehgal is a bespoke menswear designer. 8. Param Sahib © Param Sahib Param Sahib is a Delhi-based fashion designer. Now that you're inspired, you could look up hacks to get you started on growing the beard of your dreams. View the full article
  4. It's the last day of November, but our Insta feeds are still full of #NoShaveNovember pictures, and rightfully so. Who doesn't want to show off a big, healthy, well-groomed beard, irrespective of the occasion? There is something about a big beard that is inexplicably classy, and is equally impressive to both men and women. A lot of people have taken to the trend, and we are digging it! For those of you who want to be a part of the phenomenon and grow a beard, we have some solid inspiration. Here is a list of 11 men who have grown impressive beards, that can definitely serve as a source of your 'beard-inspo': 1. Nitin Mehta © Nitin Mehta Nitin is one of the very few bearded models over the age of 50 in India, who is giving youngsters a run for their money. 2. Nitin Chauhan © Nitin Chauhan Nitin Chauhan is an extremely well-known model, who has been associated with Raymond. 3. Daljit Sean Singh © Daljit Sean Singh Daljit is a model, actor, & entrepreneur who has also appeared in the movie 'Padmaavat'. 4. Harp Farmer © Harp Farmer Harpreet is a model, actor, and director based out of Punjab. 5. Karnar Randhawa © Karnar Randhawa Karnar is a well-known bearded face from Punjab. 6. Lokendra Singh Ranawat © Lokendra Singh Ranawat Lokendra is one of India's top fashion bloggers and Social Media Influencers. 7. Arya Bhat © Arya Bhat Arya is a well-known Delhi-based model, who works with top Indian brands & designers. 8. Prajval © Prajval Prajval is a bearded influencer and model from Bangalore. 9. Ritesh Assudani © Ritesh Assudani Ritesh is a Bhopal based menswear designer and stylist. 10. Sunil Vyas © Sunil Vyas Sunil is a businessman from Bhopal. 11. Vishal Singh © Vishal Singh Vishal is the Founder of Bharat Beard Club & BeardoThon. Most of these faces can be seen in the Annual Beard and Moustache Championship. Those of you who are confident about your own beard and want to register for the competition, click here
  5. If you thought dual-lens and triple-lens cameras being offered by today's flagship phones are the pinnacles of phone-camera technology, think again. A few years back, Light launched its L16 camera, a "multi-aperture computational camera" that features 16 lenses. Those separate images could be fused into a single 52-megapixel photo as well. The company had shown off various concept phones and prototypes that had between five and nine lenses incorporated onto their backs. © Light The Silicon Valley-based company recently showed the Washington Post a bunch of concept and working prototype handsets with between five and nine lenses built into the back. It hopes to unveil the device by the end of this year. One of the prototype models has nine lenses with five of them having 28mm focal length and the remaining four having a focal length of 56mm. The company claims that the multi-lens solution can capture 64-megapixel shots along with improved low-light and depth effects. Its L16 camera also lets you adjust the focal plane and depth of field after the image has been snapped. © Light Currently, the Huawei P20 Pro has three lenses on the rear and is the industry best. There are also reports of Samsung adopting the triple lens setup with the Galaxy S10 next year, while Apple is said to follow with the launch of its new iPhone next year. German optical manufacturer Zeiss has a patent for a multi-lens solution which could use five lenses that rotate around an image sensor to capture images with depth effect and zoom. © Light The other important thing to keep in mind is that the device won't be cheap, with the L16 camera priced at US$ 1,950. Dropping the lens count to something like nine might help reduce costs, but not by much. Although they'll sport fewer lenses than the L16, incorporating multiple lenses into a phone camera and backing it up with an adequate processor will certainly come with heavy costs. There's no word on whether Light is collaborating with an existing smartphone maker to build the phone, or whether it's going alone. Source: Washington Post
  6. Bollywood and Hollywood movies have their individual concoctions of action, drama and a unique display of emotions and sentiments. But there also are a lot of movies that teach us to never give up and triumph over any difficulties that life throws at us. These movies tell us, that irrespective of the many odds, how a person can remain steadfast in his convictions. It not only gives us life lessons but at the same time, changes the way we look at life for the better. 2018 has been an amazing year so far for both Bollywood and Hollywood in terms of putting out great content. While some movies have already hit the screens, some are yet to roll out. Either way, if you have missed out on these movies, then you are missing something that is definitely worth your time. Right from '102 Not Out', 'Raazi' to the upcoming 'Incredibles 2', here's a list of movies you should watch out for to get an entirely new perspective on life. 1. 102 Not Out '102 Not Out' is not your usual father-son love story and that's what makes it extraordinary. Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor came together after 27 years and that was the reason enough to get us excited for this one. Dattatreya, (Amitabh Bachchan), a 102-year old father, is an eccentric man and nothing can stop him from living life to the fullest. While Babu, (Rishi Kapoor) is his 75-year-old son who has simply lost interest in life. Fed up with Babu's surly attitude Dattatreya threatens to send him to an old age home unless he accepts a list of challenges. Unknown to Babu, the list is made in a manner that will make him re-look the gift of 'Life'. (c) Sony Pictures The movie teaches us two wonderful things that we often forget: · “Zinda hai tab tak marna nahi hai.” · “Aulaad nalayak niklay to use bhool jana chahiye…sirf uska bachpan yaad rakhna chahiye.” It's not just a happy entertainer but a movie that teaches us the value of life and our parents. 2. Raazi Based on Harinder Sikka's novel 'Calling Sehmat', 'Raazi' is inspired by a true story set in 1971, before the Indo-Pak war. This is an emotional and inspiring tale of an Indian girl who marries a Pakistani Army officer in order to extract intelligence details that were used during the war. In the movie, Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) becomes a spy who knows that eventually, she would risk everything, from love, family to even her life. Witnessing her story makes us wonder if we could ever do something like that for our country. This unsung story of a spy actually teaches us the true meaning of determination and selflessness. 3. Pad Man Akshay Kumar is on a roll and he, as always, came through with 'Padman'. Directed by R Balki, the movie is a life-inspiring story of Arunachalam Muruganantham (played by Akshay Kumar), a social entrepreneur from Coimbatore, who invented low-cost sanitary napkins in India. Despite all the difficulties, opposition and humiliation, he doesn't give up. It's a courageous story that tells the society that menstruation isn't a taboo. Akshay Kumar's character, throughout the movie, tells us that if one is confident and determined, he/she can change the world. 4. Incredibles 2 How can we ever forgetting meeting the Parrs – Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack in 2004? The crazy family instantly won our hearts in 'The Incredibles' and now they are all set to make a comeback with 'Incredibles 2', From Mr. Incredible's super strength to Elastigirl's stretchy flexibility, the movie left everyone stunned. What makes this simple story so special is the fact that it's about a family that sticks through thick and thin. And adding more to the cast this time is Kajol, who is doing the Hindi voiceover for the same, which gives many Indians more reason to watch it. 'Incredibles 2' is all set to release on 22nd June. 5. Padmaavat The Badass character of Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh) in 'Padmaavat' gives a strong message of courage and the determination to succeed. Even though he is playing the villain in the movie, there is a lot in his character that will teach you, keeping aside the negative aspect of course. You might hate him, despise him but he will make you fall in love with him. We don't agree with his violent methods, but his manipulation and diplomatic techniques can come in handy for many. You don't have to go overboard but can always use it in an intellectual way without hurting anyone. Also, how one should take their sexual preferences in their stride is one thing you just can't miss. 6. RAID Based on a true story, 'RAID' is an inspiring tale for anyone who wants to make a difference and make his country a better place. Amay Patnaik, played by Ajay Devgn, is a fearless IT officer who carries out a non-stop raid at the mansion of the most powerful man in Lucknow, played by Saurabh Shukla. For those who don't know, the story is actually about a real-life high profile raid back in the 1980s during the rule of prime minister Indira Gandhi. 7. Sanju This upcoming Hindi biographical film is clearly the most talked-about movie of the year so far. There is no one who is likely to miss this film based on the life of actor Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir Kapoor will be seen donning Sanju's role. The movie unfolds certain chapters of Sanju's life that none of us know about. The movie will teach us that even if your life is falling apart you can always have a fresh start. 'Sanju' is all set to hit the screens on 29th June 2018. 8. Veere Di Wedding The biggest USP of 'Veere Di Wedding' is that all the four beautiful women are giving it back, not only to the society, but also to all the ridiculous norms it proposes for them. It gives out a strong message to all the women out there to celebrate life and wear their vulnerabilities and failures like a badge of honour. There are many life lessons one can learn from this bold movie. No matter what your gender is, you can't miss this one! 9. Hichki 'Hichki' revolves around the life of Naina Mathur (Rani Mukherjee), who is suffering from a neurological condition called Tourette Syndrome since childhood. But for those who thought that a disease can break you, wait till you watch her inspiring journey. She might be 'suffering' but that does not stop her from chasing her dream to be a teacher. The movie, in every frame, gives you a small lesson that you can inculcate in your life. It talks about how a certain disorder can make your body functionally weak but that should not stop you from achieving your dreams. 10. Bohemian Rhapsody Chronicling the journey of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, the much-awaited movie is one thing you just can't miss. The film shows the journey of a man who was not afraid to showcase his flamboyant personality and be true to his nature, fighting stereotypes and not caring about the societal norms. As the first major rock star to die of AIDS, Mercury's death represented an important event in the history of the disease. Mercury's life has various chapters and each has a lesson you can't miss. The movie will hit the screens on 24 October 2018.
  7. Our timelines are filled with friends posting their Sarahah ids, asking us what we think of them. The app has gained a massive following on social media in a short period of time. Sarahah, that means ‘honesty' in Arabic, creates a special email id and invites people to send anonymous honest criticism. The USP is anonymity. It originally aimed at constructive criticism to help people improve personally and professionally, but clearly, that's not the only purpose the app is being used for. © Sarahah The lure of sending an anonymous hate message to a frenemy is huge. And the lure of knowing what your friends think of you is even bigger. In this world of short attention spans and social media existence, everything is uncertain, including our opinion of ourselves. We are always unsure. We are as good as our latest Facebook check-in, our latest profile picture, our most retweeted tweet. We function like ageing movie stars, always looking to stay relevant. It's very difficult to determine our own worth. The definition of what's cool, what's not, keeps changing and along with it, our sense of the self. © funnyordie Appearances are so important today they are often the sole parameters in measuring someone's worth. Strip the social media followers, the fancy clothes, the Instagram photos of all the places we've been to and you'd find a confused apparition of a person. We aren't confident in our bare skins anymore. We need the paraphernalia, the façade. And hence the validation, the constant need to know what the world thinks of you. We take pride in thinking the ‘log kya kahenge' syndrome afflicted only our previous generation and we're free from it. But no, we have developed our own version of it. We might not care about society when it comes to following tradition but we do give a lot of fucks to what our social media profiles say about us. Truth is we are willing victims of social pressures, just that they are not the same as they were for our parents. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images We turn to our Facebook friends, colleagues, strangers online for approval. Friends alone are not enough. The definition of friendship itself has changed; consider yourself lucky if you have two really close friends. Most friendships are not really honest anymore. We're scared of offending our friends by telling them the truth. When they break up with their partners, we join them in helping them burn old memories, not pausing to tell them where they went wrong. The rules of brotherhood or sisterhood tell us to stand by our friend come what may, but we misread it as blind support and often skip the brutal but constructive criticism fearing it'll bring more hurt. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images The advocates of the app say the person using it is putting himself/herself out there in the world and ‘asking for it'. The bullying is part and parcel of it. If bullying is normal, why not reveal the identity of the person involved. Why make them hide under the garb of anonymity? Why not do it in person? The thrill behind online trolling comes from the anonymity. The fact that you can hide under a safe virtual wall gives people immense power. And with power comes a capacity to be vile and mean. Despite the risk of bullying, apps like Sarahah that promise to satiate our narcissist selves with instant validation will always find takers.
  8. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/79c6b1f02036afb66c46493246dfcddb.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ni8yMS8yMDE3IDU6MzY6MTkgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1ONDN6VFI1RnVudElNSGFsMlBKM0xnPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] ISLAMABAD: Pakistan?s fast bowler Junaid Khan said on Wednesday that no one had predicted that the cricket team would return as champions but the players always believed they could do it. The fast pacer was talking to the media at the Swabi Interchange on the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway after arriving in Islamabad from London following Pakistan?s victory at the Champions Trophy 2017. Terming the team?s victory in the eight-country tournament a matter of pride, he said, ?We were under pressure but had nothing to lose.? The batsmen performed superbly in the last match while the bowlers continued their commendable performance, he added. When asked who he would like to give credit for the country?s victory, he said the Pakistan Cricket Board should be commended for taking the team to the tournament?s venue weeks in advance so the players could acclimatise with the ground environment. He added that the Pakistan Super League also deserves credit for brining to the fore young, talented players who helped turn the tide for the team. ?Senior international players point out how we have won despite having played no cricket at home for almost a decade,? he said further. When asked if he was fasting during the match, he said the players do not fast on match days as it becomes difficult to perform well physically. Earlier, Khan arrived in a private airline?s flight at Benazir Bhutto International Airport where strict security measures were in place to help the cricketer traverse through scores of fans and media. Hafeez lands in Lahore Also on Wednesday, Mohammad Hafeez arrived at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. He then proceeded to his residence along with his family members. Talking to the media, Hafeez said the credit for their victory goes to the entire team. He added that the performance of both senior and junior players was outstanding throughout the tournament. He stressed how important it was that new players be included in the team.
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