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Found 1,882 results

  1. China launched on April 29 the first module of its "Heavenly Palace" space station to establish a permanent human presence in space
  2. Prince William gave the pricey gift to Kate Middleton to mark their 10th wedding anniversary
  3. It’s been 415 days, 9960 hours, 597,600 minutes and 35,856,000 seconds since we all went from complaining about travelling to work to working in our pyjamas in bed. Yes, I am talking about the unfortunate descent of the pandemic in 2020 and how it led to every one of us working from home. While the situation at present is worse than it was last year, there is not much most of us can do but stay home and stay safe. But, there is no rule against being comfortable while we try to stay sane through all that is happening around us. After searching the internet, here are our top 4 picks on the best work from home looks: 1. Comfortable T-Shirts All The Way__ECOMPRODUCT__332__ Finding a T-shirt that is comfortable, soft and airy is a joy that cannot be explained. When you are sitting around in the summer heat slaving away at your laptop, wearing comfortable clothes is super important which is why these Supima cotton T-shirts are ideal for all work from home activities. 2. Boxer It UpNobody wants to wear jeans at home, most of us have already given up on the idea of ever wearing them again. While shorts are always a good idea, finding a pair of fashionable yet comfy boxers is ideal to make work from home feel like a breeze (quite literally!). __ECOMPRODUCT__1475__ So, grab a pair of these awesome looking boxers that feel like air. Trust us, you will be thanking the makers once you get into them! 3. Shirts That Amp Up The Style__ECOMPRODUCT__1476__ Even though we are working from home, there are some events that call for something more formal or dressed up than our everyday wear T-shirts. Having a few stylish looking, cotton shirts in your wardrobe is always a plus. So, whether it is a video conference or a virtual date, you can look sharp with ease. 4. Sweats Are The BestDo you like to keep the AC on full blast during the summers? Does that make you feel a little chilly but not enough to use a blanket? What do you do in that case? It’s simple my friend, you trade in your comfy boxers for just as comfortable sweatpants. __ECOMPRODUCT__1477__ With unbeatable comfort, total versatility and an increasing acceptance as a perfect smart-casual piece, a good pair of sweatpants or joggers can easily replace your shorts at home and jeans whenever you do have to step out. To Wrap It UpDuring these times we are all trying to keep our sanity and find some form of normalcy but it’s not easy to do. So, as you sit at home, finding some peace and structure in your work, also find time to lie back in your comfy boxers and T-shirt, have a chilled drink and relax your mind. Explore More View the full article
  4. The Disney officials said the move to phase out temperature screening was made on guidance from public health authorities
  5. Disha Patani also posted the song and said ?The most wanted track of the year is here. #RadheTitleTrack out now!?.
  6. Kangana Ranaut’s tweets were daily fodder for many who either agrees with her or bashed her for viewpoints. Just a couple of days back, she had said that she feels that people using oxygen cylinders and making oxygen plants should ‘return’ their share back to nature. "Everybody is building more and more oxygen plants, getting tons and tons of oxygen cylinders, and how are we compensating for all the oxygen that we are forcefully drawing from the environment? It seems we learnt nothing from our mistakes and catastrophes they cause #PlantTrees," she wrote on Twitter. © Instagram/Karan Patel We wonder how would she react to this on Instagram as her Twitter account has now been suspended. Her account was suspended after she made objectionable comments on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. In her tweet, she had written, "Hundreds of murders and #Bengalisburning But Modi is Fascist and Mamata is a secular leader. Enough is enough #PresidentRuleinBengal." Twitter also released a statement and revealed why they chose to permanently suspend her account. A spokesperson said, “We’ve been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behaviour that has the potential to lead to offline harm. The referenced account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter Rules specifically our Hateful Conduct policy and Abusive Behaviour policy. We enforce the Twitter Rules judiciously and impartially for everyone on our service." However, Kangana gave it back by saying that Twitter is a platform for Americans as it wants to enslave 'brown' voices. What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  7. A Chinese rocket the Long March 5B rocket is falling into Earth out of control and will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere this weekend. The Chinese Rocket is currently being tracked by the US Space Command. The rocket launched the Tianhe module last week which will become the living quarter of a future Chinese Space Station. However, the rocket is now to make an unguided re-entry which means it could crash anywhere, including highly populated areas. © CCTV It is currently circling the world every 90 minutes. Since the rocket is out of control, there are fears that it could land on populated areas. Due to the speed of the rocket, scientists are unable to determine where it will likely fall but they do know it is expected to crash before 10th May 2021. Most space debris tends to go up in flames when re-entering the earth’s atmosphere, however due to the sheer size of the rocket, it will not disintegrate well enough and end up with big chunks of debris. Jonathan McDowell, Astrophysicist at the Astrophysics Center at Harvard University noted in his story for Space News “It’s potentially not good. Last time they launched a Long March 5B rocket they ended up with big long rods of metal flying through the sky and damaging several buildings in the Ivory Coast.” “Most of it burned up, but there were these enormous pieces of metal that hit the ground. We are very lucky no one was hurt. What’s worse is that it’s really negligent on China’s part. Things more than ten tonnes we don’t let them fall out of the sky uncontrolled deliberately” he added. © CCTV As of now, the current orbit of the rocket has taken it as far as New York, Madrid and Beijing. The rocket also went as far south as Wellington, New Zealand and Southern Chile. As to determine where exactly the rocket will fall, McDowell added, "We expect it to reenter sometime between the 8th and 10th of May. And in that two day period, it goes around the world 30 times. The thing is travelling at like 18,000 miles an hour. And so if you're an hour out at guessing when it comes down, you're 18,000 miles out in saying where.” "And so you should not believe anyone who tells you, 'Oh yeah, I've heard it's coming down in this particular place,' " McDowell added. "Don't believe them at least a few hours before the reentry because we're just not going to know in advance.” The safest bet for where the debris will land remains to be the oceans. "If you want to bet on where on Earth something's going to land, you bet on the Pacific, because Pacific is most of the Earth. It's that simple," McDowell said. Source: Space News View the full article
  8. India has given domestic telecom companies and network equipment vendors the go-ahead to conduct a six-month trial on 5G technology. However, none of the networking equipment that will be used for testing will be from China. The decision to exclude Chinese players could have been made due to the recent border tensions with India’s neighbours. © Reuters Even though companies like Huawei were granted permission to participate in India’s 5G trial phase last year, it seems like the company has been excluded for now. Chinese network equipment will be excluded from the trials while companies like Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, and C-DOT kit have been granted permission by the Department of Telecommunications. The announcement came via a statement by the Ministry of Communications. Indian telecom companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel, MTNL and Vodafone have been granted permission to conduct trials using their own technology or via key vendors. For the trials, telecom companies will use an experimental spectrum doled out by the Indian Government. These bands are spread across the mid-band, millimetre wave band, and the sub-gigahertz band. The telecom companies have also been granted permission to use their own spectrum for 5G trials. © Unsplash The trials will be required to be conducted in three different settings i.e. rural, semi-urban settings, and urban settings so that 5G technology is not exclusive to urban areas, the Ministry of Communications said. Telecom companies have also been told to run the tests on a non-commercial basis and should not be connected to any of the existing networks. 5G trials are slated to begin six months after Reliance Jio CEO Mukesh Ambani announced that the company will be rolling out its own 5G networks by the end of 2021. "I assure you that Jio will pioneer the 5G revolution in India in the second half of 2021," said Ambani, during the India Mobile Congress 2020 keynote. View the full article
  9. BCCI has promised "secure and safe passage" for all participants but existing travel restrictions make it a complicated process for many
  10. Screenshots reveal that Khloe Kardashian reached out to Sydney Chase whom Tristan Thompson alleged cheated with
  11. VAX Live concert audience will not get to see Meghan Markle in person at the pre-taped show
  12. Kareena Kapoor recently got candid about the child abuse epidemic during covid-19?s utter isolation
  13. With the rising numbers of COVID cases in the country, it feels like there’s no end to people's miseries. People are dying because there’s a shortage of oxygen in hospitals and the visuals are terrifying. And this has led to countless deaths, as social media is full of stories of such cases. © Reuters Sutapa Sikdar, the wife of late actor Irrfan Khan, expressed deep sorrow over the death of a relative named Sameer Banerjee who passed away due to COVID-19 and called out authorities over shortage of ICU beds in the national capital. The novel pandemic has been claiming lives rapidly in the second wave as well and the lack of facilities proves that both central and most state governments have been failing terribly. Sikdar took to Facebook to pen down the emotional turmoil she underwent after her friend's death. She mentioned that it wasn't an obituary and urged people to not forget the pain caused by the second wave of the novel Coronavirus. Her post read as “#notanobituary #don’tforget I posted day before for help for my relative Sameer Banerjee. Today he left us. We couldn't set up an ICU at home in Delhi the capital of India. And we couldn’t get a bed in the hospital. My gratitude to all the COVID-91 warriors who helped. I will never forget you all, my blessings to you all till I live, I will never forget Sameerda’s smile. I will cherish my adolescent memories with him. I will never forget that I couldn’t get a bed in ICU for him because he was not Chota Rajan. He was an honest man. I will not forget this mayhem in Delhi. You don’t forget too that Banerjees, Sheikhs, Das Adjanias all have to go and they could have stayed with us all a bit longer if we would have concentrated as a country more on hospital oxygen plants than Hindu festivals and Muslim festivals. #delhigovt #modi #bettertobeachotarajan #dontforget." #notanobituary#don'forget I posted day before for help for my relative Sameer Banerjee. Today he left us .We couldn’t... Posted by Sutapa Sikdar on Sunday, 2 May 2021For those who aren’t aware, Chhota Rajan had tested positive for COVID-19 in April and was admitted to the New Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Services (AIIMS). It’s sad that people have to go so much just for the bare minimum and all this helplessness is making people lose hope completely because there’s no immediate relief in near sight. © Reuters Meanwhile, Sikdar has been using her social media account to seek medical help for many people in her circle. On Monday, India reported 3.68 lakh fresh cases and 3,417 deaths. On the other hand, Delhi on Sunday reported 20,394 new cases and 407 fatalities. MensXP prays for everyone who has been dealing with personal losses. View the full article
  14. The state of Indian media houses isn’t exactly pristine. Often referred to as Godi Media or Lutyens Media, depending on whom you’re speaking to, there is a clear lack of objectivity, nuance, common sense, and sometimes, even basic decency. © BCCL Remember the entire fiasco over the coverage of a Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide? Well, it turns out, that wasn’t the lowest point for some media outlets. © BCCL Anand Bazar Patrika’s television news outlet, or ABP news as it is popularly called, recently aired a special graphics package that they had prepared to cover the results of the Bengal State Elections. Insensitivity at it’s peak @ABPNews pic.twitter.com/Vbdt4J4jbZ — Saloni Gaur (@salonayyy) May 2, 2021 As per the narrative that ABP News’ anchor, was trying to create, the seats in Bengal would be equivalent to “Oxygen.” They even referred to it as “Seaton Ki Oxygen.” If that wasn’t tasteless enough, given the current situation across India, wherein we are facing one of the worst medical crises ever, the graphics package pushed things over the edge. As per the package, the “oxygen” or seats were being delivered using a C-17 Globemaster aircraft, from which descended a tanker truck, transporting the oxygen. The reason why this comes across as insensitive and tasteless is manifold, but more than anything else, it is a mockery of the situation that thousands, if not millions of families in India, are going through, right now. It is also an insensitive mockery of the aids that we are being given by other countries. And trust us, we aren’t alone in saying this. Several people on Twitter agree. People don't care about your Globemaster and oxygen tanks. You should deregister as a news channel and reregister as a comedy channel for this atrocity @TRAI please take legal action against @ABPNews for hijacking a national tragedy for entertainment purposes. — AskHemu (@AskHemu) May 2, 2021@LiveLawIndia @Lawctopus @UN @WHO @milindrunning @SonuSood @KumariRukshmani @pbhushan1 @BDUTT supreme of india must take suo moto action on this anchor and @ABPNews for making fun of the deaths in the country and playing with the sentiments of people on this sensitive issue. — Shivpreet Warring (@shivpreet81) May 2, 2021Can we just call it tasteless? Unbelievable ! Sorry @ABPNews, this is not creative. This is highly insensitive. महामारी के दर्द की कोई उपयोगिता नहीं हो सकती. ये तो बिल्कुल नहीं कि उससे जुड़े डरावने शब्द और उपमाएं राजनीतिक रिपोर्टिंग के काम आएं. — Kuldeep Mishra (@kuldeepmishra) May 2, 2021 Seriously, what were they thinking? I wonder what kind of people are getting paid to create this stupid content Fire them. Hire better people. — The Night King (@Apocalyptosis) May 2, 2021The most reprehensible news channel. Please fire the producer, director and the newscaster for their insensitive coverage. While the country is battling to breathe, they trivialise this issue in this manner. #epicfail #FacePalm — Ryan Alan Marshall (@sportkrzyprdude) May 2, 2021When you learn from the best PR agency which is ruling this country now, these things are normal. They'd do anything to use for their TRPs — Broombastic (@broombastiq) May 2, 2021True... A brain full of filth, blinded by the greed for TRP — Andrabi Syed Midhat #maskupplz (@AndrabiMidhat) May 2, 2021 This is actually a good plan... Instead of just liking or retweeting your tweet can't we in large numbers report these third-class journalism to a relevant authority? @PressCouncil_IN - as a citizen of India I would like to raise my complaint against this insensitive and inhuman journalism — Ashish (@wasp_asd) May 2, 2021 What do you guys think, did this graphics package cross a certain line that shouldn’t have been crossed? Can you think of other instances where Media Outlets went too far? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  15. Kevin Kasuza was unbeaten on 21 and Tarisai Musakanda was batting on 14 at lunch
  16. Witherspoon rocked a classic denim jacket over a lovely white summer dress during her outing with family
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