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Found 4 results

  1. For a team that has often been labelled as the underachievers of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Delhi Capitals (DC) made a roaring start to shrug off past disappointments in the 2019 edition. The Shreyas Iyer-led side stunned three-time champions Mumbai Indians (MI) in their opening match before a narrow loss against Chennai Super Kings (CSK). But, a spirited show against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) that saw them record their second win of the season after surviving a nerve-wreaking one-over eliminator, highlighted Delhi's improved character this season. Having secured two wins out of three games, Capitals were on their way to record their third triumph before Sam Curran's sensational hat-trick turned the game in Kings XI Punjab's favour. Sam Curran, you beauty ð¥ð¥#VIVOIPL pic.twitter.com/3ls47GBt0t — IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 1, 2019 Chasing a total of 166 runs, Delhi were cruising at 144/3 in 16.3 overs before suffering a massive batting collapse. The visitors lost seven wickets in a mere 17 deliveries as Punjab pulled off a 14-run win out of the jaws of what initially seemed like a certain defeat. Mohammed Shami and Sam Curran were the heroes for Punjab, but it was arguably the young Englishman whose figures of 4-11 (including a sensational hat-trick) made the difference. For someone who had earlier slammed a 10-ball 20 before rattling Delhi's line-up with the ball, Curran was rightly adjudged the 'Man of the Match'. But, after impressing everyone with his batting and bowling, the 20-year-old saved the best for the last as he was seen flaunting his 'Bhangra moves' with KXIP owner Preity Zinta after their cracking win. ðºðºðº Some bhangra moves there, courtesy @realpreityzinta & @CurranSM ðð pic.twitter.com/VAeXq3I07o — IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 1, 2019 A brief video of the Curran's dance with Zinta was, later, shared on the official handle of the IPL. And, the cricket fans in the country were quite understandably impressed. Hame pata tha ye ladka kuch kar dikhayega #samcurran — Raj Aryan (@raj_aryan817) April 1, 2019 yaar! sam kitna cute hai!!!ðððâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ — aditii ð®ð³ (@Sev_Khamani) April 1, 2019 Nice young man — Nandan Sinha chawkidar (@NandanSinha14) April 2, 2019 pretty cool bhangra moments.#KXIP — Deepak Singh Visht (@DeepakVisht) April 2, 2019 Nice celebration ...preity and sam — Ganesh patil (@Ganeshp68252196) April 2, 2019
  2. One of the most annoying things about travelling is lugging around your suitcases at Airports. You need to carry it everywhere with you and sometimes, it's a major cause for fatigue. However, now this could become a thing of the past, as this new 'smart suitcase' is designed to follow you and can also avoid collisions with obstacles on its own accord. © Ovis The smart suitcase is made by a Chinese company called ForwardX and is known as Ovis. It was unveiled last year at CES and has come back to the show with some major improvements. It uses an array of sensors that allow it to follow or stay by the side of its owner. These sensors also aid the suitcase in avoiding collisions with obstacles or other people. It works using Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the suitcase is never left behind too far. You even switch to the manual mode in case you need to take it through security, escalators and stairs. © Ovis The suitcase even has GPS tracking embedded, so that owners can track Ovis if misplaced. Ovis is also approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which makes it easier for travellers to use on flights, however, it still depends on various airlines whether they allow it on their aircraft or not. In the event of losing the suitcase, the Ovis comes with a smart wristband that vibrates when your luggage is more than 2m away. That's a neat feature that comes in handy, as there can be instances where the smart suitcase could fall or when it runs out of battery. The suitcase is expected to be available in the first half of 2019 with a retail price of $799 (Rs 56,420).
  3. According to a report by the Chinese Website GizmoChina, there is an isolated event where the battery of a Xiaomi device exploded, while it was being charged. The most notable battery explosions can be accredited to the Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung, due to which Samsung had to withdraw the device from the market worldwide. There have been isolated cases of other smartphone companies meeting the safe fate due to faulty batteries. © Weibo According to a Weibo post, the incident occurred when the phone was plugged in to charge near the owner while he slept. The smartphone reportedly went up in flames but did not cause any harm to the owner, as it was in a protective case. The case was able to subdue the effect of the explosion which prevented damage. Since it's Xiaomi's Mi A1, we aren't entirely sure where the incident took place, as it was launched globally by the Chinese company. The Mi A1 was a huge success in India and prompted the eventual launch of the Mi A2. Since this is an isolated event and a first for the model, it's fair to say that this is a one-off case and is not prominent for every Mi A1 device. © Weibo The explosion of a battery can be attributed to various factors such as a defective battery, defective charging cable or adapter, third-party cables, and others. As of now, it is not known whether the user was using a third party cable or had erratic charging patterns that may have caused it to explode. The affected user reportedly said, that the phone has been in use for 8 months and has reported the issue with Xiaomi's customer care. The Mi A1 launched a while ago and sports a 5.5-inch LCD display. It comes with Android One out of the box and is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 625 chipset. The Mi A1 comes in two configurations i.e. with 4GB and 6GB of RAM. Source: GizmoChina
  4. Remember 'Djarum Black'? The black-coloured clove cigarettes that initially looked cool to smoke and made you stand out, until you realised your folks could smell its strong stench from a mile away. Often labelled as a rich man's Gudang Garam, they are almost available at every roadside shop in India today. But, have you wondered where it came from? I was almost under the impression that it was being manufactured at some shady factory in Andhra Pradesh. However, it's not. 'Djarum Black' - also known as 'kreteks' - are imported from Indonesia - one of the biggest exporters of clove cigarettes, cigars and hand-rolled bidis in the world. It is manufactured by Indonesia's famous Djarum Group which was founded by an ethnic Chinese businessman in Kudus (Central Java) in 1951. Oei Wie Gwan bought a nearly defunct cigarette company known as NV Murup and gave birth to the brand Djarum we all know today. But, the company also went extinct in 1963 when a huge fire destroyed its factory which was followed by Gwan's death. © Twitter The death of Djarum Group's owner paved way for his children Robert Budi Hartono and Michael Bambang Hartono who took over the reins and re-established their brand. Today, Djarum Group has around 50 blends of clove cigarettes internationally and is the world's third-largest manufacturer of clove cigarettes. The company has an estimated net worth of over $11 billion, while Hartono family's net worth is estimated to be around $16.7 billion (according to Forbes). But, the Hartono family isn't in news for their commercial interests in tobacco, banking and communications amongst others, rather it is Gwan's son Michael whose much-anticipated participation in the 2018 Asian Games, slated to begin from 18th August in Jakarta & co-hosted in Palembang, that has got the media attention. Michael, the 78-year-old billionaire tobacco tycoon and the richest man in Indonesia, is set to represent his country on its bridge team at the world's second-biggest multi-sport event. Classified as a 'mind game', contract bridge is a card game that is played with a standard 52-card deck. In its basic format, it is played by four players in two competing partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other around a table. © Twitter The game consists of several deals - each progressing through four phases. The cards are dealt to the players, and then the players auction or bid to take the contract, specifying how many tricks the partnership receiving the contract (the declaring side) needs to take to receive points for the deal. During the auction, partners communicate information about their hand, including its overall strength and the length of its suits, although conventions for use during play also exist. The cards are then played, the declaring side trying to fulfil the contract, and the defenders trying to stop the declaring side from achieving its goal. The deal is scored based on the number of tricks taken, the contract, and various other factors which depend to some extent on the variation of the game being played. Well, it's more of a mystery to me who has never been able to get a hold of any card game (including childish Uno). But, what's interesting here is the fact that contract bridge has been included to the Games by Indonesia as hosts. And, it appears that Michael Hartono played a crucial role in convincing a sceptical Olympic Council of Asia to gove the card game its maiden run at the Asian Games. I guess, when you are the richest man in the country, it doesn't really take much convincing, does it. © Twitter Hartono's association to bridge reportedly dates back to the tender age of six. He has also competed several times in the World Bridge Championships and now aims to strike gold for his country at the Asian Games. But, the tobacco king, claims he isn't doing it for money, but for the passion he has for bridge. In fact, Hartono has announced that he'll forego the 1.5 billion rupiah ($102,000) cash prize that the Indonesian government has promised to award to its top medallists at the Games. "If I managed to win gold, I would donate the government's cash prize to the athletes training program," he was quoted as saying by domestic news agency Antara. Apart from his rich background and passion for bridge, Hartono narrowly missed out on being the oldest player to compete at this year's Asian Games. Malaysia's Lee Hung Fong - the 81-year-old who'll compete against Hartono in contract bridge - has claimed the unique feat with his participation. Fong is seven decades older than the youngest athlete - nine-year-old Indonesian skateboarder Aliqqa Novvery Kayyisa - at this year's edition of the Games.