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Found 5 results

  1. Social distancing. Self-quarantine. Lockdown. These are the words that are being repeated time and again in the current situation. However, people all across the globe are looking for some ways and means to escape this chaos for a while and let their freak flag fly high. At a time when many countries across the world are in a complete lockdown to contain the spread of the deadly virus, people are looking forward to utilising this time at hand efficiently. In a one-of-a-kind initiative, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is making sure that those in lockdown do not lose their creative streak. Well, they thought what better time than now to channel our inner Pablo Picasso! Hence, the museum recently asked people on social media to recreate some of their favourite classic artworks, in a fun way, using just items lying around at home. In their tweet they wrote, âWe challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home. 1. Choose your favourite artwork. 2. Find three things lying around your house. 3. Recreate the artwork with those items and share with us.â We challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home. ð¥ Choose your favorite artwork ð¥ Find three things lying around your houseâ ð¥ Recreate the artwork with those items And share with us. pic.twitter.com/9BNq35HY2V â Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020Here we have compiled some of the most hilarious recreations of people from across the places. Check it out: Is that an eagle? Saint John the Evangelist by Frans Hals (with better eagle/dog matching) pic.twitter.com/bRtzLGnlTO â AnthropAbolishICEgal (@Anthropologal) March 29, 2020Love this idea! pic.twitter.com/aTd5WsBlpE â Sue Fictitious (@SueFictitious) March 28, 2020We stan.https://t.co/K3JVGpFPAJ pic.twitter.com/rIqXzr5hIK â Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020Even the A & D to match Albrecht Dürer's signature. https://t.co/xECK09Fu2C pic.twitter.com/okNSKaOgIu â Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020Thatâs what we call creativity! Madonna and child.https://t.co/ZbnVeToUPE pic.twitter.com/7Vkl91CF6D â Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020All about perspectivehttps://t.co/kOpafs4Kzf pic.twitter.com/R5VX0fAemJ â Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 26, 2020The Virgin, Saint Elizabeth, and the Infants John the Baptist and Christ, but now with more unicorns...https://t.co/EUDgg7362Y pic.twitter.com/uSqoPFGF2d â Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 26, 2020Not quite Monet! pic.twitter.com/6Ejk0ayzCk â Jenpiumarta (@JenniferPiumar1) March 28, 2020"Triple Self Portrait" by Norman Rockwell pic.twitter.com/LEr2e2bl7x â Robert Etheredge (@BobEtheredge) March 28, 2020 pic.twitter.com/0zTNNXXRYN â RachelForrest (@RachelForrest) March 27, 2020Girl With a Pearl Earring pic.twitter.com/wPO2q7wneG â taylor (@tayloryaaas) March 29, 2020So art lovers know very well that there is art in everything, all you need is a perspective. Have you taken this challenge yet? Let us know which one did you like better and why in the comments section below. View the full article
  2. Escobar Fold 1 foldable smartphone. Photo: Escobar Inc.Drug lord Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto De Jesús Escobar Gaviria gave Motorolla Razr, Samsung galaxy fold and Huawei Mate X a run for their money after he released the Escobar Fold 1 on...
  3. I want you to know one thing. You know how this is: if I look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window, if I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me. Well, now, if little by little you stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little. If suddenly you forget me do not look for me, for I shall already have forgotten you. If you think it long and mad, the wind of banners that passes through my life, and you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots, remember that on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land. But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined for me with implacable sweetness, if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me, ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten, my love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine. ---- If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda
  4. Pablo Escobar's widow and son, Maria Isabel Santos and Sebastian Marroquin, pictured here with the drug lord in 1988, are facing scrutiny over money laundering allegations. Photo: AFP BUENOS AIRES: The widow and son of late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar are facing scrutiny as part of an investigation into money laundering in Argentina, judicial sources said Friday. Investigators suspect Maria Isabel Santos and Sebastian Marroquin?s involvement when their names appeared on papers seized in raids on a property owned by Mateo Corvo ? a real estate entrepreneur in Buenos Aires? exclusive Pilar district who is accused of laundering drug money. Previously known as Victoria Henao and Juan Pablo Escobar, Santos and Marroquin adopted new identities after relocating to Argentina nearly two decades ago. Corvo is suspected of laundering money for a presumed Colombian drug dealer, Jose Piedrahita Ceballos, and investing it in real estate. The Escobar relatives are suspected of acting an as intermediary between those two men and receiving a commission for this. Assets with a total value of $15 million were confiscated during raids on the house of Corvo and elsewhere. Judicial sources confirmed these included gold bullion bars were confiscated, while six people were detained. Upon questioning, Corvo declared his innocence and denied any involvement in laundering drug money, sources said. Towards the end of the 1990s, Santos was arrested in Argentina on another charge of money laundering. Cocaine lord Escobar became one of the richest men in the world, according to Forbes, after building an empire fuelled by his drug trafficking. He died during a shoot-out in 1993.
  5. Pablo Neruda is the poet of the lovers. Unabashedly sensuous, his love poems flow much like the raw heady passion of a lover, only with a poetic restraint. Though politics formed one of the predominant themes in his writings, it’s his love poetry that he is most fondly remembered for. Infused with beautiful metaphors and intoxicating eroticism, his poetry is wine for the soul. If you’ve ever been in love or already are, these verses will speak to you. Love really is the headiest poison of them all.
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